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Guide and Walkthrough by King Kool

Version: 1.13 | Updated: 08/10/2007

Banjo-Kazooie FAQ/Walkthrough

By King Kool

Table of Contents

   1.  Legal Notice
   2.  Version Information
   3.  Gameplay Overview
         3:1 - Controls
         3:2 - Items
               3:2:1 - Quest Items
               3:2:2 - Other Items
         3:3 - Transformations
         3:4 - Main Characters
         3:5 - Opening Cinema
   4.  Spiral Mountain
   5.  Gruntilda's Lair
         5:1 - Starting Out
         5:2 - After Mumbo's Mountain
         5:3 - After Treasure Trove Cove
         5:4 - After Clanker's Cavern
         5:5 - After Bubblegloop Swamp
         5:6 - After Freezeezy Peak
         5:7 - After Gobi's Valley
         5:8 - After Mad Monster Mansion
         5:9 - After Rusty Bucket Bay
        5:10 - After Click Clock Wood
        5:11 - Grunty's Lair Mumbo Token Locations
   6.  Mumbo's Mountain
   7.  Treasure Trove Cove
   8.  Clanker's Cavern
   9.  Bubblegloop Swamp
  10.  Gobi's Valley
  11.  Freezeezy Peak
  12.  Mad Monster Mansion
  13.  Rusty Bucket Bay
  14.  Click Clock Wood
  15.  Grunty's Furnace Fun!
       15:1 - Mumbo's Mountain Questions
       15:2 - Treasure Trove Cove Questions
       15:3 - Clanker's Cavern Questions
       15:4 - Bubblegloop Swamp Questions
       15:5 - Freezeezy Peak Questions
       15:6 - Gobi's Valley Questions
       15:7 - Mad Monster Mansion Questions
       15:8 - Rusty Bucket Bay Questions
       15:9 - Click Clock Wood Questions
      15:10 - Other General Questions
      15:11 - All Other Square Hints
  16.  Endgame - Life After Grunty's Furnace Fun
  17.  Happily Ever After...
  18.  Secrets
      18:1 - Bottle's Puzzle Fun
      18:2 - Cheat Codes
      18:3 - Debug Codes
  19. Epilogue
  20. Special Thanks

                      CHAPTER 1: LEGAL NOTICE
This FAQ was written by and is the property of Jeff Hibbert, also
known as, and hereinafter called "King Kool." It is written solely
for use at GameFAQs.com. With the exception of private and
nondistributive use, it is not meant to be reprinted, copied, stolen,
or published, either in part or as a whole, with the author credited
or not, whether for profit or not, under any circumstance whatsoever.
Not reading this notice is not an excuse, either.

This FAQ is not up for sale, and the exclusivity is not up for
debate. I do not accept email offers from websites offering to host
my FAQs. I've observed many other websites, and none have compared
favorably to GameFAQs. I am not interested in any other websites at
this time, and bribes do not convince me of the reverse.

Should the time come that I want my FAQ on a website other than
GameFAQs.com, I'll be the one to offer it, should they want it. This
means no other website will be getting my FAQs unless I want the
site to host them. Therefore, writing me asking for them is useless,
and wastes my time. If a website possesses the disrespect to disavow
this plea, it will be immediately disqualified from EVER being
allowed to host my FAQs.

In less words: don't call me, I'll call you.

All other correspondence IS more than welcome. Believe it or not, I'm
a nice guy, but the actions of certain Internet denizens requires me
to be Draconian at times. For reports of misuse, questions,
corrections, comments, concerns, fanmail, hatemail, please contact
King Kool at:


                    CHAPTER 2: VERSION INFORMATION

Version 1.00: The first time this FAQ was contributed.

Version 1.10: The first update (Spring Cleaning). 3/2/03

Version 1.11: A small update. 8/11/03

Version 1.12: Email change, and a few minor changes. 1/11/07

Version 1.13: Small corrections. 8/10/07
                    CHAPTER 3: GAMEPLAY OVERVIEW

3:1 - Controls

Although a majority of the moves you'll need to beat the game
need to be earned, I'm listing them all here. Not all of them will
be available at the beginning of the game. Where they are
found is listed in the level strategy.

Control Stick - Walk/Run
   ...While in First Person View - Look
A - Jump
   ...while in the air - Flutter
   ...while crouching - Backflip
   ...while on a shock pad - Super Shock Jump
   ...while on a flying pad - Take Flight
   ...while flying - Ascend
   ...while on a Jiggy Icon - Place a Jiggy into a painting
B (while standing or slowly walking) - Paw swipe
   ...while running - Roll
   ...while in the air - Rat-a-tat Rap
   ...while crouching - Beak Barge
   ...while flying - Beak Bomb
   ...while on a Jiggy Icon - Step off the Icon
Z - Crouch
   ...while in the air - Beak Bomb
   ...while on a Jiggy Icon - Place all available jiggies into the
C-Up - First Person View
   ...while crouching - Fire eggs forward
C-Left - Pan the camera left
   ...while crouching - Talon Trot
C-Right - Pan the camera right
   ...while crouching - Wonderwing
C-Down - Adjust camera zoom
   ...while crouching - Fire eggs backwards
   ...while on a Jiggy Icon - Remove a jiggy from the painting
R Button - Hold to keep camera behind Banjo

3:2 - Items

There's a lot of stuff all over this crazy bear-wear-bird world.
Here's some of the stuff you'll find.

3:2:1 - Quest Items

Jigsaw Piece - The object of your quest. Gruntilda's lair is filled
with incomplete paintings. The paintings have had jigsaws
removed from them, and thusly, their access cut off. The only
way to get through them is to recomplete the paintings to get
the worlds back open.

Musical Notes - Grunty has powerful musical magicks. She
has raised several Note Doors throughout the lair. The only
way you can beat the spell is to collect the amount of notes
shown on the door. However, Grunty's spells don't allow you to
leave any level with notes, and they get returned to where they
were once you die or leave a level.

Even so, the notes you collect count towards your Note Score.
Your note score is the total of the most amount of notes you've
collected in all of the worlds. If your note score is higher than
the number on the note door, you'll break the spell and
continue on.

Also, there are no notes in Grunty's Lair or Spiral Mountain.

Jinjos - Yeah, so they're not really ITEMS, but they don't really
do anything other than stand there and wait for daddy Banjo to
pick them up. So, in the item section they go. Gruntilda has
imprisoned five Jinjos in each level. You need to collect all five
of them to get a Jiggy. Like notes, they can't leave the level
with you and there are none in Grunty's Lair or Spiral

Level Based Quest Items- There are lots of other types of
items you'll have to snag in order to get the Jiggies. From
oranges to gold to presents to caterpillars, all these other items
will lead to Jiggies or other goodies.

3:2:2 - Other Items

Honeycomb Energy - Bears looooooove the honey. Maybe it's
a stereotype; maybe Banjo has no interest in honey. Maybe he
prefers to get his life bar filled with some baked beans on
toast. But all there is to be had is honey. Honey usually
appears from defeated enemies or from beehives around the
world. Honeycomb doesn't disappear, so if you don't need it,
leave it and grab it when you do.

Blue Eggs - Once Kazooie learns how, she can use these as
ammo for her Forward and backwards egg attacks. These are
scattered around all over, and you can hold 100 of them at

Red Feathers - Once she learns how, Kazooie uses these to
fly. Pressing A while flying makes Kazooie flap her wings and
ascend a bit. Pressing B will make Kazooie dash forward in the
Beak Bomb. You'll learn this move later. You can hold 50
feathers at once.

Gold Feathers - These rare finds power Kazooie's Wonderwing
move. These are expended quickly as you hold the move, and
you can only hold ten of them.

Extra Life - A statue of Banjo in a Herculean pose, this statue
will grant you an extra chance after you've expended all your
life. Duh. These aren't around too many places, so grab them
where you can.

Extra Honeycomb Piece - An empty honeycomb, this very rare
item is one-sixth of an augmentation of your life bar. Find six,
and you'll get an extra bit o'honey on the end of your lifebar.
There are only two in each level, six in Bottle's training, and
none in Gruntilda's Lair.

3:3 - Transformations


There are six voodoo spells you can get from Mumbo throughout the
game. All of them have complete freedom to explore their native
levels, but the magic wanes once you return to Grunty's Lair.
They're listed here, but if you wanna be surprised, don't read
about them here.

Transformation #1: Termite
Location: Mumbo's Mountain
Cost: 5 Mumbo Tokens
Pros: Can climb extremely steep inclines, water has no clout against
him, takes no damage from falls.
Cons: No attack, can't climb trees.
Limit: Not far from the Mumbo's Mountain entrance.

Transformation #2: Crocodile
Location: Bubblegloop Swamp
Cost: 10 Mumbo Tokens
Pros: Piranha infested water won't hurt you, gain access to smaller
areas, the only transformation with an attack (The Yumbly-Chompy
Snap), won't be hurt in falls, can use Speed Shoes (in Mr. Vile).
Cons: Cannot climb, fly, or use Shock Pads.
Limit: Just before the exit to the Swampy Grunty statue.

Transformation #3: Walrus
Location: Freezeezy Peak
Cost: 15 Mumbo Tokens
Pros: Frosty water doesn't affect him, uninjured in falls, befriended
by other walruses.
Cons: Can't attack, fly, or jump high.
Limit: The archway just before Freezeezy Peak's entrance.

Transformation #4: Pumpkin
Location: Mad Monster Mansion
Cost: 20 Mumbo Tokens
Pros: Fits in small spaces, unaffected by toxic waters, long falls,
and ever so cute! Makes good pie...
Cons: Can't attack, climb, or use Shock Pads or speed shoes.
Limit: Just beyond the Gobi's Valley painting.

Transformation #5: Bumblebee
Location: Click Clock Wood
Cost: 25 Mumbo Tokens
Pros: Free flight, unaffected by falls or briar, plants will not attack
Cons: Cannot swim, attack, etc. You know the drill.
Limit: Anywhere outside the CCW-looking parts of Grunty's lair.

Secret Transformation: Washing Machine
Location: Treasure Trove Cove
Cost: None - Needs activation in Bottles' Puzzle Game.
Pros: Retains almost all of Banjo's moves, unaffected by all varieties
of hurting waters.
Cons: Cannot use running shoes.
Limit: None; has free range to all levels.

3:4 - Main Characters

Banjo - A lazy honeybear, but smarter than the average bear.
He's the main walking force in the game, with Kazooie living in
his backpack. While he prefers a nap to an adventure any day,
he'll always come to the task. He's the character you'll be
seeing the most of, so get used to him.

Kazooie - A Breegull who found Kazooie some time back and
took a permanent nest in his backpack, Kazooie's more mouth
than muscle. But most attacks and fancy maneuvers come to
Banjo courtesy of the feathers. Banjo and Kazooie are both
halves to the character you play throughout the game.

Gruntilda - Your main opponent is a powerful Wiccan
sorceress. She wishes to be the loveliest person in the world,
but is bested by Banjo's sister, Tooty. To fix this problem,
Gruntilda has kidnapped Tooty and had a machine constructed
to have Tooty's beauty infused in her, and make Tooty as
repulsive as Grunty is now. Needless to say, she must be
stopped. Tooty'd never forgive you.

Bottles - A kind mole with gigantic glasses. While sight isn't his
strongest point, he has an arsenal of moves which he teaches
Banjo and Kazooie throughout the adventure. His molehills are
all around the world. Find the molehills to have Bottles teach
you the moves. He's quite a philanthropist, isn't he?

Mumbo Jumbo - Gruntilda's original teacher of the black arts,
she's since betrayed him and locked his face in a stony mask.
He hangs in many of the levels and will perform voodoo for
you if you return his Mumbo Tokens that Gruntilda has

Brentilda - Gruntilda's nicer sister, her kind demeanor makes
her more of a fairy godmother than a witch. She detests her
sister and hopes to help defeat her. She'll tell you all of
Gruntilda's disgusting secrets, ensuring they hold a key to her

Tooty - The damsel-in-distress of sorts, and Banjo's little sister.
She's been kidnapped by the evil Gruntilda in order to steal her
looks. You won't see much of her, but she's the prize for your

3:5 - Opening Cinema

The camera creeps up a spiral staircase and a massive door
with an ugly doorknocker leads to even greater ugliness; the
powerful witch Gruntilda stands over a bubbling cauldron. She
asks the cauldron who the loveliest person in the world, a la
"Sleeping Beauty." The cauldron first says Gruntilda is, but
senses a greater beauty somewhere nearby.

It is Tooty, a kind and lovely visage, surpassing Grunty in
beauty of mind and body. Grunty is obviously dissatisfied, and
takes to her broom to remedy the situation. She may not
realize even if she looks like Marilyn Monroe on the outside,
she'll look like Marilyn Manson on the inside. But, that's
another story...

Tooty was playing in the yard of her big brother, Banjo. She
met with Bottles the mole, a friend. Tooty's waiting for her
brother to wake, so they can go on an adventure. Banjo's best
friend, Kazooie, also waits for Banjo to rise. She wants to
adventure as well.

The presbyopic mole looks to the sky, the muddy and dour
patch which holds the entrance to Gruntilda's Lair. His weak
eyes catch a view of something in the sky. "Is that your
brother?" Points the mole. Tooty looks up. "I don't think so...
what is that?"

A cackle filled with selfish glee breaks through the sky,
freezing Tooty in place. It's Gruntilda, sailing on her
broomstick. She grabs the petrified Tooty and hauls her off to
her lair.

Kazooie hears the struggle and screeches for Banjo to wake
the hell up. The lazy honeybear finally stirs, unaware of the
trouble at hand. He remembers something about taking his
sister on an adventure. But Kazooie quickly fills him in as he
puts on his backpack and walks outside.

They have no idea what kind of an adventure THIS will be...

                     CHAPTER 4: SPIRAL MOUNTAIN

When you begin this level, you'll be leaving your house. Bottles
the mole will come up from his molehill and explain what has
happened. He says that Tooty has been kidnapped by the evil
Gruntilda. Banjo and Kazooie want to chase her, but Bottles
asks if they think they need training. Gruntilda would clobber
any fat bear or big-mouth bird if they didn't have some moves
to back them up.

If you choose to have him train you, you have to go all around
Spiral Mountain acquiring your most basic moves before
Bottles will repair the bridge letting you go up to Grunty's Lair.
If not, you can proceed right into Gruntilda's lair. There are six
Honeycomb pieces to grab, so you might want to do the
training for this reason. This FAQ will follow the training Bottles
will give you for completion's sake.

Continue down the path until you reach a molehill a little to the
left. Bottles will pop out and explain camera controls. C-Left
and C-Right move the camera left and right. C-Up brings the
camera to a Banjo's-eye-view, and C-Down switches zooms
between close, far and very far.

You could go right or left, but the more logical path is left.
Head left down the path. Off to the left should be some tree
stumps. In front of them sits a molehill. Bottles will come out
and teach you about jumping. Press A and hold it to jump a
good height. if you hit A, release and  press and hold it again,
Kazooie will flap her wings to extend the horizontal distance
Banjo flies. Hold Z, then press A, and Kazooie will flap her
wings and help Banjo do a mighty backflip.

Honeycomb Piece: On the stump furthest to the right and the
back, you can backflip onto the stump and grab the
Honeycomb piece. It's one-sixth of an additional life piece.

Continue left down the path. There's another molehill to the
right of the path, near where the path sink into the water. Talk
to him, and he'll explain swimming. While swimming on the
surface of the water, the Control Stick will move you along the
surface of the water. Press B and you'll submerge. While
swimming underwater, the Control stick points yourself in the
direction you want. The A button will lightly propel the duo with
Banjo's feet. The B button will have Kazooie use her wings to
send them through the water must faster. It's kinda clunky, but
it's better than nothing.

Neither birds or bears are aquatic creatures, so they both have
to come up to breathe eventually. You have six Oxygen
bubbles, and if you run out, you'll drown, regardless of how
much honeycomb you have.

Honeycomb Piece: If you swim under the water around Spiral
Mountain and reach the bridge up to the mountain, you'll find
an alcove under the bridge. It contains a honeycomb piece.

Honeycomb Piece: Go towards the bridge, but go against the
wall. There should be some cliffs not far from the waterfall.
Leap along them, and they lead to another Honeycomb Piece.

Cross the bridge running across the river. There should be a
molehill not far from a tree. From this one, Bottle will teach you
how to climb. Simply jump into something you can get a grip
on and use the stick to control height and heading. You can
climb all the trees in this area, and lots of other things in this

Honeycomb Piece: Back over the bridge, climb the tree nearest
the molehill where Bottles teaches you how to swim. A
Honeycomb Piece sits at the top of it.

Keep walking down. On the left, there should be a big alcove
with a molehill and four rocks called Quarries. Here, Bottles
teaches Kazooie the Beak-Barge. Hold Z and press B. This
can be used ion opponents, and it can be used to hit

Honeycomb Piece: After the fourth Quarry is destroyed, the
Honeycomb Piece will spring from its remains.

Continue around. Walk up the hill to the farm plateau. Talk to
Bottles and he'll teach you the Paw Swat, (press B while not
moving or WALKING), the Roll (Press B while RUNNING), and
the Rat-A-Tat Rap (Hit B while in the air). Bottles will summon
some vegetable enemies to practice on, but they're mostly
harmless. The ones you will meet on the map after this
exercise won't be.

Honeycomb Piece: After defeating the last Colliwobble, he'll
give up the last Honeycomb Piece.

With all the training done, you can now ascend Spiral
Mountain and talk to Bottles at the apex. He has fixed the
bridge, so you can now continue on into Gruntilda's Lair and
fight the witch. You'll make her sorry she ever touched your

                     CHAPTER 5: GRUNTILDA'S LAIR

5:1 - Starting Out

When you first enter Gruntilda's Lair, there's not much action to
take in. Forward and to the left, there's and uphill slant you
can't ascend. Also, to the right of the entrance is a small
mountain with a door in it's base. Bottles will explain, when you
walk up to it, that you need to find the painting that matches
that world to get the door open. That painting is off to the right
of the small mountain.

You can stand on the jigsaw piece icon near the painting, and
it will switch to first-person-view. If you didn't notice, the picture
is missing a piece. Bottles will tell you need to find jigsaw
pieces to fill up the painting. Since you don't have any, Bottles
will tell you there was one near the entrance.

Back toward the left of the entrance, there's a few stone
platforms. Jump up them and the jigsaw piece resting at the
top is all yours.

Return to the painting and place the piece in by pressing A. If
you want to go back, press B. But, there's nothing else to do,
so you kinda gotta put it in. Once the painting is complete, the
door to Mumbo's Mountain will open. Grunty will grumble
something about it being too easy, but there's still much more
to get through.

Go through the door to Mumbo's Mountain!

5:2 - After Mumbo's Mountain...

If you hit the witch switch inside Mumbo's Mountain and leave
the level as a termite, you can climb the mountain (it might
take some jumping) and snatch that jiggy.

If you are a termite, you can't leave that hallway to the
entrance room as a termite. Mumbo's Magic can't go that far. If
you must continue, the magic will wear off and you'll be
retransformed into the bear and bird.

There's a slope towards the front of the first entrance room
that you can Talon Trot up. If you didn't get that move, head
back to Mumbo's Mountain and grab it. At the top of the incline
is a locked door with a note on it and the number "50." Bottles
emerges from a molehill to explain Grunty locked them with
her magic. While you can't take the notes out of the level, if
your highest note score is higher than the number on the door,
the door will dissolve.

If you got at least 50 notes from Mumbo's Mountain, the door
will dissolve and Banjo and Kazooie will do their "progress-no-
longer-impeded" dance.

There are four things you can do in this room. There's a
painting on the floor showing a beachy landscape. Leave this
alone for now. Right near there is Brentilda, a fairy-godmother
of sorts. She's Gruntilda's sister and doesn't much like her.
She'll tell you some disgusting tidbits of her personal history.
These will come in handy.

Going counter-clockwise, there's a walkway leading up to
another room, but we'll head there later. Further counter-
clockwise is a green pad with Kazooie's claw on it. Stand on it,
and Bottles will tell you it's Kazooie's Shock Jump Disc. We
need to find his molehill before we can use it.

Further counterclockwise is a set of stairs. Below them is a
sleeping cauldron. Approach it to wake it up. The cauldron tells
you if you find one of the same color, they'll act as shortcuts
between each other. It won't do much good as of now,
however. Just leave it for now.

Return to the beachy painting. There are only two pieces
missing from it, so go ahead and stand on it. Bottles will tell
you one more thing about jiggies. For paintings with more than
one piece missing, you can pick up pieces that you've put
down with the C-Down button. But if you complete the painting,
the pieces are there forever. So watch out.

Walk up the path to the next room. There are two pipes
against one wall, one on top of the other. In the far corner,
there's a note door which needs 180 notes (which you don't
Down on the lower platform is a doorway which leads to the
next level. Under the water and through the passageway is a
very very empty painting. Among the trees on both sides is
Brentilda and a Mumbo token.

There's nothing else to do here for a very very long time, so
go down the stairs on the lower platform. Inside are some
cannons and sand and the like. But, most importantly, there's
the open treasure chest. What lurks inside for you two? Let's
find out.

5:3 - After Treasure Trove Cove...

If you hit the Witch Switch, climb the one extended cannon on
that side of the room. Defeat the minion and snatch that Jiggy.

Leave this room out the door you entered to get here before.
You may have enough notes to break that door, but that's not
where you want to go right now. Return to the room with the
Treasure Trove Cove painting in it. Remember that spring pad
you couldn't use before. Spring on it now, and you'll land
before the next painting, a rusty and ugly world.

When placing your pieces in this painting, Bottles will mention
that you can put in all your available jiggies into the painting by
pressing Z. Put five puzzle pieces into the painting and watch
as Clanker's Cavern becomes open to you!

Clanker's Cavern is through the pipe above the pipe where the
water is coming through (and an evil face.) Travel through the
correct pipe and enter the room. The water is harmless, but
you can't jump high enough to get out of it. Not to fear. On the
left side of that cavern there is a subsidence in the floor. It has
a stompable switch. The switch raises two platforms which you
can jump across to get to the entrance with. You might notice
the switch on that side, but we'll deal with that later. Onward to
Clanker's cavern!

5:4 - After Clanker's Cavern...

Now that you're all through with Clanker's Cavern, let's now
stomp that switch near the entrance. It raises that column so
you can hop onto the big fat pipe. Kill the sludge slug, and talk
to Brentilda for all her sister's dirty secrets. At the end of the
pipe is another stompin' switch. And what do bears and birds
do with stompin' switches?! Pretty much what you'd expect.

That switch opens a grate near the bottom of the nearby wall.
Swim through it, and there be your next painting. It's missing
quite a number of puzzle pieces, too. Place seven pieces in
there, and your next world, Bubblegloop Swamp, will be open
to you.

Before you go that 180-note door, if you hit the Witch Switch
return to the room where you unlocked Clanker's Cavern.
Stomp on the two raised eyes and snag that jiggy! Oh, yeah!

How, head through the 180-note door, which you should be
able to conquer now. In the next room is a giant Grunty statue
wit a locked Jiggy. To the right of it is a 260-note door. Don't
break it just yet. To the left of the statue is where you need to

In this next room, there are three places to head. To the right
is a short pipe with Brentilda in it. Learn all of those naught
fetishes of Grunty, then continue. In the opposite pipe are a
pair of boots, but they refuse to let you stick your feet in them
until Bottles explains them to you.

The final way to go is straight, so walk across the bridge and
into Bubblegloop Swamp!

5:5 - After Bubblegloop Swamp...

After leaving Bubblegloop Swamp, return to the pipe with the
Wading Boots in them. Wear them past the entrance to the
swamp, and through the narrow pipe against the back wall.
Just before the boots run out, you'll run into a snowy place. Up
the slant is a ice boulder blocking something. Beak-bust it, and
you'll break it. But the entrance is too narrow for you to fit
through. We'll deal with it later.

Also near is a puzzle missing eight pieces. You should have at
least that many. Finish the painting to open the next level:
Freezeezy Peak!

But before you head there, return to Bubblegloop and
retransform into a crocodile. Now try walking through that tiny
pipe. Snake through the pipe, and you'll find yourself staring
into the face of Cheato, Gruntilda's lost spell book. Cheato
knows many cheats for you to use. This Cheato tells you the
code "BLUEEGGS." You enter it in the Treasure Trove Cove
Sandcastle floor. It will give you two hundred eggs, and
increase your maximum to 200.

Return to the room with the giant sculpture of Grunty and take
down the 260-note door. In the next room, there's an urn in the
center and two brick walls blocking two doors. They're no
match for most of your attacks, however. One leads you to a
pair of boots (which you'll need later) and the other one has a
Beak-Bustable switch. It activates a spinning Shock Jump Pad.
Use it to leap into the urn in the center of the room. If you hit
the Witch Switch, you'll fall right into the statue and get the
Jiggy locked inside.

Continue back into the urn room, and up the stairs in that
room. In here there in another picture of Grunty, built into a
tree. Her mouth is a 350-note-door. Don't break it just yet. You
don't need to.

This is the first encounter with a new breed of pain - the
protected beehive! Now, the beehives have bees around them!
Break the hive, and they will chase you. You can usually
outrun them, but you could also Wonderwing them, if you
wanna show them who's boss.

Also in this room, in several instances, are massive cobwebs.
They block you from getting the second red cauldron (off to the
left), a small subsidence in the floor (which will come in handy
later), and the first blue cauldron. To get to the blue cauldron,
walk for to the right, but not through the icy cavern. Turn
around and walk up the slope. Continue past the note door (I
guarantee you cannot break THIS one.) and continue to
the cobwebbed pit. To get rid of the cobwebs, hit them with
three eggs.

With the cobwebs cleared, walk back down the icy cavern and
enter the winter wonderland that is Freezeezy Peak!

5:6 - After Freezeezy Peak...

Head out of Freezeezy Peak and into the note door in Grunty's
statue's mouth. Walk down the way and see the deserty
painting. There are nine pieces missing from it, so go ahead
and plop 'em in there.

You can't do this bit until you know how to use the Running
shoes, but this is the best place for it, I feel.

If you hit the Witch Switch, you saw the Jiggy appear so high
in the sky. You can't reach it with traditional methods, however.
There's something else you need to do.

Use the shock pad on the right of the door into Freezeezy
Peak. Now run all the way to the left. Stomp on that switch,
and a flying pad will appear in the small pit in the floor. If you
didn't get rid of the cobwebs, you better do that now.

You only have 12 seconds to get to that pad, so grab those
shoes and run your butt off. The shoes should run out before
the pad will break. Get into the air before the pad breaks, else
you'll have to do all that again.

While in the air, turn back around the way you came, but float
up to the tunnel above the one you went through. Make sure
not to land, and when you reach the end, float up to the
highest open door. Sitting on a flying pad is the Jiggy.

In the original urn room, the broken brick wall closest to the
entrance to Gobi's Valley holds wading boots, use them and
hop up the stairs and across the hot sand into Gobi's Valley.

5:7 - After Gobi's Valley...

Right in that urn room, if you hit the witch switch, you can use
the Shock Jump Pad to take the Jiggy entombed in the
sarcophagus. It's not too hard.

Now, with your notes, you should be able to topple the 450-
note door and proceed through. From this room, you can see a
lot of tunnels and stuff to do high above, but only one place to
go that you can reach; the tunnel on the left. Swim on through.

From this large room, you can see lots of stuff as well, but
there's still only one thing accessible: a pipe on the far left of
the room. From the next room, swim through the pipe and
directly forward. Hop into the alcove, then leap out a bit and
flap back into the next one, and continue until you reach a very
creepy painting. Fill it with ten jiggies and your access to the
Mad Monster Mansion is granted.

To get there, walk back into the giant witch's mouth again and
past the Gobi's Valley painting. Try not to fall around here.
There's one doorway and one very snaky path. Go through
the big doorway. Walk down the windy road and into the door
to Mad Monster Mansion!

5:8 - After Mad Monster Mansion...

Leave as Banjo and head to the left, screen-relative. Kill the
giant walking headstone and knock down the metal gate with
Kazooie. Down there is a small shack, but the door is locked
but for a hole too small to fit through. Return to Mad Monster
Mansion and turn back into a pumpkin. Walk though the small
hole in the door as a pumpkin, and you'll see a coffin, a
poltergeist and Mumbo!

He doesn't have a sign there, but he can change you back into
a bear. Go ahead and do that. As a bear and bird,
Wonderwing the Poltergeist and beak-bomb the coffin lid. It'll
shatter and reveal a switch with a "Water Level 1" insignia.
Beak bomb that, and the water all through the area past the
450-note door will rise. This will come in handy later.

Have Mumbo return you to pumpkin status and walk back out
the door. Walk back to the room with the Gobi's Valley
painting. You'll see a snaky path. This is VERY difficult to
navigate, especially since the pumpkin's particular locomotion
doesn't make it a very precise mover. It is possible, though. I
fell off four times, so if you do it less than that, you just beat
the FAQ-writer.

Anyway, at the end of that is Brentilda and a small tunnel that
leads to Cheato! This time he gives you the "Redfeathers"
cheat. Enter it at the sandcastle in Treasure Trove Cove and
you'll double how many red feathers you can hold, and top
them off at the same time. It's worth all that slow navigation.

Walk on past the Gobi's Valley painting and the Mumbo Magic
will wear off. Walk back out the witch's mouth. If you hit the
Mad Monster Mansion witch switch, the Jiggy should be in the
witch's right eye. Use the same technique to get into the air
you used on the Freezeezy Peak and Beak-Bomb that eye.
Now grab that Jiggy! Grab, Banjo, grab!

With that done, walk back through the 450-note door and you'll
notice the water is higher than before. Go through the pipe on
the left-hand side of the submerged wall.

There are two ways you can do this:

1. Go through the pipe in this room on the left-hand side, into
the room with the Mad Monster Mansion painting. From the
right of the entrance is a grated pipe blocking a way through.
Rat-a-tat rap it and walk up the pipe. Take the left into the
room at the beehive. Break down the metal gate and enter
twelve jiggies into the nigh-empty painting.

2. From the second room, get onto the stone floor and up the
steel steps. walk towards the wall and rat-a-tat rap the sludge
beast. Hop onto the orange box and continue along the wall
until you can flutter jump to a Rareware box. Destroy it and
beak-bust the "Water Level 2" switch under it. The water will
raise and show it lining up to a small passage. Enter that
passage and take a right at the beehive. Break down the metal
gate and enter twelve jiggies into the nigh-empty painting.

You can go right into Rusty Bucket bay if you want, but there's
one thing you can do first. You will need to have hit the "Water
Level 2" switch to start.

Return to the first room beyond the 450-note door. From the
right of the entrance on the water level, there's a small alcove
with a grated pipe. Break it down and climb to the top. There's
a "Water Level 3" switch there. Beak Bomb it, and a timer will
start. You have thirty seconds to swim into the room where you
enter Rusty Bucket Bay from, take a sharp right from the
entrance, and swim up along the wall. There should be a
tunnel with stairs. If you don't make it, you'll have to start over.

At the top of those stairs is the last Cheato Book. This book
will tell you the cheat code "Goldfeathers." Insert it at the floor
of the Treasure Trove Cove Sandcastle, and you'll fill with gold
feathers and double your amount you can hold to 20!

5:9 - After Rusty Bucket Bay...

Isn't it nice to swim in regular, non-polluted water again? Ahh...

Anyway, if you hit the witch switch, simply swim back to
where the pipe that leads to the "Water Level 3" switch and
snag the Jiggy. It's wonderfully easy, especially compared to
some of the OTHER Jiggies in Rusty Bucket Bay.

Now that your here, go ahead and devastate the 640-note
door at the top of the stone steps. Wonderwing through the
hallway filled with roots and head to the right. You should see
some leafs you can backflip jump upon.

Ignore the 765-note door for now. Walk past it to the right, all
the way until you reach the very end, opposite where you got
up onto there. There's a switch there that shows the Puzzle
Piece Icon that you stand on when giving a painting puzzle
pieces. Hit it, and a Puzzle Piece Icon will appear in front of
the very empty painting we saw so very very long ago.

"You mean we gotta walk all the way back THERE?"  I hear
you whine. Not to worry. On both sides of the doorway are
tunnels hidden by very tall grass. They lead to the brown
cauldron, which links to the pipe not far from Treasure Trove
Cove and Clanker's Cavern. Use the pipe to take a massive
shortcut. Swim pack into the painting room and dump
FIFTEEN Jiggies into the painting to open the final level: Click
Clock Wood.

From here, it's a hop, skip, and a cauldron ride back to the
entrance to get into Click Clock Wood.

5:10 - After Click Clock Wood

IF you hit that Witch Switch in the winter, transform into a bee
and leave. The Jiggy is high up, directly opposite the entrance
to Click Clock Wood. Not too difficult.

Along the path you took to the Click Clock Wood Jiggy Icon,
there's a 765-note-door that you should be able to break.
Beyond it is a small teleporter with Tooty's face on it and lots of
lights. Not what you were expecting? Get ready for Grunty's
Furnace Fun!

5:11 - Grunty's Lair Mumbo Tokens Locations

- Behind the first red cauldron (it's hidden by the cauldron)
- Near the Click Clock Wood Painting.
- Behind the sarcophagus in the big room leading to Gobi's
- At the Freezeezy Peak entrance, leap on the Shock Pad,
walk left, and hit the next one, and leap into the alcove above
- Above the entrance pipe leading to the first brown cauldron.
On the floor of the water near the Rusty Bucket Bay entrance.

                    CHAPTER 5: MUMBO'S MOUNTAIN

Upon entering, Bottles will tell you there are three molehills
that you can find for his special moves. Keep your eyes peeled, as
I guarantee you that you won't get far without them.


Termites - Giant bugs that lurk around the termite hill. Any attack
will smack them up.

Grumbling - A purple grunt. Not very fast and gets knocked out with
almost anything.

Taurus - A big bull. You CANNOT kill him, but attack him enough and
fall down for a bit, allowing you to avoid him.

Jiggy #1 - Among The Ruins

From the start, cross the bridge and walk up the walkway near the
bull's field. At the top is the termite's nest. Walk around it on
the left-hand side and find the path leading up to an odd stony
place. Along with Bottle's molehill, Jiggy #1 is right there out
in the open.

Jiggy #2 - Conga's Blocks

From the bull's field, continue walking away from the bridge. You
should see a big tree with an irate ape at the top. His name is
Conga, and he throws oranges at anyone who approaches his tree.

Around the tree are three blocks set into the ground with a picture
of an orange on each of them. If you walk around them, or stand on
the momentarily and run away, Conga will throw an orange onto the
block. Have him hit all three and his "gold," a jigsaw piece, will
be exposed.

Jiggy #3 - Hungry Little Monkey

Off to one side of Conga's tree is a monkey sitting all by himself.
He sure wants an orange, but he's not brave enough to get one from
under Big Bad Conga's tree. But Banjo isn't scared. Climb under
Conga's tree and snatch an orange out from under it. Carry it back
to the little monkey, and he'll thank you with a Jiggy.

Jiggy #4 - Shoot Conga From Afar

This jiggy cannot be acquired before Jiggy #3. Get that one first.

The monkey didn't only take the orange and give you a Jiggy, he also
raised a platform so you could get up onto the above floor. On there
is a molehill. You'll need to talk to Bottles to get this one, so
start talking.

Bottles teaches you the Egg Throw move. It's performed by holding Z
and pressing C-Up (to fire them like a gun) or C-Down (To send them
bouncing alone). Bottles will give you 50 eggs to have fun with.

Walk to the right towards the platform facing the tree. Conga feels
safe in his tree. Hold Z to aim and fire with C-Up. If you hit him,
he'll throw an orange at you. Run away to dodge. The second time,
he'll throw two oranges. After three, he surrenders another Jiggy.
He's rich for a monkey...

Jiggy #5 - The Unguarded Jiggy

Near the entrance is a big grassy hill with lots of little platforms
on them. Most of them have notes, but one of them has an unguarded
jigsaw piece.

Jiggy #6 - Feed Juju

At the top of the grassy hill sits Mumbo's small domain. It's got
some huts, Mumbo's Hut and a large totem pole spinning slowly
around. If you approach him, he will tell you to "Feed him with blue
stones." What he means it to feed him eggs, but the gamemakers must
want to screw with you. Grr...

Fire eggs forward into the totem's gaping mouth. After each
head is fed, it vanishes and begins to spin faster and faster. Fire
a little ahead of time to adjust for the faster spinning, but it
may vary depending on how far away you are.

After each one is fed, you gain another jigsaw piece.

Jiggy #7 - Eye Of The Shaman

Head to Mumbo's Hut, which is set at the top of the hill nearest the
start pad. Don't go inside. In the eye of the skull hut is a Jiggy.
Snag it. Easy peasy, huh?

Jiggy #8 - Beak-Bust the Huts

Off towards the wall of the world near Mumbo's Hut is the final
molehill. Talk to Bottles and he'll tell you how to use the Beak
Buster. While in the air, press Z, and Kazooie will use her beak to
smash up whatever is below her.

With that learned, practice on all the huts. In the first one you
break, five notes will come out. In the nest, five eggs will come
out. Then a purple monster, the green Jinjo, an extra life, and
finally, a jigsaw piece. Looks like wanton destruction DOES
pay off, doesn't it?

Jiggy #9 - Surmount Ticker's Tower

Head into Mumbo Jumbo's Hut. If you've got the five Mumbo Jumbo
Tokens, you can get transformed. Stand on the skull in the center
of the room and press B, click your heels and say "There's no
place like home, there's no place like home..."

You'll be transformed into a termite. Now not only are you
welcomed into Ticker's Tower, you can scale the walls far easier.
Hop to it! Walk around the walls of the termite nest and ascend to
the roof. On the roof is an extra life and a jiggy!

Jiggy #10 - Rescue All Five Jinjos

Blue - Near the bridge at the beginning of the level.
Green - Inside the fourth hut you Beak-Bust.
Orange - At the end of the arched walkway rounding Jiggy #1.*
Purple - On top of the rectangular platform very near the
Yellow - On the hillside below Jiggy #1, or up the hill near
Conga's tree.

Note Locations

7 across the bridge near the Blue Jinjo.
6 in the alcoves underwater under the bridge.
9 on the walkway between the termite nest and the bull's
grazing fields.
4 on the walkway between the termite nest and Jiggy #1.
14 on the arched walkway around Jiggy #1.*
21 on seven platforms on the hillside surrounding the Yellow
18 on six platforms on the hillside surrounding Jiggy #5. **
4 inside Mumbo's Hut.
5 on the roofs of the huts around Mumbo's Hut.
5 notes inside the first hut you Beak-Bust.
6 midway through the termite nest.***

Mumbo Token Locations

On the wooden platforms en-route to the Witch Switch. (Jiggy #3
Behind the rectangular platform near the entrance (and the
Purple Jinjo).
Underneath the stairs to Mumbo's Hut.
Behind the support of the arched walkway where Jiggy #1 is.
Inside the termite nest (AKA Ticker's Tower).*

*You don't NEED the Talon Trot, but it's easier that way.
**You need the Talon trot (or you'll be giving yourself hell not
***Transformation required.

Honeycomb Piece Locations

There's a honeycomb piece above Juju. If you take out all four of
Juju's faces, you can't jump high enough to reach it. Leave one
behind and backflip to it.

An alcove on the hillside far above the blue Jinjo holds a honeycomb
piece. You can't Talon Trot on it. Jump a little to the right of one
of the joints in the fence to land there. Or, you can get it as a

Witch Switch Location

You'll need Jiggy #3 to get this.

From Bottles' molehill about eggs, walk left and jump across the
platforms until you find the switch. You, of course, need the stomp
move to activate it.

                   CHAPTER 6: TREASURE TROVE COVE

Upon entering this beachy wonderland, Bottles tells you of two
new moves ye need to find. Another important note; if you
swim out into the ocean, Snackers the shark will try to eat you.
It's just to make sure you don't swim out too far.


Snippet - Crabs wandering all over. Their movements are hard to
predict since they walk sideways. You have to hit them twice with
weak attacks and get a honeycomb, or stomp or Wondering to get two.

Yum-Yum -  Clams that hop around some sections of the beach. If they
hit you, you lose a few eggs and feathers, which the Yum-Yum will
eat if you don't get them back. Just smack them before they smack

Lockup - The chomping trasure chests around the island. They don't
chase you, so there's no fear of any hot pursuits. To get the
goodies inside them, you can backflip when their mouths just begin
to open. Just don't touch the teeth.

Snacker - If you swim into any of the sea water around the cove,
this shark will chase you down. He'll bite you and eat up your
Honeycomb. The best way to avoid this guy is to just stay outta
the water.

Jiggy #1 - Get Cap'n Blubber's Gold

Head directly forward from the starting point to the beached ship.
It's the Salty Hippo, and its captain, Cap'n Blubber, is despondent
because his gold was lost when it crashed. He can't swim to get it,
but you can. Help the old sea dog out.

There's a small lake of water off to one side of the Salty Hippo.
In there is an open window. The camera angle isn't very
friendly, but it works alright. Swim on in and take the gold
inside (and the easily missed notes). Present it to the big
crybaby and he'll tell you it's only half of his gold. Grr...

While on deck, you might have noticed the small depression in
the floor. Stomp on it and it'll shatter, dropping you into the
part of the hold formerly inaccessible. Inside is another bit of
gold, a Mumbo Token, and four more notes. Hop back onto the box
and backflip out. Present Cap'n Blubber with the gold, and he'll
give you some gold of his own. A jiggy... how lovely!

Jiggy #2 - Nipper's Jiggy

From the Salty Hippo, take the left-hand path under an arch and
walk towards an imposing looking hermit crab feller. His name is
Nipper, and he's not social. Kazooie pisses him off and now he
wants a fight. Typical female. Expects Banjo to defend her honor
now that she got this guy in a rage.

He'll start clawing you, but he can't reach you if you stay out
of his range. Throwing eggs doesn't do anything (they're just
eggs), but maybe a good peck in the eye will teach this shelled
bastard a thing or two about respect. He'll snap his claws four
times, then stop for a breather. During that breather is
Kazooie's chance to rat-a-tat-tat attack his eyes. Each attack
will make him take one less breath. Once he's hit three times,
he's done for. Follow him into his shell. Inside are two crabs
and a Jiggy.

Just kidding about that "typical female" remark, by the way.

Jiggy #3 - Spring To The Mountainside

From the port side of the Salty Hippo, head right.
You should see a stack of boxes. Climb them, and nearby is a
molehill. Here Bottles will explain the Shock Spring Jump.

Off to the right is a bridge leading to a lot of columns, all with
Spring Pads on them. You can use the Spring Pads to get
from one to another. They lead to some notes, feathers, eggs,
the Purple Jinjo, and, if you get to the mountainside, a jiggy!

Jiggy #4 - Mystery of the Sandcastle Floor

From the molehill mentioned in Jiggy #3, further along the path is
a place you can fall to. There's a springpad and a bucket there.
He says he's leaky and no good for water. He wants to "block the
hole with a pebble?" You don't got a pebble, but you got eggs! Fire
two eggs backwards into the bucket, and he'll be patched up and
will gladly empty the water for you.

With the water drained, you can now stand on the alphabet
blocks inside the castle. Enter and the crab inside will tell you
to solve his puzzle. The first brick you stomp on will start the
counter. If you can't figure it out, he wants you to stomp
"Banjokazooie" onto the floor. All the letters are there, so don't
worry. Once you've finished, the crab will be out (he's tough,
so be careful when dealing with him) and the jiggy's yours for
the taking.

Jiggy #5 - Grunty's Guarded Gold

At the top of the crow's nest of the Salty Hippo is a molehill. I'm
not certain HOW he burrows into there, but he manages. He'll teach
Kazooie how to fly. Stand on a flying pad and press A. Simple as
that. There's a flying pad opposite it, so you can take wing
immediately. In the air, Kazooie can use a feather to fly higher
by pressing A.

Fly under the huge arch and to the left. There's an angry
looking chest there. Fly to it. Avoid touching the sides of the
chest, as they're lined with very sharp teeth. Time jumping in
as his mouth is just opening. The jiggy inside glimmers like all
the rest.

Jiggy #6 - Atop The Lighthouse

Do the same thing you did for Jiggy #5, but fly to the right this
time. Climb the stairs, then hop onto the spiral stairs leading
up. You'll find a lighthouse at the top. Break the door open
with eggs or a Beak Charge and enter. You'll emerge at the top.
Spring-pad your way to the peak of the lighthouse and grab the

Jiggy #7 - The Sunken Jiggy

From the molehill where you learned the shock jump,
walk down the narrow paths, past the chomping treasure
chest, and up the large platforms. Spring-jump when you need
to, but you'll eventually come to a high pool of water with a
mine guarding it. Dive down (the mine can't follow you below
the water and grab the Jiggy held there. A bit rusty, but still

Jiggy #8 - Lil' Lockup's Treasure

Past the pillars with shock pad and down the path with chomping
chests, there's a tower in the distance. Climb to the top and stomp
on the big X. It will turn into an arrow. A chest will tell you to
follow the clues to find treasure. Fly in the general direction,
and look for the platform with the next X. Continue doing this a
few more times, and eventually, it won't tell you where to go
anymore. The chest gloats about your misfortune, but he isn't far.

Look out to the sea. There's a small bit of island with an X on
it. Stomp on that, and you'll discover X really DOES mark the
spot. "Open me gently..." He pleads, as you crack him open
(with an egg or whatever else you want) and take his gold. I
guess being a video game pirate CAN be good.

Jiggy #9 - The Secluded Jiggy

Maybe you noticed near the stairs that aren't far from
Jiggy #8, but there's a small bit of brick off to the right that you
can balance on and walk along. Walk and jump along the
floating boxes. Now, follow the path of eggs to the ninth Jiggy!

Jiggy #10 - Rescue All Five Jinjos

Blue - Underneath the starting pier (watch out for Snackers!)
Green - At the very top of the crow's nest of the Salty Hippo.
Orange - On the very narrow cliff near Jiggy #7
Purple - On one of the columns with Spring Pads (see Jiggy #3)
Yellow - On top of a tree lower than the rest, on top of the cove.

Note Locations

4 at the starting pier.
11 on the rope ladders leading up to the crow's nest of the
Salty Hippo.
8 in both halves of the hold of the Salty Hippo.
8 on the two palm trees near the small lake on the port side of
the Salty Hippo.
6 notes inside Nipper's nautilus shell.
3 above one of the Spring Pad columns (See Jiggy #3).
5 on top of the sandcastle.
4 inside the sandcastle.
1 on the stairs leading to the top of the cove.
3 on the spiral leading to the lighthouse.
5 at the top of the lighthouse.
12 over four arches near the start of the level.
3 in a shallow puddle halfway up from Jiggy #7.
12 on the stairs leading between the tower starting Jiggy #8
and the pool with Jiggy #7.
5 inside a chomping chest along the beach near the tower
beginning Jiggy #8
4 leading up along the spiral around the tower beginning Jiggy #8.
6 around the last X you fly to. (See Jiggy #8.)

Mumbo Token Locations

Underneath the crow's nest (climb up from the main deck)
In the hold of the Salty Hippo (the one accessed by Beak-Busting).
Above the Shock Spring Pad nearest Bottle's molehill.*
On the crate floating below the huge archway.
In the doorway into the lighthouse (impossible to miss)
At the bottom of the lower mine-guarded pool.
TWO inside the chomping chest on the stairs midway between
Jiggy #7 and the tower starting Jiggy #8.
In the sea right against the last platform you fly to in Jiggy #8.
Behind Nipper's nautilus.

*Shock Pad ability required.

Honeycomb Piece Locations

There's a green and brown slope on the ascent for Jiggy #7. Jump
into the ocean and submerge to get the Honeycomb piece.

After landing on the last platform you fly to from Jiggy #9, swim
out in the sea towards where the chomping chests are. On a
lone box is a honeycomb piece.

Witch Switch Location

Behind the lighthouse (see Jiggy #6).

                    CHAPTER 7: CLANKER'S CAVERN

What a horrible, disgusting place THIS is. My God almighty...

Bottles will tell you there's one new move you need to find
here, but it's hidden well, so keep your eyes peeled.

Before you start, you should know how to leave once you've
fallen out of that pipe. Truth be told, when I was first going
through the game, I would just kill myself to get back up there.
From the stone on the floor, a little to the left, there's a ladder
(it's on a giant drum that has the "Flammable" symbol on it)
which leads to two different pipes. The one on the left leads to
the exit. The one on the right leads to some other goodies.


Snippets - Pretty much the same folk you met on Treasure Trove

Mutie-Snippets - Snippets with extra ugly for only 39 cents more.
Handle them like regular snippets.

Sludge Beasts - The game calls them Grille Chompas, but I used
that name too many times to change it. A grill in the wall has
a monster that comes out and bites. Rat-a-tat tap them for an
easy kill.

Whiplash - Inside Clanker's belly, there are lots of tendrils
whipping around in his stomach. Underwater, there's not much
you can do except tread lightly.

Jiggy #1 - Raise Clanker

Jump down from the starting pipe and head to the
large basin ahead of you. Swim through the narrow pipe, and
the massive Clanker will introduce himself. He's the witch's
garbage grinder, but he doesn't like the dirty water and wants
some air. What kind of gentlebear would you be if you didn't
help your fellow mechanical-garbage-shark-in-need?

If you swim below Clanker, you can see he's leashed to a
massive anchor. The anchor has a key in it. If you can swim
through it three times, it will let Clanker float to the surface.
However, you almost certainly can't do it all in one breath.
After hitting it once, if you have three oxygen bubbles or less,
swim to the surface.

Once he's raised, swim onto his back to grab the Jiggy.

Jiggy #2 - Above Clanker's Blowhole

This jiggy can't be had until you raise Clanker. See Jiggy #1.

Clanker is a bit shark and a bit whale. His whaley features
include a blowhole. His blowhole has a giant screw in it, which
gets thrown skyward every time he breathes. If you stand on
the screw, you'll be sent into the air. In the sky is a very skinny
pipe that leads to an unprotected Jiggy. Fantastic!

Jiggy #3 - Dental Hygiene For A Garbage Shark

This jiggy can't be had until you raise Clanker. See Jiggy #1.

After you raise Mr. Shark, he starts complaining about his
teeth. Can you say "high-maintenance?" Anyway, he wants
you to help him with his aching teeth. Swim to his face. There
are two golden teeth sticking out among the mouth. There's
also two little floating bits of land which you can stand on right
near them. Shoot three eggs into each golden tooth, then walk
into the empty tooth hole on the right-hand-side. The jiggy is

Jiggy #4 - Swim Through the Rings

This jiggy can't be had until you raise Clanker. See Jiggy #1.

Get inside Clanker's gut. Inside are some whipping stomach
tendrils, some water, and a few crates. Most non sequitur here
are the big colored rings floating around. One of them is green
and the others are blue.

Stand of the crate nearest the green one and leap through it. It
will disappear and 48 seconds will be put on the timer. Swim
along the surface of the water and grab the next one.
Submerge for the third. Hop onto the crate and backflip
through the next. Submerge again for the fifth. Leap onto the
box, and jump and flutter through the next two. Submerge for
the last one, and the water will rise up, giving you access to a

Jiggy #5 - Power of the Wonderwing

This jiggy can't be had until you raise Clanker AND completed
Jiggy #4.

Once you have raised the water level, or if you take the non-
bladed route from Clanker's blowhole, you gain access to a
flying pad opposite where Jiggy #4 shows up. Use it and fly
around the tentacle and into the passage above where the
jiggy was.

This must be his colon. There's a lot of digestive blades
spinning here. Traveling through there could be very bad. But
there's a molehill nearby. Bottles will now teach you the
Wonderwing. Hold Z then press C-Right to have Kazooie use
her wings as a shield. The move expends valuable golden
feathers, however, so know when you need to use it and when
not to. Bottles will give you five golden feathers to have.

With the wonderwing, you can head through his colon with no
fear of injury. Walk to the end and snatch those wonderful gold
feathers and a Jiggy to match!

Jiggy #6 - Down The Hatch

This jiggy can't be had until you raise Clanker. See Jiggy #1.

Clanker's blowhole may have served to propel you in the air for
Jiggy #2, but this time, you want to go under it. Wait for it to
fire, then fall into it. Carefully navigate the blades of Clanker's
esophagus and grab the Jiggy at the other end.

Jiggy #7 - X-Terminate the Mutant Snippets

Directly behind Clanker's tail is a pipe in the wall. When you
swim through it, it should be a disgusting neon green. As you
surface, two crabs will approach. They're the "mutant snippets"
and they guard their prize! They're no tougher than regular
snippets, though. They got a raw deal when they were exposed to
the radiation...

Backflipping and beak- busting deals with them pretty readily.
Kill four mutant snippets and they relinquish their gold. A
jiggy is an wonderful thing...

Jiggy #8 - Pipe Dreams

If the tube leading to the radioactive crab is 12:00, at 2:00 is
another pipe. At the end is a Jiggy. It's easy, but you HAVE to go
fast, else you'll run out of air before you get to the end. Be
quick, and you'll live to see another day.

Jiggy #9 - Above Clanker's Tail

This jiggy can't be had until you raise Clanker. See Jiggy #1.

Walk up Clanker's tail. When it swings by the platform, hop
onto it. There's a jiggy behind that grate, so rat-a-tat-rap the
grate and it will move away. The jiggy is yours.

Jiggy #10 - Rescue All Five Jinjos

Blue - Relative to the entrance of Clanker's main chamber,
enter either the second or third underwater pipe in the wall and
swim through to get the Jinjo.
Green - On one side of the anvil holding Clanker down.
Orange - Do the same thing as the Honeycomb piece, but
when you cross over the bent pipe, stomp on that grill. Below
is the Jinjo.
Purple - Very deep inside Clanker's left gill.
Yellow - Near the beehive on the large pipe near the start.
Take the route you would use to get back to the entrance, but
take a right instead.

Note Locations

8 along the pipes against the walls in the starting room (on the
same route as the Mumbo Token, Jinjo, and the entrance).
6 in the pipe between the starting room and Clanker's main
10 along Clanker's back.
4 along the skinny pipe above Clanker's blowhole.
8 inside Clanker's jaw.
5 between Clanker's gut and right gill.
3 between Clanker's gut and left gill.
6 in Clanker's colon, where you learn the Wonderwing.
6 in Clanker's esophagus, leading to Jiggy.
8 around the Mutant Snippet's arena.
5 en route to the first Honeycomb Piece.
4 en route to the Mumbo token (on the same path as the
honeycomb piece).
7 inside a sunken pipe of the wall along Clanker's port side.
10 below Jiggy #9.
2 in the jumping puzzle opposite the one where the
honeycomb piece is hidden. (It starts near his tail.)
8 surrounding the anvil holding Clanker's leash (for the love of
Pete, don't try to grab them all at once; you'll drown for sure).

Mumbo Token Locations

Right above the starting pad. Climb the ladder on the large pipe not
far from the start and take a left. Avoid or kill the sewage
monsters and grab it.
Relative to the entrance of Clanker's main chamber, down the first
underwater pipe in the wall to the left.
Jump from Clanker's left fin and rat-a-tat-tap the sludge
monster. Grab that extra life, and spring up towards the right,
landing on the pipe. Climb the pole and jump on the grill to the
Immediately below Jiggy #9.

Honeycomb Piece Locations

Jump from Clanker's left fin and rat-a-tat-tap the sludge monster.
Grab that extra life, and spring up towards the left. Climb the pole
and pass the grill, walk down the slant and jump to the next
platform. Stomp on it, and fall into the honeycomb piece.

Submerge near Clanker's left fin, then look up to the nearby
semisubmurged pipe. The Honeycomb Piece is hidden in the
pipe and should complete the set.

Witch Switch Location

Immediately below Clanker's blowhole. Ya can't miss it.

                   CHAPTER 8: BUBBLEGLOOP SWAMP

A moist and crappy swamp. What a place for a gold hunt, eh?
Bottles tells Kazooie on entry that there's a new move for her
in this level, too. Keep them peepers open.

As a matter of fact, don't do anything. When you arrive inside,
head backwards. There should be a frog standing there.
Defeat him and continue on. There's the rodent's stupid
molehill! He just put it there to fool ya. Damn him...

Anyway, he teaches you how to use the Wading Boots.
Wading boots are these very useful green boots that make you
able to stand in toxic or harmful substances without getting
hurt. The swamp is brimming with hideous piranha who'll chew
you apart, and the wading boots will come in great handy


Buzzbomb - Grrr... this is a stupid flying dragonfly that seems to
appear in the most annoying places. A rat-a-tat rap can hit them,
but they're slippery...

Flibbits - Poison dart frogs that lurk and hop around the swamp.
Just trounce them.

Jiggy #1 - Feeding the Croctus Family

Right near the start is a golden crocodile. His mouth opens and
closes for no real reason, Maybe he's hungry... go ahead and give
him an egg. He likes it, and fades away. Another one appears not
far from there, and he wants an egg, too.

To get to him, cross the bridge near the Yellow Jinjo and head
straight up the slant onto the catwalks, past the beehive and
onward. Feed him an egg too, and another one appears high
in the sky, in the place I call Channelwood. See Jiggy #5 for
how to get there. On the fifth smashed shed, leap across to the
Croctus statue and feed it an egg.

The next one will appear behind Mr. Vile's crocodile. That's the
path from the Flibbits' battle with the giant crocodile sitting
there. Behind it is the next Croctus. Feed it, and one will
appear behind where Tanktup rests. After the final one is fed,
you can finally snatch their gold; a jigsaw piece is its own

Jiggy #2 - Jiggy On the Catwalks

On the first island nearest the first bridge, there's a Beak-Bustable
switch on the ground with the picture of a Jiggy on it. Walk up the
steep catwalk, and all the way around within 45 seconds to get the
Jiggy. Keep the Talon Trot out, as it makes it easier. Just don't
rush; it's not that stringent of a time limit. He who hesitates is
lost, however.

Jiggy #3 - The "Nesting Doll" Egg

From the puzzle switch island, if the catwalk is north, go west.
Cross the log and kill the two frogs. To cross the waters here,
you can wait for the leaf, or use the boots to walk across.
Continue until you get to the giant egg. Behind it is a Shock
Jump Pad. Leap onto the top of the egg. If you notice, the
pinnacle of the egg has a cartoony X-bandage. Stomp on it and
the egg will break!

Into another egg. Hmm... this one's bandage is on the side. Try
Rat-a-Tat Rapping it. There's another egg. Stomp this one,
then Beak Barge the next one, and stomp the final egg to
hatch the fantastic Jiggy!

Jiggy #4 - Beat the Flibbits

From the puzzle switch island, if the catwalk is north, go east.
Hop on the leaf and onto the island with several stumps. The
yellow poison-dart-frog looking Flibbits will try to battle you.
They're tougher than normal frogs, they take two rolls to take
out. If you like, you can Wonderwing them. After six of them are
pushing up daisies, the Jiggy is bequeathed to you.

Jiggy #5 - Smash the Channelwood Huts

There are three ways to go from the Flibbit's battlefield. Take
the one without a giant animal on either part and cross the
bridge. Hop onto the Channelwood-style huts and stomp them.
With small exception, they have a Shock Pad inside them, allowing
you to jump higher and get to the next one. After six of them,
the highest one surrenders a Jiggy.

Note: You probably saw the stuff that was hidden underneath
the lowest platforms of the Channelwood huts. You cant get
them with the boots OR the Wonderwing, because you're too
tall. Keep them in mind, however.

Jiggy #6 - Warm Tanktup's Toes

Of the three paths from the Flibbit battle, take the one that has
the massive turtle sitting in it. His name is Tanktup. As you
approach him, he'll complain that his feet are numb and cold. Beak-
Bust his four feet and he'll cough up a Jiggy (literally). You
would THINK he coulda done that himself...

Jiggy #7 - Preach To The Choir

You can't get this one until you get Jiggy #6. Why should be clear.

Once Tanktup coughs up the Jiggy, you can enter his mouth.
Inside there is the famed "Tiptup Choir" practicing their great
symphonies. When they perform for you, Kazooie expresses
her dissatisfaction in her own way. The conductor dares you to
replay that same melody. The melody is randomized, so I can't
give it here. But the first one has three notes, the second five,
and the third seven. You might want to write it down, because
if you miss a note, you'll lose a honeycomb.

Replay all three symphonies and the conductor will award you
with a Jiggy!

Jiggy #8 - Mr. Vile's Eating Contest

From Mr. Vile's Croc, there's a path on the Croc's left side that
lead up to the beginning of a maze. Grab the boots and run through
it, snagging the notes if you can. Go ALL the way through it until
you reach Mumbo's hut. If you have the ten Mumbo tokens, he'll
transform you into a crocodile. It's the only transformation with
the luxury to attack, so use it well.

Right outside the place, head back to the big crocodile. There
are two entrances, so enter on either of the nostrils. You'll
soon meet Mr. Vile, the greediest crocodile in the whole game.
He'll challenge you to three eating challenges. The first is to
see who can eat the most red jumblies within the time limit.
Use the attach to eat the jumblies. There's not much I can say
about tactics, except to head for big lumps of jumblies.

Beat him there, and he'll throw in yellow grumblies; they aren't
ripe, so eating them will make you stop for a second. Mr. Vile
won't eat any yellow ones, so make sure you don't either. You
still need to eat more red jumblies within the time limit. Beat
him there, and he'll say you have to eat either the red or yellow
ones, depending on what's shown on the screen. This is tough,
since if it changes just before you bite it, you'll still choke and
get ill. Beat him here, and he'll relinquish the gold. If you lose
at any point, he'll bite you for some honeycomb, so watch out!
But the look on his face when he is beaten... absolutely

Jiggy #9 - The Shorter Catwalk

Two thirds the way through the piranha maze before
Mumbo's hut, there's a place you can leave the maze. There's
another Jiggy switch. Stomp it, and a Jiggy will appear on the
other end of the very narrow platform. You only have ten
seconds to get there, and it's very possible. The problem is, if
you fall, you will lose a good amount of health. I don't
recommend doing this on the same game trying to get 100
notes if you only got 97 (that way, you don't have to REfind

Jiggy #10 - Rescue All Five Jinjos.

Blue - At the top of a giant reed behind Mr. Vile's Crocodile.
Green - On the catwalks, a small distance past the second
Orange - Behind Tanktup, in the piranha water.*
Purple - Beneath the Channelwood support beams.
Yellow - On a column over the first bridge over piranha water.

Note Locations

5 over the first bridge near the Yellow Jinjo.
3 on the log between the Jiggy switch platform island and the
end of the first bridge.
21 along the catwalks while trying to catch the timed Jiggy
(Jiggy #2)
3 between the puzzle switch island and the island before the
big egg (Jiggy #3)
4 (?) behind the giant egg.  (Jiggy #3)
3 on the bridge between the Flibbit's arena and the
Channelwood huts.
5 inside the third Channelwood shed.
3 on the log between the Flibbit battle and Tanktup.
4 on each of the giant turtle's feet
6 inside Tanktup (Tiptup choir)
3 on the log between the Flibbit arena and Mr. Vile's Crocodile
5 On Mr. Vile's Crocodile's face.
15 in the maze leading to Mumbo's Hut.
6 Inside Mr. Vile's Crocodile
4 Beneath the Channelwood support beams**
5 along the right-hand wall near the Channelwood huts**
5 in the water near the blue Jinjo.

Mumbo Token Locations

On the catwalks, past the second Croctus.
Behind the platform holding the yellow Jinjo.*
On top of the giant reed in the water near the giant egg (Jiggy
In the sky between the sixth hut and the third Croctus. (Jiggy
#1 and #5)
Behind the conductor of the Tiptup Choir.
Behind Mumbo's Hut.
Behind Mumbo's Chair (what is he, an idiot?)
Inside Mr. Vile's Croc.
TWO under the Channelwood support beams**

*Wading Boots required (well, it would behoove you to use
**Transformation required

Honeycomb Piece Locations

In Mumbo's Hut, jump onto the unlit torch and backflip towards
the center of the room, you should grab the Honeycomb
suspended in the air at the roof of the hut.
Also, above Tiptup's podium is a Honeycomb Piece. Backflip
to get it.

Witch Switch Location

Under the fourth Channelwood hut.

                      CHAPTER 9: FREEZEEZY PEAK


Jack Frost: The game calls them Sir Slush, but I prefer Jack Frost.
Jack Frosts are irritating snowmen that take great glee in throwing
stinging cold slushballs at you. To avoid the balls, just don't stand
still too much. To defeat them, beak-bomb into the X on their hats.
You'll, of course, need to learn that move before you can. Where to
find him is nested in the description of Jiggy #1.

Chinker - Ice cubes that divide into two smaller ones after an attack.
A rat-a-tat or beak-barge do good for the big one, and a backflip,
then stomp works good at getting the little ones.

Jiggy #1 - Help Stupid Frigging Boggy

Upon entering this wonderland, head into the igloo far to the right.
There are three miserable polar cubs wondering where their father
has gone with their presents. You don't have presents, so you
should head out.

Head down the slope to a small plateau. You'll find the missing
bear lying down. Boggy's eaten something "shiny" and can't
move any further. No, stomping on him won't help. You may as
well leave him, too. You can't help him, either.

Walk down the slope and along the left-hand side, past the
dancing box and up to the collection of present-like boxes with
a Jinjo on the highest box. Behind them is Bottles' molehill.
He'll teach you the Beak Bomb, an airborne missile attack you
can use while flying for the cost of a red feather. Press B while
flying and Kazooie will fly into the target.

You really want to learn this now, since this is the way you
beat those bastard Jack Frost snowball throwers (hit them on
the X in their hats).

From here, use the flying pad to get to the collar of the scarf on
the snowman. Walk to the front of the snowman. There's a
lone sled sitting there. Hop onto it and slide down the scarf,
through a Mumbo Token, and right onto Boggy, who coughs
up a Jiggy. He doesn't run off to his house, but he goes to
practice his sledding. In either case, the Jiggy is yours.

Jiggy #2 - Wozza's Gold

From the presents near Bottles' molehill, go down the slant with the
feathers and up the icy incline. A giant walrus named Wozza will
hide from you, still holding a Jiggy. He's deathly afraid of you!
He doesn't trust you.

Well, you should just try and gain his trust. But not as you. As
someone else. Hit a flying pad and fly away from the entrance,
about as far away as you can get from it. That's where Mumbo's Hut
is. Flying is the only safe way to get there, near as I've found.

Enter, and if you got the scratch, He'll transform you into a
walrus, well equipped for the cold waters you previously
couldn't withstand.

Return to Wozza's cave. He'll most certainly be happy to see
ya. He entrusts the Jiggy to you, so long as you keep your eye
out for a certain smelly bear and his ne'er-do-well bird. I'm
sure you'll keep your promise.

Jiggy #3 - Race Against Boggy (Transformed)

Don't even bother with this one until you've gotten Jiggy #1.

While still a walrus, head back to the slope that would lead to
the entrance, but continue left. Up that slope, there should be
Boggy, waiting on his sled. He challenges you to a race.
Accept by jumping on the sled. It's a slalom race of sorts. You
must go between EACH pair of flags. If you miss one, you
cannot proceed until you go through it.

Throughout most of the race, Boggy will be riding your ass.
There are sometimes you can get ahead of him (like right at
the end on the last hill down.) Jump over the houses with A. It
really isn't all that tough, but it will be close. At the end of this
race, he'll say something about "taking on someone his own
size next time..."

Jiggy #4 - The Jiggy In The Pipe

As Banjo, fly back to the collar of the Snowman's shirt. Walk to the
front of his  scarf and use the Shock pad to get onto the snowman's
mouth. Walk out to his pipe and fall into it. He apparently had a
one Jiggy-a day habit. But you can help him break this habit.

Jiggy #5 - Protect the Christmas Lights

You probably noticed something that looks a little like train
tracks between Bottle's molehill and the entrance. There's a
bouncing box at one end of it. Beak-Bust it, and the box will
open, revealing "twinklies" (hereafter called Christmas Lights,
since that's what they freaking are). The Christmas Lights need
to get across to the tree without being eaten by the muncher
monsters that live on the path to the tree.

You can't roll or paw swat the enemies for some reason. Use
the beak-barge, beak-buster, or the rat-a-tat-rap. And it's
inevitable. Some Christmas lights will die. It's just how it goes
in these times of war. So long as ten make it to the tree within
the time limit, you're golden.

A switch appears behind the potted tree. Shoot it thrice with
eggs and the tree will light up. The lights tell you to "be a star"
to get your prize. This means to run to the nearest flying pad
and fly through the star three times within sixty seconds. Just
make tight turns in the air and you'll make it there.

Now, fall down to the ground and climb to the top of the tree.
Jump to the highest wooden platform, and jump to the center
of the tree to grab this well-earned Jiggy,

Jiggy #6 - The Snowman's Buttons

The snowman is like most others. He has a pipe, long nose (I defy
you to find a carrot THAT big), scarf, and top hat. But he also has
buttons. Buttons? What is he buttoning? His snovercoat? (King Kool
proceeds to die with laughter.)

Anyway, when the light hits 'em just right, the buttons kinda
look like targets. Maybe targets for the Beak-bomb! Head
skyward and beak-bomb the three buttons. The Jiggy appears
between his legs. Add it to the collection.

Jiggy #7 - Eliminate All Jack Frosts

If you're like me, you hate those frigging Jack Frosts. They think
it's so funny to throw those snowballs around. Well, you know how to
take them down. Beak-Bomb them right in the X on their hats and they
go down. There are five to take down around the level. Once they're
all dead, a Jiggy appears on the top of the snowman's hat. Make sure
you have enough feathers to fly up there, or at least start from the
pad on his nose to get to the hat.

Jiggy #8 - Race Against Boggy (Untransformed)

You can't do this one until gotten Jiggy #1 AND #3. And if don't
have the running shoes, you're in for a world of hurt. You'll have
to wait for access to Gobi's Valley.

Return to where Boggy challenged the walrus-you. He'll offer a
race against you. If you accept, running shoes appear before
you. Kazooie will be doing the running for both of ya. You'll fall
a bit behind at the beginning because you have to take a
moment to grab the shoes. But you can make up for it in the
tight slalom going up the slant. Eventually, you can overtake
him, and gain a huge lead. He'll tighten the gap, but if you
don't make any mistakes, his other medal is yours.

One observation: if he gives Jiggies out as medals, why the
hell did he EAT one of them?

Jiggy #9 - Make Like Santa Claws

Remember in Jiggy #1, we visited the despondent polar kids? Well,
after doing so much sledding, Boggy can't look for the presents as
he wanted to. UGH, what are you, his MOM? Anyway, the presents are
just waiting around. And I'm sure with the atmosphere painted with
the stupidly euphemized "twinklies," I'm sure the presents are for
a totally nondenominational and un-Christian present-giving
wintertime holiday. Grr... P. C. ness has gone too far...

The three presents are on the giant snowman's nose, inside the
Christmas Tree (at the bottom), and on a small island near the
snowman's legs, right beneath a Jack Frost. Once you return and
give them all to the three polar brats. They give you a Jiggy....
in a totally un-Christian way... Ooh... Banjo's dancin' on the
table! Had too much to drink, Banjo?

(NOTA BENE: My friend Evan made that crack when I was first
playing through the game, and I died laughing. I still do.)

And they don't even OPEN the damn presents! I could've gift
wrapped shredded newspaper and dog crap and they'd have no idea!

Ah, well. 'Tis the friggin' season...

Jiggy #10 - Rescue All Five Jinjos

Blue - on the top of the snowman's giant broom
Green - Behind the house with the chimney on the roof (in the
Orange - Inside Wozza's Cave**
Purple - On the highest present box near Bottle's molehill.
Yellow - Inside Mumbo's Hut.

Note Locations

5 between the starting entrance plateau and the plateau
where you find Boggy.
4 on the slope between Boggy and the main floor
5 behind the potted Christmas Tree.
4 on the very thin present near Bottle's molehill
15 on the scarf's tail.
5 on the scarf's collar.
4 around where you meet Boggy
5 around the snowman's left leg.
5 around the snowman's right leg.
4 around the cliff near Wozza's cave.
4 around the Jack Frost leading to Wozza's cave
6 inside Mumbo's Hut
6 on two houses in the village
9 in the water around the Jack Frost in the village*
8 on the top of the giant snowman's hat.
12 inside the Christmas Tree.

*Transformation required
**You need to be regular Banjo and Kazooie.

Mumbo Token Locations

In Boggy's Igloo.
Under the Jack Frost nearest the slope leading to the entrance.
Under the Jack Frost nearest the slope leading to Wozza's cave.
At the end of the ramp (Jiggy #1)
TWO near each of the snowman's legs
In the pot of the potted Christmas Tree

Honeycomb Piece Locations

Transform into a walrus and enter Wozza's cave. Off to the left
there is a small pool of icy water you can enter. If you walk
through it, you'll eventually come to a room with a raised
platform. It has a Honeycomb Piece on it.

Get airborne and destroy the Jack Frost near the village.
Underneath him is the honeycomb piece.

Witch Switch Location

Under the Jack Frost on the small island near the Christmas Tree.

                       CHAPTER 10: GOBI'S VALLEY

From the starting point, run up the hill. Run along up the hills,
past a golden statue with a hoop on his head and Talon Trot
up the hill. Stay to the right of the pyramid, then go behind it
along the skinny peak of the two hills of sand. At the end is the
very last molehill. This is where Bottles will teach you the
Running Shoes. Kazooie wears them to run really fast for a
time limit. This move is very important, but I guess they all


Slappa - Mummified hands that rise from the ground, they'll fall and
slap the crap outta you if you let them. To defeat them, run a tight
circle around them, then after they fall, stomp on his palm.

Giant Bees - They got these massive bees just flying around. They're
kinda like buzzbombs, so you can rat-a-tat tap 'em.

Mum-Mum - Mummies that lurk the pyramids and other places. Any attack
will make them fold up, but they will pop right back up in short time.
The only way to kill them for good is using the Wonderwing.

Jiggy #1 - Jinxy's Gold

Walk up the slant and up to the giant Sphinx statue.
His name is Jinxy, so say hello. Hop onto his front paw, and
leap to his hind leg. Ascend to his back and walk up to his
face. There are two very tall cacti in front of him. If you leap to
one of them, Jinxy will say "By dose is all blocked up." He must
have a cold.

Don't ask me why he wants you to do this; this got me stuck for
a good long while. But from those two cacti, you can shoot
eggs into his nose. Something about those eggs precipitate
some warped puzzles. Shoot one egg into each nostril and
Jinxy will sneeze. His door will open and you'll have the stony
dog's thanks.

Inside, you should see a magic carpet. Hop onto the carpet. It
doesn't do anything. But you can see a Jinxy idol with his
mouth open. Feed him with an egg, and he'll make the carpet
rise. Leap to the next carpet and do the same. After three idols
are fed, you reach a magic carpet with a Jiggy on it.

Jiggy #2 - Pyramid Memory Game

There are a handful of pyramids here. From the
starting hill, head to the rightmost pyramid. Oddly, the pyramid
doesn't actually come to a point... it's tapered. There's a switch
on the top. Stomp it, and you'll have ten seconds to get inside
the pyramid.

Inside, there's not much action. Wonderwing the mummy and
stomp on any of the bricks you want. They'll turn over and
reveal a picture. It's a sixteen-tile game of Memory; match two
pictures and they'll stay up. Get two mismatched one and
they'll turn back over. You won't lose life for mismatched tiles,
thank goodness. It's not too difficult, but here's the solution for
those who're stuck.

|Mumbo  |Egg    |Jinjo  |Jinjo  |
|       |       |       |       |
|Red    |Note   |Banjo  |Honey  |
|Feather|       |       |Comb   |
|Kazooie|Red    |Mumbo  |Kazooie|
|       |Feather|       |       |
|Note   |Banjo  |Honey  |Egg    |
|       |       |Comb   |       |

Hit them all within 100 seconds and you'll be awarded the

Jiggy #3 - Liberate Gobi

From behind the stomping puzzle pyramid, there's a place where a
magic carpet sails over the hurting sand. If it's blinking, it
might disappear, so be wary. Ride it into the small sand pit and
you'll see a leashed camel who wants some shade. If you stomp on
the rock he's tethered to, he'll be free from his sweltering cell
and he'll give you a Jiggy as a reward.

Jiggy #4 - Assist Trunker

On leaving, Gobi the camel said he was gonna find some shade.
There's only one place with some real good shade, and that's the
oasis at the beginning of the level.

Gobi sits beneath a tree, enjoying the shade, but he says he can't
give any of his water to it. The tree is Trunker, making an odd
fashion statement with his turban (especially since he doesn't
have a head...) He's drying right out in the desert heat, and
needs some water.

If Gobi has water, he should share and share alike. Stomp on
his back and make him throw up the water. I don't know if this
is exactly what he wanted as far as water. He'll grow to full,
anorexic height and have a jiggy on top of his turban. Climb
another nearby tree and jump to it.

Jiggy #5 - Rubee and Toots

Get into the air with the flying pad on Jinxy's back. In the
air, there is one big target-looking thing suspended above a
pyramid. If you Beak-Bomb it, the door to the pyramid will open
and you can enter.

Inside is a wonderful fellow with the greatest voice in the
game. His name is Rubee (even though that's an emerald set
into his turban) and he says there's gold at the top of the
pyramid. It is yours if you can reach it. Slowly circling the
basket in the center of the room is an alms basket. Fill it with
five eggs (C-Down variety) and Rubee will charm the snake to
come out of the basket. Climb the snake for your treasure, a

And yeah, I thought that Toots thing he was petting was a
Jinjo, too... it's not.

Jiggy #6 - Grabba's Bling-Bling

From Bottle's molehill, go down the hill that doesn't lead towards
Jinxy. Jump over the channel of hot sand and you'll meet Grabba.
He taunts you with his bling-bling, but you're too slow to grab it
from him.

Head back up the hill, towards the ziggurat-style pyramid, past
the wading boots on the post in the sand, and up the small hill
to the running shoes. Run back to Grabba and snatch the
bling by jumping onto his palm before he sinks into the
ground. The jiggy is yours, and Grabba returns to the depths of
Hell a much less blinging Grabba...

Jiggy #7 - Race 'Round the Ziggurat

You've probably seen the ziggurat at one point. it's a long path
all the way around up to the top. The button at the beginning makes
the trap door only come down for 25 seconds (less with the stupid
cinema they add).

Grab the running shoes at the top of the hill nearby and run
your twiggy legs off to get to the top. It'll be close, but the door
won't immediately close once the timer hits zero, so you can
make it VERY dramatic.

When in there, grab the submerged Jiggy. The water will drain
into the moat and you'll be one jiggy richer.

Jiggy #8 - 

In the central area with the moat surrounding it, there are three
platforms sticking out from the moat. One of them has an effigy
which slides back and forth when you stand on the platform, If you
shoot three eggs at its open mouth, it'll chew them, swallow and
burp. From the platform above, a pyramid will slowly emerge from the
sand. Head to the next two and feed those effigies as well. With the
third one, the door becomes visible and you can enter.

When you enter, a gruesome mummy warns you to leave "King Sandybutt's
pyramid or face his wrath. Continue on, but prepare to run like hell.

I haven't yet come up with a definite solution to the maze, because
the angle of the camera is pretty terrible. There aren't that many
ways to go, though, and if you keep your head on straight, you
should be able to get through in the sixty seconds. If you don't,
kiss Banjo goodbye. At the end is a sarcophagus with a Jiggy
interred in it.

Jiggy #9 - Fly Through The Rings Of The Ancients

Not far from Jinxy is a giant gold icon with a ring over
his head. If you fly through it, he will tell you if you fly through
all of them, the witch will be defeated. A cinema appears to
show you where each of the icons appears. All you need to do
is fly through the hoops on their heads.

Near as I know, there's no time limit. And the icons are slightly
gigantic, so they're hard to miss. Just fly through all five icons.
The last one will confess he was lying about the whole witch thing.
You can take a Jiggy, but see if you'll ever help those liars

Jiggy #10 - Rescue All Five Jinjos

Blue - In the moat around the central pyramid (you may want
to get Jiggy #7 first)
Green - In an alcove behind the stomping puzzle pyramid.
Orange - Inside Jinxy, on the magic carpet behind the first
rising carpet.
Purple - Inside the pot at the end of the central pyramid's
Yellow - On the rock in the sand behind the starting pad.

Note Locations

5 on the slope between Jinxy and the start of the level.
6 on Jinxy's two front paws
4 notes at all the corners inside Jinxy.
3 on the magic carpets inside Jinxy.
4 on the edges of the stairs leading to the central pyramid
9 on the rim around the moat of the central pyramid
4 on the edges of the stairs leading to the stomping puzzle
4 on top of the stomping puzzle pyramid.
2 on the side of the stomping puzzle pyramid.
4 inside the stomping puzzle pyramid
8 inside Rubee's pyramid.
11 notes in the channel surrounding Grabba.
2 surrounding the running shoes.
4 on the race ziggurat.
3 inside the ziggurat.
7 in the moat surrounding the central pyramid.
3 at the entrance to the central pyramid
4 at the end of the central pyramid's labyrinth
8 in the hot sand near Jinxy (use the boots on his tail)
5 in front of Gobi's mysterious door.

Mumbo Token Locations

On the tip of Jinxy's nose (backflip to get it).
Inside Jinxy, at the end opposite the entrance.
In the moat around the central pyramid, near the second
hungry idol
In Rubee's pyramid.
Atop the water in the race ziggurat (You cannot get this if you
drain the water.)
Right outside the exit of the race ziggurat.
Inside a pot at the end of the central pyramid's labyrinth.
On top of the central pyramid.

Honeycomb Piece Locations

Behind the stomping puzzle pyramid is a switch with a hexagon on it.
Stomp on it, and a Honeycomb piece will appear in the holed cactus
near the ziggurat. Fly to it with Jinxy's flying pad. Just watch out
for those thorns!

After giving Trunker all of Gobi's water, fly towards the wall
behind Jinxy. There's Gobi's Mysterious Door sitting there, right
there with Gobi. Stomp on Gobi's hump and he'll give up some gold,
in the form of a honeycomb piece.

Witch Switch Location

Inside Sandybutt's maze.

                   CHAPTER 11: MAD MONSTER MANSION

A note before we start, I don't know if there's a compass in this
game (excluding the weather vane on top of the church) but to
help, I'm gonna call the face of the house with the starting pad
in front of it the north face of the house. This makes the one
facing the toxic fountain the West face, the bright house faces
the South, and the side facing the hedge maze is the East


Vampire Bat - Small little fluttering enemies. Rat-a-tat rapping
is your best bet, but they're hard to hit.

Limbo - Skeletons that wander around. Hit them and they fall apart.
But they won't stay down for long. The only way to kill them for
good is to Wonderwing them.

Poltergeist - Green spectral enemies, they're completely incorporal.
The only thing that kills them is a Wonderwing blast.

Whipcrack - Like the whiplash, but more rootlike. If you can get
them, use the Wonderwing. Otherwise, avoid them.

Rip - Walking tombstones that lurk the graveyards. Most attacks
work on this guy. What do you want on your tombstone?

Portrait Chompa - Skeletal variants on the chompas, or the sludge
beasts. Rat-a-tat works wonders.

Jiggy #1 - Snatch Napper's Bling-Bling

here's always a door to a mansion, and there's one right in front
of the starting pad. Rat-a-tat rap it or egg it to get through it.
When you enter, you'll see an enormous poltergeist sitting on a
table on top of a Jiggy. He seems to be sleeping...

If you run to him, but step on the creaky wood floor, he will stir,
and not allow you to grab the Jiggy. There's got to be a way to
get to him without waking him up. The only other entrance to the
room seems to be from down the chimney.

Go back outside and climb up one of the drainpipes on the
sides of the mansion. Talon Trot to the south face and Shock
pad up to the next level. On the east is another Shock Pad.
Use it to spring up to the chimney and descend.

Walk betwixt the two fires and hop and flutter (NOT backflip) to
the first chair, the second and onto the table. Grab the jiggy
right under his ectoplasmy nose. Looks like it didn't take a
congressional hearing to shut down Napper after all... (bad
pun, I know...)

Jiggy #2 - Flowers On Your Grave

Walk counterclockwise around the mansion until you reach a locked
gate. Rat-a-tat rap the gate down and explore the church. All
around are little pots with eyes. If you backfire an egg into them,
they'll sprout flowers and say "Thaaank you." It sounds like "****
you." to some, but it's definitely "Thaaank you." The five pots are
in pretty obvious positions. Once you fill all five, the last one
sprouts a Jiggy.

Jiggy #3 - Atop The Weather Vane

While in the church area, talon trot on the headstone near the door
into the church and talon trot onto the roof of the church. There's
one raised stone on the side of the clock tower. Hop on it and hop
onto the small slant on the tower. Trot around it 180 degrees and
enter the doorway with the Mumbo Token in it. Talon trot up the
tiny roof and climb the pole. Backflip for the very high Jiggy.

Jiggy #4 - In The Wine Cellar

From the church, exit from where the gate used to be and head
right. There's a boarded up cellar. Beak-bust it and head on
down. There are eight kegs of wine down there. You can beak-
barge them easily. Some contain eggs or feathers. One contains
a mumbo token, and the closest one to the screen on the left has
a Jiggy.

Jiggy #5 - 

On the west face of the house on the first roof, there's a
breakable window. Break it and enter the room. Inside is an
old fashioned 1930's style toilet, with the tank high above
the seat. Stand in the bowl and the toilet says "You're too
fat to go down Loggo's mouth!"

To me, that's a good thing. But you do wanna go down there.
Head back to the church area and leap over the broken part of
the wall and into Mumbo's hut. This spell costs a hefty 20
tokens, but it's worth every penny. You become an adorable
pumpkin. Awww...

Leave the hut through the small gap in the bottom. Walk past
the church and into the small hole on the left. Walk up the slant
and along the hedge until you see the brick wall leading to the
roof. Walk all the way around to the West face and enter
Loggo's room. Hop into his bowl and he'll flush you away.

Down the pipes isn't a good place to be, but there's a Jiggy
down there. Just be wary of the whipping root and the sludge
beasts. When you leave, you'll hear what you never thought
you'd ever hear: Grunty criticizing YOUR hygiene...

Jiggy #6 - The Rain Barrel

As a pumpkin (or as we call them here in Rhode Island, a Pun'kin),
you have access to the first rooftop. Climb up the slant in the maze,
accessible from a hole in the wall. There are four gutter pipes, but
only the one to the northeast leads to a rain barrel. The pun'kin
fits right in, and leads to a Jiggy.

This rain barrel is one of many examples where Rareware
doesn't care about the damn scale. The rain barrel is about
neck-high on Banjo, yet seats two dozen Chevy Suburbans
when you step inside....

Jiggy #7 - Tumblar The Mighty

From the south face, walk through the thick grass. You should see
a shack with a lot of light coming from it. It's a lot roomier
inside, so break the door and enter.

The little overturned jam jar in the center of the room is
Tumblar the Mighty! He offers you the Jiggy under him if you
solve his puzzle. The puzzle consists of sliding on Tumblar
and touching the letters that spell out "BANJOKAZOOIE." You
can't touch the witch tiles, else you'll be injured, and you
absolutely can't touch the poltergeist wandering around either,
else you'll be knocked off Tumblar. You can afford to get
knocked off of Tumblar no more than once. Touch all the
letters in 75 seconds and you'll get his Jiggy.

Jiggy #8 - The Wishing Well

From the bright house (you don't need to have gotten that Jiggy
first), walk down the path past the house and down many steps.
There's a gate that leads to the toxic fountain, but it's locked
from this side. If you'd rather, you can use the shock pad to hop
over it.

Walk away from the fountain and up the plank. Ever wanted to
make a wish? Jump into the well. Swim down and into the
sunken bucket. If you wished for a Jiggy, it came true. If you
don't like this idea, you can climb in as a pumpkin and grab it
through a hole in the bucket.

Jiggy #9 - Motzand And The Church

From the toxic fountain, there's a stairwell leading up. There are
some running shoes and a switch. The switch opens the church across
the way. Once you regain control, talon trot into the shoes, leap
over the hedge and run like hell to the church. If you reach it in
time, you'll be welcomed... kinda.

The church is one of my favorite parts of the game. Walk
forward to the organ, ascend the pedals, the seat, and onto the
keys. Motzand will ask you to follow his symphony. It's not too
hard, since you can follow him just as fast as he can. Stomp
on the notes that Motzand strikes. If you fall behind, make sure
you still hit the one he hit before. You'll lose a honeycomb when
you hit a wrong note.

After two symphonies, Motzand relinquished his earthy gold,
and shakes off this immortal coil. See you on the other side,
Motzand. Go meet up with the rest of your body.

Jiggy #10 - Rescue All Five Jinjos

Blue - In the middle of the toxic fountain near the start of the
Green - On the roof of the mansion.
Orange - In the hedge maze, at the top left corner.
Purple - In the wine cellar, in one of the wine barrels.
Yellow - On the south face of the house at the top level, there's
a glass window you can go through. On the roof of the bed is
the yellow Jinjo. Kill the skeleton monster and the poltergeist
and use the spring pad to get up there

Note Locations

4 on the two curbs in the beginning of the level.
8 on the chairs surrounding Napper.
4 on the corners of the drainpipe around the lower roof.
4 on the corners of the drainpipe around the higher roof.
3 in a small alley just before the locked entrance to the
10 along the roof of the church
4 on the top of the church's clock tower.
4 in the back of the wine cellar.
2 inside Mumbo's hut
5 inside the rain barrel.
4 on top of the bright house. (Use the shock pad near it)
4 inside the bright house.
4 around the toxic fountain.
4 around the wishing well.
4 on the 4 pews inside the church.
2 notes on the pedals of Motzhand's organ.
4 on the pipes of Motzand's organ.
4 in the bedroom where you find the Yellow Jinjo.
9 in the highest glass window room on the north face.
6 in the hedge maze.
7 at the bottom of the well.

Mumbo Token Locations

Behind the fire in the fireplace in Napper's room.
Behind a headstone in the graveyard surrounding the church
In the doorway leading to the top of the clock tower.
In the third left-hand wine keg in the wine cellar.
In the sink near Loggo.
On the roof of the bright house.
Hidden in an alcove to the left of the path near the bright
On the Shock Pad on Motzand's Stool.
In the hedge maze.
Honeycomb Piece Locations

On the east face of the mansion, there's a breakable window
on the first roof. Break it as Banjo, but enter it as a pumpkin.
Underneath is a honeycomb piece. Just watch out for the
skeleton monsters.

On the girders above the church, there sits a honeycomb
piece. Watch out, though. It's a long way down...

Witch Switch Location

On the wooden girders above Motzand's organ.

                   CHAPTER 12: RUSTY BUCKET BAY

And you thought Clanker's Cavern was grungy. Oh, lord. One
VERY important note: While swimming on the surface of the
oily water, you will begin to lose oxygen at the rate you would if
you were submerged. When submerged, you lose oxygen at
twice the normal rate. Be extra careful.

Some nautical info for you: Fore is the front, aft is back. Port is
left, starboard is right.

Here's some quick locations for you:

Vent Pipe #1: down the first vent pipe from the left of the
bridge leading to the ship from the starting pad.

Vent Pipe #2: On the starboard aft of the ship.

Vent Pipe #3: On the starboard fore of the ship.

Crew's Quarters: Starboard side of the ship, midway down the
ship, behind a breakable porthole. It has beds and some naval
goblins running around.

Captain's Quarters: Starboard side. Fore porthole. it has a
helm and a big bed.

Sonar Room: Port side, fore porthole. It has a lot of electronics
in it.


Nautical Grumbling: A naval officer in this ship. He takes a few
attacks to bring down, but it's worth it.

Flotsam: A possessed life preserver. Rat-a-tat them and watch
them fly away.

Boom Box: A box of TNT with a volatile temper. They'll chase you
until their fuse hits their keg, or until they lose interest.
Shoot them with eggs from a distance, or take a hit for the team.

Sludge Beasts: Deal with 'em like before.

Jiggy #1 - Atop The Smokestack

After coming up the bridge from the starting position, go right
and hop onto the boxes to get up to the next level. Walk to the
front of the ship, going up the skinny bridge. In the front of
the front smokestack is a ladder. Climb it up to the metal
girding around the smokestack, then walk along it to the back
of the back smokestack. Climb up that ladder and return to the
front of the ship and climb up one final ladder to reach the
top and collect the Jiggy.

Jiggy #2 - The Boss Boom Box

At the boxes that helped you ascend to the smokestacks, this
time, continue aft until you see a "TNT" box suspended by a
crane. You can't budge it just now, but you can ascend the rope
and walk down the crane. At the base of the crane is a button
that has a Down arrow. If you Beak-Barge it, the TNT will fall
and blow up the hold doors that stood as floors not a moment
before. Fall into the fresh hole.

Down there is a Jiggy, but a giant box quickly comes to seal it
up. He's a massive box that takes a lot of attack, then splits in
two. Each of those two will split in two, and each of THOSE will
split in two. In other words, you need to kill 15 boxes. The
easiest way to do this is to just Wonderwing the crap outta
them. Once all fifteen boxes are dead, they give up the Jiggy.

Jiggy #3 - Jiggy In The Engine Room

Go down Vent Pipe #2. Down there is a switch, and
a look into a room with a lot of fans. Hit the switch and the fans
will slow down.

Get to the base of the aft smokestack. There's a small door at
it's base. Break it down and enter. Kill the sludge beasts and
use the ladder to get down. You'll see a clockwork nightmare
as you continue, the fan room you saw just before. Wait for the
metal elbow to stop moving, hop up the gears and wait for the
fan to slow before attempting to jump through it. Directly
across is a Jiggy.

Jiggy #4 - In The Flooded Stockroom

From the start, go directly left. You'll come to a hole in the
wall with a sign that says "Toll 2." This means you fire two eggs
in, and the bridge will extend. Watch out for the sludge monster
and Talon Trot up the roof. On the descending roof, you might
notice that there's a window that's not like the others. It's a
polygon, not a colored texture. Stomp it and fall through.

You land on a plank above the water. Walk down the plank
and onto the boxes.  Hop along the boxes to the corner for a
fairly easy Jiggy.

Jiggy #5 - Liberate The Caged Jiggy

Get onto the ship and head fore. You should see a
crate with a rope attached to a crane with a Jiggy under it.
Ascend the rope and descend the crane. You should see a
switch, like with Jiggy #2. But this time, the "Up" arrow is
pushable. Beak-Barge it in and the crate will rise. Quickly
reclimb the ladder, Talon trot along the top of the crane and
leap down and snatch the jiggy before it closes.

Jiggy #6 - The Captain's Jiggy

Head to the Captain's Quarters. It's the foremost
porthole on the starboard side. Inside is one naval goblin and a
breakable closet door. Kill the sludge beast and backflip for the
Jiggy. Couldn't be simpler, or maybe it could.

Jiggy #7 - Banjo, Blow Your Horn

Just prior to the boxes on the starboard side of the
ship, there's a marking that says "312-111." It's a code of some
kind, but where do you put it in?

On the fore of the ship, on the higher platforms, there are three
horns on the ship in front of three buttons on the floor. If you
beak bomb the platform, the horn will sound. If you type 312-
111 into the buttons, the Jiggy will appear on Button #2.

Jiggy #8 - Save The Poor Dolphin

At the fore of the ship, deep under the grungy water,
you can see the anchor. But the anchor is pinning a dolphin
down to the mucky floor. And you thought tuna nets were

What you need to do is swim up to where the chain enters the
ship, because it's almost certainly where the problem is. Make
sure you have a lot of breath when you start heading for the
entrance, as you'll lose quite a bit.

When you surface, get to the hallway's dry land as soon as
possible to get your air back. Walk down the hallway and
smatter the four sludge beasts. The hallway at the end has a
switch. Stomp it and the anchor will rise (dragging its sharp
end THROUGH poor Snorkel) and Snorkel will leave a Jiggy
behind as thanks.

I recommend, after you swim back down the chain hole,
surface and get to land first before grabbing the Jiggy, so you
don't drown.

Jiggy #9 - The Really Really Hard Jiggy

Beware: This Jiggy is a pain in the ass.

If you didn't this life, hit the switch beneath Vent Pipe #2. Now,
proceed down into the fan room you went down in Jiggy #3.
You have to hit both those switches, a daunting enough of a
task. I recommend standing in a Talon trot when jumping
between fans, because the chance of getting hit is less.

After you hit them both, you have 65 seconds to get out of the
fan room, reclimb the ladder, and haul butt out the door to the
aft of the ship and into the propellers, so you can grab that
well-guarded Jiggy. Once again, use the Talon Trot to increase
speed. Don't worry about Oxygen. If you grab the jiggy, that'll
be enough. But, if you can get out without dying, that even

Jiggy #10 - Rescue All Five Jinjos

Blue - Inside the second storage box.
Green - In the upper right-hand corner of the map is a pool of
nuclear waste. Hop along the barrels to get the Green Jinjo
Orange -  From the back crane, pay the back "Toll 8." Walk
along it and kill the three sludge beasts. At the very end of the
path is the Jinjo.
Purple - From the starting pad, go to the right until you see a
beehive. Beneath there is a Jinjo that you have to swim for.
When you get out, stand on a box for a while to get your
breath back.
Yellow - On a buoy on the corner of the map near the flooded
warehouse (Jiggy #4) and where you find the second
Honeycomb Piece.

Note Locations

5 on the bridge leading to the ship right before the starting pad.
5 in Vent Pipe #1
4 in the crew quarters.
4 on the lowest bridge between the two smokestacks.
2 on opposite sides of the horn puzzle. (Jiggy #7)
4 on the middle bridge between the two smokestacks.
4 on the highest bridge between the two smokestacks.
6 on the aft of the ship
3 on the switch raising the crate (Jiggy #5).
4 surrounding the switch in Vent Pipe #2
3 near the switch lowering the TNT (Jiggy #2).
4 in the flooded storage area (Jiggy #4)
5 along the fence holding in the water near the Yellow Jinjo.
3 on three barrels in the nuclear waste.
5 in Vent Pipe #3
3 by the captain's helm.
4 under a desk in the sonar room.
4 inside the third blue storage box.
8 inside the first blue storage box.
4 surrounding the anchor switch.
4 on the grate above the Purple Jinjo.
12 in the lower engine holds (4 on each side and 4
surrounding Jiggy #3.)

Mumbo Token Locations

In the crew's quarters.
In Vent Pipe #1.
On top of the back smokestack.
On the aft of the ship.
From the hold where the box monster lives, go aft. There's a
ladder leading up. On the opposite side is a Mumbo Token.
Make sure to kill the sludge beast.
In the nuclear waste pool.
Under a desk in the sonar room.
Inside the second storage box.
Inside the third storage box.
Above the "Toll 2" bridge. Get to the center, run a little bit, and
backflip off to the token.
TWO on the spinning pipes in the spinning blade room.
On the very very fore of the ship ("I'm king of the world!")

Honeycomb Piece Locations

One is in the hexagonal hole above the doorway leading to
Jiggy #3.

The other is inside the sunken warehouse nearly directly fore
of the ship. Enter in the hole in the left side of it (watch out for
Snackers). Resurface and hit the switch opposite the entrance.
The honeycomb piece will appear near the ceiling. Use the
flying pad to reach it. (Also, the water will still rob you of
oxygen, even though it doesn't look polluted.)

Witch Switch Location

From the crane that drops the TNT, hop aft onto the tall thing
nearby. You should be able to see the witch switch. It's a long
jump, though, so watch yourself.

                   CHAPTER 13: CLICK CLOCK WOOD

When you enter Click Clock Wood, you'll notice there are four
tiers around the center stump. Each tier represents a season:
Spring is the seasonably green area, summer is the bright
yellow, sun-baked area, fall is the brown and red one with
bugs, and winter is the snowy path.

There are some things you should know about the four
different areas:

Spring: The leaves are still buds, the snapping plants are
small, and the lake is cool from the thaw. Construction on the
bridge above is barely beginning. This is the only time zone
Mumbo will transform you in. Not too many big bad birds
around either.

Summer: The drought has drained the lake, so don't rely on
any water landings. Also, there are bee swarms everywhere,
nowhere near beehives. The buds have sprung into leaves,
and the Robin Hoodlums are running around with no shirts. Birds
are also in greater numbers.

Fall: Giant piles of leaves make ascending some things easier.
The snapping plants are HUGE now, and the water has returned to
the lake. Construction is now almost complete on the house in the
sky, and the world is cooling for the winter.

Winter: Everything's dead. No bees, no snappers, no birds. Even the
BRIAR is dead. You only need to deal with the Jack Frosts, Ice
Cubes, and the lack of a water landing again (all frozed up, as it is).

You'll also quickly notice that all of the doors are locked. But,
there's a switch in front of the Fall door. Stomp on it, and the
Spring door will open.

To open up the next areas, you need to find the switches in
those lands to open them.

Summer Switch: From the entrance, get into the water. There
should be a slope to ascend somewhere. Ascend it and walk
clockwise until you come to another ascending slant. Climb
that one, and talon trot up the next slant. Continue up, but
watch out for the big-mouthed birds.

The next puzzle requires you to jump out and towards the next
alcove and flutter into it. It takes some practice to get it down
pat, so don't get frustrated if you fall. From here, jump down to
the semicompleted walkway that floats in the air. Continue up
until you reach a platform. On that platform is the Summer

Fall Switch: In the Summer world,  where once was water now
is earth. Walk through the dry lake bed all the way until you
each the farthest point you can from the entrance, while still
being in the lake bed. Kill the birdie, stomp on that switch, and
welcome to Fall land.

Winter Switch: Take roughly the same path as the Spring
Switch, but go beyond Nabnut's cabin. There's a dreadfully
difficult gauntlet with clucking birds and slants to bring you
down to the bottom floor very quickly. Rat-a-tat-rap them the
same way you do the Sludge monsters. Beyond that gauntlet
is the Winter switch.


Snapping Plant: Giant Venus Beartraps. They grow big in later
seasons, and they usually have valuable stuff in their mouths.
Wonderwing to snag the stuff, or stay the hell away. The game
calls them Snarebears.

Robin Hoodlums: The soldiers of Click Clock Wood. They're
about as tough as the nautical goblins in Rusty Bucket Bay,
and most attacks will do.

Big Bad Birds: Birds that cluck and bite similar to the Chompas.
The Rat-a-tat works wonders.

All the other enemies you've seen before: Buzzbomb, Clinker, Jack
Frost, and Taurus. Proceed with caution.

Jiggy #1 - Bird Guards Gold

In the summer land, you can see leaves are blooming near the Talon
Trot slant. It's to the right of the big bad bird nearest the
entrance. Heading towards the right, use a variety of jumps,
flutters and backflips to reach a small platform. Kill the big bad
bird and snatch the Jiggy that was right in front of it.

Jiggy #2 - Gnawty's Dilemma

In spring, if you get into the water, you might notice an
unfortunate soul of a beaver named Gnawty. A boulder has blocked his
path into his house. With the water the way it is, there's not much
you can do.

In the summertime, you can see him standing in front of the boulder
blocking his house. If you wanna see something REALLY funny, don't
break the stone and visit him in fall and winter. (the trip under
the frigid water will probably kill you, however).

If you don't want to be cruel, smash the boulder and allow Gnawty
up to his hovel. He might be able to climb the steep incline, but
you can't, not even with the talon trot. You can't follow him for
his reward.

Head to Fall and you'll see your boulder is still gone, and now
you can swim up there to find Gnawty, patiently waiting to give
you your prize. It took an entire season, but it's worth it, I say.

Jiggy #3 - The Giant Plant

In the spring, if you get into the water, and swim as far to the
right (entrance relative) as possible, you'll find a garden that is
completely empty, but for one hole. Get ready for another bizarre use
for those eggs. If Kazooie fires five eggs backwards into the hole,
a plant will slowly grow. It's only a bud, but it's nice.

Head back there, but this time, show up in Summer. Look who's
resting under the shade! It's our old pal Gobi. He's not happy
to see you, but you sure should be happy to see him. Stomp on his
hump and he'll regurgitate the water he has into the plant, and it
will grow even higher. After that, he'll fall asleep.

Return to the garden in the fall time zone. Once again, there's
Gobi sitting there. He's found some more water, as it turns out,
so stomp on his hump to make him cough it up. A Jiggy will
appear on the finally blossoming giant flower. Gobi runs off,
claiming "I'm off to the lava world! You'll never find me there..."

To get to the pedal, ascend the giant tree up to the beehive, and
leap from the beehive down onto the flower.

Jiggy #4 - Be a Mother to Eyrie

In the springtime, ascend the tree all the way past the obstacle
course following Nabnut's cabin. There should be a giant nest
nearby with a giant egg inside of it. There's also a Shock Pad on
the nest, which you can use to get all the way to the top of the
egg. Just like in Bubblegloop Swamp, there's a big cartoony bandage
on it's top. Stomp on it there and the egg will shatter.  A baby
bird named Eyrie will be born, but he immediately falls asleep. I
guess sitting in that egg exhausted him. Whatever. Let's check to
see how he's doing at a later date.

When you enter the summer time zone, Eyrie will call for you
and ask for 5 caterpillars. Here's the locations for caterpillars in
the Summer time zone.

- Right under the leaves in front of the entrance.
- Near the snapper plant near the empty garden.
- On the lowered platform separating the briar patch around
Mumbo's Hut and the normal grass.
- In front of Mumbo's Hut.
- On a leaf on the withered branch.
- On the branch supporting the not-yet-constructed house.
- On the circular platform near Nabnut's cabin.

Once you get five of them, you can head back up the tree and feed
them to Eyrie. After that meal, he'll have a growth spurt and take
another long nap.

Enter the fall season and Eyrie will call you out again. This
time he wants ten caterpillars. Here's where they all are.

- In front of the big bad bird near the slant that leads from the
water up to the bridge.
- On the right-hand pile of leaves near the empty garden.
- On the pile of leaves near the big bad bird near where the
briar patch meets the grass.
- In front of the big bad bird that's near the bridge leading to
the wading boots.
- Inside Mumbo's Hut.
- On the withered branch.
- On top of the giant beehive.
- On the Shock pad near the nearly-finished house.
- Directly behind Eyrie (such a lazy kid...)
- At the very peak of the tree, near the door leading to Jiggy

After feeding him the ten caterpillars, he'll grow again. His
"voice" will change and he'll take another nap, saying he'll be
"a big bird soon..."

Finally, enter in the wintertime. You can use the flying pad to
ascend the tree more quickly if you like. But get back to Eyrie's
nest. He'll be a mighty eagle. He's all grown up. But now he's
going to be leaving the nest. Before he flies away, Eyrie leaves
a gift for his surrogate mother a Jiggy. Ohh... good-byes
always get me so emotional...

Jiggy #5 - The Root-Guarded Gold

For those exhausted by that one, here's an easy one for ya. Ascend
ALL the way to the top of the tree, as high as you can go. There
should be a door you can break. Inside are some roots swinging
around, but they're easily avoidable. At the back of the room is a

Jiggy #6 - Jiggy in the Cabin

You might have noticed in the summertime, but in the house being
built, there's a Jiggy in one corner of it. You can risk life and
limb trying to get it there, but it's far easier to wait for them
to finish building the house. Return to the house in the falltime
and grab the Jiggy then.

Jiggy #7 - Defeat The Zubba Wasps

In the summer time, head to the giant beehive. On top of it is a
small square of stuff you can stomp on and break through. You'll
fall into the beehive. There's a Jiggy under glass inside there.
Once the Zubbas realize you're inside, they attack you. All you
really need to do is hold the Wonderwing out while standing on
the glass holding the Jiggy. The Zubbas will fly into you and die.
Once all ten are dead, you can snatch that Jiggy up.

If you run outta golden feathers, rat-a-tat rapping works the best.

Jiggy #8 -

In the fall, you can visit Nabnut, and he'll complain that he needs
six more acorns before winter comes. WHY? If you visited him in
Summer, why is perfectly clear; he's a fat piece of crap and ATE
them all. Personally, I think if he didn't have 6 acorns, it'd be
sand off a beach. But either way...

There are acorns on both tiers of the circular platform, In the
center of the O-shaped platform (jump and flutter CAREFULLY
to the platform below), on the end of the O-shaped platform
(backflip to get it), in his attic, (take the curled bridge up to it
and go under the water) and inside his house (what the hell's
wrong with him?).

Give him all six and he'll present you with a Jiggy! Yahoo!

Jiggy #9 -  The Very Highest Jiggy

In the spring, go to Mumbo's Hut. For 25 Mumbo tokens, he'll turn
you into a bee. It's kind of an anticlimax, but it gives you
featherless flying, so don't complain. Fly to the part of the tree
where Nabnut's home is. Directly above it, as high as your buggy
wings can flap, is a snapping plant with a Jiggy in its mouth.

Jiggy #10 - Rescue All Five Jinjos.

Blue - Winter season, on top of Mumbo's hut.
Green - Spring season, on the second-highest snapper plant,
near the entrance to Jiggy #5.
Orange - Fall season, on a pile of leaves near the empty
Purple - Spring season, inside the Zubba's beehive.
Yellow - Summer season, go all the way to the left from the
entrance. He's hiding in some tall grass.

Note Locations

4 outside the entrance to Spring.

4 around the empty garden.
12 on the lowest level of the platforms all around Click Clock
wood (mainly above archways).

2 on the leaves right in front of the entrance.
3 on the branch holding the giant beehive.
4 in front of the partially constructed house.
5 on the U-shaped platform in front of Nabnut's cabin.
2 in the passageway to Gnawty's home.

15 all around the circumference of the tree at the base.
3 inside the mouth of the snapper near the slant leading up the
3 inside the mouth of the snapper near the empty garden.
1 in front of the birdie near the slant leading up the tree.
4 on the rafters of Mumbo's Hut.
4 inside the giant beehive.
3 inside Nabnut's cabin.
8 around the giant nest past the gauntlet.
3 inside Gnawty's house.
5 along the wall near the empty garden (these are easy to


4 on the withered branch.
4 on the roof
4 surrounding the Jack Frost near Nabnut's cabin.
4 going up the steps to the apex.

Mumbo Token Locations

Spring: Inside the jaws of the snapping plant near the
Spring: Inside the jaws of the snapping plant near the empty
Spring: In the briar patch that surrounds Mumbo's hut. From
the boots, head towards the wall. It's hidden in an alcove.
Spring: On the withered branch after the steep slant.
Spring: On the end of the giant beehive.
Spring: At the end of the skinny plank in the house under
Spring: Inside Nabnut's cabin.
Spring: After the gauntlet past Nabnut's cabin.
Summer: On the rafters of Mumbo's Hut.
Summer: On the withered branch after the steep slant.
Summer: On the obstacle course after Nabnut's cabin.
Summer: On a leaf above Jiggy #1.
Summer: In the passageway leading to Gnawty's home.
Fall: In the mouth of the snapper plant near the entrance.
Fall: On a leaf near the nearly-constructed house.
Fall: On a leaf of the withered branch.
Winter: Inside the broken giant beehive.
Winter: Behind the stump with the flying pad on it.
Winter: In the empty garden.
Winter: Near the Jack Frost near Nabnut's cabin.
Winter: Underneath the Jack Frost nearest Mumbo's Hut.

Honeycomb Piece Locations
In winter, hop on the flying pad nearest Nabnut's cabin. There's a
window high above his door. Beak-bomb it, and fly on through.
Inside is a honeycomb piece. Only one more to go.

If you broke the rock blocking Gnawty's house, you can swim
into his house in the winter. There is the final Honeycomb
piece on his shelf.

Witch Switch Location

Where you found Jiggy #1, but in the winter.

                  CHAPTER 14: GRUNTY'S FURNACE FUN!

"Welcome all, Grunty's the name!
Banjo's Here to play my game!
My lair is done and here he stands
Through all my tricks and traps and lands!
This final test will see me win,
When Banjo fails then I'll be thin!
The prizes on this stand bring joy,
From Tooty down to cuddly toy!
My little quiz will make you sweat,
And Tooty you shall never get!
'Cuz somewhere soon along the way
your lack of skill will make my day...
'Cuz in the fiery pits you'll go,
and I will win the prize on show!
So step on over to the square,
Press A to try it if you dare!"

This lovely poem is what starts out your adventure through the
incredible game board Grunty has set up to keep you from
getting Tooty. You have to traverse the game board to beat the
witch. Press A to try the square you stand on, and Grunty will
give you a challenge based on the square. Fail, and lose a
honeycomb. Succeed, and continue to the next square.

On the board, there are Banjo-Kazooie tiles, picture tiles,
sound tiles, Grunty tiles, challenge tiles, joker tiles and death
tiles. Each one acts differently.

Banjo-Kazooie Tiles

These are tiles that ask you details about the game. They can range
from how many of something were somewhere, what someone asked for,
who stole something, things in that range. These are the real "Meat
'n Potatoes" of this board. Given here are probably all the questions
she'll ask, though I may have missed a few.

14:1 - Mumbo's Mountain Questions

"On Mumbo's Mountain, it's not dull,
What's in the eye of Mumbo's Skull?"

Something else (A Jiggy) - Correct
Musical Notes - Incorrect
Mumbo Token - Incorrect

"In Mumbo's Village in the middle,
which tall object solves this riddle?"

Lu-Be-Ju the Totem Pole - Incorrect
Juju the Totem Pole - Correct
Tojo the Totem Pole - Incorrect

"On Mumbo's Mountain in the lake,
What in there make no mistake?"

A shoal of fish - Correct
A dirty hippo - Incorrect
A hungry shark - Incorrect

"Mumbo's Mountain is a thriller,
What's the name of the gorilla?"

Conga - Correct
Wonga - Incorrect
Bonga - Incorrect

"In Mumbo's Mountain you don't know,
What does that big gorilla throw?"

Oranges - Correct
Chocolates - Incorrect
Barrels - Ha!

"Mumbo's Mountain, Bottles is there,
Which move was learned, you stupid pair?"

Talon Trot - Correct
Shock Jump - Incorrect
Wonderwing Invulnerability - Incorrect

"On Mumbo's Mountain, surrounded by sea,
There's a Jinjo, what color is he?"

Green - Incorrect
Blue - Correct
Black - Incorrect!

"Mumbo's Mountain is easy for sure,
How many Jigsaws open it's door?"

1 - Correct
2 - Incorrect
3 - Incorrect

"They've a tower in which they hide,
On Mumbo's Mountain, what's inside?"

Fatty the bat - Incorrect
Ticker the termite - Correct
Bongo the bee - Incorrect

"On Mumbo's Mountain, they look flash,
How many huts were there to smash?"

6 - Correct
5 - Incorrect
8 - Incorrect

14:2 - Treasure Trove Cove Questions

"Treasure Trove's got Cap'n Blubber,
What's wrong with that sobbing lubber?"

He'd lost his gold - Correct
He wanted a drink - Incorrect
He couldn't remember his name - Incorrect!

"Treasure Trove got a treasure hunt,
How many X's, you little runt?"

More - Incorrect
6 - Correct
5 - Incorrect

"Treasure Trove's Sandcastle floor,
Is missing a letter, guess once more?"

X - Incorrect
None of them - Incorrect
Q - Correct

"My hungry shark will end your game,
On Treasure Trove, what's his name?"

Slacker - Incorrect
Snacker - Correct
Stacker - Incorrect

"Treasure Trove Cove had a feature,
What was the giant armored creature?"

A giant hermit crab - Correct
A mighty tank - Incorrect
A huge metal whale - Wrong level, brainiac!

"Of these items on the ground,
On Treasure Trove was first found?"

Gold Feathers - Incorrect
Feather Dusters - Incorrect
Red Feathers - Correct

"In Treasure Trove within this game,
What is the leaking bucket's name?"

Holey - Incorrect
Leaky - Correct
Mr. Sieve - Incorrect

"Jinjos are a crafty lot,
on Treasure Trove, where are they not?"

Inside a giant treasure chest - Correct
Under the pier at the start - Incorrect
On top of a tree - Incorrect

"In Treasure Trove you need quick legs,
Which of my nasties ate your eggs?"

Lockup the Treasure Chest - Incorrect
Snippet the crab - Incorrect
Yum-yum the clam - Correct

"On Treasure Trove, there is a boat,
What's its name, it doesn't float?"

The Salty Hippo - Correct
The Sweaty Rhino - Incorrect
The Wobbly Whale - Incorrect

14:3 - Clanker's Cavern Questions

"Clanker's Cavern smells really stale,
How many ways to get in the whale?"

6 - Incorrect
Less than 5 - Incorrect
More than 4 - Correct

"Clanker's cavern really stinks,
His massive chain, how many links?"

10 - Incorrect
8 - Correct
6 - Incorrect

"Clanker the whale is stuck in the goo,
In Clanker's Cavern, what does he do?"

Tour Guide - Touring where?
Massive dishwasher - Grunty washes dishes?
Garbage grinder - Correct

"Inside Clanker spinning fast,
What was tough for you to get past?"

Rotating sawblades - Correct
Rotating merry-go-round - Incorrect
Rotating bones - Incorrect

"The whale's stomach is pretty grim
Through how many hoops did you swim?"

8 - Correct
7 - Incorrect
Less than 7 - Incorrect

"Clanker's Cavern whale needed air,
What did you swim through way down there?"

A series of hoops - Incorrect
The sound barrier - Incorrect
A large key - Correct

"In Clanker's Cavern, it's a pain,
What's attached to Clanker's chain?"

A colossal cauldron - Incorrect
A massive anvil - Correct
A huge boulder - Incorrect

"The whale's blowhole an object sat,
In Clanker's Cavern, what was that?"

A giant bolt - Correct
A large crab - Incorrect
A big bubble - Incorrect

"If you know this, please don't shout,
In Clanker's Cavern the odd one out?"

Bolt - Incorrect
Anvil - Incorrect
Hammer - Correct

14:4 - Bubblegloop Swamp Questions

"Bubblegloop Swamp will test your mind,
How many turtles did you find?"

8 (Tanktup, the conductor and the 6 choir members) - Correct
6 - Incorrect
7 - Incorrect

"In Bubblegloop Swamp's marshy mound,
What thing's highest above the ground?"

A muddy turtle - Incorrect
A mud hut - Correct
A turtle - Incorrect

"Bubblegloop's turtle opens wide,
What did you hit to get inside?"

His butt - Incorrect
His feet - Correct
His head - Incorrect

"Inside Bubblegloop's giant egg,
What's not inside you needn't beg?"

An extra life - Correct
A jigsaw piece - Incorrect
A smaller egg - Incorrect

"Tell me now or your life I'll chomp,
The frogs' name in Bubblegloop Swamp?"

Flibbits - Correct
Stickups - Incorrect
Stikkits - Incorrect

"Bubblegloop Swamp hides a treat,
What in the water chomps your feet?"

Electric toasters - Incorrect!
Piranha fish - Correct
Electric Eels - Incorrect

"Bubblegloop turtle choir is swell,
But what's on the back of each shell?"

A bigger turtle - Incorrect
A musical note - Correct
A target - Incorrect

"In Bubblegloop Swamp, there is no doubt,
Which one of these is the odd one out?"

Green frog - Correct
Red frog - Incorrect
Yellow frog - Incorrect

"In Bubblegloop Swamp, tell me now,
Which fact's made up by this old cow?"

There are two different colored frogs - Incorrect
Bottles teaches you two new moves - Correct
It features two crocodiles - Incorrect

"The crocodiles in Bubblegloop Swamp,
Give me the names of what they chomp?"

Bubblies and dumblies - Incorrect
Yumyums and bumbums - Incorrect
Yumblies and grumblies - Correct

14:5 - Freezeezy Peak Questions

"Freezeezy's igloo isn't square,
How many bears can fit in there?"

Five - Correct (Remember, you're a bear, too!)
Four - Incorrect
Three - Incorrect

"Boggy Bear is Freezeezy's clot,
How many Jigsaws has he got?"

Three - Correct
Two - Incorrect
Four - Incorrect

"Freezeezy's Slalom course is crass,
Through how many gates do you pass?"

48 - Incorrect
38 - Correct
28 - Incorrect

"The walrus on Freezeezy Peak,
What's his name that I now seek?"

Wozza - Correct
Wazza - Incorrect
Gazza - Incorrect

"Freezeezy Peak is rather cold,
But what does the huge snowman hold?"

A broom - Correct
A Game Boy - Incorrect
A shovel - Incorrect

"Freezeezy's snowman's giant scarf
What are it's colors that make me barf?"

Orange and red - Incorrect
Yellow and red - Correct
Green and grey - Incorrect

"On Freezeezy Peak you have been,
But which of these can't be seen?"

Christmas Pudding - Correct
Christmas Presents - Incorrect
Christmas Tree - Incorrect

"Freezeezy Peak is full of snow,
But which of these isn't on show?"

A pathetic polar bear (Boggy) - Incorrect
A wobbly walrus (Wozza) - Incorrect
A slippery seal (?) - Correct

"Here's three facts on Freezeezy Peak,
the one that's true is what you seek!"

Five giant ice cubes live there - Incorrect
There are five snowmen - Incorrect
It features five bears - Correct

14:6 - Gobi's Valley Questions

"In Gobi's Valley, there's a tree
On it's head, what can you see?"

A leafy wig - Incorrect
A hat - Correct
A pair of sunglasses - Incorrect

"Gobi's cactus conceals a prize,
Tell me what if you think you're wise!"

An extra honeycomb piece - Correct
A piece of sponge cake - Incorrect!!
A jigsaw piece - Incorrect

"An easy one, or maybe a jinx,
how many carpets in Gobi's sphinx?"

4 - Incorrect
6 - Incorrect
5 - Correct

"Gobi's Camel on vacation,
what's he got at his third location?"

Nothing - Incorrect
A jigsaw - Incorrect
An extra honeycomb piece - Correct

"The charmer helps you on your way,
In his pyramid what did you pay?"

Some blue eggs - Correct
Some gold feathers - Incorrect
Some gold bullion - Incorrect

"In Gobi's Valley lurks a hand,
Who hides a Jiggy in the sand?"

Robba the Mummy Hand - Incorrect
Grabba the Mummy Hand - Correct
Dabba the Daddy Hand - Incorrect!!

"In a pyramid some tiles you match,
Who's not included in this batch?"

Mumbo Jumbo - Incorrect
Jinjo - Incorrect
Gruntilda - Correct

"Gobi's Valley had many a trick,
How many pyramids, take your pick?"

5 - Incorrect
4 - Correct
3 - Incorrect

"Above the sand you see it glide,
In Gobi's Valley what's the ride?"

A magic carpet - Correct
A magic genie - Incorrect
A magic taxi cab - Incorrect

"From Gobi's Pyramid it spills,
What empties out, the moat it fills?"

A hoard (sic) of mummies - Incorrect
Sand - Incorrect
Water - Correct

14:7 - Mad Monster Mansion Questions

"Playing my music is his game,
What's the church ghost hand's name?"

Strausand - Incorrect
Motzand - Correct
Bachand - Incorrect

"Mansion cellar barrels are round,
What on the front of them was found?"

The words "Get lost Banjo" - Incorrect
The word "Fragile" - Incorrect
The numbers "1881" - Correct

"Mad Monster Mansion is real hard,
But what's not found in the graveyard?"

Ghosts - Correct
Flowers - Incorrect
Gravestones - Incorrect!

"A ghostly hand who has a sway,
In the church what did he play?"

An electric guitar - Incorrect
A piano - Incorrect
An organ - Correct

"Mad Monster Mansion's graveyard pots,
What appeared from them, there were lots?"

A bunch of bananas - Incorrect
A bunch of flowers - Correct
A bunch of feathers - Incorrect

"Part of Monster Mansion's race
What's the time on the church clock's face?"

Nothing, it's hands have fallen off - Correct
Midnight - Incorrect
Midday - Incorrect

"One doesn't exist, furry twit,
In Mad Monster Mansion, which is it?"

Bathroom - Incorrect
Cellar - Incorrect
Kitchen - Correct

"The haunted mansion in my ground,
How many ways in could be found?"

9 - (Front door, wine cellar, chimney, and six windows) - Correct
7 - Incorrect
8 - Incorrect

"In Monster Mansion you can creep,
But what wakes the ghost from his sleep?"

Banjo treads on the creaky floorboards - Correct
Banjo sets off his alarm clock - Incorrect
Banjo hits him with a plank of wood - Incorrect

14:8 - Rusty Bucket Bay Questions

"The Rusty Bucket is a tanker,
What's stuck underneath its anchor?"

A dumb dolphin - Correct
A silly seahorse - Incorrect
A clueless crab - Incorrect

"Here's three facts about Rusty Bay,
Pick the one that's true today?"

The engine room has four cogs - Incorrect
There are four lifeboats - Correct
The ship has three funnels - Incorrect

"This run of luck will have to stop,
Big ship's third funnel, what's on top?"

A mumbo token - Incorrect
A jigsaw piece - Incorrect
There is no third funnel - Correct

"Get this wrong, you little toad,
Rusty Bay's whistles, what's the code?"

312-111 - Correct
321-123 - Incorrect
213-111 - Incorrect

"The galley fridge in Rusty Bay,
Tell me what on the shelves lay?"

Kazooie Eggs - Correct
Grunty's high fat spread - Incorrect
Red feathers - Incorrect

"Rusty Bay's crane hangs over the side,
It holds a box but what's inside?"

3 Extra Lives - Incorrect
Grunty's expensive new Hi-Fi - Incorrect
TNT - Correct

"In Rusty Bay you may have been,
But what on the walls isn't seen?"

Toll 8 - Incorrect
Toll 7 - Correct
Toll 6 - Incorrect

"Captain's cabin in Rusty bay,
What's on the bed duvet, I say?"

(Duvet means quilt, BTW)

Flowers - Incorrect
Anchors - Correct
Propellers - Incorrect

"The box in the hold of Rusty Bay
Homey to break would you say?"

9 - Incorrect
11 - Incorrect
15 - (1 + 2 + 4 + 8) Correct

"In Rusty Bay, you act the clown,
Which of these can't you slow down?"

The spinning fan blades - Incorrect
The rotating propellers - Incorrect
The turning cogs - Correct

14:8 - Click Clock Wood Questions

"Click Clock's Beaver is really dumb,
What's the problem that makes him glum?"

He can't get in his house - Correct
His head has fallen off - Incorrect!
He's got nothing to eat - Incorrect

"In Click Clock Wood a big oak grew,
Which of these is the one that's true?"

The leaves are largest in summer - Correct
The squirrel is outside in winter - Incorrect
The grass is highest in autumn - Incorrect

"In Click Clock Wood, I have no doubt,
In which season is there a drought?"

Autumn - Incorrect
Winter - Incorrect
Summer - Correct

"The Click Clock eagle that you meet,
how many autumn worms will he eat?"

5 - Incorrect
25 - Incorrect
10 - Correct

"In Click Clock Wood, the eagle's lame,
Can you recall the stupid bird's name?"

Beerie - Incorrect
Goldie - Incorrect
Eyrie - Correct

"In Click Clock Wood, the shaman's dumb,
What useless creature do you become?"

A bumble bee - Correct
A squirrel - Incorrect
A snail - Incorrect

"The giant plant in Click Clock Wood
How's it get water for it's bud?"

From a giant watering can - Incorrect
From a camel - Correct
From Kazooie's special water eggs - Incorrect

"In the Wood for the plant to grow,
What in the ground must you sow?"

A seed - Incorrect
An egg - Correct
A bomb - Incorrect

"In Click Clock Wood, he's the king,
What's the squirrel doing in spring?"

Sleeping in his bed - Incorrect
Looking for the beaver - Incorrect
Eating his nuts - Correct

"Click Clock Wood's winter is dull,
What's Mumbo doing in his skull?"

Warming himself by the fire - Incorrect
He's not even there - Correct
Building a snowman - Incorrect

14:10 - Other General Questions

"At Mumbo's Skull you made a stop,
How many feathers were on top?"

4 - Incorrect
3 - Correct
2 - Incorrect

"In Spiral Mountain, fields are green,
Which veggie baddie isn't seen?"

Topper the carrot - Incorrect
Collywobble the cauliflower - Incorrect
Spuddy the potato - Correct

"She will soon be fat and lame,
What is your little sister's name?"

Tooty - Correct
Looty - Incorrect
Booty - Incorrect

"You can't win, I've been assured
How many squares are on this board?"

113 - Incorrect
94 - Correct
78 - Incorrect

"You found enough, you know the score,
How many notes for the first note door?"

100 - Incorrect
75 - Incorrect
50 - Correct

"Me and her look just the same,
Grunty's sister what's her name?"

Brentilda - Correct
Bruntella - Incorrect
Boghandle - Incorrect

"Your moves are slow, style they lack,
What's the name of your jump attack?"

Rat-a-tat Rap - Correct
Bill-a-Bong Beak - Incorrect
Pik-A-Pok Peck - Incorrect

"When your air meter's on the screen,
how many segments can be seen?"

7 - Incorrect
6 - Correct
5 - Incorrect

"Spiral Mountain's got my face,
How many molehills in this place?"

9 - Incorrect
8 - Correct
7 - Incorrect

"Get this wrong, make a mistake,
Which color Jingo is a fake?"

Green - Incorrect
Yellow - Incorrect
Brown - Correct

14:11 - All Other Square Hints

The othger tiles are either impossible to give literal solutions to
with just text, or are far simpler to just describe in less words.

Visual Tiles

The visual tiles give pictures of places or people and you have to
determine where they are. This proves to be almost impossible to
show the pictures' solution with simple text, so I'm going to give
you hints as much as I can.

Some of them will be obvious: A picture of the switch that opens up
the Fall section of Click Clock Wood is obviously from Click Clock
Wood. If a picture shows the clock face of a clock tower, it's quite
obviously Mad Monster Mansion. IF it's a picture of a cactus, it's
probably not in Clanker's Cavern. If a picture has frost, it's
probably not in Gobi's Desert. Use your better judgment on these.

Others require a bit more intuition. A picture of a chain might be
either Rusty Bucket Bay or Clanker's Cavern. However, since you can
see the chain lead right into a metal wall, you know it's Rusty Bucket
Bay. If a picture shows a blue hue throughout the picture, it's in
clean water, which rules out Clanker's Cavern as a choice. A picture
of something that looks like a target is probably the button on the
giant snowman's snovercoat. (heh heh... snovercoat).

There will be those that just show a little bit of wood and a blue
sky, or something that looks like Grunty's photographer was drunk.
These are the ones that require real intuition. Not too much help
I can give you, however.

One more hint: I saw at least thirty different pictures, and while
a lot of them had Grunty's Lair as a possible answer, NONE of
them had Gruntilda's Lair as an answer. Not one. So chances
are very good there are no pictures from Gruntilda's Lair. Don't
follow this with too much zeal, though; it could be one I missed,
and pictures that are of the entrance to Mumbo's Mountain are
obviously from the lair, so don't NOT guess that because I said not

Sound Tiles

The sound tiles have Grunty play a music, sound effect, or voice from
the game. You need to determine who or what makes that noise. Once
again, this is quite difficult to do with simple text. However, I
hope you've collected enough junk over the last so many levels that
you know what the blue eggs sound like. If you haven't gotten THAT
much down, just pack it in right now.

Anyway, some of the sound effects are less heard, such as the
bonus life (a triumphant fanfare) or the extra honeycomb piece
(A rising scale of banjo notes).

Grunty commonly asks about the voiced of the character voices. Some
of the voices you'll encounter are:

Tooty: Soft female "Ahn ohh uhh ooh uuhh" noises.
Eyrie: Cawing (in his adult form).
Polar Bear Kids: Real high "wheh wuh wheeh whuh" noise.
Brentilda: Fair female "hoh hohh hoh hoh"
Cap'n Blubber: A variety of burps.
Snorkel: High-pitched "Flipper" style dolphin noises.
Rubee: You basic Indian voice stereotype (Hooga-hoodiga-
Nabnut: Just about what you expect a squirrel to sound like...
(too tough to describe, but keep your ears peeled for this
Loggo: Deep belches and flatulence. Oh joy...
Boggy: Throaty moaning "Ohh uhh ohh uhh uhh."
Tanktup: Deep moaning, "Moo moh muu mooh..."
Mumbo Jumbo: Tribal chanting, "Kum ugh yo cahn mug..."
Jinjo: Light, birdlike trilling.
Wozza: Loud barking, a la any walrus.
Mr. Vile: Snide snarling.
Nipper: Growling and snipping.
Trunker: A gurgly whine.
Gobi: Pained moaning.
Conga: Apey noises. You'll know it when you hear it.

This onomatopoeia is barely adequate, but if you listen well for
these characters beforehand, you should recognize them. Sometimes,
the character whose voice is being asked is one of the faces in the
answer part. Select the character to hear them say something, and
if it's the same voice, you know what character it is. That doesn't
mean that the answer their face is next to is RIGHT, so keep that
in mind.

And if Gruntilda ever says "Which character has this cool voice?"
be prepared to laugh at the narcissism.

One category she will say is "When this piece of music is heard,/
which move's done by your stupid bird?" Now, Kazooie only has
three moves which change the music; running shoes, wading boots,
and the wonderwing. The songs SHOULD be discriminate enough to
tell them apart. And for the love of Pete, pick the moves that
actually exist. Don't pick "The Wonderstride stilt wing." That's
for idiots.

The music from the levels should also be set fairly well in your
mind, so I'm not going to describe them here. I will warn that
the music attributed to Click Clock Wood is the beginning room
music, not the music from inside any of the worlds. It sounds
funny at first and you could mistake it for something else.

Challenge Tiles

THIS is where it gets interesting. Gruntilda will send you off to
one of the minigames or bosses you faced in the game to do the
challenge again. This time, time might be tighter, or the
opposition might be fiercer. Losing the round means the loss of
a honeycomb and a return trip to the board. Remember, life lost
in that challenge WILL remain lost on the game board.

Of the challenges, there are:

The third round of Mr. Vile's eating contest.
Beating the Big Boom Box of Rusty Bucket Bay under a time
Typing "EIOOZAKOJNAB" on the sandcastle floor under the
time limit.
Repeating a 7-note Tiptup orchestra tune under the time limit.
Performing Gobi's Valley stomp puzzle under the time limit.

The same strategies apply that applied in their former incarnations.

Grunty Tiles

Grunty's face on a tile means you have to answer a question whose
solution is only known to someone very close to Grunty. Brentilda's
disgusting trivia will fill in all the blanks for this part, but
it's randomized every game, so I can't give a list here. Just pay
close attention to Brentilda and you should be OK.

I remember glancing at some bootleg guide in an EB once (this was
LONG after I beat the game), and looking in the back, seeing how
they had listed the "correct" answers to Grunty's trivia questions.
A blunder like that must have lead countless game players astray.
This is why I never write for a game I don't understand at least
98% of everything that happens and why. I couldn't stomach the
notion of misleading so many gamers when they trusted me to guide

Enough ranting. Back to the strategy.

Joker Tiles

Getting the question right on the Joker Tiles gives you two Joker
Cards. Joker cards are used with B to step over the squares you
don't want to do, or cannot pass. However, the question can come
from any category (except challenges, because they aren't
questions). You also get only one chance to answer them. If you
mess up, forget about the jokers...

Death Tiles

Tiles with sepulchral skulls on them, you've only got one change to
get these right as well. Like the Joker tiles, the questions can
come from any category but the Challenges. Unlike the Joker Tiles,
however, if you get them wrong, you will be throw off the arena
and lose a life. Tread VERY carefully.

Other Stuff To Know/Ending

The only remaining strategies I can tell you are to pick your
own path and to try your best. There is no best way across the
board. If you are having a particularly hard time with
Challenges, then use Jokers to get over them or avoid them
altogether. If you don't know much about Grunty and her
questions keep screwing you, go back and find out stuff about
her or avoid the tiles. Don't forget to activate the cauldron
before the start as well.

And don't EVER say it's impossible. I got every single tile on
that board activated at one point and still had more than a few
honeycomb to my name. It's very possible, so long as you paid
attention to the game you just played through for at least
twelve hours.

Once you get across the entire board, Grunty will lower her
head in disappointment, but relinquish the prize on show: your
little sister is now free, but Gruntilda escapes up to the higher
reaches of her keep. Banjo and Kazooie take Tooty back to
their home. That was plenty of adventuring for one day...

And with that, the credits scroll.

After that credit sequence, you see the celebration for a
platform game well done. Mumbo Jumbo, Bottles, and our
heroes lounge as they fraternize of their success. But Tooty
comes out and tells Banjo, "The witch got away, you're not
done yet!"

Looks like the game's not over yet.


Immediately after beating Grunty's Furnace Fun and watching
the credits, you'll be brought back to the end of the game
board. The logical thing to do is follow the stairs which Grunty
escaped up. After a few steps and meeting a cauldron to
match the one in Furnace Fun. You'll also be stopped by a
810-note door. If you don't got that many, go fetch.

After you break it, you can see a huge locked door to the left,
an empty frame in the center, and the beauty transfusion
machine Grunty was going to use on Tooty. It seems inactive
now, so don't worry about that.

As you approach the empty frame, you can see it is an enormous
painting just like the ones that opened the way to all the other
levels. Grunty says the Jiggies you left behind you now gotta go
get. You need TWENTY-FIVE Jiggies to complete that painting, a
portrait of your nemesis. But even when you drop the bling-bling and
the painting is complete, Grunty says you won't get any further than
the next room.

When you enter the next room, you can see Dingpot, Grunty's
cauldron, sitting in the center of the room. He's glad to see
visitors, and he hates Gruntilda for all the things she subjects
him to. The way to Gruntilda, he says, is to leap inside him and
he'll shoot you up there.

Before you go, you should look around at the last four note
doors you'll see. Behind them are four treats that will help you
defeat the witch.

828-note-door: A giant egg that will refill all your blue eggs.
846-note-door: A giant red feather that will refill all your red
864-note-door: A giant gold feather that will refill all your gold
882-note-door: The REAL treat, there a small painting behind the
door. Fill it with four of the last six jiggies and your lifebar
will turn red. Red honeycombs get used up before yellow ones,
effectively doubling your life bar. Sweeeeet.

Why is the honeycomb red? Well, wouldn't YOU turn red if you had to
change with everyone looking? (King Kool dies laughing...)

Whenever you feel you're ready, go right ahead and leap into
Dingpot and let him shoot you up into the final battle.

                       FINAL BOSS: GRUNTILDA

It's all been leading to this.

She's been waiting for you... She's there on her broomstick,
floating in the air, throwing down insults. It's finally come down
to this.

There are five stages of this battle.

Stage 1

Gruntilda is flying on her broomstick, swooping down and trying to
hit you. To avoid her, move perpendicular to her attacks. You go a
bit faster when you roll. If you roll once she's through laughing,
she'll probably miss you. After a few attacks, her broomstick will
backfire and stall. She'll whack it to get it going, but while she's
distracted, rat-a-tat into her butt. Eggs work too, but they're far
less accurate. After you hit her butt more times than you probably
want to, she'll drop a honeycomb and move onto the next stage.

Stage 2: At the beginning of this stage, she'll cast a spell she
guarantees you cannot outrun. And you can't. No matter what,
that spell will hunt your fuzzy butt down. That spell's gonna hit,
so all you need to do is make sure it don't hurt. Pull out the
Wonderwing and the spell will fizzle.

Grunty will fly out off the tower where you can no longer reach
her with your rat-a-tats and those kinds of things. You can hit
her with forward-thrown-eggs while standing on the parapets,
but you have to wait for her to pause when throwing the
fireballs. She'll go to all four parapets, and on the last one, you
have to hop up just as she casts the last fireball (she usually
casts four).

FIREBALL AVOIDING 101: A majority of your honeycomb will
probably be lost by Gruntilda's fireballs. She seems uncannily
accurate until you understand how she aims. She can see
exactly how fast you're running and what direction. With this,
she can guess where you'll be if you continued in a straight
line at that speed. But once the fireball is cast, she can't
control it any more than an archer can control an arrow. Once
you hear the fireball launch, the "krrrakow" sound, you can
change direction or speed and the fireball will probably miss.
Master this, and the fight will become so much easier.

Stage 3

Just after she fires another Banjo-seeking-spell, Grunty figures out
she's not safe anywhere near you, so she takes to the sky and flies
higher than you can hit her with anything you've got. But Bottles
quickly intervenes and makes a flying pad appear. Take to the sky
and start flapping. Grunty will stop at times, and she will throw
fireballs. Since flying takes a lot of motion, it's not too easy
for Grunty to hit you. Concentrate mainly on beak-bombing her four
times while she's in the air. Just make sure you aren't aiming down
at the tower. If you did a beak-bomb and missed, you'd hit the
tower, lose a honeycomb, and probably tumble off the edge.
Stage 4

NOW Gruntilda means business.

She cast a shield spell to surround her. I guarantee you NOTHING
Banjo or Kazooie can do would penetrate that. That's some serious
voodoo. Whether or not Grunty is a nice person, there's no denying
her talent. Kinda like Russell Crowe. But, again, that's another

Anyway, there's nothing you can do until assistance arrives, so
dodge her spells until four Jinjo statues arise in the tower in
the four corners. They are mad at Gruntilda for the imprisonment
and are desperately seeking revenge. However, you must activate
the statues by putting three eggs into the holes in the front of
the statue. Grunty will always take a pause from flinging fire
to regroup her mana or something. These are the best chances you
get to put the eggs in and activate the statues. One by one,
each Jinjo will strike decisively, damaging Grunty through her

Remember, you don't need to put all three eggs in at once. If
you only got time to shoot in one egg before a fireball will hit
you, do that three times and the Jinjo will still activate. This

battle isn't timed, so don't worry. It's more important not to
get hit with the fireballs, as they could knock you off the

Stage 5

The fourth Jinjo put that Wiccan wasteland on her ass, shattering
the broomstick. She can't fly, but she's still throwing fireballs
like they're on sale. Keep dodging the fireballs and Wonderwinging
the hunting spells. If you remember, there are five Jinjos in each
level. But, you've only seen four jinjos so far... until now. The
fifth and final Jinjo will rise from the center of the room, and
he's a big boy, isn't he? He's the JINJONATOR; the Jinjo so tough,
I'm putting his name in caps.

The Jinjonator is activated in a similar fashion to the other
Jinjos. He has four holes on his base, and all of them need
eggs. Fire them into all four holes, but only do it after Grunty
has cast the bear-seeking-spell. That will be when she pauses.
And remember to dodge them damn fireballs. Once the
Jinjonator is awake, Grunty will be running scared.
Whazzamatta? Witch School didn't prepare you for this?
Nothing could have.

The Jinjonator powers up and strikes Grunty repeatedly.
Grunty is holding her own fairly well, but she's too close to the
edge for her to hold her balance for long. In the Jinjonator's
last strike, he topples Gruntilda off the tower, but not before
she casts one last fireball. The fireball misses you, but breaks
up the tower.

She tumbles earthward, slabs of stone from the tower following
her. Once her massive weight hits the ground, she leaves a
Grunty-shaped crater, but it's soon covered by a gigantic
boulder from the tower. She is pinned, and can't lift it or break
it with magic. She's by no means dead, but she's paralyzed.
She calls for Klungo to help, but her fate is sealed for now.

                  CHAPTER 17: HAPPILY EVER AFTER...

There are several endings you can get in Banjo-Kazooie,
depending on your progress. Most of them aren't very different,
but they have slightly different circumstances.

Ending 1: You quit or run out of lives before you ever reach
Gruntilda's Lair. You know not of her plot, so the screen just
reads "Game Over" and Gruntilda cackles at your ineptitude.

Ending 2: You quit or run out of lives midway through
completing Gruntilda's Lair, but before beating Grunty's
Furnace Fun. This ending will result in a cinema where Grunty
and Tooty stand in the contraption and Klungo pulls the switch.
The devilish machine swaps their relative beauties. Grunty
comes out looking like a super-dupermodel (although still
thoroughly evil) and Mumbo falls for her immediately, the shallow
bastard. Your sister looks like she should be living under a
bridge harassing some goats. She wants a word with you...

Ending 3: You quit or run out of lives after beating Grunty's
Furnace Fun. The above cinema will not commence, since
you've foiled her plans. It simply displays "Game Over," and
Grunty laughs as the screen irises out; presumably, she got
away to try it again tomorrow...

Ending 4: You quit or run out of lives after defeating Grunty for
the last time. it's no different from Ending 3, but it gives you the
satisfaction in knowing Grunty's been stopped.

Ending 5: You beat Gruntilda or hop in Dingpot after beating
Gruntilda while having less than 100 Jigsaw Pieces. Banjo and
Kazooie lounge on a beach, with Bottles eating messily, as he
loves to. They ask Tooty if they're finally done, and Tooty
agrees. "You guys are heroes now!" She says.

Mumbo Jumbo descends from a nearby tree and says he got
pictures from the next game: Banjo-Tooie. But he refuses to let
you see them; you need to get all 100 Jiggies to see them.
With that, he runs off for "A hot date," chasing a certain 36-24-
36. He's a dirty old man, ain't he?

Tooty says, "Looks like you guys aren't done after all." Even
so, Banjo and Kazooie stay put, taking a rest before looking
again. They've earned it.

Back on Spiral Mountain, Klungo pushes with his shoulders
against the rock. He can't budge it, but he's determined to try.
"Rock ssssso heavy, but mussst ssssave missstresss."

With one last rhyme, Grunty ensures she'll be back for Banjo-
Tooie. The words "The End" appear, no longer "Game Over."

Ending 6: You beat Gruntilda or hop in Dingpot after beating
Gruntilda with all 100 Jiggies collected. Similar events as
Ending 5 come, but this time, Mumbo will show you the

"Banjo-Tooie make Banjo-Kazooie look like joke..." Mutters
Mumbo. He'll only show you three pictures, though. Once
takes place on Treasure Trove Cove, near the "Sharkfood
Island" out a stone's throw from the sand castle. It's been
raised, and there's a door in it's base. After a lengthy ascent,
you reach the top and see an egg sitting there.

The second one is in the snow, inside Wozza's cave. You
probably saw it while getting the Orange Jinjo. It's an ice key
sitting on a pedestal, but where does it go? What giant lock
does it undo? Mumbo's bony lips are sealed.

The final picture shows the door in Gobi's Valley where there
were 5 notes, and where you got that Extra Honeycomb Piece.
The door is now open, and inside is a massive sarcophagus.
Inside is another mystery egg.

Mumbo won't tell what they do until Banjo-Tooie comes out, so
we just have to content ourselves to wait and see...  Of course,
I DO know what they do, since I've played Banjo-Tooie. But,
that's a whole other game.

With that, Banjo and Kazooie dream of their next adventure,
wondering where it will take them.

In Spiral Mountain, Klungo still pushes gamely against the
boulder, and Grunty rhymes, "All the jiggies you did snatch, but
I'll be back for my rematch!" "The End" appears, and the
screen irises out.

                        CHAPTER 18: SECRETS

18:1 - Bottle's Puzzle Fun

For once, head back to your house. Look at the picture of
Bottles you have above the fireplace. If you got the Jiggy in the
sand castle of Treasure Trove Cove (Jiggy #4), Bottles will say
you've found his super special Moving Puzzle Game. The
screen will fade to white and you'll be shown a puzzle coming

You now control Banjo's disembodied hand. You move it
around with the Control Stick, pick up and place down puzzle
pieces with the A button, drop a piece back to the side with B,
and rotate the pieces with C-Left and C-Right. Your goal is to
complete the puzzle under the 99 second time limit. </Duh...>

There are seven puzzles to complete, and with each one
beaten, you get a code to enter into the sand castle floor.
Remember, there is only one proper orientation for a puzzle
piece: the bottom and left sides have dips in them and the top
and right have bumps. Every piece in the puzzle is shaped like
that. The first and second puzzles don't need any pieces to be
rotated; They're all in the proper orientation.

A few hints: look to the black and white picture to see if Banjo
is moving in the piece you have. If Banjo's standing in your
piece, put the piece down where he's standing. If a piece has a
flat side to it, it's obviously an edge piece. The corner pieces
are the easiest to fit; they're the only piece on the board with
their particular shape.

The cheats you get for each puzzle are as follows:

BOTTLESBONUSONE - Banjo gets a big head
BOTTLESBONUSTWO - Banjo gets big paws and feet
BOTTLESBONUSTHREE - Kazooie becomes big
BOTTLESBONUSFOUR - Banjo's torso is elongated and his
head is tiny.
BOTTLESBONUSFIVE - Same as 4, but with big paws and
BIGBOTTLESBONUS - Big head, paws, feet and Kazooie.
WISHYWASHYBANJO - Voodoo turns you into a washing
machine. You still behave like Banjo, but you cannot use
running shoes or wading boots, and hurting water (piranhas,
cold, etc.) doesn't hurt you.
BABABOOEYBONUS - Banjo gets big lips and teeth. And...
OK, so I made that one up.

These codes do not stay, however. You have to earn them
every time you power up.

18:2 - Cheat Codes

There's no ethical reason not to use the Cheato books around,
especially since those cheats are mild. There's no reason not
to. However, these cheats are the REAL cheats. These can
remove all the challenge from the game, so be warned. For
hardcore cheaters and wimps only!

In the sand castle floor of Treasure Trove Cove, enter these
into the floor preceding the world "CHEAT." Ignore the spaces
and other punctuation, you can't type them. They're just to
make the phrases legible. You should hear mooing
confirming you typed "CHEAT" right. Thanks goes to
Game winners for these codes.

Infinite Blue Eggs - Banjo begs for plenty of eggs
Infinite Red Feathers - Now you can fly high in the sky
Infinite Gold Feathers - A golden glow to protect Banjo
Lots of Mumbo Tokens - Don't be a dumbo; go see Mumbo
8 Honeycomb - An energy bar to get you far (This will delete
the red honeycomb!)
Infinite Air - Give the bear lots of air
Infinite lives - Lots of goes with many Banjos

18:3 - Debug Codes

The cheats above might have ruined the challenge, but
THESE are the serious cheats. Sometime in 2001, after Banjo-
Tooie was released, Rareware released the debug codes for
the prequel. These are the heavy-duty, disrupt the entire game
for you kinds of cheats. These are the cheats testers probably
used when looking through the game. These allow you to pass
through the note doors, enter levels with no Jiggies, and even
obtain the supersecret items pictured in Mumbo's pictures!

However, you must use these at your own risk. These can
easily spoil the game, cause some odd conflicts, or even
delete the saved games. I STRONGY advise you don't use
these until you've beaten the entire game. Thanks goes to
Gamewinners again for the codes.

Type the following codes onto the sand castle floor in
Treasure Trove Cove preceding the word "Cheat." Once
again, you'll hear mooing.

Here are the ones that lead to Easter Eggs.

Open Gobi's Mystery Door - A desert door opens wide ancient
secrets wait inside
Raise Sharkfood Island - Out of the sea it rises to reveal more
secret prizes
Unlock the Ice Key - Now you can see a nice ice key which
you can have for free
Unrevealed Green Egg - Amidst the haunted gloom, a secret
in the bathroom
Unrevealed Blue Egg - Don't you go and tell her about the
secret in her cellar (Thanks to Jord Hartley for pointing
out my mistake!)
Unrevealed Red Egg - This secret you'll be "grabbin" in the
captain's cabin ("Grabbin" is spelled exactly that way.)
Unrevealed Yellow Egg - Now Banjo will be able to see it on
Nabnut's Table

The next debug codes are more things to help you get through
the game faster. However, Rare probably understood the great
potential these cheats had for fraudulent scores. So, after you
use three of these, the game will delete the saved game.
You're allowed to keep playing, but none of the progress will
save. Be really sure you're all done with the game before you
do this.

Shock Jump Pad activated - You'll be glad to see the shock
jump pad
Flying Pad activated - You won't be sad now you can use the
fly pad

The above two are both activated with relative ease in
Treasure Trove Cove. Activating them is probably easier than
typing all that garbage in.

Break the 2nd note door (180) - These go right on through
note door two*
Break the 3rd note door (260) - Note door three, get in for free
Break the 4th note door (350) - take a tour through note door
Break the 5th note door (450) - Use this cheat, note door five
is beat
Break the 6th note door (640) - This trick's used to open note
door six
Break the 7th note door (765) - The seventh note door is now
no more

Unlock Treasure Trove Cove - This comes in handy to open
somewhere sandy
Unlock Clanker's Cavern - There's nowhere danker than in
with Clanker
Unlock Bubblegloop Swamp - Now into the swamp you can
Unlock Freezeezy Peak - The jiggy's done, so off you go into
Freezeezy Peak and its snow
Unlock Gobi's Valley - Gobi's Jiggy is now done, trek on in and
get some sun
Unlock Mad Monster Mansion - The Jiggy's now made whole,
into the mansion you can stroll
Unlock Rusty Bucket Bay - Why not take a trip inside Grunty's
rusty ship?
Unlock Click Clock Wood - This one's good as you can enter
the wood

There are no level codes for Mumbo's Mountain, because you
have to go there to get into Treasure Trove Cove. If you can't
get through Mumbo's Mountain without cheating, you're in for a
WORLD of hurt through the rest of the game. Also, the level
code for Treasure Trove Cove seems useless, since you gotta
have access to put the code in.

Also note that there are no debug codes for the doors past
Furnace Fun. It seems you gotta actually earn that, no matter

These last debug codes are probably for beta testers who
didn't have all the moves yet or something. They don't serve
very much purpose, except for giving you an alternate way to
beat the game.

Raise the two pipes near the Clanker's Cavern entrance - Both
pipes are there to Clanker's lair*
Open the grill by Clanker's Cavern entrance for CCW picture
- Once it shone but the long tunnel grille is gone**
Turn on the Click Clock Wood Jiggy Icon - Don't despair; the
tree Jiggy podium is now there
Bust the grill blocking the Rusty Bucket Bay picture - The grille
goes boom to the ship picture room
Bust the hat and gates in the swampy Grunty statue - She's an
ugly bat, so remove her grille and hat
Remove the snowball blocking Freezeezy peak Cheato - It is
your lucky day as the ice ball melts away
Destroy the webs - Webs stop your play, so take them away
Break Grunty's statue's eye - Grunty will cry now you've
smashed her eye.
Rusty Bucket Bay water level already high - Up you go without
a hitch up to the water level switch
Take down the Mad Monster Mansion gate leading to the 1st
Level Water switch - You won't have to wait; now there's no
crypt gate
Break the coffin lid inside the Mad Monster Mansion crypt -
This should get rid of the crypt coffin lid
Remove all breakable walls - They cause trouble, but now
they're rubble

*I couldn't get that code to work. I must have entered it a half-
dozen times and it never worked.
** Apparently, that rhymes in British English. Also, while it had
the confirming Moo, I don't know what the hell they mean by
the CCW Grill. I couldn't see any effect

                         CHAPTER 19: EPILOGUE

Version 1.00: 9/1/02

This is my third FAQ, which I somehow managed to do in
about three weeks. I don't know how my biggest FAQ took the
shortest amount of time... but I'm glad I wrote it.

I'm about to go back to college. What happens next for FAQ
writing is up in the air. I hope to find some good stuff for next

                    CHAPTER 20: SPECIAL THANKS

CJayC - Administrator of GameFAQs. Hardest working man in showbiz.

Alexander Davidson of LiquidNinja - He programmed Metapad,
an awesome pure text editor of extraordinary utility that I used in
the making of this FAQ. Visit him at liquidninja.com/metapad/

Rareware and Nintendo - Makers of this game.

My real-life friends - You know who you are.

And of course, the society of GameFAQs, and the GameFAQs
Message Board.

This FAQ is copyright Jeff "King Kool" Hibbert, 2005-2007.
See Chapter 1 for details.

Hakanai omoi zutto
donna toki demo negau yo
anata ni todoku you ni to...

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