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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Andrew Testa

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/26/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                 Call of Duty: Black Ops FAQ/Walkthrough (Xbox 360)
                               Version 1.0 (5/26/11)
                               Written by ACTestaALT
     1. Version History
     2. Walkthrough
           2.1 - Operation 40
           2.2 - Vorkuta
           2.3 - U.S.D.D.
           2.4 - Executive Order
           2.5 - S.O.G.
           2.6 - The Defector
           2.7 - Numbers
           2.8 - Project Nova
           2.9 - Victor Charlie
          2.10 - Crash Site
          2.11 - WMD
          2.12 - Payback
          2.13 - Rebirth
          2.14 - Revelations
          2.15 - Redemption
     3. Credits
     4. Legal Disclaimer
         1. Version History
    Version 1.0 (5/26/11): Walkthrough complete.
         2. Walkthrough
    Take Cover
    Taking cover is absolutely vital to survival. Anything can be used as cover,
    ranging from broken cars to trash bins to walls. This should always be your
    first priority in campaign mode. To cover, find a good position and press B
    to crouch.
    Press LT to aim as much as possible as it's more accurate than shooting from
    the hip.  Different guns have different scopes. You walk slower when aiming,
    so be sure to cover before you aim.
    Reload Often
    Don't run around with half a clip; always reload your weapon when you are
    running about or when you are taking cover. The last thing you want is to
    reload when taking enemy fire!
    Grenades are very useful in the game; throw frags when the enemy is blobbed
    up or hiding behind cover. Flashbangs work best when trying to infiltrate
    an area. Remember that your own grenades can hurt you. Try to throw back
    enemy grenades if you can, but your first priority when seeing the grenade
    icon should be to bolt out of the way.
    Guns n' Guns
    Mostly always, it's best to swap your pistol with an enemy automatic weapon
    that takes different bullets from your current automatic. That way you have
    little fear of running out of ammo.
              2.1 - Operation 40
    After the opening sequences, shoot the enemy in front of you with a quick 
    aimed shot. Go up to the door and then run outside next to your comrade, 
    using the small plant wall as cover as you crouch. Take out the enemies in 
    front of you with this cover, then continue up the street.
    Use the cover behind the food stand and gun down the moving hostiles near the 
    car. Move up to the police car and more police cars come barrelling down the 
    road. Change your view to behind you and while using the stationary police 
    car as cover take the new foes down.
    Continue up the road and use another food stand (or the wall to the left of 
    it) as cover as you destroy all the hostiles in front of you. There are some 
    to the left and some to the right - the ones to the right tend to have free 
    shots as you because your comrades are going after the ones on the left, so 
    gun down the hostiles on the right first.
    Run over to the waving friend and head down the alley to a car. Once inside, 
    go in reverse and then hold down the gas to barrel forward. After running 
    through a few barriers, a cutscene occurs and then you are warped in time to 
    another part of the mission.
    Zipline down to the buildings and your fellow comrades stealth kill the two 
    guards. Run inside the building, go right, and stealth kill the man at the 
    radio with your knife. Go to the door that is cracked open and when your 
    group opens it, exit and follow Bowman up the hill.
    Up the slope where the vehicles are at, follow Woods to an area with a 
    building and hostile enemies. Taking cover behind the wall, peak out and kill 
    the enemies near the crate, in the open, and up the stairs. Follow the squad 
    up the stairs and watch as they open the door. Take out the enemies inside 
    with a swift aimed strike.
    Where the enemies were at, take out the troops in front of you. Take cover 
    behind the small walls and gun them down - there are a handful or so out 
    there. Ascend the stairs, wait for the squad to open the door, and bust 
    inside while shooting the enemy to the center-right.
    Going to where the enemy you just shot was at, peak around the corner and 
    kill all the enemies down the hall. You already have cover because you are 
    already behind a capsized table - use this as cover or run away to the door 
    to entered previously to avoid dying.
    Once they're dead, head down the hall to where they were located and turn 
    right. Kill all the enemies in front of you while you have the surprise 
    attack - in addition, run back if you are taking too much fire. You can use 
    the side rooms to heal back up.
    From the left side room, shoot at the enemies on the other side of the large 
    room. Follow Woods to the door and when he opens it things will be in slow 
    motion; this is your chance to kill the two hostiles at the table as well as 
    the enemy that comes running from the right hall.
    Go to the right hall now and wait for the door to open. This is the room with 
    the target enemy in it; you will be in slow motion while he is using a woman 
    as cover. Shoot him in the head by carefully aiming. You have ample time to 
    make the right shot and if you don't, you can always reload to the last 
    checkpoint which is just before this.
    Kill the woman as well because she picks up the gun and starts firing at you, 
    then exit the newly opened door to your left and pick up the weapons by the 
    barrels if you need them. From the barrels, shoot at the men down near the 
    In that doorway, turn right and kill the hostiles behind the barrels that are 
    on fire. Afterward, turn left and get behind the crates with Woods. Shoot at 
    the enemies down the hall. Follow Woods to reach more enemies - I like to 
    shoot at them from afar, but you can also run up to them and run them down if 
    you are on a low difficulty.
    Follow Support down the stairs and kill the two injured hostiles in this 
    room. Outside, take cover behind the sandbags and shoot at all the enemies 
    out in the area. When the vehicle arrives, you can either shoot it down with 
    the rocket launcher on the sandbags near you or wait for someone else to do 
    Go down with Support to the next row of sandbags. Continue shooting at the 
    enemies down here while using the short sand walls as cover. Follow your 
    squad left through the wall to the field. On the other side of the field, 
    rappel down the hill to reach a warehouse.
    Head through the doorway and follow the squad through the room, across the 
    airfield, and to the plane. Manning the machinegun, spray bullets at the 
    enemies to your side as the plane makes a U-turn to take off. Focus on the 
    rocket launcher men as they can blow you up and end your plane ride. When 
    prompted, destroy the watchtower. After jumping out of the plane, run to the 
    big explosive gun and fire at the vehicles blocking the end of the runway to 
    end this operation.
              2.2 - Vorkuta
    When prompted, knock out the guard with the rock. Run up the hall, knifing 
    enemies along the way, and you reach a junction. Go right and follow Reznov 
    to the lift. Up it, pick up the handgun off the fallen guard in front of you, 
    then go to the gate that many prisoners are trying to open.
    Once it's opened, quickly go right to the train tracks and get behind the 
    carrier. Stay behind it as the two men push it and kill all enemies that try 
    to kill you from the left at first and then the right. There are tons of 
    them, so be on guard at all times. Do not, under any circumstances, run from 
    the cover of the carrier on the tracks or you'll get machine gunned to death.
    After the explosion, follow Reznov to the stairs, ascend them, and follow 
    some more to reach a building. Go up these stairs to reach the large 
    slingshot. Aim a few reticle levels above the targets and destroy them. Once 
    they're gone, follow Reznov down the stairs and pick up the shotgun from the 
    armada on the ground.
    Go up to the chain-linked fence, shoot off the lock, and run like hell 
    forward to cut off the guards. Blast them with your shotgun, then continue 
    down the path and head right at the end. Aim and shoot at the hostiles in 
    front of you, then go back and shoot at the enemies at the other opening.
    Switch guns for a better weapon that has long range, then keep killing until 
    the checkpoint it reached. Run to the waypoint to reach a building. Up the 
    stairs, man the harpoon that the dead guys had and fire directly at the 
    helicopter to bring it down.
    Go to the new waypoint to reach a large building with enemies down the hall. 
    Peak out from the side and kill all enemies that are not under the cover of 
    the shields. Now quickly run down the hall, go around the shields, and shoot 
    down the enemies behind it.
    Up the stairs, you reach another hallway with enemies pouring out of it. 
    Using the crates as cover, shoot at all the enemies down the hall. Once 
    they're toast, go down the hall, turn right, and slide under the closing 
    gate. Outside, run to the building denoted by the waypoint and flip the 
    switch to open the gate back up.
    Head up the stairs to the upper level and kill all the enemies around here. 
    Use anything you can find as cover - the rail, the shields, or the wall. 
    Follow Reznov to the garage-like area and wait for the enemies to blast down 
    the wall that everyone is looking at. When they do, kill any enemies that 
    enter through it.
    Follow Reznov back through the catwalk to the steel door. Protect him as he 
    opens it. Enemies come out of the door to the right of the steel door. When 
    the door is open, go inside and grab "the death machine." With the weapon 
    equipped (notice that you only have a limited number of bullets), follow 
    Reznov through the blasted area to the outside.
    Here, kill the troops with the minigun and destroy the moving vehicle. 
    Continue shooting down enemies until you reach the waypoint. Here, look left 
    and dispose of all the enemies in the truck. You encounter much of the same 
    as before at the next waypoint. Run forward for a cutscene.
    Afterward, you are on a bike. Follow Reznov as he tries to leave this 
    hellhole. When you reach the traintracks, you encounter three enemies also on 
    bikes. Shoot them down with your gun while you continue to follow Reznov. 
    Drive through the waypoints, killing all the enemies you can along the way, 
    you reach a truck that you need to hop on.
    First, kill the guy on the truck manning the machine gun, then ride up to the 
    side of it to hop on. Manning the machine gun now, blow up the vehicles 
    behind you by firing repeatedly at them. Shoot down the plane, the bikers, 
    and trucks. Soon you reach the train again - jump on it to end the escape.
              2.3 - U.S.D.D.
    Watch the large cutscene.
              2.4 - Executive Order
    Follows Woods and look through the binoculars. Follow Woods to the waypoint 
    near the large pipe and crouch down so the helicoper won't see you. Follow 
    Woods again and stealth kill one of the guards while Woods stealth kills the 
    other. Move their bodies to the waypoint.
    With the disguise, follow Woods to guards but do not shoot them. Your 
    disguise works! Continue following Woods to meet the rest of the squad. Walk 
    passed the troops into the compound. Follow the bad guys (don't shoot them) 
    and stop at the large building.
    After the guards are knocked out, go through the door and shoot at the man in 
    front of you. After clearing the room, go up the stairs. Behind the table, 
    clear this room. Ascend the stairs to another room. Using the stairs as 
    cover, kill both enemies in this room. Climb the ladder to the top and throw 
    the enemy off the building.
    Go around the top of this building and kill the two hostiles along the way. 
    You reach part of the squad again and get a crossbow. Blow up the cars with 
    the crossbow. They are explosive rounds. After destroying the two plainly in 
    site, look inside the walls of the coumpound while zooming and take out the 
    other vehicle and any remaining troops. Remember that explosions are area of 
    effect so you don't need to hit them straight on.
    Zipline to the building and while in slow motion kill the three enemies. This 
    is very easy because of the slow motion. Follow the squad down the slope but 
    don't go down the next. Instead, follow the troops along the catwalk. Shoot 
    at and kill the troops across the chasm and clim the ladder.
    Using the air ducts as cover, dispose of any remaining troops across the 
    chasm. Go to where they were at and follow the waypoint to more enemies on 
    your left. Use the large steel boxes as cover as you take them out. At their 
    position, go down the slope and kill the enemies. Soon you reach a building.
    Inside, follow the squad to bad guys - shoot them down while using corners 
    and barrels as cover. Just run back to full cover if you are getting shot at 
    too much. Go to the bad guys' former position and follow the waypoint through 
    the hall to reach a large room with windows.
    In this room, use the nooks and the door as cover as you clear it. When the 
    room is clear, advance inside it and use the control panels as cover as you 
    kill all the troops in the adjacent rooms. In the next hall, get behind the 
    crates and dispose of the troops in front of you.
    Advance to their position and while using more crates as cover dispose of all 
    the troops. Make your way down the hall in this fashion while following the 
    waypoint. When you reach the door, you reach the cutscene that ends this 
              2.5 - S.O.G.
    After the scenes, get in the vehicle and enjoy the ride when all hell breaks 
    loose. Get up and help Woods move the injured soldier to semi-cover. In the 
    trenches, put the injured soldier on your back and move him to safety. With 
    gun in hand now, run to the waypoint to reach a checkpoint.
    Run through the trenches, killing enemies along the way, when a smart foe 
    jumps down from above and tries to kill you. After getting him off of you and 
    disposing of hem, follow Woods along the trenches, killing all the enemies 
    you see in your site.
    Crawl under the tank and give Woods cover as you go across the trenches. Now 
    you must hold the line. Keep following Woods until you reach the machine 
    guns. Man the machine guns and mow down everyone in sight. If you start to 
    feel the hurt, unequip the gun and crouch down to avoid dying.
    Go to where Woods is located now to reach a rocket launcher. The tanks are 
    denoted by white dots and the yellow text "Destroy" above it. Wipe out the 
    tanks with the rocket launcher - if you have any trouble, crouch to regain 
    Switch weapons and follow Woods to a ladder that leads underground. Follow 
    the tunnel to reach the outside again. From the vantage point where your men 
    are, kill the troops down the hill. When that's done, run down the slope to a 
    bunker and keep going right and killing enemies along the way to clear this 
    part of the area.
    Continue rightward to reach the dead woods. You must now kill enemies UP the 
    slope. Use the rocks, imprints in the ground, and slope itself as cover. When 
    the area is clear, follow the waypoint marker to reach a scene. When the 
    handgun is out, blow the brains out of the enemy near your friend.
    Inside the bunker, follow the troops to a tunnel that leads to the outside. 
    Get on the vehicle and you automatically have a grenade launcher equipped. 
    Blow away any and all enemies that you see as the vehicle makes its way to 
    the front of the line.
    Now you must guide the missile to the tank. This is very simple - move left 
    or right after firing to move the missile around. Keep killing enemies and 
    taking out tanks - there are six total. You need to focus on both the tanks 
    and the foot soldiers as the soldiers can take you down also. When you have 
    destroyed all six tanks, the mission ends with a cutscene.
              2.6 - The Defector
    After the cutscene, grab the gun and go to the waypoint while killing the 
    enemy. When you reach a room under heavy fire, stay back as your comrade 
    takes out all the enemies. Continue to the next waypoint while killing 
    enemies. Use the desks and walls as cover and if you find yourself almost 
    dead, get down behind a desk or walk back to cover.
    When you reach the room with the civilians, be careful not to shoot at them 
    and instead the troops behind them. In the adjacent room, before you go down 
    the stairs kill both of the hostiles. Down the stairs, go around the fire to 
    reach a room with more enemies.
    Once they're gone, breach the door and clear the room while using the 
    doorway/wall as cover. In this new room, peak in and out of the old room as 
    you take out the troops. Follow the waypoint to see the lower level. Use the 
    upper level and line of sight as cover as you take out the troops down below.
    When the area is clear, jump down and run to the waypoint at the door. Once 
    the door is open, go to the far door and breach it. Watch the cutscene to 
    find Reznov again after he saves you. After the scene, head to the waypoint 
    after going outside.
    Run through the streets to the next waypoint and take the radio. Mark points 
    where a mass of bad guys are (the room to your left) and the helicoper will 
    take care of them. Jump down from the broken building and kill all the troops 
    in the adjacent buildings to the street.
    Using the tank itself as cover, shoot at the enemies in front of you. When 
    prompted, use the airstrike again on a mass of hostiles. Continue following 
    the tank and killing troops. When prompted, call for air support and mark the 
    enemy tank that is ahead of you this time.
    Once it's marked, wait for it to go down and while you are waiting kill 
    everything you can. Run down the street now and keep mowing down foes. Use 
    the cars, walls, and insides of buildings as cover. When prompted again, use 
    air support on the target. Don't forget to kill the enemies on the rooftops!
    After air support, you reach another checkpoint and a new waypoint. Go to it 
    to reach Woods and a gate. Follow Woods as he goes across the street to a 
    building door. Push it open by pressing a button (depends on console) 
    Inside the building, ascend the stairs and kill the two enemies looking 
    outward. At their position, waste the hostiles on the balcony. After the 
    cutscene, follow the waypoints to a broken wall and a courtyard with troops 
    in it. You have the surprise attack so use it.
    Go to the waypoint and plant the explosives. Run away and use the detonator 
    to destroy the building. Go to the waypoint to reach the helicopter. Grab the 
    claymores and put them around the perimeter of the helicoper. When Woods 
    yells "Here they come," quit it with the claymores and move to the sandbags.
    Using the sand walls as cover, kill all the enemies around you. The claymores 
    come in handy so no one gets too close. Mostly you are worried about the 
    enemies on the ground near the "Dak" sign. After the checkpoint, watch the 
    small scene.
    Hiding behind cover, pop up from time to time and kill troops. When prompted, 
    use the air support to destroy the tank. When time is shown on the top of the 
    screen, run like hell to the waypoint and jump on the boat to end the 
              2.7 - Numbers
    After glass is placed in his mouth, punch the hostage twice. Once that is 
    done, go on top of the table to your right and climb the ladder above it. Go 
    through the door, down the hall, and kill the two enemies in close combat. 
    Down the hall, use the walls as cover as you dispose of the enemies down and 
    around the stairs.
    Up those stairs, go onto the roof and kill the troops on the roof below you 
    while you use Line of Sight for cover. Jump across the chasm to the balcony. 
    After the refrigerator is moved, swap weapons as needed. I recommend 
    equipping an automatic weapon.
    In the next room, stay at the door and sprau bullets at the men in front of 
    you. Once the area is clear, advance to their position and use the bedroom as 
    cover as you kill the next batch of foes. Continue to the checkpoint to see 
    that enemies are now breaching windows.
    Once you kill them, descend levels and kill the guy at the balcony. Now go 
    outside and dispose of all the enemies across the chasm. Jump down, go left 
    up the ramp, and into the room to your right. Kill the soldier and advance 
    across the room to reach another roof.
    Dispose of the men in front of you. Turn around, walk backwards, and kill the 
    hostiles on the roof above you. Follow Reznov to another firefight - this 
    time stay in the room as you kill the enemy. Go to the waypoint, down the 
    elevator, and follow the wires. Drop down and shoot down the enemy.
    Follow the linear path to reach catwalks outside. Slide down the roof and 
    kill the three troops in slow motion as you do so. Down here, wait until the 
    scene and dialogue occurs. You have another weapons crate by the gate. Go 
    through the gate and follow Reznov to an area with buildings in front of you. 
    Snipe out all the enemies through the windows as well as the hostiles 
    advancing to you on the left.
    Afterward, go down the two rooftops and turn left. Go inside the building and 
    kill the enemy in slow motion. Follow the waypoint to a hall and kill the two 
    men. Continue down the hall to reach an area with two more men as well as a 
    bad guy up a level.
    After killing them, go right to reach the outside. Shoot the enemy on this 
    level, then drop a level. Head inside the building and continue along the 
    path, shooting down foes, until you reach another weapons crate a a waypoint. 
    Once you're stocked, protect the area as it gets ravaged by enemy fire. Use 
    the middle pillar where the weapons are as cover.
    Follow the waypoint to reach a series of catwalks all going down. When you 
    reach the last, watch the scene as you are helped back up. Shoot at the 
    enemies below you, then jump down to their position. Look backward and jump 
    to the next platform. Continue jumping down platforms to reach the bottom. 
    Here, aimed shot kill the enemies in front of you in slow motion. A white van 
    drives up; run inside it to end the mission.
              2.8 - Project Nova
    Follow the squad down to the snow-proof vehicle. Try to get on it for a 
    scene. After multiple scenes, run up the slope to the waypoint. When you 
    reach the top of the slope and the waypoint, fire at the enemies in front fo 
    you as you run down.
    At the bottom, go rightward around the building and shoot at the enemies. 
    Follow the waypoint to reach a building with enemies. After they're gone, 
    continue following the waypoint to reach an armada of enemies running toward 
    you. They can't see you, though, so kill them.
    Advance to the waypoint area, killing the enemies that face you by using the 
    structures for cover, until you reach a building. Here, go up the stairs and 
    use line of sight to kill all the people in this room. Continue to the 
    adjacent room and shoot at these enemies as well.
    Outside again, follow the waypoints until you reach Steiner. This will be 
    quite a ways - you just need to kill the hostiles while using cover. Your 
    journey leads you through a few buildings that you must clear as well. When 
    you reach Steiner, another cutscene ensues.
    Walk to the waypoint and after the dialogue, walk inside the structure. 
    Follow the waypoints through the structure and open the door. In here, 
    traverse the open area to the other side. Open the door here to reach another 
    When you have control again, the door is blown open. Out of the room, take 
    cover behind crates and shoot at the enemies on the other side. Once the area 
    is clear, go to the waypoint and plant the explosives. After this, go upward 
    to reach the top of the structure. Follow the waypoint to reach a rope that 
    leads out of this horror place. You are timed here so go as fast as you can. 
    Once you're down the rope and into safety, the mission ends.
              2.9 - Victor Charlie
    After the scene, shoot at the two enemies out of the cockpit. There is no 
    strategy here other than quickness and accuracy. After another scene, press 
    the button repeatedly to open the door while underwater. Jump onto the boat 
    and while using the enemy as a meat shield, kill all the enemies in front of 
    Swim northeast to Reznov. Fire at the same people he is firing at while using 
    the rocks for cover. Continue up to their position and fire at will at the 
    enemy. Follow Woods as he jumps down to a river. Keep up with him while 
    swimming and go to the VC on the boat. Stealth kill them.
    Follow Woods to the wooden structure and, once on it, reunite with your 
    squad. After the dialogue, follow Woods back down into the water and swim 
    over to the glowing explosive marker. Place the explosives and follow Woods 
    once more to reach a wooden platform.
    Here, crouch and go across the window. Jump inside through the next window. 
    Stealth kill the enemy on the hammock and Woods will do the same. Go through 
    the small hut to another sleeping enemy. After killing him, head to the 
    waypoint to reach another explosive setting spot.
    Follow the waypoint once more to reach a ladder. Up it, go to Woods and use 
    the detonator. The nemies in front of you are in huts and on the bridge. Use 
    the crates for cover as you take them down. Remember to follow your squad - 
    meat shields are meat shields.
    Get inside the building with your squad and shoot at the hostiles out the 
    window. Follow the waypoint to reach the river. In the middle of the river is 
    a bunker with bad guys on it. Use the Grim Reaper to destroy the nest and 
    proceed to take out any other bad guys around there.
    Look left to find the next waypoint. Try to go to there when you encounter a 
    handful of troops inside and out of the building. Using the building to your 
    right as cover, dispose of these men. In the building, kill any leftovers and 
    turn left.
    Go outside and take cover behind the rock. Shoot at the bad guys near the 
    waypoint. There are also bad guys on the roof. On the other side of the 
    building, kill the men out in the wide open. Follow Woods to the tunnel and 
    go inside after they blow it open.
    Head through the linear tunnel to Reznov. A little ways after him, the man in 
    front of you dies by knife. Kill the man who knifed him, then continue to the 
    bunker. Shoot at the men in this bunker while using tunnel line of sight as 
    You meet Reznov again. Move the barricade and go into another tunnel. Follow 
    the waypoints to reach another enemy who tries to get the surprise attack, 
    but Reznov and you kill him easiler enough. Continue down the tunnel and you 
    reach a few more surprise attacks at each of the waypoints.
    Just keep moving and killing them. Sometimes they will have the upper hand, 
    and sometimes you will have the upper hand wiht surprise. Soon you reach the 
    control room and you must open the door. Go through the tunnel, following the 
    waypoints, until you reach a dig point. Press the appropiate button to dig 
    your way out of the tunnel and reach the outside. Here, you must jump onto 
    the helicopter to end the mission.
              2.10 - Crash Site
    Head to the waypoint in front of you to reach the boat. You must now pilot 
    the boat so go up to the steering wheel. Head up the river to the crash site 
    by following the waypoints. You must kill the enemies in the bunker and the 
    watchtower - this is easily achieved with missiles.
    Destroy the tanks on the roads and you will need to turn to the next 
    waypoint. More of the same here - rocket launcher units in the watchtower so 
    missile it to death. Another watchtower ahead, be sure to look on your left 
    for a bunker.
    Continue along until you see the "Destroy" denotations. Destroy both 
    structures, then an enemy ship arrives. Shoot missiles at it until the ship 
    goes down. After the cutscene, follow the waypoint to a bridge overhead. Keep 
    following waypoints now and you reach a checkpoint.
    Go to the waypoint again to drop yourself off. Follow the waypoints to bad 
    guys on the right; after killing them by using the rocks and logs as cover, 
    go to the next waypoint up the slope. Kill the snipers in the trees first 
    here - they are deadly. Below the tree is a few enemies as well.
    Follow the waypoint to a chopper. After this, keep following waypoints until 
    you reach a broken stone structure. Hide behind it and kill the handful of 
    men that come running up to you. Go up the plane wing now and follow the 
    waypoints inside the ship to reach a crate.
    Once the waypoint changes, go to Woods and snipe out the enemies below you. 
    This is very simple - just put them in your sights and snipe away. They are 
    mostly behind rocks and logs, but they keep their heads popped up which makes 
    them easy kills. Once they're gone, we have another scene. Afterward, crawl 
    forward to see bad guys taking one of your guys away. You have a gun, but it 
    is unfortunately out of ammo. You black out after a kick to the head.
              2.11 - WMD
    Walk up to the Major in the suit and follow him up the stairs to reach the 
    cockpit. Press the appropiate button to lift off into the sky. On the 
    console, manuveurs the squad into the house and you warp to the squad you 
    just moved. Wait for the enemy to come in and kill the other enemy.
    Everyone decides to come out and play now - take cover behind the crates and 
    shoot at the enemy. Once they're down, you're back at the console in the sky. 
    Have the squad kill the enemies in front of them, then make them go to the 
    red waypoint.
    Order the squad out of sight in the bushes, then direct them toward the 
    barracks. They go to the barracks and you warp back to footsoldier. This is 
    quite a firefight with little cover, but you can get away with just spraying 
    bullets at the blobs of enemies. Clear the adjacent room and set the 
    explosives. Detonate it and go to the door to go back to the sky.
    Direct them to the next waypoint for a cutscene. Back to control of the 
    soldiers on foot, hold while crawling as a slew of enemy soldiers pass by 
    you. When prompted, get up and run like crazy to the building in front of 
    you. Soon you are directed to stop - do this quickly by going to a crawl, 
    then take out the two enemies at the door with your crossbow.
    Follow the squad to the cliff and rappel down using the in-game directions. 
    When you reach the bottom, rappel at the next railing on this level, only 
    this time you will break into the base. While in slow motion, take out the 
    few enemies in this room, then exit left to meet the rest of the squad back 
    Go down the stairs, then follow the squad to enemies below. Take them down, 
    then continue to the satellite building. Dispose of the enemies near and 
    around the building with the crossbow before you run up to it. When you do, 
    the alarm most likely gets triggered, and a few soldiers come at you from the 
    After they're gone, go right and then down the stairs. Shoot out the hinges 
    to the door and breach inside. Kill the guard, then go through the building, 
    up the stairs, and to another door. Bust it open and follow the catwalk to a 
    controls area.
    Kill the blobs of troops, then go down the stairs. Using the stairs and line 
    of sight as cover, shoot down all the enemies in this lower level. In 
    addition to the stair LOS cover, you can also hide behind the big computer 
    machines if you are having trouble.
    Once the area is clear, continue to the waypoint and put the relay offline. 
    Go outside when all hell breaks loose. Jump across the broken catwalk and run 
    like hell down the hill to eventually come to a cliff. Jump off and you 
    parachute to the ground.
    While on the ground, shoot at all the enemies near the waypoiint. They are 
    mostly behind the crates and barrels. I recommend running up to the nearest 
    crate/barrel and using it as cover. When they're dead, run to the waypooint 
    to reach a building.
    Inside, you have much of the same firefights that you have been experiencing 
    all game - use any cover you can find to make the fight easier. Follow the 
    squad and the waypoints to reach the map room. After a minute or two, time 
    shows on the top of the screen and you must bail.
    Go to the waypoint, but get behind the first crate you can find and clear all 
    the enemies in front of you outside. They are in the adjacent building as 
    well and also have cover. Get on the vehicle at the waypoint and use the 
    machine gun on everything behind you - the soldiers and the trucks. The 
    mission ends when the truck drives away.
              2.12 - Payback
    After the scene, shoot at the two enemies while using the one you just shot 
    as a meat shield. Run through the tunnel, following waypoints, until you 
    reach a green area after jumping down. When this happens, be prepared to fire 
    at a hostile that jumps from above and also another behind him.
    To the left, in the small nook, is a weapons crate. Pick up the weapons you 
    need here, then crawl back out of it. Soon you reach a large room. Using the 
    tunnel walls as cover, take down everyone in the room and go to the waypoint. 
    Seems the guy that tortured you is trying to run away - gun him down as he 
    tries to open the wooden door.
    Outside, get behind the sandbags and clear the area around the helicopter. 
    Get inside the 'chopper now. After lifting off, you have complete control of 
    the bird. Follow the waypoints to reach an area with an enemy helicopter - 
    take it down with missiles.
    Fly through the next set of waypoints to reach the next objective: destroy 
    the SAM site. This is the black cove in the cliff; blow it up with missiles 
    to complete this objective. Fly through two more waypoints and destroy all 
    the stuff denoted by "Destroy" on the ground with missiles. There is a tank 
    on the slope, two tanks on the bridge, and a few towers on the ground.
    Follow the waypoint direction to meet two helicopters that need downing. 
    Wildly fly from right to left as you missile them to death. Follow the 
    waypoint to land the bird. You can switch weapons with whatever you like at 
    the crates right when you exit.
    Follow Woods into the forest. Kill the guy by the rocks, and use the same 
    rock as cover against the foes beyond the rock to your right. When they're 
    down, proceed further into the forest to find a cave. This place has a lot of 
    men outside it and I recommend staying behind a rock as you kill them.
    Advance to the front of the cave. Behind the crates, destroy everything you 
    can see in the cave. Keep advancing and shooting at people. When the area is 
    clear, go to the cell with the POWs and open it to find Reznov. Follow the 
    waypoints down the hall to reach a large room.
    Use line of sight as cover as you take out everyone in the room. In addition, 
    you can use the multiple crates in the room as cover. When the area is clear, 
    ascend the stairs and enter through the door for a scene. Just watch and 
    enjoy it.
              2.13 - Rebirth
    When the waypoint pops up, open the door and stealth kill the man at the 
    table. Follow Reznov in the shadows and stop when he stops. Likewise, run 
    when he runs. Stealth kill the soldier at the waypoint to get an automatic 
    Follow Reznov around the building to shadows so the helicopter does not see 
    you. Run with him up the sets of stairs and climb the ladder. Melee the 
    soldier at the top before he shoots you. Go up the next ladder to reach the 
    rooftops. Go right and jump down, then jump back up on another roof.
    Go to the waypoint and slide down to reach an elevator hatch. When Reznov 
    opens it, kill everyone inside the elevator. Jump down and head into the 
    labs. Kill everyone in sight as you make your way to the waypoint. Use line 
    of sight and the various rooms as cover. Don't worry about hitting the 
    scientists by accident - they're enemies, too.
    Soon you reach a big room with a glass chamber in the middle. Look upward, to 
    the right and left, and kill the men on the second floor of this room. Use 
    line of sight to the previous room as cover. Make your way through the 
    waypoints to a door. When it finally opens, enjoy the cutscene.
              2.14 - Revelations
    Don't fire at your own men as you round the corner. After the corner, fire at 
    the enemies in the distance. Down the road more, keep shooting down the 
    enemies that are shooting at you. When you round the next corner, light up 
    the entire area to blow stuff up.
    Make sure that you don't overheat the weapon or you won't be able to use it. 
    Just spray bullets at everything on the sides of you as the tank slowly goes 
    down the road. After it is blown up, get on your hazmat suit and go to the 
    waypoint while shooting down men.
    To "see" anything here, you need to aim and you will see light people in the 
    WMD mist. Head into the building and go outside to find a lone soldier. After 
    disposing of him, use the inside/outside line of sight room to take out 
    everyone else in the adjacent buildings. Follow the waypoints as they go in 
    and out of a house.
    Outside, aim and fire at the light people. Change guns to the rocket launcher 
    when prompted and aim at the helicopter. When it locks on, fire a rocket to 
    destroy the helicopter. Repeat this process once more and then run to the 
    Before going down the slope, fire at the people on the roof as well as the 
    people on the ground below you. If need be, use the slope as line of sight 
    cover. When you get to the bottom of the slope, use the buildings as cover as 
    you make your way to the waypoint inside the building.
    In here, kill the man to your left and the two men going down the stairs. 
    Follow the waypoint to reach a room with three soldiers. Use the crates in 
    the room as cover. Follow the waypoints through the cleansing room and down 
    the stairs.
    At the next small set of stairs, you encounter two enemies. Continue down the 
    stairs, killing enemies, and go into the same area you were at with the main 
    character and Reznov previously. Follow the waypoint to three troops - kill 
    them while you have the surprise attack.
    You reach the room with the glass chamber in the middle. Go through the same 
    door that you did in the previous mission by using the keybad. Watch the 
    scene of the inside of the room from the outside. Afterward, listen to the 
    dialogue and watch the scene. Go to each of the waypoints and watch the 
    various flashbacks. The mission ends after the long staggered walk.
              2.15 - Redemption
    Fire at the various targets on the ship using the missiles and machine gun 
    fire. Don't overheat! When all the targets are down, you encounter a 
    helicopter. Down this one the same way you did the previous ones in the other 
    helicopter mission.
    After jumping down to the ship, head to the waypoint while killing any 
    remaining troops. Grab the guided missile and take out the choppers. 
    Afterward, move up to the waypoint while shooting down the enemies. Use the 
    various crates and rope bundles as cover.
    Go inside the ship and down the stairs to reach a large room. Kill the three 
    enemies and go out the adjacent door to reach an even larger room. Using the 
    side rooms as cover, take down all the enemies in this area. Head to the 
    waypoint and assist the squad as they take down all remaining hostiles.
    After the scene, swim to the waypoint and grab a gun near the lockers. When 
    the door gets opened, kill the man ascending the stairs. Clear the area by 
    using line of sight as cover. When the bottom floor is clear, go up the 
    stairs and clear the top floor. Use the railing as cover.
    On the other side, go in the room denoted by the waypoint and ascend the 
    stairs, all the while killing the men in the way. After the scene, swim to 
    the waypoint and press the appropiate button to jump on the catwalk. Follow 
    the waypoints through the rooms while killing any men in your way.
    Climb the ladder and continue following waypoints. Ascend the stairs and 
    using the line of sight of the stairs as cover, take out the man by the door. 
    Clear out the control room and get on the console. Grab Dragovich and start 
    punching him, then press the appropiate button repeatedly to choke him.
    Checkpoint reached, follow Hudson through the ship and the game does a white 
    out. At the new screen, keep swimming upward and you reach a boat - this
    completes Call of Duty: Black Ops! Enjoy the ending!
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