What precisely do I need to do to get the Kleptomaniac "bondage chick" emblem unlock in multiplayer?

  1. I've unlocked two of these so far and I've heard wildly varying rumors and accounts of what people have done to unlock these, and I'd like to know.

    User Info: cj_coyo7e

    cj_coyo7e - 8 years ago

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  1. You get it by stealing 5 enemy care packages... Any other reason stated is completely false.

    User Info: Epic245

    Epic245 - 8 years ago 13 6


  1. Think about the name. I'm guessing you have to steal a guys gun then kill someone with it.
    Most of these have to do with accolades I think. Or something like that

    User Info: battlefield1992

    battlefield1992 - 8 years ago 1 13
  2. When someone on your team calls in a supply drop you steal it several times. I don't know if it works for the other team's supply drop i only stole from my own team.

    User Info: Rudy6799

    Rudy6799 - 8 years ago 7 9
  3. You can steal the enemies aswell as your teammates supply drops i got it in like the first 3 matches i played

    User Info: ProphetFallen

    ProphetFallen - 8 years ago 2 9
  4. Steal an enemy supply crate either 5 or 10 times.

    User Info: Double_M

    Double_M - 8 years ago 9 7
  5. Steal the enemy's supply crate a few times and you should unlock the title

    User Info: CFitzzz

    CFitzzz - 8 years ago 7 6
  6. I got kleptomaniac from completing the challenge renaisance (kill 3 people with 3 diferent guns in one life)

    User Info: X_eternal_X

    X_eternal_X - 8 years ago 3 12
  7. I got it by stabbing an enemy who was in last stand (that was the thing i did that round to unlock it that made the most sense to me)

    User Info: Redbore

    Redbore - 8 years ago 0 17
  8. im pretty sure it has something to do with scavenger, because i unlocked the Klepto title after upgrading it to pro

    User Info: freecom01

    freecom01 - 8 years ago 0 13
  9. 5 enemy care packages sounds like it should be true, but like X_eternal_X I got it from killing 3 people with 3 different weapons in 1 life.. odd. O.o

    User Info: Ded1010

    Ded1010 - 8 years ago 0 11
  10. Steal supply crates.

    User Info: neonreaper

    neonreaper - 8 years ago 3 5
  11. I got this from killing someone, Stealing thier weapon and then killing them again with it.

    I am VERY sure that I havent ever stolen more than 1 supply crate on a map and I have it.

    User Info: manicblitz88

    manicblitz88 - 8 years ago 2 4
  12. Same as Manicblitz, I've got it and I've only ever used a supply crate once

    User Info: seanus_x

    seanus_x - 8 years ago 1 1
  13. It is entirely possible that you can get this emblem from stealing supply crates AND/OR from stealing a gun and killing someone with it

    User Info: DavidLindsey123

    DavidLindsey123 - 8 years ago 3 0
  14. I looked it up in multiple locations and all say the same thing. In order to get the kleptomaniac title you steal or "hijack" like 5 -10 enemy crates. its not hard to do just run core and try to stay near the enemy .... i got it fairly easy but then i'm really good at staying hidden.

    User Info: Bel_Rain

    Bel_Rain - 8 years ago 0 1
  15. I have klepto and i stole zero crates (my team mates or the enemy)...
    I got it cos i ran outta ammo and picked up a dead enemy gun and proceeded to nail 3 ppl with it.

    User Info: Fetal_IceCream

    Fetal_IceCream - 8 years ago 0 0
  16. I got Klepomaniack by killig thre people with diffrent guns Whithought Death

    User Info: mumgabi

    mumgabi - 8 years ago 1 0
  17. Steal an enemy care package. Look here

    User Info: DarthMichael20

    DarthMichael20 - 8 years ago 1 0
  18. I have never stolen an supply crate, and I have the title..

    User Info: Pyriis

    Pyriis - 8 years ago 0 1
  19. Complete the Renaissance man challenge - get 3 kills with different weapons/attachments in one life

    User Info: ARGLE1

    ARGLE1 - 8 years ago 0 1
  20. For...
    Kleptomatic: Steal an enemy care package
    Rejected: Complete Backdraft II
    Voyeur: Call in 25 UAV's
    Chick Magnet: Call in 2 EMP's

    User Info: Speeddemon7632

    Speeddemon7632 - 8 years ago 1 0

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