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Secrets Guide by Ranma

Version: 4.0 | Updated: 03/17/1999

Banjo-Kazooie "Top Secrets" FAQ
Version 4.0 (Final) - Modified on March 17, 1999 at 3:55 PM PST
By LightRanma@aol.com
Copyright 1998


To submit anything for this FAQ, write me at [LightRanma@aol.com].


I. Introduction
II. Version History
III.  What are these "Secrets"?
IV. Rumors, and Why They May or May Not Be True
V. The Story of the Ice Key 
VI. The Story of Gobi's Door
VII. The Story of the SharkFood Island Cave
VIII. Banjo-Tooie
IX. Conclusion
X. Thanks 


I. Introduction

I'm assuming the you, the reader, knows about the three "Top Secrets" of this 
great game, and is trying to eek out all of the info you can about them, like 
me.  Here, in this FAQ, is the most recent info about these secrets available 
right now.

Oh, and by the way, please don't use any part of this FAQ on one of your own 
FAQs unless I give you permission, bceause, even though it's short, I took the 
time to write it myself.  If you do wish to use this FAQ, you can write me at 
[LightRanma@aol.com].  Be sure to tell me exactly what you're using it for.  
See?  That's not so hard, now, is it?  Also, if you wish to use any info on this 
FAQ that someone else has submitted, please contact them privately.  They 
submitted and/or did it, and it is their accomplishment, not mine.  Thanks!


II. Version History

Thanks to "Marsh Mallow" at m_mallow@hotmail.com for suggesting that I make this 

Version 4.0 - Updated the Banjo-Tooie Section, updated the Ice Key Section, 
updated the Thanks Section a little.  The Final version of this FAQ.
Version 3.7 - Updated the Banjo-Tooie Section, updated the SharkFood Island 
Version 3.5 - Changed the FAQ look, corrected some minor spelling errors, 
updated the Rumors Section, updated the Ice Key Section, updated the Gobi's Door 
Section, updated the SharkFood Island Section, updated the Banjo-Tooie Section.
Version 3.2 - Updated the Ice Key Section, updated the Gobi's Door Section.  Ice 
Key found! (GS) 
Version 3.0 - Updated the Rumors section, updated the Banjo-Tooie Section.
Version 2.9 - Updated the Introduction Section, updated the Banjo-Tooie Section.
Version 2.8 - Updated the Ice Key Section, updated the Banjo-Tooie Section.
Version 2.6 - Corrected minor error in the SharkFood Island Section.
Version 2.5 - Added "Banjo-Tooie" Section, updated the Ice Key Section.
Version 2.2 - Updated the Rumors Section, updated the Ice Key Section, updated 
SharkFood Island Section.
Version 2.0.1 - Corrected MAJOR spacing errors, corrected minor typos.
Version 2.0 - Added the "What's New" Section, corrected Roman Numeral errors, 
corrected spacing errors.


III. What are These "Secrets"?

For those of you who actually haven't noticed them, here's some backround info.  
There are three unaccessable items in the game.  The first one, the Ice Key, can 
be found in Freezeezy Peak, and just looks like a giant transparent key.  
Getting it would be no problem, except for the fact that there's a transparent 
ice wall blocking access to it.  The second secret, Gobi's Door, is just a door 
formed in the side of a mountain in Gobi's Valley.  Every tactic has been tried 
on the door, but it won't open.  The last secret, the SharkFood Island Cave, can 
be found in Treasure Trove Cove.  It's basically a cave in the side of a risen 
SharkFood Island.  The problem is actually rising it.  If you beat the game with 
all 100 Jiggys, Mumbo will show you three pictures of these items/places, and 
what's inside the caves that they're located in.


IV. Rumors, and Why They May or May Not Be True

1.  "Banjo-Tooie is a secret mode that can be accessed in the game."

This isn't true, because Rare said so themselves.  Banjo-Tooie is an actual 
separate game to be released in 1999.

2.  "The two Jiggys that you have left (if you've collected all 100) after 
completing all the puzzle pictures have something to do with these secrets."

That's not true, because, again, Rare said so themselves.  They said that they 
wanted to give "inexperienced" players a little leeway for completing the game, 
so they decided that a two-Jiggy leeway would be nice.

3.  "Hit the sign that says "SharkFood Island" ____ times and the island will 

Does that sound true to you?

4.  "Hit the switch on the machine near the Beauty Transfiers and it will open, 
revealing Mumbo, who will tell you how to access the secrets!"

Yeah, right.

5.  "Beat the game ____ times and the secrets will open up!"

Ok, so this could be true, but do you really think so?

6.  "Kill Snacker the Shark ____ times and SharkFood Island will rise.  Get the 
Mystery Egg inside and it will warp you to Freezeezy Peak, where you can now get 
the Ice Key.  This allows you to go through Gobi's Door, and when you get that 
Mystery Egg, a message appears, saying 'Ha!  You don't get ANYTHING!'."

Funny, huh?  That one was PURELY for fun.. no seriousness is to be taken in 

7.  "Count the number of Crabs in Treasure Trove Cove, multiply it by the number 
of red strips on the Giant Snowman's Scarf in Freezeezy Peak, and subtract the 
number of times that you must hit (including the Jinjos' hits) Gruntilda to 
defeat her in the Final Battle.  When you get this number, put it in a 
calculator and turn it upside down.  Secret message!"

Yeah, like Rare would ever go to all that trouble just for some Secrets.. it's 
also obviously completely bogus.

8.  "Beat the game in a certain amount of time and the Secrets will open up."

That could be true.. I mean, why would Rare put a Game Clock in the game?  For 
personal gain?  Maybe, maybe not..

9.  "In Click Clock Wood, if you break in Gnawty's house during Spring, you can 
perform a series of moves that will open up the Secrets."

Rare said themselves that being able to break in during Spring was a glitch, and 
that it was a complete mistake.

10.  "You can break the rock that Gruntilda is trapped under after the end of 
the game, and when you do, Gruntilda will fly out, open the Secrets, and go to 
the "Lava World", where you'll have to fight her for the last time."

If you believe this, then you'll believe anything.

11.  "You can perform a secret button combination that will make Mumbo turn you 
into a T-Rex, and then, as the T-Rex, you can open up the Secrets."

Now THAT'S highly unlikely.  Granted, Mumbo DID mention a T-Rex transformation, 
but he said he'd save it for the next game.

12.  "You can spell out the word "Cheat" in the Treasure Trove Cove Sandcastle, 
enter a secret Code, and the Secrets will open up.

Ok, so that might be true.. it does have a good basis.  But still.. I don't buy 

13.  "The secrets in Banjo-Kazooie will be opened up via a button Code that you 
recieve in Banjo-Tooie."

That could be true.. I don't know either way.  It seems likely enough.

14.  "You can go into the Sandcastle, type in CHEAT, and then SUCKIT.  Mumbo 
will appear, turn you into the professional wrestler "Goldburg", and then, as 
Goldburg, you can open up the Secrets."

That one was purely for fun.  The dead giveaway is "SUCKIT".  Nintendo wouldn't 
allow such language in their games.  (Ugh.. I hate Nintendo sometimes..)

15.  "In Mad Monster Mansion, go to te bedroom with the Yellow Jinjo in it.  
There is a treasure chest that you cannot open.  Maybe, if you open it, you can 
get the Secrets."

This seems very likely; I can't really think of anything to disprove that 

16.  "Maybe that if you beat the game with ALL the Jiggys, Notes, Mumbo Tokens, 
all the Cauldrons accessed, all the Cheats accessed, and everything else you can 
do in the game, the Secrets will open up."

This might be true, but I really doubt that Rare would do anything so obvious to 
get the Secrets.  But, if anyone wants to actually do this, tell me what 

17.  "Enter CHEAT and the "OPENSESAMESNACKER" and SharkFood Island will rise."

Anybody wanna try it?  I haven't gotten around to it yet..

Here are the CHEAT Codes.

Infinite Lives - LOTSOFGOESWITHMANYBANJOS (Lots of Goes with Many Banjos)  
Maximum Energy - ANENERGYBARTOGETYOUFAR (An Energy Bar to Get You Far)
Infinite Air - GIVETHEBEARLOTSOFAIR (Give the Bear Lots of Air)
Infinite Gold Feathers - AGOLDENGLOWTOPROTECTBANJO (A Golden Glow to Protect 
Infinite Red Feathers - NOWYOUCANFLYHIGHINTHESKY (Now You Can Fly High in the 
Infinite Eggs - BANJOBEGSFORPLENTYOFEGGS (Banjo Begs for Plenty of Eggs)
Infinite Mumbo Tokens - DONTBEADUMBOGOSEEMUMBO (Don't Be a Dumbo, Go See Mumbo)  

That's pretty much all of the rumors I've heard so far, though I'm sure that 
there are more out there.  As you can see, some of them can get pretty 


V. The Story of the Ice Key

The Ice Key, which is in Level 5, Freezeezy Peak, can be seen in Wozza's Cave if 
you press C-Up to look through the transparent wall that the Orange Jinjo is 
located in front of.  This secret is supposedly going to be used in the sequel 
to Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie.  It's not known how to get it as of yet.  Rumor 
has it that it has something to do with Beak Bombing a certain part of the Giant 

I have also recieved another rumor from Jayson Smith, at xrkun@hotmail.com .  He 
stated that once you actually get the Ice Key, you go to Boggy's Igloo, stand on 
the table, and look at the Banjo-Kazooie picture.  The picture is supposed to 
dissappear and be replaced by a door, which is to be opened using the Ice Key.  
Please note that this could or could not be true; I don't want to get flames in 
the mail complaining of false strategies.

"jbaker" at jbaker@netcarrier.com comments that when Mumbo is shwoing you the 
pictures of the Ice Key, Wozza isn't in his cave.  He suggests that maybe you're 
supposed to scoot inside of his cave before he does the first time you meet him, 
although I did that myself, and the game won't let you inside.  But, he does 
have a good point..

Ryansgreat@aol.com is a godsend!  He claims that he has found a way to get the 
Ice Key!  And, I have to say that I believe him, because I think it started to 
work for me too!  Unfortaunately, I wasn't able to get it; I think that you have 
to have done certain things in the game in order to be able to get the Ice Key.  
Anyway, here's what to do: In Freezeezy Peak, get to a Flying Pad and start 
flying.  Fly to Wozza's Cave and Beak Bomb (press B) straight into Wozza's Cave, 
right in (note that you won't be flying IN the cave), and you'll notice that the 
transparent ice wall has moved back a bit.  Kepp repeating this to get the Ice 
Key.  Be warned, though: if you DO hit the sides, you'll have to start over from 
the beginning.  I can honestly say that I did this once and there was a 
difference in the ice wall position.  But, for some reason, it isn't working for 
me anymore.  Ryansgreat is working on this currently, though.  Expect an update 
soon!  And everyone, please E-mail me your results for this!

nooz@mailexcite.com has tried Ryansgreat's theory on the Ice Key, and here is 
what he has to say about it: he says that Ryansgreat's theory in fact DOES work; 
but, he says, that when you push the ice wall all the way back, you can go 
through to the circular room, but there is an invisible, unknown force stopping 
you from wrapping around the broken wall to the Ice Key.  Everyone, tell me your 
experiments with this!  I feel as if we are VERY close to solving the mystery of 
the Ice Key!  Let's all work together, ok?!

korn_chamber@hotmail.com has found the Ice Key!  I have tried his method, and it 
WORKS!  I HAVE GOTTEN IT!  But.. you gotta have a GameShark or Pro Action Reply 
for this trick to work.  First, enter the Moon Jump Code - D0281251 0020 + 
8137C4BC 43E0.  Then, start the game and go to Wozza's Cave.  Hold L to float up 
in the air above the ice wall and go through the wall above it.  Finally, land 
past the Ice Wall and run through that elusive tunnel into the circular room, 
where you can acquire the Ice Key!  Interestingly enough, Kazooie then says that 
"we should keep this for later..".  A HINT about Banjo-Tooie, maybe?!?  But 
that's not all!  Go to the Pause Menu under "Game Totals", and scroll through 
the levels until you get to a NEW one called "Stop N' Swop".  Another HINT, 
maybe?!  There, you'll see that the game registers that you have acquired the 
Ice Key!  YEAH!!!  Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to do anything for you.. but I 
didn't expect that it would.  It's enough that we've gotten it, right?!  Have 
fun!  On a side note.. yes, I did try going up to the Waterfall Cave in Spiral 
Mountain, and it worked, HOWEVER.. it turns out this cave isn't really a cave at 
all!  It's part of the mountain, as in it's part of the graphics!  A blurry 
opening!  How's THAT for a surprise?!

da_boat@usa.net says that while he was running up the big snowman's scarf in 
Freezeezy Peak, he noticed that the wall above the entrance to Wozza's Cave 
looked a bit strange.  He says that maybe Beak Bombing it might do something.. I 
haven't tried it yet, though.

JustiusAz@aol.com says that maybe if you can get the fire in the center of 
Wozza's Cave to burn higher with a code or something, you could melt the ice 
wall with it.  Seems likely to me.

VI. The Story of Gobi's Door

Gobi's Door, which can be found in Level 6, Gobi's Valley, is simply a closed 
door that can be seen by riding a Magic Carpet that appears to the right of 
Jinxy the Sphinx (assuming you're facing him).  This also has to do with Banjo-
Tooie; inside of the door, there is a long hallway, and then a tomb, which Banjo 
opens by having Kazooie stomp a switch.  Inside the tomb, there is an egg with 
question marks all over it.  There's no rumor that I've heard that tells how to 
open the door; every tactic and move (even the Beak Bomb) has been used against 
it, and it won't open.

cmccullo@cobweb.net thinks that opening Gobi's Door has something to do with 
firing an egg (or something of that sort) on some part of Jinxy the Sphinx.  I 
have to admit, it sounds likely, don't you think?  But WHERE though..?

da_boat@usa.net says that since Gobi says he's going to the "Lava World", and 
the only two places with lava in the game are Grunty's Furnace Fun and the area 
with the Gobi's Valley puzzle, you might have to something in one or both of 
those areas to make him appear and open Gobi's Door.  Maybe..


VII. The Story of the SharkFood Island Cave

The SharkFood Island Cave, which can be found in Treasure Trove Cove, cannot be 
seen normally in the game.  Basically, once you beat the game with all 100 
Jiggys, you'll see on one of Mumbo's pictures that SharkFood Island has risen up 
and now reveals a cave.  This, again, is supposed to be used in Banjo-Tooie.  
Inside the cave is a LONG "staircase" that leads up to the top of a very tall, 
round column.  On top of the column, another question mark egg is found.  I've 
heard rumors that the way to make SharkFood Island rise up is by entering a 
secret Code on the Sandcastle Floor.

I have just recently recieved a rumor from Stuart Manley at 
smanley@assist.com.au .  He says that if you go to Rusty Bucket Bay, break into 
the Captain's Room through the porthole, and look at one of the maps on the 
wall, there is a map with a bird's eye view of Treasure Trove Cove.  He says 
that a red X is located right on top of where SharkFood Island is supposed to 
be.  This may or may not have something to do with the rising of SharkFood 
Island.  Again, this is just a rumor, and may or may not be true.

I have just gotten another suggestion from Shaun Manning at shaunm13@hotmail.com 
.  He suggests that the key to opening up SharkFood Island lies within the name 
itself: SHARKFOOD Island.  When you get close to the Shark, he brings up two 
foods that go together: CHEESE & CRACKERS and COFFEE & MINTS.  He suggests that 
maybe entering the codes in the Sandcastle after activating them will open up 
SharkFood Island.  This seems like a like a likely basis, so let's work together 
and try to investigate this further..

I have just recieved yet another great idea from Shaun Manning at 
shaunm13@hotmail.com .  He realized that the name of the Shark, Snacker, rhymes 
with the word "Cracker" from "Cheese & Crackers".  Knowing that the CHEAT Codes 
all rhyme, this seems like a very likely lead on the SharkFood Island Cave.  Heh 
heh.. I bet that if we told Rare THIS one, they'd fall over in shock.  ^_^

I forgot who mentioned this; if you're reading this, you know who you are.  E-
mail me, and I'll give you credit!  Anonymous mentions that Snacker is not in 
the ocean when Mumbo shows you the SharkFood Island Cave.  Maybe their's a way 
to kill him permanently..?  Hmm..

Starfox587@aol.com has an interesting observation - he thinks that maybe 
SharkFood Island doesn't rise, but the water lowers!  He says this is because he 
saw that on the tall tower (where you start the treasure hunt) there was a sand 
line below the water about halfway down!  Maybe there's a hidden Leaky..?

Too many people have said the same thing about this secret to give any one 
person credit, but there are many people saying that they are convinced that you 
must give Snacker some Sharkfood for him to open up SharkFood Island for you.  I 
admit, it's pretty likely.


VIII. Banjo-Tooie

Banjo-Tooie, for those who don't know, is Rare's sequel to Banjo-Kazooie.  It is 
slated for a late 1999 release, and, don't fear, WILL have Kazooie in it!  Rare 
has said that the ONLY way you can access the Secrets is to play Banjo-Tooie 

Thanks to Shaun Manning at shaunm13@hotmail.com for suggesting that I make this 

This section is where you can write me about Banjo-Tooie.  Tell me how you think 
the secrets are linked with it, why you don't think they are in Banjo-Kazooie, 

 - shaunm13@hotmail.com says:

(I lost the E-mail, so I'm just gonna type out basically what his idea was..)

"I, personally, don't think that the Secrets are accessible in Banjo-Kazooie.  I 
think that, in Banjo-Tooie, you can be warped to the levels in Banjo-Kazooie, 
where the Secrets will be accessible.  I think that there, and only there, will 
you be able to get the Secrets.  So, basically, what I'm saying, is that you 
can't get the Secrets yet."

- wesley_bja@hotmail.com says:

"My theory is that Banjo-Tooie is a game all by itself, but has a 
slot on the top to plug Banjo-Kazooie into it, adding more levels and 
secrets to the original (like Sonic and Knuckles for Sega). "

- root@cheese.webcast.co.uk says: 

"No, I dont think you can get the Secrets in Banjo-Kazooie, because in their FAQ 
Rare says 
"To avoid acusations that we are nasty money-grabbing types who are going to 
force people to fork out on both games..etc..etc.."  This makes me think you'll 
actually plug in the old cartridge, and that they'll be cheats or something to 
type into the equivalent of the 
sandcastle, or secret words to tell Mumbo or something.  It's not so outrageous, 
because Turok 2 was going to be on three carts, and was going to have a save 
feature at the end of each..
I'd be surprised if you actually _had_ to do anything in Banjo-Tooie to get the 
Secrets opened. It seems more likely that there's just going to be instructions 
to do it.  The FAQ also says that "there's no genuine way of getting the Ice Key 
until Banjo-Tooie comes out." I fear that this is a lie, however, since it's 
probably either something you enter in the sandcastle, or instructions for 
something very obscure to do...e.g. go to each mumbo and rat-a-tat him twice, in 
reverse order, or something."

- jbaker@netcarrier.com says:

"This is probably the way they are going to transfer the secrets back and forth 
between games -  the Stop and Swop!  The game freezes, while you switch B-K with 
B-T, without turning off the N64, the secrets will stay backed up, and the games 
will be changed for you to simply unpause it! Think about it!  Okay, in Banjo-
Tooie you find the Lava World, and get something very hot.  Stop N' Swop it over 
to Banjo-Kazooie, to melt the ice wall!  Get some SHARKFOOD in B-T and Stop and 
Swop it over to B-K, and get into Sharkfood Island!  You find Gobi along the 
way, and then he gives you some kind of door opener (if you promise not to pound 
on his back anymore) for you to Stop and Swop over to Gobi's Door!  Then you 
Stop and Swop the Secrets from Banjo-Kazooie to Banjo-Tooie and actually find a 
use for them!  Geez, Rare must be geniuses or something, I would've went with 
the lock-on cart!"

- YamYam87@aol.com says:

"I believe that Stop n' Swop is actually a device that you hook into the slot on 
the bottom of your controller and will be packaged with Banjo-Tooie.  This 
device will probaly make it so that certain games can switch information between 
the two games and therefore enabling you to get the Ice Key, Gobi's Door, and 
Sharkfood Island secrets and that Rare had this in mind when programming Banjo-
Kazooie and built in the stop n' swop section in anticipation of Banjo 2.  This 
is only a guess but it doesn't sound too unlikely in my opinion."

- ljthomas@nauticom.net says:

"I just thought up a new idea for the Top Secrets in B-K.  Okay, first off, 
"Stop & Swap" IS the Lava World that Gobi talks about.  First, you have to get 
the Ice Key.  DO NOT ASK ME HOW!!!  I HAVE NO IDEA HERE!!!  After that, you have 
to find Stop & Swap.  Once there, you will somehow trade the Ice Key in for a 
real key.  Perhaps the Ice Key melts in the lava.  Now you head to Gobi's Valley 
and open the door there with your brand new key.  Get the egg, head back to Stop 
& Swap and trade the egg in for some Shark Food.  See where I'm heading with 
this?  Give Snacker the Shark Food and the SharkFood Island Cave will become 
available.  Now finish this section off and you will be given yet another egg.  
After that, I'm clueless (moreso)."

Have something to say?  Write me!


IX. Conclusion

Based on what I've heard, I've come to two conclusions about these secrets.  The 
first one is that it is actually possible to get these secrets by trial and 
error, before ever actually playing Banjo-Tooie.  The second one is that you do 
actually have to play Banjo-Tooie first, and the data for opening these secrets 
will be transported via Controller Pak or lock-on technology.  Either way, you 
can be sure that I'll be on the lookout for info on this as more of it comes 
out, and that this FAQ will be updated when enough info is learned to do so.  
Anyway, I hope this FAQ answers all of your questions about these secrets, 
despite all of the false rumors people have been making up.

Please feel free to E-mail me at LightRanma@aol.com if you have any questions, 
comments, flames, etc..

If anyone reading this FAQ has any new information on these secrets, or knows 
how to actually get them, please E-mail me!  Rest assured you WILL get credit 
for submitting info that appears in this FAQ.

For the latest info on Rare games, go visit the folks at Rare at 

I would like to thank Rare for making such a kickass game, and letting out this 
info on the secrets.


X. Thanks

This new section is to thank the people that have submitted info that appears in 
this FAQ.


Jayson Smith - xrkun@hotmail.com - He submitted info on the Ice Key.  Thanks!
Stuart Manley - smanley@assist.com.au - He submitted info on the SharkFood 
Island Cave.  Thanks!
"Marsh Mallow" - m_mallow@hotmail.com - He submitted Rumors 3 - 7 in the Rumors 
section.  He also suggested that I make the "What's New" Section.  Thanks!  Oh, 
and don't forget to check out his really cool Banjo-Kazooie FAQ at 
Larry Thomas - ljthomas@nauticom.net - He submitted Rumor 8 in the Rumors 
section.  He also submitted his thoughts on Bajo-Tooie.  Thanks!
Shaun Manning - shaunm13@hotmail.com - He submitted vital info on the SharkFood 
Island Cave.  He also suggested that I make the "Banjo-Tooie" Section, AND he 
submitted a letter to the Banjo-Tooie Section.  Thanks!
"Dave" - david_richmond@interact.net.au - He submitted Rumor 13 in the Rumors 
Section.  Thanks!
"jbaker" - jbaker@netcarrier.com - He submitted Rumors 14 and 15 in the Rumors 
Section, as well as provided info on the Ice Key.  He also provided his thoughts 
on Banjo-Tooie.  Thanks!
"Ryansgreat" - Ryansgreat@aol.com - He submitted info that could be the way to 
get the Ice Key!  Thanks!
Name Unknown - nooz@mailexcite.com - He/she submitted info that suggests that 
Ryansgreat's theory on the Ice Key may be true!  Thanks!
Wesley Antill - wesley_bja@hotmail.com - He submitted info that appears in the 
Banjo-Tooie Section.  Thanks!
Janey Ruemmele - Janey@ruemmele.com - She submitted Rumor 16 in the Rumors 
Section.  As a side note, she also thought this up herself.  Good job!  Thanks! 
"Chewy" - root@cheese.webcast.co.uk - He submitted info that appears in the 
Banjo-Tooie Section.  Thanks!
Charles McCollough - cmccullo@cobweb.net - He submitted info that appears in the 
Gobi's Door Section.  Thanks!
Jack Lockhart - korn_chamber@hotmail.com - He told us how to get the Ice Key 
using a GameShark!  Thanks!
Michael Woodhouse - E-mail Unknown - He submitted Rumor 17 in the Rumors 
Section.  Thanks!
Name Unknown - da_boat@usa.net - He submitted info that appears in the Ice Key 
Section and Gobi's Door Section.  Thanks!
Name Unknown - Starfox587@aol.com - He submitted info that appears in the 
SharkFood Island Cave Section.  Thanks!
David - YamYam87@aol.com - He submitted his thoughts on Banjo-Tooie.  Thanks!
Micheal Oxford - JustiusAz@aol.com - He submitted info about the Ice Key.  


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