Infinitely long load screen...?

  1. So I borrowed this game from a friend, got to around level 22, dropped Boone off at the Lucky 38, picked up Veronica (wanted to visit the Brotherhood) and then made my way to Red Rock Canyon to negotiate with the Great Khans to stop dealing with Caesar's legions. I got his ambassador to blow up and say some pretty incriminating stuff about the Great Khans, he was gunned down, I JUST went outside to save, and I went to bed.

    Well the next day, I go to load my game, I sit watching the stupid little roulette loading wheel orbit for a good 15 minutes. I uninstalled the patch, and the loading screen completely froze. I cleared the system cache, nothing. I uninstalled the game from the hard drive (I'd been playing with it installed beforehand), nothing... I RE-installed the update, nothing... I can still move around with the Xbox Guide and everything, I just can't seem to load a save game file.

    So I'm wondering, and also thinking at this point, that it has to be the disc, and I got one of the worse glitches of many that comes with Fallout: New Vegas. But if you have any other suggestions for what I could possibly do that'd be great.

    User Info: CGLefty15

    CGLefty15 - 6 years ago


  1. Yeah man its the disc you could always buy a new copy but if thats not an option here me out. At a local Gamestop look for Disk Skip Fixer. Its only 20 dollars and you apply it and spread it around the entire disc. Note: its brown and smells really bad <:). anyway let it dry then rub off with a cloth. Dont listen to other people that would say to yse toothpaste because it doesnt work. If the problem persits it may be time to get a new disc. Hope it helped ^_^

    User Info: sgcnadesf891

    sgcnadesf891 - 6 years ago 0 0
  2. I can confirm that it is not the disc. I downloaded this game off of the Xbox Live Marketplace and am about the same amount of the way into the game and am having the same infinite loading screen problem you are/were having.

    User Info: Navywolf2001

    Navywolf2001 - 6 years ago 0 0

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