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Reviewed: 01/04/13

Terror is Reality

In the electric atmosphere of Fortune City, hungry crowds chant for more blood thirsty action at the Arena as Tyrone King, the beloved host of Terror is Reality elevates to the entrance of the stage to introduce the four contestants of the nation's most brutal reality show ever. Once again it is zombie killing time and Dead Rising 2 makes a clean sweep of its predecessor by adding a very addictive multiplayer that complements the story mode of the game. Chuck Greene is the new hero of Dead Rising 2 as a new outbreak in Fortune City causes the new Vegas style attraction become a vacation nightmare for all involved. Chuck Greene is a participant of Terror is Reality and makes a living killing zombies for entertainment. Unfortunately he gets framed for the outbreak in Fortune City and has 36 hours to rescue as many survivors as possible while attempting to clear his name and find out who is responsible.

Dead Rising 2 is a very fun game featuring all the zombie slaughtering action you can crave. I enjoyed Dead Rising from start to finish and to top it off this is the first full game I've ever purchased and downloaded online as part of a Halloween sale on Xbox Live. What sets Dead Rising 2 apart from the first game are the weapons you can put together for some fun time and to quickly gain experience points. Top this off with the Terror is Reality multiplayer to earn money for your story mode game and you have one very fun game on your hands. This is one of those games where you can unleash some guilty pleasures on the undead. There are way more survivors to locate and rescue than the previous game and the story is a lot better as you have to keep Chuck's daughter Katey alive by giving her a daily dosage of Zombrex, which in the last game was the result of Frank West's contributions to the last outbreak.

Dead Rising 2 takes place after the incident of the first Dead Rising game and after a few other incidents including an outbreak in Las Vegas where Chuck Greene, an avid motorcyle entertainer, loses his wife and almost his child to the zombie attack. Chuck has to compete in the Terror is Reality reality show to keep Katey alive on the very expensive Zombrex vaccine which has to be administered daily. Chuck meets some very helpful friends during the Fortune City outbreak as well some very crazy psychopaths while he tries to solve who is behind framing him in the Fortune City outbreak. The story mode features the ability to create weapons from combinations of items you pick up. These creations get very imaginative with lawnmower wheelchairs and flamethrowers from water guns. I was able to beat the game on the second run through as I played the first time to gain experience levels. There are multiple endings to the game depending on how you want to play the game. You don't have to try to beat the story mode on the first run and really you are not supposed to. There are very unique places to explore although it seems like the mall/shopping center idea is the only real way to keep the game going. You just can't find everything you need at a casino.

To make things more fun you can visit random black market shops throughout Fortune City to stock up on Zombrex, special guns, and even more interesting weapons. Using the money you find in the game you can also transfer funds you win playing the multiplayer part of the game to keep Chuck a wealthy man in story mode. Toss in a few opportunities to play poker and you have an all around fun game. What I liked most about Dead Rising 2 is what I liked most about Dead Rising, where you can find and rescue survivors and bring them back to the safe house. Not only do saving these people earn you some serious experience points, but it is just a fun part of the game to save people. Even better is that these survivors do a better job of keeping up with you and not getting eaten alive when following you back to the safe house.

Dead Rising 2 still has a small but dedicated online community so that you can play Terror is Reality online. Terror is Reality features many game types and ranked matches with a leaderboard based on how much cash has been earned playing online. Terror is Reality is four players with two various mini-games like Ramsterball and Pounds of Flesh where you have to roll over zombies and bank points, then toss zombies onto a scale with your moose mask. The two mini games are followed up by Slicecycles where you ride around an arena on a motorcycle with chainsaws and slice as many zombies as possible to win. There are several other mini games featuring sniping, dressing zombies up, and filling up a meter with zombie blood and all of these are pretty fun to play. It doesn't really matter if you win or lose a match because you keep the money you earn and this is applied to your rank on the leaderboard. Transfer this money over to your story mode and you can almost breeze through the story mode on the second run through.

A feature I didn't really try out was the cooperative story mode. Unless you are playing with someone you know this feature doesn't really work out because you have to be very cooperative and keep up with your friend in order to be able to move from place to place in Fortune City. It's not a bad feature but something I just didn't want to play. I did get a lot of requests from people who wanted to join in as I played by myself.

The graphics were very good and of course there is plenty of gore to go along. This is a great game to play while waiting for the second half of season three of The Walking Dead to come back on. Chuck quickly gets bloody when he goes hacking through a horde of zombies with a sword. The music is about the same as the first game. A lot of the mall music seems to have gotten transferred over. I liked the Terror is Reality theme as you have to listen to it a lot anyway while waiting for a multiplayer game to start.

Dead Rising 2 has plenty of replay value and you can end up spending a lot of hours simply playing around in the story mode and killing zombies. This is not a game that is taken seriously and that is what makes it a fun game to play. You can search out all the different costumes Chuck can wear or try to rescue all survivors in the game. What is very difficult to do is try to do everything in one run such as kill all the psychopaths and rescue all survivors while completing all the cases. That could be very challenging. The story mode lasts a good while and if you get hooked on the multiplayer as I did then Dead Rising 2 becomes a very difficult game to put down.

Final Recommendation 9/10

Dead Rising 2 is a fun zombie killing game. This is definitely one game I wish I had picked up when it first came out, otherwise I would be riding near the top of the leaderboards. The multiplayer is very addictive and still active two years later and the story mode is even more fun than the story mode of the first Dead Rising. For zombie fans and fans of the first Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2 is definitely worth it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Dead Rising 2 (US, 09/28/10)

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