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Move Guide by Adevara

Version: 1.1.1 | Updated: 04/02/10


                         Banjo-Tooie move guide
                            Written by Adevara
                       Copyright 2009  James Accordino
      Extended copyright and contact information is located at the bottom


I created this guide to list out all of the techniques Banjo, Kazooie, and
Mumbo Jumbo can use in Banjo-Tooie. This guide lists every move that they 
can use in the game (including abilities used by transformations!), 
where to learn each move, and general notes about each one.

If I were skilled at ASCII art, I would put a fancy image here with the game's
title and stuff, but I'm not. If you want to send me some, please e-mail me!

Also, if anyone wants to volunteer to translate this guide to match Xbox360
controls (I don't have one), then please don't hesitate to e-mail me!

Version History

7/6/09 - Version 1, completed
7/8/09 - Version 1.1. Added special moves I forgot about (oops), also
   added to contact information.
4/2/10 - Version 1.1.1. Forgot about a pair of Wading Boots, thanks
   TomTom! Also tweaked some sentences.


Table of Contents
(note that you can use the find feature of your web browser (ctrl + F) to
quickly get to certain areas of the guide using the codes in brackets!)


1. General Introduction to the Controls [sec1]
2. Bottles' moves [sec2]
    2a. Basic moves [sec2a]
    2b. Feather moves [sec2b]
    2c. Pad moves [sec2c]
    2d. Footwear moves [sec2d]
3. Jamjars' moves [sec3]
    3a. Basic moves [sec3a]
         3a1. Breegull Blaster mode [sec3a1]
    3b. New eggs [sec3b]
    3c. Feather moves [sec3c]
    3d. Pad moves [sec3d]
    3e. Footwear moves [sec3e]
    3f. Individual Moves [sec3f]
         3f1. Banjo [sec3f1]
         3f2. Kazooie [sec3f2]
    3g. Other Moves [sec3g]
4. Humba Wumba's transformations [sec4]
5. Mumbo Jumbo's magic [sec5]
6. Contact information [sec6]
7. Credits and Copyrights [sec7]


1. General Introduction to the Controls [sec1]


If I were skilled at ASCII art, I would make a fancy diagram of a Nintendo 64
controller with all of the buttons and such, but I'm not one of those people.

All of the buttons on the controller are used for something, except for the
D-Pad and the L Button.

Control Stick: Move around. Pushing the control stick as far as you can
               makes you run, while only slightly tilting it causes you to
               tiptoe slowly. For a few jiggies, you have to tiptoe across
               a crackly floor to obtain them. Failing to do this makes
               noise which awakens some sort of sleeping guarding creature.

Start Button: When you first turn on the game, you need to press start to start
              the game. When you're actually playing, it pauses the game, and 
              opens a menu. In this menu, you can check out how many jiggies or 
              other collectables you've obtained in each level, and 
              how many jinjos you've rescued. You can also save and quit the
              game from here.

A Button: Does a multitude of things. Used for jumping, and activating various
          moves. Holding it down while characters are talking speeds up the
          text speed. When the game asks you a yes or no question, the A button
          is usually used for "yes."

B Button: Also does a multitude of things. B is used to activate various moves
          (usually offensive moves like rolling or pecking). B is also used
          to talk to NPCs (Non-Player Characters). When the game asks you a
          yes or no question, the B button is usually used for "no."

Yellow Up Arrow: Used for activating first person view. Also used to activate
                 a few moves, most commonly egg firing and aiming.

Down Up Arrow: When you're running around, this button alters the camera zoom
               to alter the view around you. Also used for activating a few

Left/Right Arrows: These buttons swivel the camera angle around you while
                   you're running around. Each button is also used for, you
                   guessed it, activating moves.

R Button: Used for many things. The most common use is to switch egg types.
          Holding it causes the camera to center right behind your character.
          This is also used for making sharp turns while swimming/flying, and
          to activate crosshairs in Breegull Blaster mode.

Z Button: This is used in combination with all of the other buttons for
          activating a lot of moves. Some of these moves are crouching, egg
          firing, and the leg spring.


2. Bottles' moves [sec2]


In the previous game, Banjo-Kazooie, Bottles the mole taught Banjo and Kazooie
a variety of different moves that they used to traverse different worlds and
to defeat the evil Gruntilda. Banjo and Kazooie can use almost all of these
moves in Banjo-Tooie right off the bat.

For future reference, I won't be listing basic functions like running and
first person view. I'll only be listing things that you need to talk to
Bottles to use.

I've divided both this and the next move section into multiple subsections,
for better organization.


2a. Basic Moves [sec2a]


The following moves are all moves that only require buttons to be pressed.
They don't require any special pads or anything to be used. Each move is
listed alphabetically, and in the following format:

Move Name: Name of the move
Required Buttons: Buttons that need to be pressed
Move Information: How often it's used, what it's used for, etc.

aaand here they are:

Move Name: Flap Flip
Required Buttons: Z + A
Move Information: This move causes Banjo and Kazooie to do a backflip of sorts
   so they can reach higher places. This move is infinitely useful for reaching
   high up places.

Move Name: Beak Barge
Required Buttons: Z + B
Move Information: This is a thrusting technique where Kazooie sticks her beak
   out and Banjo slides forward. It can be used to attack enemies. When you see
   a switch in a wall that needs to be pressed, the Beak Barge will press it
   in for you.

Move Name: Beak Buster
Required Buttons: Z (while in the air)
Move Information: Banjo and Kazooie's version of the ground pound. This is used
   for many things, which includes pressing down switches and breaking
   fragile objects (crates mostly). It can also be used as a powerful aerial
   attack. This can be easily activated by jumping up and then pressing Z.

Move Name: Egg Firing
Required Buttons: Either Z + Up Arrow, or just Z while in first-person mode
   (only after learning Egg Aiming from Jamjars), or Z + Down Arrow to
   spit eggs behind you
Move Information: This is Banjo and Kazooie's basic projectile attack. This
   is used for attacking from afar, hitting special switches, and sometimes
   just to hit stuff. At first, you can only use the basic blue eggs, but
   as you progress through the game Jamjars introduces four new types of eggs
   with varying uses. Those new egg types are covered in the Jamjars section.

Move Name: Feathery Flap
Required Buttons: A (while in the air, usually after a jump)
Move Information: With this move, Banjo and Kazooie can extend their jump
   while in midair. It's used for jumping onto platforms that are just a
   tad too high for a single jump, to get across large chasms that a regular
   jump isn't enough for, and sometimes to soften a large fall.

Move Name: Forward Roll
Required Buttons: B (while running)
Move Information: This causes Banjo to simply roll forward. This is a basic
   attack that is most commonly used to defeat simple enemies walking around.
   It can also be used to move slightly faster, but the Talon Trot allows you
   to move faster.

Move Name: Rat-a-Tap Rap
Required Buttons: B (while standing still or in the air)
Move Information: Pressing B while standing still, or while in the air, causes
   Kazooie to poke out of the backpack to stab enemies. It can be used to kill
   pesky hovering enemies.

Move Name: Talon Trot
Required Buttons: Z + Left Arrow
Move Information: This move allows Banjo to ride on Kazooie's back while she
   runs around. Not only does this allow you to travel faster, but you can also
   scale slopes that are a tad too slippery for Banjo to climb on his own.

Move Name: Underwater Swimming
Required Buttons: Press B while swimming above water. Holding A and B at the
   same time allows you to swim faster, but only after a sidequest
Move Information: Underwater swimming is a vital skill to have, especially
   in the the mostly underwater world Jolly Roger's Lagoon. Pressing
   B while under propels you. If you go back to Banjo's house in Spiral
   Mountain after learning Bill Drill from Jamjars, you can destroy a nearby
   boulder, freeing Banjo's goldfish. If you bring the fish to the Spiral
   Mountain moat, you can hold A and B to swim around faster. Pressing Z
   lets you use the Talon Torpedo attack after learning it from Jamjars.


2b. Feather Moves [sec2b]


The following moves require Feathers to use. There are two types of feathers,
Red Feathers and Golden Feathers.

Move Name: Beak Bomb
Required Buttons: B while flying
Move Information: Pressing B while flying causes Banjo and Kazooie to
   rapidly speed up flight speed to ram airborne enemies, at the cost of a
   red feather. This move isn't used much, if at all. It can be useful for
   traveling quickly while flying in worlds like Hailfire Peaks and
   Cloud Cuckooland. Holding B allows them to sustain the move, but will
   cost more red feathers over time.

Move Name: Flight
Required Buttons: A while standing on a Flight Pad
Move Information: When you press A while standing on a flight pad, Banjo and
   Kazooie leap up into the air and begin flying. Pressing A while airborne
   allows you to rise at the cost of a red feather. Pressing B lets you
   use the Beak Bomb attack.

Move Name: Wonderwing
Required Buttons: Z + Right Arrow
Move Information: An infinitely useful ability in the last game, but not
   much in this one. This move grants Banjo and Kazooie invulnerability
   to almost anything (the exception being giant crushing objects found
   in Grunty Industry's trash compactor or Glitter Gulch Mine's shredder).
   In the last game, this was used frequently to kill flailing brambles
   blocking tunnels, but there are no such things in this game. The only
   real use for this is saving one Jinjo in Hailfire Peaks.


2c. Pad Moves [sec2c]


The following move requires a special pad on the ground to use.

Move Name: Shock Spring Pad
Required Buttons: Hold A while on a Shock Spring Pad (it has a bird
   foot on it)
Move Information: This allows Banjo and Kazooie to jump to significantly
   high places, higher than what they can reach with the various jumps
   alone. This is a very frequently used move, there are shock spring pads
   scattered throughout almost every world. If Kazooie attempts this
   alone, she can jump significantly higher than with Banjo on her.


2d. Footwear Moves [sec2d]


The following two moves are activated via their respective shoes. They can be
found in various places hopping or walking around on their own. Each type
grants Banjo and Kazooie with a special ability for a limited time.

Move Name: Turbo Trainers
Move Information: The Turbo Trainers are a pair of white shoes with red stars
   on the side. Walking through these allows Banjo and Kazooie to move at
   very fast speeds. They can also walk on the surface of water with these
   shoes on. If Kazooie uses these while alone, she can move much more
   quickly than with Banjo.

Move Name: Wading Boots
More Information: The Wading Boots are a pair of long green boots. Wearing
   these allows Banjo and Kazooie to wade through swampy places that Banjo
   and Kazooie cannot walk through on their own (they'll get bitten by a
   monster if they try!). The Wading Boots are barely used ever in this
   game. There are only three pairs in the game, one in Spiral Mountain
   for practicing, another in Terrydactyland to cross the swamp to
   Mumbo's Skull, and one in Mayahem Temple to get across a swamp.


3. Jamjars' Moves [sec3]


Now we're getting to the new moves in Banjo-Tooie! At the start of the game,
Bottles was violently killed by Gruntilda, meaning that he can't teach you
any new moves anymore. Fear not, however! Bottles has a relative named
Jamjars, who is willing to teach Banjo and Kazooie "advanced" abilities as
long as they have collected enough Notes.


3a. Basic Moves [sec3a]


The following moves are all moves that only require buttons to be pressed.
They don't require any special pads or anything to be used. Each move is
listed alphabetically, and in the following format:

Move Name: Name of the move
Required Buttons: Required Buttons
World Found In: The World it's in
Location: The specific area it's in
Notes Required: The amount of notes necessary to learn the move
Move Information: Information on the move

Move Name: Airborne Egg Aiming
Required Buttons: Up Arrow while Flying
World Found In: Witchyworld
Location: Space Zone, near the entrance
Notes Required: 180
Move Information: This moves allows Banjo and Kazooie to aim and fire eggs
   while flying. This is vital to defeat Witchyworld's boss, Mr. Patch.

Move Name: Beak Bayonet
Required Buttons: B while in Breegull Blaster mode
World Found In: Glitter Gulch Mine
Location: Outside of Ordinance Storage
Notes Required: 95
Move Information: Pressing B while in Breegull Blaster mode causes Banjo to
   thrust Kazooie's sharp beak forward as an attack. It's a very useful attack
   because it requires no eggs, something necessary for Ordinance Storage.

Move Name: Bill Drill
Required Buttons: Hold Z while airborne
World Found In: Glitter Gulch Mine
Location: Across the river from Bullion Bill's hut
Notes Required: 85
Move Information: This move is similar to a ground pound, only Kazooie spins
   around in a drilling motion. This move is useful for destroying boulders,
   certain crates, and ice cubes in Hailfire Peaks (including live ones!).

Move Name: Breegull Blaster
Required Buttons: None
World Found In: Mayahem Temple
Location: On a cliff behind the temple, to the left
Notes Required: 30
Move Information: The Breegull Blaster is activated by entering certain areas.
   Breegull Blaster lets Banjo use Kazooie as a gun, and the camera angle
   takes a first person perspective. There's more information on this mode
   in the next section.

Move Name: Egg Aiming
Required Buttons: Up Arrow while on the ground
World Found In: Mayahem Temple
Location: Near world entry?
Notes Required: 25
More Information: This move grants Banjo and Kazooie with a crosshairs when
   going into first person mode, allowing them to aim and fire eggs. This
   is one of the most useful techniques you can learn, as it allows you to
   precisely hit enemies from afar.

Move Name: Grip Grab
Required Buttons: None
World Found In: Mayahem Temple
Location: Jade Snake Grove entrance
Notes Required: 35
Move Information: This allows Banjo to grab onto a ledge or pipe and then
   shimmy along it. Occasionally there are odd biting plant creatures that try
   to pop out and knock you off. Pressing B causes Kazooie to come out and
   peck such enemies to death.

Move Name: Sub-Aqua Egg Aiming
Required Buttons: Up arrow while underwater
World Found In: Jolly Roger's Lagoon
Location: The hotel room in Jolly's
Notes Required: 275
Move Information: This moves allows Banjo and Kazooie to aim and fire eggs
   while underwater. This is vital to defeat Jolly Roger Lagoon's boss,
   Lord Woo Fak Fak. This ability is also used by Submarine Banjo.


3a1. Breegull Blaster Mode [sec3a1]


Breegull Blaster mode is activated when you enter certain areas. While in
Breegull Blaster mode, your view is switched into first person, and Kazooie is
used as a gun. The controls are changed immensely, so a new section for this
is necessary. The controls are as follows:

Control Stick: Move around. Pushing the control stick as far as you can
               makes you run, while only slightly tilting it causes you to
               tiptoe slowly. 

Start Button: It pauses the game, and opens the start menu.

A Button: Used to open doors. This is only used in Targitzan's Temple

B Button: Activates Beak Bayonet

Yellow Up Arrow/Down Arrow: Allows Kazooie to be tilted up or down for aiming

Left/Right Arrows: Allows Banjo to step sideways.

R Button: Tapping changes the type of egg being used. Holding it activates
          crosshairs to aim better.

Z Button: Fires eggs.

Breegull Blaster mode is only activated in the following areas:
Mayahem Temple - Targitzan's Temple
Glitter Gulch Mine - Ordinance Storage
Grunty Industries - Clinker's Cavern
Cauldron Keep - Hag 1 Boss Battle


3b. New Eggs [sec3b]


Four new types of eggs are introduced in Banjo-Tooie. Each egg has a variety
of strategic applications throughout the game. To switch between egg types,
tap the R button. Each new egg type is found in the Isle O'Hags.

Move Name: Fire Eggs
Location: Plateau
Notes Required: 45
Move Information: Fire Eggs are flaming eggs, hence the name. They're slightly
   more powerful than regular eggs, and set things on fire. They're required
   to open the Pine Grove area of the Isle, and for a boss battle in
   Hailfire Peaks. They're also used occasionally to warm characters up.
   Kazooie can fire off two of this type of egg rapidly at a time, as
   opposed to the normal egg being fireable three times rapidly.
   Only 50 of this type of egg can be carried at a time.

Move Name: Grenade Eggs
Location: Pine Grove
Notes Required: 110
Move Information: Grenade Eggs are arguably the most useful egg in the game.
   They're more powerful than all of the other egg types, though equal
   to Clockwork Kazooie eggs. Grenade Eggs explode on impact, and are
   required for four boss battles. The explosions can break cracked walls
   open, and in some cases harm armored enemies. Kazooie can not rapidly
   fire this kind of egg; There is a short delay between each firing.
   Only 25 of this type of egg can be carried at a time.

Move Name: Ice Eggs
Location: Cliff Top, near the Train Station
Notes Required: 200
Move Information: Ice Eggs freeze on impact. Any enemy hit by an Ice Egg
   is frozen temporarily. While they cannot actually kill enemies, they're
   perfect for immobilizing them so they can be attacked easier. Ice Eggs
   are needed in Jolly Roger's Lagoon to freeze the giant flailing octopi
   to access new areas underwater. These eggs are required for a boss
   fight in Hailfire Peaks. Only 50 of this type of egg can be carried
   at a time.

Move Name: Clockwork Kazooie Eggs
Location: Wasteland
Notes Required: 315
Move Information: Clockwork Kazooie Eggs cause a tiny version of Kazooie to
   hatch upon impact. The player can then control this mini Kazooie, using
   A to jump and B to explode. After 20 seconds, the miniature explodes
   automatically. They're used primarily in Terrydactyland to sneak behind
   Rocknut tribe members to get past their armor, but are also used in the
   final boss fight to power down the Hag 1.


3c. Feather Moves [sec3c]


There's only one new move in Banjo-Tooie that requires the use of feathers.

Move Name: Talon Torpedo
Required Buttons: Z while underwater
World Found In: Jolly Roger's Lagoon
Location: Electric Eel's Lair
Notes Required: 290
Move Information: Talon Torpedo allows Kazooie to separate from Banjo while
   underwater at the cost of five red feathers. Holding down A causes
   Kazooie to move faster, allowing her to destroy rocks and pieces of
   metal with her face on it, or to snatch items from the see-thru fish
   in Jolly Roger's Lagoon. Actually steering Kazooie is rather difficult.


3d. Pad Moves [sec3d]


There's only one new move in Banjo-Tooie that requires the use of a special
pad, but it is one of the most important moves in the entre game.

Move Name: Split-Up
Required Buttons: A while on Banjo's pad
World Found In: Witchyworld
Location: Behind the Big Top Tent
Notes Required: 160
Move Information: Split-Up allows Kazooie to separate herself from Banjo,
   allowing them to roam about separately. A number of jiggies require
   the duo to be separated to obtain. In addition, Banjo and Kazooie each
   have their own separate movesets which make them capable of certain
   feats they can't accomplish while joined. You can switch between Banjo
   and Kazooie by pressing A on either the current character's pad, or while
   they're standing in a spot with glitter coming up out of it. Section 3f
   details the moves of each character.


3e. Footwear Moves [sec3e]


There are two new types of shoes in Banjo-Tooie, both involve
"reaching new heights."

Move Name: Springy Step Shoes
World Found In: Terrydactyland
Location: World Entry and Exit
Notes Required: 390
Move Information: The Springy Step Shoes allow Banjo and Kazooie one very
   high jump. While jumping together can bring Banjo and Kazooie quite high,
   Kazooie can jump especially high without Banjo, though there's no need
   for her to use the shoes by herself. They're two purple shoes with
   giant springs on the bottom of each.

Move Name: Claw Clamber Boots
World Found In: Grunty Industries
Location: First floor by the Elevator Shaft
Notes Required: 505
Move Information: The Claw Clamber Boots allow Banjo and Kazooie to
   vertically climb walls. However, they can only do it along set trails
   that look like bird footprints. These shoes are used extensively in
   Grunty Industries to climb to new floors. The shoes are blue with
   red suction cups on the bottom of each.


3f. Individual Moves [sec3f]


When separated, Banjo and Kazooie have access to separate movesets. Each have
access to some of the moves learned from Bottles and Jamjars already, but
they can both learn all new moves from Jamjars to be used alone. The new moves
emphasize on the lack of their partner. For example, Banjo's new moves revolve
around his now empty backpack, while Kazooie's revolve around her freedom
from Banjo's bag.

But first, here's a list of the moves each character can use alone:

Failed Backflip (he jumps a little higher)
Grip Grab
Pack Whack
Sack Pack
Shack Pack
Snooze Pack
Taxi Pack
Underwater Swimming
Climbing Poles

Egg Firing (all types)
Egg Aiming
Airborne Egg Aiming
Feathery Flap
Beak Bomb
Talon Trot (always active)
Shock Spring Pad
Turbo Trainers
Wading Boots
Springy Step Shoes
Claw Clamber Boots
Wing Whack
Leg Spring

You probably noticed the brand new moves in each of those lists, which will be
listed in this section.


3f1. Banjo [sec3f1]


Move Name: Pack Whack
Required Buttons: B
World Found In: Witchyworld
Location: By the Inflatable Castle
Notes Required: 120
Move Information: Pack Whack is Banjo's only attacking move while separated.
   When pressing B, Banjo swings his backpack around him. While jumping, this
   can be used to slightly extend the jump. There is a glitch involved with
   this move: activating it while jumping then pressing A while preforming the
   move causes Banjo to jump again. With this, he can jump slightly higher
   than with Feathery Flap. This glitch makes it significantly easier to
   get to the place where Taxi Pack is.

Move Name: Sack Pack
Required Buttons: Z + Up Arrow
World Found In: Cloud Cuckooland
Location: Central Chamber, behind a gelatin wall by the entrance from the
   farm area. There's a small hole next to the wall which can be entered
   with Shack Pack.
Notes Required: 765
Move Information: Banjo's answer to Kazooie's Wading Boots (which she barely
   even uses anyway), and Turbo Trainers in a way. While holding Z Banjo can
   hop around in his bag through any terrain, most notably lava, spikes,
   and over water.

Move Name: Shack Pack
Required Buttons: Z + Down Arrow
World Found In: Hailfire Peaks
Location: Upper Fire Side, on a cliff near the Colosseum
Notes Required: 640
Move Information: Hey, if Kazooie can somehow stuff her entire body into
   Banjo's bag, then why can't Banjo do the same? With this move, Banjo
   goes inside his own bag and shuffles around. He can even jump somewhat.
   In this form he can sneak through small openings, and dive into pools
   of hot/acidic water without harm.

Move Name: Snooze Pack
Required Buttons: Z + Right Arrow
World Found In: Grunty Industries
Location: Waste Management Plant
Notes Required: 525
Move Information: Banjo scoops himself up into his backpack, and takes a nap
   inside it. As he sleeps, he slowly regains health. This move is useful for
   several jiggies which involve large crushing objects that take all but
   one honeycomb off the health bar. Inbetween crushes, Banjo can take a snooze
   and regain all his health, so he can not die when he gets crushed again.

Move Name: Taxi Pack
Required Buttons: Z + Left Arrow. While holding Z, use B to scoop
World Found In: Terrydactyland
Location: In the Waterfall Cavern near the electric eels. You can use the Pack
   Whack glitch to easily get to Jamjars from the water as opposed to Grip
   Grabbing around the cave
Notes Required: 405
Move Information: Hey, if Kazooie can somehow stuff her entire body into
   Banjo's bag, then why can't any old NPC do the same? Well, not any old NPC,
   just the ones that are either too lazy to go places by themselves or are
   immobilized. Banjo can scoop up said NPCs and then bring them to the places
   they need to go. Banjo can somehow use the Sack Pack even while he has a
   guest in his bag (yet not while Kazooie's in there of course).


3f2. Kazooie [sec3f2]


Move Name: Glide
Required Buttons: Hold Z while in the air
World Found In: Hailfire Peaks
Location: Ice side, at the end of the Icicle Grotto
Notes Required: 660
Move Information: While holding Z in the air, Kazooie can fly without the
   need for a flight pad. However, she can't go any higher than her
   initial height, and is slower than flying. However, it requires no feathers
   and can literally be used anywhere. Kazooie can go higher if she uses Leg
   Spring beforehand.

Move Name: Hatch
Required Buttons: Z + B
World Found In: Terrydactyland
Location: Unga Bunga Cave
Notes Required: 420
Move Information: If activated while standing on top of an egg, Kazooie
   can instantly hatch it. The most notable application of this move is at
   Heggy's nest in Wooded Hollow. Kazooie can hatch the yellow egg there to
   unlock Jinjo in multiplayer mode.

Move Name: Leg Spring
Required Buttons: Z + A
World Found In: Grunty Industries
Location: The room outside the Electromagnet Chamber, requires Claw Clamber
   boots to get to it.
Notes Required: 545
Move Information: This move allows Kazooie to do a backflip without Banjo.
   This can be used to get to higher ledges, but can also be used to gain
   height for the Glide move.

Move Name: Wing Whack
Required Buttons: B
World Found In: Jolly Roger's Lagoon
Location: Turtleview Cave balcony
Notes Required: 265
Move Information: As if the ability to use eggs wasn't enough, this is yet
   another offensive attack for Kazooie. She spins around violently with her
   wings out to slice up enemies. It can also be used to extend a jump in a
   similar fashion to Banjo's Pack Whack, but there's no jump glitch here.


3g. Other Moves [sec3g]


Besides the moves Jamjars and Bottles taught you, there are still a few other
moves that Banjo and Kazooie can learn, without their help. Some of these can
only be used in certain areas or in certain modes.

Move Name: Amaze O' Gaze Glasses
Required Buttons: Up arrow for first person view, left arrow to zoom in and
   right arrow to zoom out
World Found In: Bottles' House
Location: In front of Wooded Hollow shortcut
Taught By: Goggles
Move Information: If you talk to Goggles before heading out to Wooded Hollow,
   he gives you a very handy piece of equipment known as the Amaze O'
   Gaze Glasses. These invisible goggles allow Banjo and Kazooie to zoom
   in and out at things while in first person view mode. This is a vital
   asset to have, it makes aiming eggs at faraway switches infinitely
   easier, and makes it easier to kill monsters from far away.

Move Name: Breegull Bash
Required Buttons: B + B
World Found In: Wooded Hollow
Location: Heggy's Egg Shed
Taught By: Heggy
Move Information: In order to learn this move, you must bring the Pink Mystery
   Egg to Heggy. The Pink Mystery Egg is hidden in Spiral Mountain, behind a
   grate above the area with the Wading Boots and Turbo Trainers. Blow it off
   with a Grenade Egg and fly in. Destroy the living game cartridge, grab the
   egg it drops, and then bring it to Heggy in her egg shed. She'll hatch it,
   and grant you with the Breegull Bash technique. Pressing B twice in a row
   will cause Banjo to grab Kazooie and slam her on the ground, squishing
   any enemies unfortunate enough to be standing in front of you.

Move Name: Proximity Eggs
Required Buttons: R to switch egg types
Mode Found In: Multiplayer Shootout mode
Move Information: Proximity Eggs are a special type of egg only found in
   Multiplayer Shootout mode. They can be obtain through egg nests, just like
   the other types of eggs. Shooting a Proximity Egg causes it to latch onto
   a wall or floor, and it acts as a proximity mine. If anyone gets close to
   the mine, it activates and explodes. Shooting a Proximity Egg at a person
   directly only causes them to flinch. They also collect the egg somehow.


4. Humba Wumba's Transformations [sec4]


In every world, Humba Wumba offers her powerful transformation magic to Banjo
and Kazooie in exchange for a Glowbo. Each transformation has its own different
abilities and attacks. They will be listed by world in this format:

Transformation: name of the transformation
World: world the transformation is used in
Abilities: abilities and attacks used
Comments: comments about the transformation as a whole

Transformation: Stony
World: Mayahem Temple
Abilities: B makes Banjo thrust forward to damage enemies, or to steal a
Comments: Stony Banjo is slow and can't really jump. His only use is in Mayan
   and Colosseum kickball. He can understand Stony language, which Banjo and
   Kazooie cannot.

Transformation: Detonator
World: Glitter Gulch Mine
Abilities: B causes Banjo to explode, at the cost of one honeycomb. Standing on
   TNT barrel strings will detonate the TNT barrel without costing any health.
Comments: Detonator Banjo can jump somewhat, and can cause major damage with
   explosions. His only use is to detonate the TNT barrels scattered all over
   the mine.

Transformation: Money Van
World: Witchyworld
Abilities: Invincible. Can pay for attractions by pressing A in front of a
   money box
Comments: Money Van Banjo can ram anything and not get hurt. He can also
   pay for Witchyworld's premium attractions

Transformation: Submarine
World: Jolly Roger's Lagoon
Abilities: B is a Sonic Ping attack, and Z is a torpedo attack. Can use
   Sub-Aqua Egg Aiming to aim the torpedos
Comments: Submarine Banjo can use Sonic Ping to freeze the flailing octopi
   throughout the lagoon. He can also be used for the boss battle against
   Lord Woo Fak Fak. It is recommended to use submarine Banjo because of
   his unlimited torpedos.

Transformation: Baby T-Rex/Daddy T-Rex
World: Terrydactyland
Abilities: Tapping B is a short roar, holding B is a long roar. Daddy T-Rex is
   invincible like the Money Van
Comments: To toggle between each transformation, Mumbo's magic needs to be used
   on Wumba's wigwam. The Baby T-Rex can roar to open doors with his image on
   it. The Daddy T-Rex is used to scare away the Unga Bunga in front of the
   Oogle Boogle's cave.

Transformation: Washing Machine
World: Witchyworld
Abilities: Z fires off a pair of underpants. Can use Egg Aiming. Pressing B
   in a service elevator allows the washer to use it.
Comments: The Washer can clean the dirty clothing of the worker rabbits
   in the factory. His weight can be used to activate large switches if
   necessary. He can also traverse the polluted waters in the world without
   harm (the creatures beneath don't want to bite a hard metal box I guess).

Transformation: Snowball
World: Hailfire Peaks
Abilities: Holding B grants the ball invincibility and allows it to ram
   anything. As it rolls in the snow it increases in size so it can press
   giant switches.
Comments: Snowball Banjo can roll around and kill any enemy easily. It can even
   kill the firey hands that come out of the walls on the fire side with ease.
   It melts rapidly if in the fire side, because snow obviously melts in the

Transformation: Bee
World: Cloud Cuckooland
Abilities: A while in the air allows it to fly. B in the air lets it fly
   faster. Z allows it to fire a stinger. Holding Z in the air allows rapid
   fire stingers.
Comments: Bee Banjo can fly around shooting stingers rapidly. It can enter
   the Zubaa's hive if it shoots the giant bulls' eye on the top of the
   mountain repeatedly.

Transformation: Dragon Kazooie
World: Isle O'Hags Pine Grove
Abilities: Holding B fires a steady stream of flame. Kazooie can fire
   infinite Fire Eggs in this form
Comments: Dragon Kazooie can be used in any world, unlike the other
   transformations, and requires a Mega Glowbo to use. Dragon Kazooie
   can use its fire breath and infinite fire eggs while split up as well
   as while with Banjo.


5. Mumbo Jumbo's magic [sec5]


Mumbo Jumbo has a variety of magic abilities which he will offer to Banjo
and Kazooie in exchange for a Glowbo. The player can control Mumbo and bring
him to special Mumbo pads, where he can use powerful magic for various
purposes. He can also use his wand as a weapon by holding down B. It
electrocutes enemies to death, and can also kill the firey hands in Hailfire
Peaks. The following are his various spells and the worlds they are used in,
with a short explanation of what it does.

Heal - Isle O'Hags - Used to heal a sick dinosaur that Banjo has to bring
   to the train from Terrydactyland.

Summon - Mayahem Temple - Mumbo takes control of the giant Golden Goliath
   statue near the world entry. It is used to open the Prison Compound
   and Jade Snake Grove areas.

Levitate - Glitter Gulch Mine - Mumbo uses this spell to put the train
   back on its tracks properly, and to lift a giant boulder into a crusher

Power - Witchyworld - Mumbo uses this spell to jump start the generators
   in Witchyworld to power attractions.

Oxygenate Water - Jolly Roger's Lagoon - Mumbo uses this to make it possible
   for Banjo and Kazooie to breathe while underwater in the lagoon.

Enlarge - Terrydactyland - Mumbo uses this spell to make the stepping stones
   outside his hut bigger so he can use them to walk across the swamp. He
   also uses this to enlarge Wumba's wigwam so Banjo can transform into the
   Daddy T-Rex.

EMP - Grunty Industries - Mumbo uses this spell to temporarily short
   circuit various machines in the factory.

Life Force - Hailfire Peaks - Mumbo uses this spell to bring dead organisms
   back to life. The newly revived creatures may need to be warmed up due to
   being frozen for a long period of time.

Rain Dance - Cloud Cuckooland - Mumbo uses this spell to cause rain in the
   area. It creates a rainbow to a pot of gold, and makes beanstalks grow.


6. Contact Information [sec6]


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7. Credits and Copyrights [sec7]


A big thank you to the Banjo Kazooie Wikia at http://banjokazooie.wikia.com
for the Banjo Kazooie move names and Mumbo's spell names

Thanks to Croco and his FAQ/Walkthrough at
http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/n64/file/196695/9871 for the note requirements
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