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FAQ/Walkthrough by cmbf

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/08/09

Virtua Tennis 2009/FAQ-Walkthrough Ver 1.0/8 September 2009/by CMBF

       ___ ___ __        __               
      |   |   |__|.----.|  |_.--.--.---.-.
      |   |   |  ||   _||   _|  |  |  _  |
       \_____/|__||__|  |____|_____|___._|
             _______                     __        
            |_     _|.-----.-----.-----.|__|.-----.
              |   |  |  -__|     |     ||  ||__ --|
              |___|  |_____|__|__|__|__||__||_____|
                     ______ ______ ______ ______ 
                    |__    |      |      |  __  |
                    |    __|  --  |  --  |__    |

Genre:Sports > Traditional > Tennis
•	Developer:Sega
•	ESRB Rating:E


T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S

(INTRO) Introduction
(ACOMO) About Controls / Moves
(SPTWT) SPT World Tour 
(SPTHOME) SPT World Tour Home – Your Home
(ACADEMY) Tennis Academy
(UCHAR) Unlockable Characters
(UTRGM) Unlockable Training Games
(MINGAM) Mini Games
(PRPFEM) Professional Female Play Roster
(PRPMAL) Professional Male Play Roster
(MEDAL0) Medals
(BLING) Achievements
(FAQS) Frequently Asked Questions
(ABOUT) About Me
(REDTAPE) Legal Stuff



Virtua Tennis 2009 is essentially Virtua Tennis 3 with some things 
removed, and other things tweaked slightly.  If you enjoyed 3 you 
will very likely enjoy 2009!   Of course if you do not enjoy tennis, 

I found this to be a very playable game, though I started playing it 
AFTER the patch was released, so I do not have an opinion of it from 
before the patch, which I understand fixed a lot of bugs.  I found 
the graphics to be excellent, and the animation to be better than 
very good – excusing the weird jerky dancing that the toons do in 
the instant replay parts.

The only real issue that I have with VT2009 is the online play 
part – due to lag, you will play and see the ball bounce twice on 
the opponents side – which should mean you scored – only to have 
the ball returned to you as if out of nowhere because from your 
opponents perspective it never bounced twice!

I have seen the ball hover in the air while my opponent ran over to 
hit it, change direction in mid-air AFTER being hit, and do otherwise
unlikely things.  What is even worse is that a lot of the people you
will play to get the online achievements will simply quit on you if 
they are losing.  Obviously the online side of the game is a bit less
fun than the single-player side – but maybe they will fix that in 
another patch?

Excusing the OL issues I give this title a 7 out of 10 – Cheers!



I know that comparisons are odious at best, but if you have ever played
Sega Superstars Tennis before you might be expecting Virtua Tennis to 
be sort of like that control wise – it is not.  In fact Virtua is 
actually easier to control than SST!  If you have played Virtua Tennis 
3 than you have played Virtua Tennis 2009 so no surprises here!  

Basically you have four modes of hitting, and you can control where 
the ball goes (direction) with the left joystick.  The four modes of 
hitting are:

(A) Top Spin
(B) Slice
(X) Slice
(Y) Lob

(LB) & (RB) Instruct Partner
(LJS) or (D-PAD) Move / Aim Shot

(BACK) Change View
(START) Pause

Dropshot: Hold (LJ) down AND hold (X) or (B) down.
Underarm Serve: Hold (LJ) and (Y) down; when the ball drops – Flick 
(LJ) forward.



You begin by obtaining your license – you can have up to four which 
means four different player characters – and then customize your 
character.  There are achievements for both male and female in this 
game, so you will want to make at least one of each.

Body type in this stage appears to be purely aesthetic – there does 
not appear to be any relation between muscle and performance...  I 
know that seems weird but there you go.  Now pick your home nation – 
I chose Australia – and then continue.

I started with the female circuit – and was welcomed by my new coach 
Tim Henman who passed on the word that I was now confirmed to compete 
in the Challenger 250 Tournaments (Rank 100 Amateur Level) – go me!  
After hitting continue I was invited to a practice match by another 
player – Puska Anike – in Dubai.  

A word on practice matches: As you progress in the game, at the 
Academy, etcetera, practice matches will appear on your calendar.  
If you play the match you can get that person as a practice/partner 
but if you skip it, you do not obtain them as a partner in your list.
Obviously the idea is to gain them as a partner – and bare in mind 
that your performance in the match can (will) add to your overall 
skill level.

How you progress here is based in several things – your skill, the 
calendar and your stamina.  You need to keep an eye on all three, 
but the calendar and your stamina are the controlling forces here.
That is what is important is what I am saying.  Practice matches are 
optional but to repeat – the only way to gain partners – so you decide
whether you want to work on challenges or do the practice matches and
maybe get new partners... The choice you are making is either gaining
skill in all three in practice matches, or going to the Academy to 
raise a particular skill.

Remember that time IS passing!  Even at the Academy, and your first 
event in WPT is the 250 Tourney so do NOT let that catch up to you 
by surprise!  Mind your stamina – it can take TWO weeks to recover 
if you let it get really low at the Academy or in practice matches,
so make sure you have time to recover BEFORE the event!  Once you 
win some tourneys you will have money with which to purchase sports
drinks that can recharge your stamina without costing you time.

Your game is not going to be identical to mine – we will be making 
different choice – so here is a sample tourney that I played for 
reference only and to give you an idea of what happens there:


Note: There are different Challenger 250 tourneys and you may or may 
not start at the one I did... The game line and strategies don't 
change though, so I am using mine as the example.

I began in the Quarter Finals in Thailand – ah Thailand, spicy food,
cheap electronics, and a serious Tennis fan base – and you will see
that everyone is at the same point in the first heat – and you can 
see your competition there :)  

My first match was Me (Australia) vs. Amelia Cameron (Canada) for 8
points, which pitted me against Elana Fernandez (Ecuador) in the 
Second Heat.  I crushed Elana by forcing her into one corner for a 
few returns and then sending the ball to the other corner FTW and 
faced Paula Smith (Australia) in the Final (Third) Heat.

Smith was a baseline player and a rusher, so it was interesting but 
there was really no question about who was going to win...  That is 
the thing about this game, you really have to sabotage yourself in 
order to lose – head in the wrong direction, fail to return etcetera...  

So I won $2350 and a trophy, and now I have money to buy sports drinks!
Yay Me!  You should have unlocked at least two achievements during the
tourney – One Small Step (10GP) for winning your first match, and One
Giant Leap (15GP) for winning your first Tourney.  I also unlocked 
Fore! (10GP) for hitting a line judge with my ball on the return.

At the end of the tourney you get your placement position – I placed 
98 out of 100 which I suppose is okay for a start – but I need to 
get to 75 sooner rather than later to qualify for the second level 

The win here also unlocks the Phuket (Thailand) court pass in the 
store so you can buy it... When you have the extra money that is.

=== Further Events ===

You are basically trying to climb the Amateur Ladder here, so you 
will want to keep an eye on the calendar and compete in any events 
you can.  You are not restricted to just singles tourneys – there 
are doubles as well at each venue – but to do the doubles you need 
partners, which is why you should be doing the practice sessions 
to gain them!

With each tourney you win, you should be going up 2 points or more 
in the rankings depending on whether you are playing both singles 
and doubles – so in your first win you went from 100 to 98, second 
win from 98 to 96, etcetera.  The point is to get to 75 and then to 
50, to unlock the higher skill and higher value tourneys and 
eventually to get to between position 8 and 1 so that when you win 
the season end tourney (eventually) you can get invited to go 

When you win a tourney at a club/court that you have NOT played/won 
at before, in addition to your standing increase, prize money and 
trophy, a pass for that club/court will be added to the pass section 
of the WPT Store.  These passes cost money – some of them cost a LOT 
of money – see the Store section for the prices.  There is an 
achievement for obtaining all of the passes, and of course it is part
of the game itself, so bare that in mind.

Right now your goals for your first few seasons of WPT should be 
(and in this order):

1.	Improve your skills
2.	Learn the techniques taught at the Academy
3.	Gain Partners
4.	Win Tourneys to improve standing
5.	Improve your gear

Concentrate on these and you are well on your way to a meteoric rise 
in the world of Virtua Tennis 2009!

A note on turning Pro: Your first three or four seasons will be spent
as an Amateur – and once you get above 8 place in the rankings you 
can turn Pro – but you probably should not do that if you have not 
maxed out your skills and completed the Academy missions for that 
level.  You CAN go Pro without all of that but I find it is easier 
in the end to have all of the skills and missions unlocked prior to 
going Pro... YMMV.



You may be tempted to ignore your 'Home' at first – but that would be 
a mistake!  Home is where your heart rests, your gear is stored, and 
where you can check out your available partners, not to mention your 
Career Trophies!  Let's look at each of the Home Options shall we?


Your 12-Month season is here all in one place!  Check out what you are
facing, enjoy the spiffy event graphic logos, and wonder what airline
you will be flying to reach Dubai!

=== REST ===

If you notice, in the upper right corner of the screen you should see
a yellow meter showing your present Stamina level.  Pay attention to
this – and use the calendar wisely – you will need to rest up to 
regain stamina, and you do that here, in the REST menu!

There are different options available to you – some you pay for like 
Energy Drinks and Vacations – others you do not – like resting at 
home for a week.  What you choose has more to do with the schedule 
on your calendar than what you may like to do – I mean really a 
nice 2 week vacation would be my preferred way to regain stamina – 
but then I would miss events wouldn't I?

=== GEAR ===

Here is where you switch out your gear (obviously) – and where you 
store the gear you buy in the store!  You can select and change the 

•	Headwear
•	Shirt
•	Shoes
•	Accessories
•	Rackets


Pretty much self-explanatory but if you need it defined anyway, this 
is where you see the Big Win Evidence of your Tennis Career.  Yay You!


Now you might be thinking that this is where you can simply review 
your list of partners – but no it is more than that.  There is a 
wide variety of potential practice partners in the game,  but you 
are only permitted a specific number at any one time – so this is 
where you go to DELETE the one(s) you no longer feel the need to 
keep – to make room for the new guys!


You might be tempted to jump right into the game and play – and you 
can do that sort of as long as you don't mind not getting to advance
(grin).  You know those practice games you play, where it shows you 
your relative skill levels at the end (the three boxes with blue, 
red, and purple bars that represents your Groundstrokes, Footwork & 
Technique, and Serve & Volley respectably)?  Not real full are they?
Well that is where the Academy comes in!

Each challenge has three levels to it – and you can increase your 
skills without getting the gold (third level) just so you know...
There are a large number of lessons to be learned here, so go learn


The idea here is to fill up your skill meter by completing the 
challenges 'as best you can' – note that 'as best you can' bit – 
you do not have to complete them perfectly, you can squeak by on 
the minimums.  One thing you should pay special care about – 
groundstrokes REQUIRE that the ball bounce on the ground ONCE.  

Beginner Mission 1 – Hit a cross-court shot (30 Seconds)
As simple as it sounds this is not so simple – the idea here is to 
make three cross-court shots – and to do that, you need to move to 
the side you are on for the serve, and when you are served to, hit 
the ball back aiming with the left joystick for the other side of 
the court.  It may take you a few tries to get the hang of this – 
but only a few :)

Beginner Mission 2 – Win the point with a forehand (30 Seconds)
This worked best for me by moving in closer to the net after 
returning his serve and then using forehand shots to send the ball 
wherever he wasn't.

Beginner Mission 3 – Win the point using only slices (45 Seconds)
This is a lot harder than it sounds – just pay attention to his 
return tells so you can get yourself into position in the right 
place and you should be able to manage this.

Beginner Mission 4 –Win the point from behind the baseline (45 Seconds)
Self-explanatory – and depending on your style, maybe a little 
frustrating...  Pushing him into a corner helps a lot.

Beginner Mission 5 – Hit a MAX Power groundstroke (45 Seconds)
This was 

Advanced Mission 1 – Hit a return winner (60 Seconds)
This may take you a few tries mostly because you need to be able to 
make it count on that single return but if you keep plugging away 
at it...

Advanced Mission 2 – Win the point with a backhand ((60 Seconds)
Just remember to position yourself correctly!  This one is all about 

Advanced Mission 3 – Win the point on a cross-court shot (60 Seconds)
Easy-Peasy!  Remember to position yourself quickly and charge your 

Advanced Mission 4 –Win the point using only your forehand (75 Seconds)
This is a lot harder than it sounds – positioning and charging are 
important, as is moving your opponent into the corner so you can make
this requirement in the open corner.

Advanced Mission 5 –Win the point using only your backhand (90 Seconds)
I hate this – maybe it is the way my brain is wired, but forehand was
just easier than backhand.  Same as above – position and charge and 
get the guy in the corner.


Beginner Mission 1 – Hit a drop shot (30 Seconds)
A drop shot is a slicing return with back spin in the ball that puts 
it just over the net.  Easy Peasey!

Beginner Mission 2 – Hit 3 forehands in a row (30 Seconds)
This is easy enough – if you are a right-handed player you will want 
to be making these shots with the ball on your right side. 

Beginner Mission 3 – Hit 3 backhands in a row (30 Seconds)
The reverse of the forehand – if you are a right-handed player you 
should be making these shots with the ball on your left side.

Beginner Mission 4 – Hit 5 slice shots in a row (30 Seconds)
Wasn't as easy as you thought it would be, eh?  Positioning is sort 
of important here – as is trying again until you nail it :)

Beginner Mission 5 – Play a 6 shot rally (45 Seconds)
Self-explanatory – just play the six-shot rally and this is nailed.

Advanced Mission 1 – Hit 2 drop shots in a row (45 Seconds)
I did not nail this in the first three tries :(  If you are good at 
doing drop shots you will probably not have trouble with this, I am 
not.  Setup is the same as in the amateur one, charge the slice and 
down the stick.

Advanced Mission 2 – Hit 3 lobs in a row (45 Seconds)
This you should get in the first go – the coach is really good about 
almost setting you up for it :)

Advanced Mission 3 – Hit 6 forehands in a row (60 Seconds)
Not so easy if you fail to position yourself or forget that you are 
not supposed to do anything OTHER than a forehand shot LOL.

Advanced Mission 4 – Win the point with a lob (75 Seconds)
Simple enough but really easy to end up out with the “winning” shot.
Positioning is important but getting the opponent into one of the 
corners is even more important.

Advanced Mission 5 – Play a 10 shot rally (75 Seconds)
This was easy – when your opponent moves inside the line you do to 
and then just bat the ball straight at him!

=== SERVE & VOLLEY ===

Beginner Mission 1 –Win the point with shots from inside the baseline 
(30 Seconds)
Simple enough – stay inside the baseline and make the point.

Beginner Mission 2 – Win the point on a volley (30 Seconds)
What you need to do is make the serve then crowd the net and make a 
point by returning the ball quickly and without it bouncing on your 
side.  This may take you a few tries – your coach is no duffer – but 
you should be able to manage this in a reasonable amount of time.

Beginner Mission 3 – Win the point on an underarm serve (30 Seconds)
Self-explanatory – position yourself and make the point with an 
underarm serve.

Beginner Mission 4 – Win the point within 4 shots of the serve 
(30 Seconds)
This one is the one that seems to give people trouble – myself 
included!  The reality here is that you either get lucky or manage 
to force the opponent into a corner within the first two returns 
after the serve so you can pound the ball into the opposite corner 

Beginner Mission 5 – Hit 3 volleys in a row (30 Seconds)
A volley is simply a return hit that does not touch the ground first.
Obviously standing closer to the net or even right near it makes 
volley returns easier and more likely so there you go!  You should 
have no trouble nailing this one.

Advanced Mission 1 – Hit a serve into the corner (45 Seconds)
You should get this first go.

Advanced Mission 2 – Hit a MAX power serve (45 Seconds)
Unless you are not good at hitting the MAX line this should be easy 

Advanced Mission 3 – Hit a MAX power serve into the corner (60 Seconds)
Not as easy – you can end up out if you are not careful – just watch 
the angle you put on the serve.

Advanced Mission 4 – Have your opponent volley 2 shots in a row 
(60 Seconds) 
This is not hard to do at all – just get him in front of the line.

Advanced Mission 5 – Finish the point with a smash (90 Seconds)
This is all about setup – try getting him to pop the ball at you by 
doing X+A or A+B combinations at him from mid-court.



The SPT Store is where you go to spend the money you win on new gear.
There is a variety of gear for sale as well as Court Passes – see 

=== HEADWEAR ===

These are mostly unlocked in the Training Games.

=== SHIRTS ===

Another area to present your color in game.  Has no effect on actual 


Obviously one area you can use to be colorful, but I have to say that
none of the outfits are all that attractive – I ended up going with 
the bluejean cut-offs pretty much exclusively.

=== FOOTWEAR ===

A lot of different color and style combinations, but these do not seem
to have any impact on your play.


Glasses, wristbands, that sort of thing.  Has no real impact on your 
results in matches but hey, you get to coordinate your looks, right?

=== RACKETS ===

Obviously this is where you improve your skill manifestation – your 
racket can make all the difference in the world – especially when 
you are doing Doubles where having sharp angle and speed control is 
critical.  Every time you hit a major milestone, check the store to 
see if you can get a better racket!


This is where you purchase the passes that you have unlocked by 
winning tournaments at the specified courts.  These can be expensive –
ranging in price from $25K to over a million dollars – and there is 
an achievement for purchasing all of them.  Be aware that there are 
Day and Night versions of the passes for some courts.

=== LUCKY DIP ===

Lucky dip is nine mystery packages that you can buy for $5000 each 
that contain... well... Mystery Items!  Sheesh!



You can unlock two additional characters by playing in the Secret 
Tournament in Arcade Mode – Boris Becker and Tim Henman.  You will 
play each, and to unlock each you need to beat them without losing 
any points in the match.  You can do this on easy or hard.



•	Alien Attack - Beat level 4 Meat Defender 
•	Avalanche - Beat level 4 Zoo Feeder 
•	Count Mania - Beat level 4 Avalanche 
•	Court Curling - Beat level 4 Pot Shot 
•	Drum Topple - Beat level 4 Alien Attack 
•	Meat Defender - Beat level 4 Pirate Wars 
•	Pin Crusher - Beat level 4 Court Curling 
•	Pot Shot - Beat level 4 Block Buster 
•	Zoo Feeder - Beat level 4 Shopping Dash 



Note: Just like the Academy and Practice Matches, playing any of these
games burns time, so pay attention to the calendar and make sure you
are on a down week so you do not miss any events!  If you are looking
for achievements the only one you actually HAVE to do in WT is the  
Pot Shot Game.

In WT there are only a few of these games available at first.  To 
unlock other games, just beat level 4 on the ones that are available.


Drive off the advancing aliens with groundstrokes – hitting the shot 
early increases its power.


Collect the fruit that falls while avoiding the giant tennis balls.  
Note: To get the Cherry Picker Achievement you will need to do it in 
PLAY mode and NOT in WT mode!  Get as much fruit as you can as that 
adds time to the timer.  You MUST get to wave 2 in order to get 10 


Think Tennis and Breakout – destroy the blocks with powerful serves 
and hits.  Successfully completing this game improves Serve & Volley 


Hit the number zones in sequence within the time limit.


Score points by hitting the curling stones into the score area while 
avoiding knocking themout of the scoring area.

Hit the red drums with your best shots to topple them – all of the 
red drums must be toppled.  You can use the drums below them (non-red)
to topple them...


Protect the meat from the hungry crocodiles.  Chase the crocodiles 
away with groundstrikes.


Knock down the bowling pins with powerful serves – strikes are worth 
extra points.  You need to do this game in WT to get the achievement
for it.


Sink the pirate ships by returning their balls – avoid the cannon 
balls.  Successfully completing this game improves Groundstroke Skill.  

=== POT SHOT ===

Try to pot the balls by serving the cue ball.  Once the 9-ball is 
sunk it is game over!


The object of this game is to pick up the “shopping items” that 
appear on the court while avoiding the tennis balls being shot at 
you.  Successfully clearing this game earns you Footwork & Technique 

=== ZOO FEEDER ===

Feed the animals their favorite food to get them to go to sleep.



Chakvetadze, Anna (Russia) Strong Backhand – 5'7” 128lbs 3/5/87
Davenport, Lindsey (USA) Big Server – 6'2” 175lbs 6/8/76
Huntuchova, Daniela (Slovakia) All Rounder – 5'11” 137lbs 4/23/83
Ivanovic, Ana (Serbia) Strong Forehand – 6'0” 152lbs 11/6/87
Kuznetsova, Svetlana (Russia) Strong Backhand – 5'8” 161lbs 6/27/85
Mauresmo, Amelie (France) Tactical – 5'9” 152lbs 7/5/79
Sharapova, Maria (Russia) Attacking Game – 6'2” 130lbs 4/19/87
Vaidsova, Nicole (Czech) Hard Hitter – 6'1” 139lbs 4/23/89
Williams, Venus (USA) Great Returner – 6'1” 160lbs 6/17/80



Ancic, Mario (Croatia) Big Server – 6'5” 180lbs 3/30/84
Blake, James (USA) Powerful Strokes – 6'1” 175lbs 12/28/79
Djokovic, Novak (Serbia) Strong Backhand – 6'2” 176lbs 5/22/87
Federer, Roger (Swiss) All Rounder – 6'1” 177lbs 8/8/81
Ferrer, David (Spain) Strong Backhand – 5'9” 160lbs 4/2/82
Ferrero, Juan Carlos (Spain) Strong Forehand – 6'0” 160lbs 2/12/80
Haas, Tommy (Germany) Various Shots – 6'2” 195lbs 4/3/78
Murray, Andy (England) All Rounder – 6'3” 185lbs 5/15/87
Nadal, Rafael (Spain) Fast Runner – 6'1” 188lbs 6/3/86
Nalbandian, David (Argentina) Solid Defense – 5'11” 175lbs 1/1/82
Roddick, Andy (USA) Fastest Serve – 6'2” 195lbs 8/30/82


--- MEDALS (MEDAL) ---

Medals are in addition to Achievements and there is actually an 
achievement for winning all of the gold medals in the game.  Not 
all of the medals listed below are gold – some are silver and bronze.

-Top Spin Expert – Awarded for winning 200 points with Top Spin shots.
-Top Spin Master – Awarded for winning 750 points with Top Spin shots.
-Slice Shot Expert – Awarded for winning 100 points with Slice shots.
-Slice Shot Master – Awarded for winning 500 points with Slice shots.
-Lob Shot Expert – Awarded for winning 50 points with Lob shots.
-Lob Shot Master – Awarded for winning 75 points with Lob shots.
-Drop Shot Expert – Awarded for winning 15 points with Drop shots.
-Drop Shot Master – Awarded for winning 75 points with Drop shots.
-Clay Court Specialist – Awarded for winning 20 Clay court matches.
-Clay Court Legend – Awarded for winning 100 Clay court matches.
-Grass Court Specialist – Awarded for winning 20 Grass court matches.
-Grass Court Legend – Awarded for winning 100 Grass court matches.
-Artificial Court Specialist – Awarded for winning 20 Artificial court
-Artificial Court Legend – Awarded for winning 100 Artificial court 
-Fancy Dresser – Awarded for playing 1 match in Fancy Dress.
-Dress Up Obsessive – Awarded for playing 20 matches in Fancy Dress.
-Friendly Xbox Live Specialist – Awarded for winning 10 LIVE Player 
-Friendly Xbox Live Legend – Awarded for winning 100 LIVE Player 
-Xbox Live Ranked Online Specialist – Awarded for winning 10 Ranked 
-Xbox Live Ranked Online Legend – Awarded for winning 100 Ranked 
-Long Distance Runner – Awarded for running 10 kms / 6.2 miles.
-Marathon Runner – Awarded for running 50 kms / 31 miles.
-Stylish Player – Awarded for unlocking 10 Playstyles.
-Highly Versatile – Awarded for unlocking 10 Advanced Playstyles.
-Tournament Player – Awarded for playing 5 tournaments in Play Mode.
-Training Player – Awarded for playing 20 Training Games in Play Mode.
-Exhibitionist – Awarded for playing 20 Exhibition matches in Play 
-Online Touring Specialist – Awarded for winning 5 Online Tour events.
-Online Touring Expert – Awarded for winning 30 Online Tour events.
-Online Touring Legend – Awarded for winning 75 Online Tour events.
-Feared Opponent – Awarded for beating all the famous players.
-Chameleon – Awarded for winning as all the different famous players.
-Early Training Days – Awarded for winning 3 different training games
 in World Tour.
-Later Training Days – Awarded for winning 8 different training games
 in World Tour.
-Career Trainer – Awarded for beating level 8 on a Training Game in 
 World Tour.
-Career Gamer – Awarded for beating level 8 on 6 different Training 
 Games in World Tour.
-Avid Shopper – Awarded for purchasing 35 items from the Tennis Store.
-Big Spender – Awarded for purchasing 50 items from the Tennis Store.
-Right of Way – Awarded for purchasing 5 court passes from the Tennis
-Ambassador – Awarded for winning 3 Davis or Fed Cup matches.
-National Hero – Awarded for winning the Davis or Fed Cup.
-Student Days – Awarded for completing 20 Academy exercises.
-Academic Excellence – Awarded for completing 10 Academy exercises in
-Friendly Nature – Awarded for making friends with 5 players in World
-Compelling Company – Awarded for making friends with 15 players in 
 World Tour.
-Perfect Server – Awarded for winning 50 points with an Ace.
-Smash Specialist – Awarded for winning 20 points with a Smash.
-Smash Master – Awarded for winning 100 points with a Smash.
-Clean Sheet Specialist – Awarded for winning 25 Love Games.
-Clean Sheet Expert – Awarded for winning 100 Love Games.



There are 50 achievements worth a total of 1000 GP in Virtua Tennis 
2009 – 40 regular and 10 secret.  The achievements are listed in no 
particular order other than alphabetically.  Despite the linear 
nature of this game, some of these are actually challenging!

GAME ACHIEVEMENTS (40 Achievements worth 790 GP)

01. Access All Areas (25GP) - Purchase every Court Pass in World Tour
02. Aces High (15GP) - Score 100 Aces
03. Astro Carpet King (20GP) - Play 100 matches on an Artificial Court
04. Big Hitter (15GP) - Achieve 250 MAX Serves
05. Breaking the Speed Limit (15GP) - Hit a serve over 200kph/124mph
06. Competitive Streak (20GP) - Complete 10 ranked matches in World 
07. Different Strokes (15GP) - Win 400 stroke points
08. Drop and Give Me 50! (15GP) - Win 50 drop shot points
09. First Amongst Equals (40GP) - Rank #1 in the world in World Tour
10. Fore! (10GP) - Hit a line judge
11. Go Pro! (30GP) - Turn Professional in World Tour
12. Gold Medalist (25GP) - Unlock every gold medal in the game.
13. Grass Stains (20GP) - Play 100 matches on a Grass Court
14. King for a Day (25GP) - Unlock the secret player King
15. Last Man Standing (20GP) - Beat all default Male Pro Players
16. Last Woman Standing (20GP) - Beat all Female Pro Players
17. Leader of the Pack (30GP) - Number 1 Amateur in the World
18. Loving It (15GP) - Achieve 25 Love Games
19. Make Friends & Influence People (15GP) - Make friends with 8 
    characters in World Tour
20. Marathon Man (20GP) - Run a total of 10km
21. National Treasure (30GP) - Win the Davis or Fed Cup in World Tour
22. One Giant Leap! (15GP) - Win your first tournament in the World 
23. One Small Step... (10GP) - Win your first match in World Tour
24. Over the Top (15GP) - Win 50 lob shot points
25. Play with Clay (20GP) - Play 100 matches on a Clay Court
26. Practice Makes Perfect (15GP) - Win 10 Practice Matches in World
27. Pushing it to the MAX! (15GP) - Achieve 3 Consecutive MAX Serves 
    in a match
28. Quick and Easy (15GP) - Play and complete 25 events in Play Mode
29. School's Out (20GP) - Clear each Academy Mission in the World Tour
30. Shopaholic (20GP) - Purchase 100 different items from the shop in
    World Tour
31. Social Animal (20GP) - Complete 10 Player Matches
32. Style Guru (25GP) - Unlock every basic play style in World Tour
33. Super, Smashing, Great! (15GP) - Win 200 smash points
34. That Dukes a Hazard! (25GP) - Unlock secret player Duke
35. Training to Win (20GP) - Clear a Level 8 Training Game in World
36. Versatile Female (20GP) - Win a match with all Female Pro Players
    on default settings
37. Versatile Male (20GP) - Win a match with all Male Pro Players on 
    default settings
38. Volleyball (15GP) - Win 300 volley points
39. You are Gold! (30GP) - Complete every Academy Mission with a gold
    medal in World Tour.
40. Your Country Needs You! (15GP) - Be selected for the Davis Cup 
    team or Fed cup team in world tour.

SECRET ACHIEVEMENTS (10 Achievements worth 210 GP)

41. Arrrrrrr! (20GP) - Sink 3 galleons in a single game of Pirate Wars
42. Block and Roll (20GP) - Clear a 15 block combo in Blockbuster
43. Cherry Picker (20GP) - Collect 10 cherries in a single game of 
44. Coronation (30GP) - Win King of Players tournament in World Tour 
45. Dr Doolittle (20GP) - Feed all types of animal in a single game 
    of Zoo feeder
46. Ham and Eggs (20GP) - Bowl a Turkey on level 6 or above of Pin 
47. Perfect Frame (20GP) - Clear the table of balls in order without 
    missing in pot shot
48. Them Bones (30GP) - Play the Meat Defender training game wearing 
    the full Skeleton Costume
49. To be this good takes AGES (10GP) - Score an Ace with an Underhand
50. To Look this good takes SEGA (20GP) - Play a game in the complete
    SEGA outfit



Q1. Are there any cheats in the game?

A1. Not that I am aware of.

Q2. How do you unlock the Sega costume? / How do you unlock the 
Skeleton costume?

A2. The Sega costume is unlocked when you reach #1 in Pro Level.  To 
unlock the Skeleton costume you need to beat Meat Defender Level 8.

Q3. How do I ask you a Question?

A3. You send me an Email at the address below with Virtua Tennis 2009 
as the start of the Subject.  If you did not put Virtua Tennis 2009 
as the first words of the subject and you are not in my address book,
your question never got past my Spam Filter.

Q4. Where do you play Virtua Tennis 2009?

A4. On the Big Comfy Couch of course.  Where do YOU play Virtua 
Tennis 2009?
Q5: I run Website X, and I want to use your FAQ/Walkthrough. But 
    when I email you to ask for permission you tell me no!  I know 
    that you always send replies to me but I do not read them because 
    I immediately send you a follow-up asking for permission again 
    even though you took the time to explain to me in detail why I 
    cannot use your file!  What is the deal?

A5: If the FAQ/WT I write was part of the Bounty Program, I restrict 
its use to GameFaqs and My360.com.au – and I will explain to you why 

In simple terms, GameFaqs paid me for that file.  I know that GameFaqs
says I can use that file anywhere I like, but the bottom line is this:
they paid me for it and that gives them exclusive use of it in North 
America as far as I am concerned.

Now that is a sticky point – North American rights I mean – because as
you can see I give My360.com.au open license to use my files.  Why is
that? Well for one thing they do not compete with GameFaqs, for 
another they are not in North America, and finally, being an expat 
Aussie, I rather like it that my files are on that site as some of 
my mates are regulars there.

When the REDTAPE section below says that the file is for use 
exclusively on the GameFaqs and My360.com.au sites, that means just 
that – it was a Bounty File and I will never release it to the net 
for general use.  When the REDTAPE section says that you must seek 
my permission first, than the file was NOT a Bounty file, and you 
actually have a shot at getting it to use on your site.  

Perhaps I would have a different attitude about this if I was not in 
the writing profession, but being that I am, I have a pretty good 
grasp of the economics of writing, and the fact that GameFaqs is 
willing to pay a Bounty at all in this day and age is a gesture that
deserves our loyalty.  

That should cover all of the bases.

Q6: I like your files and I still want to use them on my site / Do 
    you want to write for my site?

A6: Here is the deal – writers do not get paid a lot of money – some 
of them do but they are the handful that have syndicated columns in 
the Big papers. My files on GameFaqs bought my kids an Xbox 360 (so 
they will leave mine alone).  I also use the Bounty to buy some of 
the games I write about here.  

Having said that, if you really want me to do a FAQ/WT for a specific
title, and you are willing to SEND me that title – I may be willing 
to do it.  Email me with the specifics and your deadline needs. 



I have been gaming on console since before most of you were born, 
starting with Pong in the early 1970's.  I quickly moved on to the 
Intellivision and then the Atari 2600 and never looked back.  In 
real life I write a column for the Cape Cod Times Business Section 
called Digital Grind, covering the Internet, technology, and every 
now and then, games. 

I can be reached via email at chris@boots-faubert.com
My personal web pages are at chris.boots-faubert.com

If you are writing me about this walkthrough, please be sure to 
begin the subject line with Virtua Tennis 2009 as my spam filter can 
be rather wonky.



This guide Copyright © 2009 CM Boots-Faubert.  This document 
is licensed for use exclusively on www.GameFaqs.com and 
My360.com.au. Unauthorized use or republication of this guide 
will result in my releasing a hoard of angry ninja hamsters on 
you, and my Nana being very disappointed in you...  It is not 
pretty, so do not do it.

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