• Cheat Codes

    During Gameplay enter the following. Note: Cheats other than the Classic Wolverine Costume will disable earning Achievements.

    A,A,X,X,Y,Y,B,B,Y,Y,X,X,A,A,R3Faster Enemy Reflex (Every kill you'll gain double reflex)
    Y,X,X,Y,B,B,Y,A,A,Y,R3Infinite Rage
    X,A,A,X,Y,Y,X,B,B,X,R3Undying (You will lose health but you'll never die)
    A,X,B,X,A,Y,A,Y,A,X,B,B,X, R3Unlocks Classic Wolverine Costume

    Contributed By: guy1 and manwhobringsmil.


  • Gain Achievements with Cheat codes active

    Normally using the Undying, Infinite Rage, and Double Reflex codes will block Achievements. However, there is a way to get around that, and still get achievements while using cheats. To do this, select replay mission. You can do this with any level, but the very first one that starts with Wolverine falling is recommended. Enter the cheats desired, then save and quit. Then, either continue current game progress or choose replay mission again. Now, you will have your selected cheats activated and will still get achievements. Note: This must be done with each new session.

    Contributed By: FiggoFiggy.


  • Hard difficulty

    Beat the game.

    Contributed By: Tricked Out Horo.

  • New Costumes

    Collecting the action figures throughout the game earns you challenges where you face a Wolverine in a different costume. Beat the challenge to unlock that particular costume.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Blue/Yellow WolverineClassic Wolverine Challenge complete
    Brown/Yellow WolverineLegendary Wolverine Challenge complete
    X-Force CostumeX-Foce Wolverine Challenge complete

    Contributed By: Juggalo_Jackass.

Easter Eggs

  • Lost Hatch Achievement/Easter Egg

    Somewhere in the middle of the first level of the game is a boarded up doorway that's not too hard to see off the main path. Claw through it and you'll find a hidden area with a powerup and what seems to be the hatch from Lost. Stand on top of it for a few seconds to unlock the Found! achievement.

    Contributed By: Crza96.

  • The Cake trophy (from Portal)

    In Chapter 3, the part where you have to freeze yourself to get to the mark prototype, instead of moving the teleporter to the left, move it all the way to the right through a small hole and teleport there. You will see the cake from Portal. There is also a mutagen in this room.

    Contributed By: holysquid.

  • WoW! trophy

    In chapter 2, the 'What I Do Isn't Very Nice' checkpoint, there is a part where Agent Zero talks to you through a transmitter. At this part, you will cross a log over a gap, then climb up a small edge. Here, if you look to the right, there will be a log that leads up into a cave where the sword from World of Warcraft, Frostbourne resides. Wait there for a few seconds and the trophy will be unlocked.

    Contributed By: holysquid.

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