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Reviewed: 10/11/10

Castlevania Lords of Shadow makes the Inmortal Saga proud. Long live Castlevania!

When it comes to name the biggest videogame sagas in history, Castlevania definitely stands among the top. Since its conception in 1986 in the Land of the Raising Sun, and later brought to the rest of the world in 1987, it has brought us players many hours of entertainment and satisfaction. Every time you play a Castlevania and hit the button to shake the whip you are taking part on videogame history.

It was sad, however, to see my favorite saga going through hard times. The latest games haven’t been exactly the best the saga had to offer. Anyway, last Tuesday a miracle happened: Castlevania Lords of Shadow was released and with it came a game within the saga that if not the best, at least gets to the top three best Castlevania games ever. I say it as a person who has beaten every Castlevania game out there, including the original Rondo of Blood, the Japanese Saturn’s Symphony of the Night and the original Game Boy ones.

I’d like to briefly describe some of the game’s strong and weak points.

The Story:

The game’s story is flawless. It’s like you’d go into an epic adventure all by yourself. The characters, the situations, the drama: everything combines to make a strong story. Newcomers will find it interesting and challenging but maybe fans will ask themselves: “Where does all of this mess fits into the saga timeline?”. Well, as Konami stated: This is a reboot of the series. Maybe some Castlevania fans won’t like it but this is not the first time Konami releases a “Gaiden” or non-canonical Castlevania game (Order of Shadows and Judgement have done so before).

The Gameplay:

Smooth, fun, easy to get used to. Never before a 3D Castlevania has rejoiced with such gameplay mechanics. Finally a good 3D Castlevania in terms of fighting enemies.

The Graphics:

Beautiful. There’s no passage, room or path within the whole game that repeats or uses the same models. The developers have created their own graphics engine and you will see what I mean after you see the game running with those amazing panoramas and camera takes, the diversity of scenarios (from forests, swamps, ice mountains, castles etc, etc) and the colossal boss fights.

The Music:

Brilliant. The orchestrated music has both chorus and instrumentals alike. It’s the perfect complement for the game. The passion and drama are noted in every tune and melody along the game. The music definitely makes you feel as if you were there, inside this epic adventure.

The Flaws:

One or two camera glitches and not quite a variety of items. We want crosses instead of fairies!

Overall I give this game a 10, not because of its pros and cons, but because someone finally tried to do something different with the saga and succeeded.

I strongly recommend the game for fans and newcomers alike. It’s a masterpiece that deserves to be played at least once to make your own conjectures. As for me, I simply love it.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (US, 10/05/10)

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