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Guide and Walkthrough by GavLuvsGA

Version: 10 | Updated: 04/08/2003


by GavLuvsGA@aol.com. Write to this address with any comments or questions, but
1) Put the name of the game in the subject heading
2) Do NOT send IMs
3) Only ask me about the game
4) Look to see if your question is answered in the FAQ, and if you don't
understand at least make this clear in your e mail
5) Do NOT send me pictures, or other attachments

Copyright notice: The contents of this FAQ are the property of the author.
Copying of any part of this without including my name is basically not allowed.

Version 10: 08 - 04 - 2003

Revision history

Version 10 (08 - 04 - 2003)

Added more Mumbo Tokens

Version 9 (27 - 11 - 2002)

Added a tip on Gobi's Valley (Grabba's jiggy)

Version 8 (03 - 09 - 2001)

Added more Mumbo Token locations and corrected some names of baddies.

Version 7 (20 - 07 - 2001)

Added extra codes and also corrected one

Version 6 (12 - 04 - 2001)

Added extra hint on Click Clock Wood, and also a WARNING for those that can't
be bothered to play the game properly (i.e. who cheat too much). Eye all sew
spill chequed it, as ewe can sea!

Version 5 (29 - 12 - 2000)

Finished BottlesBonus section, if anyone's actually bothered.

Version 4 (24 - 12 - 2000)

Added Witch Switch location guide. I should thank mariostar@tycoonplanet.com
for pointing out I didn't have one (and sending me a website address).

Version 3 (04 - 11 - 2000)

Rearranged Walkthrough slightly and also corrected an error regarding first
Cheato location.

Version 2 (13 - 08 - 2000)

Nothing much, but added some info, and made improvements. Rearranged
walkthrough and made separate guides to Super Honeycombs, Mumbo Tokens and 1
ups (see part two for these).


1 The Story
2 Items
3 Moves
4 Baddies
5 Bosses
6 Other Characters
7 Walkthrough
8 Witch Switch Locations
9 Super Honeycomb Locations
10 Mumbo Token Locations
11 1 up locations
12 Summary of Cheato locations.
13 Summary of Warp Cauldron locations.
14 Secret codes
15 Frequently Asked Questions

1 The Story

Gruntilda the witch is jealous of the beauty of a bear called Tooty (you'd have
to be really ugly to be jealous of a bear!) So she kidnaps her outside her
house and plans to steal her beauty and make herself young and Tooty old and
ugly. Moments after she leaves, her brother Banjo and his friend Kazooie, the
Breegull emerge to meet Bottles the mole, who witnessed it...

2 Items

Jigsaw piece (Jiggy)

You need these to enter a new area; stand on the pad infront of the picture and
press a to put in a jiggy. Press z to enter all you have until you run out or
you fill up the board. The number of jiggys you need increases from level to
level, with 1 for Mumbo's Mountain to a massive 25 to get into the final fight!


This looks like a statue of Banjo. Gives you an extra life.


These appear when you kill most baddies (except for bosses). Take this if
you're low on energy.

Super Honeycomb

This looks like a normal honeycomb, except it's hollow. Six of these give you
an extra health point. There are six on Spiral Mountain, and two on all other
worlds. This should give you nine lives eventually, but for some reason (at
least on my version), getting the last six does not add an extra honeycomb to
the total.


You find these on Mumbo's Mountain; you can fire these at bad guys and
obstacles (see moves). If there is a faint chime when you fire at a door or
other obstacle, this means something will happen if you keep it up! At first
you can only hold a maximum of 100 eggs.

Mumbo Tokens

These look like a skull and you need to collect them to get Mumbo Jumbo to work
his spells. There are several on each world and loads more in Grunty's lair
(see location guide, in part two).

Red Feathers

Kazooie uses these to fly (see moves). At first you can only hold a maximum of
50 of these.

Flight Pad

These have three red feathers on and Kazooie can only take off from these.

Gold Feathers

Make you temporarily invincible (see moves). At first you can only hold a
maximum of 10 of these.

Shock Jump Spring Pad

Allows you to do the shock jump (they're green with a picture of a bird's talon

Wading Boots

These allow Kazooie to wade through dangerous areas. They can only be activated
when Bottles tells you about them (in Bubblegloop Swamp). Approach them before
then and they'll tell you to get lost (!)
They should be used in the following cases:
The piranha-infested waters (Bubblegloop Swamp)
Icy water (Freezeezy Peak)
Hot sand (Gobi's Valley)
The area around the well (Mad Monster Mansion)
The thorns (Click Clock Wood)
Also, entering the toxic green sludge on Rusty Bucket Bay has the same effect
but there are no wading boots available.

Running Shoes

These appear when you need to get somewhere quickly. Like the wading boots
they'll jeer at you if you try and use them before being taught to use them (in
Gobi's Valley).


There are several different kinds. All worlds have one with a picture of Grunty
on; these make a jiggy appear somewhere in the lair (usually nearby. There are
many others too, and they all have a picture of what they activate. Some are on
a timer too (e.g. the jiggy switches in Bubblegloop Swamp) and you must get to
that feature before it explodes.


Press B next to them and Bottles will appear to help.

3	Moves

The following can be learned on Spiral Mountain:

Claw Swipe

Press B while standing still. It is best in most cases to use one of the other


Press B while running and Banjo rolls into the enemies. This is best not used
on high, narrow, platforms, however.

Rat-A-Tat Rap

Jump using A and press B to make Kazooie peck an enemy. This can also be used
on obstacles such as doors. This also is more efficient at killing bad guys.


Press B while swimming to dive and then keep pressing B to go faster. When
under water you will lose air and you only have six portions of this. In
addition, some water is more dangerous; on Rusty Bucket Bay, the water is
polluted and takes air when you're on the surface; on the Winter section of
Click Clock Wood the water is icy and takes your air twice as fast!

Feathery Flap Jump

Press A twice and Banjo will jump, then Kazooie will spread her wings to make
you jump higher. This also helps you jump further. This is handy on sections of
Clanker's Cavern and Click Clock wood where Banjo has to cross a section of
set-back platforms in a cliff, with a barrier in-between (sorry I'm not
describing this very well), which makes the next section otherwise unreachable.
Ru towards the edge of the cliff and press A and simultaneously move Banjo in
the direction of the next section and press A again and manoeuvre them onto the

Flap Flip

Press Z followed by A to get up to even higher places you can't reach with just
the feathery flap. After learning the beak buster (see below), be careful not
to press the buttons too fast; pressing them in the wrong order will result in
the wrong move being performed!


Banjo can climb any tree, pole or ladder in the game; jump on and press the
direction pad up or down.

Beak Barge

Press Z followed by B and Banjo and Kazooie will lunge forward!

The rest of the moves can only be done after you have learned them on their
respective levels:

Talon Trot (Mumbo's Mountain)

Press Z and C left and Kazooie will carry Banjo up most steep slopes. You must
learn this or you won't even get up to the first note door!

Beak Buster (Mumbo's Mountain)

You must learn this to be able to flip open switches as well as break open
objects (the huts outside Mumbo's house for example). Press A then Z. This can
also be used as an attack.

Eggs (Mumbo's Mountain)

You can fire them either forwards or backwards; the former causes them to fire
straight; the latter will make them bounce. Use this if you want to get it into
a hole or something. To fire eggs, press Z and then C up for forwards, or C
down for backwards.

Shock Jump (Treasure Trove Cove)

Stand on one of the Shock Jump Pads and hold down A and you will jump and then
spring into the air. If you press the direction pad while in the air, so you
land somewhere else, you will still perform the move. This can be handy in
later levels.

Flying (Treasure Trove Cove)

You need red feathers. Press A to start and keep pressing A to gain height
(this uses up a feather).

Wonderwing (Clanker's Cavern)

I'm certain it's not the real Bottles who teaches you this one. Why? Because
he's in the middle of a metal shark. Look all the way round; there's no
possible way in. This has to be some robot double! Okay, don't get sidetracked.
This move allows you to run through dangerous areas and not get hurt, and also
to kill certain baddies. Press Z and C right. These are used up at a rate of
one every two seconds.

Stilt Stride (Bubblegloop Swamp)

Use with the waders to cross dangerous areas.

Beak Bomb (Freezeezy Peak)

When you are flying, some levels require you to bomb specific objects. Press B
and Kazooie will go straight at them. Make sure you're on target though, or you
may lose energy! This move is rarely used in the game.

Turbo Talon Trot (Gobi's Valley)

Another rare move (you only need it on about six occasions); Kazooie uses the
trainers to run fast.

4 Baddies

Topper (Spiral Mountain)

Really easy; swipe him!

Bawl (Spiral Mountain)

Another easy one; same as Topper.

Collywobble (Spiral Mountain)

Hovers in the air, rather than bounces. Peck them.

Quarrie (Spiarl Mountain)

Quite possibly the least dangerous bad guy in the game; just sits there like a

Ticker (Mumbo's Mountain, Freezeezy Peak, Gruntilda's Lair)

Simply marches around the termite hill and is easy to defeat. When you're a
termite, don't expect them to be nice; they're bigger than you...

Grublins (Mumbo's Mountain)

These charge you when they see you. Easy to see off again.

Bigbutt (Mumbo's Mountain, Click Clock Wood, Gruntilda's Lair)

These will charge at you when they see you; you can temporarily stun them with
eggs but even gold feathers won't kill them.

Bee Hives (All worlds, except Spiral Mountain)

Not exactly an enemy, but certainly unfriendly; killing these gives you three
honeycombs (although when these are on narrow ledges, they have a bad habit of
falling off...) From Gobi's Valley onwards they will be guarded by bees that
swarm you if you break the hive.

Gruntlings (Gruntilda's Lair)

These are ape-like creatures that roam around parts of the lair. They are easy
to kill. They come in three colours; brown (one hit), blue (two hits) and black
(three hits).

Snippetts (Treasure Trove Cove, Clanker's Cavern, Gruntilda's Lair)

These run at you and attack you; beak bust them when they're not flipped over
and you will get two honeycombs.

Yum-Yum (Treasure Trove Cove)

Fortunately, only a few of these exist, but they're really annoying as they
will eat any eggs you throw at them. If you can, avoid them. Kill them by
hitting them only when their mouth is open. Getting hit by one will also lose
you an egg and a red feather!

Snacker (Treasure Trove Cove, Rusty Bucket Bay)

He appears in most areas of open sea and comes after Banjo. He's underwater, so
you can't kill him. He also has magic powers; when you jump to safety he'll

Shrapnel (Treasure Trove Cove, Gruntilda's Lair)

These float in pools and are really annoying; if you go near them they will
chase you and explode. They can sap a lot of energy.

Lockup (Treasure Trove Cove)

Each one holds a prize of some sort, but be careful as you flap in. He has big

Grille Chompa (Clanker's Cavern, Mad Monster Mansion, Rusty Bucket Bay,
Gruntilda's Lair)

You can see where these will appear as there is a big hold in the wall behind.
They appear and snap at you; peck or punch them.

Whiplash (Inside Clanker)

Similar to Whipcrack (see below), except all are underwater where they cannot
be killed.

Flibbits (Bubblegloop Swamp)

These are frogs that come in two colours; red and yellow. (For the latter, see
bosses). There are only a few of these.

Buzzbomb(Bubblegloop Swamp, Click Clock Wood, Gruntilda's Lair)

These are really annoying; they hover above you then home in on you. Peck them
as soon as you can.

Chump (Rusty Bucket Bay, Gruntilda's Lair)

These swim in some ponds; avoid, they can't be killed.
Donkey Kong Song writes: "You CAN kill the Chumps. Fart eggs on them, or use
the Wonderwing and
jump on them. Same as Snacker."

Sir Slush (Freezeezy Peak, Click Clock Wood, Gruntilda's Lair)

These abominable snowmen stay in one place and are the only bad guys (other
than bosses) to use missiles! They throw snowballs at you. You can tell when
one's about to as they will laugh menacingly before doing so. To kill them,
beak bomb the X on their hats.

Chinker(Freezeezy Peak, Click Clock Wood)

You won't have an ice day with these around! These are always invisible until
you get close to them; hit them twice and they break up into two, smaller,
cubes which you must kill.

Scabby (Gobi's Valley)

Same as Bigbomb; peck them!

Slappa (Gobi's Valley)

Hang around in certain areas of the desert and a huge Egyptian Mummy's hand
will appear and chase you. Eventually it will usually slam down on the ground.
This is your chance to beak bust it!

Mum-Mums (Gobi's Valley, Gruntilda's Lair)

They are easy to avoid but can only be killed by the wonderwing. Eggs will
simply stun them for a while.

Whipcrack (Mad Monster Mansion, Click Clock Wood, Gruntilda's Lair)

These protrude from floors, walls and ceilings and are easy to avoid, but can
only be killed with eggs or gold feathers.

Limbo (Skeleton) (Mad Monster Mansion)

Like the mummies, they can only be stunned with a normal attack; use the

Tee-Hee (Dragon Ghost) (Mad Monster Mansion, Gruntilda's Lair)

These are dead scary! They remind me of a nightmare I had once... In the maze
they will chase you and go through hedges to cut you up. You can't stun them
but gold feathers will kill them.

Portrait Chompa (Mad Monster Mansion)

These are like the normal worms, except they jump out of most of the portraits
in secret rooms.

Ripper (Mad Monster Mansion, Gruntilda's Lair)

They look exactly like gravestones; you will hear a heaving sound when one is
near. They take three hits to kill.

Nibbly (Mad Monster Mansion)

Similar to Bigbomb and Scabby. Need I say more? The only ones on the level hang
around the sides of the house.

Seaman Grublin (Rusty Bucket Bay)

Similar to the other Dinos; shouldn't be much of a problem.

Flotsam  (Rusty Bucket Bay, Gruntilda's Lair)

They look harmless enough, until these lifebelts, or rather deathbelts, leap
off the wall to attack you. Peck them and they'll deflate.

Grimlet (Rusty Bucket Bay)

As soon as you go near them they snap at you, ready to eat you whole... Avoid,
they can't be killed!

Boom Boxes (Rusty Bucket Bay)

Just like the mines ... only on land!

Big Cluck (Click Clock Wood, Gruntilda's Lair)

These are the same as the worms; they appear out of holes in the tree. They do
not appear in Winter.

Grublin Hood (Click Clock Wood)

They look silly and are not much more powerful than the dinos, except that they
take two hits to kill. In summer they are all stripped to their underwear!!!

Snarebear (Click Clock Wood)

They hold goodies, but you can't get into them unless you use gold feathers, or
you're a bee (spring) or they're dead (winter).

5 Bosses

Conga (Mumbo's Mountain)

You can get three jiggies off him; see how in the walkthrough!

Nipper (Treasure Trove Cove)

Kazooie makes the mistake of insulting him; run up to him, avoiding his claws,
peck him when he moves his claws aside (every now and then) and run back. Each
time he will speed up. Don't fire eggs, as he'll just laugh at you. He takes
three hits to kill.

The Snippett Mutants (Clanker's Cavern)

There are four of these and they take two hits each to kill. Really easy!

Yellow Flibbitts (Bubblegloop Swamp)

Similar to the mutant crabs, but faster.

Mr. Vile (Bubblegloop Swamp)

This is a really hard boss to beat; when you're a crocodile, go into the giant
crocodile's head and he will challenge you to an eating contest. See the
walkthrough for more information.

Boggy (Freezeezy Peak)

Not exactly a boss, but you must beat him in a race twice to get some jiggys!

King Sandybutt's Maze (Gobi's Valley)

As soon as you enter the maze, run to Banjo's right and keep going right until
you see the exit. If you take more than a minute, the walls will close in and
crush you to death! (I should know; its happened to me at least twice). This
route also avoids the mummies.

Grabba (Gobi's Valley)

Similar to Slappa (see above). Only he doesn't try to smack you one. He has a
jiggy (see walkthrough).

Napper (Mad Monster Mansion)

A large version of the dragon ghosts. To see how to get his jiggy, see the

Boss Boom Box (Rusty Bucket Bay)

One of the hardest bosses, this reminds me of The Sorcerer's Apprentice; peck
him four times and he splits into two smaller ones. These each take three hits.
They also split. Keep going until you get onto tiny ones that die on one hit.
Kill them all to get a jiggy.

The Zubbas (Click Clock Wood)

Similar to the Snippett Mutants and the Flibbetts only a lot harder. I
recommend you use the Wonderwing to deal with them.


When you first see her, start running back and forth across the castle roof;
she'll swoop towards you on her broomstick twice and then stop and you can
sneak up and peck her. Now run away and avoid the fireball she throws at you;
try and change direction and it should miss you completely. Repeat three times;
the third time she'll swoop at you three times and four times on the fourth.
This is the end of stage 1: Be aware that at the end of each stage a honeycomb
will appear so grab it. Grunty will summon up a spell that homes in on you; use
the wonderwing and it'll have no effect. Follow her to the edge of the roof and
she'll hover over the bottomless pit, throwing fireballs at you. Wait for her
to pause, then jump on the battlements and fire eggs at her, then retreat when
she starts again or you risk being hurled off the side. After three hits she'll
hove over to another part of the battlements. Make sure, though, that you don't
press Z until you land or you will end up doing the beak buster and you're
likely to miss a chance to get a hit or two. After doing this sequence four
times (the last part is really hard as her fireballs are nearly constant!)
She'll do the homing spell again. Bottles will begin speaking to you
telepathically, instructing you to use the flying pad which appears and fight
Gruntilda in the air. Do so and beak bust the witch four times, avoiding her
fireballs. After you hit her the first time she'll throw one at you, two the
second time and so on. Be careful however that you do not hit the edge of the
castle as you will probably land and immediately tumble off the side. After
four hits get ready to land; Grunty will summon up a protective shield. After a
few moments, four jinjo statues will appear, one on each corner of the arena.
Each has a hole at its base; fire three eggs into each and a jinjo will burst
out and peck the witch. As you do this, keep running around to avoid the
fireballs. This is very tricky. When all the jinjos have been released,
Gruntilda will lose her broomstick, but she still has her protective shield.
She'll land on the battlements and send a barrage of fireballs at you. Dodge
them all and use the wonderwing on her homing spell. At this point, a giant
blue jinjo (known as the Jinjonator) will appear, encased in a statue. It has a
hole on each side and you must get five eggs into each. First avoid Grunty's
attacks; you will know when she is about to use her homing device as there is a
weird noise as it appears. Press Z and C right as soon as you hear this. She
will pause, giving you time to use one or two eggs. This is really tricky,
especially going round to the other sides. Keep changing the camera angles
using C left and right. There is an amusing sequence where the Jinjo attacks
Grunty repeatedly until she topples off the side of the castle in a fashion
reminiscent of Death Becomes Her!

6 Other Characters


To call him up, stand by a molehill and press B. He teaches you all your moves.
If you're low on energy, he will top you up.


There are five on each world (Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow and Pink). Gruntilda
has imprisoned them there and they can only leave when Banjo touches them. When
they're nearby, they call "help" and whistle. Later on they'll thank you for

Mumbo Jumbo

He appears on several of the game's levels, in a scull-shaped house! Find
enough Mumbo tokens and go and see him; stand on the scull and press B and he
will change you into something else. The amount of Mumbo Tokens you need is
shown on the pictures in his hut:
Mumbo's Mountain: 5 (The ones found on the level)
Bubblegloop Swamp: 10
Freezeezy Peak: 15
Mad Monster Mansion: 20
Click Clock Wood (Spring only): 25
Sometimes he will change you into a washing machine before doing the right
spell! (Donkey Kong Song says it is random).


Gruntilda's prettier sister is found in no less than ten locations around her
evil sister's lair! When you see her, she will tell you three of Gruntilda's
secrets. Note them down, you'll need to know them later!
She appears in the following locations:
i) Just right of the first note door.
ii) By the Click Clock Wood Jigsaw
iii) On the platform that leads to the switch to open up the passage to the
Bubblegloop Swamp picture (outside Clanker's Cavern)
iv) Behind Gruntilda's statue.
v) When you go down the pipe towards Bubblegloop Swamp, go down the pipe on
Banjo's right. She's at the end.
vi) Run along the path past the 450 note door and jump on the Grunty statue's
vii) Behind the Gobi's Valley entrance.
viii) Follow the twisting path outside the Mad Monster Mansion entrance to find
her, making sure you don't fall off.
ix) Behind a gravestone outside Mad Monster Mansion.
x) Near to the Click Clock Wood entrance.


He is found in three places around the game; each time he will give you a code
to help you out. I won't include the codes as you can't use them until you've
met Cheato. (They are used in the sandcastle in Treasure Trove Cove.)

7 Walkthrough

Spiral Mountain

Exit the house and have Bottles tell you what happened. Press A to learn the
new moves. Go to each move and learn them. There are also six super honeycombs
on the level (see location guide, in part 2).

Run to the top of Spiral Mountain after you've learned the moves and cross the

Gruntilda's Lair

After the animation sequence, go straight forward and left. Jump up the blocks
to get the jiggy and then go don the passage with the two red eyes over it. The
jigsaw for Mumbo's Mountain is to your right.

Level 1: Mumbo's Mountain

The jiggys can be collected as follows:

1 In Plain Sight

Go to where Bottles teaches you the talon trot (its at the ruins near Ticker's
Tower). This is probably the easiest jiggy in the game!

2 Break the Huts

Go to Mumbo's village and learn the beak buster move; do this on all the huts
and you'll get a jiggy.

3 Find the Jinjoes

One of the huts contained the green jinjo. Find the other four; their positions


Near the start/exit pad, on a raised section of land; climb a tree and jump


On an island in the lake.


On top of the ruins


Talon Trot down the slope by the ruins; its on a ledge.

4 Conga's Blocks

Go to Conga's tree; stand on one of the three blocks (it has a picture of an
orange on). Wait until Conga lobs an orange and dodge it; it will hit the
block. Repeat with the other two and you'll get a jiggy.

5 Steal Conga's Orange

Climb Conga's tree; grab his orange and run to Chimpy, who will give you a
jiggy. You have to do this to get to the molehill where you learn to fire eggs.

6 Fight Conga

After Bottles tells you how to do this, go along he platform so you're facing
Conga. Throw an egg at him and run back a little (he'll lob an orange at you).
Throw another egg, avoid his oranges and throw another to defeat him. Before
getting the jiggy, run past the molehill and jump across the series of
platforms to the Witch Switch and press it (once this is pressed it stays
pressed; this applies to all witch switches and will be referred to as a
permanent feature (other features, including the stump that Chimpy raised and
notes go back to normal after you exit the level).

7 Feed Juju

Return to the remains of Mumbo's village; talk to Juju (the totem pole) and
fire eggs into the first three mouths; when you're down to the last one, jump
onto it and there's a jiggy above. Feed the last one and you'll get a jiggy.

8 On the Slope

Jump onto the slope by the village and there's a jiggy on one of the ledges.

9 In the Shaman's Eye

Go to Mumbo's house. Flap-Flip into the eye with the jiggy in.

10 Mumbo Magic: Termite

Get all five Mumbo tokens:
i) Behind the pink jinjo.
ii) Under the slop leading to Mumbo's hut.
iii) In the ruins.
iv) You'll have found this jumping over the platforms to get to the witch
v) Enter Ticker's Tower. Kill the termite and flap flip to get the last token.
Now go and see Mumbo; get the notes and stand on the skull. Press B to become a
termite; you can now get to the top of Ticker's Tower; go up on the inside and
collect the notes; at the top is a 1 up and the jiggy. Don't return to Mumbo;
exit the level and run to the top of the mountain and get the jiggy. Go back to
Mumbo and change back into a bear and bird.

Go back to where the picture of Grunty is and talon trot up the slope. After
talking to Bottles, you should have enough notes to pass the note door (you
need 50). You will be in a room with a picture of Gruntilda on the floor. Go
down the stairs on the left (the first Gruntling is here) and you will find the
first warp cauldron. This is pink. Reaching the other pink cauldron will open a
warp between the two. Return up the stairs and find Brentilda; note down what
she says as you need to know later in the game. She will tell you three facts
about her sister. Open the Treasure Trove Cove picture (you only need two
jiggies). Run up the slope and you will find a stream running up a pipe. Enter
the pipe and go right just before the grill at the end to find a red cauldron.
Come back and fall down the waterfall. Swim along the tunnel to find another
area; there's an extra life, a mumbo token and Brentilda. There's also a
puzzle, but there is no jigsaw pad so you can't use it (yet). Swim back and
climb ot of the pool and enter the passage with the red eyes over it. Unlike
most other levels, which are accessed through a door, Treasure Trove Cove is in
a giant treasure chest. Flap flip in.

Level 2: Treasure Trove Cove

1 Fight with Nipper

Go to Nipper first and kill him (see boss guide). There are some notes inside
and some crabs. Get the jiggy. If you die you will have to kill Nipper again to
get these notes.

2 Treasure Hunt (1)

Go to the Salty Hippo (that's Captain Blubber's ship). Talk to the captain and
go and get his gold. To get one part, stand on the trapdoor by Blubber and beak
bust it. Dive down to get the gold. Jump off the ship and swim into the hold
from the lake. The other is there. Your reward is a jiggy.

3 Treasure Hunt (2)

Talon Trot up the rigging and find Bottles. He'll show you how to fly. From the
flight pad, head for the stone archway and land on the ledge with the treasure
chest. It will keep opening and shutting. Flap flip in, avoiding the spikes on
the sides. Jump into the water and flee from Snacker, back to the Salty Hippo.

4 Shock Jump Pads

Go up the pile of boxes on the other side and meet Bottles again. You'll learn
how to do the shock jump. Go to the area with lots of pads and head towards the
cliff. There is a jiggy in an alcove.

5 Treasure Hunt (3)

Run past the two treasure chests, towards the pillar that has a path going
round it. One of the chests has notes in! Run along the path; there's a 1 up in
the water (if you dare!). At the top of the pillar is an X. Beak bust it and
it'll turn into an arrow. Fly in that direction, landing where you see an X
until it becomes a ? instead of an X. Collect the notes and kill the crab, then
head to the island (close by) with an X on. Kill the crab and beak bust the X.
A chest will appear and bounce around, so either egg it or beak bust it. You
get a jiggy!

6 Along a Ledge

Go back to the archway by the ship and swim through (avoiding Snacker by
jumping on the crates). Jump onto the platform with the hive on and go along a
narrow ledge, then cross the sea using more crates. Go along a series of
platforms to a jiggy.

7 It's Mine!

Go back and climb the steps. You come to a pool with a mine in. Dive down for a

8 Get the Jinjoes

The first four are fairly easy:


On a parapet near jiggy 7.


Under the starting platform (beware of Snacker)


On one of the pads near where you learn the shock jump.

Green On the mast of Blubber's ship.

Get the yellow one last: To reach it, fly from the top of the ship to the
archway. Go to the ledge on the right (there is a note here) and up the stairs.
You will be on a high ledge with two yum-yums. Kill them; the last jinjo is on
a platform nearby, in a tree.

9 The Top of the Lighthouse

>From here, run up the slope, jumping over the gaps and you will reach a
lighthouse at the top. The Witch Switch is here. Egg or peck the door and
enter. Get the notes and shock jump onto the roof. Get the jiggy.

10 Inside the Sand Castle

Go back to where you learned the shock jump; nearby is a bucket (leaky). He's
sad because he can't hold water. Face away from him and fire two eggs from
behind at him and he will drain the water around the sand castle (the mine will
also explode). Get the notes on top of the castle and go inside. The black crab
challenges you to a puzzle. You have 100 seconds to spell out the words
BanjoKazooie on the letters board (beak bust the letters). Once a letter has
been used it turns green and can't be re-used. When you complete it, kill the
crab and go get the jiggy.

Exit the world. Jump on the cannon that's sticking out and go to get the jiggy
(this was activated by the Witch Switch).

Bonus Game

Now go back to Banjo's house (yes, that's right). There's a secret game which
only works after you've activated the letters board. Stand on the rug and press
C up and look at Bottles' picture. If you do it right, you will start
communicating (telepathically by the looks of things!) with Bottles. You will
get a jigsaw which you must fill up by grabbing the pieces (A) and placing them
into the right places (A). Drop them with B. If they're positioned right you'll
hear a chime (if not, a buzz). Start with the corner pieces (they're fairly
obvious) and then the edge pieces, then try to fit the others. You may he to
rotate them. The picture you should be filling in is in black and white in the
jigsaw, but the angle keeps moving around a lot so the picture shown on each
piece will change. Look at the picture shown and put the piece where you just
saw it and it should be okay. You get a code (BOTTLESBONUSONE). Go back to
Treasure Trove Cove and see what happens. But first do the other levels; once
you leave you have to start from L1 again! They will take a lot of practice

Anyway, back to the game...

Return to where the Treasure Trove Cove puzzle was; go to the shock jump spring
and use it to reach the Clanker's Cavern puzzle. You need 5 jiggies. Then go up
the slope again and this time go onto the pipe that crosses the stream; flap
flip into the hole above and enter the new room. Drop down to Banjo's right to
find a switch and press it; two pillars will rise from the water and you can
cross to Clanker's Cavern.

Level 3: Clanker's Cavern

1 Free Clanker

Swim to the lake and dive down, then swim through the pipe. Clanker will appear
and say he needs fresh air. Swim out the other end and surface, then swim
half-way down clanker's side and dive and you will see a chain attached to him.
Follow it all the way down a shaft. At the bottom is a key which you must swim
through three times. If you run out of air, either swim quickly to the surface
(you can just about make it) or get bubbles from Gloop; this will give you an
extra two air points, but these can be hard to get, especially if you're
beginning to panic. You should begin swimming up when you are down to half your
air. When you've swum through the lock three times, don't worry about dying;
Clanker will now be up permanently! Jump onto his back and grab the jiggy. If
you are having terrible trouble doing this, go to Treasure Trove Cove and enter
the code for infinite air (see below).

2 Jiggy in a Pipe

Swim to Clanker's left hand side and go down a pipe; a the end is a jiggy. Be
quick though or you'll drown.

3 Fight the Snippett Mutants

Swim up the pipe by Clanker's tail and you will be in a room with the snippett
mutants in; kill all four (see boss section) and get their jiggy.

4 Climb Clanker's Tail

Jump onto Clanker and run up his tail (carefully, as it keeps moving back and
forth). Jump off onto an otherwise untreatable platform and fire eggs at the
grill with the jiggy behind then flip up to the jiggy!

5 Another Hidden Jiggy

Go to Clanker's blowhole; the bolt keeps shooting out for a few seconds; stand
on it and you will end up o a high platform; follow it to a jiggy.

6 Clanker's Toothache

Go to the boxes near Clanker's teeth. Shoot his gold teeth (one on each side)
with eggs and they will fall inwards. Go in the left side and the tooth will
form a platform where you can get a jiggy. On the other side is a platform that
allows you to get the Mumbo token.

7 Past the Spinning Blades

Go down the blowhole and you will see the Witch Switch (beak bust it, as
usual). There will be a series of blades ahead of you. Time it to run past
them, or alternately drop into Clanker's mouth (go back) and swim through to
his stomach, learn about the wonderwing then come back here. At the end is a

8 Clanker's Green Rings

In Clanker's stomach, there will be several hoops. One is green (the rest are
blue). Jump though the green one and it vanishes. One of the underwater rings
will turn green; swim through it. Keep swimming though the green rings until
they're all gone and the water will rise. You will receive a jiggy.

9 Past More Spinning Blades

Fly up to the alcove with the gold feather in; there is a set of spinning
blades ahead with a jiggy at the end. There is a molehill here. speak to
Bottles (or is it?) and then use your new move (Wonderwing) to pass the blades

10 Get the jinjoes


In one of Clanker's gills (the one with the hive in; dive down a pit to find


Dive down the pit to where Gloop is; its there. Don't leave this till last or
you'll have a hassle getting the jiggy.


Down a pipe on Clanker's right hand side.


When Clanker's left fin rises (the one near the 1 up and shock spring), jump on
it and jump to the platform nearby. Shock Jump towards the green tubes to the
left and you will grab a pipe. Jump to the green tubes and then beak bust the
grating; the jinjo's inside.


Swim back to the start area and go to the red sign on the wall; there is a
ladder. Go right at the top and you will come to a beehive. The jinjo's behind

N.B. To exit the level, go to the point directly above the exit and drop down

Leave Clanker's Cavern and press the switch nearby; a pillar will rise up on
the other side of the lake; swim or jump over and flap flip up the pillar.
Follow the path (kill the worm) and press another switch. It will open a gate
below. Jump into the water and swim through. Climb up one of the slopes to find
the Bubblegloop Swamp picture. It requires 7 jiggies. Now go back and return to
the second note door (180 notes). Open it; you should have enough now and go
through. Go left and talon trot up the slope and go down the pipe. Cross the
boardwalk, but don't fall off; the water is full of piranhas, who will chew
your feet. Enter the door to:

Level 4: Bubblegloop Swamp

First of all go to Bottles and learn how to use the wading boots.

1 Easter Egg Island

Now, cross the first section of swamp and then turn left, towards the frogs.
Kill them and cross the swamp using the waders and get the notes. there is a
giant egg here; shock jump onto the top then flap flip to get the 1 up. Beak
Bust the egg on the X. On each layer, hit the X (if its on top, beak bust it
and if its on the side, peck or beak barge it). You will receive a jiggy.

2 Race for a Jiggy

Go to the jiggy switch and hit it; you have 45 seconds to run along a narrow
path to get it; talon trot up the first bit and then run along the path without
falling off to reach the jiggy just before it explodes.

3 Fight the Yellow Flibbits

Cross the swamp to where the yellow flibbitts appear; kill them all like you
did the Snippett Mutants and you'll get a jiggy.

4 Tanktup's Feet

Close to here is Tanktup the Turtle. He says his feet are numb and cold, so
beak but each of them and he'll cough up a jiggy.

5 The Tiptup Choir

Enter Tanktup's mouth and you will find six small turtles and Tiptup (who,
incidentally, appears with Banjo in Diddy Kong racing). He will give you a
memory test; watch the turtles as they sing in turn (its always random). Now
beak bust on each turtle's back in order. After a few goes you will get your

6 Break More Huts

Leave Tanktup and head towards where the Shock Jump Pad is. Use it to reach a
hut (like the ones on Mumbo's Mountain). Beak Bust it and there's another Shock
Jump Pad underneath. Do this for the whole series of huts (one has the Witch
Switch in; press it.) At the end you get a jiggy.

7 Feed the Crocti

Return to where you started; don't jump on the exit pad, but look for the
yellow crocodile (Croctus), who keeps opening and shutting his mouth. Throw an
egg in and he'll vanish; another Croctus will appear. You must find each one
and feed him. They are in the following places:
ii) Near the narrow path you ran along after pressing the first jiggy switch.
iii) Near the top of the series of platforms where the huts are (use the
feathery flap or shock jump to cross.)
iv) On an island near the large crocodile's head.
v) On an island near Tanktup.
Both the last two have mosquitos nearby; kill them quick.

8 Race for a Jiggy AGAIN!

Go past the croc's head and up the slope; enter the maze and take the wading
boots, getting a second pair half way through. There is a jiggy switch near the
third set of waders; press it and you have ten seconds to run along a straight,
but narrow, path. You only have just about enough time to do this.

9 Get the Jinjoes!


On an island near the first bridge (careful).


In the swamp water near Tanktup (use the waders on the turtle's back).


Cross to where the second Croctus was and cross over to the next island using
the poles. The jinjo's on a pole in this island.


Near to Jiggy 2.


In the swamp, under a platform that is close to the huts (see jiggy 6). To get
this you must go to Mumbo first; go through the maze, but continue past the
jiggy switch. His hut's there; you'll be turned into a crocodile and you can
swim in the swamp water(!) You can also bite by pressing B.

10 Beat Mr. Vile at his Own Game

I recommend you leave this until you have learned how to use the Running Shoes
in Gobi's Valley. As a crocodile, enter one of the nostrils of the large croc
head. You will meet Mr. Vile, the crocodile. He challenges you to eat more red
Yumblies than he can; accept.
There are three rounds, and there's a pair of running shoes at the back of the
arena. If you've been to Gobi's Valley and learned to use them, grab them at
the start of each round.

Round 1

Eat more red yumblies than Mr. Vile. Simple.

Round 2

Same, but avoid the yellow yumblies; eating one will temporarily disable you
while you cough them up.

Round 3

Only eat what's shown on screen, i.e. reds when they're shown and avoid
yellows; vice - versa when yellow is shown. Make sure you can estimate when the
picture will change or you may end up eating one, just as it does so, making
the yumblie unripe!

Beat all three rounds to get a jiggy. If you fail you will be chewed and lose
energy, and also have to start from the beginning again.
After you win, Mr. Vile will challenge you to a harder game for 3 1 ups, but
losing will cause him to chew one life away. Try this if you want but...

Leave the world after becoming a bear again get the waders (they're in the pipe
by the Gruntling that doesn't contain Brentilda), then stilt stride into the
swamp; head away from the boardwalk and you should find a pipe leading into the
wall; run down it-the Freezeezy Peak jigsaw is here (you need 8 jiggies). There
is also a rock nearby; break it with the beak buster move. when it's broken
there is a passage behind that you can only get up as a croc. At the end is
Cheato, whom Grunty has dropped (the manual says there's three books, but its
the same one each time!!!)
He'll give you a code to get double the amount of eggs, by going to the
sandcastle (Treasure Trove Cove) and spelling out BLUEEGGS. You may only use
this when you've been to cheato though (Kudos to the programmers!)
To get the jiggy the witch switch opened is not clear. Go back to the Gruntilda
statue; the top has blown off; the jiggy's still locked in the bottom. You
can't get to it here; instead, go right to the next note door (it needs 270,
you should have this easily.)
You will enter a room that looks vaguely Egyptian, with a vase in the centre
and two bricked-up doors. Go left and fire eggs at the bricks and they will
vanish. Kill the first blue gruntling then stand on the switch; a shock jump
pad will appear and begin orbiting around the vase. Stand by the vase; when the
pad comes your way, press A and you sold be able to shock jump into the vase.
You will fall in and find yourself plummeting down to claim the jiggy under the
statue; the metal grate will now be open too!
Go back to the vase and go through the door that leads to a big room full of
cobwebs; fire eggs backwards at the cobweb on the floor; there's just a pit so
that's useless...or is it?
There are more cobwebs blocking a door; fire eggs at these and they'll vanish
and you will find the second pink cauldron. You can now warp to hear from just
inside the first note door.
There is a passage with red eyes and snow behind; run through to Freezeezy

Level 5: Freezeezy Peak

Run into the igloo and there will be three polar bear cubs crying because their
father hasn't come home yet; leave and run down the hill and you will find
their father Boggy, who has swallowed something shiny (no prizes for guessing

1 Save the Twinklies

Continue and beak but the gift wrapped box. Now get at least 10 twinklies to
the tree; they will cross a wooden platform, but there are three holes out of
which Twinklie Munchers will appear. Beak bus the first one, then take out the
second and lastly the third. The first will pop up again now and you may lose a
twinklie, but repeat the process until you've got ten on to the tree. Now go
round the back and kill the ice cube. Don't tread in the cold water, stand on
the bank and fire eggs at the on switch until the twinklies light up; the next
part is obscure, but the Twinklies tell you to "be a star" and you will get
your reward. You have 1 minute. Run to the pile of presents (try using Kazooie
to Talon Trot). Now launch yourself off the flight pad and quickly fly through
the star on top of the tree three times. Now run up the gangplank the twinklies
used before and flap flip into the base of the tree. Climb the trunk to reach
the top and jump onto the walkway that's circling the tree; feathery flap over
to the jiggy!

2 In the Snowman's Pipe

Run up the giant snowman(I wonder who built him?)'s scarf. Use the shock jump
to get to his teeth and step onto his pipe. Walk carefully along it and drop
into the end. There's a jiggy.

3 Make Boggy Cough Up

Return to the snowman's scarf now; go round until you see a sledge; jump on it
and you'll go whizzing down a slope and score a direct hit on Boggy. He'll
cough up the jiggy.

4 The Snowman's Button Buttons

Go back to the stack of presents and learn the beak bomb attack from Bottles;
take to the air and beak bomb all of the giant snowman's buttons. A jiggy will
appear in-between the snowman's legs.

5 Kill the Snowmen

Take to the air again and beak bomb all of the abominable snowmen (wow, it felt
good to do that...). The witch switch is underneath one; fly tot he top of the
giant snowman and kill the ice cube then get the jiggy (and the notes).

6 Scary Movie??? (Scared Walrus)

Go to Mumbo; the best way to do this is to fly (you can't quite jump over the
lake that's in the way).Use the flying pad that's on the chimney of one of the
chalets and get the extra life on top of Mumbo's hut. Unless you've got less
than 15 Mumbo Tokens, which you should have, he'll turn you into a walrus. You
can now go in the cold water; there are notes there. Find Wozza the Walrus
(sounds like something out of Scary Movie; what a shame he doesn't appear to
have a phone - his friends could have great fun!) He's standing outside a cave,
holding a jiggy. You can only take it as a walrus as he's afraid of bears (he
warns you about Banjo and Kazooie!)

7 Race Boggy

While you're a Walrus, go to the slope where Boggy was and go up the one
nearby; he's there, on a sled; he challenges you to a race, accept. Jump on the
sledge and race him. You have to go through all of the red flags (each flag
will turn this colour when you have to go through it next, much like Clanker's
rings). If you miss any you must go back and take them again or Boggy will
think he's beaten you (even if you're ahead of him). A rather comical scene can
be witnessed if you miss a few before the finish, but overtake him; he'll turn
round and begin talking as though you were down the slope from him! Two there
things to point out; one: The bridges that you cross only appear when you're
racing. Also, if you haven't defeated the snowmen yet they'll help you by
vanishing. You can even see what prizes they're concealing!

8 Get the Jinjoes

Go back to Mumbo and begin to search for the Jinjos:


Get this straight away; its on the boards above Mumbo; jump up like you did in
Bubblegloop Swamp.


Run behind one of the chalets (and before you ask, no, you can't open the doors
with eggs, although it would be a nice idea!)


Run up the snowman's scarf and jump onto the head of his brush. It's there.


Go to the pile of presents. Walk carefully along the narrow ledge and flap flip
up to the Jinjo.


Go into Wozza's cave as a bear. He'll cower, but you can get the Jinjo by
Flap-Flipping. (You cannot get this as a Walrus). When you get this jiggy you
will notice a window behind the ledge and behind is a large key (the ice key).
Don't even try and get this - you can't. However, see the end of the
walkthrough to find out about it!

9 Race Boggy AGAIN!

(Only do this after you've learned the Turbo Talon Trot, in Gobi's Valley).
Go back to Boggy and he'll challenge you to another race. Same rules as before,
only you're on foot and he's got a sledge :( If you know how to use them, grab
the running shoes that appear at the start and sprint to catch him.

10  Find the presents

i) On an island in the lake.
ii) On the snowgiant's nose (either use the shock springs on his scarf and
teeth or fly up to his hat and drop through the hole.)
iii) Climb up to the first level of the tree (the one with termites on). Go
back to the igloo and Boggy will be there. Give them to the cubs. Get the last

Leave the world; the jiggy the Witch Switch triggered is unreachable, or is it?
Don't go for it yet, but wait until you've learned about the running shoes from
Gobi's Valley.
You should have at least 360 notes now; if not, go back and get some more from
the other worlds. Go through the note door that's in the statue's mouth and be
careful! If you fall off the edge of the platform here you'll land in a lava
pit and automatically lose a life. Fortunately there is a wall on one side in
this first stretch up to the Gobi's Valley jigsaw. You need 9 jiggies.
Open the world and go back to the room with the vase. There will be another
bricked-up door; open it with eggs and get the waders, then run back and jump
up the stairs quickly then run into the sand. You have only just enough time to
get out the other side before the waders vanish.

Level 6: Gobi's Valley

1 Tickle Jinxy

Go to Jinxy the Sphinx and get to the top of one of the cactus/pillars (climb
up Jinxy and jump off of his nose.). Throw an egg at Jinxy's nose then jump to
the other pillar and repeat; the door will open. Jump on the magic carpet and
fire and egg at the statue's mouth and it will eat it (much like Croctus) and
the carpet will rise. Jump to the next carpet (feathery flap) and repeat the
process; if you fall you will lose energy and have to start again and if you
stay too long on the carpet before going to the next one, it will lower again
and you will have to feed the statue once more. At the end is a jiggy.

2 Pyramidism

Go to the pyramid with a flat roof (next to the hot sand pit). Talon trot to
the roof and hit the switch. You have ten seconds to get to the exit, although
the game wastes a few be freezing the action as you begin to run down the
pyramid just to show you which door is opening. Run inside. First kill the
mum-mum. You have to play a giant game of pelminism (a matching game). Beak
bust a tile and it'll flip over and a clock will start. You must work out where
each matching pair is and flip them both over and they'll stay flipped!
The tiles consist of eight pairs of images:
Mumbo Jumbo
The Yellow Jinjo
A Note
An Egg
A Honeycomb
A Red Feather

Your prize is a jiggy.

3 Free Gobi

Next to the pyramid you've just been in is a sand pit with a carpet flying
around it (I think). Wait until it appears; it'll vanish, and appear again;
step on and you'll be taken to Gobi the camel. He's tied to a stake and to free
him you must pound it (beak bust). You get a jiggy as a reward. But Gobi and
you will not stay friends for long...

4 Annoy Gobi

Go back to the start, and Gobi is sheltering under Trunker the Palm Tree. Gobi
says Trunker looks thirsty but the selfish camel won't give up any of his
water. Jump on his back and he'll spit out his water and run off. Climb one of
the nearby trees and feathery flap across to get the jiggy on top of Trunker.

5 Race up the Temple

Go to the deep sand pit with the platform in the centre and talon trot up the
slope. Bottles' last molehill is here; he'll teach you to use the running
shoes. Go to the only building (other than Jinxy that ISN'T a pyramid. Go round
it, and try not to flick the switch - yet. (This is the only switch in the game
which you don't have to beak bust and you'll see why in a moment). Nearby is
another slope; climb up and there is a pair of running shoes. Don these and go
down to the pyramid; run over the switch to activate it (you can't beak bust
with the shoes on) and run up the side and go down the trapdoor that has
opened; don't worry if the timer hits zero when you're not quite there; you've
still got a few moments to get in. Dive down and get the jiggy and all the
water will drain and form a lake over the deep sandpit. This will make the next
bit a lot easier. (Thankfully this is a permanent feature.)

6 King Sandybutt's Maze

Go to where the water is and find the stone head (like the ones inside Jinxy).
Stand on the platform in front of it and it will begin to slide back and forth,
so throw three eggs into its mouth and it will vanish and materialise at
another point. Keep doing this and a pyramid will rise out of the platform
above. Go in the door. Ignore the mum-mum and as soon as the wall slams down
behind you, run to Banjo's right and keep going; round the first corner run to
the dead-end and press the witch switch. Keep going in the same general
direction to avoid becoming a pancake! The jiggy is in the sarcophagus at the
end, which opens automatically.

7 Find the Jinjoes

Pink In one of the urns by the sarcophagus where you got jiggy 6. get this
before leaving the pyramid or you'll have to go through the maze again.


At the back of the pyramid where you got jiggy 2.


On an island near the start/exit pad.


Feed the first statue inside Jinxy and turn to Banjo's right. Jump onto a
nearby carpet with a jinjo on board!


After you've got jiggy 5, you can dive down into the lake around King
Sandybutt's maze and the jinjo is there.

8 Grab Grabba's Treasure

Go back to the shoes you used to run up the temple (or the ones by the
start/exit pad. Run to the far corner of the game where there is a platform and
some notes over some sand (use waders for these). Grabba will appear with his
jiggy; run and get it. Using running shoes is the easiest way.

However, steveann@bigpond.net.au sent me this tip: "We discovered that in
Gobi's desert, you can get Grabba's treasure without the fast shoes but using
the beak bomb instead."

9 Climb Histup

Get to the flying pad on Jinxy's back and you will see a statue of Kazooie with
a target on its chest. Beak bomb it and quickly land and enter the temple door.
Speak to the snake charmer, but the puzzle's a little obscure. Stand on the
podium facing away from the snake basket, that has the pot circling it and fire
eggs from behind so they hit the pot. After 5 hits, Histup the snake will
appear for you to climb to the jiggy.

10 The Rings of the Ancient Ones

Return to the flying pad and go to the statue that has a ring over its head.
Fly though the ring. Another one will appear, so fly through it. After you've
flown through five rings a jiggy will appear on Jinxy's back.

Leave Gobi's Valley and the sarcophagus outside will have opened to reveal a
jiggy. Use the shock jump pad to get it. Now you can go and play against Mr.
Vile and Boggy (if you haven't already beaten them).
Go to the shock pad outside the Freezeezy Peak entrance and run through the
passage above until you see the switch. Press it and in the hole you opened
earlier, a flying pad will appear. You only have 12 seconds to get there
though; grab the shoes and race down the passage, jumping to get you there
faster. When you do make it, fly upwards and you will see a passage in the wall
over the one leading to Freezeezy Peak. Fly through it and fly up to the ledge
holding the other jiggy (the one the F.P. Witch switch activated). Grab it!

Hopefully you will have at least 450 jiggies now. Go up the slope near
Freezeezy Peak and enter the note door. You will be in an ice cave filled with
water. Dive in and avoid Shrapnel. Enter the pipe and surface in the next room.
There is a big ship that you cannot reach (this is the entrance to Rusty Bucket
Bay). It is important to surface as you may run out of air swimming through the
next tunnel. Do so and you will find yourself in a spooky room. Jump onto the
lowest one of the ledges with a torch on and kill or avoid it. Feathery flap
across to the Mad Monster Mansion jiggy. Get the mumbo token that's close by.
Backtrack to the room with the cobwebs in and turn to Banjo's left. Run along a
narrow ledge to another spiders web and fire eggs. A blue cauldron is
underneath. Leap over to the statue's hat and Brentilda is waiting there.
Return to the statue's mouth and walk carefully through the lava room. You will
eventually find an opening; go in and you'll be in a creepy graveyard. Run
along the path until you see a gate; peck it but don't go in yet. Enter Mad
Monster Mansion (AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!)

7 Walkthrough (continued)

Level 7: Mad Monster Mansion

Don't be alarmed that Bottles doesn't appear at the start; it's not that he's
afraid, it's just that there are no new moves to learn.

1 Catch Napper Napping

Peck both the lighted windows on the ground (go in if you like), then climb up
one of the drainpipes at the side of the house and talon trot up the roof. You
will be on a ledge going round the top floor of the house. Peck the two lighted
windows, but don't bother going in. Shock jump up to the roof. Talon trot over
to the shock spring and jump up onto the chimney. Fall down into the fireplace.
In this room you must get the jigsaw from Napper the ghost without waking him.
He'll only wake if you tread on the floorboards. Use the chairs to cross over
to the table and grab the jiggy. If Napper wakes you must go back up again.

2 A Barrel of Fun

Run around the side of the house and you will find a trapdoor leading to the
cellar. Beak bust it open and go down; if you have gold feathers, kill Tee-Hee
and open the barrels with a peck (except for the one with an X on - this cannot
be opened.) One contains a jiggy!

3 Get the jinjoes


Inside one of the barrels in the cellar.


On the pedestal in the middle of the pond; use the shock jump to get it.


Run through the maze (kill the ghosts).


On the roof of the house.


This is fairly tricky; go to the roof and talon trot along it and fall off
either end; you will land on a windowsill. Break open the window. If you're not
in a room with a four poster bed in, leave (no I'm not talking about your hotel
reservation). If you are, spring on to the top of the bed and the jinjo's on

4 Kazooie has Green Wings

Go and peck down the church gate. In the churchyard are several pots, by some
of the coffins. Fire an egg from behind into each and flowers will magically
appear accompanied by a ghostly 'Thank You.' Fill each one and you will get a
jiggy as a sign of gratitude.

5 The Top of the Spire

Jump on one of the gravestones near to the door of the church and talon trot,
then jump onto the roof. Reach the tower and go round the side (still talon
trotting, or you'll fall off!) Enter the hole in one of the clock faces and use
the shock spring to get up the spire. Climb the weather vane and there's a
jiggy at the top.

6 Play a Duet with Motzhand

Leave the churchyard and go to the pond; run up a slope to find a button. Beak
bust it and grab the shoes and sprint back to the church door before it closes.
Climb the organ using the pedals and jumping onto the stool. Talon trot up to
the manuscript and you will meet Motzhand. Now drop down to the keyboard and
when he plays a note, beak bust that note. Get a wrong note and you'll lose
energy. Eventually you'll receive a jiggy.

7 Tumblar's Letters Board

Go to the shed that has lights shining from it and enter. Jump onto Tumblar and
slide across the room, touching the letter tiles at the edges to spell out
"BANJOKAZOOIE." Two problems however, three if you include the time limit:
i) The Gruntilda tiles; touch one and you lose energy.
ii) Tee-Hee, who is flying around the perimeter and will knock you off Tumbler
if you let him.
Get it right and you'll receive the jiggy.

8 In the Well

Go to Mumbo now. He'll turn you into a pumpkin. Go to where the well is (go
past the shed and follow the path down and left.) Jump down the well.
There is a jiggy in a bucket; take it.

9 Into the Sewers

Go back to the churchyard; go left and look for a hole in the hedge; go through
and go up the slope. Continue along the hedge and up onto the side of the
house. I hope you pecked both of the lighted windows before, otherwise go and
get turned back and peck them. Enter the one containing the bathroom and jump
down the toilet. Avoid the Grille Chompas and get the jiggy. (Watch out for
Grunty's reaction when you leave; it's hilarious: 'I can't believe you went in
there; Now wash your hands, filthy bear!')

10 In the Drain

Exit the bathroom and go round the side of the house until you see a hole (at
the top of one of the drainpipes). Drop down it and you'll find the last jiggy.

Leave the world as a pumpkin and go through the gate you pecked down earlier.
There is an old spooky building (a crypt to be precise). Go round the back for
an extra life, then enter through the hole in the door; Mumbo is inside. He'll
turn you back into a bear. Now go and break the coffin lid (beak bust it) and
inside is a switch. Beak bust it. Now change back to a pumpkin and go to the
lava room. Rather than going back towards the Gobi's Valley puzzle and go along
a winding path to the end. Talk to Brentilda and enter the small passage to
find Cheato again. This time he'll give you a code to double the amount of Red
Feathers you have. It's REDFEATHERS. Now go and get turned back into Banjo -

Go back to the large water caverns and you'll find the water in all three
caverns has risen and you'll enter swimming (since it doesn't affect the
previous room Banjo must have run down some stairs to reach this point...) Swim
through to the ship and you can now get onto the platform; climb up the boxes
and you'll notice the other blue cauldron one a ledge (activate it). Now look
for the crate with the Rare logo (a capital R) on and jump over to it. Beak
bust it and you'll find another switch. The water level will rise further. Swim
to where the Ma Monster Mansion puzzle is. Go to the surface to get a 1 up. Now
go back to the previous room and swim to the other side of the ship and there
is a passage you can enter; go right and find the Rusty Bucket Bay jigsaw. You
need 12 jiggies.
Return to the ship and dive down to enter.

Level 8: Rusty Bucket Bay

1 The Engine Room

This is probably the most difficult part; doing it first will probably save
time as you need to do this to get some of the jiggies and if you die here with
only a few to get you'll have to get them all over again! (*@&%^!) Run up the
gangplank and go right; kill Flotsam and go to the back of the ship; there are
two ventilator pipes; one tries to eat you; jump down the other. Press the
switch and go back up. In one of the funnels is a door; peck it and either run
round, killing a bad guy, or jump over, to the ladder. Climb down (you can't
fall or you'll lose energy and you really don't want to anger the bees here
unless you really have to...)
Run into the room; this is not only the hardest part in the level, but probably
the hardest part in the game (except maybe for Grunty at the end). There's a
platform with a sort of kink in the middle. Run over this the first time to get
the mumbo token, but be careful because:
i) If you fall, you're dead.
ii) The platform will occasionally spin round before returning to its original
position, so run over just after it does so.
Any other time you do this it's safer to run and jump over the middle. Flap
flip onto the first cog then jump onto the next to and off quickly or you'll
fall off. Kill Seaman Grublin. Now there are two camshafts, one on either side
of you. They will start to spin really fast and then stop briefly. If you want
to get the notes on the other side, go across at this point (although the demo
doesn't use it, I recommend you use Kazooie for this, i.e. talon trot.) Return
to this central platform and head towards the fan. The button you pressed
before will make it slow down occasionally; jump through now. Run over to the

2 STILL In the Engine Room

And if you thought that was hard - activate the two switches in the hold (go to
the one nearest the window first, as it will make getting back a LOT easier.
When you get to the other one, stand facing the platform that's similar to the
one you got the first Mumbo token on, except its locked position is slightly
different; on its edge, which is narrower. Wait until it is about to stop
turning and pound the switch. You know have about a minute to get the jiggy.
The cut-away scene shows the ship's engines stopping so you can get through to
the jiggy (trying to go in when they're moving results in INSTANT death, but
thankfully Rare spares us the gory details of what would happen in real life.)
Run and jump over the platform (note that activating the switches the other way
round would result in a MUCH harder platform to cross; it stops with a bit
sticking up that you must jump over.)
Don't worry about the camshaft; activating both switches stops them altogether.
Run out of the funnel and run towards where you activated the first switch and
jump overboard. Dive down and you'll find the blades. Swim through and quickly
get the jiggy. Swim up. Note that the water is polluted with oil and you'll
lose air from just swimming on the surface. Jump onto one of the crates that's
floating in it and take a well-earned rest.

3 Now get the jinjoes


This one's the hardest, so get it first; near to the engines and jiggy 2 is a
platform with a hive and a boom box on. Dive underwater by this one and swim
through a mesh and get the jinjo from this room. Try and pick it up straight
away; if you get down to about three air points then it's advisable to swim out
and jump on a crate before you drown. Now you know why I said get this last;
you wouldn't want to have to get the jiggy here too, would you? I thought not!


Get back to the platform with the hive and the Boom Box on and talon trot over
the roof. Go to where there is an opening in the wall and a sign saying "Toll
2"; fire two eggs into is and a platform will appear. Kill Grille Chompa and
talon trot over the next roof. You'll end up on a platform around a fenced -
off area. Collect the notes then jump in. The jinjo's easy to sea as it has its
own life raft, with its face on. Who could it be trying to escape from? It's
Snacker! He's back and evidently immune to the oil pollution. Swim fast.


Swim out of this section and climb up a ladder nearby. There will be a pool of
toxic waste. Jump across to the jinjo using the oil drums and don't fall in!


Pass the crane and you'll find a hole with "Toll 4" on. Fire 4 eggs and run
over the platform to the three blue buildings. Pass them and climb up the
crates to the top. In the middle one, drop down through the ceiling and you'll
be in a room full of crates; kill the Grublins and the jinjo is in a hard - to
- spot location.


Go back to the last crane and climb the ladder. Cross the crane to the ship and
climb down. Go to the other end, where the other crane is and climb as stack of
boxes and climb the crane. Go down the ladder and find "Toll 8". Guess what ...
you need 8 eggs! Kill the worms and get the last jinjo.

4 Raise the Cage

Run across to the crane by the toxic waste. Go up to the buttons; you can press
the up one with a beak barge; it will raise the cage - temporarily. Quickly
climb the crane and run over to the ship and drop down and get the jiggy before
the cage is lowered (you won't make it if you climb down the rope).

5 In the Captain's Cupboard

Run round to the side of the ship facing the blue boxes and the crane (I think
this is Starboard side). One of the windows can be pecked open; do so. Enter
and you will find yourself in what appears to be the Captain (Grnuntilda?)'s
quarters. Why a Grublin is running around on the bed is anyone's guess. Throw
eggs at the cupboard to end enter to get the jiggy.

6 Inside a Flooded Warehouse

Walk down the gangplank and cross the platform that Toll 2 activated. Cross the
roof and beak bust the window without a light on; you'll land on a platform.
Jump across and kill the Grille Chompa and get the Jiggy.

7 Free Snorkel

Swim out of this room and go up for air. Jump in again and dive until you find
Snorkel, who is trapped under the anchor. Quickly swim up the anchor and into
the ship and jump onto land. Find the switch to raise the anchor and Snorkel
will reward your efforts with a jiggy.

8 The Top of the Funnel

Climb up one of the funnels and cross the gangplank between the two and climb
up the other one. Keep going until you get to the jiggy on top of one of the

9 Switch Game

Drop down off the funnel and go to where the three numbered switches are. You
may (or may not) have noticed the sign that reads "312-111" (it's near the room
with the bunk beds in). This is the order in which you must press the switches.
Get one wrong and you lose energy and must start again.

10 Fight Boss Boom Box

Go to the crane that's holding the box of TNT. Climb the rope. The witch switch
is on a platform which you must Feathery Flap over to from this point. It is
very hard to get though. Cross the crane and climb down to the controls; beak
barge the down button and the TNT will be dropped and will blow up the trapdoor
below. Go back and drop into it. Meet Boss Boom Box (see part 1 for boss
guide). Your prize is a jiggy.

When you leave the world, swim back to the room with Shrapnel in and get the
jiggy. Peck the grate behind it and run along the pipe. There is another
button; press it. The water will rise even higher, but only for about thirty
seconds. Quickly swim back to the room with the Rusty Bucket Bay entrance and
swim to the right and there will be a passage you can now reach with steps that
lead to Cheato, who will tell you how to increase your gold feathers to 20. The
code is GOLDFEATHERS (surprise, surprise!).
Go to the previous room and get to the note door (you need something like 640
notes here). I hope you have plenty of gold feathers; the corridor is full of
Whipcracks. Kill them all and run into the meadow beyond. Turn right or left
and you will find a passage leading to a red cauldron, which will create a warp
back to near Treasure Trove Cove. Now use the leaves to climb up to the
platform above. There is a passage leading back to the previous room and where
you can get a mumbo token. Find the switch  and a jigsaw pad will appear in
front of the Click Clock Wood picture. Go back there (use the cauldron warp)
and open the door (you need 15 jiggies!) Warp back to the glade and enter the

Level 9: Click Clock Wood

This level has four areas, representing the four seasons. They are actually the
same area, but you time travel between them! Also, things you do in earlier
seasons will affect what happens in the later ones. First, find the Spring
switch (near Autumn/Fall), and open the first door.

1 The Top of the Tree

Go into Spring. Get to one of the passages that leads to the side of the big
tree and kill the birds that appear. Find a slope going up the side of the tree
and go up it. Talon Trot up the slope to the left and keep going. You need to
Feathery Flap to get from ledge to ledge at one point; run towards the edge of
the platform, jump into mid air and press A again, steering yourself towards
the next platform. If you fall, hope you land in the lake or you'll lose
***NOTE*** I've been asked for help on this section, so I will explain more
clearly; run along the platform towards the left and jump as you reach the
wall, angling the joystick so Banjo jumps out of the ledge and towards the
left. Before you can fall, press B again to feathery flap and at the same time,
angle the joystick so you go back into the tree. If you have real problems, its
best to practise in Clanker's Cavern; go to Clanker's lake and find the
platform with a Grille Chompa that has a slope going off it to the right (this
leads to a 1 up) and you will find a similar series of platforms, only using
these there is less chance of you losing energy). Hope that helped.***
At the end of this, run over to the half - built treehouse and drop down to the
ledge with the bee hive on. Go along the platform, jumping the gaps (this is
easier in the other seasons as there are fewer gaps). Enter Nabnut's home if
you like but nothing will happen. Activate the Summer switch outside. Jump over
a series of gaps and then go up the series of wooden platforms to the door at
the top, which you should open with a peck or an egg. Inside is a room with
loads of Whipcracks in and a jiggy. You do not need to get this in Spring
though, and you can get it in any season. Winter is easiest as you can fly up
there; Autumn is next easiest, as there are fewer gaps (but a few more
baddies). Spring and Summer are hardest as Spring has more gaps, and if you
fall in Summer, the lake has dried up and you will lose energy if you fall. If
you go up here in another season you will find a 1 up and going there in all
four seasons will give you two 1 ups on the fourth go (see 1 ups section).

2 Entertaining Eyrie the Eagle

Go down to the nest with the big egg in. Shock Spring to the top of the egg and
break it (beak bust). An eaglet, called Eyrie, will pop out and regard Kazooie
(supposedly, since Banjo isn't exactly a bird) as his mother.
Go to Summer and Eyrie will announce that he wants five caterpillars. There are
actually seven on the level:
i) Near the entrance
ii) Behind the high platform that you can't get at, in the middle of what was a
iii) On the ledge between the bull's field and Grunty's thorns
iv) Outside Mumbo's hut.
v) After the section where you talon trot up the tree, go left, avoid the plant
and get the caterpillar.
vi) In Nabnut's house (if you can stand the noises he makes, though...)
vii) Just outside the nest.
Give these to Eyrie by climbing up to his nest. Be careful you don't fall as
the lake has dried up and you will lose energy. Also, some Big Clucks will have
appeared on the ledges just before Eyrie's nest.
Run along the lake bed and kill the Big Cluck at the end. Press the Autumn
(Fall in the US) switch and leave.
Enter Autumn/Fall and Eyrie wants ten caterpillars. You should have two left
over from summer. Also get some from:
i) A pile of leaves by the entrance
ii) and iii) Piles of leaves, near BigButt
iv) The bottom level of the tree, near Mumbo's hut
v) Inside Mumbo's hut
vi) One of the slopes leading to the tree (guarded by a Big Cluck)
vii) The branches over Mumbo's hut
viii) On the Zubbas' nest
ix) In the Zubbas' nest
x) Near the treehouse
xi) In Nabnut's house
xii) Outside the door at the top of the tree
xiii) On the side of Eyrie's nest (he is really that lazy?)
Close to Eyrie's nest is the Winter switch. Activate it and give Eyrie the
caterpillars, then go to Winter. It is easy to get up to Eyrie, or indeed
anywhere, in Winter, although I recommend you kill all the snowmen first; one
is guarding the Witch Switch. Eyrie looks very different now. He is now a
"mighty eagle" and will give you a jiggy (I won't go into where he gets it

3 Mumbo Magic: Bee

Go back to Spring and go to Mumbo. He'll turn you into a bee. Fly up to a point
high up and you'll get a jiggy guarded by a Venus Bear Trap.

4 On the Leaves

In Summer, go up the side of the tree. Go up to where you have to talon trot
and go right, rather than left. There is a series of leaves you have to cross.
There is a jiggy guarded by a Big Cluck.

5 Inside the Treehouse

Still in Summer, go to the treehouse. It is complete - except for the floor.
Jump over to the 1 up and then jump over to the jiggy.

6 Fight the Zubbas

Go to the bees' nest and stomp on the square at the top. Fight the Zubbas (see
bosses) for their jiggy.

7 Open Gnawty's House

Remember how in Spring you saw Gnawty the beaver, who couldn't get into his
den? Now the lake's dried up you can beak bust the rock open. Gnawty invites
you in; you can get the notes and red feathers in the entrance, but don't try
to get up the slope; it's impossible. Go to Autumn/Fall and now you can swim in
and get the jiggy.

8 Kazooie Still Has Green Wings

Go back to Spring. Near the bull is a fenced area, with a hole in it. Fire eggs
from behind into it and a flower will appear. Go to Summer and find the flower.
Guess who's sheltering under it? Gobi!
Stomp on his back and he'll spit out water. Go to Autumn/Fall and stomp Gobi
again and he'll run away. Go up to the bees nest and drop from here onto the
top of the flower to get a jiggy.

9 Acorn Hunt

Go to Nabnut in Autumn/Fall and he'll tell you to find 6 acorns:
i) In Nabnut's house (he missed it???)
ii) and iii) Run down the planks outside Nabnut's house to where Grublin Hood
is. Talon Trot down the slopes on either side.
iv) Go up to the circular platform near Nabnut and flip flap to get the acorn.
v) Feathery flap across the ring and get the fifth acorn.
vi) Run up another platform outside Nabnut's house; it leads to a window. Peck
it open and dive down into the water to get the last acorn.
Nabnut gives you a jiggy.

10 Get the Jinjoes

Pink In Spring, get turned into a bee and go into the bees nest to find it.


Still as a bee, in Spring, fly up to the door in the tree and get the jinjo
from the plant (it won't attack you as a bee).


Go to Summer (you'll automatically be turned back into a bear) and run left and
you'll find the jinjo hidden in the grass.


In Autumn, on top of a pile of leaves.


In Winter, fly to the roof of Mumbo's hut.

Before you exit the level turn back into a bee; now leave the level and fly up
to the hollow where the final jiggy is. Also collect the extra life that is
above the Click Clock Wood entrance.

Go through the note door (you should have enough notes) and you will find a
platform with a picture of Tooty on, and you will be warped to:

Grunty's Furnace Fun

After watching the introduction, go to the yellow cauldron and activate it. The
object of this is to answer all the questions right to get Tooty back. There is
a game board with several different tiles on where you must answer a question.
On most tiles, getting a wrong answer loses you a honeycomb. There are some
blank tiles (usually at forks in the path) with honeycombs on. There are also
three extra lives. The different types of tiles are listed below.


Grunty will ask you a question about the game (e.g. how many levels are there?)


You are shown a picture of something either obscure or at an odd angle. You
have to say what world it is in.


You will hear a tune from the game, or an object or character noise. These are
mostly easy as a lot of the options are objects or characters that don't even
exist (e.g. "Boggy the Walrus", "Mrs. Piles the Alligator")


You will be warped to a random boss or mini game. These include:
i) The letters board in Treasure Trove Cove
ii) Mr. Vile (playing the hardest game)
iii) The Tiptup choir
iv) The pelminism game from Gobi's Valley
v) Boss Boom Box (back from the dead)
vi) The Zubbas
You have to beat them but you don't have much time to do so. If you lose energy
in there, that will count.


You don't lose energy if you get this wrong, but you only have one chance to
get it right. If you do you win two jokers and you can press B on any tile to
skip the question using these. (You give them back after you use them,
obviously). The question will be random, from any category.


I hope you noted down all of Brentilda's facts about her sister (and made sure
no - one's thrown it away; that happened to me once); Grunty will ask you one.
There are three choices for each subject (i.e., where does Grunty sleep? What's
her favourite colour?) and every time you play one of the three will be given
to you at random by Brentilda (sort of like a parallel universe). This is the
correct answer you must put. Therefore make notes for each separate game and
don't mix them up as they will be different every time you play. I hope this is
clear enough.


You will be asked a random question from any category. There are no second
chances here; if you get it wrong you will be flung into the lava,
automatically losing a life.

N.B. One of the questions is how many squares on the board? It's 96 (or
whichever answer is closest to that).

Get past this and Banjo will free Tooty. Watch the credits... It's over, or is
Tooty will order you back to defeat Gruntilda; go up the stairs she went up and
you will find another note door and a yellow cauldron; an extra life can be
found nearby. Open the note door and you are faced with an empty jigsaw. It
needs 25 pieces! It reveals a picture of Grunty. The door that opens leads to
Dingpot and four note doors. Three lead to areas where you can replenish your
eggs and feathers signified by the presence of giant feathers and a giant egg
which you must touch. The highest note door (882 notes needed) reveals a
jigsaw. You need 4 jiggies and you will reveal a picture of a honeycomb. Your
life meter will turn red; this means you have twice the amount of energy you
had before (a maximum of 18 hit points!) All the pictures added together come
to 98 jiggies. Therefore you have two left over (i.e. you can complete the game
with only 98 jiggies, or - without getting double health - 94.)
Jump into Dingpot and he'll shoot you up to the roof where Gruntilda is
Beat her (see boss guide) and she'll fall  off the edge, to be buried alive
under a pile of rocks, but she's determined to escape, so she'll probably be
back ... in the sequel, Banjo - Tooie (due for its UK release in April 2001,
and I think tis already out in the US.) Note: "Tooie" is not a misspelling of
"Tooty", nor is it a new character and Kazooie IS in it. It's supposed to be
some sort of mixture of "Two" and "Kazooie". I have ordered this game and will
write a FAQ on it very soon!!!
If you get all 100 jiggies, Mumbo will show you a demo of some scenes from the
game; this  includes:
i) The rock that says "Shark Food Island" (Treasure Trove Cove) has been raised
(supposedly you have to do this yourself somehow) and inside is a high (and I
mean HIGH!) pillar you must get up by feathery flapping up at least ten times.
(Don't fall, whatever you do!) At the top is a pink egg with ?s on it (could be
the equivalent of a jiggy?)
ii) In Wozza's cave you saw that key, remember? Well, now you can go through
and get it!
iii) In Gobi's desert, where Gobi spat out the super honeycomb, there is a
door. You can now open this and go in to get another egg!

Codes to find these are found in the "Cheats" section below.

8 Witch Switch Locations

Mumbo's Mountain

Near Conga's tree, feathery flap across some platforms to reach the switch. The
jiggy appears above the entrance to the level. To get to it, you must exit as a
termite and run up the side of the mountain.

Treasure Trove Cove

The switch is next to the lighthouse. This will cause the cannon in the lobby
to fire a jigsaw onto the ship opposite. Climb up to it by jumping onto the
cannon that's sticking out.

Clanker's Cavern

It's inside Clanker; turn round as you enter and you will see it. When it is
pressed, the eyes on the Gruntilda pic outside the Treasure Trove Cove and
Rusty Bucket Bay jigsaws will rise. Beak bust them both for a jiggy.

Bubblegloop Swamp

It is under one of the huts that you beak bust. The hat of the Gruntilda statue
will lose its tip; now, go through the 270 note door and find the switch that
activates the Shock Spring Pad (its behind one of the brick walls you must
knock down). The shock spring pad will circle round the large urn. Use it to
spring up and into the urn. You will fall into the statue and collect the jiggy

Freezeezy Peak

It is under one of the abominable snowmen. Beak blast it to destroy it (its the
one on a small island near the pile of presents). To get to the jiggy, use the
Shock Spring Pad outside the entrance and find the blue switch. You must do
this after you've learned to use the running shoes in Gobi's Valley, as you
only have twelve seconds to reach the flying pad that appears in the pit nearby
(note: if it doesn't appear, then you haven't removed the spider's web that
covers it - use eggs to break this). When you finally do take off, head for the
icy tunnel high above the corridor leading to Freezeezy Peak, and fly along it.
Don't touch the ground or you will stop flying and have to start again. The
jiggy is in a tiny alcove at the top of the blue screen.

Gobi's Valley

Its inside King Sandybutt's maze. It isn't far from the main route. It will
cause the sarcophagus by the large urn to open, revealing a jiggy. Use the
Shock Spring Pad again, but as you do the first spring, you must move towards
the jiggy or you will not make it.

Mad Monster Mansion

Use the flying pad in the church to fly up into the rafters. The Witch Switch
is there. It will cause a jiggy to appear in the eyeball of the Gruntilda face
that contained the 360 note door (leading to the lava room and Mad Monster
Mansion). You must activate the flying pad again and beak bomb the eye to break

Rusty Bucket Bay

This is really hard to get; climb the chain to the top of the crane that holds
the TNT box, and you will see the Witch Switch on a high ledge, that can only
be reached by doing a feathery flap across to it (and even then its hard.)
Fortunately, its also the easiest jiggy to get. Swim back to the cavern
containing the note door leading to Click Clock Wood and find the ledge with
the jiggy on.

Click Clock Wood

In Winter, its on a lone branch under a snowman (beak bomb him). To get to the
jiggy, return to Spring and become a bee. Exit the world and fly up to the high
alcove (above the note door leading to Grunty's Furnace Fun). While you're
there, also collect the 1 up on the top of the stump leading to Click Clock

9 Super Honeycomb Locations

Spiral Mountain

i) On one of the stumps near where you learn the jumps
ii) After learning to swim, find a hollow underwater with one in.
iii) After learning to climb, cross the bridge and climb the tree that's there.
iv) Go towards the waterfall and jump towards it using the platforms (also,
get the extra life behind the waterfall.)
v) After learning the beak barge, practise on all the brown blocks with eyes.
vi) When Bottles teaches you to fight, kill all the baddies that appear in the
arena (you have to) and a super honeycomb will appear. N.B. After you learn to
fight, bad guys will start popping up all over the level.)
Finally, run back to Banjo's house and jump onto the roof using the bin (use
the flap-flip jump). Jump on the chimney and grab the 1 up.

Mumbo's Mountain

i) Above Juju (see above for how to get it).
ii) When you're a termite, run down the slope from Ticker's Tower to the lake.
There's another one on a ledge.

Treasure Trove Cove

i) Near to where the treasure is, its floating out to sea on a crate.
ii) Go behind Nipper's shell; dive down to get it but avoid Snacker.

Clanker's Cavern

i) Near the Shock Jump Spring is a  green pipe that goes into the water; swim
under it and then go up. There is a honeycomb inside. (This is very tricky to
ii) After getting the orange jinjo, climb out of the pipe and talon trot down
the slope with the notes on; jump onto the next pipe and break the grate. The
honeycomb is here.

Bubblegloop Swamp

i) In Mumbo's hut, use the pillar that's not alight to get up to the rafters.
Feathery flap across the room and there's a super honeycomb in the middle.
ii) In Tanktup's shell, stand on Tiptup's music stand. Flap flip to get the

Freezeezy Peak

i) You get this from killing one of the snowmen (the one nearest Mumbo's hut).
ii) As a walrus, go into Wozza's cave; go along the underwater tunnel (you
cannot run out of air as a walrus) and there's a super honeycomb at the end.
Get the extra life, but avoid the ice cube; you're defenceless!

Gobi's Valley

i) Get on the flying carpet near Jinxy AFTER getting jiggy 4 and you will find
Gobi again. There's a door behind him but ignore this; like the ice key you
can't get into it yet. Jump on Gobi's back and he'll spit out the super
honeycomb then run away.
ii) Go behind the pyramid where you played pelminism and there's a switch. Hit
it and a super honeycomb will appear, but its inside a hoop - made out of
cactus! (The hoop, not the honeycomb) Fly through carefully!

Mad Monster Mansion

i) In the Church, climb the organ and jump over to the flight pad. Fly up to
the rafters and there is a super honeycomb somewhere there. Note that the Witch
Switch is also in the rafters.
ii) You need to be a pumpkin to get this; go into the room on the upper floor
that isn't the bathroom and the honeycomb is under the floorboards.

Rusty Bucket Bay

i) When you go to get jiggy 1, climb down the funnel and jump into the tiny
hole above the door. Get the super honeycomb here.
ii) After getting the yellow jinjo, swim to the wall opposite and perpendicular
to the one with the hole in where you can swim out. Dive and enter a tunnel and
you will be in a room where you can activate a switch to make the super
honeycomb appear. Get to the flying pad and fly to it.

Click Clock Wood

These are both in Winter:
i) Swim through the break in the ice. Quickly get to Gnawty's house; icy water
here takes air twice as fast. The super honeycomb is on a shelf.
ii) Start flying and beak bust the window above Nabnut's door and you'll find

10	Mumbo Token Locations

N.B. I am aware that I am missing some. As far as I can tell, I am missing

ONE token from Grunty's Lair
ONE token from Bubblegloop Swamp
FOUR tokens from Mad Monster Mansion
FOUR tokens from Rusty Bucket Bay
FOUR tokens from Click Clock Wood

Grunty's Lair

i) Behind the first pink cauldron.
ii) Near to the Click Clock wood jigsaw (look in a hollow).
iii) Behind the sarcophagus (outside Gobi's Valley).
iv) Use the shock jump spring outside Freezeezy Peak, follow the passage until
you see another spring. Use this and you reach a hollow containing a mumbo
v) It's on a ledge near the Mad Monster Mansion jigsaw; feathery flap to reach
vi) In the water outside Rusty Bucket Bay, swim to the bottom and there's
another token.
Donkey Kong Song adds:
vii) Behind Mumbo inside the crypt (outside Mad Monster Mansion).
viii) In the pipe with the 1st Red Cauldron, on the exit.
ix) It's near the entrance to Grunty's Furnace Fun, in the room with the
Shrapnel, take the tunnel with the Eggs.

Mumbo's Mountain

i) Behind the pink jinjo.
ii) Under the slop leading to Mumbo's hut.
iii) In the ruins.
iv) You'll have found this jumping over the platforms to get to the witch
v) Enter Ticker's Tower. Kill the termite and flap flip to get the last token.

Treasure Trove Cove

i) On the mast of Blubber's ship (below the platform where you learn to fly).
ii) In the ship's hold.
iii) On a crate under the archway.
iv) and v) In a chest near to jiggies 6 and 7.
vi) Over the first shock spring.
vii) Near to where you get jiggy 5.
viii) In the lighthouse entrance.
ix) Behind Nipper's shell.
x) Under a Shrapnel (near the Jiggy that is under a Shrapnel)

Clanker's Cavern

i) Above the start/exit pad is a mumbo token; to get it, climb the ladder and
go left, avoiding the worms. Jump over to it.
ii) In a pipe by clanker; the first clockwise from the pipe leading to the
iii) Under Jiggy 4, guarded by a worm.
iv) Get onto the platform with the 1 up and shock spring on and Shock Jump
right (jump off the Pad as you do the first jump to allow you to reach the pipe
on the wall) and climb up. There is a Mumbo token.
v) In Clanker's mouth; break both his gold teeth (see above).

Bubblegloop Swamp

i) Go to the shock spring closest to where the third croctus was; the token is
in mid-air. You must press A and manoeuvre Banjo close to the edge of the
platform before Kazooie springs and you will leap across and get it.
ii) There's one behind Mumbo's hut.
iii) Inside the Croc's head.
iv) On top of the pole near the giant egg.
v) Just off the narrow platform you walk along to reach jiggy 2 (its in the
middle of a cluster of eggs.)
vi) and vii) In the swamp water, near to the pink jinjo.
viii) Behind the yellow jinjo
ix) Behind Tiptup

Freezeezy Peak

i) In the base of the christmas tree.
ii) and iii) Under  snowmen (the one nearest Wozza's cave and the one nearest
to Boggy.)
iv) Next to the pile of presents.
v) in Boggy's igloo.
vi) and vii) At the feet of the giant snowman.
viii) You can't avoid getting this one; as you slide off the snowman using
Boggy's sledge, you'll collect it!
ix) Get up to the flying pad that's on one of the chimneys. Start flying and
you'll collect it!
x) As a walrus, go into the lake near to Wozza's house.

Gobi's Valley

i) Inside Jinxy; avoid Slappa.
ii) Talon trot up the pyramid with the maze inside.
iii) Just outside the exit to the pyramid with the water in (i.e. where jiggy 5
was; get it as you leave.)
iv) Get the waders on Jinxy's tail and run into the sand behind (where all the
notes are); its in the corner.
v) Climb up to Jinxy's nose and jump up.
vi) In the pyramid where you get jiggy 2.
vii) Dive down to the water where the blue jinjo is and its there.
viii) At the end of the maze, near the pink jinjo, its inside one of the pots.
ix) In the pyramid where you got jiggy 8.
x) This one is easily missed. In the pyramid which is full of water (until you
get the jiggy), this is on the surface of the water. Get it before taking the
jiggy or it is impossible to get.

Mad Monster Mansion

i) In the maze
ii) On the shed roof.
iii) In the well (grab as a pumpkin)
iv) When you're a pumpkin, go through the gap that leads to the slope up to the
top of the hedge. You can't miss it!
v) In the bathroom sink.
vi) In one of the barrels found in the cellar.
vii) In the door leading into the clock.
viii) On the organ stool.
ix) In the church rafters.
x) Behind one of the gravestones
xi) In the rafters of the church

Rusty Bucket Bay

i) and ii) After getting jiggy 2 (and you're not going to like this), return to
the fan room and hit both switches again. All the camshafts will be stopped for
about a minute, so get the two mumbo tokens that are above the blue ones to
either side (near the notes). Flap flip to get them.
iii) On top of the funnel that doesn't have a jiggy on.
iv) On a platform in the toxic waste.
v) In the left - hand blue box.
vi) Go down the ventilator pipe right next ot the gangplank and it's on a box.
vii) Near where the jiggy under the cage was is a room with a chart and radar
equipment in (accessed via a window). It has a mumbo token.
viii) Near the same jiggy are two pipes. Go down the one that isn't alive and
there's a token in an oven (use the wonderwing to get it or you'll singe your
ix) At the base of the tower with the witch switch on, there's a Grille Chomp
guarding it.
x) Fire two eggs into Toll 2, then fire four more. The platform will move out
further and you can get the Mumbo Token, which was previously impossible.
xi) It is easy to spot as you enter the fan room.

Click Clock Wood


i) On the branches over Mumbo's hut
ii) In a snarebear, across the river from BigButt
iii) In the what WILL be a treehouse
iv) On Nabnut's wardrobe
v) Near Eyrie's nest
vi) In a corner of the brambles
vii) On the Zubbas' nest
viii) In a snarebear by the entrance


ix) In the entrance to Gnawty's house
x) In a bear trap, near to the slope leading up the tree
xi) In Mumbo's hut, in the rafters
xii) Above jiggy 4
xiii) In the branches over Mumbo's hut
xiv) In - between Nabnut's house and Eyrie's nest
xv) In the corner of the field with Bigbutt in (closest to Mumbo's skull)


xvi) In the bear trap by the entrance
xvii) The branches over Mumbo's hut
xviii) On a branch near the treehouse
xix) In the bear trap by the door at the top of the tree
xx) On one of the leaves sticking out from the tree (near to the slope leading
up the tree)


xxi) In the remains of the Zubbas' nest

11 1 up locations

Spiral Mountain

i) Do a backflip over Banjo's house (try from the bins) and there is a 1 up
over the chimney.
ii) Behind the waterfall.

Mumbo's Mountain

i) At the top of Ticker's Tower.
ii) Inside one of the huts you demolish!

Treasure Trove Cove

i) Under the water, near the first X.
ii) On a crate, near a rock with a sign on (this says "Shark Food Island" on.
See later in the FAQ for something on this. It's not just there for
iii) On a ledge near to the orange jinjo.

Clanker's Cavern

i) In plain sight, near to Clanker and guarded by Grille Chompa.
ii) Get the orange jinjo and run down the inside of the pipe; you'll get it
when you fall.
iii) There's a platform with a hive and a grille chompa, by Clanker; run up the
slope next to it and use the shock spring. Feathery Flap from one ledge to
another and you'll get an extra life at the end.

Bubblegloop Swamp

i) On top of the giant egg.
ii) In the swamp water, near the pink jinjo.

Freezeezy Peak

i) On top of Mumbo's hut.
ii) Behind winners' rostrum (at the end of Boggy's race.)
iii) As a walrus, go into the back of Wozza's cave, where the super honeycomb

Gobi's Valley

i) Get the waders from Jinxy's tail and run across the sand straight ahead of
Banjo. Its in one of the far corners.
ii) At the top of the pyramid where jiggy 5 is.

Mad Monster Mansion

i) At the back of the organ.
ii) After getting Napper's jiggy, use the flight pad and get the 1 up that is
in the chandelier.
iii) Go to the back of the church; there is a window with a picture of Banjo
and Kazooie on; you can jump through it. Kill the Portrait Chompas and get the
extra life.

Rusty Bucket Bay

i) In the room where you got jiggy 7.
ii) Go back to the three blue boxes and enter the right hand one. run around
until all the boom boxes have exploded, and a 1 up will appear.
iii) In the room where jiggy 1 is; it's to the left.

Click Clock Wood

i) In Spring, as a bee, go to the snarebear on the island. It has a 1 up.
ii) In Spring, go along the branch at the top of the talon trot section.
iii) Mentioned above; in Summer, in the hut.
iv) In Autumn, on a branch near the treehouse
v) In Winter, go to Gnawty's house. Swim out and turn right; get the 1 up and
swim back quickly (you can see the as you walk over the ice).
vi) - ix) Go to the door at the top of the tree in all four seasons; the second
time there will be a 1 up on a low branch, third time there will be one on a
high branch. Last time round there will be two (one in the two positions noted

12 Summary of Cheato Locations

i) As a crocodile, leave Bubblegloop Swamp and run down toe pipe behind it.
Break the rock and enter the tiny passage.
ii) As a pumpkin, go down the winding path outside Mad Monster Mansion and find
another tiny hole.
iii) When you've raised the water level twice, find the switch (in the first
water cavern) that raises it further) and go back to the next room and find
some stairs that are otherwise unreachable.

13 Summary of Warp Cauldron Locations

Purple - Bottom of stairs near to 50 note door to
		  Area outside 360 and 450 note doors

Red - Sewer near 180 note door to
		Tunnel outside Click Clock Wood
(easily the most useful one to get).

Blue - Under spiders web near 450 note door to
		Outside Rusty Bucket Bay

Yellow - In Grunty's Furnace Fun to
			Outside the note door leading to Grunty's picture.
(Probably the least useful cauldron as running over the tiles (making sure you
don't fall in the lava) is not a problem and you can get three extra lives
doing so.)

14 Secret Codes

All these can be used in the sandcastle in Treasure Trove Cove

CHEATGIVETHEBEARLOTSOFAIR - Infinite air; useful in levels such as Clanker's
Cavern and Rusty Bucket Bay.

CHEATLOTSOFGOESWITHMANYBANJOES - Infinite lives. Very useful on later levels
like Rusty Bucket Bay, so you don't have to keep restarting the game. **Correct
code at last; thanks to the person (I can't recall who) who pointed out this


CHEATDONTBEADUMBOGOSEEMUMBO - Infinite Mumbo Tokens - though finding all his
tokens yourself is probably more satisfying.

***These were sent to me by Donkey Kong Song***:

Infinite Eggs and Feathers!




Donkey Kong Song also told me how to get the secrets (actually I knew already;
I'd just forgotten to put them in the FAQ).

These will enable you to get the secrets! I swear, it works! IÕve tried
it, and everyone at the Banjo-Kazooie (and the Tooie boarders who have
Kazooie) have tried them, and they work!

But please note: The secrets have NO use in this game. They were originally to
be in a special feature called "Stop N Swap" which was left out. Some of the
eggs appear in Banjo Tooie and can be used there.



in WozzaÕs Cave

And even more secrets! (Mumbo didnÕt tell you about these)

Mad Monster Mansion, inside is a Turquoise Egg

top of Loggo the Toilet

the CaptainÕs Bed

NabnutÕs table in Winter

Bottles' bonuses (you get these by playing the picture bonus game and they're
just for fun).

BOTTLESBONUSONE - Banjo gets a big head

BOTTLESBONUSTWO - Banjo has big hands and big feet

BOTTLESBONUSTHREE - Noting happened? Try beak busing - Kazooie is massive!

BOTTLESBONUSFOUR - Banjo is thin and has a tiny head.

hands and feet, but is skinny.

BIGBOTTLESBONUS - Banjo and Kazooie have big heads; Banjo also has big hands
and feet.

WISHYWASHYBANJO - Banjo turns into a washing machine!!!

NOBONUS will reverse the spells! N.B. If it doesn't work, leave the Sandcastle,
then re - enter and try again!

Cheato spells: You must have seen Cheato to activate them:

BLUEEGGS - Maximum of 200 eggs.

REDFEATHERS - Maximum of 100 red feathers.

GOLDFEATHERS - Maximum of 20 gold feathers.

These allow you to skip seeing Bottles, open doors without getting
notes/jiggies and opens other shortcuts (if you're really lazy):

seeing Bottles










Bubblegloop Swamp picture puzzle

Wood Jiggy podium

Rusty Bucket Bay

of the Grunty statue near Bubblegloop Swamp

first Cheato


Grunty statue


Monster Mansion

room with the first water level switch

Mad Monster Mansion and Click Clock Wood







WARNING! I have heard that your game will be erased if you try to cheat too
many times without going out of the sandcastle in - between. Information
differs, but I've read alternately that Gruntilda erases the game you're using,
or that after the second cheat she appears and tells you to stop, and then if
you use another, a furious Bottles will appear and say that if you cheat again
he will erase your game, and you can press Yes, or press No, and you can't use
another cheat. But I'm not completely sure. I've not tried it myself.

Donkey Kong Song explains further:

And here are the secrets about the erasing this. If you enter two of
these cheats in, Grunty will say, "Stop this cheating, Grunty says, or
your Game Pak IÕll erase!" Then enter in another cheat, and Bottles will
say, "Banjo! If you use a third cheat, your Game Pak will be erased. Are
you sure you want to do this?" A Yes, B NoÉ If Yes, Grunty will say,
"You didnÕt listen, IÕm amazed, now your Game Pak is erased!" You canÕt
use any more cheats, no matter what they are, and when you quit and
start back up, your file will be erased.


Here are some questions I've been asked about the game. Here are my answers; so
please don't write in to ask these (also, check the guide to see if the answer
is included in it before you mail me).

"On the PC version there is no start pad so I can't exit the world".

I'm afraid I can only suggest you quit, save and restart. I don't know what
causes the problem.


"How do you defeat the green bulb in the room above Nabnut's house?"

You can't; it is just a decoration.


How you you make the Click Clock Wood pad appear?

I believe I've answered that in the FAQ; press the switch near the CCW


Can you recover an erased game?

Sorry, but no


What are the eggs and key for?



Then why are they there?

Play Banjo Tooie, then you'll see

I hope this FAQ has been useful; if you spot a mistake, or something I missed,
e-mail me: GavLuvsGA@aol.com. But please do not send me IMs!

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