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100% Completion Guide by Link43130

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 05/30/2010

          ######  ####### ######     ######  #######    #    ######  
          #     # #       #     #    #     # #         # #   #     #
          #     # #       #     #    #     # #        #   #  #     #
          ######  #####   #     #    #     # #####   #     # #     #
          #   #   #       #     #    #     # #       ####### #     # 
          #    #  #       #     #    #     # #       #     # #     # 
          #     # ####### ######     ######  ####### #     # ######  

 ######  ####### ######  ####### #     # ######  ####### ### ####### #     # 
 #     # #       #     # #       ##   ## #     #    #     #  #     # ##    # 
 #     # #       #     # #       # # # # #     #    #     #  #     # # #   # 
 ######  #####   #     # #####   #  #  # ######     #     #  #     # #  #  # 
 #   #   #       #     # #       #     # #          #     #  #     # #   # # 
 #    #  #       #     # #       #     # #          #     #  #     # #    ## 
 #     # ####### ######  ####### #     # #          #    ### ####### #     # 


This FAQ may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web 
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation 
of copyright.

The latest copy of this FAQ will always be available at: 

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(c) Copyright 2010 by Michael Gibson


Note: Use the Search Function (CTRL+F) and the codes listed to jump to that 
point of the guide.

                      -Table of Contents-

Story Missions.........................................[@MIS]
Rare Weapons...........................................[@WEP]
Map Locations..........................................[@MAP]
Version History and Credits............................[@VER]

[@INT] Introduction 

Red Dead Redemption is the spiritual successor to Red Dead Revolver, a game 
released on May 3, 2004 for the Playstation 2 and Xbox platforms. Red Dead 
Redemption takes place years after the original with a different cast of 
characters and locations. 

Red Dead Redemption (RDR for short) follows the Grand Theft Auto example by 
having a large open world with a ton of activities for the player to complete. 
In addition, the game features an incredible amount of in game statistics 
tracking, including completion percentage.

This guide is designed to assist you in obtaining the coveted 100% completion. 
You can only unlock 100% after beating the game, as the final stranger in the 
game is required. By completing the game to 100% you will unlock an 
Achievement/Trophy as well as the final outfit in the game. This outfit makes 
it so you will never have a wanted level as long as you are wearing it. Quite a 
nice effect!

Before going into the guide I would also like to link you to 
http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/rdr/checklist.html which is Rockstars 
own online checklist. As of 5/30/2010 however the site is suffering from heavy 
server load and not updating correctly, but it should be fixed soon.


[@MIS] Story Missions:

There are a total of 57 Story Missions in the game. These cannot be missed in 
any way, and all of them are required for completion. If you need assistance 
with any of the story missions please refer to a general walkthrough or guide 
for assistance.


[@WEP] Rare Weapons:

There are five rare weapons in the game you are required to purchase for 100% 
completion. They are the Mauser Pistol, LeMat Revolver, Evans Repeater, Semi-
Auto Shotgun, and the Carcano Sniper Rifle. The Mauser Pistol, Evans Repeater, 
and Carcano can all be purchased from the Gunsmith at Blackwater. The LeMat 
Revolver and the Semi-Auto Shotgun can be purchased from the Gunsmith in 
Escalara. This handy chart sums it up best.

|Weapon | Location |Price|         PreReq            | 
|Mauser |Blackwater|$800 |          None             | 
|Evans  |Blackwater|$1000|          None             | 
|LeMat  |Escalara  |$1250|Mission "An Appointed Time"| 
|Semi   |Escalara  |$1100|          None             |
|Carcano|Blackwater|$1100|          None             |

[@OUT] Outfits

There are nine outfits in Red Dead Redemption that are required for 100% 
completion. There are more than nine outfits, but only these nine will count 
towards the completion stat. All suits only have cosmetic differences unless 
otherwise noted.

Elegant Suit: You can purchase this suit from the Tailor in Thieves Landing. It 
allows you to cheat at Poker.

Poncho: You will unlock this suit by purchasing a safe house in Mexico.

Bollard Twins: You will need to complete the following tasks to unlock this 
outfit. Bollard Twins gang members will consider you friendly while wearing 
this outfit.
        1) Kill a Bollard Twins Member
        2) Find a Scrap inside the Warehouse at Thieves Landing. It is in the
           room where Shaky is being held during the "On Shaky Ground" mission.
        3) Successfully complete a Nightwatch job at MacFarlane's Ranch. See
           [@JOB] for tips!
        4) Win at Horseshoes at MacFarlane's Ranch. See [@GAM] for tips!
        5) Claim a Bollard Twins bounty alive. See [@BOU] for tips!
        6) Defend the residents of Hennigen's Stead from the Bollard Twins
           gang. This is a random event and can happen at any time. 
        7) Purchase a scrap from the Tailor in Thieves' Landing.

Treasure Hunters: You will need to complete the following tasks to unlock this 
outfit. Treasure Hunters members will consider you friendly while wearing this 
        1) Kill a Treasure Hunter member.
        2) Open the chest in Silent Stead. It is in an abandoned house.
        3) Complete the "California" Stranger's task. See [@STR] for tips!
        4) Make a profit playing Blackjack in Rathskeller Fork.
        5) Claim a Treasure Hunter bounty alive. See [@BOU] for tips!
        6) Successfully complete Gaptooth Breach. See [@HID] for tips!
        7) Purchase the scrap from Thieves' Landing.

Bandito: You will need to complete the following tasks to unlock this outfit. 
Banditos and Outlaws in Mexico will consider you friendly while wearing this 
        1) Kill a Bandito
        2) Open the chest in Sidewinder Gulch. It is in a tent on a plateau. 
        3) Successfully complete a Nightwatch Job in Chuparosa. See [@JOB] for
        4) Defeat all players in a game of Liar's Dice in Casa Madrugada. See
           [@GAM] for tips!
        5) Claim a Bandito bounty alive. See [@BOU] for tips! 
        6) Defend the residents of Mexico from Bandito attacks. This is random.
        7) Purchase this scrap from the general store in Chuparosa.

Reye's Rebels: You will need to complete the following tasks to unlock this 
outfit. Mexican law Posses and the Mexican Army will not pursue you while 
wearing this outfit.
        1) Complete the mission "An Appointed Time"
        2) Open the chest at the graveyard in Sepulcro.
        3) Complete the "Poppycock" Stranger's task. See [@STR] for tips!
        4) Successfully complete a Horsebreaking job in Chuparosa. See [@JOB]
           for tips!
        5) Successfully complete the "Love is Opiate" Stranger's Task. See
           [@STR] for tips!
        6) Win at Five Finger Fillet in Torquemada. See [@GAM] for tips!
        7) Purchase from the general store in Escalara.

U.S. Army: You will need to complete the following tasks to unlock this outfit.
        1) Complete the story mission "An Appointed Time"
        2) Open the chest in Aurora Basin. It is in the cabin by the lake.
        3) Win at Arm Wrestling in the Pacific Union Railroad Camp. See [@GAM]
           for tips!
        4) Eliminate all other players in a game of Poker at Blackwater. See
           [@GAM] for tips!
        5) Successfully complete the "Lights, Camera, Action" Stranger's Task.
           See [@STR] for tips!
        6) Successfully complete a Nightwatch job in Blackwater. See [@JOB] for
        7) Purchase the scrap from the tailor in Blackwater.

U.S. Marshall: You will need to complete the following tasks to unlock this 
outfit. U.S. Posses and Marshals will not pursue you while wearing this outfit.
        1) Complete "The Last Enemy that Shall be Destroyed" story mission.
        2) Complete all U.S. gang hideouts in 24 in-game hours. These include
           Tumbleweed, Twin Rocks, Pike's Basin, Gaptooth Breach, and Fort

Rancher: This outfit will unlock after completing the mission "The Outlaw's 


[@HOU] Houses

There are 13 houses you can purchase in RDR. There are two safe houses you can 
rent, but they do not count towards the 100% completion.

1) MacFarlane's Ranch. You are given this at the beginning of the game.
2) Armadillo.
3) Rathskeller Fork.
4) Thieves' Landing.
5) Puerto Chuchilla. You are given this when you enter Mexico.
6) Chuparosa.
7) Escalara.
8) El Matadero.
9) Casa Madrugada.
10) Blackwater Saloon. You are given this when you enter West Elizabeth.
11) Manzanita Point.
12) Beecher's Hope1. You are given this after completing "The Outlaw's Return".
13) Beecher's Hope2. You are given this after completing "The Last Enemy that
    Shall be Destroyed"

The two rental locations in the game are Plainview and Ridgewood Farms, but 
they are NOT required for 100%.


[@JOB] Jobs

There are two types of jobs and a total of five instances of them in the game. 
You must successfully complete each instance of the job at least once for 100%. 

In Horsebreaking you will need to balance on the back of a wild horse until it 
is breaks, much like in the early Bonnie missions and how you can break any 
wild horse. After balancing for long enough you will be asked to ride in into 
the stable before being rewarded.

In Nightwatch you will follow a dog around the area breaking up crime. Anything 
from fighting to hostage situations may arise while out on Nightwatch. If you 
have the Lasso you can use it to capture criminals non-lethally for a cash 

Location:                        Job:
Ridgewood                -       Horsebreaking
Chuparosa                -       Horsebreaking
Chuparosa                -       Nightwatch
Blackwater               -       Nightwatch
MacFarlane's Ranch       -       Nightwatch


[@HID] Gang Hideouts

There are seven gang hideouts in RDR. The Playstation 3 version has an 
exclusive eighth hideout, but it isn't required for 100% completion. All 
hideouts have an associated story mission which must be completed prior.

Twin Rocks:  Twin Rocks is available after the mission "New Friends, Old 
Problems" and is located to the North of Armadillo. When you approach the area 
you will be prompted to meet a Rancher behind a rock (a Yellow X on your mini-
map). He will ask for your help in saving his daughter who has been kidnapped. 
Kill all of the gang members in the area before entering the room where she is 
being held. Make sure to use Dead Eye to save the Ranchers Daughter before harm 
befalls her. You will be rewarded with the Volcanic Pistol and some chests to 
loot for completing this hideout.

Pike's Basin: Pike's Basin will be available after the mission "Justice in 
Pike's Basin" and is location North-East from Armadillo.  When you approach you 
will be instructed to meet with a Rancher behind a rock (a Yellow X on your 
mini-map). He will tell you that his cattle has been stolen by the gang in the 
basin and will ask for your help in clearing the area out so he can retrieve 
them. Kill all of the gang Members in the area to complete this hideout. You 
will be rewarded with the Sawed Off Shotgun afterwards.

Gaptooth Breach: This hideout will be available after completing "Man is Born 
Unto Trouble" and is located Far West past Armadillo. When you approach you 
will be asked to meet an injured man behind some crates. He will tell you that 
his friend is hurt and needs to see a doctor and will ask for your assistance 
in rescuing him. After clearing out the gang members in the area you will have 
to cut his friend free. He will tell you there is treasure in the mine and that 
he will spilt it with you if you lead the way. Fight through the mine to 
discover one chest worth of gold. Take it, then fight your way back out. After 
exiting the mine the hideout will be complete. You will receive the Springfield 
Rifle as a reward, as well as what was in the chest in the mine.

Fort Mercer: This hideout will be available after the mission "We Shall be 
Together in Paradise". You will be asked to meet a gunslinger by the wall. He 
will give you a lift up onto some boxes so you can enter the fort. Once inside, 
kill all of the men on the upper walls before dropping down to open the doors 
and let the man inside. Afterwards just continue to clear the fort until you 
reach the treasure room. Take your prize and the hideout will be considered 
complete. You are rewarded with the Semi-Automatic Pistol as well as whatever 
was in the chest for completing this hideout. 

Tumbleweed: You can access Tumbleweed after the "New Friends, Old Problems" 
story mission. Tumbleweed is located at Gaptooth Ridge, to the West of 
Armadillo. When you arrive you will be asked to free a Sheriff who was been 
hogtied. Once free you will need to kill the gang members in town with the 
sheriff until they are all dead. Once prompted to, head to the Mansion on the 
hill and clear it as well. Make sure to check the Basement and the Upstairs 
while clearing the mansion. Upon killing all of the gang the hideout will be 
complete and you will be given some money and a Winchester Repeater Rifle. 

Tesoro Azul: After completing the mission "The Demon Drink" you will be able to 
access Tesoro Azul, which is located to the South-West of Chuparosa. Talk to 
the man near the eastern entrance to begin. You will need to once again kill 
everyone inside the city. You may find it easier if you attempt to kill as many 
as possible before heading inside. Eventually you will find the deputy that is 
being held hostage. Use Dead Eye to make rescuing him easier. You will receive 
the Double Action Revolver as a reward.

Nosalida: Nosalida becomes available after completing the mission "We Shall be 
Together in Paradise" and is located all the way on the Western Coast of 
Mexico. Meet the General of the Army outside of the city and he will ask you to 
kill the Rebels and burn their houses and boats. Clear the city of Rebels while 
making sure not to shoot anyone from the Mexican Army before moving on. Once 
the village is clear, use the Fire Bombs to destroy the marked targets. Return 
to the General once you've finished to complete the Hideout and receive the 
Henry Repeater Rifle as a reward.


[@CHA] Challenges

There are four types of Challenges in Red Dead Redemption - Hunting, 
Survivalist, Sharpshooter, and Treasure Hunting. Each challenge has 10 levels 
of completion, and all must be finished for 100%. You will receive a reward for 
at levels 5 and 10 for each challenge, except for the Sharpshooter category. 
You will also be rewarded when you've completed all challenges. 

===Hunting Challenges===

General Tips: Use Bait to attract animals and remember to save often, one death 
can set you back a lot of work if you haven't saved recently.

Hunting Level 1: Collect 5 Coyote Pelts. They can be found almost anywhere.
Hunting Level 2: Collect 5 Deer Pelts. These are even more common. Note that
                 Bucks do NOT count.
Hunting Level 3: Kill 5 Wolves with your Melee Knife and collect 5 Wolf Pelts.
                 Wolves can be found in multiple locations and travel in packs. 
Hunting Level 4: Collect 5 Boar Tusks and 3 Armadillo Carapaces. Armadillos are
                 located in both New Austin and Mexico but may be hard to see
                 because of their size. Boars can be found in Tall Trees and
                 Hennigan's Stead.
Hunting Level 5: Kill 2 Cougars with your Melee Knife and collect 2 Cougar
                 Pelts. Cougars are very dangerous, capable of killing you in a
                 single swipe. They make virtually no noise before attacking,
                 and are very fast. You can find them in mountainous areas. 
Hunting Level 6: Collect 5 Raccoon Pelts, 5 Skunk Pelts, and 5 Fox Pelts. 
                 Raccoons and Skunks can be found in the area around Hennigans
                 Stead and Cholla Springs. Foxes can be found in Tall Trees.
Hunting Level 7: Collect 5 Elk meat and 5 Bighorn Skins. Bighorn can be found
                 in the hills around Rathskella Fork and Tall Trees. Elk can be
                 found in Tall Trees as well.
Hunting Level 8: Kill a Bear with your Knife and collect 1 Bear Pelt. Bears are
                 found in the Tall Trees to the North. If you shoot a bear once
                 with the Evans Repeater you can kill it in a Single Knife stab
                 and still receive credit for the challenge.
Hunting Level 9: Search Ojo Del Diablo for "Khan" the Jaguar and collect his
                 pelt. Head to Ojo Del Diablo and walk around. You will
                 eventually be told where he is. If you are having trouble you
                 can try using bait to lure him out.

Hunting Level 10: Search Aurora Basin, Stillwater Creek and Nekoti Rock for
                  "Lobo" the Wolf, "Gordo" the Boar and "Brumas" the Bear and
                  collect their pelts. Just like challenge 9 you'll want to 
                  head to the areas listed and wait a bit, using bait if you
                  are having trouble.

Level 5 Reward: You can purchase the Buffalo Rifle from Gunsmiths in New 
Level 10 Reward: When skinning Animals you will receive a consumable health 

===Survivalist Challenges===

General Tips: If you are having trouble locating these plants you can purchase 
a Survivalists Map from some stores which displays all plants around you on 
your mini-map for 10 minutes.   

Survivalist Level 1: Collect 6 Wild Feverlow. You can find these in Hennigans
                     Stead and Cholla Springs.
Survivalist Level 2: Collect 6 Desert Sage. You can find them around Gaptooth
Survivalist Level 3: Collect 4 Red Sage. You can find them around Rio Bravo.
Survivalist Level 4: Collect 8 Prickly Pears. They can be found all over
Survivalist Level 5: Collect 7 Woolly Blue Curls. These can be found in
Survivalist Level 6: Collect 8 Butterfly Weeds. They are found in Diez Coronas.
Survivalist Level 7: Collect 10 Hummingbird Sage. These are in Tall Trees. 
Survivalist Level 8: Collect 12 Prairie Poppies. These are in the Great Plains.
Survivalist Level 9: Collect 15 Golden Currants. These are in the Great Plains.
Survivalist Level 10: Collect 10 Violet Snowdrops and 2 of every other herb
                      already collected. The Violet Snowdrops are in the snowy
                      area of Tall Trees. The other Herbs are where they were

Level 5 Reward: Survivalist Maps last for 20 minutes instead of 10.
Level 10 Reward: When you collect an Herb you will receive a consumable item 
that restores Dead Eye.

===Sharpshooter Challenges===

General Tips: Anytime a challenge requires you to do something without 
reloading you can use Dead Eye to "cheat". Entering Dead Eye will reload your 
gun without having it count against you.

Sharpshooter Level 1: Shoot and Kill 5 Flying Birds. Simple enough, no?
Sharpshooter Level 2: Shoot and Kill 5 Rabbits. Rabbits are small and hop
                      around. Just keep an eye out for Movement while riding
                      around, they can be found all over.
Sharpshooter Level 3: Kill 5 Coyotes without them Damaging You. Simple enough,
                      Coyotes tend to run away instead of attacking you, it's
                      just a matter of finding them.
Sharpshooter Level 4: Kill 5 Flying Birds from a Moving Train. Board the train
                      and climb on the Roof with a Ladder. As long as it's
                      moving use Dead Eye to take 5 birds down.
Sharpshooter Level 5: Kill any 2 different types of wild animals in one Dead
                      Eye Meter. All you need to do is use Dead Eye to kill two
                      types of Animals. When you see one kind look for a bird
                      or something similar and kill them both in a single Dead
Sharpshooter Level 6: Shoot the Hat's off 2 Different People's Heads. It is
                      important to note that if they die when you shoot their
                      hat off it will not count towards the challenge,
                      otherwise go wild.
Sharpshooter Level 7: Kill 3 Bears with a Single Head Shot Each. You can do
                      this a few ways. If you have the Buffalo Rifle it works
                      well, as does the Rolling Block. If you're feeling brave
                      a Shotgun works as long as you're at point blank range.
Sharpshooter Level 8: Shoot and Hats off 2 People's Heads AND Disarm 2 People.
                      Aim for the Hands to disarm, aim for the Hat to De-Hat.
Sharpshooter Level 9: Kill any 6 Wild Animals including Birds, without
                      Reloading or Changing Weapons. This one is easy if you
                      have the Evans Repeater or the Mauser Pistol as they each
                      hold a ton of bullets. 
Sharpshooter Level 10: Disarm 6 Enemies without Reloading or Changing Weapons.
                       Similar to the last challenge, I'd suggest attempting
                       this at any of the Gang Hideouts. Twin Rock's works
                       quite well in my experience.

Level 5 Reward: This Challenge does not have any rewards.
Level 10 Reward: This Challenge does not have any rewards.

===Treasure Hunting===

General Tips: Each level of Treasure Hunting rewards you with a Sellable Gold 
Bar and the next map. The maps are rather easy to use as long as you've grown 
familiar with the landmarks in the game. All treasures are located under a pile 
of odd colored rocks. There are only 9 levels of the Treasure Hunter Challenge.

Treasure Hunter Level 1: This treasure is located at the Hanging Rock.
Treasure Hunter Level 2: This treasure is located at Del Lobo Rock.
Treasure Hunter Level 3: It is located in the basement of Tumbleweed Mansion. 
Treasure Hunter Level 4: This treasure is located at Rio Del Toro.
Treasure Hunter Level 5: This treasure is located at Crooked Toes.
Treasure Hunter Level 6: This treasure is located at Ojo Del Diablo.
Treasure Hunter Level 7: This treasure is located at Roca De Madera.
Treasure Hunter Level 8: This treasure is located at Beechers Hope.
Treasure Hunter Level 9: This treasure is located at Nekoti Rock.  

Level 5 Reward: All stagecoach travel is now free.
Level 9 Reward: You can now carry twice as many consumable items.

After completing all levels of all challenges you will unlock the "Legend of 
the West" Outfit. It grants you twice as much Dead Eye. You do not need this 
Outfit for 100% completion, but you do need all of the Challenges Complete.


[@BOU] Bounties

Bounty hunting is an activity in RDR that can be attempted an infinite number 
of times. Most bounty targets will have a name and a face on the wanted poster 
but after enough bounties have been collected you will instead see nameless "?" 
bounties. If you walk away from this guide with nothing else please know that 
these nameless bounties DO COUNT! For 100% Completion you will need to collect 
20 different bounty "Locations." The bounty himself doesn't matter, only the 
location in which he was collected. 

There are 8 Bounty Locations in New Austin, 8 in Mexico, and 4 in West 
Elizabeth. You can check how many you currently have by looking under the Score 
Section of the Stats page. Each location counts as .1%, and is what many people 
need to finish off 100%.

Bounty Posters will only spawn in town if you're there and will only spawn one 
at a time. You will receive a cash bonus if you capture your target alive with 
the lasso, but you are not required to take them in alive for the completion 
percentage. The best advice I can give you is to check your Stats page to see 
how many you need and head to either Armadillo, Chuparosa, or Blackwater to 
start working on the remaining bounties. You can collect bounties for all of 
their respective locations from these three cities.


[@STR] Strangers

There are a total of 19 Strangers in the game. The Stranger Quest "I Know You" 
is not required for 100% completion and is the only item in the game you could 
miss. Since the game tracks the location of each Stranger Quest after you begin 
I will only post the starting locations of each quest, and any pre-requisite 
you may need to begin it. If there is demand for it I may flesh this section 
out more.

Stranger Task 1. Name: American Lobbyist. 
                 PreReq: "An Appointed Time". 
                 Location: Blackwater(Gazebo).

Stranger Task 2. Name: Remember My Family. 
                 PreReq: "The Last Enemy Shall be Destroyed". 
                 Location: Blackwater(Train Station).

Stranger Task 3. Name: The Wronged Woman. 
                 PreReq: "An Appointed Time". 
                 Location: Blackwater (Church).

Stranger Task 4. Name: The Prohibitionist. 
                 PreReq: "An Appointed Time" and Stranger Quest 3. 
                 Location: Blackwater(Near the Shops).

Stranger Task 5. Name: Aztec Gold. 
                 PreReq: "Must a Savior Die?" 
                 Location: Sidewinder Gulch.

Stranger Task 6. Name: Poppycock. 
                 PreReq: "Civilization, at Any Price". 
                 Location: Chuparosa.

Stranger Task 7. Name: Love is the Opiate. 
                 PreReq: "Empty Promises" and Stranger Quest 6. 
                 Location: El Matadero.

Stranger Task 8. Name: Eva in Peril. 
                 PreReq: "Lucky in Love". 
                 Location: Casa Madrugada.

Stranger Task 9. Name: Deadalus and Son. 
                 PreReq: "We shall be Together in Paradise". 
                 Location: Agave Viejo.

Stranger Task 10. Name: I Know You. 
                 PreReq: "A Temptest Looms". 
                 Location: Mescalero.

Stranger Task 11. Name: Lights, Camera, Action. 
                 PreReq: "The Sport of Kings and Liars". 
                 Location: Armadillo(Movie House).

Stranger Task 12. Name: Who are you to Judge. 
                 PreReq: "Liars, Cheats, and Other Proud Americans". 
                 Location: Rathskeller Fork.

Stranger Task 13. Name: Water and Honesty. 
                 PreReq: "Political Realities in Armadillo". 
                 Location: The Path between Armadillo and MacFarlane's Ranch.

Stranger Task 14. Name: Jenny's Faith. 
                 PreReq: "This is Armadillo USA". 
                 Location: Ridgewood Farm.

Stranger Task 15. Name: Flowers for a Lady. 
                 PreReq: "New Friends, Old Problems". 
                 Location: The Path from MacFarlane's Ranch to Thieves Landing.

Stranger Task 16. Name: Let No Man Put Asunder. 
                 PreReq: "Obstacles in Our Path". 
                 Location: Coot's Chapel.

Stranger Task 17. Name: California. 
                 PreReq: "Women and Cattle". 
                 Location: Gaptooth Ridge.

Stranger Task 18. Name: Funny Man. 
                 PreReq: "Exhuming and Other Fine Hobbies". 
                 Location: Benedict Point.

Stranger Task 19. Name: American Appetites. 
                 PreReq: "Political Realities in Armadillo". 
                 Location: Armadillo(Sheriff's Office).


[@GAM] Mini-Games

In Red Dead there are 6 kinds of mini-games. They are located all around the 
world but you are only required to do one of each mini-game for the credit. 
I.E. You don't need to play Poker in both Armadillo AND Thieves' Landing, just 
one or the other. To receive credit for completing the activity you must win or 
come out profitable. 

Blackjack: This is straight up Blackjack. Each player is dealt two cards and, 
unlike in Poker where you play against the other players, in Blackjack you are 
playing against the Dealer. There are two ways to win in Blackjack. Get 21 
points (or a Blackjack) or stay under 21 while the dealer goes over (called 
Busting). On your turn you can ask for another card (hit) or stay where you are 
(stick/stay). You can also "Double Down" where you double your bet and are 
dealt one more card. It is also useful to know that the Dealer MUST take 
another card if he has less than 17.

To receive credit for winning in Blackjack all you need to do is leave the 
table with more chips than you sat down with.

Poker: The version of Poker being played is Texas Hold 'Em. It is one of the 
more popular versions of Poker. Each player is dealt two cards and has five 
community cards to make the best five card hand they can. Two players are 
required to post "Blinds" before the cards are dealt. The big blind posts the 
minimum bet, and the small blind posts half of that amount. After the first 
round of betting three community cards (the flop) are dealt. Another round of 
betting takes place, and then the fourth community card (the turn) is dealt. 
Another round of betting commences, and the final community card (the river) is 
placed on the table. The final round of betting commences, and then the player 
with the best hand wins the pot.

For information on Hand Ranking see this Wikipedia Article: 

To receive credit for completing Poker you must be the only one at the table 
with chips. You can use the Elegant suit to cheat, but if you are caught you 
will be forced to duel whoever caught you. You cannot win by dueling everyone 
at the table, but you can win while cheating.

Liar's Dice: Liar's Dice is a dice based bluffing game, in which you must feed 
misinformation to your opponents and cause them to lose all of their dice. The 
rules are simple, each player starts out with five six-sided dice. The first 
player makes a bid of at least how many a certain type of die there is (I.E. 
Five One's, Three Sixes) and the next player either calls his bluff, calls the 
bet "Spot On", or bids again. If the bids continue on then the next player must 
either bet a higher number of dice or a higher die face. So if Player One bets 
Three Fives, Player Two has to bet that there are Three Sixes, or that there 
are Four of any kind of Dice. 

If a Player is caught bluffing he loses a die. If a player calls a bluff that 
turns out to be true the player loses a die. If a bid is called Spot On and is 
correct then everyone else loses a die. If a Spot On bid is wrong, that person 
loses two dice. You will receive credit for completing Liar's Dice when you 
knock everyone else at the table out of the game.

Arm Wrestling: Arm Wrestling is rather simple in RDR. You can hold the A Button 
(X on PS3) to Regain Strength, or tap it to use Strength to push the opponent. 
Each game is a best of three, so you must win twice to beat an opponent. There 
may be multiple opponents, so to receive credit for this mini-game you should 
continue to play until Marston stands up after winning.

Horse Shoes: Close only counts in Horse Shoes and Hand Grenades as they say. 
Each player throws two horse shoes at the nail on the opposite side. The player 
with the closest horseshoe scores a point, for a maximum of two points a round. 
A throw is called a "Ringer" if it encircles the nail, and is worth three 
points. The game goes to 21 points and you must win by at least two points.

Use the Right Stick to control your swing, the Left Trigger to aim before 
throwing, and the Right Trigger to release. Swing the horseshoe a few times to 
get used to the speed of the swing, and try to release with the bar greenish 
yellow in the middle of the meter. 

5 Finger Fillet: Five Finger Fillet is a mini-game where players take turns 
stabbing a knife between their fingers. The goal is to perform a pattern faster 
than the other person without stabbing yourself. Five Finger Fillet has two 
rounds of play in each betting round, so you'll need to play and win at least 6 
times to receive credit for the mini-game. There's not much to say advice wise 
other than to write the pattern down if you're having trouble memorizing it.


[@MAP] Map Locations

There are a total of 94 locations in the game. 45 are in New Austin, 32 are in 
Mexico, and 17 are in West Elizabeth. The quickest and easiest way to find 
these locations are through in game maps you can purchase from General Stores. 
These will unlock all areas in a specific part of the in game world. 


[@VER] Version History and Credits

May 30, 2010: Version 1.0 is finished. Contains All information required to 
obtain 100%.

Credits: All information taken from the game Red Dead Redemption or the 
Rockstar Website for the game was location names and quest locations. Many 
thanks to Wordlife15 of GameFAQs for his help with the minigame stuff. Many 
thanks to ScarletLady on the Red Dead forums for clearing up what is and isn't 
required for 100% completion. And, of course, thanks to GameFAQs for hosting 
the FAQ.

June 6, 2010: Version 1.01 is finished. Updated contact information and guide
hosting permission.

If you have questions or comments feel free to contact me at link43130@gmail.com
Thanks for reading!


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