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Click Clock Wood Guide by Ernest 64

Banjo Kazooie
Click Clock Wood Guide...

By: Ernest 64
E-mail: Mmmm...see last section.


1) Introduction.
2) Click Clock Wood Wakthrough.
3) Where can I find Brentilda!?
4) Grunty's Furnace Fun Game.
5) Gruntilda's Final Battle.
6) Where can I find the spell books!?
7) Where can I find the magic cauldrons!?
8) Farewell...

1) Introduction.

Hi there again!!! One more time I'm here to help you!!!

This time I'm here to help you get everything in the last 
level of the game: Click Clock Wood (duh, it's on the 
title...). This is the largest level in the game, and it is 
also, the toughest one, well, for me.

I also think that Rare guys did great!!! The level design, 
the textures, the colors... Everything is excellent.

I said to myself, ok, I'm gonna do a Click Clock Wood 
Walkthrough... why can't I enlarge it to the end of the 
game!!! I also know that not every videogamer in the world 
has all Cheatos (spell books) and magic Cauldrons, so... 
I'm actually saying lot of trash... 

First and last version, written on January 27 /1999.

Ah, as always, see last section for details to contact me!

2) Click Clock Wood Walkthrough.

What can you find in this level:

a. 10 Jiggys.
b. 100 Musical Notes.
c. 2 Energy containers.
d. 5 Switches.
e. 23 Mumbo tokens.
f. 5 Jinjos.
g. Mumbo's hut.

a. 10 Jiggys.


1. Pay Mumbo 25 tokens (if you don't have enough see 
section e) to change yourself into a Bee. Then fly to 
the top of the tree, and there's one above a man-eating 
plant. See section (g) below...

2. Climb to the top of the tree (not as a bee) and break 
the door using a beak barge. Enter (I call it the "Root 
Room")and get another.


3. As soon as you enter the level, on your left are some 
leaves. Jump over them and if you keep jumping you'll 
reach another jiggy.

4. Climb up the tree until you reach the unconstucted 
house, keep jumping on platforms inside it and you'll 
get it.

5. Enter the beehive, by using a beak buster on a wood 
square on top of it. On here kill all wasps and you'll 
get the Jiggy. Note: it is easier if you stay still and 
use gold feathers...


6. Help Nabnut the squirrel gather his nuts... You must 
collect 6 for him. There's one inside her house, over 
the locker. There's another left from the squirrel, keep 
climbing up the ramp and dive in the little pool there 
to reach it. Go down the ramp right from Nabnut to reach 
another 2. Use the ramp in front of Nabnut to reach the 
final 2. Give them to him and you'll receive a Jiggy.


7. On summer, destroy the Big Boulder next to Gnawty's (the 
beaver) house. Return on fall, enter his house and 
you'll get a Jiggy.


8. On spring, throw 5 eggs in the hole in the fence land 
next to the bull. Return in Summer, and stomp on Gobi to 
provide the plant water. Repeat in Fall, then climb up 
the tree until you get to the Beehive then drop down and 
you'll get the Jiggy on top of the plant.


9. Get all five Jinjos. See section (f) below.

10.  Toughest Jiggy of all...

In spring, break the big pink egg near the top of the tree 
using a beak buster. In summer, feed Eyrie (the eagle) with 
caterpillars. Here they are... (he actually needs only 5.)

- In front of the entrance, next to the tree.
- In front of Gnawty's house there's a trunk, it's at the 
other side of it.
- In corner, it separates Mumbo's hut from the bull.
- Near mumbo's hut.
- In the branches, front of the unconstructed house.
- In a ramp in front of Nabnut's house, to your right.
- In the very first branches, above Mumbo's hut.
- After Gnawty's house, there's a little piece. It is next 
to a man-eating-plant...

You must feed him in Fall too... (10 caterpillars)

- On top of the leave hill, right from the level entrance.
- Above the wood arch that divides the entrance from 
Gnawty's house (at the beggining of the little river.
- On a leave hill next to the bull.
- In the tree root that divides Mumbo's hut from the bull.
- Inside Mumbo's hut.
- Over the beehive.
- Inside the beehive.
- In the small platform below the unconstructed house.
- Inside Nabnut's house, on the desk.
- On Eyrie's nest.

After you feed him in this two seasons, return in winter to 
his nest, and he'll bring you the final Jiggy of the level, 
not of the game...

b. 100 Musical Notes.

Spring: 20

- 4 in the entrance (outside).
- 4 in the fenced land next to the bull.
- 3 in a wood arch above Gnawty's house.
- 3 in a wood arch that separates Gnawty from the bull.
- 3 in the tree root that separates Mumbo's hut from the 
- 3 In the tree root that separates Mumbo's hut from the 

Summer: 16

- 2 over the tree leaves front from the entrance.
- 2 at Gnawty's house entrance.
- 3 in front of the beehive.
- 4 in front of the unconstructed house, on branches.
- 5 In front of Nabnut's house, going up by the ramp.

Fall: 48

- 16 surrounding the tree.
- 3 on the man-eating plant over the tree root that 
divides Mumbo's hut from the entrance.
- 5 Near the bull.
- 2 At Gnawty's house.
- 3 above the man-eating-plant by the bull's zone.
- 4 Inside Mumbo's hut.
- 4 Inside the beehive.
- 3 Inside Nabnut's house.
- 8 on Eyrie's nest.

Winter: 16

- 4 in the very first branches, above Mumbo's hut.
- On the unconstructed... Mmmm.. no... house's roof. Need 
to fly to get them.
- 4 in front Nabnut's house, down the ramp.
- 4 in the small protuberances that help you reach the 
"Root Room"...

c. 2 energy containers...

They are both in Winter:

1. Fly to Nabnut's house, and above his doorway, is a 
window, use a beak bomb and enter it to get the first 
one on the top of this room...

2. Dive to Gnawty's house, falling by a little hole next to 
the bull. This is very cold water, so be quick. I also 
recommend you to do this when you're completely sure 
that you have everything in this level.

d. 5 Switches.

1. Spring Switch: In front of the bridge that leads to fall 

2. Summer Switch: Next to Nabnut's house in spring.

3. Fall Switch: In summer, Go past Gnawty's house, keep 
going forward and you'll reach the switch below a bird.

4. Winter Switch: In fall, climb to the top of the tree, 
and in front of Eyrie's nest is this switch.

5. Gruntilda's Switch...

You can find it in winter. It is located behind a snowman 
(e-mail me and I'll specify...). The Jiggy, appears in 
front of the Click Clock Wood entrance on a very high tree 
hole. Must be a bee. Yeah, this is the final Jiggy of the 
game, congratulations!!!!

e. 23 Mumbo tokens

Mmmm... too long... see my Mumbo Token Location Guide here 
at gamefaqs.com...

f. 5 Jinjos.

Pink: Inside the beehive in spring. You must be a bee to 
enter it.

Green: In spring, climb to the top of the tree (where you 
get Jiggy 2) and it is on a man-eating plant. Easier if 
you're a bee.

Yellow: In summer, left from the entrance, in the corner, 
it is difficult to see because of the high grass...

Orange: Fall. On top of a leave hill next to the bull.

Blue: Winter. Above's Mumbo's hut (outside) Use the flying 

g. Mumbo's hut.

Mmmm... easy... Left from the entrance, after the tree 
root. Use the Wading Boots in the small platform to avoid 
losing energy...

3) Where can I find Brentilda!?

You need Brentilda (Grunty's, the witch, sister) for next 
section. Here are her locations through the whole game...

1. Next to the Treasure Trove Cove jigsaw.

2. In the pipes above Clanker's Cavern entrance.

3. Next to the Click Clock Wood jigsaw.

4. Behind the big Grunty's statue.

5. Near Bubble Gloop Swamp entrance.

6. Behind Gobi's Valley entrance.

7. On Grunty's face statue hat.

8. Near the Mad Monster Mansion entrance (lava zone)...

9. Next to the Click Clock Wood entrance.

If you find another please e-mail me!!!!

4) Grunty's Furnace Fun Game.

Ok. You think you have finished the game, huh??? Sorry to 
remind you, but you forgot TOOTY!!!

Well, that's fine, I forgot her too...

But ok, here's how to save her:

In Gruntilda's Lair, next to the Click Clock Wood entrance, 
there are some leaves and a small trunk, climb the leaves 
by using the flip flap and enter the door there... Now 
stand on Tooty's face platform and you'll be transported 
into "Grunty's Furnace Fun" game.

Note: I recommend you have every single honeycomb 
containers in the game, cause if you fail a question, 
you'll gonna lose one energy hexagon.

There are different kinds of questions in this game, one 
kind are the normal questions, they ask you something about 
the game, like "In CCW, spring, what's the Squirrel doing?" 
and questions like that.

Another kind are the sound questions, they say "Which level 
is this music from" and you here a short example, or "Which 
character makes this dumb sound?" , and so on...

There are also image questions, they show you an image and 
you have to tell from which of the game levels it is... or 
what's the name of this character...

The last kind are Gruntilda's questions, they ask you about 
the Witch hobbies, spells, favorite food, and so on. You 
need Brentilda for this ones. See section 3.

I also want to mention there are joker questions, if you 
get them right you'll get a joker, which allows you to skip 
questions by pressing the B button. There are also skull 
questions, if you fail them, you'll have to start over 
(damn programmers...). So i recommend you to use jokers on 
this ones, to avoid restarting the game...

After you finish it, you'll see a pre-ending, but then 
you'll appear again at the game. Go up the stairs. I 
recommend you have all 900 musical notes in the game, and 
also all 100 jiggys (you'll need 896 notes and 98 jiggys, 
being more specific...). Also, that you have double eggs, 
red and gold feathers from the cheatos (see section 6).

Keep going, opening doors and filling puzzles until you get 
to Grunty's cauldron. On here open all note doors to refill 
your egg ammo, gold and red feathers, and also to get 
double energy...

Jump on the cauldron and you'll be transported at the very 
high tower of the lair, and you'll face...

5) Gruntilda's Final Battle

Mmmm... kinda tough... easy once you know what to do...

At last, you're facing the game's boss, the evil witch, 
Gruntilda... This battle is divided into 4 parts...

Part 1: First of all, you'll need to avoid being swept away 
by her broom. Once you see it stops and starts "smoking", 
attack her from behind using a Rat-a-tat Rap. Repeat this 3 
times. Another way is to throw eggs at her (easisest form).

After that, she'll throw you a magnetic spell, which will 
not dissappear until it hits you. Use a gold feather to get 
rid of it. Then she'll drop a honeycomb. Take it if you're 
low of energy, if not, leave it there, you'll need it 

Part 2: She'll place herself so you can't hit her using 
your hands, so avoid her fireballs and then (when she 
stops), stand on the platform and shoot 3 eggs at her. 
Repeat this 3 more times. At the 3rd or 4th time, she'll 
start throwing fireballs at you quicklier, so you'll 
probably need gold feathers...

Again, get rid of the magnetic spell she throws. Grab the 

Part 3: Air battle. Use the flying disk in the middle of 
the tower, avoid her fireballs, then use the beak bomb on 
her 4 times. Note: If you fail, quickly press the A button, 
or you'll fall to the pit.

Drop down, get rid of the magnetic spell and grab the 

Part 4: Jinjos. You must free all four Jinjos by throwing 
four eggs to all statue holes while avoiding fireballs. Use 
gold feathers if you want... all four of them wil attack 
her, but with no effect. After that, a really BIG Jinjo 
statue will appear, so prepare to throw lots of eggs to 
each of the four holes surrounding it. You must avoid 
fireballs. This time is tougher, cause she'll be throwing 
them quicklier. 

After you have released him, Jinjonator will appear and 
will finish her...


6) Where can I find the spell books!?

Cheato, the spell book, can be found in 3 spots of 
Gruntilda's lair. He will give you 3 cheats (one each time) 
which will allow you to double your eggs, and double your 
red and gold feathers...

This is really heplful for the final battle. So, here they 

You must enter the cheats they give you at Treasure's Trove 
Cove sand castle.

Note: Remember that cheats will only work once you found 

1. Double eggs:

Go behind the Bubble Gloop swamp entrance using your wading 
boots, and you'll reach the Freezezy Peak jigsaw. To the 
left of it is a hill. Climb it (duh, really??) and break 
the ice rock there by using a Rat-a-tat Rap. 

Then enter Bubble Gloop Swamp and make Mumbo change you 
into a crocodile. Exit the level being a crocodile (duh, 
again??) and return to the Freezezy Peak jigsaw. Now you 
can enter the little hole on the left hill, which will take 
you to Cheato.

2. Double Red feathers:

Enter Mad Monster Mansion and make Mumbo change you into a 
pumpkin. Exit and return to the lava zone (where you met 
Brentilda for the eighth time (see section 3) and enter the 
little hole in the wall to reach him for the 2nd time.

3. Double Gold Feathers:

Next to the Click Clock Wood zone entrance (note door: 
640), there's a switch that raises the water to the third 
level. Well, activate it (Oh, come on!!!) and then dive to 
the red cavern next to it (the one that leads to Rusty 
Bucket Bay). Once you go past it, swim up to reach some 
stairs. You must do this quickly, cause the water level 
will lower after 30 seconds. Climb the stairs and you'll 
find Cheato for the 3rd and last time.

7) Where can I find the magic cauldrons!?

There are 4 pairs of magic cauldrons spread throughout 
Gruntilda's lair. They come in 4 (really??) different 
colors and they help you warp to different spots of the 
lair. This is very useful, cause walking is really messy 
and boring... Mmmm... here they are!!!

Purple Pair: 

- There's one downstairs near the Treasure Trove Cove and 
Clanker's Cavern jigsaws...
- The other one, is near Freezezy Peak entrance, behind a 
web, use eggs to break it and activate the cauldron.

Red Pair: 

- Below Clanker's Cavern zone entrance, is a pipe. Swim to 
it and you'll reach it next to an enemy.
- It's pair, it's below the Click Clock Wood zone grass, 
search for a little tunnel and you'll find it.

Blue Pair: (or is it green??)

- There's one near the lava zone entrance...
- The other one, is left from the Rusty Bucket Bay 

Yellow Pair:

- At "Grunty's Furnace Fun" Game entrance.
- At the end of the game, past the stairs...

8) Farewell

Again, that's the end of this FAQ, I hope you found it 
useful. No credits this time, everything I did by my own.

Please e-mail me if you find typos, mystakes, something 
missing; or also if you have comments, grumbles, questions 
(on anything related about this brilliant game), and so on.

Ah, here's how you can contact me:

E-mail: laredos@latino.net.co
Or you can find me in the ICQ, my # is: 13296608

Thanks for reading me again!!!!!!!

C-Ya on my next FAQ!!!!!!!

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