What is the best strategy for leveling up?

  1. Will someone help me level up?

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    deadkill87 - 7 years ago

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  1. the FASTEST way is to attempt the 72,000 zombie kill achievement with the SUV. i went from lvl10 to lvl47 in one playthrough.
    every 50 kills gives 500 PP.
    and every 1000 kills gives 20,000 PP.

    72,000/50 * 500 = 72,000 PP
    72 x 20,000 = 1,440,000 PP

    a total of 1,512,000 PP! in one playthrough.

    User Info: BMD_cptmurphy

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  1. Rescue survivors,kill psycopaths and kill zombies with combined weapons.

    User Info: 20briankay09

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  2. I got to the maitanance room outside of a huge mob of zombies and made a dyno meat and went up from lv.5 to lv.12 it owns :c)

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  3. None of the above.
    I went from level 0 to level 50 in less than 4 hours (real time).
    Play through to Case 3-1 (or whatever) until the queens appear.
    Go to the pharmacy and get 4 OJ
    Go to the casino next door and mix 2 OJ together then mix the other two.
    You now have 2 NECTAR. Combine the nectar with the queens to make WINGMAN (the hidden combo weapon)
    No keep the 2 wingmen in your inventory and do the same again until you have 5 wingmen IN THE JARS in your inventory.
    The go to Pallisades Mall and grab a shotgun.
    Ho to the middle of silver strip and save.
    Now USE X (DO NOT THROW) to unleash the wingmen.
    After you release them, keep the shotgun in your hands AT ALL TIMES. This means the wingmen WILL NOT DISAPPEAR EVER.
    Run up and down the strip (I used the planters at the sides as much as possible. Each wingman sting gives 500pp. Thats 5 X 500 = 2500pp for only one sting each.
    You will see what I mean if you try this, but I was getting 5, 6, 7 and 8 thousand pp every few of minutes by finding a safe place to stand (for example the planters on the side, the top of the kiosks, the little waterfall thingy etc etc)
    Remember to keep the shotgun in your hands or the wingmen will disappear.
    If you find that a couple have gotten 'lost' just enter another area (royal flush, for example) then immediately go back to the strip and they will respawn. You should always have 5 buzzing around you. Try to get the zombies to come as close to you as possible.
    I also got the kill 72000 this way too in less than the time it takes toi play the main missions (without overtime etc).

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  4. First get the blambow combo card which is right outside of where you fight antoine which is the food court and its on the movie poster. Once you have the card go to the royal flush plaza and make it. Then go to the giant craps table. Then get all the toy helicopter there are 5 in childrens castle there are 2 at ye old toybox. After you get them all put them in the giant craps table then that will attract a ton of zombies around there. finally make two blambows there are two bows at the chieftains hut and there will be two sticks of dynamite on the tree outside of childrens castle then after you make the blambow's shoot all the zombies at the craps table. I hope this helps.

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