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REPCONN -- the aeronautics company who stores hazardous waste in "safety barrels" and developed "explosion-resistant shielding" -- is a parody of PEPCON (Pacific Engineering and Production Company of Nevada), infamous for its deadly May 4, 1988 fuel plant explosions. The two big factors contributing to the incident: flammable fiberglass shielding and improperly stored barrels of ammonium perchlorate, a rocket fuel oxidizer.

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Famous Quotes

[At a deserted ranch's corral, a nightkin suddenly appears.]
Nightkin: You want to buy Wind-Brahmin?
Courier: "Wind-Brahmin"? You mean the tumbleweeds?
Nightkin: Tumble-whats?
Courier: Oh, you're crazy, aren't you.
Nightkin: Crazy with low prices on Wind-Brahmin. You buy one.

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Muggy: OH PLEASE, PLEASE TELL ME YOU BROUGHT ME some coffee cups!!!

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Boone: We're getting close to Nelson. Any closer, I'm shooting any legionary I see. Hope that's not a problem.
Courier: No, that's not a problem. That's a solution.
Boone: Damn right. You and I, we're a couple of problem solvers.

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Doc Mitchel: "Seems like wherever I go it's always the same. Folks just never leave each other alone."

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Doc Mitchel: It's not like you have a family history of being shot in the head.

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When responding to Benny's death-

Swank "Huh. Guess that makes me the boss now. Ring-a-ding."

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Courier: How did you get this job?
Fantastic: It was easy, man. They were going door to door asking if anyone knew any scientists. I said look no further. They asked me if I knew anything about power plants. I said as much as anyone I'd ever met. They asked me how well I understood theoretical physics. I said I had a theoretical degree in physics. They said welcome aboard.

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No-bark Noonan: I don't trust a man that doesn't have something strange going on about him, 'cause that means he's hiding it from you. If a man's wearing his pants on his head or if he says his words backwards from time to time, you know it's all laid out there for you. But if he's friendly to strangers and keeps his home spick-and-span, more often than not he's done something even his own ma couldn't forgive.

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Connection to Other Media

That Gun, a unique pistol in Novac, is modelled after Rick Deckard's sidearm in Blade Runner. Additionally, the Gun Runners' Arsenal challenge "Benefit or a Hazard" derives its name from one of Deckard's lines ("Replicants are like any other machine: they're either a benefit or a hazard").

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With the Wild Wasteland trait taken, the investigator's corpse in "Beyond the Beef" changes to a shades-wearing redhead named Crusoe. This is a poke at David Caruso's character on CSI: Miami, notable for his red hair and sunglasses.

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