Glitch during "I Could Make You Care"?

  1. Yes, yes, everyone's suffered a glitch from this mission. But I haven't encountered a single person with my issue. I previously completed That Lucky Old Sun and redirected the power to McCarran and the Vegas Strip. After Veronica yelled at the Elder (I was still doing Still in the Dark), we started venturing out for a thing to scare them into changing for. I first went searching for the Euclid item, and went to HELIOS after obtaining it. I realized that it required another location to have energy pointed at when I went to the observation deck and went to the controls. I told Veronica that I wanted to searc for one of the other ones, and chose the Vault 22 information. I was able to do Still in the Dark, I Could Make You Care, and the mission given by the McCarran doctors all at once. However, I still had markers to complete setting up the Euclid thing at HELIOS. I ignored it and went to the vault, and did all of the missions. Upon returning to the Brotherhood base, I was able to complete Still in the Dark without issue, but I had no options with either Veronica or McNamara to present the data I picked up at Vault 22 (I convinced the ghoul scientist to let me keep the data). When talking with Veronica, I had no option to say that I wanted to change course and get the pulse gun from Vault 34/Nellie AFB. My only objective in I Could Make You Care was to do the Euclid thing at HELIOS, which is impossible (It's also worth pointing out that I specifically told Veronica that we could not pursue it as soon as I realized I could not move the energy to Archimedes). What do I do?

    User Info: Seanyo

    Seanyo - 4 years ago

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