• Secret Costumes/Shirts

    To input a code, examine the closet in Leanne's room during or after chapter 7. While her first line of dialogue is on screen, enter the code. After entering the code, forward to the next line of text, and you should recieve your items

    8-BIT GIRL shirtUP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, L, R, L, R, Y, X
    Club Famitsu shirtY,Y,UP,UP,X,X,LEFT,LEFT,LB.RB
    Gemaga shirtRT,LT,LB,RB,Y,Y,Y,X,X,UP
    Hirakou shirtX,Y,LB,LB,RB,RB,L3,L3,UP,DOWN
    Platform Logo shirtLEFT,UP,RIGHT,DOWN,RB,RB,LB,LB,Y,L3
    Politan Suit (Note: Only available after earning the Reindeer Suit in Neverland)R3,R3,R3,RIGHT,LEFT,Y,X,LT,RT,LB

    Contributed By: blast_furnace7.

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  • Infinite Money

    Chapter 6 or later required Combat Scope Betas cost 3000 gold, one glass shard, and one scrap of iron to make. The wandering merchant sells glass shards and iron scraps for 200 and 150 gold respectively. Combat Scope Betas sell for 4100. Profit is 750 per scope, multiplied by 999, is 749250. The best time to do this is chapter 6~7, before the merchant starts wandering she is always at the Waterless Bridge. In chapter 8 plus, she can be at Forsaken, the Waterless Bridge, or the Righteous Tower. Your best bet then is to get into an enemy counter, run away, and check the location to see if she is there. Time phase changes also change her position. Repeat as necessary.

    Contributed By: Jemsons234.

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  • Staying in Same Costume

    In Chapter two of a new game +, go into ReanBell's (Leanne) bedroom and press x at her wardrobe. There is a secret button which when pressed, will allow you to keep Reanbell in her current costume rather than going into the pig t-shirt in the cutscene.

    Contributed By: Jemsons234.

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