Heartache by the number glitch?

  1. This has been so frustrating. I play on Xbox 360. I've recently recruited Cass as my companion (I have good karma, I checked.). She initiated the conversation about checking out the caravans, but no quest popped up. I checked them out with her, thinking maybe this was just some kind of flavoring for her particular character, an optional activity for getting to know her. I get all the way through the quest without any markers showing up and no quest popping up in my pipboy...

    Then I reach the point where I have to choose between killing the SR and CC, or finding evidence and turning them in. (I'm playing a lawful good character so I chose to turn them in.) I find the evidence in crimson caravan, no problem. Then I go to the silver rush, (I had already killed them for the brotherhood) and break into their safe. I acquire the evidence, Cass runs in, the screen zooms in on her as if she's about to say something...
    Then nothing. It zooms back out, she says nothing, and the plot doesn't advance. (Still no quest in my pipboy) I look up who I'm supposed to turn the two groups in to, but when I get to him he has no new dialogue options.

    So wth am I supposed to do? I've maintained good karma throughout the game. What could have caused this? Can I fix it, or should I just suck it up and be grateful for the fact that I at least still have a hot, smart ass cowgirl shooting radscorpions by my side?

    User Info: Kavarrii

    Kavarrii - 8 months ago

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