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Achievement Guide by Lyokofreakguy

Version: Final | Updated: 11/25/2011

Call of Duty: Black Ops
In-Depth FAQ on Achievements
Created by: Lyokofreakguy
Copyright: Lyokofreakguy  July, 2011
Table of Contents
1)Version History.....................(VERH)
3)Veteran Disclaimer...................(VET)
5)Downloadable-Content Achievments....(DLCT)
I)First Strike........................(FRST)

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on the right side of the table of contents. 

1.                             Version History                         (VERH)

Version 1.0: FAQ is published to GameFAQs website. (July, 2011)

Version 1.5: Fixed some spelling and grammar issues.

Annhilation section almost completely revamped and is more specific so then 
it is easier to complete the challenges. 

Version 2.0: I apoligize for the absence. :< Anyways Rezurrection achievement
details added and basically the FAQ is pretty much done. Probably a few 
grammar fixes here and there, but other than that the FAQ is complete. :D

2.                                 Introduction                        (INTRO)
Hello and welcome to another of my FAQs. This FAQ has to do with getting 
trophies/achievements in Call of Duty: Black Ops. The point of this FAQ is to
show the best way in achieving trophies on the PS3 or achievements on the 
Xbox 360. Some are exclusive to one of the systems, like the Platinum trophy 
for the PS3. 

The following format will be used to better organize the info of trophies/

Name: Name of trophy/achievement
Trophy type: Bronze,Silver,Gold,or Platinum
Gamer score: Between 5-100 G
Description: Description of trophy
Difficulty: Between very easy and extreme. Based off my opinion.
Strategy: How to get trophy/achievement. 

Finally one word of note: SPOILERS AHEAD!!!! The following guide may reveal 
actual in-game events which could spoil the whole story. When reading this 
guide, be aware that part or most of the game may be spoiled in the reading
of this FAQ. You have been warned.
3.                            Veteran Campaign Disclaimer                (Vet)
Before I go on listing the trophies/achievements you need to be aware of the
Veteran mode. While most people say to just go ahead and do the campaign on
Veteran, I hghly recommend you do it on regular or recruit a few times so that
you can familarize yourself where the enemies are and what are the best places
to get through the mission. Veteran mode is extremely hard as you not only 
have decreased health, but the enemies can kill you in 1-3 hits with any 
weapon and they are much smarter. While not as bad as World at War, it is 
still very hard and you may take an hour in some cases before completing 
the mission and you may become homicidal. Also there is a glitch where if 
you save and come back to the mission, you may not receive the 
trophy/achievement and will force you to complete the mission again, so be 
very careful. One more thing, I will not give an in depth guide on how to 
complete each mission on Veteran. There are other guides that do that and this 
is for achievements only so I'm sorry. The best advice I can give you is use
cover effectively, don't blindly rush into enemies, but don't be too slow or
else grenades will be thrown. Use your given weapons and smokes to their 
fullest potential and finally be prepared to die...alot.  

4.                               Trophy/Achievements                   (TRACH)

Name: Death to Dictators
Trophy type: Bronze
Gamer score: 15 G
Description: Take Down Castro with a Headshot
Difficulty: Easy
Strategy: This may seem hard, but its very easy. Just aim for his head. Not 
only that, but it's the only way to kill Castro. :X

Name: Sacrifice
Trophy type: Bronze
Gamer score: 10 G
Description: Ensure your squad escapes safely from Cuba
Difficulty: Easy
Strategy: Self-explanatory, just complete "Operation 40" on any difficulty.

Name: Vehicular Slaughter
Trophy type: Silver
Gamer score: 25 G
Description: Destroy all enemies on Vehicles in Vorkuta
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Strategy: This is an annoying achievement, but its not terribly difficult. 
Destroying the vehicles makes this easy as you'll often kill the crew it came 
on. After you shoot off the three slingshots, there will be two parked trucks. 
Destroy the trucks to kill most of the enemies and kill off the rest around 
it. After that you will not see another vehicle til after you get the Death 
Machine. This is like shooting fish in a barrel. Just destroy the trucks with 
the Death Machine and you'll easily kill the crew on it. Before tear gas is 
thrown at you, make sure you destroy the three trucks in the background or 
else you will miss your achievement. After that your on a motorbike. You will 
be chased by other foes on motorbikes, but luckily for you your shotgun has 
god like range and accuracy, so it shouldn't be hard to dispatch the enemies 
on the motorbikes. Only thing is there is a truck you need to destroy. It 
blows up with one shot, but it still  can be easily missed. Then when your on
the truck with the minigun, blow up the trucks and motorbikes pursuing and 
make sure you take out the helicopter above you. By the time you see the 
train, you should have gotten the achievement. This may take a few tries, but 
don't give up!

Name: Slighshot Kid
Trophy type: Bronze
Gamer score: 15 G
Description: Destroy all slingshot targets in three attempts.
Difficulty: Easy
Strategy: This is another easy one, just destroy each of the buildings with 
the slingshot in the mission "Vorkuta". The easiest way is to put the lowest 
part of reticle on the target and launch. It should destroy the building. If 
not restart.

Name: Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death
Trophy type: Bronze
Gamer score: 10 G
Description: Escape Vorkuta
Difficulty: Easy
Strategy: Complete the mission "Vorkuta" on any difficulty.

Name: VIP
Trophy type: Bronze
Gamer score: 10 G
Description: receive Orders from Lancer
Difficulty: Very Easy
Strategy: Um ya this is very easy, actually you do nothing. Just watch the 
long cinematic called "U.S.D.D." on any difficulty. 

Name: A Safer Place
Trophy type: Bronze
Gamer score: 10 G
Description: Sabotage the Soviet space program
Difficulty: Easy
Strategy: Complete "Executive Order" on any difficulty. This may be easy, but 
this mission will come back to haunt you. :D

Name: Tough Economy
Trophy type: Bronze
Gamer score: 15 G
Description: Use no more than 6 TOW guided missiles to destroy the tanks in the
defense of Khe Sanh
Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Strategy: This isn't all too hard more that it can be frustrating. Basically 
destroy all 6 tanks without missing in "S.O.G". There will be red diamonds 
around the tank. Just watch out for obstacles and if you miss you will have a
limited time to fly back into the tank.

Name: Looks Don't Count
Trophy type: Bronze
Gamer score: 10 G
Description: Break the Siege in the Battle of Khe Sanh.
Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Strategy: Complete "S.O.G." on any difficulty. This can potentially be hard as
there are so many things going on. People shooting at you, tanks, and people
trying to strangle you, and going up the hill can be hard as well. 

Name: Raining Pain
Trophy type: Bronze 
Gamer score: 15 G 
Description: Rack up a bodycount of 20 NVA using air support in Hue City. 
Difficulty: Easy
Strategy: This is really easy. Just use the helicopter as often as possible 
and even if you don't you should get a lot of kills when you use it when your 
suppose to. While the helicopter is unavailable for part of the mission, you
do get it back, but you should not have a hard time getting this. 

Name: The Dragon Within
Trophy type: Bronze
Gamer score: 15 G
Description: Kill 10 NVA with Dragon's Breath rounds.
Difficulty: Very Easy
Strategy: This is really easy. At the beginning of "The Defector" you get a 
Spas-12 Shotgun which has incendiary rounds, which lights someone on fire,
killing them instantly. This is really easy since the shotgun has big range 
and kills anyone in one hit. You should get the achievement before you leave 
the building.      

Name: SOG Rules
Trophy type: bronze
Gamer score: 10 G
Description: Retrieve the Dossier and the defector from Hue City.
Difficulty: Easy
Strategy: Complete the "The Defector" on any difficulty.     

Name: Heavy Hand
Trophy type: Bronze
Gamer score: 15 G
Description: Use the Grim Reaper to destroy the MG emplacement. 
Difficulty: Easy
Strategy: Just after you destroy the ZPU in "Victor Charlie", keep the Grim 
Reaper as you will encounter a MG emplacement. Fire the Grim Reaper at it and 
it will destroy it in one hit. Just don't miss! =p      

Name: Up Close and Personal
Trophy type: Bronze
Gamer score: 15 G
Description: Silently take out 3 VC. 
Difficulty: Easy
Strategy: During the course of "Victor Charlie", you will have to knife 3 VC 
silently. One is on the boat, one is in a bunk bed, and one is just eating an 
apple. The last one can be slightly hard as if your not careful, he may notice
you before you knife him, but you should expect no problems otherwise.

Name: Double Trouble
Trophy type: Bronze 
Gamer score: 10 G
Description: Use only dual wield weapons to escape Kowloon. 
Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Strategy: Not very hard at all, but the problem is you can't aim with dual 
weapons which may make it hard to kill enemies that are more than 20 feet away
from you. Although don't worry about the weapon part as there are many dual 
wield weapons throughout the whole mission.

Name: Broken English
Trophy type: Bronze 
Gamer score: 10 G
Description: Escape Kowloon
Difficulty: Easy
Strategy: Complete "Numbers" on any difficulty. 

Name: Lord Nelson
Trophy type: Silver
Gamer score: 25 G
Description: Destroy all targets and structures while making you way up the
Difficulty: Medium-Hard 
Strategy: This can potentially be very frustrating. Basically destroy every 
boat and building you come across. There are 55 buildings throughout the boat 
section of "Crash Site." Basically fire off a few rockets at each building
and watch it blow to kingdom come. Just keep firing rockets until the building
can no longer uh explode. Also there are buildings at the final boat battle so 
don't forget them!

Name: Never Get Off the River
Trophy type: Bronze 
Gamer score: 20 G
Description: Find the Soviet connection in Laos.
Difficulty: Easy
Strategy: Complete "Crash Site" on any difficulty. 

Name: Pathfinder 
Trophy type: Silver
Gamer score: 50 G
Description: Guide the squad through the Soviet outpost without them getting
Difficulty: Easy
Strategy: While in the Blackbird in the mission "WMD" try not to get your 
people killed while guiding them. Really easy, just follow the orders given 
to you.

Name: Mr. Black Op
Trophy type: Silver
Gamer score: 50 G
Description: Enter the Soviet relay station undetected.
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Strategy: In the mission "WMD" kill all enemies without alerting the station.
This is just after you piloted the Black Bird. This can be annoying as
one slip up will cost you. I highly recommend you use a crossbow as its a one 
hit kill and it will be harder to get noticed. Just after the squad goes by, 
kill the enemies. Your friendlies will help dispatch them. Then you will come 
up to the relay station. Go just behind the ledge and you will see a garage. 
Kill the one guard wandering around just outside the garage, then kill the 
one sitting on the barrel. Shooting the person fixing the machine will get 
you spotted. Once you taken out the enemies in the garage, look to your right 
and you'll see two guard working on the truck. Kill the one on the windshield 
and one of your friendlies should kill the other. If not, kill the one workin
next to the cab of the truck, then kill the one on the windshield. After that 
go past the truck and you'll see someone in another garage but DON'T SHOOT 
HIM. There is a guard on the station looking down. Take him out before you 
continue. With him gone, head up to the ledge and kill the two enemies down 
to your left. Turn right and kill the guard wandering outside the garage and
one who is working in the garage. If you miss him, don't worry, he won't 
notice you...lol. One more to go and this can be hard. Just before the 
catwalk, zoom in and you'll see a guard. Dispatch him to receive your 

Name: With Extreme Prejudice
Trophy type: Bronze
Gamer score: 25 G
Description: Get to the POW compound in the Hind using only rockets. 
Difficulty: Medium 
Strategy: Done on the mission "Payback." This can be kinda hard and I 
recommend you do this on recruit. Your rockets aren't as helpful as the 
minigun on your hind, but your rockets still do a fair amount of damage. Just
be accurate and keep your fingers away from the trigger. =3

Name: Russian Bar-B-Q
Trophy type: Bronze
Gamer score: 15 G
Description: Incinerate 10 enemies with the flamethrower attachment in the POW
Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Strategy: Not too hard. On "Payback" just pick up the AK-47 with the 
flamethrower. Only bad part is that it has a very close range and can make it 
hard to kill people with. 

Name: Light Foot
Trophy type: Silver
Gamer score: 30 G
Description: Escape the ship with 2:15 on the timer in Veteran
Difficulty: Hard-Very Hard
Strategy: On "Project Nova" you have to escape the ship with 2:15 left after
planting the bomb. This can be difficult because not only do you have a small
window, but it's Veteran, which complicates things. Just before you plant the
explosive, make sure you kill as many enemies on the catwalk as possible
above you. After that, shoot the support beam to your left and run for life.
Just keep running and don't stop unless an enemy is in your way. You should
come up to a checkpoint. If you have about 2:30 or more, your good! If not,
restart. Head to the bow of the boat and grapple onto the railing. Do this
on your Veteran campaign. Might as well. 

Name: Some Wounds Never Heal
Trophy type: Bronze
Gamer score: 10 G
Description: Escape the Past
Difficulty: Easy
Strategy: Complete "Project Nova" on any difficulty.

Name: I Hate Monkeys
Trophy type: Bronze
Gamer score: 15 G
Description: Kill 7 monkeys in under 10 seconds in the rebirth labs.
Difficulty: Easy
Strategy: On "Rebirth" you will come across some caged monkeys. Just before 
the room with the gas chamber, throw two grenades to the back of the room to 
the right of entrance and that should get your achievement. Also I believe 
throwing a grenade in the gas chamber will also net you your achievement. :S

Name: No Leaks
Trophy type: Silver
Gamer score: 50 G
Description: Make it Through the NOVA 6 gas without dying on Rebirth Island
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Strategy: On Hudson's side of "Rebirth" you have to survive without letting 
NOVA 6 gas into your suit. While this may seem simple, there is a problem: 
your health doesn't regenerate which means you'll keep your damage and the 
more damage you receive, the more your suit gets cracked until you die after 
a certain amount of hits. Just be very cautious and use your Enfield with IR 
scope on it. Makes the mission very easy.

Name: Clarity
Trophy type: Bronze 
Gamer score: 10 G
Description: Crack the code
Difficulty: Very Easy
Strategy: Complete the cinematic "Revelations" on any difficulty. This time 
instead of doing nothing, you get to move! :O Jeez slow down Treyarch!

Name: Double Whammy
Trophy type: Bronze
Gamer score: 15 G 
Description: Destroy both the helicopters with one Valkyrie Rocket from the 
deck of the ship.
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Strategy: On the mission "Redemption" destroy both helicopters with one 
rocket. This can be difficult. Either wait for the helicopters to be close to 
each other and detonate the rocket or hope that one of the helicopters crashes
into the other one. 

Name: Stand Down 
Trophy type: Silver
Gamer score: 35 G
Description: Complete the campaign on any difficulty.
Difficulty: Medium
Strategy: Self-explanatory. Hope you did this on recruit!  

Trophy type: Gold
Gamer score: 100 G
Description: Complete the campaign on Hardened or Veteran difficulty.
Difficulty: Extreme
Strategy: Easily the one of the hardest achievements. Just complete the 
campaign on Veteran since you're going to have to anyways. This includes 
"U.S.D.D." and "Revelations." This trophy will really push your limits as a 
gamer and as a human being. If you get this, Platinum is all yours!

Name: Frag Master
Trophy type: Bronze
Gamer score: 15 G
Description: Kill 5 enemies with a single frag grenade
Difficulty: Medium
Strategy: Only done on campaign. There are a few approaches. On 
"Operation 40," just after leaving the mansion, a truck with a full crew will 
come by. Throw a frag at the nearby red barrel and the explosion should kill 
them all. Another way is to play "The Defector" and the room just after the 
helicopter shoots out the room, you'll come to a room full of overturned 
tables. Cook a grenade, but don't throw. Walk up and more enemies should spawn
just as you kill yourself. While this may take a few attempts, you should get 
it eventually and there is a checkpoint nearby. 

Name: Sally Likes Blood
Trophy type: Bronze
Gamer score: 15 G
Description: Demonstrate killer economic sensibilities by taking down 3 
enemies with a single bullet. 
Difficulty: Medium 
Strategy: While this may seem hard since there are very few places to kill
3 people with one bullet, this can easily be done on Zombie mode. Basically
pick up the "Insta-kill" drop, line up the zombies and fire a bullet. Easy
as that. If you do not like zombies, the mission "Numbers" has a few places
where you can get the achievement, especially down the hallway just after the
first weapons cache. Use the PSG1 for the best results! 

Name: Unconventional Warfare
Trophy type: Bronze
Gamer score: 15 G
Description: Use the explosive bolts to kill 30 people 
Difficulty: Easy
Strategy: You get the crossbow in only two missions: "Executive Order" and
"WMD." It is easier to do it on "Executive Order" since there are more people
to kill and even if you die, your kill count stays the same. 

Name: Cold Warrior
Trophy type: Silver
Gamer score: 25 G
Description: Complete "Operation 40", "Vorkuta", and "Executive Order"
on Veteran difficulty.
Difficulty: Very Hard-Extreme
Strategy: This is probably the second hardest achievement in the game
just because of "Executive Order." The hardest part in "Executive Order" are 
the tunnels and by god are they hard. You have little cover and there are 
enemies shooting from all directions. Use your smoke grenades as they help out
alot in the tunnels. "Operation 40" is ok and the "Vorkuta" is not as bad 
either except the part when Reznov is getting the blowtorch.

Name: Down and Dirty
Trophy type: Silver
Gamer score: 25 G
Description: Complete "S.O.G" and "The Defector" on Veteran difficulty.
Difficulty: Very Hard
Strategy: "The Defector" honestly wasn't too hard at all. "S.O.G" however
is a nightmare. It is very easy for you to get killed, with the hardest part
being the siege on the hill. There are a great deal of enemies and there is
so much stuff going on. Other than that its ok, just watch out for the 
enemies in the trenches though.

Name: It's Your Funeral
Trophy type: Silver
Gamer score: 25 G
Description: Complete "Numbers", "Project Nova", and "Victor Charlie" on 
Veteran difficulty. 
Difficulty: Very Hard
Strategy: "Numbers" can give you a tough time since there are enemies 
throughout the buildings on different floors and some come equip with snipers.
Also the last part of the mission can be difficult since all you have is a 
pistol. "Project Nova" can also giva ya a hard time, especially the battle
in the boat, but other than that its pretty tamed. "Victor Charlie" isn't 
that bad really. Patience is all that is needed since your silent half the 

Name: Not Today
Trophy type: Silver
Gamer score: 25 G
Description: Complete "WMD", "Crash Site", and "Payback" on Veteran 
Difficulty: Hard-Very Hard
Strategy: "WMD" is pretty easy until towards the end when there are many
enemies shooting at you. "Crash Site" is also pretty easy. Finally "Payback".
This is the hardest of the three since the cave system is weird in the 
begining and the end and the fact the Hind can get damaged very quickly.

Name: Burn Notice
Trophy type: Silver
Gamer score: 25 G
Description: Complete "Rebirth" and "Redemption" on Veteran difficulty.
Difficulty: Very Hard-Extreme
Strategy: "Rebirth" is really hard. To begin it is very long. Mason is
silent for the first half before he has to fight through the labs, which is
a one big cluster...uh ya lol. Hudson doesn't fair much better since you go
down in about 5-6 hits. Just spam the Enfield IR. It's your guardian angel.
Once you reach the labs, it is somewhat easy, just watch out for the people
in the gas chamber room above you. "Redemption" doesn't fair much better.
It's easy until you go down further into the ship. There are many enemies on
different tiers and they are extremely smart and it doesn't get easier 
until just before you confront the final enemy. (Fail spoiler censor is fail)
After this your done with Veteran...for good! 

Name: Closer Anaylysis
Trophy type: Bronze
Gamer score: 15 G
Description: Find all hidden intel 
Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Strategy: This is not hard, just very time consuming. Luckily for you your
reading this guide. :D All missions but "U.S.D.D" have 3 intel. Here are 
the locations for each mission:

Operation 40

1. Intel is right in the beginning of the mission. Just keep going forward
until you see the intel. It's on top of a box near the RPG.

2. Just after killing Castro head into the burning manor and turn right into a
bedroom. It should be on a nightstand.

3. The final intel is in the hangar of the airfield. Head up the ladder to
obtain it.


1. This intel comes just after the MG tower is destroyed. Follow Reznov into
the building. Head upstairs to find the intel near the comm.

2. After Sergei dies, open the door, but look to your right and you'll see
a dark hallway next to the stairs. Enter it to find the intel.

3. The last intel is in the storage area with the motorbikes. Don't ride them.
The intel is on one of the racks near Reznov. 

Executive Order

1. First one is really easy. While your clearing the first building you come
to, head to the third floor. Intel is located on the table to your right.

2. This is when you reach the building to stop the rocket. After you blow up
the wall, enter the building and you'll see the intel on top of one of the 
consoles...just sitting there...alone...

3. The last one is in the tunnels. Keep going until you come across a large 
room with a bunch of tables in it. Keep going into the tunnel, but then turn
right into the command room, which has a bunch of control panels. It is 
located near the exit. 


1. The first intel is located while you are defending the hill. Basically
run past the detonators and head to an ammo cache. The intel should be among
the ammo cache.

2. This next intel can be quite tricky. After you have thrown down the three 
napalm barrels, look to your left and head into one of the bunkers. The intel
will be sitting right in there.

3. Just after you saved Woods from dying, head into the tunnel, but look 
around in the tunnel to locate the final intel in the command area. 

The Defector

1. Just after meeting Reznov just before the exit to the parking lot, look
to your right to pick up the intel in the room.

2. The second intel can be easily missed. Just after you call for fire support
go into one of the houses where the road turns right on your left. It should be
on a table.

3. The last one is easy. Once you reach the LZ, search the destroyed building 
ahead to find the final intel.


1. The first intel is in the starting room. Just look to your right on the 

2. The second one is located just after you slid down the roof. Go 
straight ahead and look to your left where the wall is. The intel is 
located there.

3. The last one is located just before you fall down through the scafold. 
Look behind you to find the last intel.

Project Nova

1. The first intel is located after you cleared the first building. Its on the
second floor on a table in the corner.

2. The second one is located in the hangar with the rocket. Check the small 
room to obtain it.

3. The last intel is located while you are escaping the ship. Just before the
last set of stairs where you grapple the railing, look to your right to find
the last intel.

Victor Charlie

1. First intel is located just after you killed the sleeping VC. When you
enter into the room where the guard eating the apple is, look to your left.
It should be in the corner.

2. The second intel may be hard to find. Look for the hut in the northern 
part of the village, where you get the Grim Reaper. It should be on your

3. The last intel is in the rat hole tunnels. When you come across a fork
(Split, not silverware =P) go left to find the last intel. 

Crash Site

1. The first intel is located before you go onto the boat. Go slightly left
of the dock to find the intel on some barrels.

2. Just after you leave the boat, look along the shore to find the intel.

3. The final intel is in the fuelsalage of the destroyed plane.


1. The first intel is located in the barracks. Intel is located on the table
near the stairs that you entered from.

2. The second one is easy. Once you kill all enemies in the relay station, 
head into the room before going downstairs to find the intel.

3. The last intel is located in the large warehouse. Before you enter
the control room, look at the desks in front of you to find the last


1. First intel is located in the first chamber full of VC just after
you killed your captors. Look on the shelf to your right.

2. The second intel is located just before you enter the Hind. Near a radio
on a table, you'll find the second intel.

3. The last intel is located in the lair of Kravchenko. It is on a dimly lit
table to your left just before you confront him.


1. The first intel is located after you killed the person when you exited
the cab. Looks to your left on the ground to receive the intel.

2. The second intel is located in the gas chamber of the Rebirth labs. If you
die no worries, just make sure you grabbed it!

3. The last intel is on Hudson's side. Just after the NOVA gas is released, 
fight your way to the streets until a building in front of you explodes
and your allies begin to surround a door. Look in the building to your
right to find the lasr intel.


1. After passing through the first door, look in the hallway to your left.

2. After the second door, look in the hallway with the red light. It is
located on a trash bin.

3. After you see a rocket launch, head left into an office and you'll find
the last intel on a table near the monitor. Hard huh?


1. The first intel is located after a big storage container. It should be
at the end of the container.

2. The second one is located when you reach a large room after walking down
a flight of stairs. Look under the table in the center to retrieve the second
last intel.

3. All right, this is it! The last intel. How hard? Look in the final room
under a desk before you confront the final enemy (Dragovich). Hmmm CoD4 was 
harder. =p

Name: Date Night
Trophy type: Bronze
Gamer score: 15 G
Description: Watch a film or clip with a friend.
Difficulty: Easy
Strategy: Really easy. Invite a friend, and watch a random clip...thats it...

Name: In the Money
Trophy type: Bronze
Gamer score: 20 G
Description: Finish 5 wager matches "In the Money." 
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Strategy: Only done in multiplayer. Choose "Wager Match" and play the one 
with only 10 cod points being offered. Inexperienced players tend to linger in
there. To get "In The Money" you have to come in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. There are 4
different types of game modes. Easiest ones are either "Sticks and Stones" or 
"Gun Game."

Name: Ready For Deployment
Trophy type: Bronze 
Gamer score: 15 G
Description:  Reach Rank 10 in Combat Training
Difficulty: Easy
Strategy: In multiplayer, you'll see an option called Combat Training, where
you can fight against AI bots. Really just play FFA, bot on recruit, and set
the time and score at max. By the time you finish, you should hit rank 10. 
This may take up to 20 mins, so be prepared to take a while to kill 
mindless bots. :D

Name: The Collector
Trophy type: Bronze
Gamer score: 20 G
Description: In Zombie mode, buy every weapon off the walls in a single game.
Difficulty: Hard
Strategy: This trophy is annoying because not only do you need a crap ton of 
points, but you are gonna have to survive for a long time to get the amount of
points needed to complete this achievement. I recommend doing either Kino or 
for the ones with the WaW maps on Black Ops, Nacht. You need 13,150 points to
buy every single weapon off the wall and this is excluding the values for
opening the doors. Once you reach that amount or around that since I assume
you bought something off the wall already, this is where you need to go, from
right to left: In the spawn room there are two weapons, the Olympia, near the
left staircase and the M14, at the top of the right staircase. Both are worth 
500 points. Now then head right into the upper floor and you'll see the PM63
just to your left, worth 1000 points. Now then head down into the lounge area
and to your left will be the Stakeout (1500 points) and at the bottom of the
right staircase is the MP40. (1000 points.) Continue into the dressing room
and go to the left side of the room to get the MP5K (1000 points.) Once you
enter the stage, there are two more wall weapons: The M16 (1200 points) to
the right of the power switch and Claymores (1000 points) right behind the
power switch. On the stage link the teleporter and then head into the spawn
room to link the pad. Head back to the stage and activate the teleporter. Now
when you teleport into the room, look to your left and buy some Frag Grenades
(250 points). After a little while, you will appear in the spawn room. Head 
straight into the open door that leads into the theater and turn left after
going down the stairs where Juggernog is at and get the Bowie Knife. 
(3000 points) Head back through the same door, but turn right into the bottom
floor near the spawn room to get the MPL (1000 points) to your right. The 
final weapon is located in the alley. Just go through the door into the alley
and the AK-74U (1200 points) will be to your right.

Name: See Me, Stab Me, Heal Me
Trophy type: Bronze (Hidden Trophy)
Gamer score: 15 G
Description: Fire a pack-a-punched Ballistic Knife at a downed ally to revive 
them from a distance.
Difficulty: Medium-Very Hard
Strategy: Many players have had trouble with this and for good reason. First
off you need to get a Ballistic Knife from the Mystery Box, which is 950 ea
and then you need to pack-a-punch it, which is worth 5000 points. That alone
makes this challenge difficult as you may not get the Ballistic Knife, even
after thousands of points spent on the Mystery Box. Then you have to wait for
one of your allies to be downed and you need to shoot one of your knives at 
your ally. Rather than do this with randoms, do this on offline splitscreen.
Not only does it make it easier but the Mystery Box will always remain in the
same place unless you restart or leave the game. Obviously Fire Sales are a 
god send. Really this requires you to be very lucky and have good 
coordination with your friend. 

Name: Hands Off the Merchandise
Trophy type: Bronze
Gamer score: 20 G
Description: Kill the Pentagon thief before it can steal your load-out.  
Difficulty: Hard
Strategy: This can only be done on the Zombie Map "Five" which is unlocked
after you beat the campaign. Now then once the power has been turned on,
every 5-7 rounds, the room will get dark and computer will notify you of an
intruder. This is the Pentagon Thief, who if he gets close to you, will
steal your gun that you are wielding. He spawns in the main room, where the 
teleporter is. Basically go on the catwalk and fire with your strongest 
weapon. Having a Ray Gun, Assulat Rifle, LMG, or a Pack-a-Punched weapon
will quickly dispatch him, especially in solo. If you are lucky enough to get
a Death Machine drop, he is extremely easy. 

Name: Sacrificial Lamb 
Trophy type: Bronze
Gamer score: 15 G
Description: Shoot at or be shot by an ally with a pack-a-punched Crossbow 
and kill 6 zombies.
Difficulty: Hard-Extreme
Strategy: This can be very difficult. Unlike See Me, Stab Me, Heal Me, doing
this with randoms is impossible. Either you need to coordinate this with 
your buddies online or invite your friend (again) to do some offline 
splitscreen. To begin, you need a Crossbow, which you can only get from
the mystery box. While not terribly rare, it is not common either. I 
recommend you keep restarting the game until the Mystery Box spawns in the
second room of the top floor. Keep trying until you get it. Fire Sales are
also beneficial! Now that you got the crossbow, collect 5k points and 
pack-a-punch it. Now here comes another problem: it doesn't kill very well.
The Crossbow pack-a-punch doesn't kill in one hit by the time you hit the 
high teen rounds, which can complicate things. Either get it very early or
wait for an Insta-Kill drop. When your all set, fire it at an ally. Your
ally should expect to be downed possibly. After it explodes, you should
get your achievement, If not try again and restart. Another way is for
someone to throw a monkey bomb, shoot your ally with the Crossbow and then
tell him to go into the enemies surrounding the poor monkey. Oh and if you 
shoot at a downed ally, it won't work. Trust me i've tried. :D

Name: Insert Coin
Trophy type: Bronze
Gamer score: 5 G
Description: Access the Terminal and Battle the Forces of the Cosmic 
Silverback in Dead Ops Arcade. (O_o)
Difficulty: Very Easy
Strategy: After you escape the torture chair, go up to the computer and type:
"DOA". You will then be sent to a game of Dead Ops Arcade. 

Name: Easy Rhino
Trophy type: Silver
Gamer score: 10 G
Description: In Dead Ops Arcade, Use as Speed Boost to Blast Through 20 
Enemies or More 
Difficulty: Medium
Strategy: This can be a bit tricky, but can even be done on the first level.
Basically just train zombies behind you and when you feel there are enough,
activate the Speed Boost and plow right through them.

Name: Just Ask Me Nicely
Trophy type: Bronze
Gamer score: 15 G
Description: Break Free From the Torture Chair  
Difficulty: Very Easy 
Strategy: Very easy achievement, just press L2 and R2 (PS3), LT and RT 
(Xbox 360) or just the space bar. (PC)

Name: Eaten By a Grue
Trophy type: Bronze
Gamer score: 15 G
Description: Play Zork on the Terminal.
Difficulty: Very Easy
Strategy: After you escape the torture chair, go up to the computer and type:
"Zork." That's it.

Name: Platinum
Trophy type: Platinum
Gamer score: N/A
Description: Awarded when all other trophies have been unlocked
Difficulty: Extreme
Strategy: This is very, very time consuming. I took over 20 hours to get it. 
Congratulations though if you have gotten this trophy, but that's not all
of them yet!

5.                         Downloadable-Content Achievments             (DLCT)
The following achievements are associated with map packs that have been 
released. At the time of this writing, there are 4 map packs, each costing
14.99. These achievements are entirely optional and are not needed to keep
your platinum trophy for PS3 users, but it does fill up your trophy
percentage bar and you get more gamer points and trophies. So far all 
achievements are associated with the zombie maps and some require more than 
two people to obtain. Well here are the following achievements, each organized
into their map pack release titles. 

I.                                   First Strike                       (FRST)

Name: Eagle Has Landers
Trophy type: Bronze
Gamer score: 35 G
Description: In Ascension, escape on all three lunar landers.
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Strategy: This is easy, but the only problem is that it requires you to open
up all the areas and turn the power on. This can be done in any order. One of
the landers is located to left of the upper door in the spawn room, past 
Stamin-Up. Another lander is to the right of the upper door in the spawn room
where the large area is. Just go up the stairs. The last lander is located
past the power area, through the Speed Cola area, and is right in front of 

Trophy type: Bronze
Gamer score: 35 G
Description: In Ascension, kill at least 5 zombies with 1 Gersch Device. 
Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Strategy: This is very easy since the Gersch Device is really strong and
pulls zombies towards it, killing them instantly. Problem is that it can only
be obtained through the mystery box and it can be fairly rare to get it. 
You'll most likely be spending alot of points to get it, but it is worth it.

Name: Space Race
Trophy type: Silver
Gamer score: 45 G
Description: In Ascension, Pack-a-Punch a weapon before round 8
Difficulty: Hard-Very Hard
Strategy: Ohh this was a fun one. This is hard because you need a lot of 
points and I mean alot. To begin you need to get to the pack-a-punch 
machine which is only accessible after you have ridden on all the landers
and launched the rocket, which means you need to open up the whole map. 
Not only that, but you have a small window. However the following 
strategy should work well. To start, do this on solo. It's the best way to 
maximize points. For 3-4 rounds, use nothing but the M1911 and the knife. Do 
not pick up Insta-Kill or Nukes unless its the end of the round. Double Points
helps alot. By round 3 or 4, open up the top door and go right and get a MP5K.
If you get a Max Ammo, use the M1911. Keep shooting zombies in the torso or 
legs to maximize points. DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT buy any perks. You could 
buy Quick Revive, but even then you may not have enough. Make sure you repair 
as many barriers as possible and avoid Nukes and Insta-Kill. At Round 7, make 
a crawler, turn on the power, and start riding the landers. Once you've done 
that launch the rocket, and pack-a-punch the MP5K or M1911. 

Name: Chimp on the Barbie
Trophy type: Bronze
Gamer score: 35 G
Description: In Ascension, kill a Space Money with a fire trap.
Difficulty: Easy
Strategy: After you turn on the power and you bought a perk, about 2-3 rounds
later, monkeys will come from space. Let them take your perk and then let them
follow you. Run to where Stamin-Up is and activate the trap. Don't worry, the 
fire trap lasts for a very long time, so you should have little trouble.

II.                                   Escalation                         (ESC)

Name: Stand-In
Trophy type: Bronze
Gamer score: 35 G 
Description: In Call of the Dead, send the crew to Paradise in Solo or Co-op.
Difficulty: Hard
Strategy: This is a long and annoying easter egg. You have to do a series
of tasks and favors to send the Original Characters back into the time
they were originally heading to. What you need is the V-R11, a high powered 
weapon, and possibly Semtex or Scavenger, Honestly just do the co-op version
of the easter egg to save you time, but if you really wanna do the solo 
version of the easter egg, this is how it goes:

1. After you turn the power on, head to the lighthouse and then head into
the room under the room where PHD Flopper is located. The Orginal Characters
will be fighting and then Richtofen will ask you to find a fuse. The fuse is
located in the room above you, either on top of the locker, or on the table
near or across PHD. Place the fuse into the control panel.

2. Once the fuse is in place, Nikolai will active the MDT Security System. 
Richtofen will then tell you to find suggestive looking generators. There are
4 of them throughout the map and luckily there is one behind you! You can only
destroy them with a Frag, Semtex, or Scavenger. One is located behind the 
building where Stamin-Up is located, behind the lighthouse. Another is located
along the path in front of the lighthouse which leads to one of the boats. The
final one is located in the sea beyond the railing on the boat where you turn
on the power. Go to the left side of the boat and look down. Destroy it.

3. With that done, head back to the Original Characters and Richtofen will ask
to run an errand for him. He wants you find a long golden rod with finger 
tips...ya did I mention he is crazy? Anyways head to the room of the ship
where you turned on the power. You will see 3 switches. Pull the leftmost
one once and the rightmost one 3 times. Then turn the wheel until the
brown handle faces the 5 o'clock position. A sub will appear and a green
light will be reflected into the lighthouse.

4. This is where the V-R11 comes in. Shoot with a V-R11 and the person 
will head into the green light and will be pulled towards the light, lol.
Oh make sure you kill him. He will stop moving if you are successful. 
When he reaches the top, a Golden Rod will fall to the bottom floor of the
lighthouse. Take it to the Original Characters and put it into the tube
on the left side of the door.

5. Simply knife the control panel to the right of the door. Your reward? 
The Wunderwaffe DG-2! Not only that but now every time you kill George in 
Solo, he will drop the DG-2 instead of the Death Machine. 

Name: Ensemble Cast
Trophy type: Silver
Gamer score: 45 G
Description: In Call of the Dead, send the crew to Paradise in Co-op.
Difficulty: Very Hard
Strategy: It's the same objective as above except the puzzles and other
tasks are harder, more confusing, and more time consuming, which means
you have to coordinate heavily with your team. The following is how you send
the Orginal Characters back to their correct time:

1 & 2. The first two steps are the same as the solo version of the easter egg.

3. Head back to the Original Characters and Nikolai will demand som Vodka. He
likes Vodka...alot. Anyways you need two people for this. The Vodka is located
in three places; The most common located is on the staircase in front of the 
lighthouse or the railing in front of the staircase in front of the 
lighthouse. It can also be located on the railing above where the MPL is and
finally it can be located on the pad on the first boat before dropping onto
the second boat. One player has to knife the Vodka and one player has to 
catch by holding the action button. (Sqaure for PS3 and X for Xbox 360.)

4. Put the Vodka into the tube and Richtofen will ask for the golden rod. 
Your next step is to head into the lighthouse and to open up all the floors
of the lighthouse. There are 4 different dials, each a different color. On top
the dial is yellow, then going down its orange, then blue, and on the bottom
floor of the lighthouse the dial is purple. Do the following:

->Turn the yellow dial to 2.

->Turn the blue dial until the orange dial is set to 7.

->Turn the purple dial to 6.

->Turn the orange dial until blue is set to 4. 

The following combination from top to bottom is 2746.

5. Next you need to activate four morse code radios in the follwing order.

I. The radio is in the room under the power room, on top of the cabinet.

II. The next radio is located on the barrel near Stamin-Up.

III. The third radio is on the second ship where you can buy the semtex. Its 
in the train car with the window in it.

IV. The last radio is located on the cabinet under the stairs that leads to
the Original Characters.

6. Head to the power room and pull the switches. Pull the leftmost one once
and the rightmost one 3 times. Turn the wheel until the brown handle is in
the 5 O'clock position. A sub will appear.

7. A foghorn sound will be emitted by the sub. You need to activate 4 foghorns
in the follwing order:

I. The base of the lighthouse near the pool of water near the cliff.

II. Ride the Ice Slide, go past Speed Cola and go right.

III. To the left of the base of the lighthouse.

IV. Ride the Ice Slide, go past Speed Cola and head to the island. It is
behind the large rock. After that a green light is reflected into the 

8. Same as the solo process. Use the V-R11 and shoot a zombie with it near the
lighthouse, follow him into the lighthouse, shoot him until he is dead and 
collect the Golden Rod. Note it is highly recommended that you either have
a Ray Gun or Scavenger as the person takes a lot of hits to kill and he goes
up fairly quickly. 2 Scavenger bullets is all that is needed.

9. Head to the Original Characters, put the rod into the tube and knife the
control panel. Your reward? The Wunderwaffe DG-2 and for now on if you kill
George in co-op you will receive the DG-2 instead of a Death Machine.

Name: Stuntman
Trophy type: Bronze
Gamer score: 20 G
Description: In Call of the Dead, make a zombie explode with the V-R11.
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Strategy: To complete this, you need to have a pack-a-punched V-R11 which 
you can only get from the mystery box and it is very rare. Then you have to do
with its pitiful accuracy and shoot the same zombie 3-4 times and watch the 
zombie explode!

Name: Shooting on Location
Trophy type: Bronze
Gamer score: 20 G
Description: In Call of the Dead, kill 10 zombies with one Scavenger shot from
over 100 feet away.
Difficulty: Hard
Strategy: This is really annoying. First you have to get the Scavenger from
the Mystery Box, which is a sniper that fires nuclear bolts. Then you have to
somehow guess how far 100 feet is and kill 10 zombies. The easiest way is to
create a lot of crawlers, and I mean alot. Using a Crossbow or Ray Gun works
the best. Then gather all the crawlers in the spawn area, near the Mystery
Box spawn, then go to the left path to the lighthouse. Walk up the stairs to
the door of the lighthouse and fire a shot. This should get your achievement.

Name: Quiet on the Set
Trophy type: Bronze
Gamer score: 30 G
Description: In Call of the Dead, cut the lights on the director.
Difficulty: Hard
Strategy: To get this achievement, you have to kill George A. Romero. No the
V-R11 Lazarus does not count. You have to legitimately kill him. Do this on 
Solo since he has the lowest health in Solo. One way is to use Death Machine 
drops and shoot him in the head. Another way is to go the Mystery Box, get a
weapon (other than V-R11), use up all the ammo, and then get a new weapon. 
Repeat until he falls. The best weapons are Mustang and Sally, Scavenger/Hyena
or the Ray Gun since they have high amounts of damage. Snipers also work 
really well when shooting in the head. Its gonna take a long time before
George goes down. When he dies, he will most likely drop a Random Perk Bottle
and Death Machine or Wunderwaffe. 

III.                                   Annihilation                      (ANH)

Name: Time Travel Will Tell
Trophy type: Silver
Gamer score: 75 G
Description: In Shangri-La, acquire the Focusing Stone.
Difficulty: Very Hard-Extreme
Strategy: This is the longest and most confusing easter egg in Zombies to 
date. The achievement is gotten when one of the players receives the Focusing
Stone. The easter egg can also be repeated after a few rounds has passed. Note
you need 4 players throughout the whole easter egg process and I mean for the
whole easter egg until the very end. If someone leaves, you need to restart so
make sure your with a group of commited people. Everything is done in the past
unless specified and after each step, you will need to return to the past. The
following is a guide on how to complete the easter egg:

1. There will be four switches near the Quick Revive Machine. However they
will only respond once the power is turned on. When all four players press 
it with the action button (Square for PS3 or X for Xbox 360) an eclipse will 
occur, indicating you have traveled into the past.

2. Head to the MPL and you will find two characters. Press the button near
them and they will start talking. Apparently they are trapped as well.
Seems to be a reoccurring theme in Zombies.

3. After their spheal, you will notice magical plates near the bridge with the
rotating statue and around the MPL area. Basically you need one player to go
to each area and they will begin to step on the matching tiles. Keep doing
this until they disappear. If you do it incorrectly, you will have to restart
and don't forget you have a 5-6 min time limit before you are returned to
the present. 

4. Go to the water slide, and have 3 players ride down the water slide. When 
the 3 players land, they will be on a pressure plate. Make sure none of them 
move at all. Then have the last playing ride down the slide while holding the 
action button to activate a switch.

5. Go to the waterslide and at the top of the waterfall is a diamond. 
Knock it down with an explosive or Ray Gun and then use the JGb to shrink it. 
Knife into the slide and it will land in the geyser where it will land on top 
of a tower. A new one will appear, indicating your not stupid, I mean you 
completed the step!

6. Head to the pressure plate in the crevice within the tunnels. You'll see a 
bunch of gas pipes. Turn the wheel 4 times until your character comments on 
the gas. You should see a lot of gas around parts of the map.

7. For this step, you need a calm napalm zombie. This is the hardest part
because the Napalm Zombie not only comes randomly, but it can be killed easily
as if one of your allies are not aware of its location, it will explode
which will make the easter egg more complicated. Now then lure the napalm
zombie into the cave near the MPL. Then take him to the spout launcher and
before the power room. Now then head to the crevice and you'll see a bar 
raised. Hold the action button to lower it and your player will comment
that the floor is lava! :D Oh make sure your in the same eclipse during this
part as well.

8. Head back in time and go to the cave with the MP5K. You will see four 
holes along the wall, which can only be plugged by Spikemores. Lure an enemy
to set off the Spikemores. After that head to the bottom of the waterfall.
A brick that says Do not press X or Square will be sticking out. Disregard
the warning and press it! If done correctly, you will be in the present. 

9. Head back into the past once more and you will see 12 panels around the
spawn area and the surrounding areas. Instead of playing Memory, just knife 
all the panels until they disappear. Go to the mine cart and look to the area
where you cannot enter. There is a snare trap. Throw an explosive at it to 
complete the step.

10. Almost done! Go to the minecart and activate the radio (in the present.)
It will start spewing out a code, which is "16, 1, 3, 4." Head to the past 
and go into the mud pit temple and start screwing around with the dials. 
Set the first dial to "[l-", the second to one dot, the third to 3 dots
and the fourth 4 dots. If done, you characters will remark about it.

11. Next you have to find some Dynamite! It should be near the minecart
gate. Now then you have to knife some gongs in a certain way. If you
knife the wrong one, the focusing crystal will grow red. If you did it
correctly, it will not glow at all. Find three others that do the
same result. After the fourth one, the crystal will grow yellow and Treyarch
will advertise itself. (Its symbol appears.) Then shoot the focusing
crystal with the Fractilizer to knock down the dynamite.

12. Now then head back into the past, hit the gons again, and hit the focusing
crystal near the minecart, then head into the spawn and shoot the crystal 
above the mudpit temple. Please note you have a limited amount of time and if 
you fail to hit both crystals, you will return to the present, which means you
need to hit the gongs once more. 

13. Head to the pack-punch-machine now, but now the machine will have vanished
revealing...a wall! Anyways give the dynamite to Brock. You will be washed
away and you will need to return to the same place again. When you go back
the wall will have vanished, revealing an altar. Go to the altar to collect
the Focusing Stone, thus completing the easter egg! The reward? Well first
only one player may get it, but all players get the achievement. Now then
the reward. One player will gain the effects of all 7 perks...for the rest
of the game! Even when you go down or bleed out. You can only lose the effect
once the game ends. Also when the game ends, you will hear something rather

Name: Blinded by the Fright
Trophy type: Bronze
Gamer score: 30 G
Description: In Shangri-La, kill a Shrieker Zombie while blinded by it.
Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Strategy: Shrieker Zombies randomly spawns through the ground. When they shriek
you will be blinded. This is when you attack it with everything you got! It can
only shriek at you when its very close, so when it shrieks, shoot its head. It
should kill the zombie rather easily.

Name: Zomb Disposal
Trophy type: Bronze
Gamer score: 30 G
Description: In Shangri-La, dispose of a Napalm Zombie without it harming any
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Strategy: The Napalm Zombie comes in randomly like the Shrieker Zombie. It is 
however much stronger and bulkier, but is very slow. Really keep your distance
and unleash a storm of bullets from a distance. Assault Rifles and Ray Guns 
are the best option. This is hard cause if you get close to it, it will 
explode on you. Not only that but even on round 6-7 it is very hard to kill.

Name: Monkey See, Monkey Don't
Trophy type: Bronze
Gamer score: 5 G
Description: In Shangri-La, get something from the monkeys
Difficulty: Very Easy
Strategy: When a power up is dropped, Zombie monkeys will come and steal it. 
Kill the monkey to receive a random drop. This is really easy since the
monkeys have 1 Health. No seriously anything will kill the monkey.

Name: Small Consolation
Trophy type: Bronze
Gamer score: 10 G
Description: In Shangri-La, use the 31-79 JGb215 on each type of zombie.
Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Strategy: Really all you have to do is shoot the JGb at a normal zombie,
shrieker zombie, napalm zombie, and zombie monkey. However like any other
wonder weapon, you need to get it from the box, which is a big hassle. However
you don't need to kill it the zombie with the JGb, merely shooting at all
of the 4 types of zombies will get the achievement. Also use the JGb on 
monkeys when they are stealing your power-up. Otherwise it won't count. 

IV.                                 Rezurrection                         (REZ)

DISCLAIMER: This section of the FAQ may reveal major spoilers about the Zombie
story. If you do not want the story spoiled, I advise you refrain from reading
this epic FAQ. :<

Name: One Small Hack For Man
Trophy Type: Bronze
Gamer Score: 5 G
Description: In Moon, hack something. 
Difficulty: Easy
Strategy: Just after the power room, you will be in the laboratory. The Hacker
spawns in one of six spots on a counter. When you pick it up, there many 
things you can hack. You can transfer points to your teammate, buy a perk
and then hack the perck machine to return the perk, open a door, hack a 
barrier I think you get the idea.

Name: One Giant Leap
Trophy Type: Bronze
Gamer Score: 5 G
Description: In Moon, become trapped in the Recieving Area and free yourself
through resurrection in Co-Op.
Difficulty: Hard
Strategy: Now this is pretty difficult as you need both tunnel 6 and tunnel 
11 breached with excavators, and you also one of you needs to bleed out in
the recieving area and then your teammates(s) finish the round and you spawn
with them. Two things to note: one if your going back Earth, bring a hacker
or else you will be trapped in the recieving area for the rest of the game.
Second when someone completes this achievement, Devil by Avenged Sevenfold 
will play. =3

Name: Ground Control
Trophy Type: Bronze
Gamer Score: 10 G
Description: In Moon prevent each Excavator from breaching the base in one 
Difficulty: Medium
Strategy: After you turn on the power, every 3-7 rounds, the announcer will
say excavator Omicron, Pi, or Epsilon will breach the base. Grab a hacker and
head to the recieving area. In the room there are three control panels. Hack
the one that is glowing to regain control of the excavator. Now the only 
difficult one is to get one to breach and time. Being in the Biodome will
cause Omicron to breach the Biodome. Being near the teleporter will cause
Pi or Epsilon to breach and vice versa for tunnel 6 and 11.
Name: Fully Armed and Operational
Trophy Type: Bronze
Gamer Score: 25 G
Description: In Moon, acquire 3 Pack-A-Punched weapons at the same time. 
Difficulty: Hard-Very Hard
Strategy: Another point achievement woop! Well to begin get as many points
as possible. In total you need 19,000 alone from three pack-a-punches and
buying mule kick, which is 4000. Then you need three guns. Once you have 
enough points, head to Earth and start pack-a-punching. Training zombies
in the Biodome is the best way to gain points as you can line up many
zombies and by round 15-16 you'll make almost 5000 points a round. 

Name: Perks in Spaaaaace
Trophy Type: Bronze
Gamer Score: 30 G
Description: In Moon, purchase every perk in one game.
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Strategy: As it says, you need to buy every perk in one game on Moon. In total
thats about 18,500 points or 17,000 points in solo.  Not only that, but I bet 
your wondering how you will purchase all perks. No you can't do the easter
egg to complete the achievement. Actually you only need 4000 points at the 
most. Just grab a hacker and buy a perk, then hack the perk machine to return
the perk and you get a full refund! The only hard part is hacking mule kick
and getting juggernog and speed cola since they spawn on Earth. 

Name: Cryogenic Slumber Party
Trophy Type: Silver
Gamer Score: 75 G
Description: In Moon, complete Richtofen's Grand Scheme.
Difficulty: Hard-Very Hard
Strategy: Let's see here, someone's trapped and we gotta get to said person 
through ridiculous means...sounds like a normal Zombies easter egg. :> Minus
the sarcasm this easter egg is not hard at all, actually its much easier than
Shangri-La and the rewards are much better. How this part of the easter egg
can be done on solo actually, but doing this while doing Big Bang Theory works
as well. Anyways here are the steps and also note steps 1-3 and 4-5 can be 
done in any order, but step 6 can only be done when steps 1-5 are done. The
following are needed:

I. Wave Gun is needed for one step and thats it. 

II. Have both Tunnel 6 and Tunnel 11 fully open.

III. This can be done with 1 player, but to complete the whole easter egg, you
need to do non-local multiplayer. 

1. After the power is restored, head to the outside part of the reciving area
and around where the Olympia is, you'll notice four monitors. You will see 
that it's actually a Simon Says esque game called Samantha says. Match the 
colors as they appear. The colors from left to right are red, green, blue,
and yellow. If you fail you restart. When you get six colors in a row, the
monitors will flash green, indicator you completed the step.

2. Pick up a hacker and head to the laboratories. On the second floor, you'll
notice four buttons. Hack one of them, which costs 500 points, and a time 
limit will happen. You have 60 seconds to find 4 panels with a green light and
hack them. If you fail, you will have to pay another 500 points. 

3. After the 4 panels are hacked, head pack to the buttons and press all four
buttons with the action button quickly. If the buttons start to blink, the
step is completed. 

4. This is an annoying step and takes patience. I highly reccomend this be
the first excavtor to breach or else it will be difficult if done at later
rounds. Anyways camp on the moon near the teleporter or tunnel 6 and wait
for the announcer to say that excavtor Pi will breach tunnel 6. Let Pi 
breach and then hack it. Head to the door and you'll notice an "egg." 
Knife the egg and it will bounce around. Keep knifing/shooting the egg until
it heads outside and is on top of a satelitte dish on the top of the recieving
area. Now you need a Wave Gun. Combine the Wave Gun and fire it at the egg.
The egg will now head for tunnel 11. Open up the doors throughout. At one 
point where Stamin-Up is the egg will be stuck in the corner. Use an explosive
, like the nearby Semtex, to dislodge. Keep opening the doors until your in 
the power room and the egg will land in the dial and the step is complete.

5. After the egg lands in the dial, a ginat tube will appear. Killing enemies
near the tube will cause it to full. You need to kill 25 zombies to fill it. 
I highly reccomend you either have Juggernog, a wonder weapon, or both as it 
is very easy to get killed since it is a tight space.

6. When the tube is filled, the player will remark about. On the wall across 
from the tube is a switch. Flip it and the pyramid will appear. This ends this
part of the easter egg and all players recieve a death machine for 90 seconds,
but the easter egg is not over yet! 

Name: Big Bang Theory
Trophy Type: N/A 
Gamer Score: 100 G (Secret)
Description: In Moon, gain sweet, sweet, revenge.
Difficulty: Hard-Very Hard
Strategy: Part 2 of the epic easter egg. The plot thickens and there are many
things to do still. For this part of the easter egg the following is needed:

1. One player must have Ensemble Cast and Time Travel Will Tell achievements
done or else this part of the egg cannot be done.

2. You actually only need two people to complete the whole egg. Richtofen will
be holding the golden rod, which is needed to complete the egg. If Richtofen
leaves before the easter egg is over, you will not be able to complete the 
egg. Note this needs to be done on non-local multiplayer. 

3. One person needs a QED and another needs a Gersch Device. 

Finally steps 7-9 can be done at any time. You don't even need to complete
the first six steps above. However step 10 onwards requires the completion of
step 6. Also there is no trophy for this, only XBOX users. 

7. When you go to Area 51, look right and you'll see some plates, lob a few 
grenades and the plates will dislodge. Have someone throw a Gersh and the 
plates will appear on the teleporter. When you return to the Moon, the plates
will be near the Quick Revieve machine. Now have someone throw a QED at the
plates and the plates will appear near a monitor in the corner near the right

8. Now you need a long, silver wire. This can be in any part of the 
labortories, including on a barrel, in a desk where a hacker spawns, near a
wall and rarely will spawn in the recieving area and near the teleporter. 

9. Once you have obtained said wire, link it up to the plates and have the 
person playing Richtofen insert the Golden Rod in between the plates. Now then
have Richtofen press the buttons on the montior by pressing the action button
quickly. When the monitor starts to flicker, the step is completed. 

10. Once that is done, head to the pyramid room and insert the rod into the 
dial. Four tubes appear which means yep, you have to kill 100 zombies, 25 for
each tube. Hunker down and make sure you have good weapons. 

11. When all four tubes are filled, press the switch again and an event will 
occur. Now the person playing Richtofen will have all 8 perks for the 
remainder of the day. Lucky man. >:( Anyways an announcement will occur 
meaning the easter egg is not over yet!

12. Throw a QED at the dial and the egg will teleport to near the Samantha 
Says monitors. Throw a Gersh Device at the egg and now it's time to play
a game...or two...or three.

13. Complete Samantha Says three times. This time, the sequences are more 
confusing and much longer. Once this step is done, watch the ending and now
every player will have all the perks for the rest of the game! Congratualtions
you compelted the last Zombie easter egg and killed us all! :D

6.                         Frequently Asked Questions                    (FQS)

(Will be updated as questions are asked)

7.                                  Credits                              (CDS)

-Treyarch for creating a very fun game so then I may write this FAQ.
-Call of Duty Wikia for providing information on trophy type and gamer score.
I also like to thank them for their help on the Eclipse easter egg and parts
of the Original Characters easter egg. 
-Super Cheats for providing some locations for intel. 
-GameFAQs for Hosting this FAQ.
-You for reading this FAQ. :3

8.                            Contact Information                        (CTC)

If you have any questions on my FAQ or corrections, send me an email. My email
address is lyokofan366@yahoo.com. Although if you have any questions, read 
the FAQ carefully as your question might already be answered within the FAQ.
If you need any help on any of the above achievements, contact me on my PSN
geno_fan56. I do not own a Xbox 360, sorry. :X

9.                                 Disclaimer                            (DCR)

This FAQ be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or else. Don't do drugs, 
stay in school, recommend this FAQ, why are you still reading this?

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