How do i get the last audio log?

  1. I've been in Data Hive trying to find the last one... i know i need the marine to open a door for me .. but all her does is sit at the top of the second tube. I cant get him to jump down and if i jump down he dies offscreen and the tube is sealed

    User Info: valkerye

    valkerye - 10 years ago
  2. Actually I got it to work.... it'll work just fine loading just the data hive level, but it needs to be done on legendary.. then he'll jump down after you

    User Info: valkerye

    valkerye - 10 years ago

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  1. First start the game where all the city is unlocked and find all 29 audio logs in the city. Any time you hear a telephone ring, machine dispensing tickets, or a police cars sirens look around for doors or hidden areas, all these sounds are the Superintendent alerting you to nearby audio logs. Once you have all 29 finish the flash back levels untill you get to the Data Hive and the police officer you find there will survive and tell you he has to check somthing out. Follow him and he leads you to a room where the final Audio log (#30) is and the conclusion to the side story. The scene whre the rookie and Dare enter the core and meet the engineer changes slightly with all 30 audio logs found.

    User Info: finalknightmare

    finalknightmare - 10 years ago 7   0


  1. You'll need to recollect all the other audio logs and then complete all the flashback missions and play data hive afterwords. You can't collect the first 29, exit the game, and load data hive.

    User Info: BladeKnight_621

    BladeKnight_621 - 10 years ago 2   1
  2. Select finallknight's answer. I wanted to shed some clarification though, you CAN collect all the logs in one play through. I did. If some are not activated when you first go to the location, complete a mission and go back. they should then be unlocked. I did all 30 on Normal in one play through.

    User Info: TheMegamanX

    TheMegamanX - 10 years ago 0   1
  3. I was trying to collect the last audiologs, and i used a map online to find all of the locations. when i had collected number 29,i found that i only had 28 entries, so i went back to find all of them again in case i missed one, but all of the locations are empty like i had visited them. can anyone shed any light on this? glitch? or something i maybe did in co-op by finding them there too? please help.

    User Info: xxxemogamerxxx

    xxxemogamerxxx - 10 years ago 0   1
  4. You actually can get the 30th log simply by loading up Data Hive after you have found the other 29, and it does not have to be on Legendary difficulty. I just got the 30th and I had it set to Easy. All the others were found by loading up Mombasa Streets and looking around at my own pace. No need to redo the flashback missions.

    User Info: Ender420

    Ender420 - 10 years ago 0   1

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