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by AdvsInfinity

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FAQ/Walkthrough by AdvsInfinity

Version: 1.12 | Updated: 03/18/13

Walk-through (Continued)


The 4th Circle is for Avarice or Greed, for those who hoarded material possessions or squandered them needlessly. Here they are forced to joust with the great weight of money bags that they pushed with their chests. These are guarded by Plutus, the Roman diety of Wealth.

     - Taken from Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inferno_(Dante)

I find it odd that the boss for Gluttony was at the beginning and not the end of the circle, ah well you're now in Greed. You're immediately shown a 2D animation that shows Dante's father's greed and gluttony, this was right after Dante saw a floating monstrocity and identified it as his father.

Reliably, Virgil is here once more to explain that here is the place where those that either spent wealth without restraint or hoarded wealth obsessively are punished here.

Jump across the platforms to the room that I would assume is full of molten gold, given the geography, and make your way across the moving platforms to the top of the room where that stained glass is you saw entering this place.

Pull the lever above only to be denied as a couple guardians come to fight you, accompanied by pests and you'll notice a time limit, as the gold is filled to meet where you are. After the guardians and pests are gone, you'll also deal with a couple firey minions.

The lever should appear again, allowing you to continue. You'll see the spinning wheels everywhere as well as hear the condemned soul above. Jump up the wheels to the top horizontal wheel.

This is difficult as it is really high up, I found it easiest to double jump and then swing your scythe and it's a little trick to help you get up there, the jump and grab the ledge the condemned is sitting on, who by the way is Tarpeia the Vestil Virgin who allowed the Sabines to attack Rome for some gold.

Afterwards go on down to the left to the ledge with mana and health fountains as well as the demon door to force open. You'll see in here a new enemy, Hoarder-Wasters, I'll just say Wasters for ease purposes as well as the minions here are frantic and unpredictable, but no smarter or tougher.

You'll face several dozen minions as well as half a dozen of the Wasters, after that a lever will appear. Pull this lever to have the spike ledges on the walls get out of the way and jump up to the newly reachable ledge to find a Judas coin and another lever.

Now this next part is a speedy string of events to get into the door above:

  • First: Pull the lever up on the ledge.
  • Second: Quickly go down and pull the lever in the ring again.
  • Third: Jump back up onto the ledge before the spike ledge comes down.
  • Fourth: Jump onto the spike ledge
  • Last: The door is close to slamming shut with those spike by now, quickly dodge through to the other side as the ledge meets up with the door.

After getting past this you'll find a lever to pull, taking you to a room below where you may notice a relic in the middle but one of those guys who rides the Beasts you've taken control of a couple times cage the relic.

Immediately jump down to the floor below, you'll be faced with a few pests as well as a Waster. You'll probably notice the two soul fountains below, one of them has a Judas coin.

Go back to the left side of the ring and climb back up to the ledges. Hop on over to the door that closed behind the beast rider and go through to the lever he pulled and pull it yourself.

Head back out then and jump over to the center of the spinning spike mechanism to get the Wasted Gold relic. Jump back to the ledge you leaped off from to get to the relic then jump over to the condemned soul, this is a long jump and you'll need to jump over the spike bar, then space out your second jump.

Save Point

This Condemned soul is Gessius Florus, famous for public greed. Punish or Absolve him then make your way back to the lever again and open the demon door past that to find health and mana fountains and a Beatrice statue.

Run into the next room to find a long hallway with a mechanism in the center. Start turning the mechanism and that will start the walls closing in and cause Guardians to appear.

This is a time limit endeavor so forget the Guardians and keep turning the mechanism. When the Guardians get too close throw on Lust Storm, and that will keep the Guardians from knocking you off the mechanism and push them towards the spinning saws, killing them.

When the mechanism is sufficiently wound up dodge through the doorway to the right to avoid the walls closing and start the fight with the third giant beast, which the rider who's been avoiding you is now on.

There are a few soul fountains and a mana fountain around the room, but nothing of exceptional value. There will be exploding minons and a few Guardians running around with the Beast.

Whatever you decide, you can just throw the exploding minions at the beast, but eventually get the Beast down to the point where you need to trigger the quicktime to gain control of the beast, and then a wave of Guardians will appear.

When all that is done, you'll notice an orb on the great doors you came in from where you'll have the beast open the doors again for you, then when he's holding them open go forward and open the demon door to continue.

Virgil is here, explaining that Dante doesn't recognize them because what made these people foul now makes them dim, then start climbing the wall and instead of going straight up, take a branching path to the right.

Here was another coin found thanks to Darkgurux:

  • "After taking control of the big guy and prying open the walls and going through the door you must force open by tapping (B) there is a narrow walkway. At the end of the walkway there is a wall you climb to get up to the next area but if you use the wall to climb to the right it will lead down to another coin"
       -Thanks to Darkgurux

Follow this path all the way to the end to find the Coin of Plutus relic. Head back and get on top of the ledge now, swinging from the orb ahead onto the rope, and across the rope into the next room.

You'll find here, a Throne Demon, basically a Guardian that has a shield and can swing hard, breaking your guards. The strategy for these guys is no different, just mix up your blows and keep interrupting him until you can finish him off and he's gone. He will also occasionally throw a ranged attack you can bounce back at him if you have Retribution.

Go back and start moving on the cliff path to find a soul fountain and a Judas coin. Continue to the lever at the end of that cliff, pull it, then go back to the Throne ring.

You'll then realize that the ring is one of those cauldrons with the molten gold you saw earlier, a gate will come up and you'll fight a couple Wasters. When that done some pests will come at you.

Eventually jump to the cauldron ahead of you and a couple Temptresses will appear to fight you, then a few more pests will appear ahead. You will then wait until the end of the cauldron's journey and jump down in the next area.

There are health and mana fountains here, other than that just jump up and pull the lever after the cauldron has left. This will reveal a mechanism below and as you move down there you'll fight one Throne demon and a few pests and then 2 Thrones and pests.

The mechanism turns the fireplace the lever is on, first turn it to the right and pull the lever again to reach a ledge with a soul fountain and a Judas coin.

Save Point

Go back and turn the fireplace to the left and pull the lever once more to reveal the path onward marked by a Beatrice Statue. Continue through the Demon door to find a couple soul fountains and an elevator operated by a lever.

You'll find Virgil at the bottom, offering some vague information on Plutus, the God of Wealth. Anyway move forward to see a subtitle confirm that you are near Plutus.

This is a giant fighting ring, exploding minions are ever present, you'll fight Wasters then Temptresses and when that's done the statue will shine light upon the ring, which will bring stone structures from the piles of gold.

In the very front of the room is a mechanism that spins the ring, Spin it counter clockwise until you have one of the bigger structures is close to the platforms on the right side of the statue.

Save Point

Quickly run up the platforms before they deteriorate to find a soul fountain and a Beatrice Statue. Proceed through the Demon door to find health fountain and a rope to climb across to again find Virgil.

He will tell you about the Lady Fortune, who maintains the worlds goods. There is also a soul fountain next to Virgil, you've probably noticed. Either way continue swinging across the orb to the wall across.

At the top you'll need to fight a glutton and a few temptresses, as well as a new stronger version of them called the Seductress of Lust that can charm you and render you stunned until you press B enough to stop it, and after that several temptresses and a Throne guardian. After the waves of enemies there is a soul fountain thats revealed on the left then move to the right to continue.

Swing across the orb to the spinning gears on the other side, there will be a few pests to deal with as well as the pillars that threaten to squash you from above. Go across the top gear to find a ledge further ahead, and jump across.

Save Point

Here you'll find a climbable wall leading to a Beatrice statue, and near that health and mana fountains and a condemned soul, Fulvia to punish or absolve. After all that go ahead to the platform held by chains and pull the lever.

That will take you downward to a Beast walking through molten gold, pull the lever to the left to reveal a floor you can stand on. Move forward and take on the beast.

You know the deal, keep hitting him until you can ride him, after doing so another rider will come down, take control of the beast threatening to choke you, press B rapidly to avoid this. You'll have to take the beast again now.

After doing so some Throne demons will appear along with another rider who will want the beast you're riding, this one you can kill with the beast before he gets to you.

After all the enemies are gone go and push the gold block forward until it falls, then grab onto the climbable wall and then climb all the way through to the ring below where you materialized the structures from the gold piles.

Here are more Throne demons and beast riders, and after that just a wave of the Greed minions. When that's all done the gold statue will materialized a great gold paperweight, that you need to take to the stone floor to the right where you entered the room as just Dante.

This will cause the Statue to sink low enough that the beast can climb up the wall he came down and jump across the gap where the statue was to the climbable wall to the other side.

Continue across the series of walls and jumps to find yourself in another ring where a series of dozens of Throne demons and some more beast riders will appear.

When this is all done, we have a Father/Son reunion that untimately ends in the two deciding to duke it out, move forward with the Beast to push the stained glass and make it into a combat ring and Dante will hop off the beast to fight his father.

> > > Alighiero < < <:::

This guy is actually pretty simple, just wail on him and when you see him readying up to swing his cross dodge away. Dante's dodge covers enough ground to reliably dodge most of the guys attacks.

Often in the beginning of the match he will often send projectile crosses to harass you but you can use Retribution to counter them and send them to annoy him instead.

Also, Righteous path often stuns him rather easily, leaving him open for punishment.

At about 2/3rds health he will plant an energy cross into the ground that periodically radiates a harmful energy wave that you'll need to lead Alighiero away from to get within good striking distance.

At about 1/3rd health the ring is probably shortened by now and he will release giant Cross energy waves that are hard to avoid. The Righteous path stun tactic will probably not be as effective by now.

Just whittle away his HP until it's all gone, and when he's dead you'll get his Sins of the Father magic that he was using on you. This will also nab you the relic Eye of Alighiero.

You'll find that you can go straight ahead towards the demon door you can see and next to that is a Beatrice statue as well as a Health fountain, if you jump up next to the fountain you'll find a ledge with the Hoarder's Purse relic.

Continue out the door to find another cauldron to ferry you across another gorge, on the way killing dozens of pests. At the end will be another lever, leading you to a new atmosphere as you walk out from a ledge.

You'll see a red orb at that marks the spot of a pole, slide down to a swing orb below leading to another pole. You slide down that pole to a rappel line where you break a giant chain then swing over to another pole. Upon sliding down this pole you enter the 5th Circle, Anger.


You are now in the the circle of Wrath and Sullenness, herein contains the river Styx where the wrathful fight each other on the surface while the sullen are left beneath the water where they can find no joy in God, man, or the universe. Every circle you've explored through so far were for passive sins, more of a lack of action on the sinners part or something they do almost unconsiously or habitually, after his there is the walls of the city Dis, or City of the Dead, guarded by fallen angels, and on the inner side of the walls are the levels of Hell where the active sinners go, the ones who consiously and intentionally committed sins in their life.

     - Taken from Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inferno_(Dante)

Save Point

Virgil is here again, explaining the nature of the people condemned here, as well as telling you that you're at the river Styx. Continue forward and go across the rope you can see to the Beatrice statue.

Move ahead to find a couple Gorger worms, a bunch of pests and hordes of minions to take care of before continuing. Ahead you'll find a platform in the river goop.

That platform sinks so you'll need to be a little quick, jump onto it and swing across the left to a higher platform that also sinks but stops after a moment. You'll need to get the block up above to make it go down further.

First though, take the block and put it next to the wall on the right to jump onto the block and up to the ledge which has a Judas coin. Then take the block and drop it onto the sinkable pillar.

Stand on the pillar with the crate and make it sink enough for you to continue into the cavern below where Virgil is again, talk to him twice for the Medusa's call relic. An orb on the left next to a soul fountain denoted a climbable wall you'll now climb.

Go to the end of the wall to find another fighting ring where you will find a new enemy minion, Fire Guardians, that are basically fire minions that start out as just a fleeting dark aura and can't be hit until they flare up and then they're just the same as firey minions.

Along with the Fire Guardians, some Temptresses and exploding minions will also appear, deal with them in any way you want. The path will then be opened after that's done but first go to the right edge of the ring to find a breakable wall with a condemned soul behind it.

This one is Boudica, the Queen of the Iceni Tribe who tried to take vengeance on Rome, punish or absolve her and then continue through the path that was revealed to you back in the ring.

Run along the cavern to find another open area, to the right is a health fountain, and if you've been getting all of them you'll probably be getting the Give Me Strength achievement.

Jump up to the rope, but don't drop down onto the platform you can see but continue all the way to the end to find a mana fountain and the third and final Beatrice Stone. You can now automatically absolve the condemned!

Jump onto the rope again and drop down to the platform now, and it's a sinking platform, adding to the danger some Guardians and Throne demons will appear and jump off the ledge to the same platform.

You'll need to beat these guys fast enough and keep them off the platform as much as possible to avoid sinking into the river Styx. Jump up onto the ledge that the guardians were jumping off of to find a Judas coin right there in plain sight.

Save Point

Go ahead and run down the pathway, jumping the pit hazards, and climbing the proceeding wall to find yourself a view of the walls of the city Dis, as well as to the left a Beatrice statue and health and mana fountains. Again if you've been hitting all of the mana fountains up to now you'll probably be getting the Sorcerer's Apprentice achievement or should be very close.

Continue forward to find a mechanism with a condemned soul off to the right, first seeing another 2D animation depicting some anger from Dante concerning the crusades, questioning if it was worth it.

When that's done go and punish or absolve Hebuca, the Queen of Troy who's sitting over to the right, and if you obtained all of the Beatrice Stones up until now you can auto-absolve, skipping the sin-catching mini-game if you don't care about getting souls.

Go back and spin the mechanism all the way as far as you can, stopping the flames above. Now you have a time limit to hop up to the ledge and you'll notice a bar on the wall, push that all the way to the left before the bars that the mechanism pulled down come back up and start the flames again.

This will raise the platform a distance, and you will be confronted by three firey minions, which you will need to deal with and then pull the bar on the wall over to the far right to move the platform up again.

This time you'll find some Fire Guardians and exploding minions, then you'll want to push the bar to the left again. Some more firey minions will meet you, then the bar needs to go to the middle.

Another mix of Firey and Exploding minions appears then, you'll want to put the bar on the left opening out of the three at this point to continue. You'll then be at the very top where the bar needs to go all the way to the right.

You'll be assaulted by constant exploding minions while doing this, you may want to throw on Lust Storm while you're pushing the bar and obviously this needs to be done before the bars in the center come all the way up and flambe you through the floor.

Putting the bar on the wall all the way to the right opens a climbable wall path to the left where you then escape the firey death and pull the lever above lighting the tower and providing your way to continue.

Go across the causeway to the right to find Virgil again and on the ledge past him, a Judas coin. Continue on the ledge above to find the Guiding Flame relic as well.

Virgil will explain that you are outside the City of Dis, and describe the lowest circle of Hell. After you're done with this go to the orb you can see on the left and drop down onto the pole below.

Save Point

At the bottom you'll find a Beatrice statue and another condemned soul to the left. This one is Filippo Argenti, who opposed Dante's return to Florence as well as stole from him after his banishment.

After absolving or punishing him jump onto the little circular boat thing ahead and it will take you ahead across the Styx Marsh. Like the molten gold cauldrons you'll have to periodically deal with pests on the way over.

At the end you aren't departing, a giant arm comes up and gets rid of appearing pests and you see it's actually all a humanoid firey creature, who is now climbing out of the water, this is Phlegyas, the Styx Ferrer.

This turns into a quicktime event that requires you to press X, Y, X, and A to survive and get down to a platform where you can better combat this beast. When you're done you'll be faced with some minions at first in a gated area, followed by a Waster and some exploding minions.

You'll need to avoid strikes from Phlegyas himself, and he will eventually break the gates to the right allowing you to continue and find soul and health fountains.

You'll then use a swing orb ahead of that to a mana fountain ahead and another gate with a lever, pull the lever to find that it pulls up a bridge on the other side of the gate, of course you can't get to it yet.

Phlegyas will walk over to where you are and a great wave of unbaptized children will appear with the occassional tempress. Deal with all these and a Glutton will then appear, keep in mind Phlegyas will be swinging at you the entire time.

A few more temptresses will be appearing with the Glutton, and after that still more temptresses and a Guardian. When this is all done the gate will have been destroyed by now and you can now access the mana and soul fountains on the other side as well as you can now draw the bridge and cross it.

When you cross the bridge you'll be brought to a health fountain then see a guardian drop down from a ledge above to fight you. A few pests will be there to assist him but it's nothing the cross can't deal with.

When that's done several Guardians will be coming to fight you all as once, the Sacred Quake and Sacred Judgement/Justice make easy work of all of them, pretty well killing them all at once.

After that a Throne Demon as well as another guardian will appear to face you, and after that another throne guardian with waves of Temptresses and minions. A Glutton appears after all this, with another few Guardians. By the time you will have dealth with all these, Phlegyas has probably destoyed most of the blockage preventing you from continuing.

Another couple Throne demons will again come down, to fight you. These Throne demons are thankfully the last of the enemies here, and killing them will reveal a lever you'll need to pull to continue.

A cutscene ensues where you see Beatrice and Lucifer again, and Lucifer finally fully goes through with the wager Beatrice made and fully corrupts her and angry at both himself and Lucifer, Dante jumps onto Phegyas afterwards and takes forced control of him, determined to deliver Beatrice.

Move Phelgyas forward, eventually Dante will enact a monologue about his entrance to Dis as the screen zooms out to give you a grand view of the city. After this you'll get the rundown on Phelgyas' abilities, which are all the same as the Beast's other than you can aim the fire attack.

You get a sense of the immense scale of Phelgyas when you see Beasts below that first look like they're just Guardians scurrying down at the bottom. If you blast fire at the towers you can see it's a pretty good way to get free souls.

Eventually you'll come across a bridge a segment will fall away from and you'll see souls scurrying at Phelgyas' feet, press Y and stop to cause Phelgyas to fall further into the circle.

A cutscene will ensue where Dante will leap off Phelgyas and grab a Rappel line afterwards. No real frills, just swing over to the third rappel line and break the glowing object you can see, allowing you to climb up to the ledge.

Save Point

There's a Beatrice statue here and a mechanism that retracts the spikes you can see, but of course the first time you retract these a few minions appear and your gated from getting back onto the rappel line until they're dead.

Kill the minions then retract the spike all the way again, run over and get to the bottom of the rappel line, swing right then jump off the left to grab a pole on the other side of the spikes.

Slide down to the rope below, avoid the fire jet hazard and shimy all the way over and drop onto the rappel line below, you'll find some pests before you swing over to another rappel line, and accross a hazard to another pole.


The 6th is the Circle of Heresy, where those who rejected, opposed, or tried to dimiss a religion, the Heritics, lie trapped in flaming tombs. It is explained to Dante that what souls in Hell know of life came from seeing the future, and since "the portal of the future has been shut" for them, it will be impossible for them to "know" anything.

     - Taken from Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inferno_(Dante)

Slide down all the poles, timing the drop to the next pole so you don't get hit by the in-between fire hazards. You'll see a shaft of light destroy some of the wall to the left before finally getting to the bottom where you are officially notified that you're in Heresy.

Virgil is here to explain that all the heretics and cult followers end up here being burned for all eternity. Talk to him twice to get the Rage of Farinata relic. There is also mana and health fountains nearby.

Continue through the demon door to find a hallway of flames, a Throne demon appears but retribution will push him into the flames easily. There is a lever off to the left which turns off the firey hallway so you can progress safely.

Proceed down the hallway to fight another Throne demon, a few firey minions, and a few Fire Guardians after that. When you are done with that, continue to a climbable wall and a hallway after that.

You'll see some soul fountains but ignore them because a Throne demon appears and moves to turn on the fire hallway you're now in, rush forward and fight him and the minions that proceed him, then pulling the lever to turn the firey hallway back off.

You can now go back to the soul fountains, one of which is a Judas coin. Move then towards the demon door but when you do another Throne demon will appear to turn the hallway back on trying to cook you as you're opening the door.

Deal with him, turn the hallway fire back off if he succeeded in turning the lever again, then go back and finally open the demon door. You'll see that same shaft of light that destroyed most of the walls and Virgil.

You'll see an orb off to the left but first jump up to the right of Virgil to find a pole you can grab onto and climb up to find a couple soul fountains and the Calvacanti's Blade relic.

When you're done getting the relic, go back down to where Virgil was and take the orb onto a pole, slide down to another pole and a rope further below, you then shimy down the rope to find mana and health fountains as well as a condemned soul, Emperor Frederick II to punish or absolve of his heresy.

Continue onward to find a new enemy, the Heretic, he'll warp around and fire projectiles at you but by himself, he's just another sort of minon that can take a few more hits, just wail away and dodge the projectiles.

After the first Heretic another will spawn with minion buddies, this is when you realize that they are a support enemy and will buff others, so be quick about dealing with them.

Save Point

When that's done you can continue and you'll find a climbable wall, get on and strive forward, jumping fire jet hazards and eventually coming to a Beatrice statue, with a couple soul fountains in the alcove behind it.

Continue forward to get locked into a fight with several Fire Guardians, a Throne demon and a heretic after that. When you've disposed of all of them the gates will withdraw revealing a lever on the other side.

This will raise the statue in the center where you continue through the demon door beyond to find a climbable wall that leads to Virgil again. He explains that by the time you finally save Beatrice, Dante will know his sins.

Continue past the demon door for health and mana, then go through the demon door. On the left side of this room is a sliding block which you need to grab, and drag to the center of the room.

You need to push the block onto the panel in the center and when that panel reacts, hold and release B to launch the block onto the platform ahead to have it rise with the platform and plug the fire jets.

This will let you rise to the floor above, where you must then fight 3 heretics and you'll find a lever which turns the fire jets below off. Continue through the revealed path here to find a climbable wall and a condemned soul.

This is Cavalcante de Cavalcanti, who was pronounced a heretic for atheist beliefs who you can absolve or punish. Climb across the climbable wall behind him afterwards to find another demon door that leads to the statue again.

You'll see a lever, but past that is the 20th Judas coin. Take the moveable block from near that coin to the lever you saw at the beginning of the room.

Pull the lever and the cauldron will tip, raising the statue again, then slide the block behind the cauldron to prevent it from resting back in the inert position and so the statue will stay up.

You are then notified officially that it's time to backtrack. When you get to the room with the first move-able block you will get attacked by a wave of fiends, a variant of the pest but doesn't really do much more than the pest.

Continue back to the first instance where you raised the statue and you'll be attacked by a Pagan, which is a variant of the Heretic, and some firey minions. When thats all done go to the right to the newly available mana and health fountains.

You'll then climb the wall past those until you reach another demon door, where you will find a room where you'll see moving platforms and some pests will also appear to hurt you.

Get onto the platform that goes vertically and jump over to the right to find the Seal of Epicurus relic and a Judas coin. Get back onto the vertically moving platform at at the top jump to the left to find the condemned Farinata, who was pronounced a heretic for believing the soul dies with the body.

After absolving or punishing him, ride the rest of the platforms up avoiding the fire jet hazards, until you get to the top and find a lever to pull, which will turn the fire jets off.

Continue out to see the statue again, find a rope you shimy across to find another lever and a soul fountain. The Lever will further raise the statue, causing it to intersect the light and be destroyed, providing a way up.

Save Point

Jump onto the statue pedestal and up onto the ledge above to the Beatrice statue and the demon door. There will be a climbable wall on the left in here, go across to the ledge ahead.

There will be soul and health fountains ahead, and an orb denoting a pole that leads down to the relic Frederick's Ring and another Judas Coin. Climb back up and take note of the crackly glowing marks on the ground, they show where spikes on the ceiling will fall on you.

Start running across the ledges, pieces of the ledges will fall away from you, run across the second ledge to the next square ledge, jump to the right on the ledge afterwards because the left side will fall away, then immediately jump and catch the swing orb and swing over to catch the climbable wall that appears ahead.

Move to the right ahead, pieces around you will be falling, but keep moving, to the left, jumping across two more square ledges on the right, and jump towards the wall ahead and the wall will fall away and Dante will catch the climbable wall behind it.

Continue through the cavern ahead to finally escape the madness and find Virgil who explains the divide between those suffering below and above you. Ahead is a Beatrice statue and then a pole downward.


From the 6th Circle going down a grand decline to the 7th, you'd find the three rings of the 7th Circle or Violence. The outer ring houses those for violence against people and property, standing in a river of boiling blood proportionate to their sins, Alexander the Great being up to his eyebrows. The middle ring then has those who committed suicide, those who took their own lives are bushes and shrubs, pulled apart by harpies while those who destroyed to means to which they lived are chased by ferocious dogs for an eternity. Finally the inner ring where the violent against God, Nature, and Order, the blasphemers lie in the flaming sands of the desert, urserurs sit, and the sodomites wander in groups all under fiery flakes raining from the sky.

     - Taken from Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inferno_(Dante)

You'll drop down to a rope below, shimy down to the end to another rope, but instead of jumping onto the rope below that, go all the way to the end of the second rope to find a Judas coin, the condemned Attila the Hun, and the Shoe of Nessus relic.

Go back now and drop down onto the third rope now, shimy down drop off and swing orb over to the fourth rope, shimy again to the end of that one and drop down to a rappel line.

Go all the way down the Rappel line and drop off to a ledge below and break the rocks to have the statue move. Breaking the rocks reveals a mechanism that spins the statue, wheel the statue back a few times until it's axe breaks off and breaks the chain ahead and provides a swing orb.

Get back onto the rappel line and swing off that, onto the swing orb and off that to the pole on the far side, to slide down and find yourself in the Phlegethon, the boiling river of blood, and the centaurs that guard it.

Virgil explains the nature of the ring and you can run forward for health and mana, and move forward past that to see the last version of the guardian and Throne demons, the Arch Demons. These guys take quite a few hits, wail on them until you can tear off their wings, then again to finish them off.

When you're done with him move forward to a pole that lets you climb onto one of the two centaurs, be careful of the jets of fire that flood their back, they won't kill you but you'll want to use the swing orb to the other centaur when one begins to flare up.

And one last coin found by our friend Darkgurux

  • "After killing the 2 flying demons on the pair of platforms with the occasional blast of fire there is a wall you can climb down if you walk toward the foreground and to the left. But even if you take the pole down like you normally would, you can jump up to the ledge to the bottom right of the screen."

Also, as I've been reminded of, the Attila's Armor relic nearby, go down that same climbable wall and climb on inside of the centaur to find the relic. Thanks Snake2410, mrzamboni13, and woodman_76 for all of you bringing this to my attention.

When to grapple to the other centaur some more Arch demons will appear to deal with, then you should go down the pole on the far side of the second centaur to the stone platforms below.

You'll find the weights that the centaurs were managing, there are a series of four, jump to the first one to let the second one out of the blood. Jump to the second after it's sufficiently risen then to the third, raising the fourth platform cage out of the blood far enough that you can go into it and onto the stone pathways past it.

Save Point

Go up to the left and jump to a ledge with a Judas coin. Virgil will explain the woods of suicide ahead and there is also a Beatrice statue across from him. Move forward to see a branch mounted death hazard that kills a temptress.

You'll want to avoid these, move forward to see a second one, the tree it's on glows red and you'll need to kill it to make it stop dropping energy waves. Ahead of that is a third death hazard that you can't deal with yet so skip it.

On to the fourth death hazard which you can stop, and there is a health fountain next to the tree. Continue on the ledge beyond the hazard to get caught in a fighting ring against a heretic and a couple dozen pests.

Continue onward to pass a soul fountain and run into Pietro della Vigna who committed suicide because he couldn't protect the honor of Frederick II. Absolve or punish him and move on.

Continue on to slide down a hill where you won't be able to head back, theres health and mana fountains as well as a block you'll need to take to the ramp on the far side of the area, press and hold B to slide it up the hill and use it to skip across to the top of the hill.

Save Point

Continue up to the Beatrice statue and the glowing tree you must kill, then move on to find the death hazard you couldn't deal with at first that's now gone.

Move up that ledge to find an area that will close off, and a giant death hazard tree thing will lower, you have to hit the glowing mass in the center to make it retract, then you'll fight minions.

The hazards will lower again, make it retract to have Throne demons and minions attack you and make the thing retract again for a couple more Throne demons. You must then, again, make the death hazard retract once more.

You will then be alerted to the fact that Dante's mother is the will that created that hazard, and after an emotional reunion, Dante gets the suicide fruit magic and absolves his mother.

A few more Throne demons appear as well as minions, and the path is finally opened again. You'll see Virgil again, who explains the nature of the next area where those who commit violence against God stay.

Continue onward towards exploding minions, a soul fountain, and a ledge that leads up to another Judas Coin and a condemned Brunetto Latini.

Move onward to another fighting ring where you find a heretic you must kill before you're able to fight surrounding firey minions, then a heretic and Throne minion combination.

Continue forward to see a Judas coin on the right and a condemned Guido Guerra, who you can absolve or punish. Move foward to learn that Dante led a group of the Crusaders to kill people, claiming them heretics claiming they had no soul, those Crusaders are now in Hell and want revenge against Dante.

They are just Minions who can take a fair amount of damage, just spam the Sacred Justice attack to get rid off all dozen of them rather easily. Move forward afterwards and jump up to the right for a soul fountain then again to the left for the Memory of Acre relic. Note: If you've been collecting all the relics up until now you'll be getting the Light Relics achievement here for collecting all the holy ones.

After getting these and dealing with the pests on the way, get back over to the ledge with the soul fountain and jump over to the pathway ahead. You'll find another soul fountain.

Continue onward until you see a giant structure you can push and on the path ahead of it, soul and mana fountains. You'll need to push the structure all the way to the end while being assaulted by constant waves of a Throne demon and a couple minions, and the waves never stop.

Throw Lust storm on as the enemies get close and just keep pushing the platform forward. When you've gotten the platform all the way to the end backtrack about several meters to climb up a couple ledges on the left, across the platform you just put at the end to the ledge at the end of the path.

There is a health fountain here and move forward down the climbable wall and on to find a Beatrice statue, a mana fountain, and Virgil who explains where the rivers come from.

Continue down the pole in front of Virgil down to a ring where you must fight Francesco, Beatrices brother. Like the Crusaders, he seeks vengeance for Dante leading them to be condemned.

> > > Francesco < < <:::

Francesco is actually rather simple, like Alighiero it's pretty simple to interrupt him and just keep wailing on him, the Soul Stabber is pretty good at keeping him at bay and Righteous Path will do exceptionall damage to him.

At both 2/3rds and 1/3rd health he will call in several Crusaders to aid him, which the Sacred Justice cross attack takes care off in mass.

When he's sufficiently damaged a quicktime will enact where you are prompted to rapidly press B and yank a sword from his back. Beating him will get you the Francesco's Forgiveness relic.

The battle ring will then come down, and you'll have to fight a series of Crusaders, Heretics, and Throne demons on the way down to the next circle.


The 8th Circle, Fraud or Treachery, is another circle of multiple rings, 10 of them in fact, where all sorts of ill-gaining frauds are punished in means metaphorical to their particular crimes, going in order from 1st to 10th, first the panderers and seducers, then the flatterers, third those who committed simony, the sorcerers and false prophets, corrupt politicians, hypocrites, seventh is the thieves, fraudulent advisors, sowers of discord, and finally the falsifiers and "diseases" to society.

     - Taken from Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inferno_(Dante)

Save Point

Immediately upon entrance you'll see health and mana fountains as well as a Beatrice Statue. As the save title will denote, you're in Malebolge one or ring One out of the ten.

Move forward to see the corrupted Beatrice sick a new enemy on you, the Malacoda, basically a Throne demon meets Fire guardian, spam cross attacks when he's flared up and wail on him until death.

Move forward and you'll notice a demon door and on the ledge up to the right of it the condemned Thais the Harlot, who reveled in watching men fight over a chance to sleep with her, absolve or punish her and move through the door.

Continue down the path to see mana and health fountains and past that a platform to a fighting ring. This is a challenge fight, if you can kill all 150 or so enemies within 75 seconds with the perk of infinite magic you get an extra 1,500 souls. Note: It's easy to just spam Sins of the Father and pretty much Clear everything.

Save Point

Continue onward to find a Beatrice statue, health and mana fountains and the way forward. Be carful with the swing orb hear as the latch periodically retracts, you swing too soon you'll fall.

Here is another challenge, getting a 100 hit combo in under 30 seconds for the 1,500 soul bonus. It was rather easy in my experience to keep spamming the Holy Devastation and Sacred Justice combos alternatively.

Save Point

Continue onward for another health and mana boost and a Beatrice Statue and continue across the platforms to the third Malebolge.

This challenge is 5 air kills, it's easiest to do this with the guardians as they will actually be launched in the air, the crusaders are there just to be pests and stop you from doing the air kills.

Save Point

You'll find here Tiresias, who needs to be absolved or punished. Ahead of her are the fountains and Beatrice Statue.

Ahead is the challenge to stay in the air for 8 whole seconds, and souls for if you can kill 2 enemies while you're up there. This is easiest if you do Soul Shatter if you have it and then just spam Y until you've completed it.

Save Point

Break the gear ahead to fall down the shaft, jumping to the left to find the next set of fountains and the Beatrice statue.

This time you turn a mechanism to get to the ring, where you have to protect at least one of two humans from getting blown up by exploding minions. It's best if you have Holy Devastation, aiming the first four blasts at one side killing one minion and throwing the finishing blast at the left for one-shot kills on the other side.

Save Point

Continue down the ropes to the bottom where you see again the fountains and Beatrice statue.

This challenge is to kill everything without using magic, at the end though the challenge will be canceled as a Beast enters, you'll need to take control of this beast and kill any remaining enemies.

After this rapidly press B to avoid being crushed by debris, then jump off a piece of rubble and press the Right Bumper to catch a swing orb you can't see and fall onto a rope below.

Save Point

Keep going to the next set of fountains and the Beatrice Statue.

This challenge is to kill all the enemies before your health depletes, and a bunch of souls for doing it under a minute. Redemption does this rather easily if you have it up by now.

Save Point

Go down the climbable walls to the health and mana fountains and the Beatrice statue before the next trial.

Here you simply have to kill everything without using block, and a soul bonus if you do it under a minute. Sacred Justice cleans most everything here easily within 15 seconds.

Save Point

Down the poles and ropes and the wall to the fountains and Beatrice statue, as you prepare to take on the 9th Malebolge.

Here you have to kill all the enemies with one fluid combo, again it's easiest here to spam the Holy Devastation and Sacred Justice combos and they leave most everything defenseless and deals great damage to everything. Get this done in under a minute for bonus souls

Save Point

Get onto the elevator and hop off to the right before you drop to oblivion to find Myrrha who disguised herself to seduce her own father, punish or absolve her and you'll find the fountains and Beatrice Statue ahead.

Here the task is simple, just kill all enemies, do it under 5 minutes for bonus souls. Spamming Holy Devastation and Sacred Justice does the trick, there will be one segment where you will have to stop and deal with a heretic and firey minions and fire guardians then continue the spamming.

Save Point

You finally go outside and absolve Beatrice, and an angel comes and takes her to paradise, while you must continue to find Virgil who explains the giants of the final circle, and ahead of him mana and health fountains as well as another condemned soul, Fra Alberigo, past the Beatrice Statue.

Slide down the pole between the condemned and the Beatrice statue down to a rope that leads down to a frozen battlefield, needing you to swat a bunch of pests as well as take care of a couple Arch demons.

Be careful of the Giant behind you here who will blow you right off the ring, dodge away from the edges to keep your ground. When you're done swing off the swing orb you can see to the rappel line ahead.

When you get to the rappel line, swing over and break the ice and go to the pole, climb up first to find a condemned Mordred who betrayed King Arthur, his father as well as a couple soul fountains behind him.

Get back on the pole and slide all of the way down, the giant ahead will blow periodically so go in between the gusts across the swing orb to the pole ahead of it. Slide on down to find yourself officially in Treachery.


Finally comes the 9th circle, a frozen lake at the bottom of Hell where lies those sinned of Treason or otherwise betrayed others. Ringed by classical and biblical giants, here frozen in varying depths of the lake are four kinds of traitors. First is the area of Caina, where traitors of their kindred are frozen to their face, the second area of Antenora houses the traitors to political entities frozen enough that they can't bend their necks. Third is Ptolomaea where lies traitors of their guests, half of their faces frozen and their eyes frozen shut from their tears. Lastly is Judecca, the place for traitors of their lords and benefactors submerged completely in the ice. In the very center of this lake, the very center of Hell, lies Satan or Lucifer, frozen to his waist for personal betrayal of God.

     - Taken from Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inferno_(Dante)

You'll find yourself before an icy bridge, and Virgil for the last time, if you've been talking to him every time you'll get the Guide achievement. He explains here is where the Devil himself is imprisoned.

When you get onto the bridge, Dante will walk slowly, start on the left side and be sure to correct yourself if you see any segments of the bridge breaking away.

At the end of this bridge, is the final condemned, Count Ugolino who switched sides as a general often, causing himself to be a traitor. Punish or Absolve him to get the achievement for punishing or absolving all of the condemned.

Save Point

There is also as you've probably noticed health and mana fountains as well as a Beatrice statue for saving your progress. Move forward and break the chain to fall down and face the devil Lucifer himself.

> > > Lucifer < < <:::

What Lucifer will do is slam his fist on the ground every few seconds sending an energy wave you'll need to jump to avoid, eventually he should have a shaft of light appear in the center of the ring where you initiate the quicktime to make him recoil.

When you make him recoil you'll be up at his face, just swing your scythe around to damage him and he will then lean back in pain, you must then fire Cross attacks at his abdomen to damage him.

He will then blow you to the far side of the ring and send tornadoes at you, then resume slamming his fist on the ground. You'll want to be slightly away from the center this time because he will do an icy/lightning attack before you're able to jump up to his face.

This goes on until he's at 1/3rd health.

Hit his abdomen again with the cross and he will again blow you away and send tornadoes at you. This time he will be frantically slamming both hands down making avoiding them that much harder, and at the end of the slams a sprawling of lightning arcs through the floor that you'll need to also avoid.

Here you have to fire cross attacks at his head until he recoils again and you can move in and finish him off. A cutscene will play showing that this is actually what he wanted to have happen, releasing his real body from the prison at Lake Cocytus.

He has a new health bar, treat him like the Guardian/Throne/Arch demons, firing Cross blasts on the ground will stun the entire fight, not to mention probably blind you. As you fight him he'll fly away releasing health and mana and go on a temper tantrum for more energy waves across the floor.

Good use of Retribution as he swings at you is a good asset, as well as using the Left Trigger variants of your scythe and cross attacks will interrupt him sometimes.

When you get him to 1/3rd health he will enact a cutscene going on a monologue. He will then be flying afterwards, bombarding you from above. You'll need to grapple up to him with your scythe and damage him, avoid the blasts and repeat.

When he gets to just shy of one hit to die he will fly up to the face of his former shell, and platforms will rise from the floor. You need to grapple onto all 5 of these platforms then onto him to initiate the last Quicktime you'll be doing.

You'll push the left analogue stick right, then left, then strike him with X, and finally rapidly press B to force your cross onto his being. You will have beaten Lucifer, and Dante's trials are over for now.