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Table of Contents

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FAQ/Walkthrough by EVERYTHING69

Version: 2.01 | Updated: 08/06/12

Table of Contents

  1. Locations
  2. Factions/ Groups
  3. Starting out
  4. Advanced techniques
  5. Getting Golden Eggs
  6. Samurai Points rewards
  7. Ending overview
    1. Ending 01 - "Denouement"
    2. Ending 02 - "With Osei"
    3. Ending 03 - "Death of a Samurai"
    4. Ending 04 - "End of Sakurai Clan"
    5. Ending 05 - "Rebirth of Sakurai Clan"
    6. Ending 06 - "A Song of Defeat"
    7. Ending 07 - "The Chagrin of Shinnosuke"
    8. Ending 08 - "Usurping the Throne"
    9. Ending 09 - "Death of Shuzen 1"
    10. Ending 10 - "Death of Shuzen 2"
    11. Ending 11 - "Death of Shuzen 3"
    12. Ending 12 - "With Shuzen 1"
    13. Ending 13 - "With Shuzen 2"
    14. Ending 14 - "With Shuzen 3"
    15. Ending 15 - "The Diabolic Wife 1"
    16. Ending 16 - "The Diabolic Wife 2"
    17. Ending 17 - "Die as a Bandit"
    18. Ending 18 - "With Matsuzaki"
    19. Ending 19 - "With Itsuse"
    20. Ending 20 - "Senseless Person"
    21. Ending 21 - "Undercover"
    22. Ending 22 - "The Legend of the Demon"
  8. Title Overview
    1. Title King
    2. Samurai 4EvR!
    3. Impatient Samurai
    4. Martial Artist
    5. Sexy Samurai
    6. Grim Reaper
    7. Harmless Samurai
    8. Holy Samurai
    9. Samurai Pimp
    10. Blessed Samurai
    11. Executioner
    12. Annihilator
    13. Merchant
    14. Slayer
    15. Compassionate Samurai
    16. Naughty Samurai
    17. Vegetarian
    18. Riceaholic
    19. Insomniac
    20. Shy Samurai
    21. Disturbed Samurai
    22. Sword Artist
    23. Litterbug
    24. Sword Maniac
    25. Workaholic
    26. Sorry Samurai
    27. Dojo Conqueror
    28. Troublemaker
    29. Collector
    30. Angry Samurai
    31. Chatty Samurai
    32. Osei Lover
    33. Itsuse Lover
    34. Princess Lover
    35. Horny Samurai
    36. Gay Samurai
    37. Rich Samurai
    38. Loner
    39. Faithful Samurai
    40. Legendary Samurai
    41. Samurai King
    42. Master
    43. Teacher
    44. Apprentice
    45. Student
    46. Trainee
    47. Novice
    48. Newbie
    49. Wanderer
    50. Nobody
  9. Partners
    1. Momiji
    2. Yukino
    3. Yuzu
    4. Otome
    5. Kasumi
    6. Hiiragi
    7. Misaki
    8. Hinagiku
    9. Kana
    10. Minamo
    11. Osada
    12. Ensen
    13. Dona
    14. Nyanya
  10. Cat Location
  11. Jobs Overview
    1. Elder Misae
    2. Overseer Oryo
    3. Commander Kiyonari
    4. Job Leader Joji
    5. Other jobs
  12. Characters/ Skins
    1. Unique skins
    2. Generic skins
  13. Items
    1. Item list
    2. Shop lists
  14. Sword Overview
    1. Upper Stance
    2. Middle Stance
    3. Lower Stance
    4. Side Stance
    5. Draw Stance
    6. Single Stance
    7. Ninja Stance
    8. Spear Stance
  15. Parts Overview
    1. Blade Parts
    2. Blade part comparison
    3. Guard Parts
    4. Guard part comparison
    5. Grip Parts
    6. Grip part comparison
    7. Pommel Parts
    8. Pommel part comparison
  16. General Questions
  17. Update History
  18. Thanks and Credit
  19. Contact Info
  20. Legal Info

Items (Continued)

Road - Fabled Merchant

This shop's appearence depends on the number of inklings you have done. After every 3 inklings he'll be in the boat on the east side of the map, however if you've done 4 inklings he won't appear again until you've done 6. If you want him to appear just do a single inkling, check if he's there and if not do another until he shows.

Day 1 - 2

Day 3 - 4

Day 5 - 6

Day 7 - 8

Day 9 - 10

Sword Overview

Below are locations where I have found all 102 swords in the game, and what difficulty I found them on. I've decided to adds stats for all sword... this information was found on the japenese wiki site: http://wikis.jp/samurai3/

I doubt any of the info is wrong from that site however, if you believe something is wrong e-mail me to let me know exactly what it is. Beyond the basic stats I'm going to give a very general description of what the sword looks like so you have an idea if your target is carrying the sword you want.

If a sword is rare and you want it, check the person, if they don't have it leave the area they're in and come back as every time you enter and exit an area they may change swords.

NOTE ABOUT REVIEWS I want people to know it took me a long while to review all the swords, I took 3 sword with me to a redemption mission and used each one to get 5-20 kills depending on if I used it before and to get a good feel. This means that if I say something is great it might not be as good against a named character on hard, if you believe something needs to be changed give me reason why and I'll consider it, as right at the moment all these reviews are strickly my opinion to give other an idea of what I feel works and what doesn't.

Recommended moves is again just something to give people an idea of what's worth considering on a sword, however I highly recommend that you try the move out yourself before making a sword. Also I recommend some moves as filler, that means it's decent but I myself would only put it on a sword if I had extra points to use and no other great option fits.


Description: Black sheath and grip with gold decoration.

Location: Shuzen (Hard, IK).

Rating: 6/10, nothing stands out as great but does work well for the most part.

Recommended Moves: As stated nothing exceptional, Kokushi - Sousou is a move that's pretty fast and hard hitting (back-forward Special to back Special).

-40 to -207 to 245-90-15


Description: Black grip and sheath.

Location: Fujimori guards (Any). Outcast (Hard)

Rating: 7/10, the 2nd back-Special move (Dai-senpu) can be blocked however the rest of the combos worked well for me.

Recommended Moves: Togari-tsuki to Oi-togari - Togari-saki was a really nice combo, good damage and so long as the 1st strike hits it all hits (forward-special combo). Haten as all back-forward triangle moves is great if you're good at getting them to connect.

-9 to 10-10 to 71-503


Description: Brown grip and dark green sheath.

Location: Ouka thugs (Any). Outcast (Hard).

Rating: 8/10, nothing weak but nothing truly overpowerful a good sword overall.

Recommended Moves: I wouldn't base a custom sword on these moves but would be good filler for other great moves, as all combos are fast, the back-special move senpu - shipppu - ren-tsumuji - dai-senpu can be blocked mid combo but also will knock the opponent down if that last blow connects.

-30 to -100 to 203-60-15


Description: brown grip, two shades of brown spiraling on sheath.

Location: Fujimori guards (IK, Hard, Normal). Outcast (Hard).

Rating: 7/10, pretty decent 2 good combos that can work pretty well.

Recommended Moves: Menda - sho-da is really fast and knocks the enemy into the air (just special). Rinka - Rinka-zanbatsu - tenka is also a good combo, fast and hard hitting (back-special).

-20 to 0-4 to 134-70-13


Description: Black/very dark green grip and sheath.

Location: Fujimori guards (IK). Fujimori Vassel (Easy to Hard). Outcast (Hard).

Rating: 9/10 fast move that tend to combo very well.

Recommended Moves: What definetly stands out is Myojo - Kanenarashi - Tsuri-zeme (forward - special combo), combos well but the last move is unblockable, though can be ackward to use as it is a back-guard to special move.

-5 to 153 to 202-60-15


Description: Green with red backing grip, green and brown sheath. Saw bladed

Location: Fujimori guards (Hard). Outcast (Hard).

Rating: 9/10, Geimon (back-guard-special) is unblockable and works well, the rest of the combos are also decent and fast enough they didn't seem to get blocked.

Recommended Moves: Geimon as mentioned above is great as it's unblockable. The back-special combo: rinka - so-rinka - rinka-zanbatsu does great damage and is also pretty fast.

18 to 34-23 to -51-404


Description: Brownish/green long sword

Location: Large Ouka thugs (Any).

Rating: 6/10, Hakai - Saiten is a decent combo (back - forward special) however the rest are so-so.

Recommended Moves: Hakai - Saiten is decent to me for the fact that if the 1st move connects or is guarded you still have a follow up, but it's not a great move to be on a custom sword. Ugetsu - Sagetu (just special) is a great fast filler, not something overpowering but worth it if you have the room.

-9 to 9-15 to 51-60-21,3


Description: Orange grip, orange sheath, long blade.

Locaiton: Large Ouka thugs (IK, Hard).

Rating: 5/10, weight kills it, if it weren't for the menda - renmenda - men-hagashi combo this sword just wouldn't be worth looking.

Recommended Moves: menda - renmenda - men-hagashi (just special) is fast enough with the weight of the sword, beyond that it also lifts the enemy so is the only note worthy move on this blade.

1 to 20-24 to -73-71-35


Description: Black grip, sheath is mostly black with a bit of blue.

Location: Shuzen.

Rating: 9/10, fast moves with a nice unblockable.

Recommended Moves: Nenten is a very nice and very fast unblockable move (back+guard+special). Other combos are pretty fast, I do like the back+special combo rinka - rinka-zanbatsu - tenka as a good filler, well all moves are good filler for this one.

-40 to -2021 to 402-60-15

Nozuchi Old Style

Description: Dojima's hammer.

Location: Dojima (younger) in Takatane

Rating: 10/10, fast moves with a few unblockables.

Recommended Moves: Daishokei-bukotsu-genya (back+guard+special) is a bit slow to start but is unblockable and does massive damage, I dislike that it'll toss your enemy away (so if you use it on a special enemy you'll have to find him again if there are many enemies) however it more then makes up for it.

All other combos are pretty good, so I'll only note the forward+speical combo: myojo - ren-myojo - ryusen - shokei-butotsu-genya as it ends with the above mentioned move, so if the fast combo is blocked the unblockable at the end doesn't do as much damage but that doesn't matter as much as it's fast and again, unblockable.

-10 to 1017 to 353-70-15


Description: Black girp and sheath, sharkfin pommel and unique blade with fins.

Location: Shuzen on IK rarely has it

Rating: 9/10, another sword with a good unblockable/ fast combos

Recommended Moves: Geimon, the back+guard+special is always a good bet. The back+speical combo can be blocked mid combo but all 3 are good ones, I do like the forward+special Ue-e-mairu x 4 as if it connects it juggles the enemy the entire combo.

10 to 30-30 to -102-60-15


Description: Metallic grip, sheath is black with metal like strips.

Location: Misae in Takatane will carry this weapon during the mission Misae's Challenge!

Rating: 4/10, I may re-rate if I can find a 2 weight version, as it's way too slow, a few decent moves that really can't be used well.

Recommended Moves: Hiden-kuronama (back+forward+special) is a fast and devastating move even with 3 weight, as well the back+special move also was somewhat usable at 3 weight (kijinjen - Kijinken-burin x 4).

0 to 2010 to 304-82-35


Description: red grip, unique blade/ no sheath.

Location: Genjuro

Rating: 7/10, despite being a heavy weight weapon it can be rather fast and has a lot of moves that break guard.

Recommended Moves: This is the 1st back+guard+special that isn't that great, Tetsugada does great damage, but can be blocked... regardless it is a move to consider putting on. The two combos that do stand out are the forward+special, Kouma - Ouma - Yamauma which is fast and each hit will break guard, allowing at least one of the strike to hit. Also Back+special: Kyoto-goma - Otsu-kyotou has pretty much the same reasoning for it being worth consideration.

23 to 35-37 to -242-62-35


Description: Wooden practice sword.

Location: Wooden swords at Dojo

Rating: 9/10, fast moves that really can't be blocked once they start hitting.

Recommended Moves: Geimon (back+forward+special) for being unblockable... and well all three of the other combos are all great additions, espically the forward+special Togari-tsuki - Oi-togari - Togari-saki which is a very fast 3 hit combo that I found really easy to connect with.

-10 to 10-10 to 101-40-15


Description: Looks just like a hoe.

Location: Villagers, either randomly around (does count as Hi Do) or during Omiki's redemtion mission.

Rating: 5/10, no getting around it being a joke weapon, but can be effective.

Recommended Moves: if you don't have a lot of points all 3 of the Hoe's single move combos can be effective, Why-you-little (the just special's moves name...) is a very fast blow, the two other moves can be used 1st and followed up by it for an extra hit that pretty much is instantly after.

A side note that the move Koke-odoshi should never be put on a sword, it literally can't hurt anyone and could be accidentally used to make your vunerable to attack.

-5 to 10-7 to 61-50-14

Moderate Blade

Description: Black grip and sheath.

Location: Your starting sword, also west shop in the posting station sells this weapon.

Rating: 6/10, for your starting sword it ain't bad, but there isn't anything special about it.

Recommended Moves: This is a blade I really can't say I recommend anything. The moves would make for good filler but none of the combos strike me as great.

-9 to 10-9 to 102-60-14


Description: black grip, sheath is red with orange at the edges

Location: Random Ronin (Any). Outcast (Hard)

Rating: 6/10, nothing bad about it but not much stands out.

Recommended Moves: None really worth noting. Combos are decently fast but are all 2 hit combos

-4 to 15-15 to 52-60-14


Description: Tan grip, green and light brown striped sheath.

Location: Fujimori guards (Any). Outcast (Hard)

Rating: 7/10, again nothing stands out as amazing, but there are decent combos.

Recommended Moves: The forward+special combo Gatotsu - Ren-gatotsu x 2 is a good fast combo, I do like the other two combos as well but have potential to be blocked mid combo.

3 to 19-18 to -42-502


Description: black/grey grip and Dark green sheath.

Location: Fujimori guards (Hard).

Rating: 9/10, nice unblockable with good combos (even if it has a weight of 1).

Recommended Moves: Fujinkyaku (back+Guard+Special) is a sure bet, as well the forward+special combo: Sototsu - Ren-sototsu x 2 - Kitotsu is a very fast combo that blows your enemy away.

-10 to 10-8 to 92-60-13


Description: Black grip and sheath.

Location: Shinnousuke Rare (Hard, IK)

Rating: 8/10, one great combo and the rest are good but nothing expectional.

Recommended Moves: As mentioned one great combo, the back+forward+special Oun - Raida does pretty nice damage, blows your enemey away and is rarely fully blocked as the 1st blow break guard and the 2nd is quickly after the 1st.

-30 to -1012 to 304-80-15


Description: white grip, black sheath.

Location: Random Ronin (IK) and Fujimori gurads (IK).

Rating: 9/10, one combo isn't so good (the forward+special) the rest are great, as well as having one of those great unblockable moves.

Recommended Moves: back+Guard+special combo: Seppo - Bushi-no-nasake is really awesome, I do like the ability to do the low damage tripping of someone again and again if I want. The normal Special combo: Jibashiri - Tsuitotsu - Oiuchi is a nice combo for a filler as it blows the enemy away and is fast.

3 to 20-10 to 102-60-14


Description: black grip, red sheath, sawtooth blade.

Location: Ouka thugs (IK, Hard, Normal). Random Ronin (Easy).

Rating: 9/10 none of the combos seems to have been able to be interrupted, and has a nice unblockable in it.

Recommended Moves: The unblockable is in the forward+special combo, Gatotsu -Gazanshidakyaku, it's a very nice move.

7 to 25-15 to 43-70-14

Samurai Sword

Description: Black grip and sheath.

Location: Dona, one of the partners. Also been told it can be got on IK from Suspicious characters at random, though Dona is a guarentee get.

Rating: 7/10, a solid sword but I found all combos can be blocked at some point.

Recommended Moves: The normal special combo of Umeboshi - Shogun to either Harakiri or Sashimi is the highlight of this blade as it's fast and doesn't seem to be interrupted when I use it.

-10 to 10-10 to 105-90-15

Dull Blade

Description: Brown grip, black sheath.

Location: The two guys annoying Chidori at the beginning of the game, as well as many others.

Rating: 6/10, despite have a name that says "really bad sword" it isn't too bad, just not that great.

Recommended Moves: Korobashitaru-omoi is unblockable (the back+guard+Special), however your unblockable should be able to hurt the enemy, so if you don't have one on your custom sword and have room it might be worth putting on. The normal special move Gangeki-tensho is also rather nice for a single hit move for filler.

-5 to 15-20 to 01-40-14


Description: ninja blade, black grip and sheath.

Location: Do the mission for Misae called Assassinate Lord Shuzen!, the weapon is rarely carried by your target (IK only).

Rating: 8/10 fast moves and good combos.

Recommended Moves: This sword has a rather large back+Guard+special combo: seppo - bushi-no-nasake - shogyomuja - sarasoju - Jyosha-hissui, all are unblockable and does great damage, however it also generates a lot of heat so getting the weapon to lvl 50 is good or at least using it while tracking your weapons heat is needed.

-25 to -511 to 303-70-15


Description: large sword, brown grip and sheath.

Location: Large Ouka thugs (Any).

Rating: 6/10, nothing great but nothing to bad, the one I tested had 1 weight so a weight of 0 might make the moves seem better but even with the weight most combos seem to be connecting decently, though not perfectly.

Recommended Moves: For filler the back+special combo: Tenshin-senda - renten-senda - tenshin-shozan is probably a good bet, though the other combo's aren't bad just not great.

-15 to 4-15 to 52-60-24


Description: long blade, dark brown grip and black sheaht.

Location: Large Ouka thugs (IK), Random Ronin (Hard).

Rating: 5/10, one decent combo with 2 not so good ones.

Recommended Moves: forward-special combo of Munesashi - Agokudaki - Kubiotoshi is a decently fast combo that will combo well for a filler.

-9 to 1011 to 273-70-25


Description: Brown grip, black sheath with a bit of gold on the ends.

Location: Shinnouske's main weapon.

Rating: 9/10, great combos and a great power move

Recommended Moves: Garyu-houto x 2 (back+forward+special) is awesome, a lot of damage and since the 1st move is a fast guard breaker the move will always damage and is very spamable. I'd also recommend the forward+special combo of Gatotsu - ren-gatotsu - san-renga - shi-renga - zero-gatotsu as it's fast and really powerful.

5 to 256 to 252-60-15


Description: White grip, black sheath with tied up end. Rusted blade.

Location: Trade 10 Golden Eggs to the fabled merchant.

Rating: 3/10, really slow sword, and moves tend to get blocked easy.

Recommended Moves: I think I should just create a custom sword with all of this swords move to properly rate them, however based on movement the only move that'd stand out if it were faster is Oun - Raida the back+forward+special.

-10 to 10-8 to 91-42-33


Description: White grip, Red sheath with black spots.

Location: After getting the Manji-Kabura talk to the Fabled merchant again, he says he sold this one already to the Nameless samurai in Takatane. Go there at night, he'll be just outside Dojima's place.

Rating: 8/10, lots of branches, and none so slow that they should be expected to be blocked.

Recommended Moves: I like the back+forward+special combo of: Zutsu - Fukutsu -Itsu - Youtsu, fast moves and does good damage. The massive branch starting with Furai-no-tachi has two unblockables in it as well as a bunch of good combos, it's expensive to put on a sword but does give a lot of options.

-9 to 10-10 to 103-70-15


Description: Practice wooden sword

Location: Sensei's weapon.

Rating: 8/10, great fast sword, and it's a practice sword so nothing like beating people with a weapon that shouldn't be able to block their attacks.

Recommended Moves: the back+guard+special, Kishin-metsuretsu is blockable but fast, I generally can connect and it does a lot of damage. I'd also recommend the forward+special combo: Gatotsu - Ren-gatotsu - Shinso-gatotsu and the two pathed regualar special combo for their speed, not to say the back+special is lacking but it has potential to be blocked mid-combo.

7 to 250 to 202-60-15


Description: just a stick.

Location: Villager weapon, also found on the ground in most areas.

Rating: 1/10, there's only one special move... which isn't a bad move but isn't great and really this is the joke weapon of joke weapons to me. That being said if you shouldn't be using the Bokuto to block, the stick just takes it to a new extreme.

Recommended Moves: It's sole special move Edauchi (just special) could be used for filler as it's a really low damage attack, but I'd think there are many things better suited for that then it.

-20 to 0-13 to 21-40-12


Description: a big tuna, just like the one in the mission Fillet a Tuna.

Location: The partner Nyanya.

Rating: 3/10, apart from the fact that you're using a tuna to beat people to death there really isn't anything good about this weapon.

Recommended Moves: None, maybe used for filler but really I just can't see any of these moves being all that great to use.

35 to 55-55 to -351-42-32


Description: black grip and sheath.

Location: Ouka thugs (Any). On ground on the hill in middle of Kuchihagahara, left of mid hut area.

Rating: 6/10, only 2 hit combos and one can be blocked mid-combo, so nothing great and one kindva bad.

Recommended Moves: Jiami-jatou (back+forward+special) is pretty fast for that type of move, also the forward+special combo shachitsuki - Oishachi is a great filler move.

1 to 20-10 to 101-50-14


Description: Dark blue grip, blue and white stripped sheath.

Location: Ouka thugs (Hard), Random Ronin (Hard).

Rating: 6/10, pretty much the same reasons as Amanojaku nothing all that great.

Recommended Moves: Jiami-jatou again (back+Forward+special) for above reasons. The back+special move is pretty nice but mainly for filler.

-19 to -3-20 to -35-60-14


Description: black wrapped grip, dark brown/black sheath.

Location: Ouka thugs (IK, Hard).

Rating: 7/10, decent moves though the back+special can be blocked mid-combo.

Recommended Moves: Shinra-jatou (back+forward+special) has good speed as well as moves you forward so you can execute it further away from enemies. Also the forward+special move Ushikabe is unblockable and combos into other combos, so is a great choice too.

3 to 20-29 to -111-404


Description: dark green grip, red sheath with black spots. Rusty sword.

Location: Mission from Oryo called Pride Comes with a Price!, the 3 killer aren't guarenteed to carry this weapon so after getting the mission, save so if they don't have it you can reload.

Rating: 8/10, nice unlbockable as well as good combos

Recommended Moves: Naraku-otoshi is it's good unblockable (back+guard+special), I also like the normal special combo of Rengoku - Sanzu - Emma-sabaki -Noborigoku - Gokuraku has it's fast that it's unlikely to be interrupted but even then the last two blows are unblockable.

-27 to -10-12 to 22-60-14


Description: Brown grip, sheath is red with orange on the edges.

Location: Ouka thugs (IK, Hard).

Rating: 9/10, nice combos really fast.

Recommended Moves: the back+forward+special combo Ebisaki - Ebiten does a good chunk of damage and really can't be blocked. All 3 combos are good, but I do really like the forward+special combo of Ebitori - Ebihane - Ooebi-abare has 2 of the moves are unblockable melee attacks, low damage but since it always hits it makes up for it.

11 to 25-23 to -55-70-14


Description: Brown grip and green sheath.

Location: Ouka thugs (IK, Hard, Normal).

Rating: 8/10, nothing super amazing but good speed and decent combos.

Recommended Moves: Shinra-jatou (back+forward+special) again for how much movement it has is worth consideration. Also the back+special combo Ryuei-tenshin - Gyototsu - Gyosai is pretty nice as the middle move is melee that seemed to ensure the last hit connected as well.

-10 to 10-6 to 91-505


Description: Brown grip, black sheath with gold at ends.

Location: Ouka thugs (IK, Hard).

Rating: 9/10, nice unblockable and has good combos

Recommended Moves: Back+guard+special move Nyuga-ganyu is a sure bet. I do also like the back+special combo Ryuei-tenshin - Ryuei-tenzan (or Gyototsu) fast moves that combo well. Forward+special combo of Shachitsuki - Oishachi x 2 is also nice and fast, more for filler though.

0 to 20-29 to -132-60-14


Description: black grip and sheath.

Location: Setsuen.

Rating: 10/10, really great weapon great unblockable, a great counter and decent combos.

Recommended Moves: Nyuga-ganyu (back+forward+special) being unblockable is great. The back+special move ken is a counter which if used right can ensure you never get hurt. The just special combo of Kami-shibai - Tabi-shibai - Yume-shibai is pretty awesome, however the last strike can be blocked but it does break guard so you're not put in a bad place if it is blocked. The final combo, Shackitsuki - Oishachi - Shachitsuki - Oishachi - Shachi - Odoshi (forward+special) is also great it's speed.

-10 to 1015 to 353-70-14


Description: Long blade, purple grip and the sheath is 3 sections blue, white then black.

Location: Random Ronin (Hard)

Rating: 5/10, weighted down weapon that has decent combo, but is still slow.

Recommended Moves: If it had 0 weight the forward+special combo: Sunehiki - Katasaki - Sunekudaki - Karatsubushi (Do-otoshi) would be good enough for use I'd think, the rest seem like decent filler too.

-2 to 15-14 to 51-61-34


Description: brown grip, red sheath with gold decorations.

Location: Shuzen

Rating: 6/10, high heat for me, but decent moves.

Recommended Moves: the forward+special combo: Turizao - Sakituri - Tsurisaki - Turigui - Turiage works well, the last move can be blocked but it does break guard so overall good combo.

25 to 40-40 to -232-60-14


Description: Dark brown grip, black sheath.

Location: Joji carries this sword during the mission Assassinate the Assassin!

Rating: 10/10 good unblockable with fast combos

Recommended Moves: Of course the unblockable Naraku-otoshi (back+guard+special) is great. The rest of the combos are good too, though I'll only really mention the back+special Sanhatsu - Nihatsu - Ippatsu for being fast and having a guard break at the end.

6 to 250 to 203-70-15


Description: Black grip and sheath with a gold design in it.

Location: Ouka thugs (IK).

Rating: 8/10 combos are mostly unguardable

Recommended Moves: The back+special I like for it's multple guard breaks (Hitakaken - Taka-odoshi - Maitaka - Taka-otoshi). Also note worthy is the just special combo of: Hirateuchi - Teuchi - Shouda - Shourenda.

-20 to 0-20 to 05-90-14


Description: White grip, dark green sheath.

Loaction: Fujimori guards (Any).

Rating: 7/10 nothing all that great but has a good move

Recommended Moves: The forward+special move Battotsu is devastating and fast if it connects, however it also generates a lot of heat.

-10 to 10-10 to 104-604


Description: Black grip and sheath.

Location: Fujimori guards (IK), Random Ronin (Normal, Easy).

Rating: 8/10, fast strong combos

Recommended Moves: The normal special combo: Tenho - Shinten - Zucho is great, also the back+special combo Tufu-no-koto - Kasumi bring you close to the enemy for a quick slash, it can be guarded but is rather fast.

-15 to 0-5 to 151-504


Description: Brown grip and black sheath, rusted sword.

Location: Fujimori guards (IK, Hard).

Rating: 6/10, there's not bad but again just not that great.

Recommended Moves: As filler any of these combos can work, the just special combo of Nomugi-goe - Yanagi-goe would be worth considering.

-25 to -515 to 351-403


Description: Saw tooth blade, black grip and red and white stripped sheath.

Location: Fujimori guards (Hard) at Amana rarely has it. Told on IK the Vassels (in green) have it.

Rating: 8/10, nice counter, good combos

Recommended Moves: the back+special is a coutner move (Gamon-Kudaki) which can always be helpful if used right. The other combos are good for filler, though the forward+special move does start with a melee hit that can make for an easy to use combo (Tsuda - Shitotsu - Ten-shintotsu - Renten-shintotsu).

5 to 25-25 to -53-603


Description: long sword, red grip and sheath.

Location: The job from Oryo The Big Boss! the big guy should have it.

Rating: 7/10, I had one with 2 weight but it seemed to have 0 weight to me

Recommended Moves: The normal special combo Haruzaki - Oshin was rather effective. Also the back+special combo: Kaitai-tenda - Ren-tenda - Kaitai-renzan was rather effective.

-5 to 15-5 to 153-71-33


Description: wrapped black grip and black sheath.

Location: Fujimori guards (Hard).

Rating: 7/10, good counter and decent combos but nothing exceptional.

Recommended Moves: The back+special move Niga-byakudo is the counter move, looks awesome and does pretty good damage. The other combos can be blocked mid combo so not as good.

0 to 20-5 to 152-60-22


Description: Green grip, green and yellow stripped sheath.

Location: Random Ronin (Any). Fujimori vassels (Any).

Rating: 10/10 great sword, has a weak unblockable but also has one of the most powerful combos in the game.

Recommended Moves: Battotsu - Shukusei (forward+special) is absolutely devastating, if the 1st hit doesn't hit the 2nd will and they both do massive damage however it also generates a lot of heat. The back+guard+special Onikanmuri does little damage but is fast and unblockable. The other two combos can be blocked mid combo, they are fast and do massive damage per hit though, so they're still useable.

-15 to 55 to 254-80-15


Description: White grip and grey sheath.

Location: Fujimori guards (Any).

Rating: 5/10 Nothing great, nothing is really bad.

Recommended Moves: Just for filler the just special combo asanagi - Yunagi.

5 to 25-10 to 101-50-12


Description: Black grip and sheath.

Location: The mission from Oryo Beauty and the Beast!, the kidnapper always has this weapon.

Rating: 8/10, good combos pretty strong.

Recommended Moves: the back+forward+special combo: Enba-ken - Enba-gaeshi is a good combo, I also like the forward+special combo: Ryusui - Ryuten - Ruka for speed, starting with an unblockable melee attack. The back+special combo Tamashi-nagashi - Tamashi-dukami - Aramitama is great but can be blocked.

-35 to -15-35 to -156-100-12-5


Description: Long sword, brown grip and black sheath.

Location: Large Ouka thugs (Easy, Hard).

Rating: 7/10 one great combo, and seems to be a fast blade despite the weight.

Recommended Moves: the forward+special combo Ryusui-Ruzetsu is great, starts with an unblockable melee and follows by a strong slash that rarely misses.

5 to 25-20 to 02-61-34


Description: Rusted long sword, black grip and sheath, sheath has two red stripes at end.

Location: Large Ouka thugs (Hard).

Rating: 6/10, has a decent move for that's about it.

Recommended Moves: Forward+special combo Nukigiri-no-koto - Tsuon-no-koto - Oboro is fast and shoulnd't be interrupted.

-20 to 0-35 to -151-50-21


Description: Light grey grip and sheath.

Location: Kasumi one of the partners.

Rating: 10/10, amazing unblockable, fast combos that mostly will not be interrupted.

Recommended Moves: Sado-no-gotoshi it's back+guard+special unblockable does really nice damage and is fast. the forward+special combo Tsukan - Ikki - Tokkan can be really nice too. I didn't mind the other two combos but felt more like filler if needed.

-5 to 1515 to 352-60-15

My Hoe

Description: Same looks as the regular hoe.

Location: Shuzen (IK) rarely has it

Rating: 8/10, despite being a joke weapon it's has rather powerful moves.

Recommended Moves: it's unblockable move does next to no damage but if you don't have space for anything else it's worth it (back+guard+special: Fujimori-kuwajutsu-Ku). The forward+special combo: Fujimori-kuwajutsu-earth - Fujimori-kuwajutsu-water is also nice.

-10 to 10-10 to 104-80-15

Draw Stance

Note Kirizo a random ronin with a green outfit and wearing beads will randomly carry any of the draw stance swords, he appears in Omiki at night


Description: Black grip and sheath.

Location: Fujimori Vassel (Hard, Normal, Easy).

Rating: 8/10 fast and nice combos

Recommended Moves: All moves are pretty good, Kagero (back+special) is melee so unblockable. the just special combo of Chidori - Natori is good damage and fast.

7 to 20-2 to 131-50-13-4


Description: Black grip, grey sheath.

Location: Random Ronin (Any).

Rating: 8/10 I do love the speed of draw stance moves.

Recommended Moves: The big one for this sword is forward+special: Kakato-toshi - Mune-toshi, with a melee start it will hit on both strikes every time. The just special combo of Meigetsu - Oboroduki is also nice.

-9 to 109 to 252-60-15


Description: White grip, black sheath.

Location: Fujimori guards (IK).

Rating: 8/10 so fast so nice...

Recommended Moves: most forward+back+special moves are completely useless, this sword is the exception Kyo - Ten (or Kusaduri-Gaeshi, but Ten is better) is a melee/unblockable hit that does good damage, it's only drawback is that it generates a LOT of heat.

-5 to 12-2 to 143-70-14


Description: Dark green grip, sheath is stripped with yellow and grey.

Location: Random Ronin (IK), Road west side of the temple ground in a large tree stump.

Rating: 8/10, draw swords are just so fast and nice...

Recommended Moves: Forward+special combo: Kakato-toshi - Mune-toshi - Nodokubi-toshi so very awesome, the just special combo is good though can be blocked mid combo (Kangetsu - Oboroduki - Fugetsu - Rakurai).

15 to 35-30 to -102-60-14


Description: Dark green grip and sheath, rusty blade.

Location: Random Ronin (IK).

Rating: 8/10, fast, strong just great.

Recommended Moves: The back+special combo: Kagero - Reiyo - Makimushi is unblockable being melee and fast. The other combos are decent, just special with Chidori - Natori works rather well.

-35 to -18-5 to 151-40-14


Description: red grip, black sheath.

Location: Kirizo (IK), as well as on outcasts (IK) like in Ouka's Territory! mission for Joji.

Rating: 6/10, wow a draw that isn't 8, well it has a decent move but no real combos.

Recommended Moves: Nuki-no-nuki (back+forward+special) does amazing damage, so is worth considering but you don't move and it does take a while to execute it, so if you're good with it, it can be great but it's hard to say.

15 to 35-25 to -52-60-15


Description: Dark brown grip, black sheath with rope at end.

Location: Random Ronin (Normal).

Rating: 9/10 nice unblockable with typical draw stance speed.

Recommended Moves: Back+guard+special move Shinki-isshin-hou is a sure bet. The forward+special combo of Kakato-toshi - Mune-toshi is also a good combo for use.

0 to 201 to 201-50-14


Description: Black grip and sheath.

Location: Ouka thugs (IK, Hard).

Rating: 8/10 great combos.

Recommended Moves: The back+forward+special move Sakimitama is fast and quick, can be blocked but with good timing can be used well. The back+special combo Kagero - Shoko start with a melee hit and more important will link right into another special combo which can be absolotely devatating.

-30 to -10-35 to -164-80-13


Description: Black sheath, dark brown grip.

Location: Fujimori guards (IK), Fujimori Vassel (Any), Random Ronin (Easy, Hard).

Rating: 8/10, just as fast as other draw stance with good combos

Recommended Moves: The back+forward+special combo: Kougon - Hime-azami works rather well. The forward+special combo: Kakato-toshi - Mune-toshi - Nodokubi-toshi works wells.

-5 to 130 to 201-50-15


Description: Red grip and sheath.

Location: the partner Ensen. It may be easier to find Kirizo with this sword then fill the requirements for Ensen.

Rating: 10/10 just an awesome sword.

Recommended Moves: I'd say the best back+forward+special move is on this sword: Kyakka-ryouran. It hits 5 times each time breaks guard, so you can do it from a safe distance and own everything, it generates a lot of heat but is so powerful. Also the forward+special combo: Kasumi-zakura - Kaen - Koun - Ko-Ko is fast and hardhitting. The other two moves are good for filler.

-14 to 510 to 243-70-15


Description: Long blade, black grip and sheath. sheath has a purple cloth on it.

Location: Kiyonari carries this sword during the mission The Homeless Mighty God!

Rating: 9/10 probably the fastest of the draw swords, also has reach.

Recommended Moves: Kien the forward+special move is pretty nice for a single hit move. The just special combo Chidori - Monochidori - Ikudori works well, as well the back+special can be just as effective (Yoiyami - Tsukiyo - Kien).

15 to 35-20 to 02-60-25


Description: White grip, red sheath.

Location: Ouka thugs (Any). Fujimori vassel (Any).

Rating: 7/10, got a few nice moves

Recommended Moves: The back+forward+special move Rikuin-touhou is pretty fast so relatively easy to get off. Also worth using would be the forward+special combo: Hoko-kakan - Hoko-gishinken - Hoko-senshi - Senshi-byakkoken which is fast and can't be interrupted.

0 to 20-10 to 102-60-14


Description: Dark green grip, black sheath.

Location: Ouka thugs (IK, Hard).

Rating: 8/10, good simple combos that are fast and won't be blocked mid-combo.

Recommended Moves: The back+forward+special combo: Reppukan - Repputai - Tsui-rettai is a good choice for speed and decent damage. Also the just special combo: Renne - Eion is a decent one for damage and having a guard break at it's end.

-10 to 9-5 to 102-60-14


Description: Red grip, red sheath with orange edges.

Location: Fabled Merchant (IK), DLC merchant (Any).

Rating: 8/10, although the back+Forward+special can be blocked mid-combo the rest of the combos are great on it.

Recommended Moves: The forward+special combo really stands out here (Getten - Gigei - Benten) for it's speed and end blast. Also the regular special combo can be rather powerful (Renne - Eion - Keion - Amane - Meoto).

-4 to 15-14 to 114-80-14


Description: White grip, white and blue stripped sheath, rusty blade.

Location: Random Ronin (Easy)

Rating: 7/10 nothing extremely special to it.

Recommended Moves: Back+forward+special combo Reppukan - Repputai - Resshun works well.

-35 to -1518 to 341-50-13


Description: Wrapped black grip, black sheath.

Location: Itsuse rare (hard or IK)

Rating: 10/10, I love all the combos, fast and rather hard hitting,

Recommended Moves: Nue-goroshi is blockable (back+guard+special) however it's an awesome move and does great damage. Also worth noting is the forward+special combo Shuko - ryo-ryu-sensou - Ryo-ryu-tousou - Ryo-ryu-meisou for speed and looks, and the back+special combo: Kofuku-tenshinken - Kofuku-rekken - Kofuku-tengen - Kofuku-taihou for the same reasoning.

30 to 50-25 to -52-60-15


Description: Gray grip and black sheath.

Location: Guard in Omiki shop (Ise) (Any), Fujimori vassels (IK, Hard), Fabled Merchant (Hard, Normal).

Rating: 8/10, fast and with good combos

Recommended Moves: The back+forward+special move Ryusoukin-datai isn't special in itself but it combos to all the other combos meaning you can break guard with it and follow up with any of your other combos. I did also like the forward+special combo: Hoko-kakan - Hoko-gishinken - Hoko-senshi - Senshi-byakkoken.

0 to 20-20 to 02-60-23


Description: Dark red grip with green surrounding, dark green sheath.

Location: Guard in Omiki shop (Ise) (Hard), Fabled Merchant (Hard, Easy). Random Ronin (Normal)

Rating: 8/10, some nice combos here.

Recommended Moves: The back+forward+special combo: Reppukan - Repputai - Tsui-rettai - Tsuisou-rettai - Kiryu-tsuisenken the best move here, really nice combo. Rest are great for filler purposes.

-1 to 15-5 to 151-40-13


Description: White grip, Black sheath.

Location: Itsuse

Rating: 9/10 very nice unblockable along with some powerful combos.

Recommended Moves: Ryujo-taiho is it's back+guard+special unblockable. I'll only mention the just special combo Renne - Eion - Shouin as I find it works well everywhere, however all combos are very unlikely to be guarded after the 1st hit.

6 to 255 to 252-60-15

Nozuchi New Style

Description: Dojima's hammer.

Location: Dojima (Older) in Omiki.

Rating: 7/10, decent fast combos but nothing special about them.

Recommended Moves: The forward+special combo: Fusshiki - Tsuitai-senda -Tsuda-senda stands out above the rest of the moves.

17 to 35-7 to 103-70-15


Description: Fancy purple grip and purple sheath.

Location: The partner, Osada.

Rating: 8/10 decent combos with a nice unblockable.

Recommended Moves: The back+forward+special move is Ryujo-taiho always good to have an unblockable move. Other combos are good but more filler not really worth mentioning here.

9 to 250 to 202-60-13-5


Description: Black wrapped grip, black sheath. Blade has teeth on top near grip.

Location: Fabled Merchant (IK), Oryo uses it during the mission Oryo's Interest!

Rating: 10/10 again fast moves and I really do like them.

Recommended Moves: The back+guard+special combo: Chibeni - Chizakura - Chigiri can be initial blocked but not mid-combo, it's fast and really hard hitting so still worth considering. What truly shines is the normal special: Ryo-ryu-sensou - Ryo-ryu-tousou - Ryo-ryu-meisou and the forward special combo: Shuko - Ginjo-koshu both do massive damage and are easily spammed for me.

10 to 30-35 to -152-60-15

Short Green Onion

Description: An onion, white stem and a green top.

Location: Field in north section of Omiki town with a lot of them.

Rating: 6/10 not bad for a joke weapon but doesn't have a lot of strength to it.

Recommended Moves: The forward+special combo: Miso-zakana - Ryouryu-tousou - Ryouryu-meisou is really the saving grace of this weapon, not the best move but worth using as filler.

-10 to 10-10 to 101-50-13

Ninja Stance

Since all ninja swords are short swords, I won't note that in descriptions


Description: Black grip and sheath.

Location: The mission from Misae Assassinate Lord Shuzen!, Samurai Hunter

Rating: 7/10 one good combo, the rest are so-so.

Recommended Moves: The forward+special is it's only really good comobo: Chokusha-ichishiki - Chokusha-nishiki - Gyakui.

-10 to 10-10 to 102-603


Description: Red grip and sheath.

Location: Fujimori vassel At front gate in Amana after Nobunaga event if you're fired from Fujimori (ending 1 will do this) (Hard). Also the job Fujimori's Ninjas! (Hard), the Samurai Hunter (hard)

Rating: 9/10, decent coutner and 2 great combos.

Recommended Moves: the back+special is the coutner (Jutai-sou), the normal special combo Tori-no-tsume - Neko-no-tsume - Tora-no-tsume - Ryu-no-tsume - Oni-no-tsume is fast and worth use, the forward+special combo: Chokusha-ichishiki x2 - Ying - Yang is good as well, though the last blow can be blocked.

-5 to 15-35 to -164-80-15


Description: Orange grip and dark orange sheath.

Location: Ouka Ninja leader that attacks when helping Shinnousuke with supplies (Hard). Kirie's ninja's during ending 1 (Hard). Also was informed it was held by Koharu as well (the women who appears in Omiki green onion field at night).

Rating: 9/10 good counter and some nice combos to go with it all.

Recommended Moves: Jutai-sou is the back+special counter. the Back+forward+ special combo: Mui - Shimui is great, I also believe the forward+special combo: Shingetsu-tenkyaku - Ukimi-gozen - Unei is worth consideration.

5 to 2513 to 301-40-14


Description: Orange grip, dark green sheath.

Location: At night Koharu will appear in Omiki with this weapon, she's in the southern part of the field of green onions.

Rating: 8/10 great combos

Recommended Moves: The forward+special on this really shines Oni-bashiri - Kaze-nari - Kazekirigama, Oni-bashiri of this combo also hits multiply times. Also although not the most offensive move, the back+special combo of Gengetsu-hikyaku x 2 is basically two backflips which can create distance if needed. The normal special combo: Rokkotsu-kudaki - Hitaiwari - Hichou-dago is also a great possibility.

-20 to 0-19 to 03-70-14


Description: Black grip and sheath

Location: The mission from Misae Assassinate Lord Shuzen!, Ouka Ninja leader that attacks when helping Shinnousuke with supplies (Hard). Kirie's ninja's during ending 1 (Hard), Samurai Hunter (hard).

Rating: 6/10, not bad but nothing great together.

Recommended Moves: The back+special move Jutai-sou is a counter. As well the back+forward+special combo can be effective (Mayoi-dori - Oogarasu), as well as the forward+special move Oni-bashiri but all of these should really only be used as filler for other moves.

-5 to 14-3 to 152-60-13