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First impression? Not great. 11/06/09 twwoodard
The KOTOR of the Dark Ages. 11/09/09 BlackFeathers
Not what you'd expect from Bioware 07/02/14 Blesus
dragon age, chinangel, girl gamer 11/09/09 Chinangel
Not everything it could have been 11/09/09 CreatorExplode
KotoR.....with swords and magic!!! 11/09/09 feralhampster
Excellent RPG, perfect for the diehards and still fun for new comers 11/09/09 FooshsLegend
An excellent game on all levels, with minimal issues 11/16/09 GabrielRayven
Ugly but Good 12/10/09 golden_sailor
I loved it 11/09/09 jokenjoey
KOTOR meets D&D! 11/09/09 KATOPTRIC
Bioware did it again. 11/09/09 KOTOR_king
Dragon Age: Origins 12/07/09 Lucky_Angel13
If you love Mass Effect, Oblivion, Fallout 3, etc. This game is definately for you! One of the best I've ever played! I got over 130 amazing hours! 09/16/10 MadMalcolmDeath
Engrossing characters and voice acting is top notch 11/09/09 Maiafay
Only complaint is lack of a jump 02/07/11 MeddlingMage22
Bioware's Masterpiece Shines 11/09/09 Sienrurouni
I can't believe I'm wasting my time not playing Dragon Age to write this. 11/09/09 SushiSquid
One of the top 3 RPGs released for the xbox360 to date. 11/13/09 ThePeopleShow
A brilliant story-driven, choice-oriented RPG from Bioware, made less than perfect by a few issues of debatable significance. 02/08/10 Vamphaery
Worthy to be in your collection. Casuals RPGer's need not apply. 11/09/09 vileCore
Some good. Some bad 12/02/09 WonderCaliban
Decent WRPG. 02/18/11 zero8691

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