Review by ArtemisE1985

Reviewed: 01/26/18

Risen (Gothic brought to Console) Yes!!!!!

Yeah, if you haven't been playing pc roleplaying games for that long, this game definitely sticks out among the other open-world rpgs on console. This game I found to be good. It has some problems which I will address but still a good decent game.

Story-The story is that you are stranded on an island where there are two sides that are competing for power. The Don's men. These guys are criminals and to me, seem like the bad guys. They are rude and opportunistic to the player character. The other guys are the Order. These guys to me are the good guys. They are sorting things out by not allowing any into the city. If they do get in, they are soon to be conscripted. This includes the main character. You have to soon join one side of the 2 choices and stick with them or switch around a bit. At the end of the game, the side you choose will determine who your enemy is. Likely the opposing team.

Gameplay-The gameplay is very good. There is a lot of talking, food gathering/making, surviving against monsters, buying/selling, making friends and enemies and wise decisions. This is a thinking-man's rpg. Just because the combat is action doesn't mean you can just hack and slash through everything. As for combat-you will find it very simplistic. If anyone has played Dynasty Warriors, you get a 3 hit combo in beginning. The more points in skill levels towards that weapon, gives more melee strikes/combos. No combos for ranged weapons like bows/crossbows. But while combat is simple there will always be times you have to know when to retreat. Better to evade and retreat than die and load the game again. For combat against people-they cannot kill your character. They just knock them down and take some gold and then you get up when you heal. Very weird, but I would rather that be the case than load game again. Pretty simplistic game for combat but story is very good and solving puzzles is a lot of fun for anyone that likes that. Not an easy game, but a gem.

Cons-I like this game a lot but some things need to be considered. For one, there are some minor glitches in gameplay that might annoy some people. Your character has good voice acting throughout the game but some of the things he says to the people he interacts with makes it seem like he knows too much about what is happening. I for one do not like when my character somehow knows more about the situation/dialog. I think they should have added a charisma skill because some of the lines were just weird how the player improvised on the situation. This game would have been better with charisma as a skill because it feels like the skills you get like smithing/alchemy/arcane were very minor. I do not know many times I used this skill sets but I know that talking is what I was doing throughout the game.

Conclusion-If you are in need for a good open-world rpg that does not hold your hand-this game might be for you. It is $2.99 from Gamestop and I think that it was time well spent for a 30 hour game. You definitely could replay the game too which will give you same story to go through; but you could play using a different build. So I would say the game has a large amount of replay value and puzzle solving. Whether that makes the game worth getting is up to you!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Risen (US, 02/22/10)

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