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Assault Rifle FAQ by link0099

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 04/13/10


This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal,private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.
Use of this guide on any otherweb site or as a part of any public
display is strictly prohibited,and a violation of copyright.

If you use anything from this guide, reference me. If you want to 
post thison a different site please email me at 
Nicholas_is_here@hotmail.com any questions or corrections that 
need to be made please email me as well.



Version History
V1.0 - original upload
v1.1 - added Holographic sight benefits and FAL Holo info

You will find a comprehensive rundown of every assault rifle in
COD:MW2. I will discuss tactics, hints and pros and cons of each 
I will cover attachments for all assault rifles 
I will cover a masterkey run-down
I will cover perks that have advantages for the assault rifle
I will cover holographic sight versus Red Dot
I will cover FMJ tips
I will go by lightweight standard, meaning i will talk as if i
dont have stopping power.
I will NOT cover sidearms or any other weapon.



Weapon List :                          [wep]
Stopping power vs cold blooded :       [stop]
advanteous Perks:                      [woo]
Silencer?:                             [shh]
heart beat sensors:                    [hax]
Holo VS RDS                            [see]
FMJ tips                               [fmj]
Grenade launchers vs shotgun:          [chkchk]
tactics:                               [Tact]
other ramblings                        [ramble]

So, Let's get started shall we. I will be writing in the
following format:

Damage: (close range-long range)
Iron sight run-down:
Effective range:

Rating: /10



Damage: 30-20 

Iron sight run-down: This gun's iron-sights are great. Easy to use
and they arent clunky. It allows use at any range while 
maintaining accuracy and performance

Effective range: After using this gun for a while i have found that 
It's effective range is short to medium. Although it has the 
capability for long range kills, it lacks the stopping force 
of some of the other AR's

ROF: 800 rounds per minute (pretty standard accross assault rifles)

Recoil: Low to med

IMO: This gun is great. It is a great primary and pairs well with all 
attachments. it allows use over most ranges and will take down 
a target with 4 shots.

Rating: Due to easy use and adaptability i give this gun a  6/10



Damage: 40-30

Iron sight run-down: Very simmialar to the M4's. It allows shots of 
all ranges and rewards accuracy for high headshot capability.

Effective range: All ranges. After trying it in various situations, 
I've found that if you can get use to the burst fire mode, 
you can use it at close range quite easily although it can be 
used at long range quite easily, the bursts can often miss, leading
to high ammo consumption 

ROF: Burst ( Rounds per minute Don't matter with a burst weapon)

Recoil: Low

IMO: A brilliant gun. Adapts (With practice) to all situations.
High damage and easy to use sights make this gun a winner

Rating: Due to high accuracy and damage I give this gun an 
7/10 slightly suffering from drawbacks like close range ability


Name: Scar-H

Damage: 40-30

Iron sight run-down: Iron sights are good at most ranges although 
the recoil form this gun can lead to overshooting a second shot.

Effective range: All ranges. Due to its full auto nature and tight 
spread of bullets, this guncan take down targets at all ranges with

ROF: 630 (Fairly slow)

Recoil: It has a bit of a kick to it meaning adjustments during 
shots may be neccessary. med-high

IMO: With It's high damage and range capability, this gun becomes 
a killing powerhouse. Although it suffers due to a 20 
round clip and rather long reload time (if the mag has 
been emptied fully).

Rating: Due to incredibly high damage (a 2 shot kill 
with stopping power) and a low mag size this gun gains an 9/10



Damage: 40-30

Iron sight run-down: The sights on this gun take a bit of getting 
use as the bullets fall on the very point of the sight. Once you
know the ropes they're great.

Effective range: Close-Medium although it can shoot long range a
fairly high recoil limits ability

ROF: 750 ( pretty standard)

Recoil: Has a recoil simmialar to the SCAR meaning shot placement
is key. Med-High

IMO: I love this gun. Its high rate of fire compared to the scar
gives it an edge. With high damage and All range capability this 
gun leaves no survivors. Although suffering a recoil drawback and 
slight Iron sight problems, this gun is still awesome.

Rating: Due to a high damage and a spray and reward type of 
gameplay ability i give this gun a 8/10


Name: FAL

Damage: 55-35

Iron sight run-down: The iron sights are very effective although 
suffer at range. The sights are
also a tad more clunky than some of the others.

Effective range: Med-Long. this gun accels at long range 
and will take down a target very quickly

ROF: Semi-auto ( how fast you pull the trigger)

Recoil: Although some complain about it I just can't 
seem to find any worth complaining about. A quick double-Tap and
your enemy is down. Fabulous at medium ranges

IMO: A gun that takes some getting use too. It has a 2 shot kill
at medium range without stopping power, a generous 20 round clip,
and the ability to shoot as fast as you want. this gun is very 
adaptable although can take getting use to.

Rating: High damage and even higher accuracy this gun gets a
7/10 for a lack of close range ability.

I was informed that the Fal shoots to the low and right of
where the dot is (on RDS) And on the holographic its 
damage increases to 55-40.



Damage: 40-30 

Iron sight run-down: I'll be honest i don't like the sights. 
With misleading points at the end this gun loses effectiveness
at range quicker than other guns. Definitely slap a RDS on it.

Effective range: Med-Long. It is very simmialar to the FAMAS in its
style of shooting ranges. Although this lose out at close range due
to a slightly slower ROF. An enemy in your sights at a medium range
will fall very quickly though

ROF: Burst

Recoil: Manageable. Higher than the FAMAS' but lower than the 
TAR's. It allows high accuracy at all ranges with a burst to the 
body making a kill.

IMO: A good gun, very "NOOB" friendly. It does require precision
to be used well but can compensate for high damage and long range

Rating: For Medium-Long ranges you can't go much further than an 
M16 although due to clunky sights it gets a 8/10



Damage: 30-20

Iron sight run-down: Excellent Iron sights, like a miniature 
cross-hair on the front of the gun. These sights allow high 
accuracy at all ranges and since they're easy to use, a 
silencer will better suit this gun.

Effective range: All. I've used this gun for a while and 
i've had no trouble taking out targets at any range.

ROF: 750 (same as the Tar's)

Recoil: Almost non-existent. This is one of the selling points of 
this gun. Very low recoil creates incredible accuracy which makes
it a head-shot magnet. 

IMO: Love this gun. Very adaptable although suffers from low damage
even at medium range. It can get out gunned if not fitted with the 
correct perks or if your caught off-guard

Rating: high accuracy, low recoil and a low bullet damge gets this 
gun a 9/10


Name: F2000

Damage: 30-20

Iron sight run-down: The Iron's are some of the best for close 
range although if your target walks just a little further way youll
have some trouble taking them down.

Effective range: Close. this gun just plain out sucks at long range 
but we'll get to why in a sec I say treat it like a bigger p90

ROF: 900 Very fast although probably its downfall

Recoil: HORRENDOUS. I said it. If you want to hit a long range 
target your better off using your pistol. At close range its 
manageable but then it just gets bad

IMO: I like it. No more no less. Like. I say treat it like an smg.
Slap a suppressor and cold blooded on it and get in close range.
Although i have found it effective for breaching rooms.

Rating: Its high recoil creates a hard to use gun 6/10


Name: AK-47

Damage: 40-30

Iron sight run-down: Nice iron sights. easy to use at close and 
medium ranges and allow full field of view. Although they do 
start to fizzle at the longer ranges.

Effective range: Close-Long. this gun is really adaptable although
has a downfall, which i'll tell you later.

ROF: 700. medium. it wont win a race but it gets the job done

Recoil: High. no where near as bad as the F2000's but it does 
bouncequite a bit (if only vertically). If you can get used 
to it you can take down most targets.

IMO: LOVE IT. My Favourit gun. high bullet damage. Great sights.
Standard size clip. whats not to love besides the slight recoil 
problem. Some hate it and some love it.

Rating: Insane Damage and adaptability almost outplays the scar. 



ok now youve seen the guns. Now we talk about the Auxilliary things


Stopping power VS Cold blooded [stop]

So your racking up the kills with stopping power but then the enemy 
calls in a UAV. Needless to say you'll probably be hunted down and 
slaughtered. *ahem*. Your friend on the other hand is using cold
Blooded. he survives the UAV and still picks off enemies racking up 
a nice little kill-streak. So which is better to use?

The answer requires some anlytical discussion and how you play the

The mechanics behind stopping power are simple. your bullet damage 
goes up by 1.4x.

E.G. Scar has a damage of 40 at medium range. Thats a three shot 
kill as we all know we only have 100 health and 3x40 is 120. 
equipping stopping power then brings it to a 2 shot kill as 
40x1.4 = 56 and 56x2 = 112. 
this means a whole bullet is saved and the person dies quicker.

On the other hand we'll take the FAL. It has a medium damage of 55.
this is a 2 shot kill regardless of whether or not you have 
stopping power or not. You just have to decide if being able to get
the long range kills are important or, if that one bullet will 
save you more than cold-blooded does.

Thats the analysis. Now how you play the game

If you rush your gonna want that high firepower of an auto gun so
you'd go with stopping power If you play stealthy with a suppressor
and say ninja pro, cold-blooded will allow you to be undetectable 
from all enemy devices. Neat huh

<>You have to remember though<>
offensive doesnt equal stopping power
defensive doesnt equal cold blooded

it's all a matter of personal preference.


Advanteous Perks  [woo]

This is just a quick list of perks (and perk combo's) that are
beneficial to assault rifles.

Danger close - boosts grenade launcher damage

lightweight - increased speed , alhtough theres the trade-off for 
              stopping  power/cold-blooded

commando    - if you like close quartes combat go for it. Also if
              you like to jump off roofs.

steady aim   - brilliant perk as it narrows hip fire which is 
good for most assault rifles.

ninja       - good for sneaking or avoiding pesky heart beat 

Scavenger    - never run out of ammo. nuff said

one man army - stopping power change class -> cold blooded
              + unlimited ammo.

marathon     - for rushers or flankers. great coupled with 
               commando and ninja pro.

sleight of hand - useful in a pinch

Bling         - great for snd and lower kill streaks

Perk combos

Stopping power

bling+any third tier makes a great class

scavenger+steady aim is your basic assault class

marathon+commando excells at cqc

Sleight of hand+ steady aim another default set up

One man army+ ninja is good for  flanking.


Bling+ninja is great for snd and for guns with horrible sights

Scavenger+ninja is your basic stealth class

marathon+ninja is a great flanking class

scavenger+ commando is good for sneaking in direct enemy contact.

one man army+steady aim is a solid setup in which you can swap 
to a different one if you get in trouble.

Light weight and danger close can be swapped to almost any of these
classes creating different oppurtunites.


Silencers [shh]

It is my personal preference to silence almost every assault rifle
i use. But thats just me. The use of silencers must be a decision 
made in 3 key areas:

X game mode
X gun
X backup perks

We'll start with game mode:
Search and destroy is one of the biggest game modes that benefits
from silencers. not being found in this mode is key and with a 
suppressor you can pick off targets easily. other modes like TDM
and domination then depend on your playstyle and how smart your
opponents are. ground war silencers are almost usless due to the
chaotic battle going on, making sights more useful than suppressors

Your gun is another main point. If your gun suffers huge range drop
with a suppressor fitted its damage will suffer over range meaning
a greater chance for your enemy to fight back. instead of listing
the range damage decrease here is a website containg that info:

the blue line is suppressor damage.

XXXBackup perksXXX

having bling will warrant a suppressor almost whenever. stopping
power will allow a silent killing machine whereas cold blooded
provides a slower safer one. Scavenger is a good perk too as is
ninja and lightweight. Suppressors can be a great asset or a 
great hinderence.


bohemothian HD says: 
I use a silencer on the Scar and it tends to reduce the recoil 
a good amount. I can get kills at long range easier with the
silencer versus anything else. It actually reduces the damage 
a tad bit but the lower recoil helps.

Okay I tested this out and i did get simmialar results. On most 
Ar's i did find recoil was reduced and therefore the area of
bullet spray was reduces (this was whilst ADS). On the other hand
the Ak-47's recoil seems to be increased so i guess

X recoil is reduced on MOST guns whilst ADS

although i do have to disagree with the second thing, 


look at that link ^^^

I think i said enough



Heart beat sensors [hax]

i use them in SnD as backup. I reccomend them for locating 
targets but dont treat it as the main screen. Use it as a guide 
and then gun down your opposition by waiting around a corner. 
I've never had a problem with them as i mainly use ninja but 
that's just me.

They're great with bling and cold blooded on for creating 
stealthier classes although some people find that the portion of 
screen that they take up is too much.

Personal preference i think.


Holo VS RDS                            [see]

There is a huge debate (I say huge but it's really just 4 kids 
at their computers) about which sight is better and which has 
betteraccuracy. I could run through the amount of space it 
takes up on the screen. I could run through increased 
magnification. But i wont. Here are the facts.

Xsame magnification
Xsame range capabilities
so then it all comes down to personal preference. 

imo holographic works better at close range (suiting SMG's more)
and RDS on assault rifles and long range guns.

Of course i break my own rule. I cant use a rds on the M16 
but a holo i have no problem with.

so its all opinion

<>< S DRO Ultimate said ><>
"About the holo vs. RDS on the M16.  I am pretty sure the 
reason you find the holo more useful on the M16 is because
on the M16, the holo actually gives the bursts a tighter
spread, while the RDS doesn't.  To my knowledge, the M16
is the only gun where this happens."


thanks a lot


FMJ tips                               [fmj]

1. Play HC - higher damage means more change for a penetration

2. Shoot througn windows - equip a thermal on HC derail. see 
what happens

3. Find stationary targets - and knock em down through 
i near-by object

4. patience - It could take A LOT of games.

I've found that if i use the windows on a HC game type, i can
usually unlock extended in 3-6 matches. this is of course
on maps like derail (in the buildings) sub-base (centre building)
and afghan (through the planes)

just keep at it.


Grenade launchers vs shotgun  [chkchk]

A huge desicion to make is whether to use the masterkey 
or grenade launcher attachments. There are varoius pros and cons 
to each but im going to bring them down into a few
short statements.

you prefer a pistol/machine pistol as back up
you like to drop grenades on grouped enemies
you prefer long range combat
you like to stick to easy kills

USE THE SHOTGUN (masterkey) IF:
You prefer having an explosive sidearm (like a stinger)
You like close range
You have the ability to quick swap if you run out of ammo in 
a fire-fight
You like to have three different weapon types (bullet,
shotgun, explosive or anti-air)
You like to be different.

Almost any perk goes with these attachments mainly stopping
power for shotgun
and danger close for grenade launcher although both benefit 
from bling, scavenger and one man army


aboone43 says :"I love the masterkey, however I almost 
always have a noob tube for campers. They piss me off so 
I send in the 40MM grenade. If you are having a hardtime
with campers use it.



Tactics    [Tact]

There are many tactics employed by people online but I'm just 
going to name a few

1.Drop shot:
when you come up to an enemy hold circle whilst shooting to 
drop to the ground greatly reducing your hit-box and enhancing 
survival rate. Bewarned tough. This tactic does increase the 
ability for the other player to get head-shots (If there decent
enough) but should work on most players.

2. Cover cover cover:
Just use it. nice n simple. The less of you sticking out, 
the less chace of being shot at. got it?

3. cold blooded pro play dead.
Equip CB pro and lie down. rapidly tap the triangle button 
to swap weapons. Youll seem as if your a dead corpse. Some one
runs past BAM nail him when he doesnt see you. this works
very well in grass and in shaded areas.

4. Check corners.
Pop your head round a corner you get shot at? yes? then go a 
different way around theres most likely a camper there.

5. Flash/Stun
Throw one in a room. get a hitmarker? yes? theres someone 
in there that now cant see get the picture?? Scavenger makes
these easier to rely on.

6.SnD silencers
I dont know why but almost no-on in Snd uses a silencer,
opting for a sight. Use one an take out the team through stealth.
Not hoping that the other team doesnt see there radar.

7. hip fire at close range
This helps as less adjustments need to be made to keep the 
enemy within your target. try it out.

"MW2 is not Halo. Halo jumping will not help you stay alive. I
see a lot of people trying to Halo jump, and I just either 
stick them with a Semtex, or just head shot them. Jumping just 
seems like it would only impair your ability to kill the person 
on the ground, because you are jumping around like a 'tard."


Other questions:  [ramble]

Q. Yoo suck yoo dun yoos hax
A. ............ok

Q. Can i add something?
A. Sure, email me and ill put it in if its relevant

Q. I think somethings wrong with your guide
A. OK tell me what it is and thanks for notifying me =D

Q. Got a quick link
A. sure do http://denkirson.xanga.com/715966769/modern-warfare-2/
nothing in that is mine just so you know

A. I'm not the only one who uses them bub.


Well there we go a basic guide for the assault rifles in COD: MW2.
any questions?
email me at nicholas_is_here@hotmail.com


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