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Speed Guide by Uilnslcoap

Version: 0.99 | Updated: 05/02/2003

                The Banjo-Kazooie Speed ("Under 4 Hours") Guide

Version 0.3 (3/11/03): Got the first four levels written and all the 
introductory material-hopefully you'll reduce your times greatly just via this 
info-if anyone cares out in TV land, of course.  No doubt the need for more 
will surface as I continue to go through this.  Considering a moves breakdown.  
Perhaps a notes location one?  An enemies list is forthcoming as well as a 
short and sweet version of the level breakdowns (these versions will be more 
point to point, less narrative).  I've yet to completely determine the quickest 
route around Grunty's Lair (because of the intricacy of deciding what order to 
do Freezeezy Peak, Gobi's Valley, and Mad Monster Mansion in-plus, the final 
Cheato spell book-before or after Rusty Bucket Bay?-the table of contents does 
indicate what I think the quickest route is).  I will work that out and make 
sure my route is the quickest.  It may well turn out by the time I finish this 
obsession that my time for the game is close to (or even under!) 3 and a half 
hours.  I bet even the Rare testers couldn't have done much better than the 
level I'm starting to get to.  At any rate, more is coming very soon.  It's 
spring break for me (spring break here is two weeks long), and my number one 
priority till next week is to complete this guide.  I've done the preliminary 
research.  I just need to type it in and upload it (and work out a few kinks 
and details).  See you with more soon.

Version 0.5 (3/13/03): The next two levels are written (Gobi's Valley and Mad 
Monster Mansion in my breakdown), leaving only three more worlds to deconstruct 
(and the endgame naturally-though that might be three updates from now after I 
do the next two updates).  I also wrote up a description of my Gruntilda's Lair 
room names and what I mean by them.  Hopefully, this will make reading the Lair 
portions of the FAQ easier.  Gruntilda's Lair is proving a challenge again in 
terms of getting an update done.  I have to discover the quickest route around 
opening Rusty Bucket Bay, using (or not) the warp cauldrons, and find out when 
to use the switch to raise the water to get to the final Cheato (before or 
after Rusty Bucket Bay?).  Solving the other quandary I mentioned in the 
previous version update (i.e. the first one) took me about two hours of writing 
down variables, timing them in the game and thinking, so I hope this one won't 
take much more than that.  There are many variables to consider, and I must 
compare routes and find out which one works best.  At any rate, once I work 
through this problem, the rest of the game will unravel before me.  This is the 
last stumbling block I'm working on to get to a facsimile of a perfect game.  
Pretty neat stuff, huh?  Hope to have the last two worlds up on Friday 
(3/14/03), but we'll see.  One more thing: I'm VERY strongly considering having 
a running note total somehow installed into the world breakdowns.  I'll find a 
way just to make the whole thing that much easier.  Maybe another update today 
(Freezeezy Peak).  Will know soon.

Version 0.7 (3/20/03): Well, I didn't get Freezeezy Peak up last Friday, but 
just for you all, here's the next two levels broken down.  Only Click Clock 
Wood to go.  It's just a matter of actually sitting down and typing it up.  I'm 
going to go through and make the whole speedthrough more readable after I 
finish getting all the material up.  Still, not too much further to go with the 
speedthrough part at least.  Here's hoping I have the energy to finish it soon.

Version 0.8 (3/21/03): And here's Click Clock Wood.  The bulk of the material 
has now been written.  Still the endgame to deconstruct, but that's hardly a 
huge task.  Eventually, I'll get around to cracking down on enemies, note 
counts, sparser breakdowns of each level, etc.

Version 0.9 (3/24/03): The endgame has arrived.  Along with that, I've made the 
speedthrough more readable (as promised).  Running note totals, point to point 
breakdowns, and enemy names and descriptions still to come.

Version 0.91 (3/26/03): Hee hee!  It just goes to show a guy sometimes is blind 
to obvious developments.  Turns out going back to the beginning (saving and 
quitting) is good to do at points after each of the first four levels, so I 
revised the guide to illustrate that.  That's all for now, but also want to say 
that soon I will put up some kind of time-to-shoot-for guide for each of the 
levels (after I'm more and more certain about just how much time that is).

Version 0.95 (4/2/03): Character and enemy guides up and a few time goals, plus 
some light spring cleaning otherwise.  Not sure the previously mentioned guides 
are completely accurate, but I'll focus more on that later.  Tonight, have to 
write a paper for class.  After that, nothing to do for class for a couple of 
weeks, so I'll finish this bad boy off.  Note tallies and point-to-point 
walkthroughs still to come.

Version 0.96 (4/14/03): Note counts are up at various points throughout the 
worlds.  Hope that'll make all this stuff simpler.  Also adjusted for a few new 
strategies I discovered (may have to rewrite a large portion of the FAQ if I 
decide a whole new route through Gobi's Valley is better than my current one).  
I'm working on the point-to-point walkthroughs, and it won't be long now.  Then 
I'll just have to put up time goals.  Considering changing the order of things 
throughout the guide, but we'll see about that later.

Version 0.99 (5/2/03): The more condensed version of the speedthrough is now 
up.  Hopefully this will help people who know the game inside-out since they 
can now just set the more checklist-like version of the game in front of them 
and follow it.  Took down and re-vitalized the Gobi's Valley segment after 
discovering a more efficient route through the level.  Also added a note on 
achieving even faster times without getting some of the more unnecessary extras 
(by not gathering Cheatos and not activating a couple of the warp cauldrons).  
Now just need to get time goals in and this will be just about complete, 
although I am considering other updates (help with specific Jiggies, maybe).  
We'll see.

YOU HAVEN'T BEATEN THE GAME BEFORE (in fact, you might want to have beaten it a 
couple or three times at least before attempting the "under 4 hours" challenge-
it requires that kind of knowledge about the various worlds in the game).  Mind 
you, it works as a step-by-step walkthrough, but it's not really meant for 

                          Table of Contents:

I.	Introduction
II.	Ground Rules for the "Under 4 Hours" Challenge
III.	General Advice
IV.	Some Grunty's Lair Room Name Definitions
V.	Character Guide
VI.	Enemy Guide
VII.	The Most Harsh Sections in the Game (in terms of the Challenge)
VIII.	The Speedthrough

a.	Spiral Mountain
b.	Grunty's Lair
c.	Mumbo's Mountain
d.	Grunty's Lair
e.	Treasure Trove Cove (main)
f.	Grunty's Lair
g.	Clanker's Cavern
h.	Grunty's Lair
i.	Bubblegloop Swamp (preview)
j.	Grunty's Lair
k.	Bubblegloop Swamp (main)
l.	Grunty's Lair
m.	Freezeezy Peak (preview)
n.	Grunty's Lair
o.	Gobi's Valley
p.	Grunty's Lair
q.	Mad Monster Mansion
r.	Grunty's Lair
s.	Freezeezy Peak (main)
t.	Grunty's Lair
u.	Rusty Bucket Bay
v.	Grunty's Lair
w.	Treasure Trove Cove (epilogue)
x.	Grunty's Lair
y.	Click Clock Wood
z.	Grunty's Lair
aa.	Grunty's Furnace Fun
bb.	Grunty's Domain
cc.	The Final Battle 

IX.	Speedier Speedthrough
X.	A Note on a Quicker Way to Speed Through
XI.	Time Goals
XII.	Some Post-facto (or FAQto if you prefer) Considerations

                                I. Introduction

"Why?" you are probably asking (though if so, I don't know why you'd be reading 
this unless it's to marvel at one man's idiocy).  Why in the world would anyone 
create a Banjo-Kazooie speed guide?  Well, I don't rightly know.  I've always 
had an obsession for finishing games in the most efficient manner possible 
(with saves, I recently beat Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest with 
102% in just under two hours-and it wasn't easy, though that's hardly a world 
record time).  From the same lead designer and programmer as DKC 2, the perfect 
straight-up 2-D platformer (in my opinion), came the perfect straight-up 3-D 
platformer (in my opinion), Banjo-Kazooie.  My appreciation for the ingenuity 
of the puzzles and games, the fairy-tale quality of Banjo's journey to rescue 
his little sister, Kazooie's rude and/or bawdy wisecracks, the excellent 
graphics, the fantastic dynamic music, some interesting and surprising twists 
on the old platform themes, and the fact that this game could entice a child in 
but only be beaten by a pretty good gamer----all of these qualities sum up to 
this being my favorite game from my favorite developer (Rare) by my favorite 
head game designer (Gregg 'Grunty' Mayles-also DKC 2's designer)----my favorite 
game of all time.  In short, my latest quest has been to beat Banjo-Kazooie in 
less than 4 hours (though even that mark is looking rather lengthy as I get 
deeper and deeper into more efficient routes).  The problem with this is that 
saving and quitting this game puts you back at the beginning of Gruntilda's 
Lair, which is often very counterproductive to producing the fastest time 
possible (you have to go through many rooms in Gruntilda's Lair if you start 
over that you wouldn't have had to go through in continuous play).  So you have 
to beat it in a single stretch (with a few exceptions).  Luckily, if you're 
crazy enough to actually want to do such a thing, I have painstakingly 
attempted to discover what the quickest way through each world is.  I may have 
made a few mistakes (which I will gladly correct if someone sends a better 
method in and I test it and find it is indeed better) in determining the most 
efficient route, but I think generally that I've done a very good job figuring 
out how to go through each world in practically the most efficient manner 

               II. Ground Rules for the "Under 4 Hours" Challenge

Here are some basic ground rules for the speed guide as I see them:

1. You must collect:

a.	all 100 Jiggies
b.	all 900 notes
c.	all 24 extra honeycomb pieces
d.	only as many Mumbo tokens as necessary to do the above (75 is the number 
needed), you do not have to collect all of them

2. You must activate every warp cauldron (though to achieve the quickest time 
possible overall, you might consider dropping this requirement).

3. You must collect and activate the three Cheato codes hidden throughout 
Grunty's Lair (see above parenthetical insertion).

4. You must NOT use any other codes on the sandcastle floor (such as the cheat 
for infinite air, etc.).

5. You must open all the note doors right before the Grunty battle, and collect 
all of the bonus objects therein (egg refill, red feather refill, gold feather 
refill and earn the double-energy bonus via completing a final puzzle-which is 
wise anyway given the fight you're about to get into).

6. You must beat Gruntilda as well, not just collect everything (and not just 
Grunty's Furnace Fun (the game show) and getting Tooty back-the big bad witch 
herself must take a fall off of her tower-literally and otherwise).

7. You do NOT have to beat Mr. Vile's second game in Bubblegloop Swamp (for 3 
extra lives).  I think it just takes too long and is too purely a bonus to 
justify the time you would have to devote to it.  However, if you want to and 
think you can do it and come in under time, go ahead.  Congratulations to you.

8. Saving and quitting when it would actually benefit your game (i.e., it would 
be more efficient to start at the beginning of Grunty's Lair rather than work 
your way back after finishing a level) is fine with me.  I use this method a 
couple of times.

9. Dying, once you have collected everything, to get back to the beginning of a 
level quickly is fine, too (since you have to collect all of the notes over 
again when you die and collectibles in general are often scattered widely 
throughout the levels, it's probably never prudent to die except after 
everything is collected).

                              III. General Advice

1. Rooms or places where you don't have to go-don't go into them (the bonus 
room behind the stained glass window depicting Banjo-Kazooie in the cathedral 
in Mad Monster Mansion as well as the two ground-floor window entrances to the 
mansion itself in that level are good examples).

2. Over medium to long distances with no intricate jumps required, use Kazooie, 
not Banjo, to move around.  Banjo, when you have a choice, should be used only 
when you'll be stomping or pecking over and over, when greater landing 
precision is needed, or when you're walking along a very narrow path and using 
Kazooie might make you make a mistake (she changes direction too quickly and 
moves a bit too fast for such situations).  You'll be using Kazooie a lot, so 
get used to hearing that odd noise she makes when she runs (not to mention the 
"Breeee!" you hear every time she jumps).  Also remember you have to be using 
Banjo, not Kazooie, to peck, stomp, fire eggs, use a spring pad, start flying, 
flap flip (super jump) or attack in general.  However, when using Kazooie, you 
CAN immediately begin climbing if you touch a ladder, tree, etc.  Also note, 
when the fall isn't too hard or the jump too intricate or you're jumping into 
water, that Kazooie jumps a pretty long way and might be a better, quicker 
option than jumping with Banjo.  In general, try to use common sense when 
determining whether Banjo or Kazooie is the better option.

3. Except for very special cases where you go off the beaten path to collect 
them, I won't point out every single note along the way.  If I don't mention 
them, chances are they're quite visible and you should have collected them 
anyway.  That said, I may say things like "collect the notes along the way" to 
point out they're there.  I don't think you'll have too many problems.

4. Skip character speech when you can-it counts on the timer.  Press L, R, and 
B at the same time to skip it (except don't do this with Mr. Vile-if you do, 
he'll think you don't want to play his game, and you'll have to exit and re-
enter the giant crocodile to talk to him again-nor should you skip the speech 
with Boggy in Freezeezy Peak when it's time to race him).  Use A to make 
characters talk quickly if you don't have a choice about talking to them (this 
is a rare circumstance).  When you talk to Brentilda, shut her up immediately 
after you know the relevant facts concerning Gruntilda's personal history.

5. If you're reading this guide, you're probably pretty good, but basically 
don't worry too much about energy.  Obviously, if you're down to two honey 
sections, you might want to grab an energy piece or two when it's convenient.  
If you're down to one, energy is high priority.  It's better to lose a few 
seconds collecting some energy than to die and restart the level (most likely 
effectively eliminating the chance you can get the time in under 4 hours).

6. With Brentilda, have a piece of paper handy to write the answers to the 
upcoming quiz questions on.  Cancel her speech as soon as you know what the 
important piece of information (it's written in squiggly letters) is, and then 
talk to her again (by pressing B) to find out the next of the three answers.  
It's probably better to talk to Brentilda throughout the game and know the 
answers to the Grunty questions than it is to skip the Brentildas and either 
guess or use Jokers on the Grunty questions during Grunty's Furnace Fun.  You 
might also consider using the Brentilda question checklist that Donkey Kong 
Song provides in his B-K FAQ.  It's pretty helpful (thanks, Donkey Kong Song!).

7. It's a very minor point, but if you can be in the spot that a Jiggy is going 
to land/appear during a cut scene, then do so to save a couple of seconds.  The 
time it takes to do what I call the Jiggyjig (the joyful dance Banjo does when 
he collects a Jiggy followed by Kazooie storing it away) overlaps with the cut 
scene time and therefore eats up less time if you do this.

                  IV. Some Grunty's Lair Room Name Definitions

Throughout the times I run through Grunty's Lair, I will be using my own, 
special, made-up name for a given room.  Here's what I'll be calling them.

1.	Mumbo's Mountain room-the very first room in Grunty's Lair, where you 
pick up your first Jiggy, complete your first puzzle, enter your first 
world, enter Gruntilda's Lair transformed for the first time, collect 
your first Witch Switch puzzle piece (as a termite), and break down your 
first note door.

2.	Treasure Trove Cove puzzle room-a slight misnomer since it also contains 
the Clanker's Cavern puzzle but would you rather I had a longer name 
involving both world names?  Didn't think so.  Here, you'll complete two 
puzzles, earn a Jiggy by stomping witch eyes, activate your first warp 
cauldron, and talk to Brentilda for the first time.

3.	Click Clock Wood puzzle room-although you don't meet the puzzle until 
late in the game, I'm calling it this to keep things simple.  Mostly, 
you'll use it to get to Treasure Trove Cove and Clanker's Cavern, but 
there's a nearby tunnel with water flowing from it that will also prove 
useful later.  You'll break down your second note door here.  You'll also 
have your last tete-a-tete with Brentilda very late in the game.

4.	Treasure Trove Cove room-the place with the Treasure Trove Cove entrance 
(a treasure chest).  You'll collect your second Lair Jiggy here.

5.	Click Clock Wood warp room-the pipe with the water flowing from it in the 
Click Clock Wood puzzle room leads to this area, where just about the 
only thing of interest is a warp cauldron that will save you a lot of 
time later.  If you're interested, don't forget the gold feather and 
Mumbo token.

6.	Clanker's Cavern room-along with the entrance to the aforementioned 
world, it also holds the Bubblegloop Swamp puzzle (through a tunnel).  A 
lot of switch stomping, pipe jumping, thin rail walking, and a little 
swimming near the end (also-Brentilda!).

7.	Giant Grunty Scarecrow room-it's got Brentilda, a Jiggy collected via 
entering from another room, and it leads to some interesting other rooms.

8.	Bubblegloop Swamp room-that world's entrance, plus a puzzle for Freezeezy 
Peak (through a tunnel that turns icy behind Bubblegloop Swamp's 
entrance).  Featuring Brentilda, your first use of the Wading Boots, and 
your first Cheato spell!

9.	Gobi's Valley room-its most prominent features (besides the world 
entrance) are a giant urn used to collect a Jiggy in the Giant Grunty 
Scarecrow room, a sarcophagus which sports a Jiggy when you get it open, 
and a switch to cause a shock jump pad to start circling the perimeter of 
the room.  All this, and another Brentilda!

10.	Freezeezy Peak room-also holds two warp cauldrons, a temporary flight pad 
switch (with matching speed shoes), two Lair Jiggies (you'll collect both 
in one fell swoop fairly late), and Brentilda!

11.	Gobi's Valley puzzle room-not only that, but the way to the Mad Monster 
Mansion room, Brentilda, and your second Cheato spell!

12.	The Bay/Wood connector-featuring the Witch Switch Jiggy from Rusty Bucket 
Bay, and the final water level switch to reach Cheato in the next room, 
connects to the Rusty Bucket Bay room and the Click Clock Wood room.

13.	Rusty Bucket Bay room-includes a cauldron, the second water level switch, 
connection to the Mad Monster Mansion puzzle room (twice!) and your last 
Cheato spell.

14.	Mad Monster Mansion puzzle room-with one Mumbo token, also proves to 
later be (in a roundabout fashion) the room which contains Rusty Bucket 
Bay's puzzle.

15.	Mad Monster Mansion room-with Brentilda, a gate to break down, and a 
shack to enter as a pumpkin.

16.	Mad Monster Mansion shack-mostly the first water level switch, but also 
Mumbo's only appearance in the Lair.

17.	Click Clock Wood room-a cauldron, Brentilda, a Jiggy stand switch (for 
the Click Clock Wood puzzle room).  Not to mention the last Jiggy of the 
entire game (collect as a bee).

18.	The Last Tunnel-from Click Clock Wood to Grunty's Furnace Fun, not much 
to do here, but provides interesting tension before the great battle of 
brain and brawn ensues.

19.	Grunty's Furnace Fun-fun for the whole family, beat the witch at a game 
show of her own devising (apparently with the help of some manufacturers) 
or eat death in a vat of roiling, rolling, boiling lava.  The pre-climax 
climax.  Don't forget the warp cauldron!

20.	Grunty's Domain-the winding stairs from the opening cinema are your first 
sign that the end is almost here.  First, a warp cauldron.  There's also 
a beauty-transferring machine you don't need to see, a Grunty puzzle 
which requires 25 pieces to fill, three bonus collectible-refilling 
objects (egg, red feather, gold feather), and an energy-doubling bonus 
jigsaw puzzle.  Dingpot is your way to the final challenge.

21.	The Top of the Lair-a witch's cackle, a blood red and inky black sky torn 
asunder by lightning, and the place where your skill shall finally be 
proven worthy or worthless, in ground battle, ground-to-air battle, air-
to-air battle, and secret-weapon usage (with the power of some friends 
you've freed).  Your doom or your glory awaits you here.  Gruntilda shall 

                               V. Character Guide

Not that I'm going to inform you of who, let's say, Banjo, Kazooie, Bottles, 
Gruntilda, etc. are, but for those characters who get a significant amount of 
dialogue and such throughout the levels, I thought I'd let you know their names 
(especially since I'll be referring to them pretty casually throughout the 

1.	Mumbo's Mountain

Conga-the big ape on top of the orange tree: you'll be getting three Jiggies 
from him (via trickery, thievery, and long-range combat)

Chimpy-the little monkey sitting on a stump near Conga: give him Conga's orange 
to get a Jiggy and raise that stump (to reach the Witch Switch, Bottles's 
molehill for egg usage, and take on Conga)

Ju-Ju-the totem pole near Mumbo's hut: feed him blue stones (we call them eggs) 
to reach an extra honeycomb piece and get a Jiggy

2.	Treasure Trove Cove

Leaky-this little bucket has a hole or two that needs filling: use eggs to open 
the way to the sandcastle's puzzle

Nipper-the giant hermit crab who won't put up with Kazooie's rude mouth: peck 
him three times to make him withdraw and get the Jiggy he's guarding

Captain Blubber-the hippo pirate captain of The Salty-er-Hippo: get both halves 
of his treasure back for a Jiggy

Mini-Lockup-although the game puts him in the enemy credits, I'm putting him 
here, he's the little treasure chest that asks you to find all the "X"s in the 
level: bust him open once you find him for a Jiggy

3.	Clanker's Cavern

Clanker-if you don't know who he is (pay attention to the world name), you 
shouldn't be reading this FAQ--see that giant whale android below the surface?  
Might want to see if there's a way to raise him, lots of Jiggies rely on that

Mutie Snippets-these four freaks of nature guard a Jiggy at the very rear of 
the level, although they're to be treated no differently than regular Snippets

Gloop-a fish down at the bottom of the level (near Clanker's anvil): use his 
bubbles to stay alive (breathe) as you raise Clanker

4.	Bubblegloop Swamp

Golden Flibbits-on that island with lots of stumps, one gold Flibbit emerges 
from each stump: beat them all for a Jiggy

Tanktup-the giant turtle with cold feet (literally) where Jiggies are 
concerned: stomp them all for a Jiggy

Tiptup-the slightly more normal-sized turtle inside Tanktup: solve his memory 
game(s) for a Jiggy

Mr. Vile-the crocodile sitting inside the giant crocodile head: beat all three 
of his decently challenging games for a Jiggy

Croctus-the golden crocodile robot things with snapping jaws: feed all 5 
incarnations for a Jiggy

5.	Gobi's Valley

Gobi-the camel chained to the rock near the "Concentration" pyramid: he'll help 
you with a couple of Jiggies in Gobi's Valley and another Jiggy much later and 
even give you an extra honeycomb piece (though only 1 of 4 will be voluntary on 
his part)

Trunker-this palm tree near the world entrance thirsts for water: use Gobi to 
meet his request and a Jiggy will appear at his summit

Jinxy-a sphinx near(ish) the world entrance, there's a flight pad on his back: 
clear up his sinus problems to get inside him (Jiggy, Jinjo, Mumbo token, and 
notes therein)

Rubee, Toots, and Histup-stereotyped Indian (South Asian, not Native American) 
snake charmer, weird pet thing, and snake, respectively: give them some eggs to 
get Rubee to charm Histup and get you access to a Jiggy

6.	Mad Monster Mansion

Tumblar-a glass sitting in a shed near Mumbo's: help him solve the newest, most 
insidious version of the spell-the-game's-and-lead-characters'-name for a Jiggy

Motzand-this giant ghost hand plays mournful dirges inside the cathedral: copy 
his tunes to exorcise him and get a Jiggy

Napper-green ghost sitting in Mad Monster Mansion's biggest room: don't wake 
him and you can get his Jiggy

Loggo-he's a toilet, nuff said: find a way down him and guess what you can get 
(raw sewage isn't the right answer, by the way)

7.	Freezeezy Peak

Boggy-polar bear suffering from indigestion near the world's entrance: help him 
out, get a Jiggy, beat him in a couple of races, get two more Jiggies (and even 
help his kids for another)

Twinklies-these guys want to light up the Christmas tree: help them do so (and 
then do a little more) and you can reach a Jiggy

Wozza-this walrus is deathly afraid of bears but implicitly trusts all 
walruses: get him to hand over that Jiggy somehow, then venture inside his 
newly accessible cave for more goodies

Soggy, Moggy, and Groggy-Boggy's kids don't have presents this holiday season, 
can you find any for them?  They just might decide that giving is a worthy 
response to receiving.

8.	Rusty Bucket Bay

Snorkel-the poor dolphin is trapped below the ship's anchors: help him get free 
and you'll find he somehow got his fins on a Jiggy

Boss Boom Box-the crates in the cargo hold are sentient!  Smash 'em good for 
more Jiggy goodness (though you'll use a trick for quicker access for the 

9.	Click Clock Wood

Gnawty-a beaver with domestic issues, in that he can't reach his domicile: 
you're a pretty strong pair, maybe that boulder won't stand up to a good stomp

Zubbas-hornets who are in Grunty's service: Wonderwing the lot for another 
Jiggy in summer (and don't forget that Jinjo in spring or the notes in fall)

Nabnut-a squirrel who just doesn't set enough stock in the future where eating 
and acorns are concerned: gather six more of them (acorns, that is) in autumn 
and Nabnut has a certain golden prize to hang over (note: it's a Jiggy)

Eyrie-where this baby eagle's neglectful mom ran off to is none of your 
concern, you just gotta make sure he grows up to be a big healthy bird, you 
just may get more than a sense of satisfaction if you succeed

                                VI. Enemy Guide

0.	Spiral Mountain

Topper the Carrot
Bawl the Onion
Colliwobble the Cauliflower
Quarrie the Rock

1.	Grunty's Lair

Red Gruntling (weak)
Blue Gruntling (stronger)
Black Gruntling (strongest)
Bigbutt the Bull
Whipcrack the Flailing Branch Thing
Chump the Fish
Guarded Honeycomb (bees)
Shrapnel the Floating, Ticking, Tracking Bomb
Ticker the Termite (after Mumbo's Mountain)
Snippet the Crab (after Treasure Trove Cove)
Grille Chompa (after Clanker's Cavern)
Buzzbomb the Dragonfly (after Bubblegloop Swamp)
Scabby the Scarab Beetle (after Gobi's Valley)
Mum-Mum the Mummy (after Gobi's Valley)
Ripper the Tombstone (after Mad Monster Mansion)
Tee-Hee the Laughing Ghost (after Mad Monster Mansion)
Sir Slush the Snowman (after Freezeezy Peak)
Flotsam the Lifesaver (after Rusty Bucket Bay)
Big Clucker the Grille Chompa-like Bird (after Click Clock Wood)

2.	Mumbo's Mountain

Ticker the Termite
Bigbutt the Bull
Grublin the Purple Man-like Thing

3.	Treasure Trove Cove

Snippet the Crab
Yum-Yum the Clam
Lockup the Treasure Chest
Snacker the Shark
Shrapnel the Floating, Ticking, Tracking Bomb
Black Snippet the Puzzle/Jiggy-Guarding Crab

4.	Clanker's Cavern

Snippet the Crab
Grille Chompa the Grille-Residing Slug
Whiplash the Flailing Intestinal Thing

5.	Bubblegloop Swamp

Flibbit the Frog
Buzzbomb the Dragonfly

6.	Gobi's Valley

Slappa the Slapping Mummy Hand
Scabby the Scarab Beetle
Mum-Mum the Mummy
Guarded Honeycomb (bees)

7.	Mad Monster Mansion

Nibbly the Bat
Tee-Hee the Cackling Ghost
Portrait Chompa the Portrait-Residing Slug Skeleton
Limbo the Skeleton
Whipcrack the Flailing Branch Thing
Guarded Honeycomb (bees)
Ripper the Tombstone
Grille Chompa the Grille-Residing Slug

8.	Freezeezy Peak

Chinker the Ice Cube
Sir Slush the Snowman
Twinkly Muncher the Green Thing That Eats Twinklies
Ticker the Termite

9.	Rusty Bucket Bay

Flotsam the Life Saver
Grimlet the Pipe
Chump the Fish
Boom Box the Exploding Box
Grille Chompa the Grille-Residing Slug
Seaman Grublin the Sailor Man-like Thing
Guarded Honeycomb (bees)
Snacker the Shark

10.	Click Clock Wood

Big Clucker the Grille Chompa-like Bird
Grublin Hood the Leotard-Wearing Man-like Thing
Snarebear the Snapping Flower
Guarded Honeycomb (bees)
Whipcrack the Flailing Branch Thing
Bigbutt the Bull
Buzzbomb the Dragonfly
Chinker the Ice Cube
Sir Slush the Snowman

      VII. The Most Harsh Sections in the Game (in terms of the Challenge)

My least favorite segments in the "under 4 hours" challenge (I believe they 
provide the greatest chance you'll not complete the challenge) in ascending 

3. Clanker's Cavern-turning the key under Clanker to make him ascend: the notes 
are cruelly placed in relation to the key and the Jinjo, the Jinjo will make 
you turn off the wide circular path you take for the notes and key, Gloop's 
bubbles are a significant space higher than the notes on the floor and you must 
keep your air up via those bubbles.  Stir together and add a healthy dose of 

2. Bubblegloop Swamp-beating Mr. Vile: lose any of the three challenges along 
the way and you'll have to start that challenge over losing a VERY significant 
amount of time, not to mention you'll get chomped for a couple of energy pieces 
(which can be a deadly threat if energy's an issue at that point).

1. Rusty Bucket Bay-the carefully-timed-jumps-through-engine-room-propellers-
Jiggy/beat-the-timer-on-the-outside-main-propellers-Jiggy challenge (see my 
Rusty Bucket Bay description if you don't understand): you'll be collecting 
these two Jiggies first given the likelihood you'll die somewhere on the way 
(the engine room in Rusty Bucket Bay is, in my opinion, the most deadly place 
in the game).  You must slow down the propellers in the engine room using a 
switch in a different room (collecting notes on the way which you'll have to 
collect again if you die) before entering the engine room, crossing a dangerous 
rotating pipe, hitting one of two switches to shut off the outside propeller, 
walking over pistons which spin every few seconds, crossing the engine room 
propellers to reach some notes and a Jiggy, then crossing them again to 
continue shutting off the power to the propeller for the entire ship.  Small 
error in timing = get hit by those propellers = you're probably one dead bear 
and bird (you'll probably get knocked into an abyss).  And the Wonderwing won't 
help you very much.  You can use the gold feathers, but get smacked sidelong by 
the propeller as you jump through and you'll fall anyway (the Wonderwing will 
shut off of its own accord, and Banjo will flip backward with that little 
"Woo!" sound.probably into an abyss).  AND AFTER THAT, you must finish shutting 
off the power to the outside propeller, finish collecting notes while the timer 
winds down, dash half the length of the Rusty Bucket (the ship), dive into 
polluted water which eats up air at twice the usual rate, and swim to a Jiggy 
behind the propeller which leads to some very awkward camera angles.  Oh, and 
make sure to get out from behind that propeller before time is up.  If you die, 
you have to brave the engine room again and collect the notes between the 
engine room's propellers where you just might get killed again.  Yuck.  Get 
through this, and the rest feels almost like a cakewalk.

All right, let's do this thing.  Good luck to you.

                             VIII. The Speedthrough

                             ***Spiral Mountain***

--Walk over to Bottles's molehill (he'll automatically pop up).  Skip the 
first bit of conversation, then press A to make him hurry through the next.  
Press B to get Bottles to give you all of your basic moves once you get the 
choice.  Then skip the next bit of dialogue.

--Now, you're going to go clockwise around the level.  Grab the extra 
honeycomb piece (^1) from the top of the tree trunk in the midst of a field 
of tree trunks (flap flip to it).

--.then the one (^2) at the top of the nearest tree after that.

--.then the one (^3) at the end of a series of ledges near the waterfall.

--Now head quickly for the honeycomb piece (^4) underwater under the small 
bridge that leads to Spiral Mountain proper (which winds upward toward 
Gruntilda's Lair).

--Next, beak barge the four Quarries to get the fifth piece (^5).  

--Finally, head up the slope and Rat-a-tat Rap the Colliwobble for the final 
piece (^6).

--Congratulations, you've collected six of the more than 1200 collectibles 
you'll need to complete this game.  Don't panic thinking about that number 
just yet though.  We've got work to do.  Head for the bridge you recently 
collected a honeycomb piece under and climb up.  Flap flip up the last bit to 
save a couple of seconds.  Skip your conversation with Bottles, and head into 
the foreboding witch's mouth.

                             ***Grunty's Lair***

--Turn left as you walk in, jump up the series of platforms, and grab your 
first ever Jiggy (*1), skipping this Jiggy's dialogue in the process.

--Now head to the immediately opposite (from the series of platforms) tunnel 
toward Mumbo's Mountain.  Walk up the slope, put the piece in, skipping 
dialogue when appropriate.

--Head into Mumbo's Mountain.

                            ***Mumbo's Mountain***

--Head immediately to your right to flap flip to a Jinjo (1) on a rectangular 
formation and then grab the Mumbo token nearby (it's on the rectangle's side 
nearest the steep slope you can't climb yet).

--Next, cross the nearby bridge over the water till you collect the fourth 
note on that bridge, then dive under and collect the nearby notes (first the 
three nearest you, then the three closer to the world exit).  Surface, and 
jump onto the small island to get a Jinjo (2).

--Jump back to the bridge and finish collecting the notes thereon by going 
across toward a small clearing with a beehive and a Bigbutt.  Head for the 
slope that's littered with notes (avoid Bigbutt if you can, but it's better 
to take a hit from him than to attack him).  As you reach that slope's 
summit, turn right and go toward the slope leading up toward Mumbo's Skull in 
this level.  Bear toward Bottles's molehill (which is far left, as you face 
the slope you climb to reach this area).  Learn the Beak Buster move 
(skipping the dialogue).

--Stomp the two nearest huts, collecting the notes that pop out from the 
first one.  Then head back down the slope you came from and into the 
termite's tower.  Flap flip to the Mumbo token nearby, then exit the tower.  
Head for the slope (more notes) opposite the one you climbed to get to the 
Beak Buster molehill.  Now learn the Talon Trot (skipping the dialogue).

--Use it to climb onto the nearby structure.  Collect the notes as you move 
around the half-circle and grab the Jinjo (3) as you complete the arc.

--Then, jump down to the Jiggy (*1) sitting in the middle of the structure. 
Notes = 47.

--Skip the Jiggy's and Bottles's dialogue (pre-Jiggyjig and post-Jiggyjig 
respectively).  Now, behind one of the structure's supports (at the "back" as 
you face the structure from the molehill) is a Mumbo token.  Grab it, then 
head down the slope which leads to Conga (to the "left" as you face the 
structure from the molehill).  Collect the notes and the Jinjo (4) on the way 
down (they're scattered about-in general, just try to collect the things in a 
downward fashion, don't collect them in such a way that you have to climb 
back up the slope for ones that you've missed).

--When you hit bottom, stand on the nearest orange pad.  Get Conga to hit it 
with one of his oranges, then jump toward his tree and collect the orange on 
it.  Now get Conga to hit the other two orange pads.  Grab the Jiggy (*2) 
which ensues.  Notes = 68.

--Take the orange you recently collected up to Chimpy (who is sitting on a 
nearby tree trunk).  He'll give you a Jiggy (*3) and raise the trunk so you 
can access a higher area via a flap flip.

--Do so, and turn left.  Jump along the series of ledges, collecting a Mumbo 
token on the way, and then stomp the Witch Switch at the end.

--When you've got control after the cut scene, head back from where you came, 
learn how to use the eggs from Bottles's molehill.

--Use them on Conga (skip his first line of dialogue-if the egg hits him and 
he's still talking, he won't attack until after he's finished speaking).  
Avoid the orange he throws, fire another egg, avoid two more oranges, and 
fire a final egg.  Collect the Jiggy (*4).

--Hightail it up the slope near Bigbutt (where all the notes used to be).  
Head for Mumbo's area.  Stomp the two nearest huts.  The first yields an 
enemy you might want to kill since he tracks your location immediately after 
you stomp the hut.  The second gives you the last Jinjo on the level (5).

--.and therefore a Jiggy (*5).

--Now head for Ju-Ju the totem pole in the center of this area.  Put eggs 
into the mouths of each of his first three segments (each disappears after 
you put an egg in).  If you can, get two segments (or more) in one 
revolution.  Then flap flip onto the fourth and final one.  Flap flip again 
straight up and you've got an extra honeycomb piece (^1).

--Now put an egg into the mouth of the final segment and you've got another 
Jiggy (*6).

--Stomp the last two huts.  The last contains a Jiggy (*7).  Notes = 72.

--There's a small incline leading up to Mumbo's Skull.  Under it is a Mumbo 
token.  After getting that, flap flip into the left (your right) eye of the 
skull where another Jiggy (*8) resides.

--Head into the Skull.  Collect the four notes (immediately visible) and then 
transform.  Head outside as the termite and into the termite tower.  Climb 
up, collecting the notes on the second level, and grab the Jiggy (*9) at the 
apex of the tower.  Notes = 82.

--After you've done that, leap off the tower toward the only water in this 
level (with the bridge).  You're not going into the water, you're grabbing 
the extra honeycomb piece (^2) in an alcove which is on the incline which 
slopes up from the water (and which Kazooie cannot climb but the termite 

--Now head back toward the steep slope you haven't climbed yet (descending 
from the Mumbo area).  Grab the notes and the last Jiggy (*10) starting from 
the top.  You're clear.  Exit.

                             ***Grunty's Lair***

--Cancel Bottles's message (concerning the immobility of notes from a given 
world-which doesn't make much sense to me, but never mind that), then jump up 
to the Jiggy (*2) you saw in the cut scene (only the termite can reach it).

--Now let the Jiggyjig music play, and when the Jiggy icon (with a 2 next to 
it) descends off the screen, immediately pause.  Save and quit the game.  
You're going to save a few seconds by not going through the tunnel back to 
the first room in the Lair.  You also have to deal with transforming back to 
Banjo and Kazooie if you don't save and quit which eats up a pretty 
significant amount of time.  Altogether, you're better off quitting.  Also, 
if the idea of continuing right now-after the rush of getting a sub-7:30 time 
in Mumbo's Mountain-seems unappealing, you can always come back to this point 

--Back already?  Right, use the Talon Trot to get up the slope in the first 
room.  Kill your little conversation with Bottles concerning note doors and 
head through the first (50-note) note door (after appropriate celebration and 
bowing by Banjo and Kazooie of course).

--In the next room, move right to talk to Brentilda (&1) (you'll have to stop 
Grunty's babbling about your never breaking down another note door-ha!).

--After dealing with her, head for the Treasure Trove Cove puzzle.  Put the 
first piece in, cancel Bottles's interruption concerning finished puzzles and 
the irrevocableness of them, put the other piece in.

--Head up the incline to the next room.  Jump down to the entrance to the 
room with the Treasure Trove Cove chest (right next to the water below the 
small waterfall).  Flap flip into the chest once you've reached it.

                       ***Treasure Trove Cove*** (main)

--You're standing on a pier.  Grab the notes at the corners of this pier and 
then dive under, quickly scooping up a Jinjo (1), then leaving the ocean just 
as hastily so that the shark Snacker doesn't make you mincemeat.

--Head for Captain Blubber's (the Hippo Pirate's) ship.  On either side of 
the small lake you're approaching is a palm tree with four notes on top of 
it.  Climb up the one on the right (as you come from the pier) first.  Then 
the other, then dive into the water, and through the hole in the side of the 
ship.  Grab the treasure (1/2) and the notes underwater, then swim out (don't 
take a breath through doing that).  Head for the ship itself, grab the notes 
going up both sides of the rigging (the cross-strands of rope that go up to 
the ship's crow's nest at the summit of the ship).  Also climb the pole at 
the top of the rigging and find a Jinjo (2).

--Then learn how to fly from the nearby molehill.

--Use this newfound ability starting on a nearby flight pad (with red 
feathers on it) to fly toward the shelf rock formation with a large Lockup on 
it.  Inside his rapidly opening and closing mouth, a Jiggy (*1).  Notes = 27.

--Then go back to the ship and use the self-same flight pad to pull out a 
great time saver.  Fly (using to great profit the 25 red feathers Bottles 
gave you) to the tip top of the level and the Jiggy (*2) that sits there atop 
the appropriate seaside-related structure (it's a lighthouse, I think).

--Around the perimeter of the very top thing are 5 notes and a Shock Jump 
spring pad which you don't know how to use yet, but have avoided having to 
use for now (#chortle#).  Leap down.  Bust the door on one side of the bottom 
of the lighthouse to carefully grab a Mumbo token (don't actually walk into 
the blackness since it'll lead you to where you just came from).  On the side 
opposite the door is a Witch Switch to stomp.

--Now wind the camera around the edge of this pillar you're on until you can 
see three notes below (the bit of land that holds them is on the side nearest 
the Witch Switch).  Grab them.  Near there (with help from a revolving 
camera), you'll be able to see a Jinjo (3) on top of a palm tree.

--From that palm tree, it's easy to see the hole in the ground that serves as 
a tunnel out of this area.  When you emerge, you'll see a single note near a 
precarious fall.  Grab it.  Note your location.  You are opposite the Lockup 
with the Jiggy we picked up a while back.  So use that knowledge to swim back 
to Blubber's ship.  Bust the rectangular piece of wood in the ship's floor to 
get the other half of Blubber's treasure (2/2), some notes and a Mumbo token.  
Flap flip out of there.  On the pole in the center of the ship is another 
Mumbo token.  Give Blubber his treasure and collect the ensuing Jiggy (*3).  
Notes = 40.

--Now run to that (sort of) nearby stack of boxes and use them as steps up to 
the molehill where you'll learn how to use the Shock Jump spring pad.  Do so.

--Then fall to the nearby shelf (close to the sandcastle) where Leaky the 
bucket waits for you to "use pebble" to block his leaks.  Fart two eggs into 
Leaky and the damage is repaired.  After the cut scene (nice explosion!), 
jump to the top of the sandcastle to collect the five notes there.  Then go 
into the sandcastle.  Spell "BANJOKAZOOIE" on the tile floor (it may help to 
memorize the layout of the board and know where all the letters are).  Kill 
the black and red crab who claims this as his puzzle.  Grab the Jiggy (*4) 
you just unlocked.

--Now collect the four notes (two on either side) in the water near the 
entrance.  Leave.  As you emerge, if you think of the area toward Leaky as 
north, you want to head east (Banjo and Kazooie turn left as they leave the 
sandcastle-toward the right side of the screen).  You'll run amongst the 
bottoms of some tall pillars and toward two Lockups.  The one on the right 
has five notes in his belly.  Grab 'em.  Then climb the nearby winding tower.  
Stomp the "X" at the top of it.  Then head for that area where the wooden, 
ladder-like steps climb up three shelves.  On the bottom shelf, however, 
there is a small path that winds around the corner.  Navigate it and the 
dangerous jumps over gaps and from box to box in the ocean, and you've got 
yourself a Jiggy (*5).  Notes = 58.

--Work your way back around where you came from.  Climb the ladder-structures 
as Kazooie, getting the notes on the way.  At one level, a Lockup holds two 
Mumbo tokens it may be worth risking his ultra-quick mouth over.  Up top of 
all this climbing, grab the underwater Jiggy (*6).

--Head for the Jinjo (4) on a rapidly thinning stretch of land.

--From there, you can see three notes sitting near a shallow pool of water 
(guarded by a Snippet).  You might consider getting a nearby underwater 
Mumbo.  Then go up a ramp to the next "X".  Stomp it.  Now point yourself 
toward the area you just came from.  In an underwater corner is an extra 
honeycomb piece (^1).  Go get it, but beware Snacker.

--As you faced the piece from the last "X" stomping location, turn right and 
head for shore.  DO NOT grab the Mumbo token behind Nipper.  It takes too 
much time.  Fight Nipper, attack with finesse, and then head inside the 
opening he makes available to you by withdrawing into his shell.  Collect the 
notes on the way and deal with the two Snippets before (or after, I suppose) 
grabbing the Jiggy (*7) at the end of the stretch.  Notes = 79.

--Head back the way you came from.  Nearby is a shock jump pad.  Use it to 
get back to stomping "X"s (after you've jumped up, the path to more "X"s and 
notes is kind of "behind you").  Collect notes on the way from "X" to "X" in 
such a way that you don't cover the same ground twice.  At the end of all 
this, you'll be at the molehill where you originally learned the shock jump 
method.  Use the nearby pad to nip a Mumbo token.  Then use the shock jump 
pads nearby (atop thin pillars) to reach three more notes (skip as many 
islands as you can-remember, these are large jumps you are capable of), and 
then jump up to the nearby shelf where a Jiggy (*8) is stored.

--Jump down to the pads you just left (the one with the red feathers is 
convenient), and shock jump to the last Jinjo (5).

--.and therefore another Jiggy (*9).  Notes = 94.

--Then shock jump up to the nearby, tall land mass.  Work it out with a 
Snippet, notes around the perimeter (the last notes on this world) and 
stomping the "X" in the middle (which leaves a "?").  See that little island 
nearby down below-the one with the big "X" on it?  Jump off slightly toward 
the structure.  On the side of the mass you just jumped from at ocean level 
is a Mumbo token (facing the mass from the final "X" island).  On the island 
itself--Snippet, "X" stomping, and then stomping the treasure box that 
emerges (Mini-Lockup apparently), collect the final Jiggy (*10).

--Now, look in the ocean toward the first "X" tower you climbed.  There's an 
extra honeycomb piece (^2) on a floating box out in the sea.  Better grab it 
before Snacker can deal with you.  Now, you've collected everything.  You can 
head to the exit, or alternatively and preferably kill yourself via Snacker.  
That'll get you back to the start quicker anyway. 

                             ***Grunty's Lair***

--Run over to the cannon sticking out to flap flip up (then flap flip once 
again while avoiding a Gruntling) to reach the Jiggy (*3) from the Witch 
Switch in Treasure Trove Cove.  Now save and quit the game.

--Head for the Treasure Trove Cove puzzle room, and use the nearby shock jump 
pad to boost you to the Clanker's Cavern puzzle.  Press A twice to put the 
first two pieces in, kill Bottles's message about pressing Z to put all the 
pieces in, then take the advice he didn't get to tell you just now.

--Now head up a room, and into the big pipe water is rolling from.  Head in 
there, jump out the opening in the pipe above, activate the nearby Warp 
Cauldron, then the Mumbo token in a dark corner of the room, then head back 
where you came from.
--Up above the pipe is the way to the Clanker's Cavern room.  Turn Banjo and 
Kazooie right as they walk in (again, their perspective).  In an indentation 
in the floor is a switch to raise pipes which give you access to the world 
entrance.  Stomp, use, enter.

                            ***Clanker's Cavern***

--Head forward though from your perspective it's toward the front of the 
screen (you'll fall to the floor), and climb up the ladder leading to some 
pipes.  Turn left as you reach the top of the ladder, and flap flip onto the 
left pipe.  Head that way, killing Grille Chompas on the way, and collecting 
the notes.  Jump to the nearby gold feather (after all the notes/Chompas), 
then the Mumbo token, then the gold feather on the opposite side.  More 
Grille Chompas/notes, then a Jinjo (1) behind the honeycomb.

--After that, dive in to the water and go down the nearby tunnel collecting 
notes.  Cancel Clanker's plea for help from the icky water.  Surface.  Get in 
good position for diving down WAY below Clanker (where that chain is 
descending into).  Do so.  Collect the notes, Jinjo (2) and swim through the 
key 3 times (may be best to do two of the swim-throughs in a row-go through 
key, turn around, go through again) all while collecting Gloop the fish's air 
bubbles to stay alive.

--Clanker will rise up after the third key turn.  You follow suit after 
everything's collected/done at the bottom.  Now surface near the left side of 
Clanker's head.  We're going to go counter-clockwise around the room from 
here.  Use Clanker's fin to get onto a nearby island with a shock jump pad on 
it.  Kill the Grille Chompa, then use the pad.  Jump to the right, climb up a 
pipe to collect notes and a Mumbo token.  Take the pad the other way and go 
left as far as you can, collecting notes and then busting a grating further 
left after the notes.  You'll get an extra honeycomb piece (^1).  Notes = 31.

--Dive deep underwater and swim into the tunnel filled with notes (the 
opening to it is almost directly below you).  Once you come to the other end 
of the tunnel, swim up into a hollow pipe containing the other extra 
honeycomb piece (^2) (almost directly above you as you finish getting notes 
from tunnel) and then get on the fin again.

--This time, head to the left again, but bust the nearer grating; you'll 
collect a Jinjo (3).

--Head further left for an extra life.  When you emerge, dive under the water 
and head into the tunnel set into the wall (immediately underneath you).  At 
its end is a Jiggy (*1).

--You must then swim out the same way you came (don't come up for air here if 
you don't have to) and then head into the glowing green tunnel near Clanker's 
tail.  Here, battle the Mutie Snippets (four of them), collect the notes 
around the perimeter of the room, get the Jiggy (*2) and leave.  Notes = 46.

--Surface and head for the island with the honeycomb standing on an island 
(in front of a grille).  Kill the Grille Chompa, then climb up the pipe and 
use the shock jump pad to get up and then flutter to all (all two of them) of 
the notes in the remaining alcoves (to the left).  Jump into the water and 
head into the nearby winding tunnel for another Jinjo (4).

--You had to go clockwise to reach it, so turn immediately around and head 
out the tunnel the same way you came in.  Swim into the other nearby tunnel 
(further counter-clockwise than the Jinjo tunnel) for a Mumbo token.  Now 
surface onto the small island near Clanker's right gold tooth.  Hit that 
tooth with three eggs.  Then swim inside and grab the Jiggy (*3).

--Run around the mouth collecting the notes, then jump into the pool in the 
middle of the room.  Swim through the tunnel, avoiding the Whiplashes as you 
go.  Surface near the green ring in Clanker's main portion.  Jump through it 
and complete this rings challenge (go through each as they turn green) for 
another Jiggy (*4) which you should claim immediately.

--Leave via the lower tunnel on Clanker's side (it's the right one as you 
face into Clanker from the Jiggy you just collected), and collect the notes 
on the way, exiting as you go.  Jump up on the nearby fin and then up onto 
Clanker himself.  Turn left and grab the notes on Clanker from his dorsal fin 
to his tail (#slight Jaws reference from yours truly#), along with the Jiggy 
there (*5).

--Climb up onto Clanker's swinging tail and jump to a platform encircled by 
red feathers.  Peck the grating covering the nearby, and now newly 
collectable, Jiggy (*6).

--Grab the notes and Mumbo (which is in front of a Grille Chompa).  Go one 
way collecting notes (left or right), then go the other way to finish 
collecting them (on that little pipe).  Get back on top of Clanker (via one 
of his fins).  Collect the notes from the dorsal fin to the front of his 
head.  Stand on the screw in Clanker's blowhole.  When it pops up, walk/jump 
on the nearby thin, winding strip, collecting the notes headed for the 
grating you can peck open to collect a Jiggy (*7).  Notes = 85.

--Jump back down onto Clanker (don't use his fin to get onto him this time).  
When the screw pops up, fall into his blowhole.  Hit the nearby Witch Switch 
(watch the cut scene).

--Collect the notes, and avoiding getting hit by the (fairly slowly) 
revolving blades as you head down the tunnel.  For your trouble, a Jiggy 

--You fall automatically onto a flight pad when you leave the previous room.  
Use it to get to the upper part of the opposite side of the room (avoid the 
Whiplash dangling from the ceiling) and head into the tunnel.  Grab the first 
note, then learn the Wonderwing from Bottles.

--Use it to get past the quickly revolving blades and get the Jiggy (*9) at 
the end.

--Head back out the way you came and go to the upper tunnel on one of 
Clanker's sides (the left one as you exit from the Wonderwing area).  Collect 
the last few notes down there.  Deep under is the last Jinjo (5) and their 
Jiggy (*10).  That's it.  Now, you can haul butt back to the beginning of the 
level or you could drown yourself.  I leave it up to you (DROWN YOURSELF, 
DROWN YOURSELF!).  An even quicker method might be to keep throwing yourself 
into the nearby Whiplash to lose all your energy.

                             ***Grunty's Lair***

--As you exit Clanker's Cavern, turn right (from Banjo and Kazooie's 
perspective).  Hit the switch to raise a pipe near this room's entrance.  
Head back across the water and use the pipe to get up to talk to Brentilda 

--After that, hit yet another switch further on to open a nearby grate over 
the Bubblegloop Swamp puzzle room.  Head in there right after you hit the 
switch (you're diving into the water and swimming through a tunnel).  Climb 
up and put the pieces in the puzzle with Z.  Now save and quit the game.

--Head up (past the raised witch eyes for now) up to the Click Clock Wood 
puzzle room (branches off into the Treasure Trove Cove and Clanker's Cavern 
rooms).  Climb the nearby hill to break down the 180-note door.

--In the next room, turn left as you approach the circle of water surrounding 
a giant Gruntilda scarecrow in the center of the room.  Head down the tunnel 
at the end of the slope you're climbing.  In the next room, talk to Brentilda 
(&3) in the tunnel on the right (from B-K's perspective-it's the tunnel on 
the left from your perspective).

--Then cross the swamp bridge to enter the Bubblegloop Swamp entrance (a 
giant mud hut).

                      ***Bubblegloop Swamp*** (preview)

--Almost immediately behind you, around a slight bend is the molehill to 
learn the Wading Boots; do so.

--Then leave this world immediately.

                             ***Grunty's Lair***

--Cross the swamp bridge (avoiding the newly-emerged Buzzbombs) and head into 
the tunnel opposite the one Brentilda was in.  At the end are a pair of 
wading boots.  Use these to go into the tunnel behind the Bubblegloop Swamp 
entrance (there's piranha water throughout the journey).  You'll emerge in an 
icy room which contains the Freezeezy Peak puzzle.  Climb up the nearby 
slope, and smash the boulder blocking the entrance to a tiny tunnel.  Head 
back down and put the pieces in the Freezeezy Peak puzzle.

--Above the tunnel you came in are a pair of wading boots.  Use them to leave 
the same way you came.  Head back into Bubblegloop Swamp.

                        ***Bubblegloop Swamp*** (main)

--There's a nearby Croctus (1/5) opening and shutting his mouth, craving an 
egg.  Give him what he wants.  Another will appear near the central part of 
the level.  Head for a narrow green bridge with some notes on it.  Get the 
Jinjo (1) on a small pedestal to your left as you cross it.

--Turn left once you've crossed the bridge to reach a bit of land with stumps 
and some Flibbits.  Use the boots inside one of the stumps to reach the notes 
in the piranha water near the giant egg in the distance.  Then smash the egg 
(use shock jump pad to reach top, then stomp the "X", after that Rat-a-Tat 
Rap the "X" that appears on the side, then stomp the one that appears on the 
top, then Beak Barge the one that appears on the side, then stomp the one on 
the top).  A Jiggy (*1) is yours.

--Head back where you came from.  Use the floating leaf (or don't, if it's 
too time-consuming) to reach the bulrush/pillar thing in the water-there's a 
Mumbo token on top of it.  Head toward a switch which has a Jiggy image on 
it.  Stomp it.  This next bit is interesting.  You're going to collect all 
the notes on the winding path to the prize the switch just made appear.  Not 
only that, you're going to feed the next Croctus (2/5) an egg (another 
Croctus appears near some mud huts), collect a Jinjo (2).

--.and maybe even get a Mumbo token (depending on whether you can reach the 
prize in time and still collect the token) in some alcoves on the way to that 
prize.  Along with all that, collect the prize that switch made appear before 
time is up-a Jiggy (*2).  Notes = 36.

--Practically immediately below (with a bit of a jump) is an island with many 
tree trunks.  Get on it and fight all the Golden Flibbits.  Beat them all and 
you've got another Jiggy (*3).

--From here, you can go in any of four directions (let's dub this area the 
crossroads).  Pick the one that's toward a series of mud huts and climbing 
platforms.  As you stomp huts, a shock spring pad will appear to get you 
higher.  Under one of these huts is a Witch Switch and some notes.  Stomp 
(take note of cut scene) and collect accordingly.

--Second to last shock spring pad can get you a Mumbo token and to another 
Croctus (3/5) who you should treat just like the others (a new one appears 
near the giant crocodile head).  Then use that spring pad to get to the last 
mud hut and stomp it for a Jiggy (*4).

--Head back toward the crossroads.  Then head for the giant crocodile head.  
Flap flip onto its nose and collect the notes all along from there to its 
eyes.  "Behind" it from this vantage is the island with the next Croctus on 
it, but ignore that for now.  Grab the boots above the giant crocodile's eyes 
and head for an island (past some bulrushes on the right as you face the 
island with the Croctus) which has one stump, a Flibbit, and a bulrush behind 
it.  In the water nearby are some notes.  Collect them before your boots lose 
power, and then climb the nearest bulrush and get the Jinjo at its head (3).  
Notes = 57.

--Close to this island are bulrushes which have notes and eggs on them.  
Climb them as necessary (specifically the one with the notes you should flap 
flip to), then get back to the island with the Croctus you need to feed.  
Handle the Buzzbomb and give the Croctus (4/5) an egg (the last appears near 
Tanktup the turtle).  Head back to the crossroads and toward the giant 
turtle, Tanktup.  Go counter-clockwise around him, stomping his feet (and 
thereby collecting notes).  Grab the Jinjo (4) in the water behind Tanktup 
without putting on the wading boots (chomp!).

--Then feed the final Croctus (5/5) (with a Buzzbomb guarding it) an egg for 
another Jiggy (*5) (also near Tanktup's hindquarters).

--Finish stomping his feet (and collecting notes) and take the Jiggy (*6) he 
literally coughs up.

--Then head into Tanktup's mouth.  There are notes on either side of his 
insides.  More importantly, there's Tiptup and his choir.  Solve Tiptup's 
symphony/memory game (I make a couple of charts documenting each turtle's 
position which I write numbers next to as each turtle "sings" its note) for 
another Jiggy (*7).

--Then get atop his conductor's podium and flap flip to an extra honeycomb 
piece (^1).

--Make sure you've got the notes and head out.  Leave and head back toward 
the giant crocodile.  Head left as you approach to climb a slope and then 
head into a wooden maze, grabbing the wading boots and avoiding a Buzzbomb on 
the way.  Work through the "maze" (which has only one path) collecting notes, 
then another pair of wading boots, then more notes.  After you come to a 
third pair of wading boots, note the gap leading to a narrow bridge to a 
small green piece of land.  Stomp the nearby switch and cross the narrow 
bridge before time's up for another Jiggy (*8).

--Head back into the maze, collect the wading boots and grab the rest of the 
notes.  You'll arrive basically in front of Mumbo's Skull.  Head in, and grab 
the extra honeycomb piece (^2) at the top of the inside of the Skull by using 
the rafters that circle the place.  Notes = 85.

--Transform.  As the crocodile, use the small gap in the fence around Mumbo's 
(at ground level) to head back toward the giant crocodile.  Head into one of 
its nostrils.  Collect notes on the way to meet Mr. Vile.  Don't skip his 
conversation, as he'll think you don't want to play and you'll have to leave 
the room to come back in and challenge him again.  Just speed up his 
dialogue.  After you press A to accept his challenge, you can skip any of the 
rest of his dialogue.  Win all three of his games and tah-dah, Jiggy (*9). 

--As you're heading out, get the Mumbo token and the notes going out the 
other nostril.  Now head for the mud hut area.  Grab the notes and Mumbo 
tokens under a couple of the pillars as well as the Jinjo (5) near another.

--.and the Jiggy (*10) that results (you couldn't do this earlier because 
only the croc can walk in the water).

--Along the right wall as you face the mud hut area from the crossroads are 
some notes.  You should collect those and therefore be finished collecting in 
this world.  Head for the exit or, for a better time, let the Buzzbomb kill 

                             ***Grunty's Lair***

--Still as the crocodile, head for the tunnel behind Bubblegloop Swamp's 
entrance.  Head into the tunnel you found behind the ice boulder you 
destroyed earlier.  Inside is the first Cheato.  Learn the spell from him 
(skip the dialogue).  Then save and quit the game.  Another chance to rest.

--Go through Grunty's Lair, stopping at her raised eyes on the floor in the 
Treasure Trove Cove puzzle room (they're raised because of the Witch Switch 
in Clanker's Cavern).  Stomp them back into place for another Jiggy (*4).

--Now head back toward the room with the giant Grunty scarecrow.  Turn right 
instead of left.  Climb, shock jump over, etc. the shelves to break through 
the next (260-note) note door.

--Once there, turn left, break the nearby destructible wall and hit the 
switch at the end of the tunnel that doing this reveals (avoid or kill the 
Gruntling).  Go back the way you came.  Use the spinning shock jump pad which 
has just appeared to jump into the giant jar in the center of the room.  
You'll get the Jiggy (*5) which was hinted at by the cut scene from the Witch 
Switch in Bubblegloop Swamp.

--On the opposite side of the little island you're now on is Brentilda (&4).  
Talk to her.  

--Then climb the shelves again to get back in the room with the giant jar.  
Head up some more stairs here to reach the Freezeezy Peak room.  Destroy the 
web that covers an indentation in the floor nearby.  Also break down the 
webbing that hides a warp cauldron which you should activate.

--Opposite the entrance to this room is a note door (350-note) set into the 
mouth of a giant stone depiction of Gruntilda's head (hat included).  Break 
the door down and go through.

--Head along the pathway you find yourself on up to the puzzle for Gobi's 
Valley.  You know what to do.

--Then turn around and head back the way you came.  As you come back into the 
Freezeezy Peak room, turn Banjo and Kazooie left (toward the right side of 
the screen) and head for the white tunnel you see.  From there, it's a minor 
bit of running to Freezeezy Peak.

                        ***Freezeezy Peak*** (preview)

--Run down the nearby slope (on Banjo and Kazooie's left-toward the "back" of 
the screen).  Don't worry about the notes or Boggy.  We're not staying in 
this world very long.  Scramble along the shoreline to the left as you come 
off of the slope.  You'll come to a pile of Christmas gifts.  There's a 
molehill nearby (sort of behind the boxes).  Learn the Beak Bomb move.

--Then get out of here the way you came in.  You won't be seeing this place 
for awhile.

                             ***Grunty's Lair***

--Head back out the tunnel you came through to enter the Peak.  Go through 
the entrance to this room back to the room with the big urn.  Head for Gobi's 
Valley (it's across from you, practically as you leave the Freezeezy Peak 
room--slightly clockwise as you move around the circular room).  Don't bother 
getting the wading boots behind the other destructible door.  Not worth your 
time.  Once you cross the hot sand to the Gobi's Valley entrance, walk to the 
back of said entrance (a fat palm tree) to meet up with Brentilda (&5).  
She'll even heal you (make sure to cancel her speech when she does so).

--Now head into Gobi's Valley.

                             ***Gobi's Valley***

--There's a Jinjo (1) behind you on a small rock island in a pool of hot 

--After that, you're going to scramble up the slope on the opposite side of 
the oasis, collecting notes (on the way up-if you miss some, don't worry, 
you'll be coming back this way later, but keep in mind the note tallies here 
assume you did get them).  Now, head over to the stairs at the foot of the 
rightmost pyramid on the level (toward the "back" of the level from the 
entrance).  Collect the notes railing nearest you (bottom to top).  Then go 
to the left side of the pyramid (as you face it from the stairs).  Grab the 
notes on that side, then head to the back to stomp a switch to make an extra 
honeycomb piece appear (in a tough spot within a ring of spikes formed by the 
only cactus in this level).  Then to the alcove on this side of the pyramid 
where a Jinjo sits (2).

--Then to the top of the pyramid to stomp the switch to open it.  After cut 
scene slide down the slope in front of you toward the door that just opened, 
grabbing notes as you slide (if you miss a couple, don't worry for now and 
collect them once you finish with inside the pyramid).  Head inside.  Kill 
the Mum-Mum and grab the Mumbo token within.  Then solve the "Concentration"-
style puzzle, grabbing the notes in the corners in the process (have the 
tiles' pictures written down for a quicker time).  When you've won, grab the 
Jiggy (*1).

--After that, head outside and grab the notes sitting on the further railing 
(top to bottom).  Next, jump carefully onto the pedestal directly in front of 
the stairs, sitting in a deep sand pit.  Feed the now-sliding dog three eggs 
to make him withdraw into the land mass and make another appear elsewhere.  
Then, jump to the other side of the railings (the one you haven't been to 
yet) to grab the first two notes encircling the sand pit.  Head straight up 
the sliding sand from there and use gold feathers (two each way) to reach the 
island where Gobi sits, enchained by rope and rock.  Bust the rock and grab 
that Jiggy (*2) Gobi brings out.  Notes = 21.

--Now run back (after using gold feathers, which I recommend, or the magic 
carpet to get back to regular land) down the sliding sand.  Collect the third 
and fourth notes that circle the sand pit, starting from the stairs moving in 
a counter-clockwise fashion.  Then leap to the second pedestal and feed the 
second dog three eggs.  After that, jump to the next note (the fifth of the 
sand pit perimeter notes), and then head straight up the sliding sand from 
that point.  Go around a bend to the right.  Kill the Scabby here because it 
makes trouble otherwise.  Grab the wading boots and head down the sliding 
sand more counter-clockwise on this level (toward a large, flat piece of land 
where Grabba holds a Jiggy).  Grab the notes encircling this piece of land, 
then jump back and cancel the boots before time is up.  Head up the nearest 
sliding sand to find Bottles's last molehill and learn the speed shoes.  
Congrats, you know all the moves in the game.

--Move on to getting as quickly as you can to the speed shoes, collecting a 
couple of notes by the speed shoes while you're there.  The speed shoes are 
in a corner up a hill fairly near the wading boots you recently donned.  Use 
the speed shoes to mount the nearby pyramid (the entrance is at the top of a 
winding path up to it), and get the notes on the way.  Don't worry, if the 
timer reaches 0, you actually have about 2 more seconds for this time-based 
race.  Fall into the entrance, grab the Mumbo sitting at the surface of the 
water you're floating on, then swim down to the Jiggy (*3) in the center of 
the floor of this pyramid.

--Cut scene as deep pit of hot sand outside now fills with water.  Collect 
the notes around the floor avoiding the Mum-Mums, then leave.  Head for the 
speed shoes once again.  Run past the back of the pyramid you just exited 
(using the pedestal with the wading boots in the middle of the hot sand if 
you're nervous-just don't touch the wading boots) and down onto that big, 
flat piece of land.  Grab the object sitting in Grabba the talking mummy 
hand's-er-hand, a Jiggy (*4).  Notes = 45.

--Head over the sliding sand and back down to the perimeter of the sand pit 
(which is now the water pit).  Collect the sixth, seventh, and eighth note 
around the perimeter, and then get on the pedestal to feed eggs to the last 
dog.  After that, dive under, and circle the land mass in the middle at the 
very bottom of the water starting from the note nearest the last dog.  Go 
around in either direction, collecting notes, a Mumbo token, and a Jinjo (3).

--When you reach a point where there's no more of these, you've finished the 
circle and should surface near the pedestal in the water you were most 
recently on. Jump to the last note around the perimeter of the water pit.  
Now, a pyramid has arisen on the central portion of the stage, up some steps 
now quite near you.  Go up via the nearer railing, collecting the notes on 
the way up.  Then enter the pyramid.  Grab the notes on the way inside.  When 
you enter the maze, here's what to do.  Don't panic about the time too much.  
Use Kazooie (except to kill Mum-Mums if you have energy worries).  Let's say 
the point at which you entered the maze was 12 o'clock.  Head toward 9, and 
from there, toward 6.  You should reach a Witch Switch in a final alcove.  
Stomp for cut scene and new Jiggy in Lair.

--Now head back toward the beginning of the maze and work your way, kinda 
through the center, past some Mum-Mums.  You'll be fine.  When you reach the 
exit, collect the notes on the way out of the maze toward a chamber with a 
pharaoh's sarcophagus.  Grab the Jiggy within (*5).

--.and the Mumbo token and Jinjo (4) inside some jars around the sarcophagus.  
Notes = 64.

--Outside, you're at the back of the pyramid (relatively).  Grab the Mumbo 
token at the apex of the pyramid, then the notes on the railing you haven't 
been on yet.  Now run down to Jinxy the sphinx.  Grab the notes on his paw 
furthest from you as you exited the pyramid.  Then grab the wade boots behind 
Jinxy (working your way behind him via flap flips and Kazooie jumps and 
such), to collect the notes in the hot sand at the edge of a wall (they tend 
in the general direction of the world exit), plus a Mumbo token in the very 
corner of a portion of the lake of hot sand.  Head back toward the world exit 
(down the nearby slope-on Banjo and Kazooie's right as you leave the hot 
sand).  Stomp Gobi who sits on the island in the oasis contemplating Trunker.  
After the cut scene, grab Trunker's Jiggy (*6) by climbing the tree near the 
speed shoes and jumping to it.

--Then use the speed shoes below (on the perimeter around the lake, clockwise 
from the world exit pad) to do something amazing.  Head for the sloping sand 
leading up to the pyramid nearest Jinxy (you haven't entered this pyramid 
yet).  With the speed shoes, you can make the jump into a little alcove where 
Gobi now sits with 5 notes against a door you can't open except via a code 
(ahh, the days when you thought Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie would actually 
cross over).  Stomp Gobi himself for an extra honeycomb piece (^1).  Notes = 

--Then leap back onto the sloping sand you jumped from.  Now go for the notes 
on Jinxy's paw nearest you.  Get on top of Jinxy and use the flight pad to 
fly through all of the Ancient Ones' rings (the dogs with the hexagonal 
shapes on their head), then fly to the extra honeycomb piece (^2) in the 
cactus.  Be careful as you fly through the cactus ring.

--Then, use the beak bomb to hit the Kazooie target above the only pyramid 
you haven't entered yet (nearby relatively-past the water pyramid, but before 
Jinxy).  Fly down after cut scene and head inside.  Grab the 8 notes sitting 
in alcoves around the perimeter of this room, also collecting the Mumbo token 
on the way.  Then set yourself in a position to fart eggs into Histup's 
revolving basket.  Do it (try and fire multiple eggs in with one fart), being 
aware that the basket speeds up with each egg you put in it.  Then Rubee will 
play the tune to make Histup take a snake-charmed position as a pole for you 
to climb and get another Jiggy (*7).  Notes = 93.

--Head outside, and climb back to the top of Jinxy and grab the Jiggy (*8) 
that resulted from the Ancient Ones' escapade.

--Head onto Jinxy's face.  Jump up to the Mumbo token above his nose.  Then 
jump to one of the nearby pillars with red feathers on them.  From one 
pillar, you CAN fire eggs into both nostrils.  Do it carefully, and Jinxy 
will open up for you.  Jump down and head inside.  Grab the two notes in the 
corners of this rectangular room nearest the door you just entered.  Then 
jump onto the nearby carpet (each carpet has a note on it) on the way up.  
Fire an egg into the mouth of the nearby dog.  The carpet will rise.  On a 
carpet directly above the entrance and exit to this pyramid is the final 
Jinjo (5).

--.and thereby a Jiggy (*9).

--Jump back down to the carpet you recently raised and do so again.  Head in 
the opposite direction.  You'll lift a few more carpets, each with a note, by 
firing eggs into each dog's mouth.  On the last carpet resides a Jiggy (*10).

--Jump straight down carefully from where you are.  Run about collecting the 
notes (which are the last on this world) in the "back" corner of the sphinx 
you're inside, and then the Mumbo token nearby.  Now let Slappa kill you and 
then exit the level.

                             ***Grunty's Lair***

--Run across the sand (do use the boots this time).  In the big urn area, use 
the circling shock jump pad to spring to the Jiggy (*6) that appeared at the 
top of the big sarcophagus in this room.

--Then head into the Freezeezy Peak room.  Head toward the Freezeezy Peak 
entrance, but don't go into that white tunnel.  Rather, turn right and go up 
the nearby slope to break down another (450-note) note door.

--Head inside, and take Banjo and Kazooie to their left and underwater, 
through a tunnel.  Staying underwater as you enter the next room, head left 
again and you'll see a hole in the wall you can swim to.  Through that 
tunnel, you'll end up in a long, thin passageway, all underwater.  Then in a 
huge, expansive room, all but filled with water.  Surface and head into the 
alcove in the wall that's near you.  It's the only place you can get to and 
not be in water from here, almost exactly opposite the tunnel you just came 
from (but on the surface, not underwater obviously).  Jump and flutter to the 
alcoves (counter-clockwise around the room) nearby, and finally reach the Mad 
Monster Mansion puzzle.  Do your thing.

--Then jump to one more alcove with a Mumbo token behind a Whipcrack.  Jump 
and dive under.  The tunnel you came through is almost directly underneath 
you.  Swim down and back the way you came, all the way to the Freezeezy Peak 
room.  Running further up the slope you mounted to get to this door, there is 
a cauldron stuck under some webbing.  Destroy webbing, activate cauldron.

--Then jump to the brim of the hat that the giant stone likeness of Grunty is 
wearing.  Toward the front, but near the pointy portion of the hat, is 
Brentilda (&6).

--After you've dealt with her, jump off the hat from right at the front of it 
(straight out from Grunty's face).  Flutter to avoid taking damage, and then 
run into the mouth of Grunty.  Head past the Gobi's Valley puzzle, and into 
the dark opening that turns left off the path.  You're in a graveyard.  Near 
the rightmost tombstone (rightmost as you enter this "room") is Brentilda 

--Further to the "left" and "back" from where you entered is a gate you 
should break down with a Rat-a-Tat Rap.  Then head into the entrance to Mad 
Monster Mansion.

                          ***Mad Monster Mansion***

--Run counter-clockwise around the mansion itself, till you come to a door 
barring the way to a cathedral (with a small graveyard).  Break the door 
down, but don't go that way yet.  In a nearby alcove in front of the gate are 
three notes.  Now head into the nearby opening (not towards the cathedral).  
Bust down the door to the nearby shack.  Head on in.  Grab the four notes, 
then jump onto Tumblar the glass.  Spell BANJOKAZOOIE using the tiles around 
the edge while not touching the Grunty tiles and avoiding the purple Tee-Hee.  
Succeed and you've got a Jiggy (*1).

--Head out and go around the shed (counter-clockwise) to a shock jump pad.  
Jump to the roof, then pull out Kazooie's talon trot and gather the notes and 
Mumbo token up there.  Then jump back to the ground on the side opposite the 
entrance to the shack.  Head down some stairs, then turn right to a gate.  
Treat it the same way you did the last one.  Grab the notes around the 
fountain, kill the Whipcrack in the fountain's water to reveal a Mumbo token 
(getting hold of it might hurt given that water's look-you could always wait 
till later to grab it as the pumpkin), and use the shock jump pad to reach a 
Jinjo (1).

--Up some stairs nearby are a switch and some speed shoes.  Hit the switch, 
then use the shoes to head up some stairs (not the same ones that led to the 
switch) and counter-clockwise around the mansion to get into the cathedral 
before time's up.  Inside, get near the pew (left or right doesn't matter).  
Kill the guarding Tee-Hee with a gold feather, and flap flip to the note on 
top.  Same deal with the pew on the opposite side of the aisle.  In front of 
those two pews are two more pews.  Same thing, but no more Tee-Hees (get the 
notes).  Then use the pedals on the giant organ to reach a shock jump pad on 
the organ's chair (notes and Mumbo token on the way).  Get up to the music 
stand and Motzand will show you a tune to copy.  Hit the same key immediately 
after he plays a note.  After copying his first tune, he'll do a longer, 
slightly more intricate tune that you must also copy.  After that, Motzand is 
apparently exorcised but leaves a prize at the tiptop of the organ.  Use the 
music stand to get on top of the music sheet and from there flap flip again 
to get to the higher portion of the organ.  Turn right, smack the Limbo if 
you need to.  Then continue the way down to the right end of the organ.  Then 
climb the pipes, getting notes on the way.  On the top pipe is Motzand's 
Jiggy (*2).

--Continue the same way (heading left along the pipes as you face the organ) 
to get some more notes and access to a flight pad.  Use the pad to fly 
straight up and land on the wooden rafters above near a Witch Switch you 
should stomp.  Notes = 25.

--After the cut scene, head toward the cathedral entrance, still using the 
rafters (you'll run along a thin one to reach a bigger one similar to the one 
with the Witch Switch).  Grab the extra honeycomb piece (^1).

--Jump off at the edge nearest the door out of this place.  You can soften 
the blow as you fall, but you're going to take a slamming no matter what you 
do.  As soon as you can leave (getting up from your reeling fall), do so.  To 
Banjo and Kazooie's right as you exit the cathedral is the last gate you 
should bust down.  Don't go behind it, though.  Instead after breaking it 
down, head back toward the mansion away from the cathedral.  To the right as 
you cross the area where the gate used to be is a hatch leading into the 
basement.  Bust it and head in.  Bust open the wooden-capped barrels (kill 
the Tee-Hee with a gold feather) on one side of the room.  Grab the notes at 
the back end of the room (opposite the bottom of the stairs you recently 
descended), and then do the barrels on the other side.  You'll net a Mumbo 
token, a Jinjo (2).

--.and a Jiggy (*3).

--Leave the basement, and climb the nearest pole leading up to the second 
floor of the mansion (and grab the note at its summit automatically).  Now 
you're going to head counter-clockwise around the second floor of the house.  
Bust the window you see nearby (don't go inside), then head down to the next 
note.  Keep going counter-clockwise around, but skip the next note.  Bust the 
next window down (do not go inside), then grab the next note as you head 
around.  Now use the nearby shock jump pad to reach the next floor (land on 
the gutter of the next roof, near the edge and the corner and grab a note in 
the process).  Now head counter-clockwise around.  Bust down and enter the 
nearest window.  Shock jump to the Jinjo (3) on top of the bed's canopy.

--In some corners are notes and a Mumbo token (you probably don't have to 
kill the Tee-Hee in this room).  Leave the way you came.  Counter-clockwise, 
grab two notes at the roof's corners.  Then bust in and enter the next 
window.  There are notes all around the perimeter of this room (including in 
corners you don't see well).  Collect them and leave.  Counter-clockwise to 
the last corner note, then up to the nearby Jinjo (4).  Notes = 49 (50 if you 
got the one in the corner I mentioned you should skip, keep that in mind on 
note counts from now on).

--On the opposite side of the roof is a shock jump pad you should now use to 
get into the chimney.  You end up in the fireplace (shocking, I know).  Grab 
the Mumbo token behind one of the flames (might burn slightly).  Jump up onto 
the nearby chair (the point is not to touch the wooden floor so Napper-up on 
the table-doesn't wake up from its creaking).  Then jump to the next chair, 
then up to the table.  Grab the Jiggy (*4) sitting inside the transparent 

--Then grab the notes on either side of the table (also sitting on chairs).  
Leave via the front door.  Grab the notes in front of the house right now 
(sitting up slightly off ground level) near the world exit.  Nearby is one 
way into the labyrinth.  Take it.  Kill the Tee-Hees with gold feathers all 
the while collecting notes and the final Jinjo (5) (located in the upper-left 
corner of the labyrinth as the camera views the labyrinth).

--.and the Jinjo's Jiggy (*5).

--Go out the other entrance to the labyrinth to get onto the cathedral's 
grounds.  Go clockwise around the cathedral, putting an egg (via farting) 
into every pot sitting around its perimeter.  On the way, you'll get a Mumbo 
token, and with the last pot (should be near the cathedral's door) you'll get 
a Jiggy (*6).  Notes = 67.

--Now, using the nearby tombstone, flap flip up to the roof of the cathedral.  
Using Kazooie, collect all the notes on this roof.  Then clamber around the 
area nearest the clock (with no hands) on the cathedral's roof.  On one side 
is a small entrance to reach the upper portion of the structure.  There, 
there's a note on every corner, and a shock jump pad to reach the weather 
vane at the summit of the cathedral.  At that vane's summit, a Jiggy (*7).  
Notes = 81.

--Nearby, inside the cathedral's grounds (to the right as you face the 
cathedral's door) is the way to get to Mumbo's Skull.  Flap flip up and head 
into his yard.  Head straight inside the skull.  Get the notes inside here, 
and then transform.  Get out of Mumbo's area using the conveniently pumpkin-
sized aperture near the ground in Mumbo's yard.  Near here (also inside the 
cathedral's grounds) is a small opening near the labyrinth entrance which 
leads to a ramp so that the pumpkin can reach the second floor of the 
mansion.  Head into the nearest window and at the center of the room, via the 
gaps in the floor, is an extra honeycomb piece (^2).

--Leave the way you came.  Head clockwise to the other window on this floor.  
Inside, grab the Mumbo token in the sink, then get into Loggo and his 
plumbing.  Grab the Jiggy (*8) in the corner of the plumbing room.

--Leave this area the way you came.  Nearby is the note you didn't collect 
the first time you circled this floor.  Grab it and the pumpkin will descend 
into the rain barrel, grabbing a Jiggy (*9) on the way.

--Around the perimeter of the room you just entered are notes.  After 
grabbing them, get out and head through the nearby gap (by the gate you 
busted to reach the fountain) to the well.  On both sides of the well (left 
and right as you face the well from the place you felled the gate) are 
platforms with two notes on it.  Head to the right one and grab its notes.  
Jump and grab the left one's notes also, then enter the well through the 
small entrance at its base (nearer the notes on the left).  Grab all the 
notes down here, while not touching the Whipcracks (just yet).  In the bucket 
in the center which you can also reach via a nicely-sized hole is the last 
Jiggy (*10).

--You should've collected everything once you've got all the notes.  Head 
out, or kill yourself on the Whipcracks.  I suggest the latter.  Exit this 
world (still a pumpkin).

                             ***Grunty's Lair***

--Head through the gap you made earlier when you broke down the gate with 
Banjo and Kazooie.  Head down the slope, then into the small opening into the 
shack.  Go up to Mumbo (opposite the door you just entered).  Back to bear 
and bird.  Kill Tee-Hee if necessary and break open the casket.  Hit the 
water level 1 switch.

--After cut scene, re-transform to exit.  Head for the way out of this room 
(might get smacked by a couple Rippers).  Cross the narrow, winding bridge 
over the lava you ignored earlier (it's a bit tough sometimes given the lack 
of precision in the pumpkin's locomotion).  Once you've crossed, talk to 
Brentilda (&8) who you won't be seeing again for awhile.

--Then head into the small opening nearby.  At its end is your second Cheato 
spell!  Now save and quit.

--Head up a room.  Run into a little tunnel on the left side (from B-K's 
perspective as you enter the room) of the Treasure Trove Cove puzzle room 
that you've ignored up until now.  Grab the Mumbo token at the back of the 
room.  Then activate the cauldron here.

--Use the cauldron to warp directly to the Freezeezy Peak room.  Head 
straight into Freezeezy Peak (directly across from the warp cauldron).

                         ***Freezeezy Peak*** (main)

--Toward the upper part of the screen is a slope (heading downward) with 
notes on the way (ignore Boggy for now).  On the left as you come off the 
slope is a gift box on a wooden path leading up to a Christmas (pine) tree.  
Open the box and help the Twinklies get to the tree.  After that, head around 
to the opposite side of the tree (avoiding the Chinker and collecting notes 
as you go around).  Use three eggs to hit the "ON" switch on that side of the 
tree (on the pot at its base).  A timer has just started.  Now, head for the 
set of presents nearby.  On a thin strip are some notes and from that strip 
you can flap flip to a Jinjo (1).  Notes = 18.

--At ground level is a fly pad (near the molehill you earned the Beak Bomb 
move from a while back).  Use that to fly through the star at the top of the 
tree three times (this is what you must do before the timer runs out).  
You've freed a Jiggy trapped in ice inside the tree.  Now, whack (with a Beak 
Bomb to the "X" on his hat) the Sir Slush sitting on a box near the gifts you 
were just on.  Head clockwise around the level (still flying).  You're going 
to kill all of the Sir Slushes.  The first you'll come to is a bit higher up 
on a bit of level ground near slopes on either side.  The next is sitting on 
a small island near some houses (a bit clockwise from Mumbo's Skull).  The 
next nearby on an island in the water slightly more clockwise.  Finally, come 
back to near where you killed the first Sir Slush.  There's one more on an 
island near the wooden path leading to the Christmas tree.  Whack him and a 
Jiggy will appear at the top of the giant snowman in this level (on his hat).  
You've got a little more flying to do right now, though.  Using Beak Bombs, 
hit, from the bottom up, the three buttons on the snowman-they look, 
conveniently, like targets.  The buttons are almost directly opposite the 
tree, which you are quite near.  Now, after that's done and a Jiggy appears 
between (#snicker#) the snowman's legs, fly up to the top of the snowman.  
Beat or avoid the Chinker and grab the Jiggy (*1).

--Then grab the notes all around the edge of the hat (starting from the point 
nearest the front of the snowman and working your way around).  Then jump 
down to the brim of the hat.  There's a small hole nearby that you should 
jump through.  This puts you on the nose of the snowman.  Grab the present 
(1/3) sitting there and then fall to the bits of wood below his nose on your 
right (the snowman's left side).  These bits of wood serve as his mouth.  
Jump across the gap in the wood (the camera angle's a bit tricky) to the left 
(or use the shock jump pad if you miss and fall onto the scarf).  You'll 
notice one bit of wood sticks out more than the others.  This is the 
snowman's pipe and at its end, inside the bowl of the pipe, is a Jiggy (*2).  
Why you'd wanna smoke a Jiggy, I'm not completely sure.

--Now, directly below the mouth of the snowman is a small sled.  Touch it and 
you're off to free Boggy of a Jiggy (*3) he swallowed (automatically 
collecting a Mumbo token on the way).

--Run down the slope (the same one you started near).  Jump to the island 
nearest you, and then to the land the snowman is standing on (don't sweat it 
if you land in the water-unless you're low on energy of course).  Circle the 
snowman's foot nearest you, collecting notes and a Mumbo token, then grab the 
Jiggy (*4) between his feet.

--Circle the other foot, and then jump onto the island nearby with a Witch 
Switch (it was sitting under a Sir Slush).  Stomp it.  Notes = 36.

--Then head for the flight pad.  Use it to get up to the snowman's broom 
where a Jinjo (2) beckons.

--From there, jump onto the snowman's scarf.  Grab the notes all around, then 
head down the side of the scarf (the one opposite where the sled used to be) 
that you haven't gone down before.  Collect notes as you go down (one on each 
yellow segment of the scarf, with red feathers complementing the red 
segments).  At the bottom of the scarf, you're near Mumbo's place (down a 
slope and over some water).  First, head to the nearby house which has some 
notes on its roof.  Then (without any aid) go to Mumbo's.  You'll only lose 
one bit of energy for taking this slightly chilly dip-if you hurry.  Head 
inside.  Around the rafters that circle Mumbo's on the inside (near the 
ceiling) are some notes and a Jinjo (3).

--Now transform.  As the walrus (who the cold water won't harm), head over to 
the water near the island where a Sir Slush used to be (near the other 
houses).  Around this island, in the water, are some notes.  On the island 
itself is an extra honeycomb piece (^1).  Notes = 73.

--From here, it's a short walk (or awkward set of hops as the walrus) to the 
slope next to the one you came down at the beginning of this level.  Head up 
it, and challenge Boggy to a race (don't skip the dialogue-he'll think you're 
not interested in racing).  Beat him (by giving him the lead at some point 
decently close to the end, and then surging ahead as you mount the last 
slope) and you've got another Jiggy (*5).

--Head down the slope you just climbed to get a Jiggy (*6) from Wozza (he'll 
give it you just because you're a walrus).

--Head inside the cave he just entered, and into some water on the left side 
of the screen (to the walrus's-B-K's-right).  Through a small tunnel, sitting 
on a slightly raised pedestal is the other extra honeycomb piece (^2) in this 

--Head back the way you came, leave the cave, and collect the notes sitting 
on the edge of this bit of land opposite Wozza's cave.  Now head straight for 
Mumbo's (dive down into the water), collecting a present along the way (2/3).  
Inside, transform back to Banjo and Kazooie.  Head outside and use the wading 
boots nearby to cross the water.  On the opposite side of the pool of water 
(which you collected notes in as a walrus) is a house with a Jinjo (4).

--Collect the notes atop the nearby house, and then head to the slope you 
started the last race on.  Collect the notes at the "back" of this area.  
Then challenge Boggy to another race.  Beat him with the use of the speed 
shoes (in almost exactly the same way as last time-just more speed involved), 
and get that Jiggy (*7) he coughs up (not literally this time).  Notes = 84.

--Head down the slope and into Wozza's cave.  Inside, on the right side of 
the screen, sitting up in an alcove (behind him revolves that blasted Ice 
Key) is the last Jinjo (5).

--.and therefore another Jiggy (*8).

--Head back outside and further down the slope.  Around the box the first Sir 
Slush (in the order you killed them) was on are some notes.  Then up the ramp 
that has (or used to have) a lot of red feathers, and head along the wooden 
path to the tree (flap flip up to get into the pot from the edge of the 
wooden path).  Collect the Mumbo token on one side and then climb the trunk.  
Once inside the tree, gather the last present on the first level (3/3), then 
the notes (the last in this world) on the second level, and then climb to the 
tiptop where you'll finally collect that Jiggy (*9) that appeared in that cut 
scene so long ago.

--Now gingerly walk off the edge of the platform that held the Jiggy.  You'll 
fall through the hole at the bottom of the tree and since you went directly 
from one area to another in your fall, you won't take any damage!  Now head 
for the slope your first came down in this level and climb it.  To Banjo and 
Kazooie's left is an igloo which contains Boggy, his three kids, and a Mumbo 
token.  Give a present to each kid (shut Boggy up if he insists on talking to 
you) and collect the Jiggy they give you (*10).

--Leave the igloo and head for the exit pad nearby (almost directly opposite 
the igloo's door).

                             ***Grunty's Lair***

--Immediately outside the entrance to Freezeezy Peak (on the right side of 
the screen) is a shock jump pad a flap flip's length off the floor.  Get up 
there, and use it to reach the alcove set into the wall a bit higher.  Run 
through, use the shock jump pad set out from the more centered alcove to 
reach a Mumbo token.  Head back down and then stomp the flight pad switch at 
the end of this little run.  See where that flight pad appeared (the one 
whose existence depends on the timer)?  Run over to it using the nearby speed 
shoes.  Take off and fly through the tunnel up high (directly above the white 
tunnel you take to go to the Freezeezy Peak entrance).  In an alcove at the 
top of the room with the Freezeezy Peak entrance is another Jiggy (*7) which 
you made appear with the Witch Switch in Freezeezy Peak.

--Either use the flight pad right next to that Jiggy or head back down and 
stomp the flight pad switch again (I think the latter method is a bit faster 
if done right) to fly in the more central part of the Freezeezy Peak room 
(same area as the flight pad appears in).  Using a Beak Bomb, smash the right 
eye of the image of Gruntilda (the one on the left from your perspective).  
Inside is the Jiggy (*8) from the Witch Switch in Mad Monster Mansion.

--Now, climb the slope that leads up to the note door you most recently broke 
down.  Swim to Banjo and Kazooie's left and through that same tunnel you swam 
through earlier.  Surface near the land you can now reach (thanks to the 
water switch you stomped earlier).  Run up the slope, past the entrance to 
Rusty Bucket Bay, along a thin stretch of wood with red feathers on it, and 
jump to a box with the Rareware logo on it.  Smash that box and then stomp 
the Water Level 2 switch it sat on.

--Head along the wall that the camera has the most full view of at this 
point.  In an alcove nearby is a cauldron you should activate.

--Use it to warp back to the Freezeezy Peak room.  Head back through the note 
door you most recently destroyed, but instead of swimming through the tunnel 
on our heroes' left, surface and jump into the opening almost directly 
opposite the tunnel you just came through (watch out for Shrapnel).  Break 
the grating on the back wall and climb up to the Water Level 3 switch.  Stomp 

--The water is only this high for so long, so work quickly.  Swim down to the 
tunnel into the Rusty Bucket Bay room.  Surface.  Nearby on the right is a 
tunnel you couldn't reach before.  At the top of the stairs in that tunnel is 
the final Cheato spell!

--As you leave the tunnel turn to Banjo and Kazooie's right to head into the 
dark square hole in a corner of the room (you saw it in the cut scene after 
hitting the Water Level 2 switch).  Break the grating opposite the honeycomb 
and fill the Rusty Bucket Bay puzzle with Jiggies.

--Flap flip out of this room, and head back the way you came and into Rusty 
Bucket Bay.

                            ***Rusty Bucket Bay***

--Run up the ramp into the ship, and jump into the nearby portal thing (the 
pipe sticking up from the floor of the ship) on the immediate left.  On the 
wooden slats on the wall opposite the one you're against when you walk in, 
guarded by a Grille Chompa, are some notes.  Collect them and leave.  Run to 
the lower level of the ship (on the right as you come up from the ramp you 
climbed earlier).  Grab the notes at the ship's edge (the stern or back), 
collect the Mumbo token in the lifeboat and jump into the portal nearby (the 
one on the right as you face the portals' openings-the other is actually a 
Grimlet).  Down here, collect the notes and hit the switch to slow the fan 
blades' rotation in the engine room.  Leave.  Head up the nearby ladder onto 
the higher portion of the ship you just came from (but now you're on the 
opposite side of the ship-the starboard side).  Move along this side until 
you come to a breakable window along one of the ship's walls.  Smash it, go 
in, grab the notes in the sleeping quarters and leave.  All right, now it's 
time to head into the engine room for some pretty stressful times.  The door 
is at the base of one of the ship's funnels (quite near the ramp, 
relatively).  Head in.  You might kill one of the Grille Chompas to make your 
escape quicker later (just remember which one you killed).  In a hexagon-
shaped alcove at the bottom of the shaft you're in (just over the aperture 
leading to the engine room proper) is an extra honeycomb piece (^1).  Notes = 

--Now, head into the engine room.  Go across the occasionally rotating piston 
carefully (grabbing the Mumbo token on the way).  Jump up the alternately 
rotating cogs and kill the Seaman Grublin (he can make trouble later).  Now 
take either left or right (I go left) and cross the rotating pipes (again, 
with some caution).  Grab the notes, cross over the next piston, and hit the 
switch.  You'll see a cut scene of the ship's propellers (which are at the 
ship's end you recently visited) slowing down.  Now, head toward the opposite 
side of this room by carefully jumping through the fan blades.  Grab the 
notes and the Jiggy (*1) that are now readily available.

--Continue to the other side of the room by jumping through the next fan 
blade.  Now, orient the camera such that it faces the piston you are about to 
cross.  Wait for the piston to rotate, and when it's about halfway through 
spinning, stomp the switch.  Cut scene: propellers have stopped spinning 
altogether.  The game will cut back to you exactly at the moment you hit the 
switch, so the piston will settle into place.  You cross it and collect the 
notes, then head along the pipe (which has thankfully stopped spinning).  
Jump down to the platform at the base of the cogs (camera can be a little 
tricky here), and cross the piston when it's appropriate.  You are now 
leaving the engine room for good and all.  Head back toward the shaft you 
started this room in.  Climb the ladder and get to the door.  Hightail it to 
the stern of the ship and jump into the water at the edge.  Dive under the 
oily water, swim into the opening left available by the propellers' recent 
shut down and grab the Jiggy (*2).  Notes = 36.

--Swim out, surface, and jump on the nearby box until all your air comes 
back.  Now underwater on the side of the level where the world exit is 
located, through a small opening in some metal grating, is a Jinjo (1).  
Careful with your air supply.

--When you've got him, surface and get to the box to get to a flat area with 
a Boom Box and notes set at the corners of some (more) metal grating.  After 
that, jump on the nearby box, climb over the roof and head along the 
perimeter of this world (past the exit pad, not up the ramp onto the ship-
you're going clockwise around).  Soon on the left is a hole with "Toll 2" 
written above it.  Put two eggs in there and cross the bridge that appears.  
Clamber up the roof, and grab the notes on the thin bridge between this tin-
roofed area and more stable land past it (this bridge is near a dinghy with a 
Jinjo waiting to be rescued).  Now head back to the tin roof and stomp the 
glass ceiling (stop the talon trot, immediately jump as Banjo, and then 
stomp).  Walk along the wooden plank you're on to the crates and boxes 
nearby.  In the corner the camera is least prone to viewing is a Jiggy (*3).

--Now walk back along the same plank and jump to the cargo on the opposite 
side of the room from where the Jiggy was.  There are four notes guarded by a 
Grille Chompa.  Take them and then leave this room via the opening in the 
water nearby (the door to this place is slightly ajar leaving a large crack 
for you to swim out through).  Now, very close to you, underwater, is an 
opening in the ship out of which the anchor snakes.  Head through it.  
Surface and get to the small hallway nearby.  Kill Grille Chompas as 
necessary (one side of the hall only).  At the end of this hallway is a room 
with some notes and a switch marked with an anchor emblem.  Stomp it.  Head 
out of this place the same way you came.  Once you're back to the outside 
area, swim under and grab the Jiggy (*4) that Snorkel left behind.  Notes = 

--Now surface and head into the opening in the nearby mesh (under the recent 
small bridge with the notes).  The dinghy and the Jinjo (2) are in the upper 
left corner as you go through the mesh.

--Watch out for Snacker.  Underwater, in approximately the upper right corner 
(facing from the entrance in the mesh) of this area is a small opening you 
can swim through.  Inside, on the side of the room opposite the one you're 
on, is an extra honeycomb piece switch.  Stomp it.  Then get to the flight 
pad.  Use it to collect the piece (^2).

--Get out of here the same way you came and leave the mesh area, surfacing as 
you do so.  Continuing clockwise, there's a ladder up to more stable ground 
nearby.  After climbing it, you'll notice a lake of battery acid.  Jump to 
the notes on the floating batteries and grab the Mumbo token and Jinjo (3) 
while you're at it.

--Quite near here, in your continuing clockwise trek, is a shock jump pad.  
Use it (with a bit of finagling) to jump up to some netting.  There are three 
notes nearby you should grab.  Then beak barge the "up" button sticking out 
prominently from the wall.  The cut scene reveals a cage which has risen to 
unprotect a Jiggy (but time to get to it is short).  Climb the ladder, and 
head along the rapidly narrowing crane-type thing.  Near its end, jump down 
(flutter near the end of your descent) and grab the Jiggy (*5).

--There's a Mumbo token at the very end of this part of the ship (the bow or 
front).  On the starboard side of the ship (past a portal) is a smashable 
window.  Do your thing, grab the notes inside, and then collect the Jiggy 
(*6) in the closet (watch out for the Grille Chompa) and leave.

--Head into the portal you recently passed up.  Go around the room collecting 
all the notes, but watching out for burning surfaces (and Seamen Grublin).  
There's a Mumbo token in the oven if you care to use a gold feather (or a 
unit of energy).  Leave here.  Go around the bend (avoiding the Grimlet), and 
smash the nearby window.  Head in and collect the notes and the Mumbo token 
in this more technologically advanced room (radar and all).  Head up now to 
the bit of the ship with 3 numbered whistles.  Collect the note on the side 
of the whistles nearest you.  Then stomp the code 312-111.  Grab the ensuing 
Jiggy (*7).

--Grab the note on the opposite side of the whistles.  Head up and up and up 
on the ship (via ladders and bridges from funnel to funnel).  There's a Mumbo 
token at the top of the stern funnel (via a shock jump pad guarded by a 
Grille Chompa) and a Jiggy (*8) at the top of the bow funnel.  Notes = 81.

--Now, you should descend quickly straight down to the lowest portion of the 
ship on this side.  On a ramp nearby, sloping down from this vantage are some 
notes you should get.  Now, climb the boxes near the door to the engine room 
to jump to the rope on the crane which holds up a box of TNT.  Climb it and 
then head along the crane to the outer edge of the level.  Beak barge the 
"down" button.  Cut scene of dynamite smashing an opening in ship's floor.  
Grab the notes on the netting, then descend to the left side (slightly 
counter-clockwise) and pay the "Toll 6."  Cross, leap up the boxes and head 
into the opening at the top of the middle box of a set of three blue metal 
boxes.  On Banjo and Kazooie's right (near the "back" of the room from the 
camera's perspective) in a hidden corner is a Jinjo (4).

--Leave here.  Jump down and head for the blue metal box furthest from the 
"Toll 6" sign (counter-clockwise on the perimeter).  In here, go around the 
room collecting notes near Grille Chompas and avoid the Boom Box.  Check 
every corner to make sure you've got them all.  Leave.  Head into the metal 
box you've not been in yet.  Quite near you are four notes on a box.  You 
could do more in here for an extra life, but this is a speed guide, so you're 
leaving now.  Re-cross the "Toll 6" bridge.  On the opposite side of the 
crane is a "Toll 8" sign.  You know what to do.  Head along, killing the 
Grille Chompas, and collect the Jinjo (5).

--.and their Jiggy (*9) at the very edge.

--Now use the shock jump pad to reach the netting on the crane again.  Head 
to the very last bit of the crane (the narrowest point) and turn left.  Why, 
there's a Witch Switch.  This is going to require the best-timed, longest 
flutter (double jump) that you can muster.  If you mess it up, get back on 
the rope and try again.

--After you've stomped it, head into the hole that the TNT left behind.  Now 
you're going to cheat in here.  Fire an egg into the center of the room.  
Boss Boom Box will rise up, but for some reason, he's left the Jiggy behind 
instead of taking it into himself.  All you have to do is jump to the Jiggy 
(*10) and be able to take a whack or two from Boss Boom Box.

--Climb the ladder out of here and head for the exit or have Boss Boom Box 
kill you.

                             ***Grunty's Lair***

--Tired yet?  Too bad for you.  The longest world is yet to come.  Swim back 
through the tunnel to the Wood/Bay Connector.  Surface near where you saw the 
Witch Switch from Rusty Bucket Bay leave a Jiggy (*9) in plain sight (you 
climbed from there to the Water Level 3 switch earlier).

--Now climb the nearby bits of land up to the 640-note door (watch out for 
Shrapnel).  Break it down, Banjo-Kazooie-style.

--Use the Wonderwing to smash all these silly Whipcracks blocking your way 
through the tunnel.  On your right are some large leaves you can flap flip 
to.  Climb them, ignore the note door for now and head right around the tree.  
You can go down a tunnel with some eggs for a Mumbo token in the next room.  
Keep going around until you come to a switch emblazoned with a Jiggy's image.  
Stomp it to make a pedestal appear in front of the Click Clock Wood puzzle.

--Now, on one side of the trunk you're on is Brentilda (&9).

--After you've dealt with her, on the opposite side of the trunk, mostly 
hidden by some tall grass is a tunnel which leads to a warp cauldron.  
Activate it and jump inside.

--Wheeee!  You're way back in that room that's in the tunnel off of the room 
that leads to Treasure Trove Cove and Clanker's Cavern.  Head through the 
tunnel, and jump to the bottom of the waterfall.  Dive under, swim through 
the tunnel and surface.  Put in puzzle pieces.

--.talk to Brentilda (&10) for the last time.

--and collect the Mumbo token in the blind corner if you like.  Head out via 
the same tunnel you came through, and jump to the nearby bit of land.  Head 
into the Treasure Trove Cove room, and thence into Treasure Trove Cove.

                     ***Treasure Trove Cove*** (epilogue)

--I trust you know where Leaky is?  Turn right after you pass the arch 
straight ahead from the world exit, and head up some boxes and down onto a 
shelf.  Use him to lower the water.  Get into the sandcastle.  Kill the crab.  
Then stomp REDFEATHERS on the code floor.  Now you've got 100 red feathers 
and your new maximum is 100.

--Then stomp GOLDFEATHERS.  20 gold feathers/20 new maximum.

--Now leave the sandcastle.  For some reason, it won't let you type all three 
codes in a row.  Go back in and stomp BLUEEGGS, 200 eggs/200 maximum.  Yay!

--Now leave Treasure Trove Cove quickly (turn Banjo and Kazooie right-left 
side of the screen-and climb the path to reach the pier with the exit pad).

                             ***Grunty's Lair***

--Head back to the only room you can.  Climb the vine, head into the tunnel 
you recently came from, use the warp cauldron, and book it into Click Clock 

                            ***Click Clock Wood***

--Behind you (camera's perspective) is the switch to open the spring door.  
Hit it.

--Run to just outside the spring entrance and collect the notes there.  Then 
go into spring.

--Pretty directly ahead of you are a couple of leaf buds you should flap flip 
onto (with a bit of difficulty) and from there onto the platform encircling 
the tree.  Then circle the tree in a counter-clockwise fashion (mostly using 
Banjo since you need to kill the Big Cluckers and can only attack while 
moving with Banjo).  Branching off of the tree are four outcroppings that 
break up (and sometimes lead down into) the various segments of the lower, 
non-tree part of the level (the entrance field, the lake, the field/garden, 
and Mumbo's area-which is filled with brambles).  As you circle, grab the 
notes on the first outcropping (between the entrance field and the lake), and 
then the ones between the lake and the field.  On this second outcropping you 
should actually descend into the field itself.  In the fenced, garden-ish 
area are four notes and a hole which you should fart five eggs into.  After 
taking care of that business, head further clockwise, and flap flip onto the 
outcropping between this field and Mumbo's area and grab the notes there.  Go 
back to circling the tree and killing those Cluckers.  Grab the notes on the 
last outcropping and then begin climbing the tree itself (the beginning of 
the climbing point is quite near the last set of notes).  As you climb, you 
should ignore everything until you come to the summer switch just outside 
Nabnut's house.  Stomp that.  Notes = 20.

--Then continue climbing.  When you get to Eyrie's nest, you should hatch him 
via the shock jump pad behind his egg (on the nest's edge) followed by a 
stomp.  For now, you are done with spring.  The best (quickest) way out of 
here is to head back to those three small shelves just before Eyrie's nest.  
Jump down from there to the exit.  Yup, that's gonna smart a little.  Good 
thing those Big Cluckers practically commit suicide and cough up beaucoups of 
honey in this and subsequent seasons.  Leave spring.

--Head slightly clockwise to summer (keep an eye-and an ear, you can hear 
their squeaky movement-out for at least 5 caterpillars in this season).

--In here, your first order of business is in a patch of tall grass to the 
immediate left.  There's a Jinjo (1) in a corner over there (the one further 
from the tree).

--Next, collect the caterpillar below the leaves (which are now fully grown 
thank goodness) and then flap flip up onto these and grab the notes on them.  
After that, you should head over to Gnawty's (in the lake area) and smash the 
boulder in front of his house.  Follow him as far as you can up the tunnel to 
get a couple of notes and a Mumbo token (which you probably don't need too 
many more of).  Next, run all the way down to the furthest clockwise point 
you can reach in the lake area.  There's a Big Clucker in front of the autumn 
switch.  Smack bird, smack switch.  Notes = 24.

--Work your way back and over to the slope leading up to one of the tree's 
outcroppings (near the big land mass in the middle of the lake-which has a 
caterpillar "behind" it relative to Gnawty's).  Go counter-clockwise around 
the tree and then descend into the field.  Smack Gobi near the flower bud you 
created in spring.  There's a caterpillar nearby.  After that, flap flip up 
to the outcropping between the field and Mumbo's.  Work your way around and 
then start climbing the tree.  When you get near the beehive, you should 
clamber over to the top of it (getting notes on the way) and stomp the 
obviously weak square patch to get inside.  Once there, get over to the Jiggy 
sitting in some sort of honey case in the middle of the hive.  Zubbas attack, 
you have Wonderwing to very quickly dispatch.  Honey case disappears, you get 
Jiggy (*1).

--Get out of this place and continue climbing the tree.  Now, once you get 
near (and by near, I mean you start walking on wood planks) the treehouse 
with all those wooden planks and such, you need to revolve the camera until 
you can see some leaves descending slightly clockwise around the tree.  Jump 
as necessary to make your way along these (you can also jump straight from 
the planks to the Jiggy, but I think it's not quite as efficient, though it 
is less nerve-wracking) and grab the Jiggy (*2) on a small shelf below.  
Careful of the Clucker.

--Now, make your way back, via the same way you got here, to the treehouse 
where four notes reside.  Get on over to Nabnut's.  Sloping up from the patch 
of land in front of his house are some odd wooden slats.  There are 5 notes 
up one of them in a half-circle formation.  Unless you're blind, you probably 
picked up 5 (or more) caterpillars on your way up which you should now take 
up to Eyrie.  Take the express down and out (BANG!) the same way you did 
before.  Head outside.

--.and clockwise to autumn.  Notes = 36.

--On one of the nearby slopes of leaves as you enter is a caterpillar (you 
need to have 10 of them by the time you get to Eyrie-they're not real hard to 
find).  Use one of the slopes to get up to the circle of land around the 
tree.  You're going to break with tradition and traverse it clockwise this 
time.  Go around, killing Cluckers and collecting notes, and then descend 
into the Mumbo area for the first time.  Head over to his skull (watch out 
for brambles) and grab the notes inside (you won't be transforming-you can't 
anyway) and then leave.  Get back up onto the circle around the tree, and 
keep going around collecting notes.  When you come to the outcropping between 
the garden/field and the lake, descend into the field and head toward your 
flower.  Grab the notes behind the fence (at the edge of the world) and the 
Jinjo (2) on the nearby hill.

--Then hit Gobi one more time.  A Jiggy has emerged on the flower above.  On 
a small bit of land on the other side of the lake is a Snarebear that guards 
three notes.  Use the Wonderwing to get hold of them.  Then climb back to the 
circle around the tree the same way you got down here.  Continue circling and 
getting notes until you come to the outcropping between the lake and the 
entrance field.  Then dive into the water and enter Gnawty's house for a 
couple of notes and a Jiggy (*3).

--Get back up to the circle via the slope that heads into the lake (quite 
near the land mass close to Gnawty's in the middle of the lake).  Finish 
going around until you come to the point where you start climbing.  There's a 
Snarebear hear that has three more notes.  Treat it the same way as you did 
the last one.  Then climb.  Go inside the beehive and get the notes at its 
corners (and the caterpillar in the center).  Leave and go to the beehive's 
edge.  Gingerly drop down for the flower's Jiggy (*4).  Notes = 73.

--Go over to the outcropping between the garden/field and Mumbo's.  Flap flip 
up to it, circle counter-clockwise and climb at the appropriate point once 
more.  The next important thing is inside the now-finished treehouse: a Jiggy 
(*5).  You could have reached it in summer, but the gaps due to the 
treehouse's unfinished state make it quite a hassle, so it's better to wait 
till now.

--Then head over to Nabnut's.  Head up the ramp closest to you as you come 
from the wooden planks and break in the window.  Under the water in this room 
is an acorn (1/6).  Then head back outside and use the next ramp available to 
you.  There's a circle of wood here.  If you think of the point at which you 
came up onto the circle as 6 o'clock, head over to 12 and flap flip to the 
next acorn (2/6).  Now head over to 9 on the circle and, jumping towards 3, 
grab the acorn (3/6) sitting in midair in the center of this circle of wood.  
Flutter down to the acorn (4/6) sitting on a slope of wood as you fall from 
collecting the third.  Next, climb up the slope you're on.  You'll emerge on 
a circle of wood (with a Grublin Hood you should probably kill).  Opposite 
the ramp you just climbed is another one (which requires the talon trot) 
leading down to yet another acorn (5/6).  Climb back toward Nabnut's via 
another slope and head into his place (pretty snazzy for a squirrel).  
Collect the notes on the shelf and the acorn (6/6) sitting on his wardrobe.  
Head back outside his door and you'll automatically give him the acorns and 
collect a Jiggy (*6) from him.

--Head up, and stomp the winter switch on your way.

--Then head for Eyrie.  There are 8 notes around Eyrie's nest as well as 
another caterpillar.  Give him 10 more (I sure hope you have them) and then 
use the usual method to reach the exit (broken any bones yet, Banjo?).  Notes 
= 84.

--Head slightly clockwise to winter.

--Use the slope on your left to reach the flight pad near Mumbo's place (the 
brambles are harmless now, frozen under ice).  Fly to the top of his skull 
and grab the Jinjo there (3).

--Now, there are three Sir Slushes you should kill.  Use the Mumbo flight pad 
and kill the Sir Slush (sitting near some notes on thin branches) almost 
directly above it.  Fly counter-clockwise and higher from there to kill the 
one guarding some notes near Nabnut's, then quickly descend (slightly more 
counter-clockwise) and kill the one on the small platform with the Witch 
Switch which you should then stomp.

--Head back down carefully to the bottom of the level and use the fly pad 
nearby (on the land mass now reachable via a flap flip because the lake is 
frozen) to fly slightly counter-clockwise and reach the four notes near those 
thin branches (you killed the first Sir Slush here).  From here, jump down 
(with a flutter) to the flight pad near Mumbo's.  Using it, fly over to the 
treehouse (going clockwise and using beak bombs as you see fit to cover 
ground-or air, rather-more quickly).  These notes are kind of tricky.  From 
the wood around the treehouse, stand slightly away from the treehouse (so you 
don't hit the edge of the roof as you jump) and then flap flip up and push 
toward the roof.  IMMEDIATELY when you land, pull out the talon trot.  Now 
get the notes at the top of the roof.  After that, use the wooden walkway to 
get over to Nabnut's and collect the four notes on the wooden circle near 
there (down a slope, where the second Sir Slush you killed was).  Head back 
toward Nabnut's and climb the nearby ramp.  Then use the flight pad (kill the 
Grublin Hood so he doesn't make trouble) at the back of the circle of wood to 
break into that stand-alone window above Nabnut's home.  You can beak bomb it 
and then fly in, but it's a bit difficult.  If all else fails, just land on 
top of the wood which the window is set into, jump down, and rat-a-tat rap 
the window instead.  You'll have to fly up again to get in the window, but it 
may be worth it.  Inside, there's an extra honeycomb piece (^1) sitting on a 
high shelf.

--Leave and then keep climbing the tree to reach Eyrie and the Jiggy (*7) he 
leaves for you (ignore that stinging, misty sensation in your eyes as your 
surrogate son flies away).  Notes = 96.

--Now, you're finally going to climb a little higher than this.  Use the 
wooden slats further clockwise around the tree to reach the top, collecting 
the notes on the way, flap flipping as necessary.  You should now have EVERY 
SINGLE note in the game.  Break down the door, and work your way around the 
Whipcracks (or just go around using the Wonderwing) until you get the Jiggy 
(*8) in a corner of the room.

--Head back outside and fall straight down from the door's ledge (the second-
longest fall you'll take in this game, but the longest isn't going to hurt).  
Whaddaya know?  You're practically right next to a hole in the ice.  Dive in 
there (eats up air at twice the usual rate so move quickly and carefully) and 
swim clockwise.  Opposite the land mass in the middle of the lake, set into 
the tree's base, is the entrance to Gnawty's.  Swim inside, and grab the 
extra honeycomb piece (^2).

--Swim out the way you came (don't die!  you're REALLY close to getting 
everything done).  Then move like lightning to the exit (counter-clockwise).

--Now go back to spring.

--Use the leaf buds to get to the circle around the tree and head over to 
Mumbo's (clockwise).  Inside, transform to the bee.  Slightly clockwise and 
above is the beehive (press B to fly faster).  Head inside the bee-sized 
opening and grab the Jinjo (4) on the opposite side of the hive.

--Leave.  Almost directly above this is the entrance to the Whipcrack room.  
Outside that room is a Snarebear (which won't harm a bee) that contains a 
Jinjo (5).

--.and thereby the Jinjos' last Jiggy (*9).

--Now, a little bit counter-clockwise, directly above Nabnut's is the final 
Jiggy (*10) sitting in a Snarebear on a small ledge (you fly up to it).

--From there, jump straight out toward the world's edge (here's your longest 
fall, won't hurt the bee).  You're practically at the exit!  Head out.

--Then use the exit pad in the middle of this room to leave for good and all.

                             ***Grunty's Lair***

--Directly opposite and very high above you (straight above the tunnel you 
first used to enter this room-the tunnel with all the Whipcracks), reachable 
only by the bee's flight, is the LAST JIGGY (*10).

--Now head over to that 765 note door (slightly counter-clockwise from where 
you are).  Destroy it and enter The Last Tunnel.

--As you go down it, you'll be transformed back into Banjo and Kazooie.  At 
the end is a pad with Tooty's face.  Step on it.

                          ***Grunty's Furnace Fun***

--"The prizes on this stand bring joy/From Tooty down to cuddly toy"

--The joy of Grunty's Furnace Fun (#nostalgic smile#).  Before you begin, 
don't forget to activate the warp cauldron behind you.

--For Grunty's Furnace Fun, I'm afraid there's not much advice I can dole out 
to make it go quicker.  Jokers seem like a very good idea to me despite the 
fact that you have to answer a few more questions to get to them.  I think 
there are four distinct strategies you can use.

--1) If you feel EXTREMELY confident about all aspects of the trivia you'll 
be asked (graphically, sonically, and mnemonically), then use the Jokers on 
the squares with the stopwatches on them (those challenges CAN BE time-
consuming) and take the risk on those skull ones.

--2) I use Jokers almost exclusively on the skull ones myself (I don't like 
to risk having to start the whole thing over and losing all that time).

--3) You could also save time by skipping the Brentildas throughout the Lair 
and then using the Jokers on the Grunty questions.

--4) If you feel really lucky, you could just take the quickest route to 
Gruntilda (which I believe involves taking three skull squares in a row), 
cutting out the issue of Jokers altogether (you'll still have to see 
Brentildas, though-even if you risk skipping a couple of out-of-the way 

--At any rate, beat this silly game that Gruntilda has set up for you, and 
get your sister back.

--"You won't catch me, I've made sure/All the credits you'll now endure."

--Having enjoyed the credits and obeying Tooty's egging on toward your final 
challenge, head into that little tunnel on the right you saw Gruntilda take 
just now.

                            ***Grunty's Domain***

--Head up the stairs, and activate the warp cauldron at their summit.

--Then break down that 810-note door.

--Now fill that Grunty puzzle with Jiggies in the next room.

--Head counter-clockwise around the room that last puzzle opens up.  Break 
down the 846-note door.

--.and collect the red feather refill inside.

--Further counter-clockwise, break down the 882-note door.

--.and complete the puzzle inside for the double energy bonus.

--Head out of that room and destroy the 864-note door.

--.to get the gold feather refill.

--Then the 828-note door.

--.for the egg refill.

--Then jump into Dingpot in the center of the room to get to The Top of the 

                            ***The Final Battle***

--"But now the stupid bear must fight/This battle tests your skill and might"

--There are five distinct stages in this fight, each taking four repetitions 
of a similar action.
--Stage 1: Speed up the speech Gruntilda offers.  Her first method of attack 
is direct.  She starts some distance off the tower and then swoops toward 
you.  You need to move perpendicular to her sweep towards you.  After her 
broom stalls, you're going to save a pretty good amount of time by not 
pecking or directly attacking her.  Instead, FIRE THREE EGGS AT HER.  Each 
counts as a hit if they all land, and you save her doing all those aerial 
acrobatics (takes time).  Avoid her last sweep and then peck her to get the 
last hit on this stage.  Alternatively, fire two eggs at her after her first 
stall, and then 2 more on her second.

--"Magic spell of Banjo homing/Get him now to stop his roaming"

--This segment of the battle ends with Gruntilda firing off a spell that you 
cannot avoid.  Use the Wonderwing to head this spell off at the pass.

--"That last hit did clip my ear/But you can't get me over here"

--Stage 2: Gruntilda sees the futility in using herself as a missile and 
resolves to destroy you via fireballs, fired as she sits out of reach in the 
air past the edge of the tower.

--Here's the deal with the fireballs.  They sense your location and the speed 
of your movement AT THE MOMENT GRUNTILDA FIRES THEM.  If you are standing 
still, the fireball will head for the place you're standing.  If running, the 
fireball makes for the spot you'll be if you continue to move in that 
direction and at that speed.  So, don't be where the fireball thinks you'll 
be.  Change direction; change speed; do whatever it takes to get out of the 
way.  You can thank me later.

--As for Gruntilda herself, you're going to fire eggs at her (again).  Now it 
IS possible to get to the edge of the tower nearest Gruntilda and fire eggs 
at her before she even has a chance to begin letting off fireballs.  This is 
kind of risky, though.  If you are up on one of those tower edges (the only 
location you can hit her from) and get hit by a fireball, there's a good 
chance you'll be knocked off the tower entirely and have to start the whole 
business over again.  Not good for a runthrough when you're going for speed, 
is it?  Note, however, that if you are not firing an egg at the time, that 
there is time to jump down from the edge before the fireball gets there.  
Alternatively, you can wait till she finishes flinging four fireballs at you, 
then leap up onto the edge and fire eggs.  Do whatever feels right.  You need 
to hit her with three eggs at this first (and every subsequent) location.  If 
you hit her with one before she has a chance to unload with fireballs, she'll 
be put off-balance, giving you a chance to fire more times (it's a pretty 
small window, though).  I always try to have the camera facing straight at 
Gruntilda (centering the camera behind Banjo with the R button as he faces 
her, then running pell mell when the fireballs come) so that when the opening 
comes, I have a good vantage to set Banjo and Kazooie up to fire eggs 
(hopefully all three will hit her on the first go).  Once she has had three 
hits at one location, she will move clockwise around the tower to the next 
location.  It works this way four times (though of course, she won't move to 
a new location on the last one).  The only difference is that as you move her 
from spot to spot, the rate at which she lets off fireballs increases (there 
are still only four of them) and the gap of time between sets of fireballs 
decreases.  In other words, the fireballs come more rapidly one after the 
other, and your opening to hit Gruntilda with eggs is smaller the more times 
you beat her at this particular game.  After overcoming this four times, 
though, you're done (except for putting up the Wonderwing to stop that 
unavoidable spell) with this segment.  One other curious note: occasionally 
(often, it seems to me, after taking a hit or when a new segment of this 
stage has begun), Gruntilda fires three or five shots instead of her standard 
four.  There's not much you can do about that (that I know of), but be aware 
that it can happen.

--"A big old gal I may be, but when I fly you can't get me"

--Stage 3: Gruntilda decides now that her best bet is to take to the air and 
rain death from above.  The above quote would be true if Bottles didn't 
provide a fly pad for you to use.  Take to the air yourself.  You're going to 
beak bomb good old Grunty four times.  If you move around when she's firing 
(dive or ascend), chances are she won't hit you.  She circles the tower, 
alternating stopping to fire at you or just stopping, period.  Slam her with 
that beak bomb when you see an opening, but be aware that you can hit her 
while she's moving (just aim-to use her tactic-where she'll be instead of 
where she is).  Although this can be difficult, it's often better than 
waiting for her to pause in midair (such openings become more RARE #cough# 
once you've beak bombed her a couple of times).  Try not to miss any 
opportunities, and whatever you do, for heaven's sake, don't beak bomb 
straight into the tower (and probably crash off the edge) in your eagerness 
to lay the smack down.  I think this stage of the battle provides the largest 
window for using up a lot of time on your speedthrough.  Good luck.  Once you 
get through this, I find the next couple of stages quite a bit easier (and 
with a lot less opportunity for dying or otherwise losing time).

--"That pointy beak, it did not miss/But now let's see it get through this"

--Stage 4: Cunning witch that she is, Gruntilda puts up a shield around her 
flying self that nothing (that Banjo or Kazooie is capable of doing) will 
hurt.  Luckily, Jinjos appear in stone statues nearby and are a more capable 
lot than the rest of the game would have you know.  They ARE capable of doing 
Gruntilda damage in her shielded state.  What you have to do is avoid the 
fireballs Gruntilda is still heaving while putting three eggs into the hole 
at the base of each Jinjo's statue.  As each Jinjo slams into Gruntilda once 
you've freed them from their stone state, they stop Gruntilda from firing for 
a moment.  Work your way from corner to corner and free all the Jinjos and 

--"I bet you thought you had me beat/But look, I've landed on my feet"

--Stage 5: Gruntilda's broomstick has been knocked out from under her, so she 
sits at an edge of the tower, flinging the fireballs now as though there's no 
tomorrow (and there isn't for her).  At the end of a segment of fireballs, 
she will fire the homing spell at you.  Avoid fireballs, use Wonderwing.  You 
can't do anything else until the mighty Jinjonator appears.  Around the base 
that he appears on is a hole in each of the four sides.  So avoid the 
fireballs, put up the Wonderwing for the homing spell, and then fire FIVE 
eggs into one of the holes.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  
Lather, rinse, repeat!  Ta-dah!  You've sped through!

--"Poor old Grunty, set to fall/Upon this spell I'll now call"

--Watch as the Jinjonator (with growing success) smashes Gruntilda again and 
again and again until the old bird finally gives, lobs one final spell at you 
which only breaks up the tower, falls to Spiral Mountain, and then has a rock 
(the product of her last spell) smash her further into the ground.  Bet she 
never thought Banjo and Kazooie would have her down and out quite so fast, 

                        IX. The Speedier Speedthrough

S. Mountain
-Learn basic moves from bottles
-Extra honeycomb on tree trunk (^1)
-On top of nearest tree (^2)
-On shelves near waterfall (^3)
-Underwater under bridge to mountain (^4)
-Beak barge four Quarries (^5)
-Rat-a-tat rap Colliwobble in upper field (^6)
-Into Grunty's Lair

G. Lair
-Collect first Jiggy (*1)
-Complete M. Mountain puzzle
-Get into M. Mountain

M. Mountain
-Jinjo on rectangular formation, nearby Mumbo token (1)
-Cross bridge, notes underwater, nearby Jinjo (2)
-Climb hill to huts (Mumbo area), learn beak buster
-Smash two nearest huts, go into termite tower, get Mumbo Token, learn talon 
trot in clearing near Stonehenge structure
-Notes and Jinjo on structure (3)
-Jiggy in center of structure (*1)
-Mumbo token behind structure, down nearby hill toward Conga, grab notes, 
Jinjo on hillside (4)
-Stand on nearest orange block, grab orange on tree, other two orange blocks, 
Jiggy (*2)
-Give orange to Chimpy for Jiggy (*3)
-Up platform, head left, stomp Witch Switch
-Head back to right, learn eggs
-Use them on Conga, Jiggy (*4)
-Back to Mumbo's, stomp two huts, grab Jinjo and their Jiggy (5,*5)
-Eggs into first three Ju-Ju segments, extra honeycomb above (^1)
-Egg into last segment, Jiggy (*6)
-Stomp other huts, Jiggy (*7)
-Mumbo token under ramp to Mumbo's, Jiggy in skull's eye (*8)
-Into Mumbo's, notes, transform, Jiggy atop termite tower (*9)
-Extra honeycomb on slope up from lake (^2)
-Notes and Jiggy on slope down from Mumbo's (*10)

G. Lair
-Jiggy above M. Mountain entrance (*2)
-Save and quit
-Break down 50-note door
-First Brentilda (&1)
-T.T. Cove puzzle
-Into T.T. Cove

T.T. Cove
-Jinjo under exit pier (1)
-Notes on palm trees near Salty Hippo, underwater treasure, notes on rigging, 
Jinjo atop pole (2)
-Learn flight
-Jiggy in Lockup (*1)
-Fly (after going back to ship) up to Jiggy on lighthouse (*2)
-Witch Switch
-Notes on nearby shelf, Jinjo on palm tree (3)
-Down tunnel, back to ship, other treasure (below deck), Blubber's Jiggy (*3)
-Up nearby boxes, learn shock jump
-Fill Leaky, notes on sandcastle, puzzle inside sandcastle, Jiggy (*4)
-Notes in Lockup up path, climb tower, stomp "X", winding path (near ladders) 
over boxes in ocean to Jiggy (*5)
-Back to ladders, climb, underwater Jiggy at summit (*6)
-Jinjo on narrowing land (4)
-Notes in shallow pool (Snippet), stomp next "X", extra honeycomb in water 
-Fight Nipper, get Jiggy (*7)
-Shock jump back to stomping "X"s, shock jump to Jiggy in alcove near shock 
jump pillars (*8)
-Last Jinjo on pillar, their Jiggy (5,*9)
-"Final" "X", final "x", bust Mini-Lockup for Jiggy (*10)
-Extra honeycomb out in sea on box (^2)
-Die and exit

G. Lair
-Jiggy from T.T. Cove Witch Switch (*3)
-Save and quit
-C. Cavern puzzle
-Activate warp cauldron in tunnel/pipe off Click Clock Wood room (water rolls 
from pipe)
-Into C. Cavern

C. Cavern
-Notes on perimeter pipes, Jinjo near honeycomb (1)
-Down entrance tunnel (notes), turn key thrice at bottom of level, notes and 
Jinjo while down there (2)
-Surface, use shock jump just off Clanker's left fin for notes, Mumbo token 
on right, then notes and extra honeycomb (through grating) on left (^1)
-Through note tunnel on floor of level, extra honeycomb in pipe near surface 
-Shock jump to left again for Jinjo through grating (3)
-Jiggy in underwater tunnel directly below (*1)
-Jiggy from Mutie Snippets (*2)
-Shock jump to upper alcoves on Clanker's right, Jinjo in underwater tunnel 
below (4)
-Knock Clanker's tooth out, get Jiggy (*3)
-Notes in mouth, ring challenge, Jiggy (*4)
-Notes in lower entrance/exit tunnel, Jiggy on top of Clanker (*5)
-Jiggy imprisoned near Clanker's tail (*6)
-Notes on pipe below, then Jiggy above Clanker's blowhole (*7)
-Witch Switch inside Clanker's blowhole
-Jiggy at end of sawblades tunnel (*8)
-Fly to room opposite flight pad, learn Wonderwing
-Use to reach Jiggy past fast blades (*9)
-Higher entrance/exit tunnel notes, Jinjo underwater, their Jiggy (5,*10)
-Die and exit

G. Lair
-Switch to raise pipe, Brentilda up there (&2)
-Switch to open grille, B. Swamp puzzle
-Save and quit
-180-note door
-Brentilda in B. Swamp room tunnel on B-K's right (&3)
-Into B. Swamp

B. Swamp
-Learn wading boots

G. Lair
-Use wading boots in tunnel opposite Brentilda to get through tunnel behind 
B. Swamp entrance, break ice boulder, F. Peak puzzle
-Back to B. Swamp

B. Swamp
-Nearest Croctus (1/5), Jinjo on pillar near bridge (1)
-Giant egg's Jiggy (*1)
-Stomp Jiggy switch near upward slope, Croctus (2/5), and Jinjo on way (2)
-Jiggy from switch (*2)
-Golden Flibbits' Jiggy (*3)
-To mud huts, Witch Switch
-Croctus (3/5), Jiggy in last mud hut (*4)
-Notes on giant croc head, wading boots to notes near island with Flibbit, 
Jinjo atop cattail (3)
-Back to island near giant croc, Croctus (4/5), to Tanktup, first two feet, 
Jinjo in water without boots (4)
-Croctus (5/5), Jiggy (*5)
-Last two Tanktup feet, Jiggy (*6)
-Tiptup's memory game Jiggy (*7)
-Extra honeycomb above Tiptup's podium (^1)
-Into maze near giant croc, timed Jiggy about 2/3 through (*8)
-Into Mumbo's, extra honeycomb near ceiling (^2)
-Transform, to Mr. Vile and his game's Jiggy (*9)
-Notes, goodies, Jinjo and their Jiggy in water near mud huts (5, *10)
-Last notes, die and exit

G. Lair
-Into tunnel behind B. Swamp, first Cheato
-Save and quit
-To T.T. Cove puzzle room, stomp raised eyes for C. Cavern Witch Switch Jiggy 
-260-note door
-Shock jump switch behind broken wall, use pad to get B. Swamp Witch Switch 
Jiggy through urn (*5)
-Brentilda on opposite side of base of scarecrow (&4)
-To F. Peak room, break two sets of webbing, activate cauldron
-350-note door
-G. Valley puzzle
-Into F. Peak

F. Peak
-Learn beak bomb

G. Lair
-Brentilda near G. Valley entrance (&5)
-Into G. Valley

G. Valley
-Jinjo on rock island (1)
-To "Concentration" pyramid stairs, notes on near railing, notes at pyramid's 
side, extra honeycomb switch at back, Jinjo in alcove (2)
-Switch at pyramid top, notes on pyramid's front, inside for game and Jiggy 
-Outside, notes on other railing, feed first dog, first two sand pit 
perimeter notes, up sliding sand, use gold feathers to reach Gobi and his 
Jiggy (*2)
-Down sliding sand to third and fourth sand pit notes, feed second dog, fifth 
sand pit note, up sliding sand and around bed to wading boots, use for notes 
around Grabba's land, up sliding sand to learn speed shoes
-Run to speed shoes, use to get in water pyramid for Jiggy (*3)
-Back to speed shoes, Grabba's Jiggy (*4)
-Up sliding sand and down sliding sand for sixth, seventh, and eighth sand 
(now water) pit notes, feed third dog, dive for notes and Jinjo around pool 
bottom (3)
-Last sand pit note, notes on one railing up to central pyramid, through tomb 
and maze to Witch Switch
-Through maze to Jiggy (*5)
-Jinjo in jar near sarcophagus (4)
-Outside, notes on other railing, notes on Jinxy's paw further from you, use 
wade boots at back of Jinxy to reach notes in hot sand, then stomp Gobi to 
get Trunker's Jiggy (*6)
-Nearby speed shoes to Gobi's alcove (near Kazooie target pyramid), stomp 
Gobi for extra honeycomb (^1)
-Notes on Jinxy's near paw, fly through Ancient Ones' rings, get extra 
honeycomb in cactus (^2)
-Beak bomb Kazooie target, notes inside, Histup, Jiggy (*7)
-Onto Jinxy for Ancient Ones' Jiggy (*8)
-Inside Jinxy, nearer corner notes, onto carpet, up to final Jinjo, their 
Jiggy (5,*9)
-Along carpets (feeding dogs) to Jiggy (*10)
-Back corner notes, have Slappa kill you, then exit

G. Lair
-Jiggy from sarcophagus (*6)
-450-note door
-Swim through tunnels, surface, M.M. Mansion puzzle
-Back to F. Peak room, activate cauldron near Grunty's hat (under webbing)
-Brentilda on hat brim (&6)
-To graveyard, Brentilda there (&7)
-Break down gate at rear of graveyard, enter M.M. Mansion

M.M. Mansion
-Counter-clockwise, break gate to cathedral, notes in alcove, Jiggy on Ouija 
board in shed from Tumblar (*1)
-Notes on roof of shed, notes around fountain, Jinjo on pillar in fountain 
-Speed shoes to cathedral, notes on pews, Motzand's Jiggy (*2)
-Fly to Witch Switch (flight pad near organ pipes on left side)
-Run along rafters to extra honeycomb (^1)
-Outside, bust gate to maze, enter cellar, notes at back of room, Jinjo in 
barrel (2)
-Jiggy in barrel (*3)
-Outside, pole to second floor, bust near window, counter-clockwise to next 
note, skip note after that, bust window, grab note at next corner, shock jump 
to next floor and nearest note (slightly clockwise), counter-clockwise to 
near window, inside, shock jump to Jinjo on bed's canopy (3)
-Notes in corner of room, leave, counter-clockwise to two more notes at 
corners, break next window, grab notes inside, outside to last note on third 
floor corner, up to Jinjo on small chimney (4)
-Shock jump on opposite side of roof into chimney, use chairs, get Napper's 
Jiggy (*4)
-Notes on chairs, outside, notes in front of house, into hedge maze, grab 
notes, Jinjo and their Jiggy (5,*5)
-Exit hedge maze to cathedral, clockwise around, eggs into pots, Jiggy (*6)
-Notes on cathedral roof, into aperture near clock, Jiggy on weather vane 
-To Mumbo's, notes, transform, up ramp near labyrinth entrance to near 
window, extra honeycomb in floor (^2)
-Outside, clockwise to other window, into Loggo, get Jiggy (*8)
-Last note on roof corner (skipped earlier), into rain barrel, get Jiggy (*9)
-To well, notes on either side of area, into well, Jiggy (*10)
-Die and exit

G. Lair
-Through gap in back of graveyard where gate was, into shack, transform, bust 
casket, hit switch
-Re-transform, back to G. Valley puzzle room, narrow bridge to Brentilda (&8)
-Through small opening to second Cheato
-Save and quit
-Up to T.T. Cove puzzle room, down tunnel on left to activate cauldron
-Jump into cauldron, head for F. Peak

F. Peak
-Down slope, Twinklies, "On" switch (and notes around tree), to presents, 
notes and Jinjo there (1)
-Fly through star 3 times, kill Sir Slushes in clockwise fashion (starting 
with one on box near gifts), beak bomb snowman's buttons, Jiggy at tip top of 
snowman (*1)
-Notes at perimeter of hat, down, gift on nose (1/3), down, Jiggy in pipe 
-Sled, Boggy's first Jiggy (*3)
-Around snowman's nearer foot, Jiggy between feet (*4)
-Around snowman's other foot, Witch Switch on island
-Fly to Jinjo (flight pad near presents) on snowman's broom (2)
-Notes on scarf, head down, notes on nearby roof, into Mumbo's, notes and 
Jinjo on rafters (3)
-Transform, notes in water between houses outside, extra honeycomb on island 
where Sir Slush was (^1)
-Boggy, race, Boggy's second Jiggy (*5)
-Wozza's Jiggy (*6)
-Into Wozza's, extra honeycomb at end of watery tunnel (^2)
-Notes at edge of land outside Wozza's, to Mumbo's, gift on way (2/3), 
transform, boots back to shore, Jinjo behind far house (4)
-Notes on other house, Boggy, race, Boggy's third and final Jiggy (*7)
-Jinjo in Wozza's cave, their Jiggy (5,*8)
-Notes around Sir Slush box near gifts, Christmas tree, gift (3/3), notes, 
Jiggy (*9)
-To igloo near world entrance/exit, Boggy's kids' Jiggy (*10)

G. Lair
-Up to shock jump just right of F. Peak entrance, flight pad switch, speed 
shoes, fly to Jiggy above F. Peak entrance (*7)
-Repeat process to fly to Jiggy in giant stone Grunty's eye (*8)
-Through uppermost door in F. Peak room, swim through tunnel, surface, break 
Rareware box in corner, hit water switch
-Cauldron along wall, activate
-Jump into cauldron, through (nearby) uppermost door in F. Peak room, surface 
in this room, break grating, up tunnel, hit switch
-Through tunnel to R.B. Bay room, surface, tunnel on right to last Cheato 
-To R.B. Bay puzzle
-To R.B. Bay

R.B. Bay
-Up ramp, portal on left, get notes, leave, notes at stern edge, portal on 
starboard side of stern, notes and hit fan switch, leave, up ladder, bust 
window for notes in sleeping quarters, leave, into engine room, extra 
honeycomb at base of tall ladder in alcove (^1)
-Up cogs, cross pipe, notes, cross piston, switch, through fan blades, notes, 
Jiggy (*1)
-Through fan blades, hit switch, notes across piston, run to Jiggy behind 
ship's propeller (*2)
-Get air back on box, swim through hole in mesh for Jinjo (1)
-Swim back out, notes on metal grating, clockwise, Toll 2, notes on bridge 
between tin roof and land (near dinghy with Jinjo), back to tin roof, bust 
ceiling window, Jiggy in corner (*3)
-Jump to notes on opposite side of room, leave, into anchor hole, notes and 
switch at end of hall, back out, Snorkel's Jiggy (*4)
-Through mesh to Jinjo on dinghy (2)
-In corner, underwater hole, stomp honeycomb switch, fly to extra honeycomb 
-Leave, exit through mesh, climb nearby ladder (slightly clockwise), notes 
and Jinjo in battery acid (3)
-Clockwise to shock jump, notes on netting, hit "up" button, climb ladder, 
cross crane, jump down to uncaged Jiggy (*5)
-Window on starboard side, smash, notes, Jiggy in closet (*6)
-Leave, down near portal, notes around perimeter, leave, smash window near 
Grimlet (port side), get notes, leave, up to whistles, note, 312-111, Jiggy 
-Note on other side of whistles, mount ladders and cross bridges to Jiggy in 
smokestack (*8)
-Notes near base of funnels, jump on boxes to rope holding up TNT box, climb, 
down to crane buttons, hit "down" button, grab notes on netting, Toll 6 
(slightly counter-clockswise), enter middle blue box through hole in top, 
Jinjo in blind corner (4)
-Leave, left box, notes, leave, right box, notes, leave, Toll 8, last Jinjo 
and their Jiggy (5,*9)
-Shock jump back up to crane, double jump to Witch Switch from crane's edge
-Enter hold from TNT explosion, use egg trick on Boss Boom Box, grab Jiggy 
-Die and exit

G. Lair
-Jiggy in Wood/Bay connector (*9)
-640-note door
-Down Whipcrack tunnel, up leaves, clockwise, stomp Jiggy switch
-Brentilda below (&9)
-Down hidden tunnel to activate cauldron
-Jump in cauldron, head out tunnel, swim through tunnel at bottom of 
waterfall, C.C. Wood puzzle
-Brentilda (&10)
-Back to T.T. Cove

T.T. Cove
-Fill Leaky and enter codes

G. Lair
-Back to recent warp cauldron, head to C.C. Wood

C.C. Wood
-Spring door switch
-Notes outside spring door, enter spring
-Onto leaf buds, counter-clockwise, notes between entrance field/lake and 
between lake/garden, down into garden, notes inside fence, five eggs in hole, 
up to between Mumbo's/garden, notes there, notes near climbing point, climb 
to summer switch, stomp
-Climb to Eyrie's nest, free him, jump down to exit, leave
-Into summer
-Jinjo in tall grass on left (1)
-Notes on leaves, break Gnawty's boulder, grab notes in his tunnel, further 
counter-clockwise to autumn switch
-Up slope between entrance field/lake, counter-clockwise into garden, smack 
Gobi, to outcropping between Mumbo's/garden, to climbing point, reach 
beehive, get inside, dispatch Zubbas for Jiggy (*1)
-Climb further, use leaves to reach Jiggy on shelf below treehouse walkway 
-Climb back up leaves, notes near treehouse, notes near Nabnut's, 
caterpillars to Eyrie, down (ouch) to exit
-Into autumn
-Clockwise around tree, into Mumbo's for notes, clockwise around tree till 
outcropping between garden/lake, descend to garden, notes near frence, Jinjo 
on leaf pile (2)
-Hit Gobi, Snarebear with notes across from garden, back to circling tree 
till entrance/lake outcropping, dive, into Gnawty's, notes, Jiggy (*3)
-Around tree to climbing point, Snarebear's notes, climb, in beehive for 
notes, Jiggy on flower below beehive (*4)
-Counter-clockwise to climb, reach treehouse, Jiggy inside (*5)
-To Nabnut's, acorns, notes in house, Jiggy (*6)
-Climb more, hit winter switch
-Eyries, ten caterpillars, notes around nest, down to exit
-Into winter
-Flight pad near Mumbo's (clockwise) to Jinjo on Mumbo's roof (3)
-Kill Sir Slush directly above Mumbo flight pad, Sir Slush higher and 
counter-clockwise, Sir Slush on small shelf immediately below last Slush 
(Jiggy resided there in summer) near Witch Switch, hit Witch Switch
-To flight pad on lad mass in frozen lake, fly counter-clockwise to notes on 
thin branches, flutter down to flight pad near Mumbo's, use to reach 
treehouse (clockwise), jump up and collect notes on roof, along walkway to 
Nabnut's, notes on wood circle, flight pad to isolated window above Nabnut's, 
inside for extra honeycomb (^1)
-Climb to Eyrie, get his Jiggy (*7)
-Up wooden slats (last notes), into Whipcrack room for Jiggy (*8)
-Fall straight down outside, through hole in ice, swim clockwise to Gnawty's, 
extra honeycomb (^2)
-Swim out, to exit (clockwise)
-Into spring
-Leaf buds, to Mumbo's, transform, fly clockwise to beehive, Jinjo inside (4)
-Straight above to Jinjo in Snarebear near Whipcrack room, their Jiggy (5,*9)
-Higher and counter-clockwise to Jiggy in Snarebear at top of level (*10)
-Jump out toward world's edge, exit

G. Lair
-Fly to last Jiggy above Whipcrack tunnel (*10)
-765-note door
-Step on Tooty Pad

G. Furnace Fun
-Cauldron behind you
-Beat Furnace Fun, watch credits
-Into tunnel on right

G. Domain
-Warp cauldron at top of stairs
-810-note door
-Grunty puzzle
-Counter-clockwise to 846-note door
-Red feather refill
-882-note door
-Double energy bonus
-864-note door
-Gold feather refill
-828-note door
-Egg refill
-Into Dingpot

Final Battle
-Beat Grunty (did you expect more in a summarized speedthrough?)

                 X. A Note on a Quicker Way to Speed Through

I want to make it clear that the fastest way to go through the game (having 
collected all the objects) is not to exactly follow the directions above.  
Rather, it entails skipping all of the Cheatos and a couple of the cauldrons.  
I just wrote the speedthrough that way because I am rather a completist, but 
I'm also working on getting the world record time for the game which involves 
not doing some of the more out-of-the-way business.  Below are the things you 
should do differently to achieve the quickest time possible and a couple of 
hints about it as well.

--Don't bother to learn the wading boots and leave Bubblegloop Swamp (and 
thence reach the Freezeezy Peak puzzle).  Rather, enter Bubblegloop Swamp, 
learn the wading boots and then proceed through the level as you would 
normally.  Once you have gathered all the notes and Jiggies, die (as the 
crocodile obviously) and clamber back to the Freezeezy Peak puzzle area as 
the crocodile.  Once you have completed the puzzle, save and quit.  You have 
avoided wasting all the time of going back to get the wading boots to go to 
the F. Peak puzzle area to break the ice boulder as in the normally written 
speedthrough.  Since you aren't going to get Cheato, you don't have to worry 
about the ice boulder and can just complete the puzzle as the crocodile.

--Right after you hit the Water Level 1 switch (just after having transformed 
from pumpkin to Banjo-Kazooie), save and quit.  You will skip one Brentilda 
(over the narrow bridge in the Gobi's Valley Puzzle room) for having done 
this, but you've saved quite a number of minutes since you're not going for 
the Cheatos and don't have to bother re-transforming, traversing the whole 
graveyard again, crossing the bridge, talking to Brentilda, and going to 

--After hitting the Water Level 2 switch, simply go to the Rusty Bucket Bay 
puzzle, and then into Rusty Bucket Bay.  The whole question of optimum routes 
around getting Cheato is thus circumvented.  Also don't bother activating the 
warp cauldron near the Water Level 2 switch.

--Don't activate the cauldron near the beginning of Grunty's Furnace Fun or 
the one in Grunty's Domain (if you can avoid that one).

--Otherwise, the game is played exactly as it is written in the normal 
speedthrough.  There are differences however.  Click Clock Wood is probably 
going to prove slightly more challenging if you take the quicker, less 
complete route.  Normally, going into Click Clock Wood, you would have just 
entered Cheato's spells and be loaded with goodies.  You will probably be 
quite low on eggs, red feathers, and gold feathers in the faster method.  If 
it seems worthwhile, gather a few more of these objects around various levels 
(especially in high concentrations such as the eggs and red feathers in the 
Christmas tree, and that bonus room in Mad Monster Mansion behind the B-K 
stained glass window could be worthwhile).  This can be especially annoying 
concerning gold feathers, where getting into Snarebears and efficiently 
beating the Zubbas come into play.  Use items sparingly, and don't hesitate 
to go slightly out of your way to collect a few if it seems necessary.  
You'll be down on bended knee thanking Bottles for his initial donation.  
Also, Grunty's Furnace Fun changes slightly since you will probably be low on 
gold feathers and may have to fight the Zubbas on the challenge squares.  
Good luck.

                                XI. Time goals

Spiral Mountain-Goal: under 2:30, my best: 2:22
Mumbo's Mountain-Goal: under 7:30, my best: 7:13
Treasure Trove Cove-Goal: under 12:00, my best: 11:23 (before Cheato codes)
Clanker's Cavern-Goal: under 15:00, my best: 13:47

                              XII. Copyright, etc.

This FAQ copyright yours truly--2003 Uilnslcoap.

Banjo-Kazooie game by Rare, trademark Rare, produced by Nintendo, copyright 
Rare TM, etc.

For now, ask me if you'd like to use this guide in some other forum and I'll 
work it out on a case-by-case basis. (3/11/2003)  Please go easy on me as 
this is my first FAQ.

In my system for outlining levels, I use the tactic Marshmallow used in his 
FAQ for delineating the number of Jiggies and Jinjos you should have 
collected up to a given point (e.g. (*4), for Jiggies, e.g. (2) for Jinjos).  
It seemed like a good system, so I utilized bits of it (even added (^1) for 
extra honeycomb pieces and another (&2) for Brentildas).  I hope he'll 
forgive me.  Thanks, Marshmallow.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders (thank you cut and paste!).

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