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Guide and Walkthrough by Warfreak

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 02/27/2011

                                 BBBBB0 BBBBBB                                
                                GBBBBB  ;BBBBBN                               
                               7BBBBB7   MBBBBBi                              
                              .BBBBBM     BBBBBB                              
                              BBBBBB      LBBBBBM                             
                             GBBBBBr       BBBBBB7                            
                            7BBBBBM         BBBBBB                            
                            BBBBBB          LBBBBBM                           
                           BBBBBBi           BBBBBB7                          
                          FBBBBBZ            .BBBBBB                          
                         :BBBBBB              UBBBBBB                         
                         BBBBBBi               BBBBBB7                        
                        BBBBBB0                .BBBBBB                        
                       LBBBBBB                  uBBBBBM                       
                      .BBBBBB:                   BBBBBBi                      
                      BBBBBBS                    .BBBBBB                      
                     jBBBBBB                      1BBBBB0                     
                    .BBBBBB,                       BBBBBB,                    
                    BBBBBB5                        .BBBBBM                    
                   7BBBBBB                          1BBBBB:                   
                   BBBBBB.                           BBBBBB.                  
                  FBBBBBu                            ,BBBBBBi                 
                 7BBBBBB                              kBBBBBB0                
                JBBBBBB.                               BBBBBBBB8:             
              rBBBBBBBj                                ,BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBX   
   0BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB                                  5BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB.   
    BBBBBBBBBBBBBMBBB                                    BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB    
    LBBBBBBBBBBBMBBBv                                    ,BBBBMBMBMBBBMBBO    
    ,BBBBBBMBMBMBBBB                                      SBBBBMBBBMBBBBBG    
    .BBBMBMBBBMBBBB                                        BBBBBMBMBMBBBBB    
    iBBBBMBBBMBMBB5                                        .BBBBBMBMBBBBBB.   
    NBBBBBMBBBMBBB,                                         SBBBMBBBBBBBBB2   
   ,BBBBBBBBBMBMBB,                                         .BBBBMBBBBBBBBB.  
   BBBBBBBBBBBBBBB7                                          BBBMBBBBB888BBZ  
          qBBBBBBBB                                         :BBBBBBBB,        
            kBBBBBB5                                        MBBBBBBE          
              YBBBBBU                                      5BBBBBM,           
    :.          ,EBBBB                                    8BBBBO,        ;,   
    .uN,           rBBBX                                5BBBBU        :0G:    
      :BBr            rBBM:                          iMBBBu.        YBB7      
        ;BBX.            ;0Xj:.                  .r5BBS,         ,BBBr        
          iBBBY             .::,.                ..            1BBB;          
            .8BBB1,                    J:                   7BBBB,            
               rBBBBBu,              YBBBBr             .JBBBBJ               
                  rOBBBBBBGULr;;7u8BBBBBBBBBBF7,. .,r5BBBBBX,                 

Author: Warfreak
Version: 1.1
Date Started: 6/7/10

NOTE: This Guide will Contain Spoilers. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


*('@')~~~~~~Watch In Awe, Watch In Awe, Aeria Gloris, Aeria Gloris~~~~~~('@')*

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                              Table of Contents
 §1 Introduction
    [1.01] Introduction
    [1.02] Version History

 §2 The Walkthrough
    [2.01] Nothing is true, everything is permitted
    [2.02] Sequence 1: Ignorance is Bliss
    [2.03] Sequence 2: Escape Plans
    [2.04] Sequence 3: Requiescat in Pace
    [2.05] Sequence 4: The Pazzi Conspiracy
    [2.06] Sequence 5: Loose Ends
    [2.07] Sequence 6: Rocky Road
    [2.08] Intermission
    [2.09] Sequence 7: The Merchant of Venice
    [2.10] Sequence 8: Necessity, Mother of Invention
    [2.11] Sequence 9: Carnevale
    [2.12] Sequence 10: Force Majeure
    [2.13] Sequence 11: Alter Egos
    [2.14] Sequence 12: Battle of Forli [DLC]
    [2.15] Sequence 13: Bonfire of the Vanities [DLC]
    [2.16] Sequence 14: Veni, Vidi, Vici
    [2.17] Finale

 §3 Side Missions
    [3.01] Feathers
    [3.02] Assassin's Tombs
    [3.03] Glyphs
    [3.04] Monteriggioni Statues
    [3.05] Races
    [3.06] Beat Up
    [3.07] Courier
    [3.08] Assassination Contracts
    [3.09] Codex

 §4 Game Mechanics
    [4.01] Notoriety
    [4.02] Guards
    [4.03] Economic System
    [4.04] Stores

[A] Contact Information
[B] Credits
[C] Webmaster Information
[D] Copyright Notice

*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Now, Let the Guide Begin~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*
[1.01] Introduction

I was at first reluctant to do this guide at first, I am a PC gamer, and the
DRM on the game is horrible. However, given that I had preordered, and still
have, the limited Black Edition, I might as well give it my moneys worth, 
although due to current laws, I am technically not pirating something I have
paid a license to. 

Simply put, the reason why I did not use the original game updater for this
game is the problem with the DRM, if your internet access were to drop out,
you will lose all unsaved data. Luckily, the game does save regularly often,
however, if you are just seconds away from finishing the mission, and your
net drops out, then you will have issues. And for those operating with
wireless or still the antique dial-up connections, it is more practical to
use the illegal crack to circumvent the DRM. I normally don't support such
measures, but this DRM business has gotten to the point in which those paying
for the game are seriously handicapped, whilst those playing the illegal
version have unhindered gameplay. My two cents.

Anyway, this is the sequel to my Assassin's Creed guide, that seems to have
gone down pretty well. Anyway, it is my 61th guide, so let us begin. 

[1.02] Version History

Version 0.0 [6/7/10]
Started this guide. Getting things done off the burner.

Version 0.1 [7/7/10]
Sequence 1 is complete and the feathers part of the side missions is done. 

Version 0.2 [8/7/10]
Completed Sequence 2 and 3, and section 4. 

Version 0.3 [3/8/10]
Completed Sequence 4. 

Version 0.4 [12/8/10]
Completed Sequence 5. 

Version 0.5 [4/10/10]
Competed all up to Sequence 7. 

Version 0.6 [21/10/10]
Completed some of the glyphs. 

Version 0.7 [26/10/10]
All the glyphs are done. 

Version 0.8 [29/11/10]
Biggish update, all subsections are done, now the main walkthrough, and 
perhaps the codex if I'm so inclined. 

Version 0.9 [12/12/10]
Added a bit more, but not really that much to justify updating it.

Version 1.0 [13/2/11]
Lots of things in my life, but they have somewhat stablised. Although this
does mean I do get less time to write, still, it's time. Anyway, with the 
Codex done, and everything up to Sequence 12 done, all remaining is the 
Bonfires of the Vanities, the final fight in Rome, and the credit scene, and
that is all that is left.

Version 1.1 [27/2/11]
This guide is now finished. Another one down. 

[2.01] Nothing is true, everything is permitted

                                 September 8th, 2012 - Abstergo Industries Lab

We start off being Desmond again, as AC1 players would be well aware of. We
start off with Lucy Stillman, found out to be an ally to Desmond, and who is
a member of the Assassins, diving into the Animus, where you will be seeing
the word as a baby Ezio, you will be practicing the basic kicking and punching
moves. That's relatively easy.

With that done, you will be pulling out of the Animus, and it's time to get
out of the lab. Lucy will be your guide here, so follow her out of the lab, 
attempting to help her remove the the guards out of your way. Down the lift,
you will be entering the ground floor of Abstergo Industries.

And what a sight, there are numerous Animus machines there. I wonder what they
are for, but for those who are aware of the details of the next sequel to
Assassin's Creed II, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, you can assume that 
Abstergo uses them to train their templar ground troops. 

Anyway, in the room, follow Lucy, and you should be able to avoid all the
guards, but if you do, it's pretty simple that you will just dispatch them to
have a nice sleep. From here, head to the end of the puzzle, and then, use
your Eagle Vision, something Desmond learnt from Altair through the bleeding
effect in the first game, and that will give you the access code for the lift.

Down into the garage, you will be entering a fist fight, so just punch out all
the guards here, which are all unarmed so it is pretty much a brawl, and just
remove them. Once they are dispatched, you will just need to follow Lucy and
off you go to an Assassin safehouse.

At the safehouse, follow Lucy to the saferoom, and talk to Shaun and Rebecca
there, something that you need to do, before talking to Lucy, and finally,
entering the Animus 2.0. 

It is time you started to play as the main character of the game. His name,
Ezio Auditore da Firanze

[2.02] Sequence 1: Ignorance is Bliss

                                                  1476 - Repubblica Fiorentina

 - Boys Will Be Boys -

This is a punchout mission, you will have a little fight with Vieri de' Pazzi
and his little mob, after insults were thrown, and actions where sisters may
have been involved. Basically, it is using your fists to beat the crap out of
the enemy. 

Basically, you will be fighting a few targets, which are easy, all you need to
do is to triple punch them, a one-two-three combo. Basically, you can get a 
quick three set punch in before the enemy can do anything. 

Anyway, after you have sent the first few to having a good nap, you will get
some more targets will show up, and this really isn't an issue, the game
developers have really buffed up melee combat in this game, making it slightly
more useful. It's pretty easy, as long as you block, then counter or block and
attack, you should be set. 

Finish this mission off, and Vieri throws a rock, that gives Ezio a scar on
his lip, similar to scar that Desmond has, and his ancester, Altair. Well, 
that mission is done, you will need to get some florins to see the doctor for
your wound, so your brother, Federico, will tell you to get some coin.

 - You Should See the Other Guy -

Well, you will learn how to loot bodies, and how to pick them up. As a little
hint, when you play the game as an assassin later on, picking up bodies and
throwing them from above to the ground is a great way to draw a crowd, and 
also to see the game's physic engine at work.

Anyway, loot all the bodies, and note that looting isn't really a good way to
get money. A better way to get money will appear later on, but really, you 
will be looting guards, they will carry items such as throwing knifes and 
poison later on in the game, when that is unlocked.

When you have looted the bodies, talk to Federico, and he will lead you all
the way to the doctor. This is the first NPC character that you will meet in
the game, the doctor heals your wounds. You'll start to learn the art of
climbing buildings like an insane madman, this is the basics of free running
that will be your main skill in the game.

Follow Federico, and talk to the doctor. You can tell doctors from the normal
crowd for 2 reasons, the doctor has a funny mask on and wearing black, and 
that they will be next to always stand next to a cart. Anyway, get yourself
healed up, and talk to Federico

 - Sibling Rivalry - 

This is a race mission, basically, you need to beat Federico to the top of
the building shown, indicated by that marker. Basically, move into high
profile, and run and gun your way to the top. With your free running skills,
you can take the most direct path to get to the building, as it isn't that
hard, and Federico takes the long route. 

So, beat Federico to the building marker and that's all you need to do. If 
you need help, follow Federico's path if you haven't played this game or 
Assassin's Creed 1 before, or scale the church if you know what you're doing.
After you get to the marker, Federico will teach you how to scale buildings.

 - Nightcap - 

Well, after that, you will learn to synchronize at towers in which there are
eagles around, and basically, this will reveal the map around you. This is
pretty much standard stuff for those who have played the first AC game, but
new for those who haven't. Now, you will need to take a leap of faith down
below into the haycart. A leap of faith can only be taken at these view points
or ledges with pigeons on them into a stack of hay. 

Now, time to learn about hiding places. Using your eagle vision, hiding places
are highlighted in white, enemies are in red, mission targets in gold and 
allies in blue. Anyway, stay in your haystack until Vieri has moved onwards, 
and then move towards your target, Cristina. 

On your way, the Pazzi under Vieri will be looking for you, so you will need
to utilise these hiding spots to hide from them, less you want a fight. The
hiding spots are benches, haystacks, rooftop cabin-esque areas, wells and 
later on, in the water, but anyway, move onwards to Cristina. If you don't
want a fight, run quickly on rooftops, avoiding archers, and that should get
you there quickly. 

When you get to Cristina, anyone who is of the age recommended by the game's
rating on the box will know what is going on, all you need to do is to press
three buttons at key moments, the first action is to use the head button, 
the second one is your open hand, and the last is your head again. This is
first to kiss Cristina, second to undress her, and third to extinguish the
candle. With proper timing, you should be able to get all three. 

After your night liaison, you will need to get the hell out of there, and 
avoid the guards along the way. Head to your father, Giovanni (not the boss
from Pokemon), and after a little reminiscence from him, you need to deliver
some letters for him. 

 - Paperboy - 

Well, you are a paperboy, to that extent, so you have letters that you need
to deliver for your father. The letter you need to deliver is to a man named
Lorenzo de' Medici. This is the basic courier mission. These introductory 
missions are a preamble to the missions you'll get later. Anyway, take to 
the skies on the rooftops to avoid the Pazzi that are still looking for you,
and deliver the letter to Lorenzo. That name will be important later.

Anyway, once you have delivered the letter to the man there, given that 
Lorenzo isn't at home, and head back to Giovanni, and the best method is to
take to the rooftops, given that you are still a wanted man, for all the
wrong, personal reasons. Anyway, once you have delivered the letter, you 
will have 3 seperate missions. You have a mission with Maria, Ezio's mother,
Claudia, Ezio's sister, and Pertruccio, Ezio's little brother. You can to
these missions in any order you want, so I'll write it in the order I 
completed the missions. 

 - Beat a Cheat - 

Looks like Claudia has a problem, her boyfriend or whatever the status is, 
is not being faithful, and she needs you to beat some sense into him, Duccio.
This means no weapons, just using your fists to beat the crap out of him. 
Anyway, find the guy, who is with another woman, and beat the crap out of
him. This is the standard beat-up mission that you'll be playing in the game
later on. Sure does feel good, beating up unfaithful boyfriends. But then 
again, you are Ezio with hidden blades everywhere. 

Anyway, with this mission, head back to your home, and talk to your little
brother, Pertuccio. 

 - Pertuccio's Secret - 

Your little brother wants to collect some feathers. This is pretty easy, all
you need to do is to run up to the feather, and you'll automatically collect
it by running into it. Anyway, run up on the rooftops and you will need 
collect the three feathers that your little brother needs, and deliver them.
This feather collecting is the precursor to the various feathers that you
will need to collect in the game. 

Now, back to the villa, and talk to your mother, Maria, for the final of the
three missions.

 - Friend of the Family - 

This is quite easy, you will need to accompany your mother to visit a new
innovative inventor and painter. This is a simple mission, listen to your 
mother have a long talk about you and the Pazzi, and head towards this new
painter, note that there are no guards along the way. Anyway, head towards
the target and the name of mystery man is none other than Leonardo da Vinci.

Anyway, you need to pick up the box and carry it all the way back home. It
is a simple enough task, and that wraps up the three optional missions for
you. Head back home, and you will need to talk to Giovanni to get the next
quest started.

 - Special Delivery - 

You will get a letter, and you will need to deliver it, and then head off
to another pigeon coop, before delivering that letter. This is nothing you
haven't done before, but this is just the precursor to what really is going
on ahead. 

Head back to the Palazzo Auditore, and enter the building, and if you are 
quick with the buttons, you can avoid a hit to the head by the housekeeper.
It turns out, your family has been captured, well, only Giovanni, Federico
and Pertuccio have been arrested by the guards. It is time to pay them a 
visit. Looks like you need to head to the prison.

 - Jailbird - 

It looks like you need to head to the prison, and this is going to be a bit
harder, you will be facing the city guards as well as the Pazzi. So you will
need to stay to the rooftops. You will learn about the notoriety meter, and 
you will need to pay attention to it, when it builds up, guards are faster to 
detect you and attack you. 

Anyway, move quickly to the prison, and you will not want to talk on the
frontal approach, there are plenty of guards to shoot at you and you will
be detected, which is certainly not the point of this mission. Approach the
prison from behind, and stay on the rooftops as you do, this will make it 
easier to see the guards, and be careful with the archers along the way.

Move quickly and steadfast to the rear of the prison, and climb the 
building. The prison itself is somewhat under construction, which makes it
easy to climb, so climb the back, enter the restricted area, and move your
way to the tower cell. Climb your way up to the cell and talk with your

You need to head back home now, and into the villa.

 - Family Heirloom - 

You need to use your eagle vision to find the hidden passage, and with that, 
open the chest to find some papers, and more important, the robes of the
Assassin's Order. With that, and the nice sword, you can start fighting,
which will occur when you leave the building, as some guards decide to 
ruin the peace.

Now, you will need to learn to counterkill, which is still the most efficient
means of killing enemies, you need to assume the block stance, and then attack
when they are attacking, such that you counter their move and kill them, but
you get a proper tutorial on this later, but now, just kill the guards, and
move towards the house of Uberto Alberti. Fighting and dispatching the guards
along the way who are there to block your path.

Once you get there, you will deliver the letter to Alberti, who will say that
it is enough to save your family, so you will need to head to the public 
square outside the jail to see your family spared. But I don't like how there
is a black shadow in the background, a man, hooded, walking around. Well, 
time to move off to the public square.

 - Last Man Standing - 

Walk towards the target marker, and well, no surprise, Alberti decides to 
betray you, to the detriment to your family. You are the last man standing 
in the Auditore family. And given that you only have your fists and the
enemy has swords, it is time to get the hell out of there. 

The best thing you can do is to take to the rooftops and lose the guards
there. That's all you need to do, ditch them, and this sequence is done, and
sets up the story. 

[2.03] Sequence 2: Escape Plans

                                                  1476 - Repubblica Fiorentina

Your first order of business when you start this new sequence is to head to
the house of Annetta, who was your housemaid when you still had a house. The
thing is, you are still wanted, and you definitely need to escape the view of
the guards, so I suggest that you take to the skies and travel to the marker
on the rooftops. 

Anyway, you will meet the leader of the courtseans and the presumed sister
of Annetta, Paola. Anyway, talk to her when you are ready to learn a few 
new skills that you will need if you are to be a master assassin. 

 - Fitting In - 

This is a skill on the new basics. Your first job is to learn how to blend
in with a crowd. Basically, you see a group of people and you will need to
make Ezio part of that group. When this happens, you break the line of sight
of the guards if they are starting to act suspicious to your presence. 

Anyway, when you have practice with the courtseans, you will need to practice
in line of sight of the actual guards. Blend in with the groups of the 
regular citizens there, and if you break out of a group, you have seconds to
blend into another group in order to avoid the guards being alert to your
presence. When you have successfully blended in with the crowd and followed
Paola back to the, for a lack of a better word, brothel, you will learn 
another skill, stealing.

In this game, you need more than just knives to win, Assassin's Creed 2 has a 
economic system with merchants, you need to purchase items off merchants and
in turn, you need florins, which is the currency, to pay for it. Anyway, with
stealing, Paola teaches you how to steal, andyou need to practice this on a 
few courtseans. 

With your practice out of the way, you need to practice on a few folk of the
city, of course, you aren't returning the money, and when you have done that,
you need to report back to Paola, and that will be the end of your basic
skills training. With this, the next part of the sequence.

 - Ace Up My Sleeve - 

Well, time to pay a visit to one of your only allies in the city, avoiding 
the guards along the way, to see Leonardo da Vinci. Now, you have two ways of
getting there, either through the streets, but there are a lot of guards, so
you might need to hire the newly available courtseans throughout the city to
blend in and distract the guards, or take to the rooftops, but there are now
archers, although without their arrows, they will give chase. 

Either way, pay Leonardo a visit, and he will see your broken hidden blade 
that was in the chest you cleaned out before the guards came a knocking. Your
friend distracts the guards and denies your existance, but he will be attacked
and you will have practice on assassinating the guard with your hidden blade.
This will be the primary means of assassination in this game, and is the best
opening weapon for a fight.

Anyway, when you are done killing guards, pick up the body of the guards and
drop it into the target marker when you have been told to. When you are done
with playing with the hidden blade, time to visit Paola again, and if you are
quick with the buttons, you can show Paola your new hidden blade. On the way,
Shaun will mention something about glyphs, but that will get it's own little
section, since it is a pretty important part of the plot. 

 - Judge, Jury, Executioner - 

Now, your goal is to avenge the death of your father and brothers, and you
will need to execute Uberto, the man who was suppose to spare your family, 
only to kill them himself. Now, your goal is to follow Uberto, and that 
isn't a very hard thing, you will need to practice your tailing skills now,
since that will be important later on in the game. Just keep a nice distance
behind him, and when you are getting too close, back off, hide in the crowds
and wait until he starts moving again before following him again. But that
isn't really necessary right now, you will need to keep that in mind in the

Now, when you start your assassination mission, the marker being on the
roof, and make your way to the red marker, but be careful, you are now 
notorious, so you will need to keep an eye out for guards. Anyway, when you
get to the marker, you will need to enter the building area, and there are
two ways in. The most commonly stated method is to hire the courtseans that
are located near the building and use them to distract the guards, but my 
method is cheaper, somewhat, where you scale the rooftops, silently taking
out the guards, and make your way down to assassinate him. 

How you approach missions like this is important, it will determine how you
will use your tools at hand. Do you kill everyone in the path from the ceiling
to kill your target, or just waltz in? Anyway, move up, and assassinate the
man, he will not move when you are detected, and watch his gruesome demise.

Now, when he is dead, you need to get the hell out of there, the guards are
coming down on you. Again, 2 ways you can get your way out of this, you can
either run the hell away, take to the skies and avoid the guards, but if you
are aware of how to counter-kill, you can just kill all the guards. I took the
whittling down of numbers then run approach, but that is up to you. Looking
back at my game stats, I probably have a higher body count than 10 average 
player sput together. 

Anyway, when you have dodged all the enemy bullets out for you, time to head
to visit Paola to see wjhat you can do. 

 - Laying Low - 

Now, you need talk to Paola, and needless to say, you are a very wanted man,
you just assassinated a city offical after all, and you will need to reduce
your notoriety. I will have a mini-section on notoriety later on in this 
guide, but there are three ways to remove the notoriety on your character, 
either my removing wanted posters of yourself, bribing heralds not to talk 
about you, or killing officals. 

Now, what you need to do is to remove the notoriety on Ezio for this mission,
which is relatively easy because markers for heralds and posters will appear
on your minimap, as well as the corrupt officals, but they seem to appear 
randomly somewhat. 

Anyway, when you have dispatched all the notoriety on your character, talk to
Paola again.

 - Arrivederci - 

It is time to leave Florence, until the heat blows off your character to say
the least. You need to get your sister Claudia and your mother Maria out of
the city, and this is relatively simple, without the guards breathing down 
your neck, all you need to do is to go to each checkpoint and listen to the
stories of your family, as you need to escape the city you grew up in as a 

When you arrive at the city gates, there is a wall of guards there, and there
are two ways to get past them, given that you have company, you can either use
the courtseans and get them to distract the guards, or you can go into your
inventory and throw money on the floor, which will distract the guards whilst
you and your family walk through. When you are done, head into the marker and
you will leave the city. 

[2.04] Sequence 3: Requiescat in Pace

                                                          1476 - Monteriggioni

 - Roadside Assistance - 

You start off leading Claudia and Maria to your uncle's villa in Monteriggioni
and you will be stopped with a cutscene. And who should appear by Vieri de'
Pazzi, and he will get his goons to attack you. With nothing but your hidden
blade, it looks like you will have to go assassinating their asses. When you
have dispatched them, you will get some help from mercenaries, under the
banner of your famed Uncle. And you now get a sword as well.

And that makes things easier, you will need to just counterkill them, or take
the initiative and stab the enemies in the back with the sword when they are 
busy attacking the mercenaries. But you should focus those who are going to
attack Claudia and Maria, since the mercenaries can take care of themself. 
Take out all the thugs, and watch Vieri flee like a coward. Anyway, time to
meet your uncle, Mario. And you have to love the Nintendo line. Talk to your
uncle to get started on the next mission.

 - Casa Dolce Casa - 

This is a relatively simple mission, all you need to do is to follow your
uncle around his little town, and towards his villa, where you will get some
spending money. This will help you to purchase some armour and weapons from
the blacksmith in town, and then you will need to head to the doctor to 
purchase some medicine for your medicine pouch. This makes your job relatively
easy, if only all your missions were as easy as this. 

Anyway, when you have purchased a piece of armour, a weapon, and 5 units of
medicine, you will have finished this mission. Anyway, you will need to talk
to Claudia to continue on your little quest.

 - Practice Makes Perfect - 

Claudia will have a little talk, and you will talk with Mario, who says that
you will need to have better fighting skills if you are to avenge the deaths
of your family. You will head into the practice ring, where you will need
to learn the art of dodging, countering and escaping in combat. Perform each
skill 3 times to master it and to move on. You will also learn to taunt, which
is relatively handy as well.

When you have completed the practice, you will need to fight Mario, who is
pretty easy to defeat with counters, but he is probably going easy on your
to say the least. Anyway, he will head to his room after the fight, so you
will need to talk with him to get started on the next mission. You will learn
about feathers, and now, it is time to leave the villa towards the area of

                                                                1476 - Tuscany

 - What Goes Around - 

Now, you will need to follow Mario and his mercenaries towards the city walls
of Tuscany. You will need to climb over the walls to let the mercenaries into
the city. There are several archers here in this part of the wall, so you will
need to take them out quickly before you can let the mercenaries in, after 
all, what's the point of opening the door when you have several arrows in you.

Anyway, when you open the doors, you will need to assist the mercenaries who
are at the gates fighting the enemy guards in the way, so just dispatch the 
enemy guards blocking your allies, and lets continue on with your mission. 

Anyway, when the enemy guards have been eliminated, you will need to head out
and eliminate and assassinate Vieri, whilst Mario and the others will continue
causing a distraction in the city, which is what he will become known for 
later in the game. Anyway, you will be notorious now, so you do need to be
careful in how you move around the city, basically, walk around with your 
sword drawn out and stab anyone who gets in your path. 

Basically, for the first bit of the mission, you will be leading mercenaries
around causing a fuss, basically, you will be fighting your way through 
until you meet up with Mario when you will be going lone wolf to kill your
target. Basically, leading mercenaries is like leading the courtseans, but
they can't go on the rooftops, but they do have nice, shiny axes. 

Anyway, continue along throughout the city, fighting and eliminating the
enemies in your path, until you get to the tower in which Vieri is hiding
on top of. There is no point playing with stealth, you will have to fight
the enemy, and the easiest way to get rid of the guards protecting Vieri is
to throw them off the building, and then duke it out with Vieri. He isn't
that hard to kill, just the regular blocks and counters is all that is 
required to eliminate Vieri. 

Or you can grab Vieri and throw him onto the floor and kill him on the floor,
right there and then, but that is up to you. Although it is only necessary
to kill Vieri, it is a bit hard to concentrate on him when you have other
guards attacking you and breaking your stance. Besides, they aren't that hard
to kill anyway. 

Anyway, kill Vieri, and this will complete this set of the mission, and then
you need to talk with Mario again.

                                                          1476 - Monteriggioni

 - A Change of Plans - 

Talk to Mario, and he will want you to collect some codex pages that are 
scattered around the Villa, so you will need to go look for them, and that 
isn't really hard to do. Basically, you will learn about the codex pages, they
are hidden over in the cities, and you will then need to translate them 
through Leonardo, who is the only one who can translate them, and then put
them back on the codex wall. For every 4 translated pages, you will get an
extra square of health.

Basically, locate the pages of the codex, and find them, and that's all there
is to this mission, that's all there is to it. Note that from now on, codex
pages are found 2 ways, in safehouses in cities, guarded by 4 guards, or from
your assassination targets. 

[2.05] Sequence 4: The Pazzi Conspiracy

                                                          1478 - Monteriggioni

 - Practice What You Preach - 

You start off with Mario talking to you about the history of the Assassin
Order, famous assassins who have eliminated famous Templars throughout 
history, such as the assassins who took out Alexander the Great, Cleopatra 
and Genghis Khan. Throughout the land, there are 6 seals, and once the
seals are gathered and placed in the Auditore family vault, it will unlock
the armour and the sword of Altair, who hid the seals in vaults of these
famous assassins. 

When you are done in Monteriggioni, you will need to head to Florence and 
pay a visit to Leonardo da Vinci.

                                                   1478 - Repubblica Fiorentia

Talk to Leonardo, and he will use the codex pages that you have recovered to
make new and useful tools for you to practice with. With these pages, he will
give you a new weapon, and some new skills. He will provide you with a new
hidden blade, so Ezio has the ability to wield dual hidden blades, which are
handy, and extremely deadly. This means that when you use the hidden blade, 
you can kill two people are once with any assassination kill.

He will also give you new abilities as well, you will get 3 new methods of
killing your enemies. The first is the hiding assassination, you can hide in
a hiding spot, and wait for an enemy to walk past your hiding spot, and you
will assassinate them, capturing them, killing them and hiding their body
from view. 

The second is air assassination, which is where you need to be above the
target, so that you are above them, and you will fly from the ledge and 
assassinate them. This is a pretty neat opening move, but it will increase
your notoriety, and it is pretty damn high profile and sure to attract

The final new form of assassination is the ledge assassination. This is where
Ezio is hanging on the ledge, just below a target, using your hidden blade, 
it will stab the target, and toss them off the ledge, which is pretty damn
nice, but it is relatively high profile, but again, it is pretty damn useful
to use, especially on missions. 

With these new forms of assassination in your arsenal, you will be able to
move onto the next mission. 

 - Fox Hunt - 

Your first goal here is to find La Volpe, but first, you need to find a 
particular man in the crowd, which is a bit of a pain, but turn on your
eagle vision and look for the man in gold, a gold on your eagle vision means
that it is a target for your mission. When you approach him however, he will
steal your money, and he will flee.

What you have to do is rather simple, hunt in down and get him. It won't be
easy because he is somewhat faster than your average pickpocket, which is a 
problem, but you will, at full speed, run faster than him, so as long as he
doesn't do any sharp turns, you till be able to get him and tackle him to 
the ground as a result. When you do, you will be told how to find La Volpe,
the Fox.

 - See You There - 

La Volpe is basically an old man, but when you talk to him, he will take to 
the skies, and start running. He will keep running, but you won't lose him, he
will wait for you to keep up with him. Basically, the whole goal of La Volpe
is to lead you to your target, which is the Santa Maria Novella. When you get
near it, he will tell you to get to the Santa Maria Novella, and access the
secret trigger, which will allow you to enter the site, and you will be able
to find the treasures inside. 

You have a time limit to quickly access the trigger, you should just climb 
over via the rooftops and drop down, or distract the guards, but climbing down
is slightly cheaper. You need to infiltrate the Santa Maria to get into a 
secret Templar meeting that is held there.

 - Novella's Secret - 

This is the only tomb that I will cover in the main walkthrough, simply 
because the other tombs are really sidequests that you can do in your spare 
time, it is not necessary for the main game, but it is necessary for 100% 
completion as wellas unlocking Altair's armour.

Enter the building, and activate the switch to lower the stone in front of
you, and quickly use the dropped stone to get onto the above platform, that
much is simple. Then follow the only pathway for a bit and you will get a
cutscene of all the platforms and ledges in this room.

As you can guess, you will need to follow the linear path here, and jump
on all the platforms to reach the end of the path. Eventually, you will
reach a platform with a lever on it, so activate that to raise a gate to 
let you in. Again, it is another piece of platforming, so get to the lever
again, activate it, and perform a massive leap of faith into a tiny bundle
of hay (which would actually lead to death, or massive injuries), and head
towards the doorway.

So, look as the guards have a little talk and shut the door behind them.
From here, enter the room and head to the left, using the ruined pillars
to get onto the ledge, but don't get up until you have performed a ledge
assassination on the guard walking past. From here, walk up the path and
there is another guard there, and again, assassinate him. The hidden blade
is quite useful here, simply because it takes out the guard in a single
hit, as opposed to your sword.

Now, another piece of simple platforming to reach a lever, and collect
the chest below, but the game will tell you that your aim now is to reach the
next lever. To the east side of the ledge on top, there are some stones that
stick out, so climb those and get onto the ledge there. Use that to get you
onto the next ledge, and onto the flying coffin. 

Now, swing to the platform to your left, onto the ledge, and that will 
allow you to activate the next lever, which opens the door. Back down to the
ground you go, because the guards have been alerted, and you will need to
do some more assassination. Shame it isn't there fault they're just guards.
You just need to assassinate all three of them, and the haystack at the 
bottom is the perfect hiding place to get some assassinations down. With 
that, try to enter the main hall. If you can only kill one of the guards,
that is enough to get the others to investigate, and time to kill both of

The guard here will start running, and he is very fast. When you have to 
follow him initially, it is just simple platforming, nothing really hard, 
but he will start to close some doors on you. The first door, after you
just miss a crumbling pillar, there is a detour to the right of the door,
so just that, and the swinging platform, to get you behind the door. 

Move onwards, and after the fallen bridge, you will need to drop on the 
floor below the templar, so at the window, take a right, and from there, 
a ledge will fall allowing you to move back up. When you climb up the 
rubble, the right path is your only means of catching him, and then 
turn right again, and the templar shuts another gate on you.

However, on the balcony, there are some platforms for you to clash on 
to, which is your way of catching him, and that leads you to the path 
right behind him, and again, he shuts another gate, so use the stairs on
the left to detour the gate. Follow him, and you will eventually enter a 
long hallway, with ledges to your left.

As you can guess, this is where you quickly jump on the ledges and run
at full speed, with both sprint and high profile on, and just run at the
guard, and eventually, near the end, you can air assassinate him. It is a
shame you couldn't have done this earlier. Now, there is a big closed door
in front of you, so use the scaffolding to the right as a means of bypassing
that. From there, enter the big room, and press the lever on top of that
ledge there.

Here, you will eavesdrop on the Templars, and it seems that everyone is
there, the Pazzis and crew, and Borgia himself. It seems that Jacopo has
some doubts, but Francesco seems to underestimate the Medici. It seems that
they really have something planned, and now, you will need to loot the room
with the sarcophagus, and besides the florins, you get the Seal of Darius,
and with that, you can leave. If you have any problems with any part of
this mission, this youtube link will show the complete mission in full.


From here, you will probably need to restock or upgrade your weapons and
clothing, as well as collect some money, but when all that is done, you
will need to head to the next marker in Firenze, and take the next mission.

 - Wolves in Sheep's Clothing - 

Now, it is time to play out this mission, and when you are outside the
church, you will witness the Pazzi Conspiracy, an actual real life event,
where Francesco de' Pazzi murdered Guiliano de' Medici in a frienzed 
attacked that involved 19 knife stabs on Guiliano. This was an act in 
which the Pope at the time said "I support it - as long as no one is 
killed." The Pazzi basically conspired to murder the head of the Medici
family whilst they were attending mass on the 26th of April, 1478. This was
an actual event. 

Now, in the game, basically, Francesco has murdered Guiliano, and that is
clear, except Lorenzo is fighting back. Now, your goal is to save him and
make sure that he lives, basically, fend off everyone that is attacking 
him, and it is easy if you manage to use your sword to stab people in the
back, because that is considered a one hit kill. Also, you will need to 
do a lot of counter-killing to save yourself.

Fight back Francesco and kill all the conspirators, and that should 
finish that part and follow history, Lorenzo suffers serious injuries, but
he lives. Now, you are to escort him to his home, and for that, you will
need to keep your guard up, because the Pazzi conspirators will be 
fighting Lorenzo's men here, so you don't really need to fight, but hey,
I prefer a high kill count, make my mark on history.

Lorenzo will come under enemy attack at times, and you will need to fight
off the attackers, he is already on low health from the ambush, and you
cannot stand to lose anymore. Fight off all attackers, and continue onto
his home, and once there, you are able to start the next mission, and I'm
sure you can guess what this mission is going to be. 

 - Farewell, Francesco - 

Now, talk to your target man and you will learn that Francesco is planning
to mount another attack at a tower on the other side of town, and your job
is to, as you can deduce, is to eliminate him, once and for all. And that 
is rather straightforward.

There are still battles on the ground between the Medici and Pazzi forces
so you are either avoid them or join in, I always joined in, after all, we
are the help the Medici, rather than the Pazzi backstabbers, so kill them
all, I don't care if they're doing their job. Anyway, head to the marker to
where Francesco is meant to be, and there we get a cutscene, of basically him
goading you. 

Anyway, you will need to do some climbing, and this time, you don't need to
stay hidden, rather, you can just climb out and duke it out with all the
poor guards. I swear, these guards are just like stormtroopers, cheap and
dispenable. Anyway, kill all of these mooks and climb the building some more
and see Francesco run.

Chase after him, with a Leap of Faith along the way, and basically, all you
need to do is to chase after him, and assassinate him with your hidden 
blade, which isn't all that hard, since you do run faster than him, although
you might want to lock onto him in order to make sure that he doesn't 

[2.06] Sequence 5: Loose Ends

                                                   1478 - Repubblica Fiorentia

 - Four to the Floor - 

Lorenzo, the man whose life you saved, will give you another piece of the 
codex that the previous ruler of Florence really doesn't need. He will also
give you a little checklist of other targets that you will need to take out,
the same templars who tried to kill him. This will also unlock assassination
mission all around the provinces that you now visit through the pigeon coop. 

But with a new codex page, we should pay a visit to our good friend, Leonardo,
who is still in Florence.

 - A Blade with Bite - 

Leonardo will examine the codex page, and this will turn out to be a page on
how to utilise poison, which you can now by from the doctors scattered around
the cities. Why the doctors dealing in death? Too much of a good thing can
kill. Anyway, the poison blade, in a nutshell, will basically target an enemy,
and it will not kill them. However, it will send them into a rage, so they
will attack everything in sight, particularly other people, and well, after a
rampage, they will eventually die. More on this later, but for now, head to
your little villa.

                                                          1479 - Monteriggioni

 - Evasive Maneuvers - 

This is where you will need to talk to Mario and he will train you with some
new tricks that you can use to your advantage, and useful particularly later
in the game, where you need to face tougher enemies. Anyway, he will first 
train you with the dodge move, which allows you to duck out of the path of 
an enemy's attack, allowing you to swiftly fight back and attack. 

The second move that he will teach you is to disarm an enemy. This is where
you will not counter the enemy, but instead, when they are attacking, you
grab their weapon, take it off them, and then use it again them. Quite 
useful against the weaker guards, especially if your weapon has been knocked
away, however, against the specialist guards, they won't let you steal their
weapon, and later in the game, neither will the guards. 

With that done, do whatever else you need to do in the villa, such as placing
the codex pages on the wall, feathers in the chests, seals in the vault, 
when that is done, head into Tuscany, and the city of San Gimignano. 

                                                          1479 - San Gimignano

 - Town Crier - 

Well, there are a variety of targets to choose from, you actually have 4 
targets, the four pillars supporting Jacopo de' Pazzi. And the first will
be the town crier, the monk Antonio Maffei, who was responsible for slashing
the neck of Lorenzo during the Pazzi Conspiracy. He, along with the other 4
conspirators, including Jacopo, fled to Tuscany and the city of San Gimignano
after the failure to seize Firenze. 

Anyway, talk to the man in the town square, he will tell you that there is 
pretty much a crazy monk that is giving sermons at the top of a tower, a very
tall tower. Anyway, you are to assassinate him because he did try to kill
Lorenzo, and since he still alive and pretty pissed off, well, you need to
get rid of him.

Now, scaling the tower isn't that hard, if you have been collecting feathers
in San Gimignano, you should be able to climb this one without too much 
difficulty, however, everyone will be on alert, and there are archers on
the towers nearby, so you will need to quickly scale the target tower and 
kill Maffei, or you will need to scale the other towers, eliminate the
archers, before you can move onto killing Maffei. 

Now, on to Maffei. There are archers patrolling him, but really, at this 
stage, in close combat, archers aren't that much of a problem, nothing that 
your counter-kill cannot kill. Maffei, for a monk, is actually armed with a
sword, but given how far off the ground you are, you can use your imagination
on killing him. You can push him off the building, shove him off, or just 
teach him how to use a sword. Now, that's one of the Pazzi conspirators down,
there are 4 more to go. 

 - Come Out and Play - 

Another of the Pazzi Conspirators, Bernardo Baroncelli, the banker for the
Pazzi family, you know, the guy who is a bit fat? Bernardo was the first of
the conspirators to attack Guiliano, and started the Pazzi Conspiracy, which
ultimately ended in failure and backfired heavily for the Pazzi family. He
tried to escape to Constantinople, but that failed and he settled for San
Gimignano. Although he was hunged in Florence, he wasn't here.

Anyway, Lorenzo's man in the southern part of the city will give out this
little mission, so take to the skies, and try to find him in the target area
with your little eagle vision on, and since he is a mission target, you will
find him in gold. Now, the problem is trying to kill him without him 

The best is still to follow him from behind and try to kill him, but remember,
there are guards protecting him. Basically, you can hide along his path, and
take him out when he crosses you, or you can try to assassinate him from
behind, but if he spots you, he will flee, and you will need to catch up
with him whilst avoiding the guards that he sends after you.

Either way, you will need to kill him, and that is 2 out of the 5 Pazzi
Conspirators that have bitten the dust. 

 - The Cowl Does Not Make The Monk - 

Now, your next target is Stefano da Bagnone, who is a monk and is the 
secretary to Jacopo de Pazzi. He was part of the conspirators who tried to
kill the Medici brothers, and he was the one who stabbed Lorenzo in the
back in front of the church. Now, the mission is obtained out of town, and
you will need to infiltrate the abbey in which he is currently residing in.

The slight problem is that he is currently surrounded by monks. And there is 
quite a high state of alert, it is a restricted area, so you will need to be
aware on what is going on. Patrols will attack on sight, so your best way to
assassinate is to stay clear of patrols and kill him in a single shot. 

Now, the mercenary at the start was nice to give you some smoke bombs, which
are toys that you can play with. When the bomb is dropped, smoke grows out 
of it, and everything inside the smoke can't see and they all cough, dropping
their guard, ready for some hidden blade action. Now, out of all the enemies 
here, Stefano is the one that is in gold according to your eagle vision, and
that will help seperate him from the rest of the monks here.

Anyway, this is pretty easy, you can take him out with ease, because he 
really isn't armed to the teeth and he isn't going to fight back. The best
thing to think about is how to assassinate him without being seen, and that
depends on you and the circumstances in the game.

Either way, remove him from the gene pool, and that will be 3 out of the 
5 conspirators down. There is one more pillar to go before we can get to 

 - Behind Closed Doors - 

The final of the 4 lieutenants of Jacopo is Archbishop Francesco Salviati,
who is the Archbishop of Pisa, however, he harbours a grudge against Lorenzo
because it was he who objected and opposed Salviati's nomination to be the
Archbishop of Firenze. Although he did not take part in the frenzy, he did
have his troops outside the city, ready to take over Firenze from the Medici
grip. In reality though, he was one of the ringleaders of the plot.

Anywho, is close to the villa, and is the last set of mission markers that
you have. This mission is slightly harder, you need to infiltrate a villa that
is heavily defended. However, you are given mercenaries for this mission, and
at the start, they are useful, you need to deal with the patrols that are 
around, which aren't that hard, especially with mercenaries with you. The 
real trick is to get inside the villa, and let the mercenaries in. 

Once inside, there are a fair few guards there, and once you land inside, you
don't have long until they all pounce on you. You can either quickly open
the gate to let your mercenaries in to at least even up the odds a little, or
you can just stand and fight. The best means of doing this is against the 
wall, and that way, you can slowly, but surely, counter-kill your way to

Now, your target here, Salviati, is actually dressed like a farmer, so he
will look really out of place here with all these guards. Kill him when you
can, and with him out of the picture, it is up to you what you want to do
to get out of here, either kill everyone in sight to get out, or just run
and flee, and escape. Either way, all the pillars supporting Jacopo are now
gone, and it is time to go after him yourself. 

                                                          1480 - San Gimignano

 - With Friends Like These - 

Now it is time for the main event, the assassination of Jacopo de Pazzi. 
Anyway, head to the marker on the rooftop to start the mission, and from
here, it is pretty simple, all you need to do is to follow Jacopo but this
isn't that easy though.

Now, if you are on the rooftops, you need to keep a wary eye on the archers
that are there, if they give chase, it will give away your position, and you
will be forced to restart. However, if you follow on the ground, you will
need to be aware for all the guards that are close to him, and like going to
the skies, you will need to not start any fights.

You will need to follow Jacopo to an ampitheater outside the city, and my 
advice is, to say out of trouble, is that when it decides to get out of the
city, follow him on the city walls next to him, he won't notice you, and there
is a little leap of faith area with a stack of hay later on, so you don't 
need to worry about getting hurt. Either way, tail him from the skies or from
the ground, and wait until he gets to his little destination, and his little

Now, you need to enter the marker, but there is a little problem of getting
to the marker without being seen. There are guards there, that you will need
to take out unless you want to be spotted, so keep it clean and make sure that
you aren't seen. With that, enter the marker.

It is a meeting with Rodrigo Borgia, the Spaniard, he well, he has a little 
chat and then stabs Jacopo instead. He calls you out, he knows that Ezio is
here, and well, the guards come and stop Ezio dead in his tracks. Now, wait
for the right time to spear your hidden blade through a guard, and whilst
Borgia will escape, you will need to eliminate the rest of the guards that
are here.

The real problem here aren't the guards, but the brutes that are mixed 
among them, and now is a perfect time to practice what you have learnt, to
dodge the enemy and counter. The advantage to the power of the brute is 
that it is quite slow to attack and to recover from an attack, and you can
always counter with your hidden blade. Now, dispatch the rest of the guards
for doing their job, and move on to Jacopo.

After being stabbed three times, including one through the neck by Borgia and
wounds from an as of yet, unidentified man, you will need to end his 
suffering, and let him rest in peace, despite what he has done. 

And that brings an end to the sequence. 

[2.07] Sequence 6: Rocky Road

                                                   1480 - Repubblica Fiorentia

 - Road Trip - 

Well, you start off in Florence, and basically, you are going to leave the 
city, and you won't be back here for the story, well, forever, unless you have
the DLC missions, however, if you don't, well, you won't be back here, so now
is the time to clear up all the outstanding missions you have left, you will
want to collect the feathers, complete all the side missions, upgrade your
weaponry, anything and everything. Because this is going to be a short 

Anyways, head to see Lorenzo, and he has a little present for you. He will
give you a Medici cape, which will make you anomymous to all the Medici 
guards in Italy, but really, it is only in the cities of Florence and the 
region of Tuscany, so basically, you can do whatever you want there, and the 
guards won't bat an eye to you. Which is good if you have some unfinished
business in the area, such as assassination missions or some difficult 
feathers to collect, but they will still stand and fight, your notoriety 
just won't rise. 

After you have committed mass genocide against Medici guards, talk to 
Leonardo, and he will say that he needs to head off to the town of Venice.
Well, not a town, but more of a city state, but still, that is where we are
going to. From here, you need to move out of the city of Florence and into
the mountains. 

                                                     1480 - Apennine Mountains

 - Romagna Holiday - 

Well, along your merry way into the mountains, you will meet Leonardo, who
isn't that good with chariots and basically, you will end up helping 
Leonardo and you will basically drive him, since here are now enemies that 
seem to want you dead, and they have tracked you into the mountains, somehow
or another. 

Anyway, your goal here is to survive. As the driver of the chariot or wagon,
your goal is basically to swing off the enemies. The enemy soldiers will try
to latch onto your wagon, and what you have to do is to turn sharply to 
shake them off your ride. As easy as it may sound, swing too sharply and you
will be at risk of flipping over the wagon, and that will end in failure and
you will be forced to repeat. Therefore, you need to eliminate the enemies 
whilst trying not to flip the wagon over.

Now, this may be easy and you might get the hang of it eventually, however,
about half way, things get a little more difficult, such that the enemy will
decide to fire flaming arrows at you, which really look like flaming meteors,
and your goal is to aovi the fire, which involves a lot more twisting and 
turning, all the while avoiding enemies and not flipping your wagon over.

And in case you haven't realised, your wagon does have a limit on the amount 
of health on it, so you can't just dart through all the flames just for the 
hell of it. So it does get a lot more difficult, the turns will be a lot more
narrow, and the enemies harder to shake off. You might have to die a few times
in order to get the hang of it, but you will eventually get to the end of the
path. At this stage, Leonardo will leave with the wagon and you will need to
face a bundle of enemy soldiers who aren't exactly thrilled to see your 

Basically, it is a nice amount of guards as well as a Brute who seems to 
love his shiny battleaxe. All you need to do is defeat them. The best idea 
is to simply defend and counter, dodge and counter when you face the brute.
Basically, kill the brute first, then counter the rest of the guards, and 
that should be the end of the fight. Then, move into the limelight.

                                                                  1480 - Forli

 - Tutti a Bordo - 

You will end up in Forli, a backwater city for now, and basically, your time
here is relatively short. Unless you have the DLC pack, you will pretty much
be doing nothing here. Basically, you will just need to move past the city
and into the piers, where Leonardo is, and he will wait for you to go with
him to Venice.

Turns out, you need a boarding pass, and you don't have one. Well, whilst 
you go mull that, it turns out that a woman is now in some sort of trouble.
This is where you will learn how to use the gondola, and this is quite 
useful later in the game, when you move into Venice. Well, this part is 
basically a ferry mission, and well, after you finish your little task, it
turns out that the lady you have saved is Caterina Sforza, who is the wife 
of the lord of Forli. 

Anyway, you will get your pass and you will end up in Venice, and that will
be the end of the sequence. 

[2.08] Intermission

                                      September 8th, 2012 - Assassins' Hideout

No, this isn't the time where you get to have a toilet break, this isn't your
normal movie intermission. Anyway, you are Desmond again, and it time to get
out of the Animus. Basically, Lucy will want to test you to see how much
you have learnt from Ezio using the bleeding effect. 

Basically, it is just a break here, from all the historical fighting. No 
blades, just climbing and some free running here and there. However, on the
way back, you will have a little psych-out.

You will somehow end up being Altair again, in the city of Acre, chasing 
someone into the Templar Fortress. There, you will not die, so you can do
whatever you want. You will end up killing Templars, and get tired. They die
pretty easily, unlike the templars in the first game, where they were an 
absolute pain and a half to kill. 

Chase the templar, and you will eventually end up on the top of the tower. You
will find out she is Maria, the templar that Altair spared in his attempt to
kill Robery de Sable during the first game. And what happens will help you
understand how Altair and Ezio are related. 

After that, you will drift back to reality, and now, you will end up in 

[2.09] Sequence 7: The Merchant of Venice

                                                                1481 - Venezia

 - Benvenuto - 

You start off in Venice now, following a guide, as well as Leonardo, just 
showing the general sights of Venice. This is quite slow paced, there is a 
single fight in this scene, but really, it is a follow the leader sort of
mission, and it is easy. 

There really isn't much to do, but there is a little interaction at the end,
where you can hug Leonardo, but it isn't that big, but Leonardo will be sad
if you leave him hanging. Anyway, we are pretty much done here, so finish
this off, and you will be free to wonder Venice in your own right. However,
head to the quest marker when you are done as to continue the story 

 - That's Gonna Leave a Mark - 

Basically, this is more of a follow and protect mission. You will be pick-
pocketed by a thief, and you will want to get your money back. As you follow
this thief, you will see that she gets into a hell of a lot of fights, and it
is your job to protect her, after all, you need to get your money back, and
that is the most important thing. 

The little thief will go off and wonder aimlessly for a while, and you will
need to defend her all the time, which is a bit of a problem since there are 
a lot of guards here, and these aren't your generic guards, they are quite
powerful if you don't handle them right, so prepare to enter a lot of fights,
a lot of backstabs, and a lot of counters. 

Now, the thief will get an arrow in the leg, and she won't be able to 
continue any more. At this stage, you will need to go off and carry her, and
remember, at this stage, you cannot defend yourself and use any weapons whilst
you are carrying the thief, so you will either have to drop her and defend 
yourself, or keep running and then use mercenaries to block the path of the
guards that are chasing you.

All this way, you will move all the way into the water, where one of the
fellow thieves will ferry Rosa in a gondola, and you will be tasked with
taking out the archers that are overlooking their path. This is quite easy,
all you need to do is move quickly, hidden blades out, and stab them with
ease. Or you can just toss them into the water, and let gravity and water
tension do the rest.

See, this is why guards need swimming lessons, an assassin can swim, a guard
can not.

Basically, you will always want to be ahead of the gondola, and this is quite
easy, just do not stray too far ahead, 30 metres away from the gondola and you
will be out of sight, and at risk of failing the mission. Just eliminate the
archers, kill off the guards, and make sure that the pair in the gondola will
have an easy time.

When the gondola reaches the pier, the ferryman will move off, to alert the
other thieves, and you will have to carry Rosa, and then take her to the
hideout. Drop her on the table, where they will perform some quick surgery,
and this will pretty much end this part of the mission. You will meet their
boss, Antonio.

At this stage, there are a few missions, but first, talk to Rosa and do 
her missions first.

 - Monkey See, Monkey Do - 

Well, it seems that Rosa will have a quick recovery, so you can find her and
talk to her. She has promised to teach you how to jump as high as she does,
and she will teach you. It is relatively easy, but it is important that 
you get it right.

The reason this is useful is that it will help you climb normal buildings 
faster, which is a bonus, and it will help you climb some new buildings in
Venice, that can only be climbed using this new technique, such as a few of 
the towers that can be found here in Venice to synchronise. 

 - By Leaps and Bounds - 

This is where you will be able to apply what you have learnt from the easier
mission to scale one of the buildings in Venice, that can only be scaled using
this new method. You will need to meet Rosa at the Frari, which is the tallest
tower in this part of the city, and you will need to scale the tower.

You do have a time limit, and there are a few guards that are around, but the
time limit is more than generous, and like I have said before, you really 
don't need to use the new technique most of the time, but it does make 
climbing buildings a lot faster than before, and this will help you a fair bit
in the game. 

Anyway, scale the building, synchronise at the top of the tower to reveal the
map a bit more, and then take a leap of faith back down to street level, and
then talk to Rosa, and that should pretty much finish off this mission.

 - Cleaning House - 

Now, duck back to Antonio, and he will tell you that there are a few traitors
within the guild, there are those selling out the secrets of the thieves to
the city guards. 2 of the guards are on land, and these are quite simple, they
do not know that they are about to be killed, and all you need to do is to 
observe first.

Watch what both of them do, they will follow a set path, and what you should 
do is to take to the skies, eagle vision to make sure you know who they are,
and then follow. When you are happy that you know exactly where they are going
to go, drop down, and find a proper place to stealth kill them, as not to draw
a fight with the guards and raise your notoriety, since that will cause some
sort of trouble.

Now, the final one is on a boat, and you will need to get used to this 
somewhat, because there will be a fair few of assassinations on the boats. 
Now, to properly get this mission done, you will want to move slowly towards
the boat, and if you are getting noise from the guards, you will need to 
duck underwater, and move right next to the boat for some air. This is such
that the guards cannot see you.

When you are done, move to the other side, and into the centre, and slowly 
pick off the guards when they move past. Eliminate the guards, one by one, and
when all the guards patrolling back and forth are dead, move towards the bow 
of the bow, and use a dual assassination to kill the two guards that are 
stationed there, and kill your mark. 

The reason you will want to slowly eliminate the guards is simple. It makes
your fight on the boat that much easier, and given that the problem is space,
if you get pushed back into the water, you are in a lot of strife. Anyway,
kill off all the enemies here, and that leads to one more mission before the
sequence finale. 

 - Breakout - 

Now, you will take to a man named Ugo, and he will be there saying that there
are some thieves that are held prisoner throughout the city, and that it is
your job to save them from the fate that is certain death by the city guards.

Basically, you will need to use the rooftops to avoid trouble on the ground,
since near the captives, there will be guards blocking the entrance, which 
is why you need to take to the skies. Now, when you are pretty much above the
cage, you still aren't in the restricted area, and as such, just drop down,
blend in to whatever the ground there is, and quickly assassinate the standing

Once that is done however, you will need to release the captives, and then, 
the guards standing guard at the entrances will attack, and you will need to
defend yourself. This is quite easy however, just quickly move up onto a ledge
and knock the enemies off as they try to come up. You can move all the way up
to the roof, and when they climb up, push them off and down they fall. 

When you release a set of prisoners, you will then need to escort them all the
way back to Ugo. They will believe like normal thieves that you can hire on
the ground, all you need to do is to much up and fly to Ugo, and that will be
that set of prisoners done.

There are 3 sets of prisoners, and really, only the set under heavy 
supervision will be hard to protect, however, it isn't impossible, so I 
suggest that you clear out ALL the guards, including the ones nearby, and then
release the prisoners, and quickly move off to Ugo. With that, you will
finish the mission.

You need to note that only 1 prisoner from each set of prisoners need to 
survive, not all of them, so a few can die, but really, it isn't that hard to
protect all of them.

 - Clothes Make the Man - 

This is where we need to prepare for a final assault. What you need to do here
is to steal the uniforms of the guards. The man on the coast will tell you 
where you can steal the uniforms. This is again, quite a simple mission, 
simply because for the ones on land, they are not heavily guarded, mainly by a
single guard standing at the entrance, which is easily circumvented from using
the skies.

The ones that are near the water are the most fun if you want to kill some of
the guards for doing their job. You can just enter the restricted area, and 
let the guards attack, pushing them into the water because guards cannot swim,
an obvious pitfall for the Guard Training Academy during the Renaissance era. 

Anyway, what you need to do is to loot all three chests that are marked on 
your map, something that is very simple. This is even easier since you now 
have access to thief units in the city that you can use to lure the guards 
away. The hard part is to steal the boat. 

For this, you can either kill all the guards, which is quite easy, but there
are archers that will make your life harder. The alternative is to quickly
move in and steal the boat, using the fact that the guards cannot swim, and 
move off with the spoils and deliver it. Either way, you need to get that
boat to the thief liasion, and that should be that. 

 - Everything Must Go - 

Now, talk to Antonio, and this is the last mission for the sequence, so you
know it is going to involve an assassination for real. Now, you must quickly
go and eliminate 5 archers that Antonio has marked out for you, these will be 
the ones that are protecting the Doge, Emilio, and his home. By eliminating
these guards, you will allow Antonio to use "archers" that use the stolen 
uniforms that you obtained earlier. 

Now, talk to Antonio again, and now your mission, to kill Emilio, and this is
quite difficult if you aren't careful. Now, on the footbridge, I prefer going
in with a bang, so draw out your sword and kill all of the men standing guard
in that area. With them out of the way, scale the building in front of you, 
and this will be your way into the palace. 

With this, a cutscene between Carlo and Emilio. Carlo warns Emilio that he 
should be careful, after all, the Assassin has been in Venice for weeks, and
it is only Emilio that is blind to that fact. With this, you will need to
assassinate him before he can leave and escape your blade. 

Up on the rooftop of the palace, and eliminate all the archers that are up
here, you do not want to be seen here before it is time to eliminate Emilio
when the time is right. There are two methods to eliminate the archers, you
can either move up behind them and hidden blade them such that they won't
talk at all, or if that is not possible, use your throwing knives and take
them out. Either way, you will need to remove all the archers before you can
go down, or most of them anyway.

With this, quickly eliminate the guard, and if you aren't spotted, this is
great, you can easily move up to Emilio, staying in the darkness, and quickly
moving off to kill him. Otherwise, if he is alerted to your presence, you 
will need to move fast and kill him anyway. 

I personally prefer killing off the guards, and then making a quick charge
towards the front where Emilio will escape. With this, draw out your sword
and prevent him from escaping. Since he can't escape, and there are all these
guards, he will attack, and all you need to do is to practice the age old
technique of counterkill to win the the fight. With this, Emilio is dead. But
how you kill him is entirely up to you. 

Once you are done here, all you need to do is to talk to Rosa again, and you
will pretty much finish off this sequence. 

[2.10] Sequence 8: Necessity, Mother of Invention

                                                                1482 - Venezia 

 - Birds of a Feather - 

This is another simple mission really, and it will take some time. Basically,
a templar meeting has taken place, and two of the Templars will walk off
together, and as you can guess, your mission is to eavesdrop on the mission
and figure out what the hell is going on. Remember, you need to keep your
distance, you do not want to get too close, otherwise, they will notice you
and you will fail this mission. Not exactly the best of ways to start off a 
new sequence.

Remember, do not piss off the guards, if you cause some conflict, let them
push you to the floor, I know, it is tempting to stab a few people here and
there, but this is a stealth mission. And you need to stay back, about 20
meters back around about, because the pair will eventually stop, and have a 
nice look around. This is where you need to act like you're a normal member
of the crowd, even though your clothing stands out like a wet thumb.

Eventually, you will reach the Basilica di San Marco, and there are ways to
enter this area, since there are guards. You can always walk in with the 
courtseans and have them distract everyone, or use the thieves to annoy and
send off the guards, but my preferred method is to scale the building around
the courtyard, and use that to your advantage. The targets will not look up
and you can monitor them with ease. The only real trouble is to get back

Anyway, in the main courtyard, the pair will meet with more fellow Templars,
and from there, your goal is still to observe, no blooding of your hidden
blades is allowed. Follow them until they finish off at their destination, and
you complete this mission. It is quite easy, as long as you don't get your
blades wet. With blood.

From here, you will need to talk to Antonio, who is in Emilio's old palazzo,
and talk to him for the next mission.

 - If at First You Don't Succeed... - 

This is where you and Antonio scout out the Palazzo Ducale, which is the home
of the Doge in Venice. Your target here is Giovanni Mocenigo, and you are to
protect him from the Templar threat. You and Antonio will basically have to
scout out the Palazzo, in order to find a way in without alerting the guards,
which means that you can't enter using the front door.

Basically, you need to move around to the markers on the map, but you need to
make sure that you don't bother to wonder into the building itself, the whole
area is considered a restricted zone, and if you are caught, you will have a 
fair bit of issues to deal with. 

Soon, it will be time to scale the tower near the Palazzo, and Antonio will 
be joining you. Although you can take a leap of faith down, Antonio will not
join you on the path down (which is odd, as you will find out later in the 
game), and you will have to wait for him. 

Otherwise, continue your path around the Palazzo, until you finally find the
jackpot. There is a construction area around the Palazzo, which happens to be
very convenient, as you can use that to get into the Palazzo without being
detected by the guards. Use the scaffolding to get to the Palazzo.

For now, you can see your target, which is Carlos Grimaldi, but you can't get
there, so for now, it is time to back down, and pay a visit to Leonardo, who
has set up shop in Venezia, so pay your old friend a visit.

 - Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained - 

Well, you have an idea. Leonardo has brought up the concept of a flying 
machine before, after all, it was one of the parts that you had to save 
during your little holiday in the mountains, and now, it is time to test
out the machine.

Basically, this mission is to get yourself familiar with the machine, make
sure you know how to use it, how to play with the elevation and turn in the
flying machine. The mission will end when you want it to, that is, when you 
have crashed the machine into tinderwood, or you have landed it somewhere.

 - Well Begun Is Half Done - 

For the flying machine to work, as Leonardo has drawn inspiration from the
fire, you need fire all over the city in order to provide the machine with
lift. Fires will be lit at strategic locations in the city so you will get
more uplift, or altitude for your flying machine, so you can make it to the
Palazzo Ducale, but first, you will need to kill some enemies that guard
these strategic locations. 

Basically, this mission is to finish off the guards that are located at the
markers on your map, which are grouped into 4 large categories. Basically,
at each of the markers, you need to clear the area of the guards that are
protecting this regions.

This is really just starting off with the ones closest to your first, and 
working your way along. Your goal is to kill the Brute guards first, because
if you get mobbed by guards, you will have trouble with the brute unless you
are good with the hidden blade counter. 

Make sure that you kill your archers along the way, they will make your life
that much harder if you do not kill him as they will fire on you in combat,
and that will make the enemy guards that much easier to kill you. Otherwise,
just kill everything and everyone at the markers, and finish off the 

This is the easy part. Next part, head to the next mission marker to finish
off this sequence.

 - Infrequent Flyer - 

As you can guess, this is the part where you need to start flying. This is
quite easy, however, the rooftop archers aren't exactly going to make this 
easy for you. You will first of all, look at the map to see where the 
Palazzo is located, and you need to figure out a path to get there using the
fires to help you there. 

Basically, you will want to stay steady and stable, do not move up or down
in terms of elevation, although you might want to swoop low for a kick of an
archer, which gives you an achievement on the Xbox version. However, this is
at your own peril, you will increase your likelihood to crash. Still, your 
goal is to use the fires to increase your elevation, and fly to your target.
When you eventually get there, watch the flyer disappear into the ocean. What
a shame.

Now, your goal is to get into position to meet the Doge, to save him from
his impending doom. There are plenty of archers up there, and there are a 
ton of guards, so you will either want to kill everything covertly on the way
to the marker, or just sneak there unseen. 

Now, get into position, and you will see that the man you are suppose to be
watching, gets assassinated by poison by none other than Carlos Grimaldi, who
seems to be unhappy that he doesn't join the Templar cause. He will slowly 
meet his end, and Carlos, knowing that you are there, will say that you are
the assassin who killed the Doge. Wow, now we have a problem.

You need to kill Carlos, and you need to make sure that he doesn't escape, but
the problem is that all these guards stand in the way. So, you have really 2
choices, either kill all the guards and then kill Carlos, or you can just 
kill Carlos and get the hell out of there. My preferred option is that you
assassinate Carlos first, simply because you have the height advantage not to
screw this up. 

Kill him, and get the hell out of there. You can kill all the guards, but like
the Imperial Stormtroopers, they just keep coming, so dodge them and get out
of the Palazzo. Your best bet for escape isn't on the rooftops, you will need
to get into the water, and swim your way out of there. Get out of there, and
once you are out of reach of the guards, you will finish this sequence. 

[2.11] Sequence 9: Carnevale

                                                                1486 - Venezia

 - Knowledge is Power - 

You start off outside Leonardo's workshop, and this is the part where everyone
is hankering over. This is the part where you will get your hidden gun, or
your hidden pistol off the mystery codex. It seems that Altair made this gun
from his own dives and from inspiration from his Eastern neighbours. 

Now that you have your gun, you will need to learn how to use it. Head over
to the marker and practice. The thing about the hidden gun is that although it
is a one shot kill with it, there are two problems. The first is that you need
to aim, the longer you aim, the better your chances you are to hit your
enemy. The gun doesn't exactly have ironsights, so until you see a straight 
line eminating from the gun, don't shoot or you will probably miss.

The second is that it is slow to operate. Although you might get a shot off,
you will have to reload the gun, and then you only have a total of 6 shots,
not exactly a lot. The bullets are often expensive, although you can loot them
from guard bodies, but you can't carry that many, so use them only when you
have to. Otherwise, just go in swinging your sword like crazy. 

Anyway, when you have successfully taken out the dummies with your hidden 
pistol, you will now get to move on. You will get a Carnevale mask from 
Leonardo, and this is the fun part, this mask will allow you to do anything
without getting any notority from the guards. This is because they only can
recognise faces, putting a name to face and hunting them down. With everyone
covering their face, no real point. 

Now that you can do anything, you might as well finish off the side quests in
the new area and get on with the mission at hand. 

 - Damsel in Distress - 

Well, your meet with Antonio is cut short with a murder. Okay, Ezio does have
his fair share of murders, but they were all called for, well, except the few
thousand guards that he killed, maybe not them, they were just doing their
job and being annoying. Anyway, you will need to hunt down the murderer, and 
this is a good time to test out your gun in the middle of combat.

Anyway, after a while of him running, he will target another courtsean, and 
this is when he will stop moving, now that he is standing still, use your
pistol to get a little target practice in, Ezio's own way of hostage 
negotiation skills. Be careful of the civilians that tend to get in the way,
make sure you have a clear shot before killing the murderer. How apt, the
murder of a murderer. 

Now, escape from the area if the guards are chasing, probably escape, this 
will let allow you time to change your weapon.

 - Nun the Wiser - 

Now, it turns out that there is a Golden Carnevale mask that is up for grabs,
the winner of this mask will get an invitation to the private party of the
Doge, who is Marco Barbarigo, and this is the perfect opportunity to kill
the man, where he will be at his most vulnerable state, which is perfect for

Anyway, your goal here is to win all the minigames that he, the Doge will
throw at you, in order for you to win the mask. Sounds easy. 

 - Ribbon Round-Up - 

Ok, this mission clearly was before the time where police would catch people
for sexual harrassment, but let us start. This mission involves you going to
all the women in Carnevale and attempting to steal a ribbon from them, which
is something that you will need to pickpocket. Basically, pickpocket all the
women to get as many ribbons as you can. 

You need at least 25 to win this event, and really, it is quite easy since
there are a lot of them around and the pickpocketing action is rather quick,
unlike the action that is required for looting everything. This is the easy

 - CTF - 

No, there aren't any guns in this mission, it is where you need to beat your
opponent three times by capturing the flag before your enemy and bringing it
back to the start zone. This is relatively simply, you will get 2 lives for 
this, as the score to reach is three. 

When you start this mission, you will start on the rooftops, which is kinda
annoying, but it is actually a huge advantage. This is because when you are
on the rooftops, there are really no obstacles in the way, whereas on the
streets, you need to watch out for civilians. Anyway, head for the marker that
denotes the flag, and the job here is to get there faster than the enemy
does, which is marked in red. You need to capture the flag three times to win.

If the enemy does get the flag, do not fret, as it is not all over. You will
simply need to give chase and eventually tackle him to the ground and take the
flag from him and capture it yourself. Although you don't get your weapons to
make light work, Ezio is still pretty quick on the guard and you do have that
as an advantage. 

If you are worried about losing health from getting to the rooftops down onto
street level, just bring some medicine with you to recover the damage done to
Ezio from falling from the tops. 

 - And They're Off - 

This is basically a race, and if you have kept playing the race side missions
over and over again, this shouldn't be hard at all. Basically, it is the same
as a race, you need to compete against the clock and reach the end point 
before the clock reaches zero.

To do this, you need to run through all the white markers, and it doesn't 
matter how you do this, as long as you run through all of them, it is quite

And really, if you have been free running across the rooftops of Venice along
the water, this shouldn't be hard, this should come as second nature, simply
because you know how to counter all the obstacles that you will face, and they
are not hard. The real thing to keep in note is that you do not want to fall 
down onto street level, simply because that if you do, you will waste a lot of
time and this is time you cannot afford to waste. 

Note that you have finished off the first three minigames, it is down to the
final, where you will get your mask.

 - Cheaters Never Prosper - 

This is basically a boxing match, you are to use your unarmed self, or your
fists, against your enemies, and the winner of all this will get the Golden
mask. All you really need to know how to do is to counter and counterattack
your enemies.

The first few enemies are relatively easy, but when Dante Moro comes along,
he is a bit tougher to beat. However, if you know how to counter and then
counter attack with your fists, it shouldn't be an issue. If need be, you
will need to be able to use your dodging skills, to avoid a powerful swing
against you, but other than that, it is easy.

But as you will have figured by the title of the mission, something is going
to happen. The Doge doesn't like you winning, and he sets his guards on you,
guards that have weapons on them, so this is the perfect time to practice
your disarming skills, take the weapons off the guards, and kill them. Or
you can just pull out your own weapons and this will be it anyway. Fight them,
and you will need to reclaim the Golden Mask, which is rightfull yours, from

 - Having a Blast - 

How, you don't have the Golden Mask, but that doesn't matter, because we are
going to make sure that this party is one that doesn't reach midnight. Antonio
will tell you that killing Dante doesn't solve any problem, it just creates 
more of them. The dead body of the bodyguard of the Doge isn't exactly 
something you want to carry with you. 

So, the aim is to get to the marker and from there, figure out where Dante
is, and you will follow him. With this, you're going to have to figure out
a way to distract him, and you can use the courtseans to your advantage, have
them distract him, and you will have to walk up, and steal the Golden Mask 
from him. Now that you have the mask from Dante, you can go into the Doge's
private party, and this is the time to finish this.

Now that you have entered the party with your golden mask, the man at the 
entry will get out of your way, and Teodora will tell you to use her 
courtseans to your advantage, when them to get closer to the Doge, as Dante
tells him that he has lost the Golden Mask. There is going to be another 
thing that both he and the Doge will lose. Their life. 

Anyway, after they make a little announcement, you will become completely
notorious, and you will need to stay incognito in order to assassinate the
Doge. There are two ways of doing this, the offical listen to the game way,
and my way. 

The offical way is that you need to use the courtseans to move closer and
closer to the Doge, who is on the boat off the shore somewhat. You need to
use the courtseans to distract the patrolling guards, hiring more along the
way, and edge closer to the shore, where you can shoot the Doge in front of
everyone, and escape from the area.

My way was a bit more challenging. From here, you get to the side, jump into
the water, and swim to the backside of the boat. From there, take out the
guards around the edges, sneak up to the Doge, and assassinate him from 
there. This is a lot harder, but it is far more challenging if you want that
extra challenge. 

Anyway, when you kill the Doge, you will need to escape from the area, and
when you are completely incognito, you will have complete this sequence. 

[2.12] Sequence 10: Force Majeure

                                                                1486 - Venezia

 - An Unpleasant Turn of Events - 

Antonio will be waiting for you, and it is time to talk with him, to discuss
what your goals are next. This doesn't get any easier, but at least you have
fun toys to play with.

 - Caged Fighter - 

Antonio will tell you about Bartolomeo d'Alviano, who is the condottiero or
mercenary leader of Venice. Under the orders of the Templar Silvio Barbarigo,
Bartolomeo has been imprisoned in Venice, and it is your job to rescue him.
His mercenaries will be a valuable addition to the Assassin order, and it is
your job to get him.

Now, you will be able to find an injured mercenary who can help you, but
really, all you need to do is to head into the big red restricted zone, which
is a telltale sign of where the mercenary leader is held. From the rooftops,
you can see where he is, imprisoned inside a cage surrounded by armed guards
making sure no one can mount a rescue attempt. They're dead wrong.

Around the cage are 4 guards, so from the skyline, jump down and assassinate
two of the four guards, and quickly eliminate the rest of the guards. When
the immediate threat out of the way, now it is time to break Bartolomeo out
of his cage and let him fight.

Now that he is free, Bartolomeo will be following you, but he cannot climb,
so you will be stuck on ground level. No matter, this makes it easier to get
to his home, and also eliminate the guards. The guards will attempt to kill
you, attempt since they will fail. Eliminate them, and continue pressing 
towards his home, which is highlighted as the marker. 

There are problems with getting him home though. Bartolomeo isn't one to
shy away from fights, so if he sees a guard, he will attack the guard. He
will not hide either, so you will need to resort to overt action, so use
your sword or dual blades to eliminate the guards. Keep him safe, and get
him home to his precious beloved, his Bianca, a massive Claymore type sword.
Once he is home, you are done. For now.

 - Leave No Man Behind - 

As you can guess, you might have saved the mercenary leader, but there are
still mercenaries, who are under Bartolomeo's control, that are locked up
in cages. And it is your job to rescue them from the evils that surround 
them. This is easy, kill, liberate, escape. 

Really, as you head from location to location with your merry band of 
bandits, it isn't that hard to kill the enemies. The mercenaries will rush
towards the guards, and whilst they are are busy attacking your allies, you
can just walk behind them and your hidden blade will finish them off. This
is basically rinse and repeat, get your free mercenaries to distract the
guards, you sneak up behind, kill them.

The problem again, with mercenaries, they cannot climb, only the thieves
can do that, so again, you are stuck to the ground, but that shouldn't limit
you at all, you should be a master at combat anyway, so eliminate the

Eventually, when you get to the third set of prisoners, the enemies do get a
little tougher, you will be facing brutes for once, and they will do a fair
amount of damage if they land a hit, but they are slow, and easy to sneak up
behind for a quick stabby stab. 

 - Assume the Position - 

Now, we need to set up for the assassination of Silvio Barbarigo, and you
will need to eliminate some guard posts, basically, get rid of the guards, 
replace them with Bartolomeo's men, and that will allow you easier passageway
towards killing Silvio.

Now, the guards posts aren't that hard to get rid of. There are three guard
posts, and again, they get progressively harder. You get your own mercenaries
again, but they are stuck to the ground, so back to land combat it is. Make
sure that you eliminate all the guards along your path, since your mercenaries
have a nice tendancy to pick a fight with any guard, so best to solve that 
before it becomes a problem.

Move towards the guard posts, and eliminate the guards. Kill the guards at 
their position, and do the same for the other two posts. Along the way, as you
finish off more guard posts, brutes join in the fun, so you will need to get
rid of them first, before they start thinning the amount of mercenaries that
you have tagged along. 

Once you have completely eliminated all three guard posts, the mission is 

 - Two Birds, One Blade - 

Now, you need to set off a little firecracker, basically, it marks the start
of your final mission in this sequence. Climb the tower, and when you fire off
that little firecracker, you need to assist Bartolomeo in his fight against

Down you go, and basically, assist Bartolomeo. There, Dante and his little
henchmen are attacking Bartolomeo, and when you move in to assist, Dante will
flee from Ezio. Still, you need to stick it out with Bartolomeo and defeat
the guards. The easy way is to kill those that are attacking Bartolomeo and 
are facing their backs towards you, easy assassination from behind. From 
there, you need to give chase to Dante, and when you catch up with him, he
will stand and deliver. Armed with an axe, he can launch attacks that cannot
be countered, so be prepared to dodge from his axe. 

Once he takes enough damage, Dante will flee, and you will need to give chase.
Again. After a while, Dante will lead you to where Silvio is and stand pretty
much next to him. Hence, two birds, one blade. Both targets are on a boat, 
surrounded by their little guards. Now, you have two options.

The first is to charge right through the enemy soldiers and try to get onto
the boat, board it, and double assassinate both Dante and Silvio at the same
time. The trouble with this is that you will need to deal with the guards that
are there, since they won't just move out of your way if you ask nicely.

The second and easier method is to get onto the buildings and get jump onto
the masts of the ships that are closeby. Using the masts, you can jump from
boat to boat, and this will eventually lead you to a mast that will overlook
Dante and Silvio's position, allowing you to double assassinate from the air. 
Either way, eliminate them, and finish this sequence off. 

[2.13] Sequence 11: Alter Egos

                                                                1488 - Venezia

This is the last real sequence before the finale, unless you have the DLC,
which will add on to this after you complete this sequence. Anyway, you start
off talking to Leonardo, who has come to say his goodbyes, it is time for him
to leave, and you get to hug him off. But that doesn't mean you are all done,
there is still work to be done. 

 - All Things Come to He Who Waits - 

Now that you and Leonardo have parted ways, it is time again to obtain the
Apple from the Templars. You need to follow the courier as he walks around
the city, carrying the box containing the Apple that the Templars had 
recovered from the island of Cyprus. 

Now, unlike your previous stalking missions, this one is harder. The 
courier here will often take a short burst of running, making it hard for
you to catch him at times, so you will need to keep up. Also, on the ground,
it will be hard for you to fully keep track of him, with civilians in the 
way between you and him. And finally, there is always the issue of getting
too close, and thus, blowing your cover. So it would be a good idea for you
to take to the skies and hide on the rooftops.

On the rooftops, you will need to keep an eye on the courier, as well as your
path following him. You need to be able to make sure that if he runs, you
have space to run, so avoid climbing up and down buildings, and always try to
find a quick path across buildings, rather than descend and then ascend 
buildings. This path will have 2 added benefits, it is easier to track someone
on the ground from the air, and you don't have to worry about swordfights with
the guards.

Now, after a fashion, the courier will take to the skies as well, and this is
where it gets interesting. You need to follow the courier, at a distance, 
while he runs across from building to building. He is pretty quick, so you 
will have to be quick as well. Eventually, he will reach his destination and
will set down the package.

When he does this, you will have exactly 2 minutes to kill the courier and 
take his armour from him, you will need that for your own goals. However, you
have to do this incognito, so you will need to stealth assassinate him and
avoid all contact with archers and the like, who will give away your position
and that helps no one.

To do this, and avoiding all the soldiers, is to silently and quickly 
eliminate the surrounding guards. Use hiding spots such as the hay around the
area to kill the patrolling guards, and that gives you a quick and free 
access point to eliminate the courier. With him out of the way, the package
is yours. But you aren't done yet.

 - Play Along - 

Now that you are a "guard" you will need to play along. You will need to 
follow the lead guard as you carry a package to the Spaniard. This is not as
easy as it seems.

To do this, you need to be careful. You don't want to cause undue attention
to yourself from the guards, so don't try to knock other people, that will
cause you to drop the package, and you aren't meant to do that. This is a
fairly long trailing mission, but you will get your little reward of action
at the end. Just play along, and don't do anything stupid, like kill a guard
and draw attention to yourself.

At the end of your path, you will finally meet the Spaniard, Rodrigo Borgia. 
Now, with the guards out of the way, the showdown begins. Since you cannot 
instant kill Borgia, you will need to bring out some moves. You need to attack
him to knock down his health, and you will need to defend yourself to protect

To start off with, aggression is key. Playing defensively has really the same
impact as playing offensively, except it's slower. Use your sword or hidden
blades to attack Borgia and quickly whittle down his health. It is important
that you don't lose too much of your own health, you will need it to fight
what he throws at you next, after you have knocked his health back some.

Of course, Borgia will call for reinforcements, and you will need to focus on
them instead of Borgia, he cannot die, but his little minions can, so kill
them quickly and then focus on him again. You have to be causeful, the brutes
are fairly hard to kill, so your best bet is to fight unarmed and disarm the
enemies and kill them with their own weapons, but the risk is that at this 
stage in the game, the guards are somewhat more skilled, and they are a lot
harder to disarm. 

Now, Rodrigo will call in even more reinforcements, and this is where things
get a little more fun. Throughout the game, Assassins that have helped you
along the way will join in, and you will find out who really was an Assassin.
They will distract the enemy guards, and you can use that to your advantage to
kill them, then all of you can focus on Borgia, and finish him off.

With Borgia down, he will eventually make his escape, not before you obtain 
the Apple, which is key, and furthermore, Ezio will be formally inducted as
an Assassin, which is about bloody time if you ask me. This will either lead
to the final showdown in Roma if you don't have the DLC, or the Battle of
Forli if you do. 

[2.14] Sequence 12: Battle of Forli [DLC]

                                                                1488 - Romagna

 - A Warm Welcome - 

It starts off looking at the fixing of the corrupted sequences, and now that
you have the Apple, you see a little cutscene involving Leonardo, Ezio, Mario
and Niccolo Machiavelli looking at it. After Ezio activates the Apple, it is
agreed that the Apple be kept in Forli, where it is protected by cannons and
by an ally, Caterina Sforza. 

When you start the mission, you join Caterina and Machiavelli talking, and you
are to follow, just acting as an escort and making sure nothing goes wrong.
Which is does. After a fashion, people run out screaming that the town of
Forli is being attacked by the Orsi brothers, who seem to be after the Apple,
but they are really after Riario's map, who was Caterina's husband, now dead,
map of the Codex pages scattered throughout Italy (unified under Ezio). 

Now, head towards the gates of the town, and they are locked, so Ezio will 
need to find the underground entrance into the city and from there, fight your
way towards the controls of the gates. This is going to be fun, kill those who
stand in your way, and end up killing the guards that Caterina has been 
yelling to the whole time. With that, open the gates, and let the battle 

 - Bodyguard - 

Once Machiavelli and Caterina get in, what is inside is just a case of epic
madness. Basically, the guards under Caterina's control and the mercenaries
of the Orsi brothers are fighting each other in what is basically a citywide
battle. This makes it hard to target a single person, they are all killing
each other, but then again, with people so distracted, a little stab from the
back is more than enough to finish them off.

Now, your goal is to escort Caterina and Machiavelli as they travel towards
the castle. This isn't as easy as it would seem, those two have a tendancy
to pick fights, and you will need to have a tendancy to end those fights with
relatively quick dispatches of guards, since they won't exactly have infinite
health. The fact that Caterina uses a knife whilst Machiavelli uses a sword
suggests that you should be paying closer attention to Caterina since she is
more likely to take damage rather tham Machiavelli, who can handle himself
most of the time.

Continue to escort both Caterina and Machiavelli towards the Rocca di 
Ravaldino and from here on, you really need to pay close attention. You will
be walking into an ambush, and here, you will be under attack from guards, who
will also focus on you as well. Basically, take all the heat yourself, since 
you should have health packs with you, and counter all the enemies who stand
in your path. 

When you have finished doing your duty as a guardian and bodyguard, you will
find that the Orsi brothers have pretty much kidnapped two of Caterina's 
children, and that the Templars are joining in the fray, in which you will
need to repel. This is starting to get hectic. 

 - Holding the Fort - 

This is a part where you need to kill the attackers, and protect Machiavelli
and Caterina at the same time. They somehow have a bit better judgement this
time round, so they don't need your help as often, but they still need your
help in repelling the attackers.

How you want to defeat the attackers is up to you, but you will need to do so
quickly because you need to keep an eye on your two wards, Machiavelli and 
Caterina, so your dual hidden blades are probably the way to go on this 
mission, they are quick, and very useful in counter situations when you get
your timing right.

This is quite easy, but very hectic and will test your skills in combat as 
much as anything, this is a case where you cannot win being an assassin, you
win by killing everything in sight. Anyway, kill the attackers, and talk to

The Orsi brothers will reveal themselves for once, saying that they have 
indeed kidnapped Caterina's children, and the ransom is to be the map that her
now deceased husband made, as well as the Apple which they know Ezio has. They
want that for the Apple, and for that, they will get none. Too bad they have 
to die for their crimes. Your job now is to get her children back first, and
then deal with the brothers.

 - Godfather - 

You have a total of 10 minutes to find out where the children have been kept
and to rescue them. This is actually a fair amount of time if you play it 
right, but you will need to be smart about avoiding the fights that are taking
place around the city, since they will needlessly drag up a lot of your time
that you could be using to save the children.

Make your way north out of the city towards where the first of the children,
Bianca, is being kept, and you will need to defeat the nice group of armed
guards protecting her. Although you will need to locate her, it is even 
easier to locate a large group of armed guards around a rather innocent 
looking location, so locate them, and engage in combat.

Although this is in a rather close combat situation, you have the best weapon 
against the guards, smoke bombs. One smoke bomb is more than enough to 
eliminate at least half of the guards there, and that will leave the rest of 
the guards easy prey. Eliminate them. It is interesting to note that the child
is trash talking the guards whilst they are fighting, clearly that was the 
reason behind why they lost so badly with Ezio. Anyway, free the child,
and you will need to look for the other child, Ottavanio, who is around the
lighthouse. That is at the very north end of the map, north of the port.

From here, move towards the lighthouse, and you will find a ton of enemy 
guards, mainly archers, hovering around here, so your throwing knives and
even your gun will be needed to dispatch them before they can drill a few
holes into Ezio, which isn't wanted. Kill the archers, and then start to scale
the lighthouse.

You will notice that one of the Orsi brothers, Ludovico Orsi, is at the top of
the lighthouse, pretty much watching the child, keeping him at bay, and it is
him that you will slowly need to work your way up to and eliminate. You can
eliminate him by a variety of means, but as long as you eliminate him and free
the child, this part of the mission is complete. Head down to the next one.

 - Checcomate - 

It turns out that the other Orsi brother, Checco Orsi, has managed to get his
dirty little hands on the Apple of Eden, and it is your job to get it back. It
turns out that the children were a lure to get you away from the town, 
lowering the defences and allowing him to get his hand on the Apple. You will
need to head outside the city to give chase to him, so do so, and get the 
Apple back.

You cannot let him get too far away, so thus, since you aren't in the city, so
get a horse. Ignore all the guards, you will only let him get further away if
you don't, so ignore the guards, get a horse, and give chase. That will allow
you to close the gap. 

With you eventually catch up, he will stop, and will stand and deliver, which
is what you want, what you didn't want is a whole group of guards to come 
along and play with you. So you will need to eliminate Checco and the guards
if you want the succeed. There are archers, agiles and brutes all playing 
here, and they will give more than a headache.

Again, you will probably want a smokebomb, this will eliminate the close 
quarter fighters with ease, and allow you to eliminate the archers whilst the 
brutes and agiles aren't giving you a hard time. With them out of the way, 
focus on Checco and kill him. Eventually, you will enter the assassination
scene, and it is here that Checco manages to wound Ezio, at the price of his
own life. However, the wound has an effect, Ezio falls, and loses control of
the Apple, only for it to be picked up by a man wearing a robe, with a finger
missing on his left hand.

 - Far From the Tree - 

You wake up next to Caterina, but you are missing the Apple, and it is of 
high importance that you manage to get it back. First however, Caterina will
give you the map that the Orsi brothers sought, Riario's map, which reveals
all the codex pages that you are missing. Not helpful if you found them all
already. She also tells you where you can find people who look similar to the
man Ezio saw taking the Apple. So you will need to start there.

Obviously, you will know where, the Church which is now restricted, so you 
will need to be a bit careful. Anyway, when you get to the church, you will
find a monk who is being harrassed by two guards, so why don't you come along
and kill them, in front of the holy man. Sounds like a good idea.

Anyway, the monk will tell you to look towards the Church in the centre of 
Forli, but the monks who are your targets will flee, since you killed one of
them earlier on. Tackle one of the three monks and they will tell you what you
want to know. The monk who took the Apple is none other than Girolamo 
Savonarola. And he played a big role in the Bonfire of the Vanities, in 
Florence. And that ended with his death. So guess where you're headed next?
That's right, the Bonfire of the Vanities. However, only if you have the DLC
for it. Otherwise, it's Roma for you. 

[2.15] Sequence 13: Bonfire of the Vanities [DLC]

                                                                1497 - Firenze

This is the second of the DLC, the Bonfire of the Vanities, again, another
period in Renaissance history that should be forgotten. What it was was a time
that Girolamo Savonarola, the man who stole the Apple of Eden, took over the
city of Florence after the death of Lorenzo de Medici. 

 - Florentine Fiasco - 

Anyway, it starts off like the Battle of Forli, you need to walk into the 
checkpoint and talk to Machiavelli. You will learn what I have just said,
Savonarola has taken control of the city with his Apple of Eden, and with it,
started a massive bonfire to remove all the works of the Renaissance. 

Follow Machiavelli, and you will find dead guards with the emblem of the 
Borgia on them, and he explains that Borgia has sent his men to retrieve the
Apple, and evidently, they have been unsuccessful. With this, you will need
to follow Machiavelli to the Palazzo Pitti, and this will be a mission that
is similar to the first Assassin's Creed. To get to Savonarola, you need to
remove his 9 henchmen, his lieutenants. Similar to the first game, to hunt
down Robert de Sable, you need to kill the 9 protecting him.

It doesn't matter what order you take to eliminate the nine, so I'll just
pick any old order that I want. But if you have trouble with one of the 
missions, just search for them, the relevant one.

 - Doomsday - 

The first of the nine, your target is a preacher, who is spreading the lies
that Savonarola speak, and it is your job to eliminate him. This preacher 
stands in front of a church, which makes it easy enough to eliminate him,
but there are a few guards that are protecting him.

The problem is, when you bump into a guard, the preacher man will run away
as fast as he can, so your goal is simple. Hide in the crowd and assassinate
him with the pistol. With that though, you will need to fight the guards to
get out of the area, you need to become anonymous in order to finish the
mission. This makes it a very easy mission, since there is a crowd to hide in,
so you can get an easy shot from there. 

With the fight with the guards, you can easily dispatch of the guards at this
stage in the game, but if you hvea trouble, you can just drop a few smoke
bombs and get the hell outta there. The sad thing is, the preacher didn't need
to be influenced, he already believed what Savonarola was saying.

 - Arch Nemesis - 

The next mission is the Condottiero, a nobleman of Florence. This one is 
rather tricky, since he is pretty well protected by guards, so you will need
a bit of stealth to succeed here. If you move to where the Condottiero is,
he will be spreading his lies over the people from a balcony, and he is 
flanked by a few guards.

So, the easy option is to take the aerial route, and assassinate him from
above. Get to the rooftops behind the Condottiero, and from there, you can
eliminate the sentry there, and overlook the nobleman. And with this, you can
double assassinate the Condottiero and his guard right there. 

The nobleman only fell for Savonarola's charms with the promise of more power 
and wealth, and thus, become one of his loyal followers with the allures with
more power and wealth than he already has.

 - Still Life - 

This mission is to eliminate the Painter, a painter who is now burning all
his own paintings in the Bonfire of the Vanities. Again, like the Doomsday
mission, he is surrounded by guards, and you will alert him and send him off
if you fight one of the guards.

So the mission is quite simple, sneak into the restricted area in which the
painter is hiding in, and slowly eliminate all the guards from the hiding 
spots. By slowly eliminating the guards from the hiding spots, you can get
to the Painter that much easier. When you get close to him, you can easily
eliminate the painter since his guards are mostly dead.

With the painter dead, he reveals that his own self doubts let him be fooled
by Savonarola that his ways were right. With his death, you need to get out of
the area, since the guards aren't very nice, and with this, eliminate them,
and get the hell out of there. Another one down, that is one third of the 
lieutenants dead.

 - Port Authority - 

This one is on a ship, and your job is to eliminate a Merchant. The Merchant
however, is harder to kill, you cannot be spotted when eliminating him, so
you will need to do this one completely stealthy. So, work your way slowly to
the boat and quietly eliminate the guards that are in your way.

Now, to get onto the boat, that is the tricky part. First, find out which way
the Merchant is facing, and with that, swim to the side of the boat that he
ISN'T facing. That will allow you to climb up the side of the boat without any
of the guards giving you a little glare and you losing the mission.

With this, you can easily eliminate the guards at the back with a ledge 
assassination. Now, with those guards gone, you need to move around the 
ledges, without being spotted by any of the guards, and move your way to the
bow of the stern of the ship, where the helm is. With this, wait for the 
patrols to move past your position, and give them a little watery grave. This
will eliminate more guards. Once those guys are down, do the same for the 
remaining patrolling guards on the ship, and eliminate them.

With more guards down, and none of them are patrolling the area you are in
anymore, you can finally get on the boat. With most of the guards dead, if
not, all of the guards dead, you can finally get your chance to eliminate the
Merchant, who will be unaware of your presence until it is too late. It turns
out that the Merchant obeyed Savonarola simply because he wanted the devotion
of the people, believing that money was the key to the problem.

 - Hitting the Hay - 

This mission is another that requires a hell of a lot of stealth, you cannot 
be detected killing the Farmer, who is your target in this mission. This makes
it quite hard, since there are a ton of guards just waiting to pounce on you
if you make a wrong move. But thankfully, the farmer also has a lot of hay
just lying around.

With this mission, you are to move into the restricted area to kill the 
Farmer, who is surrounded by henchmen, but you can hide in the hay, and wait
for him to move on by, assassinating his guard whilst you are at it. You will
want to eliminate most of the guards in the immediate area in order to get a 
good chance of killing the Farmer without drawing the attention of any of the
other guards.

Eventually, the Farmer will have a very small security detail, and it is then
that you strike, where you can easily assassinate him from behind, and then
make a quick dash to freedom. It turns out that the Farmer obeyed Savonarola
in order to get respect, the respect that lets him not be the lower class 

 - Last Rites - 

This is a tricky mission, you need to climb the Duomo without being seen, 
and with the guards patrolling the area, it isn't as easy as you would
think. There are a lot of guards that you will need to eliminate in order
to get to your target, the Priest. With this, you need to be careful.

Unlike previous missions where guards were rather packed together, there 
is a lot of space here, so you will need patience. You will have a good
deal of ledge assassinations here, and for those you cannot remove from
the ledge, you can either sneak up and stab them in the back, or kill them
with throwing knives or, if you wish, your pistol, and that will get rid
of them.

It isn't that hard to clear your path towards the top of the Duomo, but when
you get to the top, there are two guards that are protecting the Priest right
there, so you will need to get onto the scaffold and wait, until the guards 
get out of sight, and you can eliminate them with ease. Kill the two guards
that are there, and then eliminate te Priest, who only wanted to believe in
what Savonarola was saying, believing that it was the truth.

 - Surgical Strike - 

The next of the lieutenants, your target is the Doctor. A man who offers 
medical care, on the condition that they believe in Savonarola. What a sham.
And it is your job to eliminate him. There are a few patrols that are 
around, but they aren't a big issue.

Basically, you can assassinate the doctor from two different directions. You
can hide in the crowd and use your pistol to eliminate him from a good range,
or you can blend in with the monks that move around the plaza, and use that
to get in nice and close with the good doctor and eliminate him. This is 
quite simple.

With the good Doctor out of the way, the man was drunk with power, to command
power over the human body. That was the reason to serve Savonarola. With him
out of the way, that is another lieutenant down.

 - Upward Mobility - 

Your next target is the Nobleman. Basically, in this one, a Nobleman is lying
to the people below about Savonarola, and it is your job to eliminate him. 
Once you get close to him however, he decides to flee like the coward he is,
and with that, you will need to give chase.

Basically, you can chase him down and kill him, or you can be smart and
attempt to intercept him. Either way, you will be able to get him in the end
because he isn't that quick, and with him out of the way, that is the eighth
lieutenant for Savonarola down. And it turns out that the Nobleman was charmed
by the Apple of Eden, by his own choice.

 - Climbing the Ranks - 

The last of the lieutenants is not the lieutenant, but a Captain. The Captain
Guard. This is going to be a fight. Once you move into the area, you are hit
by an ambush, after all, Savonarola knew that someone was going to attempt to
get rid of him, so he alerted the men with the big strong swords.

Your first fight is going to be with a bunch of Agiles, who aren't going to
play nice with you and fight you one on one. You need to fight then quickly,
either killing them with your own weapon, or disarming them and kill them 
with their own weapon. 

However, even with that, more will join in, and the problem is that there are
archers that are going to pin you down, so you will want to quickly get rid of
them, with throwing knives, or just climbing the building and killing them 
with brute force. Both work well. 

Once you move to where the captain is though, there will be a lot of guards
there to protect him, and you will need to go through all of them. However, 
you can just drop a smoke bomb or two, and eliminate all of them with relative

With him down, a man that was intoxicated with power, you have taken out all
of the lieutenants of Savonarola. Now to confront the man yourself.

 - Power to the People - 

With this, it is back to the home where Savonarola is staying, and he is met
with a crowd of rioting Florentines. With his nine lieutenents down and no one
to keep the piece, he is forced to use his Piece of Eden, and it is at this 
point that Ezio can throw a knife to dislodge it, otherwise, Machiavelli will
do this in your place. 

With the Apple down, a Templar guard will steal it and run away with it, and 
it is your goal to catch him, whilst the rest of the public will attack and
subdue Savonarola. The Templar guard is relatively quick, and you will have
guards that will block your path, but you will be able to close the distance
between you and the Agile once you get onto the rooftops. 

Catch the guard, kill him, take the Piece of Eden back from him, and now to
finish off the last mission.

 - Mob Justice - 

Basically, it is your turn to witness the crowd deliver justice to Savonarola,
facing all the crimes that he committed against Firenze. However, his death
to fire was one that cannot happen, no matter what crimes he may have
committed, so Ezio decides to kill him himself.

So basically, you need to move from your position to kill Savonarola within 30
seconds, before he burns to death, which is easily enough. Ezio will then tell
the crowd to follow their own beliefs, and not the beliefs of others, and with
that, he and his Assassin brethen, walk off. That is another sequence down.

[2.16] Sequence 14: Veni, Vidi, Vici

                                                          Monteriggioni - 1499

Before you can start to finish the game, you need to find all the hidden codex
pages that are in the cities. You need to finish the codex before you can 
find out the location of the Vault, and with that, all the knowledge that is
contained within. Find the pages, bring them to Leonardo, and put them onto
the Codex wall.

 - X Marks the Spot - 

With all the codex pages, you need to use your Eagle Vision to piece the 
codex pages together, all the pages will form a map, the map of the world, and
once you have figured it all out, it is time to eliminate the Templar threat,
once and for all. And with that, it is time to eliminate Rodrigo Borgia. With
this mission however, you might want to tie up the loose ends, get Altair's
armour if you haven't, and get the best weapons in the game, for this is the
grand finale.

                                                                   Roma - 1499

 - In Bocca Al Lupo - 

Basically, you will start out next to some water, and your only way is up. So
with this, you will need to climb the wall. The usual, get to the top, and 
start platforming your way until you see some guards, and it is time for a 
good old beatdown. 

Kill the guards that are here, the guards are going to be the toughest in the
game, since this is the last mission, and now, you will need to kick in the
afterburners. Kill the guards, activate the lever, and lets move forward.

At the far end of this area are two guards just sitting there, and you can 
quickly move to double assassinate them before they even realise that you are
there, so do so. With them out of the way, you need to climb the wall to get
to the next lever, so climb up, kill the lurking guard here, and activate the
level to get to the next area. We are slowly getting there.

With this, move into the next area, and like before, just eliminate the rest
of the guards, it shouldn't be that bad, and with that, you can move into the
next area, which will be done on horseback. 

If you have played with the horse combat system before, this is relatively 
easy, you need to kill your attackers on a horse. It isn't that bad, you need
to time your longsword slashes at the right times and you can easily get rid
of the attackers without getting knocked down.

If you do get knocked down, you can yourself, get down and defeat the 
attackers before they cause too much damage to you. Either way, eliminate them
and get back on the horse, for there is a large gap that you can only cross,
on horseback, at full speed. 

The next area, whilst it is quite long, is rather straightforward, you can 
just move across the area, kill the guards, scale the towers, kill more 
guards, and you will keep doing this until you area a somewhat open area, and
that is where it gets real fun.

Basically, it is going to be a bar fight, a lot of guards are going to be
here to greet you, and it is your turn to greet them with your blades. Kill
them all, use smoke bombs if necessary, and with that, activate the lever that
will get you into the Vatican.

Now, this is going to be fun, if you get spotted, you lose. However, only the
guards can spot you, the priests have no issue with you, so basically, you 
need to use the priests to blend in, and when you move past the guards, use 
the priests as cover so that you can eliminate them without being seen. 

So basically, you will walk around with the priests, pretending to be one of
them, and silently killing the guards in this area. With the guards out of
the way, you can move towards the hallway, and get into the giant hall where
the Pope, Borgia, will be giving his sermon. It is time to end him.

You can sneak to where Borgia is and attempt to air assassinate him, but that
doesn't go to plan. It is a fight between the Papal Staff and the Apple of 
Eden, and Ezio, learning a few tricks from the codex from Altair, will use the
Apple to duplicate himself, mirror images, similar to what Al Mualim did in
the first game against Altair. 

This fight is simple, Borgia has his staff, and you have your hidden blades, 
and you have the advantage, the blades attack quickly, so Borgia has little
time to fight back effectively, and with this, you can easily eliminate him.
You can use your throwing knives against him, but where is the fun in that?

Anyway, Borgia knows he will lose, and runs. Use your eagle vision to track
him down, and eventually, it will boil down the a fist fight, which is rather
fun. This is actually fun, and easy. Basically, pit Borgia against the wall,
kick him twice, then grab, kick, and let him fall to the floor. With this, you
rinse and repeat, very simple. 

With this, you will easily defeat him, and you will, with the combined power
of the Apple of Eden, and the Staff, enter the vault. There are a lot of mixed
messages here, but I'll let you figure them out. Future games will explain it
to you ... eventually. And that ends this sequence. With this, you will be 
back with Desmond, and the Templars, headed by Abstergo, are attacking.

[2.17] Finale

Whilst the credits start to roll, you will find that the bleeding effect from
Ezio has helped Desmond improve his skills as an assassin, and with this,
Lucy will give you a hidden blade. Head downstairs, and fight the men from
Abstergo, who, thankfully, don't have guns with them.

Fight them, and after all your fighting with Ezio, it should be a breeze to
kill these little guys. Vidic will tell you to enjoy your temporary victory,
but lets not make that a habit. With this, you have finished the game, but you
are free to finish off what you haven't finished with Ezio. You cannot reply
the storyline however, but you can with the side missions. 

[3.01] Feathers

After the mission of Petruccio's Secret, you will learn about the feathers,
and when you have reached the stage where you have access to the Villa, you
will be able to collect feathers and place them in Maria's room. When you 
have collected 50 feathers, you will have access to Condoottiero War Hammer
that you will be able to purchase from the Monteriggioni blacksmith. 

When you have collected all the feathers, Maria will give you the Auditore
Cape, which will make you notorious in all regions except Monteriggioni. 

Anyway, the feathers are everywhere, but for obvious reasons, it is hard to
put a map in this guide. But I will post links to a site where you can print
out the maps that you can use for your game.


or you can use this site.


[3.02] Assassin's Tombs

When you reach the Villa Auditore, underneath it, there are 6 seals that you
need to collect in secret tombs belonging to assassins. These tombs are the
resting places of famous assassins, who have eliminated high-ranking templars
throughout history. These tombs all contain a seal, and when all 6 seals are 
combined together within the Villa Auditore, they will unlock the Armour of
Altair. It was Altair himself who sealed away his armour in such a manner, 
such that only an assassin would be able to obtain it.

There are 6 seals, and each involve mostly free-running and parkour to obtain
them, it is a test of your movement skills, rather than your abilities in 
combat, which are increasingly more deadly by the minute. The six tombs are
located throughout Italy, and they are located in the following.

 * Basilica Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence
 * Santa Maria Novella in Florence
 * Rocca Di Ravaldino in Forli
 * Torre Grossa in San Gimignano
 * Basilica di San Marco in Venice
 * Santa Maria Della Visitazione in Venice

Anyway, I shall list how you go about finishing off these, but really, if you
need help with this, text based solutions aren't exactly the best, it is 
better if you use a video, since it gives a visual demonstration of how it is
done, rather than my text based guide, but it may help, who knows.

 - Santa Maria Novella - 

This is a quick copy and paste from above, in case you missed it.

Enter the building, and activate the switch to lower the stone in front of
you, and quickly use the dropped stone to get onto the above platform, that
much is simple. Then follow the only pathway for a bit and you will get a
cutscene of all the platforms and ledges in this room.

As you can guess, you will need to follow the linear path here, and jump
on all the platforms to reach the end of the path. Eventually, you will
reach a platform with a lever on it, so activate that to raise a gate to 
let you in. Again, it is another piece of platforming, so get to the lever
again, activate it, and perform a massive leap of faith into a tiny bundle
of hay (which would actually lead to death, or massive injuries), and head
towards the doorway.

So, look as the guards have a little talk and shut the door behind them.
From here, enter the room and head to the left, using the ruined pillars
to get onto the ledge, but don't get up until you have performed a ledge
assassination on the guard walking past. From here, walk up the path and
there is another guard there, and again, assassinate him. The hidden blade
is quite useful here, simply because it takes out the guard in a single
hit, as opposed to your sword.

Now, another piece of simple platforming to reach a lever, and collect
the chest below, but the game will tell you that your aim now is to reach the
next lever. To the east side of the ledge on top, there are some stones that
stick out, so climb those and get onto the ledge there. Use that to get you
onto the next ledge, and onto the flying coffin. 

Now, swing to the platform to your left, onto the ledge, and that will 
allow you to activate the next lever, which opens the door. Back down to the
ground you go, because the guards have been alerted, and you will need to
do some more assassination. Shame it isn't there fault they're just guards.
You just need to assassinate all three of them, and the haystack at the 
bottom is the perfect hiding place to get some assassinations down. With 
that, try to enter the main hall. If you can only kill one of the guards,
that is enough to get the others to investigate, and time to kill both of

The guard here will start running, and he is very fast. When you have to 
follow him initially, it is just simple platforming, nothing really hard, 
but he will start to close some doors on you. The first door, after you
just miss a crumbling pillar, there is a detour to the right of the door,
so just that, and the swinging platform, to get you behind the door. 

Move onwards, and after the fallen bridge, you will need to drop on the 
floor below the templar, so at the window, take a right, and from there, 
a ledge will fall allowing you to move back up. When you climb up the 
rubble, the right path is your only means of catching him, and then 
turn right again, and the templar shuts another gate on you.

However, on the balcony, there are some platforms for you to clash on 
to, which is your way of catching him, and that leads you to the path 
right behind him, and again, he shuts another gate, so use the stairs on
the left to detour the gate. Follow him, and you will eventually enter a 
long hallway, with ledges to your left.

As you can guess, this is where you quickly jump on the ledges and run
at full speed, with both sprint and high profile on, and just run at the
guard, and eventually, near the end, you can air assassinate him. It is a
shame you couldn't have done this earlier. Now, there is a big closed door
in front of you, so use the scaffolding to the right as a means of bypassing
that. From there, enter the big room, and press the lever on top of that
ledge there.

Here, you will eavesdrop on the Templars, and it seems that everyone is
there, the Pazzis and crew, and Borgia himself. It seems that Jacopo has
some doubts, but Francesco seems to underestimate the Medici. It seems that
they really have something planned, and now, you will need to loot the room
with the sarcophagus, and besides the florins, you get the Seal of Darius,
and with that, you can leave. If you have any problems with any part of
this mission, this youtube link will show the complete mission in full.


 - Basilica Santa Maria del Fiore - 

Again, enter the building and you will get a visual demonstration on what
you will have to do, basically, you need to get all the way to the top
of the basilica. When the pair leave, it is time to get to work. First, 
use the chair object to scale the wall that you see, this is the quickest
way to gain height here. When you get to the top of the wall, scale it and
move sideways towards the ledge.

Hop over the bar and onto the next platform next to the walls. Move along
the platform, onto the next, and then onto the wooden beam. Move along to
the next set of wooden beams and then on top of the light fixtures there.
After hopping to the second light fixture, move towards the beam on the
right, onto the southern light fixture, bounce off the wooden beam there
and then onto the platform with the ladder on it. This ladder will serve as
a checkpoint, you will be able to use it in case you fall, just like Ezio

Then, onto the beam and up the ledge. Use this ledge as a boost to get the
beam above that you used to get to the ledge and then you get an easy 
straight run towards the east, where you use the wooden beams and bars, as
well as convenient ledges, to your advantage. Continue until you reach the
light fixtures, jump onto the platform attached to the pillar, and onto the
other light fixtures to your north-west. More light fixtures till you are
on a platform on the northern end of the building. Climb up the ledge here.

More wooden bars await you to your east, as well as some light fixtures. On
the second light fixture, look south to see a wooden beam and some more 
lights that you can use. At this stage, you can get to the scaffolds there, 
the part of the building that is under construction, again, jumping onto the
wooden bars there and dropping another ladder, another checkpoint for you. 

Now you get the glimpse of the next part. On your ledge, jump on top of the
pillars and use them to reach the balcony ahead. Scurry along this ledge
towards a light fixture, moving onto the next balcony, and not the cross that
is there. From here, back on the other side of the pillars. Reach to the end
of the pillartop, and onto the lift structure there. Jump onto the wooden 
beam, and up the wall you go until you get to the wooden platform supporting
the lift. 

Now, from here, jump onto the wooden network of beams above the cross, and
get to the ledge on the other side. Climb up the wooden bars here, and then,
onto the next level of the Basilica. From this ledge, do a backwards flip
to the wooden beam you see there, and tiptoe along until you reach the lift
like structure. More wooden bars later, you will need to drop down to the
platform below you.

Now, onto the light fixture, then the ledge next to the window. Climb up the
wooden bars, moving along to your left along this network of bars. Now, go
to the centre window, and climb up, onto the next level. Jump to the wooden
beam hanging out, above the flag, and onto the next beam. Use this to get 
onto the balcony on your left, and move onto the beam protruding at the west
side. Take a jump onto the lift and a jump onto the balcony.

Up the ledge, onto the platform, and up the ladder. Swing across to the other
side to get to the top of the platform and follow the obvious path along the
top there. When you reach the end of your path, climb the wall to your right
and use that to get over the obstacle. Keep climbing till you reach the top
of the platform on the top. Get up the middle beam, and there you will see the
magical ladder to the top of the Basilica. Take the leap, up onto the 
platform and into the tomb room. Take the seal, open the chests, and get out
of there. 

A full video of this can be seen here.


Note that when you get to the top, there is a feather on the top of the 
Basilica that you should get before jumping down, after all, do you want to
go to the process of getting up there again?

 - Torre Grossa - 

Enter the building, as you do, and we start in the sewers. Use the small
ledge next to the ladder to move sideways across to the platform on the
other side, you will not be able to get there otherwise. Pull the lever,
open the door, and enter the room.

There are going to be guards here, so throwing knives are ideal, since it 
removes them and prohibits them from giving away your position. When you enter
the wine cellar, in front of you is a massive shelf, but behind it is a small
platform, exactly where we want to be. Kill those that get in your way, and 
get on top of that small platform. Use it to jump to the platform in the 
corner, and use that to jump onto the ledge. You will need to angle it such
that you don't land on the wooden boarded up part, but the empty part next to
it. It will take a couple of tries, due to angling and the poor camera, but
you will get there. Eventually.

Use this wooden beam to get onto the platform, and onto the wooden ledge on 
the opposite of the alleyway when the road comes to an end. Move sideways
along this ledge until you get to the wooden platform and climb up. From here,
you need to get up, move onto of the wine caskets and onto the balcony where
the door is located. Up onto the balcony on the next level, and assassinate
the guard there.

From the balcony, onto the light fixture, onto the rope bridge and onto the
wooden beam on the other side. Get up and into the hallway. This is where you
will enter the main library, and there are a fair few guards here. Throwing
knives are advised. Kill the two guards and the brute on the bottom floor
before going up. The fireplace to the north-west is the best way of getting
to the next level, just the stack of wood to climb up, just onto the platform
and onto the next level. Kill the two guards here.

Now, onto the two light fixtures, and aim for the right window. There is a 
small ring like object there that you can grab on to, or painting rather,
so grab onto it. Use it to climb the right window and climb onto the platform
on the top there. Then swing across to the other side. As usual, kill the
guard here before moving up the stairs.

The path here is pretty straightforwards, you need to move in a circular 
fashion, left to right, moving around in a square, but upwards at the same
time. Kill the guards that stand in your way, and move along the path. If 
you get stuck along this path, make sure you look up and remember that you
can use backward flips as well. Keep that in mind. Eventually, you will get
to the top, and finish this area. 

Again, another video of this can be seen here.


 - Rocca Di Ravaldino - 

As usual, enter the building, that is straightforward. Into the water on 
onto the platform, you will note this is a restricted area, so it is pretty
much obvious there is a little killing involved. From the platform, onto the
main platform, and then climb up the wall, using a backwards flip to get on
the platform behind. From this platform, jump onto the rubble along the 
edges and onto the main pathway. Use the lever and open it to move further 
along the path.

From here, jump down into the water, and dive underwater, to escape the 
blocking obstacle that is the drawbridge. Follow the path out of the water
and up the wall, using the backwards flip along the way to continue your
path up the wall. From there, when you need to move up and sideways, do so
to trigger a cutscene.

First, toss the guard off the ledge and get onto land. Now, turn to your left
and jump across that nice gaping hole, timing it so the guards won't see you,
or your hidden blade for that matter. Kill the 2 here, and lets go. Continue
along the path, and there are some more guards, but they are closer and there
isn't much in the way of cover, so throwing knives are the best option here.
Eliminate them quickly and quietly, and move on.

To move on, you need to move up the scaffolding, and using a backflip to
get onto the level above. Kill the guard on this level, and climb up to the
next level, using the shield or coat of arms as the ledge, and backflip to
the level on top to activate a switch. This will drop the drawbridge, allowing
you to quickly jump over it to get to the other side.

From the other side, use the lever there to get across to the next pathway, as
it drops another drawbridge as well. From there, enter through the windowsill
and get to the other side. From here, climb across the wall sideways and drop
on top of the wooden beam and continue along the pathway.

Basically, onto the ledge, kill the guard, and drop down. Kill the guards in
your way. Kill the guards, and the Brute, and use the wooden scaffolding to 
get into the wooden beams on top. Use these to swing your way to the next 
platform. Then, jump across, using the coat of arms, through the crack in
the wall.

Activate the lever, and this is the tricky part. Ahead, there is a cracked
wall, use it to jump onto the pillar on your left. Continue along the pathway
using the wooden beams, then climb up the wall on your last beam. Do a 
backwards flip to the platform behind, and then jump onto the beams ahead 
and swing towards the door, which the lever controls. Inside the room is the

Again, the link to this mission is here.


 - Basilica di San Marco - 

Enter the building, though getting there may be tricky, but you'll figure it
out. In here, to get the seal, you need to complete 4 challenges. First, 
activate the tomb, to set up the 4 puzzles. Eastern most trial first. The 
goal of each trial is to jump and pull down the golden lever, which will 
finish the puzzle.

For the first puzzle, run in, past the tomb, past the painting to the right,
where there are some crates to get up. From there, jump on top of the little
housing there, using that ledge to get on top of the painting wall, and then
on top of the pillars covering the tomb. Use this to jump onto the platform to
your right, and onto the level. Now, move into the column, and hop off the
balcony, across the metal framework, which is a bridge above the ground, and
onto the other side. Climb sideways, moving to your left, whilst dangling off
the ledges. From here, climb onto the organ, and then climb up it and that 
should allow you to finish this part of the puzzle.

Now, the southern puzzle. First, climb the crates next to the cage like 
structure, and up you go. Along the ledges, swing your way towards the top
of the wall at the back of the area. Move along the pathway, and onto the 
column next to the wall. Then, swing your way across, jumping onto a wall,
and then climb up and onto the next level.

From here, jump across the cross like structures, and across to the other 
side, jumping into the little inlet there. Again, there are bars, so swing
your way to the back of the area, and then, scale the stained glass. Climb
it so you are directly in the centre. Climb to the spot above where all the
lines join in the centre, and do a backwards flip to get to the lever. Press
it, and move onto the next puzzle, the western one.

Now, to your left, there is a part of the wall you can climb in front of the
column, climb it and get on top of the column. Now, climb across to the next 
column, and then grab onto the ledge on that pillar in front. Go along 
sideways to get to the other side, and drop in the middle as there is a wooden
beam there. Use this to get to the other side of the puzzle area. On the 
platform there, using the rings to climb up onto the next level.

Here is the tricky part now, you need to scale the stained glass window of
the cross, high enough, past the centre of the cross, to backwards flip to
the hanging bars that are there. Swing across, and pull down the lever, and
now, take the last puzzle that is left for you and lets finish it.

This is the tricky one. Now, climb the fence, and onto the wall to your right,
in front of the column there. Now, climb on top of that column, and jump
your way to the one in the centre. Use this to get on top of the wall in the
middle, and use that to get to the little platform above the door on the 
back wall. 

Jump right, hanging onto the ledge and shimmy across. There are 4 little 
ledges here, so grab the first, move up onto the second, shift across to the
third and up onto the balcony. Now, up the crates in the main area, and up
that to climb the wall, hanging onto the rings that are there. Climb to the
top, backwards flip towards the wooden beam in the centre and use that beam
to jump onto the lever.

Now, enter the burial chamber and grab the seal. 

Again, this is the link to a video.


 - Santa Maria Della Visitazione - 

The last assassin's tomb. Get into the area, and leap of faith down into the
haystack, and again, you will note it is a restricted area, that means, some
guards to take out. Now, this is the fun part. Kill the brute, and it is time
for a chase. 

Chase the agile, the little guy is pretty damn fast. Follow the path, and you
will not really need instructions, just follow the templar agile, and you will
be able to finish this mission. This is because the game is scripted such that
the guard will wait for you at checkpoints just to let you catch up, so you 
really cannot fail this mission.

It is a relatively linear path, the only things you will need to change is 
that when he comes near a gateway, he will always drop the gate such that you
cannot get in through the gate, but conveniently, there is always an 
alternative route that you can use to get past that gate. That says so much
about the security of the place right? 

Eventually, you will get to the end of the path, and you should be able to 
catch up and kill the scout, but if you don't, he'll just raise the alarm and
you need to dispatch some guards. Anyway, kill them or not, open the door to
continue along the pathway.

From here, activate the lever, which drops platforms for you, and move along
it. It is time, so you need to be flawless. There are 4 levers that you need 
to press down, but it is all part of the linear pathway, so it isn't too hard,
follow the plain route. Pull them all down, and that will create a platform to
the tomb door, and more importantly, open the door. Enter the tomb, loot the
seal, and there you have it, the last tomb.

Anyway, the link for this mission is here.


Now that you have all the seals, you can head into the Villa Auditore, and 
place all the seals at their respective statues. With this done, you will be
able to get all the parts of Altair's armour, and also, you will be able to
purchase Altair's sword from the Blacksmith in town. Altair's armour and the
sword are the best armour and weapons in the game. 

[3.03] Glyphs

Glyphs are messages that you can only see when you use Eagle Vision. This is
due to Subject 16 placing messages that Desmond can see within the memories
of Ezio Auditore. There are 20 glyphs that can be seen all over Italy in
Ezio's travels.

These glyphs are located on the landmarks, and by accessing the animus, you 
can see the landmarks in the cities. There will be a distinguishing feature
between landmarks and those with glyphs on it.


 - Glyph 1 - In The Beginning - 

 Location: La Rosa Colta, Florence

This one is rather simple. You are looking at 10 pictures, and the aim is to
pick out the five that share a CORE similarity. This is similar to the Da 
Vinci code, the orb on Newton's tomb. Of course, we are talking about the 
apple. So, pick the 5 paintings that have an apple in them.

And they are :

 * The Fall
 * Hercules in the Garden of the Hesperides
 * Atalanta and Hippomenes
 * Judgement of Paris
 * Idun and the Apples

 - Implications

What does this mean? We know that the Pieces of Eden resemble apples, they 
look like orbs. To bring back memories of Assassin's Creed, what Altair took
from Al Mualim was the Piece of Eden, or the Apple. And it is the common theme
in all these images, basically, all theses myths and legends, they were real,
however, they were also illusions, all caused by the Piece of Eden, to fool
those into believing their feats. 

For example, the Fall, of Adam and Eve. It wasn't them stealing and eating an
apple from the Garden of Eden. No. It was them stealing a Piece of Eden that
got them kicked out. And when you see the final video from completing all 
these glyphs, you'll understand that a bit more.

Also, this is where Subject 16 notes that there are 20 glyphs hidden, and 
this is but the first of them.

 - Glyph 2 - Sixty-Four Squares - 

 Location: Ospedale Degli Innocenti, Florence

Basically, this one is spinning the circle till you get the full image. To 
complete the pictures, all you have to do is rotate the different stages of
the puzzle till you get the image. This is simple. It does get harder later
on. Now, onto the images themselves.

The first is Queen Elizabeth, holding an orb in her hand, and this is known
as the Apple, or Piece of Eden Number 2. The second is of Naploleon Bonaparte,
the most famous of the French Generals after the French Revolution. It is 
shown that inside his jacket pocket is a Piece of Eden, the first Piece of
Eden, the Apple. Note that there are several Apples. The third picture is 
of George Washington, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of 
America, with his hand underneath his vest, holding onto a Piece of Eden, 3,
the Apple.

 - Implications

What does this mean though? It means that throughout history, those who have
had the biggest impact on humanity, such as Queen Elizabeth's reign as one of
the most powerful English monarchs, starting a Golden Age in Britain,
Napoleon's campaign throughout Europe, conquering most of it, and the 
foundation of the United States through the American Revolution, all of this
was acheived with the Piece of Eden. 

This means that throughout history, great leaders have possessed the Piece 
of Eden to do so. 

 - Glyph 3 - Descendents - 

 Location: Santa Croce, Florence

Subject 16 starts off saying that power does die, it is passed on. In 
reference to the Pieces of Eden, this means that the power within them 
doesn't die from leader to leader, the Piece of Eden is passed onto the next

Now, the puzzle itself. This is basically a find-it puzzle, you need to find
the Piece of Eden in each image, using infra-red imaging to find it. The 
first is of President Roosevelt and it is just below his knee. There are some
important things to be drawn from this picture, but let us press on first. 
This photo is of President Roosevelt from a Strategic Meeting in 1944. The 
Piece of Eden is revealed to be Piece of Eden 3. 

The second photo is of Harry Houdini, escaping from the Chinese Water Torture
Cell in 1913 where the Piece of Eden is just below his head. The Piece of Eden
is revealed to be the Piece of Eden 1. The third picture is of Gandhi, during
the Salt March in 1930. The Piece of Eden is found just on top of his staff.
And the Piece of Eden is ID to be Piece of Eden 2.

 - Implications

This provides a wealth of information, so we will go to the photo of Gandhi
and Houdini first. In both pictures, there are Morse code phrases in it, and
they both are interesting. In the case of Houdini, it says

 "They hit him in the stomach"

Given that Subject 16 doesn't really like the Templars, it can be inferred 
that they represents the Templars, and they hit Houdini in the stomach to 
kill him, because his cause of death was a ruptured appendix. Note that his
Piece of Eden is Number 1, which is the same one from Queen Elizabeth. It also
infers that given the Piece of Eden has illusionary powers, most of his tricks
were illusions, utilised from the Piece of Eden, nothing else. 

Now, onto Gandhi, and again, there is another Morse code phrase saying the

 "The bullet hit him in the chest"

Again, this is interesting, it is saying that the Templars are responsible for
the death of Gandhi, or at least had some involvement, and indeed, Gandhi was
assassinated by someone who shot him, in the chest. Note that his Piece of 
Eden is Number 2, the same one used by Napoleon during his campaign. It could
also suggest that the massive peaceful uprising by Gandhi was due to his 
Piece of Eden, to create the illusion that he was one to be followed.

Finally, we get to Franklin Delano Roosevelt. There are two messages here. The
first is from the image, the second is a message that goes horizontally across
the photo.

 "He carried it with him. Find his inheritance"

 "The Masons brought it across the sea
  George Washington passed it on"

This is most interesting. It is implied that the Freemasons, established long
ago, are either a front organisation for the Templars, or at least strongly
affiliated with them. Either way, it is known that George Washington was a 
Mason, and so was FDR. This means, that the Masons brought the Piece of Eden
from Europe since the Colonal Ages, and is bestowed on their most powerful
leader. It started with George Washington.

And through time, it ended up with another Freemason, in the form of FDR. So
this is the Mason's inheritance, the secret gift at the end that only the top
Masons get, which is the Piece of Eden. 

 - Glyph 4 - Infinite Knowledge - 

 Location: San Lorenzo Church, Florence

This is another find-it type puzzle, you need to find the Piece of Eden that
is in the photo.


 Burning Viet Cong Base Camp, My Tho, Vietnam, 1968

  - Its open MOUTH delivers the kiss of death.

If you can figure out MOUTH and delivers death, it is safe to assume that we
are looking for something that when it is used, it will deliver death through
an open mouth, or hole. And that perfectly points to the Bazooka one of the 
soldiers is carrying.


 Members of the 2nd Infantry Division Advance Under Machine Gun Fire into the
 Outskirts of Brest, France, 1944

  - Leading the YOUNG to their end.

With a whole picture of soldiers, what does young mean? It means that during
World War 2, a lot of young American soldiers enlisted to join the war, and
leading the young would be a soldier, so find it on the soldier in the 

There is also a hidden message there that is written in hexidecimal form, 
which translates to 

 "Antikythera Mechanism, much older than 150 B.C.E."

More on that later.


 Union Troops in Formation, Beaufort, South Carolina, 1862

  - The flames from its throat POKE out their eyes

What could this mean? It means that at the throat of this object, flames will
be seen from it, and this poke has the ability to poke out the eyes of people.
This will refer to the Bayonet, attached to the end of the musket, the throat
of the Bayonet, when fire, it will eject flames.

Also, in Caeser Number Cypher is a message that reads the following:

 "Ancient city, Rajastan, India, irradiated by PoE"


 The First Pictorial Representation of a Gun, 900

   - The MONSTER did not come from man

Now, the monster, what could that be. What is a monster is the gun, there is a
cannon-like object in this photo, and the demon will be holding something that
is nice and golden, I wonder what they could be? It is a Piece of Eden, Number

Again, there is another secret message in this photo, written in Binary Code,
which translates to:

 "Sumerian, Me. 23"

 - Implications

There is a lot from this glpyh itself. The first of note is from Photo 4, 
which says that the Monster, which is the firearm, did not come from man. This
is further backed up by the phrase of Sumerian, Me. 23. The Sumerian part 
refers to the mythology of the Sumerian people, and the Me refers to a bunch
of gifts that the gods handed to humanity in the form of items. And Me. 23 
refers specifically to weapons. This means that the introduction of advanced
weaponry, such as the firearm, was not made by man, as suggested by many, 
including Altair in his codex, but rather it was through a Piece of Eden. This
is further backed up by parts of Altair's codex, which he says he uses his
Piece of Eden to design new weaponry for the Assassin Order.

Second, the Antikythera Mechanism is an ancient computer, used to calculate
astronomical positions. It was founded to be created from about 100-150 BCE,
however, the problem is that the mechanism is so advanced that it is 
comparable to technology used in the late Medieval period, used in watch-
making. It was until the late 14th century before similar technological 
artifacts were made. That leaves the problem, how can something that old be 
so advanced?

However, if an account by the Roman Cicero is to believed, Archimedes was 
thought to have built 2 similar geared machines in about 212 BC, so it is 
plausible that the Antikythera Mechanism was able to have been built during
the time frame it was found, but that leads to another question, how did this
technology become lost? Surely of 2 geared machines were designed, it could
have been reversed engineered and copied. However, it is implied that the
Antikythera Mechanism is much older, it is part of advanced technology that
was built long before it was found to be have been built, perhaps by Those 
Who Came Before, those we worshipped as gods. 

The last message is that of Rajastan in India, irradiated by a Piece of 
Eden. This suggest that the irradiation of Rajastan during ancient times 
was due to the Piece of Eden. This is interested, because indeed the city
of Rajastan does have unusually higher levels of soil irradiation than 
most other cities nearby. However, given Indian mythology, there has been
the depiction of a great war, where an advanced civilization fought with

And again, this links back heavily to what is known in the game. It is known
that Those Who Came Before did have a war, with humanity. There were great 
losses on both sides, and given the mythology of the advanced civilization
haivng things like flying cars and the like, it is not impossible that during
the war of Those Who Came Before, they used a nuclear weapon or something
similar in the area of India, explaining the war and the irradiation of the
soil, as well as tying back to the main story of Those Who Came Before. But
the use of a nuclear weapon wasn't mentioned by the text, it simply said
that it was irradiated by a Piece of Eden. Given the Tunguksa explosion and 
the large explosion and fallout from that, it is possible that a Piece of 
Eden was destroyed, which created a massive explosion somewhere in India, and
somehow, a resulting radiation fallout irradiated the city of Rajastan, and
didn't level it. 

This is all speculation, like the game itself, and all of this is fiction, or
are the Ubisoft team really Assassins, trying to spread the truth that are the

 - Glyph 5 - Instruments of Power - 

 Location: Mercato Vecchio, Florence 

This is another matching images game, there are the 10 images, and your role 
is to pick the 5 that fit the hint that they give you. This is relatively 

 "The power they wielded CUT down their enemies"

Well, what do you think cuts? Obviously, it is something that is sharp, a 
blade perhaps. What is the closest in terms of blade that these images have?
That's right, a sword! Now, you need to find the 5 pictures that have a 
nice shiny sword with them. They are the following:

 * Perseus, Greece
 * Attila the Hun, Eurasia
 * Sigmund, Norse
 * King Arthur, Britannia
 * Joan of Arc, France

More on the implications later. Now, the second set of pictures, yes, they do
get progressive harder, or just more of them.

 "In their hands, the wise LEAN on a great force"

Ok, what do you lean on that is a common feature in all 5 of the pictures?
Something like a walking stick, but a powerful force. Having played so many 
RPG games, a powerful walking stick would refer to something like a staff. 
And that does appear in 5 of the pictures.

 * John the Baptist, Jerusalem
 * Alexander the Great, Macedonia
 * Shabataka, Egypt
 * Peter, Jerusleum
 * Moses, Egypt

 - Implications

The first set of pictures depicts a Piece of Eden, 25 - The Sword. This 
implies that all the great military figures throughout history, used a Piece
of Eden in the form of a great sword, to perform their deeds.

Perseus was a mythological, or perhaps not, Greek who used a sword to kill
the Gorgon Medusa, you know, that thing with the ability to turn people into
stone with sight all by herself. It is claimed that using the Piece of Eden,
the Sword, he was able to slew all these powerful mythical creatures without
dying himself. Well, if someone had the ability to turn you into stone, you
need something pretty powerful to stop that. We all know from Harry Potter 
that you just need a mirror. Anyway, the adamantite sword that was given to
Perseus by Zeus was actually a Piece of Eden. Now, given that the Greek Gods
are known to be Those Who Came Before, it is not possible that one of those
people gave Perseus the Sword to kill things? 

Attila the Hun was the ruler of the ... Huns, and he pretty much sent the 
Romans packing, reducing their vast empire to something more than just 
smouldering ruins. Now, what does the sword have to do with the Hun? 
According to legend, which is pretty much true in the Assassin's Creed 
Universe, Attila the Hun carryed the Sword of Attila, which he thought, or
someone thought, was the Sword of Mars, the Roman God of War. However, not
much is known about the sword, or perhaps there is more, but the extra time
for me to look for it is probably unwarranted.

Sigmund is probably the most unfamiliar name on that list. Sigmund is from
Norse mythology, you know, THOR! Anyway, according to the mythology, Odin,
god of War amongst other things, once stabbed a living tree with a sword,
claiming that he who could remove the sword could have the sword as a gift.
This means it is a powerful sword from a God. As it turns out, Sigmund is the
only one who can remove it. Similar to the story of Attila, it is a sword from
the god of war, and probably more to it, but I can't be screwed.

King Arthur. This is perhaps the most famous of the swords, Excalibur. Most 
people would have heard about this sword, the famous Lady in the Lake, the
sword stuck in stone by Uther Pendragon until his son could remove it. It is
known to have been powerful, striking through iron as if it were a stick of
butter. It is a powerful sword, known to basically have led Arthur through
his many campaigns, and it is understandable for a sword of that great a power
to have been a Piece of Eden.

Finally, we have Joan of Arc. We all have heard the childhood stories, how she
was leading the French to victory, and then brutally hung by the British, and
she went from a peasant girl to a powerful leader. Now, where have we heard
such a story before? That's right, the pieces of Eden, known for their power. 
However, given it is thought that she was donated the sword, it is quite 
possible that someone behind the scenes obtained the sword and donated it to
her, and she raised all hell for the British. The rest, is history.

Now, onto the staff of Eden. This is a staff that is given to wise people, 
although I have no idea how Alexander the Great got there, he should have
been given the sword. 

Now, John the Baptist. He was the one who baptized Jesus Christ himself, and
one of the main pushers for Catholicism during the Roman era. He is always
depicted as having a staff with him, which in this case, is the Staff of Eden.
Given that this staff is the very staff used by Pope Alexander VI, it is 
assumed that this staff is passed down through the Church. 

Alexander the Great, well, it is not known how he got the staff. It is 
not known how a staff would have helped him, something like a sword would have
though. Although, he was mentored by Aristole, which may have been an 
influence, or perhaps not. The best evidence for Alexander to have had a 
staff would to have his empire crumble apart shortly about his death, which 
suggests that the Piece of Eden was used to maintain his conquests. 

Shabakata, strangely, not a Pharaoh, but rather, a King that controlled the
lands of Egypt. There are no records of him having a staff, however, it is 
known that he had a little adventure in Jerusleum, and perhaps got it there.
This would also explain how it could have bene passed down to Alexander, 
given that both were military leaders. 

Peter, or rather, Saint Peter, is the apostle of Jesus Christ himself, and was
the founder of Christianity as a religion in itself. This is important, since
he was pretty much the first Pope, it explains how the staff is passed down
throughout the time in the Roman Catholic Church. 

Moses, the final piece of the puzzle, ironically, the oldest of the people
here. It is known that he had a staff, that was used to harness God's power. 
This involved the parting of the Red Sea. This is important, it is mentioned
various times in both games that Moses never parted the Red Sea, it was all
just an illusion, fitting given his staff was a Piece of Eden. Interestingly,
the military reasoning for the staff can be explained by the battle the 
Israelites had with the Egyptians, he led them to victory with the staff. And
it does explain why the Egyptians wanted that staff, it had such great power,
explaining how it ends with with Shabakata. 

 - Glyph 6 - Brothers - 

 Location: Villa Auditore, Monteriggioni

Another circular puzzle, this is where you need to rotate the puzzle into
place. The puzzle itself isn't that hard, just use your head a little and you
will get there.

However, there are 4 images that are used. The images are in fact the pictures
of Cain and Abel, the sons of Adam and Eve. Although the first depicts a 
burning altar, the rest show them fighting, and in the end, you can see what
they are fighting for, a Piece of Eden. 

Each image has some text in it, and when they are combined, they generate the

 "And Satan said unto Cain: Swear unto me by thy throat, and if thou tell it
  thou shalt die.

  And all these things were done in secret

  And Cain said: Truly, I am Mahan, the Master of this Great Secret

  Wherefore Cain was called Master Mahan, and he glorified in his wickedness"

Now, some more goodies. When you complete the puzzles, Subject 16 will make 
an announcement. Behold, the Mark of Cain! And what appears but the Templar
Cross. How interesting is that. Also, in Morse code below, there is a little

 "Templar Texts adapted by Mr Smith"

 - Implications

This is quite interesting. Given that from the video you will see at the end,
it is known that Adam and Eve steal a piece of Eden, and this is presumed to
be what Cain and Abel were fighting over. And given that the Mark of Cain is 
the Templar Cross, this is the beginning of the Templar Order, the start of
the unhealthy obsession with the Pieces of Eden. This then started the nice
chain of events that led to the Templars killing people and basically 
eliminating people that possessed the Piece of Eden so that only they could 
have it, a practice that has continued towards present-day in Assassin's 
Creed 2. That also means that Abel was killed for his possession of the 
Piece of Eden, whether or not Abel was raised as an Assassin is another

The next note is that Templar Texts are adapted by Mr Smith. This actually
refers to one of the founders of the Mormon Church, Joseph Smith. This is 
through the link of Master Mahan, which is only present in the Mormon texts. 
It is noted that these founders of the Church were also Freemasons, which 
leads back to the George Washington/FDR Freemason link back in the third
puzzle. This is interesting in itself. However, given that Templar Texts
were adapated by Mr Smith, this means that the Mormons are basically another
front for the Templars. Given that they no longer have the Catholic Church
under their belt, as in the time of Borgia, they need another front.

 - Glyph 7 - Keep on Seeking, And You Will Find It - 

 Location: Antico Teatro Romano, Tuscany

This is another pick-em puzzle, basically, 10 images and you need to pick the
5 that fits within the criteria that is given for you. The criteria is the 

 "First plucked from a tree guarded by a snake, its power performs miracles.
  Then, worn across the ages, torn asunder, hidden under a sea of RED, 
  reconstruct the timeline."

Ok, first of all, plucked from a tree guarded by a snake refers to the Apple
from the Garden of Eden, which we all know is to be the Piece of Eden. Given
that it has the power to perform miracles, it is highly probable to be a 
Piece of Eden. Now, onto who you need to pick.

 * Jason, Greece, prehistory
 * Joseph, Egypt. c. 1700 B.C.E.
 * David and Goliath, Valley of Elah, c. 970 B.C.E.
 * Jesus Christ, Jerusleum, c. 30 
 * Christ Disrobed, Jersualem, c. 30

When all this is matched up, you get the image of Jesus Christ when he is 
nailed to the Cross. When you scan the top of this image, you get the 
following note:

 "They Took It"

Now, move the scanner to the top of the image, and you will eventually find
the Templar cross, and moving the scanner to the bottom of the image, you
will find the Cloak that Jesus wore. Now, this will solve the puzzle, it will
show itself as Piece of Eden 66 - The Shroud.

 - Implications

Now, how the pictures relate to this. Jason and the Argonauts. The myth of the
Golden Fleece is such that the Fleece was used to put Jason back on the 
Throne of Iolcus. This is interesting, what is golden? The Piece of Eden. And
it is powerful. Now, this starts the Shroud myth, a powerful artifact that is
used to protect the user from harm. The story continues with the Golden Fleece
having the power to perform miracles, heal and protect the user from harm and
heal the injured. This will be relevant later.

The story goes to Joseph, one of the main founders and spreader of Judaism
throughout the world. The son of Jacob in the Bible, his brothers sold him
to slavery since they were jealous, and with that, from slavery, he rose to
the position of viceroy, he was a personal assistance to the Egyptian Pharaoh.
The Shroud fits into the story as Jacob gave Joseph a nice coat, a coat that
was the cause of his slavery. And this coat, and his miraculous rise to power
was due to the Piece of Eden. This coat, this coat of many colours, was just
a Piece of Eden.

From here, it goes to David and Goliath. We all know the story, the story of a
small human, David, fighting against a large warrior in Goliath. David went on
to become the King, but what one of the depictions of David has is a red coat.
This red coat protected him from harm in the form of Goliath, and as you can
guess, this coat is pretty much the Shroud, the Piece of Eden, and how he was 
able to miraculously slay a giant.

Now, the two depictions of Jesus Christ. The Shroud of Turin comes into play,
the Shroud that Christ was wrapped in when he was killed on the Cross. The 
continuity comes from David, he is wearing a red coat, rather than the blue 
that is normally associated with Christ. Now, given that the Shroud has the
ability to heal the wearer, and the injured, that explains some of the 
miracles that he was able to do, and don't forget, the Piece of Eden can cause
illusions. A flashback to the first game, Al Mualim says, turning the water
into wine, it is all an illusion, and Christ having a Piece of Eden is key
to this. 

So what does this mean? It means that over the years, the Golden Fleece has
turned into the Shroud of Turin, and that Christ was killed, as most people
have been, by the Templars in order to obtain the Piece of Eden, this explains
it all. And they took it, it just further confirms this. 

 - Glyph 8 - Martyrs - 

 Location: Monte Oliveto Maggiore Tower, Tuscany

This is another puzzle where you need to find the Piece of Eden, this is 
quite easy when you know where to look. 

 Czar Nicholas II, Russia

For this, look at his staff/scepter, and it will reveal itself as the Staff,
a Piece of Eden, Number 34. There is also a morse code message in this 
puzzle, which reads 17 July, 1918, which is also the date of death of 
Nicholas II and his family. Now, the second image.

 Joan of Arc, France

This one, it is quite simple, given that you have seen the previous puzzle
that Joan of Arc does have a Piece of Eden, you should straight away go for
the sword. Again, you will see that she had the Piece of Eden known as the
Sword, or Number 25. There is also a binary message, like the first image, 
with it saying 30 May, 1431, which is her date of death. 

Now, the next part of the puzzle, you have a cursor, so use it to pick up
the flame or fire, and place it on Joan of Arc, which is exactly how she
died, she was burnt to death, on the stake by the English. With this, the
following message will appear:

 "They took it"

The next will be the remaining Rasputin and using that on Czar Nicholas. That
will complete that part of the puzzle, and that will give an image of the 
Russian Revolution with a Templar Cross over it and it will create the 
following message:

 "Rasputin took it to Tunguska"

 - Implications

This is twofold. We start with Joan of Arc. We know that her sword was the 
Piece of Eden known as the Sword, which highlighted her military victories,
but she was eventually captured and burnt at the stake. This was done due to
the Templars, they captured and killed her, just to obtain her Piece of Eden,
which we already know. What happened to this Piece of Eden is unknown.

The fate of the Staff is a lot more clear. It is assumed that the Czar only 
held control over his own people using the Staff, without the Staff, the 
Russian Revolution occurred and Nicholas II lost his life. The staff wasn't
stolen, rather, it was taken by Rasputin, the trusted advisor to Nicholas'
wife, and a mystic. Prior to Rasputin's death, given that he was a Templar,
it is assumed that he was murdered by Assassins within the Russian Nobility,
he took the Staff of Eden to a research centre at Tunguska.

Now, the reason why the fate of the Staff is clear is simple. As the control
of Russia slowly degraded as Nicholas could not rule without the staff, 
Rasputin took the staff to a research centre at Tunguska. The Assassins, 
aware that the staff was moved there, contacted a friendly affiliate of
theirs, Nikola Tesla. He was angered by his inventioned overlooked to those
of the Templar Edison, and this was his means of payback, he destroyed the
research centre housing the Staff of Eden, casuing the Tunguska Event or
Explosion, which Subject 16 alluded to in Assassin's Creed. Whether the 
staff was fully destroyed is unknown, but needless to say, the Templars lost
a valuable Piece of Eden.

 - Glyph 9 - Hat Trick - 

 Location: Torre del Diavolo, San Gimignano, Tuscany

There are two parts with this puzzle, a find-it type puzzle, and then a 
decryption puzzle. Lets go this step by step.

 They Made It Look Like An Accident
 Houdini and Bess, 1915

This is the first puzzle, it is again, a picture of Harry Houdini with his
wife. To finish this, put the scanner over his abdoman, and that will reveal
the Piece of Eden. It will then lead to his grave, and the next picture.

 He Almost BEAT Them
 Gandhi, 1946

Now, put the scanner over Gandhi's heart, and that will show you the Piece
of Eden that he had. Now, you get the Archive File for Dallas. To solve the
decryption puzzle, you just need to enter 312 as the password, and that will
gain you access to the following message.

"Operation: New Frontier

 HQ has given the go-ahead to extract the resource. Negotiations are over. F 
 is planning to give the vote to everyone. Reason just doesn't work with
 someone like that.

 I'll send you over the driver. We've trained him with PE2 in our labs, he 
 shouldn't be any trouble.

 The motorcade route is marked below. Once the target has been downed, either
 by Oswald or Z, use PE1 to stage a distraction. Make some kind of phantom
 appear around this slope I've marked with an X. Freak people out. The driver
 will grab PE3 in the confusion."

With this message, you will see that the bottom of the letter has a Templar
Logo, and it has IHSV on it. 

 - Implications

The first is simple, it reinforces the fact that the Templars engineered the
death of Gandhi and Houdini in order to take the Pieces of Eden from them.
That we already know.

The second part is now. Now, you need to go through this slowly. In this case,
F is John F. Kennedy. Dallas is the stage for his assassination. JFK was in 
possession of PE3, or Piece of Eden 3, and this is stage, it is possible that
it was given by Eisenhower, who in turn inherited it from Truman, who took it
from Roosevelt. This makes sense, given that it is the power that is passed
on through US presidents. It is likely that at this stage, the Templars has 
lost control over it, given that JFK was outspoken against the freemasons. 

Now, the driver is trained using PE2, or the Piece of Eden 2, which was taken
from Gandhi. This seems to suggest that the driver of the motorcade was 
manipulated with the Piece of Eden into an obedient servant of the Templar
cause. He was trained to drive the motorcade, and then steal the Piece of Eden
3 from JFK when he was assassinated. He was to be assassinated by Lee Harvey
Oswald, or by the mysterious Z. The mysterious Z will be Abraham Zapruder, 
the owner and filmer of the Zapruder film, the famous film of the JFK 
assassination. It is interesting to note that Oswald was killed by Jack Ruby,
who could either be a Templar or Assassin. This is due to the Templars wanting
to silence Oswald before he could talk, or the Assassins eliminating a Templar
in such a fashion. As such, I am more inclined to believe that the Assassins
weren't involved, simply because it was TOO public a display. The Assassin 
was to escape, not to be caught. 

Okay, the distraction. This is referring to the gunman on the grassy knoll,
the famous grass knoll. A Templar operative used the Piece of Eden 1, the
Apple, which was the one recovered by Ezio and owned by Altair, and it was
used to create the distraction. And that about wraps up the assassination.

The last piece of the puzzle, the IHSV means In Hoc Signo, Vinces, which is
Latin for By This Sign, Conquer, which was the original motto for the 

 - Glyph 10 - Apollo - 

 Location: Torri del Salvuci, San Gimignano, Tuscany

The first of these three puzzles is a find-it puzzle, basically, you need
to find a landing craft, in particular, the Apollo Landing Craft. Your goal
here is to find the EAGLE, which is the Apollo Craft, anyone who has watched
the moon landing will understand "The Eagle has landed" There are a few 
hidden messages in these puzzles. The first is a hidden message thatis on the
moon, written in Masonic script that says:

 "Johnson was one of them
  The bees drone too
  Follow the money"

The second puzzle is a decryption puzzle. Below the puzzle says the following:

"With these formidible weapons, the adversaries of freedom plan to consolidate
 their territory, to exploit, to control, and finally to destroy." - JFK

The answer to the puzzle is quite difficult. You need to rotate the rings to
create a Templar Cross with some missing parts. Basically, you need to do the

 Rotate the outer-most ring 6 times to the left
 Rotate the next ring in 3 times to the right
 Rotate the middle ring 5 times to the left
 Rotate the next ring 4 times to the left
 Rotate the inner-most ring until the puzzle is done

This will solve the puzzle, and finally, onto another find it puzzle. You need
to look for the Apple of Eden. This piece of Eden is on the ground right in 
front of the astronaut's foot. There are a few things here to note. Subject 16
will say the following when it is found:

 "With Jack deep underground, it was easy"

There is also a few hidden images. The US flag, when scanned, will show you the
symbol of the Abstergo Corporation. Meanwhile, the banner that is on the moon
is the same as the banner used by the Templar forces. 

 - Implication

Again, a nice puzzle to understand. First, it is known that the Piece of Eden 
5 was located on the moon, which was the real reason for the Space Race, to
retrieve the Piece of Eden hidden there. Now, the reason there is the script
that Johnson was one of them is that LBJ, or Lyndon B. Johnson was a Templar. 
The reason why JFK doesn't appear to be a Templar is that Subject 16 says that
it was easier to retrieve the Piece of Eden without him. The reason why is
quite simple, JFK originally wanted to have the Russians help them in a joint
venture, but the Templars didn't want to share, they wanted it for themselves,
and with JFK out of the way, they could achieve that. 

Now, the second part of the hidden script, that the bees drone too. A bee 
drone is a male bee, but when bees drone, it is a buzz. That means that there
is a distinct possibility that Buzz Aldrin was a Templar, and that he was 
paid off massively by the Templars to retrieve the Piece of Eden. Now, the
question thus turns to how Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins was deceived 
by Aldrin if he was a Templar, or whether the other two were Templars 
themselves, which is quite possible given the next piece of the puzzle. If
they were not in on the act, it is quite possible that Aldrin was trained in
the use of the Piece of Eden, and used his own Piece of Eden, or the one found
on the moon against his fellow astronauts. 

The images in the scanner are quite interesting as well. Since the image is
the original image, it is found that it wasn't a US mission to land on the
moon, it was actually a Templar operation, under the guise of a Templar
mission. Given that the Templars have control of NASA, it is quite possible
that they did this themselves. Thus, it is quite possible that Armstrong and
Collins were in on the act, they were all Templars sent into space to retrieve
the Piece of Eden. A nice piece of speculation, and a bit of a long bow, but
it does seem to make sense, in the game at least. 

 - Glyph 11 - The Inventor - 

 Location: Santa Maria Assunta, San Gimignano, Tuscany

"He wanted to stop the cycle, to tell the secret"

When you get this puzzle started, you will get this message:

"The economic transmission of power without wires is of all-surpassing 
 importance to man.

 By its mean he will gain complete mastery of the air, the sea and the 
 desert. It will enable him to dispense with the necessity of mining,
 pumping and transporting and burning fuel and so do away with innumerable
 causes of sinful waste. It will make the living glorious sun his obedient,
 toiling slave. 

 It will bring peace and harmony on Earth.

 - Nikola Tesla"

Now a small game will appear, basically, you need to light up all the light
globes, and that will lead to the next puzzle, which is an image.

 Nikola Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower, Under Construction c. 1902

To finish this, you need to place the scanner in between the two windows 
located right above the doorway of his tower. There, you will get the next
image, but in this current image, there are three quotes from Tesla.

"Fights between individuals, as well as governments and nations, invariably
 result from misunderstandings in the broadest interpretation of this term"

"Misunderstanding are always caused by the inability of appreciating one
 another's point of view. The best way to dispel ignorance of the doings of 
 others is by a systematic spread of general knowledge. With this subject
 in view, it is most important to aid exchange of thoughts intercourse."

"Money does not represent such a value as man have placed on it. All my  
 money has been invested into experiments with which I have made new
 discoveries enabling mankind to have a little easier life."

The third puzzle is a rather interesting looking puzzle, one of arc 
lightning, and it has Subject 16 say something.

"He found it in Croatia"

What he found is on his lap, and it is a Piece of Eden, and when that is
examined, Subject 16 will reveal the full sentence. This is also the Piece
Of Eden, Number 4.

"He found it in Croatia. They found it in his lab."

 - Implications

Nikolas Tesla is akin to Leonardo da Vinci in this game, they are not
really Assassins, such that they will silence the Templars, but he does 
aid the Assassins against the Templars, who pretty much ruined him. But 
for this, it is about Tesla and his advancement in technology. Since he
found the Piece of Eden in Croatia, where he was born, he used the Piece
of Eden to help him in his endeavours.

Tesla found a way to transport technology without wires, just through 
the air, and the energy was to be generated from the Piece of Eden that
he found. He found a way to make the Apple generate a limitless amount
of energy, possibly to harness the power of the Sun to fuel the needs
to humanity. His notion of transporting information was founded in his 
development of the Telefunken Wireless Station, a wireless station connecting
Europe and the United States. 

The last part is about Tesla and his views on war. After the First World 
War, Tesla stated his views that entities such as the League of Nations
was bound to faill, as long as people misunderstood each other, there will
always be war. 

 - Glyph 12 - Titans of Industry - 

 Location: San Mercuriale, Forli

The first puzzle is a decryption puzzle, basically, you need to solve the
code. The real clue here is that 4 = 1, which means that you basically add
3 to each number, and that is the solution. That means that the number 917
will be the number 240. This will bring up a new archieve that is labeled

"Dear Mr. Morgan:

 A serious matter has come to my attention. Nikola Tesla plans to use PE4 to
 create an information network across the whole world. And if that weren't
 bad enough, he intends to allow access to it for free! Imagine the masses
 spreading knowledge amongst themselves instantaneously. That would make
 everything we intend to do much more difficult.

 You must cut all funds for his experiments at once! In case you get cold 
 feet, I'll have you know he wants to make electricity free as well, 
 thereby putting us out of business.

 I've already begun slandering Tesla in the press. Just reallocate his
 funding and I'll take care of PE4 myself.

 Sincerely yours, Thomas Edison"

Now, time to shut off the lights that were lit for Tesla earlier.

"Edison, Creator of DC Electricity, accuses Tesla AC Current of 

"J.P. Morgan revokes funding for Tesla's Wardenclyfe Project!"

"Edison creates "Electric Chair" to prove danger of AC Current!"

"Edison proves danger of AC Current by electrocuting circus elephant on 

With this, you will see Edison's film of him killing an elephant using Tesla's
AC current invention.

Now Subject 16 will speak:

"He wanted everyone to know the secret. To set us all free. They used it to
 drive him insane."

Now, time for a picture game. There is a hidden message in this picture, and
it reads the following:

"They used it to make Tesla go insane. The organization took his research. 
 Alien Property Custodian Research."

To finish the puzzle, just point to the nice orb on Tesla, and it will access
a new file, titled Ford. But it is locked until you solve the last decryption
puzzle. The answer to the puzzle is this: ||- / ||| / |--

"Dear Mr. Edison

 I wanted to thank you for letting me make use of PE4 all these years. Among
 several things, I was able to convince the workers I was raising their pay
 to $5 a day, when in fact, I gave them a pay cut. But, I had to let PE4 go.
 As per instructions, I've shipped it to Europe.

 H. has it, so I assume the war will begin as soon as he can take over. 
 We'll let him have his fun (Lord knows, that kind of purge will be good for
 Europe) and then end it with a bang, as planned. Out of the chaos of war a 
 new order will emerge! I've enclosed a picture from Florida of you, me and
 Firestone. We should attempt to spend more time on the golf course this 

 Yours, Henry Ford"

 - Implication

Wow, this is a big one. First, the Templars. It turns out that Thomas Edison,
J.P. Morgan, Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone are all Templars. The fact that
the public slander and lack of investment in Tesla and his research was all
a Templar rouse. Tesla was basically something the Templars did not want to
see. Tesla proposed a means of instantly transmitting information, which 
was against the Templar method of controlling information and restricting what
was to be known, and what was know. The second thing is that Tesla was
offering free and limitless electricity to the public. This stopped the income
for the Templars from electricity, and they very well can't have that. 

To stop Tesla, the Templars attacked him in both research and funds. Edison 
basically forced Morgan's hand into withdrawing funds from Tesla's research 
as well as getting other investors, in particular, European investors, from
investing in Tesla. Edison on the other hand, "slandered" Tesla and his AC
current, showing how dangerous electricity is. It is a shame that DC could 
also do the same thing if necessary. And how AC current is used in modern 
times to transport electricity over long distances. Also, they also had 
another means to destroy Tesla, to crush his sanity using the Piece of Eden,
which would discredit him and his inventions to that of a mad man. That 
pretty much destroyed Tesla, and solidified the position of the Templars. The
case of the Alien Property Custodian is what happened after Tesla died in 
the US. They took all his research when he died, and refused to give it back
until they looked through it all, they took his research. The organisation
was the United States.  

Now, the second part of the puzzle, Henry Ford. Ford is a Templar, using the
Piece of Eden to build up his industry, decreasing wages when the workers 
thought they were getting an increase. However, his Piece of Eden, Number 4,
was sent off to Europe to H. as instructed. H. stands for Hitler, which makes
sense when you think about it, who else started a purge in Europe after he
got into power during the early 20th Century?

That means that World War 2 was definitely staged by the Templars, used to
create a New World Order. As proof, the war was ended with a bang, World War 2
offically ended when 2 atomic bombs were dropped on the cities of Hiroshima 
and Nagasaki in Japan. That was definitely a bang. As pointed out by many 
others, how Ford causally states the death of millions of people in the 
same context of a golf game shows that the Templars are willing to achieve
their goals at whatever cost. 

 - Glyph 13 - I Am Become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds - 

 Location: Avamposto Veneziano Lighthouse, Forli

The title of the glyphs is related to the file that is locked. The file that
is locked is Trinity. Trinity is the name of the first nuclear test by the
United States, in which Oppenheimer, the main brain behind the atomic bomb,
said "Now I Am Become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds".

Anyway, the puzzle is a decryption puzzle, and the answer is the following:
Circle, Square, Square / Circle / Triangle. This will unlock the file.

"Abstergo Corporation

 Subject: Test Authorization

 There comes a time in the life of every experiment when we must test our 
 results outside, in the world. I do not relish a successful outcome, but
 one is essential if we are to begin the foundations of a new world order.

 Global security and prosperity depend on a steady hand guiding the populace,
 a hand that will not falter under the weight of conscience. Give O. the

 I believe that history will vindicate us in the end.

 Templar Seal"

Now, press the button to watch the explosion of the first atomic bomb. Now
in the image, just move the cursor around to find the passcode for the puzzle.

 - Implication

There are interesting conclusions to draw from this. The first is that the
Templars were responsible for the atomic bomb, and given that they know that
the War was to end with a bang, they were in development of this bomb for a 
good deal of time. Given that FDR was a Templar, it isn't that hard to 
convince him to operate the bomb. 

The second is the case of O. That is likely to be J. Robert Oppenheimer, who
is the father of the Atomic Bomb, he was either a Templar or a pawn of the
Templar. Given the later trials against Oppenheimer, it is more than likely
that he was a pawn, used for his brillance to create the bomb, and then 
tossed away when he was done. 

 - Glyph 14 - Bloodlines - 

 Location: Ponte di Rialto, Venezia

Well, this starts with Subject 16 and his memories, knowing that he had an
ancestor during the Civil War during Gettysburg, in the Roman Forum as well 
as Ezio. 

"Why do we have these abilities? Because it's in our blood."

Anyway, this is a puzzle where there are 10 images, pick 5. The clue is the

"The Seeds were planted as two worlds became one. Behold, the Assassins, the
 Children of Two Worlds!"

And the answers are the following:

 * Danae Visited by Zeus
 * Jupiter and Io
 * Leda and the Swan
 * Cupid and Psyche
 * Rape of Europa

The reason for the answers is that all of these are basically the art of a 
human and a God engaging in mating rituals. All of these will show the 
Assassin symbol. 

 - Implication

A short puzzle, but relatively important. This explains that the Assassins,
at least the most powerful of them, are from a common bloodline, a bloodline
that are between humans and Those Who Came Before. Think, it is told that 
Eagle Vision is a talent limited to few, even among the Assassins, and those
who do have it so far, Altair, Ezio and Desmond, all share a common 
bloondline, that is, they are related. As such, the Assassins, or the Elite 
of them, share the bloodline between humans and Those Who Came Before, or

However, whatever other abilities that have been granted are unknown. It is
possible that their longer lifespan is given, after all, Altair and Ezio live
longer than others in during their timeframes. However, it is known that 
there are demigods, or half-gods, and they are the Assassins. 

 - Glyph 15 - Guardians - 

 Location: San Giacomo di Rialto, Venezia

This is a pissing spinning puzzle, there really is no set method, so you will
be spinning that single puzzle around and around until you get the puzzle
correct. This method normally works, as long as you start and finish with
it, with Ring 1 being in the inner-most ring, and Ring 5 being the outer 
most ring. 

Spin Ring Three 2 times to the right, Ring One 4 times to the right, Ring
Four 5 times to the right, Ring One 5 times to the left, Ring Two 5 times to
the left, Ring Five 5 times to the right. That should create the message 
of the following:

"The Death of All Tyrants Will Set the People Free"

This will create a world map with images that you need to hover over to 
finish this puzzle. The Tyrants are the following:

Francisco Pizarro   - Inca
Francois Duvalier   - Haiti
John Wilkes Booth   - United States of America
Mary I of England   - Great Britain
Tomas de Torquemada - Spain
Cleopatra           - Egypt
Rasputin            - Russia
Stalin              - Russia

 - Implication

There are several tyrants in this message, and that it is quite possible 
that all these have been targets of the Assassins themselves. This does 
make sense when you look at it a bit more closely. 

Cleopatra was the last Pharaoh of Egypt, who got there through a hell of
a lot of plotting and murder. She was the target of Amunet, who used an
asp to kill her, Amunet being an Assassin. Tomas de Torquemada was the
Inquisitor General of Spain.

This is interesting, this is aside to Assassin's Creed II: Discovery, where
Ezio travels to Spain. During this time, Tomas is in charge of the Inquisition
where he was following Rodrigo Borgia. Although he wasn't a Templar, he 
burnt a lot of Assassins, under the orders of Borgia. To the Assassins, he
was definitely a Tyrant, and although Ezio did not kill him, it is highly
likely that he was killed by an Assassin. 

In the case of Rasputin, he was a Templar, killed by the Assassins within
the Russian Nobility. Stalin himself was poisoned by the Assassins after
the Second World War. Pizarro, the conqueror of the Incas, made enemies
with the Almagoros, who were likely to have been Assassins themselves. 
Davalier himself was the dictator of Haiti, who was in charge until he was
eliminated by the Assassins. Mary I was a brutal ruler of England, earning
the name of Bloody Mary, and was a likely target of the Assassins, since she
carried a Piece of Eden. Given that Mary advocated the rule of the Catholic
Church, which is really a front for the Templars around the same time, it is
quite likely she was assassinated for this. Finally, Booth, who killed
Lincoln, was killed off, assassinated by Sergeant Corbett.

What is interesting is the use of Tyrants. Booth was never in charge of a 
nation, however, given that it is likely that Lincoln may have been an 
Assassin, he would have been a tyrant in their eyes. 

 - Glyph 16 - The Cavalry - 

 Location: Giilda del Ladri di Venezi, Venezia

We start off with a letter appearing.


 We know what they have done to your lab, to your career. It may be too
 late to set things right, but you can help prevent something far worse. They
 have taken an object from the Czar, and are conducting experiments in 
 Tunguska to figure out how to use it. Before they do, we must take it from
 them, or the world will be in danger. We do not ask to risk your life, just
 that, when the time comes, you use your electricity to destroy the object.

 Regardless of your decision, know that we admire your work greatly and will
 bear you no ill will.

 We respect your freedom above all else."

This puzzle is really simple. First, you see a map, and you need to select
the name Tunguska from that map. Next, you will see the Abstergo Image with
the Staff of Eden over it. Run over that, then over the portrait of Nikola
Tesla. That will finish the puzzle.

 - Implication

This is interesting, this shows that Tesla was associated with the Assassins,
who contacted him for his aid against the Templars, to destroy the object 
that they stole from the Czar, through the mystic Rasputin, who stole the 
Staff of Eden. In comparsion between the Assassins and the Templars, the 
Templars destroyed him for his dissenting views, the Assassins respected
his decision, whatever it was, even if he refused to help them.

Given the Tunguska Event, it is likely that Tesla used his knowledge of 
electricity to aid the Assassins to destroy the Staff of Eden. Given the
public knowledge of the event, and that the email from Assassin's Creed, it is
known that the destruction of the Staff was a complete victory for the

Like I have said before, Nikola Tesla was not an Assassin, he was more of
a scientist, an inventor. This is similar to the position of Leonardo da 
Vinci in the game, he aids them in their common cause. And there is no 
reason for Tesla not to help the Assassins, after all, the Templars went and
withdraw all the funding for his experiments. They publically thrashed his
experiments and findings. They stole his Piece of Eden. He wanted revenge. 

 - Glyph 17 - The Bunker - 

 Location: Torre del'Orologio, Venezia

This is a decryption puzzle, and it is the hardest one in the game, but when
you get the passcode, it isn't that bad. The answer is really given in the

Power Symbol lookalike / |><| / Diamond within Diamond

This will lead to a message:

"Abstergo Corporation, May 02, 1945

 The war is over, and we are in control as planned. But a slight concern has
 arisen. I received word from our agents in Berlin. H. was supposed to 
 execute his double inside the bunker and meet C. at the rendezvous point
 with the Piece of Eden.

 It's been three days and he still hasn't appeared. Something must have gone
 awry. Please send instructions."

Now, you will get an image with Subject 16 narrating. The picture is titled:
We watched the exit from above. He didn't see us coming.

"They engineered the war, they engineered the peace. But they weren't going
 to get away with it. Find our mark."

Basically, there is an Assassin mark in this image somewhere, and you need to
find it. It is located on the main building on the corner, right below the
tree. That same building is seen destroyed later. A hidden message is shown
in the image:

"The Double was killed in the Bunker"

There is also a message hidden away as well, reading RIP.

 - Implications

So, we know that the Templars were responsible for the Second World War. They
succeeded in controlling the world, with Truman in charge of the US and Stalin
in charge of the USSR, the superpowers. The Templars started the war, and they
ended it, simply to be in a better position then that before. 

However, the Assassins weren't letting the Templars get away with mass murder.
Hitler was due to meet Churchill, himself a Templar, to hand over the Piece of
Eden 4. This is where the Assassins intervened. Hitler had his orders to kill
his double in the bunker, and escape. However, once the double was killed and 
Hitler escaped from his bunker with the Piece of Eden in tow, he was killed by
the Assassins, who promptly stole the Piece of Eden. This puts the Templars 
down a large figure in the Templar Order as well as a Piece of Eden. 

Although the Templars did control most of the world's governments through the
War, they did suffer losses. However, the control of so many powerful nations
pooled together nearly limitless resources, and this will be later used to
drive the Assassins back into a corner.

 - Glyph 18 - Synapses - 

 Location: Campanille di San Marco, Venezia

This is a hard decryption puzzle, which isn't that bad as long as you know the
passcode for it. It is the following:

3 glasses / <, 2X3 wine glasses over a large wine glass / <<< wine glass

With this, you get access to the medical file.

"Biological Frontier

 Issue 1, January 2012

 The scientific community is abuzz as the results of a new neurological study
 was made public today. What seemed to be big news in itself - that Dr. Yije
 We and Dr. P. J. Traunero had discovered a new neurotransmitter - turned out
 to be just the tip of the iceberg.

 To quote Dr. Wu, "Using a prototype Dmri machine, we've been able to examine
 the concent of an actual neuron using living tissue. We've found a substance
 that appears to be an undiscovered neurotransmitter."

 "Here's where it gets crazy. To test our findings, we subjected the neuron
 to all kinds of stimuli, but we couldn't get it to release the transmitter.
 So we've discovered an entire mechanism: there are vesicles filled with
 neurotransmitter lying dormant and corresponding ion channels, all for no
 discernable purpose."

 Expressing bafflement that natural selection would create an unnecessary
 neurotransmitter, Wu and Traunero searched for a predecessor in other 
 species, with no luck.

 "Whatever this bugger is used for, it evolved in humans." Traunero told the

Now, the second part of the game, all you need to do is highlight the neuron
synapses, which are the connections between the neuron nerves. That will solve
the puzzle

 - Implication

This neurotransmitter is important. It is activated by only one thing, and
that is the Piece of Eden. This is proven as the icon will be highly activated
in the neuron synapse minigame with a Piece of Eden. However, this is not 
surprising if you have finished the game.

We know that Those Who Came Before created humans, they created humans in
their image, but they modified humans such that they were to be controlled
using the Pieces of Eden. This was such that they would be controlled, whereas
Those Who Came Before would not. This explains the weakened effect the
Assassins show against the Piece of Eden, in particular, Altair and Ezio, who
do not react as badly as others. Although Altair suffered weakly against the
Piece of Eden against Al Mualim, the whole town was controlled by the same
Piece of Eden. 

As such, this neurotransmitter is used to control humanity. 

 - Glyph 19 - The Fourth Day - 

 Location: Scuola di San Marco, Venezia

Subject 16 starts off this with a little sentence:

"The End. Almost the end. It happened before. The pieces were once part of a

Anyway, this is a puzzle game, there are 10 pictures, and 5 of the match. 
This time, the clue is the following:

"Once worshipped, now ignored, from a distance it watched and waits."

What has been worshipped in the past, but now is ignored? What sits from
us at a distance, watching us and waiting? It is the Sun. And the answer to
the puzzle are the following:

 * Nazca Textile
 * Book of the Dead
 * Aztec Calendar Stone
 * The Eastern Gate
 * Sistine Chapel Fresco

With this, an image of the Sun appears, and you are to seek a small dot, 
that is Earth. However, there are 4 messages hidden within the Sun.

"They died in the fire from the heavens"

"Toba, 75ka was not a volcano"

"Near the day of purification, there will be cobwebs spun back and forth
 in the sky - Hopi"

"A container of ashes might one day be thrown from the sky, which could burn
 the land and boil the oceans. - Hopi"

 - Implication

We start off with the Sun. We know from what Minerva and Lucy have said that
the end of the world as we know it will be because of the Sun. A geomagnetic
reversal from Earth will weaken the magnetic field of Earth, caused by the
solar flares. This helps protect the Earth against the powerful solar winds,
which has the ability to tear away the atmosphere of planets, to bombard a 
planet with radiation, basically, to eradiate life and cause a hell of a lot
of volcanic activity during the geomagnetic reversal.

This means that the Sun is watching Earth, and waiting for it to make its
move. It has made its move before, the full power of the solar winds and 
solar flares killed off both humans and Those Who Came Before whilst they
were feuding with one another. It is also suggested that Toba, a volcanic
eruption 75,000 years ago, was not a volcano, but rather, the results of 
geomagnetic reversal. This lead to a global decrease in temperature with 
a volcanic winter. The Hopi prophecy predicts the end of Earth from ashes
from the sky, the result of a weakened magnetic field, resulting in massive
solar activity against Earth, enough to boil Earth and life as we know it.

What is interesting is what Subject 16 says. That the Pieces of Eden were
once part of a whole, and they were used to protect us. With one of the 
Apple of Eden destroyed or lost in the Denver International Airport Incident
and the Staff of Eden destroyed in the Tunguska Event, could that cause

 - Glyph 20 - The Origin of the Species - 

 Location: San Pietro di Castello, Venezia

This is the last of the puzzles, a circular puzzle. Anyway, the solution is
as follows, Ring 1 is the inner most ring, Ring 5 is the outer most ring.

Twist Ring Five 10 times to the right
Twist Ring Four 2 times to the left
Twist Ring Three 2 times to the right
Twist Ring Two 5 times to the right
Twist Ring One 3 times to the left

Now, you will see the picture, labelled the following:

"It has been altered, hidden"

Scan the image, and look and scan the eye. A picture of Leonardo da Vinci's
Vitruvian Man appears. When you get a decryption, just enter any combination
you want, it doesn't matter, Subject 16 has a breakdown when he learns the
truth, and if you were him in that situation, you would too.

"Abstergo Corporation

 January 3, 1997

 I'm writing in response to your concerns about the rising alarm in the
 press and the scientific community. The lack of a transitional ancestor from
 archaic hominoids to modern mankind (Homo Sapiens) is no longer safe. As you
 wrote, we have to act.

 We can't let the truth get out, they'll find out about the artifacts. It will
 cause too much disruption, too much chaos. Bury our constructed skeletons
 near Tim White's expedition in Ethiopia. We'll give them their missing link.

 The birth of humanity. The truth makes me sick."

With this, you get the image of an ancestor to humans. Move the Piece of Eden
over it, and it will transform into Homo Sapiens. 

 - Implication

This is interesting, that the Templars know the real creation of humanity, 
by Those Who Came Before, and they are willingly manipulating the scientific
community by creating skeletons for people to find, to create a link that 
that there is a common link between primates and modern humans.

The use of Leonardo's Vitruvian Man is key here. The Virtruvian Man 
highlights that there are some interesting ratios here, it is a study of
proportions that are the same throughout all humans. In fact, so many 
measurements of humans can be represented by these proportions, it seems 
to fit the image that Those Who Came Before did design humans, after all,
they all seem to fit neatly within the image that they are created. 

So our own evolution is a lie. That is more than enough to drive disgust
in the Templar who is writing this, as well as Subject 16.

 - The Truth - 

I will let you watch that hard earned video in piece, but it does show Adam
and Eve, and they are the forerunners to the Assassins. They have the ability
to perform freerunning, steal and are not effected by the Piece of Eden, 
they are the offspring between humans and Those Who Came Before. 

There is a fragment of truth within all myths. 

[3.04] Monteriggioni Statues

In Monteriggioni, there are several pedistals, 4 in fact, around the villa, 
that hold 2 statues each. Therefore, there are 8 statues around the town 
for you to collect. Once both statues are on the pedistal, you will get a 
nice bonus of 2000 florins for yourself. 

However, there is a catch, the pedistals will only accept specific statues. 
There are 4 sets, Neptune and Pluto, Jupiter and Minerva, Diana and Apollo,
and Mars and Venus.

When these statues are placed together on the pedistal, you get your prize,
it's pretty simple. 


This is a handy image of where the statues are, you just sure you check 
inside buildings, because that's the hiding spot of a few of them, out of
plain sight. 

[3.05] Races

Races are basically, well, races against the clock. You have to go run a 
certain course, going through checkpoints, in order, and get to the final
checkpoint before time runs out. There really isn't much to it. 

The only real tips I can give is that if you are on the rooftops, stay there,
do not get down unless you have to. These races generally test your running
skills, not your jumping skills, so it should be relatively free flowing. 

Anyway, there are 6 races, and they are the following:

 - Florentine Sprint - 

 Time Limit  - 90 seconds
 Checkpoints - 14

 - San Marco Shuttle - 

 Time Limit  - 180 seconds
 Checkpoints - 32

 - San Gimignano Dash - 

 Time Limit  - 120 seconds
 Checkpoints - 18

 - Romanga Hustle - 

 Time Limit  - 270 seconds
 Checkpoints - 30

 - Horseplay - 

 Time Limit  - 130 seconds
 Checkpoints - 27

 - Venetian Rush - 

 Time Limit  - 180 seconds
 Checkpoints - 22

The thing to note is horseplay, it is in Romagna, which is a horse race, so
you need to have a horse nice and ready, and make sure you can ride without
killing and running into people, and there are going to be some tight turns 
so watch out. 

[3.06] Beat Up

These missions are quite fun, basically, you have to beat up cheating 
husbands, well, for cheating. This is quite easy, you need to always use 
your fists as a first, because well, these guys are mostly unarmed, and they
will flee when you draw a weapon on them.

The whole point is to beat them up, not kill them, so using your hidden blade
to show them how to cheat properly will not be tolerated. So, for this, you
need to confront the husband, and beat the crap out of him with your fists.
Easy, effective, and quick. 

 - A Woman Scorned - 

 Location - Florence

This guy is located in a courtyard, so it is quite easy to beat the crap out
of him, since there isn't that much room for him to move out of the way. 

 - Wanton Hubby - 

 Location - Romagna

This is a bit difficult, because he is actually one of the best hand to hand 
combat fighters in the game, and there is the additional problem that he has
a few friends to help him out as well, so you will be fighting on a few 
fronts, but nothing you can't handle. 

 - Philanderer on the Roof - 

 Location - Venice

This is also quite problematic, because he is actually on a roof, and you 
can't exactly push him down to his crushing death for the fun of it, so when
you are playing fisticuffs with him, must make sure you keep your little fists
away from the ledge.

 - Promiscuity Knocks - 

 Location - Forli

Again, there is another conditional for this mission, it is near water, and
given that pretty much no one in Italy can swim, you want to keep him away
from the water, so he doesn't die. Besides that, simply.

 - Spear of Infidelity - 

 Location - Tuscany

There is another conditional with this fight, this guy has a weapon, he is a 
seeker guard, and he has a nice little spear with him, so that causes a few
problems. He also has a bit of armour, so you are going to need to beat him
up a little more. First things first, you need to disarm him of his spear 
first and foremost, and with that, just grab him, pin him against the wall, 
and beat him up. 

[3.07] Courier

Courier missions is basically you playing a courier, you need to deliver a 
letter, however, this letter must be delivered within a certain time limit,
or the mission will fail. It sounds simple enough, but you need to do a fair
bit of leg work and sometimes, there are interesting twists that you need to
take care of. 

 - Wedding Bells Are Ringing - 

 Location   - San Gimignano
 Time Limit - 120 seconds

You are to deliver a letter from a Ramondo, where you need to warn a bride
that she is marrying an imposter, and well, he wants Vincente, the person
who is receiving the letter, to toss the imposter out. Turns out, it might
not be because he is an imposter, after all, his son turns out to be of the
marrying age...

 - The Messenger's Burden - 

 Location   - Forli
 Time Limit - 60 seconds

This is quite difficult because of the time limit, but what you really need
here is full health, and a relatively high health bar. This is because you 
start inside the walls, and the farmer you are delivering the letter to is
outside the walls. So basically, you need to jump on top of the walls, down
the wall to the other side, and run to deliver the letter, without dying.
There are some farmers that are hostile to you when you get near the target,
but you don't need to kill them for this mission, only if you want to.

The letter well, says that the farmer needs to appear in court, simply because
he went a little bonkers with a sword, mutiliated a girl with it, and 
performed some ... adult-rated acts with some farm animals. Oh well.

 - Speedy Delivery -

 Location   - Tuscany
 Time Limit - 150 seconds

You will definitely need a horse for this mission, after all, you are going
to be crossing into the countryside a fair bit of the time, and a horse is a
must for this.

You have to deliver 3 letters, but with the horse, this isn't that hard. It 
is only hard if you don't have a horse, simply because you will have to spend
so much time looking for a horse.

 - The Perfect Marriage - 

 Location   - Venice
 Time Limit - 300 seconds

This one is where you need to be on the rooftops, and this is hard because 
there is a thief who stole the letter, and your job is to stop the thief, get
the letter back and deliver it. When you get up to the rooftops to see who the
thief is, it is an Agile guard, and these guys run fast. 

So basically, run up, assassinate him or use throwing knives, and just kill
him, loot his body for the letter, and get on with it. Well, it turns out that
the letter was for another guard, well, love triangles are so messy, lets 
leave it at that.

 - Casanova - 

 Location   - Florence
 Time Limit - 240 seconds

This is where you need to deliver 2 letters, with the map, this isn't really a
big deal, but the difference is that there are going to be guards protecting 
the people you are going to deliver the letter to, so you will need to bypass
them, because lets face it, you don't have enough time to deliver 2 letters, 
with all that running in between, and knocking off a few more guards, as fun 
as they are to kill. 

[3.08] Assassination Contracts

After you have saved Lorenzo de Medici from his death, he will award you the
job of being his personal assassin, and although that might sound bad, since
he is a good guy, still well regarded in Florence even in modern times, it
isn't as bad as it sounds. Anyway, in the Pigeon Coops around the cities, 
Lorenzo will have contracts on his enemies, and you will be needed to take 
out these enemies.

What is the point of all this? Well, it does give you relatively good 
practice against enemies later on in the game, they are good places for 
combat practice, and to refine your strategy. Also, the money ain't half bad
either, so that is still an advantage.

These missions will be unlocked over the process of the game, so when you
complete more sequences, more will be available for you. It is based on 
unlocking areas, you can only perform assassinations in areas that you have
unlocked, and these are unlocked through story missions. Anyway, I'll list
these by cities.

 - Florence - 

 - Day at the Market

This mission is one of vital importance to Florence. A merchant has a plot to
cripple the city by cutting off the supplies that the city needs to survive, 
so you will need to eliminate this man before he can put his plan into 
action and cripple Florence.

Move to where the target marker is, and this is quite simple, you should see
him next to the art merchant. It is quite easy to pick him out, but use your
Eagle Vision if you want to be sure and not assassinate some civilian instead.
I will advise you to take the aerial entrances into the area, around the 
market, there will be plenty of guards, including a guard at each entrance
to where the merchant is. Although it might be fun to kill them all, you don't
want to spook out your target, assassinate him from the air, and finish him

 - Fallen Archers

As you can guess, this mission requires you to eliminate some archers. 
Although Florence is in the hands of the Medici right now, these archers were
seen to have been involved in the attack on the Palazzo della Signoria and 
work for the Pazzi.

There are 3 archers, and they are quite easy to kill, they are archers, to 
just run along the rooftops and stab them with your hidden blade. You could
get creative and toss them off the building to their deaths as well, but 
that requires a little more work. The only downside to this mission is that
they are relatively spread out, so there will be a fair bit of travelling in
this mission.

 - Political Suicide
This one is tricky, you need to assassinate a local politican that is plotting
against Lorenzo for the Pazzi, and it is your job to kill him. Although you
will be able to find him relatively quickly and easily, the problem is getting
to kill him, because this mission has the condition that you will not be seen
killing the politican by him or the companion, basically, you cannot be 
detected killing him.

The politican and his friend is in an alleyway, a very tight and small
alleyway, and this is under cover, so you cannot attack him from the air. This
makes your life that much tougher. Since there are guards blocking you from a
clean attack, you need to lure the guards away. You can either use mercenaries
to attack them, which prevents you from being seen, or you can decide and use
a smoke bomb to give you cover and hidden blade all of them, and quickly 
moving to strike the politican. However, the use of mercenaries can lead to
failure, so you might want to use thieves or courtesans instead.

Either way, distract the set of guards that are protecting the rear of the 
politican. With this, you will be able to strike him from the back, and you
won't be seen, and this will allow you to complete the mission without any
major dramas.

 - Caveat Emptor

You will need to find a member of the Salvucci family, who is undermining
Lorenzo by smuggling enemies of Florence to inside the city. With this, you
need to kill him before he can prepare for a much larger event, one that can
undermine Lorenzo's rule. 

So, head into the green area, and you will need to use your Eagle vision to
determine who to kill. I suggest you stick to the rooftops, because you need
to remain hidden the whole time as well. The target will have a guard 
following him, so it makes him relatively easy to spot, and since you are on
the rooftops, you can just jump down and air assassinate him, since he won't
be able to see you coming. 

 - Meeting Adjourned

A tough mission this. You need to support Lorenzo as his enemies are preparing
to regroup and launch another attack. Anyway, your only lead is a corrupt
offical, and you need to tail him to the meeting that they are having. Now, 
because there are going to be so many archers along your pathway, you are 
going to have to take the lower ground route, in order to protect yourself and
not lose sight of the target.

Head towards the green area, Eagle Vision to locate the corrupt offical, and 
start to follow him. He works quickly, and he will pick up a few other comrade
in arms along the way, until they all move towards this little courtyard. You
job, once you tail him all the way to the courtyard, is to kill everyone here
since they are conspiring against Florence. Note that your target walks really
quickly, so you will need to make sure you keep up, but not so close that you
spook him and the mission fails. 

So, you need to kill all of them. Since there are so many, the easiest method
is to sit back and counter kill everyone, but that is also the most boring of
the lot. Therefore, if you want some action, throw down a smoke bomb or two,
and use your hidden blades to kill them, and that will pretty much solve that

 - Needle in a Haystack

Lorenzo will congratuate you for eliminating so many enemies of Florence, and
now, another conspirator has been spotted near the Santa Maria Novella, and
they are in the courtyards. However, given that there are so many, you need
to figure out which one it is.

It seems to be random, although it really isn't, it's coded in the game, just
no one bar the game developers know this code. Anyway, you need to head over
to the Santa Maria Novella, and you have to stay hidden. Since you need to
Eagle Vision him in order to figure out who it is, you will need to be on the
rooftops, since this gives you some sort of vision without being seen.

Anyway, figure out which courtyard houses the traitor, and you will need to 
now assassinate him without being seen. Again, a bit tricky, but an 
assassination from above is always the best choice, as long as you aren't 

 - Peacekeeper 

Probably one of my favourite assassination contracts, because it's fun and a 
bit tough if you don't have the right tools. Basically, there are a group of
guards who are unhappy that Lorenzo is still alive and ruling the city, and
they are going to launch an uprising against him. They are marching across a
bridge, and you need to stop them.

However, for this mission, you will have a timer. There are 10 guards, and 
your timer will start as soon as you have killed one of the guards. However,
to spice things up, these guards aren't your generic run of the mill type
guards, however, they are brutes. Powerful brutes. So, how are you going to
kill them all?

Well, the best thing to do is to use your hidden blade in combination with
your smoke bombs. You can easily eliminate 4 guards, 2 sets with your dual
hidden blades, but the rest will attack, so smoke bomb them and assassinate
the rest. Or you can use poison to let the guards kill themselves without
much fuss. Or you can sneak behind them and kill them from behind, two by
two, and not be seen. 

These are the best methods, you can use throwing knives, but they take 2 to
kill one of these guards, and well, using a sword, this isn't a conventional
fight, your sword is quite useless against their axe. 

 - Leader of the Pack

This is the last of the missions that take place in Florence. This is the 
toughest as well. Basically, what you need to do is to follow a mercenary
or guard leader, back to their barracks, which is unknown to you, and kill
all the mercenaries there, because they are planning an attack against the
city. So, off you go playing the tailer.

I can tell you there are going to be a lot of enemies at the end, so it is
in your best interest to use the rooftops and follow your tail that way, 
even if you need to use your throwing knives to eliminate some pesky archers
along the way. Follow your tail until he arrives at the barracks, and from
there, you will need to assassinate him. 

This is the reason I told you to go in by air, an air assassination is far
better since you can kill the leader first, then deal with the mooks, rather
than fighting the leader and all his mooks at the same time. Sure, you only
take out one target, but that is one less mook that you need to worry about. 

Although you have to admit, there is some good real estate there, it is quite
nice, the view that is. A shame that with it needs to be stained by the 
redness of blood. Oh well. 

 - Tuscany - 

 - Reap What You Sow

Well, it seems that you need to kill off a person who benefited off the Pazzi,
and he doesn't like you. This is in the countryside, so you will need to move
your way to the marker, and from there, find the man. You will see that this
man is next to a cart of hay. And what is more interesting is that this cart
of hay is the landing spot for a view point. So, nail two birds with one stone
shall we?

Climb the tower, this should be done from the rear, where you will not be seen
by the man. From there, jump down into the cart of hay, and then use your
little hidden assassination trick to kill the man without anyone else knowing
about it. For all they know, the man just wanted to take a nap in the hay. 
With him out of the way, lets move onto the next contract.

 - Don't Get Your Hands Dirty

There happen to be 4 guards, and these guards have something in common, they
all want Lorenzo dead. How they are going to do it is beyond me, but they want
him dead, so you need to kill them first. However, there is a condition. Since
they are know for their Lorenzo hating ways, you need to make their deaths 
appear natural, they didn't die with a blade sticking out of them, so use the

3 of the guards are quite easy to kill, they just happen to be patroling the 
rooftops, in fact, they love the rooftops so much that they will want to 
patrol the towers. As such, just move up and push them off, they need a little
incentive to take a leap of faith.

The last guard isn't that stupid, he is on the ground, so that removes gravity
as the cause of death. However, doesn't mean you can't just give him a little
poison, and let him go off the reservation himself. Or you can let your 
mercenaries do it, saves you the trouble of having to stick a hidden blade
through him. With these four guys out of the way, Lorenzo should be a little
bit safer now.

 - Supply In Demand

Apparently, there is a leader in a guild that is supplying the Pazzi family 
with a variety of weapons. And that makes him a threat and a target that you
will want to eliminate. This is another slow mission, basically, you will 
need to tail a target, which is a long process, since they are pretty careful
to detect if they are being followed, and he will eventually lead you to your

When you know who your target is, you know what to do, your hidden blades are
there for a reason, and they aren't there for keeping clean. Well, kill him
and get started on the next mission.

 - Flee Market

This mission isn't that bad, basically, there are 2 conspirators who are 
plotting against Florence. Well, they will need to be eliminated, but they are
in an open area, and they will flee when they see someone who looks like an
assassin coming after them.

So your approach will have to be from the skies. With this, you will need to
clear off archers, simply because the archers will give away your position,
and needless to say, the position where those enemy conspirators are in is in
a restricted area. So, kill the enemy archers, and get ready to drop from
the skies.

Conveniently, they are right next to each other, in front of a cart of hay,
so you can easily drop down into the hay and hidden assassinate them, which
gets rid of one and you won't be seen, or you can just assassinate both of
them with your dual hidden blades, but this will attract some attention from
nearby guards and you will have to deal with them later when you have killed
the pair conspirators. Either way, kill them, move on.

 - Vertical Slice

This is a tough mission, it is a real test of your assassination abilities 
because you need to assassinate some of the Borgia guards. Problem is, most
of them are archers and you have to do this without being seen at all, that
is, if the enemy so much as gets a glimpse at you, you will fail this 
mission and need to start again.

Therefore, you will need to use 3 skills. The ability to assassinate from
hiding spots, the ability to assassinate from ledges, and a lot of patience.
To start, find out where the targets are, and find them from the ground. Do
not approach from the rooftops, you will only expose yourself. So, approach
from the ground, and move your way up. 

When you can see your target, enough that they cannot see you back, you can
approach them slowly, and wait. Hide in a ledge, or move into an opportune
hiding spot near them, and just wait. Observe their patterns, get yourself
in place, and when they move past, attack and kill them. Rinse and repeat
for the rest of the guards, and you should finish this. 

 - No Camping

If only this occurred in many FPS games, it wouldn't be a problem. Around 
the city, there are several camp leaders, all preparing to lead an attack
on the city. There are 3 of them, but the problem is, they are so far spread
out that you will not be able to get them within the 5 minutes that is given
to you. 

So, first and foremost, get the hell out of the city, and get on a horse. 
This makes it very easy to attack the enemy, you can use the horse to trample
and swing down a few of the guards, and quickly kill off their leader, or you
can just dismount and run up and kill them. Or just drop a few smoke bombs and
assassinate the leader whilst they are busy blinded.

Either way, use a horse, kill your enemies, and move onto the last mission
in this area,

 - Showtime

This is interesting, it starts off as a tailing type mission, but really now,
you will need to follow him to the ruined theatre, and well, how you want to
approach and kill your mark is up to you. This mark is one of those who lead
the charge against Florence when the Pazzi tried to murder the Medici, and 
only half succeeded. 

Anyway, you can either circle around the back of the theatre, as to avoid all
the guards, or just charge straight on in. If you do charge straight on in, 
your mark will flee to the centre stage, and you will need to follow. No 
matter your approach however, your target will be surrounded by 2 brute guards
and that will be a problem, they are powerful, so a smoke bomb will easily 
cover their view. 

Anyway, that's all for Tuscany, there are still more missions. 

 - Forli/Romagna - 

 - Thin The Ranks

This is a quite and simple mission, there are guards in the city that you 
need to remove, they work for your enemies, the Borgia. Anyway, they are 
grouped in pairs, they will work together, and thus, they are posted in 3
locations, in pairs.

Anyway, move along, and make sure you don't let them know you are there, 
remain undetected, and dual assassinate them, less mess. Kill them, move on.

 - Beginnings of a Conspiracy

Well, this is an interesting missions, Girolamo Riarlo sent some of his men
to retrieve a map, that is of value to Lorenzo apparently, enough that you
need to dispatch 3 men without being seen, and this is of course, quite a 
challenge. You need to either hidden spot assassinate your targets through
the use of observation and wait until they move past, or you can go and use
poison to let them slowly die. 

Be careful though, these men will be protected with some guards, and as 
such, you might be spotted if you don't blend in well, so just make sure you
are aware of these guys.

 - Arch Enemies

As you can guess, you are going to be taking on some archers, and this will
be a timed mission, you have 2 minutes to eliminate 10 archers, and given
the spread of the archers, you will be pushing it. These Borgia archers are
the same as normal archers though, so you really don't need special tactics.

To make your life that much easier, instead of using your hidden blade to 
take out the archers, you should just use throwing knives, they are quick
and efficient to wipe out your enemies. 

 - Wet Work

It seems that the Ottomans are planning an attack on Italy, and you will need
to stop them. Basically, there is a scout off the coast, and you need to kill
the guys on board the boat, and make sure they do not report back to their 

Grab a gondola, and use it to move outside the restricted area of the boat. 
From here, you are going to need to swim and hide underwater and move towards
the boat. The enemy cannot see you climb up the boat, so use this to your
advantage, you can ledge assassinate a few of the guards and this will aid you
greatly, less numbers. When you have thinned out enough guards, you will
need to get on the boat and assault the position.

Get used to these boat missions, because this isn't going to be the last of
them, you're going to be doing these for a while yet. 

 - Dead on Arrival

Well, this time, you need to intercept a courier before he can deliver a 
vital message, one that will undermine the strength friendly powers. You
need to quickly kill him, he is located quite close to where you are. Just
chase him down, and assassinate him.

This isn't a difficult position, if you don't kill him quickly, you will
need to chase him, and the only difficulty in that is not running into
obstacles that will slow down your movement, your best plan of action is to
get him in the free laneways. 

 - Go Towards The Light

Forli has a new commander, one that isn't friendly with your views, and you
will need to assassinate him. The thing is, he likes to hide, such that he
is currently on the top of the lighthouse on the northern peninsula of Forli,
and you will need to find him there.

Basically, you will need to kill off the guards protecting him, one by one,
don't be detected, and this is relatively easy. The reason you want to 
eliminate the guards is because when you have to scale the power, you will
want to do so without having rocks thrown at you, knocking you down.

Anyway, scale the lighthouse, which will take a while, and assassinate the
new guard commander, and that will be the end of that. One more mission in
the dampening atmopshere of Forli.

 - Mark and Execute

It looks like one of Lorenzo's spies was captured, and you will need to kill
the one who captured that spy. Now, you are going to be fighting in a little
building complex, so you will need to basically prepare for a massive

Get your way into the complex, and slowly eliminate the guards. Of course, the
archers will have to be the first to go, getting rid of the archers allows you
to fully concentrate on the other guards that are there. With the archers out
of the way, find the spy.

You can find the spy, but you still need to find the target. And with this, 
you need to use your Eagle Vision to find your mark. You can find him because
he will be surrounded by guards, anyway, find him, kill him, and get out of
there, either fighting and swinging, or escaping.

 - Venice - 

 - Thicker Than Water

It seems that there is someone hiding on a boat, that is causing all sorts 
of trouble, and the problem is, well, him. Therefore, you need to find this
man and kill him. However, you aren't told where your target is.

Now, to start this mission, you need to find the gondolier, and once you
find him, you pretty much need to follow him throughout the waterways of
Venice, and he will, eventually, lead you to the target that you need to
eliminate. This is easy, when you go near the body, it is a restricted 
area, so go from around the back, dive and assassinate him quickly and

 - Zero Tolerance

Lorenzo has friends, and one of his friends is being harassed by a merchant
who seems to want to do something or another, and it is your job to eliminate
this merchant, but without this friend knowing, so basically, you need to 
remain undetected by the guards, and by the friend.

When you find the merchant that is the target, you will need to either sneak
up behind him and assassinate him from behind, or you can use a hiding spot
and assassinate him from there, which is probably a safer bet, Lorenzo's 
friend won't be searching any carts of hay anytime soon. Or you can just
poison him and let him go berserk, that is always funny, but only with the
guards, they kill each other.

 - Blade in the Crowd

It seems that the Doge of Venice has sent a few of his men to cause a bit of
trouble in Florence, and Lorenzo wants you to eliminate these men before they
can get to Florence and cause said trouble. Therefore, it is time to end their

There are 3 targets, each within a green area that you will need to scan with
your Eagle Vision and look for. This is quite easy if you stick to the 
rooftops, doing so will allow you good vision, means to assassinate via an
air assassination, and all you need to do is to jump back up onto the rooftops
to get to your next target.

There are three targets, and you will have 3 minutes to complete this mission,
a minute for each target, so make sure you use your map to plot the best route
around the city.

 - Honourable Thief

A spy for Lorenzo has found that there is a plot to destroy the Venetian arm
of the Medici bank, something that Lorenzo de Medici will really not want to
happen, and as such, you will need to prevent it. Your informant or spy is a 
thief, and you will need to follow this thief.

Following the thief is quite painful at times, the thief is a thief, and they
are good at moving around. When you get near the target, you want to end this
quick and get out quickly, there are going to be a hell of a lot of archers
that will rain arrows on you if you do not finish the mission and get out of
there quickly. 

 - No Laughing Matter

Archbishop Salviati, who was one of the conspirators during the Pazzi 
Conspiracy to murder Lorenzo and his brother, has 3 of his former helpers in
town, and they still carry on his legacy, with him being dead and all. Anyway,
they are harlequins, you know the annoying dancers, and you need to kill them

One of them is relatively easy to remove, he is in the open, so you can take
him out with ease. The other two are in guarded areas, but as long as you 
sneak in from up high or just quickly and silently kill off the guards that
are protecting the targets, it should be relatively easy.

A thing to note is that the targets will run away once they see you, so you
will want to remain unnoticed mainly to make the mission easier, so you 
don't have to chase them, cause they do run relatively quick.

 - Crash a Party

Francesco de Pazzi, the man who killed Lorenzo's brother in a frenzy, and is
now dead, has a cousin in town, and he is throwing a party, which is going to
be the end of him, never throw a party with you have an assassin that is 
seeking your blood around. 

Anyway, you need to tail a guest to see where the party is, after all, you 
didn't exactly score an invite on the Pazzi family list, and when you tail
the guest to an area that is protected by guards, you know that you've reached
the right spot.

To kill the cousin, you will need to scale the building to gain entry and 
plan your assassination from there, it is relatively easy. However, if you
want to really crash a party, kill the guards and bust you way in, killing all
those who stand in your path. They should make things a bit more fun for

 - False Legacy

A condottiero from Venice is getting an artist to paint him as some sort of 
war hero, despite the face that he is only a guard, and the only war he is
facing is now one against the Assassins. Anyway, this brute is going to suffer
your hidden blade for being a royal pain in the ass, so get ready to kill this

The brute is relatively easy to find, but the fact of the matter is that he is
relatively well protected by guards, he is a war hero after all, and you will
need to face them as well. The best way is to attack and drag the fight near
the water, and just lure the guards into the water to let them drown really
quickly and let that end them. Or you can just fight your way through, killing
all those who stand in your path. 

Another method is to use the hidden gun, to assassinate from a distance, but
that will cause a lot of noise and that will draw enemy attention on your 
since you did kill a guard. Either way, figure out a way to kill the enemy,
and finish this mission.

 - Hunting the Hunter

This is the last of the assassination missions, so after this, there is no
more. This is an interesting mission, it isn't as straight-forward as you
would seem.

Anyway, there is a guard that you need to eliminate, he is causing some 
problems, and you solve practical problems. With this, loot his body and you
will get some coordinates to a meeting place, and with that, you need to
approach the person in front of a fountain.

When you approach this person, you find out that it is a dummy and you have
been set up, because at this moment, an Agile guard as well as a few of the
Medici guards will attack you. Well, you didn't get this far to be killed by
a bunch of guards, so eliminate them all. That will be the end of that, and
you will have finished all the assassination missions. 

[3.09] Codex

As you will learn, there are codex pages scattered throughout the game, and
the goal is to collect all 30 pages, in order to get a nice health boost for
each 4 codex pages, and to boost income at your villa.

The Codex is actually one from Altair, he wrote it after learning all the
secrets from his Piece of Eden. However, his codex of 30 pages were then
shifted all over the world, until it ended up in the hands of Dante Alighieri,
who was then forced split the pages up in order to preserve it.

When you find a page, you need to send it to Leonardo, who will be able to
decode the pages for you. There are a total of 30 pages, so get on it. 

 - Page 1 - 

"I have spent days with the artifact now. Or has it been weeks? Months? I can
 no longer be certain...The others come from time to time – offering food or
 distraction. They say I should separate myself from these studies ... Malik
 has even suggested I abandon them entirely. But I am not yet ready to turn
 away. This Apple of Eden will be understood. 

 It must be...Is it a weapon? Is it a catalogue? Is it somehow both? "He who
 increaseth knowledge, increaseth sorrow..." The philosophy of such a
 statement I can understand... But for it to be truth – literally true? A
 society that waged wars with ideas and information in place of steel and
 swords... Its function is simple.

 Elementary, even. Dominion. Control. But the process... the methods and means
 it employs... THESE are fascinating. Those subjected to its glow are promised
 all that they desire. It asks only one thing in return: complete and total
 obedience. And who can truly refuse? It is temptation incarnate. I remember
 my own moment of weakness when confronted by Al Mualim, my confidence shaken
 by his words. He, who had been like a father, was now revealed to be my
 greatest enemy. Just the briefest flicker of doubt was all he needed to creep
 into my mind. But I vanquished his phantoms – restored my self confidence –
 and sent him from this world. I freed myself. 

 But now I wonder... Did I really? For here I sit – desperate to understand
 that which I swore to destroy. This is why: The Apple has a tale to tell. I
 sense the flickers of something – great and dangerous... We are all at risk.
 It is my duty to do something about it. I must not – cannot – turn away until
 I've found the truth."

 - Page 2 - 

Drawing of a battle between the Templars and the Assassins.

 - Page 3 - 

Drawing of the formation of the Hidden Blade.

 - Page 4 - 

"What follows are the three great ironies of the Assassin Order: 

 (1) Here we seek to promote peace, but murder is our means. 

 (2) Here we seek to open the minds of men, but require obedience to a master
     and set of rules. 

 (3) Here we seek to reveal the danger of blind faith, yet we are
     practitioners ourselves.

 I have no satisfactory answer to these charges, only possibilities ... Do we
 bend the rules in service to a greater good? And if we do, what does it say
 of us? That we are liars? That we are frauds? That we are weak? Every moment
 is spent wrestling with these contradictions and in spite of all the years
 I've had to reflect, still I can find no suitable answer... And I fear that
 one may not exist.

 Nothing is true. Everything is permitted. Does our creed provide the answer,
 then? That one may be two things – opposite in every way – simultaneously?
 And why not? Am I not proof? We of noble intentions, possessed of barbaric
 means? We who celebrate the sanctity of life and then promptly take it from
 those we deem our enemies?"

 - Page 5 - 

"Who were The Ones That Came Before? What brought them here? How long ago?
 Centuries? Millenia? Longer still? So little remains of them ... What drove
 them out? What of these artifacts? Messages in a bottle? Tools left behind to
 aid and guide us? Or do we fight for control over their refuse, giving divine
 purpose and meaning to little more than discarded toys?"

 - Page 6 - 

"Robert de Sable may be dead, but his brotherhood survives. Though less
 conspicuous in appearance, I fear they remain a threat. Where once they
 proudly walked the streets – making for easier targets – now they retreat
 into the shadows. It grows difficult to track them. What wicked things will
 they weave in the darkness? Our work will be all the more complicated for it.

 Already there are rumors of a movement on Cyprus. I will have to
 investigate ...It's made me realize that our tactics, too, must change. It
 means an end to our fortresses. To our penchant for spectacular displays of
 public assassinations. We must weave our webs quietly. And we must do so
 differently than we have in the past.

 Though I ask my brothers now to abandon their rituals, I do not ask that they
 abandon the creed. THIS is what makes us Assassins. Not the removal of a
 finger. Not a false promise of paradise. Not the prohibition of poison. Our
 duty is to the people, not to custom. If we must sneak, we shall sneak. If we
 must use poison, we shall use poison. If our blades can be used without
 removing fingers, we shall not demand they be taken. And we shall not
 manipulate our initiates with lies and parlor tricks. We shall speak plainly
 and honestly. We shall be made anew ..."

 - Page 7 - 

"I had thought Adha would be the one to lead me to rest, that I might lay down
 my blade and live as a normal man. But now I know such dreams are best left
 to sleep ... Her face. I try to banish it from my mind as I remember the days
 and nights during which I chased her Templar captors across the sea. I almost
 got to them in time. Almost. If I had only been faster. Instead, I held her
 lifeless body in my arms – saw the terror reflected in her fixed, unblinking
 eyes ... I hunted each man – one by one – until all responsible were gone
 from the world. But there was no joy in this. No satisfaction or release.
 Their deaths did not bring her back. Did not heal my wounds. After that, I
 was certain I would never again feel for a woman as I had for her.

 I am fortunate to have been wrong."

 - Page 8 - 

"Why do our instincts insist on violence? I have studied the interactions
 between different species. The innate desire to survive seems to demand the
 death of the other. Why can they not stand hand in hand? So many believe the
 world was created by the hand of a divine power – but I see only the designs
 of a madman, bent on celebrating destruction and desperation. Our origins
 seem chaotic. Unintended. Purpose and being instilled solely by the passage
 of time. Imposed first by nature – and later men ..."

 - Page 9 - 

"Over time, any sentence uttered long and loud enough becomes fixed. Becomes a
 truth. Provided, of course, you can outlast the dissent and silence your
 opponents. But should you succeed – and remove all challengers – then what
 remains is, by default, now true.

 Is it truth in some objective sense? No. But how does one ever achieve an
 objective point of view? The answer is you don't. It is literally, physically
 impossible. There are too many variables. Too many fields and formulae to
 consider. We can try, of course. We can inch closer and closer to a
 revelation. But we'll never reach it. Not ever ...

 And so I have realized, that so long as The Templars exist, they will attempt
 to bend reality to their will. They recognize there is no such thing as an
 absolute truth – or if there is – we are hopelessly under-equipped to
 recognize it. And so in its place, they seek to create their own explanation.
 It is the guiding principle of their so-named "New World Order"; To reshape
 existence in their own image. It is not about artifacts. Not about men. These
 are merely tools. It's about concepts. Clever of them. For how does one wage
 war against a concept?

 It is the perfect weapon. It lacks a physical form yet can alter the world
 around us in numerous, often violent ways. You cannot kill a creed. Even if
 you kill all of its adherents, destroy all of its writings – these are a
 reprieve at best. Some one, some day, will rediscover it. Reinvent it. I
 believe that even we, the Assassins, have simply re-discovered an Order that
 predates the Old Man himself ..."

 - Page 10 - 

An image showing how the Apple of Eden and the Piece of Eden are the same, and
a preacher preaching to a crowd.

 - Page 11 - 

"Attis. Dionysus. Horus. Krishna. Mithra. Jesus. Similar stories color their
 lives. Too similar, I think. Divine birthright. Persecution. Disciples.
 Miraculous acts. Resurrection...

 How is it possible?

 Perhaps it isn't... Merely a single story told over the ages? Borrowed then
 changed to fit the times? Evolving as our tools and language do? Is this tale
 born of fact or fiction? A bit of both? Could these figures be the same
 person – their life extended and transformed by a Piece of Eden?

 Al Mualim spoke of Jesus as a real person – a mortal who had mastered the
 arts of manipulation. But what if he was wrong? If these men are real – and
 if they have walked amongst us many times before – does it mean they'll come
 again? Perhaps they are here now? So many questions, and every day, even
 more ..."

 - Page 12 - 

A drawing of the Solar System, showing the planets revolving around the sun. 

 - Page 13 - 

An image of dual hidden blades, as well as the process of forging the blades
from the materials listed. Also shown are 3 assassination techniques with the
hidden blade.

"The Hidden Blade has been a constant companion of ours over the years. Some
 would say it defines us – and they would not be entirely wrong. Many of our
 successes would not have been possible without it. Still, the device has
 begun to show it's age – and so I have been researching improvements beyond
 ending the need to remove one's finger to wield it. The first is the addition
 of a metal plate that can be used to deflect incoming blows. The other
 Assassins believe it is forged of a new metal – and credit me with the
 discovery of the formula (included on this page). It is better that they not
 know the truth. I have also worked with Malik to describe new methods of
 assassination: from on high, from ledges, and from hiding places. Basic
 movements, but critical nonetheless. 

 The third and final improvement is the most simple – the provision of a
 second blade – identical in every way to the first. Should an Assassin ever
 find himself tasked with dispatching two targets, he need only time his
 strike in such a way that he might reach both at the same time. These blades
 will be limited in number since the metals with which we forge them remain
 difficult to obtain. I will need to think carefully about who shall be
 allowed to carry two ..."

 - Page 14 - 

"Man seeks dominion over all that he encounters. I suppose it is a natural
 tendency for us to aspire towards mastery of our surroundings. But this
 should not include other human beings. Every day more and more are pressed
 into service – by deception or by force. Others, though not so firmly
 imprisoned, are made to feel as if their lives are worthless. I have seen
 the ways in which men persecute women. Heard the cruel words hurled at those
 who come here from other lands. Watched as those who believe or act
 differently are made to suffer ...

 We discuss such things often – watching as we do from the spires of Masyaf.
 What can be done to stop this? To encourage tolerance and equality? Some days
 we speak of education, believing that knowledge will free us from immorality.
 But as I walk the streets and see slaves sent off to auction – my heart grows
 cold. When I see the husband hurl abuses and stones at his wife, insisting
 she exists only to serve him – my fists clench. And when I see children torn
 from their parents so that another man might profit – sent off to suffer
 beneath the desert sun and die ...

 ... On these days, I do not think that dialogue will make a difference. On
 these days, I can think only of how the perpetrators need to die."

 - Page 15 - 

A drawing of Cyprus, in the Meditterranian Sea. 

 - Page 16 - 

"The Apple is more than a catalog of that which precedes us. Within its
 twisting, sparking innards I've caught glimpses of what will be. Such a thing
 should not be possible. Perhaps it isn't. Maybe it is simply a suggestion.
 How to know? How to be sure?

 I contemplate the consequences of these visions: are they images of things to
 come – or simply the potential for what might be? Can we influence the
 outcome? Dare we try? And in so doing, do we merely ensure that which we've

 I am torn – as always - between action and inaction - unclear as to which –
 if either - will make a difference. Am I even meant to make a difference?
 Still, I keep this journal. Is that not an attempt to change – or perhaps
 guarantee – what I have seen?"

 - Page 17 - 

"Of all the things I've seen, none troubles me more than the image of the
 flames ... Pillars so tall they seemed to pierce the heavens. The ground
 rumbled and shuddered. Mountains split and crack. Great metal towers
 splintered, their innards strewn about the ground ... And everywhere there
 was screaming. A chorus so terrible that even now I feel its echoes still.

 What is this madness I have seen? Is it them, I wonder? Those who came
 before ... Is this where they went? Into the fire? Into the dust? Perhaps
 this destructive power is what the Templars seek. That they might hold it
 over us a command devotion. What hope would we have, then, if they held
 such darkness in their hands – that they could murder the world ..."

 - Page 18 - 

"We are obligated to hide. To be silent. To shape the course of history in
 secret. But some of my brothers and sisters disagree. They grow angry,
 insisting it is a mistake to shroud ourselves. They say it slows our work.
 But they do not understand the risks. To expose ourselves now would be too
 dangerous. I fear we would be branded madmen and attacked. So it goes. So it
 always has. If there is one thing I know for certain, it is that men do not
 learn by being told. Instead they must be shown. They must make the
 connections themselves. If I say unto a man, be kind, be tolerant, be of an
 open mind – these words will wither and die long before they've affected
 change. It would be a waste. And so we must maintain our course ..."

 - Page 19 - 

A drawing of Altair's new armour

"Legends speaks of a Golden Fleece. Could the two be related?

 ... I have further refined the metallurgic process, allowing for the
 production of a suit of armor the likes of which the world has never seen ...

 ...It is possessed of great strength, yet so light as to allow complete
 freedom ...
 ...I alternate between wonder and fear. Here we have crafted something that
 will surely change the face of warfare, making those who wear it nigh
 invincible ...

 Perhaps it was a mistake to create these pieces. I think it best to erase
 the formulae. What if it were to fall in the hands of our enemies? The risk
 is too great ..."

 - Page 20 - 

"I have studied the ancient pagan faiths that came before this more recent
 obsession with a single, divine creator. They seem to have focused more on
 the fundamental forces at play in the world around us and less on arbitrary
 moral rules ...

 The sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening. The tides ebb and flow.
 Grass grows, withers, dies, and then in time, emerges from the ground once
 more. The air turns warm then cools and back again. Some hidden energy keeps
 us fitted to the ground and pulls us back when we attempt to leave it.

 Each of these movements was represented before by a god or goddess. Each
 force given face, but recognized as something distinct and powerful. Which
 is not to say there were not connections between these forces – a pantheon of
 individual spirits – of rules. Invisible hands guiding the progress of the
 world around us.

 And so here there was an attempt to categorize, study, explain, and
 understand the way things work – even if it was flawed. But no more. Now we
 are asked to succumb to a far more simplified explanation. How naive to
 believe there might be a single answer to every question. Every mystery. That
 there exists a lone divine light which rules over all. They say it is a light
 that brings truth and love. I say it is a light that blinds us - and forces
 us to stumble about in ignorance.

 I long for the day when men turn away from invisible monsters and once more
 embrace a more rational view of the world. But these new religions are so
 convenient – and promise such terrible punishment should one reject them – I
 worry that fear shall keep us stuck to what is surely the greatest lie ever

 - Page 21 - 

A drawing of the hidden blade with a secret chamber such that is can be used
to inject people with poison. Surrounding it are plants and herbs that can be
used to create said poison.

"One may cultivate extracts from various plants found throughout the region.
 More exotic species can sometimes be obtained from traders and travelers,
 but their properties are less documented and require further examination.

 Traditional alchemical implements can be used to distill the poison. Care
 should be used as certain poisons can be absorbed through exposed skin. Many
 are those who have lost their lives to carelessness.

 One's blade should be hollowed according to the specifications listed herein.
 Deviation may create fractures within the metal, causing the blade to weaken
 and possibly break."

 - Page 22 - 

An image of the continents of Australia, Asia, Europe and Africa. An arc acts
as the starting point of lines pointing perhaps to where Pieces of Eden are 
located and hidden.

"What to make of this map? It appears to contain the entire world. Not flat as
 they claim, either, but round – like a ball. Like the Apple. But how is such
 a thing even possible? Stranger still are the lands it shows – great patches
 of the unknown. The unexplored. SO many places yet to be discovered ... Are
 there men there? Are they like us? And if not – different how? I should like
 to know the answers. Perhaps – in time – I'll have the chance to travel. To
 chart a course and make my way to these distant lands ..."

 - Page 23 - 

A diagram showing the intricies of free running and the various techniques 

 - Page 24 - 

"Some days I miss my family ... or at least the thought of them. I never knew
 my parents well, despite them both having lived within these walls. It was
 our way. Perhaps they were sad, though they showed no sign – it was not
 For my part, so much of my youth was spent in training, there was little
 time left to reflect upon the separation. And so when they were finally lost
 to me, it seemed no different than the passing of two strangers. Al Mualim
 had been as my father, and his was a weak and dishonest love, though at the
 time it seem enough – better, even. Or so I thought.

 Someday I will have a child - such is the way of our Order. And I will not
 make the same mistake. Nor any who call themselves an Assassin. We shall be
 allowed to love our children – and, in turn, to be loved. Al Mualim believed
 such attachments would weaken us – cause us to falter when our lives were on
 the line. But if we truly fight for what is just, does love not make such
 sacrifice simpler – knowing that we do so for their gain?"

 - Page 25 - 

A drawing of Maria the Templar.

 - Page 26 - 

"I have the answer now. I know the truth. I shall not touch that wretched
 thing again. Best that no one do, now or ever. I have tried - at last – to
 destroy it, but it will neither bend nor break nor melt. Oh the irony – I am
 certain if I asked, the Apple would tell me what need be done. But even this
 promise is insufficient. Always it holds one more gift to give. I must
 refrain. So it shall be sealed. We will take it to the island - once theirs,
 now ours. There is a treasury there – hidden well - and it shall have to
 suffice. Risky to separate myself from the artifact that others may discover
 it. Riskier still to keep it close. In time I will be tempted. I am weak. We
 all are. Who wouldn't be? Oh, the things I have seen ... The tale is here –
 inside the text. Not between the lines but beneath them. Where only our eyes
 might peer. Go and see it for yourself. That you might succeed where I and
 the others have failed. Time marches on – bringing with it new discoveries
 and developments. And so at least one day the doorway might be opened and the
 message delivered. They will have their prophet."

 - Page 27 - 

"We are growing larger. More make their way to our fortresses every day. Men
 and women. Young and old. From different lands. Of different faiths. Each
 tells a similar story – of having discovered the first part of our creed:
 that nothing is true.

 Too often, though, the revelation undoes them. They lose their morality,
 certainty, security. Many are driven mad. We must guide them. Help them to
 heal. Their minds must not be filled with more fairy tales, but with
 knowledge instead. Let them have answers – and let those answers be difficult
 and complex. Such is life."

 - Page 28 - 

A drawing showing the design of a clocklock pistol attached to the hidden
blade as well as the necessary ingredients to formulate the gunpowder to
power the weapon.

"Success! We have found a way to alter the structure of the hidden blade so
 that it can be used to launch small projectiles. It is capable of grievous
 damage – even from great distance. I confess, the means by which I came
 about the discovery was ... risky to say the least. But I have found that
 in small doses, and with a focused mind, the Apple can be used without ill
 effect. Or so I hope.

 The knowledge of projectile combat is not new to us, having been observed
 amongst our Eastern neighbors. But their weapons were much larger – and
 insufficient for our needs. I have now found a way to miniaturize their
 designs, embedding their fiery weapon into a form that can be worn on the

 We have also refined the formula for combustible powder, such that common
 ingredients might be used. This is a dangerous bit of knowledge and it is
 best shared with only our closest allies ..."

 - Page 29 - 

"A dark tide rises to the east - an army of such size and power that all the
 land is made quick to worry. Their leader is a man named Temujin, who has
 adopted the title Genghis Khan. He sweeps across the lands, conquering and
 subsuming all who stand in his way. Whatever his motives, he must be stopped.
 Were I younger, I might attempt to undertake this work in secret - as I
 suspect the presence of a Piece of Eden. But those days are years gone, now.
 The mantle must be passed. It is time she and I spoke with our sons. We will
 travel there together, that they may be tested and that this threat might be

 - Page 30 - 

"Soon I shall pass from this world. It is my time. All the hours of the day
 are now colored by the thoughts and fears borne of this realization. I know
 that the elements of my body will return to the Earth. But what of my
 consciousness? My identity? That is to say - what of ME? I suspect it will
 end. That there is no next world. Nor a return to this one. It will simply
 be done. Forever.

 Our lives are so brief and unimportant. The cosmos cares nothing for us. For
 what we've done; Had we wrought evil instead of good. Had I chosen to abuse
 the Apple instead of seal it away. None of it would have mattered. There is
 no counting. No reckoning. No final judgement. There is simply silence. And
 darkness. Utter and absolute ... And so I have begun to wonder – might there
 not be a way to stop – or at least delay - death's embrace? Surely the ones
 who came before were not so frail and feeble as we. But I have sworn to be
 done with the artifact. To not gaze into its core. Still: faced as I am with
 the prospect of my end, what harm is there in one last look ..."

[4.01] Notoriety

Now, a new concept in this game is notoriety, where it is basically how well
known you are to the guards. The more the meter is filled up, the more the 
guards will recognise you. It is similar to the stealth meter from the first
Assassins Creed game, basically, the more you do naughty things, the more that
meter fills up. 

By doing bad deeds, this involves the following:

 * Stealing from citizens
 * Assaulting guards
 * Shoving or moving guards out of their position (they are very nitpicky)
 * High profile kills, such as air assassinations
 * Violent kills in public

That will get you some notoriety, and when that happens, you need to reduce 
it, because if you don't and it gets to the full meter, the guards will be
suspicious of you and will very quickly hunt you down. Now, how to go about
reducing the meter.

There are three methods, removing wanted posters, bribing the public heralds
and killing the corrupt officals or guards that bear "false witness" to your

Wanted posters are pretty damn easy to remove, you need to find a poster on
the map, and then remove it. If you do this in sight of a guard, you will get
a bit of notoriety when you are spotted, but you do this not in sight of 
guards, it will remove your meter by 25%, or 1 quarter of the max meter.

Public heralds are the guys with a little soap box and talking to a crowd of
people. You will need to approach them and bribe them, giving them a nice 
amount of 500 florins to make them talk about something else, and this will
reduce your notoriety meter by half, or 50%. 

The last method is to assassinate the corrupt officals who bear false witness
to your crimes. This is rarer, because there is no set spawning of these 
corrupt officals, so they appear randomly when you are notorious. Killing them
will reduce your notoriety by 75%, but beware, if the guards see you killing
this offical, you will automatically be shoved into a fight with them. 

[4.02] Guards

There are several different versions of guards, they aren't the same from
the first Assassin's Creed game, where there were mainly archers and guards,
there are more guards in this game. 

 - Guard Types -

Thugs really aren't guards, they only appear in a set number of missions. They
only appear when you haven't met the guards, when Vieri de' Pazzi hires these
thugs to attack Ezio, so basically, the precursor to the thugs.

Militia is really the first level of the regular, normal guards. These guards
can be identified by the fact that they were no real armour, they might wear a
little chest armour, but no actual, proper armour, and a beret as a hat. They
are easy to kill, only one counter-kill is required to remove them. They are
also quick to retreat when they witness you killing down their comrades. 

Elites are the second level of the regular guards, and they wear armour. They
will wear a helmet on their pretty little heads, and this helmet covers their
head, but not their face. This is an important distinction. They will need 3
counter-kills to kill them. They are harder to disarm than militia guards, 
but not decisively so. They will stand more punishment than regular militia 
guards, and they will be less likely to retreat than militia guards. 

Guard Leaders are the best of the regular guards, they will be distinguished
by their helmets, that cover at least half of their face. They take about 5
counter-kills to dispatch, which makes life a bit harder, and they will be 
extremely hard to disarm or grab, so basically, you will need to fight them.

The last of the regular guards, but not really so, are the archers, that are
on the roof. They will instantly start becoming suspicious of you when they
spot you on the rooftops, and they will shoot arrows at you, and when you
get close, they will pull out their melee weapon, but they have the defence
and health of a militia guard, so they are easy to dispatch at close range.
There is a difference in cities though, in Florence and Tuscany, they will
only require 1 throwing knife to kill, whereas they will need 2 throwing 
knives to dispatch in Forli and Venice. 

The regular guards are normally armed with swords, or they occasionally 
wielding maces sometimes. They are easy to kill, and they will run slower
than Ezio. Although they can free-run somewhat, they are slower to run 
around on the rooftops, and thus, quite easy to escape. 

The first of the non-regular guards that you will see are the Brutes. You can
easily tell these from other guards because they are extremely big, and wear
full armour, they are armoured from head to toe. This will also be wielding
large weapons, either wielding a bastard sword, axe or labrys. Their attacks
cannot be countered, which makes them hard to fight, although they can be
killed by hidden blades. They are slow, and thus, easy to escape, and they 
are pretty damn stupid, so they won't recognise Ezio well. Furthermore, they
will also be unable to chase you beyond the ground level, they will not give
chase of you head above groumd.

The second type of the non-regular guards are Agiles. These guys are extremely
fast, and recognised by the feather on their helmet and thin stature. They are
extremely fast, they will run faster than Ezio and they will be able to chase
Ezio down in sequences of free-running. They will wield daggers and short 
blades in combat, but they are weak, they only require a normal counter-kill
to dispatch. They will also tire down in combat, seen when they are panting
somewhat, and this is the perfect time to strike.

The final type of the non-regular guards are the Seekers. These are the
paranoid types, and they are recognised by their heavy armour, and their 
long weapons, the halberd and the spear. They will have the health of a 
Elite or Leader guard, and they cannot be countered by normal weapons since
they are wielding a spear. The dangerous thing about seekers is that they 
will search out hiding spots if you are within the circle after you break
line of sight with them. This makes them dangerous and harder to hide from, 
but you can escape them by heading to the skies, like Brutes, they will not
chase you on rooftops. 

 - Special Attacks - 

Note that two non-regular guards now have attacks specific to them, their
special attacks will be impossible to counter-attack, so pay heed. 

Seekers, the ones with the spears, have the ability to sweep Ezio. This
means that they will use their spear or halberd, and swing it at Ezio's 
feet, knocking him onto the floor. They cannot attack you when you are down
on the floor, but this does cost you in a chase and escape, or when you are
trying to kill another enemy guard.

Brutes have 2 special attacks that are specific to them. The first is a 
smash like move, where the brute will raise his weapon and swing it down on
Ezio, damaging him like a normal attack move, but will knock Ezio down, which
can hinder him whilst he is trying to escape.

The second special attack is disarming Ezio, in the sense that they will use
their weapons to smash away Ezio's weapon that he is currently wielding, where
you will need to pick it up again to regain access to it, so be sure to pick
up your own weapon when you have lost your weapon. This will break your guard
for a small moment, opening you up to attack, and that and you have no weapon,
which is a problem. That's it for special attacks.

 - Dispatching Guards - 

It is a common theme in the game that you need to dispatch guards. Sure, have
peace for the assassination targets, but no peace for the poor bastards who 
are just doing their job. 

There are some common themes with guards. If you throw a guard off a building
that is two-storeys or taller, they will die, as well as tossing them into the
water. The hidden blade will instantly kill guards, and will do the same when
used in the counter-kill stance. It may take 3 counter-kills to get rid of an
Elite guard, but it will always be a one-hit kill with the hidden blade. 

Anyway, regular guards are easy to kill, all they need is to be counter-killed
since they use maces and swords, which makes them easy to counter. They are
the easiest to take out, so don't fret too much over them.

Archers, despite being normal guards, need some taking care of, they do have
their bows and arrows after all. Throwing knives work best here, they will
take out archers with relative ease, which makes things a lot easier than it
should be.

Seekers are harder to kill, they do have their long weapons after all. There 
is no real method to counter them, so you are best to either counter-kill
them with your hidden blade, or disarm them and steal their weapon and thus
use it against them. 

Brutes are the hardest to kill. They will not be countered effectively, so
your best means is to kill them using your hidden blade. To counter their
weapon, you need to either use long weapons from the Seekers or the large
weapons from other Brutes. Or you can throw throwing knives at them, it will
take two to dispatch them, and it's relatively fun to do so, since they are
such big targets. 

[4.03] Economic System

The main difference between Assassins Creed 1 and this game is the fact that
there is an economic system, whereby you actually need to gather some money,
and spend it to get, you know, stuff.

In this game, since you start out in Florence, the money you get is well,
florins. This is represented on your HUD (heads up display) as a stylised F. 

Anyway, what do florins do. Well, as you can guess, with money, it allows you
to buy things, like shiny new swords, throwing knives from the blacksmith,
armour as well. Also with your new found wealth, you can purchase upgrades for
your Villa as well as the town of Monteriggioni. You can also purchase some
artwork for your Villa from art stores, as well as maps, and you can purchase
medicine and poison from doctors. You can also throw coins on the floor as a
kind of attack, which will distract both guards and citizens alike, which 
gives you a nice distraction when escaping from a chase.

So, the next question is how do you obtain florins? Well, the first is that
you can finish your missions for it. Generally, missions will pay you enough
for the costs of the mission, such as throwing knives and such, and a little
left over. Beyond that, there are side-missions, treasure chests all over the
cities, pickpocketing off civilians, looting corpses, killing the Borgia
messenger, and of course, the income from your Villa.

With all this money does come the danger from thieves. They will come along
and rob you of your hard-earned florins, or illegally earned florins, and
they will run off, and you can catch them to get your money back. You can
either tackle them and this will let them off, or you can kill them, because
you're such a nice person to criminals, although Ezio is kind of one anyway.

When you visit Mario in Monteriggioni, he will tell you that the town and
the Villa itself is in a state of disrepair, and if he had the florins, he
would repair it. Well, he doesn't, but you do, and this is where your main
source of money, both in terms of income and expediture will come from, you
upgrade your town and villa, and you get more money.

This is explained in game, the more you complete, the more money you will
get. Think of this as completion in the game, the more that is completed.
the stronger your income. Therefore, as you progress, complete more sets
of armour, find more feathers, buy more weapons, assassinate more targets,
the more money the Villa will earn, and thus, the more money you will

 - Villa Auditore - 

In your Villa, there are many rooms, and you might as well know some of them.
There is the main room in which you can talk to the architect, upgrade your
villa and talk to Claudia about your finances. That is where you will be going
most of the time. In this room, you can upgrade the town by talking to the
architect, look at your finances by talking to Claudia, and take your income
from the chest behind Claudia.

Next is the Codex room, where you can place your codex pages after you have
Leonardo da Vinci decrypt them for you. You will need to decrypt them to place
them on all wall, and when you have 4 of them up, you get another health bar,
which is useful for you. When you have them, you can use your Eagle Vision to
solve the puzzle of the codex pages. 

A secret passage from the Codex room leads to the Sanctuary, which contains
the statues of 7 assassins, the assassins of unruly leaders throughout 
history, surrounding Altair, and his armour. The aim here is to collect the 
seals of the other 6 assassins and bring them back here to unlock the secrets
that is Altair's Armour. 

Switching back to the outsides, there is the ring, where basically you can 
train with the mercenaries on your killing technique, but really, it isn't
necessary for you, all you need is to learn how to counterkill.

Back inside the Villa to your left is the armoury. Here is the room holding
your armour and weapons that you have purchased throughout the game, and it
is here where you can change your armour and weapon you so wish, but it is
easier to just carry the best armour, a dagger and a sword.

Through here is your art room, it stores all the art that you have bought 
from all the art dealers throughout your travels, and the are quite nice to
look at, although they aren't the real thing of course, perhaps in the game
it is.

From there is the backyard, and it is here there are the four pedistals that
you can solve for the grand total of 2000 florins each, and although that may
not be a lot, it is plenty when you have just started the game. 

Upstairs, sides from the art room is Maria's room, where you can talk to her
but it won't achieve much, mainly it is to store the feathers that you have
collected throughout the game. 

And finally, there is the attic, where the photos of your targets are kept,
after they have been tracked down and eliminated by however you deem fit. 
Although they won't be photos, more like artwork, I doubt photos were found
back then. Now, onto upgrading.

 - Upgrading the Villa - 

There are basically 5 shops that you can purchase for your town. The reason
why you would want to purchase them is twofold. First, they will provide a 
source of income, and secondly, they offer you a discount, and the more you
level them up, the better the discount (although it ends at Level 3, but 
a discount is still a discount). 

You can purchase a Blacksmith, Armoury, Doctor, Art Store and Bank, although
the bank really doesn't do anything. Still, the first three stores offer you
what all other stores offer, although at a cheaper rate since you kind of 
do own the store. 

Anyway, besides that, there are other parts of the town that you can upgrade,
such as the Brothel, Mines, Church, Well, Barracks and Thieves Guild. For the
Brothel, you will end up seeing more courtseans around your town, thieves for 
the thieves guild and barracks, well, more mercenaries. 

Other than that, that is about all you can do to upgrade the town, but this
will be expanded greatly in Brotherhood. 

[4.04] Stores

There are several stores in the game, Blacksmiths and Art Stores, as well as

 - Blacksmiths - 

These guys are the ones you will be visiting the most. You will need them to
purchase armour, weapons and ammo for your weapons. Throughout the game, as
you progress, the items they sell will be better, more valuable in terms of
Villa value, and more expensive as well. 

The way armour works is that each piece of armour will give you extra health. 
The better the armour, the more health that you will get. This is generally
true until armour breaks in battle, after sustaining damage to certain parts
of your armour, it will break, and you will not get the same health benefits
from the armour until you go to a blacksmith and repair your armour. Going to
the doctor to heal yourself will not grant you full health until the broken
armour is repaired.

Note that there are 5 sets of armour. Generally, the Missaglias armour is the
best, it is the same statistically with Altair's armour, however, using 
Altair's armour will grant you the Master Assassin Robes for starters, and 
the best thing is, Altair's armour doesn't break. 

 Armour Sets


  - Greaves      - Sequence 3 - Cost 1200f

  - Vambraces    - Sequence 4 - Cost 1100f

  - Chest Guard  - Sequence 3 - Cost 4600f

  - Spaulders    - Sequence 1 - Cost 2300f

  - Total of 5 Health (1/1/2/1)

 Helmschmeid (Leather with Metal Inlay Plates)

  - Greaves      - Sequence 3 - Cost 5200f

  - Vambraces    - Sequence 5 - Cost 2900f

  - Chest Guard  - Sequence 5 - Cost 10800f

  - Spaulders    - Sequence 4 - Cost 6200f

  - Total of 8 Health (2/1/3/2)


  - Greaves      - Sequence 4 - Cost 7200f

  - Vambraces    - Sequence 6 - Cost 6300f

  - Chest Guard  - Sequence 7 - Cost 17200f

  - Spaulders    - Sequence 7 - Cost 12000f

  - Total of 11 Health (2/2/4/3)

 Missaglias (Stylised Metal Plates)

  - Greaves      - Sequence 8  - Cost 14600f

  - Vambraces    - Sequence 9  - Cost 12000f

  - Chest Guard  - Sequence 10 - Cost 27900f

  - Spaulders    - Sequence 10 - Cost 21300f

  - Total of 15 Health (3/3/5/4)

 Altair's Armour

  - Greaves      

  - Vambraces   

  - Chest Guard  

  - Spaulders   

  - Total of 15 Health (3/3/5/4). Cannot be bought. Does not break.


Weaponry are your main well, weapons in the game. They are mostly purchased
from blacksmiths, although there are a few weapons that you can borrow off
the guards for a short battle, such as the Brute's axe and the Seeker's 
lance. There are going to be a few sets of weapons that are sold by the
blacksmiths, including Swords, Maces/Hammers and Short Blades.

Weapons are measured in 3 stats, Damage, Speed and Deflectance. Damage
is basically how much damage it will do to the guards, speed is how fast
the weapon will attack and deflectance is how powerful deflecting enemy
attacks are, primarily using counters. 


  - Common Sword         - Sequence 1 - Given       - Dam 1/Spd 2/Def 2

  - Venetian Falchion    - Sequence 3 - Cost 1900f  - Dam 1/Spd 3/Def 1

  - Old Syrian Sword     - Sequence 3 - cost 2300f  - Dam 1/Spd 2/Def 3

  - Florentine Falchion  - Sequence 5 - Cost 5200f  - Dam 2/Spd 3/Def 4
  - Captain's Sword      - Sequence 5 - Cost 5200f  - Dam 2/Spd 4/Def 3

  - Milanese Sword       - Sequence 7 - Cost 11300f - Dam 3/Spd 5/Def 3

  - Schianova            - Sequence 8 - Cost 25000f - Dam 4/Spd 5/Def 4

  - Scimitar             - Sequence 6 - Cost 11300f - Dam 3/Spd 3/Def 5

  - Sword of Altair      - Sequence 9 - Cost 50000f - Dam 5/Spd 5/Def 5
     - Only from the Monteriggioni Blacksmith 


  - Mercenario War Hammer  - Sequence 3 - Cost 1900f  - Dam 1/Spd 1/Def 3

  - Maul                   - Sequence 4 - Cost 3600f  - Dam 2/Spd 1/Def 2

  - Flanged Mace           - Sequence 6 - Cost 10500f - Dam 3/Spd 3/Def 3

  - Cavalieri Mace         - Sequence 7 - Cost 20800f - Dam 4/Spd 2/Def 2

  - Condottiero War Hammer - 50 Feathers- Cost 35000f - Dam 5/Spd 3/Def 4

 Short Blades

  - Dagger              - Sequence 3 - Cost 500f  - Dam 1/Spd 1/Def 2

  - Knife               - Sequence 3 - Cost 1235f - Dam 1/Spd 2/Def 3

  - Stiletto            - Sequence 4 - Cost 2200f - Dam 2/Spd 4/Def 1

  - Channeled Cinquedea - Sequence 5 - Cost 4100f - Dam 3/Spd 3/Def 4

  - Sultan's Knife      - Sequence 6 - Cost 4300f - Dam 3/Spd 5/Def 3

  - Butcher Knife       - Sequence 7 - Cost 6400f - Dam 4/Spd 3/Def 5

  - Notched Cinquedea   - Sequence 8 - Cost 9300f - Dam 5/Spd 5/Def 4


  - Fists        - Given      - Given      - Dam 1/Spd 5/Def 1

  - Metal Cestus - Sequence 6 - Cost 2000f - Dam 3/Spd 5/Def 1


These are expendible items that you will use through the course of your 
ventures, so you will need to purchase these. 


  - Throwing Knives - Sequence 3 - Cost 50f each

  - Smoke Bombs     - Sequence 5 - Cost 350f each

  - Bullets         - Sequence 8 - Cost 175f each

 - Tailors - 

Tailors are there to make your life easier by allowing you to carry more 
weaponry around with you, or dye your clothes to make them suit the location
a bit more, but dyeing your clothes doesn't have an effect. Upgrading your
pouches to carry more does however.

Dyeing your clothes, like mentioned, doesn't have an effect, but what colours
that you can dye your clothes into depends on the location in which you are
in, certain locales have certain dyes.

 Pouch Upgrades

A pouch upgrade allows you to carry more of a certain item. So this means that
you can upgrade your pouch to carry more throwing knives, or more smoke bombs
or perhaps some more medicine. Either way, these upgrades are quite useful
for you. Each upgrade allows Ezio to carry 5 more of a certain item, so an
upgrade to medium will net you 5 extra items to carry, a large will add
another 5 to the medium, making an extra 10 items carried.


  - Medium Medicine Pouch - Sequence 1  - Cost 3000f

  - Large Medicine Pouch  - Sequence 1  - Cost 6000f

  - Medium Knife Belt     - Sequence 6  - Cost 3000f

  - Large Knife Belt      - Sequence 9  - Cost 6000f

  - Medium Poison Vial    - Sequence 7  - Cost 3000f

  - Large Poison Vial     - Sequence 10 - Cost 6000f

 Dye Clothes

  - Assassin White      - All Tailors           - 

  - Florentine Mahogany - Florence              - Cost 560f

  - Florentine Scarlet  - Florence              - Cost 550f

  - Florentine Crimson  - Florence              - Cost 1200f

  - Tuscan Ember        - Tuscany/Monteriggioni - Cost 1425f

  - Tuscan Emerald      - Tuscany/Monteriggioni - Cost 500f

  - Tuscan Copper       - Tuscany/Monteriggioni - Cost 245f

  - Tuscan Ochre        - Tuscany/Monteriggioni - Cost 500f

  - Wetlands Auburn     - Romagna/Forli         - Cost 500f

  - Wetlands Steele     - Romagna/Forli         - Cost 380f

  - Wetlands Ebony      - Romagna/Forli         - Cost 2300f

  - Wetlands Ivory      - Romagna/Forli         - Cost 150f

  - Venetian Wine       - Venice                - Cost 1980f

  - Venetian Azure      - Venice                - Cost 450f

  - Venetian Teal       - Venice                - Cost 500f

 - Doctors - 

These guys are the guys you want to visit if you get injured in battle. In
contrast to Altair, who simply had to wait to regain health, Ezio doesn't have
these magical powers, so doctors will have to do. A doctor is able to heal
your health complete for the small price of 50f. He will also sell you some


  - Medicine - Cost 75f each

  - Poison   - Cost 175f each

 - Art Merchants - 

The last set of stores, the art merchants deal with 2 things, they will sell
you treasure maps, which list on your map the location of all treasure chests
in a certain area. They will also sell you artwork, which will be shown in
your Villa and increase the value of the Villa. 

 Treasure Maps

  - Santa Maria Novella / Florence - Cost 160f

  - San Marco / Florence           - Cost 150f

  - San Giovanni / Florence        - Cost 395f

  - Apennine Mountains             - Cost 150f

  - Monteriggioni                  - Cost 285f

  - San Gimignano / Tuscany        - Cost 245f

  - Countryside / Tuscany          - Cost 175f

  - Forli / Romagna                - Cost 260f

  - Countryside / Romagna          - Cost 235f

  - San Marco / Venice             - Cost 500f

  - Dorsoduro / Venice             - Cost 495f

  - San Polo / Venice              - Cost 550f
  - Cannaregio / Venice            - Cost 995f

  - Castello / Venice              - Cost 485f


  - Madonna and Child         - Florence      - Cost 320f
    - By Filippo Lippi
  - Baptism of Christ         - Florence      - Cost 280f
    - By Andrea del Veriochio

  - Primavera                 - Florence      - Cost 2950f
    - By Sandro Botticelli

  - Pallas and the Centeur    - Florence      - Cost 3050f
    - By Sandro Botticelli
  - Annuciation               - Florence      - Cost 429f
    - By Leonardo da Vinci

  - Saint Jean Baptiste       - Florence      - Cost 1608f
    - By Leonardo da Vinci

  - Portrait of a Musician    - Florence      - Cost 20f
    - By Leonardo da Vinci

  - Francesco Delle Opere     - Florence      - Cost 1492f
    - By Pietro Perugino

  - Saint Jerome              - Venice        - Cost 53f
    - By Leonardo da Vinci

  - Adoration of the Magi     - Venice        - Cost 1290f
    - By Leonardo da Vinci

  - San Sebestian             - Venice        - Cost 163f
    - By Antonello da Messina

  - Saint Jerome in his Study - Venice        - Cost 4300f
    - By Antonello da Messina

  - Sacred and Profane Love   - Venice        - Cost 6295f
    - By Titian

  - Venus Rising              - Tuscany       - Cost 7220f
    - By Titian

  - Sleeping Venus            - Tuscany       - Cost 9175f
    - By Giorgiona

  - Venus and the Mirror      - Tuscany       - Cost 1035f
    - By Mabuse

  - Simonetta Vespucci        - Tuscany       - Cost 125f
    - By Piero di Cosimo
  - Portrait of a Lady        - Tuscany       - Cost 525f
    - By Leonardo da Vinci

  - Federico da Montefeltro   - Tuscany       - Cost 325f
    - By Pedro Berruguete

  - The Birth of Venus        - Forli         - Cost 14800f
    - By Sandro Botticelli

  - Jupiter and Io            - Forli         - Cost 6969f
    - By Antonio Allegri da Corregio

  - La Fornarina              - Forli         - Cost 32f
    - By Raphael
  - Leda and the Swan         - Forli         - Cost 200f
    - By Leonardo da Vinci

  - Three Graces              - Forli         - Cost 500f
    - By Raphael

  - Eve                       - Forli         - Cost 800f
    - By Albrecht Durer

  - Lady with an Ermine       - Monteriggioni - Cost 85f
    - By Leonardo da Vinci

  - Saint Chrysognous         - Monteriggioni - Cost 3290f
    - By Michele Giambono

  - Saint Francis in Ecstasy  - Monteriggioni - Cost 581f
    - By Giovanni Bellini

  - Ideal City                - Monteriggioni - Cost 2850f
    - By Francesco di Giorgio Martini & Piero della Francesca

  - Ballista and Federico     - Monteriggioni - Cost 1238f
    - By Piero della Francesca

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