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by RonHiler

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Guide and Walkthrough by RonHiler

Version: 3.00 | Updated: 04/04/2013

                     Saints Row 3: The Completionist's Guide
                          A 100% [plus] completion FAQ
                                  Version 2.50
                                  By Ron Hiler


I am modifying my standard conditions of use template. Please read this if you are contemplating putting my guide on your site.

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1) The guide must be posted fully intact. The text of the guide may not be edited in any way. Formatting may be modified as required to fit with the style of the site if necessary.

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If you cannot satisfy all of these conditions for some reason, please feel free to contact me and we can work something out.

(C) Copyright Ron Hiler 2011. All rights reserved.

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Contact Information

Feel free to contact me via email if you have questions, corrections, or additional information you think might be useful.

E-mail Contact: Rhiler@rjcyberware.com In order to get around my spam blocks, please format your subject line as follows:

[Saints Row 3 Guide] - "whatever subject is appropriate"

The bracket part ensures your message doesn't get dumped into my spam folder (where I will never see it, as a lot of spam mail gets dropped there on a daily basis). Also, please do not use "leet" speak. I failed that course in college and as such, will not be able understand what you are saying. I'll simply ignore any messages that I can't easily read (I have too many projects going on to spend time deciphering gibberish)!

I've done a few of these guides now, and one thing I've noticed. The longer it has been since I've written a guide, the less chance there is I'm going to be able to help you with a question. It's simply a memory thing. If you fire off a question to me within six months or so since I wrote the guide, there's a good chance I can come up with an answer. Beyond that, it gets a lot more iffy that I'm going to remember anything useful. Just keep that in mind when you email me something.

All submissions and thoughts for improving the guide are encouraged and gratefully accepted. By all means, if you come across something I missed, please let me know about it as soon as you can so I can include it in the guide in future versions. All submissions will be credited to the first person that tells me about them (so be sure to let me know what name you want to be credited under along with your submission).


I'm going to go through my usual intro. Feel free to skip it and go right to the walkthrough. You won't miss anything important.

I'm a completionist. That is to say, when I play a game, I want to see and experience everything the designers put into the game to be seen and experienced. If there comes a point in a game where I find out (that for whatever reason) I cannot see some aspect of the game, that's generally around the time I lose interest, and the game gets shelved. What can I say, it's an affliction. However, I know for a fact that I'm not the only one who has this particular disease (just based on the emails I get on my past guides, there are quite a few of you out there)!

A game like Saints Row 3 has an enormous number of things to do and see. So many, in fact, that unless you use some form of a guide, you are unlikely to encounter all of them. If you only play through the story missions (the missions the game points you to), you've only played half the game (or less), and arguably not even the most interesting half.

For those of you who want to see and do it all, this guide is written for you. Read on, and enjoy yourself. One word of warning, there may be spoilers contained within this guide. But I'll try not to give away anything that you wouldn't already see at that point in the game anyway. For that matter, I'll try not to give anything away at all. I'm deliberately going to be terse in describing the story missions, and the focus will be on strategies for beating the mission rather than describing what happens. But I'm not going to make any promises; there may be the occasional slip of a plot line here and there.

Inevitably, someone is going to ask "Why did you do X before Y"? or "Doing this before that is better because...". The order I've put stuff in is the order I did them in; there's no better reason I can give. I tried to strike a balance between keeping the story missions moving forward, collecting the collectables, and doing the optional stuff (Activities, Challenges, etc). I make no promises or presumptions that my order is the best possible way to complete the game, it's just one way to do it.

Respect and Money

There are two limiting factors in this game, respect and money.


Respect is similar to experience points in a role playing game. For every action you perform in Saints Row (ranging from very trivial ones like driving down the wrong side of the road, to the respect you get from completing missions, to everything in between), you will get a bit of respect. Once you fill up an entire bar's worth, you gain a respect level.

The only use respect levels have in the game is that they unlock upgrades (more precisely, they unlock the ability to purchase those upgrades, you still need to buy them once they are unlocked). You will need a certain respect level to unlock particular upgrades. But just because they have only one use, don't think it's trivial. Upgrades are vitally important in this game.

In total, there are 50 respect levels. Once you hit level 50, you will no longer earn respect (and you will have unlocked the option to buy every upgrade in the game).


Money is the other limiting factor. And in fact, it is much more limiting than respect is. In order to purchase every upgrade, every crib, all the weapons, shops, and properties, you will need to spend just a bit over six million dollars. That's a lot of money, and in actual fact, the designers never intended for you to buy out everything in the game before reaching the end (they didn't want money to become a non-issue like it did in the previous games). But this is a completionist's guide, and that is exactly what we are going to do!

Because of this, I'm going to be very aggressive in telling you how to spend your cash. Make absolutely SURE you check your bank transfers regularly, as this is going to be your main source of income in the game. If you don't do this, you are going to have a hard time keeping up with the expenditures that I recommend you make during the course of the game.

Professor Genki

Professor Genki is a mascot you may run into during your travels in Steelport. He is wearing this big anime cat head thing and a leisure suit. He's kind of easy to miss, because there are quite a few mascots running around, and you tend to dismiss them after a while.

But here's the thing. If you see Genki, drop everything else you are doing and kill him. He has a lot of health, and is difficult to take down (a few rocket launcher shots will do it, but even regular pistols will do the trick after you empty a few clips into him). Once he is down, look around the area for his dropped money. He is carrying anywhere from $100,000 to $300,000 in cash.

There is no other place in the game you can make that kind of money that easily, so when you see him, make sure to take him down! Unfortunately, he is a pretty rare spawn, so you won't see him often.

For the purposes of this guide, I will assume you never see him and will keep the expenditures within reason for where I think you ought to be at that point in the game (I can hardly tell you "go find and kill a Genki" when he is such a rare spawn). But if you do find him, it should help out quite a bit with the money I'm asking you to come up with.

The Plan

Unlike most guides you read, I'm not going to split out the main missions from everything else. If you follow my guide from start to finish linearly, you will have done all the missions, activities, challenges, and so on. Basically, everything the game has to offer you will have seen.

I don't like grinding. Which is to say, doing one thing over and over and over ad naseum. In this particular game, grinding is expressed through the various challenges. I will go over in the guide how and when to do many of the challenges (though a few I will leave to you, more on that in a minute). But I'm going to break most of them up into parts (such as doing 10 out of 50 taunts at a time) so they don't get too tedious. In some cases I may have to tell you to grind out certain challenges, but only when there is a particularly sweet spot for doing so.

Speaking of challenges, I want to mention something about them. This is a completionist's guide, and if you are a completionist like I am, and you just read the prior paragraph, you might be somewhat distressed that I'm not going to go over every single challenge in the guide.

I don't want you to stress over this. I'm going to go over most of them (there are a total of 41 in the game to complete). The only ones that I won't go over are ones you are going to get by simply playing the game. Things like traveling a certain distance, finding shortcuts, being on the wrong side of the road, and power slide times. You don't need me to tell you "you should have traveled x distance by this point in the game". Just play through the game and you will get these naturally. Work on them when you like if you feel like you are falling behind where you should be, but as long as you have them finished up before the end of the game, it's all good.


The survival challenges are semi-random. If you played the previous installments of the series, they are equivalent to the pushbacks in those games. Because they come along randomly, I can't tell you to "Go do Survival challenge #14" or whatever. The reason I say they are semi-random is that each of them require certain things to have happened in the game before they will be eligible to pop up. In other words, not all 26 of them are available from the very start of the game (in fact, at the start of the game, none of them are available).

I will tell you, in the course of this guide, when I do each of the survival challenges, just so you know when it is possible to do them. However, please don't wait on me to tell you when I do them. When you get a call for a survival on your phone, I suggest you go immediately take care of it, and then come back to the guide where you left off. That way, when I say in the guide I did survival #8 (for instance), you can check your numbers and make sure you have done at least that many already (or more).

If you fall behind where I am in the guide and want to get caught up, you can wait for them. Just walk outside. They seem to occur only when you are on foot and outside on the street. Typically, I've never had to wait more than two or three minutes for one to occur (if one is available to be done). If you are waiting longer than that, it probably means there isn't one available yet; you have to advance further into the game. You might also try moving to a different island, there is a proximity requirement (although the range is very large, if you are in the middle of an island, you are in range of any challenges that are on that island).

The DLCs

There are three DLC mission packs (Genkibowl VII, Gangstas in Space, and The Trouble with Clones). Of course, there are many more DLCs available for this game, but those are the ones that have missions to do (the others are clothing packs and the like, and I'm not going to cover them because there is nothing really to cover).

Like my Saints Row 2 guide, I'm going to go ahead and interweave the DLC missions right into the walkthrough. This is so those of you with the DLC mission packs can run those missions at the appropriate time without scrolling all over the document (I hate that).

For those of you that already have completed the game and are just now getting to the DLC stuff, I have also repeated the DLC parts of the walkthrough in its own separate section, so you don't have to scroll through the entire walkthrough looking for just those parts, simply go straight to that section.

For those of you that don't have the DLCs (or are missing some of them), don't panic! I will clearly label those parts of the walkthrough that are DLC specific, you can just skip down to the next header. You do NOT have to have the DLCs to follow my guide. In fact, my guide was written and balanced assuming you are not going to have them. I have run through the entire game following my guide several times without doing the DLC stuff, and it is entirely possible to have the needed money and levels to buy the weapons and upgrades I recommend without doing the DLC missions. If you have them, you should have extra money and levels, not the other way around.

Okay, that's enough exposition from me; let's get to the good stuff.

When Good Heists Go Bad
Completion: +0.936% (0.936%)
Opens: I'm Free - Free Falling
Rewards: $0
Unlocks: None
Achievement: Dead Presidents

Okay, we start off right in the middle of the action. Watch the opening cutscene, and then get ready to start shooting. Fortunately, the Saints are at the top of power curve here in Stilwater, so you have all the best weapons and unlimited ammo to play with. Take out all the guards in the lobby, then head behind the counter into the back. Kill everyone in the back room and then do the same for the upstairs level.

Up one more flight of stairs, taking out the resistance as you go. It's nothing you can't handle. Go ahead and sign the autograph, and then plant the bomb. Once it goes off, it's time to defend yourself against the SWAT guys. Watch out for the ones on the balcony. After a while, an attack chopper will show up, so you'll have to do a bit of damage to that as well. When they are all taken care of, it's time to ride the safe. As it goes up, you will have to shoot the men on the rooftops. Again, not anything you can't handle.

The attack chopper will be back, so be sure to hit it as well. In fact, taking the chopper down in health is what advances the mission, so make sure to make it a priority (at least once you are bored with killing SWAT guys). And finally it goes down, although not without complications. Damn.

It is at this point you finally get to customize your main character. Cool. Do that and continue with the game. This will take you straight into the next mission.

I'm Free - Free Falling
Completion: +0.936% (1.872%)
Opens: We're Going to Need Guns
Reward: $0
Unlocks: Phone Options (Map, Missions, Upgrades, Music, Camera, Phone, Cash,
         Extras), Homie - Shaundi
Achievement: The Welcome Wagon

Alright, time for a sitdown with the Belgian dude. As usual, things go badly. When it hits the fan, start punching guys down. In the second room, you will get yourself a gun. Ah, much better.

Continue shooting the opposition as you head into the cargo bay, making sure to grab any dropped ammo they leave behind. When you get to the back of the plane, you are ejected a bit prematurely, seeing as Shaundi didn't yet have a chance to grab a parachute. Oops. Well, let's go get her. Unfortunately, we are rudely interrupted, so we'll have to deal with the enemy shooters for a bit first. At least we have an SMG to play with now.

Once they are taken care of, it's time to go back to our last task, catching Shaundi. Avoid all the falling debris as you race down to get her. Once you catch up with her, there is a slight complication, and we have to do it all over again. This is the same deal as before; shoot the guys (there are more of them this time), then go get Shaundi before she splats all over the ground. This time, once we get her, that's it. Once again, we are thrust straight into the next mission.

We're Going to Need Guns
Completion: +0.937% (2.809%)
Opens: Steelport Here I Am
Reward: $4,000
Unlocks: Crib - Shaundi's Ex's Apartment, Weapon - Reaper Drone, Saintsbook,

First we are going to need a car. Head down the alley to the conveniently waiting automobile and get in. Now open up your map and set a course for the nearby Friendly Fire. When you get there, Shaundi will give you $100, which is just enough to upgrade your 45 Shepherd to a level 2 weapon. Sweet.

  • Pistol -> 45 Shepherd -> Level 2 ($100)

Head to the armory and start shooting the guards once you get there. Be sure to collect any money and weapons they drop. Clear out the warehouse, then defend for a bit until Pierce gets there. Once he arrives, grab the Reaper Drones and start firing away. Just shoot the trucks and tanks and whatnot for a while, it really shouldn't be much of a problem. When you've done that for a while, Pierce will let you know they are ready. Head for the chopper.

Okay, now we need to shoot down some pursuing helicopters. This shouldn't be a problem either, just concentrate your fire on one at a time, and Pierce should make it to the new crib in good shape.

Collectables 1-5
Completion: +0.625% (3.434%)
Reward: $5,000

Alright, we are finally free to explore a bit. We don't have a whole lot of money yet, and we're going to need some (like they say, it takes money to make money). So let's start out by grabbing a few collectables, which are good for $1,000 each.

Head out of Shaundi's place and go straight east until you hit the shoreline, just north of the freeway. You should be standing at a cliff. Make your way down carefully (watch your health if you fall, if you lose any, wait a second for it to come back). Near the bottom, where there is a tree, you will find a cave. Go inside to find a drug package (1 of 20).

Jump into the water and swim under the freeway, then press Y to warp back to the shore. This should put you back up top near where you started. Head to the block which is just south of Shaundi's place and take a look in the back alleys for a sex doll (1 of 20). Be careful, there is also a Gang Operation here. Don't get too close to it yet (we'll come back for it a bit later).

Now check the back yards of the houses two blocks to the west for another set of sex dolls (2 of 20), sitting on a porch. Just a bit to your north from here is an unknown property (an orange symbol on your map). This is the Red Onion Herb Dispensary. Go there and then go east along the road. You should see, on your left, a Photo Op (1 of 20) on the next block. Go into the alley just behind the photo op guy and hop over a couple of wooden fences to find yet another sex doll (3 of 20).

Gang Operation 1
Reward: $1,000

As long as we have it, let's take care of that gang operation we found near Shaundi's Place. This is a Decker group. Just walk up to the Deckers and start taking them down. There are only about seven or eight. If you need to duck behind the building for a second to regen health, be sure to do that. But don't wait around too long or more Deckers will start to show up. Once they are all down, you should drive back over to the crib to lose your notoriety level.

At this point, I went ahead and completed my first Survival mission. You don't have to keep up with what I do (or you can do more of them earlier). I'm just going to let you know when I do them so you can keep pace if you like. Since the survival missions are pretty random, it's best to do them whenever you get a call.

We are going to do a few assassinations now. After starting a second play through, I discovered that the assassination list is slightly random. So if the exact target I tell you to go after isn't on your list, substitute a different person who has more or less the same reward value. Don't worry, eventually all of them will appear, so the order in which you take them out isn't really all that important.

Assassination 1 - Karl
Reward: $500

Open up your Saintbook (in the phone directory) and select Assassinations. The first one on our list is for Shaundi. Go ahead and hit A to give yourself a GPS guide. Shaundi wants Karl dead, so drive over to the airport. It's a bit of a drive, but that's okay, you will probably drive by a couple of stores and properties on the way, which is good (it reveals what they are). Perhaps you will discover the location of a Gang Operation or two as well. Steal a luggage cart (you will find them on the tarmac). Your target should pop up once you do. Just run him down and kill him for an easy $500.

Assassination 2 - DJ Enigmus
Reward: $500

Just drive over to the designated neighborhood and then turn on K12. This will make her appear, sort of. Unfortunately, three copies of her will appear, two of them decoys. Just kill each of them in turn until the real one is dead.

Assassination 3 - Almonzo
Reward: $500

Head into the Grove. When you get there, allow me to suggest you use a taunt (left D-pad) on any passing Luchadore you run across (not in a gang operation though). Once you have some agro, kill a few guys until you have about three stars worth of notoriety. At that point, your target should appear. Take him out. Once he's down, get out of there and let your notoriety drop back down.

Vehicle Theft 1 - Bootlegger
Reward: $500

We've done a few assassinations; so now let's get caught up with a few vehicle thefts. Our first task is to find a Bootlegger. You will find it in Rosen Oaks, right around the middle of the neighborhood. As soon as you get in the car, you will pick up two stars worth of wanted levels, so make a run back to the chop shop. Try not to beat up the car too much if you can help it. The reward goes down in value if they are too trashed.

By the way, from time to time if you take too long to locate a vehicle, the game will tell you it was destroyed. If this happens, just reselect the vehicle from your list and it will respawn for you.

Vehicle Theft 2 - Compensator
Reward: $625

You will find this one in Yearwood, near then north side. Unfortunately, it is in the middle of a few Luchadore thugs. Just run in and grab the car (or if you want, you can shoot a few of them, whatever). This car will give you a three star wanted level from the Luchadores, so once again make a beeline for the chop shop. Luckily, you don't have to drive too far.

Vehicle Theft 3 - Sandstorm
Reward: $750

Alright, one more for Grieves. You will find this bike in Burns Hill, near the power plant (the big area to the north side of the neighborhood). This bike will give you a three star police wanted level.

So now we have a bit of seed money (around $14K or so). Let me take this opportunity to stress something. Every time you open up your phone (to check your map or whatever), your eyes should immediately go down to the bottom row and look for the number symbol on the "cash" panel. If it's there, collect your money from the bank transfer. This is your primary source of income for this game. And we are going to need a LOT of money, so be sure to check it often. Make it a habit. Right now we are sitting at only $51 per hour, but ultimately this will be over $46,000.

Now let's talk about upgrades for just a second. Some of the upgrades toward the end of the game are going to pretty much make you invincible (no bullet damage, unlimited ammo, and so forth). Some argue this takes the fun out of the game, and they do have a bit of a point. But since this is a completionist's guide, I am going to go ahead and get all the upgrades as we run through the game. However, if you feel a particular upgrade is too powerful and don't want to buy it, by all means, don't (it'll save you some cash!).

For right now, I'm going to pick up a couple of the more useful ones. This only requires you to have just a bit over $5K, which you should have, and be level 2, which you should be. These are the upgrades I picked up:

  • Abilities -> Notoriety - Morningstar ($2,000)
  • Damage -> Damage - Bullet ($1,500)
  • Combat -> Ammo - Pistol ($1,750)

That should still leave us with at least a few thousand dollars. I've made you goof around long enough, let's run a new mission.

Steelport Here I Am
Completion: +0.936% (4.370%)
Opens: Party Time
Reward: $6,000
Unlocks: None

Meet Pierce in the park. Our first stop is to take the car over to the Rim Jobs. Don't bother spending too much cash here, it's not like we're going to keep this car or anything. Give it a new paint job ($50) or something, and that will take care of that.

Our next stop is a Planet Saints. Drive there while enjoying the song on the radio. Pick up some new clothes if you like, or just buy one thing to advance the mission.

Now, when we exit the shopping, we have a bit of a problem. Keep away from the brute (using the run button and diving out of his way works well), and take shots at him as you are clear. Once he goes down, make sure to get near and hit the Y button to finish him off.

Once he is down, jump back in your car. Wait for Pierce to get in and drive back to the safe house. Go inside to clear your notoriety and end the mission.

Stunt Jumps 1-3
Reward: $1,500=-=

You want to do some stunt jumps? 'Course ya do!

We are currently in Brickston at Shaundi's place. Get yourself a half decent car (it doesn't really matter what kind, we don't need a super fast car for these), and drive west to the Rim Jobs (if you find something quick, like a motorcycle or a muscle car, you may want to go store it in your garage first so you can get it back if we lose it). From the Rim Jobs, drive north along the road that is just to the west of the shop. When it ends, you should see your ramp.

Now go back and do the same thing on the north-south road that is one block to the east of the road you were just on (driving north). You will see the exact same sort of ramp here.

Now return to where that first ramp was, and slowly drive south. Watch to your right as you come to the first t-intersection for a dirt ramp facing west. Go ahead and hit this one for credit.

Gang Operation 2
Reward: $1,000

Where that third stunt jump ramp was, you will be very near another gang Operation (just a half block to the ramp's east). Let's go ahead and take it down. This is another Decker group. Once you finish them off, it might be a good idea to return to the safe house again and lose your notoriety.

Party Time
Completion: +0.936% (5.306%)
Opens: Guardian Angel
Reward: $6,000
Unlocks: Crib - Saints Penthouse, Gang Customization
Achievement: Opulence, you has it

Okay, I won't make you wait too long to do this mission. We need a new place, so let's go get one. Meet Pierce at the airport. After a brief cut scene, it's time to crash the party. Parachute down to the building (make sure you don't miss it!). Once you are down, soften up the resistance. Your goal here is to grab the lieutenant that has the elevator codes. You will see him on the map as a yellow marker.

Once you have the codes, kill the lieutenant, and then make your way down to the elevator. Clear out the Morningstar, then let your gang up. Now we clear out a few waves of enemy, nothing to it.

When that is done, get to your helicopter. We need to chase down yet another lieutenant. Just keep on his tail until he lands. Once he's down, jump out and run after him. We're on a timer here, so don't stop to play with the locals. Just grab the guy (best if you can do this before he gets inside the warehouse). Once you have him, get the proper wire color, and kill him for the win.

Apocalypse Genki
DLC: Genkibowl VII
Opens: Super Ethical PR Opportunity, Apocalypse Genki Activities
Reward: $2,500(+)
Unlocks: Item - Angry Tiger Mask

For those of you that skipped right to the walkthrough, don't panic if you don't have this DLC, just skip down to the next section to continue with the game. For those of you that own the Genkibowl VII downloadable content, read on.

Call up Tammy to get this first downloadable content pack started. Then drive over to the starting point. This is similar to the Act II missions (which we will get to in a while), in that it is really the tutorial for the Apocalypse Genki activities, and counts as the easy activity.

This is basically the Professor Genki activity on steroids. The hardest part of this mission is your timer, because it's easy to get lost. You will have a hunter to deal with (or to just run past, if you prefer). Make sure to hit those money, time, and health bonus targets (while avoiding the pandas) to make things a little easier on yourself! The exit is up on the top level, so make sure to work your way up as you look for the end.

Base Jumping 1-5

A few of the challenges I'm not really going to specifically go over, because some of them are things like driving a certain distance or number of cars destroyed or what have you. I'll let you do these at your own pace as you like. However, a lot of them I will go over. Some of them are very difficult to get if you haven't yet done them by the end of the game. Others have tricks which make them easier.

Base jumping falls into the latter category, so I'm going to go ahead and do five of them right now. Go to your crib and jump off the helipad. Open your chute (Y key) and then set a base jump target (Y key again). Then just hit the target (use the left analog stick to control your rate of decent). If you hit within 15 feet, you nailed the jump. Then just run back up to the penthouse and repeat. Do this five times. You are already one third of the way done with this challenge (you can find your challenge listings in the Saintbook on your phone).

It's time to take a bit of a drive. We want to head over to Salander (on the western island). If you open up your map, you will see two large docks on the west side. Go to the northern one. What you are going to find here is a large ship which is beached. Get on the ship via the gangplank and head all the way to the stern (the back). You should find a Thompson helicopter parked here. Sometimes it's a little tricky to get it out of the cramped space it's in, but you should be able to manage it.

Once you have it, fly it back over to your new crib and store it in your heliport. We now have a chopper that is great for doing barnstorms. So let's do a few. Grab the chopper back out of your garage and let's get to them.

Barnstorms 1-5
Reward: ~$1,000

Fly to the northeast from your crib to the first store (which is a Rusty's Needle). From here look to the north, where you will spot a Gothedral. All we have to do here is fly in between the two towers of the structure (flying northwest). Easy.

Now turn around and fly back east toward the Stikit Inn property. You will see a factory with two smokestacks. Once again this is just a fly between, going northeast.

Follow the coast to the south until you are almost straight east of your crib (just a little north). You should see what looks like a church with two towers, similar to the Gothedral we just hit. This is the same deal as before, flying west.

Now fly south to the Joe Cola Factory property. You guessed it, this factory has two stack for you to fly between. I went south to north. Finally, to get our last barnstorm for this set, just look straight west from the cola factory. We have yet another factory with a pair of stacks. I took these flying northeast to southwest.

It was at this point I did my second survival mission, which put me at 2 out of 26, if you are keeping pace.

This is a good time to upgrade a couple of our weapons, so drive on over to a nearby Friendly Fire and select the Buy/Upgrade option. You may have noticed our machine gun feels more like an automatic stapler shooter, so let's upgrade the Tek Z-10 to give it a bit more of a kick, and upgrade the 45 Shepherd to level 3 to carry more ammo. You should have enough money to cover that, but if you are a little short, don't forget you can make some money from your bank transfer (which should be at close to $200 per hour right now).

  • Pistols -> 45 Shepherd -> Level 3 ($10,000)
  • SMGS -> Tek Z-10 -> Level 2 ($7,500)
Gang Operation 3
Reward: $1,000

Let's get another gang operation out of the way. Doing these increases our city control, which increases the amount of money we get per hour, so it's good to do them (plus we get to try out our new and improved weaponry). You will find this one on the southwestern island, in Bridgeport, on the southern side of the neighborhood.

Guardian Angel
Completion: +1.561% (6.867%)
Opens: Trafficking
Reward: $2,000
Unlocks: None

Alright, let's run a new mission. This is actually an activity disguised as a mission (there are a few of these). So we really get credit for doing a mission and an activity at the same time (which is why it has such a high completion percentage).

Just keep Pierce safe. Don't hit the cars when they are too close to our boy, you don't want him to take any splash damage. After a while, you will have a couple of road blocks to take care of. Nothing here that you haven't been doing already. Clear them out to let Pierce continue on through.

Once you are through the roadblocks, it's time to bring out the sniper rifle. Use the left trigger to zoom in on Pierce, and just take out the Morningstar as they come in. Once your homie gets inside the building, it's mission accomplished.

Collectables 6-10
Completion: +0.625% (7.492%)
Reward: $5,000

Let's grab a few more collectables. Drive to the Planet Saints in Salander. In the back alley of the block directly to the south of the store, you will find a drug package (2 of 20, $1,000) sitting on a cargo container. On the south side of the same block, you can enter a diner (Smiling Jacks). If you look in the back behind the counter, you will find a money pallet (1 of 20, $1,000).

Now check the street on the west side of this same block (heading north from the diner). On the left side you will find a photo op (2 of 20, $1,000). Once you have that, drive south toward the bridge off the island, but don't go over it. Take a left and follow the coastline off-road. If you follow right along the coast, you won't get too far before a house blocks your way. Check its back porch for a money pallet (2 of 20, $1,000).

Okay, one more. Head northeast until you get to the Thunder Pump property (it's in Ashwood if you haven't yet revealed it). Just across the street from the gas station to the east you will find another photo op (3 of 20, $1,000).

By the way, while I was collecting these, I got a Survival call. So I went

ahead and ran it, bringing my total up to 3 of 26 completed.

Stunt Jumps 4-7
Reward: $2,000

Alright, get a decent car or motorcycle and head into Yearwood. You want to be on the far northeastern side, where it juts eastward. North of the road you will find a powerline tower. On the east side of that tower you will find your ramp, facing west.

Now head to the very northwest corner of New Baranec, where you will see a large dirt mound. Hit this one driving south along the road and fly over the Rim Jobs.

Now drive back into Yearwood again. If you open up your map, find the train tracks (the yellow line). There is a point where the tracks cross the road to the far west. Go there and look a bit southeast. You will find a grassy hill that you can take a jump on, going southeast to northwest (over the tracks).

Alright, check out those train tracks again. Just after they cross the road, they make a sharp turn to the southeast. Where this turn is, look for a powerline tower. If you look to the northwest from that tower you will find another grassy knoll that can be jumped (going over the wooden fence) traveling from the southeast to the northwest.

Assassination 4 - Mike
Reward: $750

This one is very easy. Just go to the designated neighborhood, pull out your phone, go to the phone menu, and call up the emergency response number. This will bring your target right to you. Easy money!

Assassination 5 - Harry
Reward: $800

Select Harry and just drive over to the bridge between Loren Square and The Grove. This couldn't be easier. You will find him on the bridge, go ahead and take him out. There are a couple of cops with him (probably questioning him), but they shouldn't pose too much of a problem.

Assassination 6 - Lt. Gorshin
Reward: $700

Let's do one that is slightly harder. Bring up the lieutenant on your phone, then head to the neighborhood. We just need to grab a bit of police notoriety. If you can't find any police to harass, a really easy way to get their attention is to rob a store (just go in and use the left trigger to aim your gun at a shop keeper). That should bring your target up for you.

Okay, you should have around $20,000 at this point. Let's spend it. Open up your abilities upgrades menu and take the following abilities (I presume you are at least level 3 by this time).

  • Abilities -> Dual Wield - Pistols ($8,500)
  • Abilities -> Sprint Increase ($5,500)
  • Health -> Health Regen ($4,500)
  • Gang Abilities -> Homie - Vehicle Delivery ($1,000)

Very good. Before we fire up another mission, let's start up another challenge.

Streaking 1

For streaking, we need a total of 600 seconds (10 minutes). Now, like the others, I'm not going to make you do this all at once, we'll do it about a third at a time. Head over to the Saints HQ and access your wardrobe. Go to the outfits section and select "Remove all clothing". Once you are naked, jump off the heliport to get to the street below (use your parachute, obviously!).

Find a group of people (shouldn't be too hard as this is a pretty busy area) and hit down on the d-pad twice to start up the challenge. You are on a timer, and the idea is to offend as many people as possible as quickly as you can. Our goal here is to reach a total of 200 seconds or so (you can see your total time in the challenges section of your phone menu). If you run out of time (or finish all the way through level 8), just find a new group and start the challenge back up again. Once you get to around 200 total seconds, head back into your crib and get dressed. We will continue this challenge a bit later.

Completion: +1.561% (9.053%)
Opens: Takeover The City
Reward: $2,000
Unlocks: Trafficking activity

Just to be clear, this is the mission we are going to run, not the activity of the same name (a few of which might be open on the central island). Call up Pierce, and then meet him in Henry Steel Mills.

Of course, what we are really running here is an activity. So we get credit for both an activity and a mission. Just keep Pierce safe as he makes his deliveries. As you are driving, it is best to shoot at the pursuing drivers. If you hit them, you disable an entire car full of bad guys. It's perhaps not so important here, but once we get to more difficult versions of this activity, this will be a key to success.

Gang Operation 4
Reward: $1,000

Since we are here in Henry Steel Mills, let's take care of a nearby gang operation. You will find this one on the southwestern side of the neighborhood, just north of the Rim Jobs.

Vehicle Theft 4 - Shark
Reward: $750

Let's do a few more vehicle thefts. This one is actually a jet ski. Drive out to Camano Place and follow the coastline. You will find the target vehicle at the docks near the northern side of the neighborhood. This one won't actually give you very many notoriety stars, but unfortunately what you do get is enough for the police to send a chopper after you, which shoots missiles! So make sure to weave a bit as you make your way north around the island and ultimately west toward the chop shop. Reference your map often, as the GPS route you get for this one is useless.

Vehicle Theft 5 - Miami
Reward: $750

That last boat run was fun, right? So let's do another one. You will find the Miami on the west side of the Sunset Park neighborhood. Once you grab it, drive north, as it's a straight shot to the chop shop. Unfortunately, you now have three wanted stars, so you'll have to evade the snipers in the choppers coming after you, as well as the guys firing missiles.

Vehicle Theft 6 - Oppressor
Reward: $1,000=-=

Let's do another theft for Rigg. This time he wants an Oppressor, a chopper you will find near the far south end of the neighborhood. Once you have it get into the air quickly and don't mess around. You are going to have four wanted levels, which means the police are going to send attack choppers after you. Make a beeline for the chop shop and slam it down as fast as you can before you can be shot down.

Collectables 11-15
Completion: +0.625% (9.678%)
Reward: $6,000

From where we are, there is a nearby property (Snooky's Sundries and More). Head there and then drive to the nearby road that goes southwest. Just at the start of this road where it meets the north-south road, look to your right to find a photo-op in a parking lot (4 of 20, $1,000).

Now pop open your map and find the "Nobody Loves Me" store just a bit to your southwest. South and east of this store you will see three square blocks. Go to the third block from the store and check its back alleys for a money pallet (3 of 20, $1,000). Then check along the southern side of the second block for a photo op (5 of 20, $2,000). You get an extra $1,000 bonus for this one (as it is your fifth photo op). Nice.

Catch the nearby bridge into Arapice Island and drive along the road that is on the northwestern side. You should have no trouble finding the photo op waiting here for you (6 of 20, $1,000). For the final collectable we are going to grab for this set, go to the train tracks that run east to west along the south side of this island. Near the middle of the island (just a bit west of where the tracks split) you should see a catwalk, with stairs leading up to it. On this catwalk you should see a money pallet (4 of 20, $1,000).

This seems like a good time to take down another survival mission, so that brings us up to 4 out of 26.

Base Jumps 6-10

Alright, you know the drill. Go back to Saints HQ and jump off the heliport. Land within 15 feet of the target to get credit for nailing it. Pick up another five of these and we'll call it a day.

Takeover The City
Completion: +1.061% (10.739%)
Opens: Tank Mayhem
Reward: $500
Unlocks: None

Okay, meet Pierce at the Friendly Fire, which we are going to buy. This particular one will only cost us $100, and it bumps our hourly income by $500, not to mention we get a 10% discount at this store now. How cool is that?

Okay, we're going to grab a collectable now (this is the game's tutorial on collectables, even though we've been doing them for quite some time now). Whatever, it's another $1,000, and gives us a sex doll find (4 of 20, $1,000).

The next thing we will do is purchase the Havemeyer Estates. Once again, this costs us a measly $100, and gets us back $100 per hour. Now, don't get used to this. All the stores and properties from here on out are going to be much more expensive, and they won't pay for themselves quite as quickly (in general, you get back about 10% of what you paid per hour).

Okay, one more task (another tutorial). The game wants to show us how to take on a gang operation, so go ahead and wipe it out. We will end up doing two of these, so that gets us 6 out of 32 complete.

Now just run back into the Friendly Fire you own to lose your heat level, and we're done here. The reward for this mission might seem paltry, but remember, we earned $1,000 for each of those gang operations, plus another $1,000 for the collectable. So really, it's not a bad pay day. Not only that, but at this point you should be making nearly $1,200 per hour.

Now, you should have about $20,000 at this point. It behooves us to add as much as we can to our hourly income as quickly as possible. It turns out there are two properties on the southwestern island that will cost you $10,000 each (Chupacabra Casino and Power And Light). Go buy both of them. Between the two of them, it will add another $2,000 per hour to our income (bringing us up to nearly $3,200).

  • The Grove -> Power and Light ($10,000)
  • New Baranec -> Chupacabra Casino ($10,000)
Activity - Apocalypse Genki (Medium)
DLC: Genkibowl VII
Reward: $3,000(+)
Achievement: Murder in the Jungle
Unlocks: Homie - Angry Tiger

Start up this activity in Camano Place. Like before, your worst enemy here is the timer, and the floor plan on this one is even more confusing than the first activity. Unlike the previous one, the exit is on the same level you start off on, so don't look for ramps or anything like that.

The good news is, there is no hard version of this activity, so once you complete this one, we're done with these.

Activity - Trafficking (medium)
Completion: +0.625% (11.364%)
Reward: $4,000

Now here's the deal with activities. We are way behind in where we should be in terms of how many we have completed. But that's because we can't do very many of them yet (at least without skipping the tutorial missions, which, as a completionist, offends me). But we have opened up some of the trafficking activities.

Pick this one up in Loren Square, on the central southeastern side of the neighborhood. This is a medium difficulty mission, so it is somewhat harder than the one we did in the tutorial mission. Still, there are only three stops to make, so it's not too bad. Watch out for the snipers in the helicopters (I switched over to the rifle to deal with these, using the machine gun for pretty much everything else).

Barnstorms 6-10
Reward: ~$4,200

Head to the Saints HQ to pick up your Thompson and let's get a few barnstorms done. Our first stop will be the statue on the island straight east from our crib. There are two barnstorms here. For the first, simply fly directly between his legs. Then turn around and fly through the gap between his legs and the molten metal from the pot. These are simple.

Okay, now fly west. You want to end up near the insurance fraud activity icon which is just southwest of your HQ. If you look just north of the freeway, you will see a pair of warehouses with a few stacks. You want to fly through these, going east to west (to go between two of the stacks). You have a ton of room between these, so it's really a very easy stunt.

The next stunt is almost as simple. You just need to fly underneath the bridge that is just to our southwest from the last barnstorm. I don't think it really matters which of the spans you go under, so pick any of them.

We will do one more for this set. Follow the freeway you just went under to the next island to the west. It will pass over a road just as you reach the island. You want to fly south to north along this road, going under the freeway to get credit for this stunt.

Streaking 2

Alright, you know the drill. Fly back to your HQ again and lose all the clothes. Then head down to the street below and hit down twice on the d-pad to start this up. Try to get to around 400 seconds complete or so, which will put us two thirds of the way through this challenge.

Store Robberies 1 - 5

I'm going to start taking care of one more challenge. This is very simple, if somewhat annoying. Go to the Rusty's Needle that is to the northeast of your crib. Use the left trigger to aim your weapon at the clerk. Once the robbery is complete, make a run to the Friendly Fire that you own to the north to lose your notoriety. Rinse and repeat until you have a total of five robberies (you may already have had one, since I suggested you do one earlier for the assassination, but in any case, make sure you have five when you are finished). You can even rob the store that you own! The only thing that makes this difficult is that about half the time, instead of completing the robbery, the clerk cowers on the floor. When that happens, just try somewhere else. Basically, I just went between Rusty's Needle, the Friendly Fire, and the Planet Saints all along the same street until I had five robberies complete.

When you are done with that, we are right here at the Friendly Fire, so it seems like this is a great time to upgrade our weapons. I went ahead and picked up a new pistol, a shotgun, and grenades. Of course, if you already have picked up some of this level 1 stuff during your fighting, you don't need to buy it.

  • Melee -> Baseball Bat -> Level 1 ($225)
  • Pistols -> KA-1 Kobra -> Level 1 ($90)
  • SMGS -> TEK Z-10 -> Level 3 ($9,000)
  • Shotguns -> Grave Digger -> Level 1 ($9,000)
  • Thrown -> Grenades -> Level 1 ($45)
  • Thrown -> Molotovs -> Level 1 ($45)
  • Thrown -> Flashbangs -> Level 1 ($22)
  • Thrown -> Electric Grenades -> Level 1 ($90)

This list presumes you are using the store that you own (giving you a 10% discount). Remember this store, as not every store you own gives you a 10% discount (others are 5%). So if you want to make sure you get your full discount, this is one of the ones you can come to.

This also seemed like a good time to run another survival mission, which puts us at 5 of 26 complete.

Tank Mayhem
Completion: +1.562% (12.926%)
Opens: Professor Genki
Reward: $2,000
Unlocks: Tank Mayhem Activity

Again, this is the mission we want, not the activity of the same name. Call up Pierce (you notice it is always Pierce that is getting us into these things?), and then head over to the activity start.

There is really nothing to this. Just keep shooting with the cannon. Make the high value targets a priority (they are shown with the red circles). But always keep blowing stuff up, and you really should have no problem with completing this.

Assassination 7 - Chandler
Reward: $750

Let's get a few more assassinations out of the way. Select Chandler from the list. Once you have him, go to the designated neighborhood, and then just run into a moving car. That should get him to show up. Pretty easy cash.

Assassination 8 - Luther
Reward: $600

Pierce has a couple of targets for us to take care of. Let's start with Luther. Select him and drive on down to Loren Square. Just complement three or four People (use the right d-pad button) and he should show up. Another easy payday.

Assassination 9 - Jake
Reward: $800

Finding Jake is not that hard. Killing him is a little harder, since he is protected by a large cement truck. As soon as he sees you, he is going to take off. I found it easiest to shoot out the tires to limit his mobility. Once he is slowed down, you can just shoot the truck until it explodes, or try to hit him in the cab. Either way.

Streaking 3
Reward: $5,001

Let's get naked! Return to one of your cribs again and remove all your clothing. Just do a bit of streaking until you reach 600 seconds and finish up this challenge. I wish I could tell you this will be the last time you are going to be naked in this game, but sadly, that is not the case.

Head back to a crib and get dressed. For this next bit, we are going to need $21,000. If you've been collecting your money regularly, you should have that right now.

We're going to add to our hourly income again. Head into New Baranec and purchase the "Factory" Property ($10,000), the Crackhouse nearby, and then drive a bit north and buy the Let's Pretend, which will cost you another $10,000. You should now have an income of nearly $5,300 per hour. Not bad.

  • New Baranec -> Factory ($10,000)
  • New Baranec -> Crackhouse ($1,000)
  • New Baranec -> Let's Pretend ($10,000)
Activity - Trafficking (Hard)
Completion: +0.625% (13.551%)
Reward: $6,000

There is one more trafficking activity we have opened up, so let's go ahead and run it. You will find it in Sunset Park. Now, this one is considered hard, so be prepared. You have four stops to make (in reality, this is nothing compared to the difficulty of trafficking in the first two games, so it could be much worse). Again, just protect Pierce and you should come through fine. You are going to have five stars worth of notoriety, so the Morningstar will be throwing everything they have at you. Good luck.

Gang Operation 7
Reward: $1,000

It turns out there is a gang operation nearby. Check the eastern side of Sunset Park to find a group of Morningstar. Watch out for the one gang member on the roof. And while we are at it, I ran another survival, bringing us up to 6 out of 26.

Stunt Jumps 8-11
Reward: $2,000

Okay, if you are not already there, go back to where we just did that last gang operation. There is a big old giant bottle cap thing just a bit to the south of where that operation was. Jump this driving north. Just to the south of the bottle cap thing is another ramp (made out of a billboard sign), and this one will likely put you into the water when you do it (driving southeast).

Call up your homie to bring you a fast car or bike (a bike, like a Kenshin, would be best), or just go into the nearby Rim Jobs to access your garage. For these jumps, you may need to use nitrous, so take it over to a rim jobs and get it upgraded if necessary. Now, from the docks area, just to the west, there are a set of four rectangular blocks. You want to go to the one that is third from the south. Go to the building that is on the north side of this block, facing east. You should see an alley (just north of the church). If you look carefully, you will find some wooden planks at the end of a dropoff next to the northern building. It's not much of a ramp, but those planks are what you will be jumping. A motorcycle will work well here.

The last one we will do is pretty much the same, just on the other side of same the building (to its northern side). The run up to the ramp plank is very short, so you will probably need to use the nitrous to get credit for the jump.

Collectables 17 - 21
Completion: +0.625% (14.176%)
Reward: $7,000

We're going to take a bit of a drive up to the airport. Go to the far northwestern side of the tarmac. You should find a group of sex dolls (5 of 20, $2,000). Now drive to the southeast of the airport, near the Leather and Lace shop. Check a back alley in the block to the northeast of the shop to find a money pallet (5 of 20, $2,000). Man, we're getting all the bonuses now.

East of the blocks where you are, look for a set of four square blocks arranged in a grid (they are south of the Friendly Fire). Our first stop is southwestern one, where you will find a photo op (7 of 20, $1,000) on its southern side. Next, go to the northeastern block and look in the alley behind the porn theater for a drug package (3 of 20, $1,000).

For our final pickup, travel east along the road that runs right in between our grid of blocks. Where it ends is a porn shop (Love Rocket) with a dancer in the front window. Go around to the back of this building to find a money pallet (6 of 20, $1,000).

Professor Genki
Completion: +1.561% (15.737%)
Opens: We've Only Just Begun
Reward: $1,000(+)
Unlocks: Professor Genki Activity, Homie - Pierce Washington

Okay, I've made you play around for a while, let's do a mission. Once again, this is really an activity (don't worry, eventually we will be getting out of the tutorial phase of the game). Drive on over to the start of the activity and fire it up.

The rules here are fairly simple. Avoid the traps. Shoot the mascots. Also shoot the boards, with the exception of the pandas. Make enough money before the timer runs out to unlock the exit and escape. Nothing to it. Note that your health will not regenerate during this activity, so be careful. You can find health bonus signs in the arena if you need them.

Super Ethical PR Opportunity
DLC: Genkibowl VII
Opens: Sexy Kitten Yarngasm
Reward: $4,000
Unlocks: None

Call up Tammy again to trigger this mission. This mission is similar to the Escort activity. Go pick up Genki near the airport. Then just drive around running over pedestrians to amuse the professor. Make sure to keep away from the vans so that Genki doesn't get annoyed. He will ask you to perform a few tasks for him as you are driving, so make sure to get those done (your Pleasure meter won't rise while a task is active). Once you get the meter filled up, just drive Genki over to his appearance to finish off the mission.

Activity - Tank Mayhem (Medium)
Completion: +0.625% (16.362%)
Reward: $4,000

Okay, we've opened up a few activities, so let's run a couple of them on medium difficulty. The tank mayhem is nearby, just to our east as we came out of the Genki mission (if you didn't do the DLC mission. If you did, you will find the start of this activity over in Loren Square). So go there and fire it up. This is just like before, only this time you need to earn a bit more money ($350,000). Still, this should be pretty simple. Remember to go for the high value targets as much as possible.

Activity - Professor Genki (Medium)
Completion: +0.625% (16.987%)
Reward: $2,000(+)

Alright, the next Genki mission is not far away to our north. I feel a little like a broken record saying this is just like the easy one, so I won't repeat it again. The only real difference here is that about halfway through, you will trigger the hunter. This is just a brute. Kill him if you want, though I find it's easier to just run past him. However you do it, go ahead and complete this activity for the reward.

Collectables 22 - 25
Completion: +0.500% (17.487%)
Reward: $5,000

Run back to the Saints HQ and grab your Thompson. There are a few collectables that are difficult (or impossible) to get without the use of a chopper, so let's grab a few of those.

First, fly into Salander. Notice there are three blocks along the west side. Go to the middle block and along its north side you should see a drug package (4 of 20, $1,000). Now, the tricky bit about this one is you cannot land a chopper on the sloped roof. The best place to put it down is on the flat part that runs along the top ridge (you'll see it when you get there).

From here, fly one block north to the building on the west side and check out the roof. This one you actually can get to from the ground (via the fire escape), but it's much easier to get to using the helicopter. This is a money pallet (7 of 20, $1,000).

Now fly over to the Friendly Fire in this neighborhood. Land on the roof of the building which is just to its southeast, where you will find a sex doll (6 of 20, $1,000). Okay, now fly into Ashwood, and take a look at the building a bit north of the Rim Jobs. You should see a drug package there (5 of 20, $2,000).

Barnstorms 11 - 17
Reward: ~$6,700

Since we are right here in the Thompson, let's grab a few more barnstorms in the area. From where you are, just go a bit east to the north-south road. Where it passes underneath the freeway, follow it from south to north. This is a nice long barnstorm (since you go both under the freeway and the building connectors), and therefore gives us quite a bit of money. Nice.

From where we came out, look to your east, between the road and the coast. The building farthest to the north (that is not on the dock) has a couple of stacks that you can fly through.

Now follow that north-south road again as it curves to the west and goes into Burns Hill. Just as you come into this neighborhood you will see another Gothic on your right. You know what to do here, just fly between the towers.

Fly down south into Salander to the Friendly Fire and look to your north. See the two large stacks? You should know what to do with these. Now fly to the west toward that large dock with the grounded ship (where we got the Thompson from in the first place). You will see another factory here with a pair of stacks. The developers sure do like smoke stacks, don't they?

Now fly south to the other dock, and then a bit inland. Near where the road takes a turn from north-south to east-west you will find another factory, with yet another pair of stacks. This one has a wide clearance, so no problems here.

Okay, one more (and the last barnstorm on this island!). Open up your map and find the Red Onion Herb Dispensary. From there, look a couple blocks directly north for a church (they have a distinctive shaped building on the map). Fly there and go between the towers to get credit.

I haven't made you spend any money in a while, and you might be wondering what is going on. It was entirely on purpose. We are now going to go buy the most expensive property in the game, which is the Wesley Cutter International Airport. This is going to cost you a whopping $50,000. But on the good side, it adds $5,000 to your income per hour, which should put you at over $10,500. That's good, that is the kind of money we need to be making at this point to buy out everything we need by the end of the game.

  • Wesley Cutter Intl -> Wesley Cutter International ($50,000)
Challenge - Gang Members Taunted 1 - 10

This is a challenge that can become very difficult to do once you eliminate all the other gangs, so let's make sure we complete it well before then. Just drive around and find a random gang member (or even better, a group of two or three). Get in front of them and do a taunt (left d-pad). Jump into a car and drive off until your notoriety star goes away, then repeat. Do this until you have 10 gang taunts (we'll do these a bit at a time).

Vehicle Theft 7 - Scrubber
Reward: $875

Okay, let's get a couple of the more difficult thefts done. You will find the scrubber around the south end of the Sunset Park District. It will give you three wanted levels once you get in, and it is pretty difficult to control, but fortunately, you don't have to drive it very far to get credit.

Vehicle Theft 8 - Commander
Reward: $1,250

Look for this boat somewhere between the armory (that is the restricted island on the east side) and the statue island. Once you get in, you end up with a five star wanted level! Not cool. And you have a pretty far distance to travel. Your best bet is to drive north around the armory island, then cut west between the two large islands.

Vehicle Theft 9 - Sovereign
Reward: $500

Alright, this one is very easy. Just head to the park to pick up this car. It's then a very short drive to the chop shop, with only two stars worth of police notoriety. Nothing to this one.

We've Only Just Begun
Completion: +0.936% (18.423%)
Opens: Hit the Powder Room
Reward: None
Unlocks: None
Achievement: We're Takin' Over

Yay, a mission that isn't an activity in disguise! Meet Pierce at the Broken Shillelagh. Now for the bad news. There is no mission here, it's just a cut scene. Kinda lame, huh?

Challenge - Base Jumps 11-15
Reward: $1,500

Before we do an actual mission, let's finish up a challenge. Head back to Saints HQ and start jumping off the heliport again. At the end of this we will have picked up a cool $1,500, plus any bonuses from the actual jumps themselves.

During this time I got another survival call, so I did that as well, which brings our total up to 7 out of 26.

Okay, I don't know about you, but the money is coming in pretty well now. I have about $60K to burn, so let's spend some of it. We haven't upgraded our character in a little while, so let us do that.

  • Abilities -> Skill - Pickpocket ($3,750)
  • Abilities -> Skill - Scavenger ($3,250)
  • Damage -> Damage - Vehicle ($2,500)
  • Combat -> Ammo - Grenades ($2,750)
  • Combat -> Ammo - Shotgun ($3,000)
  • Combat -> Ammo - SMG ($2,000)
  • Bonuses -> Bonus - Hourly City Income ($3,500)

What is cool about this is now any time you bump into someone walking down the sidewalk, you will make some cash. Also, with the income bonus, you should now be making a bit over $11K for each transfer.

To do this next part, we need $27,500. There are two cribs that we need to buy, a boat dock and an airport hangar. You should see them on your map if you filter for cribs. They are the ones with dollar signs on them. Go ahead and buy both of them so we can get them off the to-do list.

  • Crib -> Airplane Hanger ($15,000)
  • Crib -> Rondini's Boat Dock ($12,500)
Gang Operation 8
Reward: $1,000

In the actual park part of Sunset Park (where the two lakes are), you will find a gang operation to take out. So go do that now. It's a small group of Morningstar, so nothing you shouldn't be able to take care of. But it turns out that this particular group is watching over a collectable, so once they are all down, go ahead and pick up...

Collectable 26
Completion: +0.125% (18.548%)
Reward: $1,000

Drug Package (6 of 20, $1,000). Right where you took out the gang operation. Well between the gang op and the package, that was an easy $2,000, eh?

Activity - Tank Mayhem (Hard)
Completion: +0.625% (19.173%)
Reward: $6,000

There are two more activities we can run right now to get us at least a little closer to where we are supposed to be. Both of these are considered hard, so be prepared for a little bit more of a challenge. The first one is in Loren Square, and is a tank mayhem. Nothing new to say here that I haven't said already. Good luck with it, and make sure to keep shooting to rack up those bonuses.

Activity - Professor Genki (Hard)
Completion: +0.625% (19.798%)
Reward: $3,500+

You will find this Genki mission in Henry Steel Mills. In this iteration, time is really your biggest enemy. I found it more difficult to get the required $3,500 within the time limit than anything else. Once you make it, you'll have another brute to deal with. Again, I didn't bother with him (with non- regenerating health and a serious time limit, he's just too dangerous). I ran past him and exited out of the activity.

Sexy Kitten Yarngasm
Opens: Sexy Kitten Yarngasm Activity
Reward: $3,000
Unlocks: Vehicle - Verminator

Call up Tammy again, and then drive over to Yearwood to start up this activity disguised as a mission. The idea here is pretty simple, roll your ball of yarn over as much stuff as you can, especially the high value targets. Make the target money before time runs out to finish the mission. If you can find the mouse and mow it over, you will get a nice money bonus (but it's probably not really necessary at this level).

Stunt Jumps 12 - 16
Reward: $2,500

Since we are up here in Henry Steel Mills (unless you ran that DLC mission, in which case drive back over there), there are five stunt jumps we can perform. Drive on over to the Rim Jobs and grab one of your fast vehicles (my personal favorite is the Kenshin outfitted with nitrous). Just to the northwest of the shop, you will find a large dirt mound behind the building. I came down the alley, driving west to hit this one.

If you look down that same alley, you should see another dirt mound behind the chain link fence. This one will jump you over a pit that holds a couple of wrecked cars.

Open your map. Straight north of the Rusty's Needle in this neighborhood you should see a triangular block. At the southern point of this triangle are a set of stairs. Hit these stairs for your next jump. You should land in or near a depression (with some stars on the ground). Your next jump is the stairs on the south side of this depression. I think you need to hit these going north (so you drop into the depression), and don't go very fast. This is a slow jump.

From the north side of the triangle, head east on the road. Where it ends, there is a very obvious dirt mound. You should know what to do with this. Extra credit if you can make it through the hole in the sign (though it is not required, nor do you get anything extra for doing it).

Hit the Powder Room
Completion: +3.686% (23.484%)
Opens: The Belgian Problem
Reward: $6,000
Unlocks: None

It's been quite a while since we've run an actual honest to god mission that wasn't a cut scene or an activity. So let's finally go do one! Ring up Shaundi. Then go meet up with her and Pierce at the gun shop.

Since Shaundi has forced the issue, there's nothing for it but to head inside and start taking down the resistance (take out a few guys outside the door if you want).

Once you are in, take out the snipers and mop up anyone else on the ground floor. Then head through the break room and back into the warehouse. When you get back inside, you have a mini-gun brute to deal with. Take him down, and then mop up the backup that appears. Once things calm down at bit, make your way upstairs (the stairway is in the back).

Take down any remaining guys on the catwalks and keep advancing. Once you make it to the manager's office, Shaundi will start downloading some stuff. Keep the goons at bay until she is done. Once she gets what she needs, we're done here. Note that you get an extra 2.75% bonus to your completion score on this mission, in addition to the usual amount.

Okay, it felt to me like our weapons were a bit weak in that last mission, so let's do something about that. Head to a friendly fire (preferably one that you own so you get the 10% discount). Let's make the following upgrades:

  • Pistols -> 45 Shepherd -> Level 4 ($18,000)
  • SMGS -> Tek Z-10 -> Level 4 ($18,000)
  • Shotguns -> Grave Digger -> Level 2 ($9,000)
  • Rifles -> K-8 Krukov -> Level 1 ($9,000)
  • Special -> Reaper Drone -> Level 2 ($27,000)

All told, this is $81,000. We're really spending the money now! Of course, if you already have the level 1 rifle, you don't need to purchase it again. I put it here is case you haven't yet picked one up during combat. Load up on any ammo you need, then exit the store.

Challenge - Stores Robbed 6 - 10

So let's advance a couple of the challenges. Rob five more stores (rob the stores you own to make it somewhat easier on yourself. That will get us two thirds of the way through this challenge.

Challenge - Gang Members Taunted 11 - 20

Give it another 10 tauntings for the gang members as well. This is pretty easy. Just drive around until you see some gang members walking down the street (preferably in groups, but singles will do just fine as well). Taunt them (left D-pad), then jump into your car and take off. Your notoriety star should disappear quickly. Then repeat until you reach 20.

Assassination 10 - Agnes
Reward: $1,000

Run over to Shaundi's place to strip down, then follow the GPS to where Agnes is. It should be a simple matter to gun her down. Once she is down, return to Shaundi's place to get dressed again.

Assassination 11 - Officer Dealy
Reward: $1,000

Drive into Bridgeport and start taunting some random people to make this cop appear. Best not to do this to police or gang members. We don't want notoriety, we just want our target to appear. Once you've taunted three or four people, he should pop up. Kill him for an easy grand.

Assassination 12 - Tony
Reward: $750

Drive over to Leather and Lace in Camino Place. Once you are there, buy something. Then just wait for Tony to show up. When he does, let him have it.

We may as well buy up a few stores around here. We are basically going to travel in a big loop, buying everything in our path. In total, you will need $33,000 for this, so I hope you have been checking your bank transfers from time to time. Since we are here, go ahead and buy Leather and Lace and if you have notoriety from that last hit, use it to get rid of that pesky problem. Drive southwest to pick up the Rim Jobs in the same neighborhood. Then go around the annoying cliff wall into Rosen Oaks and grab the Crackhouse, Davila's Automotive, and Planet Saints (in that order). Then head east back into Camano Place to pick up another Rim Jobs. Then we drive north to grab Curly's Chop Block and finally the Friendly Fire. Altogether, that brings our hourly income up to nearly $15,000.

  • Camano Place -> Leather And Lace ($10,000)
  • Camino Place -> Rim Jobs ($5,000)
  • Rosen Oaks -> Crackhouse ($1,000)
  • Rosen Oaks -> Davila's Automotive ($1,000)
  • Rosen Oaks -> Planet Saints ($5,000)
  • Camino Place -> Rim Jobs ($5,000)
  • Camino Place -> Curly's Chop Block ($1,000)
  • Camino Place -> Friendly Fire ($5,000)
The Belgian Problem
Completion: +0.936% (24.420%)
Opens: Return to Steelport
Reward: $6,000
Unlocks: 10% bonus to all cash earned OR 10% bonus to all respect earned,
         Weapon - RC Possessor, Homie - Oleg
Achievement: Tower Defense OR Kuh, Boom.

Call up Pierce and arrange to meet at the HQ. Once you get there it's time to load up. Head to the tower with your crew. When you get there, start by killing everyone on the bottom floor. You are going to have a Brute to deal with, so be careful with him. Not to mention the snipers. Still, it's nothing you shouldn't be able to take care of.

When everyone is down, arm the bomb. We are now on a time limit, so don't dilly dally. Head on up in the elevator. Be careful in the next area, there is another Brute to take down, this time a flamethrower variant. Once he is down and you've cleared out the room, move into the next section to get a pretty interesting cut scene. Looks like we have a new ally.

Up in the elevator we go. Follow Oleg, there's really not much else to do at this point. Once you get on the big ball thing, shoot the bad guys until Oleg gets it lose. Partway down we are going to pick up a hitchhiker. Shoot him in the face until he drops off.

Once you are at the bottom, you have a choice to make. You can either keep or destroy the building. The former will give you a respect bonus. The latter will boost your daily income. Now, it's up to you, but I would recommend keeping the building. We will max out our respect long before we max out our money, so I personally prefer the bonus to my income.

Thus ends Act 1. Once this mission is over and all the cut scenes play out, we are immediately thrown into the next mission.