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The perfect sequel to a war based video game 01/04/10 03J
Looks Like Someone Found Michael Bay's Diary... 11/16/09 22sniper319
Modern Warfare 2, a Fallen Angel. 02/08/10 abel13111
They went where I've always wanted video games to go 05/21/12 Al0ne72
Just what you'd expect. 11/18/09 AncientHawaiian
Modern Warfare 2 is the premiere FPS with only one minor flaw. 11/13/09 DarthDeez
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: A game that brought a lot to the table, but disordered. 12/18/09 DarthSirus
What a Cream Pie (Multiplayer) 03/30/10 destructolazer9
Without a doubt, the best Call of Duty game yet! 04/04/11 GamerGuider98
Great game, great multiplayer, but not without its flaws. 11/16/09 into_the_heart
The best Call of Duty in the series 11/16/09 O_halo_O
All in all it's 'One Wild Ride' 11/11/09 Pitcher4
Good, but unnecessary 03/08/10 rombus_legend
Not Enough Good Change From Call of Duty 4 01/10/11 royic
Tracking enemie, tracking, tracking, tracking. Shot in the back by the guy behind you. Welcome to Modern Warfare 2 03/01/10 Scorch3000
MW2 did not live up to its expectations :( 02/19/10 sk8bored
Geart game... Just a few problems and flaws. 07/06/10 Somthinggone
Mw2>Mw 02/19/10 T_J1
Better than it's predecessor, though that's not saying much 07/30/13 TKDBoy1889
Infinity Ward really outdid themselves this time 11/11/09 Tokyo630
Perfect? No. But it's pretty damn close. 11/12/09 Tyranoreal
Epic Win. Meets Hyped Expectations and Then Some! 11/11/09 VixenofVenus
Good game, Good game Guys and Gals! 01/19/10 zero8691

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