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Campaign Co-Op Guide by Tekkenomics

Version: 1.11 | Updated: 07/20/2010


                     Tekken 6 Scenario Campaign Co-op Guide
                                Version 1.11

    T         T E      E K  K   K  K K  K   K  K E      E N    N       N N
     TTTT  TTTT E  EEEEE K  K  K  K  K  K  K  K  E  EEEEE N NN  N      N N
        T  T    E  E     K  K K  K   K  K K  K   E  E     N N N  N     N N
        T  T    E  EEEE  K  KK  K    K  KK  K    E  EEEE  N N  N  N    N N
        T  T    E     E  K     K     K     K     E     E  N N   N  N   N N
        T  T    E  EEEE  K  KK  K    K  KK  K    E  EEEE  N N    N  N  N N
        T  T    E  E     K  K K  K   K  K K  K   E  E     N N     N  N N N
        T  TTT  E  EEEEE K  K  K  K  K  K  K  K  E  EEEEE N NNN    N  NN N
        T   T   E      E K  K   K  K K  K   K  K E      E N  N      N    N

                                   6        6
                                  6   666666
                                 6   6
                                6   66666
                               6         6
                              6  66666  6
                             6  6   6  6
                            6  66666  6
                           6         6

            Written by: xROGUExKEVINx (Kevin_austin@hotmail.co.uk)
        Formatted and maintained by: Wild Man X (tekkenomics@gmail.com)
                           Written on: July 8, 2010

                   This FAQ version will be available at:
                          IGN (http://faqs.ign.com)
                     GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com)
               Tekken Zaibatsu (http://www.tekkenzaibatsu.com)
                    Neoseeker (http://www.neoseeker.com)
                  SuperCheats (http://www.supercheats.com)
           Games Radar / Cheat Planet (http://www.gamesradar.com)

 ~                                                                         ~
~                             Table of Contents                             ~
 ~                                                                         ~

 1.    Version History

 2.    Legal Stuff

 3.    Guide Description / Disclaimer
 4.    General Basics
 5.    General Tips

 6.    Tips for Stages
 7.    Easy Farming Items/Money Guide
 8.    Builds

~                                                                           ~
~                            1. Version History                             ~
~                                                                           ~

ver# - (mm-dd-yyyy)

0.40 - (06-08-2010)  Draft.

0.50 - (06-10-2010)  Revision.

1.00 - (06-14-2010)  First release.

1.10 - (07-06-2010)  - Added a couple more general tips.
                     - Revised strategy for Stage 5, 7 and 9.
                     - Inputted my new score.

1.11 - (07-08-2010)  - Fixed typo.

~                                                                           ~
~                              2. Legal Stuff                               ~
~                                                                           ~

You may download and print this FAQ, but under no circumstances can you
put this FAQ on your web page without our permission.  You may not alter
it in any way or claim it as your own.

I will now only be sending FAQ updates to GameFAQs, IGN, and Tekken
Zaibatsu.  Anyone who has received permission to host any of the
Tekkenomics FAQs also has permission to host this FAQ ONLY IF your website
is listed in the approved list at the top.  You can obtain updates from
any of the previously mentioned websites.

~                                                                           ~
~                     3. Guide Description / Disclaimer                     ~
~                                                                           ~

This guide is to help with the Scenario Campaign Co-op mode and will
provide a lot of insight into how to obtain a high score. Many of the
levels will take many attempts to get a high score.

This guide is to help but is not definitive; this is from my personal
experience of playing the game and may not be 100% correct and is
definitely not official.

This guide has been written based on the Xbox 360 version of Tekken 6 and
I am bot sure if it is identical for the PS3 version.

~                                                                           ~
~                             4. General Basics                             ~
~                                                                           ~

I have spoken to many people while playing and they do not understand the
concept of the co-op scenario. Here are a few facts that may help:

1. The score awarded at the end of the stage is the total combined score
   for both players. So, if your partner has a million points and you have
   a hundred points at the end of the level, you both have 1 million 1
   hundred points.
2. There are 10 stages with different ranges of points available, so
   complete them all.
3. At the end of the stage, there are additional points awarded to boost
   your scores. These are based on the following: time x 1000, number of
   enemies killed x 1000, percentage of life left x 2000. So, try and be
   as fast as possible and finish with as much life as possible.
4. The leaderboard score is your score added for all 10 levels.
5. When you create or join a session, it shows you your highest score for
   that stage only. Take note of the other player’s score to get an
   indication of their skill level. 
6. Both players will get all the items that drop and it is random which
   character it is assigned to, so don’t worry about the other player
   picking up all the chests as it means nothing except they are saving
   you the effort of doing it.  For example: if I was to use Yoshimitsu
   and the other player used Lili, I will gain items for my Lili and

~                                                                           ~
~                              5. General Tips                              ~
~                                                                           ~

The truth is that it is not hard to finish any level either on easy or
medium but it is very strategic to get high scores. There are many tricks
and things that many people will never see or know. This guide is simply
to point out these things and allow players to have a chance at improving
their scores.

Here are a few general concepts that will help you to obtain high scores:
1. Do not pick up a x2 score multiplier while already under a x2 (seems
   obvious but you would be surprised). Obviously pick x2’s up when you
   are progressing onwards past them. If there are two x2 multipliers
   don’t collect them both at the same time because they don’t stack and
   you will lose a lot of x2 time. Backtrack to collect the spare x2 when
   your current one finishes or is close to running out.
2. Do not waste weapons; this is done in multiple ways. If you can see
   that your partner is much stronger than you, let him use the weapons as
   he will do much higher damage to the foes and be able to kill a lot
   more of them with it. Also do not waste weapons killing one foe (unless
   it’s a green or blue). If you can kick them 2-3 times and they die, why
   shoot them? I know it’s fun =) but I think it’s more fun saving that
   shot and killing multiple enemies with it and shouting "anyone for a
   fry up!"
3. If you have full health and your partner is low on health, let your
   partner pick up the health. It is teamwork in every sense. If your
   partner dies, you die!!
4. If you have full health and you pick up health, it rewards you with
   points instead, eggs are worth 2000. Chicks are worth 5000 and chickens
   are worth 10000. Getting these while under a x2 multiplier can provide
   a lot of points.
5. Weapons will provide you with more points for killing enemies than just
   fighting them. Half the score the enemy is worth is also given to your
   partner. Try killing the boss with a weapon.

~                                                                           ~
~                            6. Tips for Stages                             ~
~                                                                           ~

Many of the hidden things I mention here are based on specific
circumstances. I have tried to explain how to trigger them but they are
not easy to trigger. When I say that you need to be fast, I mean that you
need to be extremely fast and this will only really happen when you have
customized your characters to have rank "S" items on all 5 stats. I
promise you that it is possible to do with rank "A" items but it is much

"Yellow enemies" = refers to enemies with a yellow health bar; these have
                   the lowest defense.
"Green enemies" = refers to enemies with a green health bar; these have a
                  moderate defense.
"Blue enemies" = refer to enemies with cyan health bar; these have high

Level 1 (Christie) {My score: approximately 3.4 million}
Begin level, proceed forward and kill everything as fast as possible.
Once everything is dead, one player needs to run past the two men in black
suits to the back of the area to kill an alien which has a x2. The other
player should try and kill the first alien which drops a little health.
Proceed in killing everything. Next section, there is a sub boss (which
drops invulnerability), an alien and 2 black suits. Kill everything and
some more aliens pop out. If you have killed everything fast enough there
will be 4 aliens, one of which has another x2, otherwise less aliens with
a little health only.
Precede forward. Kill everything, including the guys with machine guns
(who drop some gatling guns). When the last enemy is dead, lots of aliens
appear. Grab the guns dispose of as many as possible. If enough are killed
all subsequent aliens drop flags and x2.
Collect and move forward. Kill the next section as fast as possible. Once
done you will see a lady and a machine gunman. When the man with gun is
defeated, he drops a gatling gun. If you charge through the middle at the
lady you will hit two aliens that pop out either side of her. One with a
x2, another with a small health. Kill everything ASAP. Next section there
are three boxes, two are flamethrowers and the third triggers some aliens,
one of which has a x2. I recommended keeping the gatling gun for them.
Kill everything under the active multiplier if possible, then collect a
new one before progressing on to the boss (if the previous x2 runs out
obviously pick up a new x2 mutiplier sooner). Move on to fight Christie.
Directly behind Christie is an alien which drops two rage drink powerups.
Kill the belly dancers if you wish to spawn sumos who drop flags. Either
way, kill Christie while under x2 if possible.

Level 2 (Ganryu - Julia) {My score: approximately 4.67 million}
Begin by killing the bears and the kangaroos. Move on to find a kangaroo
sitting behind an egg. If the egg is not picked up it will change after a
little time to a chick then a chicken and finally into a flamethrower,
gatling gun and x2, I advise to slowly walk past the kangaroo, attracting
its attention and fighting from far behind the egg. Once killed, defeat
the enemies working up through the level. Eventually you will find a
crate. If this is broken with only one player in the zone it will drop two
chickens, but if both players are in the zone it will drop four eggs and a
x2. Kill everything ASAP. Weapons will drop with random drink powerups so
use as necessary. An alien will drop that will try and fight. Kill it to
find another x2. Move on to find a box with a flamethrower and random
drink powerup. Defeat all enemies ASAP. There will be 3 spawns of sumos on
defeating the last sumo. Run as fast as possible towards the next crate
and destroy. If fast enough it will spawn unlimited aliens for a short
period of time, I advise bringing any weapons available especially
flamethrowers to maximize kills. If too slow, two chickens will drop and
six sumos will jump out, four first then two after a short period. Either
way progress to find sumos rolling towards you, kill and move on.
Next you will see a sumo sitting behind an egg. Like before if you wait it
will change into a chick, then chicken, then multiple chickens with a x2.
Defeat enemies ASAP Ganryu is a sub boss who will drop a further x2 and
multiple chickens. Next is the boss, Julia. When her life drops to just
below a quarter, an alien will drop near the center of the map, which you
can kill for another x2. All green bosses drop random drink powerups,
sumos drop health, and the other enemy drops are more random. There are
unlimited enemies to kill here, so kill as many as possible while under x2
then almost kill Julia to spawn another alien. Collect the x2 and destroy
some more. Try to kill Julia while under x2 for higher score.

Level 3 (Lei) {My score: approximately 2.4 million}
In front of player 1, there is a box that contains a rage drink powerup.
Kill all enemies ASAP. In the top right corner, there is a man with a
straw hat. When killed, he drops a x2. Progress forward and kill the next
group of enemies. When you see the crate, destroy it for a gatling gun,
when you  trigger the next zone, an alien drops near where the straw hat
man was with the x2. If planned, one player can stay back to kill the
alien and receive an invulnerability drink powerup, then catch up with the
other player. I advise the player who is invulnerable to use the gatling
gun as in front there will be a green boss, two gunmen and an alien who
drops a flag. Move forward to see another crate with a flamethrower and
multiple enemies. Defeat and move on. Three crates will drop containing a
gatling gun, x2 and pipe. I advise to save the gatling gun for later in
the stage. Kill everything. Next two guys pop out of the water and a green
guy. Defeating the green enemy will spawn a second and third green enemy,
and when all three are defeated you are able to move onto the next
section. Defeating the guys that pop out of the water simply spawns more
until all three green guys are dead. Grab the gatling gun that was saved
if you can and move on. Kill all of the people trying not to be knocked
into the water. Eventually, you reach an area where there is a crate with
a flamethrower and stacked crates blocking your way. Destroy the crates to
move on. If you have reached this section fast enough there is an alien
who drops a flag. Next you will find five men standing in a V shape, one
of which is a green enemy. Kill them ASAP. More enemies will drop,
including more green men. Also, a rage and an electricity drink powerup
will drop. After defeating this section, move on to see a lady standing
next to two chickens. This is a trap. When you get close to the chickens,
two men pop up. Kill all three to get lots of health. If possible, use a
flamethrower or another weapon to kill the girl without getting too close
to avoid spawning the pop up men.
Move forward to fight Lei. Kill him ASAP and as many enemies that spawn as
well. When his health gets lower, stronger green and blue enemies will
spawn which can add points.

Level 4 (Kazuya) {My score: approximately 2.05 million;
                            highest score I have seen is 2.17 million}
This level is a little trickier for newer players. Simply kill everything
ASAP and try not to get kicked off the train. I advise that you stay in
the top left hand corner and kill enemies as they come to you.
Eventually an alien will come out the door near the top left who contains
a x2. To get maximum score, do not collect it straight away. After a short
period, more aliens will come out the door all containing flags. Kill
these but try not to pick up the flags until you collect the x2 being
saved. After a short period, a fat green enemy will spawn. With him,
unlimited men will drop but when he is killed these men stop coming.
Kazuya will spawn soon. Kill him ASAP. The easiest method is to use the
flamethrower or a pipe and knock him off the train.
To get maximum score (which is very hard) you need to do the following:
1) Kill all aliens and don’t collect the flags or x2
2) Collect the x2 after the fat green guy has been out for 20-30 seconds
   (after which Kazuya should join you very shortly)
3) Collect all flags, kill the fat green guy and Kazuya while under the
   effects of the x2

Level 5 (Zafina) {My score: approximately 3.6 million}
Turn around and break the boxes; one contains a x2 and the other has a
flamethrower. Pick up and move forward. Two more boxes; try not to collect
the x2 that is in the box on the right while still under x2 (break the box
because if you progress to the next section both boxes vanish). Kill all
enemies, beware that enemies will jump up through the floor in a group of
five, then when last is killed another five will do the same. Move
forward; I recommend saving one of the 2 flamethrowers for later. Kill the
fat green guys and move forward. Use the saved flamethrower for a sub boss
(blue health); he has 4 boxes with him. If all four are destroyed, two
more flamethrowers and a flag appear. Kill and move on. Two groups of
ninja appear from the left; disposing of the first group spawns the
second. Kill and move on. In the next section you will notice two boxes;
both of which have flamethrowers. This part takes team work. When you
attack the blue sub boss some, aliens pop out back near the water. There
is a circular drain just before the flamethrowers which is where they
spawn. The first two have x2. Pick one up and save the second. There is a
further 3 or 4 sets of two aliens. Every time both aliens are killed, two
more spawn; if one escapes, no more spawn. The last set of aliens drop
flags. I advise one person start the fight with the sub boss while the
other disposes of the aliens. The first player should run back towards the
second so they can both fight the demon enemies.
Doors open to a chamber. If an enemy is slammed into the floor, it breaks,
dropping you down a level. There are four levels. As you enter the first
level, nine boxes will drop. If all nine boxes get broken, flags will
appear later in the game providing more points. These are soon broken by
jumping enemies (nine of them =)). If you can, save two flamethrowers
(they don’t need to have much ammo just one shot on each). I advise
standing to the left and right near the middle and trying to destroy these
boxes as items drop (three flamethrowers, one flag and some cash). Well
worth saving the flamethrowers for.
Kill everything for maximum score or bash the floor to simply progress.
The bottom level will have three sub bosses; kill ASAP. On the rear wall
there is a box containing a x2; try and collect this before killing bosses
for maximum score. When killed, the door opens. Move forward; keep right
as boxes will drop on you. You will see a box on its own. Eight demons
will drop as you approach. In the boxes is a lot of health. Next, keep to
the middle to avoid more dropping boxes. Same deal as before: eight demons
and a box. Kill demons, collect health and move on. Now keep to the right.
As you approach the door, three boxes drop (two of which have demon sub
bosses). Kill these and the door opens. The flags previously mentioned for
breaking all nine boxes drop here. Break the box wall and a cut-scene
starts. Lots of dropping boxes with three in the middle eventually. The
left and right boxes have a chick health and the middle one has the boss,
Zafina. Kill ASAP. As her health drops, more enemies join the fight, so be
wary not to overload yourself with enemies. Try killing a few then Zafina
and repeat. I advise both players attack Zafina as she can be very tough.

Level 6 (Feng) {My score: approximately 3.6 million}
Kill all the Feng wannabes (please note that 4 aliens will drop one by one
approximately where you start after killing set amounts of enemies and
each alien has a chicken and x2). When they all die the door opens. Move
forward and kill everything. The next section you will see a green lady
with what looks like a bowling pin set up of men that clap. If you kill
her she drops a flamethrower, so draw her away from them and kill her
first, eventually you will see a gunman behind the door and two girls run
at you. If you saved the flamethrower that dropped previously from the
green lady, you can kill this guy every time he opens the door and shoots.
Every time you kill him, he drops a chicken and a flag. After killing the
ladies, the doors open and two more come. Repeat previous step. This
happens three times. Next section you will notice enemies that pop out the
floor. After killing the last one, turn around and run back as an alien
will drop where the gunman was. He has lots of money and the all important
x2. Run on through the level as fast as possible. (There is a way to make
aliens pop out just before you begin fighting with Feng, but I am unsure
exactly how and why this happens, I think it’s based on speed through the
last 2 sections but not 100%). Kill Feng and co. ASAP. One of the Feng
wannabes has a flamethrower and all of them have x2. I think it’s the one
that spawns to the right in the second wave of wannabes that join the

Level 7 (Marduk - King) {My score: approximately 3.28 million}
Begin attacking the blue Mokujins. As you land a hit on one, ninjas will
spawn. Now attack the ninjas. If you kill all of the ninjas associated
with the individual Mokujin 3 aliens pop out, and when you kill the other
ninjas associated with the other Mokujin 3 more appear and if you kill
enough aliens/enemies before killing the Mokujin when you kill the Mokujin
a box will fall with multiple flags (if you want a top score don’t pick
these flags up until a little later when you can back track and collect
them under x2 big points). Clear the next section as fast as possible.
Next you will see two Mokujins squatting and a blue Mokujin in the middle.
Hit the blue one to trigger 3 ninjas that will spawn (these will re-spawn
after all 3 die, there may seem to be unlimited amount of them but there
is not). The squatting Mokujins will re-spawn multiple times after both
are dead. The trick here is to get a chain of 30 and another crate will
drop with yet more flags (like before, wait to be in x2 for maximum points
before picking them up). When you kill the blue Mokujin, he will drop a x2.
Collect this and backtrack to collect all the flags you previously left.
Now kill the two green fat guys and 8 more Mokujins will spawn. If this
entire section has been done with enough speed, aliens will also spawn who
drop flags and invulnerabilities. When the Mokujins die, the door opens.
These floors will break if an enemy is slammed into them so use this to
your advantage. Also, the floors break when the green Mokujin is killed.
On each floor (excluding floors 4-5), aliens will spawn and on level 6,
three waves of aliens will spawn. This happens when enough of the yellow
enemies are dead or when an allotted time has elapsed on each floor. I’m
not 100% sure on which it is but I know if you kill and stay on the floor
for long enough they spawn. These aliens have invulnerabilities and flags.
When you see the aliens spawn, try slamming the floor, or kill the green
Mokujin to break the floor on purpose. The aliens will die when the floor
breaks, leaving you their drops. The bottom floor is a straight forward
fight between you and the bosses Marduk and King, who both spawn together.
Speed is essential for a high score on this level so try to be efficient
with the invulnerabilities and not collect them until they are needed as
this helps a lot through the floors and especially on the bosses.

Level 8 (Bruce - Bryan) {My score: approximately 2.42 million}
This level is very straight forward but can be very tricky. Begin the
level and move forward. Kill every enemy as they spawn. At the end of the
first platform, there is a box; one player should return to the beginning
as the other breaks the box. This is because an alien spawns and it
contains health and a x2 multiplier. Upon killing the alien, three green
enemies appear near where the crate was, so be aware. Move onwards through
the level, killing everything and trying to avoid being knocked off the
platform. Some enemies with machine guns drop gatling guns when killed.
Use these to your advantage to help avoid being ringed out.
Eventually you reach two boxes leading to a helicopter pad. The left box
contains a rage drink powerup and the right has a chicken.
Upon entering the helicopter pad, Bruce spawns and the first boss fight
begins. When Bruce’s health drops to approximately a quarter, four aliens
spawn on opposite sides of the area. Each of these contain chickens which
are very useful to ensure maximum health upon completing the level. After
killing Bruce, Bryan will spawn. Kill Bryan and Bruce as fast as possible
and try to kill as many enemies as you can to earn a good score.

Level 9 (Heihachi - Lars) {My score: approximately 3.98 million}
As you start, there is a box in front of each player. If the box on the
left is broken you will take a path to the right, and if the box to the
right is broken you take a path to the left. If both boxes are broken, you
take a path through the center, and if no boxes are broken you take an
alternate route to the left (I think). Of all the routes, the route to the
left is the easiest simply because there are a few weapons and
invulnerability. So, player 1 should break his box to take this path. All
the routes are very similar, have similar enemies and obtain very similar
scores. Progress through your chosen path and eventually you leave the
building. On the right side of this area there is an alien. To make it
drop, you simply have to walk under where he is hiding and he will drop.
This alien is very important as it contains a x2 multiplier. In the
middle, there is a chicken and the way forward. Six aliens will drop and
attack you. Be very wary of these as they do extreme damage and can kill
you very quickly if taken too lightly. The good thing is they take only
one hit to kill. Progress up the path and two more aliens appear; as
before they are strong, so be cautious. If both players run along each
boundary, you will charge right through them. Moving onwards, two green
enemies attack you. Simply kill and move on. Move up the path slowly as
three aliens will drop that are very strong and if they land on you they
will cause big damage. Killing these provide two chickens per alien. Two
green enemies will spawn at the same time so kill these as well. There are
machine gunmen at the end of the path. If both players take one side, each
one of the players will successfully kill the gunmen while the gunmen aim
at the other. Heihachi will be waiting for you in the final section. If
you do not get close to him, he will not attack you. If you stay behind
the patio square in the center of the fighting area, you will be safe.
This will cause the enemies to spawn and attack you without Heihachi
attacking. There is a trick here; if you get a chain combo of 8, three
aliens will spawn (one with x2, one with chicken, and one with a flag). If
too many items are in the fighting area, no more items will drop. Simply
collect everything as it drops. This can be repeated for the entire time.
The aliens drop at chain combo scores of 8, 19, 30, 41 and so on generally
every time you kill eight bad guys. I advise to do this for as long as
possible. Also let two x2 multipliers stay without picking them up, always
collect the third. This way when you decide you want to attack Heihachi,
they are there as spares. After defeating him, Lars will spawn where
Heihachi started originally. As with the Heihachi fight, aliens will drop
if enough enemies are defeated but Lars will attack you, so if you saved
at least one x2 mutiplier you can kill him under x2 netting lots more
points. Also, try killing him with a weapon to gain even more points.

Level 10 (Alisa - Jin) {My score: approximately 4.45 Million}
This level is very straight forward. Enemies will attack in waves. Simply
kill everything as fast as possible. Alisa is already waiting for you at
the beginning of the stage and will stay out of the fight if you don’t
aggravate her. Kill the blue enemies for rage drink powerups and chicken.
After defeating Alisa, a new wave will begin. Between waves, there are
aliens that drop which will have an invulnerability,,x2 and lots of cash.
Also, at the end of most waves there is a crate that smashes in the center
with the same items. To get the biggest score make sure you kill all
aliens, and kill everything that spawns. The third wave will be a lot of
green enemies. After the last one is killed, an alien will spawn, so be
aware and try to catch it.
It is possible to be under x2 for the entire fight if the x2’s are used
only when the previous one has finished. I advise to avoid fighting Jin
until everything is dead and for both players to attack him
simultaneously. This is because he is extremely tough in a 1 vs 1 fight. 
During this stage, many enemies will drop rage drink powerups, allowing a
constant state of rage if used effectively. Try and kill Jin while under
x2 multiplier to gain a high score.

*** My total score is 34.122 million ***

~                                                                           ~
~                     7. Easy Farming Items/Money Guide                     ~
~                                                                           ~

There is a way to farm stage 2 and 10 extremely easily. To do this, simply
make this build and play the levels as the guide states. These levels have
multiple rage drink powerup drops. The build is:


Try and place the best overall of these five and you will see how easy it
is to do those levels. In my opinion, money is completely obsolete in this
game except to buy auras. To make money though, simply sell any items you
acquire rank "B" or below and soon enough you will have more money than
you know what to do with. Most items sell for approximately 80k-250k, some
of which sell up to 3 million (but these are rank "S"). An average run of
level 2 will net you 20-30 items if a 100% or higher item drop is used,
netting about 3-6 million per stage. Remember that all item chests that
drop are assigned to both players so you can sell for both characters if
you wish.

~                                                                           ~
~                                 8. Builds                                 ~
~                                                                           ~


Recommended builds

My personal build is:

1p costume
Increase attack
Increase defense
Increase health meter
Increase rage attack
Increase drop rate

2p costume
Increase attack
Increase defense
Increase health meter
Increase rage attack
Adjust rage trigger

I also use the defensive specialist with rage attack for level 2 and 10

Other common builds

All builds should contain these 2 stats in my opinion!
Increased attack
Increased health

Optional extras:
The elementalist specialist
Randomly inflicts fire damage
% chance of freezing opponent 
% chance of inflicting thunder damage

"The Defensive Specialist"
Increased defense
Restore health

"The All-Rounder"
Optional elemental
Optional elemental

"The Farming Build"
Increase health
Increase attack
Increase drop rate 

These are the max customization stats available (NOTE: all are rank "S")
Increase attack 120%
Increase rage attack 120%
Increase rage trigger by 50%
Increase health by 420
Reduce damage by 10 per hit against you (increase defense)
Randomly inflict 100 fire damage
35% inflicting thunder damage
25% of freezing opponent
100% nullify opponent’s elemental attack
Increase money from cash drops by 500%
150% increase in items dropped
Restore health by 10 for a limited time
Allow 2 more bounds during a combo

Rage attack and attack combined explained:
The attack and rage attack stacks.
For example: 100% increased attack + 100% increased rage attack = ends up
at 400% total attack during rage (extreme power).
Explanation: a base attack of 10 becomes 20 with 100% increased attack,
and this becomes 40 while under 100% increased rage attack.

Rage trigger explained:
The rage trigger is the point at which you enter into rage, and is based
on your health bar. I think the standard rage is about 5% of your total
health. The best rank "S" item changes this to 55% (increase rage trigger
by 50%) so on a standard character which has 100 life, when the life hits
55, you are in rage.
Now imagine this based on an increase health by 420 (the best rank "S"
health, you are in rage at 286 health and below. That’s the full lower bar
and a small section of the upper health bar.



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