The Idolm@ster Achievements

  • Achievements

    Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

    10 Idols (100)Produce all 10 girls.
    100 Auditions (100)Win 100 auditions.
    100 Communications (100)Get 100 "Good" or "Perfect" Communications.
    100 Lessons (100)Get 100 "Good" or "Perfect" Lessons.
    100 Memories (100)Gain 100 Memories when communicating with your idol(s).
    16 Songs (100)Produce all 16 songs.
    4 Seasons (100)Win the special auditions for Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, and
    Best Ending (100)Get an A rank and succeed at the Farewell Concert at the Dome.
    Super Idol (100)Win the Super Idol special audition.
    True Idolmaster (100)Achieve the Producer Rank of Idolmaster.

    Contributed By: Llamaman2.

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The Idolm@ster: Live for You! Achievements

  • Achievements list

    Unlockable achievements (and gamer points) for Idolmaster: Live for You! There are 48 achievements for 1000 points. No secret achievements.

    10 IdolsPlay the game with all 10 girls30
    16 SongsPlay the game with all 16 included songs30
    Excited 01 Taiyou no JealousyGet a voltage of 90% or higher on "Taiyou no Jealousy"20
    Excited 02 Here we go!!Get a voltage of 90% or higher on "Here we go!!""20
    Excited 03 Ohayou!! AsagohanGet a voltage of 90% or higher on "Ohayou!! Asagohan"20
    Excited 04 9:02pmGet a voltage of 90% or higher on "9:02pm"20
    Excited 05 THE IDOLM@STERGet a voltage of 90% or higher on "THE IDOLM@STER"20
    Excited 06 MassuguGet a voltage of 90% or higher on "Massugu"20
    Excited 07 relationsGet a voltage of 90% or higher on "relations"20
    Excited 08 Omoide wo ArigatouGet a voltage of 90% or higher on "Omoide wo Arigatou"20
    Excited 09 Positive!Get a voltage of 90% or higher on "Positive!"20
    Excited 10 Mahou wo Kakete!Get a voltage of 90% or higher on "Mahou wo Kakete!"20
    Excited 11 First StageGet a voltage of 90% or higher on "First Stage"20
    Excited 12 Aoi ToriGet a voltage of 90% or higher on "Aoi Tori"20
    Excited 13 Agent Yoru wo YukuGet a voltage of 90% or higher on "Agent Yoru wo Yuku"20
    Excited 14 My Best FriendGet a voltage of 90% or higher on "My Best Friend"20
    Excited 15 GO MY WAY!!Get a voltage of 90% or higher on "GO MY WAY!!"20
    Excited 16 Watashi wa IdolGet a voltage of 90% or higher on "Watashi wa Idol"20
    Favorite Song 01 Taiyou no JealousyChoose the song "Taiyou no Jealousy" 5 times20
    Favorite Song 02 (Here we go!!)Complete "Here we go!!" 5 times.20
    Favorite Song 03 (Good Morning! Breakfast)Complete "Good morning! Breakfast" 5 times.20
    Favorite Song 04 (9:02 pm)Complete "9:02 pm" 5 times.20
    Favorite Song 05 (THE IDOLM@STER)Complete "THE IDOLM@STER" 5 times.20
    Favorite Song 06 (straight)Complete "Straight" 5 times.20
    Favorite Song 07 (relations)Complete "Relations" 5 times.20
    Favorite Song 08 (Thanks for the memories)Complete "Thanks for the Memories" 5 times.20
    Favorite Song 09 (positive!)Complete "Positive" 5 times.20
    Favorite Song 10 (over the magic!)Complete "Over the magic!" 5 times.20
    Favorite Song 11 (First Stage)Complete "First Stage" 5 times.20
    Favorite Song 12 (Blue Bird)Complete "Blue Bird" 5 times.20
    Favorite Song 13 (Agents pass away the night)Complete "Agents pass away the night," 5 times.20
    Favorite Song 14 (My Best Friend)Complete "My Best Friend" 5 times.20
    Favorite Song 15 (GO MY WAY!!)Complete "GO MY WAY!!" 5 times.20
    Favorite Song 16 (I am idle)Complete "I am idle" 5 times20
    Full comboComplete a song in cheering mode without missing a beat30
    Item completeReceive all basic items (clothes and accessories) from the company president30
    Lovely Idol 01 (Haruka)Play as Haruka 5 times.20
    Lovely Idol 02 (Chihaya)Play as Chihaya 5 times.20
    Lovely Idol 03 (Yukiho)Play as Yukiho 5 times.20
    Lovely Idol 04 (Yayoi)Play as Yayoi 5 times.20
    Lovely Idol 05 (Ritsuko)Play as Ritsuko 5 times.20
    Lovely Idol 06 (Azusa)Play as Azusa 5 times.20
    Lovely Idol 07 (Lori)Play as Lori 5 times.20
    Lovely Idol 08 (Makoto)Play as Makoto 5 times.20
    Lovely Idol 09 (Ami)Play as Ami 5 times.20
    Lovely Idol 10 (Mami)Play as Mami 5 times.20
    Lovely Idol 11 (long hair Miki)Play as Long hair Miki 5 times.20
    Lovely Idol 12 (short hair Miki)Play as short hair Miki 5 times.20

    Contributed By: alexsifu and lolyhack.

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