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    FAQ/Walkthrough by thecrobar

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/01/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Use control+F to navigate.
    1. Introduction..........................(1TI)
    2. Controls..............................(2CT)
    3. Gameplay..............................(3GP)
    4. The Guide.............................(4GD)
       Mission 1.............................(M1)
       Mission 2.............................(M2)
       Mission 3.............................(M3)
       Mission 4.............................(M4)
       Mission 5.............................(M5)
       Mission 6.............................(M6)
    5. Closing...............................(5CL)
    Hello, and welcome to my guide for Lost Planet 2. The purpose of this guide is 
    to provide a guide for how to complete the main game, as well as tips and 
    general strategies for play. The guide is organized in to five sections: 
    you're in the introduction, the controls section lists the game’s controls, 
    The Gameplay section provides tips for general combat and how stuff works, and 
    the main guide is the way through the game. The introduction and the closing 
    section have contact information as well as some other information about the 
    guide. If you have any questions, you can contact me at wcrobars@hotmail.com
    2. Controls...(2CT)
    Standard controls- can be customized and changed.
    LS Click.........Crouch
    RS Click.........Reload
    R.Trigger........Fire Weapon
    L/R Bumper.......Turn 90 degrees left/right
    Y/Triangle.......Change weapon/Pick up Weapon
    D-pad Up.........Zoom
    3. Gameplay...(3GP)
    This section covers the basic gameplay mechanics of Lost Planet 2, deatailing 
    some of the finer points of combat.
    I. Weapons
    Weapons are the heart of any shooter, and there are plenty of them in Lost 
    planet 2. However, they work a bit differently than in other games. In Lost 
    Planet, weapons are divided into categories: Long range, short range, 
    standard, grenades, etc. When you start out there will only be one weapon in 
    each category: a standard rifle, shotgun, machinegun, etc. As you play the 
    game and meet certain goals you’ll have the ability to unlock more weapons. 
    This ties mostly into multiplayer, but each time you unlock a weapon it has a 
    chance to show up in the main game alongside the regular weapons. In the 
    guide, I will generally use short range/shot gun and Rifle/Long range 
    II. Vital Suits (VS)
    VS is a catch all term referring to all of the mechanical suits and turrets in 
    the game. VS offer you some increased firepower and abilities (though the 
    weapons can also be detached and used on foot.), as well as a second health 
    bar. They’re all over the game in all shapes and sizes. Some are very small 
    and simple, with melee weapons or machineguns, and some tower over regular 
    soldiers with extreme firepower. Each of them has a manual you can access 
    through the pause screen.
    III. Thermal Energy
    Thermal Energy is an important commodity, and the source of conflict in the 
    main game. In practice, Thermal energy is a fuel that you use for numerous 
    different actions in the game: healing, energy weapons, VS repair, etc. You 
    get Thermal energy by defeating enemies: human soldiers might leave a little 
    bit, but Akrid always leave a lot behind. 
    IV. Battle Gauge
    The Battle gauge is effectively your life bar in the game. You gain points in 
    your battle gauge by completing objectives and killing enemies and lose points 
    in it when you die. Your final score in the level is determined by how high 
    your Battle Gauge is combined with how many of the GJ objectives you achieved. 
    V. GJ Objectives
    These are special objectives that are possible to complete in each level. They 
    aren’t necessary to complete, but they will add to your score at the end of 
    VI. Data Points
    Data points are located in every area of the game. They’re small pillars that 
    can be activated by pressing X near them. Functionally they work as maps and 
    respawn points: activate one and you can respawn from that location if you 
    die, as well as reveal a portion of the map around the data point. The more 
    people that activate once at once make the process go faster. Activating Data 
    points is often optional, but it is also one of the more common goals for an 
    area in the game. In those areas, new data points will typically be on your 
    radar after activating another Data point.
    VII. Customization and Leveling
    As you play through the game you’ll gain points based off of how well you do 
    in missions and multiplayer modes.  These points will level you up in the 
    various in-game factions, which will in turn unlock new weapons and parts tu 
    customize your characters. You’ll also get credits from the missions, which 
    can be used in lottery machine for a chance to win new weapons, emotes, 
    titles, and character parts. 
    4. Guide... (4GD)
    The guide is divided into the six missions of the game, and from there into 
    their various chapters.
    Prologue A/B
    This is a short tutorial mission, designed to get you introduced to the basics 
    of the game. Jump into the VS in front of you and follow the one in front. It 
    will eventually come to a few akrid. Kill them, then follow the others up the 
    cliff. Before you drop down grab the rocket launcher from the case, then drop 
    down on the other side. There will be some a large Akrid here: keep your 
    distance, moving away from the rock wall, and shoot its arms off to prevent 
    taking more damage. After its dead a helicopter will appear. Board it to end 
    the level.
    Prologue B, a slightly different prologue, can be played if you play the game 
    in co-op as player 2 or 4.
    Mission 1…M1
    There is a data point in front of you, just out of the water. Take the single 
    path and kill the small Akrid and activate the second data point along the 
    way. A Large Akrid, similar to the one in the last mission, will spawn once 
    you reach the open area. Grab a Gatling gun from the downed VS on the left and 
    take it out; it should be easy with the bigger gun. Hit the data point in the 
    clearing, then head left. Mow through the weak Akrid and exit at the end of 
    the section.
    This next area is pretty small. Cross the river to encounter a small camp of 
    soldiers, with a tower to the right. Take cover in the house to the left, or 
    climb up the tower for a sniper rifle, and take out the soldiers blocking your 
    way. Afterwards, take the path to the left for the way out of the level.
    You’ll have two main tasks in the next area. The first is to activate the 
    signals around the perimeter of the level. If you have the sniper rifle from 
    the last part, take cover and snipe the enemies from the entrance to the area. 
    After that, make your way around the left side (be careful of the turret guns 
    here) and then drop down into the center for the last couple signals. After 
    activating them all, you’ll have to activate the four drills and defend them 
    for  set amount of time. Stay behind the rigging in the center of the area: it 
    allows you to see three directly, and the fourth can be dropped down to. After 
    you’ve held out long enough, the chapter is over.
    Kill the akrid, then move forward through the gate. Be prepared for my Akrid 
    on either side. There are plenty of guns and ammo here, along with some more 
    grenades to round out your stocks and a shotgun in the river. Grab the 
    shotgun, then proceed up the river to spawn a giant Akrid. Circle strafe 
    around it with the shotgun to take it out.  At the end of the river grapple up 
    the middle cliff. There are some close range akrid here, so equip the shotgun 
    and take them out. Activate the two data points, then proceed to the next 
    *There is a secret path here behind a tree right after the mission starts. 
    This leads to a new area. Head across the bridge at the start and activate the 
    data point in the small hut. From here, move through the canyons and take out 
    the Akrid and soldiers along the way. It’s straightforward and sort of out of 
    place, since this is the only time there’s a secret path like this, but you do 
    need it to complete the game.
    This next area has the game’s first real boss. It’s basically just a really 
    large version of the already pretty-big  praying mantis looking Queen Akrid. 
    Don’t bother shooting off its limbs: they grow back. The easiest way to kill 
    it is to toss grenades at it and shoot them in mid air or when they stick to 
    it. There’s plenty of ammo and grenades in the area, and the boss telegraphs 
    its attacks blatantly. After it’s dead you need to activate the four data 
    points around the area to open the gate that allows you to leave. There are 
    some weak Akrid guarding each one, but nothing too bad.
    Advance forward a short ways and you’ll encounter a small base full of 
    enemies. Take them out with your new allies, then proceed along the path to a 
    large base at the end. This base has four floors, and each one has enemies on 
    it. The best strategy is to grab a shotgun and head to the second floor ASAP, 
    which will let you take out the snipers at equal level and the troops down 
    below from a vantage point. The third floor has a couple enemies, but nothing 
    serious. On the fourth floor there’s  A VS you can take to the right in a 
    hanger, which can help you kill the larger VS in the center area. After 
    everything is dead, hit the switch next to the door and move to the new area.
    Like the last, this is one large fight through a base. There are some guns in 
    a room in front of you: grab what you need, then take the stairs up to the top 
    of the base. There are some soldiers and a weak VS up here that can easily be 
    taken out with grenades. After killing this wave of enemies, a second will 
    drop down across the river that is much more formidable. Jump in the VS after 
    the scene and head across the bridge. Kill as much as you can before the VS 
    dies: its strong, but not strong enough to take down everything. You can then 
    either grab a rocket launcher towards the back of the base or head down a path 
    to the right to find another VS to finish the job. 
    The final part of the mission is another boss fight, this time against a 
    salamander-like Akrid named Godiant.This thing is huge, and it’s a bad idea to 
    get near it for all but one reason. (More on that in a second).  Your targets 
    for damaging it are the knees: they’re thankfully big targets and can be hit 
    from pretty far away. There’s all sorts of weapons laying around the area, 
    inclusion VS, so take whatever you feel comfortable with. If you’re feeling 
    bold you can attempt to do some serious damage by entering the beasts mouth 
    and attacking its core (hear) directly. When it falls over after a few legs 
    have been hit, you’ll have a brief window to run inside of its mouth and take 
    it out. When it’s dead, the mission is complete.
    Mission 2…M2
    Time to get your stealth on. The first portion of this mission has you 
    infiltrating the city. Run across the dock, then move up top with your 
    grappling hook. From here on out you’ll need to avoid the searchlights, which 
    will draw some seriously unneeded attention to you. Move around the perimeter 
    of the second floor and kill any enemies that spawn. Once you go up a higher 
    ramp structure, be prepared for a lot of enemies in the small area. If you can 
    find a shotgun in one of rubble piles it will be pretty useful here. Head 
    through the long hallway to find the exit to the area.
    The goal in the second part of this mission is to avoid the red security 
    drones, but that’s honestly pretty hard to do. Thankfully, the enemies that 
    spawn if you go near or shoot one accidentally aren’t that difficult to kill. 
    This area is pretty straightforward: it’s one long claustrophobic street to 
    the end.  Grenades and shotguns are plentiful, which helps since most of the 
    fighting is close range. Use grenades to clear out any enemies in bunkers or 
    behind cover and use a shotgun to kill anything out in the open.
    The next are is quite similar, but with no security. Instead there are some 
    weak VS, which can be taken out with a few decent Shotgun blasts. This section 
    is short, and the main difficulty here should be avoiding the fire and 
    constant random explosions in the streets. Once you come to a more open, multi-
    level section you can find a Rifle in some rubble, which makes this part even 
    The final portion of this mission involves defending a data point for a minute 
    and a half against waves of enemies. Snipe the enemies standing around the 
    area, then head to the other side of the train tracks to find the data point. 
    The best place to stand is either in the corner behind the post itself, which 
    is more open but lets you see anyone coming towards you, or the small alcove 
    behind the data point which lets you pop out from behind some cover to kill 
    the enemies at the data point. It takes the enemies a solid 20 seconds or so 
    to fully deactivate it, so you have a bit of wiggle room if you get knocked 
    down. Once the timer reaches zero, the level automatically ends.
    This section takes place in a factory, and you’re going to have to deal with a 
    lot of conveyor belts that move you around while you fight. Enemies will spawn 
    on both sides of the conveyor, and it’s best to stick to the sides whenever 
    possible. Head down the first conveyor and you’ll eventually come to an open 
    area with a lot of drills (knock enemies in for some fun). Grapple up the 
    higher level, where you can find a rifle. Take out the enemies on the opposite 
    side, then grapple to where they were and head down that conveyor to find the 
    level’s exit in a small room at the end.
    This section is short and very close range oriented, so it helps if you have a 
    shotgun. It’s mostly the same layout the entire time: downward sloping ramps 
    with occasional rooms to the side. Be careful not to let enemies pass you, 
    since it’s very easy to get sandwiched between two of them and take a lot of 
    damage. The door to the next area is on top of a ladder at the bottom.
    The final section has you launching an all out attack on a VS hanger. You need 
    to activate all of the data points while under fire from a few VS, then fend 
    off waves of enemies. The best option at the start is to  get into the rafters 
    above the area: there’s a couple sniper rifles and almost no enemies. This 
    should let you take out most of the first main wave while you activate the 
    Data points. After that, grab a VS from the hanger across the bridge and stock 
    up on ammo for its guns. The next wave contains quite a few VS, as well as 
    plenty of powerful soldier enemies. You should be fine as long as you stay in 
    the VS, but watch out for the plasma grenades the enemies like to use here. 
    Kill everything to complete 2-2.
    This part only has one section, but it’s a long one. Your first task is to 
    simply activate all of the data points in the area. There are a few enemies, 
    but nothing that should give you trouble. When you activate them all, the 
    class G Akrid X shows up for you to take down. Your enemies manage to help a 
    bit and hurt the thing, but you need to finish the job yourself.  Thankfully, 
    this is pretty easy. There are a ton of weapons scattered around the area, but 
    the VS shotgun will absolutely murder this thing. Target its “head”  when 
    you’re close and you’ll rack up a ton of damage. There’s 3-4 VS shotguns in 
    the area, but you should only need two of them to completely kill the boss.
    Mission 3…M3
    There is only a single class G-Akrid  known as Redeye this time, and you don’t 
    have the means to kill it. The goal in this mission is to fend it off long 
    enough to load the T-Energy and then escape. The easiest way is to grab a 
    nearby rifle or long range-fast firing weapon. When the Akrid comes out of the 
    sand you can see a glowing core in its mouth: shoot it a few times and it will 
    go back down into the sand, miss it and the Akrid will eat a train car. 
    Obviously, this is a bad thing and it can eventually destroy the train. 
    Thankfully the creature retreats after only 2-3 hits, and leaves enough time 
    to reload before surfacing again. Make it to the chopper after it’s full to 
    end this section.
    This part is also only a single section based around a boss fight. After the 
    train crashes, you’ll be inside of a small abandoned town. Well, it ends up 
    not being abandoned: some enemy troops spawn at the opposite end of the area. 
    Be careful: they have rifles and know how to use them. Advance on them using 
    cover until you get to the large tower. You have two options: head to the top 
    and snipe them (though they can shoot you as well) or grab a short range 
    weapon and clear each house.
    After they’re dead, two Akrid show up. These akrid can destroy buildings, and 
    are extremely sensitive to sound.  You can shoot them in the stomach or on the 
    head. They have two main attacks: charging at you or shooting a sound 
    shockwave at you. However, they have no eyes: they can  still sense you 
    however, and it’s best to not make any noise when they stand up and wail. Like 
    above, the best options are either extreme close or long range. Charging them 
    is dangerous, but you can often stun one with a shotgun if you empty a whole 
    clip into them and prevent them from moving. The safer option is to grab a 
    rifle and stand on the metal train car (it can’t get blown away), hitting them 
    when they reveal their weak points. After they’re dead, the section is over.
    The infamous 3-3. I’m betting that most of the people reading this come here 
    for this section.  Anyway, it starts out with a battle against the opposite 
    train. There are a ton of weapons on the train, so take your pick and deal  
    with the enemies on the opposite train. They can get onto your train, so keep 
    an eye out for it. Eventually you’ll have the chance to jump to the other 
    train. You’ll need to make your way to the front of the train where the cannon 
    is. Falling means instant death, so it’s probably a good idea to avoid that 
    and stick to one side of the train as much as possible. A short ways up the 
    train you can find a VS suit, which can make the combat here quite a bit 
    easier. On the top of the train enemies can be killed from a long distance, 
    but it’s also easier to be knocked off of the train and die. Sticking to the 
    top of the train with a ranged weapon or the train cars with a close range 
    weapon are the best ways to advance.  Once you reach the cannon, prepare to 
    meet an old friend. 
    The cannon is a little complex to run, but you’re going to have to use it to 
    take out the boss Akrid. The process is pretty simple if you don’t want to get 
    too technical: there are large bullets in this section of the train. They need 
    to be loaded into the cannon on the top of the train, which you then need to 
    man and fire at the large red spots on the Akrid. The Akrid will attack you 
    from the sides and the rear: you can damage it by hitting the glowing core or 
    the red “eyes” on its sides, then shooting them again to “kill” them. Once 
    it’s taken enough damage you’ll get a message saying “one more hit”. At this 
    point, it will approach from the rear and attempt to eat the train. You need 
    to shoot it’s core one last time to kill it, so as soon as that message 
    appears aim towards the back of the train.
    Here’s the full functionality of the cannon:
    There are three different kinds of shells. Cobalt shells are the most basic, 
    and do the least amount of damage. Devil Roar shells do more damage, but are 
    rarer. Wrath armor piercing shells can only be placed into the gun with the 
    crane, and are the most damaging. However, the crane can only be used when the 
    cannon is facing forward so this limits their viability. It is feasible to 
    just pick random bullets, but you should use the better ones if you want a 
    higher score. After being loaded shells can be energized, which adds to the 
    damage they deal. The least damaging shells will simply sear the skin of the 
    Akrid, while the most damaging ones will blow a hole in it and expose its 
    There are a couple other things to keep in mind during the fight. There are 
    turrets and a VS that can be used on the train car, though these aren’t 
    necessary. There are also two “rotation” stations that allow the cannon to 
    move faster when someone is inside of them. There are also two cooling 
    stations in the car that can be used after it catches on fire part of the way 
    through the fight (fire slows movement, cooling will restore functionality.) 
    If you’re playing with people, the best option is to assign one person each 
    role. Load up a couple Armor-piercing rounds first, then assign one person to 
    the cannon for firing duty. Have two people find/load/energize shells, and 
    have the final person work on damaging the monster with turrets or the VS and 
    use the cooling systems. This battle is completely doable with the AI (they 
    mostly just bring you rounds for the gun and load them), but if you want a 
    high rank than you probably need human allies to help you.
    Mission 4…M4
     Head to the right around the center wall, the left path has turrets. There 
    are some guns on the upper floors if you want them, but this section is doable 
    with what you have now. You need to get to the very bottom of the prison. The 
    bottom floor has a couple VS and a turret, along with some weapons and a suit 
    around the section near the back wall. Kill everything, then drop down lower 
    and open the door to exit.
    The second area in the sewer is short, but there’s a new form of Akrid to 
    watch out for. The octopus like Akrid can stun with an electric tentacle, so 
    keep away from it when you see it charging. Head forward and drop down into 
    the long chute, then take the single path out past the Akrid. Ignore the side 
    hallway and make a beeline for the door: Akrid spawn infinitely here out of 
    the pipes. 
    The final area is a large and open battlefield. There are some soldiers and a 
    small VS as soon as you come up: take them out, then head to the room across 
    the water from you. From here, sniper the rocket turrets in the tunnel above 
    the normal turrets to make them explode and destroy the other turrets and 
    soldiers in the area. Head forward and across the river again to find a VS, 
    which you’ll need to take out the loads of enemies that spawn here. After the 
    enemies are dead, activate the two switched to complete the chapter.
    This section starts with a large warehouse. You need to find six data points 
    to exit the area, one will show up on your radar when you activate another. 
    There are plenty of guns and cover in this area, as well as an armored suit 
    and a few VS to the far side of where you started, so you should have little 
    trouble making it through this part. The first few data points are in the 
    central structure of the area and the next three are all on ground level 
    scattered around towards the opposite side. The exit opens after you activate 
    all of them.
    You’ll need to secure a submarine for the second part of the chapter. Head to 
    the left as far as you can go, killing the enemies you see along the way. You 
    need to take out the enemies in this area until a submarine with a data point 
    on it spawns. Clear out any remaining enemies, then take the submarine. IT 
    will drift back to the right towards the exit, and you need to defend it and 
    yourself while it does. Thankfully ammo and guns spawn on the ship, including 
    VS weapons, so it shouldn’t be too hard.
    Time for the assault on NEVEC. Your goal is to activate all the data points in 
    the area. There are a couple on the first beach area, and one up inside of a 
    base to the right (It’s up on a cliff.) There are a lot of enemies here, 
    including VS and flying units, but there are also quite a few VS weapons on 
    the beach and some regular weapons in the circular bunkers. After hitting the 
    cliff, activate the data points on the base. After those, you’ll need to do 
    with a few waves of troops and VS dropped in aerially. There is a powerful VS 
    down inside of the base that should make this fight a lot easier. After you’ve 
    killed the enemy forces, this section automatically ends.
    The next section is a long war of attrition over a beach. The first enemy you 
    see is a new Akrid boss, but it’s pretty weak. It has a nasty projectile 
    attack that can hit you from a long distance, but if you take cover and shoot 
    it with a rocket launcher it will go down fast. This part is split into 
    sections divided by barriers: you need to deactivate the barriers to continue 
    forward after each group of enemies. The sections have a wide variety of VS 
    and some Akrid, but there is a VS with a pike bunker that should be able to 
    kill the smaller akrid in a single hit lying out in the open. You’ll have to 
    fight another spider Akrid as well, before the final base at the end. There is 
    a switch at the top of it that opens the gate to the next area.
    This is a long section with a lot of fights, but it’s also a pretty unique 
    one.  Head down the hallway and kill the enemies. Use grenades to kill the 
    spider VS that drops down the tube, then climb up. Run across the area to find 
    a couple of VS. You’re going to want the ammo from both guns for this mission, 
    so take one off and grab it with whatever one you use. Kill the enemies on the 
    surface, then move around the right side of the platform to find another 
    (better) VS. Do the same thing as before, and jump into the water. With some 
    good piloting, you should be able to keep it for the rest of the area. 
    You’re following a submarine like-craft: each section is opened by a data 
    point. The first section has a lot of aquatic Akrid, but most of them will die 
    quickly. The Jellyfish/octopus ones can take a lot of hits, so focus on them 
    last and keep moving. The section after that will have two boss level eel 
    Akrid. They hit for a lot of damage, but their weak points (down the throat, 
    on their backs) are easy to hit. Focus on one at a time and move around a lot 
    to avoid getting hit. The final area after that one has some VS. They can be 
    pretty tough, but there are some extra vs weapons lying around for you to use 
    if you need them. After they are dead, head to the exit.
    Your goal in this area is to get across to a platform on the left side of the 
    area. To do that you’ll need to fly there using a hover bike or a helicopter.  
    You can find both on the upper sections of the rig you’re on, but you need to 
    fight your way though turrets and soldiers to get there. There is a well 
    fortified bunker with a sniper rifle in the middle of the upper area which 
    makes this a lot easier. Grab the helicopter and head over to the opposite 
    sections. Land, then get right back into the helicopter: you will have spawned 
    some enemy helicopters and turrets, and they are difficult to take out on 
    foot. Kill the enemy vehicles and turrets, then land and lower the bridge so 
    your team can cross. Head up the rig to find the door that will end this 
    This is another claustrophobic little level: you need to activate all of the 
    data points. Each time you do, a new door will open that will allow you to 
    descend down to a lower level of the base. The first floor only has  some 
    soldiers, but lower floors will have Akrid as well. There are some large Akrid 
    the soldiers are using as sentries that you need to kill three levels down, 
    but there’s also a VS here to make things easier. Head into the elevator after 
    everything is dead and the data points are all activated.
    For some reason, you will need to go outside the tower in order to go into 
    space. Head to the bottom of the tower, activating the data points as you go 
    down. There are a lot of nice weapons lying around, and you’ll need them for 
    an upcoming fight. When you get to the bottom, the “secret weapon” that got 
    away from you before will show up. Thankfully it’s a piece of cake to kill: it 
    will fly in circles around the central tower and fire missiles and the like at 
    you. These are pretty easy to dodge using the water jets and swimming. While 
    the boss is weak in the “face” with all the tentacles, hitting it anywhere 
    will do damage. There are plenty of high power weapons to get the job done 
    fast, which ends this mission.
    Mission 5…(M5)
    This mission is a bit more light-hearted compared to the last one, and it’s a 
    refreshing change of pace. You’ll start on a hoverbike, and your goal is to 
    capture the large vehicle in front of you. Switch to your rocket launcher and 
    target the turrets on the end of the tank facing you before getting too close: 
    they’ll tear you apart if you get too close. After they’re  taken care of, you 
    need to activate a data point on the inside of the vehicle. Enemies will spawn 
    constantly, but so will your allies, so just try to activate it as quickly as 
    For the next part of the mission you need to control two data points for a 
    certain amount of time: one at the back end of the tank and one at the front 
    end. Take each one and kill everything near them (even then you’ll need to 
    move between them as enemies spawn.) The enemies are pretty weak, but a few of 
    them will have VS weapons so watch out. The fastest way to move between them 
    is to move along the top of the vehicle, and there are plenty of weapons near 
    the data points.
    Now you get to use the massive cannon!  The sole goal in this section is not 
    die: you’re fending off a massive wave of enemies that are dropping in from 
    helicopters and spawning in the carrier. The cannon can fire infinitely, but 
    it will use your thermal energy. It’s best to save it for shooting down the 
    helicopters that will constantly drop new enemies down. However, there are 
    plenty of rocket launchers and VS weapons scattered across the top of the tank 
    to make things easier for you. It might be a good idea to save thermal energy 
    for the next portion of the mission…
    Since you happen to be fighting a class G-Akrid. The Spider Akrid is weak in 
    its legs, but they can be hard to hit. The cannon is the most obvious and best 
    way to take him out: it’s very powerful and the constant stream of cannon fire 
    is easy to aim at the legs. There are also plenty of VS weapons and heavy 
    ordinance on the ship, so this thing should go down easy enough. After it’s 
    lost most of its health it will fall on the ship. This is your cue to hop in 
    the cannon and blast it in the mouth until it dies a horrible death.
    NEVEC will once again try to take YOUR carrier from you. Time to stop them. 
    This mission is technically only a single area,  but it’s pretty long. Hop in 
    the cannon and get to work taking out the other ship: it will deploy boarders 
    and has a cannon of its own for you to deal with, so that should be your firs 
    target. Once that’s on fire and smoking, target the wings on the front and 
    back of the craft (The back ones are vertical, the front ones horizontal).  
    Once all of them are destroyed you’ll need to jump over to the opposite ship, 
    but you’ll probably need to take out a few boarders first so you don’t get 
    overrun.  You’ll need to take two data points again, but it’s going to be a 
    bit harder this time since enemies are going to be doing the same on your 
    ship. Your best bet is to try and take them extremely quickly and constantly 
    move between them until the time ticks down. (This prevents them from gaining 
    control of your points if you’re fast; otherwise you need to jump back to your 
    ship.) Finally, after you’ve taken the ship, you’ll need to make it back to 
    your to avoid the self-destruct sequence. 
    Congratulations, You’ve just stolen an air ship!
    Mission 6…M6
    This is possibly the shortest section in the game. Kill the few enemies on the 
    ship, there aren’t many. Afterwards you’ll be launched into space and need to 
    make your way back to the ship. It’s  just like swimming from the underwater 
    sections of the game. Once back on the ship, kill the new enemies and hit the 
    switch to end the section.
    The next section is a LOT larger. In it, you’ll need to make your way through 
    a large base outside of the orbital cannon. There are soldiers, but the main 
    enemies are turrets and VS along the path you need to take. There are a lot of 
    ways you can progress, but the most basic is to head forward and turn right, 
    then head along the path for awhile until you can turn into the moving block 
    section. From here ride the blocks to the hole in the wall and head though. 
    Nearby should be another tunnel inside guarded by a VS and some turrets. This 
    is the entrance into the base where you need to go. That’s only one path 
    through, and there are about a million ways to get through this section. There 
    are VS, turrets, VS weapons, and all sorts of handheld weapons to get through 
    this section.
    In this area you will need to activate the data points around the massive 
    cannon. Needless to say: get caught in the cannon’s blast and you won’t be 
    around for very long. The first data point is down at the bottom of the cannon 
    in front of you, but the rest are high up in the large cylinder. You’ll need 
    some careful jumps and grapples to get up to them: use the platforms around 
    the edge of the area to get to new levels, then grapple to the central 
    structure and find the data point on each level. There are plenty of weapons 
    and enemies here, as well as an abundant amount of cover. Once you’ve 
    activated all the data points, advance to the control center in the highest 
    level of the cannon.
    In the next section you’ll need to defeat waves of VS as you defend the 
    control room. You’ll be in a PTX, the most powerful VS in the game. You also 
    have access to all of the different VS weapons, which makes this section a 
    piece of cake. Tear te advancing VS to shreds with all of the amazingly 
    powerful weapons at your disposal. The final VS will be a large tank. IT’s 
    fast, but its shots are easy to avoid and counter with your own. 
    Time to get back planet side.  The VS from the last mission will be your 
    impromptu escape pods for getting back to the planet’s surface. There is both 
    a minefield and an asteroid belt between you you can the planet, but both 
    obstacles can be destroyed or easily avoided with the VS. 
    Once back on the planet, you’ll need to find the other crashed members of your 
    team. The simplest way to do this is to ignore them: charge towards the 
    opposite side of the map, activating data points when possible. Akird can show 
    up out of nowhere here, so you need to constantly be aware. The completion 
    point for the area is a ways off to the side of the map, and you don’t need to 
    meet or activate any data points to get it. If you don’t mind missing out on 
    some points, just avoid the Akrid and head to the next area.
    You’ll have your chance to take down plenty of Akrid in the next area. You 
    need to hold out for a set period of time at the small station here. There are 
    a few different ypes of guns, and most of the Akrid are pretty easy to take 
    care of from the inside or the roof without falling off. After they’re all 
    dead and you get the all clear, jump down and move to the new area. Here 
    you’ll meet a few friends from the first Lost Planet: 4 of them to be precise. 
    The worm Akrid are powerful, but slow and easy to predict. KEpp out of range 
    and pelt the eyes on their sides with one of the numerous VS weapons that can 
    found in the surrounding snow. They’ll take a while to kill, but they 
    shouldn’t be too hard.
    This is the final area of the game, and it’s absolutely huge. There are 
    numerous paths through the over G Akrid on the way to its core, but there is 
    the same general strategy for each one. Each area has Akrid production 
    facilities and a metric ton of Akird that constantly spawn there. The goal for 
    you in each section is to kill all of the Akrid and shut down production. 
    However, that’s not the only objective. You also need to take out the Over-G 
    sensors that will manifest in each area. These resemble huge Orange eyeballs, 
    and they will fire massively damaging lasers at you and move around the areas 
    as you kill them You’ll have to got through a good 5-6 of these to get to the 
    final area, with each area hacing an increasing number of Akrid and more 
    aggressive G-eyes.
    You’ll realize you’re at the final boss when you see it. The massive ball of 
    tentacles and glowing T-energy is hard to miss. This boss is actually one of 
    the simplest ones to fight in the game, since you don’t actually kill it. 
    However, getting in the kill shot can be tricky. Stick behind one of the 
    pillars, which allows you to avoid the majority of the boss’ attacks. In the 
    mean time, focus on a single tentacle  Once it’s damaged enough a rocky wound 
    will form on the tentacle. To kill the boss you need to grapple onto this 
    point, which will in turn attach the GPS unit. The orbital cannon will then 
    fire at the Over-G. You will need to do this for each human member of your 
    team: if you’re the only person, then you only need one hit. After the 
    cutscene and closing credits, you’ve won the game. (If you haven’t, check 
    back  to chapter 1-2 and hit the secret area for the achievement.)
    5. Closing...(5CL)
    This guide is my property, and you are only being allowed to use it. As such, 
    I must insist that you not use this guide for any personal gain or profit off 
    of it in any way. You are free to use this guide as you see fit as long as it 
    comes within those confines: you may print it, make a hat out of the pages, or
    create some pleasant origami. I don't care as long as I maintain ownership of 
    this guide. Do not distribute it without my permission, but if you would like 
    it on your website feel free to contact me at wcrobars@hotmail.com and I will 
    more than likely allow it. I hope this guide has been useful, and I thank you 
    for reading it.
    This guide, like all of my guides, is dedicated to cats. 
    Copyright Woody Crobar, June 29 2010.

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