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Shutout Guide by NotGuitar

Version: V.1.0 | Updated: 05/31/10


No, there will not be a fancy  text image announcing the title of the game.
It's my first FAQ, and I've chosen not to walk before I run, but to very care-
fully crawl before I run.

Anyways, this is an in-depth FAQ which will hopefully help you, the reader,
through one of the most difficult parts of Become a Legend Mode: getting a
shut-out against Willie Stargell and the Superstars in Cooperstown.

Reading through various boards, I've noticed that many people have been having
a tough time winning this particular game, and I've come up with, in my opin-
ion, the optimal strategy for winning. Oh, before I begin, let the record show
that I, as of version 1.0 of this FAQ have not yet gotten the shutout. But
this is not my strategies fault, it's more of an operator error.

Okay, let's do this thing.


Okay, you should attempt this challenge only after you have one the World Ser-
ies with your first team and your created player (for convenience, we will
call him A. Smith,) has 5 stars in every attribute. Have him leadoff. Have  
Trammel, McGriff, Martinez follow him, along with other good contact hitters.
Put your sluggers at the bottom of the lineup. Trust me, you're not going to
need power-hitting for this.

Your pitcher MUST be Dennis Martinez. His weel-house shrinking capabilities 
will be extremely useful. Oh, and NEVER THROUGH A SLIDER. Almost every time
I've thrown one, I've gotten homered. Ooh, another pitching tip: If you're on
a roll, getting perfects every time, throw a fastball out of the strike zone.
If it's perfect, it's likely they'll wiff it. This has helped me out a LOT. 


Okay, attempt to score Smith using only contact swings. Once he touches home
and you have a point, bunt. Bunt bunt bunt bunt bunt. I said it six times be-
cause it's really important. You only need one point to win the game, and 
bunting keeps them from getting big play points. If they get a big blast, 
you're screwed. So, I repeat: after you have acheived a grand total of one 
point, bunt for the rest of the game. Don't try to get on base, don't try to 
hit a homer, no matter how tempting it is, and save all your big play points 
so you can bust out a big heat in a tight spot. If you haven't scored in the
first inning, restart. You can't risk them getting BP points off too many 

If you're just using this walkthrough for pitching tips, ignore everything I 
just said. Stack up the runs. Show no mercy. Punish the demons that have 
caused you so much frustration.


Can you throw a perfect pitch 70-80% of the time? If you can't, give up
now. You're going to have to be a great pitcher to make it through this game
without giving up a homerun or tricky basehits. If every thing goes accord-
ing to plan, you shouldn't ever have to switch him out. If you're getting
contact hit a lot, bring in Hough or Tekulve. (Avoid Scott. his pitch set
is too normal.)


Don't worry about shrinking his weelhouse, he won't give you much trouble. 
After going up against Brock countless times, there seems to be a pattern of
pitches that always slots a K. You're pitching Martinez, right? Good.

1. Throw a curveball high and left.
2. Sinker high and right.
3. Fastball low and left.
4. If he's fouled off a third strike, throw curveballs in the corners. Stay 
   away from his weelhouse.

If he gets on base, he'll steal to third. Try to pick him off at first, but
don't bother trying to throw him out. Scioscia's arm can't compete with leg-
endary speed. If you can't pick him, make sure to strike out Sir Rodney.


Don't bother shrinking his weelhouse, it won't matter much. Basically, throw
any perfect pitch anywhere outside the wheelhouse. If he gets a hit, it's
not the end of the world. Unless, of course, Brock's on base. Then you're in
trouble. Anyways, Carew isn't a homerun threat, so he shouldn't cause much 
trouble. Of course, pick him if you haven't already gotten Brock.And, if he,
for some reason, tries to steal, nail him.


Now things get interesting.Try to shrink his WH by throwing a perfect curve-
ball high and inside, inside the WH. If you don't get perfect, he'll prob-
ly nail it for a fly out or a HR. It's okay if he flies out, just remeber to
shrink him his next at bat. After he's shrunk, try some high sinkers and, of
course, the wild perfect fastball. And no, I don't know what "Let's play 
two" means either.


HOLY. CRAP. Stargell has been the bane of my existence since I first ran up
against him in Cooperstown. Out of the maybe 40 times I've faced him, he's 
probably hit a homerun about thirty of the at-bats. That's 85% of the time,
for all you nerds.

Anyways, your best bet against Ol' Willie is a perfect curveball or sinker 
high and inside. He'll probably flail at it (and look like a dork, to your
great satisfaction,). After his WH is smaller, throw some pitches low and
outside. DON'T UNDERESTIMATE HIM. I've seen him jack a perfect curveball for
a homer. He'll probably break up your shutout so many times you're eyes will
turn black and you'll howl every time you strike him out.


While Murray hasn't been as effective against me as Stragell, he has hit
some hair-tearingly frustrating HRs at key points in the game. I think three
times that he's hit game ending, two-out homers in the bottom of the fourth.
His weelhouse is bigger than it looks, it covers about half of the zone af-
ter it's been shrunk bby Martinez. I usually shrink it with a sinker high
and in the middle. Then, just keep it outside and don't let him make con-
tact. Try to bait him into whiffing with some balls.


The Captain hasn't given me much trouble. Maybe it's just coincedence, I 
don't know. Shrink him with curveballs or sinkers, and then stay out of
his weelhouse.


None of them are big sluggers, so they shouldn't cause you much trouble. 
Just strike 'em out or pick 'em. Shrink Brett's WH if you're intimidated,
but don't bother with the other two. Just stay out of their weelhouses, and
use turbo if they jack on into the outfield.


Be prepared to start over millions upon millions of time. Getting a shutout
against the some of the best players in history is no easy task, and you'll
probably be at it for at least a few days. My rule is to restart if I don't
get my lead-off player on base. Oh, and if you're sick of watching the litt-
le intro, go to CHOOSES SIDES, accept, and resume. It will skip you straight
to batting.

Like I said, this is my first FAQ, so if you have any comments or criticism 
be sure to let me know. If you have anything to add to this walkthrough, 
tell me and I'll be sure to add it in later versions. Oh,and I'll let you 
guys know when I beat it. Thanks for reading!

V.1.0 posted 5/30/10
All rights to NotGuitar

...There was my feeble attempt at copyrighting.

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