How bad is the nudity in this game?

  1. Can anybody give me a description on the nudity in this game, i'm looking after my nephew and I need to know if the nudity is REALLY bad or not.

    User Info: brasscaribou

    brasscaribou - 11 years ago

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  1. I've only played through half the game, but here are my experiences:

    Very start of the game. I met two gold digging dwarves who wanted me to chose who was prettier. I decided both were pretty and bedded both. Scene not shown, but my dwarf male companion complained the next morning about being left out and me having "more than enough" to handle. The females concurred that I had "more than enough" to handle the two of them.

    Then I met Morrigan who wears a sultry outfit that shows the cusps of her breasts and plenty of side boob. Along the way Morrigan approved my general bad ass nature and I bedded her many times. We discussed love, but she didn't want anything to do with that. We continued a casual affair whenever I was bored at camp and she needed warmth in her tent. These scenes were depicted in graphic detail of position and kissing. She was clothed in bras and panties though which is actually more than she normally wears.

    Once in a large Human city I found a brothel by the name of Pearl. I helped drive out some rowdy tricks and the owner gave me a discount on some of the girls or boys. She didn't discriminate and neither did I. I bedded a red headed female, a rather ambigous looking young chap, and a sultry burnette all for the fair price of 30 silver a bedding. This was not depicted, although it was hell of fun and some of the innuendo was hilarious.

    I then bedded a lovely Elf Assassin by the name of Zevron. He was bicurious, and I was bi-fabulous. Our bodies chiseled and pounded in a glorious love scene. I cringed in real life, but an achievement is an achievement. This was depicted in game, again wearing underwear. He wanted some kind of relationship, I didn't.

    Then there was Leliana my former assassin Bard from a very French sounding Orlais. Unlike Zevron and Morrigan I had to put some effort into the relationship and gift her a plenty. Eventually we kissed after a beautiful sernade she gave me. She was surpsingly limber for a former "nun." Again nothing shown, alas I wanted to see if she did indeed have puffy pink nipples and matching carpet to her bouncy red hair.

    Then there were the Desire Demons and Forest Spirit. They had well placed roots and objects in front of their genital regions and in the numerous close-up's some kind of pasty or well-placed hair over their nipples. When it wasn't close-up though it was very apparent that they were not covered and their bare breasts could be seen easily. I slayed them like one ought to for being so naughty.

    So, in the end, there isn't enough nudity in my opinion. Although if you're worried about your kid bedding prostitues and being bi-curious maybe this isn't the game for him. Then again, he's probably peeping better stuff on the net.

    User Info: Cashew333

    Cashew333 - 11 years ago 6   1


  1. There are at least three different enemies that are topless females, and sex is a constant theme with your party members. I wouldn't suggest it for a younger child

    User Info: Tucker948

    Tucker948 - 11 years ago 2   1
  2. If the "topless females" are the ones I am thinking he is talking about they don't show nips although depending on your nephews friends he has probably seen worse.

    User Info: pimpmynintendo

    pimpmynintendo - 11 years ago 1   0
  3. The worse i ran into were Morrigan and he nearly revealing default outfit, the Desire demons, which barely have any clothing on but do have everything covered, if BARELY.

    User Info: JesseH21

    JesseH21 - 11 years ago 1   0
  4. The game is pretty innocent when it comes to nudity. There's nothing worse on screen than what you'd find in a lingerie catalogue. Though, you should keep in mind that there are sex scenes. However, there is no full nudity. Honestly, if there's something disturbing in the game for younger children, it's more likely to be decapitating enemies and the characters soaked with blood after a battle.

    User Info: xaliqen

    xaliqen - 11 years ago 0   0
  5. In my personal opinion, there wasn't enough nudity or sexual content. However, I am a very naughty woman, and probably not the best judge of bad things. I do not believe that this is good for some children. (I still think there should have been more sex... ) =(

    User Info: Game__chic

    Game__chic - 11 years ago 0   0

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