1. Assaf Rinde Additional Music
  2. Chris Andrew Ciulla Additional Voices
  3. Sam Cohen Additional Voices
  4. Marc Graue Additional Voices
  5. Halston Autumn McMurray Additional Voices
  6. Joshua Eric Sawyer Lead Designer / System Designer
  7. Ron Perlman Narrator
  8. Inon Zur Original Music
  9. Joshua Eric Sawyer Project Director
  10. Zachary Levi Voice: Arcade
  11. Zachary Levi Voice: Arcade Gannon
  12. Matthew Perry Voice: Benny
  13. Matthew Perry Voice: Benny
  14. Alex Rocco Voice: Big Sal
  15. Rob Corddry Voice: Billy Knight
  16. John Doman Voice: Caesar
  17. John Doman Voice: Caesar
  18. Rachel Roswell Voice: Cass
  19. Kris Kristofferson Voice: Chief Hanlon
  20. Kris Kristofferson Voice: Chief Hanlon
  21. Sam Cohen Voice: Children
  22. Anthony Crehan Voice: Children
  23. Ashley McGullam Voice: Children
  24. Halston Autumn McMurray Voice: Children
  25. William Mapother Voice: Colonel Hsu
  26. William Mapother Voice: Colonel Hsu
  27. Kirsten Potter Voice: Colonel Moore
  28. James Marsden Voice: Craig Boone
  29. Michael Hogan Voice: Doc Mitchell
  30. Ari Rubin Voice: Fantastic
  31. Dave B. Mitchell Voice: Festus
  32. Suzan Brittan Voice: Ghouls
  33. Chris Ciulla Voice: Ghouls
  34. Sam Riegel Voice: Ghouls
  35. Karen Strassman Voice: Ghouls
  36. Mitch Lewis Voice: Legate Lanius
  37. Mitch Lewis Voice: Legate Lanius
  38. David Anthony Pizzuto Voice: Lilly Bowen
  39. David Anthony Pizzuto Voice: Lily
  40. Michael Dorn Voice: Marcus
  41. Michael Dorn Voice: Marcus
  42. Emerson Brooks Voice: McMurphy
  43. Zoe Bell Voice: Melissa
  44. Rene Auberjonois Voice: Mr. House
  45. Rene Auberjonois Voice: Mr. House
  46. Wayne Newton Voice: Mr. New Vegas
  47. Wayne Newton Voice: Mr. New Vegas
  48. Ron Perlman Voice: Narrator
  49. Ian Gregory Voice: Papa Khan
  50. Monte Markham Voice: President Kimball
  51. Danny Trejo Voice: Raul
  52. Danny Trejo Voice: Raul the Ghoul
  53. Wil Wheaton Voice: Robobrain
  54. John Eric Bentley Voice: Super Mutants
  55. Robin Atkin Downes Voice: Super Mutants
  56. Marc Graue Voice: Super Mutants
  57. Fred Tatasciore Voice: Tabitha/Rhonda
  58. James Horan Voice: The King
  59. Jude Ciccolella Voice: Thomas Hildern
  60. Felicia Day Voice: Veronica
  61. Felicia Day Voice: Veronica
  62. William Sadler Voice: Victor
  63. William Sadler Voice: Victor
  64. Jason Spisak Voice: Vulpes Inculta
  65. Dave Foley Voice: Yes Man


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