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General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough 07/02/09 xunhallowed 1.0 66K
Walkthrough (PS3) 04/19/12 gladimo 67K
Walkthrough (IOS) 09/01/09 Irathe 0.33 28K

Maps and Charts

Bisga Greenlands Adv Map (PS3) 8/18/09 ucdneo 1.2 62K
Bisga Greenlands Map (IOS) 2/12/09 Avulus 31K
Kithili Sands Map 3/18/09 Gabbelgak 19K
Melby Point Adv Map 3/23/09 k dogg round 2 64K
Melby Point Adv Map 2/3/16 MaxTotal 79K
Orchise Snowfield Adv Map 3/23/09 x3r0_6r4v1ty 130K
Orchise Snowfields Map (PS3) 8/11/09 ucdneo 1.0 50K
Ruins of Delgantua Adv Map (PS3) 8/21/09 ucdneo 1.0 76K
Ruins of Delgantua Map (PS3) 8/11/09 ucdneo 1.0 75K
Zellea Adv Map (PS3) 8/31/09 ucdneo 1.0 74K
Zellea Map 8/3/09 Googlrr 1.0 66K

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