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    FAQ/Walkthrough by oldschool312

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/18/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction
    2. Version History
    3. General Tips and Gameplay
      1. General Tips
      2. Dead Eye
      3. Travel
      4. Fame and Honor
    4. Walkthrough
      1. Exodus in America
      2. New Friends, Old Problems
      3. Obstacles in Our Path
      4. Political Realities in Armadillo
      5. This is Armadillo U.S.A.
      6. Justice in Pike's Basin
      7. Women and Cattle
      8. Wild Horses Tamed Passions
      9. A Tempest Looms
      10. Old Swindler Blues
      11. You Shall Not Give False Testimony, Except for Profit
      12. Exhuming and Other Fine Hobbies
      13. Liars, Cheats, and Other Proud Americans
      14. A Gentle Drive with Friends
      15. Let the Dead Bury Their Dead
      16. A Frenchman, a Welshman, and a Irishman
      17. Man Is Born Unto Trouble
      18. Can a Swindler Change His Spots?
      19. The Sport of Kings and Liars
      20. On Shaky's Ground
      21. Spare the Rod, Spoil the Bandit
      22. The Burning
      23. Hanging Bonnie MacFarlane
      24. The Assault on Fort Mercer
      25. We Shall Be Together In Paradise
      26. The Gunslinger's Tragedy
      27. Civilization, At Any Price
      28. Landon Ricketts Rides Again
      29. Lucky In Love
      30. The Mexican Wagon Train
      31. The Demon Drink
      32. Empty Promises
      33. Mexican Caesar
      34. My Sister's Keeper
      35. Must a Savior Die?
      36. Cowards Die Many Times
      37. Father Abraham
      38. Captain De Santa's Downfall
      39. The Great Mexican Train Robbery
      40. The Gates of El Presido
      41. An Appointed Time
      42. Bear One Another's Burden
      43. Great Men Are Not Always Wise
      44. At Home With Dutch
      45. For Purely Scientific Purposes
      46. The Prodigal Son Returns (to Yale)
      47. And You Will Know the Truth
      48. And the Truth Will Set You Free
      49. The Outlaw's Return
      50. By Sweat and Toil
      51. A Continual Feast
      52. Pestilence
      53. Old Friends, New Problems
      54. John Marston and Son
      55. Wolves, Dogs, and Sons
      56. Spare the Love, Spoil the Child
      57. The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed
    5. Strangers
      1. American Appetites
      2. I Know You
      3. Let No Man Put Asunder
      4. Water and Honesty
      5. Funny Man
      6. Jenny's Faith
      7. Who Are You to Judge?
      8. Flowers for a Lady
      9. Lights, Camera, Action
      10. Deadalus and Son
      11. Poppycock
      12. Eva in Peril
      13. American Lobbist
      14. California
      15. Love is the Opiate
      16. Aztec Gold
      17. The Wronged Woman
      18. Prohibitionist
      19. Remember My Family
    6. Challenges
    7. Outfits
    8. Hunting and Gathering
      1. Hunting
      2. Gathering
    9. Stores
      1. General Store
      2. Gunsmith
      3. Doctor's Office
      4. Tailor
    10. Mini-Games and Jobs
      1. Horseshoes
      2. Poker
      3. Blackjack
      4. Liar's Dice
      5. Five Finger Fillet
      6. Arm Wrestling
      7. Nightwatch
      8. Horsebreaking
    11. Multiplayer
      1. Challenges
    12. Trophies
    13. Legalites


    The content of this guide (unless otherwise stated) has been exclusively derived from my experience playing Red Dead Redemption. Though the game was played on the Playstation 3 the walkthrough should be applicable to the Xbox 360 version as well. The description of the missions are a complilation of methods and decisions I made to achieve completion of the objectives. Do better methods exist? Are there better decisions to be made? The answer to both of these questions is: possibly. What I can say for certain though is that the guide does achieve the ultimate goal of completing the game.

    Version History

    • Version 0.90
      • Submitted 6-3-2010
      • Walkthrough complete
      • Hunting and Gathering section requires more detail
      • Store section almost complete
      • Strangers section needs starting locations
      • Other Minor revisions likely
    • Version 0.95
      • Submitted 6-7-2010
      • Updatd store section
      • Added Stranger starting points
      • Updated trophies
      • Updated hunting areas for some animals
      • Finished the Jobs and Games section

    Version 1.0

      • Submitted 6-17-2010
      • Think I've completed the guide still need initial prices on the plants though
      • Added some tips to the trophies section
      • Added Multiplayer section (in progress)

    General Tips

    • Don't bring a lasso to a gun fight: before entering battle be sure to have an appropriate weapon equipped.
    • If you can't find the animal you are hunting try a different time of day.
    • Dead Eye is great for taking out numerous enemies.
    • Pardon Letters can be found in Gang Hideouts
    • Setting a waypoint is a great way to get to your destination
    • Do not overuse quick travel early in the game. The experience of traveling by horse will allow you to learn the intricacy of the environment.
    • Save regularly

    Dead Eye

    Dead Eye gives Marston the ability to target several targets quickly. Dead Eye is activated by aiming a weapon with L2 and press R3. Upon activation the color scheme changes and the world around Marston appears to be in slow motion. Early on this slow motion effect allows Marston to shoot any chosen targets manually. Later, as Marston aims at a target in Dead Eye mode it will be painted with an X. Marston can then automatically eliminate each target. The final upgrade will allow Marston to manually paint targets with an X by tapping R1. In fully upgraded Dead Eye ability, Marston will be able to target different body parts to disarm enemies. The only limit to the number of targets are the size of the Dead Eye meter and the amount of ammo in a weapon.


    Marston can travel in several ways: walk, horse, train, stagecoach, and quick travel. Likely, the most frequent method will be horseback. Once Marston has a horse and attaches it to a hitching post it is his horse. Pressing up on the d-pad will whistle for that particular horse and it will run to Marston's location. Train stations are located in the major towns. Trains in the old west transported people and goods between the communities. They can be boarded at a station but Marston has no control over the direction of travel. Most towns also have a stagecoach waiting to transport anyone to other major locations on the map. Enter the stagecoach and for a fee the driver will take Marston to any of the available locations. The expense of the ride will depend on the distance to the destination. One of the fastest ways to travel is through a campsite. Move to an open area away from a town, gang hideout, or road and press select. This opens a menu where a Campsite can be selected. Upon selecting the campsite Marston can change outfits, save, or quick travel to any previously found location.

    Fame and Honor

    Red Dead Redemption has a system in which in game actions will affect how the non-playable characters in the game perceive and interact with Marston. The game can be played however you choose but every action has a consequence. Fame is a measure of how well know Marston is. Fame is neither positive nor negative. It is gained by completing in game tasks such as: Story Missions, Stranger Missions, Challenges, random ambient events, duels, jobs, games, and more. Honor on the other hand is a measure of how much good Marston does in the world. Honor is gained by helping others. It is lost by deviant behavior (murder and theft). There is no right or wrong way to approach the honor system. It just depends on personal preference. Do you want to be the hero or the outlaw.

    Fame Rankings

    • Nobody
    • Greenhorn
    • Buckaroo
    • Mercenary
    • Gunslinger
    • Legend

    Honor Rankings

    • Desperado
    • Road Agent
    • Rustler
    • Drifter
    • Honest Joe
    • Peacemaker
    • Hero

    Exodus in America

    The opening cinematic consists of a long train ride listening to what will be some of the new citizens of Armadillo. After a ride into the west on a less than comfortable train seat Marston does what anyone else in his position would do: head for the saloon. Pass under the Armadillo Station sign to locate the town's saloon. Inside Marston meets his contact Jake. Follow Jake to the horses outside the saloon. Mount the horse by pressing Triangle. The ride acts as a horse back tutorial. Once the carcass is passed, the journey's goal is nearby. Jake will slow down just on the outskirts of Fort Mercer. Ride up to Jake and stop next to him. After the quick cinematic ride down the path to the front gate of Fort Mercer. Marston will exit the horse and scream for Bill. The men inside the fort do not take too kindly to Marston appearing at their gate.

    New Friends, Old Problems

    Exit the room and find Bonnie to take her up on her offer. Her location is indicated by a blue marker on the mini-map. Bonnie agrees to allow Marston to work off the $15 dollars for the doctor's bill. First though she wants to provide a tour of the ranch. Move to the horses near the stockade and ride around the area with Bonnie. She will point out the General Store, the corral, the train station, and the barn. At the end of the tour ride up to the post and "hitch" the horse. Once the horse is secure, return to Bonnie's house.

    After the cinematic, return to the stockade and mount a horse. Follow Bonnie to a small garden where some rabbits are "stealing" themselves a snack. Pull out the rifle and take out a couple of those wascally wabbits. Once the crops are safe follow Bonnie to the live stock to scare off some coyotes (Beep! Beep!). Use the Dead Eye ability (Press L2 and R3) to slow down time and take accurate shots at the trespassers. Once the coyotes are gone, return to your home and hitch the horse.

    Obstacles in Our Path

    Return to Bonnie's house only to be challenged to a race. Run up to the horse and ride it to the starting point. Once the race begins ride fast to keep up with Bonnie. Marston will be able to travel quicker by staying on the trail. Rapidly tapping X will help the horse to move faster, just be careful not to do so too much too quickly or the horse will buck Marston off.

    Political Realities in Armadillo

    Ride from the MacFarlane Ranch to the Marshal in Armadillo (indicated by the M on the mini-map). Marston makes a deal with Marshal Johnson. In exchange for help with Bill Williamson at Fort Mercer, Marston agrees to help clean up the town for the Marshal. Exit the Sheriff's office and head over to the saloon (Marshal Johnson knows the way). The outlaw, Walton, notices Marshal and Marston and takes off. Press up on the d-pad to whistle for your horse then follow the Marshal on Walton's trail.

    Walton retreats to his gangs hideout. The goal is to move up the hillside to the hideout. Press R1 to enter and leave cover. The wagon just ahead provides a good place to duck behind. The first gang member will be behind the crate in front of the wagon. Peak around the corner, aim, and fire to take him out. Move to the crate and kill the outlaw firing from behind the rocks. Once the enemy behind the rocks is deceased, move to the rocks. Take out the guy behind the outhouse and the outlaw in the distance near the corner of the house. Next take cover behind the outhouse. Finish off any more outlaws outside the house. Once the remainder of Walton's gang is defeated, he will exit. Shoot him in the leg to capture him alive and end the mission. Before leaving the area enter the house and examine the chest in the corner near the door for some cash. It is also a good idea to loot the bodies of the fallen for miscellaneous items (cash, bait, tobacco, ammo).

    This is Armadillo U.S.A.

    Head over to Bonnie's home to activate the mission. She needs a ride to Armadillo. Enter the driver's seat of the wagon and drive it along the yellow path to reach Armadillo. Upon arrival exit the wagon and go see the doctor. Buy some medicine (it will be free this time) then move to the General Store to reunite with Bonnie.

    Justice in Pike's Basin

    Ride with Marshal Johnson and his deputies to Pike's Basin. At the entrance dismount and follow the Marshal into the canyon. Marshal Johnson will call out that the gang is just ahead. Find cover behind a rock along the canyon wall to the right. Activation of Dead Eye will make picking off the enemies much simpler. If the ability is not available, target the gang member on the ridge first then focus on the ones hiding behind the rocks. The deputies and Marshal split up. Follow Marshal Johnson to the right. Provide cover fire for the Marshal killing enemies as they are encountered. Ahead will be a Bollard Gang camp. Take out all the gang members and search the chests for spare ammo. Catch up to Marshal Johnson and be on watch for some snipers across the canyon. Locate the three snipers (if the Marshal has not killed any) and shoot them down. Move toward the bridge and watch for a couple more snipers to the right as the deputies approach from the left. Cross two foot bridges and pause behind the rocks. Marshal's plan is to move as close as possible to the gang before opening fire. Once the shooting starts locate and kill all the Bollard Gang members that are at the camp. With the enemies dead move to the ranch hands and free them to end the mission.

    Women and Cattle

    The initial goal is to get a small group of cattle from the corral to the rest of the herd currently located in a pasture near the ranch. On horseback, follow Bonnie to the corral. Arrive at a position behind the cows and ride forward "pushing" them to move ahead. As long as Marston stay behind the cattle it should drive them forward. In order to change the direction the cattle is headed, move to the side of the herd opposite the direction they need to move (to move the cattle to the right ride to the left side of the herd). Once the herd is reunited, drive them to the lower pasture to end the mission and gain a reward.

    Wild Horses Tamed Passions

    At the beginning of this mission, Marston meets Bonnnie's father Mr. MacFarlane. We also acquire one of the staples of any cowboy's arsenal, the lasso. Follow the MacFarlane clan into the countryside to find a group of wild horses. While remaining on horseback, ride up to the group while holding L2. A white dot appears on screen. Position the dot over one of the wild horses and press R2 to throw out the lasso. If the lasso connects the MacFarlane's will come along and toss their ropes onto the horse as well. While holding R2 dismount and approach the wild horse. Mount the captive and move the left stick back and forth to stead Marston on the horse as it bucks wildly. If successful, Mr. MacFarlane will take the horse back to the ranch. Now a second horse must be broken. With the second horse under control ride back to the ranch.

    Mr. Macfarlane has sent some of the ranch hands out to pursue a herd of wild horses. Join up with the workers as they search for the herd. Once the new group of horses are found, Marston's job is to drive them into the canyon (indicated by the yellow marker) to make them easier to capture. The cinematic in the canyon shows one of the horses to be a little too unruly. Once it escapes chase it down and bring it in. It can be tricky to lasso the stallion but this is kind of a horse wrangling tutorial so do not be too discouraged. Once the lasso hits press and hold R1 to stop the horse. Now quickly dismount and approach the lassoed horse. Mount and break the new memeber of the MacFarlane Ranch. Return to Bonnie to receive the captured horse as a reward.

    A Tempest Looms

    A storm is brewing and the cattle are still grazing out in the fields. In order to save the live stock ride out to the pasture with Bonnie and drive the first group of cattle back to the Oak Tree to reform the entire herd. Use the same methods as before to move the cattle. Riding behind them will move them forward. Riding to the side will push them toward the opposite side. At times a cow or two will move away from the herd. Ride to the straggler and push it back to the group. Once at the Oak Tree lightning strikes and spooks the cattle. The stampede away headed directly for an unforgiving cliff. Ride out to the front of the stampede to slow as many of the cows down before the plummet to their death over the cliff. Once the stampede has ceased round up the individual cows to reform the herd. Now simply drive the herd back to the ranch to complete the mission.

    Old Swindler Blues

    West Dickens is badly hurt. Once the cinematic ends Marston is in control of the carriage and needs to return Dickens to Armadillo to see a doctor. If the carriage runs off the path or collides with other objects Dickens' health meter at the top of the screen will deplete more rapidly. As Armadillo nears, the carriage will be attacked by bandits. Use the Dead Eye ability to slow things down and shoot the enemies. Do not worry about steering until the bandits are gone. Marston should return to the doctor's office after 3 PM to check in on Dickens.

    You Shall Not Give False Testimony, Except for Profit

    This snake oil salesman has some thoughts on how to increase the movement of his amazing products. Drive him to the outskirts of Ridgewood and exit the carriage. Walk to the West Dickens show inside the farm. Upon drinking the marvelous tonic Marston gains abilities greater than the average man. Use the newly "improved" eyesight to shoot the skull on the distant porch. Just align the dot over the skull and fire. There is at least one non believer in the crowd. He reckons Marston can not hit a moving target. He wants a proof of skill. Marston must shoot the man's hat out of the air once it is tossed. Pull out the revolver and the hat will lift into the sky. Press R3 to utilize Dead Eye and the hat will be marked multiple times. Once the hat is "Xed" fire to knock it out of the air. Now the same man is mad because his hat has been shot up. You can't shoot a man's hat and expect to just walk away. Defeat Aquilla in a fist fight to prove Marston's worth. R1 will block attacks while R2 will punch. In order to lock unto the target hold L2 before attacking. Finally, when prompted Marston can tackle Aquilla to the ground with the press of Triangle. Once on the ground hit R2 to knock Aquilla out. The disbeliever will be even angrier once he gets up. He pulls a gun on Marston (not very honorable is he?). Pull out the revolver and activate Dead Eye. Target the enemy's gun and fire to shoot it out of his hand.

    Exhuming and Other Fine Hobbies

    Head to Coot's Chapel to find Seth digging into a grave outside the church. Marston agrees to take him to his old partner Moses to try and get back the map Seth is looking for. Ride with Seth to Benedict Point. A couple of deputies are positioned outside the building where Moses is held captive. Steal a deupty's horse and ride out to become wanted. They will give chase, providing Seth an opportunity to seek out Moses. Escape the red circle that represents the deputy's knowledge of Marston's location. Stay out of the red circle until the Wanted level in the upper right corner disappears. The deputies are no longer in pursuit but there is a bounty on Marston's head. To remove the bounty Marston must pay it off at a telegraph office or use a Pardon Letter found at a gang hideout. Return to Seth after the Wanted level no longer exists. Seth finds Moses but Moses wants no part of anything involving Seth and runs away. Give chase to Moses (on foot or horseback) and lasso him. Once the rope connects move to the fallen runner and press Triangle to hogtie him. Pick Moses up and return to Seth. Marston can place a hogtied person on the back of his horse and ride to any location. This makes it much easier to transport Moses. Use the Pardon Letter Moses provides to clear the bounty.

    Liars, Cheats, and Other Proud Americans

    Ride with Dickens to Gaptooth Ridge. You have the option of listening to the conversation during the ride or skip to the destination. Exit the Dicken's stagecoach and follow him to the cart Marston will be racing. Press Triangle to drive the cart and begin the race. The race itself is fairly easy, just be sure to watch for the markers indicating the checkpoints. The only tricks will be to slow for sharp curves to avoid "crashing" and to remain on the path for faster travel.

    A Gentle Drive with Friends

    Seth is not quite ready to help take out Bill Williamson. He needs help transporting some corpses to Tumbleweed. Enter the wagon and drive down the orange path (as seen on the mini-map). At different junctures the wagon will be attacked by bandits. These bandits are easily dealt with by using the Dead Eye and auto aim abilities.

    Let the Dead Bury Their Dead

    Seth believes his treasure is located in the old abandoned house in town. Walk with him to the house in an attempt to find his treasure. Along the way, Marston will encounter several treasure hunters that are trying to eliminate anyone else seeking the loot. While moving through town shoot and kill all the treasure hunters encountered. The front door is locked so move around to the back and enter through the basement. The inside of the mansion is full of treasure hunters as well. Move from the basement to the top floor shooting all those inside until the cinematic has Seth opening his long awaited treasure. Since Marston was so kind to help, Seth is ready to help with the invasion of Fort Mercer.

    A Frenchman, a Welshman, and a Irishman

    Marston's contact is in a dangerous situation. Two men are attempting to take out the Irishman by drowning him in a trough. Marston asks for the attempted killing to end but the Frenchman and Welshman prefer to continue. They draw weapons on Marston (one a gun the other a knife). Shoot them both in the head then talk to the Irishman. He knows the location of a machine gun and agrees to take Marston there. The Irishman leads Marston to a camp crawling with bandits. The machine gun is inside the building. Once the enemies are dead move to the front of the house. As Marston approaches the porch a bandit with a double barrell shotgun will open the door and commence firing. Take him out and grab his gun. The machine gun is not inside. The Irishman should not have lied like that.

    Man Is Born Unto Trouble

    Follow Irish to the mine where he is sure the machine gun is located. Two guards for the mine approach Marston to warn him that he is trespassing. Quickly show them your credentials (its bullets exiting the revolver) and move forward. The area outside the mines is swarming with guys that would prefer Marston left. Dissappoint them by shooting each and every one of them. Enter the mine and follow the tracks to the location of the machine gun. There will be lots of miners inside. They can easily be dealt with by shooting the red boxes and barrels along the path. When shot the red containers will explode. Inspect the mine cart to find the gun. Push the cart back down the path Marston just traveled. The goal is to arrive in the shaft room so Irish can use the lift to raise the gun out of the mine. Once Marston and the gun are top side, push the cart down the hill. A few more miners will appear, shoot them until reunited with Irish.

    Can a Swindler Change His Spots?

    Move into the crowd about to watch Dickens' presentation. Men from a previous show have found Dickens and call him out as a fraud. Run to Dickens' stagecoach and ride shotgun so Marston can shoot the pursuit. The road ahead will eventually be blocked by a cart full of TNT. Shoot the red container to clear a path. Continue to shoot the cowboys that approach until arrival at Cueva Seca.

    The Sport of Kings and Liars

    Follow Dickens to Rathskeller Fork. This is another race but this time there is no cart. The key to victory is staying on the path for maximum speed and paying close attention to the horse's stamina meter.

    On Shaky's Ground

    Marston catches up to Irish in Thieves' Landing holding up a couple of nuns. Follow Irish to his friend's warehouse only to find the gate closed and lock. Next, Irish wants to see if they can get in through the back. Apparently, Shaky is not on good terms with everyone at the warehouse. Move back down the stairs and two ladders to reach the roof. Once on the roof move to the left and begin to go towards the peak. On the side opposite the entry point to the roof there will be a set of stairs leading up to the roof's peak and a set leading down. The set up is not as important as finding the set down. Now move to the open window. Shaky should now be directly below Marston. Clear the room of bandits and free Shaky. Once he is free more enemies enter the warehouse. Clear the warehouse and move down the stairs to the gate. Open the gate and exit. Outside Marston will encounter 3 or 4 more enemies. Once they are dead follow Shaky toward the ammunition. In between the crates ahead will be three to four more bandits to kill. Take them out then arrive at the ammo. With the ammo loaded into the wagon, Marston now must protect the cargo from any and all oncoming bandits.

    Spare the Rod, Spoil the Bandit

    Ride out with Marshal Johnson in search of the unlawful gang of bandits. Along the way someone notices a large number of vultures circling overhead. Break from the posse to investigate. After the short cinematic catch back up to the Marshal. As the group continues down the path more vultures circle. Upon investigation there are still no survivors but this fire is still burning so the perpatrators must be close. Once at Ridgewood farm, investigate the shed and out house indicated in yellow on the mini-map. Both areas are clear of bandits. Reunite with Marshal Johnson at the barn. Shoot off the boards on the barn door. Inside a survivor informs the posse that the bandits are inside the farmhouse. Storm the house and kill all the bandits. Two bandits are located on the first floor. Inside two rooms up stairs will be a bandit holding a woman hostage. Be accurate and take out the bandits without harming the ladies. The woman reveal that some of the bandits get away. It appears that the bandits are part of Bill Williamson's crew. Follow Marshal Johnson to the enemy's location. The posse will take cover in the broken down building nearby while two waves of several bandits attack. Fend of the bandits with precise firing. A couple rounds of Dead Eye should work wonders if its available.

    The Burning

    Mr. MacFarlane has not returned to the ranch and Bonnie is worried. Ride out with Bonnie to the outskirts of the ranch in search of her Pa. Bonnie will spot him on the left side of the path. The cinematic shows that some cowboys met their demise and were found by Mr. MacFarlane. Return to the ranch to get a wagon so as to provide the dead with a proper burial. Back at the ranch Bonnie notices that the barn is a blaze. Rush to the barn doors only to find them sealed shut. Move to the left side of the barn and climb to the roof to find an alternate entrance on the back side of the barn. Slide down the two ladders to the ground and remove the pitch fork that was barracading the doors shut. Now its time to get the horses to safety. Run to the first two stalls and slap the horse to get them to run out of the barn. After the second horse is safe part of the barn collapses blocking the exit. Jump onto the back of the final horse and ride it out. Be sure not to hit any of the people outside while riding or you will receive a game over screen due to the townsfolk being scared. Take the horse to the corral and find Bonnie.

    Hanging Bonnie MacFarlane

    The bandits have taken Bonnie hostage. They want the Marshal's prisoner in exchange for the girl. Upon arrival to Tumbleweed, Marston is to escort Deek into the center of town to make the exchange. The three gang members that come to greet Marston are not true to their word. They attack. Use the Dead Eye ability to mow down the three gang members and begin running into town. This is a great mission to use Dead Eye as much as possible. This will allow Marston to kill the bandits with quickness and precision in order to save Bonnie. As Marston approaches the area where Bonnie is being held, a gang member knocks the stool from under her feet. Rush to her aid as she is dangling from the rope. Remember to use a Dead Eye meter replishment item (tobacco) if needed. When close to Bonnie make a dash for her to cut her down. If any enemies are left shoot them to close out the mission.

    The Assault on Fort Mercer

    The way into the fort is in the back of Dickens stagecoach. Towards the end of the cinematic inside the fort, Dickens will tap on the side of the stagecoach. When he does be ready to commence the onslaught. Fire the machine gun constantly moving it through the initial enemies, then at the bandits running down the stairs to the left, and finally at the gang members entering from the right. With the initial area clear the Marshal and his deputies enter. Move through the rest of Fort Mercer and clear out all of the bandits. When the last one falls regroup with Marshal Johnson. Unfortunately, Bill Williamson has called in for reinforcements. Marston steps outside to the stagecoach to man the machine gun. Kill all of the bandits that come over the ridge. Pay close attention and look for the red containers to create an extra boom. Bill Williamson left the fort a day ago, fleeing to Mexico.

    We Shall Be Together In Paradise

    Irish's raft does not look like the most sturdy water craft but he promises it will get Marston to those he seeks. As the raft is moving across the river bandits appear on the distant shore and begin shooting. Marston recommends cutting the rope. Irish agrees. As Marston floats down river numerous enemies will appear on the shore to the left. Pull out a rifle and kill anyone that presents themselves. There is a Springfield Rifle on board and if ammo becomes low move to the box in the back to reload. Eventually, we hit shore near a couple of horses and Irish is even less help than he has been thus far.

    The Gunslinger's Tragedy

    Landon Ricketts doubts Marston's abilities against anyone more than a trio of drunk Mexican peasants. Ricketts is a famous gunslinger and is willing to teach Marston a few tricks. Once the cinematic ends, activate Dead Eye and tag each of the bottles with R1. With the three bottles tagged press R2 to fire. Destroying the bottles was pretty easy, so much so that Ricketts wants to provide his new protege with some more practice. Follow him to the other side of the porch. Here Ricketts will "scare up" some birds. Enter Dead Eye, mark the birds, and fire. Now follow the old man into town. The town's banker comes rushing out seeking help. The bank's wagon is being attacked just outside of town. Follow Ricketts to the wagon. There are three bandits holding up the wagon. Use Dead Eye to target the bandit with the hostage and either of the other two thieves. With all three down escort the wagon back to the bank. Just outside of the town, Marston will encounter a wagon blocking the path. Eliminate the bandits to proceed. A note will appear on the screen that shooting the gas lanterns may prove beneficial.

    Civilization, At Any Price

    Marston can either ride shotgun with De Santa or get on his horse and follow the group. Upon arrival at Chuparosa exit the wagon (if you rode with De Santa) and follow De Santa to the train. Once the train is visible ride out in front of the locomotive. The goal is to protect the engine so the train can reach its intended destination. As long as Marston is well in front of the train, he can take out all of the rebels with out the engine receive much if any damage. Unlike most escort missions there does not seem to be a penalty for moving away from the object to be protected. Instead staying far in front will be of great benefit. Once the train arrives meet up with De Santa at Casa Madrugada. Despite all of Marston's hard work shooting rebels, the cinematic shows the train is stolen during the celebration inside the bar. Rush out and mount a horse. Ride along the right side of the train. Shoot all the rebels on the locomotive and race to the train's engine. Once at the engine jump onto the train to stop it before running off the broken tracks.

    Landon Ricketts Rides Again

    Marston has a choice, ride the train or ride the horse. Either way, the goal is to reach El Matadero. Once the train stops follow Ricketts into town and find Carlos. Carlos agrees to distract the guards while Ricketts and Marston sneak inside the caves. While Carlos moves to the guards to create the diversion stay near Ricketts behind a rock at the top of the path. When the guards begin to chase Carlos, run down the path and enter the caves. Be prepared to shoot because the caves are swarming with enemies. A six shooter and Dead Eye will make short work of those inside the caves. The door leading to the teacher is fairly secure. Ricketts knows where there is a key. He gets some dynamite but needs cover to set everything up. Watch for any enemies that approach and convince them to stay away. Once the door has been opened Ricketts will grab the girl. On the way out of the cave 4 to 5 enemies will try to block the way out. Shoot them dead to escort Ricketts and Luisa out of the cave. Carlos was kind enough to return to the mouth of the cave and leave some horses. Mount up and protect Luisa by riding out in front of Ricketts so Marston can shoot any guards that appear on the path out. Once at the end of the path wait patiently for Carlos.

    Lucky In Love

    Find Ricketts outside playing a friendly game of cards. The offer is made for Marston to buy in but one of the players, Muller, is less than thrilled with the new player at the table. After playing a couple of hands, Muller will accuse Marston of cheating. This does not sit well with Marston and everyone draws their guns. Cooler heads prevail and the matter will be decided by a duel. Walk with Ricketts to the duel site. As Muller pulls his weapon target him and pull the trigger to win the duel. After Muller's untimely death one of his men decides to hold a young lady hostage. This time accuracy is crucial. Move the crosshairs over the man's had and fire to save the lady. Finally, the rest of Muller's men attack. Take cover behind the fountain wall and shoot the final four men.

    The Mexican Wagon Train

    Some innocents are about to be executed for no valid reason. Marston and Ricketts will not such an injustice occur. Mount a horse and ride with Ricketts until the prison wagons are visible. Race out to the first wagon and enter Dead Eye. Take out the guards and then the driver to stop the prisoner wagon. With the guards dead take control of the reins and head towards America. Ricketts should be able to gain control of the other wagon. As Marston pushes forward, resistance will be met. Shoot anyone that provides too much trouble but the important thing is to keep moving toward America.

    The Demon Drink

    Initially, Marston will accompany De Santa to Tesoro Azul. Along the way though De Santa will talk some trash and the ride becomes an easily won race. Just follow the orange path to the destination. The rebels are controlling the town. Enter through the gate and eliminate all the rebels within Tesoro Azul. There are a lot of men to take out inside the city. Move to the crates to the left and take cover. A rebel while be directly behind them. Another rebel will be on the same side of the street right behind the crates. The next group will attack from the right. Once the initial wave of rebels are defeated the rest of the battle is somewhat chaotic. Stay behind cover (crate or corner of a building) and pick off the rebels as they make their locations known. When the last rebel bites the dust join De Santa in the center of town. In order to complete the mission Marston must pick up some of the fire bottles and toss them into three of the buildings in town. Once the three homes are a blaze the mission ends.

    Empty Promises

    Ride to the convoy with De Santa. Once at the convoy ride shotgun on De Santa's wagon until arrival at Torquemada. The rebels will attack as the convoy approaches the destination. Shoot the rebels before they have the opportunity to kill you. At the camp exit the wagon and follow De Santa to Captain Espinoza. The captain requests that Marston grab a sniper rifle to help repel the rebels. Get the gun and scope the enemies on the ridge. Once the enemies on the ridge have fallen proceed to the blockade and defend it from the insurgents. Defeat the rebels at the blockade and Marston will need to assist in the clearing of the valley. Next head up the hill toward the ruins and another group of rebels. They have a couple snipers positioned on the broken walls ahead. If you have any sniper ammo left they should be easy targets. Continue moving forward with the army and taking out rebels. The assault on Troquemada just by the ruins has ample enemies to shoot. The first goal should be to clear the guards near the "bridge" and proceed forward slowly moving from cover to cover. Once the rebels near the the "bridge" are defeated look for the snipers on the buildings in Torquemada. Kill them and the mission is complete.

    Mexican Caesar

    De Santa is promising a big pay out and the information we seek if Marston agrees to help with this mission. Ride shotgun with the Captain and just as he mentions having not seen any rebels three will attack on horseback to the right. Another trio of rebels will attack at the next intersection too. Once they are dead, Captain Espinoza fears that something is not right with the mission. They have been given very few soldiers (most of which are inexperienced) in order to protect what is said to be valuable cargo. Continue the ride toward Chuparosa only to be attacked yet again. Inside Chuparosa exit the wagon and walk with the captain to the train. Espinoza requests that Marston man the Gatling Gun. Shoot everything and anything that moves toward the train's engine. In fact there is little reason to stop shooting at all. Once the train arrives at camp exit and talk to the base commander to end the mission.

    My Sister's Keeper

    This is a timed-escort mission, which generally means lots of trouble. This time though it is not that bad. The goal is to get Luisa's sister to the docks before sundown so she will be safe during the revolution. Marston must drive the stage coach to the docks before the timer runs out. Along the way, the army will have checkpoints that must be avoided or ran through. Listen to Luisa's sister for directions. She gives instructions for where to turn and where to bust through a barracade. Anytime the stagecoach is chased by men on horseback, Marston must eliminate the soldiers to prevent them from tracking the boat that will take Luisa's sister away.

    Must a Savior Die?

    Luisa's boyfriend is in trouble and sees Marston's aid in helping the young man. Ride shotgun with Luisa to El Presidio. Move to the broken wall (the yellow dot on the mini-map) to gain access to El Presidio. Walk up the steps to find a good sniping spot. Grab the sniper ammo and take cover behind the wall. Take aim at the executioner on the far end of the area and fire. Once he is down Reyes is temporarily safe but Marston is not. Soldiers will flood the area and begin firing on at the "sniper's nest". Activate Dead Eye and snipe as many as possible. With the crowd thinned the remaining soldiers should be sitting ducks. When safe climb down to ground level and release Reyes. Find a horse near the gate and pick up Luisa's boyfriend. Exit El Presidio only to find a guide waiting to lead Marston to Luisa. Follow the guide closely but beware of enemy soldiers along the way. Use Dead Eye (if available) to take out the soldiers while keeping pace with the guide. The pursuit can knock Reyes off the horse, at which point Marston must return to Reyes to pick him up. The key is to balance defeating enemies and riding forward. After the initial wave of soldiers there will be little to do but ride. Once the blue dot appears indicating Luisa's position there is no reason to follow the guide. Reunite Reyes and Luisa to end the mission

    Cowards Die Many Times

    Marston is told that the Esquella and Williamson have been captured at Chuparosa. Ride with De Santa to see if this information is true. De Santa claims they are inside the church ahead (marked by the yellow dot on the mini-map). They were lying of course and knock Marston out with the butt of a rifle. Reyes shows up just in time to help. Race to his location to be cut loose from the restraints. Fortunately, for Marston it appears everyone in the Mexican army is a terrible shot. Now that Marston is free we find that he has also been freed from all of his weapons, well except for a knife. Rush ahead to the chest near the fountain to regain the rest of Marston's weapons. Now its time to take out the members of the Mexican Army that betrayed Marston's trust. Defeat the soldiers around and exiting the building across from the fountain. When the area around the door is clear enter the building and move up the stairs. A soldier is waiting at the top. Move to the right to clear the balcony or into the room to the left to kill a guard and Captain Espinoza.

    Father Abraham

    Ride with Luisa to a location in Punta Orgullo. She will stop the stagecoach just short of a train bridge. Guide the rebels in placing the dynamite. Move to location on the dirt road and press Triangle to ask the rebels to bury a stick of dynamite. There will be five sticks of dynamite placed along the road. Space them out so as to create as much destruction to the in coming convoy as possible. The dynamite can not (and should not) be placed under or after the bridge. Once the dynamite is in place walk to the top of the hill to find the detonator. "Ready the detonator" to cue the convoy to approach. Marston can view the convoy or each individual placement of dynamite. The goal is to destroy the two wagons and the soldiers that accompany them. The dynamite should take out the majority of the enemies. Once the wagons are destroyed it is a simple matter of killing any survivors.

    Captain De Santa's Downfall

    Ride with Luisa's men to a graveyard just outside Sepulcro. The cinematic shows De santa shooting a man. Rush to the graveyard and begin shooting all of De Santa's men while moving through the cemetary. As Marston eliminates all of the soldiers De santa will run. Chase him down and lasso De Santa. Drag or carry him back to the graveyard. The cinematic shows Marston acquring the information he desires. Now the choice is to shoot De Santa or walk away and allow the rebels to fire. De Santa said that Esquella was located at Casa Madrugada. Ride there to see if De santa's dying declaration was true. Of course, De Santa was a lying dog even at his death. Casa Madrugada is a trap. Defeat all of the Mexican soldiers to end the mission.

    The Great Mexican Train Robbery

    Accompany Reyes to the Chuparosa train station. Reyes will create a distraction to draw the initial two soldiers away from the station. Marston's goal is to board the train without alerting the guards. As the distraction is working move toward the station. Target the guard with his back turned and toss a knife at him. As he is falling to the ground look to the left near the train to target the next soldier. Once he is down there will be two more soldiers on the train around the corner to the right. Stay back and do not attack the first one seen. Instead save the next knife for the guard sitting on the sand bags then hit the soldier near the railing looking out onto the desert. Now Marston can safely board the train. Once on the train move to the right and look to the roof of the closest building. Hit the guard on the roof with a knife then elimiante the soldier on the next train car. With all of the nearby soldiers defeated detach the train car. Move to the gatling gun on the train car ahead. A single soldier is manning the gun. He has his back turned so toss another knife. Once Marston is in control of the gun fire on the nearby camp defeating all of the incoming soldiers. After the camp is clear climb the ladder on the next car and eliminate the three soldiers on the next part of the train. Now Marston has a free walk to the train's engine. Pull the brake to steal the train. Once the train stops, walk toward the armored car and plant some dynamite on the hatch on the roof. After the explosion enter the car and crack the safe. The safe can be cracked simply by moving the left stick slowly to the right, the left, and then the right again stopping when the rumble occurs. With money in hand find Reyes outside to end the mission.

    The Gates of El Presido

    Enter Reyes' stagecoach and ride to El Presido. Just outside of the destination the automated trip ends and Marston is steering the stagecoach. It has been fitted with plenty of TNT. Drive the stagecoach into the front gate of El Presido, jumping off slightly before impact. The door is now open. Enter the fortress and begin shooting any soldiers that get in the way. The goal is to search for and locate Escuella. Three question marks will appear on the mini-map. It is believed that Escuella is located in one of the towers or the barracks, each of which is indicated by a question mark. Escuella should be found at the central question mark representing the barracks. The best path to reach the barracks is to turn left upon entering El Presido. Go up the stairs and through the door of the tower. Exit the tower and look to the right to find the roof of the barracks. Drop below and enter. Escuella is on the top floor of the barracks. When the cinematic ends, Marston's target is on the run. Jump out the window and chase Escuella out of El Presido. He will ride a horse out into the country. Marston has two choices kill Escuella or lasso and hogtie him. If death is appropriate shoot him at any point. If you are going for a capture and can not seem to catch up to Escuella. He will stop near a large rock formation at which point he is easy to lasso. Either way return to El Presido. For the purposes of this guide Escuella has been captured. At the gates of El Presido a jail cell will be marked by a yellow "X". Place Escuella in the cell and prepare for the Mexican army's reinforcements. Reyes requests Marston's presence at one of the canons. Once the remnants of the army are dispatched, return to Escuella and take him away.

    An Appointed Time

    The action begins with Marston accepting a duel against Raul Zubieta. Reyes has been saved yet again. With Zubieta dead untie Reyes. Another rebel appears and requests the freeing of some nearby prisoners willing to fight on Reyes' side. Move toward the yellow marker on the mini-map. Along the way Marston will encounter a group of soldiers about to execute some citizens. Kill the soldiers then take out the enemies on the porch of the burning building ahead. The next group of soldiers will exit from a door to the left once Marston finds the general location of the prisoners. With the three soldiers on the ground, enter the way they exited. Shoot the locks on the cells to free the prisoners then rejoin Reyes. Reyes will lead a charge against Allende's men. Follow Reyes killing all the soldiers that line the path. Be sure to take cover to prevent recieving too much damage. At the top of the path near the gates will be a machine gun manned by a Mexican soldier. The key to victory is neuralizing this weapon. Once the soldiers outside the gate are dead, find Reyes. He will ask Marston to use the gatling gun to fire at an explosives container in order to blow open the gate. Soldiers will then charge Marston's position from inside the compound. Unfortunately for them, they will meet bullets fired from the Gatling gun. Once some of the soldiers begin to retreat enter through the gate and take out any remaining enemies. Now more soldiers will rush from the path Marston used to reach the gates. Exit the compound and use the gatling gun to make short work of the reinforcements. Find Reyes to see Williamson escaping yet again. Defeat the soldiers between Marston and his horse. Mount up and give chase to Williamson's stagecoach. When the fleeing wagon is in sight enter Dead Eye and take out the riders behind the stagecoach, the machine gun operator, and the two men steering the wagon. With all of the surrounding soldiers dead the stagecoach stops and Marston can finish his business in Mexico.

    Bear One Another's Burden

    Ride in the horseless buggy to Serendipity with the federal lawmen. When it stops exit the vehicle and follow Agent Fordham. A noise is heard coming from the wrecked ship. Fordham commands Marston to investigate. Move to the front of the ship to find the stairs leading up to the next level. On the second level work to the back of the ship to reach the top level where Marston finds the informant. Nastas is hurt so Marston must carry him to safety while fending off Dutch's men. Upon safely exiting the ship and arriving at the car, ride to Blackwater to take Nastas to a doctor. The car breaks down along the way. To make matters worse some of Dutch's men are rushing the immobile car. Marston can use a sniper rifle to take several out before they get too close. As the bandits near it would be wise to switch to a pistol or rifle. Once the enemies are disposed of, the car is fixed and it is possible to "Skip to Destination."

    Great Men Are Not Always Wise

    Climb onto the roof and grab a sniper rifle. As Dutch's men exit the building across the courtyard, kill them. They will initially move to the left in an attempt to make it to their horses. Once the first wave is defeated, they will place their own snipers in the buildings windows. Kill the opposing snipers then watch for the bandits to try to escape to the right. Upon the defeat of all the visible enemies, Marston is charged with rushing the building and clearing any enemies inside. Shoot the doors open and enter the bank. Behind the counter Marston will find three nearby enemies. Shoot each one then move behind the counter using the doorway on the left. In the next room a bandit is holding a woman hostage. Activate Dead Eye targeting the bandits head and shoot. Move upstairs and take out the three enemies behind the desks. Dutch is in the next room but the cinematic takes over. Dutch escapes in a car but Marston and the lawmen give chase on horseback. As Marston approaches the forest dismount so as not to run over any of the "good" guys. Move through the wooded area and up the hill shooting all bandits that cross Marston's path. Stay shielded from bullets by wisely using the trees and rocks. A rifle is likely the best weapon for the trek up the hill. Once the bandits are dead meet up with the law near the cabin.

    At Home With Dutch

    Rid with Nastas and MacDougal to Cochinay. The professor decides to depart upon arrival at the desitination. Move to the rocks that Nastas believes we can climb and reach the top with his assistance. The easier more direct way up has been destroyed. An alternate path does exist to the left marked by a yellow "X". Tap square to climb up to the platuea with the first marker. From here find the portion of the mountain that Marston can hold onto to allow him to climb over the gap to the left. Once across follow the path to a small elevation that can be climbed onto. Move around the rock formation and see the building in the distance. Nastas is standing next to the building. Once reunited move up the hill and follow the tracks inside the cave. After looking around for a short time a cinematic shows a crazed miner attacking and injuring Nastas. Exit the cave to avoid the blast created by the mine car full of explosives. Once outside shoot the three miners (one is near the building the other two are on the hillside to the right). With the miners dead find Nastas. He will find his own way but is healthy enough to allow Marston to continue up the cliffs looking for Dutch. Move to the yellow marker to climb the mountain. Enemies will be non existant as you climb the mountain. This does not mean Marston is 100% safe. Marston will instead encounter aggressive animals that are instictively wanting to eat him. The first will be a bear that has just dipatched with a bighorn. Shoot the bear in the head and skin him before continuing. The next creature to feel Marston's wrath is a cougar that will be encountered at the next yellow marker. As soon as Marston drops off the mountain to the area near the marker aim a rifle down the tracks because that is the direction the cougar appears from. Continue the climb up free from animal attacks. At the top Marston will see a scount at the edge of the cliff. Eliminate him quietly with a throwing knife or up close with a knife. Use his binoculars to look for evidence of Dutch's presence. A cinematic will show Dutch exiting a tent then he shoots at Marston to end the mission.

    For Purely Scientific Purposes

    The professor has figured out the nature of the savage soul. Ride with Nastas and MacDougal to Bear Claw cabin to meet with some of Dutch's men. Along the way a bear will cross the trio's path. MacDougal startles it so Marston and Nastas have to finish it off. Continue forward and stop just outside the cabin. Proceed the rest of the way to the cabin on foot. It is a trap. The cinematic will eliminate the three inside the cabin all Marston has to do now is defeat the remaining enemies outside the cabin. Three will take cover behind the crates just in front of the cabin. Take them out and three more will move down the hill to take cover there as well. Defeat a few waves of this type then when safe run to the horses and ride toward Blackwater. More bandits will attempt to cease the progress toward MacDougal's office. Shoot them to protect the professor. Once back at MacDougal's office the mission is complete.

    The Prodigal Son Returns (to Yale)

    The events leading up to this point has convinced the professor to leave Blackwater. After the cinematic follow the professor to the roof. He apparently did not scout the area first and is now a hostage. Shoot the bandit holding the professor to set MacDougal free. Use the mini-map to locate the general position of Dutch's men. Now arm Marston with a sniper rifle and pick them off one by one. More ammo is located in the box next to where MacDougal was held captive. With all of the rooftop snipers defeated follow the professor to the horse and escape town. Along the way protect MacDougal from anymore attacks.

    And You Will Know the Truth

    Marston has apparently perfected the use of machine guns because every time one is needed he is the one pulling the trigger. At the end of the trip the vehicle is parked near an open field. Dutch's men will flood the field. Use the machine gun to mow them down. Once they start to retreat the car will give chase. Shoot any of the bandits encountered during the ride. The car is drove right into a dynamite trap.