Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Xbox 360)

How to save game on XBox 360 and start and saved game?

  1. I can't find out how to save the game on my XBox 360 and while I ask how to save I would like to know how to get back to saved game and restart it?
    Guydeb - 12 years ago - report


  1. The game saves automatically. You can identify this when it says SAVING in the upper right of the screen in a black box. It occurs after certain parts of a mission. You can select Resume Campaign under the Singleplayer menu.

    There is no manual saving and thus you are not able to save on your own and load those saves.

    You can load specific missions from the My Campaign menu which is located under the Singleplayer menu as well.

    Hope I covered saving and resuming good enough.
    TheMegamanX - 12 years ago - report
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