What if I don't kill Flemeth?

  1. When I go back to kill Flemeth for Morrigan, the dialogue option appears to just take the Grimoire and TELL Morrigan I killed Flemeth.
    But if Flemeth gets away, will she just kill Morrigan later? Also, will I have the option to take the Grimoire and then just tell Morrigan the truth? I feel like it will come back to bite me if I lie about having killed Flemeth.

    User Info: rigelblue

    rigelblue - 8 years ago

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  1. If you lie about Flemeth, she doesnt ever come back in this game. Maybe sometime in the distant future after the end she kills morrigan, but it wont come back to bite you in the game.

    User Info: TheWeaveX

    TheWeaveX - 8 years ago 1 0


  1. well this is the only flemeth post open so i figured id brag about how i killed flemeth level 10 for all characters lol heres MY strategy ok not mines but <.<

    Anyways i will make it full proof for ya .... first main character drake scale set - family blade executioners helm wich is the tightest helm i seen yet btw... main was my tank so use any1....make sure you have wyne leliana and alistair all ranged and set thier tactics to (attack enemy the main is fighting) doesnt matter what they equip i didnt have anything GOOD that good.

    also i set wynes heal to 50 percent duno if that helped

    after that the battle was a SO easy lol i was getting MURDERED before hahaha

    when the battle starts switch to your ranged fighters and move them a good distance away so he cant breath fire on you ...youll know cause you dont die Lol.... then place your tank behind the dragon so he isnt shooting your teamates much.... um btw alistair had no ranged skill... its all about surviving if you have a strong enough tank and the drake scale armor its easy... keep either self heal or potions...potions work better if your desperate to win...heal when you get your first hit its simple....alistair had no tactics turned on cause he was a weak archer so good luck

    User Info: Derekedrek

    Derekedrek - 8 years ago 0 4
  2. Whatever you do the ending is the same. If you kill flemeth or not- you still get the grimoire and the robe. Also morrigan doesn't say anything to your decision- she's happy nonetheless, and prepares herself for a Flemeth return. She believes Flemeth will be making a comeback ( spoilers... Flemeth does make a comeback at the end of dragon age Inquisition.. And there's a chance Morrigan becomes her slave for life )

    User Info: implants

    implants - 2 years ago 0 0

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