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FAQ/Walkthrough by Shotgunnova

Updated: 11/08/2010
FAQ of the Month Winner: June 2010

     |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                       |¯¯¯\¯¯¯|¯¯¯\   |¯¯¯\¯¯¯|¯¯¯|¯¯¯\
     |         |                       | ¯ / ¯_| [} )  | [} )¯_| ¯ | [} )
     |         |                       |_\_\___|___/   |___/___|_|_|___/
     |         |             |¯¯¯\¯¯¯|¯  \   |  \  |¯¯¯|     | |    | \¯|
     |         (             | ¯ / ¯_| [) )¯_|     | ¯_|¯| |¯| | [] |   |
     (         (             |_\_\___|___/___|_,_,_|_|   |_| |_|____|_\_|
     |         |    _________
     |         |   //¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\\                          /¯¯\
     |         |  //   /\    \\                         \  /
     |         |_//   ( (     \\              __        /  \        __
     |            \____\ \_____\\            /  |______/    \______|  \
     (       ___________         \_          \__                    __/
      \     |_______(_ _|          \____________\                  /______
       \    |_______(_ _|                        \                /       |
       /    |_______(___|                         )              (       _|
     _/                    ______________   _____/                \_____/
     \__/\___   __________/¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\_/¯¯¯¯/                  \¯¯¯¯
             \_/                          ¯  /¯¯ ______      ______ ¯¯\
                                             \__|      \    /      |__/
            Spoiler-free FAQ/Walkthrough by             \  /
    Shotgunnova (P. Summers) - [shotgunnova@gmai1.c0m]  /  \

    I. CONTROLS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CNTR
   II. TH' BASICS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THBS

       Story ............................................................ STRY
       Crimes ........................................................... CRMS
       Honor & Fame ..................................................... HNOR
       Dead Eye ......................................................... DDYE
       Multiplayer ...................................................... MLTY
       Tips N' Tricks ................................................... TPST

  III. WALKTHROUGH [PART ONE: NEW AUSTIN] . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WLK1

       00) Foreward ..................................................... WK00
       01) Exodus in America ............................................ WK01
       02) Bonnie Missions .............................................. WK02
       03) Marshal Johnson Missions ..................................... WK03
       04) Nigel West Dickens Missions .................................. WK04
       05) Seth Missions ................................................ WK05
       06) Irish Missions ............................................... WK06

       WALKTHROUGH [PART TWO: MEXICO] . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WLK2

       07) Landon Ricketts Missions ..................................... WK07
       08) Vincente de Santa Missions ................................... WK08
       09) Luisa Fortuna Missions ....................................... WK09
       10) Abraham Reyes Missions ....................................... WK10

       WALKTHROUGH [PART THREE: WEST ELIZABETH] . . . . . . . . . . . . . WLK3

       11) Agent Ross Missions .......................................... WK11
       12) Harold MacDougal Missions .................................... WK12
       13) Abigail Missions ............................................. WK13
       14) Jack Missions ................................................ WK14
       15) Uncle Missions ............................................... WK15

   IV. UNDEAD NIGHTMARE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . NDDN

       01) Love in the Time of Plague ................................... UN01
       02) Curious Tales from Blackwater ................................ UN02
       03) A Cure for Most of What Ails You ............................. UN03
       04) Get Back in That Hole, Partner ............................... UN04
       05) American Imperialism ......................................... UN05
       06) Mother Superior Blues ........................................ UN06
       07) A Civilized Man / On a Pale Horse ............................ UN07

    V. APPENDICES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . APND

       Achievements ..................................................... ACHV
       Ambient Challenges ............................................... AMBN
       Animals .......................................................... ANML
       Bounties ......................................................... BNTS
       Cheats ........................................................... CHTS
       Co-op Missions ................................................... CPMS
       Hideouts ......................................................... HDTS
       Minigames ........................................................ MNGM
       Multiplayer Challenges ........................................... MLTP
       Multiplayer Unlockables .......................................... MLTI
       Outfits .......................................................... OTFT
       Random Events .................................................... RNDM
       Perfect (100%) Completion ........................................ PRFC
       Shop List ........................................................ SHPL
       Stranger Missions ................................................ STRN
       Undead Nightmare Walkthrough ..................................... NDDN
       Weapon Overview .................................................. WPNO

   VI. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FAQZ
  VII. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTIONS  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . UPDT
 VIII. LEGALITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LGLT

I. CONTROLS                                                              [CNTR]
                        ___                     ___
         L. Trigger -> /___\___             ___/___\ <- R. Trigger
         L. Bumper -> /\___/   \___________/   \___/\ <- R. Bumper
                     / ___          ___           _  \
                    / /,-.\    _   /_ _\   _    _(Y)_ \ <- Y-Button
      L. Analog -> / ((   ))  {_} ( _/_ ) {_)  (X)¯(B) \   X-Button
                  (   \'-'/        \___/        ¯(A)¯   )  A-Button
                  |    ¯¯¯  _,-._          ___    ¯     |  B-Button
                  (        /_|¯|_\        /,-.\         )
          D-Pad -> \      (|_   _|)      ((   ))       / <- R. Analog
                    \      \ |_|_/        \'-'/       /
                     \      ¯'-'_,-------._¯¯¯       /
                      \    _,~'¯           ¯'~._    /
                       '-'¯                     ¯'-'
 L3 and R3 buttons are accessed by pressing the left and right analog sticks
 downward, respectively. Nonfunctional buttons aren't listed below. [Configs
 can be changed under the options menu.]

  ___________ _______________________________________________________________
 | BUTTON    | FUNCTION                                                      |
 | D-Pad     | Up: Whistle for horse                                         |
 |           | Down: Zoom-out/in minimap                                     |
 |           | Left: (while aiming) camera POV over left shoulder            |
 |           | Right: (while aiming) camera POV over right shoulder          |
 | Start     | Toggle main menu                                              |
 | Back      | Open satchel (consumables, kit, provisions)                   | 
 | Y-Button  | Mount horse/vehicle                                           |
 | X-Button  | "Action" button / (while aiming, plus d-pad) roll or jump     |
 | A-Button  | (tap) spring / (hold) run                                     |
 | B-Button  | (weapon unholstered) reload / (near person) give greetings    |
 | R Bumper  | (near cover) take cover / (while barehanded) block            |
 | R Trigger | Fire weapon or push (depends if L-trigger is held)            |
 | R Analog  | 180-degree view / (L-trigger held) initiate Dead Eye          |
 | L Bumper  | (hold) display weapon wheel (tap) toggle current weapon       |
 | L Trigger | (hold) draw weapon                                            |
 | L Analog  | (tap) toggle crouch                                           |

II. TH' BASICS                                                           [THBS]
STORY                           [STRY]
 From insert:

 "John Marston was a former gang member who reappraised his life and resolved
 to put his past behind him to settle down with young family. As Marston
 changed, so did the landscape. The federal government set its sights on
 bringing their law to the whole country by any means necessary. When ruthless
 government agents kidnap John's wife and child, and threaten to kill them
 unless he brings his former gang to justice, John is left with no choice...
 To save his family, he must pick up his guns once more and hunt down the men
 he used to run with."

CRIMES                          [CRMS]
 Crimes occur when Marston commits acts of low standing in civilized areas.
 [This is why he can kill people, etc., in the wilds without repercussion.]
 Committing a crime earns a bounty, during which local law enforcement will
 pursue him, either until he's captured, killed, or pays off the bounty at a
 local telegraph office. Fitting in with Marston's redemption theme, crimes
 also give honor penalties.

 All crimes (besides vandalism) give honor penalties: -50 for minor slayings,
 -100 for major crimes like cop-killing and safecracking.  Bounties in New
 Austin/West Elizabeth and Nueva Paraiso are separated since they're different

 NOTE: To give oneself up to police, holster a weapon and stand still. This is
       a good way to see the specifics of what one's being charged with...but
       not all lawmen are intent on taking John in alive. Which is good, as
       John loses money when incarcerated; dying just reloads the last save.

 For a list of crimes committed, check 'Crimes' under the 'Stats' tab.
  ______________________ _____ ______________________________________________
 | CRIME                | $$$ | EXPLANATION                                  |
 | Animal Slaughter     |   5 | Kill a non-livestock animal                  |
 | Arson                |  20 | Ex: throw fire bottle into a police station  |
 | Assault              |  20 | Deliver a nonfatal wound to a civilian       |
 | Assault: Animal      |   5 | Deliver a nonfatal wound to an owned animal  |
 | Assault: Law Officer |  20 | Deliver a nonfatal wound to a law officer    |
 | Cheating             |  25 | Get caught cheating at poker                 |
 | Cruelty to Animals   |   5 | Example: throw fire bottle NEAR (not at) dog |
 | Horse Assault        |   5 | Deliver a nonfatal wound to an owned horse   |
 | Horse Slaughter      |  20 | Kill an owned horse                          |
 | Horse Theft          |  20 | Steal a horse owned by someone else          |
 | Kidnapping           |  20 | Hogtie a civilian (non-gang, non-law)        |
 | Kidnapping (Lawman)  |  30 | Hogtie a lawman                              |
 | Lawman Threatening   |   5 | Pull a gun on a law officer                  |
 | Murder               |  40 | Kill a civilian (non-gang, non-law)          |
 | Murder (Lawman)      | 100 | Kill a law enforcement officer               |
 | Property Destruction |  10 | Attempt to destroy a building (ex: dynamite) |
 | Robbery              |  10 | Perform a holdup on a civilian               |
 | Safe Cracking        |  50 | Crack a bank or foreman's office safe        |
 | Trespassing          |   5 | Ex: remain in a store while it's closing     |
 | Vandalism            |   1 | Destroy property (i.e. shoot out a window)   |
 | Vehicle Destruction  |  10 | Shoot a vehicle specifically (not passengrs) |
 | Vehicle Theft        |  40 | Steal an owned coach, cart, or wagon         |

 Obtaining high bounties means that lawmen posses will be bigger (they have
 dogs!) and bounty hunters will be hired in-between posses to hunt Marston
 down. Unlike with sheriffs and such, bounty hunters are hellbent on killing
 their target, and there's no reasoning with them. [Additionally, they don't
 add to the bounty or give honor decrements when slain.]

HONOR & FAME                    [HNOR]
 Honor is a system by which others judge John Marston. Doing good deeds and
 completing (some) missions earns honor, while unscrupulous and destructive
 acts loses honor. Different honor ratings give different perks. John starts
 at Drifter (neutrality) and can rise to become a lauded Hero or Desperado of
 ill repute. Rank effects will stack as long as the player is going in one
 direction up/down the scale -- it's still possible to lose the effects by
 going the opposite way. For instance, if one's a Hero, continuously losing
 honor starts removing perks at the set intervals.

 Additionally, becoming a Hero (max honor) means a random event with a nun who
 gives the "Obscuridad del Santo Andres" item can occur. Said item reduces the
 likelihood Marston is hit by enemy bullets, and is retained even if all honor
 is lost. [NOTE: Although max honor seems to increase the likelihood of the
 Santo Andres event, people have been able to get it with low (positive)
 honor, while others have waited tens of hours to no avail...]
  ____________ ______________________________________________________________
 | HONOR RANK | EFFECT                                                       |
 | Hero       | Crimes only start being reported after a murder/bank heist   |
 | Peacemaker | 50% sell bonus and purchases 50% off; unlocks Duster Coat    | 
 | Honest Joe | All jobs (nightwatch, horsebreaking, bounties) pay double    |
 | Drifter    | ------------------------------------------------------------ |
 | Rustler    | Eyewitness bribe costs halved; Whistling gives special horse |
 | Road Agent | [Thieves' Landing only] 50% sell bonus & purchases 50% off   |
 | Desperado  | People only report murders/bank jobs (doesn't affect lawmen) |

 Fame is earned in very much the same ways as honor, and unlike honor, cannot
 be lost once earned (even a bad reputation is still a reputation!) -- by non-
 -cheat methods that is.
  ____________ ______________________________________________________________
 | FAME RANKS | EFFECT                                                       |
 | Legend     | Halves own bounty                                            |
 | Gunslinger | Free saloon drinks, and no bounty given for stealing horses  |
 | Mercenary  | Doubles time between law pursuits (24h -> 48h)               |
 | Buckaroo   | Quarters (-25%) cost for lawmen bribes                       |
 | Greenhorn  | Random events become more frequent                           |
 | Nobody     | nothing                                                      |

DEAD EYE                        [DDYE]
 Dead Eye is a method by which time slows, enabling Marston to make more
 accurate shots. Its gauge is to the right of the minimap, depleting when the
 function's used and gradually refilling when not. Some items, like Tobacco &
 Moonshine, automatically refill the gauge.

 DE is composed of three levels, each one giving a special effect or building
 on a previous. Note that the later levels, which allow one to fire upon
 multiple targets, can lead to trashed shots if cover comes in the way first.
 That's why LV3 is probably the best as only player-chosen shots are taken.

 LV1: Time slow down to fire on enemies
 LV2: Automatically paints target(s) when reticle moved over them
 LV3: Pressing RB, when reticle is over target, paints them

MULTIPLAYER                     [MLTY]
 Multiplayer mode can be started from the title menu or main menu, and lets 
 one experience more competition than single-player may provide. Multiplayer
 requires an XBL Gold Membership, however!

 • A player's level (rank) goes from 1-50. Certain actions earn experience
   (XP) to move forward in level, during which time some things may unlock:
   challenges, characters, multiplayer modes, weapons, and steeds. These are
   all "permanently" unlocked, although once Lv50 is hit, the player has a
   chance to Pass Into Legend, starting over from Lv01 -- losing all earned
   level-related things in the process -- with more steeds unlocked at lower
   levels than normal.

 • Hideouts are the main source of XP in multiplayer, and there are seven of
   'em to do, just like in campaign: Pike's Basin, Fort Mercer, Twin Rocks,
   Tumbleweed, Gaptooth Breach, Tesoro Azul, and Nosalida. Unlike in campaign,
   where it may take a few days for the hideouts to be repopulated with all
   manner of scum, leaving the hideouts' area (or voting to replay) lets one
   do the events repeatedly. [As an aside, weapon spawns in hideouts let a
   player tote around firearms that may not have been permanently unlocked yet,
   such as the Mauser Pistol. These remain in one's possession until the
   session is left; after which, they must be reclaimed!]

 • Free roam is essentially the campaign mode's world with 1-16 players running
   amok inside. Posses -- groups of like-minded players -- can join up and
   take on hideouts, other gangs, or just cause trouble for non-posse members.
   If Public Free Roam is too annoying, players can try doing Private Free Roam
   (with only themselves or people they invited) or Hardcore Free Roam (allows
   expert targeting only).

 Now, there are a number of different competitive modes to choose from once
 in multiplayer (press back button). More modes unlock as a player levels up.

 • CAPTURE THE BAG: A mode that encompasses three different styles of play.
   "Gold Rush" has the level populated by bags and gold, where each player's
   goal is to horde them. "Grab the Bag" is a team-based mode where the goal
   is to obtain the level's bag and capture it in the team chest, defeating
   the enemies all the while. "Hold Your Own" (HYO) is where each team has a
   bag and must prevent it from being stolen away by the foes. 

 • COOPERATIVE: Teams of 2-4 players do a playlist of scenarios (6 total) that
   have them square off against various gangs in different locales. Normal
   co-op missions have normal targeting, while Advanced co-op missions have
   expert targeting only. In either case, before a player can start the
   scenario, they must pick a class, which gives them a specific set of weapons
   to use for the upcoming battle. Here's a list:

   Gunslinger: Double-action Revolver, Repeater Carbine, Fire Bottle
   Gunslinger II: High Power Pistol, Repeater Carbine, Fire Bottle

   Marksman: Throwing Knife, Rolling Block Rifle, Cattleman Revolver
   Marksman II: Throwing Knife, Carcano Rifle, Cattleman Revolver

   Miner: Dynamite, Pump-action Shotgun, Schofield Revolver
   Miner II: Dynamite, Semi-auto Shotgun, Schofield Revolver

   Soldier: Volcanic Pistol, Winchester Repeater
   Soldier II: Volcanic Pistol, Evans Repeater

   Soldiers are good medium-range characters but are kinda threadbare in the
   other options. Miners are good at close-range but don't start with a rifle,
   leaving them a bit useless at the starts of missions. Gunslingers have a
   bit of balance going on, plus a throwable, making them a good choice for
   newcomers. Finally, marksmen are the most accurate and, because of their
   constant headshots, the most lucrative. They're bad at close range but 
   it's always good to have one with. [Sniper rifles aren't dropped by the
   enemies, so starting with one is a sweet advantage; other weapons can be
   picked up!]

   "II" versions of classes are available only in Advanced missions. The same
   goes for the "No Holds Barred" class, which has no set weapon restrictions
   and instead uses the player's (permanently) unlocked ones from free roam.

   To skip a mission, press left
   Also, failing a cooperative match gives consolation XP.

 • GANG SHOOTOUTS: A game of up to 8-vs-8 takes place in a hideout or town
   location, where the goal is to defeat the other team and earn cash doing

TIPS N' TRICKS                  [TPST]
 • There's an "oversight" where throwing weapons, when used in conjunction with
   Dead Eye, gain a homing quality. Basically, they're imbued with ridiculous
   ranges well beyond their norm. This also applies to multiplayer, so if one
   finds oneself being ganged up on, this may even the score a bit.

 • There's a shooting trick that's helpful in campaign, but even more so when
   in multiplayer. Everyone knows that pressing in right analog lets one look
   over the protagonist's shoulder, seeing what's behind him. However, many
   don't know that pressing L-trigger while doing so performs a 180-degree
   turn. This is excellent for quickly turning to face attackers coming up
   from behind. [This doesn't work as well on a horse but the concept of
   returning fire still works.]

 • Many weapons can be obtained for free by clearing out gang hideouts, and
   it's a great way to accumulate extra firepower without spending any dimes
   yourself. [Some weapons like the Volcanic Pistol are store-buyable, which
   makes this method even better.]

 • Be careful when tactical reloading in Advanced co-op missions! It's often a
   reflexive action for FPS players, but can be dangerous when cover's lacking!

 • Tired of seeing the skinning animation? It's possible to force it to skip
   by parking a vehicle/horse on top of it. This also occurs if the animal
   dies in a place where the skinning animation can't play.

______________________________________/ III. WALKTHROUGH [NEW AUSTIN] [WLK1] |_
01) FOREWARD                                                             [WK00]
 Just a few words from the author (me!) before starting the guide.

 • Autosave is a big part of the game, and updates when missions finish or
   certain feats (ambient challenges, stranger tasks, etc.) complete. Having
   this turned on makes the game a lot easier, so make sure it is! That said,
   having a hard save is great since the game loads the latest (most recent)
   file -- basically, if the game autosaves something y'didn't want it to, it
   helps to have a permanent backup!

 • Standard-definition televisions (SDTVs) may cut off part of the picture
   since this game was made for hi-def screens. There's no screen-moving
   or -resizing option to be had, so this can lead to hints and explanations
   in the upper-left corner being cut off. While annoying, that text ends up
   recorded in the Journal option, so check that in future scenarios!

 • The walkthrough categorizes by the person giving the tasks (missions) but
   that isn't the fixed order, or even recommended one. There is a loose
   order to things, however, and any unlock prerequisites will be mentioned
   in the guide. [One can probably see why ordering the table of contents by
   missions would be confusing.]

01) EXODUS IN AMERICA                                                    [WK01]
 The first "mission" in the game isn't given by anyone, and mostly just sets
 the stage for things to come. Of course, it's also tutorial-like in design,
 having easy objectives to accomplish after riding the train to Armadillo.

 1) Visit the saloon.
 2) Follow Jake to the horses in front of the saloon.
 3) Follow Jake to Fort Mercer
 4) Approach the fort's double doors

 The game hand-holds pretty well so it's hard to mess anything up, save
 getting hit by the train or disobeying the directives (like not following
 Jake when prompted). Either way, when the story scenes end, the next mission
 -- New Friends, Old Problems -- immediately begins.

02) BONNIE MISSIONS                                                      [WK02]
 Unlock: Clear "Exodus in America"
 Weapon: Repeater Carbine
 Reward: 50 Honor

 Following the story preparations, John wakes up at MacFarlane's Ranch and is
 introduced to Bonnie, the good samaritan from a few days prior. When the
 banter's done, locate her house (she's the blue map icon) to initiate the
 next part of the mission -- touring the ranch!

 For a ranch, it's certainly got a handful of un-ranchly things, like its own
 general store and a railroad stop. Two important things introduced right away
 are (1) holding A-button while on horseback to automatically match allies'
 speed; this prevents jerky stop-start movements (2) hitching a horse saves it
 for later use, which is important in getting the "Spurred to Victory"
 achievement which requires using the same horse for twenty missions!

 After the tour, revisit Bonnie's house for more scenes, wherein the Repeater
 Carbine -- John's first rifle-type weapon -- is obtained. Mount up again and
 the nightly perimeter patrol begins, which is composed of a few events:

 • RABBITS: The garden's being ravaged by lupinekind and it's up to Marston to
   ventilate those bunnies' heads. Dead Eye isn't available at this point but
   finding a long-ears is elementary with casual or even normal targeting (if
   you're on expert, it's a lot harder). When 4-5 are shot, the rest scatter
   into the night.

 • COYOTES: In the livestock corral, a few coyotes spawn and they'll run toward
   the chicken coop; about six more are around there. One rifle shot brings
   'em down, so make sure to stay on the road for the best sightlines. When
   most are shot, the others flee.

 Following, visit John's first house -- that shack he woke up in -- and save
 the game. Houses are where Marston can save the game, change outfits, and get
 extra ammo (from chest). Saving the game advances the day six hours.

 From now on, available missions will be marked with a letter on the minimap,
 such as "B" for Bonnie right now. Approaching the location of these letters
 commences the mission, during which saving isn't possible. So come prepared!
 If y'need money, nightwatch jobs are now available, too.

 Nightwatch jobs are now available as well. John basically follows a dog
 around and helps it break up trouble. More moolah is received for settling
 disputes without loss of life, so in the absense of a lasso (where hogtying
 is the easiest way to do that), disarm or cripple foes. Of course, killing a
 target is preferable to them escaping! Loot corpses for extra cash, too.

 NOTE: Finishing this mission lets John take on some New Austin gang hideouts,
       namely Twin Rocks and Tumbleweed. Each gives a free weapon upon defeat
       so definitely take out all four of 'em first before attempting to buy
       any weapons -- it saves a lot of cash, not to mention improves Marston's
       arsenal early on.

 Unlock: Clear "New Friends, Old Problems"
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: 20 Fame

 After a discussion of Marston's alleged city-dweller roots, Bonnie challenges
 the ex-outlaw to a horse race to prove himself. Get on the horse near the
 Foreman's office and move to the starting point to commence the showdown. The
 horse John has ain't very good, but it'll serve its purpose here. There's
 a few ways the race can be made easier:

 • Since this a cross-country ride, not some ride around the barn, it helps to
   have some knowledge of the surrounding region's terrain and roads. 

 • Horses have a set amount of stamina, which is drained when spurred and
   slowly regains when not spurred. Repeatedly spurring the horse not only
   ensures the horse will buck John off, but in later missions, it may even
   kill the horse. To ensure the best travel, spur every couple of hoofbeats
   (I do three; they sound like triplets) and stay on dirt roads to maintain
   speed. Cutting across through the prairie gives speed decrements and is a
   bad idea overall. "Campfire" markers will display on the minimap to denote
   the ideal roads to take for the challenge.

 • Finally, no dirty tricks. Shooting Bonnie's horse out from under her won't
   be allowed here! That's the fast track to instant failure.

 With all those tips said, the mission finishes, win or lose, and there's no
 change in outcome (although beating her gives a gold medal rank, I believe).
 The Marshal in Armadillo, marked with an "M" on the minimap, now becomes
 available as a mission client.

 Unlock: Clear "Obstacles in Our Path"
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: 50 Honor

 Following the fast-paced horse race, Marston agrees to escort Bonnie and
 her wagon into town. Driving one of these is similar to driving a horse,
 naturally, except it's slower and makes wider turns. The road to Armadillo is
 clearly marked, and on this leisurely day, it should be disturbance-free as
 well. [Although if you happen to bump a rider from his horse, he'll often
 follow and let his revolver do the talkin'.] Prevent a tipped wagon by going
 a medium pace on flat ground, avoiding any stunts y'may do on horseback, like
 hopping shortcuts over cliffs.

 Once in Armadillo, visit the doc's office and get some free Medicine. This
 item will refill John's health and is usable by pressing the Back button and
 checking under the "consumables" tab. Revisit Bonnie and she'll take off,
 mentioning that after sight-seeing, take the stagecoach back to the ranch.
 Of course, stagecoaches don't accept charity cases, so if y'still have no
 cash, get home on foot or fast travel.

 [To fast travel, go out into the prairie away from roads and houses, hit the
 Back button, go to "Kit" and use the Basic Campsite. Pick the destination as
 the ranch and reach there immediately. This is a good way to avoid tedious

 Noteworth things now become available for John to do:

 - Purchase or rent property 
 - Accept Stranger tasks (they appear as a "?" on maps)

 Nightwatch jobs are an easy way to earn cash. John basically follows a dog
 around and helps it break up trouble. More moolah is received for settling
 disputes without lose of life, so in the absense of a lasso (where hogtying
 is the easiest way to do that), disarm or cripple foes. Of course, killing a
 target is preferable to them escaping! Loot corpses for extra cash, too.

 Unlock: Clear "This is Armadillo, USA" 
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: $5, 100 Honor

 Following a heart-spilling conversation, Bonnie asks for help leading the
 cows out to pasture. Saddle up and follow to the cowpen, taking a position
 behind the herd. The trick to shepharding cows around is slow back-and-forth
 (zigzag) motions behind the herd, which keeps them mostly centered in one
 big bunch. Occasionally it may be necessary to flank the herd to prevent any
 from straying, but always return to the initial position or it wastes extra

 Those are the basics. Bonnie's got a tiny six-head herd to move and this is
 rather easy with the above tactic, not to mention they follow the road without
 too much guidance. When the tiny herd is assimilated into the bigger one, it's
 time to coax them to the next pasture in much the same way. Since there are
 other ranch hands helping out, the mission isn't as difficult as it could be.
 Once they hit the far pasture, that's all she wrote!

 Unlock: Clear "Women and Cattle"
 Weapon: Lasso
 Reward: 150 Honor

 Following a little "political discourse" Bonnie gives John a lasso for use in
 the upcoming horsebreaking. Follow Drew MacFarlane to the horse herd and pick
 any horse [it doesn't matter; none are top caliber quality] to lasso. Fire
 it like a gun but hold down L-trigger to keep the rope taut, NOT R-TRIGGER.
 Letting go of R-Trigger will retract the lasso for another try, and make the
 horse run off.

 Now, when a horse is caught, wait for another rider to lasso the horse also,
 giving time for John to dismount (retracting the lasso doesn't matter here)
 and jump on the wild one. Breaking horses is ridiculously easy in theory:
 make sure John is centered on the horse via left analog stick, and press down
 (forward on horse) every so often to not get bucked off. Keep repeating the
 strategy until the horse finally gives and gets used to being ridden.

 NOTE: Horsebreaking can be hell if you don't get the basics down, so make
       sure to use the right analog stick and pay attention to John's lateral
       movements more than his front-to-back ones.

 After breaking the first horse, Drew will depart with it, leaving Bonnie and
 John to get another. Redo the strategy for the first one and call it a night
 afterwards...or that's what they thought! More horses are then spotted outside
 Armadillo, and there's the final targets are. Tail Bonnie to the ranch hands'
 waiting point, and locate the herd on the town outskirts.

 The goal is to drive the broncs towards the northern canyon entrance, where
 it'll be easier to trap 'em in the narrow confines. Horses react just like
 cows except they're a bit faster; the zigzag-behind-herd strategy remains,
 however. Once the horses hit the yellow map dot, that part of the event ends.
 Finally, the stallion (Kentucky Saddler) escapes and Bonnie wants John to
 chase him down. Pursue the horse through the canyon and into the desert
 prairie beyond, where it thankfully stays in a small area. Breaking this
 horse isn't much different from the paints captured before, except it takes
 longer to capture.

 When all's said and done, the mission ends. Horsebreaking jobs can now be
 taken at Ridgewood Farm.

 NOTE: The stallion's a bit faster and has better stamina than your average
       horse, so John will want to keep it around until something better
       comes his way. Make sure to hitch the horse somewhere so it's saved.
       Remember if a good horse dies, and John doesn't own the deed, a crappy
       average horse comes when he whistles! Breaking the Saddler counts for
       all achievements technically but some have experienced problems where
       it doesn't, so re-break it later if that's the case. [Saddlers don't
       appear on the range 'til this mission is completed.]
 Unlock: Clear "Wild Horses, Tamed Passions"
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: 100 Honor

 The peaceful missions of yesterday are gone -- a freak thundershower is upon
 the ranch and the two herds out grazing are about to be scattered! Follow
 Bonnie out to the first herd of 11 and start driving them towards the second
 herd, denoted like usual with a yellow minimap marker. Given the weather,
 the cows are more ornery than usual and will splinter off from the herd more
 frequently -- these are denoted with blue teardrop-shaped icons on the map.
 Don't leave any behind, y'hear?

 When the herd rejoins, lightning strikes a tree and initiates a stampede...
 right towards a cliff! Quickly head off the herd to curb its movement, which
 is done easiest with the previous mission's stallion and by cutting through
 the cattle (rather than around it). It's not game over if any cattle die, of

 The final step is rounding up the stragglers with Bonnie, which is simple but
 a little slow-paced. When the ranch hands get in formation, take the place at
 herd's end and drive them towards the cowpen again. If things've gone well,
 all twenty-one (21) should be safe and sound. If any mysteriously disappeared
 it's probably because a coyote got one on the way back, so watch out for
 those, too.

 This is the last Bonnie mission for awhile, if you've been neglecting Marshal
 Johnson and the others'.

 Unlock: Clear "A Tempest Looms" and "Spare the Rod, Spoil the Bandit"
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: 75 Fame, 150 Honor

 Drew MacFarlane's been out riding for hours and hasn't returned, and it's got
 his daughter worried sick. Follow Bonnie to the region outside the ranch and
 eventually he turns up, his horses killed by rustlers. Return to town to fetch
 the wagon and...the barn will be burning! The main entrances are blocked as
 well, making the situation grim indeed.

 Luckily Marston has a bit of Spider-Man blood in him and takes to finding an
 alternate route. Start scaling the crates on the northeast side, then to the
 tin awning and windmill platform. To reach the 3rd-story catwalk, grab the
 plank along the roof and shimmy until it's possible to pull up -- interior
 access is now available!

 Once inside, drop down to the ground floor and shoot the pitchfork "lock" off
 the door, letting that entrance be opened. All that's left is to shoo the
 horses out of the towering inferno, which is done by smacking their rear with
 Y-button. The last of the three horses has to be ridden out as the entrance
 is partially block by burning debris -- jump that sucker like a hurdle to
 finish the mission.

 NOTE: People have failed the mission by accidentally running over helpers w/
       the horses, so try not to trample anyone.

03) MARSHAL JOHNSON MISSIONS                                             [WK03]
 Unlock: Clear "Obstacles in Our Path"
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: $20, 75 Fame, 200 Honor

 After first meeting with the marshal and hearing the plethora of excuses as
 to why he's letting Bill Williamson's presence slide, Marston decides to help
 clean up the town a bit. Follow Johnson to the saloon and find Walton (of
 Walton's Gang) leaving town. Time to tail him! Naturally, stalking a target
 requires discretion so don't ride ahead and spook him or anything. Eventually
 the bonehead leads everyone right to his hideout, Pleasance House.

 The bandits will be alerted once the duo arrives, so take cover (RB button)
 by the rocks and start the hill's ascent. While hidden, pop out to shoot the
 outlaws further up the hill; when one's dead, move to the next hiding spot.
 When the generic outlaws around the house are dead, Walton comes busting out
 like some wannabe badass. The options are to either (1) deal a fatal shot like
 in the head or heart (2) shoot him in the legs to peacably restrain him. The
 marshal advised the latter, so do that for the best result.

 When the marshal leaves, loot the place for extra cash and hit the trail once

 NOTE: Hogtied outlaws disappear at mission's end, while dead ones stay. The
       latter is preferable since looting corpses gives extra cash.

 NOTE: Try to ride on the way back to Armadillo as opposed to fast-traveling,
       as the event (robbery) that starts the Treasure Hunter ambient challenge
       often occurs en route. Starting this early can be a good source of cash!
       Those guns ain't gonna buy themselves, aye? [More violent events like
       store robberies, as well as nicer nun events, are now available 'round
       the world.]

 Unlock: Clear "Political Realities in Armadillo"
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: $25, 150 Fame, 100 Honor

 The marshal's second task is to have Marston ride up to the canyons at Pike's
 Basin and help eliminate the Bollard Twins' gang of rustlers. Follow the
 lawmen to the basin's western entrance and dismount. This time, Eli and Jonah
 (the two rocks-for-brains deputies) will accompany to give more firepower.

 A little ways in, near the bifurcation, some gunmen will be atop a large rock
 and must be eliminated -- luckily there's decent cover nearby. Following, the
 team splits up with the deputies going one way and the marshal the other. It
 helps to assist Johnson, just to have the teams even.

 The "right-hand" path the marshal takes is along the upper cliff paths, so
 it not only gives decent cover and sightlines for the small bands of guerillas
 encountered, but Marston can even assist the deputies' party if he sees them
 chasing rustlers. Past the campsite the marshal suggests collecting ammo from,
 head up the ridge and take out a couple snipers by the bridge (use a rifle,

 Across the bridge, the two parties reunite to take out the bandits along the
 canyon rim. The marshal suggests sneaking up on the fellas below so they've
 a lessened chance of fleeing -- good advice! Approach until Johnson gives the
 go-ahead and let loose. The best way to proceed is clearing any cowboys level
 with the team, then use the height advantage to pick off the rustlers in the
 encampment below. Since the U-shaped path winds around the enemy location,
 taking it slow can ensure they've no good hiding places. [There's also some
 red TNT kegs along the tents that can give some easy kills, although try to
 make sure no friendlies are in range first.]

 Rescue the ranch hands to finish up. Beating this mission allows one to use
 Nigel West Dickens ("W" on map) as a new client...which is good since this
 is the last Marshal mission for awhile.

 Unlock: Clear "Women and Cattle" & "Old Swindler Blues"
 Weapon: Winchester Repeater
 Reward: $50, 250 Fame, 200 Honor

 As the lawmen inform John the second he walks into the office, a group of
 bandits has been running roughshod through the county, this time doing a
 triple whammy of murder/arson/rape up near Ridgewood. Time to snuff 'em out
 for good!

 The posse's ride is uneventful, excluding the two bloody campsites Marston
 and the lawmen check out en route. Marston can find a free Winchester Repeater
 during the search, if he didn't find (clear Tumblewood hideout) or buy one

 When Ridgewood Farm's reached at last, Marston's tasked with checking the
 surrounding buildings and barn. Shoot the 2x4 "locks" off the door to see the
 carnage inside. A woman says that the bandits holed up in the farmhouse and
 took some hostages; not coincidentally, the enemies come out to play right at
 that exact moment.

 Most enemies centralize around the western entrance, so when they stream out,
 it's easy to pick 'em off before they can reach cover. [There may not even be
 need to seek cover oneself in this case.] The remaining foes are still at
 large inside, so methodically scour the ground floor and move upwards. There's
 one hostage being overpowered by an attacker, and another with a gun to her
 head (use Dead Eye to snipe the baddie). Remember that one can hug the wall
 and open doors with Y-button, a very helpful ability for future knowledge.

 After meeting the survivors outside, the marshal posts a bonus of fifty bucks
 on whoever kills the bandit boss. Undertake one final ride to the cliffs near
 Mercer Station, and an old friend sics his hoodlums on the party. Luckily the
 place the crew holds up is solid, and can be defended from many sides. The
 horseback enemies come in two waves, and dismount up close -- luckily that
 leaves ample time to be picked off from afar. 

 Unlock: Clear "The Burning"
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: 150 Fame

 Bonnie's been missing since the barn fire ended, and Drew's about ready to
 go on the warpath against John...until a bandit shows up to claim credit. He
 wants Norman Deek freed in exchange for Bonnie, and the trade's to be made up
 at Tumbleweed. There's a long ride ahead of the marshal's posse.

 Once there, follow behind Deek and walk towards the other bandits. Of course,
 they had no intention of handing Bonnie over, and Deek ends up dying in the
 crossfire (d'oh!). That means it's time to work through town and kill any
 outlaws along the way. Besides the few at the church and the road into the
 ghost town, most are holed up in the town square buildings.

 When most bandits are cleared out, a cutscene shows Bonnie about to be hanged!
 At this point, it's working against the clock to save her. Rush through the
 bandits -- perhaps use a quick-firing weapon like the Volcanic Pistol -- and
 approach the gallows to rescue her. [This happens automatically, no rope-
 -shooting required.]

 Mission ends afterwards. Don't forget to loot all those corpses for pocket
 change...the buzzards won't need it.

 Unlock: Clear "On Shaky's Ground"
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: $50, 150 Fame

 The climax fight the New Austin trilogy unlocks after getting the gatling
 gun, ammunition, and West Dickens' wagon rigged -- basically finishing all of
 everyone else's missions. After some cutscenes, Marston will get to show his
 stuff on the gatling gun, mowing down outlaws inside the fort. John won't be
 able to remove himself from his turret position, so make things easier by
 shooting at bottlenecks, TNT barrels, and taking medicine when health gets
 dangerously low! [Some structures can also be broken to reveal better
 sightlines.] Reinforcements come from entrances on the right-hand side of the
 screen, so remember the doorways and kill 'em while they lack cover.

 When the majority of the foes are slain, the marshals arrive to do the manhunt
 on foot -- John assists. It may seem tempting to run off by oneself in here,
 but many of the doors are barricaded and the lawmen are scripted to run down
 the "correct" path, so tag along. There's often a TNT barrel near where the
 foes hole up, for extra assistance. [Also, generally, running ahead of the
 marshals can do a pincer attack, often catching outlaws off guard as they
 have to pick between targets.]

 The third and final portion is eliminating the reinforcements coming to the
 fort. In "Wild Bunch" fashion, it's an all-out brawl between Marston and his
 gatling gun and the enemies. There's a bigger variety than before, with some
 on foot, horseback and a couple in wagon, too. This part's definitely more
 dangerous than a few outlaws with peashooters, too, as some of the wagons have
 their own turrets. Unfortunately, the shrubbery and unbreakable parts of the
 area work against Marston, so try to get most of the fools when they appear
 on the road/hill.
 Beating this mission gives the final New Austin mission, from Irish, down at
 the ferry. Don't be late!
04) NIGEL WEST DICKENS MISSIONS                                          [WK04]
 Unlock: Clear "Justice in Pike's Basin" 
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: 75 Fame, 100 Honor

 After hearing about Dickens' disappearance, Marston can seek him out, finding
 his wagon by the side of the road and the snake oil salesman lying in the
 dirt. Whatever happened to him, he's in need of medical assistance -- time to
 ride to Armadillo! The old-timer's health is displayed at the screen's top,
 and if it bottoms out, West Dickens is gonna need an undertaker, so time's of
 the essence.

 The game has a particular route already mapped, so no fancy cut-across paths
 or anything -- West's health declines when Marston's driving gets sloppy! And
 it probably will get a bit sloppy since highwaymen (on horseback) attack the
 carriage as it passes down the road. Marston can still fire and use Dead Eye
 from the driver's seat, however, so aim carefully and keep moving forward.
 [On flat stretches of road, press in the right analog stick to look aft and
 draw the weapon from that way -- it allows one to move in one direction and
 shoot the opposite! Very useful on foot, too, for quick 180-degree turns.]

 Trying to outrun the bandits may not be a great idea, as their shots tend to
 take a toll on West, whether or not they strike true. At least take out most
 before blazing to town...for Nigel's sake. <3

 Once delivered to the doctor, West will be able to give missions...after a
 short convalescent period, of course. [And no, you can't drive his wagon in
 his absence!]

 Unlock: Clear "Old Swindler Blues"
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: 25 Fame

 Now that West Dickens is up and at 'em again, he's recruited John for his
 newest scam in Ridgewood. Our protagonist once again gets the privelege of
 chauffeuring the bunko in his wagon, so remember to stick to the road and
 avoid any crazy stunts. Once near the target site, John has to go in on foot
 to make it seem like he's an ordinary stranger coming to the show.

 During West's exhibition, John will drink the tonic and pretend it's given
 him superhuman eyesight and skill, and some feats of excellence will show
 that to the "paying public." There are three stunts in all. [NOTE: Failing
 one a couple times lets it be redone, although these will be noted in the
 Stats portion of the menu, if one wants to avoid any black eyes.]

 1) Shoot the cow skull on the porch beam. This has to be done with the pistol
    or revolver; no rifles allowed! Luckily, the game highlights the skull with
    a small sparkle, so it shouldn't be that hard to strike it on the 1st try.
    Just aim carefully!

 2) Shoot the tossed cap. The skeptic will throw his hat into the air and it's
    up to John to strike it square. It can be done without auto-aim but as the
    game suggests, using Dead Eye is by far the most efficient way to do it.

 3) Beat up the skeptic. [*gives pause for reader's laughter*] This third
    target is of a more fleshy fettle, and bullets have been substituted for
    fists. Bare-knuckle fighting isn't that hard -- R-trigger throws up to 3
    successive punches, while RB-button guards. The fight is won when Aquila's
    knocked out, or lost if Marston's the one sent packing. [Also, pressing
    X-button while L-Trigger is held does a little jive jump in a direction,
    allowing one to bob like a real boxer.]

 4) His honor insulted, Aquila challenges Marston to a duel...well, it's kind
    of lop-sided. Disarming an opponent can be done by shooting their gun arm
    or hand, which is what has to be done in this case. [In an actual duel,
    this leaves the target alive and earns more fame.] Don't kill Aquila!

 The awesome display by Marston gives West a mighty crowd, and even Aquila is
 hard-pressed to pass up the tonic. Horsebreaking jobs and missions from Seth
 (at Coot's Chapel) will now be available, too.

 Unlock: Clear "Exhuming and Other Fine Hobbies"
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: $3, 200 Fame

 West Dickens is just about to leave Ridgewood as Marston rolls in. The snake
 oil salesman has come up with a new scheme to get some currency: racing at
 Gaptooth Breach! Yes, the sport of kings. For once, Marston can ride shotgun
 and let someone drive him around, which should make the trip a bit more
 enjoyable. Upon arriving at the starting point, mount up on the final chariot
 and get ready to rumble!

 Despite how much fun it would be, attacking the other contestants is against
 the rules and disqualifies Marston...but that shouldn't be a problem, since
 the opponents are amateurish and slow, giving an easy lead in the first lap.
 With a clear lead, Marston should have no trouble keeping it, besides his own
 incompetent driving. Gaptooth Breach's terrain is labyrinthine and winding,
 so don't be reckless or the wagon will tip! [A tipped wagon allows the match
 to be restarted entirely or John to be placed on the track, often with a
 rank penalty.] Luckily the giant course is a 1-lap affair.

 Clear the match in first place to finish the mission proper. [And yes, John's
 cut of the action is REALLY three dollars.] Completing this mission opens up
 Irish as a new client -- he's found in Armadillo.

 Unlock: Clear "Liars, Cheats and Other Proud Americans"
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: $25, 75 Fame

 Before West does his selfless act (something he "strongly discourages in all
 wise and rational men"), he needs John for his tonics act. It seems to be a
 mere repeat of the Ridgewood job until some riders come up and expose West as
 a phony. It's time to beat a hasty retreat! John once again rides shotgun as
 it's easier to pick off the pursuers.

 And pick them off he shall! The wagon does a good job of escaping but the
 riders behind ride fast and often. There shouldn't be much trouble sniping
 them from afar -- with or without Dead Eye. [The driver-side blindspot that
 should be there is even gone, thanks to Mr. Dickens' timely ducking.]

 Somehow, there's a roadblock down the road, but it can be dismantled by
 shooting the dynamite kegs in the back.

 Unlock: Clear "Can a Swindler Change His Spots?"
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: $5, 200 Fame, 

 As the title suggests, this will be another racing mission. The destination's
 up at Rathskeller Fork, and John will have to ride his horse there -- which is
 good since this competition is on horseback, not in a chariot. The same fair
 play rules apply as back then, though, and attacking other riders causes an
 immediate disqualification. Naturally this mission's harder than the previous,
 with people constantly jockeying for pole position, and leads gained can be
 quickly lost due to rider error. This mission is all but impossible without a
 fine horse, though, so hopefully that Kentucky Saddler (caught during "Wild
 Horses, Tamed Passions") is still around.

 So are there any edges the player can use? Besides Horse Pills (increases max
 stamina temporarily) and Apples (refills stamina), not really. Just stick to
 flat ground, don't override the horse (spur every 3-4 hoofbeats) and hold
 A-button when not spurring to maintain speed for a bit. Bumping other riders
 also decreases speed, so once ahead of the pack, do your best to stay there.
 Like before, this is a 1-lap race.

 Mission ends when Marston finishes in first.

05) SETH MISSIONS                                                        [WK05]
 Unlock: Clear "Old Swindler Blues"
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: 25 Fame

 Marston's first meeting with the odd fellow introduces Seth's primary reason
 for existing: finding long lost treasure! If only his partner Moses Forth
 hadn't taken half his map and gotten caught exhuming... But John's got a mind
 to fix that dilemma, and rides to Benedict Point with his new partner.

 In order for Seth to find Moses, Marston will have to make a distraction and
 get the law out of the area -- steal a deputy's horse! Once the mediocre steed
 is obtained, the best course is to ride southwest along the railroad tracks
 and get a headstart on the lawmen; then, when the cliff opens up, ride up on
 it and double back, letting the search party trail off.

 Once back, Moses will try to escape and it's up to John to catch him. The
 safest way is to chase him, hogtie, and carry. Using Dead Eye to injure his
 legs can be a double-edged sword, as Dead Eye Lv2 automatically marks the
 target (much to many gamers' chagrin) and can end up killing the poor sod.
 When the map's location -- Oddfellow's Rest -- is revealed, use Seth's pardon
 letter at the nearby telegraph office to erase that pesky bounty Marston's
 accumulated. That does it for the mission.

 Unlock: Clear "Exhuming and Other Fine Hobbies"
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: $10, 75 Fame

 Seth's one step closer to finding his map, and needs to locate a quiet spot
 away from prying eyes to do his...uh, dismembering? Probably? John doesn't
 want to know. Either way, it's up to him to drive while Seth stays in back
 and keeps the coffin firm.

 Following the marked trail on the minimap, avoid Armadillo and keep to the
 outskirts. Eventually treasure hunters will start to tail the party, so
 Dead Eye 'em off their horses (some have Fire Bottles) at leisure. Unlike
 previous missions, there's no time limit or healthbar for the wagon, so it all
 boils down to having the ammo and will to kill 'em.

 Halfway through the drive, Seth finds the map and the destination is tweaked
 to visit Tumbleweed. Eliminate the rest of the t-hunters and drop Seth off to
 end the mission.

 Unlock: Clear "A Gentle Drive With Friends"
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: $10, 150 Fame, 100 Honor

 Now that Seth's centered in on the treasure's location (Tumbleweed Mansion),
 it's time to fetch the sucker. The stroll to that site, however, turns into a
 bloodbath as treasure hunters crawl out of the woodwork to oppose the duo.
 If one's already cleared the Tumbleweed hideout, this fight will be a redux
 of lesser proportions. Basically, one has to fight small guerilla groups in
 town, the road between the mansion, and at/in the mansion itself. The front
 door will be shut tight so infiltrate through the cellar and work upwards.
 Shouldn't be too hard if done methodically. At the top floor, let Seth open
 the treasure chest to finish.

06) IRISH MISSIONS                                                       [WK06]
 Unlock: Clear "Liars, Cheats and Other Proud Americans"
 Weapon: Double-barreled Shotgun
 Reward: 50 Fame, 100 Honor

 The first encounter with Irish a memorable one, as he's in the process of
 being drowned by Welsh and French. After the scene, Marston has to take them
 both out to save Irish...not too hard considering one brought a knife to the
 gunfight (d'oh!). Following, Irish says he'll lead Marston to the government-
 -issue machine gun he's lookin' for.

 When the ride completes, Marston's near the cabin at Lake Don Julio. Irish
 leaves to provide covering fire from the ridge, so it's up to John to take
 out the hoodlums below. Fortunately, there aren't that many and there's ample
 cover. One bandit hides in the shack and suddenly emerges when Marston comes
 near, but that's about the only surprise in store here. [He does drop a free
 Double-barreled Shotgun though.]

 Unlock: Clear "A Frenchman, A Welshman and an Irishman"
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: 250 Fame

 After kicking Irish from his drunken stupor at Benedict Point, John finally
 gets the machine-gun's true location: Gaptooth Breach's mining community.
 Follow Irish there and he'll split to get a flat wagon for transporting the
 gun ("heavier than sin!") which leaves John as the one to kill the residents.

 The mining camp is mostly composed of tents, crate stacks, and a couple wood
 buildings, with a minecart track snaking through the environs. When the couple
 miners walking about (and the two patrolling guards) are slain, more emerge
 from the two main structures and mine entrance. Needless to say there's tons
 of cover at both insertion and "just around."

 Inside the shaft, there'll be more miners to fight, but the strategic placing
 of TNT boxes can help make the burden easier to bear. Just remember that the
 enemies can accidentally set these off to, so if you're not going to attack
 an enemy with 'em, detonate the box just to be on the safe side. [Doesn't the
 game seem to be populated with morons who leave dynamite laying around?] Oh,
 and shooting oil lanterns makes them explode similar to fire bottles' effect.

 NOTE: If you've been doing the Funny Man stranger task, the reporter may be
       hogtied in this cavern near a TNT keg, so check the minimap carefully
       to avoid blowing the sucker up.

 When the mine is cleared of the fools, grab and push the minecart to the
 shaft's entrance and Irish will appear to hoist it upwards. Following, push
 the cart to the hill's bottom -- at one point, shoot the TNT keg on the
 tracks -- to finish the mission.

 Unlock: Clear "Man Is Burn Unto Trouble"
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: 150 Fame

 Irish turns up again at Thieves' Landing, and once Marston knocks some sense
 into his dumb hide, it's time to find the gatling gun's replacement parts.
 John's partner leads to the warehouse on the far side of town. Of course, it
 can never go as planned, and Marston ends up having to save the stuttering
 fool from his captors.

 To start, find the first ladder along the aft side of the warehouse and use
 it for roof access. The game suggests walking slowly or crouch-walking to
 hamper extra noise, and it's a good tip. [If they're alerted, 1-2 men may
 leave the "beating room" instead of staying in the confined space.] Either
 way, take out the rest of Shaky's attackers, perhaps from the safety of the
 door entrance (hug the wall with RB-button).

 When Shaky's free, shoot it out in the warehouse interior. The best vantage
 point is that balcony nearby, which gives the height advantage regularly and
 can eliminate anyone dumb up enough to come up the stairway bottleneck. Of
 course, there's extra TNT boxes lyin' around too.

 NOTE: Marston's horse may spawn inside here, which can put it at risk for the
       TNT attacks -- this normally doesn't matter, but it would suck to lose
       the 20-straight-missions achievement on something so minor. Maybe don't
       hit the dynamite in this situation.

 The third leg of this rat race takes place in the enclosed freight yard right
 outside the warehouse (the place Irish tried to get into before). The fight'll
 take place at level ground, although Marston can get a headstart on everything
 if he climbs the warehouse's interior balcony -- the one that had the TNT --
 before opening the door.

 When the foes are bleedin' in the dirt, the ammo's received. Just ride out
 with Irish and fend off the wagon from a few more attacks -- luckily, Johnny
 boy rides shotgun for easier countermeasures.

 Unlock: Clear "The Assault on Fort Mercer"
 Weapon: Springfield Rifle
 Reward: 150 Fame

 Once goodbyes are given, Irish starts the Mexico-bound ferry...only to have
 it attacked by bandits halfway 'cross. When the trawl's line is cut, the
 raft drifts sidewise to give John some cover. [This is the time to collect
 the Springfield Rifle nearby. There's also a free ammo crate available, too.
 The Winchester Repeater will probably carry its weight more, though.]

 Because of the current's movements, it's often possible to kill the riverbank
 bandits or just hide a lot of the time -- those further up the bank will have
 better trajectories, though. The main problem with this mission comes with
 dynamite-throwing banditos from the cliffs, as one square shot blows up the
 raft and ends the mission. It pays to have a forward-looking sightline for
 that very reason!

 At the end, Irish will beach and Marston can finally reach Nueva Paraiso! The
 song "Far Away" will play when the horse is mounted, giving a grande entrance
 to Mexico. NOTE HOWEVER that dismounting the horse, or taking a different
 horse, will cause the song to stop -- many people don't know that.

 Completing this mission does a few things:

 - Bridges to New Austin are now completed
 - Mexican hideouts (Tesoro Azul, Nosalida) can be completed
 - Fort Mercer's hideout becomes available for bandit-sweepin'
 - Arm Wrestling minigame available for the first time
 - Ambient challenges can be continued down here
 - Landon Ricketts (Chuparosa) missions available by default
 - Vincente de Santa (Escalera) missions available by default
 - Shack at Puerto Cuchillo is obtained for free
 - The Hungarian Half-Bred (white horse w/ dirty face) can be found in Mexico

 My advice, before starting any missions, is to hit up the Mexican towns and
 buy all the region maps -- this new land is quite barren map-wise, and this
 will assist greatly. Also, buying any new property in Mexico should open up
 the Mexican Poncho outfit.
_______________________________________________/ WALKTHROUGH [MEXICO] [WLK2] |_
07) LANDON RICKETTS MISSIONS                                             [WK07]
 Unlock: Clear "We Shall Be Together in Paradise"
 Weapon: Schofield Revolver
 Reward: Dead Eye LV3, 100 Honor

 Landon's found in Chuparosa, and the mission automatically starts when that
 town's approached. Once the famous (and fan favorite) gunslinger is introduced
 he'll give John a new revolver and teach him how to use Dead Eye LV3. It's a
 lot easier to use than LV2: once in Dead Eye, pressing RB-button will "paint"
 the target for a shot. In this way, Marston can pick and choose which targets
 to hit, whereas LV2 would automatically do it whether it was useful or not.
 Complete Landon's tests of breaking three bottles in one Dead Eye, then two-
 -plus birds in the same, to get the tutorial stuff out of the way.

 Following, Ramon from the bank says the wagon shipment is under attack just
 outside of Chuparosa -- Landon to the rescue! Follow him out (the horse John
 last saved in New Austin will be back, replacing Irish's horse) to the site
 and use the new Dead Eye to snipe the bandit who has a hostage.

 Unlock: Clear "The Gunslinger's Tragedy"
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: 75 Fame, 50 Honor

 Landon's big heart has him poised to help free a Mexican's sister who's being
 imprisoned in El Matadero...and John is volunteered automatically! He can
 either ride ahead or take the train with Ricketts, the latter (recommended)
 having a bit more dialogue than the former.

 Once in El Matadero, seek out Carlos at the butchery and hatch the plan to
 infiltrate the cave prison, requiring the gunmen to wait at a rock while the
 other creates a distraction (if you can't speak Spanish, get a translator --
 it's kinda funny). Battling inside is at mid- to close-range, so if you've
 bought the Semi-Auto Shotgun, it can earn its keep in here.

 Ricketts will try to blow Luisa's cell open when it's found, so keep watch
 while he prepares his dynamitic door-opener -- about four more guys try to
 stage an assault. The fighting on the way out will be Marston-centric since
 Landon's carrying the girl. At the mouth of the cave will be some horses
 Carlos fetched but the player's normal steed ain't there, so whistle for it
 immediately to avoid a ride on some subpar steed.

 The last leg of the rescue is escorting Luisa out of the canyon. Ricketts
 staves his speed so let John lead the way, taking out the pendejos who've
 all got cover, elevated positions, or both. [Using a rifle here may serve one
 better, but it's up to the player.] The mission ends once Landon and his lady
 reach the northern crossroads safely.

 Unlock: Clear "Landon Ricketts Rides Again"
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: $50, 100 Fame, 125 Honor

 Ahhhh, this author's favorite mission! Landon Ricketts asks John to play some
 cards with him, and the poker tutorial starts (-$100 automatically). The next
 two hands are always won by John, upsetting a German named Muller, who's
 short fuse was already burning by Ricketts' hot streak and antagonizing. So
 much violence has begun over cards, and this one's no different -- Muller
 wants to duel John.

 For readers who haven't done duels before, Landon gives a rough take on how
 they go. Basically, when "DRAW" comes on the screen, press L-trigger to
 unholster the weapon, right analog stick to control the reticle, and RB-button
 to "paint" the target with upcoming shots. Picking better shots -- like the
 arm or head -- raises the duel gauge more, ensuring Marston comes out alive.
 In this duel simply aim for the head, as IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO DISARM MULLER 
 and trying to will only earn Marston a coffin.

 But one duel ain't enough! A little while later, a man comes over and wants
 to duel...only this one has a girl hostage. This duel can't be as scattershot
 and sloppy as the next as shooting the girl earns a big, fat game over sign!
 Immediately following, some banditos try to capitalize on the situation and
 start shooting, so team up with Ricketts to take 'em down. It's worth noting
 that Landon is an NPC who'll actually kick ass with his gun, unlike Irish or
 West Dickens. Huzzah!

 Unlock: Clear "Lucky in Love"
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: 150 Fame

 As Ricketts and Marston prepare to drown themselves in self-pity as relics of
 the Old West, Luisa arrives to ask for assistance in preventing the deaths of
 a writer and official. Time to hit the trail again! The conversation en route
 is one of the best between the two cowboys, so pay attention!

 A couple miles west of Frontera Bridge, the wagons are suddenly encountered.
 The order of operations for this is to wait for it to pass, then come up aft,
 taking out the federales and wagoner. Dead Eye LV3 completely bowls over the
 fools, and as long as Marston's behind the wagon train, it makes targeting
 them much easier.

 Once the wagon's halted, pile into the lead vehicle's driver seat and head
 for the suspension bridge at Ramita de la Baya (that's east). Unfortunately,
 besides having two of the sickliest-lookin' nags pulling the cart, there's a
 roadblock near the bridge's entrance so quickly take everyone out -- stopping
 the cart can be fatal! [The horses automatically stop if there's fire on the
 ground, so don't be slow on that trigger.] Laughably, there's a gatling-gun
 raft towards the end in a ridiculous position to assist, so that won't be
 much trouble. Reach America to finish up.

 Aww, the final Ricketts mission...parting is such sweet sorrow. On that note,
 after the mission ends and Marston's just standing roadside, don't get mauled
 by a bobcat! That's their neighborhood, holmes.

08) VINCENTE DE SANTA MISSIONS                                           [WK08]
 Unlock: Clear "We Shall Be Together in Paradise"
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: $50, 250 Fame

 After an odd welcoming, John's introduced to Capitan de Santa, one of Coronel
 Allende's trusted men. He is about to spring a trap on the rebels -- by luring
 them out to attack a train of no strategic value -- and Marston is enlisted to
 assist. [He can ride on himself or sit shotgun with Vincente and have some
 spry dialogue.]

 Upon reaching the train station in Chuparosa, the escort assignment begins.
 The train engine will have its own healthbar; obviously, should that bar fully
 deplete the mission fails. Since the engine (i.e. front of train) is the key
 target to guard, it's often best to stay close; however, following the train
 itself may make it easier to gun down the rebels, giving a better trajectory
 as they race away and parallel. It's up to the player, I s'pose. [And, of
 course, the train can run over Marston if he's just loafing around, so, uh,
 don't. Pressing in the right analog stick gives an idea of clearance.] The
 middle ground is staying around midlength and shooting through the flatbed
 cars, but that may give mixed results. [Those sympathizing with the rebels
 can just shoot their horses and leave them behind. ^___^ ]

 Once the player has a concept of correct maneuvering, it's just rinse and
 repeat. Note that there are allies in the Mexican Army riding nearby, so try
 and avoid shooting them (de Santa has a soundbyte asking why Marston's aiming
 at them or himself, to wit). Mission ends when Casa Madrugada is reached.

 ...or at least the player would think so! Rebeldes stage a final attack by
 attacking the train's guards and setting it on a collision course with a
 rigged bridge down the way. Marston (huh!?) has to go alone (HUH!?) and stop
 the train himself. To do this, get a fast horse and ride alongside the train
 -- remember going on the road maintains speed better -- and jump onboard the
 conductor's car. [Jump onboard by synching speed with the train and pulling
 up to an opening, then press X-button at the prompt.] Successfully stopping
 the disaster ends the mission, for real this time.

 NOTE: If one's done all Landon's missions, Luisa's mission opens at this

 Unlock: Clear "Civilization, at Any Price"
 Weapon: Fire Bottle
 Reward: $50, 250 Fame

 After encountering the coronel berating Vincente, Marston is once again
 volunteered to help the Mexican Army, this time with the rebeldes over at
 Tesoro Azul. Hop on a trusty steed and trailblaze over there -- de Santa even
 challenges Marston to a race! Once there, the soldiers all commence the raid.

 Marston's done plenty of urban warfare by now, so this fight won't be that
 different. Keep cover close by and watch for windows, rooftops, and nearby
 obstacles foes may hide behind. This is always important, sure, but especially
 so here where reinforcements may appear at the drop of a hat, easily putting
 John in a bad position. 

 Once the bloodbath's over, though, John is given the grizzly task of burning
 down the rebels' houses with Fire Bottles, a new throwing weapon. At least
 that's a plus... [Tesoro Azul's hideout event is unlocked as well.]

 Unlock: Clear "The Demon Drink"
 Weapon: Rolling Block Rifle
 Reward: $100, 300 Fame

 Marston's asked to ride with Vincente five seconds after arriving at the gate:
 rebels have seized the Eastern fortress of Torquemada! For those who aren't
 geographically inclined, that's all the way on the other side of the map, so
 it's quite a long carriage ride. [There's no witty banter at all, so feel free
 to skip ahead instead of waiting ten minutes.]

 Torquemada's fortress is on top of the cliffs, making it accessible by a long
 path up and along the mesa's rim...and it's the only way. To assist Espinoza,
 Marston is given his first sniper rifle (near wooden platform's base) so use
 it to get headshots on the Rebeldes atop the cliffs. The ascent of the cliff
 path starts with defending the blockade, then select battles where there's
 rocky cover to be had. Save the sniper rifle for when Espinoza mentions there
 are other snipers, as they can pick Marston off twice as quick as hoodlums
 with peashooters.

 The approach to Torquemada itself is a little more dangerous, with snipers on
 the fort's layered balconies and roofs, and riflemen/infantry along the thin
 road forward. Luckily, there's just enough room to flank the foot soldiers
 while staying out of the snipers' way. The Rolling Block Rifle is inaccurate
 at really long distances (for some reason), so if you want to try extreme
 sniping the shot may trash anyway, even with perfect stillness. Try to move in
 a bit before using it.

 Mission ends when Torquemada is free from rebel scum!

 Unlock: Clear "Empty Promises"
 Weapon: Dynamite
 Reward: $75, 200 Fame

 De Santa stays at home for some R&R while Marston is coerced into helping
 babysit a supply train in exchange for info on Javier and 20K pesos (That's
 what, 5 dollars back then? Nyuk nyuk). Either way, ride shotgun with Espinoza
 to Chuparosa, which is rather pleasant f'cept for a few rebel guerrilas on
 horseback. [No option to fast-forward, either.]

 Once in Chuparosa, Marston meets his old mistress, the gatling gun! Yes, it's
 been awhile since she was seen but with new recruits accompanying the captain,
 no one else can man it. Unlike the gun in West Dickens' wagon, this one has a
 360-degree turn radius. Undoubtedly the best position to fire in is when the
 rebels are running parallel with the train but aren't alongside Marston --
 this allows him to shoot the rebels or their horses easily while still seeing
 if anyone on the opposite side is approaching. The steam engine is the rebels'
 target and if destroyed, gives a mission failure.

 After going through the tunnel, rebels will start hopping aboard the train,
 forcing John to fight a battle on two fronts. The route is similar to that
 taken in De Santa's first mission, so the player should be moderately
 familiar with it. Once the train gets a bit past Casa Madrugada, the task'll
 end at the army's bivouac.

 Unlock: Complete "Mexican Caesar" and "Must a Savior Die?"
 Reward: 270 Fame, 50 Honor

 Good news for Marston's ears: Escuella and Williamson have been captured in
 Chuparosa, and Allende has sent De Santa with to help switch custody. Ride
 shotgun with Vincente, who passes the time by having John square off against
 his top marksmen: whoever gets the most kills in 5 shots gets $25. This
 happens three times.

 Once the Chuparosa church has been searched, Marston will have to run through
 crossfire to get his restraints freed. He can't jump or roll to evade shots
 in his current position, so quickly cross the street and take a side alley to
 Reyes. Following, reclaim John's weapons from the chest near the fountain
 plaza. Take out a few soldiers and the goal changes to eliminating the "boss
 target" at the police barracks' 2F. [They can be accessed from the interior
 stairwell or by climbing the crates alongside building. The latter way is
 often better as it may catch "the boss" in a precarious or disadvantaged

 Finishing this mission unlocks Reyes as a new client.

09) LUISA FORTUNA MISSIONS                                               [WK09]
 Unlock: Complete "The Mexican Wagon Train" and "Civilization, At Any Price"
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: 75 Fame, 100 Honor

 Luisa's young sister, Miranda, is trying to escape the country while the rest
 of her family (save Luisa) heads for the hills. Her ride leaves at sundown at
 the docks, and it'll be quite a drive to Puerto Cuchillo -- which is where
 the free house Marston got was. Time to save her from the Mexican Army's evil
 clutches, so don't waste any minutes hanging around, as the clock starts as
 soon as the cutscenes end.

 After encountering the first Army checkpoint, the plotted route goes to hell
 and Miranda will dictate the new impromptu path whenever an enemy wagon or
 roadblock is seen. John has little else to do besides drive like the wind,
 luckily, as most mini-events can be bypassed completely via speed. [Emilio's
 stagecoach has four horses, unlike normal carts' two, so it every one of the
 opponents' vehicles!] Other than that, many of the byways and frontage roads 
 Miranda has John take are snaking and annoying to maneuver through, so there
 is always the danger of tipping! Be particularly careful around the elevated
 train tracks as, if the stage falls in-between that and the escarpment, there
 is little to no way out. Failing the mission does the entire thing over, too,
 so that incentivizes things a bit, eh?

 By keeping his foot on the gas the entire way, John should be able to reach
 the docks by sundown.

 Unlock: Clear "My Sister's Keeper" 
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: 200 Fame, 50 Honor

 A teary-eyed Luisa informs Marston that Reyes has been captured and taken to
 El Presidio, the clifftop fortress-cum-jail, for execution. Ride shotgun with
 her (no extra dialogue, so skip there if y'want) and locate the broken-down
 wall that allows for infiltration.

 Once inside, stealth to the sniper's nest (there's a Rolling Block Rifle there
 if it wasn't obtained earlier) and get in position. The job is to finish the
 Executioner, the man standing close to Reyes where he's tied up. The shot can
 be a little hard, so try to aim a bit to the left to avoid killing the titular
 savior. Taking out the target alerts all the other soldiers, naturally, but
 John's position gives supreme cover -- use TNT barrels strewn around for extra
 oomph, too.

 When the coast's clear, cut Reyes free and get a horse nearby. Note that it's
 not possible to whistle for John's saved horse inside, so either get it before
 saving Reyes or get it after exiting the citadel. Some reinforcements will be
 trying to stop John, but on a Kentucky Saddler (or better), their pitiful nags
 won't be enough. An NPC guide conveniently shows the cliff path to find the
 river, where the mission ends. [If you take too long in getting to Luisa, the
 mission fails.]

 Unlock: Clear "Cowards Die Many Times" 
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: 200 Fame, 125 Honor

 As Luisa's troubles continue, she vows to make a family death mean something,
 hopefully by spilling enemy blood. An army convoy is taking an old trail to
 reinforce Allende and she has her heart set on stopping them dead (no pun
 intended). Marston will "landmine" the road with dynamite and then man the
 detonator to ensure the convoy is blown to smithereens.

 Proper placement of the dynamite is key, at least if y'want it to be a major
 force in the destruction (i.e. doing most of the hard work). Clumping it
 together is a dumb move, because -- as one would expect -- no wagons are
 going to advance over ground they suspect is dynamite-laden. Basically, put
 the charges all along the road, starting under the bridge and up the northeast
 part of the road. [Select the spots with Y-button. There are five in all.]

 Once the dynamite's buried, go up to the detonator and wait for the convoy to
 approach. Since dynamite goes off one by one, not in one giant clump like one
 may expect, it's important to pick which charge to detonate. The goal is wait
 for the lead wagon to run over the farthest charge, so when it's destroyed,
 the other carts are directly in the remaining charges' path already. [Using
 any alternative typically ends in a bunch of dynamite that hits nothing.]

 Regardless if the dynamite is that useful, it'll be up to the rebels and John
 to destroy the survivors before they can escape.

 Unlock: Clear "Father Abraham"
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: 300 Fame, 125 Honor

 The title says it all, really. Vincente is planning a massacre at El Sepulcro
 and Luisa ain't having none of that, no sir. Ride with the Rebeldes to the
 graveyard and catch De Santa red-handed. Unfortunately, he's got a platoon of
 Mexico's finest (buffoons) to act as meat shields. The graveyard itself is a
 well-made structure and the peripheral wall and tombstones provide great
 cover. Towards the end, De Santa will try to flee, so shoot him in the legs
 and hogtie him like any other escapee. [Two shots to his extremities slays
 him, though, so one shot'll do.]

 After the simplistic mission's climax, John can choose to shoot Vincente or
 have the rebels deal with him -- neither changes the reward obtained. Either
 way, the destination is then Casa Madrugada, a ways down the road. There'll
 be a few more federales to destroy there, but in the end, it turns up bupkis
 on Javier. D'aww....

10) ABRAHAM REYES MISSIONS                                               [WK10]
 Unlock: Clear "Cowards Die Many Times" 
 Weapon: Throwing Knives
 Reward: $200, 150 Fame, 125 Honor, Pardon Letter

 "Mexico's savior" has no trouble asking John along for a train robbery, which
 will take place in Chuparosa. Once the slow-paced ride is over, Reyes gives
 John the throwing knives to silently eliminate the train's stationed troops,
 making it simple to disconnect the army cars. Wait until Abraham leads the
 door troops out, then board the train. As long as none of the troops shoot
 their firearms, the remaining troops (at front of train) will not be alerted.
 Do it silently and uncouple the train to avoid extra hassle, basically.
 [John can execute enemies with them up close but this may be unwise given the
 proximity to other guards, so stay mid-range!]

 When the first part's done, commandeer the gatling gun and wreck the campful
 of foes alongside the tracks. [These are the foes you'd have to take out w/o
 the gun if guards were alerted previously.] Slaying the camp leaves the final
 part of the "liberation," that is murdering the rest of the stragglers on the
 supply and conductor's cars.

 The getaway takes John near Casa Madrugada, and it's finally case of fighting
 the law and the law losing! Reyes' present to John is blowing the armored car
 (by planting dynamite on the roof hatch; be careful!) and safecracking. To
 crack the safe, turn the dial clockwise until the controller vibrate, then
 counterclockwise for the same, and then once more clockwise. Doing it out of
 order resets the combination. [The revolver you get in the safe seems to be
 a Schofield Revolver, which John got in Ricketts' first mission.]

 Return to Abe to finish.
 Unlock: Beat "Captain De Santa's Downfall"
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: 300 Fame, 125 Honor [Honor may vary on enemies killed]

 Another self-explanitory title. Reyes has been the only person in Mexico who
 could fulfill his promise of helping John, and now Javier Escuella has finally
 been located in El Presidio. Once the long and careful ride to the citadel is
 complete, Reyes says his plan: launch a diversion while Marston...drives a
 wagon full of TNT in a suicide attack!? That's sure what it seems like. Just
 make sure to jump off the wagon a little ways before the gate, ensuring it's
 blown up and John ain't.

 With the gates wide open, El Presidio can be ravaged. Thankfully, Abraham says
 his troops will shoulder the fighting, giving Marston time to search the area
 for Escuella. Out of the three question mark icons that can be inspected, the
 true spot is the barracks, i.e. where most of the infinite amount of troops
 are running from. After a short scene, Javier tries to make his escape by
 jumping out a window. Quickly follow -- the same route he took works -- and
 clearing the balcony, which should give enough time to see him mounting his
 horse. Kill that sucker, put one in Escuella's leg, and hogtie that bastard
 before bringing him to the jail cell. [Alternately, blow Javier away -- it
 doesn't matter much story-wise.]

 Of course, the Army's somehow sent reinforcements but this place is well-
 -equipped to deal with such rabble. Man a cannon and start blowing their
 wagons to kingdom come. Just remember that cannonballs arc, so the farther a
 target is, the higher Marston needs to aim to hit them square. [Although the
 blast radius gives a little leeway, so no worries, generally.] Be mindful of
 the reload times, especially if any federales get close.

 With no more worries in the immediate future, fetch Javier from the cell to
 end the mission.

 Unlock: Clear "The Gates of El Presidio"
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: 300 Fame, 535 Honor [Honor may vary on enemies killed]

 The final Mexican mission! Reyes' rebels have won countless victories up to
 now and are now poised to storm the provincal capital of Escalera. The first
 step is actually saving Reyes from his captors, which culminates in a duel
 with Raul Zubieta. He's just some random soldier and should pose no challenge
 at all, thankfully.

 Following, time to save some local rabble...err, rebel from the local clink.
 Defeat the guards inside and then shoot the locks out -- it helps to aim the
 trajectory so the bullet can't possibly penetrate into the prisoners, natch.
 With the preparations finished, rejoin Reyes and start the assault up the
 road to the mansion.

 There will be soldiers prefacing the fortified road section, and once taken
 out, a bigger threat: a gatling gun bearing down the road. The best way to
 do things is to shoot the foot soldiers (hiding on road) from outside the
 machine gun's range, then take out the gunner and move upwards. Reinforcements
 will arrive halfway through, and the gunner position is filled by random
 guys. [It's quite easy to die here if you run in Rambo style, so take it slow
 if you don't like repeating this boring segment over and over!] Once the
 road is cleared, use the turret to blow up the gate's TNT, breaching the
 mansion. As soldiers rush out the bottleneck, mow 'em down with impunity;
 then, enter inside and use the soldiers' makeshift barricades to nix any
 remaining morons. FINALLY, remount the turret and eliminate any hostiles
 trying to crest the hill.

 But where is Allende and Bill? They try to escape out the backdoor, barely
 managing to make it to a stagecoach before captured. Kill the soldiers near
 the alternate gate and take one of the horses around -- any whistled horses
 spawn incorrectly here, often on the other side of the mansion where they
 can't be ridden. Once the stagecoach is caught up to, disable it by killing
 its detail, driver, and machine-gunner (!?). Marston can give Bill what he
 deserves, at long last, finishing up the Mexican part to the story.

 As Marston says, his jailors want him back in Blackwater, which is in the
 West Elizabeth section of the map -- that's the place north of Thieves'
 Landing that was inaccessible before now. Perhaps buy the LeMat Revolver and
 Rebel Scrap (both in Escalera) before leaving, as they're now unlocked by the
 revolution's end.

 Notes about West Elizabeth:

 - Free safehouse at Blackwater's saloon
 - Remember to buy region maps at Blackwater & Manzanita Post!
 - American Standardbred (all black horse) can be caught in Great Plains area
 - Last two Treasure Hunter ranks can be obtained now

_______________________________________/ WALKTHROUGH [WEST ELIZABETH] [WLK3] |_
11) AGENT ROSS MISSIONS                                                  [WK11]
 Unlock: Clear "An Appointed Time"
 Weapon: High Power Pistol
 Reward: 150 Fame, 25 Honor

 Once they get their hooks in ya, they don't let go... The Blackwater g-men
 (Ross, Fordham) have changed their bargain with John, which now includes
 hunting down the final member of the gang, Dutch van der Linde. Apparently
 he's holed up with renegades at the wreck of the Serendipity riverboat, and
 that's the next destination. Marston gets the High Power Pistol -- arguably
 the best one in the game -- and has his first automobile ride, too. How

 At the wreck site, everything will be deserted so investigate at leisure.
 Once on the top deck, the beaten-up informant (Nastas) will be found...but
 he can't walk. Again, beaten-up! Marston will have to carry him back to the
 car, and fight through the baddies on the way out. Luckily he can wield a
 pistol without dropping the informant, so make sure it's the High Power Pistol
 (or Mauser, if you prefer) and aim well -- there's no taking cover while
 carrying someone. Nastas can die if he gets shot too much, also.

 On the way back, the car breaks down, giving Dutch's men a final chance to
 attack the team. Luckily the Model T craps out right by some boulders and an
 old flatbed, giving plenty of cover...although it's not really needed. Just
 use a rifle and Dead Eye to pick off the large group of horse-riding Indians.
 Finishing the event gets the car working, and the mission ends back in town.
 [Harold MacDougal missions are now available.]
 Unlock: Clear "Bear One Another's Burdens"
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: 150 Fame, 225 Honor [Honor may vary on enemies killed]

 In true "Wild Bunch" fashion, the lawmen are planning a surprise attack in
 Blackwater for when Dutch visits his bank manager. Marston is recruited to
 help, of course. Get up to the rooftop sniper's nest, take a Rolling Block
 Rifle if not obtained already, and wait for the renegades to leave -- that's
 the cue to open fire. Check the 2F windows and descope momentarily if y'need
 to see the environment better. Don't let any escape to the horses (left) or
 around the building (right).

 When enough outlaws are slain, rush into the bank with two of Ross' men. 
 A couple renegades will be behind the bank tellers' window, and one holds a
 woman hostage. Upstairs, three more hoodlums to take care of. Once Dutch is
 finally met, he'll miraculously escape (!?) and need to be pursued out of

 Posse up with the lawmen and ride to Tall Trees, where the escaped renegades
 are forced to continue on foot after their car wrecks. Fighting in all the
 foliage can be very annoying, and it's easy to accidentally shoot an ally in
 the chaos -- just a head's-up that doing so is an automatic mission failure!
 Also, copy everyone else and dismount from the horse as the extra elevation
 makes Marston a sitting duck for snipers. The fight brings everyone up to the
 abandoned Bearclaw Camp used by loggers, and the mission ends when all the
 rebels are grizzly food.

 Speaking of which, Bearclaw Camp is a notorious grizzly hangout, and since
 Marston remains here once the mission and its non-grizzly-spawning protection
 are over, it's best to hightail it back to civilization. Just a head's-up if
 y'plan on looting the corpses Seth style.

 Unlock: Clear "The Prodigal Son Returns (To Yale)"
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: ---

 With the constant failures in capturing Dutch, the lawmen have recruited some
 Army help in their latest venture: tricking the gang into attacking a base of
 supplies where everyone's waiting for them. Marston's chariot is a lot better
 this time, a faster, more armored vehicle with a gatling gun emplacement on
 the flatbed. It doesn't provide that much cover, really, but it does give a

 The battlefield will be the entire Great Plains, actually. It starts out at
 the camp, fighting off 3-4 waves of gangbangers, where the best strategy is
 to do medium-paced sweeping shots with the gun, ensuring that the scattershot
 gun kills the targets without repeat tries. Priority should be given to the
 members who throw dynamite -- being hit by a stick is basically an instant
 KO. Luckily, the likelihood of this is slim early on, ensuring if one does
 die in this fashion, at least there's a checkpoint. [Dead Eye isn't available
 when on the turret.] Towards the end, there's a dynamite-packed wagon to
 detonate, and that about ends it for these festivities.

 NOTE: when firing up/downhill at targets, the gatling gun will typically
 fire into the top of the vehicle's cab, trashing the shot and being a useless
 waste of time. Try to eliminate targets from flat ground for best effect.

 Unlock: Clear "And You Shall Know the Truth"
 Weapon: Pump-action Shotgun
 Reward: 500 Fame, 45 Honor

 [This starts automatically following the previous mission.]

 But it ain't over yet. The Army fears Dutch will escape if given the chance,
 so everyone rides the (most ridiculously lengthy trail) to Cochinay, where
 all hell breaks loose once the entrance gate's blown off. There's resistance
 on the road into town, and at the village, Marston can command the vacant
 gatling gun to dwindle the local population. The ever-popular "place TNT in
 places for no reason" characteristic is still around as a shortcut to victory.

 When the next gate's about to be destroyed, defend the dynamite soldiers from
 Indians on the upper catwalk. If both "planters" are slain, the mission fails;
 one soldier can die, however. Past there, it's Dutch's territory -- not
 surprisingly, he's denoted with a boss symbol.

 Now, Dutch starts on a fortified machine gun nest which prevents him from
 being shot. The trick here isn't defeating him but forcing him to leave the
 position, by exploding the oil lantern and catching the wooden walkways on
 fire. This leads to a "chase scene," except it can be taken at leisure and
 is quite linear, going through the walkways and tunnel system in the mountain.
 Watch the scenes to end the mission and head on home to Beecher's Hope. [That
 song is "Compass" by Jamie Lidell, by the way.] This opens up Abigail's

 NOTE: LancetJades mentions that if you rush through the cave at the end too
       fast, Dutch will fire a shot or two before each cutscene, which can kill
       you if you're not careful.

12) HAROLD MACDOUGAL MISSIONS                                            [WK12]
 Unlock: Clear "Bear One Another's Burdens"
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: Binoculars, 25 Honor

 Now that Nastas' condition has improved thanks to MacDougal (musta been all
 that cocaine!) he reveals the location of Dutch's gang -- the Cochinay hills.
 Using a secret unguarded path, the team arrives at the cliffs northwest of
 Nekoti Rock. Get up the first cliff with Nastas' help, then find an alternate
 route up the second by shimmying west via a time-worn crack. Once regrouped,
 investigate the cave, then escape it when some miners send in a cart full of
 lit dynamite. Of course, they must die for their sins!

 With Nastas staying behind due to a pinprick...err, life-threatening injury,
 Marston has to scale the cliffs alone. Start in the west, and as y'climb, keep
 in that direction until the path mandatorily leads east toward the miners'
 shack. It's quite possible a grizzly or cougar will spawn along the way, so
 listen for telltale growls and animal corpses...after all, if you didn't
 kill it, something else did! Near the top of the old mining track, the next
 segment of the cliffs begins -- this one leads to the summit.

 At the peak, neutralize the scout silently (i.e. throwing knives or knife) to
 obtain the Binoculars item. The mission ends a few scenes later.

 Unlock: Clear "At Home with Dutch"
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: 25 Honor

 One of the more simple missions. His narcotic-fueled mind abuzz, Harold has
 managed to set a meeting with some of Dutch's men up at Bearclaw Camp, in an
 attempt to settle the differences between the two. Of course, that peaceful
 goal is thrown out the window two seconds after arrival at the cabin. Marston
 will have to shoot his way out and escape back to Blackwater on horseback.
 There will be at least 2 fights en route, maybe more if everyone lollygags.
 Reach town to finish up.

 NOTE: When fighting the grizzly in Tall Trees, there's an odd occurance where,
       if both Harold and Marston are thrown from their steeds, Harold will
       take John's horse and use it for the rest of the mission. If John tries
       to whistle for a horse, Harold's comes instead. [This isn't permanent,
       but it's still kind of annoying.]

 Unlock: Clear "For Purely Scientific Purposes"
 Reward: $100, 25 Honor

 With the setup scenes where Dutch's gang wants MacDougal's head, Marston will
 take up the task of alighting him to the train station at Manzanita Post. The
 first step is escaping Blackwater, done by running across the rooftops to the
 horses' last location (in previous mission). This is done after rescuing
 MacDougal from a captor and defeating the rooftop riflemen Dutch has stashed
 around the surrounding streets.

 Once in the Great Plains/Tall Trees area, there'll be two bandit attacks to
 fend off. It's pretty normal fare, although if John dies, he's reset back to
 Blackwater, making it kind of annoying to deal with. Luckily the professor
 doesn't stop riding for one second, and often makes it to the station before
 John! Meeting him there ends his missions, and puts the ball back in the
 court of Ross...

13) ABIGAIL MISSIONS                                                     [WK13]
 Unlock: Clear "And the Truth Shall Set You Free"
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: $100

 With the reunion complete, rebuilding the farm is the next step in John's
 plan. Jack will accompany John en route to MacFarlane's Ranch in what turns
 out to be an actual leisurely ride, no surprise bandit attacks or nothin' for
 once. Once Drew gives the go-ahead, meet with Bonnie at the corral to get the
 herd moving like the good old days (15-head this time).

 The ride back will take the herd through the northeast part of Hennigan's
 Stead, through the Montana Ford, and east past the railroad camp to Beecher's
 Hope. Unlike the first segment's piece and quiet, there's a shootout with some
 rustlers towards the end. They may end up killing some cattle if they can't
 make off with 'em, so if you want a perfect reward at the end, stop 'em cold!
 After that, it's just riding past the hill and corraling them into the pen.

 NOTE: From now until the post-game, John will wear the Rancher Clothing and
       cannot change at the player's whim. Gotta wait awhile!

 Unlock: Clear "The Outlaw's Return"
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: 50 Fame

 This just might be the simplest mission in the game, befitting a quiet country
 rancher. As John's sweet-talking his wife, she notices the corn silo's window
 is open and crows are eating from it. John to the rescue! The object here is
 to kill about 20 crows and scare the rest off. The silo's "healthbar" depletes
 when a crow rushes into the open window, and mission fails if it bottoms out.
 The easiest way to do this is to have a repeater, preferably the 22-clip Evans
 Repeater from Blackwater, and some Dead Eye-refilling items like Tobacco to
 simply go to town on the suckers. Trying to manually aim or use some low-ammo
 gun make not work out so well, as many players have seen.

 NOTE: Another funny way to beat this is to use the "homing dynamite" trick
       (using Dynamite in Dead Eye) to defeat many crows en masse. That way
       John can get 10+ if things work out right.

 Unlock: Clear "Pestilence"
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: ???

 An urgent telegram says the entire county of Hennigan's Stead has had their
 corn sack supply (!?) eaten by weevils (!!!) and only John can assist the
 MacFarlanes. This is a typical delivery type of mission, with a 12-hour timer
 added for the way to -- which is very easy to beat, even if one goes slow
 enough to hear all the couple's conversations -- and nothin' but pleasant
 chatter on the way back.
14) JACK MISSIONS                                                        [WK14]
 Unlock: Clear "The Outlaw's Return"
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: ???

 Now that the outlaw has returned safetly, it's time he reacquainted with his
 son -- elk hunting trip! Rufus the family dog will act as a bloodhound and
 lead the duo up into Tall Trees. Follow him to the lone elk, then kill & skin
 it to demonstrate the process to Jack. When the second and final herd's found,
 let him kill one and take down the others. The last leg is stopping by the
 Manzanita general store and selling the elk meat for some profits.

 NOTE: All elk meat in the inventory must be sold to complete the mission, so
       avid hunters may find themselves losing their hard-won food earlier than
       they wanted. [Thanks to LancetJades for this info.]

 Unlock: Clear "John Marston and Son"
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: ???

 With Jack turning into a regular Danny Oakley (*snicker*) it's time he put
 his skills to good use, scaring off wolves threatening the herd. Rufus and
 his nose are enlisted as well, as the family Marston seeks out the wolfpack
 up in Tall Trees. After a long ride, slay the lobos in the small clearing,
 then the remaining ones up near Tanner's Reach. They're usually at a cliff's
 base, so take 'em from level ground instead -- it's easier that way. [Jack's
 horse has died on this mission, so don't ride too far ahead, and maybe even
 stay away from rivers and high cliffs, if possible.]

 Unlock: Clear "Wolves, Dogs and Sons"
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: ???

 Jack's gone hunting grizzly by himself, and it's up to John to save him from
 certain doom. Let Rufus' nose lead up to Tall Trees and Nekoti Rock, where
 at the summit, find Jack and his quarry. When the grizzly rushes, put one
 between the eyes and mount up for home, which is thankfully uneventful. If
 only they had one of them ambulance sirens...

 Unlock: Clear "Spare the Love, Spoil the Child," "A Continual Feast" and
         "Old Friends, New Problems"
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: ???

 With the family's missions done, Jack's -- and the game's -- final one shows
 up. Soldiers will attack the farmstead, forcing John to steel his family in
 the house and defend the yard with Uncle. The first wave attacks from the
 south on foot, a typical bunch except a few may throw Fire Bottles. Retreat
 to the house's porch for the second and third waves, both which arrive on
 horseback (from SW and NE, respectively) and dismount to seek shelter. The
 porch provides excellent cover; there really couldn't be a better place to
 shoot these double-crossers. Rejoin Uncle when they're gone.

 During the flight to the barn, 3-4 more waves appear from all the directions,
 using horses to quickly close the distance. It's highly recommended to use the
 silo -- whose ladder has been fixed for this very mission -- as it provides a
 height advantage and welcome cover, not to mention the action typically
 centralizes right below it. Just make sure to use Dead Eye to get some fast
 kills as Jack/Abigail can die if Marston's trigger finger gets too lazy.

 When the Army's held off, rejoin la familia at the barn and see them off to
 safety. John, however, faces off against the army in one last showdown. The
 outcome is fixed, by the way, and John automatically enters Dead Eye during
 the course of it. When it's all over, return Jack and Abi to the barn for
 the reunion. [The song that plays in the ensuing scene is "Bury Me Not on the
 Lone Prairie" by William Elliot Whitmore, by the way.]


 Now, that's the final story mission. However, the story has no closure until
 Jack -- who the player can now control -- completes the "Remember My Family"
 stranger's task. This can be started in Blackwater immediately by visiting
 the train station. [See Stranger's Tasks section for details.]

 As for what carries over into the future, everything does typically, even
 horses that would otherwise be nags by now. [Jack starts with a gray horse,
 but after ditching it, whistle again and the old one should return.]

15) UNCLE MISSIONS                                                       [WK15]
 Note that Uncle's missions are available after beating "The Outlaw's Return"
 but his icon doesn't appear on the map 100% of the time like others' do.

 Unlock: Clear "The Outlaw's Return"
 Reward: 150 Fame, ??? Honor

 Uncle's sleeping instead of taking the herd to pasture, so John kicks his old
 keister into gear and decides to help out. Like usual, an NPC leads the herd
 and John has the back position, controlling their movements in a lazy zig-zag
 pattern. [True to his nature, Uncle may not help out that much, forcing John
 to do the shepherding without someone in the lead position. He can't be that
 poor a ranch hand, can he...?] 

 En route to the Great Plains pasture, the duo finds themselves interrupting a
 train robbery. The explosion spooks the herd, forcing John to stop the herd
 (move to front position) and hope they don't get hit by a train. Luckily if
 the train moves in-between the herd, that forces the rest of the stampeders
 to halt, too.

 As for the train robbery, John can defeat the bandits or stay with the herd.
 There's about eight people on horseback to defeat if Marston can't resist the
 urge. Either way, round up the stragglers (usually about 3)

 Unlock: Clear "By Sweat and Toil"
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: $100

 Uncle's spotted some wild mustangs beyond a nearby ridge, and with the ranch
 almost in the red, collectin' a few could help. For those who always sucked at
 horsebreaking, time to do it anyway. After a short ride 'cross the prairie,
 the herd is spotted, mostly a mix of 2-star types and nothing worth keeping
 (which is good because they can't be kept anyway). Marston has to catch three
 in all, which he should've already had practice doing in previous missions
 and maybe even searching for regional wonderhorses. Most are rather feisty,
 though, so there's no easy-peasy ones. When all three are caught, return to
 the ranch corral to finish.

__________________________________________________________________|¯| |¯|¯\ |¯|
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| | | |  \| |
IV. UNDEAD NIGHTMARE WALKTHROUGH                           [NDDN] | | | |     |
__________________________________________________________________| |_| | |\  |
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|_____|_| \_|

 Undead Nightmare is a DLC released on October 26, 2010. It's available as a
 separate download (1.4GB, 800 MSP) or as the "Undead Nightmare Collection"
 composed of itself and the two previous DLC (1.6GB, 1600 MSP). After all the
 fun historically respectful portrayals in the game, Rockstar finally relaxes
 a bit for this zombie-themed storyline. Once U.N. is downloaded, it can be
 played as a separate entity from the campaign menu. Notes:

 - U.N. is treated as a separate campaign
 - ALL outfits do NOT carry over (a few do, though)
 - Weapons from campaign do NOT carry over
 - Items (campsite, etc.) do NOT carry over
 - Last-used horse does NOT carry over
 - There are NO shopkeepers or money to be found!
 - Fast-traveling is done from beds, not campsites
 - No honor/fame to bother with

__________________________________________________________________|¯| |¯|¯\ |¯|
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| | | |  \| |
01) LOVE IN THE TIME OF PLAGUE                             [UN01] | | | |     |
__________________________________________________________________| |_| | |\  |
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|_____|_| \_|
 Unlock: ---
 Weapon: Double-barreled Shotgun, Lasso, Cattleman Revolver, Torch, Repeater
 Reward: ---

 The spooky side story begins at John's Beecher's Hope ranch, during the dead
 of night. When control is given to the player, John will be in possession of
 a single weapon (double-barreled shotty) and have to...euthanize an old buddy.
 This leads to obtaining a lasso for restraining Abigail and Jack, who've now
 been infected as well. Don't worry about accidentally shooting them; the gun
 isn't available for this section.

 Naturally, John doesn't know how best to deal with a zombie outbreak, and can
 only rest his hopes on finding a doctor in town, i.e. Blackwater. He'll add a
 Cattleman Revolver and a Bandolier to his arsenal at this point, and lock the
 door behind him (can't get back in). 

 For now, the only available region is West Elizabeth -- the bridge to Thieves'
 Landing is busted, and Montana Ford now deals an instant kill when crossing.
 Further exploration will find that the other settlements have met a rather
 grizzly end, and are burning to the ground. Tch! Approaching Blackwater seems
 like it's met the same fate as well, and John is scripted to go in on foot (no
 steed for backup).

 Visit the map marker for a minor reunion with Professor MacDougal, then get
 set to fight off the zombie horde. It's not as rapid-pace as a game like Left
 4 Dead, but one still has to deal with the ammo shortage, so use Deadeye to
 get off perfect shots. [NOTE: Zombies cannot climb ladders, so rooftops can
 provide a relatively safe haven!] Corpses may carry a meager amount of ammo
 or nothing, for reference. It's also worth mentioning that places like the
 gunsmith and police station have nothing salvagable (gun-wise, etc).

 The next map marker's at the merchant's parlor down by the docks. A short
 encounter with a survivor earns a Torch, a melee weapon that, unsurprisingly,
 burns its targets. [This also starts the survivor mission "Curious Tales from
 Blackwater," which overlaps with the main quest.] Also unsurprisingly, after
 learning that the folks he's been killing were already dead, John's compelled
 to check out the cemetery. The horse is available at this point, if y'want a
 quicker ride, and running over people is still tons of fun!

 At the church, the directive tells of burning a coffin along the northern
 exterior wall. The act causes some undead to arise, and each time this act is
 repeated (x4) gives the same result. When all coffins are ablaze, it's time to
 rekill the soulless shamblers. During this process, Mordecai Robbard -- the
 uncle the survivor spoke of -- appears as a "bruiser zombie". He has a bumrush
 attack and a little extra fortitude, but can be shot and burned like any of
 the others. Keeping a fence (etc.) as separation can help avoid getting
 swarmed. Be sure to pick up that Repeater Carbine near his grave, too! When
 all objectives're met, the Blackwater graveyard is cleansed and the game'll

__________________________________________________________________|¯| |¯|¯\ |¯|
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| | | |  \| |
02) CURIOUS TALES FROM BLACKWATER                          [UN02] | | | |     |
__________________________________________________________________| |_| | |\  |
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|_____|_| \_|
 Unlock: Complete "Love in the Time of Plague"
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: "The Downward Spiral" achievement

 This mission appears when heading into town. Some survivors will have banded
 together on a building, and need help. If y'check the map, you'll find there's
 an icon staying Blackwater's status is "under attack". Approach the bank,
 where the ammo cache is said to be, and the "town safety" gauge should have
 appeared. This goes up when zombies are slain, and each circle above the gauge
 represents a full bar that needs to be completed before the town can be really
 cleaned up. [Ammo cache is in a chest on 2F, containing 30x Sniper ammo.]

 It's possible to get onto the survivors' safe rooftop and deliver the ammo,
 but not necessary. When all are slain, an autosave is earned and a notice
 that our protagonist can now sleep in beds and explore town without a lessened
 threat of attack. Towns that have been "saved" in this fashion will have a
 blue cross icon instead of the puke-green "under attack" one. Towns eventually
 become overrun again, though, so don't hold onto that safety too long... Since
 there's no campsite feature in Undead Nightmare, beds become even more useful
 as they have a fast travel feature!

 NOTE: If an overrun town is left in that state for protracted periods of time,
       survivors will begin to die. If all survivors die, the town cannot be
       rescued ever again, meaning no more free sleeping/fast travel there!
       There is an achievement that depends on all towns being saved at the
       same time, mind you.

 In any case, helping the survivors unlocks the next step a little way down
 the block. Visit the icon to find more huddling denizens, and a massive green
 circle appears (not unlike the purple ones for strangers' tasks) as an area
 to find more survivors in. Visit the SW corner of town to find the others,
 ending the mission on a...bloody note. New Austin, the middle region on the
 map, is now accessible, and the goal becomes to locate Nigel West Dickens and
 Seth. Their locations (Fort Mercer and The Old Bacchus Place, respectively)
 are marked on the map, and can be done in any order.
 Alternatively, before doing story-related stuff, it's now possible to save
 towns and do other stranger missions. The former types can give new weapon
 rewards, which is always useful when it comes to crunch time.

 Armadillo --------------> nothing
 Cochinay ---------------> Bolt Action Rifle
 Gaptooth Breach --------> Dynamite (x4)
 Hennigan's Stead -------> nothing
 Manzanita Post ---------> Tomahawks (x5)
 Pacific Union R&R Camp -> Rolling Block Rifle
 Plainview --------------> nothing
 Rathskellar Fork -------> Explosive Rifle
 Ridgewood Farm ---------> Springfield Rifle
 Thieves' Landing -------> Fire Bottle (x4)
 Twin Rocks -------------> Volcanic Pistol

 These, as well as the ammo boxes left around the areas, can be re-earned when
 a town's safety is again threatened.

__________________________________________________________________|¯| |¯|¯\ |¯|
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| | | |  \| |
03) A CURE FOR MOST OF WHAT AILS YOU                       [UN03] | | | |     |
__________________________________________________________________| |_| | |\  |
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|_____|_| \_|
 Unlock: Complete "Curious Tales from Blackwater"
 Weapon: Undead Bait, Blunderbuss (and ammo builds for both of them)
 Reward: "Judge a Man By The..." achievement (if Seth's mission is done)

 West Dickens has set up shop at Fort Mercer, continuing to push his terrible
 tonic on unsuspecting fools. But, he really believes he can make a cure for
 the plague, and asks John to find him 5 Desert Sage and Violet Snowdrop. As
 campaign players know, the former grows on bushes and has purple petals; the
 latter is similarly colored and appears only in Tall Trees (northeast).

 Additionally, West gives a "Build: Undead Bait" and "Ammo: Undead Bait". The
 former allows John to create undead bait out of 1 Wild Feverfew and 1 Prairie
 Poppy. The latter is a throwable weapon that attracts the zombies to the
 tossed location (similar to boomer bile in Left 4 Dead 2).

 NOTE: From now on, Fort Mercer's gates will be permanently locked, instead
       requiring in/out access via exterior ladders.

 Expedite the searching by using Survivalist Maps. When all are collected,
 meet up with West at Repentance Rock, a ways west of Fort Mercer. There, John
 receives the Phosphorus Coating (accessible from inventory), which allows all
 bullets to catch targets aflame for a short while. The coating uses up one
 sage (any variety) and one Violet Snowdrop each time it's used.

 West's next segment takes place at Riley's Charge, down the squiggly cliff
 path northeast of the fort. Search at the designated spot to get "Old Parts,"
 then meet the bunko back at Benedict Point station. He'll hand over an ancient
 Blunderbuss for horde-clearing, as well as a build for manufacturing ammo its
 ammo (uses any 10 undead body parts, which are now dropped by zombie corpses).

__________________________________________________________________|¯| |¯|¯\ |¯|
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| | | |  \| |
04) GET BACK IN THAT HOLE, PARTNER                         [UN04] | | | |     |
__________________________________________________________________| |_| | |\  |
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|_____|_| \_|
 Unlock: Complete "Curious Tales from Blackwater"
 Weapon: ---
 Reward: "Judge a Man By The..." achievement (if Dickens' mission is done)

 Seth has taken up residence at the Old Bacchus Place, the easternmost point
 along river makin' up the the US-Mexico border, and is quite unfazed about
 the recent goings-on. To help speed up the "cure" for the problem, he suggests
 clearing out New Austin's cemeteries, at:

 - Coot's Chapel
 - Odd Fellow's Rest
 - Tumbleweed

 These boneyards are cleaned out just like Blackwater's -- burn the coffins
 via torchlight, incur the zombie horde's ire, and stave off the "boss" zombie
 revived by some unearthly force. It's often best to rush around burning the
 targets, then switching to zombie-killing mode full force; trying to do both
 at once can be rather annoying, as the torch ain't that helpful as a cudgel.
 For posterity's sake, the boss zombies are Alma Horlick (Coot's Chapel),
 Peter Turner (Odd Fellow's Rest), and Jimmy Saint (Tumbleweed). They're just
 like normal types except for their loose relation to the campaign.

 When all three graveyards are smokin', return to Seth to finish.

__________________________________________________________________|¯| |¯|¯\ |¯|
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| | | |  \| |
05) AMERICAN IMPERIALISM                                   [UN05] | | | |     |
__________________________________________________________________| |_| | |\  |
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|_____|_| \_|
 Unlock: Complete West Dickens and Seth's first missions
 Weapon: Winchester Repeater
 Reward: Access to Mexico

 West Dickens has set up shop at Solomon's Folly, a bit southwest of Benedict
 Point station. He informs Marston that the only way into Mexico is by hopping
 the U.S. Army's train, and some disgruntled deserters at the Scratching Post
 (WSW of location, riverside) can supply a uniform.

 Approach the camp to find its current safety threatened by zombie hordes. A
 notification says John can either steal the uniform and face consequences
 (i.e. being shot at) or help the deserters to earn it. The outfit's in a
 chest by the campfire, either way.

 Trek to Benedict Point when properly outfitted to find it also in the process
 of being ravaged. The soldiers will have boarded the train, and act as allies
 for the time being, so help 'em out. At the final car, one of the corpses has
 a Winchester Repeater, too. Hold off a few waves (from all sides) until the
 train finally hits the road.

 The ride toward Mexico will be eventful, but Marston doesn't have to waste any
 ammo -- the soldiers' concentrated fire and the train's speed prevent any
 unwanted passengers. (Those doing ambient challenges can get tons of bolter
 kills here, and even a few retchers, too.) Eventually the train hits an actual
 roadblock, forcing the soldiers to combat the zombies on foot. The swarm'll
 come from the train's direction, meaning a few good Explosive Rifle shots can
 clear the tracks quite well. The men-at-arms won't survive the fight, or at
 least won't bother to stick around, so Marston'll have to play engineer and
 release the brakes himself.

 Following a short scene, Nueva Paraiso is available! This means there's also
 more cities that can be liberated n' stuff. These places don't always require
 more effort than the States' towns, but retchers and bruisers are higher in
 the mix (shouldn't be totally unexpected, though). Here's what's unlockable
 at the moment:

 - Agave Viejo --> Ammo (2 weapon types)
 - Chuparosa ----> Schofield Revolver
 - El Matadero --> Dynamite (x4)
 - Escalera -----> Buffalo Rifle
 - Nosalida -----> Henry Repeater
 - Tesoro Azul --> Double-action Revolver
 - Torquemada ---> Pump-action Shotgun

 Casa Madrugada and El Presidio are considered "safe zones" -- not unlike
 Fort Mercer -- that can't be overrun or under attack. Las Hermanas can't be
 entered without seeing the story-related scene at the train platform. Also,
 be careful when saving Torquemada as retcher explosions can set off TNT
 barrels, injuring survivors. And, when a survivor is injured, they blame John
 for the misfortune, firing on him relentlessly until the town is saved. It's
 an added annoyance but tolerable as long as one has cover. [They go back to
 normal when the town's liberated, however.]

__________________________________________________________________|¯| |¯|¯\ |¯|
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| | | |  \| |
06) MOTHER SUPERIOR BLUES                                  [UN06] | | | |     |
__________________________________________________________________| |_| | |\  |
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|_____|_| \_|
 Unlock: Complete "American Imperialism"
 Weapon: Holy Water (x5)
 Reward: "The Superior Dance" achievement

 Las Hermanas can't be entered without first viewing the scene at the train
 station platform, in which John is tasked with helping the nuns fight off the
 demon spawn. Like usual, it's best to secure the high ground and eliminate
 the sacreligious intruders from there -- a ladder is just inside the main
 gate, right-hand side (among others). Although the mother superior conveyed
 her nuns were innocent, many have taken up firearms, too, leaving John to do
 his business without any annoying "rescue the damsel" situations.

 And, like usual, talking with the survivor leader to scrounge up ammo is also
 optional...and not worth doing. There's nine "waves" to eliminate before the
 rest can be mopped up, making this the largest hellhole to clean up so far.
 Feel free to use the courtyard as the main hunting ground, rather than going
 inside for close-quarters combat. Perhaps the best overlook is the western
 roof, accessible by some latticework. [Unfortunately, zombie nuns' heads don't
 explode in a brillant display of blood...maybe it's the headgear?]

 Return to the MS at the train station and she'll offer her theory of what's
 happened, and ask another favor: retrieving a normal undead alive. Remember,
 normal undead are just typical zombies -- i.e. not the fat one, the fast one,
 the spitting one. As the most common type, it shouldn't be too hard to wrangle
 one nearby, like down the railroad track. Bring it back to the convent's front

 The third and final favor for the MS is cleansing Sepulcro -- the region's
 graveyard -- of its risen dead. Marston gets five vials of Holy Water, usable
 like a throwing weapon, for the task. Unlike the showing of the test subject,
 this water will set monsters ablaze in a purifying blue fire...very sparkly!
 Anyway, cleansing a graveyard should be no big deal at this point, and it's
 done like the others. The lack of high ground's no surprise, but unlike the
 others, ruins of Spanish architecture help immensely, as John can easily put
 the ruined foundations -- acting as perimeter fences -- between the undead
 and himself. Zombies can't climb 'em! The donkey cart by the NW side can be
 also be used for a small elevation difference. Enjoy killing the "boss" undead
 here, one of its newer residents in the storyline. [I won't say who for
 spoilers' sake!]

 Lastly, return to Mother Superior in the convent's sanctuary. There'll be a
 tip to see Abraham Reyes in Escalera, so that's the next stop, amigos! [Those
 wondering what the badass rockabilly/surfer song is that plays en route to
 town...apparently it doesn't have a known name. It's by the Kreeps though.]

__________________________________________________________________|¯| |¯|¯\ |¯|
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| | | |  \| |
07) A CIVILIZED MAN / ON A PALE HORSE                      [UN07] | | | |     |
__________________________________________________________________| |_| | |\  |
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|_____|_| \_|
 Unlock: Complete "Mother Superior Blues"
 Weapon: Semi-auto Shotgun
 Reward: "All's Right with the World" achievement, "Death" horse
 Escalera will have to be saved before this is accessible, probably. Visit
 Reyes to see how he's fared, then hear about how a crypt's curse is causing
 all the problems...supposedly. It's located in the mansion's backyard, near
 the bullfighting ring. The task is returning the death mask to its altar.

 It can be pretty dark inside, but the mysterious girl will follow along and
 shed a little (torch)light in the excavated ruin. [Zombies also won't attack
 her, so, again, no damsel in distress situations to bother with.] Progressing
 can be slow as zombies don't immediately spawn on the field; most unearth
 themselves when John approaches. In the room with the descending stairway,
 make sure to find the dead end containing the zombie and Semi-auto Shotgun!
 The zombie mix is pretty normal, with a few more spitting kind deeper in the

 In the final chamber, the duo will be locked in and have to face off a few
 waves of the ancient zombies and some spitters/bruisers. Shouldn't be too
 hard as their positions are marked on the map -- just pick a "corner" and 
 eliminate when they appear. Finally, put the mask on the altar for a scene,
 after which John automatically returns to Beecher's Hope.

 Afterwards, Death, the final Horse of the Apocalypse, is unlocked and Marston
 can ride around the land in post-game fashion. There's no more missions to do
 and any "lost" towns remain so, but there's still challenges to complete and
 outfits to unlock. [Also, when Marston whistles without having a particular
 horse, he can attract an "undead steed," which may not listen to his commands
 but has increased health/stamina. Cool!] 
______________________________________________________/ V. APPENDICES [APND] |_
ACHIEVEMENTS                                                             [ACHV]
 Achievements give gamerpoints by performing special feats of excellence, and
 for the five-games-in-one Orange Box, there's quite a lot to do. I'll split
 'em up by game. Additional notes will be found in the games' section, if
 applicable. Asterisked (*) items denote achievements unlocked in multiplayer.
 ________________________________ _____ ______________________________________
| ACHIEVEMENT                    | PTS | OBTAIN                               |
| A Savage Soul                  |  10 | Beat "At Home with Dutch"            |
| Austin Overpowered             |  25 | ------------ SEE BELOW ------------- |
| Bearly Legal                   |  05 | Kill & skin eighteen (18) grizzlies  |
| Buckin' Awesome                |  10 | ------------ SEE BELOW ------------- |
| Bullseye                       |  20 | Get 250 headshots (any game mode)    |
| Clemency Pays                  |  10 | Capture a bounty alive               |
| Dastardly                      |  05 | Watch a hogtied woman hit by a train |
| Evil Spirits                   |  25 | Beat Tumbleweed and Tesoro Azul*     |
| Exquisite Taste                |  10 | Purchase a rare weapon               |
| Fightin' Around the World      |  05 | Knock someone out in every saloon    |
| Friends in High Places         |  10 | Use a Pardon with a $5000+ bounty    |
| Frontiersman                   |  20 | Fully complete an Ambient Challenge  |
| Go Team!                       |  20 | Win 4 straight public fights*        |
| Gold Medal                     |  25 | Get a gold medal rank in campaign    |
| Have Gun Will Travel           |  20 | Beat all hideouts in one session*    |
| He Cleans Up Well!             |  10 | Unlock the Elegant Suit              |
| Heading South on a White Bronco|  05 | ------------ SEE BELOW ------------- |
| High Roller                    |  10 | Win 2000+ chips in one poker hand    |
| Hit the Trail                  |  10 | ------------ SEE BELOW ------------- |
| How the West Was Won           |  20 | Reach level 50*                      |
| In a Hail of Bullets           |  20 | Get 500 revolver/pistol kills        |
| Instinto Asesino               |  25 | Beat Fort Mercer and Nosalida*       |
| Into the Sunset                | 100 | Beat the final mandatory mission     |
| Land of Opportunity            |  30 | Beat "The Assault at Fort Mercer"    |
| Long Arm of Marston            |  20 | Get 500 rifle/repeater/shotgun kills |
| Man of Honor / Chivalry's Dead |  25 | Get highest fame + hi/lowest honor   |
| Manifest Destiny               |  05 | Kill the last Great Plains buffalo   |
| More Than a Fistful            |  10 | Earn $10,000 total in campaign       |
| Most Wanted                    |  10 | As Public Enemy, escape after 10min* |
| Mowing Them Down               |  20 | Get 500 turret/cannon kills          |
| No Dice                        |  10 | Win Liar's Dice without losing a die |
| No More Fancy Words            |  20 | Beat "An Appointed Time"             |
| Nature or Nurture?             |  50 | Beat "Remember My Family"            |
| On the Trail of de Vaca        |  10 | Unlock all locations in campaign     |
| People are Still Strange       |  25 | Complete fifteen (15) stranger tasks |
| Posse Up!                      |  10 | Form an eight-player posse*          |
| Red Dead Rockstar              |  10 | ------------ SEE BELOW ------------- |
| Redeemed                       | 100 | Get 100% completion in campaign      |
| Slow on the Draw               |  10 | Get 10 assists in a single hideout*  |
| Sons of Mexico                 |  40 | Beat "The Gates of El Presidio"      |
| Spurred to Victory             |  10 | Beat 20 story missions w/ same horse |
| Strange Things are Afoot       |  10 | Beat a stranger task                 |
| That Government Boy            |  10 | Beat "Exodus in America"             |
| The Benefits of Civilization   |  90 | Win "And the Truth Will Set You Free"|
| The Gunslinger                 |  05 | Headshot a foe in expert target mode |
| The Quick and Everyone Else... |  20 | Be top scorer in 3 straight FFAs*    |
| Unnatural Selection            |  20 | Kill one of every (26) wild animal   |
| What About Hand Grenades?      |  26 | Get a ringer in a game of Horseshoes |

Downloading the "Outlaws to the End" DLC gives ten more achievements.
 _________________________ _____ _____________________________________________
| CO-OP ACHIEVEMENTS      | PTS | OBTAIN                                      |
| 2 Guys, 1 Coop          |  10 | Complete a co-op mission w/ just 1 ally     |
| Bulletproof             |   5 | Complete a co-op mission w/o dying          |
| Dodge This              |  10 | Get a 10+ kill chain in an Advanced mission |
| Friends Indeed          |   5 | Complete a co-op mission w/ no one dying    |
| Have Posse, Will Travel |  15 | Complete all co-op missions                 |
| Stake a Claim           |   5 | Gold medal any co-op mission                |
| Struck Gold             |  10 | Gold medal all co-op missions               |
| The Mother Lode         |  10 | Gold medal all Advanced co-op missions      |
| Well Done               |   5 | Complete a co-op mission                    |
| You Rule!               |  15 | Complete all Advanced co-op missions        |

Downloading "Legends and Killers" DLC gives ten more achievements, too.
 _________________________ _____ _____________________________________________
| L&K ACHIEVEMENTS        | PTS | OBTAIN                                      |
| Axe Master              |  10 | Complete all Tomahawk challenges (campaign) |
| Call it a Comeback!     |  10 | Come back from a 2-0 deficit in a HYO game  |
| Double Bagger           |  10 | Double capture 3 times in a Gold Rush game  |
| Hail Mary               |  10 | Get a 35-yard (or better) Tomahawk kill     |
| Headhunter              |  10 | Get 5 headshot kills (Shootout/Gang Shoot.) |
| Legendary               |  10 | Reach LV50 and then "Pass into Legend"      |
| Original Gunslinger     |  10 | Get 25 Deadeye kills as Red Harlow          |
| Reeeeal Good            |  10 | Get 25 Dynamite kills as Pig Josh           |
| Stick and Move          |  10 | Get 3 throwing/knife kills (any match)      |
| Who Needs Deadeye?      |  10 | Kill 3 or more foes in a standoff/showdown  |

 Downloading the "Liars and Cheats" pack gives even more achievements, for
 multi-player Liar's Dice, Poker, the new racing mode (Grand Prix) and a few
 miscellaneous ones.
 _________________________ _____ _____________________________________________
| L&C ACHIEVEMENTS        | PTS | OBTAIN                                      |
| Avatar of Death         |  05 | Complete a Stronghold map w/o dying         |
| Compulsive Liar         |  10 | Liar's Dice: win w/o losing a single die    |
| From Glue to Mon Dieu!  |  05 | Grand Prix: finish last, then 1st next time |
| Good Call               |  05 | Liar's Dice: make a spot-on call            |
| In a Van Down by the River 05 | Poker: win on the river's last card         |
| Legion of Boom          |  05 | Stronghold: get a triple kill on attackers  |
| Master Exploder         |  10 | Finish Explosive Rifle single-player chlng. |
| One Die to Rule Them All|  05 | Liar's Dice: win with only one die left     |
| Over 9001               |  05 | Obtain 9001+ pts (single free roam session) |
| Pa-Pa-Pa-Poker Ace      |  10 | Poker: beat game w/ blinds at maximum       |
| Peacewalker             |  05 | Finish race w/o getting shot or firing back |
|Put the Posse on a Pedestal 05 | Obtain 50K+ pts in single free roam session |
| The Big Bluff           |  05 | Win by forcing opponent to fold better hand |
| Triple Crown            |  10 | Get 1st place all races in any Grand Prix   |
|We Must Protect This House! 10 | On defense: make enemies fail all objectivs |

 Downloading the Undead Nightmare (Collection) pack offers even more to get!
 ________________________________ ____ _______________________________________
| L&C ACHIEVEMENTS               | PT | OBTAIN                                |
| All's Right with the World     | 25 | Complete Undead Nightmare campaign    |
| Chupathingy                    | 10 | Kill a chupacabra                     |
| Fan Service                    | 10 | Find and break a unicorn              |
| Judge a Man by the...          | 30 | Finish West Dickens & Seth's missions |
| Kingpin                        | 10 | Land Grab: fend off 8 unique players  |
|                                |    | during your time on top               |
| Mad Marston: the Trail Warrior | 10 | Reach Lv5 in all Undead Challenges    |
| Six Years in the Making        | 10 | Kill a sasquatch                      |
| Smoke That Skinwagon           | 10 | Undead Overrun: make it to 15th wave  |
| Spinning Plates                | 25 | Have all towns "safe" at same time    |
| The Downward Spiral            | 10 | Beat "Curious Tales from Blackwater"  |
| The Superior Dance             | 10 | Beat "Mother Superior Blues"          |
| Zed's Dead, Baby               | 40 | Reach 100% Completion in U.N.         |

 • AUSTIN OVERPOWERED: Beat Twin Rocks, Pike's Basin, and Gaptooth Breach in

 • BUCKIN' AWESOME: Break the Hungarian Half-Bred, American Thoroughbred, and
   the Kentucky Saddler in the campaign. One can know they're broken in by
   checking to see if their deeds are available for purchase at general stores.
   There's a bit of glitchiness with this achievement, seems like, so if all
   else fails, re-break the horses and see if it unlocks.

 • DODGE THIS: Perhaps the best way to get this is going to "The Herd" as a
   Marksman (II) and peek over the edge at the start, and snipe a bunch of the
   rustlers in the basin below. It's incredibly easy as long as one's handy
   with the weapon. This can also be done elsewhere, such as The Escape's first
   section that has exactly ten enemies.

 • HEADING SOUTH ON A WHITE BRONCO: This is obtained by killing 20+ lawmen and
   evading the cops while riding a Hungarian Half-Bred. Note that the
   description's specificity about the US marshals is false -- this can be done
   in Mexico as well (can personally verify). A good way to do it is to hide up
   in the Escalara mansion's guardtower, kill federales until the right amount
   is obtained, then hide in that tower until the wanted level disappears. Ride
   out of town, hopefully reinitiating the fugitive search, and hide in the
   southern hills until the achievement unlocks. [Killing the pursuers also
   unlocks the achievement. LancetJades mentions that once the requisite bounty
   is obtained, saving often makes the fuzz appear outside the campsite for
   easy disposal.]

 • FIGHTIN' AROUND THE WORLD: There are seven saloons in the game (Armadillo,
   Rathskeller Fork, Thieves' Landing, Escalera, Chuparosa, Casa Madrugada,
   Blackwater) and a knockout is classified as an opponent falling to the
   floor unconscious -- it only lasts a few seconds. Note that beating up an
   unwilling participant, like someone who runs away, doesn't seem to count
   so always pick on people your own size (i.e. who fight back)!

 • HIT THE TRAIL: Get from Blackwater to Escalara, before sundown, in a single
   multiplayer session. This works best if one has a fast horse and a lobby
   with few (belligerent) people. Note that if the achievement is gotten in a
   vehicle of some kind, whoever's riding shotgun also unlocks it!

 • MANIFEST DESTINY: Buffalo that die other than being shot -- such as falling
   off a cliff, getting hit by a train, etc. --- don't count towards the
   achievement and don't respawn either, so always make sure Marston is the
   one who gets the credit!

 • NO DICE: This is a lot easier to do with only one opponent, as it means
   Marston only has to win five hands in a row. This is great because once 4
   hands are won, it's easy to determine what the guy's last die is based on
   his bet. [Try playing against 2 opponents and you'll fail a lot!]

 • ON THE TRAIL OF DE VACA: To "discover a region," buy the map of that
   region at a general store or similar place; then, use that map from the
   inventory (they're one-time-only expendables). Doing this for them all will
   unlock the achievement.

 • RED DEAD ROCKSTAR: This is obtained by killing a Rockstar dev or someone
   else who's killed one. As such, it's somewhat of a "viral achievement," in
   that as more time passes, it gets easier to obtain.

 • SPINNING PLATES: All towns must be saved at the same time, meaning none can
   be completely overrun...supposedly. In the post-game segment, I had three
   areas (Blackwater, Cochinay, Gaptooth) overrun and managed to attain the
   achievement anyway. Not sure if it was doing them all without a hard save,
   because I know Gaptooth reverted at some point, but it's not entirely
   impossible. Increase the number of overrun towns, though, and it just might
   be. [Aforementioned towns eventually revert to lost -- this is inevitable.]

 • THE GUNSLINGER: Once the targeting mode is set to Expert, make sure the
   headshot obtained is on a listed enemy, i.e. red dot indicator. Shooting a
   civilian or domesticated animal doesn't seem to work to those ends.

 And, of course, there's avatar awards to find. Most are available, but some
 are dependant on the yet-unreleased Skin it to Win it/Strike it Rich DLC.
 _______________________________ _____________________________________________
| AVATAR AWARDS                 | OBTAIN                                      |
| Black on Red RDR Logo T-Shirt | Chest at Riley's Charge                     |
| Gentleman's Attire            | Do Rockstar's "Skin it to Win it" Challenge |
| Lady's Finery                 | Do Rockstar's "Skin it to Win it" Challenge |
| Sombrero                      | Score a hatshot on an foe (any difficulty)  |
| Yellow Rockstar Logo T-Shirt  | Chest at Beecher's Hope cabin (attic)       |
| Posse T-Shirt                 | Obtained when multiplayer community reaches |
|                               | certain amount in "Strike it Rich!" chllnge |

AMBIENT CHALLENGES                                                       [AMBN]
 Ambient challenges are found in campaign (single-player mode) and completed
 by John doing certain feats of excellence in surviving, hunting, and so on.
 Extra explanations will be given at the bottom of each section. Each AC is
 started in a different way.

 MASTER HUNTER -: Shoot and skin a coyote
 SHARPSHOOTER --: Shoot a bird
 SURVIVALIST ---: Pick a wild herb or flower
 TREASURE HUNTER: Do the "save the treasure hunter" random event
  ____ ____________________________________________________/ MASTER HUNTER |_
 | LV | TASK                                                                 |
 | 01 | Kill and skin five (5) coyotes                                       |
 | 02 | Kill and skin five (5) deer (only does drop pelts, remember)         |
 | 03 | Kill and skin five (5) wolves; all 5 kills must be w/ melee knife    |
 | 04 | Kill and skin five (5) boars and three (3) armadillo carapaces       |
 | 05 | Kill and skin two (2) cougars; one kill must be with the melee knife |
 | 06 | Kill and skin five (5) raccoons, skunks, and foxes                   |
 | 07 | Kill and skin five (5) elk and bighorns                              |
 | 08 | Kill and skin one (1) grizzly bear -- must be done with melee knife  |
 | 09 | Kill and skin Khan the legendary Jaguar                              |
 | 10 | Kill and skin Lobo the legendary wolf, Brumas the legendary bear and |
 |    | Gordo the legendary boar.                                            |
  * - LV5: Buffalo Rifle can be purchased
  * - MAX: Obtain health-refilling item when skinning animals

 Hunting is mostly about knowing where animals appear. Coyotes, deer, and
 wolves are all commonplace in New Austin, and wandering into the wilderness
 can usually find some. Boars and Cougars are a bit harder to find, and they
 tend to stick to the sandhills along the Rio Bravo (try south of Hennigan's
 Stead). The Greenhollow area, where Gordo the legendary boar can be found, is
 also a huge boar hangout. Elk, bighorns, and grizzlies are found easily in the
 mountainous Tall Trees area in West Elizabeth...although there is at least one
 random Great Plains event where a hunter chases a grizzly around.

 The legendary animals spawn in certain places, and only after many of their
 brethren are slain. Lobo is found at Aurora Basin in West Elizabeth. Khan
 spawns at Ojo del Diablo in Mexico, while Brumas spawns at Nekoti Rock and
 Gordo at Stillwater Creek (New Austin). All legendaries have increased health,
 stopping power and (typically) speed, so try to spot 'em from afar and nix 'em

 NOTE: Legendaries may spawn at different areas than listed, like Ojo del
       Diablo in Mexico. Check the challenge information to see which place
       to go.
  ____ __________________________ ___________________________/ SURVIVALIST |_
 | LV | TASK                     | LOCATIONS                                 |
 | 01 | Pick 6 Wild Feverfew     | Cholla Springs and Hennigan's Stead areas |
 | 02 | Pick 6 Desert Sage       | Gaptooth Ridge area                       |
 | 03 | Pick 4 Red Sage          | Near Rio Bravo                            |
 | 04 | Pick 8 Prickly Pears     | Punta Orgullo region                      |
 | 05 | Pick 7 Woolly Blue Curls | Perdido area                              |
 | 06 | Pick 8 Butterfly Weeds   | Diez Coronas region                       |
 | 07 | Pick 10 Hummingbird Sage | Tall Trees area (not just in snowy parts) |
 | 08 | Pick 12 Prairie Poppies  | Great Plains                              |
 | 09 | Pick 15 Golden Currants  | Great Plains                              |
 | 10 | Pick 10 Violet Snowdrops | Tall Trees (farther north than H. Sage)   |
 |    | + 2 of everything else   |                                           |
  * - LV5: Doubles Survivalist Maps' potency
  * - MAX: Obtain Deadeye-refilling item when picking herbs

 These challenges are all about picking wild plants, which is pretty easy in
 theory -- all plants grow in specific places and the game tells y'where they
 are. Despite how many grow around, picking a plant only adds +1 to the
 inventory. [Picked plants grow back after a few days.]

 WILD FEVERFEW ---: White flowers clumping on the prairie
 DESERT SAGE -----: Purple flowers growing from a small bush
 RED SAGE --------: Obviously, red-colored flowers
 PRICKLY PEARS ---: Flowering clumps of cactus
 WOOLLY BLUE CURLS: Elongate bluish flowers on a small bush
 BUTTERFLY WEED --: Bright yellow flowers
 HUMMINGBIRD SAGE : Elongate white flowers
 PRAIRIE POPPY ---: Small yellow flowers clumping on prairie
 GOLDEN CURRANT --: Found on the Great Plains' shrubs (very easy to spot!)
 VIOLET SNOWDROP -: Flowers with dark-colored petals

 Obviously, using a Survivalist Map to display the area's plants helps a lot
 when doing this stuff.
  ____ _____________________________________________________/ SHARPSHOOTER |_
 | LV | TASK                                                                 |
 | 01 | Kill five (5) flying birds                                           |
 | 02 | Kill five (5) rabbits                                                |
 | 03 | Kill five (5) coyotes before they attack                             |
 | 04 | Kill five (5) birds from a moving train                              |
 | 05 | Kill two (2) different animal types with one Dead Eye attack         |
 | 06 | Shoot two (2) people's hats off                                      |
 | 07 | Kill three (3) bears with one shot (sniper rifle, shotgun, etc.)     |
 | 08 | Shoot two (2) people's hats off and disarm two (2) people            |
 | 09 | Kill six (6) animals without reloading/changing weapon               |
 | 10 | Disarm six (6) people without reloading/changing weapon              |

 For the trick shooting required in this category, it's usually not the kills
 that are hard to do. Killing two animals with one Dead Eye is easy since
 domesticated animals count towards the total; alternately, go to a diverse
 area like Bearclaw Camp and get it. Getting hatshots is easy by aiming too
 high for a headshot, and they don't have to be done in one session, so it's
 a leisurely activity. Killing bears with one shot isn't that hard with sniper
 rifles or close-up shotgun blasts; pistols usually aren't that effective w/o
 pinpoint accuracy (such as shooting them in the eye). [Thanks to Percephone
 for that info.]

 For the last two objectives that require no reloading/weapon changing, this
 can be hard if done with a low-ammo weapon (like Revolver). Obviously, things
 like sniper rifles are out of the question. The best way is to use the Evans
 Repeater/Mauser for these tasks, since it carries 22 shots and gives plenty of
 leeway for misses. Just make sure to keep the gun out at all times (holstering
 counts as reloading) and supplies to heal health and Dead Eye, the latter of
 which is great for getting the disarms. Note that using Dead Eye will reload
 the weapon but these reloads DO NOT count toward this challenge; just make
 sure not to manually reload or holster and things'll be fine. Halex Pereira
 recommends doing the Lv10 challenge with a sniper rifle and using the
 Dead Eye reload (which doesn't count towards limit, remember) to accurately
 disarm people. [Phillip Raven suggests doing the LV09 off vultures who appear
 when a hideout's finished; LancetJades suggests doing the LV10 in Tumbleweed.]

 Killing six animals isn't that hard in species-diverse areas (I think
 domesticated animals _don't_ count?). Disarming six gunslingers is done by
 shooting their gun arm, so pick a hideout with lots of fellas, like Gaptooth
 Breach, and go to town.
  ____ __________________________________________________/ TREASURE HUNTER |_
 | LV | TREASURE MAP LOCATION                                                |
 | 01 | Obtained in random event by saving treasure hunter from bandits      |
 | 02 | Hanging Rock (in chest buried on north side)                         |
 | 03 | Del Lobo Rock (requires sliding down south face to ledge below)      |
 | 04 | Tumbleweed's mansion (cellar)                                        |
 | 05 | Rio del Toro (along lowest stone wall near the cow-skulls tree)      |
 | 06 | Crooked Toes (climb up the tallest spire)                            |
 | 07 | Ojo del Diablo (on small cliff ledge nearby)                         |
 | 08 | Roca de Madera cliffs (along second-highest's dead end)              |
 | 09 | Broken Tree (along broken wall near base)                            |
 | 10 | Nekoti Rock (inside clifftop cave)                                   |
  * - LV5: Can ride stagecoaches for free
  * - MAX: Can carry twice as many consumables

 As its name would suggest, these challenges are all about finding buried
 treasure maps, all of which look like tiny clusters of stones. In addition
 to getting a map for the next rank, Marston also receives a gold bar that
 can be sold for extra cash. The bars found by rank are (1) none (2) Rhode's
 Gold (3) Jackson's Gold (4) Calhoun's Gold (5) Tubman's Gold (6) Brown's Gold
 (7) Douglass' Gold (8) Garrison's Gold (9) Pickett's Gold (10) Stonewall's
 Gold. [There is no use to the gold besides selling it, note.][+20 Fame for
 finding each, +50 for final]

 Maps can be checked by selecting them from the inventory. The clues given
 typically show landmarks the player may have seen (Ojo del Diablo is a unique
 one, for instance) although some may include step-by-step instructions or
 extra text, too. For reference, maps #1-4 are found in New Austin, #5-8 in
 Nueva Paraiso, and #9-10 in West Elizabeth. They can't be done out of order,

 The max-level reward, about carrying double consumables and finding vittles
 on animals, is a bit glitchy. The new capacity is forgotten when the game
 autoloads or a mission is replayed, shaving off any extra (applicable) items
 back down to the limit of 5. Also, one can only carry 5 vittles regardless of
 capacity. [Thanks to LancetJades for the info.]

 NOTE: Some places, like Roca de Madera and Broken Tree, don't appear on the
       map without zooming in. Don't wander the hinterlands without first
       checking that out first!

 As one may expect, these challenges only apply to the Undead Nightmare DLC
 and its separate campaign. [Can't be unlocked in regular campaign.]

 ________________________ ______________________________________ ____________
| CHALLENGE              | METHOD                               | REWARD     |
| Undead Sharpshooter    | Kill 5 Undead in 10 seconds w/ a gun | C. Tobacco |
|                        | Headshot 10 undead in a row          | Ammo/Mshne |
|                        | Kill 5 flaming undead in 1 Deadeye   | Ammo       |
|                        | Kill 1 of each 4 undead in 1 Deadeye | Holy Water |
|                        | Get 5 undead sniper kills in 8 secs  | Carca/Mausr|
| Undead Hunter          | Kill 100 fresh undead & 25 Bolters   | Ammo       |
|                        | Kill 25 more Bruisers & 15 Retchers  | Ammo       |
|                        | Kill 2 undead in a retcher explosion | Ammo       |
|                        | Kill 2 bear,5 wolf,3 cougar w/ torch | Ammo       |
|                        | Kill a chupacabra                    | LeMat/Evans|

 The Undead Sharpshooter tasks aren't that hard, but can require a bit of
 patience. The first task can be done rather easily with any gun, but the
 Explosive Rifle works well in a crowd. Headshotting is child's play with Dead
 Eye aiming, too. For the 3rd challenge, the easiest way is using Phosphorus
 Coating and headshotting five in a row -- tactics like fire bottles and the
 War horse aren't very expedient here. Killing all types of undead in Dead Eye
 can frustrating, but those who've done it usually say the same thing: do it
 at El Presidio (or Gaptooth, but if that's the only one accessible). Zombies
 respawn fast there, the cannon towers provide great trajectories, and when
 all else fails, just headshot all the zombies nearby and you'll probably get
 it. [Doing it right earns 5 Holy Waters, or just ammo if HW isn't unlocked.]
 The last challenge is easier than it sounds, even if Dead Eye can't be used.
 The easiest ways are definitely (1) doing close-range executions in crowds
 (2) using phosphorus coating and just bodyshotting them all. El Presidio is
 a good place to do this one, too. Finishing these segments earns the Carcano
 Rifle and Mauser Pistol.

 One can restart from a nearest town upon death, with progress saved, making
 the animal-killing portion more about finding the suckers than surviving all
 the time. Torching animals from horseback -- particularly the Horses of the
 Apocalypse -- can be an easy way to light many aflame without getting banged
 up like y'would on foot. Wolves appear basically everywhere, but bears only
 appear up near Tall Trees. Cougars appear a bit more rarely, too -- try
 searching the hills of MacFarlane's Ranch during the night (they bed down).
 Chupacabras, expectedly, appear in Mexico and around goats, plus there will
 be a "mythical beast" notification when one appears. Some have said lassoing
 a goat and waiting can draw it out, but I haven't corroborated. [It looks
 like a pale-colored cross between a dog and a boar.] In any case, finishing
 the Undead Hunter jobs earns the LeMat Revolver & Evans Repeater.
                         | LOCATION (excluding 1st map in random event)      |
| Undead Treasure Hunter | NW of Hennigan's stead, cul-de-sac outside border |
|                        | East of Venter's Place, along cliff's base        |
|                        | NW of the Scratching Post, on mesa's overlook     |
|                        | S of Sepulcro a ways, by cluster of trees         |
|                        | SW of Casa Madrugada, along lower cliff rim       |
 Like the campaign treasure-hunting, the first map is found in a random event
 where a settler (w/ a zombie wife) asks John to stay a spell. Looting the
 treasure chest turns everyone hostile, but the map's obtained in the deal.
 From then on, John can search out the chests and, once the loot's found, get
 the next map, as well as an ammo cache, and a health + Dead Eye item. [These
 have to be done in order, despite the ability to locate rock piles with one's
 foreknowledge. Lame!]

 Note that this challenge can be glitched and the first pile of rocks refuses
 to appear; perhaps this can apply to subsequent ones as well. In any case,
 reloading and retrying may make it show up...least it did for me. Those who
 want a video guide can check this out:


 For the "Four Horses of the Apocalypse" challenge, one has to go to a certain
 region and break the horse which, as everyone knows, entails lassoing it,
 mounting it, and doing the minigame. Once broken, the challenge goes up a
 rank and the horse replaces any other. You'll know there's a horse nearby as
 a message of "a mythical beast" appearing is given. Here's the locations:

 Pestilence - Tall Trees - [Almost impossible to kill]
 War - MacFarlane's Ranch area - [Can set enemies on fire]
 Famine - Casa Madrugada mesa region - [Has unlimited stamina]
 Death - Torquemada area/complete campaign - [kills enemies on touch]

 The final (LV5) challenge is using Death to trample 1 of each zombie type,
 earning the deed (blood pact) to all the Apocalypse horses in doing so. And
 when I say "zombie type," this means human ones -- animals don't count. The
 hardest type to find would be spitters, but overrun towns, particularly those
 in Mexico, can be good hunting grounds. They're awfully hard to find in the

ANIMALS                                                                  [ANML]
 Animals can be found in any area of the map, with certain species available or
 prevalent in certain ones. When killed, they drop various items that can be
 sold for profit (they fetch higher prices if sold in areas where they're not
 readily found, note).

 It's worth mentioning that smaller animals, when killed by ridiculously over-
 -powered weaponry, may disintegrate and leave behind no drops. It's best to
 use pistols and other firearms against those types of creatures.

 TIP: Complete copies of RDR come with a foldout map that displays several
      common animal locations; this map is also shown in-game in pretty much
      the same format. Checking around where the animal pics are displayed
      helps for some sightings, like foxes. [Zoom-in/out to see pics as needed]

 The following table should be self-explanitory, hopefully. The "IND" section
 comments on which of the three main regions it can be found in: New Austin,
 Nueva Paraiso, West Elizabeth. [Domesticated animals, like cows, chickens,
 and dogs aren't needed for the Unnatural Selection achievement, and typically
 give bounties when killed as they're owned by someone. WILD horses are still
 necessary for the achievement, however.]

 Note that most animals can be found just by wandering off into the prairie
 and waiting awhile -- very few wild critters venture into city limits (an
 exception would be raccoons). If you know an area where they're supposed to
 spawn, try camping a bit to pass the time, or wait until it's day/night. Some
 animals are strictly nocturnal (owls for instance) and only appear when in
 the twilight hours.

 NOTE: If any readers have better spawn locations than that listed, send 'em
       in and I'll replace 'em.
 _____________ _____ _______________________________ _________________________
| ANIMAL      | IND | DROPS                         | EXAMPLE LOCATION(S)     |
| Armadillo   | NN- | Carapace, Meat                | Casa Madrugada area     |
| Bat         | N-- | ----------------------------- | Tumbleweed Manor (nite) |
| Beaver      | --W | Meat, Fur                     | N. side of Montana Ford |
| Bighorn     | N-W | Meat, Horns, Skin             | Tall Trees, Nekoti Rock |
| Boar        | NNW | Meat, Skin, Tusks             | NE of Hennigan's Stead  |
| Bobcat      | NNW | Claw, Meat, Fur               | Rio Bravo hills         |
| Buffalo     | --W | Meat, Horns, Skin             | Great Plains prairies   |
| Chicken     | NNW | Chicken Feathers              | MacFarlane's Ranch      |
| Cougar      | N-W | Meat, Fang, Pelt              | Tall Trees              |
| Cow         | N-W | Meat, Hide                    | MacFarlane's Ranch      |
| Coyote      | NNW | Meat, Pelt                    | Cholla Springs region   |
| Crow        | NNW | Feathers                      | Found all over...       |
| Deer        | NNW | Antlers, Meat, Skin           | Hennigan's Stead (day)  |
| Dog         | NNW | Meat, Fur                     | [basically any town]    |
| Duck        | NNW | Duck Feathers                 | Lake Don Julio region   |
| Eagle       | -NW | Eagle Feathers                | Tall Trees (North)      |
| Elk         | --W | Antlers, Meat, Skin           | Tall Trees              |
| Fox         | N-W | Meat, Skin                    | Rio del Lobo region     |
| Goat        | NNW | Meat, Skin                    | Critchley's Ranch (day) |
| Grizzly     | --W | Fur, Meat, Heart, Skin, Teeth | Tall Trees (North)      |
| Hawk        | NNW | Hawk Feathers                 | Found all over...       |
| Horse       | NNW | Meat, Hide                    | Cholla Springs region   |
| Jackalope   | N?? | Rabbit Skin, Buck Antlers     | Cholla Springs region   |
| Mule        | -N- | Meat, Hide                    | Roads of Nueva Paraiso  |
| Owl         | NNW | Owl Feathers                  | Tall Trees              |
| Pig         | N-W | Meat                          | Thieves' Landing corral |
| Rabbit      | NNW | Meat                          | Hennigan's Stead region |
| Raccoon     | N-W | Meat, Fur                     | Prairies (night)        |
| Rattlesnake | NNW | Snake Skin                    | Rattlesnake Hollow      |
| Sasquatch   | --W | ----------------------------- | Tall Trees              |
| Seagull     | --W | Seagull Feathers              | Blackwater pier area    |
| Sheep       | N-- | Meat, Skin                    | Armadillo station (day) |
| Skunk       | NNW | Meat, Skin                    | Greenhollow (dusk/nite) |
| Songbird    | NNW | Songbird Feathers             | Found all over...       |
| Vulture     | NNW | Vulture Feathers              | By dead animals/people  |
| Wolf        | NNW | Heart, Meat, Pelt             | MacFarlane's Ranch area | 
 * - Bats can only be harvested in "Undead Nightmare"
 * - Deer items are listed as "Buck" or "Deer" (doe)
 * - Sasquatch and zombie animals only available in "Undead Nightmare" DLC.
     Zombie animals leave "Undead" counterparts of their drops. For instance,
     bears can leave "Undead Bear Teeth" and "Undead Bear Claws".

 Need further help? Try:

BOUNTIES                                                                 [BNTS]
 Bounties are a form of earning cash, by eliminating outlaws, dead or alive.
 To start a bounty hunt, find a wanted poster -- These are posted by lawmen at
 particular locations, listed below -- and accept the challenge. Posters will
 display a random bounty target at a random region-specific area. If a player
 wants a specific person, making a save before the poster's put up helps quite
 a bit; then, reset until the desired bounty's obtained. Note that usually,
 the $600 bounties don't appear until a few of the petty thieves are caught.

 NEW AUSTIN ---: Armadillo, MacFarlane's Ranch, Rathskeller Fork
 Nueva PARAISO : Chuparosa, Escalera, El Presidio
 WEST ELIZABETH: Blackwater, Manzanita Post 

 Bounty-hunting always follows the same pattern: once the bounty is accepted,
 the criminal appears at the set location with some helpers. Killing helpers
 allows Marston to do the dead-or-alive part. Capturing a bounty alive means
 hogtying and loading the person on horseback; killing the bounty requires one
 to loot the corpse for proof of death. Either way, the foe's reinforcements
 will assault Marston all the way back to the nearest bounty claim office, so
 always be prepared! [Learn how to fire backwards while riding...]

 NOTE: All bounties, even those with little gang affiliation, have respawning
       reinforcements that pursue Marston. The American Standardbred can
       outrun them all 9 times out of 10, provided it's on a normal road --
       it's recommended for all these. [Helpers don't pursue in city limits,
       however, so "towns on the way" are good places to breeze through as
       they force another respawn down the way.]

 NOTE: Bounties aren't put up on the weekend, and sometimes the sheriff won't
       put up a poster (d'oh!).

 As far as overall completion goes, it's completing a bounty at all locations
 that matters, not capturing all the criminals (who will reappear as bounties
 whether they were dead/alive previously). All areas have 8 unique locations,
 except West Elizabeth's 4, making 20 places to visit overall.

 Here's the breakdown for the perps.

 _________________ _________ __________________
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
| Charlie Mash    |  20/40  | Walton's Gang    |
| Clark Hatfield  |  80/160 | Treasure Hunters | • Brittlebrush Trawl
| Cody Witlow     |  20/40  | Walton's Gang    | • Mercer Station
| Cooper Reed     |  80/160 | Walton's Gang    | • Mescalero
| Dale Chesson    |  20/40  | Walton's Gang    | • Rattlesnake Hollow
| Harlan Forbes   |  20/40  | Treasure Hunters | • Repentance Rock
| Harry Dobbing   |  80/160 | Bollard Twins    | • Rio del Lobo
| Irvin Pennick   |  80/160 | Bollard Twins    | • Silent Stead
| Julius Grimes   | 120/240 | Bollard Twins    | • The Hanging Rock
| Lester Dugan    |  80/160 | Treasure Hunters |
| Link Huston     | 120/240 | Walton's Gang    | Many of New Austin's gangs're
| Maurice Sweet   |  20/40  | Bollard Twins    | regional, meaning one can get
| Mo van Barr     |  80/160 | Walton's Gang    | certain ones easier if they
| Perry Rose      |  80/160 | Walton's Gang    | view a bounty at 'x' spot.
| Quinn Malloy    |  80/160 | ---------------- | Treasure Hunter bounties show
| Roscoe Duffy    |  20/40  | Treasure Hunters | up easily at Rathskeller Fork,
| Rufus Higbee    | 120/240 | Treasure Hunters | Walton's Gang bounties in
| Sid Winkler     | 200/400 | ---------------- | Armadillo, and Bollard Twins
| Slink Bradshaw  | 120/240 | Bollard Twins    | at MacFarlane's Ranch. Some
| Stanley Mund    | 120/240 | Treasure Hunters | miscellaneous criminals are
| Wade Basset     | 120/240 | Treasure Hunters | found at any, and a bit of
|_________________|_________|__________________| overlap, too, generally.

 ____________________ _________ _____________
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
| Benito Penagarza   | 120/240 | M. Banditos | • Barranca
| Cesar Higuaras     | 120/240 | M. Banditos | • Hendidura Grande
| Cristo Bustamante  | 200/400 | ----------- | • Laguna Barrego
| Geraldo Elisaldez  |  80/160 | ----------- | • Ojo del Diablo
| Jorge Reynoso      | 120/240 | ----------- | • Plata Grande
| Julian Coronado    | 120/240 | ----------- | • Primera Quebrada
| Mateo Clisante     |  80/160 | M. Banditos | • Rancho Polvo
| Raul Ontiveros     | 200/400 | ----------- | • Sepulcro
| Ramiro de la Torre | 200/400 | M. Banditos |
| Rigoberto Artiz    | 200/400 | M. Banditos | Lots of ground to cover down
| Selistino Herrada  | 120/240 | ----------- | Mexico way, but there's plenty
| Sergio Abelda      |  80/160 | M. Banditos | of jail facilities so it kinda
|____________________|_________|_____________| evens out.

 _________________ _________ ______________
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
| Americus Roe    | 300/600 | ------------ | • Aurora Basin
| Charlie Hinkle  | 200/400 | ------------ | • Bearclaw Camp
| Dakota          | 120/240 | Dutch's Gang | • Nekoti Rock
| Grant Avery     | 200/400 | ------------ | • Tanner's Reach
| Hestor Frith    | 300/600 | ------------ |
| Honovi          | 120/240 | Dutch's Gang | It's recommended to take posters
| Isaiah Greeley  | 120/240 | ------------ | from Manzanita Post, as it's the
| Kent Gallaway   | 300/600 | ------------ | closest train station to all four
| Melvin Spinney  | 300/600 | ------------ | possible locations. All captured
| Moses Lowson    | 120/240 | ------------ | bounties must be delivered to the
| Ralph Strickler | 200/400 | ------------ | neighboring town of Blackwater,
| Zebedee Nash    | 300/600 | ------------ | however -- it's the only place
|_________________|_________|______________| with a jail.

CHEATS                                                                   [CHTS]
 RDR cheats are found in-game, often scrawled in out-of-the-way places, and
 can be input by going into 'Options' and then 'Cheats.' Inputting a cheat
 lets it be turned on and off at leisure, but while activated, one can't save
 or unlock achievements. [Make sure to input codes verbatim!]

 Anyway, the list below tells the cheat phrase, the cheat's actual name, the
 effect, and where to find the cheat (if so inclined; it's not necessary).
 Note that for those wanting to find the cheats in newspapers, they're filed
 unter the "miscellany" section.

  - Cheat: Infinite Ammo
  - Effct: self-explanitory
  - Found: Newspaper No. 58

  - Cheat: Horse
  - Effct: Spawns a horse at player's location
  - Found: Lake Don Julio, inside house's shack (above door frame)

  - Cheat: Sharp Dressed Man
  - Effct: Gentleman's Attire available
  - Found: Newspaper No. 60

  - Cheat: God
  - Effct: Invincibility
  - Found: Newspaper No. 61

  - Cheat: Who?
  - Effct: Resets Fame to zero
  - Found: Sepulcro, written in an enclosed grave's wall on SE side

  - Cheat: Famous
  - Effct: Gives free fame
  - Found: The Old Bacchus Place, on building's east wall

  - Cheat: Infinite Dead Eye
  - Effct: self-explanitory
  - Found: Primera Quebrada, written inside dwelling

  - Cheat: Man in Uniform
  - Effct: Bureau Uniform, US Marshal Uniform, and US Army Uniform unlocked
  - Found: Pacific Union Railroad Camp, (partially) written on a boxcar

  - Cheat: Diplomatic Immunity
  - Effct: Eliminates bounty/wanted level
  - Found: Newspaper No. 57

  - Cheat: Good Guy
  - Effct: Awards max Honor
  - Found: Newspaper No. 59

  - Cheat: Gun Set 1
  - Effct: Volcanic Pistol, Springfield Rifle, Double-barreled Shotgun unlocked
  - Found: Nosalida, inside a chicken coop

  - Cheat: Gun Set 2
  - Found: Newspaper No. 56
  - Effct: Fire Bottles, Semi-Auto Pistol, Schofield Revolver, Buffalo Rifle,
           Winchester Repeater, Sawed-off Shotgun unlocked

  - Cheat: Hic
  - Effct: Makes player drunk
  - Found: Rathskeller Fork, on ceiling beam next-door to Marston's room

  - Cheat: Infinite Horse Stamina
  - Effct: self-explanitory
  - Found: Newspaper No. 54

  - Cheat: Coach
  - Effct: Spawns coach at player's location
  - Found: The Scratching Post, underside of "outbuilding" roof (has lantern)
           Ridiculously hard to find in poor lighting...

  - Cheat: Jack Attack
  - Effct: Changes John Marston into Jack Marston
  - Found: Beecher's Hope, inside barn's loft

  - Cheat: Old School
  - Effct: Sepia filter used
  - Found: Newspaper No. 53

  - Cheat: Money
  - Effct: Awards $500
  - Found: Plata Grande mine, written by west of two entrances

  - Cheat: Decrease Bounty
  - Effct: self-explanitory
  - Found: Benedict Pass railroad bridge (carved on outward-facing railing)

  - Cheat: Lewis and Clark
  - Effct: Reveals all areas on map
  - Found: Newspaper No. 55

  - Cheat: Gang Chic
  - Effct: All gang-related outfits unlocked
  - Found: Barranca, inside house's foundation

 Any missing cheats are always appreciated. [The Tumbleweed church phrase "The
 Devil Has Got Into That Beast" doesn't work, note.]

CO-OP MISSIONS                                                           [CPMS]
 Cooperative Missions are selectable from the multiplayer menu once one gets
 the "Outlaws to the End" DLC. There are six missions in all, and finishing
 those six unlocks Advanced Cooperative Missions to do.

 Some changes from normal multiplayer is that when critically injured, one
 requires a teammate to be revived (before bleeing out). Dying in a mission
 means one can't be revived until the next checkpoint's cleared. Obviously,
 if everyone dies, that's the end of the road! Luckily missions can be redone
 in that situation.

 Here's an overview on the missions.

 Locale: Tesoro Azul

 The goal here is to clear out the town, the fronts (western & eastern; the
 enemies outside the gates, in other words) and then the far ridge where the
 cannon emplacements are. When the ridge is cleared, plant the explosives at
 the designated spot and blow up the munitions to end everything.

 Clearing out the town is undoubtedly the first task, as the federales stream
 through the two gates at the start. Throwing dynamite at the bottlenecks helps
 a lot; it's better with two or more people doing it. There's also a couple
 in-town vantage points to start killing sandbag troops on the surrounding
 hills. Just remember the cannonfire is centralized on the town only, so being
 inside is hazardous! It makes sense to clear out the eastern ridge first
 (every time) since it's the weakest and least fortified.

 Once the eastern front's gone, it's not a bad idea to go straight for the
 cannons' ridge, flanking it from the east -- this gets the jump on everyone
 and gives better rifle trajectories. [Not to mention, avoiding having to
 bother with the heavily fortified western front, which can some doing in the
 cold wind & rain.] Cannon-gunners can be sniped from below their position,
 too, but that's a bit more dangerous.

 When the ridge is clear, use the cannons to bombard the western front and
 take out most of the would-be nuisances. This cannonade should give clearance
 for someone -- or a soon-to-be-respawning person -- time to get the explosive
 from intown and hightail it back. Plant the explosive, get in the detonator's
 "safe zone" and blow those heretical weapons to kingdom come.

 ADVANCED NOTES: No special ones, although it pays to work efficiently, stay in
 close range to revive allies, and clear out the eastern front soon so the
 cannons' chance of killing someone is diminished. Having a sniper rifle user
 in the proceedings helps ridiculously well, particularly where the fortified
 ridge is concerned.

 Locale: The Scratching Post, Benedict Point, Tumbleweed

 This is a three part mission, and a fun one at that.

 1) STOP THE ARMS DEAL: Everyone starts on a ridge overlooking The Scratching
    Post, making it a good place for rifle/sniper fire. The goal is to kill
    all the arms dealers and make off with their wagon, riding to Benedict
    Point while fending off pursuers. The ride is short but someone'll have
    to drive the gold-filled stage back, too. Have someone ride shotgun for
    extra help.

 2) CLEAR OUT TUMBLEWEED: Ride from the station to Tumbleweed and start
    eliminating the gangfolk in town. There's less than a typical hideout 
    would have, but the eastern ridge has manned cannons and there's machine
    gun emplacements in town and at the mansion. The best way is to have a few
    people hijack the cannons and a couple go through on foot, eliminating
    Walton's gang on two fronts. [Just be careful not to kill teammates with
    cannon volleys, naturally...people who can't aim shouldn't use the weapon!]
    When Tumbleweed's silent, ride back to the station.

 3) ELIMINATE THE ARMY: The final step is eliminating both the American and
    Mexican Armys who want to hold the players responsible for the trashed
    arms deal. An old-fashioned duel shootout takes place, then eliminating a
    few more folk hiding at the station platform. Following, commandeer the
    gold wagon and start making for the border bridge, southeast of Plainview's
    oil community. Enemies attack on foot and horseback along the way, but the
    wagoner can typically barrel forth and avoid most annoying situations.

 Crossing into Mexico ends the mission.

 ADVANCED NOTES: Two of the steps involve driving a gold-filled coach, so it
 should be obvious that good teammates assist the driver in fending off the
 pursuing bandits. They _can_ KO that teammate if given the chance, and the
 driver should really be concentrating on steering instead of fighting the
 much more mobile foes. Basically, make sure someone's riding shotgun; don't
 both having everyone ride in the coach! [Also, a person at the Scratching Post
 building may drop a sniper rifle, if a guy lacks one.]

 Also, the Tumbleweed step can be made easier by not following the designated
 path into town, and instead climbing the south ridge. This lets one get to
 the cannons easier, not to mention ambushing the gangbangers with a height

 Locale: Pike's Basin

 Arguably the most boring of the six missions, this involves reappropriating
 rustlers' stolen livestock, then bringing the 20-head herd into Armadillo.
 The strategy is:

 1) LIBERATE THE LIVESTOCK: The players start on the upper east entrance to
    the canyon, so the ridge path acts as a natural barrier against the lower
    foes' shots. [Just be careful not to fall off.] Snipe and use rifle-fire
    to eliminate the first bunch of goofballs, then the reinforcements who
    emerge from the tents. Following, unlock the cattle pen to start the
    second step.

 Remember that the technique for escorting cattle is to have someone in the
 front and a person in the back, the latter of which keeps the cows from
 straying. This isn't much of a problem in the close confines of Pike's Basin
 but will be once outside. Also, in a 4-player team, this frees up two people
 to assist in other ways.

 2) ESCORT CATTLE OUT OF CANYON: There are two ambush points the rustlers use
    en route. The first is near one of the campsites seen in the PB hideout
    run, and the second further down the way, on a higher parallel path that
    multiple rustlers use. The second is the biggest and most deadly, as the
    bandits will start slaughtering cattle -- they can kill 10+ easily if
    given the chance. The trick to saving the beef is having the people who
    aren't escorting to ride ahead and get in position to ambush the ambushers.
    One person alone shouldn't do it; someone should be on-hand to revive!

 3) ESCORT CATTLE TO ARMADILLO: Once out of the basin, the designated path is
    to go near The Hanging Rock, then loop around to Armadillo the long way,
    ending at the stable. The hilly region makes the rustlers' mounted attack
    semi-effective innately, as it's quite hard to shepherd the cattle and
    put up a fight at the same time, at least without sacrificing any of the
    milk-makers. This is one of the steps that gets easier with practice,
    knowing where all the bandits are scripted to appear.

 The mission finishes successfully when at least 5 cattle are returned to the
 town. Any less than that is automatic failure!

 ADVANCED NOTES: Nothing that wasn't mentioned above, although a team will
 _really_ want to ambush the rustlers during their second in-canyon appearance,
 as they really tan those cows' hides. The good news is that players ambushing
 from level ground can shoot the off the cliff to lower ground, where those
 leading the herd can deal the finishing blows (if they survive at all!).
 The way back to Armadillo is still pretty hard but, again, it gets easier
 knowing where the attackers are going to be coming from.

 Locale: Fort Mercer

 Another three-stepper, this one a mix of hideout objective previously seen
 in campaign. Farmer MacGuffin's daughter has been kidnapped and it's the
 players' duty to return her safe and sound.

 1) STORM FORT MERCER: A well-travelled player will have intricate knowledge
    of the fort's layout, but now there's a couple machine-gun emplacements
    at its main gate, requiring some quick work right off the bat. The hill
    everyone starts on makes for good sniping, too, picking off those on the
    wall and sniper's tower. When the way's clear, plant the taken explosive
    and blow the gates off. The way forward from then on is like a typical
    hideout purge, except instead of many reinforcements coming from level
    ground, there's just more enemies hiding near the back gate and where the
    LeMat Revolver spawns in multiplayer (roof towards back). Afterwards, when
    the hostage is freed, she'll run to the coach...someone's gotta drive!

 2) RIDE TO RIDGEWOOD FARM: The designated path to farm country is down the
    road, ignoring Plainview's area, and dipping under the nearby railroad
    bridge. This is the easiest way so don't consider any goofy detours. Some
    attackers will be found all along this path, with snipers by the bridge
    and horseback pursuers otherwise. In normal co-op, it's quite easy to make
    an XP killing here.

 3) ELIMINATE FARM BANDITS: Once the farm is reached, the place will be
    crawling with outlaws trying to exact their revenge. Most are along the
    corral and house environs, but the most dangerous ones are the snipers on
    the surrounding ridge -- they'll pick off players with impunity, making it
    quite a scramble for mission newcomers. Hiding inside the farmhouse can be
    a good idea if there's too much heat. Clearing out the foes finishes the

 ADVANCED NOTES: The most dangerous part of the entire mission is the ambush
 at Ridgewood Farm, and you can bet that driving the coach in willy-nilly will
 get everyone killed...those snipers are deadeyes. It's recommended to exit
 the coach once the pass -- the hill overlooking the farm -- is reached, for
 countersniping and just general cleanup. It may be a bit slower than normal
 co-op but it's much safer; plus, the hostage stays in the vehicle instead of
 doing something stupid. Hooray!

 Locale: Crooked Toes, The Scratching Post, Nosalida

 Ahh, a river mission. The players will be floating down the river on a raft
 a la "We Shall Be Together in Paradise," except this time there's no ammo box
 onboard. Enemies will line the riverbanks, both running and ahorse, while
 enemy rafters riding upstream (!) will have to be dealt with. Luckily, those
 stupid rafters have a TNT crate along and shooting it sends 'em sky high.
 However, the main meat of the mission is the three locations where the big
 shootouts occur.

 NOTE: There is no incapping on the raft. You die until the next checkpoin!

 - Crooked Toes is the Mexican prairie with the weird rock formations, and
   it's where the bandits attack first. Try to stay at level ground so the
   sagebrush isn't a giant distraction (less important on normal co-op) and
   get on horseback to expedite things, considering the reinforcements' spawn

 - The Scratching Post is seen in "The Escape," so it's not that unfamiliar, I
   hope. Fighting around this little one-room shack can be kinda fun, but with
   foes flanking the place, it's important to not get too separated. The house
   itself has the best fortifications; the twiggy fences kinda...suck.

 - Nosalida is where the mission's climax takes place, during which there's no
   checkpoints so be careful not to wander out into open ground or fall over-
   -board like a goonie! Like the hideout purge, many enemies are centralized
   around the town fence, with others being in the assorted buildings (this
   includes the inevitable reinforcements). Some army bigwigs will ride around
   on horseback throwing fire bottles, so eliminate them quickly to avoid any
   potential mishaps.

 There's a glitch here that, after reboarding the raft at Crooked Toes, a
 player stays on land while comrades set sail. This means having to ride along
 the south shore of the river until Nosalida, with none of the checkpoints
 respawning and one being generally useless if without a sniper rifle.

 ADVANCE TIPS: Again, the Nosalida shootout has no checkpoints after landing
 at the dock, so bring any reckless tendencies to heel 'cause they typically
 screw it up for everybody. [Example: running into a far house, dying, someone
 goes to revive, they die, etc.]

 Locale: Gaptooth Breach

 This is almost a carbon copy of the Gaptooth Breach hideout event, with the
 goal being to clear the outdoors, steal a minecart, and fight off attackers
 on the way out. There are a few differences though:

 - During the first portion, there will be a dynamite-thrower (Stanley Mund,
   bane of everyone's existence!) and a couple snipers ready to kill anyone
   gonzo 'nough to walk into plain sight. Both are on far ridges, one kittie-
   -corner from the other. Overall, this first part can be quite annoying if
   people are KO'd in the early going, so commit the snipers' and Stanley's
   positions to memory. [Less important is a machine-gunner who can be easily

 - In the mine portion, instead of the cart being fully loaded already, the
   players must gather the moneybags manually. Each player can carry two at
   once; the cart can only leave once 12 (of 18) are loaded. Remember that in
   the minecart room, there's a drop-down point from the upper walkway but
   it's two-way -- climb back up the hewn rock to get to bags faster.

 - During the third and final stretch, the players will start in the "lounge"
   and fight off the miner reinforcements. Most come from the camp area but a
   large group comes from the ridge behind the lounge, making it dangerous for
   one to go running off recklessly. Luckily, once the initial wave of smelly
   gold-grabbers is eliminated, there's a window to mount the gatling guns
   nearby and eliminate those arriving from near the mission's starting point.
   At the very least it's excellent suppressing fire.

 ADVANCED TIPS: Nothing not already mentioned. Sometimes this mission is very
 glitchy -- such as spawning people invisibly, intangibly, a giant pile of
 minecarts outside, no enemies spawn, etc. -- so if that happens, it's best to
 just leave as there's no way to finish it. [Sometimes the ridge snipers drop
 a buffalo rifle, which can help a bit.]

HIDEOUTS                                                                 [HDTS]
 Hideouts are gang-run structures the player can take on in campaign and free
 roam multiplayer, earning experience and weaponry (temporary only in multi-
 -player). Hideouts are only found in New Austin and Nueva Paraiso; the heavy
 law presence in West Elizabeth clamped down on gangs there, mostly.

 Rewards in campaign consist of a small amount of money ($15-25), 50 Fame,
 200 Honor, and a permanently unlocked weapon dependant on the hideout. In
 free roam, a player gets experience for beating the hideout with bonus XP 
 awarded for whoever does a certain condition (listed as 'bonus' below). The
 weapons that spawn here can be picked up and used for the free roam session's
 duration, but are lost once one leaves -- they unlock permanently when certain
 levels are met.

 Unlock: Clear "We Shall Be Together in Paradise"
 Gangs : Banditos [multi: Bollard Twins]
 Locate: New Austin [Rio Bravo]
 Reward: Semi-automatic Pistol
 Spawns: LeMat Revolver
 Bonus : Gang Leader Killed [bonus XP to whoever does the deed]

 Fort Mercer is a large fort with strong ties to the campaign, and getting
 through can be quite fun. It has two doors but the "back door" doesn't open
 until the place is cleared, making the proceedings rather linear at times.
 Enemies line the high wall with snipers in the NW tower, the latter of which
 should always be eliminated early on or they start picking away at a player's
 health. Reinforcements come from the ground-floor rooms and the 2F walkway
 behind the gallows. The final wave of reinforcements come from a single room
 towards the fort's back, and the close proximity makes it ideal for throwing
 dynamite/fire bombs to kill them en masse. Slaying the gang leader gives an
 additional XP bonus.

 [In campaign, the mission is much the same, except there's an NPC helper to

 Unlock: Clear "Man is Born Unto Trouble"
 Gangs : Treasure Hunters
 Locate: New Austin [Gaptooth Ridge]
 Reward: Springfield Rifle
 Spawns: Dynamite
 Bonus : Checkpoint Hit [9 possible for pusher only; 25 XP/per]

 The hideout can be accomplished after Irish's "Man is Born Unto Trouble"
 mission, which takes place here. The setup is an injured man near the entry
 road wants John to rescue his friend Floyd, who's being held in the railhouse
 nearby. Once freed, Floyd leads John into the mine -- through resistance, of
 course -- to find a treasure chest containing about $125, all for Marston to
 keep. Exit the mine to finish up.

 In multiplayer, the journey is much the same, except there's a mine cart full
 of moneybags to push to the track's end (gives 25 XP for each checkpoint hit).
 Of course, the resistance is much tougher also.

 Unlock: Clear "We Shall Be Together in Paradise"
 Gangs : Rebeldes
 Locate: Nueva Paraiso [Punta Orgullo; western edge]
 Reward: Henry Repeater
 Spawns: Carcano Rifle
 Bonus : Civilians Killed

 Like Tesoro Azul, this is a rebel-held town and they're friendly until the
 player decides to start shooting. There is a low wall rimming most of houses,
 plus an outbuilding near the river. The first wave of reinforcements flanks
 the town via the riverbank area, while the second comes from the same but
 holes up around the town fence. Additionally, there'll be some dogs to take
 care of! Respawning on top of the dock boathouse is a great boon, giving a
 height advantage and ample cover & sightlines to boot.

 Unlock: Clear "Justice in Pike's Basin"
 Gangs : Bollard Twins
 Locate: New Austin [Hennigan's Stead]
 Reward: Sawed-off Shotgun
 Spawns: Evans Repeater
 Bonus : Bomb Planted [3 possible; 100 XP/per]

 In campaign, the task is to help a rancher recover his cattle; in free roam,
 it's to destroy the gang's stolen munitions crates. Plant the explosives with
 Y-button and back away to avoid any damage. Reinforcements typically come as
 the crates are destroyed, too. There's three battles to be fought in the
 basin: (1) the northern canyon bend, where reinforcements come from the cliffs
 and the north road (2) the east-central basin proper, where the gang's main
 force is held up and the road doubles back on itself (3) the southern reaches,
 which occurs in the same manner as #1.

 Unlock: Clear "The Demon Drink"
 Gangs : Rebeldes
 Locate: Nueva Paraiso [Punta Orgullo; east side]
 Reward: Double-action Revolver
 Spawns: High Power Pistol
 Bonus : Whores Saved [5 possible; 50 XP/per]

 Tesoro Azul is a two-gate town with climbable walls surrounding the place.
 There's a few riflemen on rooftops that should be taken out immediately, and
 a bunch of other banditos in town itself. Two waves of reinforcements come
 when the current force dwindles, and there's some people on horseback who
 throw (an infinite supply of) fire bottles into the player's vicinity. The
 women in town are helpless and don't fight back; killing them detracts from
 the bonus XP, actually.

 NOTE: The town only turns hostile when the player initiates the firefight.
       This means it's possible to sneak in and get the High Power Pistol,
       then leave if necesary (especially good for those who haven't earned
       it permanently).

 Unlock: Clear "New Friends, Old Problems"
 Gangs : Criminals [unaffiliated]
 Locate: New Austin [Gaptooth Ridge]
 Reward: Winchester Repeater
 Spawns: Bolt Action Rifle
 Bonus : Targeting Bonus [Example: Normal Targeting = 100 XP]

 In campaign, events here are done by freeing a hogtied deputy and assisting
 in eliminating local rabble, both in town and the gang-held mansion. During
 free roam, one must do that (excepting the sheriff helper) plus clear out any
 idiots in the church and barn nearby. The barn, church, and mansion all have
 roof holes or windows to throw dynamite/fire bottles in, perhaps eliminating
 some fools or flushing them from their hiding spots.

 Unlock: Clear "New Friends, Old Problems"
 Gangs : Walton's Gang
 Locate: New Austin [Cholla Springs]
 Reward: Volcanic Pistol
 Spawns: Mauser Pistol
 Bonus : Cleaned House

 Twin Rocks is a fan favorite just because of how quickly it can be done, in
 any mode. It's prudent to eliminate the snipers (2 on the rock pillars, one
 on roof) and mow down the remaining enemies and reinforcements as they come
 out of the house single file. [A great way to get kill chains, to say the
 least.] What differs between campaign and free roam is helping the stranger
 out by rescuing his daughter, who's being held hostage inside the house.
 Killing the captor releases her safely; accidentally slaying her gives no
 honor bonus like normal. [In free roam, the daughter situation is replaced
 with another wave of reinforcements, approaching the building from a few
 different directions.]

 The Cleaned House bonus seems to be earned by eliminating the reinforcements
 (1st wave) as they emerge, but before they get too far away from the doorstep.
 Others theorize it has something to do with kill-chaining them, but that
 doesn't always seem to work.

MINIGAMES                                                                [MNGM]
 There are six minigames in RDR. They're technically optional but winning
 one of each is necessary for outfit unlocks, not to mention a few points to
 the game's overall completion (if y'want that achievement). Their icons are
 displayed on the world map for easier identification. The game also usually
 gives a tutorial on how to play 'em.

 NOTE: If an icon is grayed-out, it means the game can't currently be played,
       usually due to lack of participation.

 Available: El Matadero, Pacific Union Railroad Camp

 This is one of the easier minigames by its simplicity. Marston faces off
 against one opponent, trying to pin his arm to the table. Pressing A-button
 will force the enemy's arm in one direction; holding R-trigger attempts to
 hold one's ground. The key is to watch the opponent's face, holding ground
 when they attempt to push Marston's arm, then push their arm when they get
 tired out. When their arm's close to the table, Y-button can do a fast pin
 to win. [Game goes to 2 per opponent.]

 Available: Blackwater, Chuparosa, Thieves' Landing, Rathskeller Fork

 Blackjack is a fairly simple card game to learn the rules of, but as it's a
 game of odds, hard to master (if at all possible). Each card is assigned a
 value, and the players attempt to get their cards' cumulative values to 21,
 which is the magic number. Card values are as such: aces are worth 1 or 11,
 face cards are worth 10, and number cards their assigned values. [Thus, an
 ace + face card = automatic 21, or a "blackjack"] A player "wins" when they
 get a hand better than the dealer.

 At the start of each hand, a player is dealt two cards from which they can
 either "hit" (add another card) or "stand" (keep current cards). If anyone
 goes over 21, they "bust," or automatically lose. If a player gets two cards
 of the same value, they can "split" the cards, thus having two hands to bet
 on that round. Each hit will then add a card to each hand, increasing the
 chances of winning or busting.

 Available: Armadillo, Escalera, Manzanita Post, Thieves' Landing, Torquemada

 Another simple minigame! This one is about pushing a certain button sequence
 in a limited amount of time, mimicking the enemy's as they stab the knife to
 the table in-between their fingers. [Messing up cuts one's own fingers...ow.]
 The sequence starts out simple, using only two buttons for the first opponent,
 but can end up using all four for the later opponents. The minimum amount to
 bet rises as later opponents are fought. [Note that if one loses, opponents
 beaten do _not_ come back -- no restarting!]

 Available: Chuparosa, Ridgewood Farm

 Less of a minigame than a fun pasttime or optional job, breaking in wild
 horses allows John to (1) get a free steed (2) buy the steed's deed at most
 general stores, which lets him summon the horse should it die. Horsebreaking
 requires a lasso to hold the horse, and when John jumps on, he'll have to try
 to maintain balance to get the animal used to being ridden. The trick is to
 watch which side John's leaning off and move back towards center, occasionally
 pushing down on the control stick (forward on horse) to avoid being bucked off

 When John takes on a job, he breaks the horse in exchange for some cash, apx.
 $80-90. The horse then becomes his "trusty steed," meaning it comes when John
 whistles. This can be annoying if one already has a better steed, or was
 trying to get the "Spurred to Victory" achievement, so make sure to have a
 deed on hand to summon a better "caballo".

 Available: Las Hermanas, MacFarlane's Ranch

 Horseshoes is a game played to 11 with two players, where each tries to throw
 the titular shoe to the other end of the "field" where a metal stake is stuck.
 Each player gets two throws per turn, and whoever gets closest to the metal
 stake wins the round, winning 1 or 2 points (depending on if both shoes were
 thrown better than the opponent's). Hitting the metal stake with a horseshoe
 is called a "ringer" and earns three points. Note that the horseshoe's ends
 have to be around the stake to be an actual ringer; nicking the stake isn't
 a ringer and doesn't give the corresponding achievement. [Winner must win by

 To throw a horseshoe, first adjust Marston's aim and make sure the far peg
 is toward the center of the held horseshoe itself, as that increases the
 chance of getting a ringer. Next, watch the gauge: the trick is to release
 the shoe at around the center line, which propels it forward well. Releasing
 at the ends of the gauge gives the throw too little steam or too much steam,
 which throws it skyward instead of laterally.

 The game can take a little practice to do right. Just remember to adjust the
 aim every throw or Marston'll (typically) screw up.

 Available: Escalera, Casa Madrugada, Thieves' Landing

 Liar's Dice is a fun game played between 2-4 opponents, and as its name
 suggests, it's a dice game. Each person starts with five dice, and the object
 is to be the last person with dice remaining.

 Each round starts by one shaking the dice and seeing the values of them. The
 betting then begins. Each person must give a bet, which has to increase in
 number or value, about the table's cumulative dice values. For instance, if
 one person bets that there's "one 1" out of everyone, the next person has
 to bet at least "two 1s" or increase the dice values.

 If a bet is made and someone thinks it's a bluff, he can be called out on it
 and the table's dice are revealed. If it's proven a bet was false, the person
 who lied loses one of his dice; if it's proven right, the accusor loses a
 die. An example: someone bets there's two 5s on the table, and is called out.
 In actuality, there is five 5s between the players. Since there's at least
 two, the accusor would lose the die. [Similarly, one can call a bet spot-on
 if s/he thinks the exact number of dice is available, forcing the last person
 who bet to lose a die.]

 The trick to winning is telling the truth, then, or making adjusted claims
 based off one's own dice. Let's say the player has values of (1,2,3,4,5) for
 the round. An educated bet would be to say there's at least two of a number
 available, since the player has at least one and it's quite likely another
 player does too. These kinds of sly bets often work in the player's favor, or
 force opponents to bluff and be called out. It gets a bit harder as the
 foes' dice dwindle, however, although operating under the assumption that
 one's bet is partially true helps -- i.e. if someone bets they have two 6s,
 they have at least one 6 to speak of. [This isn't always true, however, but
 it seems to be done by certain people, so after a few games one should know
 their habits.]

 Unlock: Armadillo, Blackwater, Chuparosa, MacFarlane's Ranch
 Reward: Cash, 5 Fame, 50 Honor (per each criminal captured safely)

 Nightwatch jobs are paid assignments in certain civilized areas where John
 patrols the place (during night, of course) and puts a stop to any criminal
 activity going on. The more events that take place, and the more people that
 are caught instead of slain, the more cash John gets paid. The delinquency is
 usually confined to horse theft, fistfights, and attempted burglaries. Using
 the lasso is the safe way to solve any problems, although shooting someone in
 the leg puts the kibosh on any would-be escapees.

 Available: Armadillo, Blackwater, Casa Madrugada, Chuparosa, MacFarlane's
            Ranch, Thieves' Landing

 Poker in RDR is "Texas Hold 'Em" style, which has its own set of rules from
 normal poker. Basically, each person is dealt three cards at the start of
 each round, and three cards ("river cards") are put in the center face-down.
 Betting begins before the river cards are flipped, with forced bets -- the
 big blind and little blind -- given from two people based off the dealer's
 position. [Additional betting can be done, too.]

 The object is to have use one's own cards and the river cards to make the
 best possible hand, winning the pot (accumulated bets) for oneself. Assuming
 one knows what a standard deck of cards is -- if y'don't, go look it up --
 there is an ascendancy to hands, i.e. one hand is better than another. From
 best to worst, here is the order:

 Royal Flush ---: A-K-Q-J-10 of the same suit
 Straight Flush : Five sequential cards of same suit
 Four of a Kind : Four matching cards (i.e. four Kings)
 Full House ----: Three of a Kind + a Pair
 Flush ---------: Five cards of same suit
 Straight ------: Five sequential cards of any suit
 Three of a Kind: Three matching cards (i.e. three Kings)
 Two Pair ------: Two pairs of two matching cards
 One Pair ------: Two matching cards 
 High Card -----: Player's highest card is their default hand

 Basically, the hardest hand (royal flush) is unbeatable, while having no
 specific hand uses the person's highest card. Being dealt a pair off the bat
 is one of the best hands to obtain, thus.

 As for betting, besides the big/small blind forced bets to keep a pot on the
 table, a player can bet "all in," in which they put their entire stack of
 chips into their hand. This is a common bluff for people who don't know how
 to play poker -- and even those that do! -- but it can easily backfire if
 an opponent has an actual hand of worth. Either way, going all-in is a good
 way to force people with few chips to bet it all, or to force people to fold
 if they don't want to risk anything. [Players who check, which means to not
 raise the current bet, can often be made to fold by going all-in.]

 If someone is forced to go all-in to play, and their chips are fewer than the
 person who went all-in, a "split pot" occurs. A split pot also occurs when
 two people win the pot with the same hand (like both having nothing but the
 same high card), which cuts the pot in half. I suppose it could be split
 between three people, too, but it's never happened to me.

 NOTE: To unlock the special high-stakes poker game in Blackwater, obtain the
       special Gentleman's Attire costume by joining Rockstar's Social Club.

MULTIPLAYER CHALLENGES                                                   [MLTP]
 Challenges in multiplayer are feats of excellence that reward the player with
 experience (XP or EXP) and unlockable titles. They're categorized between
 free roam and competitive play, the latter being staged battles with many
 people. The tables should be self-explanitory, but here's what the superscript
 numbers mean:

 ¹ - Must be accomplished in same session
 ² - Must be done with throwing/melee weapons only
 ³ - Requirements must be done without dying

| FREE ROAM CHALLENGES |-------------------------------------------------------
 These types of challenges, done in free roam of course, can be performed by
 oneself or in a posse. Some missions are definitely easier with allies, too.

 ____ _______________________________________ _____ _________________________
| LV | OBJECTIVE                             | EXP | TITLE UNLOCKED          |
| 01 | Complete Pike's Basin hideout         | 250 | Cow Lover               | 
| 02 | Complete Fort Mercer hideout          | 250 | Shining Knight          |
| 03 | Complete Tumbleweed hideout           | 250 | Weedwhacker             |
| 04 | Complete Gaptooth Breach hideout      | 250 | Gold Thief              |
| 05 | Complete Tesoro Azul hideout          | 250 | Sapphire                |
| 06 | Complete Twin Rocks hideout           | 250 | Gemini                  |
| 07 | Complete Nosalida hideout             | 250 | Exit Wound/Lawbringer   |
| 01 | Win Pike's Basin/Twin Rocks¹          | 250 | Civil Servant           |
| 02 | Win Nosalida/Tesoro Azul¹             | 250 | Deputy Lawman           |
| 03 | Win Tumbleweed/Fort Mercer¹           | 250 | Lucky Lawbringer        |
| 04 | Win Tesoro Azul²                      | 250 | Crimestopper            |
| 05 | Win Gaptooth Breach²                  | 250 | No guns needed          |
| 01 | Win Pike/Twin/Fort/Tumble in 24 hrs.³ | 250 | Restless Justice        |
| 02 | Win Pike/Twin/Fort/Tumble in 36 hrs.³ | 250 | Untouchable Gunslinger  |

 Lawbringer tasks are all about completing the hideouts, and some require a
 couple tweaks, like beating them in a certain time period or with throwing
 weapons. These aren't that hard to do by oneself (provided the player knows
 the game's ins and outs, employs patience, etc.) but some of the more 
 annoying ones -- like Lawbringer III's tasks -- should definitely be done
 with a large posse. [One can usually kill an enemy and go hide somewhere,
 letting allies do the work, and still get the thing to unlock.]

 ____ _______________________________________ _____ _________________________
| LV | OBJECTIVE                             | EXP | TITLE UNLOCKED          |
| 01 | Kill 5 deer                           | 250 | Stew Brewer             |
| 02 | Kill 5 coyotes                        | 250 | Conservationist         |
| 03 | Kill 5 wolves (1 must be w/ knife)    | 250 | Wolf Cryer              |
| 04 | Kill 5 cougars (1 must be w/ knife)   | 250 | The Mauled              |
| 05 | Kill 5 elk and bighorns               | 250 | Hunter                  |
| 01 | Kill 5 bears (1 must be w/ knife)     | 250 | Spartan Survival        |
| 02 | Kill Lobo the legendary wolf          | 250 | Lycanthropist           |
| 03 | Kill Gordo the legendary boar         | 250 | Lord of the Flies       |
| 04 | Kill Khan the legendary jaguar        | 250 | Cat Ballyhoo            |
| 05 | Kill Brumas the legendary bear        | 250 | Master Hunter           |

 Expectedly, these challenges are all about killing wildlife. Ones requiring
 knife kills can be a little vexing, though, as cougar/bear attacks have been
 turned into OHKOs for multiplayer. Still, stabbing an animal in the face is
 usually good enough to score a kill. Remember that one can dodge-roll by
 pressing a direction and x-button while L-trigger's held down.

 As for the legendary animals, Lobo appears near Barranca (Mexico), Gordo at
 Greenhollow (along San Luis River), Khan at Tanner's Reach (Tall Trees) and
 Brumas at Bearclaw Camp (Tall Trees also). Legendary animals only appear when
 Marston goes to the certain area and kills apx. 10 of its generic allies.
 If Marston dies by a legendary animal, he's removed from the area and must do
 the process all over again. [Legendaries also have higher health, speed, and
 damage output, usually.]

 ____ _______________________________________ _____ _________________________
| LV | OBJECTIVE                             | EXP | TITLE UNLOCKED          |
| 01 | Gain a $500 bounty                    | 250 | Bandito                 |
| 02 | Gain a $1000 bounty                   | 250 | Renegade                |
| 03 | Gain a $5000 bounty                   | 250 | Enemy of the State      |
| 01 | Become a public enemy                 | 250 | Outlaw                  |
| 02 | Become a public enemy 10 times        | 250 | On the run              |
| 03 | Become a public enemy 50 times        | 250 | Career Criminal         |
| 01 | Survive for 3m while a posse pursues  | 250 | Running Man             |
| 02 | Survive for 5m while a posse pursues  | 250 | Fleeing Felon           |
| 03 | Survive for 7m while a posse pursues  | 250 | Maniac Militia Member   |

 The beginning outlaw missions are rather simple in design, with the Bounty &
 Public Enemy ones being those requiring most patience and persistence. [The
 survival one is a cinch, really.] One becomes a public enemy by gaining a
 $1000 bounty, for reference. It makes sense to hole up in a place where it's
 possible to kill attackers easily, such as El Presidio, the Blackwater hotel,
 Armadillo rooftops, etc. Doing these with a posse can be a great help, too.

 ____ _______________________________________ _____ _________________________
| LV | OBJECTIVE                             | EXP | TITLE UNLOCKED          |
| 01 | Kill a PEnemy while you're a PEnemy   | 250 | The Coward              |
| 01 | Your entire gang has a $1000 bounty   | 250 | Mild Bunch              |
| 02 | Your entire gang has a $2500 bounty   | 250 | Motley Crew             |
| 03 | Your entire gang has a $7500 bounty   | 250 | Wild Bunch              |
| 01 | Kill 1 Public Enemy                   | 250 | Deputy                  |
| 02 | Kill 10 Public Enemies                | 250 | Sheriff                 |
| 03 | Kill 50 Public Enemies                | 250 | Law Dog                 |
| 01 | Get a 3-person killstreak as a PEnemy | 250 | Yellowbelly             |
| 02 | Get a 5-person killstreak as a PEnemy | 250 | Remorseless             |
| 03 | Get a 7-person killstreak as a PEnemy | 250 | Public Enemy            |

 Public Enemy challenges are usually high-risk events, especially ones that
 require killstreaks. Typical methods of killing public enemies are sniping
 them from long range, throwing dynamite into where they're holed up, etc. --
 it annoys the crap out of 'em! Also, as far as "Outlaw Gang" challenges go,
 a gang is classified as two or more people, so a duo works best for doing
 those ones "quickly".

 ____ _______________________________________ _____ _________________________
| LV | OBJECTIVE                             | EXP | TITLE UNLOCKED          |
| 01 | Kill five birds                       | 250 | Bird Watcher            |
| 02 | Kill five rabbits                     | 250 | Exterminator            |
| 03 | Headshot 10 enemies                   | 250 | Head Hollower           |
| 04 | Kill 5 birds from a moving vehicle    | 250 | Mobile Bird Watcher     |
| 05 | Disarm 10 enemies                     | 250 | Sharpshooter            |
| 01 | Get two hatshots within 5 seconds     | 250 | Hat Trickster           |
| 02 | Hatshot & disarm same person in 3sec. | 250 | Hauty Gunhand           |
| 03 | Kill a grizzly in one headshot        | 250 | Bear Starer             |
| 04 | Score a hatshot while mounted         | 250 | Hat Flyer               |
| 05 | Kill 3 animal types w/in 10s of each  | 250 | Master Sharpshooter     |

 Sharpshooter challenges are typically fun, with at one requiring Marston to
 be riding shotgun with someone (a horse doesn't count as a moving vehicle).
 For reference, a "hatshot" is shooting someone's hat off and a "disarm" is
 knocking a gun out of someone's hand, both without killing the target. The
 sniper rifle is pretty good for these challenges, as it's deadly accurate and
 aiming high often causes a hatshot anyway (use Carcano for best effect). The
 "kill three animal types in 10 seconds of each other" might not be as hard as
 it sounds, either -- try going to a species-diverse place like Bearclaw Camp
 (where I got mine) or using cows, pigs, horses, inert birds, etc. as unwitting
 subjects too. 

 ____ _______________________________________ _____ _________________________
| LV | OBJECTIVE                             | EXP | TITLE UNLOCKED          |
| 01 | Pick 6 Wild Feverfew                  | 250 | Wild Fever              |
| 02 | Pick 6 Desert Sage                    | 250 | Sage Advisor            |
| 03 | Pick 4 Red Sage                       | 250 | Sage Bleeder            |
| 04 | Pick 8 Prickly Pear                   | 250 | Raw Paws                |
| 05 | Pick 7 Woolly Blue Curls              | 250 | Survivalist             |
| 01 | Pick 8 Butterfly Weed                 | 250 | Doc's Realization       |
| 02 | Pick 10 Hummingbird Sage              | 250 | Sage Hoverer            |
| 03 | Pick 12 Prairie Poppy                 | 250 | Prairie Picker          |
| 04 | Pick 15 Golden Currant                | 250 | Golden Herbalist        |
| 05 | Pick 10 Violet Snowdrop + 2 of others | 250 | Master Survivalist      |

 Once the player knows the plants are indigenous to -- and if y'don't, see
 the Ambient Challenges section -- these aren't that hard. Note that the
 challenges don't count herbs already picked when they unlock, so each one
 requires finding "fresh" ones. The most annoying of the batch is definitely
 the final one of Survivalist II, which requires finding 10 Violet Snowdrops
 plus two of all the previous ones...ugh.

| WEAPON-RELATED CHALLENGES |--------------------------------------------------
 These challenges are accomplished in bag games and shootouts. Asterisked (*)
 items in this section reward the player with gold-plated weapons -- usable
 only in this competitive setting mind you -- that give increased XP gains
 when kills are scored.

 There's basically two types of challenges for weapons:

 1) "KILLER" -> Score 25 > 50 kills to earn 50 > 100 XP
 2) "HEADSHOTS" -> Score 25 > 50 > 100 headshots to earn 100 > 200 > 250 XP

 Here's a list of 'em. Note that completing the challenge that requires mere
 kills unlocks the title of that challenge (i.e. "LeMat Muerte") while doing
 the headshots one unlocks the gold-plated version of the corresponding weapon.

 • Bolt Action Assassin
 • Bolt Action Assassin Headshots
 • Buffalo Butcher
 • Buffalo Butcher Headshots
 • Carcano Killer
 • Carcano Killer Headshots
 • Double Barrel Killer
 • Double Barrel Killer Headshots
 • High Powered Killer
 • High Powered Killer Headshots
 • Henry Hurter
 • Henry Hurter Headshots
 • LeMat Muerte
 • LeMat Muerte Headshots
 • Mauser Murderer
 • Mauser Murderer Headshots
 • Pump Action Killer 
 • Pump Action Killer Headshots 
 • Repeated Killer 
 • Repeated Killer Headshots 
 • Rolling Block Bully
 • Rolling Block Bully Headshots 
 • Sawed Off Shooter 
 • Sawed Off Shooter Headshots 
 • Schofield Assassin 
 • Schofield Assassin Headshots 
 • Semi Auto Shotgunner
 • Semi Auto Shotgunner Headshots
 • Semi Auto Pistolero 
 • Semi Auto Pistolero Headshots 
 • Springfield Killer 
 • Springfield Killer Headshots 
 • Volcanic Killer 
 • Volcanic Killer Headshots 
 • Winchester Wielder 
 • Winchester Wielder Headshots 

 Explosive weapons [Throwing Knives aren't in competitive gameplay] have their
 own challenges, though.
   ___________________________ _____ _______________________________________
  | CHALLENGE                 | EXP | ACCOMPLISHMENT METHOD                 |
  | DYN-O-MITE!               | 250 | Get 05 kills with dynamite sticks     |
  |                           | 250 | Get 10 kills with dynamite sticks     |
  |                           | 250 | Get 25 kills with dynamite sticks     |
  | DYN-O-MITE DEM-O-LI-TION! | 250 | Kill 2 enemies with 1 dynamite stick  |
  |                           | 250 | Kill 3 enemies with 1 dynamite stick  |
  | Pyro                      | 250 | Get 05 kills with fire bottles        |
  | Pyro Arson                | 250 | Kill 2 enemies with 1 fire bottle     |

| PVP CHALLENGES |-------------------------------------------------------------
 These challenges are done in certain multiplayer modes (Gold Rush, Gang
 Shootout, Shootout, Hold Your Own, Grab the Bag) and only there. Many of the
 challenges, such as Bag Pick Ups, appear in different modes and are done
 repeatedly thus. The section may be a little sloppy-looking considering how
 much info there is to organize neatly, but hopefully it ain't THAT bad, heh.

 [Still not sure on some of the titles, but I believe these are right. Send in
 error corrections if you see any! I haven't gotten all of these just yet.]

____________________ _____ _______________________________ ___________________
CHALLENGE           | EXP | METHOD                        | TITLE             |
Bag Pick Ups        |  50 | Pick up 10 Bags               | Bagnabber         |
                    | 100 | Pick up 25 Bags               | Bagnabbit         |
                    | 150 | Pick up 50 Bags               | Bagmaster         |
                    | 150 | Pick up 75 Bags               | Sack Toucher      |
                    | 150 | Pick up 100 Bags              | Proctologist      |
Deliver Bags        |  50 | Deliver 1 bag                 | Delivery Boy      |
                    | 100 | Deliver 15 Bags               | Fleetfoot         |
                    | 150 | Deliver 50 Bags               | Lode Bearer       |
                    | 150 | Deliver 100 Bags              | Golden Boy        |
Match Wins          |  50 | Win 1 Gold Rush match         | Forty-niner       |
                    | 100 | Win 5 Gold Rush matches       | Scrooge           |
                    | 150 | Win 20 Gold Rush matches      | Oremonger         |

______________ _____ _______________________________ _________________________
CHALLENGE     | EXP | METHOD                        | TITLE                   |
Counter MVP   | 150 | Be high scorer on losing team | The "Ike Clanton" Award |
MVP           |  50 | Get MVP in a G.S. one time    | Team Player             |
              | 100 |                  " five times | Head of the Class       |
              | 150 |                   " ten times | First Round Draft       |
Top 3         |  50 | Place in the Top 3 one time   | Gang Lieutenant         |
              | 100 |                  " five times | Gang Leader             |
              | 150 |                " twenty times | Gang Boss               |

____________________ _____ _______________________________ ___________________
CHALLENGE           | EXP | METHOD                        | TITLE             |
Bag Pick Ups        |  50 | Pick up 10 Bags               | Muckraker         |
                    | 100 | Pick up 25 Bags               | Sack Lunch        |
                    | 150 | Pick up 50 Bags               | Kangaroo Sack     |
                    | 150 | Pick up 75 Bags               | Team Bagger       |
                    | 150 | Pick up 100 Bags              | Gang Bagger       |
Deliver Bags        |  50 | Deliver 1 Bag                 | Kept It Secret    |
                    | 100 | Deliver 15 Bags               | Kept It Safe      |
                    | 150 | Deliver 50 Bags               | Precious          |
First Place         | 150 | Be the MVP (highest scorer)   | ----------------- |
Match Wins          |  50 | Win 1 Grab the Bag match      | Golden            |
                    | 100 | Win 10 Grab the Bag matches   | Solid Gold        |
                    | 150 | Win 20 Grab the Bag matches   | Midas Touch       |
Counter MVP         | 150 | Be losing team's high scorer  | Carpetbagger      |
Deliver Bags        |  50 | Deliver 1 Bag                 | Kept It Secret    |
                    | 100 | Deliver 15 Bags               | Kept It Safe      |
                    | 150 | Deliver 50 Bags               | Precious          |
Delivery Service    |  50 | Deliver 2 bags in one match   | Two to the Chest  |
                    | 100 | Deliver 4 bags in one match   | The Forsaken      |
                    | 150 | Deliver 6 bags in one match   | Gold Dropper      |
Kill Bag Carriers   |  50 | Kill 5 bag carriers           | Stopped a Few     |
                    | 100 | Kill 25 bag carriers          | Stopped a Lot     |
                    | 150 | Kill 75 bag carriers          | Stopped a Ton     |
MVP                 | 150 | Be team's highest scorer      | The Miner         |
 * - Delivery Service LV1: mentions 3-bag delivery but gives "Two" title? Huh?

____________________ _____ _______________________________ ___________________
CHALLENGE           | EXP | METHOD                        | TITLE             |
Cover Killer        | 150 | Cannon-kill a foe using cover | Peek-a-BOOM       |
Multi-Ball          |  50 | Kill 2 foes with 1 cannonball | Striked Out       |
                    | 100 | Kill 3 foes with 1 cannonball | Cannonball        |
                    | 150 | Kill 4 foes with 1 cannonball | Death Strike      |
Gatling Gunner      |  50 | Get 10 gatling gun kills      | Chain Gunner      |
                    | 100 | Get 50 gatling gun kills      | Predator          |
                    | 150 | Get 100 gatling gun kills     | Heavy Camper      |
Cannon Crusher      |  50 | Get 10 cannonball kills       | Bombardier        |
                    | 100 | Get 50 cannonball kills       | Heavy Artillery   |
                    | 150 | Get 100 cannonball kills      | Cannon Camper     |

____________________ _____ _______________________________ ___________________
CHALLENGE           | EXP | METHOD                        | TITLE             |
Bag Pick Ups        |  50 | Pick up 10 Bags               | Grabby Hands      |
                    | 100 | Pick up 25 Bags               | Bag Handler       |
                    | 150 | Pick up 50 Bags               | Dirty Mitts       |
                    | 150 | Pick up 75 Bags               | Bag Runner        |
                    | 150 | Pick up 100 Bags              | Grubby Paws       |
Deliver Bags        |  50 | Deliver 1 Bag                 | Package Delivered |
                    | 100 | Deliver 15 Bags               | Special Delivery  |
                    | 150 | Deliver 50 Bags               | The Guy in Brown  |
Match Wins          |  50 | Win 1 Hold Your Own match     | Tasted It         |
                    | 100 | Win 5 Hold Your Own matches   | Held It           |
                    | 150 | Win 20 Hold Your Own matches  | Touched It        |
Bagstabber          | 150 | Stab a foe holding a bag      | Bag Stabber       |
Counter MVP         | 150 | Be losing team's high scorer  | Wide Lode         |
Delivery Service    |  50 | Deliver 1 bag in one match    | ----------------- |
                    | 100 | Deliver 3 bags in one match   | Scout             |
                    | 150 | Deliver 5 bags in one match   | Runner            |
                    | 150 | Deliver 7 bags in one match   | Know Your Role    |
MVP                 | 150 | Be MVP (highest scorer)       | Heavy Lode        |

______________________________ _____ ____________________ ____________________
CHALLENGE                     | EXP | METHOD             | TITLE              |
Shootout                      |  50 | Get a 3-kill streak| Set 'Em Up         |
                              | 100 |  " 5-kill streak   | Knocked 'em Down   |
                              | 150 |  " 7-kill streak   | They Kept Coming   |
Gang Shootout                 |  50 | Get a 5-kill streak| Doing Work         |
                              | 100 |  " 10-kill streak  | Pulling Their Weight
                              | 150 |  " 15-kill streak  Just Get Outta The Way
Knife Kill Streak             |  50 | 3-kill streak      | Slasher            |
                              | 100 | 5-kill streak      | Saved the Alamo    |
Kill Streak Near Death        | 150 | 3-kill streak      | Wounded Threat     |
Mounted Kill Streak           |  50 | 3-kill streak      | Above You          |
                              | 100 | 5-kill streak      | Death From Above   |
Shootout Massacre             | 150 | 10-kill streak     | Rampage            |
Gang Shootout Massacre        | 150 | 20-kill streak     | Outdoor Enthusiast | 
 * - near death noted as being in critical health (screen almost fully red)

______________________________ _____ _____________________ ___________________
CHALLENGE                     | EXP | METHOD              | TITLE             |
Capture the Bag               | 150 | Get 5:1 kill ratio  | Bouncer           |
Gang Shootout                 | 150 | Get 5:1 kill ratio  | Shooting Star     |
Shootout                      | 150 | Get 5:1 kill ratio  | Star Player       |

______________________________ _____ _____________________ ___________________
CHALLENGE                     | EXP | METHOD              | TITLE             |
Kill Your Last Killer         |  50 | self-explanitory    | Holds a Grudge    |
                              | 100 | Kill foe who killed | Vindictive        |
                              |     | you 3 times (1life) |                   |
Kill Your Last Killer's Mount |  50 | self-explanitory    | Paste of Revenge  |
Survive Death                 |  50 | In 1 life, be crit- | On Life Support   |
                              |     | -ically hurt 5times |                   |

______________ _____ _______________________________ _________________________
CHALLENGE     | EXP | METHOD                        | TITLE                   |
MVP           |  50 | Get MVP in a G.S. one time    | A Winner Is...          |
              | 100 |                  " five times | Top of the Pile         |
              | 150 |                   " ten times | If It Moves Kill It     |
Top 3         |  50 | Place in the Top 3 one time   | Still Standing          |
              | 100 |                  " five times | Good Company            |
              | 150 |                " twenty times | Top of the Crop         |

______________________________ _____ _____________________ ___________________
CHALLENGE                     | EXP | METHOD              | TITLE             |
Clay Pigeon                   |  50 | In midair, kill foe | Circus Trickster  |
Kill Enemies Using Blind Fire | 150 | Blindfire-kill a foe| Aiming is Overrated
Kill Enemies Using Cover      |  50 | Cover-kill 25 foes  | Hide and Shoot    |
                              | 100 | Cover-kill 50 foes  | ----------------- |
                              | 150 | Cover-kill 100 foes | Shy Guy           |
Kill Enemies on Horseback     |  50 | Kill 10 foes on     | Horseback Fighter |
                              | 100 | Kill 50 foes on     | Mounted Murderer  |
                              | 150 | Kill 100 foes on    | Equestrian Killer |

____________________ _____ _______________________________ ___________________
CHALLENGE           | EXP | METHOD                        | TITLE             |
Final Kill          |  50 | Earn match's final kill once  | The Edge          |
                    | 100 | Make final kill five times    | The Closer        |
Shootout            | 150 | Complete a Shootout w/o dying | Flawless          |
                    | 150 |     " Gang Shootout w/o dying | In the Closet     |

| COOP CHALLENGES |------------------------------------------------------------
Cooperative (Co-Op) missions are available by downloading the "Outlaws to the
End" DLC. Playing a mission unlocks challenges for that mission, and obtaining
Advanced Missions -- by finishing all 6 missions normally -- unlocks the rest.
Unlike other challenges, there's no titles to unlock.

_________________________________________ _____ ______________________________
CHALLENGE                                | EXP | METHOD                       |
All Cooperative Missions                 | 250 | Complete all 6 missions      |
Defender                                 |  50 | Defend an ally 1 time        |
                                         | 100 | Defend an ally 5 times       |
                                         | 250 | Defend an ally 10 times      |
                                         | 500 | Defend an ally 25 times      |
Demolitions Expert                       | 250 | Beat all 6 m's as a Miner    |
Demolitions Expert - Advanced            | 250 |      " as the Miner II class |
Desperado - Advanced                     | 250 | Beat all Advanced missions   |
                                         |     | as the No Holds Barred class |
Flawless - Advanced                      | 500 | Win all Advanced m's w/o dying
Flawless - All Cooperative Missions      | 500 | Beat all missions w/o dying  |
Gunhand                                  |  50 | Assist an ally 1 time        |
                                         | 100 | Assist an ally 10 times      |
                                         | 250 | Assist an ally 50 times      |
                                         | 500 | Assist an ally 250 times     |
I'm Your Huckleberry                     | 250 | Beat all 6 m's as Gunslinger |
I'm Your Huckleberry - Advanced          | 250 |     " 6 m's as Gunslinger II |
Lunatic with a Gun                       | 250 | Beat all 6 m's as a Marksman |
Lunatic with a Gun - Advanced            | 250 |   " as the Marskman II class |
Medic                                    |  50 | Revive an ally 1 time        |
                                         | 100 | Revive an ally 10 times      |
                                         | 250 | Revive an ally 50 times      |
                                         | 500 | Revive an ally 250 times     |
Mission Complete - Advanced              | 250 | Beat all 6 Advanced missions |
Soldier for Hire                         | 250 | Beat all missions as Soldier |
Soldier for Hire - Advanced              | 250 |    " as the Soldier II class |
Standing Tall - Advanced                 | 500 | Finish all Advanced missions |
                                         |     | without being incapacitated  |
Standing Tall - All Cooperative Missions | 500 | Finish all missions without  |
                                         |     | being incapacitated          |
 * - m's stands for missions, in case it wasn't obvious

 ________________________ _____ ______________________________________________
| CHALLENGE              | EXP | METHOD                                       |
| Advanced - Time Attack |  50 | Beat Ammunition Advanced in under 12 minutes |
|                        | 250 | Beat Ammunition Advanced in under ?? minutes |
|                        | 500 | Beat Ammunition Advanced in under 08 minutes |
| Chainkill              |  50 | Get a 3-kill chain                           |
|                        | 250 | Get a 5-kill chain                           |
|                        | 500 | Get a 7-kill chain                           |
| Flawless               |  50 | Finish Ammunition without dying              |
| Gunning Them Down      |  50 | Get 10 gatling gun kills                     |
| Standing Tall          |  50 | Finish Ammunition w/o being incapacitated    |
| Viva la Revolucion     |  50 | Kill 50 enemies in Ammunition                |
|                        | 250 | Kill 250 foes in Ammunition                  |
|                        | 500 | Kill 1000 foes in Ammunition                 |
| Time Attack            |  50 | Finish Ammunition in under 12 minutes        |
|                        | 250 | Finish Ammunition in under 10 minutes        |
|                        | 500 | Finish Ammunition in under ?? minutes        |

 ________________________ _____ ______________________________________________
| CHALLENGE              | EXP | METHOD                                       |
| Advanced - Time Attack |  50 | Beat The Kidnapped Girl in under 20 minutes  |
|                        | 250 | Beat The Kidnapped Girl in under ?? minutes  |
|                        | 500 | Beat The Kidnapped Girl in under 09 minutes  |
| Chainkill              |  50 | Get a 3-kill chain                           |
|                        | 250 | Get a 5-kill chain                           |
| Flawless               |  50 | Finish The Kidnapped Girl without dying      |
| Gunning Them Down      |  50 | Get 10 gatling gun kills                     |
|                        | 250 | Get 50 gatling gun kills                     |
|                        | 500 | Get ??? gatling gun kills                    |
| Killing Kidnappers     |  50 | Kill 50 enemies in The Kidnapped Girl        |
|                        | 250 | Kill 250 foes in The Kidnapped Girl          |
|                        | 500 | Kill 1000 foes in The Kidnapped Girl         |
| Standing Tall          |  50 | Finish the mission w/o being incapacitated   |
| Time Attack            |  50 | Beat The Kidnapped Girl in under 12 minutes  |
|                        | 100 | Beat The Kidnapped Girl in under 10 minutes  |
|                        | 150 | Beat The Kidnapped Girl in under ?? minutes  |

 ________________________ _____ ______________________________________________
| CHALLENGE              | EXP | METHOD                                       |
| Advanced - Time Attack |  50 | Beat The Escape Advanced in under 12 min.    |
|                        | 250 | Beat The Escape Advanced in under 10 min.    |
|                        | 500 | Beat The Escape Advanced in under ?? min.    |
| Chainkill              |  50 | Get a 3-kill chain                           |
|                        | 250 | Get a 5-kill chain                           |
|                        | 500 | Get a 7-kill chain                           |
| Flawless               |  50 | Finish The Escape without dying              |
| Heavy Artillery        |  50 | Get 10 cannon kills                          |
|                        | 250 | Get 50 cannon kills                          |
|                        | 500 | Get 250 cannon kills                         |
| Killing to Survive     |  50 | Kill 50 enemies in The Escape                |
|                        | 250 | Kill 250 foes in The Escape                  |
|                        | 500 | Kill 1000 foes in The Escape                 |
| Standing Tall          |  50 | Finish the mission w/o being incapacitated   |
| Time Attack            |  50 | Beat The Escape in under 12 minutes          |
|                        | 250 | Beat The Escape in under 10 minutes          |
|                        | 500 | Beat The Escape in under ?? minutes          |

 _________________________ _____ _____________________________________________
| CHALLENGE               | EXP | METHOD                                      |
| Advanced - Time Attack  |  50 | Beat The Herd Advanced in under 12 minutes  |
|                         | 250 | Beat The Herd Advanced in under 08 minutes  |
|                         | 500 | Beat The Herd Advanced in under ?? minutes  |
| Culling Cattlerustlers  |  50 | Kill 50 foes in The Herd                    |
|                         | 250 | Kill 250 foes in The Herd                   |
|                         | 500 | Kill 1000 foes in The Herd                  |
| Chainkill               |  50 | Get a 3-kill chain                          |
|                         | 250 | Get a 5-kill chain                          |
|                         | 500 | Get a 7-kill chain                          |
| Flawless                |  50 | Finish without dying                        |
| Saving the Steak        |  50 | Finish with 10+ cows left                   |
|                         | 250 | Finish with ??+ cows left                   |
|                         | 500 | Finish with all (20) cows left              |
| Standing Tall           |  50 | Win w/o being incapacitated                 |
| Time Attack             |  50 | Finish in under 12 minutes                  |
|                         | 250 | Beat The Herd in under 8 minutes            |
|                         | 500 | Beat The Herd in under ?? minutes           |

 ________________________ _____ ______________________________________________
| CHALLENGE              | EXP | METHOD                                       |
| Advanced - Time Attack |  50 | Finish The River Advanced in under 22 min.   |
|                        | 250 | Finish The River Advanced in under ?? min.   |
|                        | 500 | Finish The River Advanced in under ?? min.   |
| Bloody the Water       |  50 | Kill 50 enemies in The River                 |
|                        | 250 | Kill 250 enemies in The River                |
|                        | 500 | Kill 1000 enemies in The River               |
| Bustin Myths           |  50 | Get 1 hatshot in The River                   |
|                        | 250 | Get 10 hatshots in The River                 |
|                        | 500 | Get 50 hatshots in The River                 |
| Chainkill              |  50 | Get a 3-kill chain                           |
|                        | 250 | Get a 5-kill chain                           |
|                        | 500 | Get a 7-kill chain                           |
| Flawless               |  50 | Finish without dying                         |
| Standing Tall          |  50 | Finish The River w/o being incapacitated     |
| Time Attack            |  50 | Finish in under 22 minutes                   |
|                        | 250 | Beat The River in under ?? minutes           |
|                        | 500 | Beat The River in under ?? minutes           |

 ________________________ _____ ______________________________________________
| CHALLENGE              | EXP | METHOD                                       |
| Advanced - Time Attack |  50 | Beat Walton's Gold Advanced in under 15 min. |
|                        | 250 | Beat Walton's Gold Advanced in under ?? min. |
|                        | 500 | Beat Walton's Gold Advanced in under ?? min. |
| Chainkill              |  50 | Get a 3-kill chain                           |
|                        | 250 | Get a 5-kill chain                           |
|                        | 500 | Get a 7-kill chain                           |
| Flawless               |  50 | Complete Walton's Gold without dying         |
| Gangbusters            |  50 | Kill 50 enemies                              |
|                        | 250 | Kill 250 enemies                             |
|                        | 500 | Kill 1000 enemies                            |
| Grabbing Gold          |  50 | Leave the mine with 12 bags                  |
|                        | 250 | Leave the mine with 15 bags                  |
|                        | 500 | Leave the mine with all (18) bags            |
| Standing Tall          | 250 | Finish the mission w/o being incapacitated   |
| Time Attack            |  50 | Finish Walton's Gold in under 15 minutes     |
|                        | 250 | Finish Walton's Gold in under ?? minutes     |
|                        | 500 | Finish Walton's Gold in under 07 minutes     |

| STAT CHALLENGES |------------------------------------------------------------
 These are all miscellaneous challenges with three ranks (50, 100, 150 XP).
 Completing them unlocks a special title. Note that the stats one accumulates
 are cumulative for unlocking the next rank. Basically, if you roll 50 times
 for "High Roller," you only have to roll 50 more times, not 100, to reach the
 final rank.

 Note that for trampling someone, simply run at them and make them dodge-jump
 out of the way or kill them in the process. Dead bodies can't be used to
 boost the challenge. [Note that for stagecoach challenges, wagons and cart
 miles/tramples also count.]
 _____________________ ________________________________________ _____________
| CHALLENGE           | ACCOMPLISHMENT                         | TITLE       |
| Foot Traveler       | Walk 10 > 50 > 100 miles               | Wanderer    |
| High Roller         | Roll 25 > 50 > 100 times               | Dizzy       |
| Horse Trampler      | Run over 25 > 50 > 100 separate people | Trampler    |
| Horse Traveler      | Ride 30 > 150 > 300 miles on horseback | Pioneer     |
| Lemming Award       | Fall to your death 25 > 50 > 100 times | Cloudwalker |
| Shotgun Traveler    | Ride shotgun for 02 > 20 > 200 miles   | Shotgun     |
| Stagecoach Trampler | Run over 25 > 50 > 100 guys in a coach | Bad Driver  |
| Stagecoach Traveler | Drive a coach/cart 02 > 25 > 250 miles | Explorer    |
 * - bulls and mules don't count for Horse Trampler

MULTIPLAYER UNLOCKABLES                                                  [MLTI]
 Just an overview of what's unlocked on a per-level basis. Any new player
 begins at Lv01, for reference. When one reaches max level, it's possible to
 "prestige" and restart from lowest level, re-earning weapons and such again
 and get steeds earlier than normal, plus new ones. Prestiges are denoted in
 the table by superscript numbers (¹²³) with an asterisk (*) denoting the 4th
 and last prestige.

 For example, looking at Lv11, it says [Cleveland Bay¹] which means the Bay is
 always unlocked at that level, so long it's at the minimum first prestige. As
 no other mounts are said to unlock at that level, one knows the Cleveland Bay
 will always be found at Lv11 from the first prestige on. Another example is
 Lv50, which has five unlockable mounts. A new mount unlocks each time that's
 reached, as the notation says.
 ____ ______________________________________________________________________
| LV | UNLOCKED                                                             |
| 01 | El Señor, Cattleman Revolver, Knife                                  |
| 02 | Repeater Carbine                                                     |
| 03 | Throwing Knives                                                      |
| 04 | Lusitano Nag                                                         |
| 05 | Volcanic Pistol                                                      |
| 06 | -------------------------------------------------------------------- |
| 07 | -------------------------------------------------------------------- |
| 08 | Turkmen, Winchester Repeater                                         |
| 09 | Schofield Revolver                                                   |
| 10 | -------------------------------------------------------------------- |
| 11 | Cleveland Bay¹, Pump Action Shotgun                                  |
| 12 | -------------------------------------------------------------------- |
| 13 | Springfield Rifle                                                    |
| 14 | -------------------------------------------------------------------- |
| 15 | Dynamite, Hungarian Half-Bred²                                       |
| 16 | -------------------------------------------------------------------- |
| 17 | Double-Action Revolver                                               |
| 18 | Sawed-off Shotgun                                                    |
| 19 | -------------------------------------------------------------------- |
| 20 | Rolling Block Rifle                                                  |
| 21 | -------------------------------------------------------------------- |
| 22 | Fire Bottle, Hungarian Half-Bred¹, American Standardbred²            |
| 23 | -------------------------------------------------------------------- |
| 24 | Semi-automatic Pistol                                                |
| 25 | -------------------------------------------------------------------- |
| 26 | Semi-auto Shotgun, Bonzo³                                            |
| 27 | -------------------------------------------------------------------- |
| 28 | Carcano Rifle                                                        |
| 29 | -------------------------------------------------------------------- |
| 30 | -------------------------------------------------------------------- |
| 31 | -------------------------------------------------------------------- |
| 32 | Henry Repeater                                                       |
| 33 | Hungarian Half-Bred, American Standardbred¹, Bonzo², Buffalo³        |
| 34 | -------------------------------------------------------------------- |
| 35 | High Power Pistol                                                    |
| 36 | -------------------------------------------------------------------- |
| 37 | Double-barreled Shotgun, Albino Buffalo*                             |
| 38 | -------------------------------------------------------------------- |
| 39 | -------------------------------------------------------------------- |
| 40 | Bolt Action Rifle, American Standardbred, Bonzo¹, Buffalo², Albino   |
|    | Buffalo³                                                             |
| 41 | -------------------------------------------------------------------- |
| 42 | Super Bull*                                                          |
| 43 | Evans Repeater                                                       |
| 44 | -------------------------------------------------------------------- |
| 45 | -------------------------------------------------------------------- |
| 46 | LeMat Revolver                                                       |
| 47 | -------------------------------------------------------------------- |
| 48 | -------------------------------------------------------------------- |
| 49 | Mauser Pistol                                                        |
| 50 | Buffalo Rifle, Bonzo, Buffalo¹, Albino Buffalo², Super Bull³, Zebra  |
|    | Donkey*                                                              |

 ____ ___________________  ____ ___________________  ____ ___________________
| LV | TITLE             || LV | TITLE             || LV | TITLE             |
| 01 | Greenhorn         || 18 | Long Horn         || 35 | Deputized         |
| 02 | Dude              || 19 | Old Hand          || 36 | Ranger            |
| 03 | Pilgrim           || 20 | Rustler           || 37 | Marshal           |
| 04 | Tenderfoot        || 21 | Outlaw            || 38 | Judge & Jury      |
| 05 | Colt              || 22 | Gunslinger        || 39 | El Capitan        |
| 06 | Mail-order Cowboy || 23 | Shootist          || 40 | Colonel           |
| 07 | Pistol            || 24 | Quick Draw        || 41 | General           |
| 08 | Short Horn        || 25 | Gun Shark         || 42 | El Jefe           |
| 09 | Gringo            || 26 | Bad Man           || 43 | Searcher          |
| 10 | Journeyman        || 27 | Long Raider       || 44 | The Kid           |
| 11 | Cowboy            || 28 | Cabron            || 45 | The Duke          |
| 12 | Wrangler          || 29 | Road Agent        || 46 | The Ugly          |
| 13 | Burro             || 30 | Hold-up Man       || 47 | The Bad           |
| 14 | Frontiersman      || 31 | Bandito           || 48 | The Good          |
| 15 | Gristle Heel      || 32 | Short-trigger Man || 49 | The Unforgiven    |
| 16 | Forty-niner       || 33 | Hired Killer      || 50 | The Legend        |
| 17 | Old Timer         || 34 | Mercenary         ||____|___________________|

 ________                  __________                 ______________
| MINERS |                | REBELDES |               | DUTCH'S GANG |
|¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| 01 | Earle Martin     | | 01 | Alfredo Castaneda | | 01 | Al Wolfscreed    |
| 01 | Jarred Vaughan   | | 01 | Ramon Paradiso    | | 01 | Mala Yawetch     |
| 01 | Guy Percival     | | 01 | Jaime Garcia      | | 01 | Hank Shiyani     |
| 14 | Tony Gallows     | | 01 | Cristoban Borracha| | 19 | Sanisuni Wagi    |
| 19 | Quick Tom Candle | | 01 | Jesus Ecchevaria  | | 19 | Kintan Tageyutsi |
| 19 | Gerald Conway    | | 01 | Michael Sustantivo| | 23 | Jeevan Guni      |
| 33 | D R Gasset       | | 01 | Juan Sierra       | | 27 | Jay Sheeyah      |
| 39 | Harvard Coskie   | | 01 | Ramon Dominguez   | | 42 | Chief Mangan     |
|____|__________________| |____|___________________| |____|__________________|

 _______________           _________________        _______________
|¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| 01 | Pat O'Flanagan   | | 01 | John Kelby      | | 01 | Slick Nick Funtz    |
| 01 | Benjamin Earl    | | 01 | Ian Connors     | | 01 | Tall Trees Ty       |
| 01 | Mac Buckman      | | 14 | Wayne Daniels   | | 14 | Gaptooth McGee      |
| 19 | Knobby Tom Alwin | | 21 | Michael Reese   | | 21 | Big Bob Moorcock    |
| 19 | Markus Barnes    | | 29 | Bo Schram       | | 29 |Frederick Littlefield|
| 36 | David Anthony    | | 36 | Shep Thomas     | | 36 | Stephen Paul        |
| 42 | Tricky Pat Dempson | 45 | LS Roberts      | | 45 | Jen Booth           |
| 44 | TJ Laubach       | | 50 | The Tudisco Kid | | 48 | Eric Morganson      |
|____|__________________| |____|_________________| |____|_____________________|

 ___________               ________                   ____________
| FEDERALES |             | LAWMEN |                 | MISC WOMEN |
|¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| 01 | Jose Falotico    | | 01 | Seth LaValley     | | 01 | Madam Hernandez  |
| 01 | Gustavo Andores  | | 01 | RJ Peart          | | 23 | Carrie Boudicca  |
| 01 | Cristo Francisco | | 16 | Fred Everts       | | 25 | Nicole Louise    |
| 23 | Ramon Zapato     | | 23 | Rowan Babcock     | | 27 | Melissa Rose     |
| 31 | Mark Rafael      | | 31 | Heath Michaels    | | 29 | Arlene Dunn      |
| 39 | Juan Diaz        | | 39 | Robert Daniels    | | 31 | Allie Dickey     |
| 48 | Jefe Dautista    | | 48 | Conor Callahan    | | 33 | Alice Thayer     |
| 50 | Raudel Diaz      | | 50 | Sean Cobbler      | | 50 | Sarah Grace      |
|____|__________________| |____|___________________| |____|__________________|

 _______________          ________________             ___________
|¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| 01 | Alejandro Cruz  | | 01 | Jason M. Bright     | | 50 | Kyle McGinty    |
| 01 | Jefe Racha      | | 01 | Garett Comstock     | | 50 | Ezekiel Hogey   |
| 01 | Roberto Gatos   | | 01 | Dr. Lane Davies     | | 50 | Mescalero Mike  |
| 01 | Antonio Xavier  | | 01 | Stuard B. Wilson, III | 50 | Theo Crenshaw   |
| 01 | Esteban Morales | | 01 | Charley Bullock     | | 50 | Christy Weller  |
| 01 | Juan Vargas     | | 01 | Dirty Dan Pister    | |____|_________________|
| 01 | Jose Rodriguez  | | 01 | Nick Klein          |  * - Kyle unlocks at 1st
| 01 | Billy Sanchez   | | 01 | Abraham Marsh       |  LV50, Ezekiel at second
| 01 | Fernando Naranjo| | 01 | Jesse Lange         |  LV50, and so forth. One
|____|_________________| | 01 | Nick Robbins        |  must "prestige" four
                         |____|_____________________|  times to get them all!

OUTFITS                                                                  [OTFT]
 John can change his costume by either (1) getting certain DLC (2) purchasing
 a suit at a tailor (3) doing certain requirements to earn uniform scraps, and
 getting the garb when they're all collected. Each bullet (•) represents a
 scrap that has to be found or earned.

 • Unlocked by default

 • Purchase at Thieves' Landing tailor [$70]

 Unlock: Kill a Bollard Twins gang member
 • Search Thieves' Landing [scrap is hidden in warehouse chest]
 • Complete a Nightwatch job at MacFarlane's Ranch
 • Win a game of Horseshoes at MacFarlane's Ranch
 • Capture a Bollard Twins bounty alive
 • Defend Hennigan's Stead residents from Bollard Twins members
 • Purchase at Thieves' Landing tailor

 Wearing this outfit makes Bollard Twings gangmembers "friendly" to Marston.
 Shouldn't be too hard to get, as long as one's good at horseshoes. Note that
 the "defend Hennigan's Stead residents" portion is a random event, such as
 protecting a wagon being ambushed.

 Unlock: Kill a Treasure Hunter gang member
 • Search Silent Stead 
 • Complete the "California?" stranger's task
 • Make a profit at Rathskeller Fork's blackjack table
 • Claim a Treasure Hunter bounty alive
 • Complete Gaptooth Breach hideout
 • Purchase at Thieves' Landing tailor

 Wearing this outfit makes Treasure Hunters members "friendly" to Marston.
 This is one of the easier ones to get, with the blackjack feat being the only
 one of any difficulty. The trick is to get an early win and quit, rather than
 prolonged playing that makes profiting harder. [If you finish with more chips
 than you started (200), that's a "win" here.]

 Unlock: Kill a Bandito gang member 
 • Search Sidewinder Gulch [scrap is inside a tent's chest]
 • Complete a Chuparosa Nightwatch job
 • Win at Liar's Dice in Casa Madrugada
 • Defend residents of Mexico from Bandito attacks
 • Purchase at Chuparosa general store

 Wearing this outfit makes Mexican banditos "friendly" to Marston. The "defend
 Mexican residents" event is random and usually involves saving someone being
 accosted by robbers -- since it involves the entire country, not just one
 little area, it's easier to get than the others, typically.

 Unlock: Complete "The Appointed Time" mission
 • Search Sepulcro [chest along graveyard's peripheral wall]
 • Complete "Poppycock" stranger's task
 • Complete Horsebreaking job in Chuparosa
 • Complete "Love is the Opiate" stranger's task
 • Win at Five Finger Fillet in Torquemada
 • Purchase at Escalera general store [after "An Appointed Time" concludes]

 When worn, Rebeldes members are "friendly" to Marston, and Mexican coppers
 won't give chase. For the Five Finger Fillet portion, winning it counts as
 beating all opponents, not just one.

 Unlock: Purchase a Mexican safehouse

 Another easy one, although some people have commented that it didn't unlock
 when they bought a house. Getting the villa in Escalera seems to work for
 this purpose, however.

 Unlock: Complete "The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed" mission
 • Clear all US gang hideouts in 24 hours

 Completing all the gang hideouts (Fort Mercer, Twin Rocks, Gaptooth Breach,
 Tumbleweed, Pike's Basin) shouldn't be that hard. Note that the twenty-four
 hour limit is based on IN-GAME time, which is roughly 70-75 minutes. Divided
 by five that leaves about 14 minutes to do 'em all in...of course, some are
 easier than others. [Uniform special effect: US lawmen will not give pursuit.]

 Unlock: Reach 100% single-player completion

 Reaching total completion is ridiculously annoying as it is, but failing even
 one miniscule aspect of the criteria (like failing to get some other outfit)
 screws this up. Oy vey. Wearing this outfit gives John some immunity from
 the wrath of law enforcement officers: bounty won't increase and local cops
 (of any kind, even in Mexico) won't give pursuit.

 Unlock: Complete "The Appointed Time" mission
 • Search Aurora Basin [chest is in cabin]
 • Win at arm-wrestling in Pacific Union Railroad Camp
 • Win a game of poker in Blackwater
 • Complete "Lights, Camera, Action" stranger's task
 • Complete a Blackwater nightwatch job
 • Purchase at Blackwater's tailor [after final story mission]

 This outfit is unlocked (fully) during the course of the Undead Nightmare
 DLC as well.

 Unlock: Begin "The Outlaw's Return" mission

 Very simple to do since the mission's mandatory. No explanation needed.

 • Attain Rank 5 in all Undead Challenges

 Obviously, this applies to the Undead Nightmare DLC.

 • Complete "Birthplace of the Conservation Movement" survivor mission
 • Complete "Filth and Light Entertainment" survivor mission
 • Complete "Missing Souls" survivor mission
 • Return a missing person to El Presidio
 • Find and break the mythical Unicorn

 This outfit's only available as part of the Undead Nightmare DLC (which won't
 come as much of a surprise, given the levity of a unicorn-related mission).
 Wearing this suit allows ammo and items to replenish once a day. The outfit's
 name changes after completing the campaign. To find the unicorn in the area
 near Torquemada, one must first kill the chupacabra (Undead Hunter Rank 5).
 There's no notification of its presence, but it'll be hard to miss, what with
 a rainbow and butterflies flittering behind it. [There's no deed for summoning
 the beast at will, however.]

 • Complete "On a Pale Horse" survivor mission

 This outfit unlocks in Undead Nightmare after completing the storyline.

 This outfit's only available as part of the Undead Nightmare DLC, and is
 unlocked from the beginning. [This is the long underwear "suit" John wears
 in the beginning.] It provides no perks, unless you count the buttoned access
 hatch in the back for "midnight runs to the outhouse." And you probably don't.

 • Harvest 5,000lbs of meat
 • Kill a cougar with dynamite
 • Kill & skin eight (8) snakes
 • Kill the Jackalope
 • Finish "Deadalus and Son" stranger task

 This outfit is only available by the (free) DLC released in October 12, 2010.
 Jackalopes look like horned rabbits, and can be commonly be found in the
 Cholla Springs area. [Seriously, I found one two minutes after I downloaded
 the DLC.] Jackalopes DO seem to count towards the "Unnatural Selection"
 achievement, as I obtained it after killing one. Huh...

 • Win $1000 by gambling
 • Buy or sell items at every gunsmith
 • Collect $200 worth of herbs
 • Execute 20 people
 • Finish "The Prohibitionist" stranger's task

 This outfit is only available by the (free) DLC released in October 12, 2010.
 Since the stranger's task requirement takes place in Blackwater, this means
 the outfit can't be unlocked until late in the game. [Executions are those
 special close-range kill shots, in case a reader was wonderin'.]

 Unlock: Join the Rockstar Social Club

 Joining the social club is rather easy and requires an email and password;
 this links the user's XBL account and, when loading campaign, unlocks the
 outfit. Some people have experienced glitchiness with this, like being unable
 to get the outfit w/o reloading, or not getting it altogether. [Outfit special
 effect: can play high-stakes poker in Armadillo.]

 Unlock: Reach Peacemaker rank in Honor (50% Positive)

 Pretty hard not to get this, since many missions, side-missions, stranger's
 tasks, and random events can contribute towards it. It's quite possible to
 get it before finishing the New Austin events, actually. Too bad it's only
 aesthetically pleasing and has no special effect or skill.

 Unlock: Complete all (4) Ambient Challenges

 Ambient Challenges are things like becoming a master hunter, survivalist,
 and so fort. Basically, one has to reach the final (Lv10) rank in 'em all to
 get this.

 Unlock: Kill a Walton's Gang member
 • Search Solomon's Folly [chest in old house's cellar]
 • Complete a horsebreaking job at Ridgewood Farm
 • Win at poker in Armadillo
 • Capture a Walton's Gang bounty alive
 • Defend residents of Cholla Springs from Walton's Gang
 • Purchase suit at Thieves' Landing tailor [when other objectives met]

 When wearing this outfit, Walton's Gang members are "friendly" to Marston.
 Like the other "defend citizens of 'x' area" jobs, it's random and usually
 in the form of a wagoner being accosted by bandits of some sort. [Currently
 this is a PS3-exclusive outfit, much to 360 users' chagrin.]

 Unlock: Redeem Deadly Assassin outfit code
 • Search Loot's Chapel
 • Complete the Twin Rocks hideout
 • Claim the Moe van Barr bounty (does not need to be alive)
 • Win a duel in Armadillo
 • Complete "American Appetites" stranger's task

 This outfit is "unlocked" initially by preordering the game through GameStop
 and redeeming the code obtained. The other objectives are quite normal. Note
 that if y'don't want to wait for a duel challenger, getting caught cheating
 at poker initiates a duel with whoever did the catching. [Outfit Special
 Effect: Dead Eye replenishes at double normal rate.]

RANDOM EVENTS                                                            [RNDM]
 In order to spice up the drudgery of a mission-to-mission life, the game's
 got a lot of random events that Marston can participate in. These appear as
 blue dots in his vicinity -- sometimes they start when he approaches, others
 when he follows the stranger a ways. This probably won't be a complete list
 unless readers send in stuff as well, so by all means!

 • ASSAULTED LADY: This happens in civilized towns. A woman will be pinned
   down by some drunkard/bastard and is about to be knifed for some wrongdoing.
   Marston can save the lady by defeating the rogue; if he gets there too late
   she dies. [Hogtying the assailant may be preferable since even a shot to
   his behind can be laughably fatal. Maybe he's a hemophiliac? Haha.] Reward:
   100 Honor, 5 Fame, apx $5.

 • ASSAULTED WAGON: A man is about to be executed by bandits, but hopefully
   John stepping in will change that. This event is notable as the only way
   to start the Treasure Hunter ambient challenge -- the map is uncovered from
   the chest left behind at the scene (owner dead or alive). [+50 Fame]

 • ATTACKING ANIMALS: A gang of animals, often coyotes, cougars, or wolves,
   can be seen chasing a victim through the region. Marston can slay the
   predators to help the person, or let nature run its course. [~6$, 5 Fame]

 • BANDIT CAMP: Two bandits will have set up camp somewhere and open fire on
   Marston as he approaches. This happens with or without provocation...guess
   they had some hot merchandise!

 • BANDIT POSSE: When in a civilized area, a group of 4 riders may come in and
   start shooting the place up. Slaying them gives a fame bonus, but it's quite
   easy to catch innocents in the crossfire, so identify targets carefully!

 • BATHROOM BREAK: A (male) rider will dismount from his steed and take a whiz
   on a nearby rock. If Marston approaches, he'll stop and ask for privacy (!)
   It's highly doubtful there's a female version...

 • BROKEN WAGON: A lady wants Marston to help bring her into (the nearest)
   town, and he can agree to do the escort mission -- she rides on his horse
   or in his stagecoach. En route to the next town, there'll be a bandit

 • CAMPFIRE STORIES: One of the few nonthreatening events, a group of cowboys
   will be sitting around the fire and invite Marston to take a seat. If done,
   he can listen to some gossip. A bit of fun without any risk of a violent
   end, basically. [Naturally this event usually happens at dusk/night.]

 • CANNIBAL'S FEAST: A cannibal and his hogtied hostage are near a campfire,
   and the cannibal asks Marston to have a seat -- only when approached, the
   guy opens fire! Once dead, Marston can save the hostage for a reward, plus
   loot the treasure chest that spawns nearby. [apx $5, 20 Fame]

 • COUGAR ATTACK: A man will be pursuing a cougar and Marston can help out.
   This isn't an official "job" like some of the others, but fits into the
   random event category anyway. [And since it can attack the player without
   warning or provocation, perhaps killing the horse, it's of some use

 • DUEL CHALLENGER: This occurs in a civilized town. Basically, a guy just
   standing around will challenge Marston to a quickdraw showdown. Obviously
   it's do-or-die for the player! Killing the enemy is always an option but
   like any duel, disarming the opponent and letting him flee gives a higher
   Fame [+200] bonus.

 • DYNAMITE DELIVERY: Two men have a cart full of TNT and want Marston to
   deliver the stuff to the nearest town's weapon shop. If accepted, enemies
   attack en route and uneven terrain makes the dynamite more likely to go

 • DYNAMITE MAKERS: Two men have set up a camp out in an expanse and start
   making TNT. One guy comments to another that one spark can set off the
   whole batch and, sure enough, it does, killing both of them and destroying
   the camp. [+20 Fame -- scaring them off beforehand can save their lives!]

 • ESCAPED PRISONERS: A lawman's wagon broke and the two prisoners inside have
   managed to get loose. Having hurt his leg, he can't recapture 'em himself
   so Marston can help out. The objective is to kill or hogtie the prisoners
   and bring them back to the lawman's location. Note, however, that the event
   fails if a prisoner escapes, so it's best to hogtie one and then go get
   the other before he's out of range. [Laughably, the lawman executes the
   prisoners instead of bringing them to justice, and limps on home...what a
   maroon!][Gives +50 Honor/Fame]

 • FIRING SQUAD: Sometimes in Mexico Marston may see a man about to be executed
   by the federales. One receives honor for helping him, so it's likely he was
   innocent in the first place.

 • FLEEING FUGITIVE: Two lawmen and an outlaw, all on foot, race through the
   wilderness. Marston can step in to help the lawmen, or let the criminal
   escape by slaying the do-gooders. [Best outcome: 100 Honor, 50 Fame]

 • GRIZZLY CHASE: Out in the wilderness, a man will be pursuing a grizzly.
   This isn't a true "job" but Marston can help hunt the beast down or let the
   other guy take care of it.

 • HORSE RUSTLER: A stranger runs up and informs Marston his horse has just
   been stolen, and the culprit is nearby. Pursue the thief, kill/hogtie him,
   and deliver the horse back to the rightful owner for a meager reward.

 • HORSE THIEF: A man asks if he can have a ride into town, but when Marston
   approaches, the stranger throws him down and gallops off. A player who
   sees this coming can preemptively kill the guy without honor loss, or
   dismount before approaching to make sure the event is what it is (the man
   should ignore Marston and go for the horse in this case). [~$25, 20 Fame]
   Whistling for one's own horse bucks the rustler off, also. [-50 Honor if
   killed during/after event, for some reason.]

 • HUNTER'S CHALLENGE: Out in the wilds, Marston may find a hunter who wants
   some help collecting certain animals. If John agrees, he's given some Bait
   and upon using it, the trapper's animals show up. Skin 'em and and bring
   the pelts back.

 • KIDNAPPER: Audaciously, a man will be running away from town with a hogtied
   woman on his shoulder. Killing the man and setting the girl free finishes
   this mini-event quite quickly. [This can probably happen anywhere but it's
   always been Armadillo or Thieves' Landing in my experience.]

 • LYNCHING: A man runs/rides up to Marston and says his wife/buddy is about
   to be hanged by some strangers. Riding along will find the person's lynching
   in progress. It's possible to kill the attackers before they kick the
   chair out from under the innocent person, but if one arrives too late, the
   only option to saving the person is shooting the rope. Just make sure to
   kill the attackers while riding up or things'll probably turn out badly.
   [a little cash, +50 Fame]

 • MEXICAN TWO-MAN CREW: In towns south of the border, usually Chuparosa, a
   man will ask to talk with Marston in a corner, if John wants to make money.
   Upon hearing about the potential robbery, Marston can deal with the crook
   or assist. John's role will then be to steal a supply cart and lead local
   lawmen on a wild goose chase; when they're ditched, return to the crook.
   He'll sell the wagon's supplies in town and give Marston a cut.

 • MISSING WAGON: Accept this job after a woman approaches about the titular
   dilemma. A notification that vultures are a harbinger of disaster, and that
   following them to the wagon is a good way to proceed. [The wagon usually
   comes from the north; check the journal for any other indicators.] Search
   the local roads -- without the map's help, mind you -- and kill the bandits
   at the site. Then, drive the wagon back to the woman for the reward.

 • NUN'S DILEMMA: When near a civilized area, a nun may appear and say the
   Spanish stole the convent's money -- donation time! Marston can give them
   some cash, usually about $50 dollars, for their cause. Whether this is a
   required event in order to get the "Obscuridad del Santo Andres" trinket
   upon reaching max honor is unknown, but it can't hurt to assist the ladies.
   [Since I wrote this, some people have commented they've gotten the ODSA w/o
   doing this event, so chances are it's simply optional.]

 • OUTLAW DELIVERY: A lawman asks Marston to take a hogtied fugitive into town
   for detainment. If John agrees, he has to head for the nearest town and, of
   course, fend the prisoner off from bandits. Note that hogtied "cargo" can
   be killed by shooting bandits when fleeing, so the player has to make a
   decision as to advancing or attacking.

 • PELT TRADESMAN: A man out on the plains has set up a tent and displays his
   pelts, and petitions Marston to help him out: skin some animals and bring
   'em back for a handsome cut.

 • SCROUNGER: A man on horseback finds a dead body and loots it for valuables
   before leaving. Killing the scavenger doesn't give honor decrements, and
   the first body can be searched for money regardless.

 • SHOOTIST'S CHALLENGE: Out in the wilderness, occasionally Marston stumbles
   upon a friendly man who challenges Marston to shooting birds for a small
   wager. These can often be won easily with Dead Eye, but intentionally losing
   doubles the pot each time -- basically this is a quick way to earn cash.

 • STAGECOACH AMBUSH: A woman calls Marston over to her stagecoach and wants
   some assistance; however, there are (~4) bandits hiding out of view and
   they'll ambush the hapless samaritan as he approaches. Killing the lady
   doesn't seem to give any honor decrements, unless she begs for her life
   and offers up an excuse as to her involvement.

 • STAGECOACH ROBBERY: While on the road, a moving stagecoach is accosted by
   four horseman, and Marston can either assist or kill the driver. Doing a
   good deed gives +10 Honor.

 • STOLEN WAGON: A man rushes over to say his wagon's been swiped, and that
   he'd like Marston's assistance in capturing the thief, who's usually right
   nearby as it happens. Help a brotha out. [$ Reward, 10 Fame]

 • STORE ROBBERY: Occasionally a shopkeeper will run out of his store and beg
   Marston to apprehend the thief (who's always nearby). Upon doing so, John
   can keep the money for himself or return it. When this event happens in
   Armadillo, the shopkeep runs out yelling "I'm Herbert Moon!" -- it's become
   quite an internet sensation.

 • SUICIDE IS THE ANSWER: A random person will be found crying next to a body,
   and the person commits suicide if left alone. Marston can't intervene much
   in this event, so all that's left is to loot the bodies afterward.

 • SURVIVALIST'S CHALLENGE: Someone out in the wilderness asks Marston to
   help pick herbs. John then has to find the 2 of the herb and rush back to
   camp before the opponent.
 • CAMPFIRE AMBUSH: John stumbles across a campsite where everyone's dead,
   and there's usually some ammo laying around. When he turns his back, some
   zombies emerge from the earth and attempt to munch on his brains. [There's
   also a variant of this where the zombies are encountered eating the people
   at the campfire, before they can hide.]

 • CANNIBAL'S FEAST: A cannibal has decided that even the undead are worth
   eating, provided there's a little whiskey around to soak it in. He can be
   found at a lone campsite and invites Marston to sit down. A treasure chest
   nearby can be looted, perhaps as part of the Undead Treasure Hunter quest,
   and can contain items like Snake Oil, etc.

 • FAMILY VALUES: In a funny turn on the cannibal situation, here, a normal
   man has tied his zombifyed wife to a stake, and feeds her the remnants of
   unfortunate victims. "Eat it with your mouth closed, like a lady!" Taking
   the treasure chest's contents -- often a map -- causes them to turn hostile.

 • GOOD SAMARITAN: A random person will flag John down and ask for a ride to
   the nearest safe town. All that has to be done is deliver the person to
   whichever one is nearest. Which town is chosen may depend on which John's
   liberated from the zombies. In every other respect, it's no different from
   a normal person "delivery". [Reward: 10+ ammo, items such as Medicine, etc.]

 • HOMECOMING: A woman has finally found her husband in all the chaos, and he
   has become...well, undead. He doesn't recognize her as she speaks and tries
   to attack, although John can intervene to earn a few bullets in the deal.

 • LAST STAND: One to two people will be surrounded by a makeshift barricade
   and fending off a huge wave of zombies all by their lonesome. Helping the
   poor sucker out gives a huge ammo reward, often 20+ of one type. There's
   also a variant of this without a barricade, and the last stand guy commits
   suicide at the end for some reason, even if John helps fend the horde off.
   Not helping the guy has him end up as a zombie, albeit a non-hostile one.

 • RESEARCHER: At an encampment with a machine gun nest, a man says he's been
   experimenting on the zombies and trying to find out what makes 'em tick.
   He'll resupply John for bringing extra subjects. Once accepted, John gets
   a small ammo stipend and can go off to capture (i.e. with lasso) a victim.
   Delivering a hogtied zombie earns another similar amount of ammo. Doing
   subsequent encounters has him up the ante with more zombies, then asking
   for 40+ undead body parts (3rd encounter+), and later, after successfully
   completing a 5th event, he gives a High Power Pistol!

 • SLEEPY TIME: A player comes across a deserted campfire with some corpses
   burning...but then one (fat) zombie slowly gets up and looks around. Kinda
   funny, considering his striped outfit...almost like jammies.

 • SNIPER'S CHALLENGE: Out in the wilderness, a man set aside from the swarms
   will flag Marston down and bet he can kill more zombies than him. Accepting
   earns 20 sniper rifle ammo (pretty awesome in itself) and winning earns a
   bit more, too. Doing these requests repeatedly can unlock the 

 • SUICIDE IS REALLY THE ANSWER: Similar to the normal suicide event, this one
   has a person moaning next to a corpse, only for the corpse to reanimate and
   have its head blown off. Then, the other person suicides out of fright or
   somethin'. [Only living person can be looted.] Another variant has a man
   burning a stack of corpses at a campfire.

 • SURVIVOR SAVIOR: Similar to the lynching event, a man rides up and tells of
   a relative who's besieged by zombies -- and they need John's help! Ride to
   the location, slay the horde, then ensure the guy gets out safely. Reward's
   usually a small amount of ammo.

 • TANNER'S REACH: A woman will be fighting off a small amount of undead, and
   thanks the player when they help. She advises not to go in the cabin, too.
   Should one ignore her warning, once the door's opened, a huge stream of
   undead is unleashed. [This can be helpful for some of the undead challenges,

 • TENDER PREY: An injured person screams for help as they're tailed by 2-3
   undead folks. Helping the person gives a sizeable (for the DLC) reward of
   ammunition, plus John can help himself to whatever the corpses carry.

 • TRANSFORMATION: Randomly, a person approaches John and proclaims the need
   for medicine...right before puking and turning into a zombie. There's only
   one cure for that, unfortunately!

 • ZOMBIE ATTACKER: A person will be chased by one zombie and quickly tackled,
   requiring John's assistance to get it off before an inevitable death sets
   in. [Very similar to the whore-vs-drunk scenario in the main quest.] Helping
   the poor guy out earns a little ammo.

PERFECT (100%) COMPLETION                                                [PRFC]
 In addition to completing the main story missions (the final one being "The
 Last Enemy That Shall be Destroyed"), other things factor into the perfect
 completion. Listed below is a checklist of all things that have to be done,
 at least to the best of my knowledge.

 Additional information on the selections will be listed at bottom. Asterisked
 (*) items in the properties column denote those that are automatically given
 during the story's course. [Beecher's Hope counts as two, once for campaign
 and once for the post-game.]

 * - Only available by "Hunting and Trading" DLC. It only counts towards the
     achievement if the DLC is obtained, naturally. [I've personally gotten
     "Unnatural Selection" by killing a jackalope, for reference.]

¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|¯| Armadillo            |¯| Armadillo             |¯| American Appetites
|¯| Bear (Grizzly)       |¯| Beecher's Hope*       |¯| American Lobbyist
|¯| Beaver               |¯| Blackwater*           |¯| Aztec Gold
|¯| Bighorn              |¯| Casa Madrugada        |¯| California
|¯| Boar                 |¯| Chuparosa             |¯| Deadalus and Son
|¯| Bobcat               |¯| El Matadero           |¯| Eva in Peril
|¯| Buffalo              |¯| Escalera              |¯| Flowers for a Lady
|¯| Cougar               |¯| MacFarlane's Ranch*   |¯| Funny Man
|¯| Coyote               |¯| Manzanita Post        |¯| Jenny's Faith
|¯| Crow                 |¯| Puerto Cuchilla*      |¯| Let No Man Put Asunder
|¯| Deer                 |¯| Rathskeller Fork      |¯| Lights, Camera, Action
|¯| Duck                 |¯| Thieves' Landing      |¯| Love is the Opiate
|¯| Eagle                 ¯                        |¯| Poppycock
|¯| Elk                  MINIGAMES COMPLETED [6]   |¯| Remember My Family
|¯| Fox                  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   |¯| The Prohibitionist
|¯| Hawk                 |¯| Arm Wrestling         |¯| Water and Honesty
|¯| Horse (Wild Only)    |¯| Blackjack             |¯| Who are You to Judge?
|¯| Jackalope*           |¯| Five Finger Fillet    |¯| The Wronged Woman
|¯| Owl                  |¯| Horseshoes             ¯
|¯| Rabbit               |¯| Liar's Dice           OUTFITS OBTAINED [9]
|¯| Raccoon              |¯| Poker                 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|¯| Seagull               ¯                        |¯| Bandito Outfit
|¯| Skunk                RARE GUNS OBTAINED [5]    |¯| Bollard Twins Outfit
|¯| Snake                ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    |¯| Elegant Suit
|¯| Songbird             |¯| Carcano Rifle         |¯| Mexican Poncho
|¯| Vulture              |¯| Evans Repeater        |¯| Rancher Clothing
|¯| Wolf                 |¯| LeMat Revolver        |¯| Reyes' Rebels Outfit
 ¯                       |¯| Mauser Pistol         |¯| Treasure Hunter Outfit
REGION MAPS BOUGHT [8]   |¯| Semi-auto Shotgun     |¯| US Army Uniform
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯                        |¯| US Marshal Uniform
|¯| Cholla Springs       HIDEOUTS COMPLETED [7]     ¯
|¯| Diez Coronas         ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  AMBIENT CHALLENGES DONE [4]
|¯| Gaptooth Ridge       |¯| Fort Mercer           ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|¯| Great Plains         |¯| Gaptooth Breach       |¯| Master Hunter
|¯| Hennigan's Stead     |¯| Nosalida              |¯| Sharpshooting
|¯| Perdido              |¯| Pike's Basin          |¯| Survivalist
|¯| Rio Bravo            |¯| Tesoro Azul           |¯| Treasure Hunter
|¯| Tall Trees           |¯| Tumbleweed             ¯
 ¯                       |¯| Twin Rocks            JOBS COMPLETED [5]
BOUNTIES DONE [20]        ¯                        ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                 |¯| Horsebreaking/Chuparosa
|¯| New Austin [8]                                 |¯| Horsebreaking/Rdg. Farm
|¯| Nueva Paraiso [8]                              |¯| Nightwatch (Blackwater)
|¯| West Elizabeth [4]                             |¯| Nightwatch (Chuparosa)
 ¯                                                 |¯| Nightwatch (MacFar. R.)
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                          ¯
| COMPLETION INFORMATION |-----------------------------------------------------

 • Rentable properties don't count towards the completion.
 • Houses obtained automatically aren't listed above
 • Minigames have to be won at least once for them to count.
 • Domesticated animals don't count towards the required animal kills total. 
 • The missable "I Know You" stranger's task doesn't count towards completion.
 • [Bounties Done] the player must experience all 20 possible bounty locations.

 Error corrections are always welcome!

SHOP LIST                                                                [SHPL]
 Here's a per-town list of shops and what they offer. Kinda self-explanitory
 for the most part. A few notes:

 • The three best horse deeds (Kentucky Saddler, American Standardbred, and
   Hungarian Half-Bred), some weapons (like LeMat Revolver) and some outfit
   scraps are marked as 'sold out' until certain conditions are cleared. For
   instance, breaking the horses and progressing the story, respectively.

 • The regional maps purchased in towns permanently display hideouts, towns,
   and things of that nature -- but only if used from the inventory (they're
   expendable). Using them counts toward the "On the Trail of de Vaca"
   achievement. LancetJades mentions that if all of a region's places are
   already found, the map can't be bought.

 • The Buffalo Rifle becomes available for purchase when Marston hits Lv5 in
   Master Hunter.
  _______________________ ______ ______________________________/ ARMADILLO |_
 | ITEM                  | $$$$ | INFORMATION                   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  |
 | Rabbit's Foot         |   25 | Looted items and money +20%                |
 | Improved Campsite     |  175 | Refills guns' ammo that have none          |
 | Survivalist Map       |   25 | Displays herbs on map (for 20 minutes)     |
 | Cholla Springs Map    |   30 | Permanently displays Cholla Springs region |
 | Gaptooth Ridge Map    |   40 | Permanently displays Gaptooth Ridge region |
 | Apple                 |   01 | Refills horse's stamina                    |
 | Horse Pills           |   20 | Temporarily gives horse more stamina       |
 | Infested Ardennais    |  100 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Jaded Tersk           |  100 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Lusitano Nag          |  100 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Ardennais             |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Cleveland Bay         |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Dutch Warmblood       |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Highland Chestnut     |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Lusitano              |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Painted Quarter Horse |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Painted Standardbred  |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Quarter Horse         |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Standardbred Pinto    |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Tersk                 |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Tubiano Pinto         |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Turkmen               |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Welsh Mountain        |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | American Standardbred | 1500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Hungarian Halfbred    | 1500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Kentucky Saddler      | 1500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Bait                  |   15 | Summons wild animals to baited location    |
 | Bandolier             |  125 | Doubles rifle/repeater ammo capacity       |
 | Volcanic Pistol       |  100 | Can select gun from inventory              |
 | Winchester Repeater   |  350 | Can select gun from inventory              |
 | Buffalo Rifle         |  475 | Can select gun from inventory              |
 |Double-barreled Shotgun|  150 | Can select gun from inventory              |
 | Revolver Ammo         |   12 | x5 Revolver Ammo                           |
 | Pistol Ammo           |   15 | x5 Pistol Ammo                             |
 | Repeater Ammo         |   25 | x5 Repeater Ammo                           |
 | Rifle Ammo            |   20 | x5 Rifle Ammo                              |
 | Shotgun Ammo          |   30 | x5 Shotgun Ammo                            |
 | Sniper Rifle Ammo     |   40 | x5 Sniper Rifle Ammo                       |
 | Medicine              |   25 | Refills health                             |
 | Chewing Tobacco       |   35 | Refills Dead Eye meter                     |
 | Apple                 |   01 | Refills horse's stamina                    |

  _______________________ ______ _____________________/ MACFARLANE'S RANCH |_
 | ITEM                  | $$$$ | INFORMATION          ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  |
 | Survivalist Map       |   25 | Displays herbs on map (for 20 minutes)     |
 | Hennigan's Stead Map  |   25 | Permanently display Hennigan's Stead area  |
 | Snake Oil             |   15 | Partially refills Dead Eye meter           |
 | Revolver Ammo         |   12 | x5 Revolver Ammo                           |
 | Pistol Ammo           |   15 | x5 Pistol Ammo                             |
 | Repeater Ammo         |   25 | x5 Repeater Ammo                           |
 | Rifle Ammo            |   20 | x5 Rifle Ammo                              |
 | Shotgun Ammo          |   30 | x5 Shotgun Ammo                            |
 | Sniper Rifle Ammo     |   40 | x5 Sniper Rifle Ammo                       |
 | Infested Ardennais    |  100 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Jaded Tersk           |  100 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Lusitano Nag          |  100 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Ardennais             |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Cleveland Bay         |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Dutch Warmblood       |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Highland Chestnut     |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Lusitano              |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Painted Quarter Horse |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Painted Standardbred  |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Quarter Horse         |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Standardbred Pinto    |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Tersk                 |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Tubiano Pinto         |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Turkmen               |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Welsh Mountain        |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | American Standardbred | 1500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Hungarian Halfbred    | 1500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Kentucky Saddler      | 1500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |

  _______________________ ______ _______________________/ THIEVES' LANDING |_
 | ITEM                  | $$$$ | INFORMATION            ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  |
 | Rabbit's Foot         |   25 | Looted items and money +20%                |
 | Improved Campsite     |  175 | Refills guns' ammo that have none          |
 | Survivalist Map       |   25 | Displays herbs on map (for 20 minutes)     |
 | Rio Bravo Map         |   35 | Permanently displays Rio Bravo region      |
 | Apple                 |   01 | Refills horse's stamina                    |
 | Horse Pills           |   20 | Temporarily gives horse more stamina       |
 | Chewing Tobacco       |   35 | Refills Dead Eye meter                     |
 | Infested Ardennais    |  100 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Jaded Tersk           |  100 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Lusitano Nag          |  100 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Ardennais             |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Cleveland Bay         |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Dutch Warmblood       |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Highland Chestnut     |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Lusitano              |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Painted Quarter Horse |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Painted Standardbred  |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Quarter Horse         |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Standardbred Pinto    |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Tersk                 |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Tubiano Pinto         |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Turkmen               |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Welsh Mountain        |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | American Standardbred | 1500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Hungarian Halfbred    | 1500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Kentucky Saddler      | 1500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Bait                  |   15 | Summons wild animals to baited location    |
 | Bandolier             |  125 | Doubles rifle/repeater ammo capacity       |
 | Springfield Rifle     |  300 | Purchases gun for combat use               |
 | Buffalo Rifle         |  475 | Purchases gun for combat use               |
 | Sawed-off Shotgun     |  250 | Purchases gun for combat use               |
 | Revolver Ammo         |   12 | x5 Revolver Ammo                           |
 | Pistol Ammo           |   15 | x5 Pistol Ammo                             |
 | Repeater Ammo         |   25 | x5 Repeater Ammo                           |
 | Rifle Ammo            |   20 | x5 Rifle Ammo                              |
 | Shotgun Ammo          |   30 | x5 Shotgun Ammo                            |
 | Sniper Rifle Ammo     |   40 | x5 Sniper Rifle Ammo                       |
 | Elegant Suit          |   70 | Allows cheating at poker and liar's dice   |
 | Bollard Gang Scrap    |   50 | Used to make Bollard Twins' outfit         |
 | Treasure Hunter Scrap |   50 | Used to make Treasure Hunter outfit        |
 | Bandana               |   20 | While wearing, honor & fame can't change   |
 | Medicine              |   25 | Refills health                             |
 | Snake Oil             |   30 | Partially refills Dead Eye meter           |
 | Moonshine             |   60 | Fills Dead Eye meter + no meter loss (10s) |

  _______________________ ______ ______________________________/ CHUPAROSA |_
 | ITEM                  | $$$$ | INFORMATION                   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  |
 | Survivalist Map       |   25 | Displays herbs on map (for 20 minutes)     |
 | Perdido Map           |   45 | Permanently displays Perdido region        |
 | Diez Coronas Map      |   50 | Permanently displays Diez Coronas region   |
 | Bandito Scrap         |   50 | Used in creation of Bandito outfit         |
 | Fire Bottle           |   25 | Expendable throwing weapon                 | 
 | Revolver Ammo         |   12 | x5 Revolver Ammo                           |
 | Pistol Ammo           |   15 | x5 Pistol Ammo                             |
 | Repeater Ammo         |   25 | x5 Repeater Ammo                           |
 | Rifle Ammo            |   20 | x5 Rifle Ammo                              |
 | Shotgun Ammo          |   30 | x5 Shotgun Ammo                            |
 | Sniper Rifle Ammo     |   40 | x5 Sniper Rifle Ammo                       |
 | Snake Oil             |   30 | Partially refills Dead Eye meter           |
 | Infested Ardennais    |  100 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Jaded Tersk           |  100 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Lusitano Nag          |  100 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Ardennais             |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | El Hedor              |  100 | If used from inventory, summons burro type |
 | El Picor              |  100 | If used from inventory, summons burro type |
 | El Senor              |  100 | If used from inventory, summons burro type |
 | Cleveland Bay         |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Dutch Warmblood       |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Highland Chestnut     |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Lusitano              |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Painted Quarter Horse |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Painted Standardbred  |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Quarter Horse         |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Standardbred Pinto    |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Tersk                 |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Tubiano Pinto         |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Turkmen               |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Welsh Mountain        |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | American Standardbred | 1500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Hungarian Halfbred    | 1500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Kentucky Saddler      | 1500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Medicine              |   25 | Refills health                             |
 | Rabbit's Foot         |   25 | Looted items and money +20%                |
 | Bait                  |   15 | Summons wild animals to baited location    |
 | Bandolier             |  125 | Doubles rifle/repeater ammo capacity       |
 | Improved Campsite     |  175 | Refills guns' ammo that have none          |
 | Survivalist Map       |   25 | Displays herbs on map (for 20 minutes)     |
 | Apple                 |   01 | Refills horse's stamina                    |
 | Horse Pills           |   20 | Temporarily gives horse more stamina       |
 | Moonshine             |   60 | Fills Dead Eye meter + no meter loss (10s) |

  _______________________ ______ _______________________________/ ESCALERA |_
 | ITEM                  | $$$$ | INFORMATION                    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  |
 | Bait                  |   15 | Summons wild animals to baited location    |
 | Bandana               |   20 | While wearing, honor & fame can't change   |
 | Rebel Scrap           |   50 | Used in creation of Reyes' Rebels outfit   |
 | Survivalist Map       |   25 | Displays herbs on map (for 20 minutes)     |
 | Apple                 |   01 | Refills horse's stamina                    |
 | Snake Oil             |   30 | Partially refills Dead Eye meter           |
 | Infested Ardennais    |  100 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Jaded Tersk           |  100 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Lusitano Nag          |  100 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Ardennais             |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | El Hedor              |  100 | If used from inventory, summons burro type |
 | El Picor              |  100 | If used from inventory, summons burro type |
 | El Senor              |  100 | If used from inventory, summons burro type |
 | Cleveland Bay         |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Dutch Warmblood       |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Highland Chestnut     |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Lusitano              |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Painted Quarter Horse |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Painted Standardbred  |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Quarter Horse         |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Standardbred Pinto    |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Tersk                 |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Tubiano Pinto         |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Turkmen               |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Welsh Mountain        |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | American Standardbred | 1500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Hungarian Halfbred    | 1500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Kentucky Saddler      | 1500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Bait                  |   15 | Summons wild animals to baited location    |
 | Bandolier             |  125 | Doubles rifle/repeater ammo capacity       |
 | Survivalist Map       |   25 | Displays herbs on map (for 20 minutes)     |
 | Punta Orgullo Map     |   45 | Permanently displays Punta Orgullo region  |
 | Fire Bottle           |   25 | Expendable throwing weapon                 |
 | Dynamite              |   45 | Expendable throwing weapon                 |
 | LeMat Revolver        |  625 | Purchases gun for combat use               |
 | Semi-automatic Pistol |  150 | Purchases gun for combat use               |
 | Bolt Action Rifle     |  750 | Purchases gun for combat use               |
 | Buffalo Rifle         |  475 | Purchases gun for combat use               |
 | Semi-auto Shotgun     |  500 | Purchases gun for combat use               |
 | Revolver Ammo         |   12 | x5 Revolver Ammo                           |
 | Pistol Ammo           |   15 | x5 Pistol Ammo                             |
 | Repeater Ammo         |   25 | x5 Repeater Ammo                           |
 | Rifle Ammo            |   20 | x5 Rifle Ammo                              |
 | Shotgun Ammo          |   30 | x5 Shotgun Ammo                            |
 | Sniper Rifle Ammo     |   40 | x5 Sniper Rifle Ammo                       |
 | Medicine              |   25 | Refills health                             |
 | Chewing Tobacco       |   35 | Refills Dead Eye meter                     |
 | Horse Pills           |   20 | Temporarily gives horse more stamina       |
  * - Rebel Scrap not buyable until John finishes "An Appointed Time"

  _______________________ ______ _____________________________/ BLACKWATER |_
 | ITEM                  | $$$$ | INFORMATION                  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  |
 | Rabbit's Foot         |   25 | Looted items and money +20%                |
 | Survivalist Map       |   25 | Displays herbs on map (for 20 minutes)     |
 | Great Plains Map      |   55 | Permanently displays Great Plains region   |
 | Apple                 |   01 | Refills horse's stamina                    |
 | Horse Pills           |   20 | Temporarily gives horse more stamina       |
 | Moonshine             |   60 | Fills Dead Eye meter + no meter loss (10s) |
 | Infested Ardennais    |  100 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Jaded Tersk           |  100 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Lusitano Nag          |  100 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Ardennais             |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Cleveland Bay         |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Dutch Warmblood       |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Highland Chestnut     |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Lusitano              |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Painted Quarter Horse |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Painted Standardbred  |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Quarter Horse         |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Standardbred Pinto    |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Tersk                 |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Tubiano Pinto         |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Turkmen               |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Welsh Mountain        |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | American Standardbred | 1500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Hungarian Halfbred    | 1500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Kentucky Saddler      | 1500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Bait                  |   15 | Summons wild animals to baited location    |
 | Bandolier             |  125 | Doubles rifle/repeater ammo capacity       |
 | Throwing Knife        |   20 | Expendable throwing weapon                 |
 | Fire Bottle           |   25 | Expendable throwing weapon                 |
 | Dynamite              |   45 | Expendable throwing weapon                 |
 | Mauser Pistol         |  800 | Purchases gun for combat use               |
 | Evans Repeater        |  500 | Purchases gun for combat use               |
 | Buffalo Rifle         |  475 | Purchases gun for combat use               |
 | Carcano Rifle         | 1100 | Purchases gun for combat use               |
 | Revolver Ammo         |   12 | x5 Revolver Ammo                           |
 | Pistol Ammo           |   15 | x5 Pistol Ammo                             |
 | Repeater Ammo         |   25 | x5 Repeater Ammo                           |
 | Rifle Ammo            |   20 | x5 Rifle Ammo                              |
 | Shotgun Ammo          |   30 | x5 Shotgun Ammo                            |
 | Sniper Rifle Ammo     |   40 | x5 Sniper Rifle Ammo                       |
 | US Military Scrap     |  200 | Used in creation of the US Army outfit     |
  * - US Military Scrap buyable after "The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed"

  _______________________ ______ _________________________/ MANZANITA POST |_
 | ITEM                  | $$$$ | INFORMATION              ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  |
 | Rabbit's Foot         |   25 | Looted items and money +20%                |
 | Bait                  |   15 | Summons wild animals to baited location    |
 | Bandana               |   20 | While wearing, honor & fame can't change   |
 | Survivalist Map       |   25 | Displays herbs on map (for 20 minutes)     |
 | Tall Trees Map        |   60 | Permanently displays Tall Trees area       |
 | Throwing Knife        |   20 | Expendable throwing weapon                 |
 | Fire Bottle           |   25 | Expendable throwing weapon                 |
 | Dynamite              |   45 | Expendable throwing weapon                 |
 | Revolver Ammo         |   12 | x5 Revolver Ammo                           |
 | Pistol Ammo           |   15 | x5 Pistol Ammo                             |
 | Repeater Ammo         |   25 | x5 Repeater Ammo                           |
 | Rifle Ammo            |   20 | x5 Rifle Ammo                              |
 | Shotgun Ammo          |   30 | x5 Shotgun Ammo                            |
 | Sniper Rifle Ammo     |   40 | x5 Sniper Rifle Ammo                       |
 | Apple                 |   01 | Refills horse's stamina                    |
 | Horse Pills           |   20 | Temporarily gives horse more stamina       |
 | Medicine              |   25 | Refills health                             |
 | Chewing Tobacco       |   35 | Refills Dead Eye meter                     |
 | Moonshine             |   60 | Fills Dead Eye meter + no meter loss (10s) |
 | Infested Ardennais    |  100 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Jaded Tersk           |  100 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Lusitano Nag          |  100 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Ardennais             |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Cleveland Bay         |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Dutch Warmblood       |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Highland Chestnut     |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Lusitano              |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Painted Quarter Horse |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Painted Standardbred  |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Quarter Horse         |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Standardbred Pinto    |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Tersk                 |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Tubiano Pinto         |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Turkmen               |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Welsh Mountain        |  500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | American Standardbred | 1500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Hungarian Halfbred    | 1500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |
 | Kentucky Saddler      | 1500 | If used from inventory, summons horse type |

STRANGER'S TASKS                                                         [STRN]
 Stranger's Tasks are optional missions given by normal folk, and are denoted
 on the map with a "?" icon or a purple circle (to denote a specific region).
 Failing a task makes it respawn a few days later, which is good because they
 can fail easily by attempting to thwart the scripted events -- for example,
 if one has to have a duel, and John tries to snipe him from afar, it fails

 All STs can be done after completing "The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed"
 except "I Know You," which makes sense. "I Know You" is also the only ST that
 doesn't count towards overall completion. Here's a list of the tasks that can
 be found and how to complete 'em.

 NOTE: If a quest is marked "inactive," that means it's still ongoing but time
       needs to pass before the next step arrives. This usually has to do with
       the person(s) involved moving to new locations.

 NOTE: Sometimes, particularly if the quests are put off to the game's end,
       they won't appear easily on the map. It may be required to search the
       hills to find the "?" icon.

 Unlock: Clear "Political Realities in Armadillo"
 Locale: Cholla Springs/Hanging Rock region
 Reward: 50 Fame

 A multi-step one to do. There's usually a few days to wait in-between each
 pair of steps, however -- the game represents this as "check back with the
 sheriff's station in the future."

 1) Speak with woman near the sheriff's station
 2) Search Hanging Rock hills for bloodstain
 3) Talk with man near the sheriff's station
 4) Search Hanging Rock hills for bloodstain
 5) Talk with lady inside sheriff's station
 6) Search Hanging Rock hills

 During this third excursion, locate the injured man and find someone escaping
 from the scene. Hogtie the man fleeing the area, return him to the crime
 scene, and see how the events go. Finish the task by either killing the evil
 cannibal or letting him dine on sweet, sweet manflesh.

 Unlock: Clear "An Appointed Time"
 Locale: Blackwater [near police station]
 Reward: apx. $23

 Talking to the lobbyist reveals he wants to silence a man badmouthing the
 governor Nate Johns. He's prepared to blackmail the guy, and gives John the
 incriminating photos ("Blackmail Photographs" item) to deliver. Luckily, the
 guy happens to work next-door at the bank...it just must be open for business
 to proceed. Once the blabbermouth flip-flops to Johns' favor, return to the
 client to get real paid.

 Locale: Sidewinder Gulch
 Reward: apx. $75, 50 Fame

 A man is out searching for his great-great-grandfather's heirloom which is
 hidden somewhere in Nueva Paraiso, and he enlists John Marston's help (the
 "Basilio's Map" item is obtained). Basically, it's exactly like the Treasure
 Hunter ambient challenge except shorter. The treasure locations are as
 follows, although they appear as purple circles on the map, making things a
 lot easier.

 1) Sidewinder Gulch: actually just up the path from where Basilio was met.
    Look for a thin, higher path doubling back on the declining one and find
    a rockpile containing apx. $23 and another Basilio's Map.

 2) Primera Quebrada: Inside the broken dwelling's foundation. Don't mistake
    the rockpile for the chest, though! [$25

 3) Alta Cabeza: This is the area west of El Matadero. Search near the NWmost
    mesa to find the rockpile at base, near the sagebrush.

 Each of the first three treasures contains about $25 and another Basilio's
 Map. Meet with Basilio in El Matadero for the fourth one, which involves
 searching the caves (seen in Landon Ricketts' second mission) for the final
 motherlode. Locate Basilio to find what his search has wrought, ending the
 mission at last.

 Locale: Gaptooth Breach area (southeastern prairie usually)
 Reward: apx $23, Letter from Sam, 50 Fame

 This is another multi-step mission. The stranger here (Sam Odessa) doesn't
 appear on the map until encountered in the Gaptooth Breach area, usually
 between the mining area and The Scratching Post riverbank region. Once found,
 his stranger icon starts appearing on the map. [Wait a few days between the

 1) During the first encounter, he'll be playing his harmonica out in the
    wilderness. Marston advises him to find a coach before he runs afoul with
    a local gang, to which Sam thanks him and leaves.

 2) Cueva Seca, north of Gaptooth Breach.
 3) The long north-south canyon just east of Tumbleweed
 4) South of Tumbleweed

 During the last encounter, give Sam a once-over and obtain "Letter from Sam,"
 to be mailed back in Armadillo. Doing so finally ends the mission.

 Like "Love is the Opiate," sometimes Sam's icon doesn't appear on the map
 when it should. And, also like that mission, saving and reloading that save
 may clear up the issue without much fuss, even foregoing the need to wait
 days for him to appear.

 Unlock: Clear "We Shall Be Together in Paradise"
 Locale: Mesa rim between Agave Viejo and Casa Madrugada
 Reward: $26, 50 Fame

 An aviation pioneer is planning to test his glider for the first time, but
 needs a hand concocting a special sealant. He wants John to fetch 20 feathers
 (any kind), 5 beaver pelts, and 10 Red Sage. These items can be found most

 - Red Sage: Rio Bravo area (use Survivalist Map to make it a lot easier)
 - Beavers : Around rivers and streams; north of Montana Ford is a good place
 - Feathers: Birds are everywhere and usually drop 3-4 from each kill

 Beavers will be the hardest animal to find, as they typically appear near
 water sources. Just be mindful they'll disintegrate if killed with too big
 a gun, leaving nothing behind to skin! LancetJades mentions that for those
 with a large stockpile of feathers, a lot more than 20 may be removed when

 Remember that any of the materials already obtained count towards the goal,
 so that can help ease the burden, especially where beavers are concerned.
 When all materials are obtained, hand 'em over to Charles Kinnear and wait a
 few days to see just how majestic his first flight is. [+50 Fame]

 Locale: Casa Madrugada
 Reward: 55 Fame, $206 (about $6 profit)

 Pretty easy one to do. Behind the apartment complex, a man abuses his lover,
 and says he'll quit if Marston gives him $200 American. Doing just that will
 finish the mission. A few days later, visit a nun at Las Hermanas -- the
 convent alongside the train tracks -- to find out Eva went with Mario to El
 Sepulcro. Visit the macabre place to learn of events passed, which culminate
 in a duel with the yellowbelly himself. [He can't be disarmed, only killed.]
 Loot the corpse to reearn the previous cash, too.

 Locale: Stillwater Creek (near Thieves' Landing)
 Reward: 50 Fame

 Talk with the geezer to learn he's picking flowers for his wife. Marston and
 his big heart offer to help, finding three Wild Feverfew, Red Sage, and Desert

 - Feverfew: Cholla Springs (try around MacFarlane's Ranch for easiest finds)
 - Red Sage: Rio Bravo area (look near Plainview)
 - Desert S: Cholla Springs (Armadillo prairies work)

 When all are collected, return to the man and meet Annabel.

 Locale: Various
 Reward: 50 Fame

 Jimmy Saint, a man renowned for his ascerbic wit and jokes, has come to
 the frontier to write articles. John will occasionally find him in a pickle
 to which he'll have to free the guy. His apperance locations are as follows,
 although John may have to wait a while before the guy shows up at the next

 1) Benedict Point [New Austin]
 2) Gaptooth Breach [New Austin]
 3) Pike's Basin [New Austin]
 4) Tesoro Azul [Nueva Paraiso]

 Be careful in the Gaptooth mines as Jimmy's hogtied right by some a dynamite
 canister, and it'll kill him if detonated. Note that he may also be killed if
 freed when enemies are around.

 Locale: Cliff SW of MacFarlane's Ranch (overlooks Greenhollow & river)
 Reward: ---

 This three-part mission can only be done before "The Last Thing That Shall Be
 Destroyed" mission; it ain't available in post-game play. Anyway, there's 
 three steps to be done. If a player does this when the last region is open,
 there's no time to wait in-between steps!

 1) This step takes place in New Austin. The "Strange Man" asks John to help
    out his dear friend in Thieves' Landing, a drunkard who may about to cheat
    on his wife. Visit the saloon and either discourage the man (-15$) or
    dissuade him from adultery. Honor is -20 if John encourages the infidelity.

 2) The next step is available when Nueva Paraiso opens, after clearing "We
    Shall Be Together in Paradise". Strange Man appears near a mesa south of
    El Matadero, this time telling John about a nun traveling from Las Hermanas
    to the Chuparosa Bank, to deposit money she's saved up. Attempting to rob
    the nun seems to not give any cash or complete this step, so donate to her
    cause (-$10) to take the moral high road. Also, harming the nun in any way
    gives an automatic failure.
 3) Finally, the stranger appears on a hilltop overlooking Beecher's Hope, in
    West Elizabeth. There's no more quests, just a scene.

 So who is the Strange Man? Some theorize he's God, Satan, a figment of John's
 conscience... Or maybe he's just the best dang CPA who ever walked the earth?

 Locale: East of Ridgewood Farm [New Austin]
 Reward: 50 Fame

 Jenny, the girl from the passenger train, is out in the desert. When John
 speaks with her, it's abundantly clear she needs some medicine or she'll die.
 If John has Medicine already [from "This is Armadillo, USA"] he can simply
 give it to her and end the mission; if not, he'll have to buy some more at
 the local doctor's office and return. Either way, Jenny stays out in the
 desert. Perhaps the vultures flying overhead know what's about to come...

 Locale: Building near Coot's Chapel [New Austin]
 Reward: ---

 Talk to the old lady looking for her errant husband, learning he's probably
 at the Armadillo Saloon. Go there to find a musician who won't spill the beans
 on Peter's location without a little favor in return. John can pick between
 two favors: (1) giving him five dollars (2) retrieving the man's wife, who's
 at the stagecoach station, waiting to leave him. Note that retrieving his wife
 is done via hogtying (unlocked via "Wild Horses, Tamed Passions") or by
 threatening at gunpoint (-50 Honor).

 Once the music man coughs up his info, Pete's learned to be at Odd Fellow's
 Rest, located on the road to Ridgewood Farm. Visit there to find the man,
 ending the task.

 Locale: Armadillo, Thieves' Landing, Pacific Union Railroad Camp
 Reward: apx. $23, 100 Fame, 20 Honor

 This quest starts at the movie house in Armadillo. Talk to Raul Julia...err,
 "the director" to learn he wants to shoot some scenes in a certain location
 but lacks the owner's (Coke Buckley) approval. He wants Marston to go get the
 man's deed, by preying on his gambling addiction, i.e. winning it in Liar's
 Dice over at Thieves' Landing. It costs $200 to play, and once it's won,
 the journal updates.

 Secondly, it was mentioned the director's employee Spatchcock, a.k.a. the
 movie industry's best wannabe cowboy, thinks he's an actual gunslinger, and
 was waiting for challengers at Benedict Point. Go there and duel him, making
 sure to disarm him instead of killing him -- this sends him cryin' back home
 to mommy in Armadillo. [+50 Fame] Return there and give the deed to MacKenna
 to finish up the New Austin section and get the reward.

 The final step is visiting MacKenna when he relocates to West Elizabeth's
 railroad camp. This requires beating the final Mexico mission "An Appointed
 Time," of course. If it's already open, it takes almost a week for the old
 chap to show up at his designated spot. [+20 Honor, 50 Fame]

 Unlock: "Poppycock" stranger's task
 Locale: El Matadero
 Reward: 100 Honor, 50 Fame

 This is a two-step mission:

 1) Talk with Zhou to learn of his plight, about how he's indentured to the
    town butcher. A bargain is struck, where if Marston finds a white stallion
    for the man, he'll let Zhou go free. A "white stallion" is of course the
    Hungarian Half-Bred horse, which runs wild around the Diez Coronas region.
    [It's pure white with a dirty face, for reference.] Break the sucker and
    give it to the bossman to finish the step. NOTE: If one's already caught
    a HHB and can summon it with a deed, that works also.

 2) Many days later, talk with Zhou at the Chuparosa train station to finish.

 NOTE: Sometimes the player can't get Zhou to show up for the final step, no
       matter how much one waits. Try making the game autosave (changing any
       options does the trick), then reloading that autosave -- the purple
       circle in Chuparosa should then appear...hopefully.

 Locale: Chuparosa
 Reward: 50 Fame; or $1000 and -100 Honor

 At the police station, talk with the strange Englishman to get a proposition:
 get Uriah Tollets' package in Nosalida and deliver it to the foreman at El
 Matadero. Nosalida is, of course, a rebel gang hideout, but even so, Marston
 can slip in and get the "Nosalida Package" from the dock box without too much
 incident. Once delivered to the foreman, Marston's paid a whopping $1000! But
 once Marston returns to Mr. Tollets, and learns just what he helped deliver,
 he can choose to keep that 1K all to himself (by killing Uriah; -100 Honor) or
 hand it over, accepting just the fame reward instead.

 NOTE: Killing Tollets does not affect "Love is the Opiate" opening. In fact,
       slaying him after returning the money lets one re-obtain said money
       without any honor penalties.

 NOTE: Wearing the Bandana, or making Tollets shoot in front of lawmen, will
       prevent honor loss, if one is so inclined.

 Unlock: Clear "The Last Thing That Shall Be Destroyed"
 Locale: Various
 Reward: 50 Fame, apx. $400 (from looted body)

 This task is kickstarted at Blackwater's train station, where Jack attempts to
 locate Edgar Ross. The stranger says he's retired, and sets off a small chain
 of events where Jack goes around the country on scraps of info. The order is
 (1) Lake Don Julio cabin in New Austin, talking to his wife (2) the brothers'
 campsite at Rio del Toro in Mexico (3) downriver, i.e. west, from there a
 short ways.

 After finding Ross, the inevitable duel takes place. It can be won just like
 any other duel, although Edgar may be a teensy bit faster than some average
 lowlife. [Some people choose to use the High Power Pistol since it was first
 given to John to put down wrongdoers.] Either way, loot Edgar's body to find
 the huge amount of cash he was packin'.

 Unlock: Clear "An Appointed Time" and "The Wronged Woman"
 Locale: Blackwater
 Reward: apx $25, -100 Honor, 50 Fame (if Abner killed), +5 Fame (if saved)

 Talk to the titular teetotaler in front of Blackwater's saloon to learn of
 just how annoying he is. Following, walk to the town's seedier side and find
 the booze-runner who's business is being threatened. John can finish the
 mission by killing Abner (-20 Honor) or warning the idiot to leave town. 
 Either way, check back with the saloon owner to finish up.

 Unlock: Clear "Political Realities in Armadillo"
 Locale: Eastern cliff camp along Armadillo-MacFarlane's Ranch road
 Reward: $220, 50 Fame; -30? Honor if McAllister killed

 A man with a dowsing rod thinks he may have found water near Pleasance House,
 which could be used to irrigate the area, but the landowner ran him out with
 threats of law enforcement. He asks John to get the coot to sell, so pay him
 a visit at the house northwest of Armadillo. After a bit of banter, the guy
 agrees to move elsewhere for $200 (which'll have to come out of John's own
 pocket) or Mr. Marston can just take it by force, by looting his corpse (no
 honor penalties).

 Either way, once the "transaction" goes through, give the Pleasance Deed to
 the campsite fella (McAllister) to end the mission. LancetJades mentions that
 killing McAllister after the task is finished lets one loot the deed from his
 corpse, and Pleasance House can then be used as a savepoint. [This doesn't
 count towards the game's completion relating to houses owned.]

 Locale: Rathskeller Fork
 Reward: ---

 Up at Rathskeller, talk with the man who's special someone has been stolen
 away to Tumbleweed. Ride up there and find the target, making sure to approach
 on horseback as the mission has a habit of failing if one tries it on foot.
 When Lucy's located, ride back to the Fork with 'er and show Jeb the findings,
 ending the creepy mission.

 Unlock: Clear "An Appointed Time"
 Locale: Blackwater [church outside of town]
 Reward: 100 Fame total

 Note that this task is available from the first time Blackwater's accessible,
 but for some reason, the "?" icon may not appear unless Marston's inside the
 church. [It's the one by the graveyard, appropriately.]

 Either way, speak to Clara to learn she's having an out-of-wedlock baby of
 some city man, who's refused to help her monetarily. He, Harold Thornton, can
 be found in the Blackwater saloon where John's safehouse is located.

 NOTE: There seems to be a glitch where approaching Harold at the bar freezes
       the game, forcing one to reset the game. Try approaching from different
       directions to resolve the issue.

 Obviously Harold's never heard of John Marston, 'cause he challenges him to
 a duel outside. This is another one of the must-kill opponents, as disarming
 does little to nothing...luckily this guy's quite the slowhand and easily
 defeated. Loot his corpse to find $200, then return it to Clara. A few days
 later, visit Harold's grave to finish the ordeal.

 These missions are only available in the "Undead Nightmare" campaign, which
 is a separate entity from the normal campaign.

 Unlock: Complete "Curious Tales from Blackwater" task
 Locale: Tall Trees [Tanner's Reach cabin]
 Reward: Scrap for the "Undead Hunter" outfit

 The map dot lists an old-timer who claims that the region's infested with
 sasquatch worse than "your mother-in-law with a bad case of that virus." John
 disbelieves him, but nevertheless, the mission becomes to kill six of the
 suckers in Tall Trees. They look like...well, big bipedal apes. I mean, if
 you don't know what a bigfoot looks like, c'mon, dude! Killing one also earns
 the "Six Years in the Making" achievement, a reference to GTA: San Andreas'
 rumor mill. Each one is found in a specific part of Tall Trees or Cochinay,
 their habitat designated by a lime-green searching circle. The good news is
 these suckers would rather lumber away than put up their dukes.

 When the final sasquatch is encountered in the far, far north -- outside of
 the normal map area, actually -- learn the true cost of the sasquatch-slaying.
 The mission ends after the conversation, whether or not the bigfoot's last
 wish is granted. ;___;

 Unlock: Complete "American Imperialism" + save Casa Madrugada
 Locale: Casa Madrugada
 Reward: Boom Bait (x2), Build: Boom Bait

 Meet up with Landon Ricketts (!) again to learn he's trying to find a way to
 gather the blighters for faster disposal. He needs some Undead Bait and more
 dynamite to really get going, though. As the journal says, John will have to
 manufacture his own bait (uses 1 Wild Feverfew and Prairie Poppy) while the
 dynamite is gotten from saving towns and (rarely) looting corpses. Lack the
 weapon? Liberate El Matadero nearby. Lack the bait? Feverfew grows all over
 the Hennigan's Stead/Cholla Springs regions, while Prairie Poppy grows only
 on the Great Plains (west of Blackwater). One of each is required to proceed.

 After a few hours in-game, one can return to Landon with the commodities and
 finish the mission. Ricketts will have concocted a cross between the two items
 to create "boom bait," which attracts zombies to its location before blowing
 up a few seconds later. Unlike other builds which use moderately worthless
 items that can be picked up anywhere, Boom Bait uses up -- surprise! -- one
 stick of dynamite and one undead bait.  

 Unlock: Complete "Curious Tales from Blackwater" task
 Locale: Armadillo [Sheriff's Office]
 Reward: Sawed-off Shotgun

 Speak with the Marshal to learn Armadillo's having its fair share of trouble,
 and on top of that, both deputies're currently missing. John volunteers to
 help out and earns a new sawed-off shotgun for the trouble. Visit the general
 store to hear one of Herbert Moon's best tirades, then visit the northern
 stables to find Jonah & Eli. Return to the Marshal after slaying all undead
 to be rewarded with the "loaned" shotgun.

 Unlock: Complete Seth or West Dickens' mission + Cleanse Plainview of zombies
 Locale: New Austin [Plainview]
 Reward: Scrap for the "Undead Hunter" outfit

 The zombie apocalypse has renewed McKenna's dreams of producing movies, and
 although he's captured some small fry, what he really wants is a retcher --
 one of those disgusting things that shoots explosive snot projectiles. The
 game suggests finding one in the Gaptooth Ridge area, but the player may have
 already encountered one in the Tumbleweed graveyard event. Luckily, it's
 repeatable! Just stand on the shed, take out the waves, then quickly lasso
 the retcher before eliminating the rest. Return the sucker to McKenna to see
 just how well the production goes... Oy vey.

 Unlock: Complete first half of "A Cure For Most of What Ails You"
 Locale: Fort Mercer
 Reward: Semi-automatic Pistol, Scrap for "Undead Hunter" outfit

 After obtaining West Dickens' Phosphorus Coating, one can return to the fort
 to start this mission. Apparently, instead of wanted posters for bandits, now
 the government boys are putting up missing persons flyers. John can take on
 the task of locating Millicent Waterbury, a 15-year-old lost at Pleasance
 House (WNW of Armadillo). Upon reaching the location, John gets an instant
 Deadeye for taking on the sizable horde (8 or so). In any case, when they're
 bleedin' in the dirt, return Millicent to the fort to finish up.

 Unlock: Cleanse Hennigan's Stead of its zombies
 Locale: Hennigan's Stead
 Reward: ---

 Miss MacFarlane's relieved to see John, and says her father's been in the
 barn since...uh, yesterday. Yeah, there's totally nothing that could be wrong
 with this situation! The building's doors are both locked, so infiltrate via
 the windmill platform (shimmy along the walkway to pull-up point, just like
 before). The elevation difference helps in eliminating the meager amount of
 undead inside. Once that's done, return to Bonnie.

WEAPON OVERVIEW                                                          [WPNO]
 Here's a short overview of weapons and how they rank with others in the same
 class. Stats are mostly eyeballed from the organization screen, so don't take
 it as gospel. [Max gun ammo capacity is 100, counting current clip.] Other

 • One's honor ranking can change shop prices, so it may not be a bad idea to
   hold off on buying the expensive stuff until the price tags are halved.

 • Some weapons can't be bought and are either available by default or gotten
   in story missions (such as the first sniper rifle).

 • Weapons classified as rare (for Exquisite Taste achievement) are: LeMat
   Revolver, Mauser Pistol, Semi-Auto Shotgun, Evans Repeater, Carcano Rifle.

           _________________________ _________________ ____ ______ 
          | PISTOLS/REVOLVERS       | Pwr Rng ROF Rld | Am | COST |
          | Cattleman Revolver      |  2   4   6   3  | 06 | ---- |
          | Schofield Revolver      |  4   4   6   4  | 06 | ---- |
          | LeMat Revolver          |  4   4   7   2  | 09 | 1250 |
          | Volcanic Pistol         |  5   4   6   3  | 08 |  100 |
          | Semi-automatic Pistol   |  5   4   8   9  | 07 |  300 |
          | Mauser Pistol           |  5   4   X   9  | 15 |  800 |
          | Double-Action Revolver  |  5   4   8   4  | 06 | ---- |
          | High Power Pistol       |  6   5   8   9  | 08 | ---- |

 Pistols and revolvers are basic weapons with low range but quick rates of
 fire, making them decent in a firefight, and even better if one can get
           _________________________ _________________ ____ ______ 
          | THROWING WEAPONS        | Pwr Rng ROF Rld | Am | COST |
          | Throwing Knife          |  4   2   -   -  | 01 |   20 |
          | Dynamite                |  9   4   -   -  | 01 |   45 |
          | Fire Bottle             |  7   3   -   -  | 01 |   25 |

 Throwing weapons are self-explanitory: they're thrown at the enemy and they
 hopefully get a kill. Throwing knives have ridiculously awesome stopping
 power (although the stats don't show it), while the other two are a little
 less wieldy due to the ammo limits. Note that if used in Dead Eye, throwing
 weapons glitch to have a "homing" property, so if you wanted to fire bottle
 a hawk 200 yards away, it would soar through the air to get a spot-on hit!
 [In campaign, 20 Throwing Knives, 10 Fire Bottles, and 6 Dynamite sticks are
 available; in MP, FBs and Dynamite are limited to two each.]

           _________________________ _________________ ____ ______
          | SNIPER RIFLES           | Pwr Rng ROF Rld | Am | COST |
          | Rolling Block Rifle     |  8   X   1   6  | 01 | ---- |
          | Carcano Rifle           |  9   X   3   7  | 05 | 1100 |

 Sniper Rifles, like in all games, are primary headshot weapons and good for
 surveilling locations to get first blood. Although their rates of fire suck,
 their stopping power more than makes up for it. True to the period, shots're
 can veer off target even if they're perfectly centered, so there's an element
 of randomness to the precision, sadly.
           _________________________ _________________ ____ ______ 
          | RIFLES/REPEATERS        | Pwr Rng ROF Rld | Am | COST |
          | Repeater Carbine        |  4   6   4   2  | 07 | ---- |
          | Winchester Repeater     |  5   6   5   2  | 10 |  350 |
          | Evans Repeater          |  6   6   6   2  | 22 | 1000 |
          | Springfield Rifle       |  7   7   2   3  | 04 |  300 |
          | Henry Repeater          |  7   6   5   2  | 12 | ---- |
          | Bolt Action Rifle       |  8   8   3   8  | 05 |  750 |
          | Buffalo Rifle           |  9   8   1   9  | 01 |  475 |

 It's easy to differentiate between rifles and repeaters: the former types are
 more powerful but reload slower while the latters fire faster but have less
 power behind their slugs. The best repeater is arguably the Evans, boasting a
 game-high 22 rounds per clip; the best rifle is either the most powerful
 (Buffalo) or most all-around (Bolt Action). [Buffalo Rifle can't be purchased
 until Hunter rank Lv5 is obtained in campaign.]
           _________________________ _________________ ____ ______ 
          | SHOTGUNS                | Pwr Rng ROF Rld | Am | COST |
          | Double-barreled Shotgun |  6   2   9   5  | 02 |  150 |
          | Sawed-off Shotgun       |  7   1   9   5  | 02 |  250 |
          | Pump-action Shotgun     |  8   2   4   3  | 06 | ---- |
          | Semi-auto Shotgun       |  8   3   8   4  | 05 | 1000 |

 Shotguns excel at close-range fighting, doing insane damage to anyone stupid
 enough to get into proximity. The tradeoff is low per-clip ammo capacities and
 uselessness at long range. 
           _________________________ _________________ ____ ______ 
          | MISCELLANEOUS           | Pwr Rng ROF Rld | Am | COST |
          | Lasso                   |  -   3   2   -  | -- | ---- |

 The Lasso is obtained on one of Bonnie's missions and has a few uses: (1)
 can be used to stop wild horses in order to break them in (2) can hogtie
 other people to restrain 'em, such as by capturing a bounty or trying to get
 the Dastardly achievement. [Lasso isn't available in multiplayer.]

VI. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                           [FAQZ]
 [Q] - Where are the three best horses?
 [A] - Kentucky Saddler: New Austin area (try Cholla Springs/Hennigan's Stead)
       Hungarian Half-Bred: Diez Coronas
       American Standardbred: Great Plains/Tall Trees

       The Kentucky is a blonde type of horse; the Hungarian's all white with
       a dirty face; and the American is a really dark brown, almost black.
       Once captured, if the horse is killed, whistling brings a generic one
       forth, so buy the unlocked deed (use it from menu) to ensure it's the
       one that always arrives. And for reference, the Saddler has the best
       stamina, the American has the best speed, and the Hungarian's even in
       both areas. [One of Bonnie's missions gives a free Kentucky Saddler.]

 [Q] - How do you surrender to the police?
 [A] - Put your gun away and stand still, letting the lawmen approach. Marston
       will slowly put his hands up, allowing himself to be caught alive.

 [Q] - Hey, the train is stuck in one area and won't move!
 [A] - Usually advancing a few missions self-corrects this.

 [Q] - Who's the chick on the front of the game's booklet?
 [A] - She never appears in the game and is likely a random prostitute. She's
       called the "Scarlet Lady" in most circles.

 [Q] - How do I "pass into legend"?
 [A] - Go to the 'multiplayer' tab while in free roam and check the overview
       of your character. If you're Lv50, there's a prompt to press Y-button
       underneath the experience gauge. Just follow the instructions from
       there on in.

 [Q] - Should I "pass into legend" and go from Lv50 to Lv1 again?
 [A] - Getting to Lv50 can be hard work if y'lack good teammates who'll help
       y'grind through again. And, the only unlockables obtained after that
       are a few more characters and mounts. Completionists will see the merit
       in going back through four more times, but I personally don't, and have
       no reason to give up all the perks Lv50 gives. =p

 [Q] - Hey, where did Uncle's missions go?
 [A] - Uncle's icon doesn't stay put like the others' in the game. Y'gotta
       catch him at the right time! [11am to 5pm is the time limit, I believe]

 [Q] - I can't get into multiplayer!
 [A] - Sometimes attempting to enter MP from the menu results in connection
       errors and, usually, an infinite loading screen. Enter campaign, switch
       to private free roam, then to public -- this usually fixes some errors.
       Co-op missions may be screwed up still, however, or not connect at all.

 [Q] - Hey, I can't switch outfits!
 [A] - After you beat "And the Truth Shall Set You Free," and until finishing
       "The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed," John can't change outfits from
       the Rancher's Outfit. Don't worry; it ain't permanent. Just beat all the
       story missions and the wardrobe's open again.

 [Q] - How do I get into West Elizabeth or Mexico early?
 [A] - Entering the territories requires getting arrested at the border, such
       as the waterfall bridge north of Hennigan's Stead; or, camping really
       close to the US-Mexico river and appearing across it when un-camping.
       To return, take a stagecoach back to normality -- just make sure to NOT
       ride in the carriage or it's likely to glitch/freeze. [It's possible
       the camp method can be used to return to the unlocked area(s) as well.]

 [Q] - What are the zombie types (in Undead Nightmare)?
 [A] - There's four: (1) normal types that just loaf about and, after spotting
       John, run faster (2) bruisers, the big fat fellows who are easily
       identified by their girth or their weird arm motion that makes 'em look
       like they're swimming on dry land (3) bolters, identified by their
       hunched-over postures and their low-to-the-ground dashes when John's
       spooked 'em (4) retchers, who have toxic lime-green skin and spit venom
       as their main attack.

 [Q] - Where's the chupacabra?
 [A] - It only appears during Undead Hunter Rank 5.

 [Q] - Where's the unicorn?
 [A] - It appears near Torquemada. Map-wise, it's near the illustration of the
       three horses. There's no "mythical beast" notice about it, but since it
       has a rainbow and butterflies around it, y'can't miss the sucker. Note
       that it only appears after the chupacabra's been slain.

 [Q] - Where's the sasquatch?
 [A] - Up in Tall Trees. There's a lot to find during the survivor mission
       "Birth of the Conservation Movement," and even some rarer appearances

 [Q] - How do I 100% Undead Nightmare?
 [A] - As far as I know, it's: (1) finish campaign & all optional survivor
       missions (2) rescue all missing people (3) finish all undead challenges
       (4) save all towns at least once (5) unlock all outfits.

VII. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTORS                                              [UPDT]
 5-29-10 --------------------------------+ Started walkthrough
 6-25-10 --------------------------------+ Finished walkthrough
 11-5-10 --------------------------------+ Added Undead Nightmare stuff

 • Sailor/Ceej, for hostin' my junk
 • Bebedora, for some missing Mexico bounties
 • Justin, for a Prohibitionist correction
 • Josh S, for bounty filing error
 • Halex Pereira, for Master Hunter/Sharpshooter tips
 • Jedimaster, for Poppycock correction
 • Tom Isaacs, for donating to Saikyo's cause -- thanks a bundle!
 • M Cook, alternate "Let No Man Put Asunder" method
 • Olivier Dionne, quicklink correction
 • Dylan Lambert, for Obscuridad info
 • SkunkHunter, for "Riding South..." lawmen info
 • Philip Raven, for Sharpshooter/Savvy Merchant suggestions
 • YodaCracker, for cruelty to animals method
 • Percephone, for the pistol/bear sharpshooter tip
 • Ryan McDow, for the tip on cutting the skinning animation
 • LancetJades, for a ridiculous amount of corrections!
 • The RDR m'board: like usual, ridiculously awesome & knowledgable fellas,
   setting me straight on glitches, titles, and other stuff I can't recall off

 • "And the Truth Shall Set You Free" - actual honor reward? Mine was maxed. =/
 • Co-op Missions: missing requirements (mostly time attack)
 • "Legends and Killers"-related stuff / Tomahawk stats for weapon list

 Any miscellaneous corrections readers spot should be sent to me ASAP!

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