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    Multiplayer Challenge Guide by x2xlegixt2xcare

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    Weapon Challenges:
    Shotgun Attachment
    Use one man army or scavenger to resupply your grenade ammo, and use
    danger close for increased explosive radius
    Holographic Sight
    Just use red dot sight, no tricks here
    Heartbeat Sensor
    I would suggest playing hardcore when using silencers, as you only need to
    do half the damage so you won’t lose 1v1s as a result of the reduced
    damage. Also keep in mind that silencers reduce damage by 40%, and
    stopping power increases damage by 40%
    Thermal Scope
    using acog can be a hassle sometimes, so it is best to use slight of had
    pro to allow you to scope in fast to get close to mid range kills. Steady
    aim does nothing because you can’t hold your breath for this scope
    Extended Mags
    40 FMJ kills can be a hassle, so use stopping power. UAVs and heartbeat
    sensors can be a blessing for this because you can see where people are
    behind walls. Also make note that if you hit someone, an X appears in the
    middle of your reticule, so use that to pinpoint targets behind walls.
    Another strategy is to shoot at people in the open, while you are behind
    the wall. Just line up your shot, then strafe behind a wall or corner and
    start shooting. Two more things to make note of is 1, chain linked fences
    are considered to be walls, and 2, FMJ still penetrates walls if you bling
    it with a silencer.
    Riot Shield Challenges
    A riot shielder should always carry stun grenades, but the equipment they
    use can vary between throwing knife, blast shield, and C4. The best ways
    to deflect bullets are sentry guns, and my favourite, harriers.
    This one involves a lot of running. The most important thing to know for
    this is that once you press down on the left stick, you can release it and
    you will keep running as long as you hold forward. This will save you from
    getting sore thumbs. Because this perk takes so much running, you will
    want to level it just by having it equip from level 1. This may affect
    your precious K/D spread, but it will get you marathon pro VI by level 70.
    I would also advise playing as the witch/knife monkey (marathon,
    lightweight, commando, non akimbo sub machine gun and .44 magnum with
    tactical knife) or use a shotgun with steady aim, as these builds involve
    a lot of running. Also keep note that the distance traveled while holding
    a care package will not be counted.
    Scavenger is most useful when using grenade launchers or rockets, but can
    be used on any build. The key to levelling this is to make sure you are
    always short something when running around. It is best to equip stun
    grenades, and when you come across a pile of dead bodies, spam the stun
    grenades. The reason to use stun grenades, is there is 2 unlike smoke, and
    flash grenades may hit you when you throw them randomly. Also secondary
    equipment is thrown much faster than other items (except throwing knives)
    so it is the fastest to resupply with. This is best done in ground war
    during domination.
    Sleight of Hand
    This can really be done with any build, but is most effective with close
    quarters combat, such as shotguns and submachine guns. This is also
    helpful for large machine guns (aka Party Rifles) because it lets you spam
    bullets way more frequently. Once you get to level IV you get the quick
    scoping ability as well, which is very useful for sniper rifles and
    assault rifles.
    Bling Pro
    Two attachments? That in itself is how to level it, that is all.
    One Man Army
    The easiest way to level this is use builds where you won’t need a
    secondary weapon. For me this usually involves an assault rifle with
    shotgun attachment and steady aim. Once you get level IV the change time
    is halved, and you can actually make use of this perk.
    Stopping Power
    This perk makes you do 40% more damage, with a regular assault rifle doing
    30 damage; this means you will only need 3 shots to kill instead of 4.
    Also a sniper rifles damage would increase from 70 (all sniper rifles
    damage is the same) to 98, not enough to kill someone, but any 1.1
    multiplier body part will be a 1 shot kill. Different sniper rifles have
    different multipliers for the stomach and chest.
    Same situation as marathon, except you need to travel double the distance
    to complete level VI.
    Set your killstreaks to 3-4-5, and keep a semtex or frag grenade handy to
    kill yourself every 4 kills. This is best done in free-for-all.
    Cold Blooded
    There are two ways to do this efficiently. First off is to use this with
    scavenger and use the stinger. The second is when you have one man army
    and don’t want to have to respawn to shoot stuff down. Make a build with
    this, one man army, and a light machine gun (excluding Aug HBar) and just
    fire madly at whatever is flying in the air. This is even more effective
    if you are screaming while you do it. Just so everyone knows as well, you
    can shoot down a UAV, and when you have stopping power pro, it takes less
    than a clip of an assault rifle to do. Also, you cannot hit AC130s with
    Danger Close
    Two was to do this. First off is to use scavenger, an assault rifle with
    grenade launcher, a secondary launcher, and an explosive piece of
    equipment. The second method is to just use an assault rifle with grenade
    launcher, one man army, and an explosive piece of equipment.
    Play as the Witch/Knife Monkey. Use marathon, lightweight, non akimbo sub
    machine gun, and the .44 magnum with a tactical knife (.44 has the fastest
    pull out speed). Run around. Kill people.
    Steady Aim
    Don’t scope to shoot, which won’t work for long ranges. The most effective
    weapons for this are akimbo weapons, so sub machine guns, machine pistols,
    pistols, or shotguns (shotguns don’t need akimbo). Easiest done when using
    marathon and lightweight or stopping power.
    This one can be tricky, as this perk actually gives you a major
    disadvantage. When using this, people will be able to tell that you are
    coming for them, so I would advise to play team hardcore with counter UAV
    as a reward for when they get a UAV. You can get your close range kills
    with a CQC weapon, or using the knife (without commando though)
    Most useful tier 3 perk, especially the pro version for search and destroy
    or hardcore game types. Best earned by knifing or using shotguns.
    This is definitely one of the hardest challenges in the game to complete.
    The first thing to do in order to get this challenge is to realise in what
    game types people will use claymores, C4 and tactical insertions in. The
    most effective game type I have found is hardcore team deathmatch. Make a
    build with a silenced primary weapon blinged with a heartbeat sensor (I
    used the M21 EBR when I earned it because it 1 shot kills in hardcore
    while silenced). For a secondary weapon use a machine pistol or a pistol
    with a silencer and FMJ, as it will still penetrate walls with a silencer
    on it. Enter a game, run around looking for claymores and tactical
    insertions, and if no one is placing them, leave and look for a new game.
    Make sure to not kill anyone if you see claymores on the map, it might be
    theirs. If you do kill someone suspected of being the player, you have
    anywhere between 1 and 15 seconds before they respawn to destroy it. If a
    teammate is going to set off the claymore, shoot him dead before he does.
    Use your secondary weapon to shoot things through walls, and make sure not
    to kill yourself if they aren’t, as the blast radius is far greater in
    hardcore. Once you destroy 750 claymores n stuff, pat yourself on the back
    for having no life. It is also possible to shoot grenades to get points to
    this challenge.
    Last stand
    There are 2 initial setups you can use, either equip the .44 magnum so
    that you use that when you drop, or don’t because if you are out of ammo
    when you drop, you will have to reload while in last stand. Also make sure
    to use stopping power, as a pistol does 40 damage, and you want to be able
    to 2shot the enemy. The next step is running blindly into combat, or
    jumping off tall buildings into enemies, which you then kill while in last
    stand. Once this is done, kill yourself by pressing X, and repeat.
    Use sitrep and join in on a capture the flag game. Grenade launchers on
    assault rifles, semtex grenades, and FMJ on your secondary weapons are
    especially useful. This may take some time, as not many people tactically
    insert. Another problem is that people are usually near their tactical
    insertion, and if you kill them, they will pop back up removing it. This
    is why it is always needed to be done on gametypes with respawn timers.
    Tactical Deletion
    Use sitrep again, and this time, either kill the person near the insertion
    then aim at the insertion, or place a claymore behind the insertion so
    when they spawn and run forward, they die. This second tactic is quite
    fun, but you need to make sure the claymore is well placed, because it
    doesn’t set off until they start moving.
    Grenade Kill
    For this you could either use martyrdom and hope for the best, walk around
    with a semtex in your hand or you could just use one man army or scavenger
    and spam grenades of either type. Best done with danger close equip. Also
    throwing a stun grenade first can let you know if there is an enemy there,
    and make it so they can’t run away.
    A very difficult challenge in my opinion, I am horrible at sticking
    people. If the target sees you already, throw a stun grenade at them
    first, and wait a second to see which direction they start to move. If
    they don’t see you, throw the semtex without using a stun grenade, as that
    will make them panic and move in a random direction.
    Throwing knifes are easy kills at close to mid range, if you are having
    trouble, use stun grenades. Use this with scavenger to replace your knife
    if you can’t find it after throwing.
    It’s Personal
    Best done when sneaking up on someone, but can be done with pretty much
    any weapon. Stun grenades work again with this challenge.
    Did You See That?
    Walk around wielding a knife and waiting to get flashbanged. Once blind,
    release bumper, killing whoever you were aimed at.
    Claymore Shot
    Place claymores beside door entrances aimed 45 degrees towards the door;
    stand in room and fire weapon, drawing attention of individuals. If people
    are running past your claymores unscathed, skip ahead to the counter
    claymore challenge. Best used with danger close, or in hardcore matches.
    Best used with one man army if you need to replace your tactical
    insertion. Best done on small maps and using ninja. Sneak around until you
    see an enemy, hide and tactically insert. Next run out wildly shooting
    near the enemy, making note of where enemies are. Die, then respawn run
    out and kill as many people as you can within 5 seconds. Maximum I have
    gotten in any bust is 3. Also make sure to play a gametype with instant
    respawns, or else this is very difficult.
    Solid Steel
    Make a build with riot shield and blast shield, and then enter a game of
    headquarters pro. Go to the headquarters and just hide in a corner and sit
    there until you die. Stun grenades and commando can be useful for people
    who are trying to kill you by not using explosives.
    C4 Shot
    This is much easier if done with danger close. Play objective based games
    and plat C4 in an important location or on a much traveled path. If in a
    room, don’t place it directly at the door, as you won’t be able to set it
    off until the person is partway in the room anyway, Using care packages as
    bait can work as well. Best used with riot shield so you can be in visible
    range of the C4 without dying.
    Basic Training:
    Ghillie in the Mist
    Barret 50cal or Intervention with stopping power is your best choice. With
    this you can 1shot anyone in any part of their body except a limb. Barret
    50 cal has faster refire time, were the intervention has lower recoil, so
    your preference of which to use should be based solely on that. Another
    option is to also use sleight of hand pro, and use “quick scoping” which
    is when you look at an enemy that is really close to you, press left
    trigger, then press right trigger, giving you the accuracy of a sniper
    rifle at the distances of a few meters.
    Crouch Shot
    Crouch anywhere on any map. Fire blindly.
    Prone Shot
    I have never actually gotten this challenge, but my friend did when he
    played on my account, as a sniper. A better method for this is the laying
    down in 1v1 tactics. When you come around a corner and you and some enemy
    start shooting each other, hold B while you shoot. You will lay down which
    does 3 things. 1 your enemy will have a smaller target to shoot at from
    their view (less person flux in that dimensional plane). 2 you will be
    lower than they expect, and if their gun has recoil, aiming down will be
    more difficult for them to do then you would expect. 3 you will get kills
    towards this challenge.
    Point Guard
    Easiest way is by just playing the game. Second easiest way is to span
    flash grenades all over the map while using scavenger.
    X-ray vision
    Keep in mind you do not need FMJ to shoot through walls, you just need it
    to do more damage through walls or shoot through thicker walls. Complete
    this challenge by either going for extended mags, or just shoot people
    through small posts all over the map.
    If you see things, destroy them via bullets, explosives, or knives.
    If doing this over the edge of a map, keep in mind there is an invisible
    death floor partway down, and if this is less than 30 feet from where you
    are, it won’t count. Finding higher things to fall from is more effective,
    as well as jumping off these things.
    Base Jump
    Fall or jump off things. Best done with commando pro.
    Shoot down a UAV with an assault rifle would be the easiest way.
    Aim noob tube at car from a distance. Fire.
    Free-For-All Victor
    Play free for all and get a lot of kills fast. This means always moving
    and usually using closer ranged weapons then you are used to.
    Team Player
    Play deathmatch, win.
    Search And Destroy Victor
    Play search and destroy and win, wins can be completely independent of
    your involvement, but using ninja can help a lot.
    MVP Team Deathmatch
    Be decent at the game, or hope everyone else sucks.
    Hardcore Team Player
    Play hardcore team deathmatch, win.
    Sabotage Victor
    This one takes a while because these games are gruellingly long, and can
    end in a draw. Make use of UAVs and claymores in this gametype. Make sure
    to have a special build with a silencer, cold blooded and other surprises
    for overtime. Keeping a chopper gunner or AC130 for overtime is always a
    good idea.
    MVP Team Hardcore
    Be good at the game. Use ninja or sitrep, run around a lot, and use a
    setup where 1-2 bullets will kill someone.
    Bomb Down
    Place claymores at the bomb planting area then hide.
    Bomb Defender/Bomb Planter
    Best done while earning the Sabotage or S&D victor challenges
    Bomb Defuser/Saboteur
    Best done while earning the Sabotage or S&D victor challenges
    Last Man Standing
    Ender a search and destroy game, choose the scout sniper prebuild, or
    something else with cold blooded, and then go grab a snack or beat one off
    Regular ones
    Earlier ones  can be done easily, mid ranged ones may require hardline,
    and the later ones can be a choice from you to either earn them or get
    them from crates. Keep in mind you can never get a nuke from a crate, and
    you can only get an EMP from a care package, not an emergency air drop.
    Keep in mind that all of the inbound III challenges require calling in
    1000 shits. This would mean if you had hardline and killed yourself after
    getting every 3 kill streak, you would have to play and win 53 free for
    all matches to earn radar inbound III. Keep in mind that is an ideal case
    where you never die except on purpose.
    End Game
    Nukes are quite a pristine thing in MW2, except for the fact they call
    them into random places frequently. In order to earn a nuke, you need all
    the cards to be in your favour, or really really good. This means that you
    need: an objective based game, an enemy team of people who don’t seek
    revenge by throwing a well placed grenade, and enemy team getting
    killstreaks that may take you out (aka stealth bomber), no one else on
    your team better than you(to beat you to a nuke). Other situations need to
    be thought of too. If you are protecting an area with claymores no one on
    the enemy team can have sitrep, or you are garunteed to die. Making your
    fortress protected against people who run through claymores as well must
    be done. This can easily be done by using one man army to place C4 in
    front of all of your claymores, making anyone who comes near your
    claymores certain to die. In my opinion you should have one man army on
    all of your builds you are using in order to be able to take advantage on
    any situation. Killstreaks should be set to harrier-AC130/chopper
    gunner-Nuke, the reason you don’t use pavelow is because of a glitch that
    makes it not count towards your killstreak 9 times out of 10. Also it is
    good to have a build with danger close to switch to when using your
    killstreak rewards, as it increases the explosive damage/radius of your
    killstreak attacks. Keep in mind this leaves you vulnerable to enemy
    killstreak rewards as you pilot your 11 streak rewards. A list of what 11
    streak rewards is better for what map is listed below
    Afghan – AC130
    Derail – AC130
    Estate – Both
    Favela - Chopper Gunner
    Highrise - Chopper gunner
    Invasion – Chopper Gunner
    Karachi – AC130
    Quarry – Both
    Rundown – AC130
    Rust – AC130
    Scrapyard - Both
    Skidrow - Chopper gunner
    Sub Base – Chopper gunner
    Terminal – AC130
    Underpass - Both
    Wasteland - Both
    Assault Expert/SMG Expert/LMG Expert
    Equip your favourite weapon of the right type, add a sight if you wish,
    and then run around on a flat level never looking up or down.
    The Surgical/Mach5/Dictator
    I swear these things are impossible, but then again I just never attempted
    them. I guess just use cold blooded and a silencer to reduce your damage,
    then shoot a couple shots into nearby enemies and hope they don’t notice
    you because of it.
    Anyone who doesn’t suck with a sniper rifle should have got this one by
    now. Easiest to be done in an objective based game.
    Multi-RPG/Clay More
    I have yet to get these, Just use danger close and hope you are lucky
    Both can be done easily on objective based games using danger close. Make
    sure to cook the grenades perfectly, and the C4 can be placed ahead of
    time, or just throw it.
    Collateral Damage
    This is a combination of luck and skill, again best done on an objective
    match, also use intervention or barret 50cal with stopping power. An
    alternative would be to do it in hardcore.
    Hide somewhere with ninja and cold blooded. Go take a dump or to the store.
    Easy if you can snipe well. Killstreaks set to predator
    missile/airstrike/harrier. Once you are at 5 you should be able to hide
    somewhere and let your killstreaks do the rest.
    Group Hug
    Stun grenade then semtex. Best done in domination in ground war with
    marathon and lightweight, just run across the map at the start of the game
    to their flag and stick someone.
    Be a Natural Born Killer.
    All Pro
    Snipe while standing up in a level playing field. Easiest to be done on
    Terminal down the hallway using FMJ. People will spawn in the store in the
    back and while shooting someone in front you can get 2 kills. I originally
    got this with a pistol in last stand. I’m not really sure what happened
    but it was pretty epic.
    After doing this 10+ times with no challenge getting completed, I gave up.
    Not too long after, I got stuck between the path and the cliff on the back
    of Afghan, which considered me to be in the air. Surely enough I killed
    someone and got the challenge completed. Looking later, there are several
    rocks and crannies all over this level that consider you to be in the air,
    your character will slide a bit while in them, and your crosshairs will
    stay wide open when you aren’t moving. This can also be achieved on the
    forklift in Scrapyard in the slightly raised building on one side. Jump on
    the barrels in the middle, then jump around the forklift onto its front,
    that location works too.
    Finishing Moves:
    Droppin Crates
    This one is both fun and challenging, there are 2 ways to do it. One is to
    find an afk person, or a completely oblivious sniper, and throw your care
    package marker on them, tah-dah. The second method is far more devious and
    difficult. On search and destroy you first must earn a care package (I
    suggest hardline and using claymores). Next you must plant the bomb(you
    will have to be defending the first 3 rounds for this to work). Then as
    someone runs to defuse, you must throw the care package. Once they are
    defusing, you must wait about 2 seconds, then throw a stun grenade at them
    and shoot them once. This might cause them to stop defusing the bomb,
    which is what you want. Throw the second stun grenade when the first
    starts wearing off, then he will be crushed by the crate, making everyone
    with mikes on both teams laugh uncontrollably; good work. This can also be
    done by throwing the care package near a wall earlier as the person may
    not notice it when they go to the bomb. The crate can hit the wall and
    bounce onto the person. I have not tried this because bouncing crates off
    walls is hard, but someone should.
    All The Other Ones
    Play free-for-all and kick ass at it, use UAV/care package/sentry gun. Get
    a 5 kill streak and throw your sentry gun marker somewhere random. Then as
    its dropping throw your care package somewhere more convenient and turn on
    UAV. This makes everyone go after your sentry gun as you safely acquire
    your care package. Continue until you have a rewards you like, then get to
    1450 points and use it with a UAV to kill someone. The finishing moves
    challenge list was by far the easiest to complete in my opinion.
    Unbelievable/Owned/Stickman/Last Resort
    These can be done by just suiciding and respawning with a specific build
    when at 1450 points. Stickman I found very hard cause my sticky aiming is
    atrocious, whereas the other 3 were unbelievably easy.
    Hot Potato
    Seeing as nobody throws a frag grenade without cooking it, and the
    martyrdom grenades seem to already be half cooked, I thought that this
    challenge was going to be impossible. But as luck would have it, your own
    grenades work. Yes that’s right kids, just equip a frag grenade, one man
    army and danger close. Run around frantically, when you see a possible
    target, throw your frag grenade at a nearby wall, run over, pick it up,
    aim your shot and throw. It is unbelievably easy and their killcams look
    pretty funny.
    Car Bomb
    If you aren’t getting opportunities to kill people by throwing semtex or
    grenade launching cars, there is a foolproof way, but takes a bit of time.
    Equip C4 and a riot shield in a build, go into free for all, earn a care
    package, and find a car. Switch to this build, place C4 on one side of the
    car, and throw your care package at the other. Hide somewhere in sight and
    wait for your unsuspecting victim to run up to the care package all giddy.
    Once he is laying there, wait a few seconds to give him hope, then set off
    your car bomb and take pride in how horrible of a person you are.
    Find someone who obviously hasn’t found you and press down on the right
    stick, you may need commando if you suck.
    Slow But Sure
    Hope the enemies have stun grenades and kill them often.
    Misery Loves Company
    Equip a frag grenade and use lightweight or danger close. Pull out your
    grenade when you see a victim and follow them. This can be done by
    sneaking up, finding a sniper, or my favourite which is dropping down on
    them from above.
    Run around a close quarters map with your grenade launcher out.
    If you really can’t get this go into third person cage match.
    Can be done anywhere but I guess the easiest would be third person cage
    Think Fast/Think Fast Stun
    Riot Shield stun grenades and a frag grenade. Find someone close, throw
    the stun grenade directly at them so it hits them, run up, bash them,
    throw the second stun grenade at them, then the frag. This is just enough
    to kill them. For the stun, switch the last 2.
    Think Fast Flash
    This one is harder because you don’t have a stun grenade. The best way is
    just to wait until you find someone in last stand and throw it at them.
    Return To Sender
    Best done using sitrep. Keep in mind you can also shoot some ones grenade,
    but that would be difficult.
    Get flashed, kill people.
    Hard Landing
    Kill someone while they are climbing a ladder.
    Extreme Cruelty
    For brownie points do this in a ground war game, but if you are a pussy,
    then you can just join a deathmatch. Use a chopper gunner or AC130 for
    best results.
    Tango Down
    If you are having trouble with this one play sabotage.
    Counter MVP
    One of the few challenges I don’t have. By killing someone 10 times you
    are definitely impacting the number of kills they can get. Also third
    person cage match doesn’t count because it is considered to be a
    free-for-all game.
    All of these happen by chance, but if you wish to speed them up, play
    third person cage match, though they seem to catch on after about 5
    payback kills. This means you may have to leave some games early.
    Master Chef
    Equip frag grenade and danger close. Hold the right bumper for a couple of
    seconds then release in the direction of the enemy.
    Counter Claymore
    You will get a lot of these if you try to level sitrep, but for any extras
    you need, this is the easiest way. Place a claymore in a room by a door.
    Hide in room laying down aimed at said claymore. When you hear the click
    of the claymore triggering quickly shoot, the person will die. This is
    because claymores have a 1 second response time (or 3 for scrambler pro).
    Counter C4
    Easiest way is to just use one man army and place a C4 in front of every
    claymore you lay, this also increases the reliability of your defence.
    The Brink
    Be creative, this isn’t hard.
    Fast Swap
    Pistols do 40 damage without stopping power and 56 with. Also the .44
    magnum has the fastest switch-to time, so it would be the one to chose.
    The fal does around the same damage too so one shot of each with stopping
    power should do the trick.
    Star Player
    Get 1 kill then hide. The alternative is to just play well. Easily done in
    free for all.
    How The ?
    Two methods, one is by using sitrep you will get this easy. The second is
    finding someone afk, then placing C4 near them and shooting it through a
    wall. You don’t need FMJ but it could help.
    Same method as counter C4 for easiest the way.
    This is easiest done with marathon and lightweight as you can get in and
    out of enemy fire quickly. Also you may want to make use of a turret to do
    this. A riot shield can be utilised too.
    Hide in a corner with cold blooded and ninja.
    Enemy Of The State
    Play search and destroy and hide until everyone else on your team has
    died. Place claymores at each bomb location or nearby during this time as
    well. When everyone is dead it is your job to go around and kick some ass,
    make sure to be cold blooded and have ninja. Keep in mind in hardcore you
    can usually kill 2 people before you get ricochet bullets, so you could
    also try stealing a care package if you think it could get you 3 kills.
    The Resourceful
    If anyone knows a way to get this let me know. I don’t have a mic so I
    can’t communicate with teammates to earn things.
    The Survivor
    You don’t need to be out of ammo per se, but just have your magazine
    empty, making this easy to do as a witch/knife monkey.
    Both Barrels
    Unlike every other weapon in the game, the ranger has no ability to zoom,
    so left trigger actually shoots the left barrel. Press both triggers while
    facing an enemy to accomplish this.
    Easiest way is to use a chopper gunner or AC130 on Wasteland and hope the
    other team is stupid.
    Use 5-6-7 with predator missile for easiest result, get the missile then
    get a double kill. Another method is to use one man army, do 5-6-7 and
    when you get to 4, switch to a build with hardline, then get a single
    kill, and use the predator missile to get one more kill afterwards.
    The Bigger they are/The Harder They Fall
    This is easiest done on Sabotage when the game is a lot longer. The top
    player could vary from a traveling camper to a witch to a sniper. Keep the
    name of the top person in mind, and when you see what they are playing
    ass, counter it.
    Crab Meat
    Use a chopper gunner or AC130 on an open map in ground war. Easier if done
    with danger close pro (especially for chopper gunner).
    Ultimate Sacrifice
    Easiest to be done in domination in ground war, as there are more clueless
    people. Earn your nuke and then use it whenever your team is lower in
    points. If you are winning, you may need to feed someone to earn them
    killstreak rewards. More information on earning nukes in the killstreak
    The Denier
    Same situation as the bigger they are challenge, but hope for the best.
    Carpet Bomb/Red Carpet/Grim Reaper
    Use danger close pro, and wait until the perfect opportunity. Best done on
    domination in ground war with a UAV up.
    No Secrets/Sunblock
    Easiest to be done with hardline and suicides after earning them.
    Afterburner/Air Superiority
    Best done with hardline, has to be the exact same killstreak twice.
    MG Master
    This is easier to do in hardcore as people take fewer shots to kill. The
    two best levels for this are Rundown (yes it has a machine gun) and
    Skidrow (shoot at that glass door as well as the second floor of the
    building). Remember that if you ever hit someone an X appears in the
    middle of your reticule, and make sure to never overheat your machine gun.
    UAVs and claymores can be very helpful, as well as having teammates near
    you to protect you from witches/knife monkeys. I actually got this in
    search and destroy on wasteland, but it was a combination of sheer luck
    and dumb luck.
    Play as the witch/knife monkey, or just run around a random object, people
    will chase you and then you can flank them.
    Heads Up!
    See Droppin Crates
    Killstreak Rewards
    These are just kill accumulations over all your prestiges, so use
    killstreaks, get kills.
    Knife Veteran/Last Stand Veteran/Stealth/Stun Veteran/Flashbang Veteran
    These all reset when you prestige so choose some of them if you want to
    work on them. I seem to complete knife veteran III before I reach level 30
    usually, and stealth by level 45 if I am playing hardcore or search and
    Unmentioned Challenges:
    These are challenges that don’t seem to be anywhere on the challenge lists
    but I have gotten them blindly. If there are any more of these please let
    me know, as it seems silly for us to have to find them by complete fluke.
    This appears when you steal a certain amount of care packages from an
    enemy, and it seems to reset when you prestige because I got hijacker II
    twice. The easiest way to get this is in free for all, or in hardcore team
    deathmatch, just kill a teammate if they are trying to grab it (it’s more
    fun that way).
    7 8 9
    Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because seven ate nine! Hahahahaha. Anyway this is
    accomplished by setting up a 7/8/9 killstreak and then earning it. I got
    this one because I was trying to get helicopter inbound II, and the
    easiest way is attack helicopter/emergency air drop/pavelow (keep in mind
    pavelow kills do not count towards a kilstreak). I’m sure harrier and
    stealth bomber work for this challenge too.
    I Don’t Remember What This One Is Called
    One day I realised that there was a clear button in the killstreaks, so I
    pressed it. Surely enough you can actually play with no killstreak rewards
    equipped. Then if you manage to get a 10 kill streak, you complete this
    challenge, earning a 16 bit Mario in a green suit. By the way, does anyone
    know how to have no perk 3 equipped, I’ve seen people without it in my
    Well that’s all, if anyone knows a good way to earn counter MVP or the
    resourceful, please let me know. Have fun.

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