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World Location Guide by Buddaysh

Version: 3.0 | Updated: 07/14/1999

                   Banjo-Kazooie World Location Guide         
                ___________By R. K. Raja_______________

Version 3.0
R. K. Raja

Table of Contents:
I. Revision History
II. Introduction
III. Locations
IV. Some Useful Cheats
V. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
VI. Ending

-----------------------REVISION HISTORY-------------------------------

I'm not going to be updating this FAQ a lot (only sometimes).

3.0 -- Added Gruntilda gameshow and final battle locations. Added this
section. Made a FAQ section. (This is the latest version of the FAQ)

1.0 -- Started the whole FAQ. Took me 10 minutes!!! 


Hey, welcome! This is my first FAQ. I hope to be writing more real soon.

I just want to say that this a VERY short FAQ. I suggest you see the 
cheat section.

Well, enjoy the FAQ!


                         SPIRAL MOUNTAIN
		You're already there when you start!

                     GRUNTILDA'S LAIR
Head North until you reach a spiral moutain (small). Get to the top 
and cross the bridge. If that was hard, then I suggest you train on 
Spiral Mountain for awhile.

Mumbo's Mountain -
Remember to get a JIGGY on your left before you head onto here. Once 
you got it, go right, and go to the un-finished puzzle on your right.
The door has opened! Go in!

Treasure Trove Cove -
Go up the steep hill (near where you got your first JIGGY) using the 
Talon Trot. Open the 50 NOTE DOOR and finish the puzzle on your right.
Now, go up the green ramp. Cross the small river and jump down. Go into 
the opening under the red eyes. Backward flip into the chest!

Clanker's Cavern - 
Go through the 50 NOTE DOOR, and then Shock Jump to the puzzle. Get 
down, and go to the place with the small river (see above). Stand 
on the pipe thing, and Back flip to the tunnel. Press the switch on 
your right and jump from pipe to pipe. Go in!

Bubblegloop Swamp -
Go to the enterance of Clanker's Cavern, and beak bust the switch on 
your left. Go on the new pipe and walk to the other switch. Beak Bust 
that one and dive into the water. Enter the underwater tunnel. Finish 
the puzzle, and head back to the small river place. Open the 150 NOTE 
DOOR there. Go left and to the door!

Frezeezy Peak -
Go to the enterance to Bubblegloop Swamp, and where the Wading Boots 
nearby. Go into the log tunnel behind the enterance. Finish the puzzle,
wear the other pair of boot, and go back to the Gruntilda Statue.
Open the 260 NOTE DOOR (located inside the 150 NOTE DOOR). Go up the 
stairs on your left, and go to your right run into the enterance.

Gobi's Valley -
Go into the 260 NOTE DOOR, and then climb the stairs on your left.
Go into the mouth of the Gruntilda head, and carefully get to the 
puzzle of Gobi's Valley. Go back to the main room inside the 260 NOTE 
DOOR, and head forward to Gobi's Valley!

Mad Monster's Mansion -
Go to the Gruntilda head (Near Frezeezy Peak) and go up the ramp nearby. 
Open the 450 NOTE DOOR and swim through the underwater passages. 
Eventually, you'll get to the Puzzle. Go back, and into the place where 
the Gobi's Valley puzzle was. Go further, and through the tunnel. Get
past the graveyard and to the door! Victory!

Rust Bucket Bay -
As a pumpkin, go to the small hole in the door (of the house  left of 
the graveyard BEFORE the enterance to Mad Monster's Mansion). Have 
Mumbo change you back to Banjo, then pound the main coffin, to find 
a switch. Pound it! Now go to the place where you saw the puzzle to
Mad Monster's Mansion. Climb the Crates and pund the switch inside the 
RareWare box. Go into the new tunnel, and to the left. Finish the 
puzzle, and go back out. Swim into the enterance to Rusty Bucket Bay!!!

Tick Tock Woods -
This is tiring. Believe me! Go inside the 450 NOTE DOOR, and go into
the tunnel in your right. You'll get to a switch, so pound it. Hurry to
the 640 NOTE DOOR. Get past the annoying Vines (Wonderwing would help).
Jump leaf to leaf, until you get to a platform. Run to your right, and 
press a switch. Yes! Now go ALL the way back to the place with the small 
river (before the 150 NOTE DOOR). Fall into the river, and go into
the passage. Swim, swim,swim!!! Finally, you'll see the puzzle. Activate 
it. Now go ALL the way back to where you found the switch (I use Cauldrons 
as shortcuts). Talon Trot passed the bull and into the enterance! Yay!!

Gruntilda's Game Show -
Go to the place where you found the switch to Tick Tock Woods, that made
the puzzle appear. Go to your left, and enter the 765 NOTE DOOR.

The Final Showdown with Gruntilda -
After you win the gameshow, get Tooty, and watch the amusing movie sequence,
then enter the tunnel to your left where scared Gruntilda ran away.
enter the 810 NOTE DOOR, and all the other doors for prizes. Make
Gruntilda wish she had never lived!!!

-------------------------SOME USEFUL CHEATS----------------------------

These cheats have to be activated in the Treasure Trove Cove Sand 
Castle, AFTER you win the JIGGY (By spelling BANJOKAZOOIE).

Enter CHEAT each time you use a different code (After one code is used,
exit an re-enter to do another one)

Have fun!

LOTSOFGOESWITHMANYBANJOS  -  Infinite Lives. (Lots of Goes with Many 

ANENERGYBARTOGETYOUFAR - More Honeycombs. (An Energy Bar to get you 

AGOLDENGLOWTOPROTECTBANJO - Infinite Gold Feathers. (A Golden Glow
To Protect Banjo)

DONTBEADUMBOGOSEEMUMBO - 99 Mumbo Tokens. (Don't be a Dumbo, Go See 

You will hear a noise once you've finished the code. If you don't 
try again! There are lots more codes than this, but I don't know all of 
them. Get all the Cheato Spell Books for more codes (I don't know there locations!).

------------------------FAQ (Frequently Askes Questions--------------
NOTE: This section is mostly made from people who e-mail me the questions.

Q: In Frezeezy Peak, I have seen an Ice Key. What is this?
A: That's just something you'll find in Rare's planned sequel, Banjo-Tooie.
There is a way of getting it with gameshark, but it may cause glitches in
the game.

Q: I never have enough notes! What's the trick to getting all of 'em.
A: I haven't gotten all of 'em myself! I suggest that you collect all
100 Notes, and all 10 Jiggys before going on to the next world.


I hope this FAQ was of help to you. You can use it on your webpage (You 
may format it to HTML) Just leave the top portion alone. You don't have 
to include this. 

Thank you.

E-mail me for any corrections at rkraja@yahoo.com. You may e-mail me for 
further help, but I haven't finished it yet myself (at the time of this 

Please vist my website at http://zone64.8m.com and join the N64 Tribune.

R. K. Raja 

You may not use this FAQ for any kind of profit.
This FAQ was made by R. K. Raja.

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