Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Xbox 360)

How can I view my stats online?

  1. I know that the box said it was possible, but when I try logging on to their website, I can't find any link for viewing stats. Can anyone give me a link?
    Stevewins456 - 12 years ago - report

Accepted Answer

  1. Another GREAT site is I use it all the time especially while the Leaderboards are down, plus you can look at your friends stats.
    Sasquatch8080 - 12 years ago - report
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Other Answers

  1. You can go to and click Leaderboards, you can enter your GT or account name and look up your rank. There have been problems with it in the past though. For a long while whenever I tried looking myself up it said it could not find my stats atm and to refresh in a minute. When I did it just gave me the same error message. you look up BFBC2+Stats on google you can also find a few other webistes that you can enter your name and bring up stats.

    I will warn that I do not know if these are approved by EA's website so be careful before giving away any information.
    0Aragorn0 - 12 years ago - report
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