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Why r the characters so few ??? General

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Is blue mary in this game ? General 1 8 years ago
How many online matches are needed for SSS rank? General 1 8 years ago
Bull Fighter Achievement? Side Quest 3 9 years ago
I beat arcade mode with all characters and the "king of fighters" achievement didn't unlock, why? General 1 10 years ago
Is it possible to use a PS2/3 controller on my 360? General 3 10 years ago
Is Mai Shiranui a playable character is this game? General 2 10 years ago
What is the best strategy for king of fighters xII? Build 2 10 years ago
What's up with the clan? Tech Support 1 10 years ago
How do you unlock Gallery artwork? General 3 10 years ago
how do i do Taunts? Build 2 10 years ago

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