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Reviewed: 02/03/09

What Goes Up Must Come Down

I appreciate Xbox Live in the sense that they're now letting gamers and small game developers that would normally never release and sell a game to the mass market now do exactly that with the introduction of Community Games. I've had a chance to play a few of them by using the trial that each game has allowing a person to play each game for four minutes, and so far I'm willing to say that it's all a person really needs to decide whether or not to purchase one of these Community Games. I'm also willing to say that it's about all the time you need in one sitting with Machiavelli's Ascent.

It's not that Ascent is a bad game, it's really not. I was so into it during the trial period that when a window suddenly popped up I just pushed the 'A' button to skip whatever dialogue box had come up and, as it turns out, had instead purchased the game. So I set out to play the game enough to get my 200 points worth out of it.

So what have I learned?

First, that $2.50 for a game, even as simple as this, is not a bad price. Second, that you can see all this game has to offer without spending the $2.50. And finally that I do not regret this purchase in the least.

The graphics are easy to take in, the music is simple and calming, fitting the game and gameplay well, and controls are extremely basic if not a little frustrating at first. Why frustrating when there's only two buttons to push? Well, it's because the left and right triggers move Machiavelli instead of the joystick. Minor complaint, yes, but it does take a few attempts to get used to.

There's really nothing more to the game than that. Bounce Machiavelli up as far as you can. The farther up you go the more sun you will see shining through the water and the smaller the particles to bounce on become.

Which is one of two major complaints I have about this game. There is no more to the game. It would have been really nice to see maybe one other game mode or something to add a little value to such a simple title, but for 200 points I suppose I'm willing to say that you get what you pay for. Also that as soon as you start to drift downward you're pretty much done with your ascent because there will never be a particle beneath you; as soon as they're off the screen they're gone. Too bad because it would have made the game just a little bit easier when particles are clear across the screen from each other and a moment of hesitation sends you falling all the way back to the bottom.

So, long story short, go ahead and "accidentally" spend 200 of your hard earned points on this title, it's fun enough to play before you head off to work or school and then put right back down.

Rating: 7

Product Release: Machiavelli's Ascent (US, 12/29/08)

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