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Guide and Walkthrough by namod65

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 07/05/2005

                    R A R E W A R E  A N D  N I N T E N D O

                       M       11 `MMM'
                M     0MMM    MMMM
   MMMMMM   MM     MM.           MMMMM  MMMMMMMMMM                .
    M1'                        MMMM'     MMMMM0                 MMMMM
            M0MMM   MMMM1     M              MMMMMMMMMM           MMM      .
              MMMM.  OMM MM      MMM MMMM MMM          MMMMMMMMMMM  MMM MMMM.
              MMMMM              MM MMMMMMMMMM           0MMMMMM0       `MMMMMMM

                               ~ Banjo-Kazooie ~

                        Type of FAQ: FAQ/Walkthrough
                             Author: Namod65
                          Real Name: Nathaniel Modlich
                              Email: Namod65[at]yahoo[dot]com
                               Size: 172 KB
                      Guide Started: May 17, 2004
                    Guide Completed: Feburary 27, 2005
                      Latest Update: 1.00
                           Platform: Nintendo 64
                       ASCII Artist: shoecream

  This file is Copyright 2004-2005 (c) Nathaniel Modlich. All rights reserved.

Always check back to GameFAQs.com for the latest version of this guide.

|                                                                             |
o          o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o         o
|          |                   Table of Contents                    |         |
o          o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o         o
|                                                                             |

If you want to move quickly through this guide you can highlight the section
coding ei. <HH04>. Then press crtl c, then press crtl f, then crtl v. Now
press enter and it will take you to that section of the guide. For mac users
just use the apple key instead of crtl.

   | VERSION HISTORY................................................<VRHY> |
   | INTRODUCTION...................................................<INTR> |
   | GAME BASICS....................................................<BASC> |
   |       Controls.................................................<CONT> |
   |       Basic Moves..............................................<BAMV> |
   |       Advanced Moves...........................................<ADMV> |
   |       Jiggies..................................................<JGGY> |
   |       Musical Notes............................................<MNOT> |
   |       Jinjos...................................................<JINJ> |
   |       Mumbo and M-Tokens.......................................<MUTK> |
   |       Hollow Honeycombs........................................<HOCB> |
   |       Health/Honeycombs........................................<HCHT> |
   |       Oxygen...................................................<OXGN> |
   |       Red Feathers.............................................<RDFH> |
   |       Gold Feathers............................................<GDFH> |
   |       Eggs.....................................................<EGGS> |
   |       Witch Switches...........................................<WHSH> |
   |       Enemies..................................................<ENEM> |
   |       Mini-Games...............................................<MGAM> |
   | WALKTHROUGH....................................................<WALK> |
   |       Sprial Mountain..........................................<SPMT> |
   |       Grunty's Lair 1..........................................<GL01> |
   |       Mumbo's Mountain.........................................<MUMT> |
   |       Grunty's lair 2..........................................<GL02> |
   |       Treasure Trove Cove......................................<TTCV> |
   |       Grunty's Lair 3..........................................<GL03> |
   |       Clanker's Caveren........................................<CLCV> |
   |       Grunty's Lair 4..........................................<GL04> |
   |       Bubblegloop Swamp........................................<BBGS> |
   |       Grunty's Lair 5..........................................<GL05> |
   |       Freezeey Peak............................................<FRPK> |
   |       Grunty's Lair 6..........................................<GL06> |
   |       Gobi's Valley............................................<GBVY> |
   |       Grunty's Lair 7..........................................<GL07> |
   |       Return Freezeey Peak.....................................<FRP2> |
   |       Grunty's Lair 8..........................................<GL08> |
   |       Mad Monster Mansion......................................<MDMM> |
   |       Grunty's Lair 9..........................................<GL09> |
   |       Treasure Tove Return.....................................<TTCT> |
   |       Grunty's Lair 10.........................................<GL10> |
   |       Treasure Trove 3.........................................<TTT3> |
   |       Grunty's Lair 11.........................................<GL11> |
   |       Rusty Bucket Bay.........................................<RBBY> |
   |       Grunty's Lair 12.........................................<GL12> |
   |       Click Clock Wood.........................................<CCWD> |
   |       Grunty's Lair 13.........................................<GL13> |
   |       Grunty's Furnace Fun.....................................<GYFF> |
   |       Grunty's Lair 14.........................................<GL14> |
   |       Fighting Grunty..........................................<FGRT> |
   | CHEATS AND SECRETS.............................................<CAST> |
   | CONTACT INFO...................................................<CNIN> |
   | LEGAL INFO.....................................................<LGIN> |
   | CREDITS........................................................<CDCL> |

|                                                                             |
o          o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o         o
|          |                     Version History             <VRHY> |         |
o          o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o         o
|                                                                             |

                     | Version 1.00| 2/27/05 | 208KB|
            | Finaly, after almost a year, this guide is now |
            | completly done. I finished the walkthrough all |
            | the way thorugh. Everything else is done in    |
            | this guide. I probably won't have anymore large|
            | updates anymore. Just a few small ones and that|
            | is it. I'm now moving on to work on my new FAQ |
            | for Lord of the Rings: The Third Age. That is  |
            | all I have to say.                             |

                     | Version .97 | 2/23/05 | 196KB|
            | Well, after a very long break I decided to take|
            | from FAQing, I finaly decided to work again. I |
            | have not written a thing for a few months now. |
            | I've been busy with school, M. Band, Basketball|
            | and a whole lot of other things. But now I'm   |
            | back and I will finish this guide. I have CCW  |
            | done and I will do the rest of the guide by the|
            | end of the week. Sorry for such the long wait, |
            | this guide will get done. I promise.           |

                     | Version .93 | 8/8/04  | 172KB|
            | Wow, two months later and look how far this    |
            | guide as got. I had expected this guide to be  |
            | done by the end of June. It is now the start of|
            | August and I'm only done through Mad Monster   |
            | Mansion. I've been going really slow and went  |
            | through periods as long as a few weeks without |
            | writing. I do hope I will have the final two   |
            | worlds done as well as the ending parts done by|
            | the end of this month, but that might not be   |
            | very likely. I have started marching band      |
            | practice and golf practice as well. I won't    |
            | much time around those two things. This is the |
            | first version that I will try to send GameFAQs.|
            | I kind of added on to this version a bit. I now|
            | have the walkthrough up through Rusty Bucket   |
            | Bay. I'm going really fast now because I want  |
            | this guide done for the NPFWT.                 |

                     | Version .65 | 6/7/04  | 100KB|
            | This update is for about the last week or so.  |
            | Last week I went on a school trip to Washington|
            | D.C. It was really fun but I missed a lot of   |
            | FAQing time. I have really worked hard the last|
            | few days to get this FAQ to where it is. I have|
            | the walkthrough done up to Bubblegloop Swamp.  |
            | It is about a third of the way done. I have    |
            | also added all of the stuff at the end like the|
            | legal info. Now that schools out, I can really |
            | work hard on my FAQs because I have way more   |
            | free time.                                     |

                     | Version .37 | 5/26/04 | 72KB |
            | Over the last few days I have worked a little  |
            | bit. I have the walkthrough started. I have    |
            | Spiral Mountain down. I also have Mumbo's      |
            | Mountain done. I expect the walkthrough will   |
            | take a little amount of time to do. I will make|
            | these update boxes only for big updates because|
            | they take up a lot of space.                   |

                     | Version .35 | 5/21/04 | 56KB |
            | This is actually an update for the last few    |
            | days. I did do a little bit of the game basics |
            | sections each day the last three days. I really|
            | worked hard today and finished the basics      |
            | section. I plan to start the walkthrough this  |
            | weekend and I'll probably get a few levels     |
            | done. This guide is coming along pretty good.  |

                     | Version .20 | 5/17/04 | 24KB |
            | Today I started this guide for Banjo-Kazooie. I|
            | only worked on it for about a hour or so after |
            | school and was able to get a good amount done. |
            | I got the table of contents done. This took me |
            | the most time because I'm trying a new format  |
            | for it and it is much more complicated then my |
            | other formats. I also have the introduction    |
            | done. I plan to work on this guide more        |
            | tomorrow. With any luck, I can get this guide  |
            | done by the end of June.                       |

|                                                                             |
o          o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o         o
|          |                      Introduction               <INTR> |         |
o          o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o         o
|                                                                             |

Hello and welcome to my guide for Banjo-Kazooie. In 1998 Rareware and Nintendo
released a game that soon, after a little advertising, became very popular. I
didn't think this game would be very good and didn't end up buying in until
the year 2000. This game really surprised me. After the first level, I really
started to like it. Who would have thought that running around as a bear and
a bird collecting jigsaw pieces and musical notes would be fun? But then you
get to do much more then that. This game in my opinon really defines a
adventure game. It has the same characteristics as Super Mario 64. The note
doors are like the coin doors, because they need a certain amount of notes to
get by. They Jiggys fill up the puzzles and open up new worlds like stars do
in Super Mario 64. This game has 9 big worlds and one hell of a fight at the
end. This is a fairly long game. It took me a long time to beat the game when
I first got it but I was young and wasn't very good at video games back then.

In this guide I will cover almost every aspect of the game. The GAME BASICS
section has all of the basics you need to know before you play the game. In
the WALKTHROUGH I will walk you through the levels and tell you how to get
all 100 Jiggys, 900 Notes, and 24 Hollow Honeycombs. You will need all but
6 of the Jiggys in the game so you will need to follow the WALKTHROUGH
closely and collect all of them. I also have a little side quest you can do
at the end of the game that will help you get some extra items that have
some relation to Banjo-Tooie, the sequal to this game.

Now about me, the author of this guide. My name is Nathaniel Modlich and I'm
know as "namod65" on the internet and everywhere else. I have been writing
for GameFAQs for almost a year now. This is my 10th guide for GameFAQs. This
has always been one of my favorite games and I have always wanted to write
a FAQ for it. But I decided to wait for a while until I got pretty good at
FAQ writing before I wrote this guide. This is now my best guide and I'm
pretty proud of it. I'm not sure which game I'll write for next but I have
a good idea. It will probably be for one of the Gauntlet games for N64 or
GameCube. It could also be for Banjo-Tooie. I'm not sure yet, it may even be
for a game other then one of those. Oh well, I see when I get there.

|                                                                             |
o          o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o         o
|          |                       Game Basics               <BASC> |         |
o          o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o         o
|                                                                             |

|        *  *  *  *  *  *          Controls           *  *  *  *  *  * <CONT> |

A BUTTON ~ Jump/Swim ~

You will use this button for all the kinds of jumping. Just pressing A once is
the normal jump. You also use the button to select things on a screen to
confirm. When you are underwater, use the A button to kick your legs and swim
slowly. This is an easier way to pick up things under water because it is easy
to control. When you are on the surface of the water you can also use the A
button to jump out of the water a short ways. You also use the A button to fly.
Get on a flying pad, then press A to fly up. Press A again to fly higher.
Every time you press A when flying you will lose a Red Feather(see my section
about Red Feathers).

B BUTTON ~ Attack/Dive ~

This is the attack button. Use it to do rolls when you are running and claw
swipes when you are standing still. Now you will hardly ever use a claw swipe
because you will almost never be standing still when facing and enemy. It is
also in the Rat-a-tap-tap move. Rolls can be good when you're facing an enemy
that stays on the ground and isn't jumping. When you are at the surface of the
water, press B to dive down under the water. You can continue to press B to
swim with Kazooie's arms at a fast rate. This however, is fast and hard to
control. When you are flying in the air, you can use a beak bomb when you get
it. Press B to do this and you will dive bomb.

CONTROL STICK ~ Move Banjo ~

This is key to know how to do, or else you won't be going anywhere soon in this
game if you don't. You can turn Banjo in all directions. If you tilt the stick
all the way forward, Banjo will run. This is the best way to get around on big
open areas and just about any where else. You can tilt it just a little bit and
Banjo will tiptoe. Do this when you are on small ledges and don't want to fall
off. You don't need to tiptoe to sneak up on anyone, there isn't a difference
from running in this area. If you tilt the stick about halfway then Banjo will
walk. I don't see much use in this because there aren't much places were you
would need to walk. If you are running and then tilt the stick the other way
Banjo will do a little slide and start going the other way. Be careful with
this when you are close to ledges.

C BUTTONS ~ Camera Controls ~

This game has a pretty decent camera system. A lot of the time when you are
playing you will come to a point when you will need to change your view. I'm
constantly changing my view when I play. Tap the left or right C button to
rotate the view on your screen to the left of right depending on which button
you chose. If you press either button a few times the view can go around a
full 360 degree turn.

You can use the down C button to change the view to how close up you want to
be. There are three differnt views: close up, medium, and far away. I hate the
close up view, I find it to be to close and you can't see anything else. I like
the medium view the best and that is what I use most of the time. You can get
a good view of what is around you but you can still see Banjo pretty well. The
far away view I find to be a little to far, but it is good for seeing your

The last thing you can do with the camera is using the top C button to get into
first person mode. Now you can't move around when you are in first person but
you can look up and down for a better view of whats ahead. This is useful for
looking up or down for ledges or other things.

R BUTTON ~ Back View ~

This is a good way to get the camera behind you. I usually use this more then
the C buttons because it is what I need. Just press the R button to move the
camera button to your rear. If you're standing with your back to the wall then
this won't be of much use because you won't be able to see anything.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *          Basic Moves        *  *  *  *  *  * <BAMV> |

These are the basic moves and attacks that you will learn in Sprial mountain.
They are important to learn so make sure to know how to do all of them.


This is one of the first attacks that you will learn. When you are running,
press B to do a roll. This is a weak attack and is hard to hit a enemy that is
moving around pretty fast. I wouldn't use this move very much near ledges
because it is easy to fall off with this move.


This is a very usefull jumping move that you can do. Press A once, then when
you are in the air press A again to have Kazooie flap her wings a few times to
keep you in the air. This is good for jumping long distances and big gaps. If
you are up high and fall, then you can press A to flutter about halfway down
to slow your fall. This would be helpful on some of the worlds where you go up
high like Click Clook Wood. When you just need to jump a little farther, use
the Rat-a-tap-tap to do this. This will get you a little farther then the
flutter, but you can't float in the air. You can't flutter for ever in the air.
After a short time, Kazooie will get tired and stop flapping. This means you
will fall and if you are up high, you die. Simply put, don't flutter right
away when you are falling from a high place. Wait a bit before you flutter.


This move is a mouthful to say. You'll be using this move move a lot. It is
a more powerful attack and is easy to use. Once again, jump into the air by
pressing A, then press B to have Kazooie do a attack with her beak. This move
will take out enemies with one hit when they will normaly take two or three
hits. This move is really useful against the enemies that pop out of the walls,
like the monsters in Clanker's Cavern or the Birds in Click Clock Wood. This
move can also be used as a way to jump gaps. You can go a little farther with
this one then the flutter. But the flutter can hover more, so use that instead.
I use this move the most out of all of the attacks and I recomend that you use
it too.

                                 Beak Barge

This move is powerful and easy to control like the Rat-a-tap-rap, but there
isn't much use for it. Hold down Z to crouch, then press B and Banjo will slide
forward while Kazooie charges with her beak. The main use for this attack is
small doors and other things that are too low for the Rat-a-tap-tap. For
example, in Bubblegloop swamp, one of the X's on the egg appears low and you
can't get it with a Rat-a-tap-tap. So you would have to use a Beak Barge to
smash it. Other then things like that, you won't find much use for the Beak

                                  High Jump

This is a good move to know because you'll need to use it a lot. This will
allow you to jump almost twice as high as your regular jump. This is useful
because many ledges and jumps are too high for your normal jump and you'll need
to use this. Just hold down Z to crouch, then press A to launch up in the air.
This is similar to the high jump in Super Mario 64. Except this time you can
use this jump to jump forward as well as backward. This move is not to be used
when trying to jump a gap because you will hardly gain any distance at all when
you do this jump.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *        Advanced Moves       *  *  *  *  *  * <ADMV> |

These are the moves that you will learn in the first few worlds of the game.
They are more advanced and will come in handy to get many Jiggies.

                                 Egg Firing

You will learn this move on Mumbo's Mountain. It will be one of the or the
first moves you'll learn in the witch's lair. After you learn this move you'll
be able to carry around many small eggs, then have Kazooie shoot them out from
her front or rear. You will be using this move a lot on each world so make sure
to keep a good stash of eggs. You will be using this move more on completing
tasks rather then killing enemies. For example, you will use eggs to press
buttons and feed things with them. I wouldn't recomend using this move as a
weapon to attack enemies as it will take a few eggs out of your stash and it
is not worth the trouble to aim with them. When you fire eggs out from behind
they will move much slower and will bounce. If you know you're going to miss,
then you can run after the egg and pick it back up. But the egg will break
after a little while so get it quick if you want it back. To use this move,
press Z to crouch, then press the top C button to fire eggs forward. Press the
down C button to fire eggs backward.

                                  Talon Trot

You will also learn this move on Mumbo's Mountain. Not only is this a great way
to get up steep slopes, but it is also a fast and efficient way to run around.
To use this move, press and hold Z to crouch, then press the left C button to
let Kazooie bring out her legs and start walking(must be tiring for her to have
to carry Banjo like that). You will be able to walk up much steeper slopes and
hills, as well as move a lot faster then with Banjo. This move also gives you
more control on ice and other slippery surfaces. You can also jump as far as
you can with the Rat-a-tap-tap move. I mainly use this move when I'm in a hurry
to get some place and want to move fast. I also use this to run from the bees
when trying to get honeycomb from the beehives.

                                 Beak Buster

This move can be learned on Mumbo's Mountain as well. It's the last one to
learn on that world. This is very powerful, but hard on Kazooie(oh well, who
cares?). Press A to jump, then press Z in the air and you will do a flip and
send Kazooie's beak into the ground. This is a good and powerful move. It will
destroy any enemy with one hit, except the black crab in the sandcastle. This
move can be used for things like breaking rocks, stomping switchs, and killing

This is also a great way to save yourself from losing health when you're
falling from a great height. This move and the flutter can be used as a team to
stop you from losing health on a fall. About halfway down a fall press and hold
A to do a flutter, after you flutter wait until you're close to the ground,
then press Z to do a beak buster. This will save you from losing health. Don't
wait to long during a fall to use flutter or beak buster because Banjo will
soon lose control and there will be no hope after that.


Here is one of the moves that you will learn in Treasure Trove Cove. Kazooie
has been looking forward to this. Here you will learn how to fly. Bottles will
show you what a flying pad looks like and then tell you about the red feathers.
To fly, get on a flying pad and press A. It will take one feather to take off.
To go higher in the air, press A again. This will also deduct a feather. Every
time you press A you'll lose a red feather. When you're flying, you'll slowly
descend lower. The best way to save feathers is to wait until you are as low as
you can go, then use one or two feathers to go back up.

Flying is a great way to avoid enemies. Like those annoying snowmen on Freezy
Peak. They will have a hard time trying to hit you with a snowball when you're
in the air. The best way to stop flying is to press Z to do a beak buster. But
you'll lose damage if you're too high. Another way is to point the control
stick straight down and you'll go pretty straight to the ground.

                                 Shock Pads

This is the other move that you learn in Treasure Trove Cove. It is the only
other move that has a pad you need to stand on. To use it, stand on it and
press A. Kazooie will use her legs to do a huge leap into the air. Use this for
getting to places higher then what you can reach with your high jump. You don't
need to be on the pad when you take off. You can press and hold A and then move
off the pad and you will be able to jump the same height off of the pad. Be
careful not to run on a shock pad if you don't want to use it. You might press
A by mistake and it will mess you up. I've done this a few times on Bubblegloop
gloop swamp and it is really annoying to land in the swamp when you don't mean


This is the only move that you will learn in Clanker's Cavern, and it's hidden
well. To use this move, press Z to crouch, then press Right C to have Kazooie
use her feathers as a shield. This will make you invincible to anything that
comes at you. No enemies can hurt you, and no obstacle can damage you. You will
also be able to walk through hazards that you couldn't before. Like the swamp
water, or the quicksand. This is a great move, but you'll need golden feathers
to do this move. You'll use up the feathers very quick and you can only carry
ten of them, so use them wisely. Golden feathers aren't very common either. So
make sure you get them when you see them.

                                Wading Boots

You will first find these on Bubblegloop Swamp. A good place to find them
because you'll need them a lot on that level. To use these, just walk over them
and Kazooie will put them on and that different music will start. You can walk
around in dangerous areas like the swamp with these on. You'll only be able to
wear them for a limited time though. Each pair of boots has a different time
limit depending on what you need to do with that pair. When you're low on
time, you'll hear the clicking noise to warn you to find safe ground. To take
off the boots early, just press B. Make sure you don't take off the boots when
you're in hazardous areas. Also make sure not to be near any enemies when you
take off the boots because you'll be defenseless for a brief momment when you
take them off.

                                 Beak Bomb

This is the only move you will find on Freezy Peak. It is also the only attack
you have when you're flying. When you are flying, press B to have Kazooie to
a dive bomb with her beak. This is very useful against enemies like those
snowmen. Everytime you use the beak bomb you'll use up a red feather. Make sure
you are aimed well at you're target and don't miss. If you miss and hit a wall,
you'll lose many honeycombs. Also make sure not to be way above your enemy when
doing this because you may miss and slam into the ground.

                                Running Shoes

This is the final move that you will learn in this game. It is learned on
Gobi's Valley. When you learn this, you'll be able to use the running shoes.
You won't find running shoes very often in this game. To use them, just walk
over them like the wading boots. Kazooie will now have the running shoes on and
you'll go twice as fast as the talon trot. You can jump while wearing the
running shoes as well. It's the same jump as the talon trot's jump. You'll only
have these shoes for a limited time and like the wading boots, you will hear a
timer tick when you're running out of time. You will almost always use the
shoes to beat a timer which you normaly can't beat.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *           Jiggies           *  *  *  *  *  * <JGGY> |

Jigsaw Pieces are the most imporant thing in the game. They are also known as
Jiggies. That is what I'm going to call them from now on. As I was saying,
Jiggies are the most important thing to get in the game. There is a total of
100 Jiggies in the game. There are 10 in each of the 9 worlds. There are also
10 in Grunty's Lair. You will need to collect a bunch of these. You will need
all but six of the Jiggies. You can then use four of that six to fill in a
extra puzzle for a extra reward. On each world there are many ways to get the
Jiggies. Some are out in the open and are super easy to get. Others will take
some work to get. You might have to beat a enemy or complete a mini game to
get a Jiggy. On each world one of the Jiggies you will get is collecting all of
the Jinjos on that world. As you move through the game, Jiggies will become
harder to get.

When you get a Jiggy a number will come up on the bottom of your screen. It
will tell you the total number of Jiggies you have on that world. You can also
look in the View Totals section to see the number of Jiggies you have on that

But what are Jiggies, for? You ask. Jiggies are the pieces you need to collect
to fill the puzzles. The puzzles will open the worlds. Now see why Jiggies are
so important? You can't go to the next world until you have enough Jiggies.
There are 11 puzzles in the game. The first few puzzles are very easy. They
will only need a few Jiggies to fill. The next ones will be harder, having less
Jiggies already placed in them. Then the last one that will get you to Grunty
has no pieces in it at all and you will need many Jiggies for it.

To place a single Jiggy, just stand on the golden Jiggy on the floor in front
of the puzzle and press A. This will insert one Jiggy into the puzzle. Don't
worry, you don't have to solve the puzzle. You just have to have enough
Jiggies. If you want to place all of the pieces at once, press Z. Once a piece
is in the puzzle, you can't take it out, but there's really no reason you would
need to take a Jiggy out of a puzzle anyway.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *        Musical Notes        *  *  *  *  *  * <MNOT> |

Musical Notes are very important in this game as well. You can't get much
farther with Notes then without Jiggies. There are 100 Notes in each of the
nine worlds. Most of them are out in the open and along paths so you can pick
them up as you go. But some are hidden in tight spaces and little caves. When
you get a Note and counter in the upper corner of the screen will appear and
tell you how many Notes you have on that world. Try to collect all 100 Notes
on each world, you'll need them all.

Be careful, because when you die, you lose all of your Notes. Then you have to
go around and collect them all again. When you leave a world you can't take
the Notes with you. Instead, you'll get a high score which is how many Notes
you got on that world. It's your high Note score that counts anyway. Notes are
used to get through Note Doors. There are many Note Doors throughout the game
and each will reqiure more Notes then the last to get by. The number on the
door shows the total high Note score you need to get by. The last door that
you need to get by needs 810 Notes. But there are a few other Note Doors after
that which you can get good rewards for opening. They will reqiure even more

|        *  *  *  *  *  *            Jinjos           *  *  *  *  *  * <JINJ> |

Jinjos are vital for getting a Jiggy on each of the 9 worlds. On each world
there are five Jinjos. They are each a different color: Blue, Orange, Pink,
Yellow, and purple. They are usually in a hard to get to place. They will start
calling out for help when you are near them. After you collect all five of them
in a world, you will get a Jiggy. They will also play a vital part later in the
game. Like Musical notes, you will have to collect Jinjos again if you die. But
this isn't as hard as the notes because there is only a few of them on each

|        *  *  *  *  *  *    Mumbo and Mumbo Tokens   *  *  *  *  *  * <MUTK> |

Mumbo Tokens are important for getting certain Jiggies and Notes. They are
shaped like little grey skulls. There are many more Mumbo Tokens in the game
then what you need. You'll need about 75 Tokens for the game. You'll find about
six to eight Mumbo Tokens on each world. They are hidden well and are in clever
places. Mumbo Tokens are for one thing: transformations. On five worlds:
Mumbo's Mountain, Bubblegloop Swamp, Freezy Peak, Mad Monster Mansion, and
Click Clock Wood you'll find a hut shaped like a skull. In this hut dwells the
shawman, Mumbo.

Mumbo is the one that will transform you into different animals. He needs Mumbo
Tokens to transform you so make sure you have enough. The only thing that
transforming is good for is to get a few Jiggies and Notes that you can't get
when you're Banjo-Kazooie.

On Mumbo's Mountain, you will be transformed into a termite. As the termite,
you can move up even steeper slopes and won't be attacked by other termites.
You will also not be damaged when you jump from high places. In Bubblegloop
Swamp you'll get to be a alligator. As the alligator, you can walk in the
swamp and not be hurt. The alliator can fit into smaller places. The alligator
is also the only animal that can attack. Press B to attack. The transfermation
in Freezy Peak is a walrus. As the walkrus you can travel through the icy water
and fit through tight spaces. You can also befriend another walrus on that
world. In Mad Monster Mansion you get to be a pumpkin. Fitting through small
spaces is pretty much the only thing the pumpkin is good for. You also won't
get hurt when you fall from high places.

The last animal you get to be is a bee. This is on the spring season of Click
Clock Wood(Mumbo always has some stupid excuse for not transforming on the
other seasons). The bee can fly really high and fast. He can also fit through
small spaces.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *      Hollow Honeycombs      *  *  *  *  *  * <HOCM> |

Hollow Honeycombs are fairly useful in Banjo-Kazooie. They exactly like regular
honeycombs except that they are hollow. What they do is extend you health bar.
For every six hollow honeycombs you collect, you will get a extra honeycomb
slot added to your health bar. There are 24 hollow honeycombs in the game. Six
are one Sprial Mountain. There are two on each of the nine worlds. These can be
helpful because you will need all of the health you can get. You can extend
your health bar even further when you fill in the last puzzle of the game. It
is a picture of a hollow honeycomb and it will double your health bar.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *      Health/Honeycombs      *  *  *  *  *  * <JINJ> |

In this game you will have a health meter. It is made up of honeycombs. You
start out with only four honeycombs but can get more as you go through the
game. When you get hit by an enemy, you'll lose one honeycomb. You can lose
more if you fall from high places or if you beak bomb into a wall. If you look
to the side of your health bar you can see Banjo's and Kazooie's heads. As you
lose health, their expressions will start to look more sad. Once you lose all
of your honeycomb you will lose a life. You can also see your lives next to
the health bar. When you die you will have to start all over and collect the
Notes and Jinjos again so it would be nice if you didn't die too much.

You can regain your honeycombs. All enemies(except the TNT on Rusty Bucket Bay)
will drop honey combs when you kill them. There are also many beehives lying
around. Inside each beehive is three honeycombs. Some beehives will have bees
gaurding it so watch out. If you have full health then don't pick up the
honeycombs. They won't disappear like items do in some games. You can come back
for it when you need it.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *            Oxygen           *  *  *  *  *  * <OXGN> |

Oxygen is the health you will have when you are underwater. It is displayed
under the health bar to the side of the screen. It is blue and is made up of
six honeycombs. You can't extend this bar like the health bar. But you won't
need to have anymore anyway. It is just enough for all of the challenges
underwater. When underwater, you'll slowly lose oxygen. Once all of it is gone,
you'll drown and lose a life. On some levels like Rusty Bucket Bay the water
will make you lose oxygen twice as fast because it's dirty.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *         Red Feathers        *  *  *  *  *  * <RDFH> |

You're going to need many red feathers to fly. Once you learn the move, you'll
need to go to a flying pad and press A to take off. That will use one red
feather. When you're just simply flying around and not going any higher, you
won't use any red feathers. Once you tap A to go a little higher it will take
one red feather. Make sure to collect many red feathers because you'll need at
least 7 for each flight you're going to take. Red feathers are very common so
you don't need to worry about looking hard for them. You can also use the
cheat from Cheato to double your maximum feathers to 100. If you run out of
feathers when you're in the air then you won't be able to go any higher and
this could be a big problem in some areas.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *        Gold Feathers        *  *  *  *  *  * <GDFH> |

Gold feathers are what you need to become invunerable. After you learn the move
from bottles in Clanker's Cavern you can use golden feathers. When you use this
move it will take one gold feather to start and then you will lose one feather
every second you have the move activated. You can only carry ten feathers and
they are extremly rare and hard to find. Use your feathers wisely. You can't
attack when you're invunerablem but any enemy who tries to attack you will die.
Ten feathers is really all you need to solve puzzles but their are other areas
you'll find them useful too. You can enter Cheato's cheat to double you gold
feathers to 20 and that will be a huge help.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *             Eggs            *  *  *  *  *  * <EGGS> |

Once you learn the egg spitting move from bottles, you'll be able to use eggs
for many things. You can use them as weapons and to complete certain tasks.
Eggs are everywhere. You can find them in very common places so you shouldn't
have any trouble finding more eggs. You can carry up to 100 eggs at a time and
if you use the cheat from Cheato you can get up to 200 eggs.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *        Witch Switches       *  *  *  *  *  * <WHSH> |

There are nine witch switches in the game, one on each world. They are the only
way to get the Jiggies in Grunty's Lair. Make sure you stomp on them all. When
you stomp on one, it will either make a Jiggy appear in Grunty's Lair, or
make a path to a Jiggy in Grunty's lair. The switches are sometimes hidden well
and are sometimes easy to find. Also, you may need to get certain moves or hit
other switches before you can get to some of the Jiggies in Grunty's Lair.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *            Enemies          *  *  *  *  *  * <ENEM> |

The enemies in this game are really stupid. There isn't any challenge to
defeating them at all. If one sees you, it will charge and you can take it out
in about a second. Enemies aren't the real challenge in this game. You'll find
yourself dying most of the time from the envirorment. This would be like
falling, drowning, or getting hit by an obstacle. For example, in Click Clock
Wood, you will die more times falling from that huge tree rather then getting
hit by the birds or the other enemies. In Rusty Bucket Bay you can't stay in
the water too long or else you'll die from the oil. There is also that toxic
waste pit there as well. It will take some health from you if you fall in. I
think this is one of the things that really makes this game different from
other adventure games. That you will die most of the time from the enviorment.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *          Mini-Games         *  *  *  *  *  * <MGAM> |

Even though this is a adventure game, there are some little mini-games that you
will have to complete to get Jiggies. Most are timed challenges, like the game
in Clanker's Cavern where you have to swim through all of the rings before time
runs out. Another example of a mini-game would be the memory match in Gobi's
Valley where you have to match all of the squares before time runs out. There
are some games that aren't timed. Like in Bubblegloop Swamp where you have to
remember the turtle songs. Some game you'll lose a life if you fail. Like Mr.
Vile's eating challenge. He'll bite you if you lose and you'll lose one

|                                                                             |
o          o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o         o
|          |                       Walkthrough               <WALK> |         |
o          o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o         o
|                                                                             |

When I'm writing this walkthrough, I'm expecting you to be following it from
beginning to end. I may refer tell you to do something that reqiures you to
have already done something else. If you're not ready from beginning to end,
then you may have missed something that should have already been done.

For those of you who are just skiming through to see where the Jiggies are or
where some Notes are, I have made life easier for you and have put all
important items in caps and have labled the Jiggies and Notes with numbers.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *       Spiral Mountain       *  *  *  *  *  * <SPMT> |

Ok, this game starts out with a long cinema scene. Grunty the witch is in her
lair asking her pot, Dingpot, if she is the nicest looking. Of course you know
whats coming next. He tells her she's not the prettiest and the bear Tooty is.
Well, as you can expect, Grunty gets pretty mad and goes after Tooty. It turns
out Grunty doesn't have to go very far to find Tooty. Tooty lives with her
brother, Banjo in a small house about 30 seconds from Grunty's lair. When
Grunty gets to the house Tooty is outside talking to Bottles, the mole. Banjo
is inside sleeping. Grunty takes Tooty back off to her lair. It is now up to
Banjo and his friend Kazooie to get her back.

You start off right outside Banjo's house. Run forward and outside the fence
Bottles will pop up and start talking to you. He asks you if you would like
some training before taking on the witch. Press A and he will tell you to
explore around and look for his molehills. So now go forward and follow the
little brown path. You should see a molehill up ahead. Go up to it and press B.
Bottles will teach you the camera system for this game. The cameras for this
game are pretty good. Experiment with the cameras, then take the little path to
the left.

To your left you should see some tree stumps. In front of them is another
molehill. Here, Bottles will teach you the jumps. The first jump will just be a
regular jump. Do it once, then Bottles will teach the next one, the double
jump. After that you will learn the high jump. Now that you have all of the
jumps, run to the far right tree stump and high jump onto it. Get the HOLLOW
HONEYCOMB(1) on it. Now go back and continue on the path to the left. On the
right you should see a molehill on the right.

Go up to it and press B. Bottles will teach you how to swim here. After he's
done talking jump into the water here. Press B to dive down. In the middle
struture here there is a little cave on one side. Find it and inside is another
HOLLOW HONEYCOMB(2). Now get out of the water near the molehill you were just
at. Now continue on the path and go left when there is a junction.

Keep going forward here and you should soon see some platforms hanging out over
the water. Jump across them. The first two will need just a regular jump, but
the next one will need you to use the flutter move to get across the gap. The
last platform will have a HOLLOW HONEYCOMB(3) on it. Behind the second
waterfall is a little aclove with a extra life. Jump using the flutter to get
to it. Jump down into the water and change your view so it's behind Banjo. Now
get out of the water by means of going to the right and exiting the water near
the platforms.

Now take the path back and go the other way at the junction. Go arcoss the
bridge. Follow the path on the other side and you will see a molehill on the
left. Here Bottles will teach you how to climb trees. Back track a bit and go
back arcoss the bridge. Climb the tree to your left which is in the flower bed.
On top is a HOLLOW HONEYCOMB(4). Get out of the tree and head back aross the
bridge. Follow the path for a while.

Soon you will see an area on your left with a few big rocks and a molehill. Run
up to the molehill and Bottles will teach you how to use the beak barge move.
Go up to one of the rocks, press and hold Z, then press B. You'll slide forward
and smash the rock. Now go around and smash the rest of the rocks. The last
rock will have a HOLLOW HONEYCOMB(5) inside. Head back to the path and continue
following it left. When there is a junction, follow the path left and up the

You will now be in a little crop field. Talk to Bottles here and he will tell
you how to do all of the different attacks. First he'll tell you the claw
swipe. Then a carrot will pop out of the hole in the ground. Go up and use the
claw swipe on it. After you have killed that carrot another one will come.
After you finish off that one bottles will tell you how to use the roll.
Another vegtable comes, then another one after that. Last, Bottles will tell
you how to use the rat-a-tap-rat. Two more vegtables will be avaliable for you
to kill with this move. The last HOLLOW HONEYCOMB(6) will pop out of the last
enemy when you kill him. Your health bar is now extended.

Now head back down the path. Follow it to the right. You'll soon see a bridge
to your left over the water. Cross it and go up the mountain. At the top
Bottles will tell you that he has repaired the bridge and to look out for him
inside. Go arcoss the bridge and into the lair.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *        Grunty's Lair 1      *  *  *  *  *  * <GL01> |

When you enter, go to the left and jump up all of the mounds. At the top is
your first JIGGY(1). It'll tell you to go find a puzzle with a piece missing.
Jump off the mounds and go arcoss the room and through the hallway. You'll see
a big stone mountain with a closed door here. Go to the right and through the
fence. At the top of this little hill here is a puzzle. Stand on the Jiggy
platform. Now press A to insert your Jiggy into the puzzle. This will open the
door to Mumbo's Moutain, the first world. Go back and through the door that has
just opened.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *       Mumbo's Mountain      *  *  *  *  *  * <MUMT> |

We're now on the first world. This is a rather easy world and it shouldn't take
too long to complete. When you start head to the right and kill the purple
enemy. Now see that platform with the pink thing on top? Jump up there and get
the first JINJO(1). Now jump behind the platform and you will be able to get a
MUMBO TOKEN. Head back to the path that leads from the start of this world. Go
forward and go across the bridge. Collect the NOTES(7) as you cross. To the
right of the bridge you will see a small island with a blue jinjo. Jump over
there and get the blue JINJO(2)

If you look down into the water from here you should see two little acloves in
the rock underwater with notes in them. Swim down there and collect all of the
NOTES(13) in the acloves. You may need to use the A button to swim because you
have better control and it'll be easir to get the notes quicker. When you
surface, jump back onto the island, then back to the bridge. Now go the rest of
the way across.

You will see a giant bull roaming around here. You can't kill him and he will
chase you if you get near him. Hurry to the platform in the middle here with
the beehive. You're safe from the bull here. Don't break open the beehive yet
because chances are you haven't lost any honeycombs yet. Now head a little to
the left and go down the slope. You should now be in Conga's area of this world.

Conga the ape is up in his tree here and will throw oranges at you. Stand on
one of the boxes with a orange on it. Wait for Conga to throw an orange at you.
Then move off the box and let the orange hit it. Do this with the other three.
Conga will say that you have found his treasure. A Jiggy will appear. Run up
and grap your first JIGGY(1) on this level. Now climb up his tree and grab the
orange. Get down and run north a bit. You should see a small monkey on a tree

Run up closer and Banjo will throw the orange to the monkey. The monkey, Chimpy
will be happy and helps you by raising the stump a little higher. Jump up on
the stump and get the JIGGY(2) and then high jump onto the higher plarform.
Collect the eggs on this half circle platform, then talk to Bottles. He will
tell you how to use the egg firing move, then will give you 50 eggs to start
with. Continue this way and jump to the platform with two eggs. The next two
platforms have eggs and a MUMBO TOKEN. The last platform has the witch switch,
but we can't press it yet so head back to Bottles.

From here head to the other side of this half circle platform and run up the
ramp. You will see a good view of Conga and he thinks he is nice and safe. How
wrong he is. Launch an egg at him from here. He'll throw an orange at you if
you hit him. Dodge it. Now hit him with another egg and again dodge the orange.
Hit him one more time and he'll give up and drop another Jiggy. Run down and
collect the JIGGY(3). Good, three Jiggies already.

Now head back to the area with the bull. Now follow the path to the left. Go up
the stairs on the hill and collect the NOTES(22) as you go. Go to the left up
here and you should see some more stairs. Climb these stairs and collect the
NOTES(26). There are some stone structures here. Run to the middle and get the
JIGGY(4). They don't come any easier then this. Now go to the left and talk to
Bottles. He'll teach you how to use the talon trot. This is a very useful move
as you can now go up steep slopes.

You can put your new move into use right here. See how the stones form a "C".
Use the talon trot to get up the steep slope at one end of the "C". Go around
the "C" and collect the NOTES(40). Get the orange JINJO(3) at the end. Now jump
down and run to the back of the stones and get the MUMBO TOKEN back here. Head
back to Bottle's molehill. You will notice that it is by a steep slope. Use the
talon trot and go down this hill. On this hill are many platforms with notes on
them. One platform also has a yellow JINJO(4). Go down this hill and collect
all of the NOTES(61) on the platforms.

Head back up to the stones and go back down the set of stairs. Go forward and
to the other side of the giant termite mount. Here you should see a grassy
slope upwards. Go up and you will be in a little village. In the center is Juju
the totem poll. Shoot an egg in to the bottom mouth. That level will disappear.
Do this with the next few levels. LEAVE THE LAST LEVEL! Jump onto the last
level and high jump to get a HOLLOW HONEYCOMB(1). Now shoot an egg into the
last mouth. Juju will be gone and he'll leave you a JIGGY(5).

You should see a hut shaped like a skull. Under the stairs is a MUMBO TOKEN.
This should be your fourth. Run back down to the termite mound. Go in the
little door on the mound. A termite in here says that you're unwelcome but oh
well. High jump to one of the platforms here to get the MUMBO TOKEN. This is
your fifth token. Head back out and up to the village. To the left of Mumbo's
hut is the third molehill. Here, Bottles will teach you the beak buster.

After you learn how to use the beak buster go to the first hut you see. Jump up
and get the NOTE(62). Go around and get all of the NOTES(67) on the huts. Now
go back to the hut by Bottles and get on top. Do a beak buster to slam the hut
to the ground. Get the NOTES(72) that pop out. Now move on to the next hut and
smash it. Eggs come out here. The next hut has an enemy. Go smash the next hut
and the last JINJO(5) will come out giving you a JIGGY(6). When you smash the
next hut a extra life comes out. The last hut contains a JIGGY(7).

Now head south of Mumbo's hut and go down the steep slope with the talon trot.
Collect all of the NOTES(90) on the platforms. Also make sure to get the
JIGGY(8) on one of the platforms. Head back up to the village. In one of the
eyes of Mumbo's hut is a JIGGY(9) which you should high jump to get to. Ok, one
Jiggy left and ten Notes, almost done. Go back near Conga's area and jump back
up the platforms near Bottles. Do a beak buster on the witch switch here. You
will see a Jiggy appear on the mountain in Grunty's Lair. Head into Mumbo's hut
and collect the NOTES(94) on the floor.

Now step on the pad and press B. You will be turned into a termite. This guy is
usful for steep slopes and getting past termites. Head for the termite mound
and go in. You'll notice that there are many platforms slowly rising in here.
Make a series of jumps up these platforms. After the first platforms you will
come to a level floor with a termite and the last NOTES(100). You now have all
100 Notes on this level. Keep going up the platforms. You'll soon be at another
level floor. Keep going up the platforms. You'll soon make it to a door to the

Get the extra life, then go up to the top and get the last JIGGY(10). You now
have all of the Jiggies on this world. Jump off this mound and head for the
slope right above the small pond of water. This slope is made of rock. There is
a little cave on it. In the cave is the other HOLLOW HONEYCOMB(2). You now have
everything on this world. Exit this level AS A TERMITE.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *        Grunty's Lair 2      *  *  *  *  *  * <GL02> |

You should still be a termite. Use it's abilities to jump and climb up this big
mountain to get the the JIGGY(2) at the top. Now head out of this area and back
into the room with the picture of Gruty. Mumbo will change you back to
Banjo-Kazooie when you enter the hallway. Head the other way and use the talon
trot to go up the slope. Here you will see your first note door. It needs 50
notes, but we have 100 which is way more then enough. Go through the door.

You're now in the main part of the lair. To one side is a puzzle with sand all
around it. Go up and insert your Jiggies to fill the puzzle. Treasure Trove
Cove is now open. Head up the big ramp here and go through the door. In here is
a sewage area. Jump into the water and fall over the side. Go through the door
on dry land. Now jump into the big chest to enter Treasure Trove Cove.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *     Treasure Trove Cove     *  *  *  *  *  * <TTCV> |

You start out on a small dock this level. On this level Bottles will be trying
to be a pirate and does a bad job at it. He will tell you that there are two
new moves to be learned on this level. Ok, lets get started. Collect the
NOTES(4) on this dock, then go down the small ramp. Under the dock in the water
you'll see the blue Jinjo. Be careful when you enter the water on this level
because there is a rather big shark called Snacker. He will try to eat you when
you're in the water. So quickly jump in the water and swim down and get the
blue JINJO(1). Now quickly swim back to shore.

You may have lost a honeycomb doing that, but that is ok because there are many
ways to get honeycombs on this level. From the dock, go left and under the
archway. By now you've probably run across a small crab. You can get two
honeycombs from him if you do a beak buster on him. You should see a giant crab
on the other side of the archway. His name is Nipper. Now he might of helped
you, but Kazooie just had to say something mean to him. Now he wants to hurt

Get as close to his claws as you can without getting hurt. He will snip twice
with each claw, then he will rest a brief moment. When he rests, run up and do
a rat-a-tap-rap on his face. This will hurt him a bit. Wait for him to snip his
claws again, then go up and hit him in the face again. Do this once more and he
will run away into his shell. Before you go into his shell, go behind it and
get the MUMBO TOKEN. Now enter the shell.

In here, run forward and collect the NOTES(10) as you go. When you get to the
center of the shell, there are a few crabs here. Use a beak buster on them so
you can get more honeycombs if you lost any while fighting Nipper. There are
some eggs in here as well as the first JIGGY(1) on this world. After you have
this stuff, go back out and exit Nipper's shell.

From the shell, look to the right and you should see a big green brick wall
across the water. Now this doesn't sound like a good idea, but you have to do
it. Swim across the water to the wall, then dive down and pick up the HOLLOW
HONEYCOMB(1) to the right. If you get lucky and jump out of the water a few
times when Snacker tries to get you, you should have only lost about one
honeycomb. Now wasn't that worth the risk?

When you come back to the shore, face away from the shell and you'll see two
archways. Go through the one on your left. In this area is a big boat that is
stuck on the land. It is safe in the water by the boat. Climb the two trees by
the water here and get the NOTES(18) on top of them. Now go to one side of the
boat and use the talon trot to get up. Use it again to climb the ropes. Get the
NOTES(23) as you go. Now go down the other side of the ship and get the
NOTES(29) here as well. Climb back up to the top and climb the pole. At the top
is a green JINJO(2).

Now lets learn to fly. Get off this pole and land on the crow's nest of this
ship. You'll see a molehill as well as a flying pad here. Go up to the molehill
and talk to Bottles. He'll teach you how to fly. He will also give you 25 red
feathers to practice with. Now we're not going to fly just yet. Get off the
ship and climb the crates near by. Up here is the other molehill on this level.
Here bottles will teach you how to use the shock pad. Jump straight up on the
shock pad next to you and you'll get a MUMBO TOKEN at the top of your jump.

Head down the little ramp straight ahead. You will see a bunch of pillars with
shock pads on them. Use the shock pad you're on to jump to the left pillar by
you. On this pillar are some NOTES(32). If the gap between certain pillars is
wide, you can jump down to the ground while still holding A to jump really high
from the ground instead of from the pillar. Now follow this path of pillars on
the left to the ledge on the wall. Jump to that ledge from the pillar with red

Use the shock pads on these two ledges to get up to the third ledge. On this
ledge is a JIGGY(2). Now go back to the bottom ledge. Jump to the closest
pillar. Turn and you should be facing a pillar with a Jinjo on top. Jump over
there are get the pink JINJO(3). Now get off the pillars and head back to the

Get on the main deck of the ship and you'll see Captain Blubber. He is sad
because he has lost his gold. Lets go find it for him. On this deck you'll see
a little trap door on the floor. Use a beak buster on it to get down below the
deck. There is a lot of water down here. Dive down and collect the NOTES(36).
Also collect the MUMBO TOKEN. The last thing down here is a bunch of gold bars.
Get these and head back up to the crate. Get out and back on the main deck of
the ship.

Jump into the water by the ship. Now swim through the only window in the ship
that is open. You'll be in the other side of the deck below. Get the NOTES(40)
and the other gold bars. Now get out of here and return to the main deck of the
ship. Run up to Captain Blubber and Banjo will throw him the gold bars that you
have found. He will be very happy and will give you a JIGGY(3). Climb the mast
here and at the top is a MUMBO TOKEN. Now return to the crow's nest.

Get on the flying pad and fly forward under the huge archway. I will refer to
this area under the archway as the cove. Fly to the left cave here. In this
little cave is a treasure chest with lots of teeth that will hurt you. Wait
until he opens, then high jump in and get the JIGGY(4). Now jump down into the
water and swim back to the ship. Get on the flying pad again and fly back into
the cove. This time fly to the right cave. Make sure to get the single NOTE(41)
before you head up the stairs here.

Up here, run around the edge on the platform until you see a tree that is out a
little farther then the others. There is a yellow JINJO(4) on this tree. Be
careful not to fall off when getting to this tree. Now head back to the
plarform and find the series of ramps leading up. You will see some shock pads
but don't use them to get up. Keeping going up and collect the NOTES(44) as you

When you get to the top, go behind the lighthouse and stomp on the witch
switch. You will see a cannon shoot a Jiggy out onto a platform just outside of
Treasure Trove Cove. Now go around to the front of the lighthouse and break the
door with some eggs. Go in and get the MUMBO TOKEN. If you go in far enough,
you will be at the top of the lighthouse. Go around and get the NOTES(49). Now
use the shock pad and the back to get up even higher. Get the JIGGY(5) up here.
Now return to the bottom and go back to the ramps. Head back down the stairs as

Jump back into the water and swim to the land near the ship. Climb the crates
again and this time head the other way. Follow the path to the left and collect
the three NOTES(52). Now go back just a little bit and go along the other path.

Collect the NOTES(55) here. Keep moving forward and go left again. Getthe
NOTES(58) here as well. Go back again and go the other way. Collect the last
set of NOTES(61) here. Now go back to the other end of this path near Bottles.

Right before the path opens up near Bottles there is a very sharp corner on the
ledge. If you change your view and get close enough to the edge you'll see a
little platform right below you. Jump to it. On this platform is a little
bucket called Leaky. He needs to be patched up. Fart two eggs from behind into
him. He will now lower the water in this area around a sandcastle. Jump to the
top of the sandcastle and get the NOTES(66). Now jump down and go inside the

First, get the NOTES(70) to either side of you in the water. Now go forward a
bit. There are many letters on this floor. You have to solve the puzzle to get
the Jiggy. You have to spell out "Banjo-Kazooie." If you don't know how to
spell it, look on the wall where it is written. So start off by doing a beak
buster on the "B". Do this with all the other letters in order to spell
"Banjo-Kazooie." You'll have a time limit, but you'll get plenty of time so
don't worry. When you solve the puzzle the gates will open and that black crab
will charge you. It will take two beak busters to kill him. Now you can get the
JIGGY(6). Head out of here.

Go up to the right. Follow the path by the pillars. You will see a chest with
teeth to the right. Inside it are some NOTES(75). Get out and keep following
the path. Go up the ramp and jump across the platforms over the water. Get the
NOTES(79) as you go. Now go up the spiral path to the top of the tower. Do a
beak buster on the big X. It will turn into a arrow. Get on the flying pad and
fly in the direction that the arrow was pointing. Fly over the green brick
structure. On the other side is another tower with a X.

Stomp on this X and it will point you in the right direction. Use the flying
pad here to fly in that direction. You will have to fly to a few more X's. The
last X will turn into a question mark. Kill the crab and collect the NOTES(85)
up here. Now jump down into the water. You should see a small island with a
crab on it. Go over there and do a beak buster on the huge X. A chest will
start bouncing around. Break it with some eggs. Now get the JIGGY(7) that pops

Now head to the back of the tower that you were just on. There is a MUMBO TOKEN
here. Now swim to the left. There is a crate floating out here. Jump on it and
get the HOLLOW HONEYCOMB(2). Now head back to the cove by the ship. Swim across
the water here and jump to the platform with the ladder. There is a very small
path behind the ladder. Go that way. Jump across the crates and platforms. At
the end is a JIGGY(8). Now head back to the ladder and go up.

Use the talon trot to get the NOTES(89). Go up the next ladder and get the
NOTES(93). Up here is a treause chest with two MUMBO TOKENS in it. Now go up
the next ladder and get the NOTES(97). Up here jump into the pool and get the
JIGGY(9) at the bottom. Up here there is a little path that extends out. At the
end is the last JINJO(5). This will give you the final JIGGY(10). Now jump down
to the area with the smaller pools. In one of the pools is the last NOTES(100).
You now have everything on this world. Go ahead and exit.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *        Grunty's Lair 3      *  *  *  *  *  * <GL03> |

When you get out of Treasure Trove Cove go forward a bit and look on the wall
that looks like a ship. You should notice a cannon that is sticking out of the
wall. Use it to jump up onto the top of the ship. Now go to the left and get
the JIGGY(3). Now jump down and exit this area by means of the door. Out here,
climb the big green vine and jump over the water. Go through the door on this

Come down this ramp and go to the left. You should see a shock pad over here.
Use it to jump up onto the ledge. Here you will find the puzzle for the next
world, Clanker's Cavern. Insert all of the required Jiggies to open the new
world. Head back up the big ramp. Jump into the water and swim into the big
pipe. At the end of the pipe is a hole in the pipe to the side. Jump out and
kill the minon. Here you can activate the red warp cauldron. Now head back out
of the pipe.

Jump up on top of the pipe and jump through the hole up here. You're now in the
area of Clanker's Cavern. Go to your left and jump down to the lower platform
here. Stomp on the switch here. This will raise two big pipes in the water. Use
these two pipes to get to the other side of the water. Now go through the
big hole in the wall to enter Clanker's Cavern.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *      Clanker's Cavern       *  *  *  *  *  * <CLCV> |

You'll have one new move to learn on this level and it is hidden well. To start
off, head forward and jump out of this pipe and into the water below. Go
forward and kill the crab. You should see a rather large tank to the left with
a ladder on it. Go over there and climb up the ladder. There are two pipes
leading from this tank, take the one to the left. There is a single NOTE(1)
here. Watch out for the hole in the wall. As soon as you get close to it,
you'll here a grunting sound, then a sewer slug thing comes out. The weapon for
this is the rat-a-tap-rap.

After you kill him, keep following the pipe and collect the two NOTES(3). There
is another slug monster here. Kill him as you did to the other one. Now get the
NOTE(4) on the other side of the hole. At the end of the pipe there is a grate
with a red feather on it. Jump from there to the small pipe with the golden
feather. You'll be able to use these feathers once you talk to Bottles on this
level. From here, change your view so you are facing the pipe you started this
level from. Jump to the top from here and get the MUMBO TOKEN.

Now jump off to the other side where another golden feather rests on a small
pipe. From here, jump to the grate with the red feather. Now go along this pipe
and collect the NOTE(5). Up next is another slug monster. Kill him and move on
to collect the NOTES(7). Kill the next monster, then collect the NOTE(8).
Brillant, that was a lot of work for just eight Notes. Keep following the pipe
and you should see a yellow JINJO(1) behind a beehive. Get him and then jump
into the water below.

Underwater, there is a hole in the wall that is kind of yellow. Swim into this
pipe. Swim through here and collect all of the NOTES(14). This can be a little
hard to do underwater, so use the A button to swim slower. At the end of the
pipe you will see Clanker, the witch's garbage grinder. He's not too happy and
wants some fresh air. We'll help him in a little bit. Right now, head to the
surface of the water.

Swim down to the right of Clanker and you should see a long pipe laying on the
ground down there. Swim to one end and go in. Swim all the way through and
collect the NOTES(21). Now head back up to the surface and go to the front of
Clanker again. Now go to the left of Clanker. On the wall to the left, you
should see a bunch of pipes underwater. Dive down and swim through the left
yellow one. There is a MUMBO TOKEN here. Now swim out and take a breath.

Dive down again and swim through the greenish pipe next to the yellow one.
About halfway through this pipe you'll see a blue JINJO(2). Get him and swim
thorugh the rest of the way. You'll come out the other end of this pipe. Now
head over to the other side of Clanker. There should be a yellow pipe on the
right wall near Clanker's tail. Take a DEEP breath and dive down and start
swimming through it. It is a long pipe. At the end is a JIGGY(1). Finaly, a
Jiggy! Now hurry and swim back through the pipe and head to the surface.

Directly behind Clanker is a green pipe underwater. Dive down and swim through
that pipe. You're now in a little cave. There are four odd looking crabs in
here. Kill them all. They aren't any different then the other crabs except that
they have a big claw. After you kill them all a Jiggy appears in the center
here. Jump up on the pipe with the eggs and get onto the center stool in here
to get the JIGGY(2). Now run around the outside of this room and get the
NOTES(29). Now jump into the water and swim out of this cave.

Now swim over to Clanker's tail. Carefully climb to the top of it. Now wait
until it gets over all the way to the left or right, then make the jump to the
pipe on the wall. Collect all of the NOTES(39) and the MUMBO TOKEN here. Watch
out for the slug monster as well. Getting up here may take some practice and it
takes a few tries. Try not to get really mad if it takes you a while to get up
on this pipe. Now jump back into the water.

Now it's time to help out Clanker. Swim over so you are near to big cut on his
back. Now get ready to dive deep. Dive straight down. Swim along the chain.
Follow it all the way to the bottom. There is a big key, a Jinjo, and some
Notes down here. First listen for the JINJO(3) and get him. There is a fish
down here that is swiming around and blowing air bubbles. Grab one of the
bubbles if you need any more air. Make sure not to let your oxygen get below
three. Now see that big key? Swim through it three times and it will raise
Clanker to the surface. Now swim around and collect the NOTES(47). Quickly
return to the surface.

Get on one of Clanker's fins and jump on top of him. There are a few NOTES(57)
on top of him. Now get the JIGGY(3) on top of him. Climb to the top of his tail
again. Jump from the tail to the platform with red feathers. From here shoot
three eggs at the grate gaurding the Jiggy. It will open. Jump over there and
grab the JIGGY(4). Now get back on Clanker. Go to the front of him and get on
the screw that is flying in and out of his blow hole. Ride it to the top. Make
your way across the narrow path and collect the NOTES(61). Jump up and the end
and get the JIGGY(5). Now get back on Clanker's back.

Wait for the screw to pop out of the blow hole, then jump in. You will land
right by the witch switch. Stomp on it and you will see Grunty's eyes rise a
bit on the floor in the main area of the lair. Now you have to make your way
forward through the dangerous blades of death. You can either be very careful
and get through these, or go as fast as you can and hope you only get hit two
or three times. Make sure to get all of the NOTES(67). At the end of the blades
is a JIGGY(6). Now go through the door.

You'll land on a flying pad. Use it to fly across the room to the other door on
the other side. Get the golden feather here and go through the door. In here is
Bottles, talk to him and he will teach you how to use the golden feathers. This
is very usefull for what you have to do next. Activate this new move and run
through the spinning blades of death. Make sure to collect all of the
NOTES(73). At the end is a few more gold feathers and a JIGGY(7). Use the move
again to head back through the blades. Go back through the door here.

This is the room that you flew through before. It is filled with water. There
are many different sized hoops in here. One of them is green. Once you jump
through that hoop, a timer will start. You now have to swim through the next
hoop that turns green. After you swim through a green hoop, another hoop will
turn green and you have to get through that. Some hoops require you to swim
through and others require you to jump through. You should have a few seconds
left over when you finish. After you finish, the water will rise and a Jiggy
appears. Grap that JIGGY(8).

Now swim to the left and you should see a ramp leading up into the wall with
some Notes on it. Go over there and go up the ramp and get the NOTES(76). There
is a small pool of water in here. Swim to the bottom to get a JINJO(4). Watch
out for the tentacle. Now swim back into the room with water. On the other side
of this room(directly across from this ramp)there is another tunnel. Swim
underwater and swim through it and collect the NOTES(81). You will end up
outside Clanker in the water.

Swim over to where his mouth is. There are two little platforms floating on
both sides of his mouth. Get on one and look at his mouth. You will see a
golden tooth. Shoot and hit it with three eggs. He will say it fills better.
Now move over to the other platform and hit the other golden tooth with three
eggs. Clanker will be happy; he said he swollowed the reward. So go in the hole
you made by knocking out the tooth. On one side there will be a MUMBO TOKEN. On
the other side there will be a JIGGY(9). Jump down into this room and defeat
the crabs. Now use the talon trot to collect the NOTES(89). Now head out of
Clanker by means of the tunnels in the room with water.

On Clanker's right side, there is a platform by his fin with a shock pad on it
that is gaurded by a slug monster. Use the fin to get on and kill the monster.
Use the shock pad to jump to the right onto a big pipe. From this pipe, jump to
the right again to a small pipe with notes on it. Climb the pipe and collect
the NOTES(93). Up here you can get some eggs and a MUMBO TOKEN. Now jump in the
water. You'll see that the big pipe you were on sticks into the water a little
bit. Swim under and go up in it to get a HOLLOW HONEYCOMB(1).

Now return to the shock pad. Use the shock pad to jump to the left onto a small
pipe. Climb this pipe and jump to a larger pipe to the left. Smash the grate on
this pipe and drop down. You will collect the last JINJO(5) here. You will get
a JIGGY(10). Yes, we have all Jiggies now. Don't go down the rest of this pipe.
Jump back up to the top and go down it to the left. Collect the NOTES(98)
You'll see another pipe here. Jump to it and smash the grate. Drop through and
you'll get the other HOLLOW HONEYCOMB(2). Your health meter is now longer.

Head over to the other side of Clanker now. You will see a platform with a
beehive gaurded by a slug monster. Get up there and kill the monster. Now head
up the pipe to the left. Use the shock pad up here to get to a aclove in the
wall. It has a single NOTE(99) in it. Now use the flutter move to get to the
aclove to the left. Keep doing this to get a few red feathers, eggs, and golden
feathers. The second to last aclove contains the last NOTE(100). We now have
everything on this world. Lets go to the exit.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *        Grunty's Lair 4      *  *  *  *  *  * <GL04> |

When you come out of Clanker's Cavern, go to the left and press the switch. It
will raise a pipe on the other side. Jump across the pipes and jump on that
pipe. Now jump up to the other pipe. Kill the monster and head along the pipe.
At the end of the pipe is another switch. It will open a pipe under the water.
Jump into the water and avoid the mine. Swim through this newly opened pipe
under the waterfall.

When you get out of the pipe, go up one of the ramps to the side. You will now
see the puzzle for Bubblegloop Swamp. Insert all of the required Jiggies. Now
Bubblegloop Swamp is open. Head back through the pipe. Swim around the mine and
get up on the ledge near the switch. Jump up on the higher switch, then exit
this area.

Go through the door to the right here. Head down the ramp and stomp on both of
Grunty's eyes. A JIGGY(4) will appear. Get it and head back up the ramp and
through the door. Jump across the water and go up the steep slope. The Note
door here needs 180 Notes, but we have 300 which is more then enough. Open this
door and go thorugh. You will see a statue of Grunty. Go to the left here and
up the steep slope. Jump through the log. In here, go forward and across the
winding bridge. Now enter Bubblegloop Swamp.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *      Bubblegloop Swamp      *  *  *  *  *  * <BBGS> |

This is one of my favorite worlds. It is not that big, but you have to watch
out not to fall in the swamp area because you'll lose health. This world has
two of the toughest mini-games in the whole game.

When you start Bottles will tell you that there is another move to be learned
on the world. You can probably figure it out right away by looking forward. To
start off, lets learn that move first. Turn around and head that way. You
should see a red frog. Go up and kill him with a rat-a-tap-rap. Now keep going
this way and you will see a molehill and some eggs. Go up and talk to Bottles.
He will teach you how to use the wading boots. These are good for navigating
the dangerous swamp. Now head back to where you started.

To your left you should see a golden alligator that is opening and closing his
mouth. When he opens, shoot a egg into his mouth. He will be happy and
disappear. You will see that another alligator now wants an egg. Now head
forward and past the stump with the wading boots. Head across the moss bridge
and collect the NOTES(5). Now head back up to the top of the bridge and jump
over to the platform with the yellow JINJO(1). Jump back to the bridge and head
to the side with the wading boots. Get the boots and walk through the swamo
behind the pillar that the Jinjo was on and get the MUMBO TOKEN.

Now head to the other side of the bridge and press B when you get on safe
ground. There should be another red frog near. Kill him and then jump onto the
floating log. Get the NOTES(8), then go to the other side. Here you will see a
switch with a Jiggy picture on it. Stomp on it and you will see a Jiggy appear
on a platform above. Now you only 45 seconds to go get it so hurry up the steep
ramp and follow the narrow platform with all the Notes. Take the time to adjust
your view when you need to. You should have a few seconds left when you pick up
the JIGGY(1).

Now head back and collect all of the NOTES(28). Also head up the little side
ramops and collect the other things. These things would include some eggs and a
MUMBO TOKEN, a JINJO(2). A beehive, and another gold alligator. When you shoot
the egg into the alligator, another one appears elsewhere. After you get all of
the things, head back to the area with the Jiggy switch. From here you should
see a lily pad floating in the water. Jump to it, now jump to the land from

There are a lot of stumps here. A yellow frog starts talking and says you'll
never defeat all of them. Now yellow frogs start coming two at a time. Use the
rat-a-tap-rap, it works best. Each frog will take two hits, then they will die.
After you have defeated all of them a JIGGY(2) appears. Get it and then turn
until you are facing a giant turtle. That is the way we need to go next.

Jump to the floating log by the turtle and collect the three NOTES(31). Now
jump to the land near the turtle. He will tell you that his feet are cold and
numb. Go around to each of his feet and collect the NOTES(35). When you go to
each foot, also do a beak buster on it. It will be pulled inside the shell.
After you have stomped on all of the feet, the turtle will thank you and spit
out a Jiggy. Before we get it, get on top of the shell and get the wading
boots. Now run behind the turtle and into the swamp. Get the eggs and the
JINJO(3). Now head to the front of the turtle.

Get the JIGGY(3) and head into the mouth. In here is one of the tougher
mini-games. First run along the outside on both sides and get the NOTES(41).
Now go talk to the turtle at the stand. He will ask you to watch the song, then
repeat it. Repeat it by going to the turtle that made the note, then stomp on
him. You have to repeat in the order in which they made the notes. This can get
rather difficult. You can always ask to see it again by talking to the turlte
again. You may need to write the last one down because it is long. You should
be able to manage the first two. After you have completed the game, you'll get
a JIGGY(4). Now go up to the stand and jump on it. Now high jump and get the

Now head out of the turtle. Jump back across the log and you'll be back where
you defeated all of the frogs. Turn a bit and you'll see an area with many tall
pillars. Jump to that log and get the NOTES(44). Now jump to the land and use
the shock pad to get up to the top of the first pillar. There is a hut on top
here. Beak bust it and a shock pad will be under it. Use this shock pad to get
to the next highest pillar. Do the same with the next hut. On the third hut, a
witch switch and some NOTES(49) are underneath. Stomp the switch and you will
see part of the statue of Grunty shatter. Now go up the ramp and break the hut

Be careful when you jump on this next shock pad. You want to jump to the
platform to the right, not straight in front of you.  Break the hut up here and
jump to the platform with the alligator. Try to get the MUMBO TOKEN in the air.
Shoot an egg into this alligator and another will appear somewhere else. Now
jump back to the other platform and use the shock pad to jump up to the other
pillar. Break the hut here and you'll get a JIGGY(5). Now jump back down all of
the platforms. Be careful not to jump off any shock pads when you jump. Head
back to the island with many stumps.

From here, jump back across the lily pad to the area with the Jiggy switch. Now
face the floating log with the Notes on it. Collect the NOTES(52) and continue
across. Kill the two frogs here. Get the wading boots and hurry into the swamp.
Run behind the giant egg here and get the NOTES(57). Now use the shock pad to
get to the top of the egg. Use a beak buster on the X. Part of the egg will
shatter. Now drop down and there will be another X on the side of the egg. Do a
Rat-a-tap-rap on the X. More of the egg will shatter. Keep doing this until the
egg is gone and only a JIGGY(6).

There is a lily pad floating around in the swamp here. Use it to get back to
the land. You can jump on the pole to get a MUMBO TOKEN if you want. Now head
back to the island where you defeated the yellow frogs. Face the giant
alligator, then jump onto the floating log and collect the NOTES(60). Now jump
to the land with the alligator. Jump up on the alligator and get the NOTES(65).
Jump over the eyes and get the wading boots. Head all the way to the back right
corner of this area. Get the NOTES(70) around by the wall and jump onto the

Kill the red frog here and climb up the pole and get the JINJO(4). Now get back
down. Face the swamp and you should see a pole that is near. Jump to it and
climb to the top. Jump and get the NOTES(73). Now jump from pole to pole to get
back to the area near the big alligator. You should see a golden alligator
near. Jump there and shoot an egg in his mouth. One more alligator will appear
near the giant turtle. Go back to the turtle and jump to the last gold
alligator. Shoot and egg into his mouth and you'll get a JIGGY(7). Now head
back to the giant alligator.

Go up the ramp to the left of the alligator. Go past the beehive and you will
see a entrance to a maze. Put on the wading boots here and start following the
path and collecting the Notes. You will have 85 NOTES when you get to the end
of the maze. Near the end, there will be a opening out and some more wading
boots will be on a small stump. You will see another Jiggy switch. When you
stomp on it, you'll have 10 seconds to get across a very narrow path to a
Jiggy. Go slow for some of it, then speed up and jump the rest of the distance
to get the JIGGY(8). Now go to the end of the maze.

Here is Mumbo's hut. Behind it is a MUMBO TOKEN. Go in the hut. One of the
pillars doesn't have a flame. Jump on it and then jump to the ledge. From here,
jump to the center of the hut to get a HOLLOW HONEYCOMB(2). Now transform into
an alligator. It takes 10 Mumbo Tokens. Now exit the hut and head torwards the
wall with the grate in it. There should be a little hole in the wall here. Go
through it.

Now head back to the area with all of the pillars. Run around under the pillars
and collect all the things. These things include: eggs, NOTES(89), 2 MUMBO
TOKENS, 2 golden feathers, some red feathers, and a JINJO(5) which will give
you a JIGGY(9). Now head to the back wall here and collect the NOTES(94). Now
head back to the giant alligator. Go in one of the Nose holes and collect the
NOTES(97). Make sure to get the NOTES(100) in the other hole.

In here is one of the hardest mini-games. There is a croc called Mr. Vile here.
He challenges you to eat more then him. There are little holes in the ground in
which food pops out of. In the first game, you have to eat more red then him in
the amount of time. The second game is the same, except watch out for the
yellows, they aren't ripe. In the third, you have to eat whatever is shown. Now
Mr. Vile can be a machine and eat many at a time. Try to get the ones he's
going for, or stay away and eat many in the same area. Sometimes you just have
to get lucky and hope more food comes in the area you are then Mr. Vile. After
you win(which could take many tires. Plus, Mr. Vile takes away one honeycomb
each time you lose.)you'll get a JIGGY(10). You now have all of the Jiggies on
this world.

If you couldn't beat Mr. Vile, wait until you get the running shoes, then come
back. Now exit the swamp as an alligator.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *        Grunty's Lair 5      *  *  *  *  *  * <GL05> |

When you come out of the hut here, turn around and head into the swamp behind
the hut. You should see a pipe in the wall here. Go over there and walk into
the pipe. This pipe will soon lead you to a area with a lot of snow. This is
the area for Freezeey Peak, or Freezy Peak as I will call it. Up on a platform
is the puzzle for Freezy Peak. Insert the required Jiggies to fill the puzzle.
Freezy Peak is now open. There is a steep hill in here as well. At the top is
another pipe, but it is blocked by a ice ball. If you want, you can come back
as Banjo-Kazooie and smash that rock. Then you could come back again as the
alligator and go through. You don't have to though. I think Cheato the spell
book is back there, but it is optional.

Now head back out of this area via the pipe you came in through. Follow the
bridge back to the land. After you go a few feet off the bridge, Mumbo will
turn you back into bear and bird. Head back out through the center log pipe.
Now we are back out here again. Head down the hill here and go to the other
side of the statue. It's time to get the Jiggy under the statue. Jump up on the
different platforms and use the shock pad to get to the top. Here is another
Note door. You need 260 Notes to get through, but we have 400. So open the door
and go through.

In here we are in the area for Gobi's Valley, but that isn't the next level. Go
to the left and shoot some eggs at the bricks blocking a door. After the bricks
are gone, go through the door. Kill the blue minion and stomp on the switch in
here. You will see that a shock pad is now moving in a circle around the giant
pot. Go back over there and stand in the path of the shock pad. Wait for it to
come by and pick you up. Now use it to jump to the top of the pot. Now that we
are up here, we can now drop into the pot.

You will see that we come out right above the Grunty statue. You will fall into
the hole that we made and will land right on the JIGGY(5). Now that we have
that, lets head back up the platforms and through the door. Go to the left of
the big pot and head up those big stairs. Man, Grunty must be huge to need
stairs this big. We are now in another area of the lair. You should see a big
head that looks oddly enough like Grunty(wow, what a surprise). You can see
that the Note door here only needs 350, but lets not go through it yet. Turn
to your right and you will see a passage leading to a snowy area; go that way.
In here is the entrance to Freezy Peak. Lets now enter Freezy Peak.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *        Freezeey Peak        *  *  *  *  *  * <FRPK> |

When you start Bottles tells you that there is another move on this world that
you need to learn. We will learn it in a bit. Right now, head straight and you
will see an igloo. Go inside this ice house and you will see three little kid
bears that are very upset becasue their dad is missing and they don't have any
presents. We can help them later, right now just get the MUMBO TOKEN in here
and leave.

Now follow the little path leading to the big hill. For most of this level, you
should probably use the talon trot to walk around. It is quicker and it is
easier to walk on snow with. So head down the hill using the talon trot and
collect the NOTES(5). Here you'll see Boggy, the kid's dad. He is sick because
he has eaten a Jiggy. How stupid was that. Now not only do we have to help him
feel better, but we have to get that Jiggy out of his nasty belly. We can't do
anything right now, so continue down the hill and collect the NOTES(9).

It is here that you will first hear the wicked laugh of those huge annoying
snowmen on this level. There are five of them, and they all will through
snowballs at you when they get the chance. They will annoy the hell out of you.
Now that I've told you that, lets go left here. You will see a big Christmas
tree. There is a path leading from it. At the end of the path is a Christmas
rapped box.

Head over to the box and do a beak buster on it. Little Christmas lights will
start talking to you. They will tell you that you need to help them get to the
tree by defending them from the Twinky Munchers. You will need to get 10 to the
tree. You will notice that on the path are tree holes. This is where the
Munchers pop up. Just do a beak buster to slam them back in. The lights will
start hopping along the path. Hit the first Muncher. The next two will pop up.
Hit the one in the middle. Then hit the last one. Head back to the first one
and hit him. Then hit the middle one, then the last. Keep repeating this until
ten lights have crossed the path.

Now you have to turn on the lights. Head to the back of the tree and collect
the NOTES(14) as well as defeat the ice block with a rat-a-tap-rap. Now aim at
the star on the back of the pot the tree's in. Fire three eggs at the star and
prepare to move quick. The lights will come on and they will tell you to be a
star and get your reward. You now have sixty seconds to fly through the star on
top three times. So use the talon trot to run to the left of the tree torwards
the pile of presents. Head up the ramp of a present and you'll see the flying
pad. Fly up and go torwards the tree. You should have plenty of time to fly
through the star three times. After you do that, the glass around a Jiggy will

Now fly down to the ground and follow the path to the tree. Use a high jump to
get up in the pot. There is a MUMBO TOKEN in this pot, get it. Now climb the
tree. Climb all the way to the top first. Jump onto the ledge and get all of
the eggs. Now use a high jump to get to the JIGGY(1). Wow, that was a lot of
work to get just one Jiggy. Now descend down to the next ledge and get all of
the red feathers. Go down to the next ledge and get the NOTES(26). Doesn't it
just feel like Christmas to you now too? Head to the bottom level and get the
present. You will need two more for the kids. Exit the tree.

Head back to the area with the presents and the flying pad. Go behind the
presents and you will see a molehill. Go over there and talk to Bottles. He
will teach you how to do the beak bomb, a attack done from the air. Get on the
pile of presents. Jump from the present with the flying pad to the little
platform with the NOTES(30). Now high jump to the platform with the JINJO(1). I
think it is about time we take care of those snowmen. They are already annoying

Get on the flying pad and fly to the left a bit. You will see your first victum
on a present. Aim and wait until you can't miss, then do the beak bomb at his
head. He will explode and leave some rewards behind. Now turn around and you
will see the other snowman that was near by. He is on and island in the water.
After you kill him, keep going in this direction and you will see another
snowman on another island in the water. After him, go up the hill a bit and
you'll see the fourth. The last snowman is to the left a bit and is on a cliff.
Killing him will result in a Jiggy appear on the giant snowman's hat.

Now lets go around and collect our rewards for killing the snowmen. Go back to
the first one. He left a honeycomb and and MUMBO TOKEN. Also make sure to get
the NOTES(34) around the present he was on. Go over to the next snowman you
killed. There is a honeycomb and a witch switch under him. Press the witch
switch and you will see a pannel open up in Grunty's Lair. Go over to the next
snowman and you will find another honeycomb and another MUMBO TOKEN. The next
snowman left a honeycomb and a HOLLOW HONEYCOMB(1). While we are in this area,
lets get the NOTES(40) on top of the houses, and also get the JINJO(2) behind a
house. The last snow left a honeycomb and a gold feather.

Return to the flying pad. We need to get a Jiggy that is near. Fly up and look
at the giant snowman in the middle of this world. You can see from here that he
has three buttons down his belly. Fly up and do a beak bomb on all of them. You
can't miss because you can get right next to them and do the beak bomb. After
you get all three, a Jiggy appears in the middle under the snowman. So lets fly
down and get the JIGGY(2). Wow, that was only our second Jiggy. Anyway, lets go
around the legs of this snowman and get the NOTES(50) and the two MUMBO TOKENS.

Now go back between the two legs and face the other oppisite direction of the
hill you came down. You should see a wide slope up. Go that way and jump over
the icy water. To your right there is a small island with a present on it. Jump
to that island and get the present. Now go up that steep slope. Defeat the ice
block at the top here and go to your left. You'll see the scarf of the snowman.
Start the long trek up the snowman's scarf. Get all of the NOTES(64) and red
feathers as you go. At the top, circle around and get the NOTES(69) and red

Now go around until you can see the broom that the snowman is holding. Jump to
the broom and get the JINJO(3) here. Now jump back to the snowman. Now move
around until you find the shock pad. Use the shock pad to jump to the left
logs. Follow the long log which turns out to be the snowman's smoking pipe. Go
to the end and jump in the hole to get a JIGGY(3). Now carfully head back along
the pipe and jump the gap to the other logs. Use the shock pad here to jump up
to the snowman's nose where you will get the last present.

Head to the tip of the nose and use the flying pad to fly to the top of the
snowman's hat. Here you will see an ice block guarding a Jiggy. Defeat the ice
block and get the JIGGY(4). Now run along the edge of the hat and get the
NOTES(77). Jump down to the brim of the hat and look for a little hole.
Carfully fall through it and you'll land on the snowman's nose. Now jump down
to the scarf around his neck. You will see a sled up here. Jump on it and
you'll slide down, get a MUMBO TOKEN, and ramp off. You'll land on Boggy's
belly, and pop the Jiggy right out.

Get the JIGGY(5) and talon trot up the hill. Go inside the igloo again. Go
around and Banjo will throw the presents to the kids. They will be very happy
and will give you a JIGGY(6). Return to the flying pad and fly over by the
little houses are. You will see Mumbo's hut across the water. Fly over there
and go in the hut. One of the pillars doesn't have fire. Use it to jump up onto
the ledge. Get the NOTES(83) and the yellow JINJO(4). Now drop down and let
Mumbo transform you into a walrus. Now go out of the hut.

As a walrus you can walk in the water without losing health. So head over into
the water by the houses and get the NOTES(92) here. Now go down the hill here
and go to your left. You will see a ice path leading up to the left of the hill
you came down from the igloo. Go up this path and you will see Boggy on a sled.
Before you talk to him, go around and collect the NOTES(96). Now talk to Boggy.
He will want to race you on sleds. The race is pretty easy, make sure to go
through every set of flags. It will lead you through almost the whole world. Be
careful when you go over the houses and through the flags in that area. After
you beat him you will get a JIGGY(7).

After you get the Jiggy, head down the hill and collect the NOTES(100). Yay!
All 100 Notes on this world. Now go over and talk to the big walrus. He will
give you a JIGGY(8) because you talked to him without scaring him. Now enter
his cave. He is still happy to see you. There is a pool of water in his cave.
Go in it and then follow the tunnel. In this next room you will find a HOLLOW
HONEYCOMB(2). Now go back out and exit the cave. Head back to Mumbo and
transform back into Banjo-Kazooie.

Now go out of Mumbo's hut and use the wading boots to cross the water. Go back
to Wozza's cave. He won't be very happy to see you. He tells you to take the
noisy orange thing and get out. So lets do what he says. Go over to the wall
and jump up. Get the JINJO(5) and you'll get another JIGGY(9). Now look through
the glass here and you can see the famous Ice Key. We'll come back for it
later. We can't get the last Jiggy until we have the running shoes, so lets
exit this world.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *        Grunty's Lair 6      *  *  *  *  *  * <GL06> |

Ok, we are about halfway done with the worlds. As you exit Freezy Peak and come
out you will notice that there is now an evil snowman out here as well. Joy.
You can't kill him right now, and you also can't get the Jiggy we revealed with
the witch switch. Go ahead and leave this snowy area. You're now in the big
area with Grunty's head. Go up to the head and you will see the Note Door. It
needs 350 Notes to get through. We have 500 Notes so this door isn't a problem.
Open it up and go through. You will now be in a big cavern with lava at the

Be careful not to fall, because it is a instant death. There is a small path to
the right. Go that way. You might want to wait for the room to light up a bit
before you cross the path. This room will light up and get dark every few
seconds so cross when it is light and easy to see. At the end of this path you
will see the puzzle for Gobi's Valley. Insert the Jiggies, then head back to
the room with Grunty's head.

Back in here, head through the door that you entered into here through. Go down
the stairs here and you will see that giant pot again. Head to the right and
you will see another set of big stairs. To the right of them is a brick wall
blocking a door. Shoot three eggs at the door to break the wall. Go in and get
the wading boots, then quickly run out and go up the stairs. Up here is the
area for Gobi's Valley. Use the boots to get across the quicksand and enter
the world.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *        Gobi's Valley        *  *  *  *  *  * <GBVY> |

Now we are in a desert world called Gobi's Valley. I really don't like this
level much at all. Lets just get this over with. When you start, turn around
and you will see the first JINJO(1) sitting on a rock in the quicksand. Jump to
him and get him. On this level make sure not to touch the quicksand without
wading boots, or you will get hurt. After you get the Jinjo, turn around and go
past the werid looking tree out in the water and head up the sand hill with the
talon trot. Make sure to collect the NOTES(5).

Now when you get to the top, you will see a giant sphinx to your left. Run up
and get the NOTES(11) on both of the paws. Be careful when you are running on
the ground here because there is a evil hand that pops up and tries to get you.
To defeat him, stand still, then wait for the very last moment to dodge. When
the hand misses, do a beak buster on him. After you have the Notes on the paws,
jump onto one of the paws. Now from here you should see a platform with eggs on
the side of the sphinx. Jump there, then jump up the other platforms to get to
the top of the sphinx.

There is a flying pad up here. Get used to comming up here because you will be
using this pad a lot. From the pad, fly to the front of the sphinx(collect the
MUMBO TOKEN in the air). You will see two platforms with red feathers. Land on
either platform and the sphinx will tell you that his nose is stuffy. Shoot an
egg into the nostril closer to you. The sphinx will tell you that his nose is
a bit better. Now jump to the other platform and shoot an egg into the other
nostril. The sphinx will be happy and he will open the door that leads inside

Quickly jump down and go inside the door. There is a rather large room in here.
Go all the way to the back and you will see some eggs and a MUMBO TOKEN. Kill
the evil hand in this area and get the token. Now get the NOTES(15) in each of
the four corners of this room. After you have those, run to the front of this
room and jump onto the magic carpet. Get the NOTE(16) on this carpet and look
at the small statue on the wall. Shoot an egg into the statue's mouth. Now the
carpet you are on will rise. Turn around and jump to the carpet with the
JINJO(2). The other carpet will be lowered by now.

Jump to the other carpet and use an egg to raise it again. Now turn the other
way and jump to the other carpet and grab the NOTE(17). Look at the statue on
the wall here and shoot yet another egg into his mouth. You guessed it, this
carpet will now rise. From up here, jump to the third carpet and get the single
NOTE(18). There is one more statue up here. Give it an egg and this carpet will
now rise. Jump to the final carpet and get the JIGGY(1). That was a lot of work
for a Jiggy. Now jump down the carpets and get out of this room.

Back outside, head to the top of the sphinx again. Don't use the flying pad,
instead, head to the back and carefully drop down to the back of the sphinx.
Get the wading boots here and head left into the quicksand. Get the NOTES(26)
and MUMBO TOKEN as you follow the wall here. You should have just enough time
to get everything and get to safe ground. Now it's back up to the flying pad.
From the pad, fly up in the air and look for a pyramid with a big statue of
Kazooie and a target. Fly over there and do a beak bomb into the target. The
door to this pyramid will open and you'll have 20 seconds to get in, so lets
go in.

There is a weird looking man in here as well as a basket with a snake in it.
Before doing anything else, collect all of the NOTES(34) in the alcoves. Make
sure to grab the MUMBO TOKEN as well. Now go to the middle of this room and
stand on the basket. There is a little basket circling around you. Shoot eggs
into that basket from here. After you get a few in, the snake will act as an
elevator and raise you up. At the top is a JIGGY(2). Now there is nothing more
we can do in this pyramid so lets exit this place.

Now we have to return to the flying pad again. Fly up and look around for a
smaller statue with an octogon shape on it's head. Fly through the octogon and
the statue will disapper. It will pop up close by. Fly through it again and it
will pop up near the sphinx. After flying through it again, it will relocate in
the same sands close by. Fly through it again and it will relocate one last
time in between the two cactus platforms. After you fly through it, you will
get a JIGGY(3)

Now it's time to go back to our favorite flying pad. This time, fly northeast
to a pyramid with a sun switch on top. Stomp on the switch and it will open up
the door to the pyramid. Slide down and collect the NOTES(38) as you go. Now
enter the pyramid. In here there is a mummy walking around. The only way to
kill these guys is to use a golden feather. Also make sure to collect the
NOTES(42) in the corners of this room. You will notice that the floor is made
up of huge tiles. This is a matching game. Do a beak buster on one of the

This game is not hard, but you get a time limit so you have to hurry up. The
best way to do this is to start turning over all of the tiles. When you turn
over a tile, remember where it is. Then when you find the matching tile, you
can easily make a match. After you match all of the tiles within the time
limit, you will get a JIGGY(4). There is also a MUMBO TOKEN in here, so make
sure you get that, then you can leave this pyramid.

Out here, turn and go around the pyramid on the left side. Jump across the
platforms and collect the NOTES(44). On the back of this pyramid there is a
little aclove with a Jinjo in it. Use the flutter to get to the JINJO(3).
There is also a honeycomb switch here, stomp on it and you will see a hollow
honeycomb appear in a circular cactus. Now we have to return to the flying pad
again. On your way to the flying pad, you should pass some huge stairs. On the
rails, there are some Notes. Jump up there and get all of the NOTES(48). Now
head over to the flying pad.

When you're in the air, look for a huge square like pyramid. Land near the
bottom head to the start of the sloped ramps. You'll see a switch, but don't
press it because you need the running shoes first. Just head up the ramps and
collect the NOTES(52) as you climb. Once you have the Notes, return to the
bottom of the pyramid. You should see a sloping hill of sand. Use the talon
trot and get on the hill. Head up to the front of the square pyramid and get
the MUMBO TOKEN in the doorway.

Now head down the slope until you get to the edge. There is a very narrow
ledge here that you can walk on. Be careful not to fall because you will die.
Now head left along the edge and collect the Notes, when you get to the stairs,
get the Notes on the rails. After that, continue along the ledge to get the
rest of the Notes. At the end, you should have 65 NOTES. Guess what, it's time
to return to the flying pad.

From here fly to the left of the Kazooie pyramid and look for a aclove on the
wall. Fly to that aclove and get the NOTES(70) in front of the closed door. Now
there is only one way to down from here. Wait for the magic carpet to come,
then hop on for a ride. It will carry back to the sphinx's paw. Jump off here.
Now it's time for another return to the flying pad. This time, fly to the left
of the pyramid with the matching game. You should see a platfrom surounded by
quicksand. Fly to that platform and you'll see Gobi, a camel.

Gobi is chained to a rock and wants to be free to find shade. Use a beak buster
on that rock and it will free Gobi. He will give you a JIGGY(5), and then runs
off to find some shade. There is a magic carpet floating around here somewhere,
use it to get across the quicksand. Now head north, past the cactus and the
square pyramid. Run up the hill and get the two NOTES(72). Head to the rear of
the square pyramid and get the wading boots. Continue quickly in this direction
and head down the slope to the quicksand. Get all of the NOTES(83) in the sand
here before the wading boots run out.

Now we have to return to the start of this level. When you get there, you will
see Trunker, a tree, and Gobi. Do a beak buster on Gobi's back. This will make
Gobi spit water out and into Trunker's mouth. He will now grow taller. A Jiggy
will appear at the top. Climb a nearby tree and jump to the top of Trunker and
get the JIGGY(6). Now we have to learn that new move, so head back up the hill.

Go to the top of the Kazooie pyramid. From here you should see a little tree
out on a narrow path with a molehill behind it. Go over there and talk to
Bottles. He will teack you how to use the running shoes. There is so much we
have to do now that we got the running shoes. Now head back to the hill near
the square pyramid. The hill had those two Notes at the top, remember. Now
there is a pair of running shoes at the top. Get the shoes, then run south,
behind the square pyramid and down the steep slope. Jump to the platform with
the hand. Grab the JIGGY(7) out of the hand and return to the top of the
steep slope.

That was fun, now return to the running shoes. Put the shoes on again and
quickly run to the start of the ramps on the square pyramid. Step on the switch
as you start to go up the ramps. With the shoes, you can get to the top and
drop into the hole before time runs up. Now you're in a big room filled with
water. Swim to the bottom and get the JIGGY(8). The door to this room will open
and the water will drain out. It will drain into that big pit filled with with
quicksand. Defeat the mummies here and collect the NOTES(87). Now head out of
this room.

Slide down the hill and into the water. Dive down to the bottom and collect the
NOTES(93). There is also a JINJO(4) down here. Now there are some pillars in
the water. Get on the one that is close to the statue on the wall. From here,
shoot a few eggs into his mouth. A pyramid will start to rise. Now there are
three other statues and pillars in the water. After you shoot eggs into all of
them, the pyramid will be fully built.

Now head up there and go into the pyramid. There is a guy called King Sandybutt
who will warn you not to go forward. We're going forward anyway. Collect the
NOTES(96) as you go forward. Soon you will enter a maze. The door will close
and a timer will start. Get into talon trot mode so you move faster. Now go
left, then right as soon as you can. From here so should be able to do it. As
long as you don't run into every dead-end and you move you should be fine.

When you get to the end, head forward and collect the last NOTES(100). At the
end of this path you'll see a coffin. It will open up and a JIGGY(9) will be
inside. Now look in the pots around the coffin. Inside one is a JINJO(5). When
you find him, you'll get the last JIGGY(10). Well, now we have all the Notes
and Jiggies, now we just need the witch switch and the two hollow honeycombs.
If you go back into the maze and look to the right, you'll see the witch
switch. Hurry up and get that, then exit this pyramid by means of the tomb

Outside, we have to get those last hollow honeycombs. Go to the flying pad and
look around for a circle cactus. Fly through the center to get a HOLLOW
HONEYCOMB(1). Now fly to that little aclove to the left of the Kazooie pyramid.
You'll see Gobi here. Stomp on him and he'll spit out the other honeycomb. Pick
up the HOLLOW HONEYCOMB(2). Gobi will be mad and leaves for Click Clock Wood.
Now you have everything on this level. You can go back to the start and exit.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *        Grunty's Lair 7      *  *  *  *  *  * <GL07> |

Back out here, use the wading boots to get across the quicksand. Go back down
the rather large stairs here and you'll be back by the giant pot. Remember the
Jiggy that appeared when you hit the witch switch in Gobi's Valley? We're going
to get it now. The shock pad is still spinning around the pot. Get on it and
wait until you pass the coffin that has opened. Jump forward so that you take
off from the ground close to the coffin. Now you will jump high enough to get
to the JIGGY(6).

Now would be a good time to go back to Bubblegloop Swamp if you didn't beat
Mr. Vile. Now you can use the running shoes, so it isn't AS hard. It's still
really hard, but you are now faster and can get to the foods before Mr. Vile
does. After you have beaten him. You should have all of the Jiggies on that
world. Now return to the area by Gobi's Valley with the big pot.

Now we're all back together since some people didn't need to return to
Bubblegloop Swamp. Head back up the stairs leading to the other part of the
lair. You're in the room with Grunty's head. Go to your left and shoot some
eggs at the webbing that is blocking a warp cauldron. You can now activate it.
Lets head to the center of this room now and stand on the web in the middle.
Shoot a few eggs out from behind to get rid of this web.

Now to the right of the path leading to Freezy peak is a ramp heading up. Go
up that ramp and head past the Note door for now. Keep going and you'll see
another web that is blocking a warp cauldron. Stand on it and shoot a few eggs
out from behind again. That is all we needed to do for now in this room. Head
back to the Freezy Peak area and enter Freezy Peak.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *    Return to Freezy Peak    *  *  *  *  *  * <FRP2> |

Remember that we still had to get one Jiggy when we left last time? We needed
the running shoes for it, and now we have the shoes. So head back up to the
area where you started the race against Boggey. He will be there again and you
have to race him, this time, on foot. It's actually easier because you get to
use the running shoes. You will race the same route and when you win, you'll
get the last JIGGY(10). Now have everything on this world, go ahead and return
to the start so you can exit.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *        Grunty's Lair 8      *  *  *  *  *  * <GL08> |

Now we are back in Grunty's lair. It's time to get that Jiggy we revealed with
the witch switch in Freezy Peak. Go to the right and jump to the platform with
the shock pad. Use the shock pad to jump up to a higher level. Go through the
tunnel to the other side. Put on the running shoes here and run across the
switch. You'll see that a flying pad has appeared in the center of the room
with Grunty's head. Quickly get down and run through the doorway and get to
the flying pad. Fly up before the pad shatters.

Now that you are in the air, fly back through the hallway and into the Freezy
Peak area. Fly all the way up to the top and get the JIGGY(7) in the aclove.
Now use the flying pad up here to get down without losing health. If you want,
you can use this time to take out that evil snowman here. After that, head out
of this area and go up the ramp to the left. Now you should open up the door
here. The requirement is 450 but I think 600 should be enough. After you open
the door, go through it.

You're now in a room filled with water. In fact, the next few rooms are filled
with water. Be careful of the evil fishes in these rooms. Dive into the water
here and swim through the pipe in the wall. It will lead you to another room
with water. There is yet another pipe in here, go through it. Swim to the
surface in this room. You will see that it is rather large. There is a big
aclove with a torch in it to your right. Jump up into it and then use the
flutter move to go through the other acloves. The third one has the puzzle to
Mad Monster Mansion. Insert the Jiggies into it and the world will open.

Now head back a couple of rooms through the water. Go back to the room with
Grunty's head in it. Go up the ramp and head into her mouth again. You're in
the lava room again. Wait until it is light, then cross the first bridge. You
will pass the puzzle to Gobi's Valley. Wait until it is light again, then
carefully cross the next bridge. Go through the door here. Whe you come out,
you'll be in a graveyard. Watch out for some of the stones, they are alive.
Head along the left wall until you come across a gate. Knock it out with a
few eggs. Now go to your right and enter Mad Monster Mansion through the
little shack.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *    Mad Monster Mansion      *  *  *  *  *  * <MDMM> |

Ahhh, Mad Monster Mansion. This is quite an intresting level. Just when you
thought you've seen all the themes you get a haunted house. This level isn't
very difficult, but it will take a while like all the other levels. Now lets
get started. For starters, head forward and get the four NOTES(4). Now look at
the big house in front of you. You will notice that it has four pipes, one in
each corner. Climb up the pipe to your left. Now go around the edge of the roof
here and get the NOTES(8) in each corner. You might want to use the talon trot
to make sure you don't slip.

After you have the Notes, climb up the slope a bit and you'll be on a level
surface. Go on the right side of the house and smash the window here. Go inside
the hole you made. There's a toilet in here named Loggo. Remember where this
place is. Just get the MUMBO TOKEN in here and exit through the window. Now go
to the other side of the house and smash the window on that side. Don't go in
that room yet because you can't get anything yet.

On the back of the house there is a shock pad. Use it to get up in front of the
large window on the little ledge. Smash this window and head through. Get the
NOTES(12) in here and look to the pirate painting on the wall. There's a shock
pad under it, but first you'll have to kill the monster behind the painting.
This guy is just like the ones in Clanker's Cavern. After he is dead, use the
shock pad to get to the top of the bed. There is a JINJO(1) up here. Get him
and drop down. In case you're wondering, the only way to kill the monster in
here is to use a gold feather.

Back out here, jump to the tiny pipe to your left on the next level. On this
level, there are four NOTES(16) to collect in each of the corners. There should
also be a green JINJO(2) on this level. Get him and head to the other side of
the mansion where there is a shock pad on this level. Use it to get up to the
top of the chimney. Jump down the chimney. You;ll end up in the fire place. In
this room there is a Jiggy being guarded by a big ghost. If you make noise on
floor, he will wake up. So jump on the chairs to get to the table. On your way
across the chairs, collect the NOTES(18).

From the last chair, jump to the table. Now run up and get the JIGGY(1) from
underneath the monster. He will wake up and run off in fear. Now jump back onto
the chairs and collect the rest of the NOTES(24) on the chairs. Now head to the
front of this room and break the door open. Outside, head right, then go north.
You should see a gate, break it open and head back and to your left. If you get
confused, just head to the back of the house. You will see some stairs heading
down into a cellar.

Break the cellar doors and go down. There are many barrels down here. You can
smash all but one. So start smashing them open. You will be able to collect a
gold feather, a MUMBO TOKEN, a JINJO(3), and a JIGGY(2). Make sure to also
collect the NOTES(28) in the back of this room. Now exit the cellar. Head back
past the gate that you broke and you'll see a little aclove in the grassy area
with three NOTES(31). Now head a little to the right and go north. You'll be in
an area with a shed.

You can kill the skeletons if you want. On one side of the shed there is a
shock pad. Use it to get to the top of the shed. Quickly get into talon trot
mode so that you won't fall off. Collect the NOTES(35) on the roof. Now you
can jump off the roof. Now enter the house. In here is a mini-game you can play
for a Jiggy. Run to the middle and talk to the bucket. A ghost will now start
to circle the room. Jump onto the bucket and you can slide around. You will
have to slide over the letters to spell "Banjo-Kazooie." You will lose health
if you get hit by the ghost or if you run over a witch pannel.

After you have spelled "Banjo-Kazooie" within the time limit, you'll get a
JIGGY(3). Now head out of the shed and go out of this area. Go left and cut
through the grass area and go through the gate that you broke down earlier.
You're now facing a church. There is a graveyard outside of the church.
Scattered around this graveyard are some pots. The first one is right in front
of you. Spit an egg out from behind so that it bounces into the pot. It will
say thank you. Now move around to the left and keep spitting eggs into the pots
like the first one. When you give the last pot an egg, you'll get a JIGGY(4).

In this area you will want to watch out for the gravestones. Some of them are
alive and will attack you. Now go around the church and look at all of the
windows. One of them has a picture of Banjo and Kazooie on it. Jump through
that window. In here there are a lot of feathers and eggs and an extra life.
After you have what you need, jump back through the window. Now return to the
front door of the church. To the right of the door is a gravestone. Jump on it
and then jump to the roof above the door from there. Get into talon trot mode
and collect the NOTES(39). Now jump to the higher part of the roof and collect
the NOTES(49) on that level.

There is a tower with a clock up here. Go over there and jump on it. Slowly and
carfully move to the other side of it. Get the MUMBO TOKEN and then go inside.
You will come out and the top. Get the NOTES(53) up here and then use the shock
pad to get to the pole up higher. Start climbing the pole. At the top is
another JIGGY(5). Yes, halfway done with both Jiggies and Notes. Now make your
way back down to the ground. When you're safe and sound on the ground, leave
this church area and head to the stairs by the cellar. Climb the pole on the
house here and you'll see a hedge leading from the house.

You can walk on this hedge because there are no thorns. This will lead you to
the hedge maze. Now make your way along the top of the hedge to the northeast
corner. You can now drop into the maze. There is a JINJO(4) in this big area.
Now move through the maze to collect all of the NOTES(59). When you have all
of those Notes, head out of the maze by means of going south. Now go back to
where you started this world. Head to the left and then go south. This is
an area with a fountian.

On this fountain is the last Jinjo. Go south a bit and you'll see a shock pad.
Use the shock pad to reach the JINJO(5). That is the last Jinjo which will get
you another JIGGY(6). Now collect the NOTES(63) around the fountain. To the
left of where you came are some stairs. Climb them and at the top you will see
a switch and some running shoes. The switch will open the door to the church,
but you'll have a limited amount of time to get there so grab the running shoes
and head as fast as you can over there. When you get there, go in the door.

You're now inside of the church. The place is pretty big. Head forward and go
right up to the organ. Jump on the pedals and get the NOTES(65). Now use the
shock pad to jump up on the chair. Get the MUMBO TOKEN here, then use the shock
pad here to get up to the keys. Use the talon trot to get up to the music book.
A hand will now ask you if you can play the organ. He will go down and start
to play. Do a beak buster on the keys that he pushes. This is easy because he
goes slow and you can just follow him. After you play the tunes, the hand will
give you a Jiggy.

To get to that Jiggy, you'll need to do a bit of climbing. Jump to the top of
the music book, then do another high jump. You're now at the level with the
pipes. Start climbing the pipes. At the top is a JIGGY(7). Make sure to get all
of the NOTES(69) on the pipes. There is a flying pad on the left side of the
pipes. Use the flying pad to fly up high and land on the rafters in the roof.
There is a witch switch up here. Stomp on it and you'll see a Jiggy appear in
the eye of the Grunty head. Now move along the thin rafters and collect the
feathers, a MUMBO TOKEN, and a HOLLOW HONEYCOMB(1).

After you have everything up here, get down using the flutter move and land
on one of the chairs. Get the NOTES(73) on each of the chairs. After that,
exit the church. Now we have to get to Mumbo. His hut is on the other side of
the wall in the right corner of the church graveyard. You can jump through
the gap in the wall to get there. Now go inside the hut. It is 20 Tokens this
time. You will be transformed into a pumpkin. Collect the NOTES(75), then leave
the hut. Head back to the church and get to the top of the roof. Head to the
clock tower and go to the other side again. Don't go in, we just need to get
up here so we can jump.

Look down and face the hedge maze. You should see a certain part of the maze
where there is a ramp leading up. Make the jump to that area. You won't get
hurt as a pumpkin when you land. Now go up the ramp here and you'll be on top
of the maze. Follow the hedge to the house. Go across the hedge and onto the
house roof. Go up the roof and jump into the first window that you see. In
here, jump down into one of the cracks so that you're under the floor. Get the
HOLLOW HONEYCOMB(2) under here. Now head out of this room.

Outside, head around to the other side of the house and go through the window
up here. You'll be in the room with the toilet. Jump into the toilet and you'll
be flushed down. Yay! it's down the toilet we go. You're now in what we call a
waste pit. I won't tell you what you're walking on. Head forward and avoid the
monsters and tentacles. Up the hill lies a JIGGY(8). After you have the Jiggy,
get the NOTES(80). Now we get to leave this waste pit. Back on the roof, go
left and you'll see a little hole in the corner. As a pumpkin, you can drop
down through that hole. As you fall, you get a JIGGY(9). Now exit through this
small hole in the wall.

Now we have one Jiggy and some Notes to get. Go back to the area with the shed.
Go north, then go right and follow the path. At the next junction, turn left.
You'll be in a swamp like area. First go all the way around the swamp and get
the NOTES(84) around the outside. Now head up the ramp and drop into the well.
There are some tentacles down here. Jump into the bucket and get the JIGGY(10).
Now we just need to get the last Notes and we'll be done. Very carefully make
your way around the tentacles and collect the NOTES(91). Now exit through the
small hole down here.

Now return to Mumbo and turn back into bear and bird. Climb to the top of the
house, and use the shock pads to do it. There is a window up here that you
haven't broken yet. It is oppisite of the one that you have broken. Go through
that window and get the NOTES(100) in the room. Now we have everything we need
to get on this level. Turn back into a pumpkin before you leave this level.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *        Grunty's Lair 9      *  *  *  *  *  * <GL09> |

Now we're back out in that little graveyard. Some of the gravestones will try
to chase you now, so be careful. Head down the stairs and go left. Remember
taking out that gate over here? Now we're going to go through that gate. Go
down the path here and avoid the minon. You should see a little shack here. Go
up the stairs and head through the hole in the door. In here you will see a
cofin and Mumbo. Go up to Mumbo and transform back into bear and bird. Now go
over to the cofin and break it open with a beak buster. Inside the cofin is a
switch, stomp on it and you will see the water level in one of the rooms go up.
Transform into a pumpkin again and head out of this room.

Back out in the graveyard, follow the path back to the lair. In here, be
careful not to fall again because it is an instant death. CAREFULLY make your
way to the left. This is a very twisted path and it is very thin. Only move
when it is light in the room. After you carefully make your way across the
path, go through the little hole that you can only fit through as a pumpkin.
At the end of the tunnel here you will find Cheato the Spellbook. He will give
you a cheat (REDFEATHERS) and tell you where to enter it. After you have the
cheat, exit out of here and make your way through the lair to get to Treasure
Trove Cove. This can be a quick journey if you use the warp cauldrons.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *    Treasure Trove Return    *  *  *  *  *  * <TTCT> |

We only need to do one thing here. Go to the sandcastle where you spelled
"Banjo-Kazooie" on the floor. In here, kill the crab to get him out of the way.
Now enter "REDFEATHERS" on the floor. Now you can carry up to 100 red feathers.
Thanks Cheato! That was the only cheat we can enter right now, so lets head
back to the lair and find another one. Exit the cove.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *       Grunty's Lair 10      *  *  *  *  *  * <GL10> |

Head out of the Treasure Trove Cove area and climb up the vine. Jump across the
water and head through the door. Back in this room, find the door that leads
down to a warp cauldron. Use the warp cauldron to get to the area near Freezy
Peak. Head into the snowy area by the entrance to Freezy peak and use the shock
pads to get to the running shoes and flying pad switch. Do what you did before
and get the shoes and step on the switch. Run quickly to where the flying pad
appears and use it to take into the air. Look at the head of Grunty. You should
see the Jiggy in her left eye that appeared when you hit the witch switch in
Mad Monster Mansion.

Fly over there and aim carefully at the eye. Do a beak bomb at it and shatter
the glass around the Jiggy. Now fly in and get the JIGGY(8). Wow, thats almost
all of the Jiggies in Grunty's lair. Just two more! Now go up the ramp to the
right of the Feezy Peak area. Go through the Note door that you had already
opened. You'll come out here in the water since we raised the level. Avoid the
mine in this water and swim through the pipe in the wall here. In this room you
will see that part of the wall looks like a huge boat. Jump onto the platform
on the boat and go up the stairs.

Head north, then go left and jump to a bunch of crates that way. Follow the
crates to the left and then jump to a Rareware box in the corner. Smash the
crate you're on and you'll see another water switch. Stomp on it and the water
will raise again. Dive into the water and swim back through the pipe to the
other area you came through. Up here you should see a platform with a grate
blocking a pipe. Smash the grate and head through the pipe. When you come out
of the pipe, you'll see yet another water level switch. Hit this one and a
timer will start. Quickly jump into the water and swim through the pipe. When
you get through the pipe, swim to the surface and turn around.

You'll see a ledge and some stairs. Jump on the ledge and go up the stairs.
Cheato is up here and guess what? He has another code for you. This is a very
good code. So now we have to head all the way back to Treasure Trove Cove.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *       Treasure Trove 3      *  *  *  *  *  * <TTT3> |

Yes, it's back here we go again. Go do the whole sandcastle thing again and
kill the crab. Now enter the code "GOLDFEATHERS." Now you can hold up to 20
gold feathers. This is a good and very useful code. You'll want it for the next
level. Now exit this level again.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *       Grunty's Lair 11      *  *  *  *  *  * <GL11> |

Now we have to do some more big time traveling. Head all the way back to where
the big boat is. Swim to the right of the closed door on the boat and enter the
cave here. Head forward and you'll see a beehive. Do a rat-a-tap-rap on the
wall to the right. Head through the way you just opened up and stand on the
Jigsaw Piece. Insert the required amount of Jiggies to open up one of the
harder levels, Rusty Bucket Bay. Return to the area with the boat wall and swim
through the entrance that opened up.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *       Rusty Bucket Bay      *  *  *  *  *  * <RBBY> |

Alright, this is a nice, hard level. I really don't like this level much at
all. Lets just try to get through this level as fast as possible. It's a good
thing we can now carry 20 gold feathers, because we'll use them often. You
might die quite a few times so be prepared to go back and collect all of the
Notes you lose. Now lets start.

This level is a simple area. There is a big boat docked inside a harbor. You
can go many places on the boat and a few places around the harbor. To start,
head forward and collect the NOTES(5) up on the bridge. You're now on the boat.
Head left and you'll see a small pipe sticking out of the floor. You can jump
inside this one, so go ahead and do that. In this small room, take out the TNT
boxes with eggs. It's the safest way to kill them. Collect the NOTES(10) in
this room and then go back out. Now jump onto the pipe and jump to the higher

Go over the bridge to your left and collect the NOTES(14) on it. Now go around
the huge pipe here and you'll probably be attacked by a liferaft. Kill it with
a rat-a-tap-rap. Now keep going this way and do a high jump when you come to
a ledge. You should be on the front portion of the boat now. Keep going forward
and you should see three switches on the ground. You have to stomp on them in
a certain order. This is the order: 3, 1, 2, 1, 1, 1. This will get you your
first JIGGY(1). That was a quick and easy Jiggy. The rest of the Jiggies are
going to be harder then that, trust me. Get the two NOTES(16) in this area and
then drop down by the huge pipe.

Climb up the ladder here and you'll be on the huge pipe. Follow the ledge to
a bridge and walk across, collecting the NOTES(20). On the other side, head
around the ledge and climb the ladder. Head left and kill the monster. Use the
shock pad to get the MUMBO TOKEN. Now drop back down and cross the bridge and
collect the NOTES(24). On this side, go around and climb the ladder again. Up
here you can get the JIGGY(2). Drop down from here and go to where you boarded
this ship.

From here, go right and past the killer liferaft. Keep going and you should see
alot of boxes. Climb to the top of them. You should see a giant TNT box hanging
from a rope. Man that could be a big explosion if it falls. Jump to the box and
climb the rope. You will now be on top of the crane. You should be able to see
the witch switch to your left. If you jump from here and use a flutter move,
you'll just make it to the platform the switch is on. Stomp on the switch and
you'll see a Jiggy appear in the lair. Drop down from here and head to the very
back of the ship.

Go around the edge and collect all the NOTES(30). There is also a MUMBO TOKEN
in a lifeboat. Now turn around and drop into the pipe on the right. The one on
the left is evil and will try to eat you. Defeat the crazy sailor whos loves
to say "a hoy!" Get the NOTES(34) and stomp on the switch in here. You'll see
that it will slow down some propellors. That makes your life a bit easier. Now
head back out of this little room by means of the pipe you entered it from.

Back out here, go left, pass the evil pipe and climb the ladder. Go forward
until you see the fist huge pipe. You should see a tiny door on it. Break open
that door with a beak barge and enter. Now climb down the ladder. It's a long
way down so don't fall. At the bottom is a beehive guarded by bees. Do a high
jump in front of the door so you can reach the pipe above it. Inside the pipe
is a HOLLOW HONEYCOMB(1). Now get out of this pipe and head through the door.
Now get ready to get some of the hardest Jiggies in the game.

Stop in front of the weird looking bridge. Wait until it turns around and stops
flat. Then run forward and jump the gap. Don't worry about getting the Mumbo
Token, it's better you just stay alive. Next thing you have to do is climb
three rotating gears. This is actually easier then it looks. Just jump up them
as fast as you can and don't hesitate. Kill the sailor up here and stop. Look
to your left and you'll see a rotating pipe. This part can be a little hard.
Get into talon tront mode. Wait for the bride to stop, then run across it. You
should be able to make it before the pipe starts rotating again.

Get the NOTES(38) on this platform. Now wait for the pipe to stop rotating
again. Then cross it in talon trot mode as you did before. Now look the other
way and you should see another pipe that's rotating. Wait for it to stop, then
cross it in talon trot mode Collect the NOTES(42) on this platform, then, once
again, cross the pipe just as before. Now head forward and you'll see a
spinning propellor. Wait until it slows down, then jump between the blades.
This will take some good timing. On the other side now, grab the NOTES(46).
Head across the small bridge and get the JIGGY(3).

Now we have to go back through the propellor. Do just what you did last time to
get through it. Now we have to go back across that pipe to the left again.
Cross it with the same method as always. Now look straight and you'll see
another one of those weird looking bridges. This one stops in a different place
though. Wait until it stops, then run forward, high jump, then run forward and
you're there. There is another propellor switch here. Stomp on it and it will
slow down the propellors on the back of the boat. Now backtrack to the middle
platform. That means you'll need to cross two bridges.

Take the right spinning bridge, then cross the weird looking bridge here by
just jumping the gap it makes when it stops. You're now on another platform
with a propellor switch. Get ready to move fast, then hit the switch. The
propellors on the back of the boat will stop completely. You now have 60
seconds to rush out of this room, climb the ladder, get your ass to the back
of the boat, jump in, get the Jiggy, and swim away from the propellors.
Ready? GO!! Be extra careful when getting out of this room. This is probably
the hardest Jiggy, so at least its over with. So after you have the JIGGY(4),
swim to the nearest crate.

The water on this level is very oily. Because of this, you will lose oxygen
even when you are above the water. You'll lose oxygen even faster when under
water. Be very aware of this because you'll have to swim a lot on this level.
Now make sure you are on the left crate close to the left wall. Look and the
wall, and then wait for all your oxygen to come back. Then dive down and head
for the wall. There is a hole in the wall. Quickly swim through it and go
left. Here you will be able to rescue a JINJO(1). Now quickly swim back up to
the surface and get on the crate to the left.

Wait for your oxygen to refill. Now jump to the platform in front of you and
collect the NOTES(50) in this area. Now climb the crate to your right and use
the talon trot to get over the roof here. Now we are back where we started the
level. Keep going forward this way and you should see a sign on the wall to the
left right above a hole. The sign reads "Toll 2." Now shoot two eggs inside the
hole and you will notice that this builds a bridge for you to cross. Head
across and kill the monster as you go. On the other side, talon trot up and
over the roof here and jump into the water. Watch out, because Snacker has
returned to haunt you. Swim around him and jump on the buoy to get a JINJO(2).

Now there is only one way out of here. Avoid Snacker and swim to the fence. You
will see that there is a hole in the fence. Swim through it and you're safe
from Snacker. Now we have to worry about getting out of the water. Swim to your
left and you should see a ladder. Climb it out of the water and head back to
the start of this world. Now go back to the toll hole again and this time,
shoot four more eggs. The bridge will go out farther. Now you can get the gold
feathers and the MUMBO TOKEN.

Now talon trot up the first half of the roof. Go over and you will notice that
there is a window here. Do a beak buster on the window and you'll fall through.
You'll land on a plank of wood extended over the water. Turn around and climb
up the boxes. Here, you'll find a JIGGY(5). Now we are exactly halfway done
with the Notes and Jiggies. Now we must get to the other side of this room.
Jump from the plank to the platforms. And then high jump to the highest
platform. If you fall in the water, you won't be able to get back up to the
platform. Kill the monster here and get the NOTES(54). Now head back to the
plank you first fell on.

Get on the box behind the plank and find the platform with the shock pad. Kill
the slug monster and use the shock pad to get up to the higher box. Up here,
you can get an extra life. You may need a few so I would get it. Now we have
everything we need in this room. Jump into the water and swim out of this
room. From here you can probably hear a dolphin screaming for help. If you look
torwards the boat, you can see a dolphin trapped under an anchor in the water.
We'll help him after we get some oxygen. Move to your left and climb the ladder
on the wall to regain your oxygen.

Now head to your left back over the roof with the talon trot. You'll notice
that there are some Notes on the fence around Snacker. Carefully walk across
the  fence and get the NOTES(59). Now keep going and talon trot up the next
roof. Here you will see some dangerous looking waste. Cross the green waste by
means of the barrels and get the JINJO(3). Also make sure to get the NOTES(61).
After you have done that, get into talon trot mode and go back up over the
roof. Dive into the water and swim down near the dolphin. You will see that he
is indeed stuck under an anchor.

Swim up and follow the chain into the hole in the boat. Head to the surface of
the water in here and then head forward. Kill the slug monsters since they are
in your way. Now drop down at the end and you'll be face-to-face with some of
those annoying sailors that are supposed to be enemies. After you have killed
the sailors, collect the NOTES(66). There is a switch here, so give it a push.
The anchor will rise off the dolphin and free him. The dolphin swims off and
leaves you a Jiggy. Swim back out of this room and get the JIGGY(6) underwater.
Now swim to the ladder and get some oxygen.

Climb the ladder and head back across the roofs to the toxic waste area. Keep
going and kill the TNT boxes. Go past the big crane and you'll see another Toll
sign on the wall. The toll is four eggs, so shoot the eggs in the hole and a
bridge extends. Cross the bridge and enter the big blue box here. In here are
a lot of NOTES(74). Go around and collect all of them. There is also a MUMBO
TOKEN in here. After you got all that crap, leave this room. Keep going in the
direction that you were going. Go past the second blue box and enter the third

There are a lot of TNT boxes in here. There are some NOTES(78) to your right.
If you want an extra life, you can defeat all of the TNT's and you'll get one.
After that, head out of this box. Keep going as before but you won't be able to
get very far because the toll hole is on the other side this time. Since you
can't go any farther, climb the boxes near the third crate and get on top of
it. Now jump to the second crate and drop through the hole on the top of it.
Kill the sailors that are down here and make sure to locate the JINJO(4) in
here. If you're low on red feathers, you might want to pick some up in here.

Exit this box and go back across the bridge you made earlier. Use the shock pad
next to the large crane to get up to the grate platform. Get the NOTES(81) on
this platform and then jump up to the area with the switches. Make sure you
have at least three honeycombs before you do this. Ok, hit the "up" switch with
a beak barge. You now have around 15 seconds to get to the Jiggy on the boat
under the cage. Climb the ladder on the side of the crane, then talon trot
across the top and jump down to save time. You'll lose two honeycomb, but
you'll make it in time to grab the JIGGY(7) under the cage before it closes.

Goodie, we're just about done with this level. Now go to the very front of the
boat where you'll find a MUMBO TOKEN. Now turn around and you'll see two pipes.
One of them is evil and the other isn't. Drop down through the pipe on the
left. This is the kitchen on the ship. Kill the sailors in here and get all the
NOTES(86). You can also get some of the eggs if you wish. Now you can leave the
kitchen. Head down the left path on the ship. If you look at the second window
you pass on the wall, you'll notice that it is a little more detailed. Do a
rat-a-tap-rap on the window and it will break. In here, kill the sailor and get
the NOTES(89). Now open the cabinet and get a gold feather out. Jump in and
kill the slug monster with the feather.

In the cabinet, you'll be able to get a JIGGY(8). Now that you have the Jiggy
and Notes, exit this room. Keep going down the path on this side of the ship.
Go past the evil pipe and break open the next window after the pipe. In here
are yet some more stupid sailors which you should kill. Get the NOTES(93) and
red feathers if you want. Then exit this room. Go back to the big pile of
boxes on the ship and climb them to get to the TNT box hanging from the crane.
Climb the rope up to the crane and walk along the crane. Climb down the ladder
to the grate and collect the NOTES(96) on the platform.

Now jump off the grate platform to the left and you should see another toll
bridge area. Shoot six eggs into the hole and a zig-zag bridge extends.
Carefully cross it and kill the slug monsters too. After the bridge, go forward
and kill the monster, then rescue the last JINJO(5). This will get you another
JIGGY(9). Now go back across the bridge and use the shock pad to get back up to
the grate platform. Now jump up to the switch on the crane and do a beak barge
to let the TNT box drop. It will blow a hole in the ships cargo bay. Get over
there and drop through the big hole.

There is a Jiggy down here. As you approach it, the box closes around it. This
is really easy to beat. Just turn on your golden feathers and stand in the
middle of the box. You have to have at least ten feathers to do this. The box
will keep breaking into smaller ones. They will all die when you touch them
because you're using the gold feathers. If you don't have enough gold feathers,
you can use eggs as well. There are many eggs in this room. After you have
defeated the boxes, you'll get the last JIGGY(10). Yay, now we just need to
get that Hollow Honeycomb and four Notes.

Climb the ladder here and head to the front of the ship. Go down the right
path past the evil pipe. Do a rat-a-tap-tap on the first window here. In this
control room, there are the last four NOTES(100). Yes, now just the last Hollow
Honeycomb and we're done. Go back to the pool where Snacker is trapped and
stand on the buoy there. Look to the house on the left(the one without a
broken window). You will see that there is a hole down there. Dive down and
swim through that hole. Swim to the surface here and get on the land behind
you. Defeat the liferaft here and use the flying pad to get to the other side
of this room.

Kill the other liferaft here and hit the Hollow Honeycomb switch. A Hollow
Honeycomb is now floating in midair. Use the flying pad here to get the
HOLLOW HONEYCOMB(2). Yes, yes, yes!! Everything is done on this world. You are
now free to exit.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *       Grunty's Lair 12      *  *  *  *  *  * <GL12> |

On the left wall above the big boat there is a blue warp cauldron. Activate it,
but don't jump in it. Jump back into the water and swim through the pipe that
doesn't lead back to where we entered this place. We will be able to get a
jiggy in here if you hit the witch switch in Rusty Bucket Bay. Swim up to the
surface and head forward towards the platform. Jump up on the platform and
there is your JIGGY(9) waiting for you.

Jump back into the water and look for some pillars in this room. You should
see them up against the wall. Climb them and you will see yet another note
door. The required notes are 640. Our 800 notes should be enough. Open up the
door and you will see a bunch of tentacles. Use a golden feather to get
through the mess of them. You should now be in a rather large room with a
grassy area down below. Jump into the grassy area(watch out for the bull) and
head right. There are some big leaves up against a tree over here. Use the
high jump to get to the platform up above. You'll see another note door, but
we don't need to go through it yet, so just ignore it.

Head all the way to the right. At the end you will see a switch with a Jiggy
on it. Stomp on the switch and a Jiggy platform will appear in front of the
puzzle for Click Clock Wood. Now that is a far ways away. But there is a
handy shortcut nearby. Jump back down into the grass and head the other way
this time. Run up against the left wall until you see a little hole that you
can go down through. Head through this tunnel and you will see another warp
cauldron. This one links to the cauldron in the sewers by Clanker's Caveren.
Remember that area where you activated the cauldron? Good, because that's
where we're going. Jump into the cauldron and you'll be transported to that

In the sewers area, head out of the pipe and jump into the water. Fall down
into the pool below. Dive under the water and you'll see a tunnel here. Swim
through the tunnel and you'll be in the room with the Click Clock Wood puzzle.
Jump onto the platform and insert the required amount of Jiggies. Click Clock
Wood is now open. Head back up to the warp cauldron and warp back to the Click
Clock area. Now head up the grassy hill by means of the talon trot and enter
Click Clock Wood.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *       Click Clock Wood      *  *  *  *  *  * <CCWD> |

Click Clock Wood is a very long level. It is also very different from the other
levels that we have played so far. It is kind of like four different mini
levels. It is the same area for each part. But you can travel through the four
different seasons in that area and things are a bit different with each season.
Right now, you are in the HUB area. This is the place between all the diiferent
seasons. There are four different doors. Right now, the only one that is open
is spring. You have to first hit the switch by the fall entrance to open it
up. Now Head torwards the spring entrance and collect the music NOTES(4) before
you go in.


You are now in the spring season of this level. Head forward and take out that
weird looking enemy. There is an evil flower guarding a MUMBO TOKEN nearby. You
will need the token, so use a golden feather to get the token. Now head right
and you will see a rather large lake. Jump into it and start swimming.
Eventually you will see a beaver down below. Swim down and talk to him. You'll
learn that he can't get into his house because there is a giant boulder
blocking the path. You have to wait for fall before you can help him, so just
keep swiming along. Soon, you will see another evil flower guarding another
MUMB TOKEN. Use another feather to get the token.

Now get out of the water on the other side and you should see a bull running
around near a garden. Head over to the garden and collect the NOTES(8). Now
crouch and fart out five eggs into the little hole in the center of the
garden. A plant will start to grow. We'll take care of this plant as the
seasons move on. For now, we can't do anything else. Turn around and look at
the water. To the left of the lake is a path leading up a hill. Take that path
up the hill. On your way up you should pass a hole in the wall in which a bird
pops out and tries to hurt you. Kill him like you have killed other monsters
like him with a rat-a-tap-rap. Keep goning along this path and collect the

Go straight ahead and kill the bird that pops out. Now head left along the
tree. There is a jump you have to make here. Use a rat-a-tap-rap to make the
jump so you kill the bird as you jump across. Continue to head along this
path and kill the birds until you can turn right. Turn right and get the
NOTES(14). Now head back to the main path you were following and keep
following it. There will be another gap that you have to jump. Jump and use
the flutter move so you can float right over the bird hole. Keep going and
ignore the path that leads off to Mumbo's hut. Now go forward and you will
see another bridge with NOTES(17) on it. Get them and continue along the
path until you get to another bridge. Get the NOTES(20) on this bridge and
then back track unitl you get to the path leading to Mumbo's Hut.

Follow this path now and jump to the large tree stump platform. Use the
wading boots here to get across the thorns to Mumbo's Hut. Head inside
Mumbo's Hut and you'll see that you'l need 25 tokens. If you don't have
that many, then go back and look for some. After you have all the tokens
required, head back to Mumbo and he will transform you into a bee. This is the
last transformation and it's pretty cool. Leave Mumbo's place and then fly as
high as you can, which is really high. Now that you are way up here, circle the
tree until you see a evil flower on a platform. He is guarding a Jiggy. As the
bee, you can land on these flowers without getting hurt. Do so and get your
first JIGGY(1) on this level.

Now fly down a little bit and look for a beehive sticking out of the big tree.
There is a hole at the end of the beehive, and you can only fit in it when you
are the bee, so go ahead and enter the hive. We can't get the Jiggy yet, but
get the JINJO(1) and then head out. Fly up and follow the path on the tree and
don't lose sight of it. It will lead you to a evil flower with a JINJO(2) on
it. After you have the Jinjo, head back to Mumbo's hut and transform back into
Banjo-Kazooie. Now head back to the beehive as Banjo and this time, keep
following the path by jumping into the little aclove on your left. Do this
again and you will see a shock pad. Use the shock pad and then keep jumping
from aclove to aclove.

Once you get to the top of the acloves, head forward and drop onto the wooden
plank. Get the health here if you need it. Now you will see a series of
floating platforms. Jump across the patforms and then follow the wooden path.
At the top there will be a platform with a switch with a sun on it. Hit the
switch and the summer season will now be open. Keep following the path and
jump across the gaps. You will now come to a bird nest with a giant eggs in it.
Go behind the egg and use the shock pad to get to the top of the egg. Use a
beak buster to open the egg. A huge baby bird name Eyrie will come out and
then go to sleep.

Now keep following the path. There will be more wooden planks to jump on. Be
very careful becaues it is a very long drop. At the top of the planks is
another door. Break open this door and head into the room. Make your way
around the tentacles and get the JIGGY(2). That's all you can do in spring
for now. Jump down into the water and then exit spring.


Not much to do in here, just head torwards the summer door and go in.


When you enter, you'll see that Eyrie wants to be fed. You will need to find
five catapillers to feed him. We'll do that along the way. First, head all the
way to the left into the corner. There will be bees here, but no hive. Get the
JINJO(3) here and then get away from the bees. Head back to where you started
and follow the path forward. Get the CATAPILLER(1) and then jump up on the big
leaves and get the NOTES(22). Now head over to the lake. You will notice that
it is dried up. There is a big tree stump in here. Go behind it to get another
CATAPILLER(2). Now head over to where the beaver is. Smash his boulder with a
beak buster and the path will be open. He will be very happy and tell you that
your prize is inside his house. It's just that you can't make it up the steep
slope. You'll have to wait until the lake is filled with water again. Get the
NOTES(24) anyway.

Now head along the lake bed until you come to the end. You will see the fall
switch, but it is guarded by a bird. Kill the bird and then hit the switch.
Fall is now open. Head back to the big tree stump and go behind it. You'll see
a large ramp leading up. Go up this ramp and kill the bird as you go. Now
we're on the big tree again. Keep going around the trunk and killing birds
until you get to the garden area with the bull. Follow the bridge and go down
into the garden area. In the center of the garden you will see Gobi the cammel.
He isn't too happy to see you even after you saved him. We need to use that
water that he has, so do a beak buster on his back and he will spit water out
onto the plant. It will begin to grow a some more.

After you have done that, turn around and face the dried up lake. Run over to
it and jump across to the platform with the evil flower. Over here, get the
CATAPILLER(3) and then jump back across. Head to the right of the garden and
dodge the bees as you go. There is a CATAPILLER(4) over here. Now jump up onto
the root of the big tree and head back up to the big path on the trunk. Follow
the path until you reach the part leading off to Mumbo's hut. Jump onto the
stump in the thorns and use the shock pad to get over to Mumbo's pad. You can't
transform in the summer, but get the CATAPILLER(5) over here. Now turn around
and use the shock pad to get back up on the main path.

Go all the way around until you come to the ramp that leads up the tree. Go up
it and kill the bird. Now go right and jump onto the leaves that have grow here
since spring. Follow the leaves up until you see a ledge with a shock pad. Jump
to the right of the shock pad and get the JIGGY(3). Jump back down the leaves
and go left this time and talon trot up the very steep hill. Follow the path
and kill the birds as you go. When you get the the beehive, collect the
NOTES(27) and then walk on top of the hive. There is now a small square on top
of the beehive. Use a beak buster to smash it open and drop down. In here,
stand on top of the Jiggy and wait for the bees to talk. Then they will attack
you. There are two ways to fight this battle. The hard way would be to run
around and use your rat-a-tap-rat. The easier way would be to stand on top of
the Jiggy and just use the golden feathers. If you have four golden feathers,
then you can defeat them all. After you win you'll get another JIGGY(4). Head
out of the beehive.

Now lets continue going up the tree. Jump to each of the little acloves. At the
end of the acloves is another CATAPILLER(6). Now head left and jump to the
front of the tree house. Get the NOTES(31) out here and then go inside this
tree house. Use your flutter move to get to the extra life, then jump to the
JIGGY(5). Yay, we're now halfway done with the Jiggies, but there are many more
Notes to get so there's still a long way to go. Now head back out of the house
and drop down onto the platform. Make your way across the floating planks to
the area where the summer switch used to be. Follow the wooden paths to get
the NOTES(36) and the CATAPILLER(7).

Now continue up the main path of the tree. Watch out for the birds on the
little platforms now. Use a rat-a-tap-rap to jump from each platform. Head over
to the bird nest and feed Eyrie his five catapillers. He'll then go back to
sleep. There's nothing else for you to do in summer. Make your way back down
the tree and exit summer.


Head straight through to the fall door.


This is the third of the four seasons, halfway done. It is fall now and there
are lots and lots of leaf piles. At the start, head to your right and talon
trot up the leaf pile. Get the CATAPILLER(3) at the top of the pile. Get of
this pile and head for the lake. Jump in the water and head to the bottom. You
can now swim up into the beaver's hole. Swim up there and get the JIGGY(6) in
his house. Also be sure to get the NOTES(38) in here. Now swim out of here.
Swim to the garden area and get out of the water to the left. Get the NOTES(41)
out of the evil flower and then jump over to the garden side. Gobi is still
sitting here in the garden so stomp on him again and he will water the plant
for a second time.

Gobi has had enough of this! He runs off and you won't see him again until
Banjo-Tooie. The flower has now grown to it's full height and a Jiggy appears
at the top of it. Head behind the garden and get the NOTES(46). Now there are a
few leave piles nearby. Two of them have CATAPILLERS(5) at the top. The other
pile has a JINJO(4) at the top. Turn around and then head up the ramp to the
tree that's near the flower. Kill the bird and head across the path. Kill the
bird at the end and get the NOTE(47). Now turn right and follow the path until
you reach the way leading to Mumbo's place. Get the NOTES(52) as you go.

Kill the bird that is near the path to Mumbo's hut and get the NOTE(53) and the
CATAPILLER(6). Now go down the path and jump to the tree stump in the middle of
the thorns. Use the wading boots to get to Mumbo's hut. Head inside and get the
CATAPILLER(7). No magic again, this time the excuse is that he has to sweep.
Jump up onto the unlit torch and get up on the upper level. Get the NOTES(57)
up here and then leave the hut. Use the wading boots to get back to the main
path. Keep going in the direction you were going before. Get all the NOTES(65)
on the way. After you have those Notes, turn onto the nearest bridge and get
the CATAPILLER(8) by the bird.

Now head back to the main path and go to the ramp that leads up the tree. Go
across the bridge here and get the NOTES(68) guarded by the evil flower. At the
end of this bridge is a bird guarding a single NOTE(69). Now start the path up
the tree. Make your way up the tree to the beehive. Get the CATAPILLER(9) on
the way. When you get to the beehive, get on it and collect the CATAPILLER(10).
Now this next part is just a little tricky. Jump off the beehive and make sure
to land on top of the giant flower that you grew. If you miss, you'll lose
some health and you'll have to climb all the way back up, so be careful. Get
the JIGGY(7) on top of the giant flower.

Now jump off the flower and climb the giant tree again. Go back up to the
beehive and keep going. Jump through the little acloves and jump onto the
platform below the tree house to get yet another CATAPILLER(11). As you
probably have noticed, the tree house and the platform bridges are nearly
complete now. Cross the long wooden platform bridge that is nearly complete.

Up here, you will meet Nabnut the squirrel. He needs to find six acorns before
the winter comes. We're going to help him. Turn left and go up the winding
wooden path upwards. Break the window at the top and go through. There is a lot
of water in here. Swim down to the bottom to get the first ACORN(6). Now head
back to the main platform where Nabnut is. Enter his house and get the
CATAPILLER(12). Now high jump onto the ledge to get the NOTES(72) and then jump
to the other ledge to get the ACORN(2). Go back outside now.

Talon trot up the steeper wooden path and head to the back part of the circle.
High jump and get the ACORN(3) here. The next two Acorns are rather hard. You
have to jump to the middle of this circle to get the first ACORN(4) and then
fall down and grap the second ACORN(5) as you land on the bridge below. Now
return to Nabnut's platform. Talon trot down the steep wooden slope and get the
ACORN(6) down here. Now return to Nabnut to give him the Acorns. He will give
you a JIGGY(8). Now continue up the tree. Hit the winter switch by the bird
nest. Head over to the nest and give Eyrie the Catapillers. Get the NOTES(80)
around his nest. Now go back down the tree to the beehive. Beak bust your way
in and get the NOTES(84). We now have everything on fall. Go ahead and exit.


Yes! only one more season to go. Go ahead and enter winter.


Winter is probably the most dangerous season because of the slippery surface,
cold water, ice blocks, and snowmen. Pretty much everything that was in Freezy
Peak is here as well. All the leave piles have turned into huge snow mounds.
This is also the only season with flying pads. The best one to go to right now
would be the one by Mumbo's hut. Go over there and fly up to Mumbo's roof. Get
the final JINJO(5) here and you'll get the second to last JIGGY(9). Now let's
jump back down to that flying pad. I think you've probably noticed that the
thorns don't hurt you winter. Well, if you didn't...NOW YOU DO!!

Fly up really high up to the bird nest where you will meet a fully grown eagle
that has grown with the help of your catapillers. Eyrie will give you a
JIGGY(10) for your help. Yes! that's all the Jiggies on this level and there is
only one Jiggy left in the entire game. Let's first finish this level, then
we'll get that last Jiggy. Head out of the nest and take those small, wooden
platforms up the tree. Be careful not to slip and fall off these. There is a
Note on each of these steps. So you should now have NOTES(88). Now go down the
tree by means of the footpaths.

When you get to Nabnut's place, talon trot down the wooden path to the right.
Get the NOTES(92) around the evil snowman here. Now use the talon trot again to
get back up. Go up the steep wooden path to the circluar area. There is another
flying pad here. Fly up and aim at the higher window in Nabnut's house. Preform
a beak bomb on the window. In here, you will find the first HOLLOW HONEYCOMB(1)
on this level. Now head out of here. Use the flying pad again to fly down to
the now fully completed tree house. On top of the house are some NOTES(96) that
you have to get. You have to get these while still in the air because if you
land on the roof, you'll slip and fall off.

Now return to the flying pad again and fly down to the rather large branch that
you have passed a few times before. There's an evil snowman here, so be careful
as you slowly walk across the skinny branches to get the FINAL NOTES(100) IN
THE GAME!! Now return to the flying pad and fly down below the tree house. You
should see a single branch sticking out with an evil snowman on it. Next to the
snowman is the witch switch. Fly over there and do a beak buster on it to
reveal the final Jiggy in the game. Now let's get that last honeycomb and get
out of here.

The last Hollow Honeycomb will require you to head to the lake, so do that. The
lake is frozen over except for one spot. Jump into that hole and swim really
fast over to the Beaver's house. Up in his house is the last
HOLLOW HONEYCOMB(2). Great, we now have everything we need to do on this world,
go ahead and exit winter. I was getting tired of that tree anyway.


One last thing before we exit, head back to spring and transform into a bee,
then exit Click Clock Wood as a bee.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *       Grunty's Lair 13      *  *  *  *  *  * <GL13> |

Ok, since yoyu're still a bee, fly really high up into the back area of this
rather large room. The last JIGGY(10) in the game is up here. After you get it
you will now have all the Jiggies, Notes, and Hollow Honeycombs in the game.
Good for you, now we have to do the final part of the game. Go down to that
note door we passed earlier. It's requirement is 760, but we have all the notes
so that's not a problem. Unlock it and go forward. There will be a platform
with a picture of Tooty on it. Step on to the platform and you will enter the
final section of the game.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *    Grunty's Furnace Fun     *  *  *  *  *  * <GYFF> |

You are now at Grunty's Furnace Fun. There is a huge board game that is
hovering over the pit of lava. Grunty is on the other side along with Tooty.
You will have to play your way across the board to get to Tooty. There are many
routes to take. It doesn't matter what way you take, you will still end up at
the other side of the board. But some ways lead to dead ends so don't go that
way unless you need a honeycomb or a joker square or something.

In order to play your way across the board, you will move one square at a time.
There are seven different types of squares. If you complete the square, you
move on, if you miss the question or task, then you will lose a honeycomb. I
can't really help you here except by explaining all of the different types of
squares so here they are:

                            Banjo-Kazooie Square

These squares are rather easy to pass. You will be asked different questions
about the worlds you went through. I remember one of the tougher questions was
"how many links are in the chain holding Clanker?" That is actually one of the
harder questions but that is what the questions are like. If you even payed
just a little bit of attention to your surroundings, then this should be an
easy square for you to get by.

                                Music Square

On this square you will listen to different sounds from the game and then have
to identify them. There are four types of sounds. The first one is really
easy. You will listen to one of the world's music, then name that world. Now
there are only 9 worlds and it's super easy to remember the music from them.
The second type of sound is naming the character that makes the sound that you
hear. There are a lot of characters, but they all have unique voices so this
shouldn't give you much trouble either. The third sound is the sound that
items make when you pick them up, like Music Notes. There are only a few items
so this is simple. The last sound is the music that plays when you do certain
moves like the running shoes music. Overall, these squares shouldn't give you
any trouble at all.

                                 Eye Square

I found these squares rather easy but some others thought they were pretty
hard. Maybe it's just because I payed close attention to the worlds and their
surroundings. Anyway, you will be given a picture of somewhere in a world, and
you need to name that world. These can be hard sometimes because you will get
some close-up shots. Just pay attention to the background settings and you
should be able to identify the worlds fairly easy. Sometimes you may have to
give the name of a character that you see.

                                Timer Square

These squares are kind of hard. But there are very few of them located on the
board so you won't come across them too often. Instead of being asked a
question, you will have to go back to the worlds and do the little mini-games
that you did before. They are a little harder than before partialy because they
are now all timed. You might have to go back and do the sandcastle floor puzzle
again, or the Gobi's Valley matching puzzle. You could get really unlucky and
have to play Mr. Vile at his game again. If you lose at any of these games,
then you will lose four honeycombs, so make sure that you win.

                                Grunty Square

I hate these squares the most and I have the most trouble with them because I
payed absolutly no attention at all to Grunty's sister, Brentilda. You will be
asked questions about Grunty's personal life. If you listened to Brentilda and
memorized every single thing she said, then you'll have no problem at all with
these squares. If you didn't listen like me, then you'll have a one in three
chances of getting it right by guessing. I usually use my joker cards for these

                                 Death Squares

The Death Squares can result in just that, death. If you miss the question,
then you will fall into the lava below and will die. You'll then have to start
over from the start of the board. The questions are completely random. You
could be asked about a sound, or perform a task, or just a regular
Banjo-Kazooie question. Just hope to get a easy question so you won't die.

                                 Joker Squares

These are nice squares to get right. If you get the question right, then you'll
get two joker cards. You can use joker cards to skip a square when you get to
it. Use these cards wisely. If you miss the question on a joker square, then
you can't do it again. Most of the questions are Banjo-Kazooie questions so
this should be a pretty easy square for you.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *       Grunty's Lair 14      *  *  *  *  *  * <GL14> |

Ok, after you beat Grunty's Furnace Fun, there will be cinema scenes which
include the credits and the game looks like it is over, but it's not. In one of
the scenes, everyone is partying at Banjo's house, when Tooty reminds them that
they still have to defeat Grunty. That put and end to that party. Now we are
back at the other end of the board. Activate the warp cauldron here and you
should have a link between the other cauldron at the other side of the board.
Now go right to yet another Note door. This one requires 810 Notes. We have
enough, so go through.

In here is the largest picture yet. It doesn't have any Jiggies in it at all.
It will use just about all of your Jiggies to fill it. After you have put those
Jiggies in, some doors will open. Go through those doors. In here you will see
Dingpot. He tells you he can take you to the top of the tower where Grunty is.
Don't jump in yet. There are a few more Note doors in here. From left to right,
they have a cost of 864, 828, 882, and 846. You'll want to go through all of

The one that takes 864 has a giant golden feather in it. Touch it and all of
your golden feathers will be restored. The 828 has a giant egg. This will
refill all of your eggs. The third door has a small picture in it. It only
takes four Jiggies to fill. It's a picture of a honeycomb. This will double
your energy. You now have eight red honeycombs on top of your eight yellow
ones. The last door will have a giant red feather where you can refill your
red feathers. Now go out and jump in Dingpot.

|        *  *  *  *  *  *       Fighting Grunty       *  *  *  *  *  * <FGRT> |

This is the final fight. And it is a pretty tough one too. This is a very long
battle as there are five parts to it, so lets get to it.

Ok, the first part of the battle Grunty will be on her broomstick and is trying
to dive-bomb you. If you keep moving, she will never hit you. If she does hit
you, then you will lose one honeycomb. Now Grunty will try to dive-bomb you
twice, and then her broom will give out. This is the time for you to run up and
do a rat-a-tap-rap to her. She won't like this very much and will shoot a ball
of fire at you. If you keep moving, it won't hit you. Now she goes back to her
dive-bombing. She will try twice again, then her broom runs out of energy. Run
up and hit here with another rat-a-tap-rap. Watch out, because here comes
another fireball. After you dodge it, she goes back up to the air.

She starts dive-bombing you again. This time she will try three times before
her broom breaks down. Run up again with another rat-a-tap-rap. She'll throw
another fireball and then start dive-bombing again. This time it is four dive-
bombs. After she stops, hit here with a final rat-a-tap-rap. She will drop a
honeycomb, don't touch it unless you have lost any health. She will now throw
some kind of green spell at you. You can't dodge this, so use a golden feather.

Now we're on to the next part of the battle. She is now going to hover right
near the edge of the tower. She'll start throwing fireballs at you. zig-zag
torwards here and she won't hit you. Now hide behind the green brick right
here. You won't get hit while behind the brick. Grunty will now throw a bunch
of fireballs at you. Wait until she pauses, then jump up onto the brick and
fire three eggs at her. Make sure to have good aim, or you'll miss. If you
don't hit here with three eggs, then go back behind the brick and wait for her
to pause again. After you have hit her with three eggs, she'll move to another
area of the tower.

Follow her and get behind the green brick here. It is pretty much the same
thing here. Just wait for her to pause, and then jump up and fire three eggs.
The pause won't be as long, so you won't have time to aim your eggs. Just
get up there and fire them as quickly as you can. After you have hit her three
times, she'll retreat to another part of the tower. Same thing again here,
except now there's very little time between pauses here. You'll have time
just to shoot one egg at her. Make sure you aim it and then get back behind
the brick. After you have hit her three times, she'll move on to the last
part of the tower. This time, you'll have pretty much no time to shoot eggs.
As soon as she pauses, get up there and fire an egg and then jump down. The
fireball will be halfway to you by the time you fire the egg. After you have
hit her three times, she'll fire another green spell and then move on to the
next part of the battle.

This part is rather hard if you aren't any good at flying. She will drop
another honeycomb, and then take to the air. There is now a flying pad in the
middle of the tower. Use it to fly up after her. All you have to do here is
follow her around and wait for her to pause, then do a beak bomb at her. After
you Grunty a few times, she'll start throwing more and more fireballs at you.
Try to dodge them the best you can as you continue to beak bomb her. After you
have beak bombed her enough, she will head to the ground and put a force field
up around her.

We'll now be on the ground again. Don't even go close to Grunty now because pf
the sheild. Four Jinjo statues will rise out of the ground in the four corners.
The Jinjos want to help you out because you rescued them. But first, you'll
have to activate the statues. Grunty is now at a mad pace of non-stop fireball
throwing. You won't be able to dodge all of the fireballs, but try your best to
do so. Head up to a Jinjo statue and fire three eggs in the little hole in the
front.  After you get three eggs into a statue, it will crumble and a Jinjo
will appear and then slam into Grunty. This will hurt her quite a bit. Now you
have to do this three more times. After you have done this, she'll throw
another green spell at you which you should use a golden feather to block.

We are now on the final part of this battle. Grunty has lost her broomstick and
is now on the ground. Grunty will now start throwing fireballs at you with
great aim. You should be able to dodge most of them if you keep moving back and
fourth. Eventually, she will launch another green spell at you. Then the mighty
Jinjonator will rise up out of the ground. It is a huge statue of a Jinjo in
the middle of the arena. It has four sides with egg holes on each side. The
best way to do this would be to wait for Grunty to fire a green spell because
she pauses afterwards. Now fire three eggs into a hole. Just keep doing this
until you have three eggs in every hole. After you have done that, the statue
will produce a Jinjo and it will continue to slam into Grunty until she falls
off the tower.

That is now the end of the game. Grunty is now stuck under a rock and everyone
else is very happy. And I hope you are happy too, because you just beat the

|                                                                             |
o          o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o         o
|          |                   Cheats and Secrets            <CAST> |         |
o          o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o         o
|                                                                             |

~ Cheat Codes ~

Go to the sandcastle in Treasure Trove Cove to enter the following cheats.

WARNING: If you use two or more codes that are not in the Stop n' Swap, your
saved game will be deleted.

Big arms & legs

Big Head

Big heads & feet

Kazooie has big head & wings

Small head & Tall body

Turns Banjo into Washer

8 Immediate Honeycombs

99 Mumbo Tokens

Blue Egg in Cellar

Break the eye of the grunty statue near Mad Monster Mansion

Cheat Out Of The Sea It Rises To Reveal More Secret Prizes
Get into Sharfood Island

Cheat A Desert Door Opens Wide Ancient Secrets Wait Inside
Get the blue egg

Cheat Now You Can See A Nice Ice Key Which You Can Have For Free
Get The Ice Key

Green Egg in Mad Monster Mansion

Infinite Air

Infinite Eggs

Infinite Gold Feathers

Infinite Lives

Infinite Red Feathers

Open Bubblegloop Swamp

Open Clankers Cavern

Open Click Clock Wood

Open Freezeezy Peak

Open Gobi's Valley

Open Mad Monster Mansion

Open Rusty Bucket Bay

Open the 2nd note door

Open the 3rd note door

Open the 4th note door

Open the 5th note door

Open the 6th note door

Open the 7th note door

Raise Shark Food Island and find a purple egg

Raise the water level near Rusty Bucket Bay

Red Egg in the Captains Cabin

Remove all breakable walls

Remove all spider webs

Remove the crypt gate near Mad Monster Mansion

Remove the grill inside the witch statue near bubblegloop swamp

Remove the ice cube in front of the Freezeezy Peak Jigsaw Puzzle

Remove the large pipe next to clankers cavern

Remove the lid to the coffin

Remove two pipes by Clankers Cavern

Yellow Egg in Nabnuts House

~ If you have any secrets about the game, please send them in. ~

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|          |                      Contact Info               <CONT> |         |
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|                                                                             |

~ Email ~

My email address is Namod65(at)yahoo(dot)com
I have some rules that you must read before you send me anything.

Things you are allowed to send to me:

Info about the game. You can send me info in the game that is not in my FAQ.
I would be very pleased if you sent me anything shortcuts or secrets. You can
also email me if you find anything that is incorrect in this FAQ.

You can send me ideas for this guide. Please ask me kindly to add something or
take out something. Don't bash this guide or flame me when suggesting things
for this FAQ.

You can send praise mail. I hardly ever get these and I love to get them. If
you like this FAQ, please tell me.

Hate Mail. Yes, you can send me hate mail, but it will do me nothing as I will
not pay much attention if you blow your top and start shouting about how my
FAQ sucks or something like that. Please say that you don't like my FAQ in a
kind manner.

You can also ask to put this guide on your site. Please email me and ask first.

Things you can't send to me:

DON'T SEND SPAM!! I get about 40 spams a day and yours isn't helping. It will
just be deleted with the others.

Don't send anything that is hard to understand. I would like a clear and easy
to read email.

Please don't send emails correcting my spelling/grammer mistakes. I know I
have probably made some, but I can find them on my own. It just annoys me when
you point them out.

~ AIM ~

My AIM screen name is Namod65

I am on every now and then so just IM me if you have a question about the game
or about this FAQ.

Just say the question and I'll answer it. After you get your answer please
leave my alone because I am probably taking to someone else. If you would
like to talk to me, then just drop in later.

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private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission.  Use of this guide  on any other
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violation of copyright.

This means that you can not take this FAQ and sell it or call it yours. If you
want to post this on a site you must email me first and I will probably say

These are the sites that are allowed to host this guide on their site. If you
are reading this guide from a site that is not listed below then that is a
violation of copyright, therefore you are commiting a crime. If you see this
FAQ on a site that is not listed below please email me.


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|          |                          Credits                <CRED> |         |
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Rareware and Nintendo for making this game.

CJayC for having the best gaming site out there.

All the other sites who host my FAQs

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