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Mini-Game FAQ by Gold Mage

Version: Final | Updated: 02/17/2004


                  __________                    __
                  \______   \_____    ____     |__| ____
                   |    |  _/\__  \  /    \    |  |/  _ \    ______
                   |    |   \ / __ \|   |  \   |  (  <_> )  /_____/
                   |______  /(____  /___|  /\__|  |\____/
                          \/      \/     \/\______|
                      ____  __                            __
                     |    |/ _|____  ____________   ____ |__| ____
             ______  |      < \__  \ \___   /  _ \ /  _ \|  |/ __ \
            /_____/  |    |  \ / __ \_/    (  <_> |  <_> )  \  ___/
                     |____|__ (____  /_____ \____/ \____/|__|\___  >
                             \/    \/      \/                    \/

For Banjo-Kazooie
By Chaos Control
Email: gold_majic@hotmail.com
Created on: 26/6/03
Last Updated: 16/11/03
Finished On: 16/11/03
Version: Final

This document is the hard work of me. (Chaos Control) And I don't want anyone to
take this guide and rip it off. This document is owed by me so what gives you
the right to take it? This document cannot be changed or altered in any way,
shape or form. You are welcome to ask my permission if you would like this
guide posted on your website. This document is for private use only. You are
free to print it out but you don't have permission to sell it for profit. This
document is not to be published in any form of media publication unless you
have the permission of me before hand. Also this document cannot be changed
into another language, this document stays in English. If you wish to contact
me about this guide please check the Contact Me section at the bottom of the
guide on details for emailing me. The websites listed below have permission to
have this guide published on their sites. That is all, thank you.



                     /                                 \
                _____|             CONTENTS            |_____
                \    | _______________________________ |    /
                 \   |/ |                           | \|   /
                 /    \ |                           | /    \
                /______/                             \______\

        - Mr. Vile's Eating Challenge   -
        - Twinklies to the Tree         -
        - Boggy's Sled Race             -
        - Grunty's Furnace Fun          -
        - Bottle's Puzzles              -


                     /                                 \
                _____|        1. AUTHOR'S NOTE         |_____
                \    | _______________________________ |    /
                 \   |/ |                           | \|   /
                 /    \ |                           | /    \
                /______/                             \______\

Hello and welcome to the Mini-Game FAQ for Banjo-Kazooie. This is a guide to
tell you the best ways to complete the few mini-games in Banjo-Kazooie.

You may already know that I have composed a Mini-Game FAQ for Banjo-Tooie, so
today I though "Why not do one for Banjo-Kazooie as well." So here it is.

Though there aren't as many mini-games in Banjo-Kazooie than in Banjo-Tooie,
they are still equally fun and challenging. So have a read though of this guide
to get the best tips and strategies for the mini-games.

-Chaos Control (Thomas Hunt)


                     /                                 \
                _____|       2. VERSION HISTORY        |_____
                \    | _______________________________ |    /
                 \   |/ |                           | \|   /
                 /    \ |                           | /    \
                /______/                             \______\

Version 0.2 26/6/03
I started the mini-game FAQ for Banjo-Kazooie today. Nothing much was
completed. I did get to start on the first game, but I got bored and did
something else.

Version 0.5 29/6/03
I complete all the mini-game info up to the questions of Grunty's Furnace Fun.

Version 0.7 2/7/03
Today I put down as many questions as I could find.

Version 1.0 4/7/03
I completed the whole guide today.

Final Version 16/111/03
Well, that's another guide finished for now. See ya.


                     /                                 \
                _____|         3. MINI-GAMES           |_____
                \    | _______________________________ |    /
                 \   |/ |                           | \|   /
                 /    \ |                           | /    \
                /______/                             \______\


Where is the Game?
To find this game you will need to be up to Bubblegloop Swamp. There you must
find Mumbo's Skull by going to the area with the large crocodile head. Go
through the maze to reach the skull and turn into a crocodile. Then go back to
the giant crocodile head and enter it through one of the nostrils where you
will find the game room.

What are the Controls?
Control Stick - Move
     A Button - Jump
     B Button - Eat

How is it Played?
Round 1: This sounds simple, but it can be quite changeling. When the game
         starts you have to run around the room where there are holes in the
         ground. Every so often, a Yumbly will pop out a hole. Run over to it
         and eat it. You have to win by eating the most Yumblies. Then it's
         time for the second round.

Round 2: In round 2 you have to play by the same rules but this time there are
         Yellow Yumblies. These Yumblies are stale, so don't eat them. When you
         win, it's time for the final round.

Round 3: In this game you will see a picture at the top of the screen. It will
         show either a picture of a Red Yumbly, or a Yellow Yumbly. When it
         shows a Red Yumbly, eat ONLY Red Yumblies. When it shows a Yellow
         Yumbly, eat ONLY Yellow Yumblies.

Tips and Strategies
As you play Round 1 and 2 you will have to be on your toes all the time. You
have to get those Yumblies as fast as you can, so try and go for the Yumblies
that pop-up close to each other so you can grab them quicker. You can also go
for the Yumblies that Mr. Vile is going for, but this isn't recommended. When
you have to play Round 3, there is a little trick that I use to win this
easier. When you see the picture at the top of the screen you will notice that
the picture spins around. Now watch the picture, as it begins to spin slower
and hp around it will change. So when the spinning slows down, get ready to go
for the next type of Yumbly.

Another great tip to help you win this game is to learn the Turbo Trainers
skill from Bottles. There are a pair of Turbo Trainers in the room, pick these
up to run a lot faster.

Other Information
If you lose a round, Mr. Vile will chase you around the room. Run out the
nostril as fast as you can because if he catches you he will bite you and you
will loose honeycombs of health. And don't jump up onto the higher ground to
get away from him. It doesn't work. Don't worry, I'm guilty of trying that.

When you complete all three round for the first time you will get a Jiggy. Then
Mr. Vile asks you if you would like to play the rounds again, if you win this
time, you win 3 lives. But if you lose a game, he will take one life away. If
you have a high number of notes for Bubblegloop Swamp, go ahead and take up the
challenge if you wish. I don't recommend this otherwise.


Where is the Game?
You need to be able to get to Freezezy Peak. Then go into the level and look
around for a huge Christmas Tree. Go over to it and you will see a wood path
leading to the tree. At the start of the path is a box that's moving. Use the
Beak Buster on it to open it and the game will begin.

What are the Controls?
The controls are the same as always when you play the game.

How is it Played?
On the path leading to the Christmas Tree are 3 holes. Inside each hole is a
goblin-looking thing that eats Twinklies. When the game starts the Twinklies
will jump out the box 1 by 1 and head for the tree. It's up to you to stop the
Twinkly Eaters by giving them a good smack. You have to get 20 Twinklies to the
tree. Sounds easy? Yeah, right.

Tips and Strategies
This can be a little difficult but the way I do this is to do it in a rhythm. I
think this is the only way we can do this. So wait next to the box as the game
starts and wait for the closest Twinkly Eater to pop up. Then use Rat-ta-tap
Rap on it. Then do this to the second and third quickly. By the time you smack
the third and get to the first again he will pop up, so hit them in the order
again. It may take a few tries but it will work out in the end.


Where is the Game?
This game is also in Freezezy Peak, you will have to help Boggy out first, he
ate a Jiggy. So climb up the scarf of the HUGE snowman and ride the sled to
land on him and get the Jiggy. Now find Mumbo's Skull and transform into the
seal and find him at the starting line of the race.

What are the Controls?
Control Stick - Move
     A Button - Jump

How is it Played?
Round 1: When the race starts hold forward on the Control Stack and go! The aim
         of the race is to go through the blue flag posts in the correct order.
         When you see a red set of posts, this mean these are the ones you have
         completed and the green means that these are the next ones to go
         through. You will have to use all your skill to win the race.
         Especially when it comes to the area with the houses, this bit is the
         hardest in my opinion. When you win, you get a Jiggy, and a chance for
         Round 2.

Round 2: You will need to be normal banjo and Kazooie for this race, so get
         Mumbo to change you back. Then meet him up on the starting ramp again.
         Then it's the same rules as before, only this time he is harder to

Tips and Strategies
When it comes to having to race him as the bear and bird, you cannot win
without the Turbo Trainers. So you should learn them before you take up this


Where is the Game?
This is the last level you do before you go and fight the witch for real. This
is a huge game boards, but the rules are a little bit strange.

What are the Controls?
Control Stick - Move on the board
     A Button - Play on the square you are standing on
     B Button - Skip square you are standing on (Joker Card required)

How is it Played?
This is kinda like any basic board game. What you have to do is make your way
to the other side of the boar without getting killed. Seems easy. Well, not
really. When you start you will stand on the first square, press A on it to be
asked a question. Read the question carefully and answer it from the 3 possible
answers displayed on the screen. You will have to remember al the knowledge you
gained when you played the game to be able to answer the question. But you
don't have to answer a question on all of the squares. Continue to read on for
the explanation of all the types of squares on the board.

Banjo-Kazooie Square - You will have to answer a general knowledge question
about the game. These aren't all that hard.

Grunty Square - If you listen to all the things Brentilda had to say in the
game. You will have to remember them as best as you can because you will be
asked a question about Gruntilda.

Visual Squares - These have a picture of an eye on them. You will be shown a
picture from the game and you will be asked where this is from.

Music Squares - You will get to listen to some music from the game and you will
have to answer on where or when you heard that piece of music.

Challenge Squares - You will have to complete a timed challenge in the game
that you have done. But there is a difference about them.

Death Squares - A square with a skull on it. You will have to do the challenge
correct because if you get it wrong, you will get sent to your fiery doom.

Joker Squares - Answer the question correctly to receive 2 Joker Cards. Use
these by pressing B on a square and you will be aloud to skip it.

Game Board Map
This is a map of the game board. Use this map so you can figure out the best
possible route to get to the other side and win the game.

Key :  B = Banjo-Kazooie Square
       G = Guntilda Square
       V = Visual Square
       M = Music Square
       C = Challenge Square
       D = Death Square
       J = Joker Square
       - = Nothing

           |V|D|-|     |D|G|B|-|V|-|D|D|-|
           |J| |B|     |B|       |D|
               |G|G|-|M|C|       |D|
               |C|     |C|       |D|
               |B|     |-|B|D|C|M|C|B|-|
           |-|M|C|M|D|     |D|       |M|G|J|
           |M|     |V|     |G|       |C|
           |-|     |G|B|-|B|C|M|V|G|B|C|
           |G|C|B|M|D|           |-|
           |-|     |-|           |D|
           |J|     |G|C|-|B|C|V|B|M|G|B|
                     |B|   |-|       |B|
                     |V|   |B|       |J|

Question Answers
I will put the questions that I find in order of the worlds, then in each
world, alphabetically. Also, the answers that are correct are marked with "O",
wrong answers are marked with a "X"

>> Mumbo's Mountain <<

"In Mumbo's Village in the middle,
which tall object solves this riddle?"

X - Lu-Be-Ju the Totem Pole
O - Juju the Totem Pole
X - Tojo the Totem Pole

"In Mumbo's Mountain you don't know,
What does that big gorilla throw?"

O - Oranges
X - Chocolates
X - Barrels

"On Mumbo's Mountain in the lake,
What in there make no mistake?"

O - A shoal of fish
X - A dirty hippo
X - A hungry shark

"Mumbo's Mountain is a thriller,
What's the name of the gorilla?"

O - Conga
X - Wonga
X - Bonga

"Mumbo's Mountain, Bottles is there,
Which move was learned, you stupid pair?"

O - Talon Trot
X - Shock Jump
X - Wonderwing Invulnerability

"Mumbo's Mountain is easy for sure,
How many Jigsaws open it's door?"

O - 1
X - 2
X - 3

"On Mumbo's Mountain, it's not dull,
What's in the eye of Mumbo's Skull?"

O - Something else
X - Musical Notes
X - Mumbo Token

"On Mumbo's Mountain, surrounded by sea,
There's a Jinjo, what color is he?"

X - Green
O - Blue
X - Black

"On Mumbo's Mountain, they look flash,
How many huts were there to smash?"

O - 6
X - 5
X - 8

"They've a tower in which they hide,
On Mumbo's Mountain, what's inside?"

X - Fatty the bat
O - Ticker the termite
X - Bongo the bee

>> Treasure Trove Cove <<

"In Treasure Trove within this game,
What is the leaking bucket's name?"

X - Holey
O - Leaky
X - Mr. Sieve

"In Treasure Trove you need quick legs,
Which of my nasties ate your eggs?"

X - Lockup the Treasure Chest
X - Snippet the crab
O - Yum-yum the clam

"Jinjos are a crafty lot,
on Treasure Trove, where are they not?"

O - Inside a giant treasure chest
X - Under the pier at the start
X - On top of a tree

"My hungry shark will end your game,
On Treasure Trove, what's his name?"

X - Slacker
O - Snacker
X - Stacker

"Of these items on the ground,
On Treasure Trove was first found?"

X - Gold Feathers
X - Feather Dusters
O - Red Feathers

"On Treasure Trove, there is a boat,
What's its name, it doesn't float?"

O - The Salty Hippo
X - The Sweaty Rhino
X - The Wobbly Whale

"Treasure Trove's got Cap'n Blubber,
What's wrong with that sobbing lubber?"

O - He'd lost his gold
X - He wanted a drink
X - He couldn't remember his name

"Treasure Trove got a treasure hunt,
How many X's, you little runt?"

X - More
O - 6
X - 5

"Treasure Trove's Sandcastle floor,
Is missing a letter, guess once more?"

X - X
X - None of them
O - Q

"Treasure Trove Cove had a feature,
What was the giant armored creature?"

O - A giant hermit crab
X - A mighty tank
X - A huge metal whale

>> Clanker's Cavern <<

"Clanker's Cavern smells really stale,
How many ways to get in the whale?"

X - 6
X - Less than 5
O - More than 4

"Clanker's cavern really stinks,
His massive chain, how many links?"

X - 10
O - 8
X - 6

"Clanker the whale is stuck in the goo,
In Clanker's Cavern, what does he do?"

X - Tour Guide
X - Massive dishwasher
O - Garbage grinder

"Clanker's Cavern whale needed air,
What did you swim through way down there?"

X - A series of hoops
X - The sound barrier
O - A large key

"In Clanker's Cavern, it's a pain,
What's attached to Clanker's chain?"

X - A colossal cauldron
O - A massive anvil
X - A huge boulder

"If you know this, please don't shout,
In Clanker's Cavern the odd one out?"

X - Bolt
X - Anvil
O - Hammer

"Inside Clanker spinning fast,
What was tough for you to get past?"

O - Rotating sawblades
X - Rotating merry-go-round
X - Rotating bones

"The whale's stomach is pretty grim
Through how many hoops did you swim?"

O - 8
X - 7
X - Less than 7

"The whale's blowhole an object sat,
In Clanker's Cavern, what was that?"

O - A giant bolt
X - A large crab
X - A big bubble

>> Bubblegloop Swamp <<

"Bubblegloop Swamp will test your mind,
How many turtles did you find?"

O - 8
X - 6
X - 7

"Bubblegloop's turtle opens wide,
What did you hit to get inside?"

X - His butt
O - His feet
X - His head

"Bubblegloop Swamp hides a treat,
What in the water chomps your feet?"

X - Electric toasters
O - Piranha fish
X - Electric Eels

"Bubblegloop turtle choir is swell,
But what's on the back of each shell?"

X - A bigger turtle
O - A musical note
X - A target

"In Bubblegloop Swamp's marshy mound,
What thing's highest above the ground?"

X - A muddy turtle
O - A mud hut
X - A turtle

"Inside Bubblegloop's giant egg,
What's not inside you needn't beg?"

O - An extra life
X - A jigsaw piece
X - A smaller egg

"In Bubblegloop Swamp, there is no doubt,
Which one of these is the odd one out?"

O - Green frog
X - Red frog
X - Yellow frog

"In Bubblegloop Swamp, tell me now,
Which fact's made up by this old cow?"

X - There are two different colored frogs
O - Bottles teaches you two new moves
X - It features two crocodiles

"Tell me now or your life I'll chomp,
The frogs' name in Bubblegloop Swamp?"

O - Flibbits
X - Stickups
X - Stikkits

"The crocodiles in Bubblegloop Swamp,
Give me the names of what they chomp?"

X - Bubblies and dumblies
X - Yumyums and bumbums
O - Yumblies and grumblies

>> Freezezy Peak <<

"Boggy Bear is Freezeezy's clot,
How many Jigsaws has he got?"

O - Three
X - Two
X - Four

"Freezeezy's igloo isn't square,
How many bears can fit in there?"

O - Five
X - Four
X - Three

"Freezeezy's Slalom course is crass,
Through how many gates do you pass?"

X - 48
O - 38
X - 28

"Freezeezy Peak is rather cold,
But what does the huge snowman hold?"

O - A broom
X - A Game Boy
X - A shovel

"Freezeezy's snowman's giant scarf
What are it's colors that make me barf?"

X - Orange and red
O - Yellow and red
X - Green and grey

"Freezeezy Peak is full of snow,
But which of these isn't on show?"

X - A pathetic polar bear
X - A wobbly walrus
O - A slippery seal

"Here's three facts on Freezeezy Peak,
the one that's true is what you seek!"

X - Five giant ice cubes live there
X - There are five snowmen
O - It features five bears

"On Freezeezy Peak you have been,
But which of these can't be seen?"

O - Christmas Pudding
X - Christmas Presents
X - Christmas Tree

"The walrus on Freezeezy Peak,
What's his name that I now seek?"

O - Wozza
X - Wazza
X - Gazza

>> Gobi's Valley <<

"Above the sand you see it glide,
In Gobi's Valley what's the ride?"

O - A magic carpet
X - A magic genie
X - A magic taxi cab

"An easy one, or maybe a jinx,
how many carpets in Gobi's sphinx?"

X - 4
X - 6
O - 5

"From Gobi's Pyramid it spills,
What empties out, the moat it fills?"

X - A hoard of mummies
X - Sand
O - Water

"Gobi's Valley had many a trick,
How many pyramids, take your pick?"

X - 5
O - 4
X - 3

"Gobi's cactus conceals a prize,
Tell me what if you think you're wise!"

O - An extra honeycomb piece
X - A piece of sponge cake
X - A jigsaw piece

"Gobi's Camel on vacation,
what's he got at his third location?"

X - Nothing
X - A jigsaw
O - An extra honeycomb piece

"In Gobi's Valley, there's a tree
On it's head, what can you see?"

X - A leafy wig
O - A hat
X - A pair of sunglasses

"In Gobi's Valley lurks a hand,
Who hides a Jiggy in the sand?"

X - Robba the Mummy Hand
O - Grabba the Mummy Hand
X - Dabba the Daddy Hand

"In a pyramid some tiles you match,
Who's not included in this batch?"

X - Mumbo Jumbo
X - Jinjo
O - Gruntilda

"The charmer helps you on your way,
In his pyramid what did you pay?"

O - Some blue eggs
X - Some gold feathers
X - Some gold bullion

>> Mad Monster Mansion <<

"A ghostly hand who has a sway,
In the church what did he play?"

X - An electric guitar
X - A piano
O - An organ

"In Monster Mansion you can creep,
But what wakes the ghost from his sleep?"

O - Banjo treads on the creaky floorboards
X - Banjo sets off his alarm clock
X - Banjo hits him with a plank of wood

"Mansion cellar barrels are round,
What on the front of them was found?"

X - The words "Get lost Banjo"
X - The word "Fragile"
O - The numbers "1881"

"Mad Monster Mansion is real hard,
But what's not found in the graveyard?"

O - Ghosts
X - Flowers
X - Gravestones

"Mad Monster Mansion's graveyard pots,
What appeared from them, there were lots?"

X - A bunch of bananas
O - A bunch of flowers
X - A bunch of feathers

"Playing my music is his game,
What's the church ghost hand's name?"

X - Strausand
O - Motzand
X - Bachand

"Part of Monster Mansion's race
What's the time on the church clock's face?"

O - Nothing, it's hands have fallen off
X - Midnight
X - Midday

"One doesn't exist, furry twit,
In Mad Monster Mansion, which is it?"

X - Bathroom
X - Cellar
O - Kitchen

"The haunted mansion in my ground,
How many ways in could be found?"

O - 9
X - 7
X - 8

>> Rusty Bucket Bay <<

"Captain's cabin in Rusty bay,
What's on the bed duvet, I say?"

X - Flowers
O - Anchors
X - Propellers

"Get this wrong, you little toad,
Rusty Bay's whistles, what's the code?"

O - 312-111
X - 321-123
X - 213-111

"Here's three facts about Rusty Bay,
Pick the one that's true today?"

X - The engine room has four cogs
O - There are four lifeboats
X - The ship has three funnels

"In Rusty Bay you may have been,
But what on the walls isn't seen?"

X - Toll 8
O - Toll 7
X - Toll 6

"In Rusty Bay, you act the clown,
Which of these can't you slow down?"

X - The spinning fan blades
X - The rotating propellers
O - The turning cogs

"Rusty Bay's crane hangs over the side,
It holds a box but what's inside?"

X - 3 Extra Lives
X - Grunty's expensive new Hi-Fi

"The box in the hold of Rusty Bay
Homey to break would you say?"

X - 9
X - 11
O - 15

"The Rusty Bucket is a tanker,
What's stuck underneath its anchor?"

O - A dumb dolphin
X - A silly seahorse
X - A clueless crab

"This run of luck will have to stop,
Big ship's third funnel, what's on top?"

X - A mumbo token
X - A jigsaw piece
O - There is no third funnel

"The galley fridge in Rusty Bay,
Tell me what on the shelves lay?"

O - Kazooie Eggs
X - Grunty's high fat spread
X - Red feathers

>> Click Clock Wood <<

"Click Clock Wood's winter is dull,
What's Mumbo doing in his skull?"

O - Warming himself by the fire
O - He's not even there
X - Building a snowman

"Click Clock's Beaver is really dumb,
What's the problem that makes him glum?"

O - He can't get in his house
X - His head has fallen off
X - He's got nothing to eat

"In Click Clock Wood a big oak grew,
Which of these is the one that's true?"

O - The leaves are largest in summer
X - The squirrel is outside in winter
X - The grass is highest in autumn

"In Click Clock Wood, I have no doubt,
In which season is there a drought?"

X - Autumn
X - Winter
O - Summer

"In Click Clock Wood, the eagle's lame,
Can you recall the stupid bird's name?"

X - Beerie
X - Goldie
O - Eyrie

"In Click Clock Wood, the shaman's dumb,
What useless creature do you become?"

O - A bumble bee
X - A squirrel
X - A snail

"In the Wood for the plant to grow,
What in the ground must you sow?"

X - A seed
O - An egg
X - A bomb

"In Click Clock Wood, he's the king,
What's the squirrel doing in spring?"

X - Sleeping in his bed
X - Looking for the beaver
O - Eating his nuts

"The Click Clock eagle that you meet,
how many autumn worms will he eat?"

X - 5
X - 25
O - 10

"The giant plant in Click Clock Wood
How's it get water for it's bud?"

X - From a giant watering can
O - From a camel
X - From Kazooie's special water eggs

>> General Knowledge <<

"At Mumbo's Skull you made a stop,
How many feathers were on top?"

X - 4
O - 3
X - 2

"Get this wrong, make a mistake,
Which color Jingo is a fake?"

X - Green
X - Yellow
O - Brown

"In Spiral Mountain, fields are green,
Which veggie baddie isn't seen?"

X - Topper the carrot
X - Collywobble the cauliflower
O - Spuddy the potato

"Me and her look just the same,
Grunty's sister what's her name?"

O - Brentilda
X - Bruntella
X - Boghandle

"She will soon be fat and lame,
What is your little sister's name?"

O - Tooty
X - Looty
X - Booty

"Spiral Mountain's got my face,
How many molehills in this place?"

X - 9
O - 8
X - 7

"When your air meter's on the screen,
how many segments can be seen?"

O - 7
O - 6
X - 5

"You can't win, I've been assured
How many squares are on this board?"

X - 113
O - 94
X - 78

"You found enough, you know the score,
How many notes for the first note door?"

X - 100
X - 75
O - 50

"Your moves are slow, style they lack,
What's the name of your jump attack?"

O - Rat-a-tat Rap
X - Bill-a-Bong Beak
X - Pik-A-Pok Peck

Tips and Strategies
Because there are so many different things to go in this game you will have to
remember all the little things that you picked up as you were playing through.
When it comes to the visual tiles, you will have to look t all of the different
things in the picture and try to recognise them with a world you have been to.
way I do it is by the colours of things. If everything is a dull yellow, it
be Clanker's Cavern. Then if you were to see something white, it could be
Peak, just try your best into remembering. Some of these are quiet easy to
out anyway.

When it comes to the music tiles you have to remember that music well. If you
the sound on during the game, these questions will be pretty easy. When it
to the voices of characters, try your best into remembering who they are.

The challenge tiles are quite fun. You must have to complete a harder version
of a
puzzle you completed in the game before hand.

Then there are the Gruntilda Squares. If you found all of the locations of
Brentilda throughout Gruntilda's Lair and you listen to all the 3 things she
to tell you, these shouldn't be that hard. I can't give you the answers to
because the answers change from game to game.

Then there are the Joker Squares. Get the question right and you get 2 Joker
Cards, use these to get past the squares you don't want to do. If you get the
square wrong however, you can't have another chance at the square again.


Where is the Game?
If you go all the way back to Spiral Mountain and go into Banjo's house, you
can play a fun mini-game tat can drastically change the way you play. Wanna
know how? Well, go into Banjo's house and stand on the edge of the rug and face
the fireplace. Then press C-Up and look at the picture above the fireplace. Now
you get to play the puzzle game.

What are the Controls?
Control Stick - Move Banjo's hand
     A Button - Pick up/put down puzzle piece
     B Button - Send back puzzle piece to edge
 C-Left/Right - Rotate puzzle piece left of right 1 space

How is it played?
The people, who have played Banjo-Tooie, will know what to do when it comes to
this game. For those who haven't played it: You have 100 seconds to complete a
jigsaw puzzle. All the pieces are on the outside of the board, you have to pick
up the pieces and put them on the correct place on the board. The picture is
moving so you have to be quick and pay as much attention as possible to the
background as possible.

What is it for?
Every time you complete a puzzle you get a cheat. Then you go down to the
sandcastle of Treasure Trove Cove and you type it in. Then you can activate the
cheat. The cheat give you things like: Big head banjo, big hands and feet, big
everything ect. If you complete all of the puzzles, you get to turn into a
washing machine. Yes you read correctly, a washing machine.

Puzzle Answers
This is the board, each square has a number, match the number which the piece
on the outside to fit it in.

 1  2  3  4  5
 6  7  8  9 10
11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 20

When you see a number with a >,< or - next to it. It means that you have to
rotate that puzzle piece like this.

> : Once right
< : Once left
- : Twice right or left

Puzzle 1
   1   2   3   4   8   5
 6                       9
 7                      10
11                      15
12                      14
  16  13  17  18  19  20

Puzzle 2
   6  12   5   9   2   1
8                      14
11                       3
16                      13
17                      19
   7  18  10  20   4  15

Puzzle 3
   6   8-  5   3>  7-  1>
12                       14>
11                        9
 4-                      13>
17                       19-
   2< 18- 10< 20- 16- 15

Puzzle 4
   6  12   5- 11   2-  1
 8>                       7<
20                        4
 9                       13>
17                       15
  14  18< 10  16>  3  19

Puzzle 5
  13>  8> 16-  9  10   5
 1                       18<
11                        2
19-                       4
20                       14>
   6  12>  3< 15> 17   7

Puzzle 6
  19- 20- 10   8> 11> 14>
 6-                      3
13>                      2>
12<                     17<
15>                     18<
   1-  5< 16-  9<  4<  7-


                     /                                 \
                _____|           4. CREDITS            |_____
                \    | _______________________________ |    /
                 \   |/ |                           | \|   /
                 /    \ |                           | /    \
                /______/                             \______\

Rare - For making one great game after another

Nintendo - For the cart

CJayC - For the site; GameFAQs.com

Myself - For writing this guide

You - For reading this guide


                     /                                 \
                _____|          5. CONTACT ME          |_____
                \    | _______________________________ |    /
                 \   |/ |                           | \|   /
                 /    \ |                           | /    \
                /______/                             \______\

If you have a question or you would like to correct a mistake you have found in
my FAQ. Please feel free to email me at the address below. If you have found a
mistake, I will add your name to the Credits because you helped me out.

Chaos Control's Email: gold_majic@hotmail.com

+DO send intelligent or legitimate questions.
+DO send comments about the guide, maybe on improving, ECT.
+DO send mistakes or errors you have found in the FAQ. I will fix the problem
 and add you to the credits because you helped me out.
+DO send me an email asking nicely for a copy of my FAQ on your website. You
 must include the address first. I will not give you permission if the site
 isn't made yet.

-DON'T send ads or junk to me.
-DON'T ask stupid questions that have clearly been stated in the FAQ.

    This Banjo-Kazooie "Mini-Games FAQ" is Copyright of Chaos Control 2003

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