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In the Arkham Penitentiary Control Room where Clayface is being contained, there is a strange inmate pacing around muttering to himself in one of the cells. This character is Luke Oliver, who won a contest to have his face rendered somewhere in the Arkham Asylum video game. His name is also on the Joker's Party List.

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Eidos Interactive president Ian Livingstone claimed that someone spent 2 years working on nothing but Batman's cape, which incorporates '700 animations and sound clips' alone.

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The sequel, Arkham City, had plans made as early as 6-8 months before Arkham Asylum was complete. A secret room was placed within the warden's office, which was filled with concept work and initial ideas. The room remained hidden for six months following the game's release until Rocksteady themselves revealed that it was in the game.

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Famous Quotes

Joker: Tell me Batman, what do you fear...
Failing to save this cesspool of a city?
Not finding the Commissioner in time?

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The Joker: No! You're ruining my big night! All those months of planning down the crapper! I just wanted to bring down your grim facade, and for once let you see the world as I see it, giggling in a corner and bleeding! But you've denied me even that! I have nothing left to live for. *injects himself with Titan*

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