How do i unlock der riese?

  1. I want to play der riese my freind says its awsome i want to know the code i need to enter in the computer.

    User Info: phil7447

    phil7447 - 9 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. I got the rezerection map pack and I just got moon but not the other maps soo I need help on this one

    User Info: Feed_ASAP

    Feed_ASAP - 8 years ago 13   5


  1. Same thing happend to me. How do I get der riese

    User Info: Galwayguy6

    Galwayguy6 - 5 years ago 8   3
  2. If you purchased the Hardened or Prestige Edition of Call of Duty: Black Ops, you will receive a code that allows you to download the Classic Zombie Map Pack (the 4 zombie maps from World at War). If you don't have the Hardened or Prestige Edition, you can purchase the Rezurrection Map Pack for 1200 MS Points (or $15) that includes all of the World at War zombie maps and the new zombie map, Moon.

    User Info: NejiHyuga900

    NejiHyuga900 - 9 years ago 5   2
  3. I just bought the rezzurection map pack, i got all the old zombie maps plus moon, they even added mule kick to nacht der untoten and they remastered all the old maps

    User Info: dylanward002

    dylanward002 - 9 years ago 3   0
  4. To get that ma and the others that come with it you have to buy the resurection map pack from the store.

    User Info: mrgamer96

    mrgamer96 - 8 years ago 2   1
  5. Der Riese is a Zombie Map from CoD: WaW. You can play it on Black Ops if you get a special editon of Blackops.

    User Info: Chas3Th3Dr3am

    Chas3Th3Dr3am - 9 years ago 2   3

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