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Achievement Guide by OmegaMustard

Version: Final | Updated: 01/12/10

GAME: Battlefield 1943 XBLA
By: Kenneth Stubbs (OmegaMustard)
Email: omegamustard1@yahoo.com
Information Help From Xbox.com, Xbox360achievements.org

Battlefield 1943 is on the Xbox Live Marketplace
for 1200 Microsoft Points.

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This Document is copyrighted by me.
The Battlefield 1943 Achievement Guide is Copyright (C) July 27, 2009
Kenneth Stubbs

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*If you are looking for an achievement inparticular, just search the word*

I. Introduction 
II. The Achievements
A. Attacker
B. Best Squad       
c. Defender    
D. Master of your domain 
E. Milkrun
F. Motorman
G. Parachutist 
H. The Pacific Campaign 
I. Tour of Duty I 
J. Tour of Duty II
K. Veteran 
L. Melee Man         

III.   Frequently Asked Questions
IV.  Closing Statements/Contact     

I. Introduction - Helpful Notes
This game is currently 1200 MS points on the Xbox live marketplace.
This is an online game only.  So I would not recommend buying it unless
you are looking for an online game only.  You need to be an Xbox Live
Gold Member to play this.

II. The Achievements
Battlefield 1943 currently has 12 achievements worth a total
of 200 gamerscore.

A. Attacker
  - Capture five flags 10G
  - To capture a flag, you must be the first person to arrive on the
    flag.  It can not be an flag capture assist.  That does not
    count as a Caputure towards the achievement.

B. Best Squad
  - Be in the best squad on all three maps 20G
  - NOTE: This achievement is buggy and may unlock at random times
  - To be the best squad, you must party up with some friends before
    searching for a match.  That will make you a squad once you go into
    the match.  Now you must all do well and have a lot of points to
    best all the other squads playing.  At the end of the match it will
    tell you who the best squad was on the status screen.  If you don't
    have any friends to play with.  When you join a match you can choose
    to be put with a random squad in the game.  Best way to get points
    is to capture flags and defend flags.

C. Defender 
  - Defend five flags 10G
  - You successfully defend a flag if you kill an enemy that is trying
    to capture one of your flags.  You will get a +3 Defender bonus
    pop up on your screen after killing an enemy.  One way to get this
    is to camp a flag that your team has taken and just kill enemies that
    attempt to capture the base.

D. Master of your domain 
  - Get one kill playing as each class  20G
  - There are a total of 3 classes to choose from.  Scout, Infantryman
    and Rifleman.  Just shoot and kill an enemy with each of the classes'
    guns.  This does not have to be done in one game.

E. Milkrun 
  - Fly a plane for 10 minutes  20G
  - This is an accumalative achievement.  You can do this over all your
    matches.  Just joy ride around and the achievement will pop after
    your total time is 10 minutes.  Flying the plane may take a bit of
    practice to get used to.

F. Motorman
  - Get one kill with car, tank and plane  20G
  - This can be done over different games.  To kill someone with a car,
    you can either run them over or shoot them with the turret.  To kill
    in the tank, it can be done either with the Heavy gun or the turret.
    To kill with the plane, first you need to get decent at flying the
    plane.  Then you can either drop bombs on an enemy base and hope for
    a kill or you can try shooting them with the turret.  May take a bit
    of practice.
    You can also get an Air Raid kill and this counts as a plane kill.
    Air Raids are the formation of planes and bomb a area.  You access
    these by the radio buildings. - Graffacake

G. Parachutist 
  - Use the parachute once (2 seconds)  10G
  - This has to be done in one drop.  Get in an airplane and fly as high
    up as you possibly can.  Drop out of the plane by pressing "B". Then
    press "A" to deploy your parachute.  You will slowly float down to
    land.  The achievement will pop as soon as you land.

H. The Pacific Campaign 
  - Win once on every map as any team 10G
  - The way to win a game on Battlefield is to hold more flags than the
    enemy team.  This will make the enemies status bar fall.  This game
    takes major teamwork.  If you are on a team with a few people that
    have no idea what is going on.  It is a good possibility you are 
    not gonna win.  Everyone has to do their part.

I. Tour of Duty I 
  - Play 30 matches  10G
  - Doesn't matter if you win or lose, you just have to complete
    30 games.

J. Tour of Duty II
  - Play one hundred matches 30G
  - This will take awhile to obtain.  Win or lose though, you just
    have to play 100 games.  You can check your games played at

K. Veteran 
  - Cap 25 enemy flags  20G
  - Same as Attacker but you will need to capture 25 flags total.
    This is accumalative.

L. Melee Man 
  - Melee kill one enemy player  20G
  - To melee, you have to press "Y".  One hit with a melee will kill
    any soldier.  Best to sneak up on an enemy to melee them.  I 
    wouldn't recommend straight running at them swinging.

V.  Frequently Asked Questions
1. How do I obtain this game?
A. First you must have Xbox live, doesn't matter if you have a gold
or silver account.  Both can buy this game off the Xbox live marketplace
as long as you have the right Microsoft points.

2. How do I obtain Microsoft Points?
A. http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US

VI. Closing Statements
This guide is allowed on 
Xbox360achievements.org, Neoseeker.com, Cheatmasters.com,
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if you would like to use my Guide on your site, message me and let
me know first.  I don't mind as long as nothing is changed, that
includes format.
You are not allowed to use my guide for any profit or personal gain.

Air Raid tip by Graffacake

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